Animation DirectorGoopy Rossi
AnimatorAllyn Bruty
AnimatorSandra B. Christensen
AnimatorPatrick Danaher
AnimatorMarion Gothier
AnimatorAnthony Wong
Art DirectorDavid Patch
CreatorWill Wright
DirectorLucy Bradshaw
Graphics EngineeringAlec Miller
Graphics EngineeringIrfan Zaidi
Lead AnimatorJohn Brown
Music ByMark Mothersbaugh
Production and DesignMichael Cox
Production and DesignHunter Howe
Production and DesignMarc Wilhelm
Production and DesignJeannie Yang
Production and Design InternsCharley Price
Sound DesignerTom Smurdon
Voice ActorDavid Boat
Voice ActorJack Conte
Voice ActorZoe Galvez
Voice ActorRoger L. Jackson
Voice ActorStephen Kearin
Voice ActorGerri Lawlor
Voice ActorThessaly Lerner
Voice DirectorClaire Curtin


Data and credits for this game contributed by simcowking, Chaos Control, JaMie45, Alec86, MightyZug, smurdy, goodberry128, and marcwilhelm.

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