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Pet Guide by Robo_Mike

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/11/2005

Pets Guide for Dungeon Siege II (PC-Windows version)
by Robo-Mike "Numbuh T"

Latest update:

v1.1   Pack mule info and feeding
       Naiads' Duskbeam info
       Fixed feeding stat gains for potions and miscellaneous

Base damage/spell formulas for pets
Base armor formulas for pets (I believe this is pet-specific)
Confirmation about pet experience sharing

Section -1: Disclaimers (DISC)

You may download and print this file for your personal use but you
may not profit in any way.

Because I am lazy, only gamefaqs.com is allowed to "host" this guide.
And no, please don't offer me to let your site host it. Unless I know
you personally, you're most likely going to get "no" for an answer.
Because I'm lazy. No, I don't hate your gaming site. I'm just lazy.

If I find this on a gaming site that is not listed above, I will ask
for it to be removed. Readers, please email me about if you see this
guide elsewhere.


This document is best viewed with a monospace font (e.g. Courier).
Your standard web browser will do, but just in case your browser's
settings are weird, here's a line of 70 numbers followed by a line of
70 hyphens.


If they're not aligned, then you better change some settings. Now.


s#  code   title
-- ------ ---------------------
-1 (DISC) Disclaimers
 0 (    ) Table of Contents
 1 (INTR) Introduction / Viewing This Guide
 2 (PETS) Introdution to Pets
 3 (LIST) Pet List
 4 (FEED) Pet Feeding, Growth, and Statistics
 5 (COMP) Comparison: Pets vs Summons vs Party Members
 6 (FAQ-) Question and Answer Portion
 7 (ABOU) About the Author
 8 (MAIL) Contact Info
 9 (ENDC) Contributors / Special Thanks
10 (HIST) Revision History
   (    ) Final Words

Section 1: Introduction / Viewing This Guide (INTR)

Thank you for reading the Pets Guide for Dungeon Siege 2.

The purpose of this guide is to provide a list of pets and their
abilities while giving a very opinionated comparison of the pets
against each other, and the pets against other party members.

While I try to avoid spilling my guts about plot details, I'd like to
warn you anyway that the guide MIGHT contain spoilers. So don't sue
me, okay?


This guide is a maximum 70 characters per line, so you'll be able to
see it properly on MS-DOS Edit or some antique word processor.

It's best viewed with Courier or Lucida Console or some other font
whose characters are evenly spaced.

Every section has a four-letter code which allows you to quickly jump
by using the Find function on your Notepad or whatever. Simply key in
the code including the parenthesis and "find" it to jump to a specific

e.g. Find (FEED) to go directly to the pet feeding tips section.

Finally, this guide uses some abbreviations and acronyms. Don't
worry, I won't go overboard with them:

DS2 - Dungeon Siege 2
GPG - Gas Powered Games, makers of Dungeon Siege
PC - Player Character/Hero, the only party member you actually pick
     a name/race for; the only party member you can't disband

dex - dexterity
int - intelligence
lvl - Level, usually refers to Character Level
str - strength

Section 2: Introduction to Pets (PETS)

A new feature in DS2 is the ability to add Pets to your party.

They are obtained by going to the pet shop available in every town in
the game, marked on the map by a horse-head icon. Talk to the trainer,
select a pet you like, cough up an amount of gold, and it will be
immediately added to your party (that is, if you don't have too many
party members).

Pets join at the same level as your PC, and level up with her or him.
They initially come with a normal attack and sometimes, a spell.

Pets "grow up" when you feed them inventory items such as potions and
armor. They learn their Powers when they reach Juvenile level, and
gain their Emanations (auras) when they reach maturity. (More on
feeding later.)

Pets come in three flavors: Melee fighters, Ranged attackers, and
Spellcasters. Different spellcasting pets also have different
elements for their attacks.

Unlike human, elf, dryad, or half-giant party members, pets do not
split experience gain from kills.

Section 3: Pet List (LIST)

The pets here are listed in alphabetical order.

If a pet has multiple spells or attacks listed, then it has different
spells or attacks at various stages of its growth. I will list the
weakest spell or attack first followed by the versions the pet gains
as it grows up.

Specific statistics for attacks and spells are listed, but the
damages/spell durations/etc. really vary with pet level and
statistics. They are only listed here to give you an idea on how
strong (or weak) the pet might be at certain levels.

I chose to show pet stats at about level 45+ to show how good they
can be around the start of Veteran level.

The pros/cons/tips sections are my opinion, so you don't have to go
by it. Do your own thing, if you must.

Dark Naiad

(see Naiad)

Dire Wolf
*available at the shops after completion of the 'Dire Wolf' subquest
 in Act I

COST: 500 gold

ATTACK: Devastating Bite (Melee Damage)
   A vicious bite from its powerful jaws.
      > Damage: 135-225 (at lvl 36 stats 256/46/46)


POWER: Furious Howl
   Dire Wolves possess abilities beyond the ken of normal wolves and
   the greatest is the ability to release a furious howl that has the
   power to push away and tear apart enemies with its sonic force.
      > Cone effect targets an enemy or terrain
      > Normal Recharge
      > Damage: 1709.6 (at lvl 36 stats 256/46/46)

EMANATION: Vicious Counter
   The Dire Wolf's influence reflect a percentage of the damage
   inflicted upon its companions back at the enemy.
      > Range: 4
      > 60% of Physical damage reflected

1. When you first get them, Dire Wolves will be stronger than your
   melee party members for a while.

1. Furious Howl has poor attack range and area.
2. 60% physical reflect sounds good on paper, but by the time enemies
   deal enough damage they will have too much life for the reflected
   damage to matter.
3. No melee skills means that its hard to compare its raw damage with
   higher level melee fighters. Surely loses in dealing damage to a
4. No support spell.

The Dire Wolf is great if you prefer a pet over Lothar. Use it if you
must, but I'd swap it out for the Mythrilhorn as early as possible.

Fire Elemental
*available at the start of Act II

COST: 1000 gold

ATTACK: Firestrike (Fire Damage/Area Effect)
   Throws a small fireball which explodes on contact with an enemy,
   dealing fire damage to nearby enemies.
      > Damage: 168-280 (at Level 48, int 313)
      > Range: 10
      > Mana Cost: 76 (at Level 48, int 313)


POWER: Inferno
   Fire Elementals are feared for their ability to direct some of
   their fiery essence into a blazing cone* that burns enemies as
   long as they are caught inside it.
      > Cone* Effect Targets an Enemy or Terrain
      > Normal Recharge
      > Fire Damage per Second: 985.5 (at Level 48, int 313)
      > Power Duration: 5 seconds
   * It's more like a short beam than a cone. Don't believe them.

EMANATION: Fire Resistance
   The Fire Elemental's influence increases the fire resistance and
   magic damage of its companions.
      > Range: 4
      > +40% Fire Resistance
      > +8% Magic Damage

1. Special power deals the most damage of all pet powers.
2. +40% fire resistance aura means you have nothing to fear from the
   boss of Act II.
3. Area effect normal attack.

1. No support spell.
2. +8% magic damage bonus can be gotten easily from equipment or
3. Special power takes time to deal all the damage. During that time,
   the Fire Elemental will be a sitting duck and a magnet for enemies.
4. Low normal attack damage.
5. Very limited use, in my opinion, the worst pet in the game.

Like I said, it's great against the Act II boss, so feed one of them
if you want, so you can play with fire without getting burned. You're
going to waste money though.

Ice Elemental
*available in Act I or later

COST: 500 gold

ATTACK: Icestrike (Ice Damage/Single Target)
   Throws a small ball of ice which does damage.

ATTACK: Greater Icestrike (Ice Damage/Single Target)
   Throws a small ball of ice which does damage and has a chance of
   freezing enemies it strikes.
      > Mana Cost: 45 (at level 36 stats 46/46/253)
      > Damage: 213 to 355 (at level 36 stats 46/46/253)
      > Range: 10


POWER: Frost Aura
   Ice Elementals are feared for their ability to direct some of their
   freezing essence into waves of cold that damage and briefly freeze
   any enemies who draw near.
      > Automaticall targets self
      > Normal Recharge
      > Ice Damage per wave: 50.4 (at lvl 36 stats 46/46/253)
      > Radius: 2.0 meters
      > Power Duration: 20 secs

EMANATION: Ice Resistance
   The Ice Elemental's influence increases the ice resistance and
   regeneration of its companions.
      > Range: 4
      > +150% Mana Regeneration Rate
      > +40% Ice Resistance

1. Normal attack has a chance to freeze? You bet.
2. Its godly mana regeneration aura ensures a steady supply of mana
   for all characters.
3. With its ice resistance, you can have a sightseeing tour around
   Act II.

1. Power isn't that great. It can help immobilize mobs of enemies,
   but takes too long to deal good damge.
2. No support spell (not that it needs one).

Icey is indispensable for mage parties with its support aura and
freezing abilities. If you have at least one mage and you have an
empty slot, get one... now!

Lap Dragon
*available in Act III

COST: 1750 gold

ATTACK: Dragon Breath (Fire Damage, Single Target)
   Breathes an attack of natural force at target enemy.

ATTACK: Dragon Fire (Fire Damage, Area Effect)
   Spits a fireball that explodes on contact.
      > Mana Cost: 47 (at lvl 45, int 210)
      > Damage: 102-170 (at lvl 45, int 210)
      > Range: 10

SPELL: Baby Dragon Scales
   Protects the party with baby dragon scales, protecting them from
   harmful enchantments.
      > Immune to Curses

SPELL: Dragon Scales
   Protects the party with dragon scales, protecting them from
   harmful enchantments and increasing resistance to lightning and
   death magic.
      > Immune to Curses
      > +37% Lightning Resistance (at lvl 42)
      > +37% Lightning Resistance (at lvl 42)

SPELL: Infused Dragon Scales
   Protects the party with dragon scales, protecting them from
   harmful enchantments, increasing resistance to lightning and
   death magic, and hastens power regeneration rate.
      > Immune to Curses
      > +38% Lightning Resistance (at lvl 45)
      > +38% Lightning Resistance (at lvl 45)
      > +57% Power Recharge Rate (at lvl 45)

POWER: Draconic Inspiration
   Despite their small size, Lap Dragons are able to draw upon the
   ancient powers of dragons to magically inspire morale and
   temporarily increase the potency of nearby allies' special attacks.
      > Automatically targets allies around self
      > Slow Recharge
      > Radius: 5 Meters
      > Power Damage Bonus: +35%
      > Power Duration: 20 seconds

EMANATION: Dragon Vitality
   The Dragon's influence increases the strength, dexterity, and
   intelligence of its companions.
      > Requires Nature Magic: Level 41
      > Range: 4
      > +18 Dexterity, +10 Intelligence, +11 Strength (at lvl 45)
      *note: stat gains vary with level up

1. The Lap Dragon's spell alone makes this baby an excellent
   choice in any party, especially in Act III when almost every mob
   has cursing abilities and/or death magic attacks.
2. Area effect attack.
3. Increased power regen rate (via the spell) and power damage (via
   the Lap Dragon's power) is just crazy.
4. Emanation bestows a variety of useful stat bonuses (those bonuses
   grow with level up).

1. Its spell is autocast. Since you're limited to two buffs, this may
   or may not be a good thing.
2. Stat bonus from emanation may become less useful as your characters
   level up.
3. Low normal attack damage.

The Lap Dragon is the pet GPG was advertising on their site and during
the installation process, and for a good reason: it's just too good.

Light Naiad

(see Naiad)

*available after completion of the 'Mythrilhorn' subquest in Act III
 (you get the subquest in Act II)

COST: 3000 gold

ATTACK: Grievous Claw Strike (Melee Damage)
   The Mythrilhorn's claws rake into enemies, enraging them.
      > Damage: 148 to 246 (level 47)
      > Range: 2
      > (causes anger against the Mythrilhorn)

POWER: Enrage
   The strongest Mythrilhorns have evolved the ability to stir an
   enemy's blood so that they cannot resist attacking it. This allows
   the Mythrilhorn to distract attention from weaker members of the
      > Automatically targets enemies around self
      > Fast Recharge
      > Radius: 10 meters

EMANATION: Defense Aura
   The Mythrilhorn's influence hardens the armor of its companions.
      > Range: 4
      > +12% Armor

1. +12% armor is nothing to laugh about. It makes your melee fighters
   invincible tanks (at least against non-magic mobs).
2. Its power is great for gathering mobs for that huge power spamming
3. Also provokes enemies using its normal attack, therefore making it
   a good bodyguard for weaker party members.

1. No melee skills means that its hard to compare its raw damage with
   higher level melee fighters. Surely loses in dealing damage to a
2. No support spell.

The Mythrilhorn is here for one thing: as the perfect meat shield,
thanks to its provoking normal attack and power. Who cares if the
Mythrilhorn goes down if you use its power, at least you have all
the enemies in one place, ready to be vaporized by your other party
members. For best results feed it a ton of fighter armor.

Naiad, Dark and Light
*Dark version available at the start of Act II, while Light version is
 available at the arena premises after completion of the "Aman'lu
 Arena" subquest  (you get the subquest in Act II)

COST: 1375 gold

ATTACK: Duskbeam (Single Target, Ice Damage)
   Damages target enemy with a beam of night energy.
      > Damage: 239-398 (at level 48, int 250)
      > Range: 10
      > Mana Cost: 56

SPELL: Fade Wounds (Dark Naiad only)
   Soothing magic eases pain and closes wounds, then jumps to
   additional characters, healing less each jump.
      > Range: 10
      > Mana Cost: 76 (at level 48, int 250)
      > Restores 122 Life to First Target (at level 48, int 250)
      > Heals 1-3 Targets (more targets as pet grows)

SPELL: Abolish Wounds (Light Naiad only)
   Soothing magic eases pain and closes wounds, then jumps to
   additional characters, healing less each jump.
      > Range: 10
      > Mana Cost: 76 (at level 48, int 250)
      > Restores 162 Life to First Target (at level 48, int 250)
      > Heals 1-3 Targets (more targets as pet grows)

POWER: Arobreal Rejuvenation
   Channeling healing power beyond the ability of even the greatest
   Nature Mages, the Naiad calls on the spirits of the wild to heal
   and resurrect all allies around her.
      > Automatically Targets Allies around Self
      > Normal Recharge
      > Amount Healed: 292.9 (at level 48, int 250)
      > Radius: 10 meters

EMANATION: Regeneration
   The Naiad's influence increases the regeneration rate of her
      > Range: 4
      > +200% Health Regeneration Rate

1. The Naiads are a dedicated healing machines with their killer
   health regeneration aura and autocast multitarget healing spell.
2. Light Naiad gains useful resistances against all magic.
3. Special power can save dying or dead party members in a pinch,
   with its instantaneous heal.

1. Runs out of mana especially quickly during long fights with mobs
   as it gets to heal and attack at the same time.
2. Special power heal is rather useless considering the amount
   of healing its spell provides.
3. Light Naiad can't be fed beyond Fledgling phase until level 43,
   and can't be fed past Young Adult phase until level 46.

The Light Naiad heals better and gains overall magic resistance, so
there is practically no reason to get the Dark Naiad (except that you
can get the Dark Naiad earlier). If you don't have a nature mage,
adding a Light Naiad will be great for your party.

*available in Act II or later

COST: 2250 gold

ATTACK: Deathstrike (Death Damage, Single Target)
   Damages target enemy with a beam of concentrated death energy.
      > Mana Cost: 43 (at lvl 47, int 192)
      > Damage: 191-319 (at lvl 47, int 192)
      > Range: 10

SPELL: Necrosis
   This curse causes each enemy's body to break down and rot, reducing
   attack speed and increasing vulnerability to non-magical attacks.
      > Range: 8
      > Duration: 57 (at lvl 47)
      > Mana Cost: 75 (at lvl 47)
      > Armor Reduced by 49% (at lvl 47)

SPELL: Dissolution
   This curse is a massive attack on an enemy's body, reducing attack
   speed and increasing vulnerability to non-magical attacks, ice, and
   death magic.
      > Range: 8
      > Duration: 61 (at lvl 51)
      > Mana Cost: 97 (at lvl 51)
      > Armor Reduced by 51% (at lvl 51)
      > +45% Death and Ice Vulnerability (at lvl 51)

POWER: Decompose
   When the Necrolithid activates this ability, it exudes noxious
   gasses that infect any creatures that draw near. When infected
   enemies die, the gasses break down their bodies and heal all party
      > Automatically targets self
      > Normal Recharge
      > Radius: 3 Meters
      > Health Restored: 2.5% Maximum Enemy Health
      > Power Duration: 20 seconds

   The Necrolithid's influence restores its companions' mana when they
   damage enemies.

1. Fully-grown curse spell excellent for all party members...
   including itself.
2. Mana steal good for all mages... including itself.

1. Its curse spell is autocast. Since enemies are limited to one
   debuff, you can't put anything else like stun or freeze. Autocast
   can also lead to the poor pet running out of mana very fast.
2. Power isn't that great. Sure enemies are everywhere and healing
   can be handy, but a mass damage attack would've been better since
   mana steal does work with powers.
3. Spell is useless for combat mages focused on fire or lightning.

Its spell helps your party damage the enemy. But if you have a combat
mage using curses, or a two-hand-weapon melee warrior, the Necrolithid
may not be the best for your party. Even with mana steal, I highly
recommend having the Ice Elemental along if you plan to use a

Pack Mule
*available in Act I or later

COST: 300 gold

   A surprisingly potent kick attack.
      > Damage: 198 to 330 (at level 51)


POWER: Staggering Kick
   A cornered Pack Mule is deadly prey (sic), and when it activates
   this ability, its next attack will be a Staggering Kick. It slams
   its hooves into its next target, creating a shockwave that stuns
   any enemies caught within it.
      > Automatically Enhances Next Kick
      > Normal Recharge
      > 1790.8% Normal Damage to Enemies (at level 51)
      > Stun Duration: 8 seconds
      > Stun Radius: 3.5 meters

EMANATION: Reveal Treasure
   Opens all chests and boxes and breaks all containers around the
      > Range: 4

1. Never run out of space thanks to its immense storage capacity for
   only 300 gold. Need even more space? Feed it, or buy another mule!
   Perfect for item collectors.
2. Very damaging special power.

1. No support spell.
2. Special power damages only a single target (stuns many though)
2. Emanation is really worthless. (Except for lazy people... I mean,
   it's not as if it takes a lot of effort to open barrels and chests)

I keep three pack mules, named "Uniques", "Sets", and "Keepsakes",

Scorpion Queen
*available in Act I or later

COST: 350 gold

ATTACK: Scorpion Sting
   Scorpion Queen shoots a deadly stinger at target enemy.
      > Damage: 179-299 (at level 47)
      > Range: 12

POWER: Explosive Sting
   A properly trained Scorpion Queen can unleash an attack no other
   scorpion is capable of: a special sting that shakes the earth and
   damages nearby enemies.
      > Area of effect targets an enemy or terrain
      > Normal Recharge
      > Damage: 2577.5 (at lvl 47)
      > Radius: 3.5 meters

EMANATION: Evasion Aura
   The Scorpion Queen's influence increases her companions' abilities
   to dodge attacks.
      > Range: 4
      > +20% Chance to Dodge Attacks

1. The only ranger pet available in the entire game, and rightfully
   so, with good range in its normal attack which doesn't cost any
2. 20% additional dodge for your party can be handy.
3. It has a decent area effect skill.
4. It possesses one of the more effective and damaging pet special

1. Lack of ranged specialties like Penetrate or Shockwave or
2. Area effect power has about one second cast delay, making it
   quite hard to aim.
3. No support spell.

If you have an empty party slot, stick a Scorpion Queen in for extra
damage--you don't need to split experience with them either. Scorpion
Queen is probably the only pet you won't want to feed armor to...
since they usually stay out of the way of enemies.

Section 4: Pet Feeding, Growth, and Statistics (FEED)

A. Statistics Basics

Disregarding feeding bonuses, pets always have their strongest stat
around thrice their level while the other two stats are equal to their
level plus 10.

Stats gained from feeding and growth stages are not fixed, they vary
per level (usually rounded to nearest integer).

Finally, the amount of armor you see listed on the stats screen
includes all the % armor bonuses the pet has gained. If it is ever
color blue, it also includes gains from spells or emanations
(e.g. Mythrilhorn's +12% armor aura).

B. Stat Gains from Feeding

You probably already know this: drag an item onto the pet's portrait
to feed it.

There are several categories of items you can feed your pet:

   * Fighter weapons - adds strength around 2/3 of pet level

   * Fighter armor - adds strength around 22-25% of pet level
                   - adds 20% armor

   * Ranger weapons - adds dexterity about 105% of pet level

   * Ranger armor - adds dexterity around 35% of pet level
                  - adds 20% armor

   * Mage weapons - adds intelligence about 60% of pet level
       (includes staves, cestuses, spells, spellbooks)

   * Mage armor - adds int around 20% of pet level
                - 20% armor

   * Potions
      (fighters) - adds maximum health around 2.33x pet level
                 - add maximum mana around 2/3 of pet level
      (rangers) - adds maximum health around 1.5x pet level
                - add maximum mana around 0.8x pet level
      (mages) - adds maximum health around 0.7x pet level
              - add maximum mana around 1.6x pet level

   * Miscellaneous - adds 12.5% of pet level in strength
                   - 17.5% of pet level in dexterity
                   - 10% of pet level in intelligence
                   - health and mana: 1/2 of what the pet would have
                        gained from eating potions (see above)
                   - +5% armor
       (includes amulets, reagents, rings, and quest items
        that are not themselves weapons)

Stat gains from items are the same formula for all pets, fighter or
mage--and are all rounded to the nearest integer.

What determines the added bonus you get at the end of every stage of
growth is what type of item you fed it most. No matter how many
hamburgers you feed Wolfy, as long as you feed 'em more axes and maces
than burgers you will get the bonus for fighter weapons and not for

The amount of growth a pet gets when it eats an item is determined
by the gold cost of the object. Feeding your scorpion a unique
Siegebolt crossbow will of course provide more growth than a regular
Exceptional Crossbow.

But! Before you overlook those 5 gold daggers available at the bargain
basement, they still count as ONE item if you give them to your pet.
So if you're worried about Wolfy eating too many rings and reagents,
just feed him many cheap melee weapons before his next growth stage
to ensure that he will get the right stats.

C. Stat Gains from Passing Growth Stages

In addition to gains based on items, pets gain an additional bonus for
simply growing up. This is usually the first stat gain on the list,
excluding resistance gains which are, like the growth stage bonuses,

+health = adds around 0.9x pet level of health
+mana = add around 1.6x pet level of mana
low +str = adds around 25% pet level of strength
low +dex = adds around 35% pet level of dexterity
low +int = adds around 20% pet level of intelligence
+n% element = adds that amount of resistance to the element
+10% armor = adds... what else, 10% armor
+inv. page = additional inventory page

             |  Baby    |Fledgling |Juvenile  |Adolescent|Young Adult|
 Dark Naiad  |low +int  |+10% armor|+mana     |+health   |+10% armor |
             |          |          |          |          |           |
 Dire Wolf   |low +str  |+health   |low +str  |+10% armor|low +str   |
             |          |          |          |          |           |
 Fire Elem.  |low +int  |+mana     |low +int  |+health   |+mana      |
             |+5% fire  |          |+5% fire  |+5% fire  |+5% fire   |
 Ice Elem.   |+mana     |low +int  |+10% armor|+mana     |+10% armor |
             |+5% ice   |          |+5% ice   |+5% ice   |+5% ice    |
 Lap Dragon  |+10% armor|low +int  |+mana     |+health   |+10% armor |
             |          |          |          |          |           |
 Light Naiad |low +int  |+10% armor|+mana     |+health   |+10% armor |
             |+5% magic |          |+5% magic |+5% magic |+5% magic  |
 Mythrilhorn |+10% armor|+health   |+10% armor|+health   |low +str   |
             |          |          |          |          |           |
 Necrolithid |low +int  |+mana     |+health   |+10% armor|+health    |
             |+5% death |          |+5% death |+5% death |+5% death  |
 Pack Mule   |          |+10% armor|low +str  |          |low +str   |
             |+inv. page|          |+inv. page|          |           |
 Scorpion    |low +dex  |+10% armor|low +dex  |+health   |low +dex   |
       Queen |          |          |          |          |           |

Sometimes a growth stage bonus does not appear! I don't know why this
happens, but I hope to find out someday. (Could be a glitch?)

D. Tips

1. It is obviously pointless to give melee and ranged pets a boost in
   intelligence as they don't need mana anyway. It's also a waste to
   feed them potions since the plus to mana is wasted. If you wish to
   increase their health total, feeding them fighter or ranger weapons
   or armor is more efficient - they will get a damage boost and an
   increase in health at the same time.

2. Since magic-based pets don't deal that much damage anyway, I'd
   recommend feeding mage armor to help them survive. Potions are also

3. Feeding armor to the Scorpion Queen is rather inefficient. I'd
   give her ranger weapons all the way to boost damage.

4. Because pets have no resistances (save for a maximum of one type
   of resistance during growth) pumping their health total to help
   them survive spells could be the next best thing.

Section 5: Comparison: Pets vs Summons vs Party Members (COMP)

I will now show the pros and cons for pets, summons and party members
so you can compare them. Note that while I am biased towards pets,
I am quite aware of their disadvantages.        (:


1. Doesn't participate in experience sharing.
2. Spells and emanations are unique to the pets.
3. Most Emanations are difficult to match using party equipment or
   specialties. Some pet abilities are not even available to
   party members!
4. High HP and raw damage totals.
5. You can have as many as you want in the inn.
6. When fully grown, pets cost nothing to equip and maintain.

1. Magic-using pets tend to run out of mana quickly. (Although
   seriously, by the time this happens blue potions are large and
2. Generally weaker than party members in terms of damage especially
   during Veteran and Elite difficulty.
3. Most pet powers have an equivalent power that party members can
   use. Those equivalent party member powers are usually more
   effective and damaging.
4. Lack of variety with up to one spell and only one power and
   emanation. Pet builds also tend to be limited to customizing
   various stat gains only at certain points during its growth.
5. No magic resistance unless the pet is supposed to add resistance
   during stat growth.
6. To feed your pets, you will have to sacrifice the gold value of
   the item you're feeding. (However you can feed them items which
   aren't so good to begin with, such as crappy rares or low-level
   uniques that have outlived their usefulness.)


1. If they die, they can simply be summoned again.
2. Doesn't take up space in the party.
3. Doesn't participate in experience sharing.
4. They never run out of mana. In fact, they don't need it.
5. No cost. If you have a mage, you can get one for free.

1. Summons make poor tanks. Enemies would rather attack your party
   members, especially the PC.
2. Tend to lose life quickly when attacked, especially melee summons.
3. Requires a mage party member to cast. Takes time to cast, uses up
   a lot of mana.
4. Has no inventory, thus cannot store items or drink health potions.
5. No specialties, support spells or powers.

Party Members

1. With a multitude of specialties, spells and powers there is a
   great variety in builds. They can choose from various spells and
   powers for the right situation.
2. Using specialties, player characters can add special properties to
   normal attacks.
3. Can gain resistance to magic, life and mana steal, or increased
   life and mana regeneration rate via specialties or equipment.
4. Can equip powerful rare, unique, and set items.

1. Takes a cut from total experience points.
2. In terms of defense, mage party members are generally weaker than
   even magic-using pets.
3. Party members are very costly to equip and maintain, mostly in
   buying or searching for needed equipment.

Bottom Line:
* Adding a pet will instantly make your party much more effective
  without great cost and without slowing down the leveling process.
  However, it does take some time (and money) to feed them to
  maturity. Once fully grown, they only need potions for maintenance
  and get stronger with the PC.
* Summons are limited to one per mage party member and make poor
* Party members deal more damage and have more variety, but are
  costly to equip when they first join, and require getting new
  equipment during the course of the adventure. More effort to equip
  unlike pets which can be fed crappy rares.

Section 6: Question and Answer Portion (FAQ-)

Q1: Help! I just loaded my game and my pet's spell is gone!

    Simply disband the pet to the inn and add it to the party again.
    The spell will return, good as new.

    Gas Powered Games, please fix this damn annoying glitch!

Q2: Your info is wrong.

    So send me an email with a correction already! Next time, be
    polite. Don't waste your time by emailing me that I am wrong
    WITHOUT including the correction.

    As far as I know, what I've written on this guide is correct, so
    if you email me that I'm wrong, chances are that I'm not wrong,
    unless you send proof.

Q3: Can you recommend me some good party combinations with pets?

    Here are some four-character parties I can think of offhand:

    Mage Parties
    1. Nature Mage, Combat Mage, Ice Elemental, Dragon/Necro
    2. Combat Mage, Ice Elemental, Naiad, Mythril/Necro

    No Mage Parties
    1. 2 Rangers, Scorpion Queen, Naiad
    2. 2-3 Melee/Rangers, Mythrilhorn and/or Scorpion Queen
    3. 2 Melee/Rangers, Mythrilhorn/Scorpion Queen, Naiad
    4. 1 Melee, Ice Elemental, 2 from Naiad/Necro/Dragon

    Variety Parties
    1. 2 Rangers, Nature Mage, Scorpion Queen/Necrolithid
    2. Melee, Ranger, Nature Mage, Mythrilhorn/Lap Dragon
    3. Melee, Ranger, Combat Mage, Mythrilhorn/Naiad/Dragon

    Remember, the more pets you have, the faster your PC will level
    since they deal additional damage without taking a slice out of
    the experience pie.

Q4: Can you give me tips on the pet quests?

    To get the quest, simply talk to the Pet Shop keepers in Acts I and
    II. They will refer you to another NPC. who will tell you where the
    rift site is.

    Dire Wolf summoner: Rokhar, at the Eirulan Great Hall
    Mythrilhorn summoner: Khartos, at the Kalrathia pub

    Now proceed to the rift site.

    Dire Wolf rift site: Act I, after exiting the south gate, down
       the road on the left side there will be "a small cave", so
       enter it. It's actually a tunnel so you will emerge in a valley
       which is the rift site.
    Mythrilhorn rift site: Act III, approach the city of Darthrul,
       but before you enter the gate, turn left and go down some
       stairs into a canal. Follow the canal, go up the stairs and
       then follow that path until you get to the rift site.

    Talk to the guy to activate the rift. Enemies should come out.
    I hope you have multiple characters with area-effect powers. Try
    these tricks to easily beat the enemies:

    Method 1: Gravity Stone.
       Turn off auto-defend for best results. Stay away from the
       portal as a mob of enemies will appear. Cast Gravity Stone
       before they come out, it should move the enemies into ground
       zero. Now unload special powers to nuke them to kingdom come
       (Scorpion Queen's power is great for this). Kill any remaining

    Method 2: Provoke.
       Order your party to go into "WAIT" mode (see options->input->
       hotkeys). Move your melee fighter/s in front of the rift and
       your mages some distance away. A mob of enemies will appear,
       so wait then use Provoke once they're all on screen. They'll
       attack the melee fighter, so unload all powers the enemy.
       Switch into Mirror mode and mop up any survivors.

Section 7: About the Author (ABOU)

    Project 8, Quezon City, Philippines

Where I play:
    At home (of course)

About me: I prefer the online alias Robo-Mike. Robo comes from
    Robo-Ky, a character in the fighting game Guilty Gear XX.

    I started this guide, because a lot of people ask about pets in
    the forums. Pets are also highly underrated, so here I am to
    promote them.

    Thank you for reading this guide.

Section 8: Contact Info (MAIL)

...before you e-mail me any questions, please look through the guide
first. If you send me a question that is already answered here, I
think I have the right to get angry and throw your e-mail in the
incinerator without reading it to the end. So, with that said...

subject: Dungeon Siege 2 Pet Guide (you must use this or something
    similar or else I'll assume it's spam)

Remember: use decent English. no 1337 speak. don't use all caps.
    your English doesn't have to be perfect, just decent.

...and don't expect a quick reply. I don't check my e-mail every
    minute. Dammit, I have a life and I have to work hard to play

For contributors, I particularly need some stuff:
    * pet power and normal attack damage formulas
    * pet spell duration and bonus/penalty formulas
    * pet base armor formulas
    * party experience sharing info (THE REAL DEAL PLEASE, PROVE IT)

Please include your online alias so I can credit you. Also mention
    if you wish your email address displayed (normally I don't list
    other people's email).

VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE include a link or information about where you
    got the info from, if quoting a strategy guide or forum post.

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: For damage spell and experience sharing formulas
    I'd prefer that you send the proof along with your email.

Section 9: Contributors/Special Thanks (ENDC)

Special Thanks to:

    Thanks for adding a few more tips and making my guide even

(coming soon)

    For FAQ hosting, a great interface and a big collection of cool

my job
    For taking up most of my time and giving me money for my gaming

s4.invisionfree.com/pinoyfighters - Pinoy Fighters Forum
    A great community of Filipino fighting game players.

Section 10: Revision History (HIST)

v1.1   Pack mule info and feeding
       Naiads' Duskbeam info
       Fixed feeding stat gains for potions and miscellaneous

v1.0   First issue and possibly the last big update for a while
       Complete Descriptions for all pets
       Added comments for all pets
       Comparison sections
       Pet Growth sections

Final Words

I can't wait for the DS2 expansion. (I'm positive there will be one.)
I love pets. I wish they'd have a giant badger or something, so we can
all now "faer the badgar"!

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