Company of Heroes How do I activate a downloaded map?

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Accepted Answer

  1. After that start the game normally and check if the maps are there.
    BUT if you still have problems with the maps not showing up fear not as there is another way.
    For this method to work the game must be played in dev mode, simply put CoH is running in a kind of safe mode. Once the game is in dev mode downloaded maps can be played without them being put into your CoH directory.
    To put the game into dev mode create a new shortcut of the game on your desktop. Make sure you have two shortcuts, one for dev mode and one for the normal playing mode.
    Ok so choose one of the shortcuts (doesnt matter which) right click on the shortcut and open up the properties tab. Once in the properties of the shortcut find the Target line should looks something like this;

    Target: "D:\Games\CoH Anthology\RelicCOH.exe"

    (Dont worry about the drive my copy is installed in D: drive but it is normally installed in C: drive.) Ok now that you know where the target line is select it and then write dev behind the exe so it now looks like this:

    "D:\Games\CoH Anthology\RelicCOH.exe" dev

    It is important to have a space between the exe and the dev, if there is no space the shortcut will not work. After you have done that just test the shortcut, the game should work perfectly except if youre playing online as there will be no servers.
    All righty now that you have a working shortcut find yourself the place CoH saves its games in, this should always be in /my documents/my games/company of heroes. You will notice that there is also a folder called WW2 in here also, and that is exactly what we are looking for so head on into there. And here is where the fun begins, time to create some folders.

    To play your maps you will need a scenarios folder in the ww2 one, once the folder is there simply dump all the sga. Files into it, it should look like this:

    WW2/scenarios/>place maps here<

    And then run the game in dev mode and whalla it should work, if not then I really dont know what to do. Now that you know where to place your maps go play them, or read on and find out about where to store your Map Maker maps.

    For maps to be saved in Map Maker you need a place to store them that the game recognises, and the data folder you are is a start. Once youre in the data folder create two folders in data called MP and SP (multiplayer and single player respectively). The MP folder holds all the maps you want to be played in Multiplayer and online while the SP folder holds all the maps that are one sided or scripted maps. You can also place your downloaded maps in the MP folder and they should work in dev mode but you cant edit them in map maker unless they are an sgb. File.
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  1. and if it isnt a new mission map then:
    Copy Sga to Documents and Settings/username/My Documents/My Games/Company of Heroes/WW2/Scenarios

    2. Copy files in lobby maps folder to /Company of Heroes/WW2/Data/Scenarios/MP
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Other Answers

  1. If you wish to have the computer install the map then I suggest that you download CoH mod installer which is found on this website (

    I have tried manually to install maps and I just cant seem to come across a path. So again, it would be good idea to install CoH Mod Installer.
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