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Weapon/Multiplayer FAQ by rollojr

Updated: 12/17/07

Delta Force - Blackhawk Down: Team Sabre Weapons/Multiplayer FAQ by Rollojr
My Review                                                                   
I got this game on New Year's Day, and was greatly impressed. This game has
excellent AI, gameplay, and multiplayer. It is the best multiplayer game I have
ever played. The players are friendly, the gameplay is fine, but there is a 
little lag. I personally think this game is awesome. Now, without further ado,
the actual guide.

Table of Content
CM-Contact Me
ARSG-Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns
SR-Sniper Rifles
MG-Machine Guns
Side-Side Arms
MISC-Miscellaneous Weapons
VH- Version History
CRI-Copyright Information
Contact Me                                                                  CM
You can contact me on various boards on www.Gamespot.com, name: rollojr. Or
by email at sldhckyplyr@aol.com.

Assault Rifles and the Submachine Gun                                     ARSG
I will list the name of the gun, important stats about it, and my personal 
review. For all guns, body shots to kill applies to online only and were done
at close range for all guns. The M16 and CAR-15 can have grenade launchers
(5 grenades each)(Assault class only).

M16A2  Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, 3-Round Burst.
       Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 30/120(30/90 with M203).
       Ammo Type: 5.56 x 45mm.
       Body Shots To Kill:4. 
       Sighting Mechanism: Front and Rear Sights.
Review:The M16A2 is a gun that differs from most other guns in the game.
       It can only fire in semiauto or 3-round burst mode. This puts it at
       a great disadvantage in close quarters. What it lacks in firing modes,
       it makes up in range and accuracy. This gun is only for experienced
       players because it provides a challenge that not many new players
       would like. However, it is a good gun for medium range sniping, also
       offering a better close range gun than a sniper rifle. When this gun
       is combined with the M203, you have sniping range with the long range
       devistation of the grenade launcher. It is a deadly combination.

CAR-15 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Fully Automatic.
       Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 30/150(30/120 with M203).
       Ammo Type: 5.56 x 45mm.
       Body Shots To Kill:5.
       Sighting Mechanism: Red Dot Sights.
Review:The CAR-15 is the little brother of the M16. It makes up for its short
       range by offering a compact size, red dot sight, and fully auto fire.
       This gun is ideal for close quarters battle, and short ranges. This
       gun has a short range and is a good gun for closed in maps. New
       players should choose this as it offers a fast firing rate. It is just
       like a submachine gun, just with a better kick.

G36E   Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Fully Automatic.
       Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 30/150.
       Ammo Type: 5.56 x 45mm.
       Body Shots To Kill:3.
       Sighting Mechanism: Low-Powered Scope.
Review:The G36 is a gun of highs. High recoil, high accuracy, and high
       fire rate sum it up pretty well. Because of this, it should be used
       as a medium range sniper rifle. The user should use the fully auto
       fire when moving from place to place. For the more experienced player,
       it can be used as an assault rifle, but only for players who have
       become proficient with it in singleplayer and multiplayer. It is a
       versatile gun with many uses. 

G3A3   Fire Modes: Memiautomatic, Fully Automatic.
       Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 20/120.
       Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm.
       Body Shots To Kill:3.
       Sighting Mechanism: Front and Rear Sights.
Review:The G3A3 uses sights a lot like those of the MP5,but is more powerful.
       This gun has low recoil, and a great fire rate.It is my compact-assault
       rifle of choice. The G3A3 is a compact assault rifle used for close
       quarters battle and can pick off enemies at a short to medium range.
       The G3A3 is a great weapon for everybody. While it may not have a great
       magazine, it makes up for that with stopping power.

MP5A3  Fire Modes: Fully Automatic.
       Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 30/210.
       Ammo Types: 9mm.
       Body Shots To Kill:5.
       Sighting Mechanism: Front and Rear Sights.
Review:The MP5A3 is a silenced submachine gun. It is the only SMG in the game.
       It is silenced and has a very fast firing rate. The MP5A3 may be the
       only SMG in the game, but it is a very versatile weapon. With only
       fully auto fire, it is hard to use it to pick off enemies at medium
       range. It should be used for close quarters, more so than its assault
       rifle counterpart the G3. While the only similarity between the MP5
       and the G3 may be the sights and maker(Heckler and Koch) one person
       with this, teaming up with a person with the G3, it is a deadly
       combination at short and medium range.
Sniper Rifles                                                                SR
For the scope, what i mean by 3-zoom is that there are three levels of zoom
(adjustable). For high powered, 1-zoom, there is only one level of zoom
(nonadjustable). I will list the rifles and mark them as a sniper rifle, or
designated marksman's rifle. You'll see why later.

MCTR Tactical Fire Modes: Bolt Action.
              Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 4/28.
              Ammo Type: .300 Tactical.
              Body Shots To Kill: 1.
              Sighting Mechanism: 3-Zoom Scope.
       Review:The MCTR Tactical is a bolt-action sniper rifle that has a small
              magazine size. With its small magazine size, the Tactical's
              ability to suppress forces for a long period of time is
              limited. It's bolt action, so that means its fire rate won't be 
              good. This is a good sniper rifle for beginners, those looking 
              for a challenge, or people with patience and a need for accuracy.
              It also is the only 1-hit-kill sniper rifle with an adjustable
              scope. Sniper rifle.

M24 SWS       Fire Modes: Bolt Action.
              Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 6/36.
              Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm.
              Body Shots To Kill: 2.
              Sighting Mechanism: 3-Zoom Scope.
       Review:The M24 SWS is my sniper rifle of choice. It has a 
              larger clip than the MCTR, so it can suppress enemies for a
              longer period of time. It can be accuartely shot from the crouch
              position, more than I can say for some, and is very accurate
              even when moving. The M24 is ideal for beginners because it
              offers a starting point for snipers in this game. Sniper rifle.

L115          Fire Modes: Bolt Action.
              Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 5/30.
              Ammo Type: .338.
              Body Shots To Kill: 1.
              Sighting Mechanism: High-Powered, 1-Zoom Scope.
       Review:The L115 is a common weapon online. Its one-shot kill bullet
              makes it easy to get kills. I tried it once but found it took
              away from the sense of accomplishment when you kill someone with
              one shot. Since you don't need headshots, I find it doesn't take
              a skilled sniper, or person for that matter, to use it. 
              It's okay for beginners, (not as good as the M24) or if you are
              in a point deficit. Sniper rifle.

M82A1         Fire Modes: Semiautomatic(very very slow semiautomatic).
              Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 10/30.
              Ammo Type: .50 BMG.
              Body Shots to kill: 1.
              Sighting Mechanism: High-Powered, 1-Zoom Scope.
       Review:The M82A1 is a powerful sniper rifle, equal to the L115. It uses
              the 50 caliber ammo that is very powerful. It, like the L115 
              takes only one body shot to kill, and is almost exactly the
              same as the L115. I also find that it is more proportional to
              the user than the L115. I don't like this weapon in singleplayer
              or  multiplayer. The gun also acts like a bolt action(it takes
              a while to fire again)but it is supposed to be semi-automatic. I
              guess this is because of the power. Sniper rifle.

M21           Fire Modes: Semiautomatic(a bit slower than assault rifle semi).
              Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 10/50.
              Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm.
              Body Shots To Kill:2.
              Sighting Mechanism: 3-Zoom Scope.
       Review:The M21 is a sniper rifle that fires in a truer semautomatic fire
              than the M82. It is capable of suppressing many people at once.It
              is almost just like the PSG1, except, it has no silencer. It is
              a good weapon for close-up-and-personal sniping, like I like to
              do. It does, however, take some getting used to. But it is a good
              beginner tool, or just for a person wanting to support their team
              up close. Designated marksman rifle.

PSG1          Fire Modes: Semiautomatic(just like the M21)
              Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 20/40.
              Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm.
              Body Shots To Kill:3.
              Sighting Mechanism: 3-Zoom Scope.
       Review:I love the PSG1. It comes with a silencer, and sounds so cool
              when you fire it and when you reload it. It has a great fire
              rate that rivals the M21. It has a large clip which can hold
              off an entire team in the hands of the right user. I can't
              believe what this gun can do! It can be used for close range
              support sniping, or medium range sniping while hiding. On either
              account, the silencer should keep you hidden. Desginated
              marksman rifle.
Machine Guns                                                                MG
My reviews may be a little short because I don't use these very much.

M249 SAW  Fire Modes: Fully Automatic.
          Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 100/300.
          Ammo Type: 5.56 x 45mm.
          Body Shots To Kill:3.
          Sighting Mechanism: not able to zoom with sights.
   Review:The M249 SAW is a weapon that has a couple of flaws. First of all,
          it uses smaller rounds than the others. Its second disadvantage
          is that it only carries 100 rounds per clip. This means that it
          can't hold anyone down for long. The M249, I feel, is more accuarte
          than the others. It also has a devastating fire rate. It is a good
          weapon for the experienced player who wants a challenge or an
          new one that wants excellent close quarters battles and a
          devastating fire rate.

M240B     Fire Modes: Fully Automatic.
          Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 150/300.
          Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm.
          Body Shots To Kil:2.
          Sighting Mechanism: not able to zoom with sights.
   Review:The M240B is about equal with the M249. It holds 50 more rounds
          per clip than the M249, but is less accurate and has a slower
          firing rate. It should not be used as much as the SAW for
          close quarters combat, but can be somewhat useful. Its real
          glory comes with suppression of enemies and long range sniper
          elimination. Its second job may be hard but can be accomplished.
          The M240 is a weapon for only experienced players because it
          takes skill to use properly.

M60E3     Fire Modes: Fully Automatic.
          Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 200/400.
          Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm.
          Body Shots To Kill:2.
          Sighting Mechanism: not able to zoom with sights.
   Review:The M60E3 is a great gun. It carries 200 rounds per clip and
          that means less reloading and more killing(I hope). It is less
          accurate and has a slower fire rate than that of the M240 or
          the M249. It works, and should be used for new players, but
          that's not to say experienced ones can't use it either. It should
          only be used by beginners if he/she wants a long range, heavy
          suppression type of gun. 
Side Arms                                                                 Side
No side arm can zoom in. Side arms aren't used often unless by a sniper. 
Reviews will be short.

M1911A1    Fire Modes: Semiautomatic(slow semi).
           Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 7/28.
           Ammo Type: .45 Automatic.
           Body Shots To Kill:2.
    Review: The M1911A1 is a slow-firing, semiautomatic handgun. It is 
           powerful but I prefer using other side arms. If you are stuck with
           this, use it for long ranges because pistol accuracy is awesome.
           Use it when you are out of ammo, or if you need a long range 
           solution when your primary weapon can't deliver.

M9         Fire Modes: Semiautomatic(fast semi).
           Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 15/45.
           Ammo Type: 9mm.
           Body Shots To Kill:3.
    Review:The M9 is a great handgun. Use it when you don't need to be
           stealthy and need a fast-firing gun. This gun has a lot of ammo,
           so use it if you need to, and don't be afraid to waste a whole clip
           on one person. Just don't do that all the time.

SOCOM MK23 Fire Modes: semiautomatic(fast semi).
           Magazine Size/Total Ammo Carried: 12/36.
           Ammo Type: .45 Automatic.
           Body Shots To Kill:3.
    Review:The SOCOM MK23 is a silenced handgun that packs a huge punch. It
           uses the same ammo as the M1911, but at a lot faster rate, and with
           more. There should be more ammo in this, because as a sniper, I like
           to use it to keep a low profile. It really helps.

Shotgun    Fire Mode: Pump Action.
           Magazine/Total Ammo Carried: 7/14.
           Ammo Type: 00 Buckshot.
           Body Shots To Kill:1.
    Review:The shotgun is only useful in close quarters. At long ranges it
           is horrible. I like this gun for medics because it provides a back-
           up weapon for their primary, but don't choose this over the M9 in
           places that one will expect long range situations. 
Miscellaneous Weapons(AKA accessories)                                    MISC
Accessories can't zoom at all and have many characteristics. There will be
different stats for these.

Satchel Chaarges Total Ammo Carried: 3
                 Ammo Type: C4.
                 Blast Zone: Large.
          Review:The satchel charge is a unique weapon that utilizes a remote
                 detonator and a bag, basically. You use the fire button to
                 toss it and switch to the remote detonator and press the
                 fire button again to detonate it. It can be useful in
                 stopping many people from getting to one area. It is used
                 by the rifleman class online.

AT4              Total Ammo Carried: 1.
                 Ammo Type: 84mm Anti Tank Rocket.
                 Blast Zone: Medium.
          Review:The AT4 is a commonly used weapon. It is a rocket launcher.
                 It fires a highly explosive rocket capable of taking anyone
                 out in a medium distance from where it went off. It is a
                 great weapon for destroying that sniper that's been POing
                 you for the last 7 minutes, or for taking out a group of
                 people. Remember, you only have 1. Stay near an armory
                 or use it wisely. It is given to the gunner class online.

Claymore Mines   Total Ammo Carried: 3.
                 Ammo Type: Directional Mine.
                 Blast Zone: Directional.
          Review:The claymore is a sniper's best friend. Deploy one wherever
                 you go to protect you from behind. Yes, it does take a
                 little while to set up, but the results can save you from
                 being killed. They are a directional mine. Face away from
                 where you are going to be sniping from and place it. It
                 does really work! Snipers get these.

M203             Total Ammo Carried: 5.
                 Ammo Type: 40mm Grenade.
                 Blast Zone: Small.
          Review:The M203 is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. It 
                 does take a little getting used to, but after that, you
                 can be raining down hell on the enemy. It fires one at
                 a time, so make sure you aim carefully. Only the rifleman
                 class can use these.

Frag Grenade     Total Ammo Carried: 4.
                 Ammo Type: Fragmentation Grenade.
                 Blast Zone Medium.
          Review:The frag grenades works like it does in every other game.
                 Aim, press the fire button, and in five seconds, you have
                 an impressive fireworks display.

Flashbang        Total Ammo Carried: 4.
                 Ammo Type: Flashbang Grenade.
                 Blast Zone: (Strong Light)Medium.
          Review:The flashbang grenade is useful for clearing rooms and
                 blinding snipers or anyone else. It is impressive to
                 see the number of people using these online.

Smoke Grenade    Total Ammo Carried: 4.
                 Ammo Type: Smoke Grenade.
                 Blast Zone:(Smoke)Large.
          Review:The smoke grenade is impressively useful. It blinds the
                 other team's vision, so they can't see movements. It is
                 valuable to many. It can also be used as a signal.
Multiplayer                                                               MULT
Like many games of its type, Delta Force- Blackhawk Down: Team Sabre can
be played online with other people. Yes it does have lag and a few other
problems, but it allows up to 32 people per server and the people are, for
the most part, friendly and will usually help you out. My name is Amputeeboy,
so if any new players want to add me to their friends list or just want to
learn some basics, I'm very rarely on every Wednsday and every other weekend.
I will list some tips for online play for each class after describing them
with the manual's definition. 

Assault:This specialization is the heart and soul of any army. Skilled with
grenades, shotguns, and assault weaponry, this soldier is ready to handle
virtually any battle.

*Be the spearhead of any assault. Lead your team to victory through
well-coordinated assaults and short to medium-range sniping.

*If you are new, stick with someone that won't mind you following them
around. You could also try acting as a spotter for a sniper.

*If possible, sneak around. It's not like Battlefield 2 where it shows
where the person is that killed you. It WILL pay off.

*Protect your medics. If you don't have live medics, you lose.

Medic:Medics are highly valued members of any military unit. Medics are
able to restore the health of injured or incapacitated soldiers.

* Heal all people, not just your friends. It's happened to me a couple
of times. The person heals his friend, yet not me.

*You will find that WAY too many people play as medics in this game. If you
can, avoid playing as this class. Since most people will play as medics,
there won't be a shortage of them. Use that to your advantage.

*Heal as many people as you can. People that don't play as medics, wait,
don't spawn unless there is no one near you.

* If a medic heals you, thank that person. Most people do, but I'll
put it in anyway. 

*If you need a player alive at that moment, tell others to cover you,
lay down a couple smokes, then go heal the person.

Machine Gunner:Controlling a weapon with a fire rate of over 600 rounds
per minute requires skill, training, and muscle. Machine Gunners are the
only soldiers able to handle the M249 SAW, M60E3, and M240B.

*Lay down cover fire for your teammates. It gives the team a lot better
chance at assaulting the other team.

*Stay in the front. Otherwise you may risk hitting other teammates if you
aren't in the prone position.

*Use your rocket launcher wisely. Use it to help your team. Hint, hint,
nudge, nudge, cough, cough.

*Psychological warfare can be used. These are real people. If they
see bullets flying near them, they'll back away, or hide. Use this to
your advantage.

Sniper:A professional sniper is trained to engage targets at great 
distances. Snipers treat their guns with great care and have them tuned
to their personal specifications. Their preferred weapons are the L115,
M21, M24, MCRT Tactical, PSG1, and M82 sniper rifles. They are also
proficient with Claymore mines.

*There are two kinds of snipers: Snipers and DM's(Designated Marksmen).
Snipers should hang back, preferably with another teammate(also could be
another sniper) to watch each others' backs. Snipers should pick off
targets they see fit or ones teammates point out. Please, give snipers
pretty exact locations. Not "There's someone in the west." Say "There's
someone in the rocks to the northwest". DM's should stay with one or more
people for protection, because they're going to be right in the action.
DM's should give close support to teammates. Such as picking off snipers,
if another sniper can't pick him off, giving supporting fire, and just
plain out supporting your teammates. Snipers usually are associated with
being a loner. Let's change that.

*You have adjustable scopes for a reason. Use the lowest setting to take out
people really close to you and to scan the area for targets. If you have the
L115 or M82, you have to practice scouting for people with binoculars or
try wih the high-powered scope.

*Granted semiautomatic sniper rifles take more shots to kill, doesn't mean
they should be overlooked. A skilled sniper can get a one shot kill with
one of these.

General Multiplayer strategies(and some for a more fun game): Stick with each
other, use your mic if you have one, don't P.O. other players, keep good 
sportsmanship, if you win, tell the other team that they were pretty good,
 don't say "You guys suck! We totally killed you guys!" even if you did.
Finally, Try to make online fun for other people. Especially if they are
younger than you or just started playing. If someone wants to hang around you
to get a feel for the game, let them, unless they are continuously getting you
killed. Then POLITELY ask them not to follow you. USE YOUR MIC. IF YOU DON'T
Closing Arguments
Below are things not many people read. I just have to put it. Thank you for
reading my guide, and I hope i helped you in anyway i could. This is my first
guide ever, so don't criticize me too much. Again, thank you.
Version History                                                             VH
Version 0.25- started the guide, finished assault rifles.2/24/07
Version 1.00- Finished primary weapons. Re-wrote reviews.2/25/07
Version 1.50- Finished all weapons.2/26/07
Version 1.75- Started Multiplayer aspects.3/2/07
Version 2.00- Finished Multiplayer aspect.3/12/07
Version 2.10- Finished Body shots to kill.3/24/07.
Version 2.30- Added stuff to reviews.5/9/07.
Version 2.50- Added and changed some things. Will try to submit this. 12/17/7
Copyright Info                                                             CRI
Copyright 2007 Josh Pauls.
This guide may not be put on any website but the ones I will list below. If
you need to contact me look in the "Contact Me" section. The following websites
have my permission to post this on their website.

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