Taxi in Santa Monica DOES NOT APPEARS???

  1. Hi everyone,
    I've been playing VTMB (second time, actually) and I notice some problems.
    One of the main problem is that taxi which supposed to show up in front of the ASYLUM, simply doesn't show... I downloaded patch (nothing changed), also I tried repeat previous mission (hoping then taxi would appear) but still nothing. Maybe someone had this problem or know how to fix this. BTW, game is running on Windows 7 (and I think, that is the main problem)...
    Thank YOU :)
    meide0108 - 10 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. If you are playing as a Nosferatu the cab simply does not show up and you are required to travel to the different areas by way of a map in the sewers. SC_Kilik - 10 years ago - report 4   0
  2. Yeah, Nosferatu go down into the sewers (like with the Ocean House ghost amulet task) and there must find a map of the city (not the sewer map) to cross map to map. Nosferatu also MUST enter the LaCroix building from the sewers, as they have their own elevator.

    For much of the rest you can either select the `presentable´ character history OR rewrite the degree of alert being a Nosferatu triggers & how quickly so (I have not memorized that console command, but one can also write it into the config instead).
    AMP1972 - 5 months ago - report

Other Answers

  1. I remember that `bug or glitch´ from a VERY OLD version of the Unofficial Patch by Dr. Werner Spahl only!

    Just get the newest patch version, as I did run it on a gifted notebook with nothing but Windows 7, and it does so on its own (flawlessly or with my own meddling) and also works with the War Games 4.1 MOD or the Bloodlines Prelude (play a mortal Hunter working for Grünfeld Bach) MOD.

    Newest patch version found in moddb dot com on date of writing was patch 11.0
    AMP1972 - 5 months ago - report 0   0
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