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Fantasy Draft FAQ by kookookrow II

Version: 5.0 | Updated: 09/19/2003

Madden NFL 2004
Fantasy Draft FAQ Version 5.0
By kookookrow II
Copyright 2003 Josh Guillet

Table of Contents

2.Version History
3.Guide Overview
4.Top 15 Players at each position
5.Draft Priority List
6.Draft Result
7.Kick Return game
8.Young Money
9.Gatorade Players
10.Credit & Thanks


This guide is copyrighted by Josh Guillet, except for Trademarks, which are
copyrighted by their owners.  In most cases here that is The National Football
League or the creators of this wonderful game.  This guide was originally posted
on GameFAQS.com, but can be put on any other site as long as I am given credit and
contacted. If you want to use this guide, contact me at kookookrow@yahoo.com.
With that said, let's get to the guide.

2.Version History

Version 1.0: Started this guide.  Includes Introduction, Guide Overview, Draft
Priority List + Top 10 Players at each position, Draft Result, Credit & Thanks.

Version 2.0: Added Kick return game and Young Money.

Version 3.0:Added Version History, Gatorade Players, and two new teams to Draft

Version 3.5:Fixed an error and added a team to draft results.

Version 4.0:Added a Gatorade Player and two draft strategies + one draft result.

Version 5.0:Seperated Top Players and Draft Priority Lists, and upgraded top

Future Plans

Look in the next update for: Upgrade on the Young Money section, A few new
Gatorade Players, and possibly a new section!

3.Guide Overview

This guide will help you get through a fantasy draft in Madden 2004 with a good
team.  It will give a draft priority list, the top 10 players at each position,
(based on original rosters) and an actual fantasy draft result team.  If you don't
know what a fantasy draft is, it is this.  Each team loses their roster, and
drafts players back in 49 rounds.  They can also draft Free Agents.  If anyone has
any questions, send them to me at the e-mail address listed in section 1.

4.Top Players List

In the case of a tie in the top fifteen overall, the order will go by how much I
like the player.  In the event of there being two names for one position (i.e.
Guard=Left Guard and Right Guard) they will be grouped together.


1. Brett Favre
2. Rich Gannon
2. Donovan McNabb
4. Michael Vick
5. Jeff Garcia
6. Steve McNair
7. Peyton Manning
8. Drew Bledsoe
9. Kurt Warner
10. Tom Brady
11. Aaron Brooks
12. Daunte Culpepper
13. Chad Pennington
14. Kerry Collins
15. Trent Green


1. Priest Holmes
2. Ricky Williams
3. Marshall Faulk
4. LaDainian Tomlinson
5. Corey Dillon
6. Clinton Portis
7. Ahman Green
8. Deuce McAllister
9. Curtis Martin
10. Shaun Alexander
11. Charlie Garner
12. Fred Taylor
13. Jamal Lewis
14. Tiki Barber
15. Eddie George


1. Mike Alstott
2. Lorenzo Neal
3. Jim Kleinsasser
4. Fred Beasley
5. William Henderson
6. Tony Richardson
7. Rob Konrad
8. Cory Schlesinger
9. Jon Ritchie
10. James Hodgins
11. Mike Anderson
12. Richie Anderson
13. Marc Edwards
14. Fred McCrary
15. Terrelle Smith


1. Terrell Owens
2. Marvin Harrison
3. Randy Moss
4. Hines Ward
5. Eric Moulds
6. Torry Holt
7. Isaac Bruce
8. Joe Horn
9. Peerless Price
10. Keyshawn Johnson
11. Amani Toomer
12. Jerry Rice
13. Marty Booker
14. Plaxico Burress
15. David Boston


1. Tony Gonzalez
2. Jeremy Shockey
3. Shannon Sharpe
4. Todd Heap
5. Marcus Pollard
6. Bubba Franks
7. Frank Wycheck
8. Chad Lewis
9. Alge Crumpler
10. Randy McMichael
11. Ken Dilger
12. Kyle Brady
13. Billy Miller
14. Byron Chamberlain
15. Dwayne Carswell


1. Jonathan Ogden
2. Orlando Pace
3. Lincoln Kennedy
4. Tra Thomas
5. Walter Jones
6. Chris Samuels
7. Kyle Turley
8. Willie Roaf
9. Willie Anderson
10. Bob Whitfield
11. Tarik Glenn
12. Luke Petitgout
13. Jason Fabini
14. Derrick Deese
15. Mike Williams


1. Larry Allen
2. Will Shields
3. Ruben Brown
4. Alan Faneca
5. Ron Stone
6. Leonard Davis
7. Dan Neil
8. Jermane Mayberry
9. Brian Waters
10. Randy Thomas
11. Marco Rivera
12. LeCharles Bentley
13. Adam Timmerman
14. Edwin Mulitalo
15. Pete Kendall


1. Kevin Mawae
2. Olin Kreutz
3. Matt Birk
4. Tom Nalen
5. Jeremy Newberry
6. Damien Woody
7. Casey Wiegmann
8. Jeff Hartings
9. Hank Fraley
10. Jeff Mitchell
11. Barrett Robbins
12. Steve McKinney
13. Mike Flanagan
14. Brad Meester
15. Tim Ruddy


1. Jason Taylor
2. Michael Strahan
3. Hugh Douglas
4. Simeon Rice
5. Trevor Price
6. Richard Seymour
7. Julius Peppers
8. John Abraham
9. Patrick Kerney
10. Marcellus Wiley
11. Jevon Kearse
12. Andre Carter
13. Robert Porcher
14. Leonard Little
15. Justin Smith


1. Warren Sapp
2. La'Roi Glover
3. Bryant Young
4. Corey Simon
5. Chris Hovan
6. Pat Williams
7. Kris Jenkins
8. Tim Bowens
9. Daryl Gardener
10. Casey Hampton
11. John Randle
12. Luther Elliss
13. Anthony McFarland
14. Ted Washington
15. Norman Hand


1. Derrick Brooks
2. LOLB #51 AKA Lavar Arrington
3. Junior Seau
4. Joey Porter
5. Takeo Spikes
6. Peter Boulware
7. Anthony Simmons
8. Julian Peterson
9. Chad Brown
10. Rosevelt Colvin
11. Eric Barton
12. Jessie Armstead
13. Dwayne Rudd
14. John Mobley
15. Dexter Coakley


1. Ray Lewis
2. Brian Urlacher
3. Zach Thomas
4. Keith Brooking
5. Kendrell Bell
6. Jamie Sharper
7. Donnie Edwards
8. Michael Barrow
9. London Fletcher
10. Earl Holmes
11. Mike Peterson
12. Al Wilson
13. Jeremiah Trotter
14. Teddy Bruschi
15. Shelton Quarles


1. Champ Bailey
2. Sam Madison
3. Patrick Surtain
4. Ty Law
5. Charles Woodson
6. Aaron Glenn
7. Ronde Barber
8. Bobby Taylor
9. Chris McAlister
10. Troy Vincent
11. Aeneas Williams
12. Mike McKenzie
13. Brian Kelly
14. Shawn Springs
15. Samari Rolle


1. Brian Dawkins
2. Darren Sharper
3. Rod Woodson
4. Rodney Harrison
5. Lance Schulters
6. Mike Brown
7. Roy Williams
8. Ryan McNeil
9. Brock Marion
10. Tebucky Jones
11. Dwight Smith
12. Dexter Jackson
13. Kim Herring
14. Corey Fuller
15. Jason Sehorn


1. Lawyer Milloy
2. John Lynch
3. Shaun Williams
4. Robert Griffith
5. Ed Reed
6. Tony Parrish
7. Sammy Knight
8. Adam Archuleta
9. Kwamie Lassiter
10. Donovin Darius
11. Adrian Wilson
12. Mike Minter
13. Reggie Tongue
14. Arturo Freeman
15. Tank Williams


1. Adam Vinatieri
2. David Akers
3. Olindo Mare
4. Martin Gramatica
5. Matt Stover
6. Mike Vanderjagt
7. Jason Elam
8. John Carney
9. Sebastian Janikowski
10. Paul Edinger
11. Joe Nedney
12. Ryan Longwell
13. Jason Hanson
14. John Hall
15. Jay Feely


1. Todd Sauerbrun
2. Chris Hanson
3. Brad Maynard
4. Scott Player
5. Shane Lechler
6. Brian Moorman
7. Chris Gardocki
8. Darren Bennett
9. Mitch Berger
10. Sean Landeta
11. Craig Hentrich
12. Josh Miller
13. Jeff Feagles
14. John Jett
15. Rodney Williams

5. Draft Priority List

This order is credit to the Official Madden NFL 2004 Strategy Guide.  The comments
and the other two orders are my idea.
Madden 2004 Guide Strategy

1.Quarterback-An all around offensive leader.

2.Halfback-The running game.

3.Center-For up the middle runs.

4.Defensive End- The pass rush.

5.Middle Linebacker-Should be a pass rusher and a run stopper.

6.Offensive Tackle-For outside running and pass blocking.

7.Offensive Guard-For inside running and pass blocking.

8.Offensive Tackle-You need another.

9.Wide receiver-Should have good hands and speed.

10.Defensive End-Another one to add to the pass rush.

11.Cornerback-Look for speed here.

12.Outside Linebacker-Blitzer and decent run stopper.

13.Defensive Tackle-A run stuffer, but pass rushing ability is a plus.

14.Strong Safety-A hard hitter as well as a coverage man.

15.Wide receiver-Another pair of hands.  Speed is a big plus.

16.Outside Linebacker-To round off a 4-3 linebacker bunch.

17.Tight End-Blocking ability and receiving talent should be balanced.

18.Cornerback-Another coverage man.  Run stopping ability is a plus on the #2.

19.Free Safety-Balance is important.

20.Offensive guard.  With a great O-line other than this, a decent one will work

21.Fullback-Blocking comes first.  Receiving and running are a plus.

22.Halfback-A backup is a plus over a long season.  You may want a power runner.

23.Kicker-They can mean the difference between winning and losing.

24.Punter-Skip this if you never punt, but you do need one.

25.Cornerback-Speed is a plus for the third string.

26 and on-I would advise you to simulate the rest, but if not you just go for

kookookrow II's 4-3 draft strategy

Use this if you will be doing a 4-3 defense.  All of the top tens are above.  This
is a lot like the strategy above.

3.Wide Receiver
4.Defensive End
5.Middle Linebacker
6.Offensive Guard
7.Offensive Tackle
8.Offensive Tackle
10.Outside Linebacker
11.Defensive End
12.Wide Receiver
14.Strong Safety
16.Outside Linebacker
17.Tight End
18.Free Safety
19.Defensive Tackle
20.Offensive Guard
26 and on. Take any players you want and then simulate.

kookookrow II's 3-4 draft strategy

3.Middle Linebacker
4.Defensive End
5.Outside Linebacker
6.Offensive Tackle
7.Offensive Guard
8.Offensive Tackle
9. Wide Receiver
10.Middle Linebacker
12.Defensive End
14.Strong Safety
16.Outside Linebacker
17.Tight End
18.Free Safety
19.Defensive Tackle
20.Offensive Guard
26 and on. Take any players you want and then simulate.

6.Draft Results

I will accept any Fantasy draft team results that use the strategy above or a
similar one.  E-mail them to the address in section 1.  I only want the starters
except on HB, I want the backup, on WR I want 3, and Cornerback, I want 4.  I will
only accept teams under the salary cap of $70 million.

kookookrow II's team

I used a similar strategy to the one above

QB Michael Vick
HB Ahman Green
HB Trung Canidate
FB Mike Anderson
WR Hines Ward
WR Kevin Johnson
WR Santana Moss
WR Antwaan Randle El
TE Bubba Franks
LT Marvel Smith
LG Brian Waters
C Olin Kreutz
LG Travis Claridge
RT Jon Runyan
RE Kyle Vanden Bosch
RE Grant Wistrom
DT Tony Williams
DT Edward Jasper
ROLB Henri Crockett
MLB Jamie Sharper
ROLB Jeff Ulbrich
CB Dre' Bly
CB Eric Warfield
CB Terry Cousin
CB Ray Mickens
FS Dexter Jackson
SS Donovin Darius
K David Akers
P Bill LaFleur
KR Michael Lewis
KR Jermaine Lewis
PR Michael Lewis

Chazburgr's team

QB Donovan McNabb
HB Ahman Green
HB LaMont Jordan
FB Dan Kreider
WR Darrell Jackson
WR Corey Bradford
WR J.J. Stokes
TE Todd Heap
LT Marvel Smith
LG Ben Hamilton
C Olin Kreutz
RG Jermaine Mayberry
RT John Tait
LE Adawale Ogunleye
RE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
DT Cornelius Griffin
DT Kelly Gregg
LOLB Steve Foley
MLB London Fletcher
ROLB Dhani Jones
CB Fred Thomas
CB Jason Webster
CB Bryant Westbrook
CB Deshea Townsend
FS Keion Carpenter
SS Donovin Darius
K Adam Vinatieri
P Brian Moorman
KR Jermaine Lewis
KR Corey Bradford
PR Jermaine Lewis

kookookrow II's second team

This is made using the exact strategy as above.

QB Tom Brady
HB Clinton Portis
HB Emmitt Smith
FB Zack Crockett
WR Charles Rogers
WR David Patten
WR Corey Bradford
TE Bubba Franks
LT Marvel Smith
RG Kelvin Garmon
C Olin Kreutz
RG Randy Thomas
LT Chad Clifton
RE Darren Howard
RE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
DT Cornelius Griffin
DT Chartric Darby
LOLB Steve Foley
MLB Al Wilson
ROLB Dhani Jones
CB Fernando Bryant
CB Jason Webster
CB Terry Cousin
CB Michael Lehan
FS Ronnie Heard
SS Troy Polamalu
K Ryan Longwell
P Toby Gowin
KR/PR Michael Lewis
KR Darrien Gordon

Eticket109's team

QB Aaron Brooks
HB Shaun Alexander
HB2 LaMont Jordan
FB Terrelle Smith
WR Terrell Owens
WR2 James Trash
WR3 Dwayne Bates
TE Todd Heap
LT Marvel Smith
LG Edwin Mulitalo
C Olin Kreutz
RG Cosey Coleman
RT Ryan Young
LE Shaun Ellis
RE Courtney Brown
DT Cornelius Griffin
DT2 John Thornton
LOLB Keith Newman
MLB Dan Morgan
ROLB Dhani Jones
CB Ashley Ambrose
CB2 Terry Cousin
CB3 Nnamdi Asomugha
CB4 Chris Watson
FS Mark Roman
SS Tank Williams
K Paul Edinger
P Rodney Williams
KR Jacquez Green
KR Chris Watson
PR Jacquez Green

kookookrow II's 3-4

QB Steve McNair
HB Shaun Alexander
HB Najeh Davenport
FB Rob Konrad
WR Darrell Jackson
WR Ricky Proehl
WR Germane Crowell
TE Todd Heap
LT Flozell Adams
LG Jamie Nails
C Hank Fraley
RT Marvel Smith
RG Randy Thomas
DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
DE Ndukwe Kalu
DT Anthony McFarland
OLB Marcus Washington
OLB Keith Bulluck
MLB Kendrell Bell
MLB Edgerton Hartwell
CB Fernando Bryant
CB Jerry Azumah
CB Terry Cousin
CB Jimmy Spencer
FS Deon Grant
SS Donovin Darius
K Sebastian Janikowski
P Nick Harris

7.Kick Returners

After the Fantasy draft you can usually pick up a kick returner or two from free
agency.  This section lists the top 20 kick returners, 10 that are above 85
overall and are good returners, and players usually in free agency after the draft
that are good return men.

7a.Top returners

1. Desmond Howard-Free Agency
2. Santana Moss-New York Jets
3. Dennis Northcutt-Cleveland Browns
4. Derrick Mason-Tennessee Titans
5. Michael Lewis-New Orleans Saints
6. Jermaine Lewis-Jacksonville Jaguars
7. Brian Mitchell-New York Giants
8. Charlie Rogers-Miami Dolphins
9. Dante Hall-Kansas City Chiefs
10. Terry Fair-Free Agency
11. Chad Morton-Washington Redskins
12. Steve Smith-Carolina Panthers
13. Antwaan Randle El-Pittsburgh Steelers
14. Phillip Buchanon-Oakland Raiders
15. Ronney Jenkins-Oakland Raiders
16. Az-Zahir Hakim-Detroit Lions
17. Allen Rossum-Atlanta Falcons
18. Deltha O'Neal-Denver Broncos
19. Darrien Gordon-Free Agency
20. John Simon-Tennessee Titans

7b.Above 85 Overall + Good Return Players

1. Derrick Mason-Tennessee
2. Deltha O'Neal-Denver
3. Tim Brown-Oakland
4. Troy Brown-New England
5. Brock Marion-Miami
6. Dwight Smith-Tampa Bay
7. R.W. McQuarters-Chicago
8. Adrian Wilson-Arizona
9. Aaron Glenn-Houston
10. Champ Bailey-Washington

7c.Free Agent Return Men Available After Fantasy Draft

These come from my fantasy draft.  I list those with above 90 Kick Return.  After
your draft you have some good returners to sign from Free Agency.

Desmond Howard
Michael Lewis
Jermaine Lewis
Brian Mitchell
Charlie Rogers
Darrien Gordon
Ronney Jenkins

8.Young Money

This section lists every player under 25 years of age that has above 78 overall.
These are good to pick in the draft because they will last a while.


Byron Leftwich
Carson Palmer
Joey Harrington
Drew Brees
David Carr
Michael Vick


Marcel Shipp
LaMont Jordan
TJ Duckett
Anthony Thomas
Kevan Barlow
William Green
Michael Bennett
Travis Henry
Edgerrin James
Jamal Lewis
Clinton Portis
Deuce McAllister
LaDainian Tomlinson


Heath Evans
Terrelle Smith

Wide Receivers

David Terrell
Dez White
Andre Davis
Reggie Wayne
Josh Reed
Dennis Northcutt
Antonio Bryant
Steve Smith
Travis Taylor
Ashley Lelie
Santana Moss
Antwaan Randle El
Andre Johnson
Darrell Jackson
Quincy Morgan
Chris Chambers
Charles Rogers
Donte Stallworth
Jerry Porter
Chad Johnson
Rod Gardner
Laveranues Coles
Koren Robinson
David Boston

Tight Ends

Jerramy Stevens
Randy McMichael
Alge Crumpler
Bubba Franks
Todd Heap
Jeremy Shockey

Offensive Linemen

LT Matt Light
LT Levi Jones
LT Jeff Backus
LT Bryant McKinnie
LT Marvel Smith
LG Eric Steinbach
LG Toniu Fonoti
LG Steve Hutchinson
C Roberto Garza
C Hank Fraley
C Damien Woody
C Olin Kreutz
RG Kendall Simmons
RG Cosey Coleman
RG LeCharles Bentley
RG Leonard Davis
RT Maurice Williams
RT Greg Randall
RT Kenyatta Walker
RT Kareem McKenzie
RT Mike Williams

Defensive Ends

LE Anthony Weaver
LE Charles Grant
LE Julius Peppers
LE Richard Seymour
RE Kalimba Edwards
RE Carlos Hall
RE Courtney Brown
RE Dwight Freeney
RE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
RE Justin Smith
RE Andre Carter
RE John Abraham

Defensive Tackles

Larry Tripplett
Dewayne Robertson
Damione Lewis
Ryan Pickett
Marcus Stroud
John Henderson
Shaun Rogers
Albert Haynesworth
Anthony McFarland
Casey Hampton
Kris Jenkins
Chris Hovan


LOLB Marcus Washington
Matt Stewart
Chris Claiborne
Rosevelt Colvin
Julian Peterson
Lavar Arrington AKA LOLB #51
MLB Edgerton Hartwell
Isaiah Kacyvenski
Napolean Harris
Dan Morgan
Kendrell Bell
Brian Urlacher
ROLB Na'il Diggs
Tommy Polley
Ian Gold
Eric Barton


Marcus Trufant
Jerry Azumah
Ken Lucas
Jamar Fletcher
Gary Baxter
William Peterson
Terence Newman
Derek Ross
Phillip Buchanon
Andre Dyson
Quentin Jammer
Fred Smoot
Nate Clements
Champ Bailey


FS Idrees Bashir
Deon Grant
Dwight Smith
Roy Williams
Mike Brown
SS Kenoy Kennedy
Marques Anderson
Derrick Gibson
Ifeanyi Ohalete
Troy Polamalu
Coy Wire
Michael Lewis
Tank Williams
Adrian Wilson
Adam Archuleta
Ed Reed


Bill Gramatica
Jeff Reed
Sebastian Janikowski
Paul Edinger


Dave Zastudil

9.Gatorade Players

This section will list players that can be drafted fairly late and still play way
beyond expectations.  It will be updated frequently.  The idea of this section was
contributed by gt40lm.  He also contributed most of this section.  This section is
named after and dedicated to Gatorade, the high performance sports drink. Other
members of the Playstation 2 Madden 2004 board made contributions.

QB David Carr
HB Duce Staley
FB Patrick Pass
TE Dallas Clark
T Jordan Gross
C Mike Flanagan
DE Reggie Upshaw
OLB Hannibal Navies
MLB Nick Barnett
SS Troy Polamalu (SS #41)
K Jay Feely
CB Terry Fair
CB Bryant Westbrook
WR Robert Ferguson
QB Seneca Wallace
OLB Terrell Suggs
WR Tyrone Calico
CB Lito Shepherd
CB Al Harris

10.Credit and Thanks

This guide is credited to me.  Certain parts may have come from other places, but
in those parts they are given credit.  This guide also contains parts credit to
the Official Madden NFL 2004 strategy guide made by Prima Games.  Thanks goes to
EA Sports for making this game and the NFL for giving us what we all need, a good
game of football.

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