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The Sequel of The Sims... Is it any good? 09/25/04 Andrew14j
A look at the sims... 09/20/04 Bobo The Reviewer
Wow! This game is worth both the price of a computer and the game! 10/04/04 chocolatecraZ92
More than a sequal... 10/01/07 eimajamie
A Great Game-though not for everyone 09/19/04 FeralCats
A great game...again. 10/13/04 GamerFreak99
If you thought you were addicted to the Sims before... 12/21/07 goryman
Would be better....if not for all the loading times! Why loading times! 07/21/05 GreatSvenster
The most addicting game ever! 03/25/05 KingUndrTheMtn
A Great Sequel That's Waiting for Expansions 09/22/04 l syphonbyte l
What is the Sims? Your Dream Come True. 09/23/04 LinkRulesOverAll
Get ready to be addicted...again! 10/21/04 Locke130
All the stuff you liked about the first one, with none of the stuff you didn't. 09/19/04 Lord of Many
It's impossible to disagree that The Sims is one of the most influential PC games -GAMES- ever, so can it be improved? The answer is... 09/20/04 met3ora09
No words can explain its awesomeness 09/20/04 Meweight
Maxis has rekindled the old Sims experience! 09/20/04 pfsurf7
Graphics better than the last, but is the game? 09/19/04 Phyre
The beginning of another generation of The Sims. 05/01/06 Red_Mongoose89
More fun than actual housework! 09/23/04 Sb27441X
An impressive sequel, without a doubt. 09/19/04 Sheikah
It's life Jim, but not as we know it! 09/28/04 smithy3456
Good game, yet not a great one... 09/02/08 SniperBread
One of my favorite Sim games to date 01/20/06 Speed
One of the greatest games that I have ever played on the PC 06/27/05 stone100
Incredible! Maxis have done it again! 09/18/04 tardounderdog
The Sims are back! 01/03/05 Velkan600
The Sims 2: The Best Sim Game Yet! 11/11/04 Wavebird99
Same thing over, but improved! 09/28/04 xLiLAzNHoTTieBoIx

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