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Loading Hints Text Guide by Xirtam G

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/27/2004

Unreal Tournament 2004 Hints Guide
Email: Simonfrance@F2S.com
Copyright 2004 Simon "Xirty" France
Version 1.0

Table Of Contents:

1. VersioN History
2. About
3. Onslaught Mode Hints
4. Assault Mode Hints
5. Capture The Flag Hints
6. Deathmatch Mode Hints
7. General Team game Hints
8. Planned Updates
9. Thanks

1. VersioN History

28/09/2004, First Release 8.35 KB

2. About

This guide lists *ALL* the loading hints for UT2k4, This is a direct hack of
the game, so it's a little rough.
The %WORD% Commands are suppose to check your ini file for whatever you have
that key bound to.

3. Onslaught Mode Hints

"If you receive a missile lock warning, try to get out of sight quickly!",

"The Raptor's missiles will automatically lock onto Mantas and other Raptors.",

"In the Raptor press JUMP to fly higher and DUCK to fly lower.",

"The Manta can rapidly descend to smash your enemies by pressing %DUCK% or

"Press %JUMP% to perform a 180 spin out in the Hellbender or Scorpion.",

"The Manta is the only vehicle that has the ability to jump.",

"When deployed, the Leviathan is highly vulnerable to air attacks.",

"You can heal a friendly vehicle with the link gun alt-fire.",

"You can heal a friendly PowerNode with the link gun alt-fire.",

"It is impossible to heal the final PowerCore, so defend it at all costs!",

"Press %TOGGLERADARMAP% to toggle the radar map on and off.",

"You can be hurt or killed by vehicles exploding near you.",

"Enemy Spider Mines can be destroyed, but some weapons are better against them
than others.",

"Pressing %USE% on a PowerNode allows you to teleport to any PowerNode your
team controls.",

"You won't be able to spawn at a PowerNode that is under attack, even if your
team controls it.",

"If you die, any Spider Mines or Grenades you fired will explode.",

"Press %VOICETALK% to voice chat with your team.",

"%BASEPATH 0% will show the way to the nearest PowerNode or PowerCore the Red
Team can attack, while %BASEPATH 1% will do the same for the Blue Team.",

"Press %TOGGLEBEHINDVIEW% to switch between 1st and 3rd person mode in

"AVRiL rockets will home into an occupied enemy vehicle as long as you keep
your crosshair on it.",

"When you find a target with the AVRiL, press alt-fire to zoom and lock your
view to that target.",

"The green light on top of the weaponlockers indicates that additional ammo is
available at that locker.",

"Attack PowerNodes that have the enemy team color sky beams above them.",

"You cannot attack the PowerCore or PowerNodes if there is an energy shield
present. Remove the shield by controlling a node that is linked to it.",

"The Grenade Launcher shoots sticky grenades that attach themselves to vehicles
and players. You must detonate them yourself with the alternate fire (press

"The bomber that the Target Painter calls in can be shot down by enemy fire.",

"In Onslaught, your team earns 2 points for winning before overtime and 1 point
for a win during overtime.")

4. Assault Mode Hints

"A waypoint on the HUD indicates the location of an objective.",

"Be on the look out for HUD warnings and alarm sounds when an objective is in

"When a new spawn area has been enabled, Press %SWITCHWEAPON 10% to teleport to
it instantly.",

"Press %BASEPATH 0% or %BASEPATH 1% to highlight the current objective, show a
path to it, and slide out the objective list.",

"Monitor the respawn countdown to know when to expect backups.",

"Some weapons are better at destroying enemy Spider Mines than others.",

"You can be hurt or killed by vehicles exploding near you.",

"You can heal a friendly vehicle with the Link Gun alt-fire.",

"If you die, any Spider Mines or Grenades you fired will explode.",

"The green light on top of the weapon lockers indicates that additional ammo is
available at that locker.",

"All turrets can zoom in by pressing %MOVEFORWARD% and zoom out by pressing

"Link turrets have the same properties as the Link Gun.",

"The Ion Cannon and Ion Plasma Tank, while charging up, indicate their target
with a laser beam.",

"You can switch between remote controlled turrets by pressing %NEXTWEAPON% and

"In a SpaceFighter, you can cycle through targets by pressing %NEXTWEAPON% and

"Various trophies can be obtained by destroying a key vehicle (or turret),
completing an objective, or successfully attacking.",

"A trophy is given to the player completing an objective, but the points reward
is shared between all contributors.",

"Press %TOGGLEBEHINDVIEW% to switch between 1st and 3rd person view in

5. Capture The Flag Hints

"You can use %BASEPATH 0% to see the path to the Red Team base and %BASEPATH 1%
to see the path to the Blue Team base.",

"Firing the translocator sends out your translocator beacon. Pressing %FIRE%
again returns the beacon, while pressing %A:TFIRE% teleports you instantly to
the beacon's location (if you fit).",

"Using the translocator to teleport while carrying the flag will cause you to
drop the flag.",

"Pressing %SWITCHWEAPON 10% after tossing the Translocator allows you to view
from its internal camera.",

"Pressing %FIRE% while your %ALTFIRE% is still held down after teleporting with
the translocator will switch you back to your previous weapon.")

6. Deathmatch Mode Hints

"Every weapon has two firing modes, a regular fire mode when you press %FIRE%
and an alternate fire mode when you press %ALTFIRE%.",

"Press jump again at the peak of a jump to get an extra boost.",

"Pressing a movement key twice in rapid succession will make your character
dodge in that direction.","

You can also dodge off walls while in the air.",

"You can change weapons by pressing the associated weapon number, or scroll
through your weapons using %NEXTWEAPON% and %PREVWEAPON%.",

"The shock combo is a powerful explosion created with a shock rifle by shooting
a shock ball with a shock beam.",

"When loading up rockets using the rocket launcher alt fire, press the regular
fire button before releasing the rockets to fire them in a tight spiral.",

"You can toggle the scoreboard display on or off at any time by pressing

"You receive adrenaline for killing enemies and other accomplishments. Once
your adrenaline reaches 100, you can start an adrenaline combo by using the
correct movement key combination.",

"%SHOWSTATS% will bring up a personal stats display.",

"You can shoot down enemy Redeemer missiles with a well placed shot.",

"Press %TALK% and type your message to send text messages to other players.",

"You can play taunts or other voice messages through the voice menu by pressing

"While crouching (by holding down %DUCK%), you cannot fall off a ledge.")

7. General Team game Hints

"If you miss a player's chat message, you can use %INGAMECHAT% to display a box
of all chat messages you have received.",

"Use the link gun alt fire beam to can link up with link gun carrying
teammates. While linked, the teammate will receive a significant power boost to
their link gun.",

"You can toss your current weapon for a teammate by pressing %THROWWEAPON%.",

"Teammates who have a link gun equipped will have a green team beacon above
their heads instead of the standard yellow beacon.",

"Press %VOICETALK% to voice chat with your team.",

"Press %TEAMTALK% and type your message to send text messages to other team

"The text-to-speech feature that makes the game read text messages aloud can be
enabled in the audio settings menu.")

8. Planned Updates

1.Change all the %WORD%'s to the default keys.

9. Thanks

Thanks to all the people of on the INA Forums for making this possable
Thanks to the good folks on the raft insta sever (Hi guys)

10. Contact

Notice something missing? Something that needs fixing?
Email me at SimonfrancE@f2s.com

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