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Guide and Walkthrough by vampyri_lestat

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/01/2012
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		         | |_  _   |\/| _. _ _.    _ ._ _. _| _ 
		         | | |(/_  |  |(_|_>(_||_|(/_| (_|(_|(/_

	          ___ _    ___   ___  ___  _    ___ _  _ ___ ___ 
	         | _ ) |  / _ \ / _ \|   \| |  |_ _| \| | __/ __|
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	         |___/____\___/ \___/|___/|____|___|_|\_|___|___/

                   Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines


                            By vampyri_lestat

                               Version 1.5

                         (Unofficial Patch 8.4)

                                GAME INFO
                           Designed by: TROIKA
                         Published by: ACTIVISION
   "Vampire: The Masquerade" universe created and owned by WHITE WOLF

     [All unofficial patch changes are provided by its creator Wesp5]

This document is copyright 2009 by vampyri_lestat. You cannot reproduce it in
part or in a whole. This guide is free, you cannot use it for profitable 
reasons. If you want to use this document on your website ask for my permission 
first. This guide is created and owned by vampyri_lestat. All copyrights and
trademarks that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ are acknowledged.

       <If you want to contact me check the appropriate section below>

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(x) 1. ABOUT
 |   |
 |   ------[] 2a. Patches
 |   |
 |   ------[] 2b. Performance
 |   |
 |   ------[] 2c. Known Bugs
 |   |
 |   ------[] 3a. Clans
 |   |
 |   ------[] 3b. Histories
 |   | 
 |   ------[] 3c. Attributes
 |   |
 |   ------[] 3d. Disciplines
 |   |
 |   |
 |   ------[] INTRO: EMBRACED
 |   |      |
 |   |      |
 |   |      ------(o) Main Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> Jyhad For Beginners
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |      |
 |   |      |
 |   |      ------(o) Side Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> The Pain Of Being Mercurio
 |   |            <+> Thinned Blood
 |   |            <+> Replanting A Lily
 |   |            <+> Bloody Mess
 |   |            <+> A Bounty For The Hunter
 |   |            <+> Jumpin' The Bail
 |   |            <+> The Hunted Hunter
 |   |            <+> Carnival Of Death (part 1)
 |   |            <+> The Regent's Riddle (part 1)
 |   |            <+> Spiritual Release
 |   |             |
 |   |            (o) Main Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> Wherefore Art Thou, Mercurio?
 |   |            <+> Surf's Up
 |   |            <+> Explosive Beginning (part 1)
 |   |            <+> The Ghost Haunts At Midnight
 |   |            <+> Slashterpiece
 |   |            <+> Bad Blood
 |   |            <+> Sibling Rivalry
 |   |            <+> Explosive Beginning (part 2)
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |      |
 |   |      |
 |   |      ------(o) Side Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> The Regent's Riddle (part 2)
 |   |            <+> A Plague For The Angels
 |   |            <+> Fun With Pestilence
 |   |            <+> More Fun With Pestilence
 |   |            <+> Night at the Library (+ patch only!)
 |   |            <+> Mudd Hunt (part 1)
 |   |            <+> Traffik
 |   |            <+> A Confession
 |   |            <+> And Her Name Was Venus
 |   |            <+> Venucide
 |   |            <+> Necromantic
 |   |            <+> Occultish Personality
 |   |            <+> Attention Whore
 |   |             |
 |   |            (o) Main Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> Elizabethan Rendezvous
 |   |            <+> Calling Dr. Grout
 |   |            <+> Patron Of The Ancient Arts
 |   |            <+> The Epic Of The Ankaran Sarcophagus (part 1)
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |      |
 |   |      |
 |   |      ------(o) Side Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> Gargoyle Removal Service
 |   |            <+> A Dish Best Served Cold
 |   |            <+> Hot Stripper Assassin Action!
 |   |            <+> B-rated Writer
 |   |            <+> Mudd Hunt (part 2)
 |   |            <+> Carnival of death (part 2)
 |   |            <+> Hunters Hunting
 |   |            <+> Pimpin' For Romero
 |   |            <+> You Only Die Once A Night
 |   |            <+> Cover Girl
 |   |            <+> Model Citizen
 |   |            <+> Missing Data
 |   |            <+> A Tangled Web (1st network hub - Megahurtz Computing)
 |   |            <+> A Tangled Web (2nd network hub - Nocturne Theatre)
 |   |            <+> A Tangled Web (3rd network hub - Metalhead Industries)
 |   |             |
 |   |            (o) Main Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> Dead Ex
 |   |            <+> Snuff Is Enough
 |   |            <+> Going The Way Of Kings
 |   |            <+> The Epic Of The Ankaran Sarcophagus (part 2)
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |      |
 |   |      |
 |   |      ------(o) Side Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> A Tangled Web (4th network hub - Kamikaze Zen)
 |   |            <+> Gone Fishin'
 |   |            <+> Eye Gouge Hell
 |   |            <+> Bad Luck Farmer
 |   |            <+> The Hitman Impasse
 |   |             |
 |   |            (o) Main Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> I Spy Barabus (part 1)
 |   |            <+> Kikinapped
 |   |            <+> Original Gangster
 |   |            <+> Dragon's Tail
 |   |            <+> Come Into My Parlour
 |   |            <+> I Spy Barabus (part 2)
 |   |            <+> Italian Dinner
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |      |
 |   |      |
 |   |      ------(o) Main Quests
 |   |             |
 |   |            <+> The Epic Of The Ankaran Sarcophagus (part 3)
 |   |            <+> Society For The Preservation Of Professors
 |   |            <+> Hell At The Hallowbrook Hotel
 |   |            <+> The Enemy Of My Enemy
 |   |            <+> Out For Blood
 |   |
 |   |
 |          |
 |          |
 |          ------(o) Endgame
 |                 |
 |                <+> Ming Must Die!
 |                <+> Royal Flush
(x) 8. ENDINGS
(x) 10. ITEMS
 |    |
 |    ------[] Weapons
 |    |
 |    ------[] Armor
 |    |
 |    ------[] Occult Items
 |    |
 |    ------[] Skill Books
 |    |
 |    ------[] Items For Sale
 |    |
 |    ------[] Blood Packs


 The Game

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is an RPG with action and adventure
elements that came out in 2004. It could have easily been praised by all as one
of the best RPG's ever to be created but it never reached that monumental
status. This is mainly due to the fact that when the game was published it
suffered from many bugs and performance issues and the official patches came
out too late. Technical issues aside, this game is one of the best RPG's I've
played and that's mainly because of the incredible atmosphere and excellent 
plot. The game manages to truly make you feel like a vampire roaming the nights
of Los Angeles.

This is the second Vampire: The Masquerade game, the first one was called
Redemption and it was also a RPG. Although both games are set in the same
universe and both are RPG's, they don't have that many similarities and so you
don't need to have played the previous game in order to follow the story. 
Having said that, the first game is pretty good too, it has it's flaws but the
very good story makes up for it.

One of the best aspects of Bloodlines is it's huge replayability value. The
game has many different clans that not only have different abilities but also
interact with the game world in their own way. Also most of the quests have
multiple solutions. This is the only game that I have completed so many times.

 The Guide

There are some very good guides for this game out there, in fact JayDarco's and
vampireheph's guides at GameFAQ's helped me a lot with my first playthrough, 
but I felt that a guide that had almost everything about the game was missing.
Of course I'm bound to miss a couple of things and probably make mistakes along
the way, so you are welcome to sent me any corrections/additions/suggestions
that you might have (see the CONTACT section for more details)

I'm trying to make this guide as spoiler-free as it's possible so I'm not going
to spell out the exact conversations you need to have in order to achieve a
goal, I'm gonna give you directions and then it's easy to find out what to do.
The walkthrough will be divided in chapters. Each chapter will first give you
the general stuff you can do in the area, I've named them "points of interest".
Then I'll give you the side quests that are available at that time and then
I'll cover the main quests.

With this system I'm trying to cover everything that can be done in the game
leaving the main quests for last, in order to make the game experience as
rewarding as it can be. Those that want to stroll through the game as quickly
as possible can simply move on to the main quests. This guide will also follow
the chronological order of events to make navigation through the guide (and the
game) easier.

With Wesp5's help all changes of the unofficial patch are included. Wesp5 will
add any new changes if another patch is released. I on my part have included
everything I wanted , so basically from now on it's in Wesp5's hands to add any
new additions of the unofficial patch.

I'm writing this guide because I really love this game and because I also want
to practice my English, it's not my native language so please excuse any


2a. Patches

Official Patch:

It's essential to install the official 1.2 patch, it resolves some critical
bugs that can seriously mess up the game and prevent you from finishing it.

You can get the official patch 1.2 from:

Unofficial Patch:

Even after the official patch the game still has a lot of bugs. Thankfully
an unofficial patch has been released that solves almost all of them. It
was started by Dan Upright in its early stages, but the bulk of the work has
been done by Wesp5, who still continues to update it. The unofficial patch 
includes two versions, the "basic" version that only contains bug fixes and
the "plus" version that restores some extra stuff and makes certain tweaks and
gameplay changes.

I consider the basic version to be essential for every installation. Installing 
the "plus" version is up to you. My opinion is that it definitely makes the
game better, but maybe you should leave the "plus" version for a second
playthrough. If you decide to install any of the unofficial patches, you don't
need the 1.2 patch, because it's already included.

With Wesp5's help all changes made by the unofficial patch are included in the 
guide. You'll find them marked by [-:] for "basic" and [+:] for "plus" changes. 

You can get the unofficial patch from :

2b. Performance

Another issue with Bloodlines is performance, if your PC-specs are low, you'll
probably encounter poor performance and long load times. This is mainly because 
the game's code wasn't tweaked enough and because the game due to its RPG 
element and huge amount of dialogues and scripts needs a lot of memory. If 
reducing resolution and visual quality in the options menu doesn't help you 
enough, hopefully some tweaking can be used to make the game run smoother. Have
in mind that some of the following tweaks may not work for you, or you may not 
really need them, it's up to you if you'll use them and which ones. Check the
descriptions to see if you need them.

1. Enable the console. To do this, right-click on the game shortcut and choose
   properties. Then add the " -console" command (without the quotes) where it
   says "target", so it will look something like this:
   "C:\...\Vampire - Bloodlines\vampire.exe" -console
   You can then push the "~" key while in the menu to bring down the console
   and add your commands there if you like, though I would recommend you to
   edit the config files as I say below and not add the commands manually each
   time. The in-game console should be used mostly for testing. It sometimes
   freezes  the game. To avoid this use it from the main menu only or unfreeze
   by typing "chareditor" and then continuing from the character page.

2. The game needs a page file of at least 1.5 GB. If you have 1 GB of RAM or
   higher your page file will probably be just right, if you have lower than
   1 GB of RAM you should change it to at least 1.5 GB. To change the page file 
   go to: properties-> advanced-> performance-> settings-> advanced-> virtual
   memory-> change.

3. To make the game manage the memory better you can add the additional
   command: [ -heapsize xxxxxx] to your game shortcut. Where xxxxx stands for
   half of your current RAM in KB. Thus if you currently have 1 GB of RAM you
   should use: 512000 Open the properties of the shortcut and add the command
   so that it looks like this:
   "C:\...\Vampire - Bloodlines\vampire.exe" -console -heapsize 500000

4. Go to: [installation folder]...\Vampire\cfg\ and you'll find the config.cfg
   file. Open it using notepad and change the following commands to:

   particles_enable_precipitation "0"	[to disable the rain]
   dsp_dist_max "440"			[to lower distance of object render]
   muzzleflash_light "0"		[disables a smooth lighting effect]
   cl_showfps 1				[shows fps]

5. Your next step is to create an autoexec file in the same folder as the
   config.cfg to add some more useful commands. All you have to do is open
   notepad, type the commands and save it as autoexec.cfg (beware not as
   autoexec.cfg.txt!). The game will automatically find the autoexec.cfg file
   and run it. The commands are the following:

   autosave_on "0"		[disables autosave and speeds up loading time]
   cl_smooth "0"		[disables a smoothing texture effect]
   mat_drawwater "0"		[disables water animation]
   r_3dsky "0"			[gets rid of sky animation and upper buildings]
   cl_obfuscate_daylight "0"	[Obfuscate discipline runs much better]

Note: IMO the three first commands in the config file and the disabling of the
      autosave are a must. Also if your character has the Obfuscate discipline,
      you should use the above command.

2c. Known Bugs

Even with the patches there is a slight chance you may encounter some bugs but 
hopefully the following info will help you.

A. The Society of Leopold crash

When trying to escape the Society of Leopold the game may hang and prevent you
from leaving. This bug is fixed in the official and unofficial patches but if
you don't use either,here is a workaround (taken from the PlanetVampire forums):

1. Enable the console like explained in chapter 2b above.

2. Get to the boat and approach it, do not get into the boat, but very close.

3. Open the console using the tilde "~" key.

4. Type the following commands:

   If you saved Johansen:

   Then to start level transition if you're anybody but a Nosferatu:
       changelevel2 la_hub_1 taxi_landmark

   Or to start level transition if you're a Nosferatu:
       changelevel2 la_hub_1 sewer_map_landmark

5. If you get to the next level and you do not have any items in your inventory
   reload your previous save (make sure you have a discreet save and are not
   just using the autosave) and try it again, but stand closer to the boat.

B. The Beckett issue

Near the end of the game there is an instance where Beckett will confront you
in the street and have a conversation with you in order to trigger the game to
continue further. It's possible that Beckett won't show up, thus making you
stuck in the game. If this happens reload from a previous save and try again,
hopefully it will work. Other solutions are staying on the left side of the 
street or using the sewers to travel, which will circumvent the encounter. This
bug should finally be fixed in all unofficial patch versions greater than 6.6.

C. The Golden Temple bar

During the endgame you will encounter a wooden bar locking a door. You need to 
move it physically by pushing it. This is a bit tricky and sometimes for some 
reason the plank wont budge. If all else fails open the console and enter the 
"noclip" code to pass through the door (enter "noclip" again afterwards to 
disable it). This bug has been circumvented in the unofficial patches.

D. Prince has "memory loss"

At certain points the prince may not say the right dialogues and will repeat
what he said to you earlier, preventing the game from continuing with the
plot. After the Giovanni mansion try using the console to set G.Story_State 
either to 60 or 65. If this and reloading doesn't help, re-installing seems 
to fix the problem, just remember to backup your saved games. Generally 
re-installing seems to be the best solution when nothing else works.

E. Downtown theatre

DON'T go into the Nocturne Theatre downtown before you get the appropriate
quest. If you go inside before you get the quest later on you won't be able to 
finish it because the game may hang when you try to re-enter the theatre.

F. Malicious emails

DON'T delete any of the emails you'll receive on your computer. Deleting them
can cause the game to crash.

G. Saving

Try not to save your game while you have a discipline running, it can lead to a


When you start a new game first you'll have to choose the clan your character
will belong to and then you'll be given some points to assign to your
attributes. You can also enable histories if you like and have your character
use one. Check below for the appropriate sections.

3a. Clans

Bloodlines offers seven different clans to choose from, each clan has its own
different abilities and appearance. Note that every clan shares the discipline
"Bloodbuff" [+: and "Bloodheal"]. Also you can choose your characters sex,
and this doesn't simply affect your looks, but also how other people will react 
to you. The experience you'll get in the game will be enough to maximize only 
two of your tree disciplines so you need to make your choice early.

Advantages:    +1 Unarmed Combat [+: first level Presence in dialogue]
Disadvantages: -2 Frenzy checks
Disciplines:   Celerity, Presence, Potence

Brujah is probably the best clan for fighters. All three disciplines are
good, though Celerity should be your first choice and then choose Presence
or Potence as a secondary discipline. Don't be bothered by the frenzy check,
if you keep your Humanity high you'll never frenzy. Brujah is a pretty good
choice for a first character.

Advantages:    +5 to Strength, Wits and Stamina skills during frenzy
Disadvantages: -1 Frenzy checks
Disciplines:   Fortitude, Animalism, Protean

Another fighter clan. Gangrels frenzy more often but when they do their bonuses
are pretty high. Again if you manage to keep your Humanity at the highest level
you will not be likely to frenzy. From their disciplines Fortitude stands out
as the best choice, then go for one of the other two. Animalism is better for
general situations but Protean works pretty well against other vampires and
especially bosses. Gangrels are a bit more difficult to manage than other 
clans, but they are a lot of fun.

Advantages:    +2 Inspection, can use Dementation in dialogue, insight
Disadvantages: Insanity
Disciplines:   Obfuscate, Dementation, Auspex

Malkavians are one of the most interesting clans, they have an incurable
insanity that makes them have loony dialogue options and a strange insight to
many things. The disciplines you should concentrate are Obfuscate and
Dementation. Obfuscate will make a great sneaky character while Dementation is
a pretty good "magic" discipline, although it's not very effective against
vampires it can kill humans with a single hit. Malks are probably not the best
choice for a first character, but you should definitely try them once.

Advantages:    Rats give more blood and don't flee
Disadvantages: Must hide from humans
               Can't raise Appearance and Subterfuge, thus can't use Seduction
Disciplines:   Obfuscate, Potence, Animalism

Nosferatu are another very interesting clan, not the best first choice, but
again they should be played since they make for a very different gameplay.
Nosferatu mustn't be seen by humans because they will violate the Masquerade,
so they should use sewers to get to their destinations. They are the best
sneaking characters since the combination of Obfuscate and Protean can give
them very high sneak attack damage. I wouldn't go for Animalism, but it's not
really a bad choice either.

Advantages:    Humanity shifts are doubled, cheaper Humanity raise
               [+: +1 Appearance, first level Presence in dialogue]
Disadvantages: Humanity shifts are doubled
Disciplines:   Celerity, Presence, Auspex

Toreador are the vampires that are the most close to human society. This makes
them loose or gain double Humanity whenever they make a choice that affects
Humanity. From their disciplines Celerity seems to be the best first choice. If
you want to specialise with Firearms Auspex can be a good second choice, else
go with Presence. Generally Toreador are a pretty good starting choice.

Advantages:    Thaumaturgy [+: first level Dominate in dialogue]
Disadvantages: Can't raise physical attributes above 4
Disciplines:   Thaumaturgy, Dominate, Auspex

Tremere can't raise their physical stats above 4, but who cares, since you'll
be putting your XP in Thaumaturgy and you can always use Blood Buff to help you
in difficult situations. The best advantage of the Tremere is Thaumaturgy which
is one of the most powerful disciplines. After that, Dominate looks like
a pretty good choice. Tremeres are like a mage class, but they can be pretty
good at anything. Not a bad choice if you like their style.

Advantages:    Full use of Dominate in dialogues [+: +1 Charisma]
Disadvantages: Can only feed from upper-class humans and not at all from rats
Disciplines:   Fortitude, Presence, Dominate

Ventrue are the upper-class of vampire society and thus can't feed on low-life
humans or rats, so feeding is gonna be more difficult, but you'll manage to 
find your blood eventually. All three disciplines they have are good, but I
would go for Fortitude and Presence. Except for the feeding thing, Ventrue are
a pretty strong clan and a rather good choice.

3b. Histories

Histories were left out of the game at the last minute, because the deadlines
where pushing the designers to finish the game and the histories hadn't been
completely balanced. They make a nice addition though and you can enable them 
if you want to. If you have the unofficial patch installed, histories are
already enabled but if you don't, then you'll have to do it yourself:

1. Enable the console (check out chapter 2b how to do it).
2. Open the config.cfg file located in the vampire/cfg/ folder with notepad,
   add  'vchar_edit_histories "1"' to the bottom and then save it.

I wont dwell into what each specific history does. There is a nice in-depth FAQ
written by Jake Zahn in GameFAQs.com. Check it out if you like but be aware
that several histories have been changed by the unofficial patch. I can give
you some recommendations though:

1. [Blunt Fangs] for Brujah, Malkavian and Nosferatu seems like a nice choice.
   You get 1 XP each time you gain 3 or more XP. On the other hand it takes 3
   blood points to restore one of yours but finding blood is not gonna be a big

2. [Burnout] is very good for Gangrels since it will make it virtually
   impossible to frenzy (+3 frenzy modifier). The -1 Wits wont really make any

3. [Deceptive Strength] for Gangrel, Toreador, Tremere and Ventrue is another
   nice choice if you wont be specialising in Firearms. It gives a double
   duration of Blood Buff at the expense of not being able to raise Dexterity 
   and Perception over 3. Raising Dexterity isn't that useful anyway so if 
   you're not a firearms kind of guy, it's worth it.

4. [Highway Drifter] for Brujah and Nosferatu is rather good, I wouldn't advise
   it for Gangrel though since the cost in Humanity may lead to frenzying more
   often. But the +1 to Melee is nice for those that like this style.

5. [Quickling] for Brujah is very good if you decide to focus on Celerity and
   Presence. It gives +25% Celerity duration but Potence costs more to raise.

6. [Anda Gangrel] is good for Gangrels that don't want to focus on Animalism 
   and [Beastmisress] for the female Gangrels that don't care about Protean.

7. [Ninja!] is nice for the loony Malkavians that don't want to use any guns at
   all (max Firearms = 0) but want to focus on Melee only (+1 Brawl, Melee).

8. [Cleopatra] is good for female Nosferatu that don't want Animalism and
   [Leatherface] for male Nosferatu since you'll never put XP points in 
   Humanity because you can raise it with quests.

9. [Beautiful Monster] is rather good for male Toreadors since it gives you
   +25% Presence duration and the -1 at frenzy and Wits are not so important.

10. [Diabolic] for male Ventrue is also pretty good since you get +35% Presence
    duration at the expense of a not-so-important -1 at frenzy and Humanity.

3c. Attributes


Humanity shows how much of your human nature has remained now that you
were turned into a vampire. Since vampires have a strong predatory nature they
must keep their Humanity high or else they will frenzy and their inner beast
will take control. When your character is in frenzy he gains a bonus to his/her
stats but you are unable to control him any more. Killing innocent humans or 
taunting/torturing them will lower your Humanity. You can raise Humanity with
XP like any other attribute but I wouldn't recommend doing so, since you can 
raise it easily through quests by choosing the "humane" path.


Masquerade is the veil that hides vampires from humanity. All vampires must 
keep their unnatural abilities and habits hidden from human eyes. If a vampire
violates the Masquerade he will be stalked by human vampire hunters and also 
anger his own kindred. If you lose all 5 Masquerade points it's game over. You
can gain Masquerade redemptions by finishing certain quests.


1. Strength: Raises your Melee and Unarmed feats. Raise Strength to max only if 
             you want to specialise in any of those two. If not then you can 
             use Blood Buff anytime you need to. Having a few points in
             Strength is always advisable.

2. Dexterity: Affects your Sneaking and Lockpicking feats. Raising Dexterity
              is not that rewarding though, since you can Blood Buff to
              lockpick and good enough sneaking can be achieved even with low
              Dexterity. [+: Be aware that sneaking has gotten more realistic
              and thus harder.]

3. Stamina: Stamina affects how much damage you can soak from the blows you
            take. Again you can use Blood Buff when things get tough, but 
            giving a few points to Stamina anyway would be wise.


1. Charisma: Increases the Persuasion feat. Persuasion is probably the most 
             important verbal feat especially if you are male and you can't 
             use Seduction extensively.

2. Manipulation: Manipulation increases the Haggle feat which gives you better
                 prices at shops. But Haggle is rather useless so don't go
                 spending any points here.

3. Appearance: It increases the Seduction feat. If you're male you better stick
               to Persuasion and if you want to raise Seduction a bit use
               Subterfuge which is cheaper. If you play as a female though
               Seduction can help you a lot and it's rather fun.


1. Perception: Raises the Ranged and Inspection feats. Inspection is rather
               useless so I would advise you to first spend point on Firearms
               (which is cheaper) and then on Perception if you want a high
               ranged feat.

2. Intelligence: Raises your Research and Intimidate feats. Intimidate is 
                 useless but Research is essential if you want to read skill 
                 books and I would advise you to do so. So a few points in 
                 Intelligence are recommended.

3. Wits: Wits improves the Defence and Hacking feats. They are both pretty
         important feats so you'll need to spend some points here.


1. Brawl: Raises the Unarmed feat which also makes it easier for you to feed on
          unwilling victims. Early in the game it's pretty important and easier
          feeding is always good.

2. Dodge: Dodge increases the Defence feat. Defence is rather important so
          spending points on Dodge is advisable.

3. Intimidation: Increases the Intimidate feat, which isn't worth much when
                 compared to Persuasion and Seduction. Of course it can be
                 chosen for role-playing purposes and also if you're playing
		 a Nosferatu, since they can't use seduction.

4. Subterfuge: Increases Seduction. It's cheaper than Appearance so spend your
               first points here if you want to be seductive.


1. Firearms: Increases the Ranged feat. You'll need some points here.

2. Melee: Increases the Melee feat. You'll need some points here.

3. Security: Increases the Lockpicking feat, you'll need some points here.

4. Stealth: Affects the Sneaking feat. No need to spend many points here.


1. Computer: Raises the Hacking feat which is rather important.

2. Finance: Raises Haggle. Don't spend more than one point here.

3. Investigation: Increases Inspection. Leave it alone. Truly the most useless
                  skill in the game.

4. Scholarship: Raises Research and Persuasion. Scholarship affects two of the
                most important feats so you'll do well to spend many points 


Feats are the outcome of all your other attributes and they are the ones that
make the difference eventually:

1. Unarmed: Important especially in the start of the game. Also makes feeding
            from unwilling victims a lot easier. Having at least a medium 
            Unarmed rating is important.

2. Melee: Until the middle of the game melee weapons are gonna do the most 
          damage so it's advisable to raise this feat a bit. Later on you'll 
          even find a weapon that's so powerful that you can easily finish 
          the game with it so if you want you can specialise in Melee.

3. Ranged: At the start of the game ranged weapons won't help much, especially
           against other vampires. But as you come nearer to the end you'll 
           find some very powerful weapons. In the endgame, ranged weapons will 
           do the most damage so if it's your style from a point on, you can 
           try to max this feat.

4. Defence: Defence doesn't reduce the damage you take, it rather makes it
            easier for you to evade attacks. Evading attacks is good, so be
            sure to raise it to at least 5 during the game.

5. Hacking: This feat is rather important, you'll find many computers in the
            game and you'll need a high Hacking feat in order to gain access.

6. Haggle: Haggle is useless, since you will earn enough money in the game to
           buy anything you want. If you want you can spend just one point in
           Finance and later on you can get another two points from a quest
           reward and a skill book. Haggle gives you better prices at shops and
           better money rewards for quests.

7. Inspection: Inspection helps you see items lying on the ground. Sure, a very
               high Inspection can help you find some important items you might
               otherwise miss, but it's not worth the XP. If you search all the
               places thoroughly you'll eventually find everything.

8. Lockpicking: Lockpicking is another important feat. Be sure to raise it.
                Blood Buff will help you a lot in the beginning but it's
                advisable to get security up to level 3.

9. Research: Research gives you access to skill books. I would advise you to go
             with a  Research of at least 6 since it's pretty rewarding. If you
             play your cards right you can take it up to 9 and gain a lot in
             the process. A research of 10 may not be worth the XP, though.

10. Persuasion: Persuasion is very important. It's the most important verbal 
                feat since it can aid you in almost all situations. With a 
                Persuasion of 8 you can succeed in most skillchecks. With a
                Persuasion of 9 you'll succeed in every persuasive attempt.

11. Intimidate: Not much of use, you can't use it many times and the times that
                it's usable you can also use Persuasion or Seduction.
                [+-: Intimidation has been made more common because of a fix.]

12. Seduction: Not that useful if you're a male character. It can help you feed
               freely in clubs and also to have sex at a certain point, but
               in conversations Persuasion will be more useful. If you're a
               female though, things change. As a female you can use Seduction
               in many situations and it's almost as good as Persuasion. Even
               if you'll choose not to raise Seduction, try to have some points
               there, since it will spice up your game. Nosferatu can't use
               Seduction, so they should concentrate on persuasion and

13. Bashing: It reduces the amount of damage you'll take when hit. It reduces
             damage taken from firearms and blunt weapons but if you get hit by
             a bladed weapon, or fire, or magic, it won't help. It's extremely
             helpful against humans with guns and you'll find many of those in
             the game. Stamina and clothing increase this feat.

14. Lethal: Reduces damage taken from bladed weapons. Only armors, Fortitude 
            and Thaumaturgy (Blood Shield) can raise this stat.

15. Aggravated: Helps against attacks from fire and electricity. You are
                defenceless as a vampire against aggravated damage and there is
                only one item in the game that will increase your Defence. 
                Apart from that, only Fortitude and Thaumaturgy (Blood Shield)
                can help.

3d. Disciplines

1. Bloodbuff

Probably the most useful discipline. Every vampire has it and it doesn't
require any levelling-up. When used it maxes out your physical stats, meaning
that you get Strength, Dexterity and Stamina at level 5 for a short period of
time. This can be very useful in combat since you don't have to spend many
points on physical attributes and it also helps you a lot with lockpicking
since Dexterity affects Lockpicking. If you use it wisely it can be a
life-saver. [+: Using the plus patch all stats are only raised by +2]

[+: Bloodheal]

A basic discipline for all clans called "Bloodheal" has been restored in the 
plus patch. It heals some of your hit points by draining some of your blood.

2. Celerity

Increases your speed, A LOT. Makes everyone else seem to move slower.
Probably the best discipline out there since the increase in movement speed
really pays off in battles. Using it in public areas is a violation to the

3. Presence

Reduces the abilities of your opponents, especially their attack power, and
can really make a big difference in some battles since it affects everyone and
even bosses. Using it has no risk in violating the Masquerade. [+: It also 
gives you more dialogue options.]

4. Potence

Increases Strength. If you want to make a character that does huge Melee or
Unarmed damage that's your discipline, if not, it's not that useful. Using it
has no risk in violating the Masquerade.

5. Fortitude

Fortitude is one of the best disciplines. It offers up to +5 protection from
all kinds of damage including aggravated damage. The best defensive discipline.
Using it has no risk in violating the Masquerade.

6. Animalism

Animalism provides "Spectral Wolf" at level 4, that can kill enemies from far
away (not vampires though) and at level 5 "Bloodsucker's [+-: Bat's] Communion"
that steals blood and also damages the target. Not a bad discipline but not as
good as others. Using it in public areas is a violation to the Masquerade.

7. Protean

It gives you various stat bonuses and at the higher level you can shapeshift 
into an unarmed warform. Not one of the most useful disciplines, but against
vampires it can do a lot of damage, especially at level 5. Using it in public
areas violates the Masquerade.

8. Obfuscate

The best discipline for sneaky characters. It makes you invisible and at 
level 5 you can run around freely in the world, interact with objects and 
stealth-kill undetected. A sneak attack that breaks Obfuscate, at level 5,
deals triple damage. Using it has no risk in violating the Masquerade.

9. Dementation

Dementation works wonders against humans, "Vision of Death" at level 3 kills 
them at once and at the last level you can dispatch whole packs of humans with 
a single hit. Against vampires, however, it's not that effective, though Vision 
of Death cuts a lot of hit-points. It also offers Malkavians more dialogue 
options. Using it has no risk in violating the Masquerade.

10. Auspex

Auspex increases your Wits and your Perception. It's only useful to those who
want to specialise in ranged weapons and do a lot of damage. All others should
leave it as it is, but the +1 Wits bonus at level 1 is a nice Hacking buff.
Using it has no risk in violating the Masquerade.

11. Thaumaturgy

Alongside with Celerity, Thaumaturgy is the best discipline. Thaumaturgy gives
you defence, steals blood and does great damage from a distance. If you like
playing a mage, this is your discipline. Using it in public areas is a 
Masquerade violation.

12. Dominate

Dominate works well against humans but not vampires. At level 5 you can 
dispatch groups of humans with it. It's kinda like Dementation. It also gives
you more dialogue options. Using it has no risk in violating the Masquerade.


The "World of Darkness" is the universe that White Wolf has created for their
dark-themed pen and paper PRG's. Probably the most successful part of it is
the "Vampire: The Masquerade" series.

The World of Darkness (Taken From The Game Manual)

On a cold, rainy night in Los Angeles, you have been unceremoniously ushered 
into a world that you never knew existed. This is a world where creatures of
the night—-vampires, werewolves and ghosts to name a few—-coexist with mortals.

You'll learn much throughout your travels, but the following gives a brief
breakdown of the inhabitants of The World of Darkness.


In vampire society, vampires tend to belong to one of two sects—-the Camarilla
or the Sabbat. As mentioned previously, the Camarilla believes in upholding the
Masquerade. Under the rule of a prince, who's in charge of the entire city,
members of the Camarilla follow the rules of the Masquerade or face persecution
and possible execution. Sebastian LaCroix has recently claimed downtown Los
Angeles as Camarilla territory, and established his power base there as prince.
Prior to prince LaCroix's arrival, L.A. was dominated by the Anarchs.

The Sabbat, who are the enemies of everyone non-Sabbat, believe that humans are
cattle. Humans should be used as food and it doesn't matter if they learn of
the Kindred's existence. It's an extremely violent sect and its members seek to
destroy the Camarilla by any means necessary. The Sabbat hide in the back
alleys of Los Angeles, always looking for the opportunity to strike.

Not belonging to any particular sect, there's a group of vampires who reject
most of the Camarilla traditions and all the leaders who enforce them. This
group is known as the Anarchs. The Anarchs despise the current hierarchy of the
vampire society and live amongst themselves. The Anarchs are soundly entrenched
in Hollywood, but still have members who watch over downtown Los Angeles,
waiting for prince LaCroix to slip up.

Lastly, the Kuei-jin, who are also known as the Kindred of the East, reside
within the heart of Chinatown. If there's anything that can unite the Anarchs
and the Camarilla, it would be their hatred towards the Kuei-jin. Mysterious 
and aloof, very little is known about the Kuei-jin. What is known is that they
have been making a move to take over California for the last several years and
are wrestling territory away from the Anarchs. 

 The Masquerade

In this series we are introduced to the night of modern times which hides many
secrets. There are vampires, werewolves, wraiths and other supernatural beings
hiding in the dark corners and under the veil of the Masquerade. In order for
vampires to survive and feast on the offerings of the human world they must
hide their true identity from humans.

When you'll see the "mask" icon on top of your life meter, it means that you're
in an area where you must maintain the Masquerade and not show any of your
supernatural powers. This means you must not be seen using any direct
disciplines or feeding from unwilling victims. If you do, you will attract
human vampire hunters and the wrath of your own kindred.

Breaking human laws does not affect the Masquerade but results in police
pursuit and killing of innocents decreases you Humanity.


Elysiums are the grounds where vampires are forbidden to attack or use their
disciplines. These are usually the homes of powerful vampires. When you'll see
an "E" on top of your life meter, you'll know you are in an Elysium. The only
discipline still allowed is Bloodbuff while picking a lock.

 Combat Zones

When there is a gun on top of your life meter you are in a combat zone. Here
you can freely attack anyone and use any disciplines you like without any risk
of violating the Masquerade or loosing Humanity when killing enemies. [+: You 
will loose Humanity when killing some innocents in these zones though.]


Havens are the places that will be your base of operations. You'll find a
computer and containers to stock things. If you have a ghoul it will be there
as well. There are four different havens in the game:

1. Apartment above the Santa Monica pawn shop
  This is the first haven you'll get and it's for everyone.

2. Skyeline Apartments 4, downtown
  You'll get this haven as a reward for completing the [ELIZABETHAN RENDEZVOUS]
  quest if you've been polite to LaCroix. If you killed any policemen on the
  Dane you need to be extra polite. All clans can get this except Tremere and
  Nosferatu who get their own havens.

3. Tremere haven, downtown
  If you're a Tremere you can attain this special haven from Strauss. It's in
  the Tremere Chantry. In order to get it you need to be nice to him and finish
  you decide not to kill the Gargoyle, you can lie to him and still get it. Do
  not, in any case, betray Strauss to Issac because you'll loose the haven.

4. Nosferatu haven, sewers downtown
  If you're a Nosferatu you can get this from Gary. You'll get it after
  completing the [I SPY BARABUS] quest in Chinatown. It's located in the
  sewers in Downtown, it's the door with the mailbox.


Throughout the game you'll find books that boost-up your skills, items that
increase attributes (or offer various bonuses) and also people that will help
you increase your stats.


In order to use books you need to have the appropriate Research level. Each
book raises your skill at certain levels, so if you have a Stealth book (1/2)
it means it can raise your Stealth to 1 if you have zero Stealth, or to 2 if
you have one point at Stealth. If you have Stealth already at level 2 you won't
be able to gain anything from the book. [+: Some books have been moved to spoil 
the following exploit, or to make the game world more consistent as such.]

There is a very neat trick with the skill books. If you sell them to one of the
vendors then you can buy them back as many times as you want. This means that
you can use them twice and gain everything you can from them. This will happen
with all the books except the level 5 books which can be used only for that
level. So if you find, let's say, the Brawl manual which can be used to obtain
level 3 or 4 at brawling, if you sell it you can buy it twice and get both
level 3 and 4. This trick can save you many XP.

Book      Skill level  Research level  Location
Stealth   (1/2)          (2)           [Apartment next to yours, Santa Monica]
Computer  (1/2)          (2)           [Pawn shop, Santa Monica]
Firearms  (1/2)          (3)           [Pawn shop, Santa Monica]
Dodge     (1/2)          (2)           [Grout's mansion, riddle room]
Brawl     (3/4)          (5)           [Floor 6, Empire Arms hotel]
Melee     (3/4)          (5)           [Skyeline Apartments 2, bedroom]
Finance   (3/4)          (6)           [Jezebel's Room, Empire Arms hotel] 
Security  (3/4)          (6)           [Museum Basement, guard's room]
Dodge      (5)           (8)           [Giovanni Mansion, library]
Computer   (5)           (9)           [Internet Cafe, Hollywood]
Melee      (5)           (9)           [Fu Syndicate, locked room]
Firearms   (5)           (10)          [Society of Leopold, 2nd floor]

[+: Skill book related changes]

Book      Skill level  Research level  Location
Computer  (1/2)          (2)           [Santa Monica clinic]
Firearms  (1/2)          (3)           [Carson's apartment]
Dodge     (1/2)          (2)           [Ocean House hotel]
Brawl     (3/4)          (5)           [Jezebel's Room at Empire Arms hotel]
Finance   (3/4)          (6)           [Floor 6, Empire Arms hotel]
Dodge      (5)           (9)           [Giovanni Mansion, library]
Computer   (5)           (8)           [Internet Cafe, Hollywood]
Firearms   (5)           (9)           [Society of Leopold, 2nd floor]


Benefactor	         Bonus          Skill level    Event
Nines              +1 Brawl          [1-3]       (After the Sabbat warehouse)
Nines              +1 Melee          [1-5]       (After Elizabethan Rendezvous)
Fat Larry          +1 Finance        [1-3]       (After his Traffik quest)
Beckett            +1 Scholarship    [1-3/+: 4]  (In the museum basement)
Romero             +1 Firearms       [1-3/+: 4]  (After his cemetery quests)
Beckett            +1 Investigation  [1-3]       (After the Giovanni mansion)
                or +1 Scholarship    [1-5]
                or +1 Discipline     [1-3]       (For Gangrel players only)
Bertram            +1 Computer       [1-5]       (After you give him his CD)

HUMANITY GAIN: if you dance at a club for about 5 minutes you'll gain a 
               Humanity point. You can only do it once in each club, though.


Some of the item locations and the way to acquire them has been changed with
the plus patch to make them more logical. I'm giving you the locations of the 
items for each patch. [+: Note that BRAID TALISMAN, ANTIQUE LOCKET, ZHARALKETH 
and PEARL OF DUBAI are occult items that were left out from the game before.]

Item                  Bonus                      Location/Event
MUMMYWARD FETISH      (+ Regeneration)           [King's Way]
HEART OF ELIZA        (+1 Melee)                 [Tseng's shop]
DAIMONORI             (140% Thaumaturgy damage)  [Tremere haven]
GALDJUM       (125% passive discipline duration) [Nosferatu warrens]
WEEKAPAUG THISTLE     (+1 Defence)               [Ocean House hotel]
SAULOCEPT             (+1 XP when you get 3 XP)  [Giovanni mansion, crypt]
TARULFANG             (-1 Frenzy)                [Grout's mansion, basement]
FAE CHARM             (+1 Dexterity)             [From Isaac or Tseng's shop]
KEY OF ALAMUT         (+1 Soak)                  [From Pisha as quest reward]
THE ODIOUS CHALICE    (stores bloodpoints)       [From Pisha as quest reward]
BLOODSTAR             (200% Bloodbuff duration)  [From Strauss as quest reward]
RUNE OF THE 3RD EYE   (Gargoyle defence)         [From Strauss as quest reward]
TAL'MAHE'RA BLADE     (aggravated damage)        [Hallowbrook Hotel, top level]
FLAMETHROWER          (aggravated damage)        [Hallowbrook Hotel, top level]

[+: Changed item locations]

Item                  Bonus                      Location/Event
GALDJUM       (125% passive discipline duration) [Skyeline haven]
WEEKAPAUG THISTLE     (+1 Defence)               [Grout's mansion]
HEART OF ELIZA        (+1 Melee)                 [From Mr. Ox as quest reward]
FAE CHARM             (+1 Dexterity)             [From Isaac, not Tseng's shop]
TAL'MAHE'RA BLADE     (aggravated damage)        [Hallowbrook Hotel, basement]
FLAMETHROWER          (aggravated damage)        [Society of Leopold, training]

[+: Restored special items]

Item                  Bonus                      Location/Event
ZHARALKETH            (140% Obfuscate duration)  [Nosferatu haven]
BRAID TALISMAN        (+1 Computer)              [New library level]
ANTIQUE LOCKET        (+1 Security)              [From Mr. Ox as quest reward]
PEARL OF DUBAI        (+1 Celerity)              [From Strauss as quest reward]



In this game conversations play a very important role. You'll complete many
quests with conversations by using your social skills and you can also gain
extra bonuses if you say the right thing. Especially in the beginning of the
game it's more important to focus on your social skills since you'll really
need them. If your skills meet the requirements for them to work, in the
conversation they'll appear as coloured responses:

PERSUASION:	  Appears in BLUE colour
SEDUCTION:    Appears in PINK colour
INTIMIDATION: Appears in GREEN colour

Which skills to raise is up to you, but Persuasion is probably the best skill
to raise and then Seduction, but it's really what kind of character you want to 
make. I would advise you at the beginning of the game to raise your Persuasion
and Seduction up to 4, and then focus more on your combat skills and 
Persuasion. In order to use Persuasion successfully in all situations that it's
possible to use it, you'll need to raise it up to 9 and the highest Seduction 
you'll ever need is 8. But you don't really need to do this, since the XP
points that you'll spend will not be worth it. More or less the same numbers
apply for Intimidation if you want to take that approach. [+-: Intimidation has
been made more common because of a fix, but still Persuasion and Seduction are
more useful.]

Some clans receive special conversation options. Malkavians and Ventrues [+:
and Tremere], have two unique speech skills. Malkavians in certain situations
can use Dementation to achieve their goals and Ventrue [+: and Tremere] can use
Dominate. Note that both will drain blood points on use. The amount of drain is
shown by RED dots in RED responses.

My recommendations for social skills is to raise:
Persuasion up to 8
Seduction up to 4
If you're a Nosferatu you can't use Seduction so go for Intimidation up to 4


There are three types of combat in this game: unarmed, melee and ranged. In
the beginning of the game the most efficient will be the unarmed. Then as
you move through the game you'll get some nice weapons, starting with the
fireaxe, and melee will do better damage. If you get your hands on the
Tal'Mahe'Ra blade, the most powerful melee weapon, you can go melee all the
way to the end if you want to. It's a fact though, that at the last part of
the game ranged weapons will do more damage and generally will be more

I would also advise you to hit the "k" key in-game and assign weapons and
disciplines to hotkeys so that you'll be able to change them quickly during

Combat Moves:
Unarmed and melee have the same combat moves. You can press one of the
directional buttons while you push the "attack" button and it will
perform 3 different combos, plus one other combo if you just push the
"attack" without the directional buttons. You can also defend if you
push the appropriate button. When attacking strong opponents, you'll
be able to make up to 2 successful hits before they parry and attack
back so the best strategy here is to hit them twice and then quickly
defend yourself to parry their hit. Melee weapons and claws are the
best way to deal with vampires since bullets don't do much damage to

When you'll use ranged weapons the game will play like a normal FPS.
From the weapons you'll get in the first part of the game only the
shotgun seems to do some good damage if you're close enough but the
time it takes to reload is just too long. Later you'll get your hands
on the Colt Anaconda which does some pretty good damage, but it's 
during the last part of the game that you'll find very powerful
weapons like the Desert Eagle (McLusky .50), the Steyr AUG and the 
flamethrower. Have in mind that vampires are extremely resilient to 
bullets, but the Steyr AUG can do pretty good damage to them and the 
flamethrower can be devastating to them, even the bosses. 

My recommendations for fighting skills is to raise:
Brawl up to 4
Melee up to 4-5
Firearms up to 3-4

Disciplines generally work best against humans. When you have to deal 
with vampires you should mostly use defensive disciplines, especially 
those that soak aggravated damage, and disciplines that buff your stats. 
For more info check the DISCIPLINES section

Feeding from enemies:
During the battle you're bound to use some disciplines, so you'll loose 
blood points. You can consume blood packs, but being able to feed from your 
enemies is also essential. The Unarmed feat determines how good you are
at it, so you'll need to at least have some skill in that. Dementation 
and Dominate, if you have them, will help you greatly since you can use 
it on humans to incapacitate them and then feed easily on them. Remember
that you can't feed on other vampires. There are also some disciplines 
that will steal blood from enemies, these are Thaumaturgy and Animalism.


Almost all of the game keys are configurable from the options menu. What is not
so obvious is the fact that after the 1.2 patch a hotkey menu has been added.
While you're in-game if you press the "k" key the menu will appear and you can
assign weapons, disciplines and blood packs to the number keys (0-9).

While this is very helpful there is also a way to bind disciplines to any key
you like and make your life even easier. What's really good about this is that
all the passive disciplines like Bloodbuff and Celerity will be executed at
the moment you push the assigned key (pressing the right mouse button will not
be required). The downside is that with a discipline that has many
sub-disciplines you can only assign the first one so it's better to use those
with the "k" key.

In order to bind a discipline to a key you must push "~" to bring down the
console and type the following command:

	bind "key" "vdiscipline_int #"

- "key" is the key you want to use, e.g. "x"
- # is the number that corresponds to a discipline:
  0 = Nightwisp Ravens (Animalism)
  1 = Auspex
  3 = Celerity
  4 = Bloodbuff
  5 = Hysteria (Dementation)
  6 = Trance (Dominate)
  7 = Fortitude
  8 = Obfuscate
  9 = Potence
 10 = Presence
 11 = Protean
 12 = Bloodstrike (Thaumaturgy)

So if you want to bind Bloodbuff to the X key you should type:
bind "x" vdiscipline_int 4

After you've typed this it will stay in the config file forever so you wont
have to type it again. If you want to change the key you can type "unbind"
instead of the "bind" command.

Pierre found some even more useful keybinding commands:

The vdiscipline command is actually more intuitive to use than the 
vdiscipline_int and more portable.
Format example:

vdiscpline #1 (notice the # is actually a character in the command).

This will use the 1st discipline you have in your character sheet. and 
vdiscipline #4 would use the 4th discipline in your character sheet.

It works just like vdiscipline_int (meaning it won't access other tiers 
of powers for things like animalism, which, really, makes it quite 
useless, just like vdiscipline_int and a poor programming example on 
troika's side ;).

Finally, the actually quite useful information, that makes it so you can 
bind ANY power (including upper tiers of disciplines like animalism or 
thaumaturgy) to a hotkey that will cast it instantly instead of just 
selecting it:
bind "key" "vhotkey #X; wait 1; vdiscipline_last"
so, to use your hotkey #1 as a direct cast right away (instead of just 
selecting it and having to activate it" and binding it to the "a" key 
you would do:
bind "a" "vhotkey #1; wait 1; vdiscipline_last"
And now you put in your hotkey one (through the hotkey menu) whatever 
you want, just as, say Blood Shield.
That trick is the wait 1 really. If you try the above without the wait, 
it will actually end up casting your currently selected power then 
switching to the one you asked right afterwards, but by waiting 1 frame, 
you give it enough time to cycle to the new power and then it will cast 
it right away. Sure, you wasted 1/30th of a second. Or 1/60th. Or 
whatever your frame rate is but... still better ^^.
I sure hope this wasn't common knowledge somehow, because after 2 hours 
of looking online for a fix, it was damned annoying to come up with that.
Anyways, hope it's useful :).



Almost everything in this walkthrough applies to all clans, even to the

There are bus stops in each area. Each bus stop has a map that can help you
figure out where you are and where you want to go. Actually it's quite easy to
move around the areas.

Be aware that you gain XP only by solving quests and killing quest-related 
bosses. Killing all other normal enemies won't grant you any XP. You'll only
be able to take their weapons (if you don't have them already) and ammo. Or you
can feed on them to restore your blood pool. This means that you can go through 
the game any way you want, you can sneak unnoticed, or attack everyone. For a
completely sneaky character though, you should have the discipline Obfuscate
and this means that your character must be either a Nosferatu or a Malkavian.

Also note that the money you'll get as quest rewards may not be the same amount
as the one I mention in the walkthrough since it sometimes depends on your
Haggle feat.

*Some notes about the Nosferatu:
The main difference is that the Nosferatu, instead of just using the streets 
to go to certain locations, will have to use the sewers, and instead of using 
the taxi to move to other areas they're bound to travel through the sewer maps
they'll find in the sewers. If the Nosferatu are seen in the streets, the
police will be alerted, but if you try to keep a certain distance from other
people you're not likely to be spotted. So it's possible for Nosferatu to
wander around a bit in the open. Also have in mind that Nosferatu can't use
Seduction since they can't raise their Appearance/Subterfuge above zero.

To avoid any confusion let me remind you that everything contained in the
[-: ] brackets concerns the UNOFFICIAL "BASIC" PATCH and everything inside the
[+: ] brackets is about the UNOFFICIAL "PLUS" PATCH changes.






After watching the intro, you receive your first quest, which is basically a 
tutorial. Jack will provide information about your situation and advice on 
your abilities and how to use them. Everything in the tutorial is very clear
and straightforward, so I'll not go into any details. Everything is explained 
thoroughly til the end (2 XP). If you've played through the tutorial before 
and want to skip it, just ask Jack , in your first conversation. If not, 
don't forget to grab the BASEBALL BAT and the TIRE IRON.

Note: If you want to max out your .38 ammo: When Jack gives you the .38, pick
      up the ammo from the container and then shoot some bottles. After that
      if you go near the door in front of you and come back, the container 
      will be full of ammo again. You can do this as many times as you need. 
      [+-: This exploit has been fixed.]





Welcome to Santa Monica!

You'll be taken to your first haven and be given the quest: [WHEREFORE ART
THOU, MERCURIO?]. Open the Fridge and take the 3 BLOOD PACKS, if used they will
restore your blood points. Read Mercurio's note and log into your computer
using the password "sunrise". Check your emails. Read the card on the table to
get the [THE REGENT'S RIDDLE] quest. Also open your desk drawer and grab the 
$100. This will be your main base from now on. Be sure to come back regularly
and check your mails. You can turn the TV on if you like or listen to the radio
, they are both pretty funny. Also don't forget to grab the PILL BOTTLE
and the NORMAL WATCH from the bathroom.

Across from your flat there is another flat with a locked door. Bloodbuff to
pick the lock and enter it. Under the sink in the kitchen you'll find your
first skill book "PEEPIN' - A VOYEUR FIELD GUIDE" (Stealth +1, needs Research
2). Leave, go down the stairs and read the paper on the floor to get the
[CARNIVAL OF DEATH] quest. Just before you leave through the front door, look
to the right, it's your mailbox there. It's currently empty but later stuff
will be delivered to you and you can also send stuff with it.


Out on the streets you'll encounter many pedestrians you can feed on. You can
also find prostitutes scattered around the streets and pay them to come with
you into a dark alley and feed on them without violating the Masquerade, if
someone sees you. If you have a high Seduction feat (of 6) you can seduce them
into providing their services for free. It doesn't matter what your sex is, the
prostitutes will come with you regardless.

When it comes to feeding from other unwilling pedestrians things are more
difficult since you must not be seen by others. Fortunately many of them will
wander into dark alleys (mainly homeless people) where you can feed on them
with ease. Beware not to drain them dry and kill them because you'll loose

If you commit any illegal acts the police will hunt you down. If this happens, 
you can hide somewhere until they give up pursuit, it doesn't take that long
for them to loose interest.

Just outside of your building you'll see a sewer access. If you're a Nosferatu
you should go down there. There are many exits from the sewers near every place
you need to go. There are also rats in the sewers that you can feed on. Sewers
are a good place for anyone to hide too.


In the same building as your apartment, in front of the street, is the pawn
shop. Go in and ask Trip about weapons and persuade him to show you his secret
stash. If you can't make him show you the weapons it's alright, later when
you'll talk to Mercurio or Knox you can learn that Trip sells weapons. Trip
also has two pretty good books, if you're into books that is, buy them twice
and read them: "COMPUTERS FOR GRANDMA" (Computers +1, needs Research 2) and "SO
YOU WANNA' SHOOT THINGS?" (Firearms +1, needs Research 3). You can also buy
weapons from him, but I wouldn't advise you to spend your money on them right
now. You'll soon have all weapons that Trip can offer and right now unarmed
you can probably do more damage. If you skipped the tutorial you can buy a
lockpick here. [+: Trip doesn't sell any books to spoil the book exploit,
but baseball bats and tire irons instead.]


When you reach the street after leaving your apartment you'll see a man in a
suit to the right. Depending on your mental-feat stats you can do several
things with him. You can intimidate him to give you money ($100) and his watch, 
you can persuade him to give you cab fare ($20), and you can seduce/dominate 
him to come with you in the dark alley to feed on him. I believe he is one of 
the few male cases you can seduce even if you're a man. If you're a Ventrue he
is your best choice for feeding right now, just be sure no one sees you. You
need Persuasion and Seduction at 4 to make this work and an Intimidation of 3.


On the other side of the road from your building, you'll see Knox. Talk to him
and learn that he is a ghoul and a rather happy one, I might add. You'll find
Knox later in the Asylum and he'll give you [THE HUNTED HUNTER] quest. Now that
you know about ghouls maybe it's time to get your own...


Right beside Knox you'll find the Santa Monica hospital. If you enter from the
front the receptionist will stop you if you try to move further into the
hospital. You can persuade/dementate/dominate her to let you inside. If you
can't do that then there is always the "back door". Go to the alley right from
the hospital and you'll see a door with a light on top, saying "blood bank".
Get in and to your left there is a locked door, open it (Bloodbuff if your
skill is not high enough).

Now time to get some dirty money. Open the door of the Dr. Malcolm's office and
check his mail. If you can't hack the computer go to the top floor and check 
the restroom to the right, there you'll find his password. After reading his 
mail go to him and blackmail him. You can persuade/intimidate him to give you
$75, or even more depending on your feat level. You'll find the money in your
mailbox ($75-150). Also in Malcolm's office you'll find 3 MORPHINE BOTTLES, 
sell two and keep one for Mercurio. In another room you'll find a PILL BOTTLE.

If you go to the basement you'll find Vandal. He sells blood bags.



In one of the hospital rooms you'll come across a heavily injured girl. If you
know about ghouls already, you can give her your blood to save her life and
GAIN HUMANITY [+: (1 XP)]. Her name is Heather and if you want she can later be
your ghoul. You'll meet her again when you get downtown. Don't say you're a
vampire cause you'll freak her out and violate the Masquerade.


If you go to the parking lot you'll see a sign saying "beach access", go down
the stairs and you'll reach the beach. There you'll be confronted by a woman.
She has the power of seeing fragments of the future, so listen to what she has
to say. If you want you can pay her $20 to tell you more. IMO it's worth it,
since she'll tell you some interesting things that will make sense later. She
will also point you to "E" to who will give you the [THINNED BLOOD] quest.



At the beach there is a thin-blood vampire that wants to reverse his vampiric
condition, fortunately he doesn't have a clue about his situation so with a
Persuasion of 3 you can con and take his money ($200). Tell him that he needs a
transfusion of unicorn blood and sell him 3 blood packs each ($100). Then sell
him the stake that lies on the beach to the left ($100) and tell him that he
needs to kill the "head vampire" with it to be totally free. Since killing
Nines or LaCroix would be impossible for him, better point him to the president
where at least he has a chance at succeeding ^_^. [+: You will LOOSE HUMANITY
for this and also get a MASQUERADE VIOLATION for sending him after the
president. You can furthermore sell him a bubble gum found on the pier to
"erode his fangs" ($100) and thus get a max of money (1 XP).]


At the beach if you go up the stairs to the right and to the pier, you'll
find a lone cop patrolling the area. Since the pier is considered a combat area
you can kill him without loosing Humanity and grab his .38 gun [+-: or baton].


Behind the hospital is 2nd street and it's main attraction, the club Asylum.
The club is run by the two sisters, Therese and Jeanette. Inside the club
you'll find your two first blood dolls. Blood dolls are women that you can
seduce to willingly give their blood to you. You'll need a Seduction of 3 to
seduce them and it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman.

If you dance for about 5 minutes in the club, you'll get one point of
HUMANITY GAIN. You can do this, once, in all the clubs you'll find. 


When you'll first enter the Asylum you'll meet Jeanette, a very sleazy and very
insane babe. If you want to get her to bed, you'll need to have Seduction of 3
and 1 blood point, say seductive lines whenever you have them and always be
nice to her. When she later asks you for a certain gift, you must give it to
her (even though it fails a quest) and in her dispute with Therese you must
choose her. From then on every time you go to her, you can experience again
forgotten, human pleasures... [+: This can be done once earlier with a
Seduction of 4.]


Enter the diner and talk to the old lady at the counter. Pretend to be a health
inspector and she'll bribe you with $50. Also you can have a little chat with
the man standing alone in the corner, you'll meet again with him later...

-------------------------====+<[  Q U E S T S  ]>+====-------------------------



When you first meet Mercurio and get his [SURF'S UP] quest, ask him if he is
in pain to receive this quest. Enter the Hospital and go into Dr. Malcolm's 
office. There you'll find 3 MORPHINE BOTTLES. Give one or these to Mercurio 
(1 XP).



On the beach talk to E, the naked from the waist and up, guy. He'll tell you 
about Lily and the thin-bloods. Agree to help him and head for the Diner. Ask
the old lady behind the counter about a pale girl and the phrase "thin-blood".
She'll tell you about Lily and give you some belongings that she forgot. You

Note: If you are a Nosferatu the lady behind the counter won't talk to you. 
      What you must do is go behind the counter and pick up LILY'S PURSE there.

Leave the diner, go further up the road and enter "Kilpatrick's Bail Bonds".
Talk to him to get the [A BOUNTY FOR THE HUNTER] quest. Open Arthur's computer 
go to the "s-z" folder and check the name "Totten, R." that's in the bail bond.
It says he has a red car. Go to the parking lot and find the red car. Open the
trunk with Lily's key and take her DIARY (1 XP).

Read the diary and learn that she went to the blood bank. Go there and talk to
Vandal. Persuade him to open the door if you can, or else pick the lock to the
left. Get inside and enter the first door to the left. Continue through the
next door and talk to the male nurse Phil. Persuade him that you're here for
the blood and he will tell you the code to the freezer (1 XP). Another way to
learn the code is to hack the computer in the next door, down the corridor.

Then go to the freezers, put the code in and talk to Lily. You can blackmail 
her if you like but you will LOOSE HUMANITY. Set her free (1 XP). Vandal will
then confront you and refuse to sell you any more blood. To make him change his
mind you can give him some extra cash, use Dementation or Dominate on him, or
agree to do the [REPLANTING A LILY] quest. I think that if your Humanity is low
you can also persuade him by telling him a story about how you've slaughtered
innocent people. Intimidation might also work in your advantage here. [+: 1 XP
is granted for any way you convince Vandal to sell you blood again.]

Go back to "E" and talk to him (1 XP) to finish the quest. [+: You can also 
give Lily her stuff back when you meet her at the beach for a HUMANITY GAIN].



If you don't wish to pay Vandal to get on his good side again, you can tell
him that you'll bring him a new blood "donor" (Unless you are a Nosferatu).
Enter the Asylum and persuade or seduce the girl that is up the stairs, to go
to the blood bank (2 XP). But you'll LOOSE HUMANITY for that. [+: If you are a 
Nosferatu you can find and convince Patty at the club Confession, later on.]



After the [SURF'S UP] quest if you check your emails you'll find a new one.
It's called "A favor" and it's from LaCroix. He wants you to snatch a pack of
werewolf blood that has been sent to the hospital for analysis. Go through the
blood bank door and up the stairs. There is a guard up here. You have two
options now. You can either pick the lock to the door to your right and
sneak through the vents trying to get unnoticed by the guard or you can simply
sneak-kill him or even drink him dry without humanity loss, since this area
becomes a combat zone when he attacks you first [+: This has been changed].
Grab his CLINIC GUARD'S KEY and also the MAINTENANCE ROOM KEY from the security
room. Use the computers to disable the cameras, open the safe and take the
WEREWOLF BLOOD from it (1 XP). Also check the maintenance room for a locked
chest. Pick the lock and get some PILL BOTTLES and a DRUG BOX for sale. Go back
to your flat and put the blood in the mailbox. Leave, re-enter and check your
mailbox for $150 and your PC for a congratulatory email (1 XP).


OUTCOME: 3 XP, $200

Arthur Kilpatrick will give you this quest and the CARSON'S APARTMENT KEY. Go 
to Carson's flat, which is right across Mercurio's and check the room. There is 
a poster on the wall with a tip to his password. Open the "mcgee" file (1 XP)
on his laptop and listen to the answering machine. Don't forget to pick-up the 
TATTOO PARLOR KEY that’s on the TV and also the MONEY CLIP ($25) on the table. 
There is a locked chest in his flat but probably your lockpicking, even with
Bloodbuff, isn't high enough yet.

Across from the pawn shop lies the Tattoo Parlor. Head to the basement and
answer the ringing phone. Agree to go to Gimble's Prosthetics and pose as a
model. To reach Gimble's Prosthetics travel all the way down the main street, 
then turn right. Ring the buzzer and he'll let you in. After you talk, he will
leave and head for the basement. Follow him, take the BLOOD PACK from the
fridge, and eventually reach his inner chamber. There you'll find Carson, talk
to him and then kill Gimble (1 XP). Free Carson, go back to Kilpatrick (1XP) to
report and get the reward money ($200). Now you can receive the [JUMPIN' THE
BAIL] quest from him.


OUTCOME: 2 XP, $150

After you've informed Arthur about his hunter quitting, he'll ask you to help
him with a bail-jumper. Go to the apartment across from yours and listen to
the answering machine (1 XP). Inform Arthur that his man has fled downtown 
(1 XP) and ask for your money ($150). After that you get the [MUDD HUNT] quest 
that will be continued in the next chapter, when you'll reach downtown.



Knox will give you this quest if you speak to him in the Asylum. He wants you
to uncover the Asian vampire that has been stalking him. His only clue is a
driver's licence. With a persuation of 3 you can tell Knox that his story is
"a little off" and get an XP bonus.

Now, check Kilpatrick's computer at Bail Bonds and search for the name "Crumb,
Virgil" that's on the licence, apparently he is in the morgue. Go to the blood
bank in the hospital and enter the room in the back with the laundry. There is
a hole on the wall, remove the wooden cover and enter the morgue. Hack the
computer if you want and then lockpick the box to find a keycard for the FOXY
BOXES shop (1 XP). It's across the road from the Asylum. Enter the building and
check the laptop if you want to find out more about the Asian vampire. Enter
through the door to the main storage area and you'll be confronted by him. It's
a rather tough battle since he is probably the first supernatural you face, but
with Bloodbuff things get easy. Kill him (1 XP) and report to Knox (1 XP). 
[+: The Asian vampire will drop a SHIN GUNTO sword and a crossbow on death.]


You receive this quest when read the newspaper in your building or some 
others elsewhere. Head over to the Santa Monica pier and check the murder
scene. It's obvious now that it was done by a supernatural being. This quest
will continue in chapter 3 after you've completed the [MUDD HUNT] quest in 


You'll receive this quest when you read the card that's on your desk in your
haven. This quest can only be solved in chapter 2, when you gain access to



You get this one during the [THE GHOST HAUNTS AT MIDNIGHT] quest, when you
find the DIARY in the kitchen. You'll successfully complete this if you give
the pendant to Therese and not Jeanette (1 XP). 



After you exit your building turn right and go into the first door you'll find,
the one with the bloodstain in front. There talk to Mercurio (1 XP) to get the



Head over to the beach and climb the iron stairs to the right. You can finish
this quest in many ways. You can assault the house and kill all enemies. You
can persuade/seduce the guard to let you in and then persuade the drug lord to
give you the ASTROLITE (1 XP), or seduce him and feed on him. There is a sneaky 
way in, too. Move to the right of the fence and remove the board to get inside. 
Enter, go to the back and shut off the electricity. Then sneak in. Open the 
vent in the laundry room and crawl inside, there's a MONEY ENVELOPE there
($250), take it (1 XP). There is also a CAR STEREO in the kitchen for you to
sell for some cash. Go back to Mercurio and he'll give you the [EXPLOSIVE
BEGINNING] quest. If you give his his money back you'll get +1XP.


You must now find Bertram Tung, the local Nosferatu. He is currently in a
feud with Therese Voerman and he is hiding. You need to go and talk to her.
Go into the Asylum and talk to the bartender, persuade him to let you see
Therese. Use the elevator and go to the 2nd floor, take the GOLD RING from the 
ground and notice the conversation behind the door. After it ends enter and talk
to Therese, she'll give you the [THE GHOST HAUNTS AT MIDNIGHT] quest and
the OCEAN HOUSE SEWER KEY. Check Jeanette's emails too, if you want, by hacking
her laptop. This quest will continue after you've sorted out the sister's

Whatever you say to them from now on will affect how things might end with
them. I've mentioned before about how to score with Jeanette. If you want
them to forgive each other and coexist happily in the end, you'll have to be
extra nice to both of them during your conversations.



NOTE: This is one of the best crafted levels I've ever seen in a game.

Go down the sewers and find the locked iron door. Use the key Therese gave you
and climb up the ladder into the ocean's house yard. Enter the trailer and grab 
the OCEAN HOUSE FRONT DOOR KEY. Use it to open the front door and get inside.
The house is haunted. Beware of the various stuff that the house throws at you,
they will hurt you. A few steps ahead you'll find an old newspaper on the
table. Try to go up the stairs and you'll fall though the breaking stairs.

You're now in the basement. Head forward, then turn right at the intersection 
and go through the only unlocked door. It will lock behind you. Break the wall 
and enter the next room. Read the old newspaper and now go to the laundry room. 
Open the half-opened washing machine, to get the BOILER ROOM KEY. Go into the 
boiler room and activate the generator, now you can use the elevator to go to 
the 1st floor.

Head past the middle section and read the newspaper on the table. Continue,
enter the next room and check the child-drawing on the floor. Step into the
other room and take the UPSTAIRS KEY from the drawer. Go to the other side of
the 1st floor and you'll see an apparition pointing to a door, use your key
to unlock the door and enter the room. Smash the boards on the flood and jump
down into the bar. Read the newspaper and use the food-lift to go down to the
kitchen. Pick up the DIARY in front of you to get the [SPIRITUAL RELEASE] 
quest, and hide in the corner until the ruckus calms down, then go through the 
door and into the vent. The vent will take you to the elevator shaft, quickly
run forward to avoid the falling elevator and use the ladder to reach the 2nd
floor. [+: Look around the 1st floor rooms to find the murderer's FIREAXE.]

Go inside the first door to the left and take the WEEKAPAUG THISTLE [+: or 
SCARLET TORKELSON: CIRCUS PERFORMER book (+1 Dodge [1/2], needs Research 2)] 
from the drawer. Continue through the corridor and to your left, read the 
newspaper. Now go back to the elevator and take the right corridor. Go to the
end of it and enter the last room to the left. Climb up to the next floor, 
leave the room, jump over the gap and duck under the gas that comes out of the 
walls. Go through the last door and reach a ruined area. When you proceed 
you'll be taken to the past. Take the PENDANT (1 XP) from the table and things
will turn back to their present state. Drop down, go back to the elevator shaft
and finally leave the house.

Return to the Asylum and you'll find Jeanette there. She will ask you to give
her the pendant. If you want to get her to bed later, give it to her, but doing
so will fail [THE GHOST HAUNTS AT MIDNIGHT] and the [SPIRITUAL RELEASE] quests. 
It's your choice. Whatever you do, she will then give you the [SLASHTERPIECE] 
quest. Finish it and come back to the Asylum to find Therese mad at you. If you
haven't given the pendant to Jeanette give it to her (2 XP) and complete this
quest and the [SPIRITUAL RELEASE] quest. Whether you succeeded or failed the
quest you'll receive another quest from her, [BAD BLOOD].


OUTCOME: 3 XP, $0 or $250 or ($250 and HUMANITY LOSS) [+: 1 XP]

After the haunted hotel Jeanette will give you this quest. You must go the
Gallery Noir and destroy all the paintings. The gallery is right across from
Mercurio's place. There is a guard in front of the gallery and you must get
past him, you can do this using two ways. You can either persuade/seduce him to
let you in, or you can go to the parking lot behind the gallery, remove the
iron bars and enter through the back entrance which you can lockpick easily.
I suggest to spare Chunk, he's one of the funniest NPCs in the game [+: also
you get a bonus (1 XP) if you don't kill anyone to enter the gallery.]

Once inside you must slash the paintings in a chronological order. Each
painting shows a part of Caine's legacy and you must slash it in chronological
order. The right order is: Caine slays Abel, Caine is cursed by god, 
Caine meets Lilith, Caine spurns Lilith. Once you do this a blood guardian will
appear and you'll have to fight him. After you've killed him (3 XP) you can
also steal the charity box, if you want, and gain $250 and a HUMANITY
LOSS, unless Jeanette told you what it's really for. Head back to the Asylum.



Therese says that she threatened her sister and that Jeanette is now  hiding
from her. She wants you to go to the local diner and reassure Jeanette that
everything is alright between them. Go to the diner and a pack of thugs will
attack you, kill them (2 XP) and answer the phone. You'll now receive the
[SIBLING RIVALRY] quest. Also don't forget to take the shotgun from the thugs
and some ammo for the .38.



Return to the Asylum to find Therese and Jeanette on each other necks. You
can take Jeanette's or Therese's side and make one kill the other (1 XP),
or persuade both of them to coexist (3 XP). In order to persuade both of them
you need to have a Persuasion feat of level 4 and during your previous 
conversations with them be you'd have to as nice as possible to both. This
means that you must tell them exactly what they want to hear all the time. If
you're still having trouble there is a nice guide that explains this step by
step, by Jake Zahn in GameFAQ's. [+: If you succeed, you get a HUMANITY GAIN
and a .38 or .38 ammo.]



Now that the sister's rivalry is over, the word will be out that the dispute
with Bertram Tung is over too (3 XP). You can now go to him. His hiding place
is over at Sunco Gasoline, the gate is now unlocked. Talk to him (1 XP) and
he'll get you inside the warehouse.

Once inside, you can kill nobody there for a bonus (1 XP) [+: or you can try 
to sneak unnoticed until you place the explosive for a bonus (1 XP).] You'll 
most likely need Obfuscate to sneak through this whole mission though. 

Once you're in you can stealth kill the first thug easily, and then enter the
next room. Grab the .38 ammo and continue to the next room stealth killing the 
second thug too. Back to the previous room and move the board off the wall to
uncover an opening, kill the bum outside [+: but with a HUMANITY LOSS.] and 
then go to the back yard to get some shotgun ammo.

From then on there are many ways into the main warehouse building:
1. Go through the main entrance which is heavily guarded.
2. Go to the train, climb the ladder and climb through the vent.
3. Go all the way around through the back door.

It's really up to you how you wanna do this, but I'll give you a way that is
probably the easiest and the most rewarding. Go past the train wagons and take
out the two thugs there. To the left between some wagons is a LOCKPICK, if you
still don't have one. Continue past the wagons and you'll see a train engine
in a bunker. Sneak attack the thug there and take the SILVER RING, then open
the vent to reach the inner warehouse. You'll be high up, with a view over
the various thugs. If you climb on the ceiling bars you can make it undetected
to the offices if that's your style, or you can try to kill them all from afar
with your .38. It doesn't do much damage but it has a long range so it will be
easy to kill every one on this side of the warehouse.

Now go back down the ladder and start moving through the wagons. You'll spot
a lone thug there, kill him as fast as you can and then take out the other two 
that will appear. In a wagon near you you'll find some .38 ammo if you need it. 
Open the door and enter another area with a wagon in the middle. Beware that 
there is a guard on the stairs. If you can take him out silently, and then move
on to the next area.

Here you'll find two thugs. You can kill them in a direct approach or you can 
do things a bit more entertaining. Pick up the yellow soda can in front of
you and throw it over to the left of the tower. When the two thugs will go
there to investigate, shoot the gasoline under the tower to bring it down on
them and kill them with a bang. Also don't forget to lockpick the storage (if
you can) to grab some shotgun and .38 ammo. Continue onwards and find a lone
thug. Feed on him since you'll probably need some blood, and lockpick the
back-door of the warehouse.

Once you'll enter the warehouse you'll have a tough battle waiting for you.
Even if you killed some of them when you were high up before, there will still 
be many thugs waiting. Use disciplines to kill them as quickly as possible,
you can also climb the ladder and use the switch to drop the hanging container
on some of them. What you need then is to go up the stairs inside the offices.
Kill everyone inside, grab all ammo you can find and arm the explosives near 
the desk in the 2nd room.

Once you've armed the astrolite a countdown will begin. You'll have to leave
quickly the same way you came. If you were noticed on your way in, a Sabbat 
vampire will attack you as you'll reach the door out of the warehouse. Use
Bloodbuff and any defensive disciplines you have. This will probably be your 
most difficult battle up to now, and remember that you also have a time limit. 
After you've showed him the final death continue moving until you'll be 
confronted by another Sabbat. Kill him and move to the station to bump onto

Beckett is a vampire historian (of sorts). Once you meet him the timer ends and
the warehouse blows up (4 XP). Talk to him and if you're a Gangrel you'll have
some more conversation options. Afterwards you'll be transported back to Tung. 
Ask anything you'd like to know and leave.

Now a taxi will be waiting outside the Asylum, take it and head downtown.
When you've reached downtown right across from where your taxi is standing, is 
the Venture Tower, get in. Inside you'll meet your old buddy, "Chunk", get him 
to call the elevator and head up to LaCroix. Tell him about the warehouse 
(1 XP) and the quest will be completed. He'll then give you the [ELIZABETHAN
RENDEZVOUS] quest. If you want Mercurio to bring you special weapons for sale
later, don't tell LaCroix about his astrolite misfortune.





You've finally reached downtown!

Downtown is the heart of the social and political vampire struggle. Here you
will meet the three opposing parties of the Kindred: the Camarilla, the 
Anarchs and even the Sabbat later on. You can choose sides and the choice you
make will have its consequences. It won't change things much for a while, but
it will affect the available paths you can take near the endgame.


All clans can get a haven in downtown. This haven is located in the Skyeline
Apartments on the 4th floor, except for the Tremere and the Nosferatu who
will get their own haven much later. In order to get the Skyeline haven you'll 
need to be polite to LaCroix and try to finish the [ELIZABETHAN RENDEZVOUS] 
without any killing, right after that quest LaCroix will offer you the haven. 
If you can't do the quest without killing, then you must really sweet-talk 
LaCroix into giving you the haven. Once you've received your new haven your 
computer will be transported there along with your ghoul, if you have decided 
to keep her. [+: Your laptop and mailbox will stay active in Santa Monica.]


After the [ELIZABETHAN RENDEZVOUS] you'll meet Heather outside the Venture
tower. If you are Nosferatu and using the sewers, you should go and look for
her. She'll say she wants to be with you and help you any way she can. If you
want you can tell her to forget about you and continue with her life and GAIN
HUMANITY. But if you want to have your own little ghoul to play with and also
get the best armor in the game for free, tell her that you want her to stay
with you. If you do so, she will go directly to wait for you in your haven,
either in Santa Monica or in downtown if you've acquired it.

Once you've got Heather you can do some things and certain events will occur:

1. If you tell her that you need money now, she'll give some to you ($20).

2. You can tell her to change her looks and she will change into a goth-chick.
   If you tell her again to change her looks she will change into a more sexy
   outfit. If you tell her again to change she'll turn back to her first look.

3. You can feed on her at certain times. Don't try to feed on her using the
   feed command, do it only through dialogue options, or else you might kill
   her or put her into a permanent trance.

4. She will ask you to feed her your blood two times more in the course of
   the game. Each time you have the option of freeing her if you want.

5. She will bring you presents. Some time after you've decided to keep her with
   you, she'll give you her school money ($500). Later, she'll lure a guy to
   your apartment and lock him in the bathroom. You can either let him go and
   persuade him not to tell a word about this, or you can feed on him. After
   you've fed her your blood for the second time she'll give you the best
   armor in the game, the body armor. You must go to her right after you return
   from the Society of Leopold and BEFORE talking to Lacoix, if you want to get
   the body armor. [+: You get another choice concerning Heather and the body
   armor. See Chapter 5 for more info]


Behind the van next to Venture tower, you'll find Fat Larry selling his goods 
[+: or in the dark alley besides the club Confession to fit his dialogue.]
He'll sell the FIREAXE, a very good melee weapon for you right now and also 
your second armor, HEAVY CLOTHING, be sure to take those two. He also has the 
BROKK pistol and the LASSITER sub-machinegun but unless you're a ranged 
specialist they are not that important or easy to use right now. Fat Larry will 
give you the [TRAFFIK] quest.


In the Last Round bar you'll find Nines. When you'll talk to him for the
first time you can ask him to show you some moves and you'll get +1 in Brawl
(if your brawling skill is not already 3 or more). Also after the [ELIZABETHAN
RENDEZVOUS] go talk to him again to get a +1 in Melee (if your melee is not
already maxed out). So to get the most out of him it's best to go to him the
first time with Brawl at level 2 and the second time with Melee at level 3.


There is another club in downtown called Confession. It's in the church-like
building. Inside you'll find another blood doll. You'll need a Seduction of 4
to make her want your dark kiss. The owner of the Confession, Venus, will give
you the [A CONFESSION] and the [AND HER NAME WAS VENUS] quests.


There are thugs scattered around in the streets that will attack pedestrians
and can even attack you (well it happened to me only once) or Larry. Try not 
to kill any of them though, because it will result in HUMANITY LOSS. Just give 
them a couple of hits and they will run away.


If you haven't told LaCroix about Mercurio messing up with the astrolite, when
you'll reach the Santa Monica beach for the [ELIZABETHAN RENDEZVOUS] quest
you'll find Mercurio waiting for you. He'll thank you then for keeping it a
secret and tells you that from now on he will have weapons to sell to you and 
that he can even get you some special ones.

From that time on, you can visit him in his apartment and buy weapons. You can
also ask him for special weapons like the STEYR AUG and the FLAMETHROWER [+:
and the REMINGTON M24 SWS sniper rifle and the DRAGON'S BREATH shotgun.] Those 
weapons will be available from him much later though. Try to check with him 
frequently, especially after you've completed a main quest, to see what new he
has to offer.


You'll find the Skyeline Apartments right next to the Confession club. You'll
need to come here for the [MUDD HUNT], [FUN WITH PESTILENCE] AND [NECROMANTIC]
quests and also under certain circumstances you may get to use apartment 4 as a
haven. There is some more stuff you can do here though.

Go down to the basement and hack into the computer, it seems the guard has
set up hidden cameras all over the place. Check the apartment notes and learn 
the apartment 3 code. You can check the monitor if you like. You can use the 
vents to navigate through the apartments but now you need to take the elevator 
to the 3rd floor. Use the code and enter. Hack the PC and unlock the safe. It's
located in the closet. Open it and take the GOLD RING, SILVER RING, FANCY
RING and FANCY WATCH. You need Hacking at level 6 to pull this off. [+: There
is a restored guard on the ground floor who will come after you for the theft.]


Next to the Skyeline Apartments is the Empire Arms hotel. You'll have to visit 
the suites here for the [FUN WITH PESTILENCE] and [AND HER NAME WAS VENUS] 
quests. You'll find a bar and a club area, there is nothing else of interest
except a locked door that you can pick and find a GOLD RING inside. If you want
to feed, wait for someone to go to the WC. If you want, you can also hack the
hotel PC and get some info about the residents. [+: The restored guard near the
entrance may force Nosferatu to use the vents.]


If you refuse to do any of the main quests LaCroix gives you, he will
eventually dominate you into doing them.

-------------------------====+<[  Q U E S T S  ]>+====-------------------------



Remember about the sun mentioned in the riddle? While facing the Venture Tower
go right and continue until you see a violet light burning on top of a building
to your left. Enter through a green door, this is the Tremere Chantry. Inside
you'll find that the corridors are bound with magic. In order to reach the
Tremere regent, Mr. Strauss, you'll have to turn right at every intersection.
On your way to him don't forget to pick up the THAUMATURGICAL CREATURES book.
Converse with him (1 XP) and learn about the Tremere. If you have a Persuasion 
of 5 you can get him to tell you what he thinks of LaCroix.

He will give you the [A PLAGUE FOR THE ANGELS] quest. Essentially it's the
same quest that Damsel will give you and you could have taken Damsel's quest
first if you liked, but if you are a Tremere and want to get the haven in the
Chantry you should first take the quest from Strauss and try not to anger him.



You get this from Strauss if you talk to him before talking with Damsel. In
order to complete this quest you must first finish the [FUN WITH PESTILENCE]
and [MORE FUN WITH PESTILENCE] quests that Damsel gave you and then come talk
to Strauss. As a reward you can choose between the BLOODSTAR which raises the
duration of Bloodbuff or some money ($250-350). Choose the item.

If you are a Tremere and want to get the Tremere haven in the Chantry later,
you must complete this quest. This means that you should talk first to Strauss
and then to Damsel.



Go to the Skyeline Apartments and use the vents from the basement to reach
apartment 5. You'll find Paul dead, listen to the answering machine and learn
that the code for apartment 6 is 1203. Use the elevator and enter apartment 6. 
Pick up the SAFE KEY from behind the vase and enter the bedroom. Talk to Hannah 
and learn about the plaguebearer (1 XP), if you don't tell her about Paul's 
death you'll GAIN HUMANITY. Open the safe and pick up the $200. 

Now you must go to the Empire Arms hotel to find Jezebel Locke. Talk to the
receptionist there and persuade/seduce him to give you Locke's key (1 XP). If
you can't do that you can go to the room behind the reception and print a
spare keycard at the desk. [+: You need to get the name of her suite from the
PC first to print the keycard.] Now go to the 5th floor, kill Locke (1 XP) and
gain a MASQUERADE REDEMPTION. Before you leave don't forget to take the FINANCE
MANUAL (+1 Finance [3/4], needs Research 6) from the table [+: or the BRAWLING 
MANUAL (+1 Unarmed [3/4], needs Research 5).] Now go back to Damsel and she'll 
give you the [MORE FUN WITH PESTILENCE] quest.



Outside of the Last Round you'll find a homeless man that walks up and down the
road. Talk to him and persuade him to tell you about the disease. He'll sent
you to Tin Can Bill who is in the alley across from the Last Round. Talk to
Bill and as he takes his last breaths he'll tell you about a "monster from the
sewers". There is a sewer entrance right at the end of the alley, use it. Now
either lockpick the iron door to reach the inner sanctum of the second 
plaguebearer,or go left, jump over the drain and climb over the planks and
barrels, turn right and pass through some vents. When you'll get close to the 
crucified man in the main room, Brother Kanker will appear. Killing him is not 
that hard, after you do so, take the brotherhood flyer from the floor (1 XP).
Push the switch to raise the bars and leave the sewers. 

Remember where you've seen the drawing on the flyer before? It's the graffiti
next to the Tremere Chantry. To the right of the graffiti you'll find a door,
enter it and show the flyer to the man there, he'll let you in (1 XP).

Now you'll have to fight a lot of plague victims, which are almost like 
zombies. They are slow and can be killed with one or two fireaxe slashes and 
a shotgun or pistol hit to the head will smash them to pieces. Just don't let 
them come very close or they will catch you and eat your brains or something, 
also don't let many of them surround you or things will get tough. If you 
try to feed on them you might get sick and vomit, so you better not. The 
easiest way is to simply run past them until you reach the last door and find
Bishop Vick.

Vick can be a pretty tough opponent, he uses Celerity and blasts you with his
shotgun, so make sure you've bought the second armor and also use any defensive
disciplines you have. You could fight him from far away with a shotgun 
yourself. If you use melee stay away from him until it's time to reload his
shotgun and then come close and hit him, continue doing this until he is dead
(2 XP).

Go to the Last Round, talk to Damsel (1 XP) and get a MASQUERADE REDEMPTION. 

If you want you can side with the Anarchs now. It doesn't make any difference
in how the game continues, it's more of a role playing decision. If you side
with them you can come to Damsel from time to time and report about LaCroix's
dealings. If you side with the Anarchs LaCroix will find out eventually, but
this won't change things much.



After you have met Garry and finished the [MORE FUN WITH PESTILENCE] quest,
Beckett'll send you an email that something strange is going on in the public 
library. Enter the downtown sewers and find "Access Point E", move into it and
then right until you get to a hatch. Open it and enter the public library.

In the basement is a disabled elevator. Pick up the box of VACUUM TUBES across
from it and enter the small maintenance room. Try to activate the elevator and
the tube board will blow. Replace the vacuum tube and the elevator works again.
Ride it up into the atrium and climb the escalators towards the wooden double
doors, while avoiding or fighting the lonely guard patrolling the atrium area.

You are now in the famous rotunda. Read the note, then enter the reading room
to the left and search it until you find a LIBRARY CARD on a stepladder. Take 
it, return back to the rotunda and move across into the gallery and into it's
backroom. Check the books on the table for the BRAID TALISMAN inside a hollow 
book. Then use the computer and type "insert card", followed by the password.
You will get the message "The world is the key to below!" and the option to
unlock the switch, which you do. Now what "world" is meant? There is a small
globe in the reading room, so go back there and it has turned into a switch.
Use it, return to the backroom and a secret passage has opened in the floor.

Descend the passage until you enter a huge ritual chamber. Now a cutscene will
play showing a sacrifice being held, which you forcibly interrupt by killing 
the priest and getting the JIAN broadsword in the process. Listen to Andrei's
speech, then fight him until he flees (2 XP). Return to the main library and
finish off the last creature waiting for you in the elevator before leaving.



Enter apartment 2 in the Skyeline building by using the vents. Pick up the two
CAR STEREOS and then listen to the answering machine. Also go to the bedroom
and take KENDO FOR ADVANCED STUDENTS (+1 Melee [3/4], needs Research 5) from
the floor. Hmm, the call mentioned "a warehouse across from the bar".

Head across the Last Round and enter the warehouse. You'll find another 
gruesome murder scene in the style of [CARNIVAL OF DEATH]. Talk to the homeless
guy and he'll confess what he saw (1 XP). Persuade him to keep his mouth shut
and gain a MASQUERADE REDEMPTION. Go up by climbing the boxes and pick up the
LUCKEE STAR ROOM KEY and the CAR STEREO from the ground near the dead body.
You'll continue this in chapter 3 in Hollywood.

If you score a hoop with the head that's on the ground, you'll hear a crowd
applauding. (Deus Ex deja vu?)


OUTCOME: 1-3 XP, +1 Finance [1/2/3], $500

Fat Larry will give you this quest after you've bought a weapon from him [+: or 
talked with him twice]. He wants you to go and steal a suitcase from an Asian 
gang. There are two ways of doing this, either a full-front assault or the 
sneaky way. Try to get the suitcase without anyone noticing for a bonus (2 XP). 

For a full-front assault things are simple, go down the parking levels and kill
everyone until you reach the leaders, then grab the standing SUITCASE (1 XP).

If you want to take the covert path, you must use the vents in order to move
through the underground parking. There will be ladders on the walls that will
take you to the vents. If you don't have Obfuscate you must note the pattern in
which the guards move in order to avoid them. The last vent will land you right
beside the gang boss and next to the SUITCASE. Grab it (3 XP) and then you're
free to kill everyone if you want. In one of the parking levels you'll also
find a CAR STEREO.

Now go back to Fat Larry and persuade him to give you a +1 to Finance (if your
Finance isn't already 3 or more) and finally take your hard earned money
($500). If you haven't talked to Venus yet, or if you are a Nosferatu and Venus
won't talk to you, Larry will point you to her and put in a good word for you.



If you're a Nosferatu you can't talk to Venus until you've done Fat Larry's
quest. If you're not, you just need to enter the Confession club and talk to
the sexy bartender. She'll want you to deal with some Russian guys she owes
money. As you exit the club go right and reach the end of the road. In the
parking lot you'll find 3 men. You can persuade them to come back next month or
you can simply kill them (1 XP). If you're a Malkavian you can dementate them
to kill each other. Report back to Venus (2 XP) and receive the [AND HER NAME
WAS VENUS] quest.


OUTCOME: 4 XP, $600 plus several times $250

After you've dealt with the 3 Russians, Venus will want you to deal with their
leader, Boris. She'll give you the EMPIRE MAFIA KEY. On your way out pick up
the wallet ($150) from behind the reception. Now go to the 6th floor of the 
Empire hotel.

Here you can either sneak you way to Boris or kill everyone. If you kill them
you can grab an INGRAM MAC-10 and some ammo for it. Whatever you do, get in
the first room and grab the BRAWLING MANUAL (+1 Unarmed [3/4], needs Research 
5) [+: or FINANCE MANUAL (+1 Finance [3/4], needs Research 6).] Boris's room 
is the one with the guard outside. If you attack the guard you'll have to fight 
Boris no matter what. If you persuade the guard to let you in you will talk 
with Boris. There are many things that you can do now:

1. Persuade him to leave Venus alone (2 XP).
2. He can give you the [VENUCIDE] quest and send you to kill Venus instead.
3. Attack and kill him (2 XP).
4. Dementate him to attack his guard. He only has a .38 [+: or GLOCK] while
   his guard has an Ingram so he'll definitely die (2 XP).

Whatever you do, don't forget to pick up the $200 an the FANCY RING before
leaving. Now if you didn't take [VENUCIDE] go back to Venus, talk to her
(2 XP) and gain $250. From now on you'll be her partner in Confession. After
you've finished a part of the main quest come back here and she'll give you 
some of the earnings.



If you decide to take up Boris's offer and kill Venus instead then you'll
receive this quest. Go to the Confession and after Venus took you up to her
private chamber, kill her (2 XP, HUMANITY LOSS). Go back to Boris and he'll
give you $1000. This fails the [AND HER NAME WAS VENUS] quest.



To the left of the Venture Tower you'll find the abandoned hospital. Enter
through an opening at the fence and go through the door. A man will come
running at you, he is a reporter. Speak to him and then get a MORPHINE BOTTLE
from the right room, before opening the first left door and climbing through 
the vent. Drop down, open the next door and break the wall under the stairs. 
Then open the double doors, take the MORPHINE BOTTLE and crawl down using the
boards. In the room to the left room you'll find another MORPHINE BOTTLE. 
Remove the rubble that blocks your path and eventually you'll reach Pisha. 
If you decide to help her you'll receive this quest.

Go back to where Milligan was and you'll find him gone. Pick up his BUSINESS
CARD and learn that he resides at the Skyeline Apartments in apartment 1. Use
the vents to enter the apartment, he is hiding in the closet. If you tell him
to just leave, you'll fail the quest. You have other options though:

2. Persuade him it was all a joke and send him to Pisha to be killed
3. Intimidate him to keep him silent (2 XP, MASQUERADE REDEMPTION).
4. Dementate him and drive him mad (2 XP, MASQUERADE REDEMPTION).
5. Dominate him to forget everything (2 XP, MASQUERADE REDEMPTION)

Pick up the PHOTO from the desk and go back to Pisha (1 XP). You can now
receive the [OCCULTISH PERSONALITY] quest from her.



After taking care of the reporter, Pisha can give you this quest. She wants you
to find 2 occult items for her:

1. The FETISH STATUE, which can be obtained in the museum basement if you
   break into the glass chamber where it's being kept. This can be done only
   during the [PATRON OF THE ANCIENT ARTS] quest. Give it to Pisha and receive
   the ODIOUS CHALICE as a reward (1 XP).

2. The GIOVANNI BOOK "VOCE DELLA MORTE", which can be obtained in the embalming
   chamber of the Giovanni mansion. This can be done only during the [ITALIAN
   DINER] quest. Return it to Pisha and receive the KEY OF ALAMUT as a reward
   (1 XP).



Skelter will give you this quest if you talk with him about the Masquerade 
when you'll meet him in the Last Round. You must go to the Confession club and
meet Patty. She is rather annoying. You can deal with her in several ways:

1. Persuade her that her master has gone to San Diego (1 XP).
2. Take her to the alley and kill her (1 XP, HUMANITY LOSS).
3. If you have already spoken to Pisha, you can tell her that her master is 
   having a rave party in the basement of the abandoned hospital and send her 
   as a snack to Pisha (1 XP, HUMANITY LOSS).
   [+: To [REPLANT A LILY] you can send her to Vandal (1 XP, HUMANITY LOSS).]

Go back to Skelter and receive a MASQUERADE REDEMPTION (1 XP).



After you've spoken with LaCroix for the first time, he'll give you this
quest. First you must go to the Last Round (if you haven't already) and talk
to Nines. You can pick up the [FUN WITH PESTILENCE] quest from Damsel here and
the [ATTENTION WHORE] quest from Skelter. Then go to the Santa Monica beach, 
get in the boat and reach the Dane. On the ship you can do things the "bloody"
way, the "easy" way or the "hard" way. With the bloody way you'll piss off
LaCroix and you may not get the downtown haven. If you choose this way your
path will be like that of the hard way only instead of sneaking you'll be
slaughtering. You may even drop the hanging container from the crane on some 
cops. But there are two ways to finish the quest without killing anyone:

The Easy Way:
When you reach the ship you'll see a policeman near you. If you approach him
he'll talk to you. It seems that he was bribed by someone to let a reporter on
the ship. You can persuade him (level 4) that you're that reporter and he'll
give you the POLICE REPORT (1 XP) and the password of the security computer.
He'll then distract some other guards so you can get inside the security
room. If any other policeman sees you he will attack you at the spot so you
must sneak from now on. Also remember that after a while the guard will return
to the security room. Descend down the stairs and enter the door to the right,
continue to the bloody corridor and lockpick the next door you'll face. Now you
are in a room with some stairs going up and a locked door. Lockpick the door
and get the SHIP MANIFEST (1 XP) from the table. Now go back to the previous
room and up the stairs. Enter the left door, you're now in the security room.
Use the computer, enter the folder "controls" and type the password. Then use
the command "ship cam on" to enable the cameras. Use the monitor next to the
computer and check out the sarcophagus (1 XP). Then sneak your way to the boat.

The Hard Way:
If you can't persuade the policeman, then you'll have to do it the hard way. If
you have Obfuscate though you'll find this very easy. Anyway, you now have to 
get close to the sarcophagus. Your path will be the same as the easy way up to
where you get the SHIP MANIFEST (1 XP). If you have a high Hacking feat and 
Dementation or Dominate, you can still go to the security room, incapacitate
the guard with one of those disciplines and then quickly hack into the computer 
to watch the sarcophagus and surroundings from the monitor. If you can't do 
this, things will get tough. From the room with the ship manifest open the 
other door and you'll be on the outside of the ship. This whole area is full of
patrolling cops and huge containers. On the side of some of the containers 
you'll see a little ladder. What you need to do now is to climb onto those
containers and try to avoid being seen by the cops. You can throw stuff you
find on the containers in order to distract the guards. A little further you'll
find a table with the POLICE REPORT, take it (1 XP). Continue sneaking
forward and you'll eventually reach the sarcophagus (1 XP). Now leave by taking
the opposite path, over the containers, from the one you took the first time.
With a little luck you'll be able to pull this off and reach the boat.

Take the boat back to Santa Monica beach and if you've avoided killing any cops
you'll get a bonus (2 XP). Go talk to LaCroix (2 XP) and receive the Skyeline
Apartments haven as a reward (if you've been polite to him and you're not a
Tremere or a Nosferatu). He'll then give you the [CALLING DR. GROUT] quest.


OUTCOME: 6 XP, $300

Take the cab and drive to Grout's mansion. On your way in, you'll find Nines
coming out of the mansion acting very strangely. Inside the mansion is filled
with Grouts "experiments" that have gone mad. The females are pretty easy to 
kill, only the S&M males pose some threat. Just block their first attack and
then whack them. Have in mind that across the mansion you'll find many
recorders with Grouts thoughts taped, be sure to listen to them if you want
to find out more about Grout and the reasons behind his disappearance.

Now go right and enter the library, pick up the SCARLET TORKELSON: CIRCUS
PERFORMER book (+1 Dodge [1/2], needs Research 2) [+: or WEEKAPAUG THISTLE] 
and read the note on the table, you'll have to solve a riddle now. The note
says that the mind effects the other two with various effects, so all you have
to do is to flip the mind candle until all candles are lit (since it's results
will be random eventually you'll get them all lit and solve the riddle)(1 XP).

Now the other door in the main hall will be unlocked, open it and enter the RED
hall. Flip the candle on the wall next to the stairs and a secret passage will
open above. Go up the stairs, then continue the path downwards until you reach
the GREEN hall. The doors to your right lead you back to the RED hall. Open the
door across from the one you entered and you'll be in a room with a fireplace.
Push the switch on the fireplace and a secret door will open, move on up the

You'll find yourself on the 2nd floor of the library and another riddle is
waiting for you. Read the note and try to solve it. If you can't seem to find
the solution there is an easier way. There is a book in one of the bookcases 
that can be pulled which solves the riddle instantly. (This is on the few cases
where inspection can prove useful) A new secret door will open downstairs that
leads to the basement.

Crouch to avoid the electricity beams (they'll kill you instantly) and flip the
various switches until all beams are gone. Pick up the TARULFANG from the
ground and on you way out of the generator room pull the big switch there. The 
way into Grouts inner sanctum is now open (1 XP).

Go back to the RED hall and enter the previously locked door. You'll find
two laboratories. In the empty room there is a locked refrigerator door. If
you can't pick the lock you must go to the other room, kill the enemies and get
the LABORATORY REFRIGERATOR KEY. Open the refrigerator and grab the 3 BLOOD
PACKS, 2 ELDER VITAE and a MORPHINE BOTTLE. Now go down the stairs and reach 
the detention area. If you want to avoid some enemies you can open the secret 
door on the wall that will lead you a bit further [+: you can do this with the
telephone switch in the side room]. If you choose to stay on the main route,
in one of the rooms you'll find a MORPHINE BOTTLE. Finally you'll reach a 
wooden door. Open it and then climb the boards to reach the upper floor.

Pick up another MORPHINE BOTTLE from a table and go up the stairs to the "wife
preservation" chamber. Turn on the gramophone and the door to Grouts bedroom
will be unlocked. Enter to find Grout's remains on the bed (1 XP). Afterwards
you'll meet with Grünfeld Bach for the first time, the crazed leader of the
vampire hunters. He has set the mansion on fire and you must now escape the

The fire will easily show you the way out of the mansion, since only one route
is possible. The tough part will be facing the burning madmen coming after you.
They will deal much more damage since they can burn you. A shotgun might do the
trick if you are good enough with ranged, else stick with your fireaxe. Just 
try to kill them as quickly as possible and watch your back since they'll be
also coming from behind. DON'T try to feed on them because you'll burn to
death. Finally when you'll reach the final room, jump out of the window.

Go back to LaCroix and report (3 XP). He'll then give you the [PATRON OF THE
ANCIENT ARTS] quest. Persuade him for $300 and talk to him to get some more
info if you want.


OUTCOME: 5 XP, +1 Scholarship [1/2/3/+:4]

Take the cab to the museum. Here you can go into a killing streak if you like,
but you'll anger LaCroix. If you do this without killing anyone you'll get some
bonus XP in the end. If a guard notices you he'll attack you, so you need to
sneak by them if you want to avoid bloodshed. Watch the walking pattern of the
guards and make your moves when they don't see you.

Anyway, read the note next to the raptor and go around the corridor, open the
half-opened display door and take the OFFICE KEY. Now you need to go down, but
you may want to jump onto the pterosaur first to find a MONEY CLIP ($100). Once
you're downstairs you'll see a set of doors on one side, these are the offices.
Enter the left door by using the key you found. Inside pick up the PRESCRIPTION
BOTTLE from one of the desks and then pick the door to reach the basement.

Go outside and enter the right door where the toilets are. Beware of a guard
that maybe in here and get into the maintenance room. Climb into the vents.
From there you can either open the vent of the security room and try to pickup
the BASEMENT KEY from high above, without being seen by the guard inside, or
you can get into the next room and use Obfuscate, Dementation or Dominate on
the guard to pick up the key.

Once you're down in the basement, things will get tough if you want to remain
unnoticed, and you don't have Obfuscate. There is a guard that patrols around 
the area and you must time your movement according to his position. The
toughest part is that there are many cameras scattered around the corridors.
You should wait for the camera to turn and run under it, into it's "blind spot"
and then make your next move. You can also destroy the cameras to remove the

Once you get down the stairs you'll see a security room in front of you, with a 
guard inside. There is a computer in there that you can hack (level 6) to 
disable the cameras and on the left desk you'll find the SECURITY MANUAL book
(+1 Security [3/4], needs Research 6). Sneaking in there is very hard without
Obfuscate but it can be done if you time your moves right.

Now go down the next corridor, turn right and enter the room. Read the note on
the desk and learn the door code (2358). Also open the drawer for a GOLD RING
and a NORMAL WATCH. Next, head across the corridor and into the lab to your
left. Pick up the MUSEUM WORKROOM KEY from the desk (1 XP) and hack the PC if
you want some info and another mentioning of the code.

If you've taken Pisha's quest, you'll need to obtain the statue before you move
on. Get out the room you're in and go left until you find a big glass window.
Break the window with your fists, enter and grab the FETISH STATUE (1 XP). Now
leave, go to the door with the panel and put in the code.

Continue onward and you'll find another security room. If you're the killing
type smash the window and kill the guard. Then you can hack the PC to disable
the security beams in the next room and the alarm too. If you're sneaking, just
enter the next room and face the security beams. Smash the panel on your right
to make the beams flicker and thus enable you to move past them with the right
moves. Open the next door and you'll now be in the museum vaults.

The final door leads you to a room where you'll meet Beckett again (3 XP). Ask
him about how many years he has studied vampire lore and you'll gain +1 to
Scholarity [1/2/3/+:4]. If you haven't killed anyone you'll get a bonus (2 XP). 
Go back to LaCroix and report to him (1 XP). He'll give you the [THE EPIC OF


The prince now wants you to find Gary and learn the location of the stolen 
sarcophagus. You'll have to go to Hollywood and talk to Isaac for that. This
quest will be continued in the next chapters and will be finished much later.





As soon as you reach Hollywood, a vampire will come and talk to you. He says
you must announce yourself to the Baron of Hollywood, Isaac. You should do
that. You already need to talk to him for the main quest and he'll also give
you some other quests. Isaac is located at the end of the street behind the 
jewellery store, across from the abandoned Chinese Theatre. 


Right across from the taxi you'll see the Red Spot convenience store. Once
you're inside go to the coolers to your right and pick up $25. Then talk to the
clerk and ask him about the special, he'll show you his secret stash of 
weapons. He sells the COLT ANACONDA which is the best ranged weapon up to now, 
the SLEDGEHAMMER a very nice melee weapon and the third armor, LIGHT LEATHER, 
for you to wear, which you should buy. Anyway, talk to the guy a bit, he is 


At some point you'll bump into a friend of yours from your old mortal life, 
called Samantha. She'll recognise you and try to "help" you. You can persuade 
her that you're not who she thinks you are and she'll leave you alone. If you 
can't, she'll make a phone call that she found you. If you manage to persuade 
Samantha that you're someone else, you'll receive a MASQUERADE REDEMPTION. If 
you are a Ventrue you can trance her before she has a chance to talk to you and 
she'll stay in trance for the rest of the game. With a high Intimidation you can
prevent her from making the call, but if it's not high enough, then the beast
will take over, you'll immediately kill her, and the cops will be alerted.

- If you're a Malkavian you can use Dementation to make her think that you're 
  her pet turtle (best solution so far).
- If you're a Nosferatu, you wont meet Samantha at all.


There is an internet cafe in Hollywood called Ground Zero. You can hack the
computers and get some info about the locals. Inside you'll find another skill
book, THE COWBOY'S GUIDE TO CYBERSPACE BY CASE (+1 Computer [5], needs Research
9). Another interesting thing is that in an email someone mentions the secret
clan "Chockula". There is no such "secret" clan in the game but actually
there is a fan-made mod that adds a new clan with that name to the game.


Vesuvius is the strip club of Hollywood. It belongs to sexy VV who will give
you some quests. You can get a lap-dance from Misty for $100 here, a rather
steep price I may add. If you have a Seduction of 6 you can get the price down 
to $60. If you decide to get the lap-dance, she'll take you to the private
rooms and there you can feed on her. After that when you talk to her, you can
say that you don't have any money and she'll still give you a private dance. So
from now on you'll have another blood doll. [+-: This exploit has been fixed,
+: but you can ask Misti for a real lap-dance if you don't want to feed.]


There is another club in Hollywood, the Asp Hole. Inside you find a blood doll
waiting for you to seduce her. With a Seduction of 6 she is yours. The club
belongs to a fledgeling called Ash, a former film star and now a Childe of
Isaac. He'll offer you the [HUNTERS HUNTING] quest if you talk to him. There
is also a NORMAL WATCH on the railing left from the entrance.


Right across from Asp Hole is a sex shop/peep show called Sin Bin. Go down the
stairs and either pay to enjoy a show, or simply get inside a booth that is
already being used and watch for free. Some quests will bring you here too.


The Luckee Star motel is found right next to the internet cafe. Apart from 
some quests that involve it, there are a couple of valuables that you can
steal from the rooms. Go up the stairs and lockpick the first door to your
right. Inside you'll find a WALLET ($200) on the desk and a PRESCRIPTION
BOTTLE in the bathroom. [+: For an easter egg open some doors very often.]


Behind the peep show you'll find a crack in the wall that leads to the 
Hollywood cemetery. The gravetaker is a ghoul by the name of Romero and he
deals with the zombie problem (a reference to director George Romero, the maker
of "Night of the Living Dead"). He'll give you a quest, but apart from that
there is not much more you can do here.


If you've helped VV with her quests and you've been seductive to her, she will
send you 3 love-mails ("Thank You", "The Muse's Muse" and "Your Bloody
Valentine"). She'll thank you for your help and write poems to you. Hmm, can't
help but wanting a little more from her though.



This quest can be obtained after you've located the Nosferatu hideout. If you
check your computer, you'll see that Gary has sent you an email "Prince is
promoting you!". He'll give you a poster of Jeanette if you find him a copy of 
"Tap Hotel".

Go to the old Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, where the Gargoyle was/is. Enter
the main theatre hall and pick up the VIDEO TAPE that's right in front of the
screen, in the middle section. Now go back to your haven and put it in your
mailbox. The next time you'll enter your haven you'll see that there is a 
poster of Jeanette on the wall.


[+: This quest has been moved up because you get the other things earlier.]
Check your emails again and you'll find "Rocket Launcher for Sale" from Gary.
Have in mind that his next quests require high level Hacking and Lockpicking 
(level 8). So if you haven't got these maybe you should leave them for later.

In his second email Gary wants you get him a certain CD-ROM [+: or a wooden
pull toy] from a safe at Metalhead Industries. You can get inside Metalhead 
Industries in Hollywood only if you have received the access card from the 
[A TANGLED WEB] quest from Mitnick.

Anyway, once you're inside the "operations room" in Metalhead Industries use 
the computer and enter the "safe" folder. Hack the password and unlock the 
safe door. Take the CD-ROM [+: or the WOODEN PULL TOY] and put it in your  
mailbox. The next time you'll enter your haven you'll find a poster of Damsel.


[+: This quest has been moved up because you get the other things earlier.]
Check the email called "Want to Learn Vicissitude?" and learn that Gary wants 
a naughty tape of Imalia from her former model days. Hmm, so who was one of her 
bigger fans? Carson the bounty hunter comes to mind. Go to his apartment in 
Santa Monica (the one across Mercurio's) and lockpick his chest. You'll need 
a Lockpicking feat of 8 (you can use Bloobuff to raise your lockpicking skill).
If you don't have it yet maybe you should wait until to obtain the FAE
CHARM that will give you a +1 to Dexterity.

Take the VIDEO TAPE and put it in your mailbox. The next time you'll be in your 
haven you'll notice a Ming-Xiao poster.


If you haven't managed to get a poster from VV [+-: which you can't anymore], 
Gary will sent you an email with the subject "Cheat codes". He wants a
Nosferatu photo from that reporter, Milligan.

You probably have the photo already, but if you don't then you should go to the 
2nd floor of the Skyeline Apartments and you'll find the PHOTO in Milligan's 
bedroom on his desk. Put it in your mailbox and Gary will send you VV's poster.


After that you'll get another email from Gary titled "Confidential Nigerian 
Proposal" in which he asks for a special transponder NAME PLATE. You'll find 
it in the Kamikaze Zen vault and after mailing it to him you'll receive an 
unspoiled poster of Tawni Session.


Gary's next email "Replica Stakes" wants you to get a SQUASHED ODIOUS CHALICE 
that can be found in the last lab room at the Fu Syndicate. He will send you a 
poster of Imalia before her transformation.


The last poster quest email "World of Darkness Gold fast!" asks you to mail
Gary a THROWING STAR. Find it stuck into a desk at the Red Dragon and send it
to him for another poster of a pretty face (1 XP).

-------------------------====+<[  Q U E S T S  ]>+====-------------------------



After finishing the [DEAD EX] quest, if you ask Isaac whether you can help him 
with anything, he'll give you this quest. You have to deal with the Gargoyle
occupying the old theatre. Get the CHINESE THEATRE KEY from Isaac, then go
Downtown and visit Strauss. You'll learn that the Gargoyle is his making and
that he wants it destroyed. He'll also give you the RUNE OF THE 3RD EYE which
will offer you some protection against the Gargoyle. Now you can do two things
regarding the Gargoyle:

1. You can attack and kill it. Try to use blunt weapons, the sledgehammer works
   really well (3 XP).
2. You can convince it to ally with Isaac (3 XP).

Whatever you've chosen you can go back to Strauss and get some money ($500) as
reward [+: or the PEARL OF DUBAI if you are clan Brujah or Toreador]. Even if 
you chose 2., you can lie to him. If you are a Tremere and you've done the 
[A PLAGUE FOR THE ANGELS] quest for him too, he'll offer you a haven right 
there in the Chantry.

You can also go back to Isaac [+: for 1 XP and a MASQUERADE REDEMPTION] and 
tell him about Strauss being the Gargoyle'screator (2 XP). If you're a Tremere
and want the downtown haven DON'T do this because from then on the Tremere
Chantry will be closed for you.


OUTCOME: 2 XP, $100

Go back to your haven and check your emails. LaCroix has send you another one, 
asking you to ruin a Hollywood cafe's reputation. Go to the Cafe Caroletti in
Hollywood, which is right across from the Chinese Theatre. You'll find the
food critic waiting outside. Convince, or dominate, or dementate him to write a 
bad review (2 XP). Go back to your haven, read LaCroix's congratulatory email 
and pick up your reward money from your mailbox ($100).

Note: Sometimes the money won't show up in the mailbox, it's a random bug.


OUTCOME: 3 XP, $150

Go to the Vesuvius and talk to VV, you can't possibly miss her. She'll take you 
up to the VIP room and tell you about a hunter-stripper she wants you to take 
care of, for her.

Go to the Sin Bin and head down the stairs to the peep show. First you need to 
make all the customers go away. Lockpick the ATM machine and steal it's money
($150), one of the customers will come out to get some change and since there
is none, he'll leave. Then enter the last green door to your right, read the
note and remember the password (sinner). Then pick the lock of the managers 
office and use the PC. Enter the "peepshow" directory, type the password
"sinner" and run the command "lockdown". All the customers will now leave.

Then lockpick the "employees only" door and talk to the stripper. Persuade or 
dominate her to give you a private dance and she'll move into another room. 
Now the only stripper left is the one you want, the blond one called Chastity. 
Kill her (2 XP) [+: and get a SHIN GUNTO sword from her dead body.]

Go back to VV and report (1 XP). If you talk to her again she'll give you the



Go to the Luckee Star motel and talk to Hatter. Persuade, seduce, intimidate, 
dominate or dementate him to give you his SCREENPLAY (2 XP). Then get him to 
tell you about his collaborator (1 XP), it's Julius, the thin-blood on the  
Santa Monica beach. Go there and talk to him, you can:

1. Let him leave L.A. (HUMANITY GAIN).
2. Let him leave L.A. and take his money ($100).
3. Kill him (1 XP).

Then go talk to VV (1 XP) and receive a MASQUERADE REDEMPTION. She'll also give
you VV'S AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO and she'll send a poster of her in your Haven, if
you've been nice and seductive to her. [+-: She will not send you this poster 
because otherwise you'll miss Gary's poster quest for it.]



Go to the Luckee Star motel and use the key you found at the downtown murder 
scene. You'll watch Muddy being killed (2 XP). The killer flees and it seems 
like this is another gruesome murder of the serial killer. This will come to a
closure in the [CARNIVAL OF DEATH] quest.



In Muddy's room in the Luckee Star motel pick up the BROTHER'S SALVAGE business 
card. Remember where you've seen this again? Go to Santa Monica and you'll find
Brother's Salvage right next to Tung's hideout. Enter it and reach the car

The killer will start throwing cars at you, just try to avoid them. Eventually
he'll come to talk to you. Get him to tell you his story and try to end this
without bloodshed to GAIN HUMANITY, but if you don't have enough points in 
Persuasion you'll have to fight him in the end. Persuade or kill him (2 XP) 

If you have a Persuasion of at least 7 you can persuade the killer to stop his
rampage from now on and finish this nice and clean.


OUTCOME: 3 XP, $250-500 [+: HUMANITY LOSS]

You can talk to Isaac and learn about Ash, or you can simply go to the 1st
floor of his club (Asp Hole) and speak to him directly. He'll tell you about
the hunters stalking him. If you talk to Isaac about it he won't do anything 
to help. But you can help Ash yourself in two ways:

1. Tell him to change clothes with someone that looks like him. Now go down and
   near the stairs you'll find a guy that resembles him very much. Persuade/ 
   Seduce/Intimidate him to change clothes with Ash. Go up to Ash and tell him
   to visit the WC and do the exchange. Move down the stairs and watch the
   cutscene. Mission accomplished (3 XP, $250) [+: with a HUMANITY LOSS]. 

2. You can help Ash escape through the sewers. You'll have to face many hunters
   there. Try not to hit Ash during the combat and make sure he is right behind
   you when you climb the ladder in the end. Once you reach the last door the
   quest is completed (3 XP, $500).


OUTCOME: 3 XP, +1 Firearms [1/2/3[+:4]

Go behind the Sin Bin and clear the rubble from the opening in the wall. This
leads into the Hollywood cemetery. Inside the house you'll find the caretaker,
Romero. Romero desperately needs some lovin' but he also has a zombie problem
and he needs your help. If you decide to watch the place while he goes to find
a prostitute you'll get the [YOU ONLY DIE ONCE A NIGHT] quest,otherwise you can:

1. Tell him that you'll bring him a prostitute. Go and find one in Hollywood
   and persuade her to come with you to Romero (3 XP). Afterwards you can ask
   Romero to help you raise your Firearms skill (+1 Firearms [1/2/3/+:4]). 
   [+: This quest will still be available after [YOU ONLY DIE ONCE A NIGHT].]

2. If you're female, Romero will make a move on you. If you want you can give
   him the lovin' yourself (3 XP). Afterwards you can come back and feed on him
   any time you like, but you won't get his Firearms bonus. Later you'll also 
   get an email from Romero.


OUTCOME: 3 XP, +1 Firearms [1/2/3/+:4]

If you decide to keep an eye on the cemetery and the zombies while Romero goes
to get laid, you'll receive this quest. As soon as Romero leaves, a 5 minute
counter will begin and zombies will start to rise from their graves. You have
to kill as many as you can and prevent them from smashing the gates and get
out. Have in mind that there are two gates that lead out of the cemetery, one
near Romero's place and the other near the opening you used to get inside.

This is probably the most annoying and hard quest of the game. If you have
Celerity, things will be relatively easy since you can run quickly from one
gate to the other and kill the zombies. Without Celerity though it's gonna be
really tough. Try to run directly from one gate to the other and don't waste
time dealing with the zombies in between. If the zombies kick a gate for
a time, eventually they will smash it and escape the cemetery. This will fail
the quest and will also lead to a MASQUERADE VIOLATION.

If you manage to keep the zombies inside for 5 minutes, Romero will come back 
and you'll complete the quest (3 XP). You get to keep his rifle (Jamie Sue) or
you can ask him for a Firearms bonus (+1 Firearms [1/2/3/+:4]).



This quest can be obtained after you've located the Nosferatu hideout. Talk to
Imalia and if you make her mad you can ask her how to get back on her good 
side. She wants you to get her a special copy of the Guy magazine. Go to the 
Sin Bin and talk to Flynn. He'll sell you the copy you want for $500. Now take 
the GUY MAGAZINE SPRING EDITION to Imalia (1 XP). There you can:

1. Ask her for $200 and not get her next quest.
2. Ask her to speak to you and get the [MODEL CITIZEN] quest.

[+: This quest will be available also after the [MODEL CITIZEN] quest and you 
will be able to get the [MODEL CITIZEN] quest when you took her money too.]



This quest can be obtained after you've located the Nosferatu hideout. Imalia 
wants to get revenge on Tawni Sessions and tells you to go to her apartment
and plant some cameras. She'll give you the TAWNI'S APARTMENT KEY and three
WEB CAMERAS. Make sure you have enough room in your inventory for the 3 cameras
or you'll get as many as you can carry and you'll not be able to complete the
quest. [+: This bug has been circumvented by making the cameras stackeable.]

Go and enter the building with the black door across from the Luckee Star motel 
and then move up the stairs and enter Tawni's apartment.

This is a completely stealthy mission, you must not be seen by Tawni or her
boyfriend. If you have Obfuscate, things will be easy, if not you must be very,
very careful. Don't use any disciplines like Trance or Hysteria because they
will fail the quest.

Now you must place one camera on the kitchen floor, one under the bathroom sink
and one next to the bed. Afterwards sneak to Tawni's laptop, enter the "camera" 
folder, use the password "cleopatra" and run the command "cam check". Now go 
back to Imalia and talk to her (2 XP). You'll learn that Tawni killed herself
after Imalia circulated Tawni's sex habits in the tabloids. So if you ask for
money ($400), you'll also receive a HUMANITY LOSS.


OUTCOME: 1 XP, +1 Computer

This quest is only open for Nosferatu [+: unless you use the plus patch.]
After you've located the Nosferatu base go back to your haven and you'll find
an email from Bertram saying he wants to talk to you. Go to his hideout in
Santa Monica and he'll give you this quest. Now travel back to the Nosferatu
warrens (through the entrance in the Hollywood cemetery mausoleum) and go all
the way back to the underground lake. Take the left path and there you'll find
the CD-ROM right next to the sofa. 

Take it back to Bertram (1 XP) and he'll help you increase your computer skills
(+1 Computer [1-5]).



This quest can be obtained after you've located the Nosferatu hideout. Mitnick
wants you to help him build a network in Los Angeles. You'll have to enable four
network hubs to do so. After you've taken this quest go to your haven and
read his email. Pick up the MEGAHURTZ ACCESS CARD from your mailbox and then
travel to Santa Monica.

Megahurtz Computing can be found behind the Asylum. Get in and use the vents
to enter the electrical room. Turn on the power and then go and use the
computer. Enter the "net security" folder, type the password "Gil Bates" and
run the "schrecknet" command (2 XP). Go back to your haven and check your mail
to find out about the 2nd hub.



The second hub is in the Nocturne Theatre, downtown. Pick up the WEB CAMERA
from your mailbox and then head over to the parking lot next to the Empire Arms
hotel. Enter the sewers from there and find "Access Point B". This leads into
the Nocturne Theatre.

Remember that you must not be seen by anyone or kill any guards. Now use the
ladder to reach the platform up high. Then climb the next small ladder to reach
the platform on top of the main theatre hall. You'll see a big red "X" on the
left side of the wall, go there and place the web camera.

Move back to the first platform and climb down the other ladder. You must
reach the last office to your right and find the computer. Open the "camera"
folder, use the password "break a leg" and run the "schrecknet" command 
(2 XP). Now get out and go back to your haven to learn about the 3rd hub.



The third hub is in Metalhead Industries, Hollywood. Pick up the METALHEAD
ACCESS CARD from your mailbox and head over to Hollywood. Metalhead is right
next to the Red Spot. Use the card to enter and remember that this is another
completely stealthy mission, nobody must ever know you were there.

To your right you'll find a door, get inside and use the computer. Enter the
"operations" folder and hack the password. Then unlock the door of the
operations room on the second floor. Now head over there and enter the room.
Use the computer, open the folder "net security", hack the password and run
"schrecknet" (2 XP).

You can also hack the "safe" folder and unlock the safe door. Inside you'll
find a CD-ROM [+: a WOODEN PULL TOY.] that you'll need for one of Gary's
email quests.

Now travel back to your haven to learn about the 4th hub. This quest will be
covered in the next chapter.



When you reach Hollywood go and talk to Isaac to receive this quest. Head to
the Ground Zero internet cafe and use the last computer to the right. Enter
the email folder and use the password "kafka". Read the first email (1 XP). 
On your way out don't forget to take the COMPUTER SKILL BOOK, if you haven't

Now go behind the "Fast Buck" to meet with a guy in the alley. He'll tell you
something about "Ginger Swans" and then run away. Go back to Ground Zero and
check the PC next to the one you used before. It has a "Celebrity Database"
enter the "s-z folder" and type "swan, ginger". Apparently she is an old
actress and she is buried at the Hollywood cemetery. (If you ask Issac, he'll
mention her)

Go behind the Sin Bin and remove the rubble from the hole in the wall. Crawl 
into the cemetery and walk the path all the way to the other side. Enter the 
big mausoleum. Turn left and then right to reach Swan's grave. Open it and get

Go back to Isaac and watch the tape (1 XP). He'll then give you the [SNUFF IS
ENOUGH] quest.



You can ask several people if they know anything about snuff films. Some of
them, like Ash, will point you to the Sin Bin. Go there and talk to Flynn and
persuade him to tell you everything he knows about "Death Mask Productions".
If you can't persuade him there is another way. Look behind his desk [+-: or his
store room] and there is a note with his PC password. Go to his PC downstairs, 
open the folder "private", enter the password and then check out "dmp". Either 
way you'll get the info (2 XP).

Now head over to the Red Spot and pick up the phone that's ringing outside. Say
the right line to the guy and he'll point you to room 2 in the Luckee Star
motel. Go there to find a bloody mess. Pick up the INTERNET CAFE KEY from the
desk and head over to Ground Zero.

Once inside the internet cafe enter the "employees only" door and use the key
on the previously locked door. Now you'll reach the movie settings of DMP. Be
ready to fight some of the snuff film monsters here. Pick up a MORPHINE BOTTLE
next to the red bed and one in the toilet area and then head down the stairs.
Enter the "DMP" door and talk to the guy hiding to get some info. Afterwards 
climb over the boxes, into the vent. Take the HORROR TAPE PART 2 (2 XP) and
make your way out through some more monsters.

Now, back to Isaac, watch the tape (2 XP) and receive a MASQUERADE REDEMPTION.
Next you'll get the [GOING THE WAY OF KINGS] quest.



Take the taxi and drive to 609 King's Way. Go around the back of the house and
use the vines at the side to climb up the wall to the balcony. Head to the 2nd
floor and enter the building. Inside the house you'll face many of the snuff 
film monsters. Pick up the MUMMYWRAP FETISH from the table in the hall and head 
downstairs. Open the fridge, take the BLOOD PACK and the BLUE BLOOD PACK and
also pick up the FANCY RING from the living room table. Go downstairs to the
basement and face the Tzimisce lord. Fight him until he vanishes (6 XP) and
then open the double doors to find the entrance to the sewers. Now this quest
is completed and the [EPIC OF THE ANKARAN SARCOPHAGUS] is continued.



Welcome to the sewers. It's one of the most dreaded parts of the game, because
it's filled with annoying monsters. However, many people forget that you don't
have to kill them all, as you don't gain any XP anyway. Actually it's quite
easy to sneak past most of them if you like. Especially the big ones you'll
find further in, are almost blind, and you can sneak past them easily even
without obfuscate. You'll also find vents you can use to avoid certain

Once you get inside the old sewer warrens you'll find a dead body. Pick up
the CLIPBOARD [+: and a GLOCK] from the body and gain some insight about the
situation. Then push the lever to open the iron door. Kill the monsters on 
your way and feed on rats if you need blood. Turn left and enter the last 
pipe on your left. In the next room pull the lever, move on and find two 
doors to your left. You can lockpick one of them and grab some ammo. The other
one is an office of some sorts. Take the LEDGER from the desk and note the 
other door. This door leads out into the sewers of Hollywood. If you want you
can leave to get blood or provisions. You can also go to Isaac and inform him 
of your victory over the Tzimisce lord, he'll give you a reward for it later.

Anyway, get out of the office and continue searching the sewers, you'll find
that the warrens lead to a dead end, but there is a way out. On your way down
notice a pipe to your right, get inside and it will lead you to a big pool of
water. Turn the valve and it will suck you in.

You'll be underwater now, swim to the opening and in the next room get out of
the water. Kill the monsters that are hiding in the pipes and go through the
pipes into a new room. Here pick up some barrels and throw them in the water,
this will stop the water-wheel, enabling you to climb over it through the small
pipe above into a generator room of some sort. Move on down the stairs into
the next room, drop down into the opening that's empty of water and then exit 
the huge container.

You'll find yourself in the flood-control room. Move across the platform and 
a part of it will crumble down. You need to disable the electricity. Either
lockpick the door to the electrical room and shut down the power, or hack the 
computer and do it remotely. The only way out of there is to swim through 
the reservoirs, but if you try to do it now you will be stopped by the current
that's created by the pump. So what you must do is this: 

1. Turn the pump off and wait until the reservoirs are completely empty.
2. Turn the pump on, then immediately run, jump into the water and swim as
   fast as you can. If you do it quickly you'll be able to go past the pump and
   into the reservoirs.

Just swim through the pipes and reach another part of the warrens, where you'll 
face a new type of enemy, try to avoid the green energy balls that he throws 
and you'll be fine. Turn right at the intersection and you'll find another 
abandoned office. You can pick up the LEDGER for more info and you can again 
exit the warrens through the other door and reach Hollywood if you need to.

Now go back and take the downward path. Then turn right and you'll find a door,
lockpick it and you'll be on a bridge. If you can't lockpick it, then move
on until you'll find an iron gate. Pull the switch, drop into the water and
afterwards climb the pipes to reach the bridge. Anyway, open the door and
you'll be in a big room facing a mini-boss.

The best way to deal with this guy is to use the ladder and climb up to the
platform. From there you can kill him easily with ranged attacks, just try to
avoid the stuff he throws at you. There is also a box which contains ammo. Now 
you need to find the way out, look underneath the drain on the wall that's 
spitting water and you'll see a vent, that's where you must go. Walk carefully
on the narrow ledge on the wall, smash the cover and get in. (Of course you
can always try dashing to the exit and avoid the fight altogether)

In the next area you'll find a huge shaft. Jump on the various pipes and ledges
and eventually you'll reach a big fan. Try to avoid being hit by the fan and
jump down into a big circular chamber. There is another new enemy nearby, if
you come too close it can hurt you a lot, so try to deal with it from afar. If
you want to go melee on him, give him a couple of hits and then parry. Anyway,
the Colt Anaconda or the Ingram can be very helpful.

Take the path that goes down and a bit further you'll find another path leading
up. Take it and you'll find a Nosferatu fighting some monsters. You can try
helping him but you must be quick if you want to save him (even though saving
him doesn't affect anything). Towards the right of the fight there is a dead
body, take the PASS KEY that's next to it and move on all the way down.
Eventually you'll reach another circular chamber with some platforms and a
control centre. Go to the controls, use the pass key to open the door of the
big shaft and drop down.

Congratulations! You've found the Nosferatu hideout. Swim to the shore and
take the left path. You'll find a sofa, right next to it is a CD-ROM, pick
it up, it's for a later quest. Now go back and take the right path, cross the
bridge (beware, the red water is acidic) and reach the Nosferatu inner caves.

First head to the left and through the door with the blue window. Here you'll
meet Mitnick the Nosferatu hacker and computer specialist. Talk to him and he
can give you the [A TANGLED WEB] quest. Then take the right path and enter the
white door to your left, where you'll meet Imalia. If you make her angry, in
order to get back to her good side she'll give you the [COVER GIRL] quest. If
you don't make her angry, or if you've completed the [COVER GIRL] quest, Imalia
will give you the [MODEL CITIZEN] quest.

Now move on, open the grey door and you'll find a storage room of some kind. 
Inside you'll find the GALDJUM on the floor [+: or a BLUE BLOOD PACK.] 

Cross the next bridge and open the double green doors. Here you'll finally meet
with Gary (2 XP). He will give you the [I SPY BARABUS] quest. Gary's quest and
the current quest will be continued in the next chapter in Chinatown. Leave and
you'll find yourself in the cemetery mausoleum.





Welcome to Chinatown! 

Chinatown is controlled by the Kuei-jin and their priestess is Ming-Xiao. You
can find her at the Golden Temple which is all the way ahead from Chinatown's
entrance. Announce yourself and she will give you permission to operate in her
domain. You can also ask her for some info about her species and their customs.
You'll get some extra dialog options from her after finishing certain quests.


As you enter Chinatown the first building to your left is the Red Dragon
restaurant. Some quests will bring you there, but you'll also find another 
blood doll here, of Chinese origin this time. If you have a Seduction of 7 you
can make her yours, she's waiting in the bar. Also inside the restroom
you'll find a NORMAL WATCH [+: and a THROWING STAR stuck in a desk upstairs.]


As you enter Chinatown, to your right you'll find Tseng's. Talk to him and get
him to sell you his weapons. If you haven't got it yet, the katana is a pretty
good weapon and the Uzi is a good upgrade on that Ingram you probably have. He
also sells two occult items, the HEART OF ELIZA and the FAE CHARM [+: or not.]


If you don't have enough Seduction to feed on the blood doll at the Red dragon,
don't try to feed in the alleys because they are crowded by people. The best
place to feed is outside the Fu Syndicate where you'll find a few upper-class
citizens scattered around.


Next to the Red Dragon you'll find The White Cloud, a shop that sells and buys
strange stuff and has a very bizarre owner, Mr. Ox. He will give you two quests
[+: with occult items as a reward.] If you attack him, he vanishes in a


Once you've finished the [ORIGINAL GANGSTER] quest you can go back to Isaac in
Hollywood and he will give you the FAE CHARM as a reward for getting rid of the
Tzimisce for him. If you have already bought it from Tseng, you'll not get it 
from him again [+-: but you will get $300 instead.]


In front of the Golden Temple you'll find a fortune teller that's obviously a 
scam. If you want to throw $5 away and hear his ridiculous fortune telling, you
can do that. He is also involved in a very entertaining quest that will be
available later.


In one of the back alleys of Chinatown you will encounter a Tong who is trying 
to get some cash on the side by robbing you. Deal with him either by talking 
him out of it or just choose to fight. He won't be much of an challenge anyway.


OUTCOME: 3 XP, $0 or $200 or (FANCY RING and GOLD WATCH)

This is only possible at the Giovanni mansion. Tonight is the night that the 
Giovanni will choose one of their family to "embrace" into the inner circle. 
There are three main contesters that you'll meet, Mira, Chris, and Adam. Each 
one of them has a dirty secret and they'll all ask you to dig up dirt on the 
others for them, in order to gain the advantage in the contest. You can 
give away each secret (1 XP) until one of them has gotten two (1 XP).

1. In order to persuade Mira to tell you her secret you'll need a Persuasion of
   9. Tell her that you've hit a jogger with your car once and she'll confide 
   in you. If you tell her about Adam and Chris you'll also get $100 for each

2. With a Persuasion of 8 you can make Adam tell you his secret. Just ask him
   why he is so desperate to find an investor. If you tell him about Mira and
   Adam he'll give you a FANCY RING and a GOLD WATCH.

3. You'll need a Persuasion of 9 to make Chris talk about his secret. Tell him
   that you're an atheist and he'll confide in you. You get nothing extra from
   him if you betray the others to him.

-------------------------====+<[  Q U E S T S  ]>+====-------------------------


OUTCOME: 2 XP, $500 [+: 1 XP]

Before you start this quest have in mind that in order to finish this you'll
need Hacking at level 8 or at level 7 if you have the Auspex discipline.

The fourth network hub is located in Kamikazi Zen, Chinatown. Pick up the
KAMIKAZE ZEN ACCESS CARD from your mailbox and head to Chinatown. Kamikaze
Zen is the last building to your left. Get inside and kill the guard, it
doesn't matter since you're gonna make it look like burglary. Enter the first
office on your right and use the PC. Open the "power" folder, hack the password
and run the "hooligan" virus. You now have 10 minutes until the power shuts
down so you'll have to be quick.

Move past the double doors. Get inside Scudmuffin's office, read his emails 
and learn that the door access code is 4567. Then go to Buckfinster's office
and hack his "personal" folder. Read "manifesto 3" and learn that Larry spells
his last name backwards and uses it as the access code of the bank vault. The
only name with an "L" is L. Schleppin so the password is "nippelhcs".

So, open the code-door and enter the "network" room to your right. Use the
computer, enter "nippelhcs" as a password for the vault and unlock it. Then
enter "net security", hack it and run "schrecknet" (2 XP). Afterwards go and 
pick up the MONEY CLIP ($500) [+: or the NAME PLATE (1 XP)] from the vault. 
Now you must find a way out.

Go to R. Nesler's office and check the computer. Open the "mitnick!" folder and
run the "escape" command. Mitnick will unlock the nearby vent for you to leave.



Enter the Ramen noodle shop and you'll meet Yukie, a young Japanese demon
hunter. If you're nice to her and don't attack her she'll tell you about the
demon she's hunting, a Hengeyokai. Offer her your help and you'll get this

Walk to the Golden Temple and ask Ming-Xiao about the demon. You'll learn that
his name is Zygaena and that he can be found in the Red Dragon (2 XP). Go to
the Red Dragon, talk to the man sitting at the bar table and arrange a meeting
with the Hengeyokai in the fish market (2 XP). Then come back to Yukie and tell 
her about the meeting. Now to get there, take the alleys all the way to the
back road and at the end of the road you'll find the "Golden Oceans" fish

Yukie is waiting for you in front, enter and face the demon. The best way to
deal with him is by using range weapons, if you get up close he will hit you
hard. To make things easier try to lure him near the big tanks on the wall and
shoot them, they will explode and hurt him. Make sure that Yukie survives the 
fight and talk to her after the demon is dead (3 XP).


OUTCOME: 4 XP, $150 [+: or OCCULT ITEM]

Enter the white cloud and meet the owner, Mr. Ox. Talk to him and he'll give
you this quest. Go to the rear of the noodle shop and through the door with the
spotlight. Kill the two guards and open the freezer. Take the eyes from Lin's
corpse (2 XP) and report back to Mr.Ox (2 XP). You will get $150 as a reward 
[+: or the HEART OF ELIZA].

Afterwards he'll offer you another quest named [BAD LUCK FARMER].


OUTCOME: 5 XP, $100-250 [+: or OCCULT ITEM]

This is the second quest you get from Mr. Ox. He gives you a BAD LUCK TALISMAN
and wants you to put it in a Lotus Blossom locker. In order to complete this 
quest you must first have been given the [KIKINAPPED] quest that allows you
entrance to the Lotus Blossom.

Anyway, get to the basement of the massage parlour and locate the locker room.
Put the talisman inside the locker marked with a circle (2 XP) and you'll
face the angry locker owner. He will try to attack you, kill him or deal in 
another way with him. You can use dominate to make him go to sleep or dementate
to make him think he is a frog or avoid him altogether. 

Now report back to Mr. Ox (3 XP) for either $100 if you avoided him or $250 
if you dealt with him [+: or the ANTIQUE LOCKET].



Once you've finished the [KIKINAPPED] quest go and talk either to the phoney
fortune-teller or to the drunk that hangs out in the Red Dragon. Each one will 
want you to kill the other to get his key to a safe that has the money they 
stashed away. You can handle this in two ways:

1. Talk to each one, each time raising the percentage of your cut. Eventually
   it will reach 80% and they won't go further. Now you'll have to kill one
   of them and give the key to the other (4 XP, HUMANITY LOSS). You'll get 
   what you asked for (up to $960).

2. After you've talked to them a couple of times you can tell them to forget
   their differences and be friends again. If you have enough Persuasion you 
   can pull this through (6 XP, HUMANITY GAIN). They will share the money, so
   you won't get any.

3. There is a way in the "Hitman Impasse" quest to get 6XP *and* $1000,- 
   (instead of 4XP and $1000,- or just 6XP). First, proceed as normal and get
   both of them to 80%. Then convince the fortune-teller to become friends.
   This will give you the 6XP and HUMANITY GAIN, and close the quest. Then kill
   him (HUMANITY LOSS) and take his key. Visit the drunk guy in the Red Dragon
   and give him the key. This re-opens the quest. Just talk to him again to get
   $1000. You can just leave now or kill him in the toilet without penalty to
   rid the world of both assassins. This doesn't work in reverse, since the
   fortune teller doesn't initiate convo after becoming friends, so you do not
   get the option to give him the key. [+-: This exploit has been fixed]



Go to the Golden Temple and talk to Ming-Xiao, she will grant you permission to
operate in her domain. Ask her about the missing Nosferatu and she will point
you to Wong Ho, the owner of the Red Dragon restaurant.

Head to the Red Dragon and talk to the receptionist. Tell her that Ming-Xiao
send you to see Wong Ho and she will open the elevator for you. If for some
reason the elevator door doesn't open, just look behind her desk and push the
button yourself.

Now go up and talk to Wong Ho. He wont help you with Barabus until you've saved
his daughter, so he gives you the [KIKINAPPED] quest.



Go to the Lotus Blossom massage parlour, you'll find it behind the noodle shop,
in the alleys. Once inside kill every Tong gangster who'll get in your way.
Open the last door to your right and find a FANCY WATCH on the floor, then take
the stairs up and reach the second floor.

Enter the last room to your left and take the MONEY ENVELOPE ($250). Make sure
you've killed every Tong in the area and then go into the kitchen (the last
room to your right) and grab the PADLOCK KEY from the wall behind the stove.

Now use this key on the locked door and free Kiki (4 XP). Escort her out and
then go and talk to Wong Ho (2 XP). With a bit of Persuasion you can make him
give you some insight about what's going on in Chinatown. Ask him about Barabus
and he'll point you to Zhao and give you the [ORIGINAL GANGSTER] quest.


OUTCOME: 5 XP [+: 1 XP]

Zhao's place is on the same road as the fish market, it has a huge sign that
says Zhao's Imports, so you can't miss it. Get in and talk to Zhao, he'll
mention the Glaze club (3 XP). As soon as you finish your conversation 
some Tongs will attack. Beware, they are using Ingrams so it's better to snipe
them from afar. After you've killed them, pick up the MORPHINE BOTTLE from 
Zhao's desk and grab the CAR STEREOS scattered around the warehouse. There is
one at the far-right corner, one close to the entrance and one on the ledge up
high. Exit the place and you've finished the quest (2 XP) [+: with a bonus if 
you killed all Tongs and Zhao was still alive (1 XP).] A new quest is in your 
log called [DRAGON'S TAIL].


OUTCOME: 5-7 XP [+: 2 XP]

Glaze is the club with the keypad doors, behind the Lotus Blossom. Go to it, 
enter the code 725 and get in. You can either attack the Tongs right away or 
persuade/seduce/intimidate Johnny's "right-hand man" to let you up (2 XP). 
You can find him sitting behind the wooden wall, near the DJ.

Anyway, go upstairs, enter the office and speak with Johnny [+: or stealth
kill him (2 XP).] Learn something about Barabus and then kill him if he is still
alive (5 XP). If you haven't killed them already [+: and if you haven't stealth
killed Johnny], his gang members will now attack you. They will drop Uzis and
katanas if you need them. Another character has appeared in the game, the 
Mandarin, and a new quest: [COME INTO MY PARLOUR].



It's time to visit the mysterious Mandarin. Enter the Fu Syndicate, move into
the left hall and speak to him through the monitor. Whatever you say to him, 
eventually you'll have to step inside the elevator.

You'll become his prisoner and he'll run some tests on you, play along for now.
The first room has many energy beams, step carefully and move on. Next you'll 
find some dangerous moving blades. In order to disable them you must shoot at 
the 3 black boxes behind the bars [+: find a GLOCK in case you have no gun].
Move to the next room, kill the "Van Helsing experiment" and the commandos that
will come in afterwards. In the next room just shoot the electrical generators 
until you destroy them. The next room is the final one. Break the fire 
canisters of the flamethrowers, they will explode and shatter the reinforced 
windows (2 XP). [+: In the next lab room you'll find a SQUASHED ODIOUS 
CHALICE for one of Gary's new e-mail quests]

Now it's time for revenge, get out and kill the guards. Go down the stairs and
you'll find the Mandarin, show him who's the boss (2 XP). From his remains you 
get the BARABUS' CELL KEY to free Barabus (2 XP). This quest ends here and the 
[I SPY BARABUS] quest continues.



After killing the Mandarin you finally find Barabus (2 XP). You can either 
tell him to leave any computers to you (if you have a high Hacking skill) or 
let him do all hacking. Open the double doors, kill the guards and pick up the 

Now, before using the key see if you can lockpick the second door to the right,
you'll need a Security of 5 to do so. Inside you'll find the BUSTIN' IT:
HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED HINT BOOK (+1 Melee [5], needs Research 9) on the table 
[+: and a katana.] You can also hack the PC and read the emails from a certain
"priestess". You may later want to tell Wong Ho about this for a HUMANITY GAIN.
You can also confront Ming Xiao with this.

Anyway, now go and use the key on the other door and enter the network room.
Hack the "species-x data" folder and run "purge" to delete everything. After 
that Barabus will smash the door. Kill all the remaining guards and get out.
[+-: If Barabus doesn't break the door search the computer for the door code.]

You'll notice the phone on the wall ringing, pick it up and talk to Gary
(3 XP). He'll tell you about the Giovanni and their location (2 XP). This 
quest is finished and now you'll get the [ITALIAN DINNER] quest.



Take the cab to the Giovanni mansion. There are three ways you can get in:

1. Talk to the woman in front of the fountain, you'll figure that she's drunk.
   Then talk to her husband and persuade him that his wife is going to 
   embarrass him. He'll take his wife home and they'll both drop their
   invitations. Pick them up and use them with the guard in the front door to
   get in.

2. Go all the way to the back and pick up one the tin-cans scattered around.
   Throw it to distract the guard at the back door and sneak inside.

3. Kill everyone outside the mansion and enter it. Be aware that all the
   interior guards are in an alert state then and the civilians gone.

Once you've infiltrated the Giovanni Stronghold (2 XP), you'll be in the main
hall of the mansion. If you want you can attack the Giovanni. By doing so Bruno 
Giovanni, the clan's elder, will come after you along with his guards. If you 
want, you can do this later after you've found the crypts below, since after 
that the innocents (Mira, Adam, Chris) are gone and the Giovanni are on alert.

You can search the area you're in right now, if you wish, but there is nothing
of importance except from two locked doors and a secret corridor that goes
around the house and enables you to watch everything unnoticed. The two doors
that I mentioned are level 10 and in one of them you'll find a man with a
hooker and in the other 2 girls vomiting in the bathroom. Nothing you can do
with them, except feed.

Now, there are two ways to reach the crypts:

1. Talk to Nadia in the main hall and persuade/seduce her to show you the
   secrets of the mansion. She'll take you to the library and pull the sword on
   the wall to open a secret passage. Pick up the DODGE book (+1 Dodge [5], 
   needs Research 8) from the desk and follow her into the embalming room. If
   you are male you can seduce and feed on her here. You can tell her to leave
   or you can persuade her to show you the crypts below.

2. Open the door to your right in the main hall and then lockpick the door
   in front of you. Make sure nobody sees you picking the lock and enter the
   library. Take the DODGE book from the desk and then pull the sword on the
   wall to open the secret passage. Here either lockpick the door, or use the
   elevator to reach the crypts.

Whatever you choose don't forget to pick up the GIOVANNI BOOK from the
embalming room, for the [OCCULTISH PERSONALITY] quest.

Once you reach the first level of the crypts you'll find zombies. Enter a niche 
to your right and pick up the SAULOCEPT (+1 experience modifier). Kill the 
zombies until one breaks down the exit door, then move down to the next level.

Here the zombies are not respawning so feel free to kill them all, if nothing,
to improve the game performance. Move round the crypts, through the doors and
you'll find a way into the inner circle. Go all the way around and enter the
door. Kill the last three zombies and descend down the stairs.

Now you'll meet with two Kuei-jin agents, the Chang "blade and claw" brothers
(2 XP). You can persuade them into telling you about a secret alliance, but
you'll have to fight them eventually. Don't stay inside the arena because
they will teleport in high above you and you'll be an easy target for their
energy balls. The best place to fight the battle is at the arena entrance where
the stairs end. There use Bloodbuff and go melee on them. After you kill them
you finally obtain the sarcophagus (4 XP) and you'll deliver it to LaCroix.


                       CHAPTER 5: OPENING PANDORA'S BOX



When you bring the sarcophagus into LaCroix's penthouse, you'll get to have a
talk with Beckett. There are some stat bonuses you can get from him if you use
the right dialogue options. Ask him to tell you about himself and he'll ask in
return to learn about you.

[+1 Scholarship (1-4)]
Tell him that you're a scholar like him.

[+1 Investigation (1-3)]
Tell him that there isn't a place you can't sneak into.

[+1 Humanity]
Tell him that you refuse to give into the beast.

[+1 Experience]
Tell him that you're fascinated by him (you'll need some Persuasion for this)

[+1 Gangrel discipline]
If you're a Gangrel you can ask him to help you with one of your disciplines as 
long as its level is below 3.


Right now if you've followed the walkthrough there are probably no more side
quests left. Anyway, if there are it's time to tie loose ends and finish
anything you've left unfinished. From now on there will be only main quests.


If you want to get the best armor of the game, the body armor, from Heather for 
free, you must go to her right after you return from the Society of Leopold and
BEFORE you go to LaCroix to report. This will have consequences later, though.
[+: You can avoid the consequences if you ask Heather to stay inside when she
tells you she's being followed, but you won't get the body armor from her for
free. You can buy the body armor from Mercurio during the blood hunt but it
will be expensive.]


By now Mercurio will probably have gotten some of the weapons you've asked
him for. Go and check on him after main quests to see what he has. Also don't
forget to give the GIOVANNI BOOK to Pisha to get your reward. Finally don't
forget to check the various weapon shops, you'll find some pretty good new
weapons available like the BUSH HOOK, the DESERT EAGLE and the STEYR AUG.


OUTCOME: [+: 1 XP]

In the caves below the Society of Leopold you'll find a cavern where Ash is 
held prisoner. If you offer him a blood bag you'll GAIN HUMANITY. If you have a 
Security of 5 you can free him now [+: (1 XP)], else you'll have to find ASH'S 
CELL KEY, which will be dropped by one of the hunters in the big cavern [+: or
can be found on the small box at the end of the level].

-------------------------====+<[  Q U E S T S  ]>+====-------------------------



So you've managed to deliver the sarcophagus to the prince, talk to him (2 XP)
and this quest is finally over. You can ask him about his alliance if you want
and you may also talk to Beckett. Beckett can give you some stat bonuses now 
(check the point of interest above for more details) and he'll also give you
your next quest [SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF PROFESSORS]. It's possible to 
squeeze some money out of LaCroix, but sometimes this cannot be done.


OUTCOME: 7-13 XP, $300

Take the cab and travel to the Society of Leopold. There will be many hunters 
scattered around guarding the area, you can either sneak inside the monastery
or kill everyone. If you want some extra fun, you can sneak onto the top of the 
hill and lower a big rock down on the heads of some hunters. Whatever you do,
the best way to enter is through the back door.

Once you're inside you can hack the computers and disable the beams or change
them to "human mode". The hunters are rather blind so you can stealth kill
them easily. Anyway, after you dispose of them check the rooms. Pick up the
JOURNAL from the room to your left and then open the last door to your right
to go upstairs.

Kill everyone here and pick up the ART OF QUICK-DRAW BY NED NEDERLANDER (+1 
Firearms [5], needs Research 10/+: 9) from the ground of the main hall. Then 
enter the other room and pick up the VAMPYR APOCRYPHA and the SOCIETY OF 
LEOPOLD INTERIOR KEY. Now go back down, open the locked door and head to the 
cellar. Dispose of all the hunters here and pull out the movable barrel to 
uncover a secret entrance.

This will lead you to the underground caves. Descend down the stairs. You can
shoot the explosives if you like to eliminate the hunters. You'll end up in a 
big cavern. Take note of the boat, it will be your way out later. Kill everyone.

Now move through the double doors and you'll find Bach waiting for you. He'll
shoot you from afar with a sniper rifle and will drop grenades down the stairs.
He also has two special abilities, he can cast a spell making him invulnerable 
for a short period of time and if you get close to him he can temporary blind 
you. Whatever kind of weapons you choose though, it's not gonna be that hard 
to kill him at this point. [+: You'll find the FLAMETHROWER at the top of the 
stairs. Bach will drop his katana and his SWAT RIFLE on death.]

After you've dealt with Bach, climb up the stairs and enter the little
structure on top. Inside you'll find Johansen, talk to him and you can learn
much about the sarcophagus. If you have an Inspection of 4 and a Persuasion of
9 you can then make Johansen tell you the real story about how he found the
sarcophagus. If you are a Malkavian you'll have an insight that he's hiding
something and you can dementate the information out of him. Anyway, you'll get
more info (2 XP).

As soon as you finish the discussion with Johansen and you leave the building,
Bach will detonate some explosives with his dying breath (how stereotypically
villainous of him) and you'll have to hurry to the boat. If you saved Johansen
(2 XP) you'll GAIN HUMANITY and if you killed him you'll LOOSE HUMANITY. You'll
then find yourself back in downtown.

Before reporting to LaCroix you should go to your haven and check on Heather,
she'll give you the best armor in the game, the BODY ARMOR. Give her a kiss and
go to LaCroix to report. Tell him about the key (2 XP) and then ask him for
some cash if you want ($300). Afterwards talk to Beckett and tell him what 
Johansen told you about the sarcophagus (1 XP). Now you have the [HELL AT THE 
HALLOWBROOK HOTEL] quest and it's time to deal with the Sabbat.


OUTCOME: 11 XP, $800

Your next stop is the Hallowbrook hotel. You can't enter from the front so go
to the alley next to the hotel. You'll see that a window-cleaning lift has
landed on the ground conveniently for you to use. Take it and move up to the
top floor.

Inside you'll face many Sabbat vampires and lots of their hooded servants. 
You can drink blood from the servants or from the many human blood dolls that 
are scattered around. The good thing with the Sabbat vampires is that you can 
stealth kill them if you want.

Now descend down the stairs and kill any Sabbat you'll come across. You'll soon
reach a corridor with some rooms on your left. You'll find the FLAMETHROWER and 
the TAL'MAHE'RA BLADE conveniently placed in these rooms [+: or nothing at all]
At the end of the corridor you'll find one of your old pals from the
Hollywood warrens, he's an easy kill now. Afterwards drop down two floors
through the gap.

Beware of the enemies that break down the walls around you and make your way 
through the rubble. Eventually you'll find another gap in the floor, drop down.
Dispose of any Sabbat on this floor and find the elevator shaft. Drop down
again and you'll watch a cutscene.

Now you're probably REALLY pissed with the Sabbat. Kill all of them and prepare
for a mini-boss. Stand behind the bar and kill the two Sabbat on top of the
stairs, to make thing easier for the next fight. Then jump over the bar and
you'll face the mini-boss. Just go through the flames and get near him, then
hack him from up-close and you'll finish him easily.

Descend further down the stairs and you'll face another pal from Hollywood, the
Tzimisce lord, Andrei (4 XP). He'll change into a war form and do some tricks
on you but with the flamethrower he's not gonna be that hard. Even if you
decide to battle him with conventional weapons by now you'll be strong enough
to take him out. Just move around constantly and attack him immediately when he

After you've had your revenge (5 XP) leave through the door you entered and
you'll find yourself outside. As soon as you exit Ming-Xiao will come and talk
to you. She has some interesting things to say about LaCroix, Nines and Grout.
After your little talk go back to LaCroix and report (2 XP, $800). LaCroix has
changed his alliances once again and he gives you the [ENEMY OF MY ENEMY] 
quest. How you treat her may determine if you can side with her in the end.



On your way to the Last Round you'll be confronted by Beckett. He'll warn you
about the sarcophagus and then leave. Now go and talk to Damsel, eventually
she'll tell you where Nines is hiding (2 XP).

NOTE: Now it's time to do anything you've left unfinished since the game will 
      not let you visit the city hubs again. Any quests left should be 
      completed before you move on with this quest.

Take the cab and travel to Griffith Park. Once there, take the cablecar to
reach the Griffith Observatory. Here you'll finally find Nines (2 XP).
Unfortunately something else has found you too, werewolves. The cablecar has
gone back down and until it comes back you must try to stay alive. Weapons and
disciplines wont do anything against the werewolf [+: some weapons will damage
the werewolf], so you must deal with him otherwise. You have two options here:

1. Try to avoid the werewolf and hide until the cablecar comes back. You can't 
   sneak away from him but you can enter the building, exit to the back yard 
   and hide behind some trees there. If you stay at the right place the
   werewolf  won't be able to reach you because of his huge size. When the
   cablecar comes back, make a run for it.

2. There is a way to kill the beast and get some bonus XP. First you must enter
   the building and go left. Exit to the back yard and you'll see a small shed.
   Pull the switch outside to turn the power on. Now go back into the building
   and enter the main chamber with the telescope. Move up the stairs and open 
   the big iron doors by pushing the switch. Wait for the werewolf to approach
   you and once he gets between the doors, use the switch to close them on him
   and kill him (5 XP).

Whatever you do take the cablecar back down (5 XP). Once there you'll find Jack
waiting for you. You'll then end up back in your apartment in Santa Monica.
Talk to him and you'll get another quest called [OUT FOR BLOOD].



There is now a blood hunt on your head. Santa Monica is filled with vampires
looking for you. Don't worry about the Masquerade, the place is now a combat
zone. Exit your apartment and if you need blood feed on the bum that's right
outside your building. Many of the vampires can be stealth killed easily. Take 
out the 3 vampires waiting for you outside and then kill the 2 vampires in the
alleys behind the Asylum.

All doors are locked in Santa Monica, except for Trip's shop and Mercurio's, 
so you can go there for some supplies if you want. Now enter the parking lot 
and kill the two vampires at the entrance. Once inside the parking lot, you 
can feed from a human near the beach entrance. Move on and dispose of the 2 
kindred that are waiting for you inside.

The last 3 vampires are in front of the Asylum, give them the final death and
feed on the homeless guy in the alley if you want. If you pissed off Knox or 
Mercurio they will attack you too. The taxi is waiting for you outside Sunco 
Gasoline. Talk to the Cabbie (9 XP). Now it's time to make some choices.





After you escape from the blood hunt in Santa Monica, you'll find yourself
inside the taxi, talking to the driver. He is a rather interesting character
who seems to know a great deal about things... Now it's time to choose who's
side you'll take:

   In order to have this choice available you must have helped the Anarchs with
   the plaguebearer quests. If you tell the driver that you want to side with
   the Anarchs he'll drop you off at the Luckee Star motel. Here you'll find
   Nines who survived the werewolf. He'll send you to kill Ming-Xiao and 
   LaCroix [+: and will give you his FRAGMENTATION GRENADE.]

   In order to have this choice available you must have not betrayed Strauss to
   Isaac about the Gargoyle. If you tell the driver that you want to side with
   the Camarilla but not LaCroix, he'll take you to Strauss. Tell Strauss about
   LaCroix's alliance with the Kuei-jin and he'll send you to kill Ming-Xiao 
   and the prince.

   In order to have this choice available you must have always been nice to him
   and finished the ship and the museum quests without killing (Or if you did 
   some killing there, afterwards you should have tried to sweet-talk LaCroix).
   If you tell the driver you want to side with LaCroix he'll take you to
   Venture Tower. Talk  to the prince and he'll send you to kill Ming-Xiao and
   take the key. If you ask him for money he'll give you $2000, if you have
   enough Persuasion you can ask him for more and he'll give you another $2000.

   In order to have this choice available you must have always been nice to 
   Ming-Xiao and said you believe her when you met her at the Hallowbrook 
   Hotel. If you tell the driver that you want to side with the Kuie-jin, he'll
   take you to the Golden Temple. Talk to Ming-Xiao and she'll send you to kill

   No matter what you do during the game, you'll always have this choice
   available. If you decide that you don't want to side with any of the  
   factions and their leaders, you can choose to work for no one but yourself.
   Tell the cabbie about your decision and he'll say that in order to take this
   path you must first get rid of Ming-Xiao and the prince.

Each choice will give you a different ending. Once you've chosen, you can ask
the cabbie to take you back to your haven or to a shop to buy some supplies. If
you go back to your haven, check your emails for some advice from your 
"friend". If you want weapons and ammo you can ask the cabbie to take you to
Trip's shop or to Mercurio's and if you want blood he'll take you to Vandal's
blood bank.Depending on what side you chose you may get to do both of the
following quests or just one of them. 

Note that the following "endgame" quests don't always appear in your questlog.
If you side with the Anarchs or the prince or go solo you'll get [MING MUST 
DIE!] that contains both of the following quests. If you take the other two
sides you'll not get a quest in your questlog [+-: unless you use the patch], 
but you'll have to do the following (both or one of them), nevertheless.

Naoise seems to have found a way to get back to the city hubs:
I found a way to get back to the city hubs so long as you are 
not a tremere or a nosferatu. If you leave the vent open in your 
haven, then ask the cab driver in the end game to take you there,
you can go out through the vent, to another floor, and use the 
elevator to go down to ground. From there you can leave the 
skyline apartment building and find yourself back at downtown LA.
You can use the cab as usual to take you to the other locations,
including griffith park. To go back to the endgame, simply 
re-enter your apartment from the vent, and exit through the 
front door.




If the path you chose involved killing Ming-Xiao, then the taxi driver will
take you to the Golden Temple in Chinatown. Most enemies here are human, so
you can feed on them if you need to. As soon as you enter kill the 2 guards and
then pass through the reception hall to the next part of the yard. Sneak kills 
work well here so use them if you like. [+: If you helped out Yukie and kept
her alive she will turn up and help you fighting in the temple gardens if you

Take out the next 3 guards and search the two guard rooms. They both have
chests that you can lockpick to find some ammo. The next part of the yard has
a lot of guards, so sneaking up on them is the best choice. Enter the main
structure and kill everyone. If you need blood you can feed on the rats here.
Afterwards take the stairs down and reach the inner temple.

This part of the temple is filled with guards and traps, so be careful where
you step (though the traps won't do you much harm). Some of the assassins are
hidden in the walls and will suddenly attack you. There is a guardroom with
some chests to lockpick, if you need more ammo. Your main goal is to reach the 
big room with the water-wheel. Once you're there drop down and face the barred 
door. You must now move the plank away [+-: unless this has already been done.]
If for some reason the door is stuck, use the noclip command to advance (check
the "cheats" section for more info).

In the next area kill the 2 guards and move on. The corridors will take you to
a room filled with hidden assassins, take care of them and you'll finally reach
a room with a big Buddha statue. To the left and right of the Buddha are two
pressure plates. You must push two of the movable statues onto them and a
secret passage will open. Enter it and reach the lower part.

Here you'll find a circular room with four pedestals. Around the area 4 small
rooms are scattered and each has a jade statue. You must take the statues and
put them onto the appropriate pedestal in the main room. Each statue must be
placed on a pedestal with the same design as the one it was on before. There
are 2 guards with flaming crossbows [+: or Steyr AUGs] in each room and they
can hurt you really good, so be careful. Also stay crouched as you approach
these rooms because there is a trap there that can kill you if you're standing.
In an empty room you can find a secret room with a lever to deactivate the
traps.The four statues are the JADE DRAGON [=], JADE ELEPHANT [||], JADE CRANE
[\\] and the JADE CAT [8]. Once you've placed them on the right pedestals a
portal leading to Ming-Xiao will open.

This is most likely going to be your hardest battle up to now. Ming-Xiao has a
ton of hit points and some powerful attacks. If you have the flamethrower this
battle will become much easier. If not, you should use every discipline at your
disposal and attack with the type of weapon you're specialised on. The Steyr
AUG and the rifles are the best ranged weapon for this battle, but the Ra 
Blade also works fine. A good strategy is to Bloodbuff, land a couple of hits 
with the blade and then parry. If you have Thaumaturgy, Blood Salvo works 
wonders here. Don't be afraid to use any blood packs when you need them and 
eventually you'll kill Ming-Xiao (11 XP). Pick up the SARCOPHAGUS KEY and step 
into the portal.



If the path you chose involves killing the prince the taxi driver will take you
to the Venture tower. Once you're inside, Chunk will try to stop you, persuade
him out of it. In the back of the lobby there are 5 armed guards waiting for 
you, they're an easy kill. Take the elevator up to the penthouse, but as you
probably expected, LaCroix is not gonna be that easy to reach, so you'll end up
stuck on a lower floor.

Get out, kill the guard in the hall and go through the left door. Continue 
moving through the offices killing or avoiding any guards in your way until
you'll reach a kitchen of some sorts. There open the door to your left and take
the stairs up to the next floor.

Go along the corridor until you reach the tower cafeteria. Here as soon as
you step near the tables you'll be attacked by commandos that will rappel down
through the glass ceiling. They will continue to respawn forever so there is no
point to try and kill them all [+-: unless you use the patch], open the other 
door and take the stairs up.

Now you'll be on the ceiling of the building, above the cafeteria. There are
some commandos here, kill them and then crouch and climb through the big pipe
on the side of the wall. This will take you to a floor that's still being

Open the door to your right and move on. Kill all guards and commandos in your
way and eventually you'll be confronted by a guy rigged with explosives. He's
possessed by LaCroix and he tries to perform a "suicide-bomber" attempt on you.
Kill him and take the ASTROLITE. Now there is a lift to your left. You could
just take it, go up and face a big number of foes, but there is a better way.
Plant the Astrolite on the lift and then push the "up" button, take cover in
the previous room and wait for the explosion. Everybody upstairs will blow up.
Now take the lift, reach the upper floor and take the elevator to the 7th 

Well, by the look of the decoration you're getting closer to LaCroix. Go up the
stairs. If you can't lockpick the lock of the door nearby, you can walk the
other way, but the vampires in the offices will spot you, so prepare for a
fight. This floor is filled with Ventrue vampires that use Steyr AUGs and
katanas, so be careful. If you want, you can go to the right room, a security 
room of some kind, hack the computer and turn the lights off, so that
you can sneak past the vampires more effectively. You'll also find a guard in 
one of the rooms if you need to feed, but your goal is to get to the 
"meeting room" that has another elevator. Take it to finally reach the

Of course you'll be confronted by the Sheriff, when you try to enter LaCroix's
room. He'll slash you with his big sword, then disappear when you attack him
and jump you from behind to perform this move again. So hit him and then defend
to block his surprise attack. Bloodbuff and melee work well here and of course 
the flamethrower will make your work much easier. After you've hit him enough,
he will transform into a huge bat and throw you out on the tower's roof. [+: He
uses Bat's Communion against you too, but you can find his sword on the roof.]

Here he will perform some flying attacks, together with a "slow down"
discipline. Also on the roof you'll be attacked by many "lesser vampires", so
try to be on the move. Shooting the Sheriff while he's flying won't do you much
good. The trick is to turn the big spotlights on and blind him. Once he flies 
into the beams he will fall to the ground and you can go and hit him with ease.
Do this a couple of times and he's dead meat.

Once the Sheriff is dead you'll see that LaCroix is nothing without his muscle.
Congratulations, you finished the game! Now sit back and watch the ending.

                              ~END OF WALKTHROUGH~


                       (!) BEWARE THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW (!)

   After you've defeated the prince, you can get to choose whether to open, or
   not open the sarcophagus. If you open it, you'll find what awaits inside.
   If you decide to keep it closed and leave, LaCroix will open it himself and
   find what's inside. You will then leave the scene.

   Once you've defeated the prince, Strauss will appear and congratulate you. 
   He doesn't want the sarcophagus to be opened. He will take it and hide it
   away so that no one shall try to disturb it again.

   Once you've obtained the key, you'll go back to LaCroix and he will
   congratulate you on your victory. He'll then use the key to open the
   sarcophagus and you both face it's contents.

   After you've defeated LaCroix, Ming-Xiao and some of her agents will show 
   up. Fearing your power she will betray you and throw you into the ocean
   along with the closed sarcophagus. What a bitch!

   If you chose yourself above all else, once you've defeated LaCroix you can
   choose to open the sarcophagus or not. If you don't open it, LaCroix does it
   and faces what's inside. While down on the streets Nines will try to 
   persuade you to join the Anarchs. You'll pay no attention to him and leave.

    You can only get this if you found the easter egg at the Luckee Star.

After the Anarch, LaCroix and Lone Wolf endings, you'll also get a scene with
Jack and the taxi driver looking down on the city.


Since some of you asked for it, I've decided to add a power-building section.
I'm not talking about XP here, you can find how to gain the most XP in the
walkthrough. I'm just giving you the most efficient way to use books and items
that give you stat bonuses. The location of the books and the occult items is
mentioned in the STAT BONUSES section.

When building your character be sure to have:

Research = 3
Stealth = 0
Hacking = 0
Firearms = 0
Dodge = 0
Brawl = 2
Melee = 2

It's not necessary to have Brawl and Melee at 2 from the start, you can always
upgrade them later in the game, but it helps. You should also try to get some
points in Persuasion from the beginning since it's an important stat of the

[1] - Get the Stealth book from the apartment
    - Sell it to the pawn shop and buy it twice to have a Stealth of 3

[2] - Buy twice and read the Computer book and the Firearms book from the pawn
      shop to get Hacking and Firearms to 2.

[3] - Get Nines bonus after the warehouse to reach a Brawl of 3

[4] - Get the Melee book from the Skyeline apartment 2 and sell it. Buy it 
      twice  to reach a Melee of 4

[5] - Get 1 point in Finance and then receive Fat Larry's bonus after his quest
      to reach a Finance of 2

[6] - Get Nines bonus after the Dane to reach a Melee of 5.

[7] - Get a Research of 5
    - Use the Brawl book from the Empire Arms hotel to reach a Brawl of 4

[8] - Get the Dodge book from Grout's mansion, sell it, buy it twice and get
      Dodge to 2

[9] - Get 1 point in Security so that with the Antique Locket that you'll get
      from Mr. Ox you'll have a Security of 2
    - Get the Security book from the museum, sell it, buy it twice and reach a
      Security of 4

[10]- Get a Scholarship of of 2 and receive Beckett's bonus at the museum to
      reach a Scholarship of 3

[11]- Get the Finance book from Jezebel's room, sell it, buy it twice and reach
      a Finance of 4

[12]- Get Romero's Firearms bonus to reach a Firearms of 3

[13]- Get the Fae Charm from Isaac after the Hollywood sewers to gain a +1 at

[14]- Have Dodge at 4 and then use the Dodge book from the Giovanni mansion to
      get a Dodge of 5

[15]- Have a Research of 9 and use the Melee book from the Fu Syndicate to get
      a Melee of 5

[16]- Have the Computer skill at 4 and then read the Computer book from the
      internet cafe to get it to 5

 10. ITEMS



The melee weapons of this game are separated in blunt and bladed. Blunt weapons
are mainly effective against humans, but bladed are good for both humans and
vampires. The damage potential and the feat adjustment of the weapons are
changed according to your Melee feat, so I won't mentioned them here. I'll
just place them according to their effectiveness, from the weakest to the most

The Melee combat requirement shows how much your Melee feat must be, so that
you wont have any penalties using that weapon. Lethality is something like the
critical hit potential of the weapon. Base damage shows the minimum damage you
can do with a successful hit.

According to Talvi the relation between them is expressed by this formula:
    Damage Potential = (Lethality + Feat adjustment) x Basic damage
(meaning that Basic Damage is not a minimal damage a weapon can inflict)


Melee Combat Requirement: 1
Lethality: 8 [+: 5]
Base Damage: 2

Notes: You have your fists available right from the start.

Melee Combat Requirement: 2
Lethality: 7
Base Damage: 2

Notes: You can take it from policemen, the weakest weapon.

Melee Combat Requirement: 4
Lethality: 8
Base Damage: 2

Notes: Another very weak weapon, your fists are better.

Melee Combat Requirement: 3
Lethality: 9
Base Damage: 2

Notes: The first weapon you'll come across.

Melee Combat Requirement: 4
Lethality: 9 [+: 6]
Base Damage: 2

Notes: A very funny weapon.

Melee Combat Requirement: 5
Lethality: 10
Base Damage: 3

Notes: The best blunt weapon  of the game. It does a great deal of damage, but
       it's rather slow. Until you find the katana it's your best choice.


Melee Combat Requirement: 4
Lethality: 9
Base Damage: 2

Notes: At the start of the game the best melee weapon, but not much better
       than your fists.

Melee Combat Requirement: 5
Lethality: 12
Base Damage: 2

Notes: Once you get this weapon you can really do some good damage in melee.

Melee Combat Requirement: 8
Lethality: 12
Base Damage: 3

Notes: A very good melee weapon, the third best melee weapon of the game.

Melee Combat Requirement: 10
Lethality: 13
Base Damage: 4

Notes: This is the weapon that does the most damage in the game, but it deals
       normal damage, so it's second best next to the Tal'Mahe'Ra blade.
       Anyway, stealth killing with it is rather fun.

Melee Combat Requirement: 5
Lethality: 11
Base Damage: 2

Notes: This weapon is used by the Asian vampire and other Asian enemies and 
       they drop it in the basic and plus patch. It's like a weaker katana.

Melee Combat Requirement: 10
Lethality: 16
Base Damage: 1

Notes: This weapon is used by the Chang brother and he drops it on death in 
       the basic patch. It's similar to a katana.


Melee Combat Requirement: 2
Lethality: 7
Base Damage: 2

Notes: You can get this from hunters or in the Hallowbrook Hotel. It's nothing
much, except that it deals aggravated damage so it can be useful against
vampires. But there are much better melee weapons. If you can get this from
hunters at the early stage of the game it could be useful.

Melee Combat Requirement: 8
Lethality: 12
Base Damage: 3

Notes: This blade deals a bit more damage than the katana, but that's not what
       makes it special. The real treat with this weapon is that it deals
       aggravated damage and this means that it can do heavy damage to
       vampires. Surely the best melee weapon in the game.

 [+: Jian]
Melee Combat Requirement: 6
Lethality: 14
Base Damage: 3

Notes: This weapon can be found in the new library level and later on one
       of the Chang brothers will drop it as well in case you missed it.

Melee Combat Requirement: 6
Lethality: 20
Base Damage: 1

Notes: You will find this weapon on the roof among the rubble after the 
       Sheriff turned into his warform. It inflicts aggravated damage.


What applies for melee weapons about damage potential and feat adjustments 
is true for the ranged weapons as well. They also have the fire rate, range 
and reload speed attributes which are essential in order to determine the 
weapon's effectiveness. I've added some of the weapons real names [+: like 
they are including in the plus patch weapon descriptions].


 1. THIRTY EIGHT aka Colt Police Positive Special
Ranged Combat Requirement: 4
Lethality: 7
Base Damage: 2
Fire Rate: MEDIUM
Range: LONG
Reload Speed: FAST

Notes: the first gun you'll find, it's very weak and it's only advantage is
       it's long range.

 2. BROKK 17C aka GLOCK 19
Ranged Combat Requirement: 5
Lethality: 9
Base Damage: 2
Fire Rate: HIGH
Reload Speed: SLOW

Notes: A bit better than the .38 but still rather weak.

Ranged Combat Requirement: 5
Lethality: 14 [+: 12]
Base Damage: 3
Fire Rate: MEDIUM
Range: LONG
Reload Speed: FAST

Notes: "Come on punk, make my day!" Your first really good weapon. It can do a
        great deal of damage. Head shots can be devastating.

Ranged Combat Requirement: 7
Lethality: 12 [+: 14]
Base Damage: 3
Fire Rate: HIGH
Reload Speed: FAST

Notes: The best handgun, deals much damage and has a high fire rate. One of the
       best ranged weapons overall.


 1. UTICA M37 aka ITHACA M37
Ranged Combat Requirement: 5
Lethality: 20
Base Damage: 2
Fire Rate: LOW
Reload Speed: SLOW

Notes: At the start of the game it's the best weapon you'll find. Up close it
       can do a great deal of damage. But it's really low reload speed is a big

Ranged Combat Requirement: 7
Lethality: 18
Base Damage: 3
Fire Rate: LOW
Reload Speed: FAST

Notes: Much better than the Utica. It's the best shotgun in the game, though
       overall it's not one of the most useful weapons.


Ranged Combat Requirement: 5
Lethality: 9
Base Damage: 1
Fire Rate: HIGH
Range: LONG
Reload Speed: FAST 

Notes: The first machine gun you'll find. It's fire rate provides a good amount
       of damage but it's kick-back is so strong that it makes it hard to use.

Ranged Combat Requirement: 6
Lethality: 10
Base Damage: 2
Fire Rate: HIGH
Range: LONG 
Reload Speed: MEDIUM

Notes: This weapon is an improvement over the Braddock in every way except
       perhaps the reload speed.

Ranged Combat Requirement: 8
Lethality: 14
Base Damage: 2
Fire Rate: HIGH
Range: LONG
Reload Speed: MED

Notes: The best machine gun and probably the best all-around weapon. It can do
       a great deal of damage and it also has a scope.


Ranged Combat Requirement: 4
Lethality: 10
Base Damage: 3 [+: 8]
Fire Rate: LOW
Range: LONG
Reload Speed: FAST

Notes: The first rifle you can get your hands on, and a really good
       one. You can get it from Romero during his zombie quest.

Ranged Combat Requirement: 6
Lethality: 15
Base Damage: 8
Fire Rate: LOW
Range: LONG
Reload Speed: FAST

Notes: Restored in the basic and plus patch you can either get this 
       from Mercurio or from Bach, it's your best choice for sniping.


Ranged Combat Requirement: 8
Lethality: 16
Base Damage: 2 [+: 4]
Fire Rate: LOW
Range: LONG
Reload Speed: MEDIUM

Notes: It can fire arrows silently so it's good for a sneaky character, but at
       the time you'll get it wont do you much good.


Notes: There are no requirements for the flamethrower, you just pull the
       trigger and burn your enemies to ashes. It's surely the most effective
       way to kill vampires since it deals a huge amount of aggravated damage.

Ranged Combat Requirement: 8
Lethality: 16
Base Damage: 2
Fire Rate: LOW
Range: LONG
Reload Speed: MEDIUM

Notes: A vast improvement over the simple crossbow, if you can obtain it,
       since it deals aggravated fire damage.

Ranged Combat Requirement: 6
Lethality: 20
Base Damage: 4
Fire Rate: LOW
Reload Speed: SLOW

Notes: In the plus patch the Pyro Crossbow has been replaced by the Dragon's 
       Breath. You can buy it from Mercurio and it deals aggravated damage.


Notes: There are no requirements for the fragmentation grenade, you just pull 
       the pin and roll it towards the target. One and one only can be obtained 
       from Nines during the endgame.



This is the armor you start the game with.

BONUSES: +1 soak to Bashing and Lethal

You can buy this armor from Fat Larry in downtown.

BONUSES: +2 soak to Bashing and Lethal
PENALTIES: -1 Dexterity

You can buy this armor from the Red Spot in Hollywood.

BONUSES: +3 soak to Bashing and Lethal
PENALTIES: -1 Dexterity

You can buy this armor from Tseng's in Chinatown.

BONUSES: +4 Soak to Bashing and Lethal
PENALTIES: -2 Dexterity

You can get this armor form Heather if you talk to her right after the [ITALIAN
DINNER] quest. [+: Alternatively Mercurio will sell it during the blood hunt.]


These are items that have special powers and can boost your stats in various
ways. See chapter 5. for details.


During the game you'll find various books that you can read if you have the
Research needed. See chapter 5. for details.


There are some items in the game whose only purpose is to be sold (except for
the morphine bottle that can also be used for [THE PAIN OF BEING MERCURIO]



The most common of the blood packs, it restores 3 blood points.

With better blood quality than a normal blood pack it restores 5 blood points.

The best blood pack in the game elder vitae restores all of your blood points.

There is only one pack of werewolf blood found in the game. Unfortunately you
can't drink it :).


You don't really need to hack every computer you find. If you can't hack a
computer, raise your stats and come back later. If you have Auspex, use it, it
will raise your Hacking by one point. If you are REALLY desperate then check 
this list for the password you want.


LOCATION                         APPLICATION                PASSWORD
Office                           safe                       chopshop

 Santa Monica

LOCATION                         APPLICATION                PASSWORD
Haven                            email                      sunrise

Medical Clinic,                  email                      panacea
Dr. Malcolm's office             patients                   hippocrates

Medical Clinic,                  cs door                    dosage
2nd floor                        cs cabinet                 money
                                 camera                     optometry
                                 cs safe                    paige

Medical Clinic,                  cadavers                   cowbell
basement                         freezers                   ambrosia

Beach house                      email                      hang10

Carson's apartment               McGee                      Imalia

The Asylum,                      email                      wishes
second floor Jeanette            contacts                   callme

The Asylum,                      email                      1baroness3
second floor Terese              contacts                   business

Megahurtz Computing              net security               Gil Bates

[+-: Kilpatrick's Bail Bonds     email                      freedom]

[+: Bertram's hideout            email                      Tung
                                 notes                      obfuscate]


LOCATION                         APPLICATION                PASSWORD
Elizabeth Dane,                  logs                       AntonioBay
control room                     control                    lighthouse

Museum,                          email                      iluvgabe
ground floor                     sales                 dAnFInsiP [valveleaks] 

Museum,                          cameras1                   pterodactyl
basement, security room 1        cameras2                   velociraptor

Museum,                          email                      ihatemyjob
basement, lab room               results               ksdfIeOW [steamblows]

Museum,                          beams                      platypus
basement, security room 2        alarm                      wombat

Skyeline Apartments, 1st floor   email                      peep

Skyeline Apartments, 2nd floor   email                      ectoplasm

Skyeline Apartments, 4th floor   safe                       jewels

Empire Arms hotel, 1st floor     suites                     wealth
                                 guest logs                 power

Nocturne Theatre                 net security               Break a Leg

[+: Confession entrance          email                      slave]

[+: Library backroom             insert card                awaken]


LOCATION                         APPLICATION                PASSWORD
Ground Zero, Josefk              email                      Kafka
             UcutieU             email                      Subarashi
             2Pacula             email                      shizzle

Sin Bin                          log file                   sinner
                                 private                    dirtydog
                                 peepshow                   sinner

Nosferatu warrens                pump 118a                  septic
                                 electrical                 tank

Tawni Sessions' apartment        cameras                    cleopatra

Metalhead Industries             operations                 codpiece
                                 net security               Bang Your Head
                                 safe                       Turbo Lover


LOCATION                         APPLICATION                PASSWORD
Kamikaze Zen                     power                      gwailo
                                 email                      waterloo
                                 email                      shinto-x
                                 personal                   elba
                                 net security               nirvana
                                 vault                      nippelhcs

Fu Syndicate                     door control               Freedom
                                 email                      elimination
                                 species x data             autopsy
                                [door code                  crane]


LOCATION                         APPLICATION                PASSWORD
Society of Leopold               power                      soc
                                 heat sig                   soc

Venture Tower                    lights                     hitthelights


In order to use the following codes, you need to have the console activated. 
On how to activate the console check the TECHNICAL section. If you want codes
that improve performance, again check the TECHNICAL section. This section
deals with codes that are mainly considered cheats.

I wouldn't advise you to use any of these codes in your first playthrough. I
use them only for fun after I've finished the game and in order to check the
various aspects of the game. Cheating could ruin your game experience, so be
careful when you use it.

When you enter a command in the console, the console will show you a list of
what you can do with that command, so you can scroll down and easily check
your options.

CODE                           EFFECT
impulse 101                    Gives all weapons, ammo and clothing
money x.xx                     Changes the bust size. Default 1.00, max 3.00
god                            Enables God mode (enter again to disable)
giftxp #                       Gives the character # XP
noclip                         Go through walls (enter again to disable)
cmdlist                        Shows a list of all the commands
notarget                       Invisible to enemies (enter again to disable)
vstats get stat #              Raises stat [stat] to level #  = 1-5
give item_a_xxxx               Gives armor of type xxxx
give item_w_xxxx               Gives weapon of type xxxx
give item_p_occult_xxxx        Gives occult item of type xxxx
give item_p_research_xxxx      Gives skill book of type xxxx
blood #                        Sets your blood pool to be # blood points.
give item_w_Sheriff_sword      Gives you the Sheriff's sword!


Well, "money" isn't exactly a cheat... and "noclip" can be really helpful if
a door gets stuck for some reason, or if you want to check if the TV newscaster
is naked from the waste-down.


 The mysterious "friend"

So who is this mysterious "friend" that keeps sending you these cryptic emails
with chess references? He seems to always know where you've been and he also 
seems to know what's inside the sarcophagus.

There has been a lot of debate about who he is in the various Bloodlines forums
and most believe that it's either Jack, Strauss, Beckett or the cab driver. 

Jack is probably the most likely candidate since he is the one behind the whole
sarcophagus situation and he is probably the only one that knows for sure
what's inside. The only thing that doesn't fit very well is that it doesn't
seem like Jack's style to send cryptic chess-based emails.

Strauss is another likely candidate and it would seem that it's surely his
style to do such a thing, only that he doesn't seem to know much about your
dealings and also if you betray him he gets really angry and doesn't even let
you inside his chantry, so why should he keep sending you emails?

Beckett would fit too since he is rather friendly towards you and he knows
a lot about the sarcophagus from his research. But you receive these emails
even before you meet Beckett for the first time and he also warns you not to
open the sarcophagus face to face, why would he send an email with the same

The cab driver only comes to focus near the end of the game but he suddenly
seems like someone who knows a lot. We'll talk about him in the next topic but
he is surely another likely candidate, especially as in his last cutscene with 
Jack restored content in the unofficial patch shows that he planned the whole 
thing together with Jack from the start.

You'll receive the following emails from the friend:

   The game begins. A pawn is moved.

   The white king moves to protect his pawn.

   A bishop is sacrificed for the king.

   A gambit has been played. The king leaves himself open.

   The cost of an attack is often paid later.

   Beware the black queen.

   The success of a campaign is weighted by the commitment of your opponent.

   The white bishop falls.

   Don't open it.

 The Cab Driver

You get to meet the cab driver only near the end of the game but he surely will
leave you an impression. Firstly he seems to know everything about your
situation and what's going on in the different sects.

He also mentions the first vampire city, Enoch, that was founded by Caine and
where he lived with the Antediluvians, their childer and humans all together. 
He speaks about the foundation of the Camarilla too, and how it eventually 
didn't live up to his expectations.

He surely seems to be really old, is he a Methuselah? Is he an Antediluvian?
Could he even be Caine? If you're a Malkavian and speak with him you'll have
a really frightening insight about him. So who is he really? Well this answer
cannot be answered within the game story, you only get a hint that he must 
be a really old and powerful vampire.

The fact that most people are convinced the cab driver is Caine is that if you
go to [installation folder]\vampire\sounds\character\dlg\main characters\caine
and listen to the audio files you'll hear the taxi driver's voice. Also in the
loading screen after you enter the cab,it's likely to see some info about Caine.

There is another theory that says that the cab driver isn't really Caine,
but a Malkavian who believes he is Caine. This is based on a story in the
original pen-and-paper VTM RPG's by White Wolf.

The fact is no one can say for sure who the cab driver really is... the truth
is out there, just don't go asking about the cab driver in the various
Bloodlines forums, it's a topic that has been discussed so much that it has
become frustrating.


If you play as a Malkavian you'll come across some pretty loony situations.
You'll occasionally hear voices and there is a possibility that one of the
stop lights in the city streets will start talking to you. Also at a certain
point, if you enter your haven, the TV newsman will start a conversation with 
you and tell you a joke about a tuna.


Official Game site:
Currently down. I guess the most "official" sites for Bloodlines would now be:

Bloodlines forums and information:

Mod sites:

Official patch location:

Unofficial patch location:

Various files:


V1.0:   -The walkthrough has been completed along with the strategy guide.

v1.1:	-Several minor corrections have been made.
	-Added a password.
	-Added the fact that you can sell and then buy the books multiple times
	-Added emails from the "friend".
	-Added a key binding section in the gameplay mechanics.
	-Version history section has been added.
	-Tawni quest warning has been added.

v1.2:   -Added Carnival of death quest Persuasion solution.
	-Added a Power-building section.
	-Some unofficial patch notes.
	-Added the warehouse stealth XP bonus.
	-Corrected a mistake about Beckett giving you a bonus after the
	 warehouse. (Thanks to Tiago Caxias and Matthew Theaker)
	-Added some forgotten mail. (Thanks to John Davies).
	-Corrected Beckett's bonus in chapter 5. (Thanks to Tiago Taxias)

v1.3:   -Added up to date information about the changes that take place in the
	 unofficial patches. All changes are provided by Wesp5.
        -Added more information about the Nosferatu.
	-Removed incorrect Beckett bonus from "Stat Boosters".
         (Thanks to Petr Tuklman)
	-Added extra option in the ATTENTION WHORE quest.
	 (Thanks to Big Trev, Dustin Tinklin, travis hines, Steven Bennet)
	-Added more options to deal with Samantha.
	 (Thanks to Alex Frazer, Steven Toyen)
	-Corrected a Persuasion requirement in the "Giovanni Chosen" quest.
	 (Thanks to William Chylwik)
	-Corrected various info in the CLANS section.
	 (Thanks to Felipe Andrade, Edwin Ferreira)
	-Corrected a mistake in the weapons section.
	 (Thanks to jizes, Mike Ricciardella)
	-Updated the link section with current, working links.
	-Made various small corrections.

v1.4:	-Made many small corrections in various places and added a possible
	 exploit in the Hitman Impasse quest. (Thanks to Hassat Hunter)
        -Added XP bonus in the Hunter Hunted quest.
         (Thanks to Vadim and Patrik)
        -Included trick to return to city hubs after the Bloodhunt. 
         (Thanks to Naoise)
	-Added more keybinding commands. (Thanks to Pierre)
	-Added weapon damage potential info. (Thanks to Talvi)



If you have any questions or need help with something PLEASE search the guide
before contacting me. If what you need can't be found in this guide then you
can email me. If you also have any suggestions/additions/corrections feel free
to contact me.

You can contact me at: the_vampyri_lestat[at]hotmail[dot]com

(my email was down for some time, sorry for that. Anyway, it's up again, so I'm
waiting for your feedback)

You can find the guide on the following sites:



Thanks to TROIKA for creating such a wonderful game, but no thanks to them
and to Activision for releasing a game with so many bugs. Unfortunately TROIKA
went under after the release of the game, since the game sold very poorly at 
the beginning and the patch came out too late to change the situation.

The game still sells copies though and will probably sell many more, mainly
because of the strong fanbase it has created. Don't expect any other VTM
games from Troika, since the company has officially closed but you should
not expect a new VTM game either, because White Wolf has ended this series.

If a new game is going to be published it's going to be about the new vampire
world White Wolf has created, which is called VAMPIRE THE REQUIEM. Anyway,
this series is very young and not as popular as VTM so don't hope for any video
games soon.


-Wesp5 for making his wonderful unofficial patches and for adding the changes
 of his unofficial patches to the walkthrough
-Tiago Taxias
-Mathew Theaker
-John Davies
-lazy oli
-Steven Toyen
-Mike Ricciardella
-pio 72
-Edwin Ferreira
-Felipe Andrade
-William Chylwik
-Alex Frazer
-Big Trev
-Dustin Tinklin
-travis hines
-Petr Tuklman
-Steven Bennet
-Hassat Hunter
-All the fellow vampire-gamers that emailed me with questions, corrections and
 kind words. Unfortunately I can't credit separately some of you since I've
 lost some of your emails due to an account problem. Anyway, thank you.

                                     ~THE END~

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