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Challenge Guide by traslaen

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 03/11/06

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    TTT       HHHHHHHHH   EE           SSSSSSS   II   MM MM  MM MM   SSSSSSS
    TTT       HHHHHHHHH   EEEEEEE           SS   II   MM  MMMM  MM        SS
    TTT       HH     HH   EE                SS   II   MM        MM        SS
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                                   2222222      "THE SIMS 2: Challenge Guide"
                                        22                By Andrew
                                        22         aka. ThSmGeek & traslaen
                                   2222222            Current Version 2.5

    Copyright 2004-2005 Andrew Butler




        Table of Contents


[1] Introduction and Overview

[2] Quick Challenges          Difficulty Ranking (1-least 10-most)
    [2.1] The Want Challenge                  6
    [2.2] The ToddlerMania Challenge          7 
    [2.3] Sims Soap Challenge                 4 
    [2.4] 30 Lovers Challenge                 7
    [2.5] Challenge of Affairs                5
    [2.6] The Sims 2 Exchange Challenge       2
    [2.7] The Beautiful Sim Challenge         1 NEW! Recommended!

[3] Generation Challenges     Number of generations/Difficulty Ranking

    [3.1] The Level Challenge                3/3 Recommended!
    [3.2] Career Challenge                   7/?
    [3.3] The Perfect Family Challenge      10/7
    [3.4] The Diversity Challenge            2/6
    [3.5] The In the Beginning Challenge   30+/10 FAVORITE!
    [3.6] The Mafia Challenge                ?/5 
    [3.7] Gilligan's Island Challenge        ?/6 
    [3.8] The Bomhemian Hobo Challenge      26/10 NEW!

[4] "Other" Challenges        Difficulty Ranking (1-least 10-most)

    [4.1] The Polyamory Challenge             6 UPDATED!
    [4.2] The Million Dollar Challenge        1
    [4.3] The Mayfair Challenge               8
    [4.4] Operation Millionaire               10
    [4.5] Life Unscripted                     1
    [4.6] The Takeover Challenge              8
    [4.7] The Family Ten Kids Challenge       6
    [4.8] The Graveyard Challenge             5
    [4.9] The Life of an Artist Challenge     6
    [4.10] Lovers/Kids Challenge              4
    [4.11] The Twilight Challenge             4 NEW!

[5] Neighborhood Challenges

    [5.1] Serville                         No Ranking
    [5.2] Population Explosion!            No Ranking
    [5.3] New 'Hood                        No Ranking

[6] The Sims 2: University Challenges

    [6.1] The University Challenge            3
    [6.2] Big sim on Campus Challenge         5 
    [6.3] Life of an Executive Challenge      4 
    [6.4] The Greek Challenge                 5 RECOMMENDED!

[7] Interactive Mystery Challenges NEW!
    [7.1] Mystery of the Murder of Prof. Hards NEW! RECOMMENDED!

[8] Legacy Challenge UPDATED!

[9] Challenge Reviews NEW!

[10] Version History 

[11] Contact and Legal Information


 [1] Introduction

Tired of same old boy-meets-girl, boy gets job, girl gets pregnant, girl has 
baby, baby becomes adult, boy dies, girl dies? If you are looking for something
to liven up your game, check out one of the many challenges listed here. I 
created this guide add a little new flair to an allready great game. Browsing 
the boards I noticed many different, interesting challenges. Some are very
popular, others not getting near enough publicity. After days of testing twin 
theories, I decided to hang up my coat and retire from the twins buisness and
I decided to compile all these amazing challenges into one place. Enjoy!

Don't forget to check out The Sims 2 BBS and search for threads on the amazing 
challenges described in this FAQ to discuss and see how others are making out!


 [2] Quick Challenges

Looking for something to pull you through between the 3rd and 4th generations
of your Legacy families? Or are you just in between challenges and looking for
something to pull you through until you find that next big fad? Look no

 [2.1] The Want Challenge          Difficulty level: 6                   
 Author: TheSgore  Orginal Date Posted: Jan. 10, 2005

 Primary Goal: Get your sim to his or her power want and complete it! 

 1. Create an adult sim of any gender and move them into a lot of any size 
 2. You may not pick a knowledge sim as that power want is way to easy and you 
 may not pick a wealth sim because they have no definite power want. 
 3. Hence; you may pick a Family sim, Romance sim, Or Popularity sim. 
 4. You must get your sim his or her power want completed before the adult life 
 stage ends. 
 5. No cheats allowed (except when there is a bug) 
 6. The challange starts when you move them in. 


 Add a point for every day before the elder stage your sim's power want is 
 Add a point for every want you complete on the way above 5,000.
 Add 2 points for every want above 15,000
 Add 5 points if your sim goes to the elder stage with a platinum bar 
 Take away 2 points if the sim goes into aspirational faliure
 Take away 1 point for every 3 fears your sim goes through during the game.
 The challange ends when your sim becomes an elder. If you have not completed 
 your power want by then, all points become null and void and you have failed.
 If you have completed the challange, tally up your score and see what you 
 [2.2] The ToddlerMania Challenge   Difficulty Rating: 6              
 Author: TreyNutz2  Orginal Date Posted: Jan. 9, 2005

 Primary goal: Raise 7 toddlers to children while racking up as many points as 
 possible, and minimizing penalties.

 How to Play: 

 1. Create a family of 7 toddlers and 1 adult parent. Choose the 
 aspiration and personalities that you think will help you  the most. 
 2. Move the family into any large lot.
 3. Use the ‘motherlode’ cheat to make your family fabulously wealthy. 
 4. Build the best ‘Toddler-Rearing Institute’ you can. Optimize the
 entire house to raising 7 toddlers. Use every trick you can think of 
 (or research on the BBS) to assist you. The only limitation: you can 
 have a maximum of 14 training potties.
 5. Play the game, raising all 7 toddlers to childhood. 
 6. The challenge ends when the last toddler ages to a child. 
 Pause the game, and total up your points. 


 1.  You may not turn aging off.
 2.  Your adult may not get a job.
 3.  You may use any money cheat at any time.
 4.  You may save the game, rework your house, and/or reload after 
 bad events as many times as you want.
 5.  The moveobjects cheat is allowed only for bugged items. You generally
 may not move  sims with this cheat (I will allow a   -5 penality if you do).
 If your sims get stuck in a jam, chaulk it up to bad house design, rework 
 your house, and try again.
 6.  You can use the ME_Energizer Painting, available at modthesims2.com.
 **author note: mods/hacks are not recommended. Nor are they endorsed by
 either ea or maxis**
 7.  You may not use any other cheats or hacked objects.
 8.  You may not sell ‘full’ training potties in buy mode and purchase new 
 ‘empty’ ones.
 9.  You may not use the ‘Leave World’ option to replenish your sim’s needs. 
 (I  don’t know if this works for toddlers anyways.)
 10. Aspiration rewards are fair game, if you earn them.
 11. If the social worker takes any kids, or your parent dies – you lose. 
 Either  reload or start over.
 12. You may sell/replace any items needing repair. 


 1.  +3 points for each skill (potty, walk, talk) each toddler learns 
 (max 63 pts)
 2.  +3 points for each toddler that grows up well (determined by the 
 memories of the parent)
 3.  +1/2 point for each skill point earned by all toddlers
 4.  +3 points for each toddler that ages to child in platinum 
 (stacks with growing up well)
 5.  -2 points for each use of the Energizer painting
 6.  -2 points each time you hire a nanny
 7.  +1 point each time a nanny pees herself
 8.  -5 points each time your parent passes out from exhaustion
 9.  -5 points for each visit from the Sim Therapist
 10. -1 point for each baby bottle you delete from buy mode
 11. -5 points if you use moveobjects to move any sim for any reason 

 Advanced Scoring (optional): 

 1. -1 point for each toddler that passes out on the floor
 2. -1 point for each diaper changed
 3. -1 point for each social worker warning message you get 

 [2.3] Sims Soap Challenge

 Author: ThSmGeek   Orginal Date Posted: Jan. 14, 2005
 *Special thanks to Sims2SoapStyle for the inspiration*

 Okay, so there is no real object, but scoring guidelines do exist 
 (finally). Sims 2, Soap Style: Create a family with 2 romance sims 
 married and a romance teen. The challenge ends when the two adults
 are dead. The teen moves out when he is an adult. Your parents CAN 
 have more babies! Have fun!

 +1 Extra marital affair
  +2 maid
  +2 repair
  +2 if met over internet
  +2 If caught
 +2 Abduction
  +3pregnancy (?)

 -3 old age
 +4 electrocution
 +4 satellite

 +2 twins
 +3 if a result of an extra-marital affair

 +5 Roof-raiser
 -6 Snoozer 

 Divorce/break up
 + 3 if a result of an extramarital affair
 - 1 any other reason

 +4 Public woohoo
   +1 if during extramarital affair
   +3 Rejected woohoo

 -2 If reach top
 +1 if gets fired 

 +2 if platinum 

 +2 Rejected proposal
 +2 Social Worker
 +2 Roberry
 +2 fire

 +3 Extra-“steady” affair (cheating on a “steady” bf or gf)
 +3 Sneaking out
   +5 caught
       -10 going out w/ permission

 **Possible Movie Idea**

 [2.4] 30 Lovers Challenge

 Author: fluffydevil04   Orginal Date Posted: Dec. 29, 2004

 The idea to create a romance sim and make him/her achieve the Have 30 Lovers
 'impossible' want. I want to leave this fairly open ended (instead of giving 
 a list of instructions, which would be so easy to do,) so I'll just give the
 rules and leave people to get on with it.
 To begin: Make a romance sim in c-a-s (a man makes it easier, a woman can be 
 used.) Move him/her into any lot.
 What you can do: Use boolProp.
 Speed up pregnancies.
 Age sims using boolProp.
 No bother with a house.
 Cheat on aspiration levels. 
 What you can't do: Kill off sims.
 Get engaged/married. 
 Positive Points: 
 +1 for every baby born.
 +2 additonal points fo every birth that's twins (so you get the 2 new babies 
 point and the additional 2 points for it being  twins.)
 +2 points for every romance sim that is moved in.
 +5 points if you can do it in a day.
 +3 points if you can do it 2 days.
 +1 point if you can do it in 3 days.
 +4 points for every time a milestone amount of lovers is made (2 lovers at once
 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 I think - although 15  and 25 might be in there too.) 
 Negative Points: 
 -2 points every time any sim goes into aspiration failure.
 -1 point for every one of the original sim's lovers that don't have a baby 
 with him (excluding the last one.)
 -1 point if it takes 5+ days to do it.
 -10 points if the sim doesn't complete before going into elder. 
 The challenge ends when the Have 30 Lovers At Once want has been fulfilled.

 [2.5] The Challenge of Affairs

 Author:  Ur1n3t0wN  Orginal Date Posted: Feb. 13, 2005

 The Premise- Try to keep up a romantic relationship with as many people living
 in one house as you can, without anyone catching you cheating in a time slot 
 of 7 sim-days!

 Sound challenging? You bet! Give it a whirl!

 Oh... but first, I should give you the rules and scoring methods... Ready? OK!

 The Process
 1. Create a sim of your choice (male or female), and make him/her however you 
 like with the romantic aspiration.
 2. Create seven other people of the opposite gender, and give them all the 
 romantic aspiration, and make everyone's relationship to each other a "roomie"
 relationship. We will call these seven people our DUMMIES. Don't worry, they 
 won't be offended.
 3. Move them into an empty 5x5 lot, and use the money cheat ("kaching" or 
 "motherlode") as many times as needed in order to create an efficient house 
 with all the items that will be needed for the next seven days.
 4. Double check, and make sure that all the items needed are in the house, 
 and that there are no problems that you'd have to fix later, because once you
 set it into live mode for the first time, there will be no entering buy or 
 build mode again until after the challenge has ended.
 5. Begin to play! The game ends for you exactly seven days after the day that 
 you begin, at the same time that you begin (7:00 am). So, if you start on a 
 monday at 7:00 am, then your challenge ends on the following Monday at 7:00 am

 1. No cheat codes may be used except for the money cheat. ESPECIALLY 
 2. Once you finish building your house, and you enter live mode, you may not 
 re-enter buy or build mode again for the rest of the challenge!
 3. No quitting without saving, unless a glitch occurs, and there's no way you
 can help it, of course.
 4. You may only visit a community lot if you bring along at least 3 dummies 
 with you.
 5. You may not have any two dummies in the same career track. This will 
 prevent players from being able to get rid of everyone at the same time of 
 day to work on one person at a time.

 Now, of course, there must be a point system in order to calculate your own 
 +5 for every dummy that goes through the entire week unemployed.
 +10 for every relationship that ends up being above 90 in both the lifetime 
 and daily bars at the end of the week.
 +8 for every dummy that your sim is engaged to.
 +10 for every dummy that your sim woohooed with on the lot.
 +5 for every dummy that your sim had public woohoo with.
 +8 if your sim ends in platinum aspiration.
 +5 for gold aspiration.
 +3 for upper green aspiration.
 +1 for lower green aspiration.
 -4 for upper red aspiration.
 -7 for lower red aspiration.
 -15 for each time caught.
 -20 for each sim that dies.
 -10 for each dummy that your sim ends with a daily or lifetime relationship 
 of -20 or below.
 -5 for each dummy that your sim ends with a daily or lifetime relationship of
 +30 or below.
 -1 for each dummy that your sim ends with a daily or lifetime relationship of
 +50 or below.

 Bonus Points!
 +8 for each romantic relationship between two dummies.
 +5 for each pair of dummies that has woohoo.
 +5 for each dummy that you can complete this challenge with that is NOT a 
 romance aspiration sim, but a family sim instead.
 -8 if a dummy dets caught with another dummy. 

 [2.6] The Internet - Sims 2 Exchange & Meet Up Challenge

 Author: princedeej28   Orginal Date Posted: Mar. 07, 2005


 A New way of Meeting and Living your Life via finding friends through the
 Internet ! This is an Internet Challenge by Relying on Internet Usage !

 What you have to do to start this Challenge:

 * You can either start in a Pre-Made Neighbourhood or one of your Own Created 
 * Make your First Family from CAS consisting of Male/Female and 2 Children of
 any Age.
 * Download 5 Lots with Families from the Sims 2 Exchange

 This is not a real hard challenge but there is a challenge aspect there for fun
 and good times ahead.

 This is a Non Points Scoring Challenge

 Step by Step Guide:

 1. Move your Pre Made Family into Any Lot Size. You must buy the Computer for 
 this Challenge to work.

 2. Insert your 5 Lots from the Exchange into your Neighbourhood, make sure each
 Family has a Computer.

 3. The next part is to Live your Life as you would in Real Life, the object of
 this part is you can only make friends by the Computer. You can Invite them
 Over once they are on your Phone Book. All Communication with the Sims around
 must be done by Internet Chats. Townies and NPC’s are allowed providing you
 have contacted them by Internet first, but Preferably by one of the Families
 you have Inserted from the Exchange. (This is a way of getting to know of the
 Other Families that people have Created for your Viewing Pleasure over the Sims
 2 Exchange, and to have fun and have the pleasure of enjoying other peoples

 4. You can continue the process into Generations if you like, it gives it the
 added bonus of Creating an Extensive Family Tree for your Sims. Continue the
 Process by Downloading 5 more Lots with Families from the Exchange after every
 2 - 3 Generations for more families by having fun with ! (But you must remember
 All Acquaintances must be made by Chatting Online)

 5. As an Added Feature to this Challenge, with the Stories you have Created by
 this Challenge, Create a Story Blog to Upload so every one can view some of
 your Success Stories to the Exchange Forum.

 Note: The BoolProp or Money Cheat is Not Allowed !

 Have Fun and Happing Simming !

 [2.7] The Beautiful Sims Challenge

 Author: amandaskeefer   Orginal Date Posted: Apr. 11, 2005
 This isn’t so much a challenge, but a sort of experiment. There are no points 
 awarded, it is just a matter of judgment at the end to see if you have won. You
 can use any cheats you see fit EXCEPT not saving and trying for a different
 looking/gender of baby. Here are the rules:

 1. To start out, go in to Bodyshop or CAS and make a beautiful female and a
 beautiful male. Make them married. Also create a hideous sim…the more hideous
 the better. If you don’t want to make one you can get one off of the exchange.

 2. Move them on to a lot of your choice. This lot can be a house, or just an
 empty lot. I moved mine on to an empty lot and just bought a few things.

 3. Using the bed, tombstone of L & D, or any other means available to you, get
 the female pregnant. (You can speed up the pregnancy if you like to get things

 4. Once she goes in to labor, keep the first baby/babies you get. Grow the
 first baby/babies up into a toddler.

 5. Repeat steps three and four, only this time grow the baby/babies into a

 6. Here is where things get different….Invite any one of your choice form the
 neighborhood over and have the female get pregnant by them. Grow the baby up
 to a teen.

 7. Now, invite someone else over and get the male pregnant with them. Grow
 that baby up into an adult.

 8. Take the baby that the male just had and get him/her pregnant with the grim
 reaper. Once that baby is born, grow it up into an adult as well. Once that
 sim is an adult, mate it with your hideous sim….this is where the fun begins.

 9. No doubt that once your sim goes in to labor and has that bundle of joy,
 it will be really cute. Grow that baby into a toddler and see if you are
 singing the same tune. You may get lucky and get a decent looking sim, or
 you may have a MONSTER! Grow it all the way up to an adult.

 10. Once that sim is an adult, mate it with your original beautiful female.
 (They are not related so don’t worry) Hopefully the baby/babies from this
 union is a little better than the one before. Grow this one up into an adult
 and mate it with anyone you like in your neighborhood….this is your last
 chance for that beautiful sim!!

 11. once the new baby is born, you can grow it up to an adult…..if it is a
 good looking sim, you WON the challenge. If it isn’t you didn’t win, but you
 can reward that poor simmy with a new face using the show business career

 This challenge is more of an experiment than anything else. It was something
 I did just to test out a few genetics. 


 [3] Generation Challenges

 Finally done the legacy challenge? Enjoyed it so much you want another
 generation challenge? Feeling a little self-concious about telling people
 "I've started the Legacy Challenge over again"? Here are a few generation
 based challenges.

 [3.1] The Level Challenge

 Author: ThSmGeek  Orginal Date Posted: Jan. 8, 2005

 The Challenge: Create 3 generations of a family, each having only one child, 
 have them all live in the same home. Start with  only 1 floor (level) in your 
 house. This is very important. The next generation will add another level to 
 the house. The  next generation does the same etc... In the event of twins; 
 you will use your roof as an extra living level (for the first  set of twins 
 only...). A second set of twins will merit a basement (if your can manage to 
 build one...) Otherwise... don't  do anything. 
 Your sims can only marry townies
 Don't reset your game if something bad happens 
 No Cheats!

 Optional scoring:

 1. +10 points for a basement or a roof living area
 2. +10 points for reaching the top of a career
 3. +5  points for every skill maxed
 4. -1  point  for every sim passed out 
 5. -3  points for a bad party
 6. -20 points for failing the challenge!
 [3.2] Career Challenge

 Author: pianomarie24  Orginal Date Posted: Dec. 30, 2004

 The challenge is to get to the top of each career track over 7 generations. 


 Start with a married couple that was created in create-a-sim or bodyshop.
 Pick any aspiration of your choice.
 For personality roll the dice and follow the chart below to determine 

 1 Aries or Aquarius
 2 Taurus or Pices
 3 Gemini or Virgo
 4 Cancer or Capricorn
 5 Leo or Libra
 6 Scorpio or Sagittarius

 You may marry anyone in the neighborhood except for Townies.
 You must keep at least one child in the house to continue the Career Challenge.
 You can adopt children.
 Move the family onto a 4x3 lot.
 On ten pieces of small paper write each of the 10 careers. Fold papers and 
 place in a baggie. Shake and pull out one piece  of paper to determine the 
 first Sims career. In order to play all 10 careers DO NOT place the paper 
 you chose back in the bag! 

 You may not use any cheats or mood trainers of any kind, except for 
 move_objects cheat for bugged items.
 Aspiration and Job rewards are fine to use for this challenge.
 Do not reload after bad events such as bad chance cards, death, etc.
 If you have a serious bug or glitch you may start over. This also applies to
 an entire lot being bugged. 


 1 pt. for getting to the top of each Career.
 1 pt. for each career object on lot.
 2 pts. for every $50,000 reached
 1 pt for each Platinum grave on the lot
 3 pts. for each impossible want fulfilled
 1 pt. for getting a raise
 2 pts. for retirement
 2 pts. for each family friend by the 7th generation
 -1 pt. each time a Sim goes into aspirational failure that requires a visit 
 from the shrink
 -1 pt each time you get a visit from the social bunny
 -3 pts. for each time your Sim is fired.

 Special Bonuses:

 2 pts. for every alien born onto the lot
 2 pts. for dieing each of the deaths that is possible
 2 pts. for every set of twins born onto the lot. 

 Hope you enjoy and Good Luck!

 [3.3] The Perfect Family Challenge

 Author: PinkyHiC  Orginal Date Posted: Dec. 23, 2004

 Welcome to the "Perfect Family Callenge".  The object of this challenge is 
 to make a  family as perfect as it can be over 10 generations .
 To start out create 1 sim (you can do anything to this sim, it dosent matter
 what aspiration he or she has). Then purchase a 5x5 lot(So maybe they will 
 have the home of their dreams someday ) Make sure to get a job right away
 (any career is fine) and purchase the basics you will be needing. Then the
 challenge begins! 

 Challenge Rules
 1. Absolutley no cheats unless nessicery(sp?) {a bugged object or bugged lot 
 2. You MAY adopt.
 3. You may NOT live on a lot that is any lower than 5x5 in size.
 4. You MAY marry sims you created.
 5. Please Do not try to brag, it may hurt other's feelings.
 6. You MUST keep an album to deliver proof for your score.
 7. No reloading if something bad happens.{Death ect.}
 If you break any of these rules you MUST start over again.  
 Also another note to decide what your sims children aspirations going to 
 be this is what you will have to do.

 Each aspiration will be represented by a differn't color. To decide what 
 your sims aspiration will be get 1 of each aspirations color{you can use
 a sheet of paper} and put them in a bowl. Close your eyes and draw a color
 out whatever the color's aspiration is that is what your sim's aspiration 
 will be. Here is what the aspirations's colors will be:  

 Fortune - Green
 Popularity - Yellow
 Romance - Red
 Family - Blue
 Knowledge - Orange 

 Points System:
 Every New Generation- 50 points
 Top of the Career Ladder for any sim-2,000 points
 All Career Reward-5,000 points
 Every Friend Made-10 points
 Kid or Teen Gets A+- 300 points
 Every Skill learned- 1 point
 Each Time You Max a Skill-1,000 points
 Every Townie Married- 400 points
 Every NPC Married- 300 points
 Networth Doubles- 10,000 points
 Every 1,000 simoleans earned- 20 points
 Every Best Freind Made- 2 points
 Every Time Sim woo hoos with spouse- 40 points
 First Kiss- 1,000 points
 First Woo Hoo- 3,000
 Every NPC Child{Child of an NPC}-100 points
 Sim with an original Name- 500 points
 Family Member as Best Friend- 900 points
 Everytime a sim goes into platnum mood-8 points
 Every Party with Roof Raiser Rating- 1,000 points 
 Bonus Points-
 Best friends With Everyone in the family-70,000 points
 Every Platnum Gravestone- 40,000 points
 Every Impossible want Fufilled(sp?)- 30,000 points
 Get social Bunnies to Do a Romantic Interaction- 80,000 points{1 time only}
 No Bad memories after 10 generations{excluding deaths}{EXTREMELY Hard}- 
 1,000,000 points 
 Deduction(sp?) Of Points
 Every Job Loss: -12,000 points
 Demotion: -10,000 points
 Every Accidental Death: - 90 points
 SOCIAL WORKER:- 6,000 points
 SIM SHRINK:- 4,000
 Every Friend Lost: -2 points
 REPO MAN- - 2,000 points               

 [3.4] The Diversity Challenge

 Author: Draftzilla2k  Orginal Date Posted: Jan. 17, 2005

 This is a challenge based on Sim genetics, which should result in a very 
 interesting, multicultural neighbourhoods. (The challenge is also 
 specifically designed to help avoid NPC/slowdown bug conflicts without 

 How to Play
 1. Create a new neighbourhood. (We'll refer to it as Diversityville for the 
 rest of this explanation, but you can of course name your neighborhood 
 anything you like!)
 2. Make sure there are no Sims in your Sim bin. If there are, temporarily 
 move them to lots in one of your *other* neighborhoods.
 3. Enter your new neighborhood, Diversityville. Open the command box with
 Ctrl+Shift+C. Type "deleteallcharacters." Press Escape to close the box.
 ***Make sure you move all Sims out of your bin before step 3, or else they
 will be deleted. This step deletes the NPC*'s (*NPC = Non player character,
 i.e., the autonomous characters in the game) from the neighborhood, and the
 game will spawn new ones. This step is to add some interest to the 
 neighborhood and to prevent planning in advance to matchmake your Sims with 
 standard NPC's.
 4. Create a couple in CAS, ("Adam and Eve Diversity"). They must have the 
 same skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour. Choose the darkest skin tone; 
 choose brown or black hair; and choose brown or dark blue eyes. (the most 
 dominant traits).
 5. Move in your Sim couple, on any size lot, and start their family.

 The challenge is over when you have every Maxis-issue eye colour, hair 
 colour and skin tone, present in two subsequent generations; i.e., all 
 variations are present across a generation, and then repeat again in the 
 next variation. All descendants must be able to trace their blood line back
 to Adam & Eve Diversity (of course, again, name them what you wish). A 
 generation is defined as all Sims the same number of steps from the original
 parents. Sims musbe be direct descendants, not "married in" Sims, to count 
 for scoring purposes. 

- You can only marry NPC's.
- You can move Sims out and move houses as often as you wish.
- The only pregnancy cheats allowed are for same-sex couples 
- Children born out of wedlock still count. This is about genetics, not birth
- Adopted children and their offspring/descendants are not blood relations of
  Adam & Eve and do not count in the score.
- Money cheats are not allowed. So, in addition to breeding, your Sims will 
  need to concentrate on earning money so they can afford to feed all those 
- What you can do:
- use any size lot
- use downloaded houses or community lots
- have any career
- When a child ages up to teenager, look at the time on the Sim game-clock.
  Pick their aspiration according to the last number in the time: 
     1 or 6 = fortune
     2 or 7 = knowledge
     3 or 8 = family
     4 or 9 = romance
     5 or 0 = popularity
- Neighbourhoods hold around 75 lots. If you happen to fill up your 
  neighbourhood, you need to kill off your elders to make room.

- You start with a score of 100 points.
- Deduct 10 points for every generation it takes to reach the diversity goal
 (your first set of children count as minus 10).
- Alien Bonus A: Add 10 points if your last two generations have alien 
  skintone; and add 10 points if your last two generations have alien eyes.
- Alien Bonus B: if you have a Sim with alien skin *and* eyes in each of your
 last two generations, instead of the 20 points in Alien Bonus A, add 50 

 [3.5] The In the Beginning Challenge

 Author: princedeej28  Orginal Date Posted: Feb. 13, 2005

 *FAQ Author's Disclaimer: Content unchanged from original post. Possibly
 offensive nature herein*

 In the beginning, there were 2 people. These were the diving point of our 
 very own existence. We are to attempt to make new life and watch life grow 
 out of the ashes.

 The In the Beginning Challenge is about starting life and watching life grow,

 -No cheats are allowed unless stated.
 -This is a Non Point Scoring Challenge.
 -You cant create any New Families unless stated..
 -This is a Long Challenge of up to 30 Generations as a minimum !
 -All Families must be aged evenly so having the original Adam and Eve must not
  be in the game by the time Generation 30 rolls around. Play your families 

 Deleting tombstones is now allowed, but you can only do so if they start to 
 become a problem with too many tombstones. Deleting them if the ghosts are 
 scaring you is not allowed !

 What you have to do ? (Step by Step)

 The first Stage : In the Beginning !

 * Start a New Neighbourhood and you can call it whatever you want
 (preferably New World) as to represent our beginnings !
 * In this Neighbourhood you can create land structures including boulders, 
 trees and special land structures to commemorate our ancestors.
 * Since this is the beginning, you need to do the boolprop to delete all 
 characters. Don’t worry new characters will come along as your time goes..
 * The next step is to make your first lot of whatever size you like ( a 
 residential lot ) This is your first lot, so more lots are required at this 
 * The next part is create your Adam and Eve via the CAS Program and use 
 whatever last name you like and move them into your residential lot you have 
 created. You can create them as roomies if you like and marry them later or 
 as an already married couple … Its up to you !

 The Second Stage: Life Evolution !

 * In this Stage, if you couple isn’t all ready married at this point, 
 start working on their relationship so they can get married. And marry them 
 when your ready.
 * NPC’s arent allowed at this stage for Service Jobs, as you wouldn’t see 
 Maids back in the stone ages now would you. You need to do every thing 
 yourself at this point.
 * Do all your Learning of New Skills via the jobs you and maybe the bookcase 
 too. As you need to evolve your self as a part of the learning process just 
 like what life was like when we were first learning as humans
 * Work there lives as you would in real life, and when your ready you can 
 start having your first children. Since this is the first generation have as
 many kids as you can. Just remember NPC’s aren’t allowed so don’t cheat by
 getting the Nanny.
 * Once you have worked your life through to the next part by having as many 
 kids as you want. Lets just say you wanted to have 4 - 5 kids for example, 
 the moment the last kid was born, you can do the boolprop to Create New
 Townies, As this is a part towards to the next stage of the Challenge. 

 The Third Stage: The first 5 Generations !

 * Welcome to the next stage of evolution …. Which is Population Growth.
 There are a few more things you can do in this part.
 Still at this point Service NPC’s are still not allowed, every thing has to 
 be done by yourself.
 * Now that the kids have come, grow them up and watch them evolve.
 * This is the stage where you can add your first Community Lot for meet ups
 and having fun with the other neighbourhood kids.
 * In order to start this stage you need to make your first Community Lot and 
 between 4 - 5 New Residential Houses depending on the number of kids you have 
 had. This is the Creativity Stage.
 * Once your kids turn into Adults you can move them into their new houses and 
 start over again by populating your house, by this point your kids would of 
 met a whole pile of townies that you might like to marry and have kids with
 as well. And you need to continue this process over the next 5 generations.
 * You can add a new community lot by the time a new generation comes around 
 if you like.
 * At this point you will have between maybe 5 - 7 houses depending on how many
 kids your Adam and Eve had. So by the time Generation 5 rolls around you might
 have between 15 - 25 houses depending on how many kids your kids have had. 
 Have fun with watching life evolve once it comes to Generation 5 ….. 
 Also all family tree lines must point to the Original Adam and Eve. 
 Alien Abductions Children aren’t allowed at this point.

 The Fourth Stage : The Next Era as Countries Begin !

 * This stage is the longest stage out of all Stages. At this point you can 
 start using Service NPC’s
 * This is where more creativity comes into it …… You can still use New World 
 Neighborhood if you like, but this is where you need to create more 
 neighbourhoods as metropolises. As this point probably 5 Neighbourhoods 
 reflecting different Nationalites and Countries. Give them Country names too 
 if you like. For example: [You might have] maybe weird looking due to genetics
 You do not need to boolprop to remove or create new townies for these 
 neighbourhoods so leave as is.
 * So work through your families in New World and see where you can move them 
 in which ever country you wish to put them. Have at least maybe 3 - 4 families
 per neighbourhood but depending on how many families you may have. Divide them
 evenly if you can. Leave a few families in New World too so that can still 
 * In these Neighborhoods, create as many Community Lots as you like and maybe 
 even a couple of community lots too..
 * So over the next 5 Generations again work and play them whatever way you 
 Switch between Neighborhoods and watch your Sims evolve. Don’t forget to 
 monitor your Sims family tree closely as we don’t want to divert away from 
 the beginnings of Adam and Eve. All families must be related directly to the 
 original Adam and Eve. 

 The Fifth Stage : New Families are Moving In !

 * At this point you are now up to Generation 10 (possibly 11) Don’t want to 
 be too far out !
 * This where things are getting more interesting with new families and new 
 beginnings. This is where you need to go to the Exchange Board on sims2.com.
 You need to download 5 - 7 families per Neighbourhood add them to your 
 Neighborhood as you desire. From this point is your own decision 
 as [omnipotent] ! 
 *No rules apply do whatever you like and watch them grow, give them wonderful 
 jobs, sleep with maid, get abducted if you like, adopt kids. The only thing 
 that you must remember is your kids must be related along the blood line of 
 the original Adam and Eve, so watch that closely through the ages. 
 You’ll know via the family tree mode.
 * This Stage is another 10 Generations long, keep on making community lots 
 and houses as you please. No boolprop cheats are allowed over this stage, not 
 even the money cheat. You cant deliberately kill your sims unless if life 
 intended it so, so you cant escape with out saving.

 The Sixth Stage : Make your Own and Evolve your Own !

 * By now you are up to Generation 20 (possibly 21 or 22) Don’t want to be too 
 far out !
 * This where you can create your own families via the CAS Option, make as many
 as you like maybe even make yourself another 1 - 2 Neighborhoods to form new 
 countries again, and move some Sims around in New Houses. Also at this place 
 if you want to, add the Goth or Pleasant family to liven things up a bit to 
 form new alliances.
 * By the time it comes to Generation 30 …….. You can end the challenge at 
 generation 30 if you like but this is just the beginning ! And don’t forget 
 this new Generation must be in relation to the original Adam and Eve. Check 
 this out via the family tree option !

 Glad you've had fun ….. Life is Just the Beginning !

 Have as Many Generations as you like from this Point On ! 

 [3.6] The Mafia Challenge

 Author: Rogarco  Orginal Date Posted: Feb. 26, 2005

 Here is how to play the Mafia Challenge and the rules:

 The aim of the Challenge is to have the most money you can have and the most 
 Mafia members you can have for your clan.

 1. You must start creating an adult Sim, male or female, from CAS or Bodyshop. 
 The aspiration that your sim will have can only be fortune, knowledge and 
 popularity. See below for more details on this.
 2. You can only start with one family member, not more.
 3. The lot you will play will have to be in the size from 3x5 to 5x5, not less.
 4. Your Sim can only work in the Criminal Career, not other. Optional: If you
 have downloaded a job like the Mafia Career or related to Criminal, you can
 play with it
 5. Cheating is not allowed. Only the moveobjects on cheat to move possible
 bugged objects
 6. In order to proceed with the next Mafia generation, the sim you created must
 reach the top of the Criminal career, or the other Mafia related career you
 7. Once your sim reached the top of the Criminal career(or other Mafia related)
 you must get a succesor of the Mafia sim you have.
 8. In order to your sim have i´ts succesor, you have two ways: your sim can
 get pregnant or let pregnant someone, then, if you want, you can kill him/her.
 The other is adoption. It can be a baby, toodler or child. In the genealogical
 tree, it must always show that the Mafia sim is the father of his/her succesor
 9. As your sim must be working, you will have his succesor as a baby, toodler
 or child. If you adopted; in order to not lose your job or position, you can
 hire the nanny. But take this in mind: When your sim´s succesor grow as a teen,
 you must kill the nanny you hired(to keep in mind that this is what the Mafia 
 10. You can´t delete tombstones or urns.
 11. Your sim must stay in the lot when you started the challenge.
 12. You can only use the entire elixir of life once per sim.
 13. If anything bad happened, like if your sim lost his/her job, haved an
 accidental death, loosed an ability point, etc, you can only repeat the last
 save once.
 14.Once your sim reached the top of the Criminal Career, your sim will end
 having eight friends. As the Mafia is, you must kill one of the friends your
 sim have, the sim with the lowest relationship with your Mafia sim must get
 killed. So think well what sim you will want to get killed.
 15. Once your sim managed to reach the top of the Criminal Career(Or other
 Mafia related), your sim can start by growing his Mafia family. You can grow
 your Mafia family by asking the sims you want to have in your Mafia family by
 moving in only if your Mafia sim seems to really like the outsider and if you
 have plans for him/her to beneficiate the Mafia clan, or by pregnancy, to have
 a real Mafia Family!
 16. You can create another Mafia family if you want. This new family or
 "clan", can be allies or enemies to your other Mafia family.

 Once you say it´s enough and want to finish your Mafia family, your score will
 summarize like this:

 1 point- Max out Mechanical skill
 1 point- Max out Creativity skill
 3 points- Get to the top of the Criminal career
 2 points- Get a succesor
 3 points- Reach third Mafia generation
 6 points- Reach sixth Mafia generation
 10 points- Reach tenth Mafia generation
 1 point- Kill a Police officer
 2 points- kill an enemy Mafia member 

 [3.7] The Gilligan's Island Challenge

 Author: ginevrasn23  Orginal Date Posted: Apr. 8, 2005

 Social Isolation:

 1. No marraige/joining/moving in of NPC's in the neighborhood. It is OK to
 move in at University, just don't bring them home.
 2. No service personnell. You may order groceries to be delivered rather than
 going downtown, but no pizza or chinese food.
 3. No adoption except for recovery of children removed by social worker.
 4. For University players: Sims returning from college must return to
 Gilligan's Island. Teens must wait until they have five days or less remaining
 (in their current stage) before they may leave for college.

 Technological Restriction:

 1. No televisions, computers, or electronic games or toys.
 2. Only the cheapest radio may be used, no stereos.
 3. Fire and burglar alarms may be used, telephones may be used.
 4. Telescopes may be used.

 Career/Aspiration Rewards: 

 1. All are allowed without restriction except for Elixer of Life and the Cow
 2. Only one full cask (five doses) of Elixer is allowed for each character in
 his or her lifetime or the equivalent from the cow plant.
 3. You may choose any Aspiration for your sims, however, no more than two sims
 in any one family should have the same aspiration other than "Grow Up."

 Length of Play: 

 Game ends when Gilligan dies (the first time for you guys who like to raise
 the dead). Each lot in your neighborhood should be played round robin so as to
 keep time passing equally for all of your sims -- you may play up all remaining
 lots to the "time of Death" for our title character, Gilligan. The more
 successfull you are, the more challenging it will be.

 Goal of play:

 Populate neighborhood with the assumption that the castaways are never rescued
 and begin as a single household. General challenge rules apply, no using
 cheats or exiting without saving unless your game has become irreparably
 bugged/stuck. Of course you are on the honor system. Community lots should
 adhere to the technological restrictions above. I have an example "cast"
 uploaded to the exchange if you wish to use mine, but you certainly may make
 your own version of the Castaways.

 Lifting of restrictions:

 Technological Restrictions may be lifted under two circumstances -- the first
 child born into the game reaches the teen stage or the first alien baby
 reaches toddler stage. For University players, you may ignore restrictions
 while on campus, but if you allow your sims to become engaged to an NPC,
 you will be unable to marry that sim off when he/she returns to
 Gilligan's Island.


 10 pts for each original cast member to die with a platinum aspiration.
 5 pts for each alien baby born to a human father. (Bonus 5pts if the "mother"
 is Gilligan)
 *Current population to be counted at end of game. Members of original cast
 still living do not count.*
 5 pts for each child who has reached elder stage.
 4 pts for each child who has reached adult stage.
 3 pts for each child who has reached teen stage.
 2 pts for each child.
 1 pt for each toddler or baby.

 **Details and other bits of flotsam are posted on MySim Page under the handle
 Ginevrasn23. My version of the Gilligan's Island Cast and my final lots for my
 first attempt are all uploaded to the Exchange.

 [3.8] The Bohemian Hobo Challenge

 Author: aboawithlipstick  Orginal Date Posted: Apr. 8, 2005

 Romance sim with no job, how far can they go?

 Goal: To have the strongest bohemian hobo family in 5 generations

 Definition of "bohemian hobo:" A sim cannot go to work, go to community lots, 
 or get married

 Definintion of a "bohemian hobo family:" a family comprised of only bohemian
 hobos with the bohemian hobo "legacy carrier" as the head of the household.

 Definition of a "legacy carrier" The first bohemian hobo or chosen genetic
 descendant . Must have romance aspiration.


 General: No hacks or cheats

 Starting off: The first sim in "the bohemian hobo challenge" must be a single
 adult or young adult (created from scratch in CAS or YCAS) with a romance
 aspiration and must have a name that begins with "A." Other than that, the
 qualities and aspects of the sim do not matter. This bohemian hobo is the
 first legacy carrier.

 Moving in...
 University: If you chose to have your starting sim be a young adult, move him
 or her into any affordable campus housing (which in this case is only a dorm).

 Neighborhood: If you chose to have your starting sim be an adult, you must
 have him move into a 5x5 lot


 University: There are some rules in this challenge that pertain only to Young
 Adults. "Bohemian hobo" university students can only have the following majors:
 art, drama, literature, philosophy, or undeclared. They may leave their
 residence to go to class and final exams, but they may not go to community
 lots or have on-campus jobs. The only exception to these rules is if the sim
 is trying to join a greek house (in that case, they may go to a community lot
 if need be) or if they work in the dorm cafetiera (the only job they can hold).

 Neighborhood: A bohemian hobo living in the neighborhood may not go to a
 community lot under any circumstance. They can have a job, but they cannot
 actually go to it. In otherwords, you need not be unemployed, but you cannot
 get in your carpool.

 Earning money: Because bohemian hobos cannot go to work, one must think of more
 colorful ways to pay the bills. Some of the more obvious ways are by painting 
 and writing novels. But any way of getting money without actually "going to
 work" is legit. Some methods I personally have divised are: having a job while
 pregnant, pensions from retirement, performing during parties, and moving in
 new sims. But any other method of ammasing the mulah without going to work is

 Romance: The laws of love in this challenge are a little tight, but not so
 much that you can't breathe. The only real rule is that you can't get married.
 You can move other sims in and even be engaged, but just not married. Bohemian
 hobo's may have romantic relationships with any type of sim (NPC, Townie, or
 User Made), but only townies and NPC's can "move in." When a new sim moves in,
 they must become a bohemian hobo as well (aka, they must quit or retire from
 their job and divorce their spouse *if they have one*.) 

 Naming: To help distiguish the different generations, I have added a rule that
 separates the names of one generation from the next. The first generation of
 bohemian hobos (your starting sim essencially) must have a name that starts
 with "A." His or her children then must have names that starts with "B." The
 third generation must have names that start with "C" and so on and so forth

 Choosing Aspiration: As we all know, children transitioning into teens must
 choose an aspiration. To jazz the game up even more, I have created (or rather
 adapted from the legacy challenge) a method to determine your teen's
 aspiration. To do this, you need a dice or any other random number generator
 (numbers 1-6). The number that comes up determines the aspiration of your teen

 1 = Fortune
 2 = Knowledge
 3 = Family
 4 = Romance
 5 = Popularity
 6 = (Roll again)

 Passing on the "bohemian hobo" legacy: The bohemian hobo family must last 5
 generations, each generation being lead by a "legacy carrier." The Legacy
 carrier must be a biological son or daughter of the former legacy carrier
 (alien abductions count, but a legacy carrier cannot be adopted) and must
 have a romance aspiration. The Legacy carrier is the only child of the former
 carrier who is allowed to have children

 Very Important Note!!!
 The original length that your family had to last was 26 generations. Due to
 bugs that occur after the fifth generation, I changed the rules. But if you
 want a challenge and give the ORIGINAL Bohemian Hobo Challenge a whirl, go
 for 26 generations of legacy carriers! When you end the fifth generation or
 start the sixth, package the lot with your family (the one that houses the
 legacy carrier) to a file. The lot will be saved in a folder called C:/My
 Documents/Program Files/EA Games/The Sims 2/Packaged lots (don't quote me
 on that though). Double-click the file with the name of your bohemian hobo's
 lot and it will be installed into your game! But your sims will have no
 extra-familial relationships or memories...

 1.) Non legacy carriers can move out
 2.) You can start in an entirely new neighborhood
 3.) The Legacy carrier can move
 4.) No one living on the same lot as the legacy carrier is aloud to have a 
 job, get married, or have a completely different life. If you move them to
 another lot (one in which the legacy carrier does not live on) then they can
 do whatever they please, but since they are not townies or NPC's, you cannot
 move them in again 

 1.) Yes, kids can go to school and get A+'s
 2.) Yes, a legacy carrier can go to college
 4.) YES!!! Forgot about the machine! Yes, you can use any reward items


 [4] Other Challenges

 Looking for something other than another generation challenge, but along 
 enough so you get invested in it? Here are a few kookie challenges that just 
 don't fit in other sections. 

 [4.1] Polyamory Project Challenge

 Author: princedeej28  Orginal Date Posted: Jan. 9, 2005

 The Polyamory Project is a challenge for any one interested in romancing
 more than one Sim.. 

 Polyamory is defined as ; 

 The non-possessive, honest, responsible ethical philosophy and practice of
 loving multiple people simultaneously. Based on  the conscious choice of
 how many partners one wishes to be involved with, rather than accepting
 social norms that dictate  monogamy as the only acceptable form of love. 

 What you have to do to start this challenge: 

 * You need to have a Single Sim (Male or Female) with a Romance Aspiration.
 (You can create this character from CAS if you want.) 

 * A 5 X 5 Lot as the size of this house will grow over time, with a small
 house at first. 

 Notes for this Challenge: 

 1. This Challenge is 5 Generations long
 2. Set your own level EASY/INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCE for your own recording 

 EASY - 2 to 3 partners
 INTERMEDIATE - 3 - 4 partners
 ADVANCE - 4 - 5 partners 

 The Project: 

 What you have to do is to start romancing Simmies.
 The first partner you must marry, any other partners after that 
 you must move them in as MOVE IN’S. You can do any thing you want in
 terms of romancing and growing your family. Let life take you over. 
 You can only have  children with the partners in your household, so 
 Alien baby’s are not allowed. So you cant buy the telescope. You can 
 have as many children as you like providing you keep atleast 1 child
 from your family in your household to move to  the next generation.
 This child must have a Romance Aspiration too so they can continue
 the challenge in the household. The Challenge Aspect is that you must
 remember; you must not get caught Woohoo’ing or Trying for a Baby. 
 You will lose  points otherwise. You will get points added if you get
 away with it. This includes traumatising the children with romancing 
 a Sim other than its mother. So be careful. You must have a child with
 each partner for this challenge to work. The Challenge ends once the
 last child of the 5th Generation is born. Don’t forget you have to have
 a child with each partner for it to work ! 

 Happy Polyamory’ing ! 

 Points System: 

 20 Points added once you add the first partner
 40 Points added for each multiple partner you move in
 20 Points added each child growing up well
 30 Points added for a successful Woohoo/Try for Baby
 5  Points added for every successful kiss/flirt/romancing with other 

 40 Points subtracted if you get caught Woohoo/Try for Baby
 10 Points subtracted if you get caught kiss/flirt/romancing with other

 Rating System: 

 100 Points or under : Monogamy is better for YOU ! Don Lothario is 
 better than you. 

 100 - 150 Points : You are half way capable in loving more. 

 150 - 200 Points : Good on you keep up the good work ! You are 
 starting to understand the concept of Polyamory ! 

 200 Points or more : Hugh Hefner must be spinning !  You are a 
 true Polyamorist 

 [4.2] The Million Dollar Challenge

 Author: boopy1871  Orginal Date Posted: Dec. 29, 2004

 Go to the exchange and search the lots for a 'Real World' or 'Big Brother' 
 type of house, or build one yourself.
 Place the house in a new neighborhood. 
 Now create a family of 8 unrelated sims, not even roommates.

 I found this worked best with a variety of aspirations, and all having 
 different zodiac signs. In my case it was 2 Romance, 2 Family, 2 Fortune,
 1 Knowledge, and  1 Popularity.
 Move the family into an empty lot and then use the 'Motherlode' cheat until 
 the family has 1 million simoleans or more, and  then move them back to the
 family bin, and then into the big house. You now have a 'Real World' type of 
 set up, with a  family that has a boodle of simoleans. Now the game begins. 


 Turn aging off
 None of the Sims are allowed to get jobs
 Make sure that free will is On 

 Now just sit back and enjoy watching your sims. Don't interfere , unless you 
 absolutely have to, or just feel like creating   some drama, I have found that 
 initiating a single 'Charm' Flirt action will get two of them on the path to 
 romance. Have   them greet passing Townies if you want. Instruct them to pay 
 the bills. Hire a Maid (if you want), Hire a Gardener (If you   want), but 
 generally, just let them interact and live together.

 It is fun just to watch 8 strangers interact, and form friendships and enmities

 At the end of 1 Sim Week (On Sunday Noon) It's time to cut someone from the 
 house. Do this by polling your sims. I send them 1 at a time to a private 
 room (Its like the vote). Check relationship scores, and   whomever in the
 house each sim has the lowest LIFETIME relationship with is their vote for 
 who leaves.

 Likely you will get a 2 or 3 way tie the first week. At that point , re-poll 
 all the other sims. If you still have a tie,   keep going until you get the 
 Sim to be cut from the house. 

 The Sim who is voted out then uses a computer or newspaper to 'Find Own Place'.

 Go to the neighborhood and give the Voted Out Sim a small lot (2X3) with 
 nothing but a phone on a table, and return to your   Million Dollar House. 

 The game continues, now with 7 Sims. They have a phone so relationships 
 with the Voted out sim(s) can continue .... They   WILL call, and sometimes
 drop by. Next Week, do the same thing. Sims keep getting voted out of the 
 house until only 2 Sims remain for the last week. The rest   of the starting
 8 should all have their own lots by now, and with phone and drop  bys, should 
 have continued relationships with those in the main house. 

 At the end of the last week. You will go to all the other sims in the 
 neighborhood (The 6 voted out) and poll them regarding  the final two. 

 You will then have your winner. The last voted out Sim leaves , and your winner
 pockets whatever is left of the money from   the start. So, maid bills,
 repairman  bills, pizza, grocerys, etc. are all subtracting from the final 
 total. You now have a neighborhood populated by your original 8 sims, 1 of who
 is VERY wealthy. When playing the neighborhood, to fix the fact that they all
 have the same last name... when they marry, have them take the
 last name of   the Townie / NPC that they marry. Unless of course 2 of 
 the original 8 marry in  which case they keep the original name. 

 Of course, after the winner is decided. Turn Aging back on , and enjoy your new
 The amount of sponge baths they will take will astound you :) 

 **Possible movie idea**

 [4.3] The Mayfair Challenge

 Author: Rothane   Original Date Posted: January 5, 2005

 This challenge is named in honor of the Mayfair family from 
 Anne Rice's books, a family  famous for intermarriage, fabulous
 wealth, and for demanding people carry the last name of Mayfair 
 to inherit. While it is not necessary to use the surname Mayfair
 in order to participate in the challenge, I will continue to use
 the last name Mayfair to illustrate points of the challenge.

 The goal of the Mayfair Challenge is to have 10 familes in the 
 neighborhood, all of whom eventually will have a child related,
 by surname and blood descent, to the Prime Family. In my neighborhood,
 the prime family is the Mayfairs. In addition, this cannot be done by
 breeding any of these ten families out of existence.

 You should end up with each of the 10 families having a child in it 
 with the surname  Mayfair who is descended from the Mayfair Matriarch
 (the female of the origin family). You should also end up with at least
 one household bearing each of the Origin Surnames in your town.

 Visit http://home.rochester.rr.com/bfrench/mayfair/ for extended rules & 

 [4.4] Operation Millionaire

 Authors: Trixie9819 & VioletKitty411   Original Date Posted: Jan. 06, 2005

 The goal of this challenge is to have a sim family have a CASH value of 
 one million simoleans in as short a time as  possible. 
 Here are the rules:
 1. No Cheats or Hacks, except MoveObjects to repair a glitch.
 2. You may not use the elixer of life or the money tree aspiration reward
 3. You may start on any lot size that you want.
 4. Make a Sim in CAS, he/she may be of any aspiration that you want, but 
 later (as the family grows), no more than 2 in the household may have the
 same aspiration at any one time.
 5. Sims may not marry or move in ANY sims, nor can they move any sims OUT 
 of the house.
 6. Adoption or whoo hoo with a NON household member are the only way to 

 10 points for reaching 1 million, -1 point for each sim (teen or older) 
 that contributes to Cash Value.
 1pt for every 100 simoleans over one million that came in with the millionth
 simoliean. 10pts for having sims reach the top of every career sometime 
 during the challenge. 1 point each for the following aspiration wants achieved.
 Family Sim have a baby
 Romance, whoo hoo with 5 different sims
 Popularity, 10 Best Friends
 Knowledge, Maximize A skills (4 times, any 4 skills except creative)
 Money, Buy a painting costing at least $5,500 (must keep painting forever) 

 If you want, there is an alternate version, go to 10 Million Simoleans, you 
 will get 100 point for reaching 10 Million. All  other rules are exactly the
 same. But it will take approximately 80 to 100 Sims to reach it, so I expect
 only the most extreme Simaholics to even try this one :) 

 [4.5] Life Unscripted

 Authors: Trixie9819 & VioletKitty411   Original Date Posted: Jan. 06, 2005

 Life is what happens when you move away from the keyboard, and just watch! 

 Objective: for 30 days, let 8 sims amuse themselves, only stepping in with a 
 few suggestions now and then. 
 Take a lot of pictures. After your 30 days, you get to write a story! 
 Start with 6 to 8 CAS sims. You need at least one of every age group, 
 at least one of every aspiration, and no two zodiological signs alike 
 Pick an empty lot, build a house, use Motherlode or Kaching with no limit.
 Just go nuts with it and make sure you have everything you need. Once you
 go live you cannot rebuild or refurnish anything. 
 Before Gameplay Begins (within the first 2 to 3 hours) you can set up the 
 Maid, Gardener, Nanny. 
 You may use the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" cheat to Make sims 
 friendly  with each other (via the tombstone of Life  and Death)
 Assign 30 skills per sim
 Get a job for EACH Teen/Adult/Elder (just entry level, cannot set job level) 
 You cannot direct any actions of any Sim, Except:
 Command pay bills, do homework, call for grocery delivery, and EITHER, repair
 object (as many times as necessary per object) or call repairguy. 
 Cannot redesign house in any way, cannot change anything in build or 
 buy mode after  game starts. If you blocked something,  or forgot something,
 tough luck. During Gameplay, you can use the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled 
 true" to:
 Establish relationship with someone you bring home from school/work
 Make all happy once a day (per household, not per sim) 

 After 30 Sim days, look thru your pictures and use some (or all) of them to 
 write a story. Was it funny? Was it a tradgedy? 

 **FAQ Author's note: This was originally a contest, therefore, no scoring 
 guidelines exist**
 **Possible movie idea**

 [4.6] The Takeover Challenge

 Authors: fluffydevil04   Original Date Posted: Dec. 24, 2004

 The Challenge: Create a neighbourhood. Use any template you want and name it
 anything you want. Once in it, make a family of a male and female sim. You 
 can make them in Bodyshop or Create-A-Sim and married or unmarried. They 
 can have any personality and any aspiration. Move them into any sized
 lot and build them a house. Make them have kids. When it comes to 
 choosing an aspiration, you can roll the dice (number-aspiration 
 rules below) or monitor their wants and fears during childhood 
 and, based on that, assign them a relevant aspiration. When the 
 kids have grown up, move them out and into other lots in the same
 neighbourhood. Make these kids marry NPCs or Townies and have kids. 
 Follow the whole process again until the neighbourhood has 75 occupied 
 lots in it - that's when the challenge has finished (don't worry, it 
 sounds alot, but each neighbourhood can easily hold 200 houses - I 
 just thought that would be too overwhelming.) 

 The Rules - If you want to use the dice to decide aspirations, here's the 
 1: Pick an aspiration,
 2: Family,
 3: Knowledge,
 4: Popularity,
 5: Romance,
 6: Wealth. 
 - When a child moves out into a house of their own, they and their spouse
 can only have 4 children. That also applys to the  original sims. Exception
 to this rule: if the last of the 4 pregnancies brings twins - you can't really
 control that.
 - You can adopt children if you need to, although there is a penalty per 
 adopted sim.
 - The cheats 'motherlode', 'kaching', 'move_objects on/off' and 'boolProp 
 testingCheatsEnabled true/false' are allowed, but  no other cheats are. 
 Also, the commands 'get pregnant with...', 'set to birthday', 'make me alien
 pregnant' and 'speed up my  pregnancy' of the boolProp cheat are not allowed,
 but other commands of that cheat are.
 - A sim must marry before they can have kids.
 - The original surname doesn't have to be kept throughout the whole challenge.

 The Points: 
 Positive: +3 points every time a new sim is born.
 +1 point for every sim that ages in platinum state.
 +3 points for each different aspiration used.
 +10 points for each impossible want fulfilled (a 30000+ aspiration point want.)
 +10 points for each platinum grave per lot at the end of the challange 
 (an incentive to let your sims age and not just move sims out, into the lot
 and then abandon them.)
 +5 points for each house at the end of the challenge.
 +3 points for every branch of the family tree that has the maximum children. 
 Negative: -3 points for every sim that dies (not including old age.) 
 -5 points for every sims that grows up badly.
 -5 points for every impossible want that goes unfulfilled (providing it comes
  up and excluding the Have 10 Kids want and Have 20 Grandchildren. The rules 
 make them impossible, so it's not fair for players to have a point penalty for
 following  the rules.) 
 -3 points for each sim on a lot without a house at the end of the challenge. 
 -3 points for each branch of the family tree that has no children. 
 -1 point for each child under the maximum per different branch.
 -1 point for every adopted sim. 

 [4.7] The Family Ten Kids Challenge

 Authors: I WillY WuV YeW    Original Date Posted: Jan. 13, 2005
 Challenge- Build a family consisting of 2 sims- male and female- both family 
 sims - who are just roomies! You have to make there relationship really great,
 get them engaged, and get them married. They have to have 10 kids, you have to
 keep the family generation going for 12 generations, yes 12! And the 2 sims 
 made in create a sim have to be adults, and can have any sign. 

 On an empty lot, start a family, building a 4x4-17x17 lot. 
 Any of the children may move out, but atleast 2 of them have to stay.... 
 when the children grow into a teenager, on six pieces of little paper write 
 1. Romance
 2. Family
 3. Knowledge
 4. Popularity
 5. Fortune
 6. Pick one of those again, so there will be 2 of 1. 
 In the end, you have to know who started the generation....but im sure 
 that won't be a problem when you've been playing it    so long, you 
 probably remember people! 
 1. You not use any cheats!
 2. You have to start on anywhere from a 4x4 lot to 17x17 lot
 3. You can use the elixir of life!
 4. You can't use any patches or downloads either....
 5. You may use aspiration reward prizes
 6. If something happens that is isn't good such as job loss or fire, etc, you
 may not reload and try again. Whatever happens, happens. If there is a bug or
 something though, you may reload. 
 Bonuses (keep track of your score)
 (throughout all generations)
 10 points for each xtra kid born on the lot in the first generation. 
 (more then 10)
 20 points for each xtra generation (more then 12)
 15 points for each xtra kid kept in the house in the first generation
 5 points for each sim who grows up well through all generations and ages
 20 points for each set of twins born throughout all the generations
 1 point for each time platinum aspiration is reached for any kind of sim, any
 age, any generation
 10 points for every alien child born throughout any generations
 15 point for any sim who reaches the top of their career track, throughout all 
 10 points for each generation completed.
 25 points for each sim who dies with a platinum grave (in any generations)
 5 points for any sim who reaches a want worth 15,000 or more aspiration points
 (any generations) 10 if you have all kinds of ghosts on the lots (fire, 
 electrocution, etc.) 
 (throughout all generations)
 25 points off for each person dying other then old age
 20 points off for any aspiration failure and visit from Shrink
 1 ponit off every time social bunny arrives
 10 points for each kid taken by the social worker
 5 points off every sim who dies in aspiration failure
 12 points off for each visitor who dies at your lot 

 [4.8] The Graveyard Challenge

 Idea: omiwater333 Scoring/Rules: ThSmGeek Original Date Posted: Jan. 28, 2005

 For those of you out there playing the sims for it's violent, death-filled
 darker side; here is a challenge for you!

 The Idea: Fill a graveyard of 20 stones/urns

 The Complication: All must be family members, must all be adults/elders

 Regulations: No cheats/hacks/elixer of life (why?)

 Scoring Guidelines: 

 +100 for completing the challenge
 +8 for a death of all types
 +5 Each Platinum Death
 -1 Each Starvation death (after 5)
 -1 Each Old Age death (after 5)
 -2 Each Drowning Death (After 5)

 Start with ONE CAS!


 [4.9] The Life of an Artist Challenge

 Author: Rickysbabygurl4lyfe    Original Date Posted: Feb. 16, 2005

 How many paintings can a Sim do in His/Her lifetime while maintaining a job 
 and making friends.

 Create a Single Parent and a child or Teen in CAS. No Toddlers.
 skin tone/aspiration/personality are all up to you. Move onto any size lot 
 and build a house or use an existing lot/house.

 The Child/Teen is your Artist.
 Only paintings done by the Artist may be kept and counted for points.
 He/she must max out all creativity points before you can keep any paintings.
 In addition to Painting your Artist must make friends while child/teen and
 get a job the day he/she becomes an adult.
 He must reach the top his/her career.
 Your artist cannot move anyone in, Marry or have any children. You can and 
 should have your Sim adopt a child before he/she becomes an elder.

 IF you paint a Sim using the Still Life option you must also paint a portrait 
 of that Sim or you lose points.
 No cheats/hacks of any kind. NO Elixir of Life, No energizer, and no thinking
 You can use the move objects cheat if you have too.
 IF your house becomes so bugged that you have to abandon your paintings
 take a photo of them so you have a proof and so you don't duplicate paintings.
 Keep all paintings on the easel so that the next generation can sell them after
 your artist dies.

 Every painting MUST be different. examples
 you paint dad sitting on sofa. You cannot paint dad sitting on the couch again
 but you can paint Dad, swimming, cooking, puling weeds, Playing chess etc.
 If you paint the pool during the day you cannot paint the pool at night. You 
 can have a neighbor/friend family member swimming and paint the pool again.
 When your artist dies take a picture of all of his/her paintings and upload it
 for the rest of us to see.


 +2 for each Portrait of playable neighbors/family members.
 +3 points for each portrait of Townie/NPC
 +1 for still life painting of Townies but only if you also
 have a portrait of them.
 +1 for each Still life painting.
 +2 for each ghost painting. No more than 3 Ghosts of the same color.
 +2 for each painting of an NPC doing his/her job. Again you must also have a
 Portrait of the NPC. Only 2 paintings of each type of NPC. i.e. 1 male maid
 and 1 female maid etc.
 +2 for paintings of the Social worker, Repo man and Burglar.

 Bonus points
 +5 if you can get a portrait of yourself painting a portrait of the burglar.
 +5 if you get portraits and still-life’s of all NPC's.

 Lose points for:
 -5 for each Still life of a Sim that is NOT accompanied by a portrait.
 -10 for not reaching the top of your career. 

 [4.10] Lovers/Kids Challenge

 Author: LdyBvrhsn  Original Date Posted: Feb. 17, 2005

 Ok, you make a male sim (love is the best) then you move him in to any house 
 (it doesn't matter) and you make him make every girl in the town fall in love
 with him and give birth to at least one of your kids (if it's a townie, move
 them in) the point is to get 100 or more children without adopting/ useing age
 cheats (NO Elxiers of LIFE)


 - 1000p if you get a 100 kids
 - 100p for every kid after 100
 - 1p for every kid (if you don't get to 100)
 - 3p for twins
 - 2 points for every lover
 - 2p for every married lover (that has your kid)
 - 1p for every lover moved into your house
 - 1p for every kid that lives (i did this challenge and 3 of my kids died
 - 1p for every grandchild
 - 1p for every kid born after a grandchild

 - -2 for every kid that dies
 - -3 for every time your chaught cheating
 - -1 every time your rejected for 'woohoo'/'try for a a baby'
 - -5 every time you become an enamie with your child
 - -5 every time you childs asperation is in red
 - -5 for every kid that is missing to get to 100 by the time you die (if you
 have 98 kids then, that's -10) 

 [4.11] The Twilight Challenge

 Author: Santiago  Original Date Posted: Apr. 12, 2005

 The point is to wack a Sim in every way possible, AND the you kick their
 memorials until you have a ghost of each color. Nice, huh? OK here are the

 To Start...
 First create a married couple, with two kids (desired sex, but make em have
 one child) now, do another family made of eight adult roomies (do only one
 sex, either one, please). Lets call them "Condemned", of course, call them
 whatever you like. Now, for fun, deform their faces to your wicked liking.
 Don't get picky on their stats, their sole purpose is to die =). OK, get a lot
 4x4 and build your house using Motherload. Make a good house, MAKE SURE to put
 a pool. Once you are finished, move in the Condemned. Now...
 The Excecution (pun intended)
 Motherload to infinity. Get around 500K. Turn off Free Will. To win, you need
 to kill each Sim in one of the nine ways (I included descriptions):
 Disease: lick clean a plate with a green cloud. Do not let your sim sleep
 Drowning: put a Sim in the pool and remove the ladder. It will eventually die
 Fire / Burn: have a Sim with little or no cooking skill cook in the cheepest
 oven, chances are, it will set the room on fire. After the desired Sim has
 died, extinguish the fire
 Fly Swarm: Do not clean up the plates. Once a room has about 14 plates+ with
 flies, walk through the area. The flies should kill you.
 Electrocution: Breake an applience and have a Sim with low Mechanical skill
 repair it. If the Sim has 3 or more needs halfway, it shold get electrocuted.
 Old Age: .....
 Satellite: have a Sim star gaze or wach clouds and a satelite MAY come down
 and wack you
 Scared to Death: After ghosts show up, have a Sim with 3 or more needs halfway
 down take a midnoght stroll. A ghost may come and spook you to death.
 Starvation:... just lock him and let him die


 [5] Neighborhood Challenges

  This unique section of challenges give the reader ideas and challenges as to 
  populate and live their sim's neighborhoods. Enjoy!

 [5.1] The Serville Challenge

 Author: Meksle    Original Date Posted: Feb. 06, 2005

 New Serville has a bit more of a concept than old Serville.
 If anyone feels like playing it challenge-like, here are my self-imposed rules:

 - Start out with one single randomly created Sim, male or female
 - Do not use a prefab house, but build one yourself on a lot the size of your 
 - Do NOT use the money cheat
 - Make this single Sim meet and befriend as many NPCs as possible
 - As soon as relationships allow, have those NPCs move in with the single Sim

 - When the household gets too big for your liking, make the housemates move 
   out to new lots on their own. Whether you move them out as couples or single 
   Sims is up to you
 - Build your own houses on the newly inhabited lots, do not use prefab ones 
   (trust me, it's a lot more fun this way!)
 - Have the new inhabitants of your NPC neighbourhood meet and befriend as many
   more NPCs as possible, making them move in / get married etc., as you wish,
   so that your ex-NPCs will slowly but surely spread all over the neighbourhood
   (in my old Serville, I had moved in 65 NPCs and they lived on 19 or 20 lots)

 - Children: Each couple is supposed to have children only once. If it turns out
   to be twins, fine. Do not use any cheats or hacks to make them have twins
   *Author's note, no cheat exists for twins*
 - Alien babies are most welcome, if they happen naturally. If you are very 
   desperate for some Alien blood in your NPC's genetic pool, you may force an 
   abduction by using the boolprop testing cheats enabled true tool - but only 
   once in the whole neighbourhood
 - No adoptions, unless one of your families gets a child taken away by the 
   social worker and you want another family to adopt this child 

 - You may change the NPCs appearance once they have moved in, like getting rid
   of the mail carriers' caps etc. (I usually do not alter their clothes, just 
   take the caps off, maybe get them a nicer hairstyle and a bit of make-up for 
   the women)

 - From time to time, you will notice NPCs with the same surname. Try to move 
   these in on the same lot to make them look more like a family

 - Use the money cheat ONLY when an NPC moves in. There will always be a 
   message saying "so-and-so adds 1.000 Simoleans to the family funds", but the
   money will never actually be added. So that is the ONLY situation where you 
   can use "kaching" to actually get these promised 1.000 Simoleans

 - Use the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true tool ONLY to move a Sim in when 
   one of your Sims is already best friends with a teenage NPC, so that this 
   teenager would move in anyway if he/she were an adult

 - The only other situations when you are allowed to use the boolprop 
   testingcheatsenabled true tool are: * To make your moved-in teenage NPC age
   (they do not age by themselves, sadly) * To move a social worker or any other
   NPC in you can not normally interact with. But this is entirely up to you, 
   if you want to do that. And always remember: the boolprop testing Cheat 
   can cause problems in your game if you do not know how to use it

 - Aspiration rewards objects: Use the energizer or any other object as much 
   as you want and the aspiration points of your Sims allow. Exception: do NOT 
   use the Elixir of Life.
 - Career rewards objects: No limit. But they have to be acquired in the normal,
   cheat-free course of your Sims' careers

 - Chance cards HAVE to be played. Every time. Whether you like the result or 
   not. There's no going to Neighbourhood view without saving if something 
   happens that you're not happy with.  

 [4.2] Population Explosion!
 Authors: Trixie9819 & VioletKitty411 Original Date Posted: Dec. 15, 2005

 There was a young couple who lived on Sim Lane
 They had so many children it was quite a pain.
 While keeping them happy, these two almost died, 
 The kids, they grew up, and now elsewhere reside. 
 From Albert to Zelda and Alice to Zach,
 They keep coming and going and not coming back.
 So please just remember in passionate throes
 If you Woohoo unsafely, Population Explodes! 

 How quickly can 1 couple (or single mom) have 26 babies? 
 Name them alphabetically (Alice/Albert to Zelda/Zach, etc). 
 Your counter starts when you Try for Baby the FIRST time. 
 Call this January 1, no matter what day of the week it is. 
 Take a snapshot of the whole family every Friday, and tell 
 how many days (from the first "try for baby") have passed. 
 You may NOT use any cheats or hacks, except Moveobjects to
 repair a glitched item. 
 The counter starts from when they Try for their first baby. 
 Anything you do before that is just for fun and profit. 

 Make sure your Mom is back to 29-26 days before becoming 
 Elder when the counter starts 

 You must raise them all to at least childhood, if any are 
 taken by social services,  you must have new babies to replace 
 them. The counter stops when Zelda/Zach (#26) turns into a child. 
 When one of the offspring grows to Adult, he/she may move out with
 any other Adults/Teens/Children but NOT toddlers or infants.

 **FAQ Author's note: This was originally a contest, therefore no scoring 
 guidelines exist**

 [5.3] New 'hood

 Authors: Sim2LmNoP    Original Date Posted: Jan. 3, 2005

 The ‘hood

 Using the boolProp testingcheatsenabled true cheat; create a new neighborhood, 
 with a story, like the original maxis-made  neighborhoods.

 How? Make 5 premade families, play them until their kids grow to adults, 
 use these new people to populate the neighborhood. Create conflicts between 
 families etc….

 What you are looking for:

 2 main families;
 3 feeder (feeding new sims) families; 
 4 empty houses

 Then, Play your neighborhood as you would a maxis-populated neighborhood!


 [6] The Sims 2: University Expansion Pack

 [6.1] The University Challenge
 Author: singerfan38 Original Date Posted: Mar. 03, 2005

 To graduate 5 complete opposite Sims from College.

 1. Begin in College Town.
 2. Create 5 Sims and give them each a different aspiration and make them all 
 complete opposites by looks and personality. (Ex. Goth - Shy, Jock - Athletic,
 Cheerleader - Outgoing, Geek - Serious, Bully - Mean)
 3. Move all 5 Sims into the 14-person dorm.
 4. Choose their rooms by your own personal preference. Think about 
 strategically placing your Sims, like putting the studious Sim near the 
 bookcase, the shy Sim away from crowds, the outgoing Sim in the middle, etc.
 5. Decorate their rooms however you think best fits their personality, their 
 attitudes, or the most strategic.

 - You may NOT use any cheats EXCEPT the move_objects cheat to fix bugged Sims 
 and bugged objects ONLY.
 - NO money cheats.
 - You may miss 1 class per semester, but keep in mind that your class meter 
 will suffer for it so make up those points.
 - When Junior year arrives, you’re given the option to switch your aspiration 
 and major. You may NOT change ANYTHING about your Sims.
 - You can use any aspiration reward (thinking cap, money tree), but you may NOT
 use the Elixir of Life. This includes the Cow Plant that makes the Elixir of 
 Life (but this option is only available if you join the secret society).
 - You may NOT sell pre-existing furniture to make money, but you can move the 
 furniture around as much as you want.
 - You may NOT separate your Sims via Sorority/Fraternity/Private Housing. All 
 Sims must live together at all times.


 +1/4 each time you successfully hustle a fellow student (NOT one of the 5 you 
 created) in pool.
 +1/4 for every completed influenced assignment.
 +1/2 for every completed assignment.
 +1/2 for every friend at the end of graduation day. Count the friends when the
 clock strikes 12:01am the day after graduation.
 +1 each time you influence the Evil Mascot to set off the sprinklers, but ONLY 
 if you influence her. You’ll know if it was her or you that made her set off
 the sprinklers because your influence points are subtracted.
 +1 for every different NPC you WooHoo with, but you can’t count the same type
 of NPC twice. (Ex. You can’t WooHoo with 2 different maids and get 2 points 
 and non-playable students don’t count. NPCs = Maid, Gardener, Pizza Man, etc)
 +1 for making friends with BOTH of your professors, but only YOUR professors 
 will earn you the point.
 +1 for taking a picture with one of your Sims at the top of Old Sim Tower 
 making out with a student (not one of your 5).
 +1 for researching with more than 5 Sims at a time.
 +2 for having all doors unlocked all 4 years.
 +2 for every completed influenced term paper.
 +2 for having all of the skills needed before going to each final at the end 
 of each semester.
 +2 for choosing your Sims’ 5 majors the day they arrive at the dorms.
 +2 for every skill maxed out before graduation day. (Before 12:01am of the day
 following graduation day.)
 +3 for every completed term paper.
 +3 for making Dean’s List.
 +3 per 5,000 simoleons acquired at 12:01am the day after graduation.
 +3 for never having any of your Sims on academic probation.
 +5 for every Sim at platinum aspiration level at the beginning of their 
 +5 for graduating with honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude)
 +10 for each Sim who reaches and MAINTAINS a level 5 Influence capability until
 graduation. However, the cutoff for this opportunity is the end of Junior year.
 A Sim who JUST achieves a level 5 Influence capability who is a Senior is NOT
 eligible to receive these points.
 +10 for each Sim that graduates with a 4.0 GPA.
 +10 for every lifetime want fulfilled.


 -1/2 for every friend lost at any time.
 -1 per enemy at any time.
 -1 per fire (unless it’s the cook’s fault or unless it’s a bonfire).
 -2 per visit from Repo Man.
 -2 each time you lock a door to one of your Sims’ rooms.
 -2 for every enemy after graduation day.
 -3 for every class skipped passed each Sims’ ‘1 day a semester’ limit.
 -3 each time one of your Sims changes their major.
 -3 Sim Shrink visits. (Aspirational failure)
 -3 each time one of your Sims’ grades falls lower than a C-.
 -5 every time you drop down to level 4 Influence capability once achieved 
 level 5.
 -5 if GPA falls below 3.0 per semester.
 -5 per death on campus.
 -12 for every semester repeated. 

 [5.1] Big sim on Campus Challenge

 Author: ThSmGeek    Original Date Posted: Mar. 01, 2005

 This is a pretty straight-forward challenge, with no real goal other than 
 accomplish as many of the goals below to get a good score! Challenge begins
 when the Sim begins his first semester, and ends at adulthood!
 +100 for Graduating
 +1 within 9 semesters
 -1 AFTER 9 semesters
 +2 Every “dean’s list” honor you get
 +2 For every friend you get
 +2 Moving into a dorm
 +3 Moving into a Greek House (frat or sorority)
 +3 Moving into a Private Residence
 +1 Every prank you pull
 +1 Having a Cell Phone
 -1 Every time you are put on academic probation
 -2 Every final you miss
 +2 For being part of a secret society
 +1 For graduating with a lover
 +3 For graduating while engaged
 +2 For every Professor you woohoo
 +1 For woohoo-ing while in University
 +1 For every 100$ you graduate with
 +2 For every sim you influence
 +1 For every successful party
 +1 For owning the cash machine
 -1 for being caught WITH the cash machine 

 [6.3] The Life of an Executive
 Author: ThSmGeek Original Date Posted: Mar. 27, 2005

  The Life of an Executive Challenge

 Challenge: To live the ultimate scholar life after 4 generations.

 Twist: You need, in your family, every career reward object. You need a sim 
 that has graduaated each major. Therfore, you need at least 11 sims throughout
 these four generations. 

 How To: Start out with a family of four, Two adults (do NOT count as one gener-
 ation) and two teens, ready for college. These two teens are your first gener-
 ation. Keep going from there until the death of your last generation

 +1 for Graduating
 +1 within 9 semesters
 -1 AFTER 9 semesters
 +2 Every “dean’s list” honor you get
 +2 For every friend you get
 +2 Moving into a dorm
 +3 Moving into a Greek House (frat or sorority)
 +3 Moving into a Private Residence
 +1 Every prank you pull
 +1 Having a Cell Phone
 -1 Every time you are put on academic probation
 -2 Every final you miss
 +2 For being part of a secret society
 +1 For graduating with a lover
 +3 For graduating while engaged
 +2 For every Professor you woohoo
 +1 For woohoo-ing while in University
 +1 For every 100$ you graduate with
 +2 For every sim you influence
 +1 For every successful party
 +1 For owning the cash machine
 -1 for being caught WITH the cash machine 
 +4 for getting the top of a career

 [6.3] The Greek Challenge 

 Author: Pinstar1161 Original Date Posted: Mar. 12, 2005

 Objective: Create the best Greek house you can over the life of 35 students

No cheating (as per the Legacy Challenge)

 Start the game by creating a young adult in CAS. Male or Female. Pick any 
 aspiration you want, and assign personality points as you wish. Pick any Major
 you wish that Sim to study. Custom skins and clothing will be allowed.

 Create a blank 5X5 lot on the university town. You may use any of the Maxis
 University towns, or create your own.

 Start the Sim in a dorm (you won't be able to afford anything else)

 By the end of Junior year you must leave the dorm, and found your OWN Greek
 house...on that blank 5X5 lot. (And that means you have to be able to afford
 to rent it).

 You may name your house anything you wish, and you do NOT have to stick to the
 traditional 3 Greek letter format if you don't want to.

 You must always have at least one Sim in the Greek house. If the last Sim in
 the house graduates or drops out, the challenge ends, even if you have not
 reached 35 graduates.

 You may only pledge NPCs and townies, not player-sims.

 You may move teenage townies and NPCs from the neighborhoods into college
 town...and pledge them, then move them in.

 When your Sims reach the end of Sophomore year and are given the option to
 change their aspiration, you MUST roll a dice for a new aspiration.
 (1: Wealth 2:Knowledge

 3: Family 4:Romance, 5: Popularity 6: Choose your own.) If the roll of the
 dice comes up with the same aspiration the sim had before, don't change it.

 After 35 students have pledged, moved in, AND graduated your Greek house,
 your challenge ends and you total your score.

 The only limits to how many sims you may have in your Greek house at once is
 a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 8. How many you have in the house at one time.
 is up to you, and could help players with slower systems by allowing them to
 be just as competitive with the challenge by just playing 1 or 2 at a time.

 1 point for each sim that graduates from the house "Suma Cum Laude (4.0 av.)"
 Max 35
 1 point for each 20K net worth the Greek house has, rounded up.
 1/3 of a point (.3334 points) for each family friend a graduate has when they
 graduate (don't round, keep track of decimals)
 1/6 of a point (.1667 points)for each "Not bad" party thrown by the Greek
 1/3 of a point (.3334 points)for each "Good time" party thrown
 1/2 point (.5 points)for each "Roof Raiser" party thrown.
 Combine all party bonuses into one party score, and keep track of fractions.
 These may be any types of parties.

 -1 point every time a Greek member goes on academic probation
 -2 points for every Sim that drops out of school, or is kicked out
 -1 point everytime the Sim shrink pays a Greek member a visit
 -2 points anytime a visitor or Greek member dies on the lot.
 -1 point every time the repo man, or a service sim takes any of the Greek
  house's items for failure to pay.
 -1/6 of a point for every "snoozer" party thrown at your house
 -1/3 of a point for every "real dud" party
 -1/2 of a point for every "disaster" party (Subtract these penalties from
  your party score) 

 Special Bonuses
 Tradition Bonus: 2 points
 While you are allowed to create Greek houses with mixed genders, they are 
 traditionally brotherhoods or sisterhoods. You may claim this bonus if ALL
 of the Sims that pledge your Greek house are either ALL male, or ALL female.

 Mascot Bonus: 2 points (can be claimed multiple times)
 This is the one exception to the visitor death penalty. If you manage to kill
 the rival school's mascot (A person in a cow suit) on your lot you do not get
 the -2 visitor death penalty for him or her. In addition, as long as you keep
 his or her urn or tombstone on your lot, you may claim a 2-point bonus. You
 may NOT claim this bonus if you pledge her and then kill her, she must be a
 visitor when she dies. She also must be "free roaming" to give you points as
 well. You may claim this bonus multiple times, but each time the mascot must
 die in a different manner (ie starvation, and drowning, not drowning 2 times).

 Liberal Arts Bonus: 1 point (can be claimed multiple times)
 Producing graduates with a wide array of skills looks good for a Greek house.
 There are 11 different majors. If you manage to get 1 Sim from each major to
 graduate, you may claim this bonus. If 2 Sims from each major graduate, you
 may claim it again.

 Secret Society Bonus: 2 points
 If you manage to get at least half of your Greek house to join the secret
 society over the life of the Greek house, you may claim this bonus at the
 end. Meaning at least 18 members must be a part of secret society when they

 Picture Bonus: 2 points
 When the old members of the Greek house come by to visit, they like to see
 that they are still honored and remembered. If you have a portrait of all
 35 Sims who graduate hanging on the walls when the 35th sim graduates, you
 may claim this bonus. Group shots do not count; it must be 35 individual
 pictures. The value of the portraits does not matter for the purpose of
 this bonus, but higher-valued paintings may help you get more net worth

 Band Bonus: 1 point (can be claimed multiple times)
 Nothing brings more fame to a Greek house than a rocking band. In order
 to get this point you must throw a party and have at least 4 Greek members
 who each have a 10 Creativity playing 4 separate instruments (doesn’t matter
 which types). Snap a photo and score yourself a point. You may do this 
 several times, but each time the band must consist of 4 completely different


 [7] Interactive Mysteries

 “There has been a murder in the calm, collected neighborhood of Spotsdale. 
 Are you ready to take it on? Armed with super-officer Greg Forbert and your 
 own mind, find out who killed one of the greatest teachers at Alpinloch 

 To participate in this murder mystery, please see my MySim page, watch the 
 movie, and download the “TREBT ESTATE” lot, complete with the murder scene and
 your new Officer, Lieutenant Greg Forbert. See the officer's biography for
 more information on the murder and the witness’ statements. The solution video
 will be up in a few days.

 Enjoy, super-sleuths!




 [8] Legacy Challenge by Pinstar1161

  The Legacy Challenge: University

 Goal: To create the strongest family you can over 10 generations.

 Starting out:
 There are several ways you can start the challenge. Create an Adult or Young 
 Adult in CAS (Create a Sim) Male or Female, pick any aspiration you want, and
 assign personality points as you wish. If you successfully completed the
 original Legacy Challenge, you may start Legacy University by sending your
 10th generation heir(ess) to college. This is a bonus since your Founder
 starts with friends and skills gained in childhood that CAS Sims don’t begin

 If your founder starts as a YA (Young Adult), you may move them into any
 campus housing that they can afford, provided they are the only player-sim
 there. For CAS Sims, the dorms are the only option in the beginning.

 Moving Sims in: College
 While your founder must start in a household by him or herself, you may move
 or merge other Sims into their household later. This includes Townie or NPC
 students, as well as Teenage Townies and NPCs that have been sent to college
 from the main neighborhood.

 New: You can also send other CAS Sims to join your Legacy campus household.
 Starting with the 2nd generation, you may create a CAS any way you want and
 merge them directly into the Legacy Campus Household (or pledge them if the
 household is a greek house).

 After your YA Founder graduates, OR if you are starting with a CAS Adult
 Founder, you must create a blank 5X5 lot and move them there.

 Marrying and Moving In at Home:
 Elder and Adult Townies and NPCs. You may marry or move in any that you wish.

 Young Adult Townies and NPCs: You MUST move Young Adult NPCs into your
 household while at college, not get Engaged to them. If you get Engaged while
 they are still NPCs, when your Sim returns to the Neighborhood as an Adult,
 they can not Marry, nor Propose/Move in to the Young Adult. Townies do not
 seem to have this problem.

 Teen Townies and NPCs. You can send them to college to be merged with your
 Legacy Household (in a dorm, or residence). If you are using a Greek House,
 you must pledge the Townie or NPC in order to make them a member and
 eventually move them into the Legacy Greek House.

 When a Sim graduates from college, they become an Adult in the Family Bin,
 you may merge them directly into the Legacy household.

 You may move any Sims out of the household into the Family Bin or another
 house, but they may never be moved back into your Legacy House.

 Teenage Sims do not have to go to college. There is no direct penalty for
 skipping the YA phase of a Sim’s life if you choose to do so.

 Dicing for aspirations:
 Whenever any sim on your lot grows from a child to a teen (and not before),
 you must ‘dice for their aspiration’. You do this by rolling a 6-sided die
 (or using an online random number generator). The number that comes up
 determines the aspiration you choose.
 1 = Wealth
 2 = Knowledge
 3 = Family
 4 = Romance
 5 = Popularity
 6 = Choose your own
 This is to give some challenges and variety as you play through the generations

 The end of Sophomore Year aspiration change.
 When your YA Sim completes their sophomore year, you get the option to change
 your aspiration. You can decide to change their aspiration or not. If you
 decline, your Sim keeps their current aspiration. If you decide to change it,
 you MUST dice for the new aspiration, and keep the result. If it results in
 the same aspiration, then you must take it. The one exception to this rule is
 YA Sims created in CAS. Any YA Sim created in CAS MUST dice for their
 aspiration change. This includes your Founder if he/she started as a Young
 Adult. (That’s the gamble you take for starting your founder as a YA and not
 an Adult)

 The 10th generation child must be able to trace family back up to the original
 sim by blood.

 You may NOT turn aging off.
 You may NOT use any kinds of cheats or mood trainers.
 You may NOT use any "special" objects such as the platinum-maxing painting.
 You may NOT use any 3rd party hacks or mods.
 You may use the Elixir of Life if you choose.
 You may use any other normal aspiration reward objects.
 You may use any maxis-made objects, and any 3rd party skins/wallpapers/floors

 The one exception to this is using cheats or boolprop to get around any bugs or
 glitches that crop up on your lot. You may employ just about any cheat to fix
 or work-around any bugs or glitches.

 When your Sim is in a dorm, you may NOT sell off any of the dorm furniture in
 the other rooms. You may sell whatever is in your Sim’s room ONLY.

 Raising the Dead with the Ressurect-O-Nomitron:
 Because Sims brought back from the dead are added to your family, you may not
 resurrect visiting Player-Sims who happen to die on your lot. Family members
 and visiting Townies or NPCs may be resurrected. Don’t confuse this with
 pleading with the Grim Reaper; you may do that for any Sim that dies on the

 No reloading after bad events (bad chance cards or accidental deaths)

 Restarting after a bad bug or a glitch IS allowed. Just as using the move
 objects cheat is allowed for bugged objects.

 Should you be unfortunate enough to have your entire lot bugged, starting
 the entire challenge over again is okay, but I recommend backing up your lot
 frequently. *FAQ Author's note: Do this by uploading lot to the thesims2.com

  At the end of the challenge (at 10 generations or whenever the family line
 is broken) score your family accordingly:

 1. 1 point for each generation reached (max 10)
 2. 1 point for each $100,000 in net worth the family has (round your current
 net worth up)
 3. 1/2 point for each PLATINUM grave on the lot (This was lowered because of
 lifetime wants)
 4. 1/3 point for each family friend the family has at the end. (round spare
 1/3s down)
 5. 1 point every time a sim fulfills an 'impossible' want
 The impossible wants are as follows:

 Family: “Have 10 children” “Have 20 grandchildren” “Send 10 children to

 Wealth: “Make $100,000”

 Knowledge: “Max All skills” “Be abducted 10 times” “Have children abducted 
 10 times”

 Romance: “Have 30 loves at once”

 Popularity: “Have 30 best friends at once”

 Do NOT confuse “lifetime wants” with “impossible wants” just because something
 is a lifetime want, doesn’t mean it’s an impossible one.

 6. -1 points every time a household member drops into aspirational failure,
 prompting a visit from the Sim Shrink. *toddlers and children do not get the
 Sim Shrink, so they don’t get penalized if they go into aspirational failure*
 7. -2 points for every inter-bred birth in the family. This ONLY counts for
 the generation in which the inbreeding is taking place. Subsequent generations
 do not get this penalty unless further inbreeding is taking place.
 8. -1 point for each infant, toddler or child that gets taken by the Social

 9. Scholarship Bonus Points:
 ½ a point if a teen earns $9,500 or more in scholarships for collage
 1 point if a teen earns $11,000 or more in scholarships for collage
 1 ½ points if a teen earns $12,500 or more in scholarships for collage
 2 points if a teen earns $14,000 in scholarships.
 The teens in question don’t have to be the heir(ess), any Teenager that is
 part of the household can earn these points for the family. You only earn the
 highest bonus you qualify for, not adding all bonus points together (ie you
 get 1 point for $11,000, NOT ½ for $9,500 then another 1 point for $11,000).

 10. College Bonus Points
 A total of three points can be gained at college. These points can ONLY be
 earned by your heir or heiress. You can still send other siblings to college,
 but only one may earn you these points per generation.

 One point for graduating Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA, no less)
 One point for having 15 friends or more at graduation (they don’t need to be
 best friends)
 One point for graduating with a net worth greater than $20,000 
 (If your heir(ess) lives with other Sims on campus, divide the house’s net
 worth by the number of Player Sims in the house. If it is greater than
 $20,000, you can claim the point)

 There is one downside. If your heir(ess) drops out of college, or is expelled,
 you lose one point. You do not get this penalty if non-heirs leave college

 11. College penalty.
 There is no denying the fact that college graduates bring lots of money with
 them. Left unchecked this would inflate the family’s net worth score. To
 counter balance this, you will get a –1 penalty for every 5 Sims that move
 into the legacy house from college (rounded down). This could be heirs,
 spouses or just friends from college.

 Special Bonuses.
 1. 1 point if all 14 career reward objects are on the lot (One time only)
 2. 1 point for each different type of NPC that you have children with over the
 whole legacy. These NPCs must be in bloodlines that trace back to your Founder.
 3. 1 point for each different color ghost you have on the lot at the end
 (maximum 10).
 4. 1 point for each alien born on the lot (1st generation aliens only,
 children of aliens don't count, unless it's by abduction)
 5. 2 points if the birth that brings in the last generation is twins.
 6. 2 points if you can get two social bunnies to have romantic interactions
 on the lot (One time only)
 7. 2 points if ALL the ghosts on your lot can access your Sims.
 8. 2 points if you manage to collect ALL the different types of ghosts on the
 lot. (One time only)
 9. 2 points if you do not use any Elixir of Life during the entire challenge.
 10. 1 point if you use Elixir, but only produced by the CowPlant Career Reward
 12. 2 points for founding a Greek house on campus, and having EVERY Legacy
 family member that goes to college join it.
 13. –2 points for each Vistor or NPC that dies on your lot.
 14. 1 point for resurrecting Townie or NPC Sims with the Ressurect-O-Nomitron
 at 10,000 Simoleans ONLY (you must spend all 10,000 to get this point)
 15. 1 point if you manage to get a platinum grave of each aspiration type.
 (one time only)

 If you are in the middle of playing the legacy challenge when you install
 The Sims2: University and you don’t want to start over. Score your family
 right at the moment before it changes over to University. From that point on,
 use University-scoring rules. For example, if your legacy family had 5
 platinum graves before you installed university, they would be worth 5 points.
 Any further platinum graves you earn will only be worth half a point, as per
 the University scoring rules. 


 [9] Challenge Reviews NEw!

 On the Legacy challenge:

 "It's boring. It's frustrating. I gave up on it."

 - The American Sim Mar-27-05

 On the Legacy Challenge:

 "The Legacy Challenge is the only challenge I've done, 
 but I've found it be the most rewarding way to play my Sims. 
 It calls for more effort and creativity than other modes of 
 gameplay because you cannot cheat to get what you want out of 
 the game. I totally fell in love with my Legacy family, too, 
 because everything I did with them, I did without cheats. It 
 was labor of love, and I'm proud to say I did it."

 - chillyzgrrl Mar-27-05 


 [10] Version History

 Version 1.0 - 16 Challenges are finally here! Thanks to everyone who has 
 contributed to my project! Look for more updates on the Legacy Challenge!

 Version 1.25- 18 Challenges, the Diversity Challenge and the Graveyard 
 Challenge are added. A credit concern was fixed. 2/2/2005
 Version 1.5 - 19 Challenges; the Serville Challenge is addes to the new 
 "Neighborhood" category. A few challenges are moved to this category. 
 Updated contact and copyright information 2/07/2005

 Version 1.85 - 21 Challenges! Three new excellent challenges from the bbs
 The Life of an Artist challenge, the Affairs challenge and the in the begin-
 ning challenge are added. 2/16/2005

 Version 2.0 - 25 Challenges! Two new University challenges and one regular
 plus I added a link to the Legacy rules, since I still haven't gotten official
 permission from PinStar yet. Added "Recommended" and "New" tabs beside the 
 respective challenges. Everytime I update the FAQ, I'll update them with new 
 picks! Have fun! 3/16/2005

 Version 2.25 - 7 New Challenges including the famous Legacy challenge have been
 uploaded. Reviews are added. 32 Challenges (I think). Good Luck! 4/12/2005

 Version 2.5 - No new challenges. 


 [11] Contact and Legal Information

     The best way to reach me is on The Sims 2 website:

     If you feel a challenge has been wrongly credited please, contact me, 
     I will fix it ASAP.
 Copyright 2004-2005 
 This may be not be reproduced for any circumstances other than private, 
 personal use. It may not be placed on any web site other than those listed
 below or publicly distirbuted without advance written permission. Use of 
 this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
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 either company.

 This guide is posted at Gamefaqs.com and members.lycos.co.uk/airlinetycoonstore
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 Note from Mayfair Challenge author:  The Mayfair name appears in the Mayfair 
 Witches books by Anne Rice, which are her copyrighted property. This site 
 claims no connection or sanction from either party and all mistakes/issues 
 are my own. The name "Mayfair Challenge" is meant to be a fond tribute to 
 books I have greatly enjoyed.


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