Tips for ranged weapons?

  1. My characters is a toreador and kinda be building him a ranged build. I did go past Santa Monica, currently in Downtown, and having a lot of troubles on a mission in the parking lot of there. Being using the 9mm and Shotgun, and i keep getting rekt by humans using the same weaponary. I do use auspex, celerity and stuff, but seems that I almost always die or have to rely on melee weapons anyway.

    So, I was wondering if I could get some tips on how to use or fight with ranged weapons
    xaco - 4 years ago - report

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  1. I don't play with guns much, so I'm not the best source. I know from other forum that Celerity greatly increases damage and accuracy of fire (it's recommended to max out Celerity as quickly as possible) and that good gun is Utica May. With high Celerity you begin to avoid bullets aimed at you.
    Try to max all traits that increase range fight (Firearms and... Perception I think). I also recommend Wits and Dodge, with these two you quite often avoid any blows. It's better to shoot from 1st person view.
    I would neclect Auspex a bit for now. I think Presence is good to weaken those who attack you directly.
    The Parking Quest is hard, most of main quest line is far easier.
    Rubinia - 4 years ago - report 1   0


  1. You can buy a Brock 17c ASAP as you can not loot it anywhere in near future. That's a good fast handgun. 9mm has bad accuracy.

    Bloodbuff, yo~ That would max your perception which help with your shooting

    Celerity and Auspex are good combi. Sneak, and with those buffs you can get far away enought to start on some one on one.

    Presence is not a combat skill, ie it has not much use.

    If blood is too expensive, remember that you can leave the last one alive and drink on him.
    Laclongquan - 4 years ago - report 0   0
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