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Death/Disasters/Diseases Guide by Pr0vol0gne

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 04/28/2007


OOOOO          OOOO     OOOOO    OOOOO  OOOOO              OOOOO

Information "you" need to know
about! In this issue we will
discuss about disasters, disease,
and death. ALSO! Ways to "stay safe!"
Guide made by: Pr0vol0gne   

Copyright 2006

This guide is to only be shown on 
www.gamefaqs.com, and www.supercheats.com,
and www.neoseeker.com. If it is shown on
any other sites, please report
it to that websites staff. 

Credits go to the Sims 2 team for creating
yet another great game. Also I
want to thank Mark_E_1990,
trevlyn13, translaen, megafierce,
Comazon, and Maveric Gamer for
NOT making guides for the full
game. Rebel!! Credits to the guide
I used for certain sections I needed
help on. I do not plagiarize!

If you have any questions please
email me: Pr0vol0gne@yahoo.com.
Don't spam me either. Title your
email with something like: "I have
a question/comment on your guide,
help me please". Or else i'll just
delete it.

-Table of Contents-

1. Introduction to the guide

 Section A: Disasters

A1. Fire!! And other various safety tips
A2. Burglaries are indeed a disaster
A3. Somebody left the bath running...
A4. Joining forces with Jean Luc Picard and friends  

 Section B: Disease
B1. Types of disease, there are others besides the flu.
B2. Being contagious can be fun for the whole family!
B3. Symptoms that say what you have or not
B4. Recovery is watching Saturday morning cartoons and a bowl of chicken soup...

 Section C: Death

C1. How to handle death in your household
C2. Mr. Death himself and pleading with him
C3. Ways you can (not persuading you) kill your sims
C4. Ghosts and their fabulous colours!!
C5. Ghosts get angry too
C6. To move or not to move the urn/tombstone?
C7. How to use Exorcisms to their fullest
 Section D: Version History


1. Introduction to the guide 

 Disasters are a common thing in life. They range from burning up your kitchen
 to burglaries to ghosts. But you can prevent them with the help of this guide.


******************************* Section A: Disasters ***************************

A1. Fire!! and other various safety tips

 Fire can be caused by many things. some of which sound peculiar and others
 sound completely normal. Try to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

  1. Cooking: Burned food has a small chance of igniting and starting a fire.
     This is most likely to be caused by bad cooking skills.

  2. Unattended Cooking: If a sim becomes distracted from the food on the stove
     or inthe oven, it will most likely catch on fire.

  3. Fireplaces: Flammable objects (made of wood or cloth) will catch on fire.

  4. Electrocution: After a sim gets shocked by repairing an electronic,
     the object may catch on fire.

 Fire also has behaviors. Once it burns out, the object is reduced to ash. Fire
 spreads in a pretty simple way. It burns any objects adjacent to the one it is
 burning (or floor). All sims in the house will run to the fire and panic.

  *NOTE* During a fire, buy and build mode are disabled so you can't move any
         objects out of the fire's way (or buy a fire alarm).

 There are only a few ways to prevent fires.

  A. Inexperienced cooks should not cook on an stove or toaster.

  B. Smoke alarms should be in a room with flammable objects.

  C. Sims with low mechanical skill should not repair electronics.

  D. Keep all furniture at least 2 floor tiles away from a fireplace.

  E. Keep an eye out on what your sim does while they are waiting. If they get
     distracted, food is fire.

 In the event of a fire, do as you've always been told and call the fire
 department if you, for some reason, don't have a fire alarm in the same room.
 But you'll have to constantly "X" out for the sim to not panic. Sims can also
 extinguish fires themselves. But since sims are not the fire department, their
 handy fire extinguisher puts fires out at a slower rate, increasing the chances
 the sim could catch on fire. When the fire subsides, ashes will be leftover to
 reduce the environment score. Hooray!


A2. Burglaries are indeed a disaster

 Burglaries occur between 10 pm and 4 am about every 18 nights. The burglar
 sneaks into the house, checks it out, and steals the most valuable objects on
 the lot. That is unless you have a burglar alarm. Once the burglar enters the
 room with the alarm. The fuzz will show up and fight with the burglar. If the
 cop loses the  theif gets away and the cop says a bad pun. If the cop wins then
 the thief gets cuffed and taken to the squad car. The officer then rewards you
 with $500 and leaves. If the robber actually got something the cop will then
 give you the objects depreciated value.


A3. Somebody left the bath running...

 Floods are very easy to prevent but take forever to clean up. If a leaky
 plumbing object is spilling out water, it could spread the water throughout the
 entire floor. If on the grounds level, the water will spill to the street. The
 environment score will plummet and nobody will be happy. Watch out for broken
 sinks as they constantly spill water.

A4. Joining forces with Jean Luc Picard and friends

 Alien abduction is by far, my favorite "disaster". If an adult uses the Farstar
 e3 telescope between 7 pm to 2am, there is a rae chance that they'll be
 abducted by aliens. If the sim is however, male per se, he'll come back
 pregnant! He then embarks on motherhood? Or fatherhood?
 hmm...maybe a baby klingon is in store!!


******************************** Section B: Disease ****************************

B1. Types of disease, there are others besides the flu

 Disease is something that can be ignored but with serious consequences. Just
 because you don't know what it is does not mean you can ignore it. Figure it
 out with this chart!! By the way if you leave the disease untreated for about
 10 days, the sim will die.
 "Disease"          "Symptoms"          "Source"         "Contagious?" "Fatal?"

  Cold              Coughing, Sneezing   1% chance           Highly     No, if
                                         from work or                 untreated
                                         school.                       becomes 

  Flu               Coughing, Diarrhea   5% chance if        Highly      Yes
                                         near roaches.
  Pneumonia         Coughing, Fatigue    Untreated cold      Slightly    Yes
  Food              Vomiting, Nausea     5% chance anytime
  Poisoning                              a sim eats bad        No        Yes

  Morning           Vomiting, Nausea     Pregnancy (Day 1)     No        No
  Virus             2 random symptoms    Misuse of the       Highly      Yes
                                         Biotech Station


B2. Being contagious can be fun for the whole family!

 Contagiousness is a big factor when it comes to diseases. If you don't want to
 the disease, isolate your sim as far and as much as possible from other sims.

B3. Symptoms that say what you have or not

 Following this is a list of the symptoms and what they do or cause.

  1. Coughing: Once coughing is finished, comfort drops. The worse the coughing
     the more severe the symptom is.

  2. Sneezing: Once sneezing is finished, comfort drops. The worse the sneezing
     the more severe the symptom is.

  3. Diarrhea: Let me be the first to say, when your sim has diarrhea, their
     bowels don't shoot out machine-gun shots of poo. We're going to leave it
     at that okay? Bladder just drops. The worse the drop, the worse diarrhea

  4. Fatigue: The sim has a sudden drop of energy. The worse the drop the more
     severe the symptom is.

  5. Vomiting: Yes you guessed right, vomiting is what I just typed. The sim
     will attempt to find a toilet to vomit in. If they can't find one, they
     vomit on the floor. Comfort decreases.

  6. Nausea: Sudden drop in comfort. The worse the drop the worse the symptom.


B4. Recovery is watching Saturday morning cartoons and a bowl of chicken soup...

 ...But not in The Sims 2 unfortunately. There are two ways of which your sim(s)
 can recover:

 Rest: This includes not standing for a while, sleeping, relaxing, napping, and
 anything that has to do with laying down.

 Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station: If your sim or other sims in the house have 8+
 logic, use it to your advantage and whip up the sick one a potion to cure
 them.Depending on your logic skill you too can make a lifesaving potion.
 Results may vary.


********************************* Section C: Death *****************************

C1. How to handle death in your household

 Death is something that cannot be ignored. A sim cannot live forever(unless
 your using cheats!). Eventually when your sim dies, he/she will be on the floor
 or on the bottom of the pool and be visited by the grim reaper. After the
 reaper finishes his business he will leave you with an urn if the sim died
 inside, or a tombstone if the sim died outside. After that any family members
 on the lot will mourn the dead sims loss for about a day or two(depending on
 the daily and lifetime relationship score). The dead sim also gets a special
 urn/tombstone depending on the aspiration score they had left with.


C2. Mr. Death himself and pleading with him

 When your sim has passed and death has arrived, you have a chance to bring your
 loved sim back. The Grim Reaper will guess a random number from 1-100. If your
 daily and lifetime relationship score is above 90 then the sum is reduced
 to 90. So...
    Daily + Lifetime = x > 90, then x = 90

 But you have a small chance that your loved sim will not come back to life even
 if the daily and lifetime scores are above 90. So you really are gambling for
 another sims life. Be careful of what you make your sims do.

  *NOTE* If your sim dies in the pool they must die by the edge or you will not
         be able to plead with the grim reaper!

  *NOTE* According to barrj006 (barrj006@sgfl.org.uk), his male sim died in the
         upstairs portion of his house. The grim reaper walked into the house,
         up the stairs, totally skipped the male sim and went to bed to relax.
         The female sim then "got jiggy" with the grim reaper, producing a baby
         grim reaper that acted as a normal sim. The reaper then revived the
         male sim without having to plead or anything. If anyone can do this
         and have pics as proof, I will believe you. Just send it to my e-mail
         at the top.


C3. Ways you can (not persuading you) kill your sims

  a. Old age (Elder): This is the only time when you cannot plead with the
     reaper to bring a loved one back to life. This usually occurs 20 days after
     the sim becomes an elder(depends on the aspiration score though). When the
     elder sim dies, their aspiration score depends on their type of ceremony.
     If they had a high aspiration score when they died, hula dancers will
     appear and dance aroundthe urn or tombstone. Sims without a high aspiration
     score will just die normally.

  *NOTE* You can speed up the old age process with the Elixir of Life. If the
         sim drinks a failed elixir and is within three days of their death,
         they die on the spot.

  b. Drowning (Child, Teen, Adult, Elder): If on a beautiful sunny day your sim
     decides to go swimming make sure you dont leave out too long or else they
     could drown. But, there are a few possibilities they did drown. You have
     free will off and forgot about them and they continued swimming. Or you
     sealed them off by getting rid of the ladder. The ladder to me sounds more
     realistic and fun. It's technically the only good way to get rid of
     annoying NPC's that are constantly bothering you.

  c. Electrocution (Teen, Adult, Elder): I have only experienced this once.
     This is most likely the easiest death to avoid. But if you don't feel like
     calling the repairman to work on your TV, that's fine with me. You would
     really be running a big risk depending on the sims mechanical score. If it
     is low, they have a high chance of getting shocked. If the score is high,
     they have a low chance of getting shocked. However, it's not the shock that
     kills them. It's the need drop. If three or more of he sims needs hit
     bottom, the sim dies.

  d. Burning (Teen, Adult, Elder): Probably the most entertaining and famous
     death around, burning has been making fans of The Sims and Sims 2 go nuts
     about how much fun it was to burn families you hated. But if you love this
     family member who died, their ashes are in front of you. Nice, right?? The
     basic way to prevent this is to buy a fire alarm. If you don't have one for
     some strange reason, you can call the fire department. If you don't feel
     like calling the fire department, you can risk your sims life to go ahead
     and attempt to put out the fire themselves. But, you can catch fire
     yourself, don'tcha know!

  e. Starvation (Teen, Adult, Elder): Short and simple, if your sim reaches rock
     bottom on hunger, they die. The only way I can say to prevent this is to
     have a fridge on the lot at all times.

  f. Satellite (Teen, Adult, Elder): This is one of the few deaths I have not
     experienced in gameplay. If your sims is commanded to "Watch Cloud" or 
     "Stargaze" without a telescope, there is a small random chance that a
     satellite will crash land on the sim. Nothing is left of the sim but ash.

  *NOTE* The satellite can be sold in buy mode. Awkward, right??

  g. Death by Flies (Teen, Adult, Elder): This is another death I have not
     experienced but I have tried many times. Apparently, if a lot becomes so
     messy a horde of flies will pop up out of nowhere and literally "eat" the
     sim. This happens if the sim is so unconcerned of the mess that he actually
     steps on a fly-infested plate, he gets devoured.

  h. Disease (Child, Teen, Adult, Elder): As typed earlier, if a disease is left
     untreated for about 10 days, the sim dies.

  i. Scared to Death (Teen, Adult, Elder): If a ghost scares your sim, it lowers
     all of the sims needs. If three of them fail, the sim dies of being scared.
     Children cannot be scared to death but they will likely pee themselves.


C4. Ghosts and their fabulous colours!!

 When your sim has passed on to the afterlife. What other things can they stir
 up with the living? Let's go over their basic moves.

  1. Making flowers wilt.

  2. Turning on TV's and stereos. This can get very annoying.

  3. Dining chairs float even if a sim is in one.
  4. The toy zylophone plays by itself.

  5. The microwave floats, opens, and closes.

  6. The surgical dummy (from the medical reward object) floats.

  7. Tubs and showertubs fill with water and bubbles. If the ghost is in a bad
     mood he/she will dirty up the tub.

  8. The teddy bear will float and it's head will rotate.

  9. Table lamps will float. If the ghost is angry, he/she will break it.

  10. Scaring is a classic trait of ghosts. The haunting factors are:

   a. Whether a ghost is angry. (See Below)

   b. Whether the ghosts urn/tombstone has been kicked or smashed.

 How your sim dies depends on how their ghost will appear.
 If the ghost died from...

  Burning: Red and smoking. Not cigars, cigarettes, or pipes.

  Drowned: Blue. Leaves puddles of water behind.

  Electrocution: Yellow. Spark and electrify occasionally.

  Hunger: Normal but transparent. Opens the fridge and removes five food units.

  Old Age: As expected, white.

  Disease: Green.

  Scared to Death: Pink. FABULOUS!!

  Death by Flies: Purple.

  Death by Satellite: Orange.


C5. Ghosts get angry too
 A ghost can be angered in many ways. Here are a few of them.

  a. No food: If a ghost that died of hunger finds no food in the fridge, they
     will indeed get angry. This will be noticable by the repeated refrigerator
     icon over the ghosts head. There is a simple way to fix this, either buy a
     new fridge or restock the fridge you have

  b. Spouse remarries: If a dead sim's spouse remarries, the dead sim will not
     be the most understanding ghost around. The ghost will have a picture of
     the spouse's face over their head but with a red "X" through it. This can
     be remedied by the living spouse divorcing with it's current lover.

  c. Family moves out: If the ghost's family has moved out. It will be angry at
     any new residents. The only way to fix this is for one member of the
     ghost's old family to move in. The new family must be moved out for this
     to work.

  *NOTE* Tombstones/Urns stay behind when a family moves out.

  d. Desecrating a grave: This really gets the ghosts flustered. By kicking or
     desecrating a grave, the ghost will haunt at the highest level of anger.
     There no way to calm the ghost either. To prevent this from happening,
     build a small fence around the grave so it cannot be desecrated.

  *NOTE* If you think that your house looks really nice with the tombstones,
         keep them. But are some silly ghosts cramping your style? When a ghost
         is awake, open the cheat bar and type 'moveobjects on' without quotes
         and you will be rid of the ghost forever. Type 'moveobjects off' to 
         make sure that you don't delete anything you don't want gone. Thanks
         for the tip pasx76 (pasx76@yahoo.gr).


C6. To move or not to move the urn/tombstone?

 The only reason I would move the urn/ tombstone is to put it in a good spot to
 build a family cemetary. If your moving it for fun then you could get the ghost
 angry. As mentioned above, depending on the sim's aspiration points before they
 died will determine how "fancy" their markers will look.


C7. How to use Exorcisms to their fullest

 If you really thought their was an exorcist in The Sims 2, your right! Your the
 exorcist! I know that sounded cheesy but it's true. Just delete the ghost's
 urn/ tombstone at anytime and your ghost troubles are over.


 Section D: Version History

 12:29 pm, Wednesday, December 11, 2006: Completed the title, table of contents,
                                         and the first three sections. Working
                                         on thefourth section and planning to
                                         finish it and the fifth section
 2:30 pm, Thursday, December 15, 2006: I actually decided not to do the whole
                                       guide on death, but along with disasters
                                       and disease. The sections changed from
                                       numbers to letters and they are turning
                                       out really well. Expanded on how to
                                       handle death in the household. Added a
                                       small section on ghost anger. Finished
                                       the section about death. Finished the
                                       entire disaster section in ONE DAY!!
                                       Whew! I think I'm done for now.

 4:48 pm, Thursday, December 28, 2006: Okay back to work! Finished disease
                                       chart. YES! Finished the whole thing,
                                       now I have to do spelling and grammar
                                       checks then I'll submit it. Oh yeah
                                       copyright info also.

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