Review by CaptainKO

Reviewed: 05/04/05

A Beautiful Disappointment

Graphics/Camera: Excellent, but poorly detailed. Certain colors blend into your skin color and you can't see where the skin starts or stops. Animation is choppy. I use ATI Radeon 8500 video card, but the minimum isn't enough to play the game. You may experience white coating on players or surrounding if you are below ATI Radeon 9000. Monsters are repetitive. You'll find a double tailed-scorpion in beginning and later down the road, you'll find more of them that look the same. The same goes with other beast you find. It seems that no matter what RPG you play, the designers get lazy and feed you the same monster everywhere you go. Plus, if you look closely at the way they attack, they posses the same traits as yourself. For example, the scorpions and spiders shot arrows at far range and melee range, gargoyles have "rod" attack, etc. (I'll explain my more on this later) Special effects and art have nothing on the past MMORPGs that have come out, but it still deserve high rating.

The camera angles are none to nice either. Though you can move the camera manually, in actuality, you aren't going to have enough time to do that. Your teammate can be getting killed and you won't know what's happening because the camera only angles itself behind you instead of high angle. This can you killed, if someone is sniping you outside of your view. Even with the map at your disposal, your not going to be too resourceful when you are at 50 HP and someone is sniping the rest of your lifeforce away. Majority of us panic in such situation. We panic less when we see what is killing us.

Also because the camera is so far back, you can't target objects/enemies with ease with your mouse because they are SOOOOOOO damn small.

Score: 9/10

Controlling/Action: Even with the various buttons to press as shortcuts, UNIVERSALLY, MOST of us use either the mouse pad/click method or the arrows/space-bar method. With this being a fast pace game, may or may not use every button. As I said, with everything being small, it can cause you to mis-click. At times the control can be unresponsive. I can click on a monster, have it highlight (The name of the character is above my head), yet my character will do nothing until I press the space-bar. (Even though I've clicked on the monster 4 times.) And sometimes the spacebar doesn't even work. (Just to make sure my keyboard wasn't broke, I held down my space bar in MS Office.)

With unresponsive controlling, you can't bet, you are going to find yourself dying a lot or just getting frustated. The class you pick also influence how you maneuver in battle. A warrior will engage the enemy while a monk will run if someone engages him.
Score: 6/10

Sound/Music: The music is silent most of the time, but the music isn't too great either so it's a good thing that it stays off. The sound has no impact or feeling, you don't feel like you are hitting the object. You feel are playing a game.
Score: 2/10

I'll break them down into three categories.

Roleplaying: None. It's mostly a PvP game.

PvE: Boring. DESPITE all the RUMORS, this game like other MMORPG require to GRIND (A LOT might I add) and make LONG JOURNEYS. This game has all the same quest as your average MMORPG with fetch quest, messenger quest, kill quest, etc. Yet the loot is even worse than ones you get in your average rpg and the rewards are REPETITIVE. I've gotten 3 Battle Axes as rewards I've completed, which all had the same status. The monsters are just as repetitive as their looks. They all have the same strategies, but with a few spells to make them different. What's worse is that they come in WAVES. If you are going to a dungeon or you are traveling to a new area (one you can't warp too), you'll have to endure wave after wave of boring repetitive enemies, you fought not long ago. The monster A.Is are worse than most past games. I do not see the problem people have with these monsters as there seem to be a growing complaint that the monsters are hard, but the monster are even stupider the monsters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. If you don't want to fight monsters, just lead them to the nearest NPC and they'll attack them while you get away.

Most of the item dropped by monster aren't really good and you'll often find yourself salvaging pieces to make weapons/armor (limited items to make by the way) or selling them. Hell 70% of your time will be spent in front of merchant with other noob player screaming, "Im selin XXX item 4 such and such gp. WHSPER Mez." Which can also get repetitive

PvP: Probably the saving grace of this game, but don't a lot out of that. Don't get me wrong, the PvP is good and the guild system is competitive. (thus, the CO-ORPG is applied here.) But not many people are good PvPs and they are so very few builds that actually work. And when it boils down to it, the only two things that decides fights are players skills (How resourceful you are?), what build you use (Can it last a long time?) and exploits. (For example; hiding behind a wall can really screw up a Ranger) Once you know the ins and out of a class, you can counter most of the classes, which is enough to bring any team down. Being in the 25th rank out of 1,000 guilds, it pays to know how your class and other classes work and how to exploit their weakness. Yet, even this can get repetitive too, as not a lot players are good.
Score: 5/10 (PvP alone gave this 5 points.)

Overall: I'm not saying to not to buy this, but obvious if you are considering to buy this game is because you don't want to go back to the World of Cookie-Cutter-builds...oh, I mean World of Warcraft or you don't want to play E-ugly graphics-Q 2. This is a game I recommend to get because it's free and it's good enough for the time being until something better comes along. Like Final Final Quest was for the FF series. it was something RPG fans could chew on until the next new series.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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