1. Tony Gialdini Additional Art
  2. James Guilford Additional Art
  3. Marco Marenghi Additional Art
  4. Michael Miller Additional Art
  5. Doug Nishimura Additional Art
  6. David Nix Additional Art
  7. Laurent Benes Additional Engineering
  8. James Brookes Additional Engineering
  9. John Burk Additional Engineering
  10. Ryan Cleven Additional Engineering
  11. Simon Everett Additional Engineering
  12. Wes Garcia Additional Engineering
  13. Steve Kojder Additional Engineering
  14. Han Lee Additional Engineering
  15. Jeffrey Litz Additional Engineering
  16. Mike Malione Additional Engineering
  17. Gino Mirabelli Additional Engineering
  18. Richard Moore Additional Engineering
  19. David O'Neill Additional Engineering
  20. Mark Salvatore Additional Engineering
  21. Greg Schaefer Additional Engineering
  22. Tim Teramoto Additional Engineering
  23. Clint Bajakian Additional Sound Design
  24. Mark Clarin Additional Sound Design
  25. Jared Emerson-Johnson Additional Sound Design
  26. Ken Felton Additional Sound Design
  27. Julian Kwasneski Additional Sound Design
  28. Burke Trieschmann Additional Sound Design
  29. Andy Hook Additional User Interface
  30. Andrew Chaikin Additional Voice Talent
  31. Tom Chantler Additional Voice Talent
  32. Chris Edgerly Additional Voice Talent
  33. Lorri Holt Additional Voice Talent
  34. Roger L. Jackson Additional Voice Talent
  35. Anni Long Additional Voice Talent
  36. Charles Martinet Additional Voice Talent
  37. Jarion Monroe Additional Voice Talent
  38. Bruce Robertson Additional Voice Talent
  39. Stephen Stanton Additional Voice Talent
  40. Nick Tagas Additional Voice Talent
  41. Manu Ittina Animation Intern
  42. Eric Carney Animator
  43. Webster Colcord Animator
  44. Conant Fong Animator
  45. Stan Hom Animator
  46. David House Animator
  47. Colin O'Connor Animator
  48. Si Tran Animator
  49. Margaret Foley Art Director
  50. Christian Scheurer Art Director
  51. Laurent Betbeder Audio and Video Engineer
  52. Russell Borogrove Audio and Video Engineer
  53. Don Veca Audio Director
  54. Chaz Wilson Audio Intern
  55. Huy Doan Cameras
  56. Irene Nolan Cameras
  57. Tim Heath Character Animation Supervisor
  58. Cheryl Austin Character Artist
  59. Veronique Garcia Character Artist
  60. Takahiko Hoashi Character Artist
  61. Jenny Ryu Character Artist
  62. Keridan Elliott Character Rigger
  63. Christopher Conway Combat and Control Engineer
  64. Davor MrKoci Combat and Control Engineer
  65. Danny Padilla Combat and Control Engineer
  66. Bernd Raabe Combat and Control Engineer
  67. Mike Roca Combat and Control Engineer
  68. Kam Yin Yip Combat and Control Engineer
  69. Chi Wai Lao Concept Artist
  70. Christopher Petrocchi Concept Artist
  71. Tony Bergelt Core and Level Engineer
  72. Rahul Gupta Core and Level Engineer
  73. Niall Hayes Core and Level Engineer
  74. Rob Pavey Core and Level Engineer
  75. Zachary Waibel Core and Level Engineer
  76. Steve Bishop Design Intern
  77. Zak Williams Design Intern
  78. Jeremy Bedow Designer
  79. John Calhoun Designer
  80. Chris Ferriera Designer
  81. Stephen Goss Designer
  82. David Hill Designer
  83. Mike Hurst Designer
  84. Michael Q. Lin Designer
  85. Paul Mathus Designer
  86. Paul Pettross Designer
  87. Ben Walker Designer
  88. Colin Boswell Development Director
  89. Mark Lohff Development Director
  90. Eric Vaughn Development Director
  91. Ali Lakhia Engineering Intern
  92. Kaye Mason Engineering Intern
  93. Kuo-Cheng Tong Engineering Intern
  94. Randy Guo Environment Art Intern
  95. Amy Bond Environment Artist
  96. Bob Cooksey Environment Artist
  97. Ivetta Harte Environment Artist
  98. Isao Kogure Environment Artist
  99. Linda Kurgpold Environment Artist
  100. Eric Leive Environment Artist
  101. Shao Wen Lim Environment Artist
  102. Jane Ng Environment Artist
  103. Bill Pauley Environment Artist
  104. Ron Quevedo Environment Artist
  105. Eric Sterner Environment Artist
  106. Christopher Thompson Environment Artist
  107. Gil Valadez Environment Artist
  108. Lenny Williams Environment Artist
  109. Craig Woida Environment Artist
  110. Neil Young Executive Producer
  111. Stas Bondarenko Front-End
  112. David Chen Front-End
  113. Lee Willis Front-End
  114. Eric Pavey Lead Character Artist
  115. Brett Robbins Lead Designer
  116. Christopher A. Tremmel Lead Designer
  117. Marc David Lead Engineer
  118. Scott DeFreitas Lead Engineer
  119. Eric Metens Lead Engineer
  120. Scott Randolph Lead Engineer
  121. Dominick Regan Lead Engineer
  122. Alejandro Gil Lead Environment Artist
  123. David Blizard Lead Lighter
  124. Paul Gorman Lead Sound Designer
  125. Charles Stockley Lead Sound Designer
  126. Steve Papoutsis Level Producer
  127. John Salera Level Producer
  128. Leif Estes Lighting Specialist
  129. Miku Kayama Lighting Specialist
  130. Meagan Carabetta Matte and Production Paintings Artist
  131. Sean Astin Principle Voice Talent
  132. Billy Boyd Principle Voice Talent
  133. Christopher Lee Principle Voice Talent
  134. Ian McKellen Principle Voice Talent
  135. Dominic Monaghan Principle Voice Talent
  136. John Rhys-Davies Principle Voice Talent
  137. Andy Serkis Principle Voice Talent
  138. David Wenham Principle Voice Talent
  139. Elijah Wood Principle Voice Talent
  140. Todd Arnold Producer
  141. Steve Gray Producer
  142. J. Arcadia Kim Producer
  143. Dean Grandquist Rendering and Animation System
  144. Steve Timson Rendering and Animation System
  145. Brian Coburn Sound Designer
  146. David Farmer Sound Designer
  147. Steve Limonhoff Sound Designer
  148. Michael Becker Story and Dialog Designer
  149. Gary Amaro Storyboard Artist
  150. John Estes Storyboard Artist
  151. Shepherd Hendrix Storyboard Artist
  152. Brandon McKinney Storyboard Artist
  153. Chris Schenck Storyboard Artist
  154. Joe Estus Supervising Editor
  155. Michael Hopkins Supervising Sound Editor
  156. Ethan Van der Ryn Supervising Sound Editor/Co-Designer
  157. Kay Cloud Technical Art Director
  158. Erik Holden Technical Art Director
  159. Scott Yu Technical Art Director
  160. Russell Brown Technical Director
  161. Stefan Van Niekerk Technical Director
  162. Sveta Trushchenkova User Interface Artist
  163. Brian Walker User Interface Artist
  164. Loren Sorenson Video Editor
  165. Boris Amchislavsky Video Intern
  166. Todd Growney Visual Effects
  167. Shawn Kawa Visual Effects Artist
  168. Jeff Kuipers Visual Effects Artist
  169. Ben Wanat Visual Effects Artist


Data and credits for this game contributed by fiasco86, LordAndrew, odino, oliist, Scottie theNerd, and theclaw135.

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