Review by lawfrye

Reviewed: 10/31/07

The Witcher "High adventure at it best"

The Witcher is a title I have been waiting to play for quite some time now, and I am happy to report that its here, and was well worth the wait! The Witcher is an action game with some RPG elements, you play the role of Geralt of Rivia a half human, half mutant warrior witch whose job it is to rid the lands of evil...human and supernatural.

I could talk for hours about what makes this game great but I will condense my thoughts into a few brief paragraphs. The story in the witcher is one of the best I've seen in years, it grabs you and doesn't let go. You will constantly be wondering who you should or shouldn't trust as all of the characters in this tale have their own agendas...that don't necessarily have your best interests in mind.

This game will force you to take sides in a world that is not a whole lot different than our own. Corruption, sex, greed, power, racism all the things that cause us as people to make decisions about who we are and what we believe, not to mention what we are willing to fight for! You will have to decide who you are and what ideologies you believe in and then take a stand!

The visuals, the games looks amazing! You will need a powerful rig to pull them off but if you have one your in for a treat! Especially if you play this in OTS or over the shoulder 3rd person view. Everything is alive in this game world and its all represented beautifully with the the help of BIowares Aurora 2007 engine.

The sound is fitting and if you have a PC with HD audio it sounds amazing, like being in the THX movie theaters.

The only real issues with this game is the camera in OTS view and the combat system. The camera like most games of this type sometimes "bugs out" and positions itself in the worst places. This can be fixed with a turn of the mouse but it can be annoying especially in an intense fight.

The idea of point and click combat is just played out, even though they added some really nice leveling systems to build your character allowing you to tweak him to your style of play and also the timing system which allows you to string some pretty impressive combos together. Even with those innovations, I couldn't help but feel like the over-all combat system was nothing more than a cheap gimmick thats been done to many times before!

However, other than those small gripes The Witcher is an amazing game with high production values and a must buy for any action RPG gamer!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: The Witcher (US, 10/30/07)

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