Additional ArtworkYenson Soetanto
AnimationKevin Lee
Animation / Hi-Res ModelsFrancis Co
Background LayoutFarzad Varahramyan
Executive Producer / Game Concept / Character ConceptStan Liu
Game Design / Character Design / Motion Designer / Motion Capture ActorJohn Paik
Game Engine and SupportMatt Arrington
Game Engine and SupportMohammad Asad
In-House Motion Capture TechnicianDarrin Krumweide
Modeling and Texture Mapping / Hi-Res ModelsAlbert Co
Motion Capture ActorBing Cantos
Motion Capture ActorSteve Knotts
Motion Capture ActressSandy Christensen
Music Composition and Sound EffectsBrian Min
Producer / Art Director / Music and SFX / Graphics / AnimationAlbert Co
ProgrammerSam Cai
ProgrammerFeng Hu
ProgrammerRob Kerbs
ProgrammerJoseph Lee
ProgrammerPravin Wagh
Project ManagementSandy Abe
System AdministratorJoel Monleon
TSI Motion Capture TechnicianFrancois Laroche
TSI Motion Capture TechnicianPercy Sagun
Voice Talent / Animation / Additional ArtworkChuck Suong
Voice Talent / Animation / Hi-Res ModelsJoan Igawa
Voice Talent / Animation Director / Game Design / Animation / Motion Capture ActorTed Warnock
Voice Talent / Animation Technical Director / Game Design / AnimationAndy Koo
Voice Talent / Game DesignTakashi Morishima
Voice Talent / Motion Designer / Additional ArtworkTom Jung
Voice Talent / Story EditorPatricia Winters


Data and credits for this game contributed by Ubersuntzu and Hardkoroff.

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