Points of Fame Tank kills,Silent Kills,Remote Detonations ?

  1. I am wondering about these things I just snuck up on a guy he did not hear me or see me I used my pistol shot him with 2 shots killed him no noise at all but I got 0 points not for a silent kill and no kill points at all.Is there a certain distance you need to be ? Tanks is there no points for killing tanks? Remote Detonations first Level for instance when the tank bust through the wall then you set the TNT get far enough away shoot it blow the tank with the men inside should I not get points for this? Or is there a certain distance as well to get the points for this kill? Any help with this I would appreciate it is there a patch I need to fix these issues or something like that??

    User Info: Gate420

    Gate420 - 8 years ago

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