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Guide and Walkthrough by The Steel Phantom

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/27/2008
Highest Rated Guide

HHHH     HHHH         AAA          LL            FFFFFFFFFFF
  HH     HH          AA AA         LL            FF
  HH     HH         AA   AA        LL            FF               _______
  HHHHHHHHH        AAAAAAAAA       LL            FFFFFFF          -------
  HH     HH       AA       AA      LL            FF               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
  HH     HH      AA         AA     LL       LL   FF

 LL             IIIIIIIIII    FFFFFFFFFFF   EEEEEEEEEE            2222222
 LL                 II        FF            EE                   2      22
 LL                 II        FF            EE                           22
 LL                 II        FFFFFFF       EEEEEEE                   222
 LL                 II        FF            EE                    22222
 LL       LL        II        FF            EE                   2  22 22
LLLLLLLLLLL    IIIIIIIIIIII   FF            EEEEEEEEEEE           222   2222222

                                  Half-Life 2

                                   PC Version


| Table of Contents |

I. - How to Contact Me
II. - Version History
III. - Copyright Info. and Legal Information
IV. - Purpose/What This Guide Will Cover
V. - The Main Menu
   A) New Game
   B) Load Game
   C) Friends
   D) Options
   E) Quit
VI. - The Controls
VII. - Weapons
VIII. - Enemies
IX. - Allies

X. - Walkthrough
   A) Chapter 1 - Point Insertion
   B) Chapter 2 - "A Red Letter Day"
   C) Chapter 3 - Route Kanal
   D) Chapter 4 - Water Hazard
   E) Chapter 5 - Black Mesa East
   F) Chapter 6 - "We Don't Go To Ravenholm..."
   G) Chapter 7 - Highway 17
   H) Chapter 8 - Sandtraps
   I) Chapter 9 - Nova Prospekt
   J) Chapter 10 - Entanglement
   K) Chapter 11 - Anticitizen One
   L) Chapter 12 - "Follow Freeman"
   M) Chapter 13 - Our Benefactors
   N) Chapter 14 - Dark Energy

XI. - HL2: Deathmatch
XII. - Simple Cheats
XIII. - Frequently Asked Questions
XIV. - Credits

Because this guide will be so vast, if you just want to skip to a certain sec-
tion for information on it or because you are having trouble there, and don't
want to have to skim down the whole thing, do the following:

Hold down your "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and press the 'F' key. It will bring
up the Find Box. Now, type in any of the Roman Numerals above (with the period)
followed by the title, exactly as you see it and hit "Enter". It will automat-
ically find the one above in the Table of Contents, so click "Find Next" on the
Find Box and it will skip all the way down the guide to exactly that section.
Sure makes things easier, doesn't it?

Here's an example.... Let's say that Chapter 15 is Credits and I actually cared
enough to put that in the Table of Contents (which I don't and didn't), you
would type "O) Chapter 15 - The Credits" into the Find Box. It would find the
one above (if it was there... which it's not) in the Table of Contents, so you
would need to find the next one by pressing "Find Next". It would then go all
the way to the end of this guide, right to that section. Simple. If you want to
go to a certain section like the weapons section instead of a chapter in the
game, just type the Roman Numeral and the - and the section name as you see it
above. =)


| Section I. - How to Contact Me |

Name - Josh Eaton
E-mail - jjeatonusa1@netscape.net
YahooIM - joshua_eaton1120


| Section II. - Version History |

Version 0.00 - (November 27, 2004) - Started.
Version 0.10 - (November 28, 2004) - Weapons, Enemies, Allies, & up to Ch. 4.
Version 0.20 - (December 03, 2004) - Finished Chapter 4.
Version 0.30 - (December 05, 2004) - Finished Chapter 5.
Version 0.40 - (December 10, 2004) - Finished Chapter 6.
Version 0.50 - (December 18, 2004) - Finished Chapter 7.
Version 0.55 - (December 21, 2004) - Finished Chapter 8.
Version 0.60 - (December 22, 2004) - Finished Chapter 9.
Version 0.65 - (December 22, 2004) - Finished Chapter 10.
Version 0.70 - (December 26, 2004) - Finished Chapter 11.
Version 0.80 - (December 27, 2004) - Finished Chapter 12.
Version 0.85 - (December 28, 2004) - Finished Chapter 13.
Version 0.90 - (December 28, 2004) - Finished Chapter 14.
Version 0.95 - (December 28, 2004) - Completed the "Simple Cheats" section.
Version 1.00 - (December 28, 2004) - Completed the "FAQ" section and "Credits".
Version 1.10 - (December 29, 2004) - Updated "FAQ" Section.
Version 1.20 - (December 29, 2004) - Spell-checked. Fixed all errors.
Version 1.40 - (December 29, 2004) - Completely changed layout.
Version 1.60 - (December 29, 2004) - Added tons of new questions in the "FAQ".
Version 1.80 - (December 29, 2004) - Added a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch section.
Version 1.90 - (January  02, 2005) - Changed the Copyright/Legal Info Section.
Version 2.00 - (January  15, 2005) - Fixed some big and frequent typos.


| Section III. - Copyright Info. and Legal Info. |

Alright. Here's how it works. This guide will first be publicized on GameFAQs.
It is Copyright 2004 to me, Joshua J. Eaton. You, the reader, may use it for
whatever you want. However, you may only use it for reading and your own per-
sonal use. You may NOT take it and place it on your website, nor may you give
it out to anyone. At present, this guide is only allowed to be posted on this
website: www.gameFAQs.com . DO NOT take or use this guide for anything without
my personal consent. If you see this guide on any other website other than the
said one above, please contact me about it. Thank you.


| Section IV. - Purpose/What This Guide Will Cover |

This guide for the PC Version (and probably the X-Box version provided it comes
out on the X-Box) of Half-Life 2 will cover every single thing about the Half-
Life 2 game. It will cover the controls, weapons, enemies, allies, and finally,
the actual guide itself. I've written several other guides before and I try to
make them as easy to read as possible. Above, just under the Table of Contents,
take a look at the tip if you haven't already. It should help more. But enough
talk, let's get started, shall we?


| Section V. - The Main Menu |

When you start up your game and it finishes loading, like every other game on
the planet, you will have a main menu. Well, this section will briefly go over
it. So let's go.
NOTE:  While playing, hitting the "Esc" key will bring up a similar menu for
       you, allowing you to load your games or save them, etc.

New Game - When you click New Game, a window will come up asking you what chap-
           you want to start on. Once you advance to new chapters, new ones
           will be playable. This guide will be written from Chapter 1.

Load Game - Like most other games nowadays, you can save your progress and re-
            turn to it later. If you've saved anything, you can click here and
            go back to it.

Friends - I honestly have no idea what this does. I'm assuming that it lets you
          find your friends for multiplayer, but at this time, there is no mul-
          tiplayer gaming for Half-Life 2.

Options - Here, you can change some things around such as the difficulty, key-
          board settings, mouse stuff, audio stuff, and video/display stuff.
          Just click on the tab at the top to go to each.

Quit - Quits the game and returns you to your desktop.


| Section VI. - The Controls |

Below is a list of what keys on the keyboard perform what actions in the game.
You can change these keys in the Keyboard tab under Options. During the game,
simply hit the "Esc" key to bring up a menu that has "Options" on it.

  Key                                Action
-------                            ----------

   W                              Move forward
   S                              Move backward
   A                              Strafe left
   D                              Strafe right
   Spacebar                       Jump
   Ctrl                           Duck
   Shift                          Run
   Alt + W,S,A, or D              Move slowly
   Ctrl + W,S,A, or D             Crawl
   R                              Reloads
   E                              Use/Pick up
   C                              Send/Call squad
   G                              Switches to Gravity Gun
   F                              Toggles Flashlight
   Z                              HEV Suit Zoom-in
   Left-Mouse Click               Primary Fire
   Right-Mouse Click              Secondary Fire


| Section VII. - Weapons |

This entire section of the guide will simply be stolen from MY guide on all the
weapons that I wrote previously for this game. If you just want information on
all the weapons and such, I suggest you just go read that guide which should be
posted soon if it already isn't. But, here it is anyway. I just feel like
making this guide cover every single thing.

                       PART 1 - Weapon Names and Numbers

When playing the game, you can hold several different weapons, all of them in
fact when you get them. The easiest way to switch between them is to simply hit
the corresponding keyboard number, 1, 2, 3, etc. Some numbers have multiple
weapons under them and to get to them, you merely tap the same number again.
For example, to get to the Pulse Rifle, tap the 3-key twice.
So with that said, here we go. 
NOTE:  I know that there is a Super-Gravity Gun, but when you get it, you lose
       all your other weapons, so you really can't switch to it, thus it will
       not be included in this guide.

Keyboard # 1
Gravity Gun

Keyboard # 2
9mm Pistol
.357 Magnum

Keyboard # 3
SMG (Submachine Gun)
Overwatch Standard Issue (Pulse Rifle)

Keyboard # 4

Keyboard # 5

Keyboard # 6
Pheropod (Bugbait)

                            PART 2 - Ammo Details

This section will basically just tell you how much ammo each gun's clip has and
how much ammo for that gun you can hold in supply.

Weapon Name              Clip Size / Supply Max - Secondary Ammo

Crowbar                         Infinite

Gravity Gun                     Infinite

9mm Pistol                      18 / 150

.357 Magnum                      6 / 12

SMG                             45 / 225         3

Pulse Rifle                     30 / 60          3

Shotgun                          6 / 30

Crossbow                         1 / 9

Grenade                            5

RPG                                3

Pheropod                        Infinite

                         PART 3 - Weapon Power and Speed

This section will simply go over the power of each gun on a scale of one
to ten on how easily it kills enemies, also factoring in you missing (grenade
or rocket or shotgun from long-distances). This section will also go over how
fast the weapons shoot/you use them. It will be in rounds per second (RPS). Ob-
viously, if you see a decimal point, it means that the weapon shoots at least
the first number, but not so far as the second number. This is simply because
of calculations. But, I'll give you an example.

Let's say a gun fires 3.45 RPS (rounds per second). That means it fires at the
least, three rounds, and given how long the seconds are that you are counting,
maybe another one, but it's not likely. Got it? Okay, so here we go.

  Gun Name                Power/10                              Speed
------------            ------------                          ---------

Crowbar                     2/10                                 N/A

Gravity Gun                 N/A                                  N/A
                    (It just moves things)

9mm Pistol                  4/10                                 1.8 RPS

.357 Magnum                 9/10                                 1.2 RPS

SMG                         5/10                                 11 RPS

Pulse Rifle                 7.5/10                               7.6 RPS

Shotgun                     8/10                                 1 RPS
                   (depends on how close)

Crossbow                    9/10                                 .55 RPS
                                                     (about 2 seconds per bolt)

Grenade                     9/10                                 .60 RPS
                                                  (about 2 seconds per grenade)

RPG                         10/10 (hit dead on)                  N/A
                        (hit dead on)                         (you guide it...)

Bugbait                     N/A                                  N/A
                   (it controls Antlions)              (the Antlions do damage)

                       PART 4 - Primary/Secondary Functions

This section will go over each of the weapons and describe both of functions.
Some weapons do not have a secondary function, so I won't bother saying so in
the list below. I'll just say the primary and move on.  The left mouse button
uses the primary function and the right mouse button uses the secondary.

Primary - The Crowbar's primary function simply swings the bar... it hurts and
          can easily break things, such as wood or an enemy soldier's skull.

  Gravity Gun
Primary - Sends out a bolt of energy to a nearby object and sends it flying off
          in the direction you're facing fast enough to kill some enemies!
Secondary - You can use this function to pull any object up to a certain size
            towards you and hold it. You can then press the same button to
            either drop it or the primary button to blast it away from you.
            Ammo, HEV Suit Energy, and Health, if needed, will be taken.

  9mm Pistol
Primary - Shoots a single bullet at your target. Simple.
Secondary - Now this is a neat trick. If you hold down the right-mouse button
            and then press and hold the primary fire as well (now holding both
            mouse buttons), nothing will happen. Wait about five seconds though
            and let go of the right-mouse button while still holding the left
            one and your pistol will shoot out a bunch of bullet at the exact
            same time, basically putting 5-10 bullets (more if you hold longer)
            in the same place. It makes it accurate and A LOT more powerful.

  .357 Magnum
Primary - Shoots a single bullet at your target. Also simple.

Primary - As long as you hold the button down, bullets will fire rapidly. It's
          a machine gun. What do you expect?
Secondary - Shoots a grenade that explodes on impact. Too bad you can only have
            three of these, eh?

  Pulse Rifle
Primary - As long as you hold the button down, bullets will fire rapidly. It's
          also a machine gun.
Secondary - Charges for a second and that blasts a large pulse of energy out
            that will bounces around, touching or getting near just about any
            living thing in the room and vaporizing it.

Primary - Blasts a shell into your opponent. It's actually pretty accurate too.
Secondary - Blasts out two shells right into your opponent. It hurts... a lot.

Primary - Shoots out a single "arrow". It takes awhile to get to far-off
          opponents, so make sure they aren't going to move.
Secondary - Zooms in like a sniper-rifle would and that's the only difference
            from the primary function.

Primary - Throws a grenade that will beep faster and faster until it explodes.
          It takes about 3-4 seconds.
Secondary - Rolls the grenade on the floor. It will still beep and explode in
            the same time.

Primary - Fires a rocket that you can control with your laser by simply moving
          your mouse and looking in a different direction (pointing the laser).

Primary - Throws a Pheropod and when it lands and explodes open, the antlions
          will go to that area and attack things there.
Secondary - You squeeze the Pheropod and it attracts your antlions back to you.

                           PART 5 - Weapon Usage Tips

This section will simply gives you a few tips on where or how to use each wea-
pon in some useful ways.

Crowbar - Basically just use it to break apart some wood or some skulls if you
          happen to be close enough to a Combine.

Gravity Gun - Throw some barrels or boxes at enemies! It runs them right over.
              Or, you can pick up some saw blades and cut some zombies in half.

9mm Pistol - Headshots is all I can say.

.357 Magnum - It kills combines in one hit and is great long distance since it
              is so accurate. =)

SMG - Use this when you have a bunch of zombies or Combine guards in a small
      area. Just blast them full of bullets since you have such a large clip.

Pulse Rifle - Use this at medium or long distances. It's more accurate if you
              fire short bursts instead of holding down the trigger.

Shotgun - When traveling up stairs or down narrow hallways or something, use
          this. It's pretty accurate, and in a small area, you can barely miss.

Crossbow - I personally rarely use this, but you can if there're some Combines
           hiding behind some shields or something. Nail them in the head.

Grenade - Throw these into windows or into groups of enemies. =) Easy clearing.

RPG - Save these for gunships or striders, or, launch them into groups of ene-
      mies from afar.

Pheropod - Those these babies at your enemies. They'll have antlions on their
           asses faster then they can say "run!"


| Section VIII. - Enemies |

This entire section of the guide will simply be stolen from MY guide on all the
enemies that I wrote previously for this game. If you just want information on
all the enemies and such, I suggest you just go read that guide which should be
posted soon if it already isn't. But, here it is anyway.

                           PART 1 - List of Enemies 

This section will list each of your enemies in the game and what they do to try
and kill you.

Enemy Name                 What They Do

Headcrab - These are the little yellow-whitish-brown things that crawl on the
           ground and jump at you to hurt you. They can sometimes also fall off
           of a zombie's head if you don't kill it right.

Fast Headcrab - These are headcrabs, but they are evolved forms. Their legs
                are longer and they look like spiders (except with four legs).
                Some of them are poisonous as well, so watch out.

Barnacles - These things hang from the roof and have long "tongues" that hang
            down. If anything touches those "tongues", they get sucked up and
            chewed on by the Barnacle.

Combine Soldier - Just guards... with guns. The weapons they have are different
                  (stronger) as you get further in the game. Basically, they
                  just shoot at you and try and kill you. In some parts of the
                  game, they will be manning machine guns, so watch out.

Antlion - They rise up in groups from the sand when you touch it and then att-
          ack you with their claws. Advice: Don't touch the sand. If you do,
          run like hell backwards with your shotgun blazing.

Queen Antlion - There's only a few of these in the game, four I think, but they
                are enormous antlions that take A LOT of ammo to kill. All they
                really do though is rush at you and smash into you with their
                enormous heads. Watch out. They like to maul.

Zombie - These are the people with headcrabs stuck on them that have completely
         taken over their bodies. They can't do much to you if you keep your
         distance since all they can do to attack is to swing at you with their

Fast Zombie - These are zombie who have been made from super headcrabs. They
              are faster and stronger and take more to kill. They come right
              at you and just slash and maul you.

Fast Headcrab-Throwing Zombie - Kind of self-explanatory. This is a regular
                                zombie with a bunch of fast headcrabs that it
                                carries and throws at you. Watch out though,
                                the headcrabs are extremely poisonous and can
                                be thrown long distances.

Strider - You can't miss these. They're enormous things with long, skinny legs
          that walk the streets. They have big brown heads and fire bullets
          non-stop at you. They can also impale you with their legs, so watch

Manhacks - These are little things that attack you in groups. They are machines
           and are black with red lights and spinning blades.

Rollermines - You really only encounter these on the buggy levels and I've
              never stuck around long enough for one to explode, but they do.
              They come rolling at you, are silver and neon blue light, and
              stick to your car, most likely to harm you inside.

Turrets - These can be set up just about anywhere, or pop out of the ground if
          you trip a laser. They seemingly have an infinite supply of bullets,
          so watch your step.

Combine Tank - These are the huge, black, armored vehicles that shoot rockets
               at you during the airboat missions. Basically, they shoot rock-
               ets and they hurt.

Helicopter - Everyone knows what a helicopter is, but these ones basically have
             a charge-up gun. It will fire 100 bullets at you, charge up, and
             fire again. It can also drop bombs into the water for you to run
             over and get thrown around by.

Gunship - These are huge ships in the skies that just rain bullets down on any-
          one who opposes them. They're a bluish-black-gray color and have big
          propellers on their backs as well as anti-rocket guns.

                    PART 2 - Effective Killing Methods 

This section will tell you the best ways to kill all of the above enemies given
your limited amount of weapons. Most would say to just use a rocket-launcher on
everything, but I say, you only have three rockets at a time. Then they would
say to cheat and get more, and I would say "cheater!" So anyway, here we go...
most effective ways to kill/destroy each enemy.

Headcrab - Just shoot it. It only takes two normal bullets.

Fast Headcrab - The shotgun does wonders on these little pests. Blow them away
                or pump them full of lead with a machine gun.

Barnacle - You can normally avoid these, so why waste your ammo? Anyway, they
           are really easy to kill, so if you get caught by one, a single shot-
           gun blast will do the job, or, for those of you ammo-conservers, a
           few pistol shots.

Combine Soldier - There are so many great ways to kill one of these and all of
                  them depend on where you are. If close-range, use the shotgun
                  for sure. If long range, the Pulse Rifle is good. If really
                  far away, I'd suggest the .357 or the crossbow.

Antlion - Shotgun kills them in one hit. Use it. Otherwise, use the SMG. It has
          45 bullets and since they normally come in groups, you'll need the

Queen Antlion - Explosives. Use the SMG's secondary grenade launcher combined
                with some clips from the Pulse Rifle, and keep away from it!
                Some double-blasts from the shotgun can do good too, but it's
                an ammo-waster since you can only do it three times.

Zombie - The best way to take out a normal zombie is to just hit it in the head
         with a shotgun shell from close-range. Or, if you want to conserve
         ammo, a few pistol shots to the head ought to do it, but make sure
         shots go to the head, or else you won't kill the headcrab.

Fast Zombie - I use the SMG on them since they normally attack in numbers of 2
              and 3, but if you can get good headshots, definitely use the

Fast Headcrab-Throwing Zombie - As said, the headcrabs that these punks throw
                                are poisonous and they have three or so of
                                them, so my advice is a grenade or an explo-
                                sive barrel to set everything on fire. Other-
                                wise, use A LOT of shotgun ammo.

Strider - Rocket launcher. Simple. You'll need quite a few rockets too, so, get
          ready for some fun. Grenades from your SMG can also kill them, but
          those are harder to aim. Use rockets.

Manhacks - It only takes four bullets from a pistol or SMG to destroy these
           little buggers or a single shotgun blast. Don't waste Pulse Rifle
           ammo on them. If you have the Gravity Gun, use that to pull them to
           you and then just sling them into a wall.

Rollermines - You only really encounter these in the Highway 17 chapter of the
              game, so just use your Gravity Gun to throw them over a cliff or
              far away.

Turrets - Since these things do nothing but fire at you, use grenades to knock
          them over, or if you can, a blast from the Gravity Gun. For the ones
          that pop out of the ground, get a grenade down inside them.

Combine Tank - Until you get the gun mounted on your airboat, there's no much
               you can do to these. You need A LOT of ammo to take one out. It
               isn't really worth the effort unless you absolutely have to.

Helicopter - As far as I know, you only have to battle one of these to the
             death, and that's when you have the airboat. So basically, there,
             avoid the bombs it drops and just keep blasting it with your gun
             you have mounted.

Gunship - Three rockets takes these down. They never get close enough for you
          to use grenades from your SMG and are constantly moving. They have
          anti-rocket guns, so make sure to swirl your rocket around them be-
          fore making it slam into the gunship.


| Section IX. - Allies |

In Half-Life 2, unlike in the first, you actually have several allies aside
from just some security guards now and then. Below is a list of each of your
allies and a small bit about them... more like a character thing, but only of
the friendlies.

Barney Calhoun - He used to be one of the security guards in Black Mesa from
                 the original Half-Life and starred in Half-Life: Blue Shift, a
                 game where you played as him trying to escape. He's one of
                 your good friends and you'll see him now and then throughout
                 the game. Barney is also the leader of the human revolt in the

Alyx Vance - She is the daughter of Eli Vance and you only hear about her and
             see her for the first time in Half-Life 2. Alyx becomes quite a
             close companion with you and will help you out in many aspects as
             well as fight along side you in some.

Eli Vance - Father of Alyx Vance and the old head scientist at Black Mesa. He
            lost a leg when he escaped back then, but is still up to his usual
            work. He also plays a huge role with Barney Calhoun in leading the
            revolt. The people listen to Eli, which is why he's so "valuable".

Judith Mossman - She works with Eli Vance in Black Mesa East, but her views on
                 things may not be what they seem... or are they? Play and find
                 out. Anyway, she was the woman who you, as Gordon, beat out of
                 a job at the original Black Mesa because of some experience in
                 something, so even though she doesn't show it, she hates you.

Dog - Dog is a robot that Eli Vance built to protect Alyx when she was little.
      He's very intelligent and extremely strong and will help you out very
      little in the game, but he's still an ally and a very cool one at that.

Vortigaunts - These are friendly aliens whom you freed when you killed Nihi-
              lanth in Half-Life 1. They mean you no harm but don't really help
              out much either.

Father Gregory - You only see him in Ravenholm and he's a priest for the old
                 church there. But since the place has been over-ridden with
                 zombies and aliens, he's a loner with a shotgun, just trying
                 to stay alive. He'll help you out a lot in Ravenholm.

Revolt People - These are all the humans that revolt and help you out, follow-
                ing you and gunning down enemies as well.


| Section X. - Walkthrough |

Half-Life 2 is divided into chapters, as will this section of the guide. This
section will easily be the biggest and will contain spoilers in it all over the
place since it guides you through the game. If you haven't gotten to a particu-
lar part, I suggest that you not read that part. Half-Life 2 is an incredible
game and should be experienced to the max, and in order to do that, one mustn't
have everything spoiled for them. Now, finally getting to the main part of this
guide, without further wait, this... is Half-Life 2.

|  A) Chapter 1 - Point Insertion  |

When you first start your new game, the famous, or infamous, whichever you pre-
fer, G-Man will wake you up with the following speech which I am going to put
here simply because I just love it!

"Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine. Not that I wish to imply you have
been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest and all the effort
in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour
has come again.... ... The right man in the wrong place can make all the diff-
erence in the world.... So wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes."

Anyway, once he's done speaking, you will be on a train with two people. You
can go up to the first guy standing by the door and talk to him and he'll say
something like "I didn't see you get on." The other guy sitting down, once you
talk to him with "E", your use/talk/pickup key, will say something like "I've
been relocated so many times... I dunno... I guess you just get used to it."
Eventually, the train will come to a stop and you can get off.

Follow the two men or run ahead of them, either way. You'll come to an area and
will see a guard shove someone who's only trying to get his bag. These guards
are called the Combine. They are basically police officers with a lot more pow-
er than those we know today. They can abuse people, kill them, etc, without any
repercussions. As you'll soon figure out, the human race is now small and petty
and the Combine, humans as well, are just some who have joined the side of the
ones who have caused the near-extinction.

Anywho, go through the revolving metal door and hang a left and head down the
hall. You'll come to an area with a bunch of tables and a few people. Turn
right and make your way through the fences to the guards and go through the
gate that you're told to (the one to the right). The other side will close and
lock and a door on the right will open. Uh oh. What's going on? A Combine guard
will say "You, citizen, come with me." So follow him. He'll lead you down a
hallway to a room and put you in it.

The Combine that answered the door will leave and the one who took you in the
room will remove his helmet and reveal himself as Barney, one of your old bud-
dies from Half-Life 1! He tells you that he's undercover as a Combine and con-
tacts Dr. Eli, another person from Half-Life 1. There will come a knocking on
the door soon and you'll have to leave. Barney will open a door for you and you
can leave. Go up the ladder in the room you are now in and pick up a box with
your Use key, default 'E'. Set it down by the window by pressing 'E' again and
then dump onto it with Spacebar.

TIP:  If you jump with Spacebar and also duck with Ctrl, you can make it onto
      things you normally can't, as well as jump further. It makes sense. If
      you jump, then tuck your legs, you clear more area, as well as can put
      those legs on stuff, such as the said box above.

Once on the box, jump out the window and head right through the door. Sit back
and relax for a few seconds as the next mini-part of this chapter loads. Once
it does, head straight up the steps in front of you and go through the door and
turn right. A Combine will block your way and throw a can on the floor and tell
you to pick it up. Do so and throw it in the garbage can next to him. He'll get
out of the way and you can continue. Head straight all the way and turn left to
keep going to a pair of double doors. Open them and head outside. Go to your
right, down the steps and down the street until you can see a big tank and sev-
eral Combine guards standing around. To your right now should be a wide alley.

There is a dumpster under a ladder. Jump on the dumpster (using my tip above
will help you do this easier), climb the ladder, and jump over the edge to get
past the fence that blocked your way. To your left are some more Combine and
they have some people pinned to a wall. Go right and there'll be two people
standing outside a building. They'll talk about how the Combine are taking over
another apartment building. Continue past them into the crappy playground. Just
past the slide is a door on the left. Go in it. Head to the next closed door in
that small hall to get another loading sign.

When that's done, open the door and go in. Head up the stairs to the first real
landing and go in it. Some Combine guards are knocking on someone else's door
and will kick it in. Go past them when they enter and up the next flight of
steps to the next landing. A guy will call you into his apartment. Apparently
the Combine are now taking over this building too, AND, they want you! Head
through the door that the girl goes in, turn left and head in that one, then
left again to another threshold. Go in and you're in a small bathroom that will
lead directly to the hallway.

Go down the hall and haul your ass up the stairs here. Combines will be coming
up as well after you, so move quickly! You'll go into another room and a guy
will tell you to head to the roof and he'll block the door himself. Run up the
stairs to get another loading sign. When that's done, head up the other steps
and you'll be in an attic-looking room. Turn left after coming up the steps and
run out onto the roof and head straight and up the ramp. Soon enough, you'll be
getting shot at, but don't worry, no damage can or will be done to you. Now af-
ter heading up that ramp, turn left and head to where you see a barrel and a
paint can or two on the "edge" of the roof. Keep doing and hug the wall on the
right and go down the roof and across the boards there. Now, DON'T FALL. If you
do, then you're practically screwed and will have to load the last auto-save
point (coming into the attic).

Keep hugging the walls and continue along the small edges of the roofs until
you come to a window that you can hop in. Do so. Go across this attic now and
down the steps that will crack and break when you get to the bottom. Oh well.
Go in the next room and a ton of Combines will come in after you! There's noth-
ing you can do, so just stand around and let them beat you senseless... no,
seriously. Do that. The screen will go white and you'll hear a girl beating up
the guards and saying "ha! take that!" and such. Feel bad yet? A chick beat
them up and you got your ass kicked...

Anyway, the screen will come back into focus and you'll see this girl's face in
your view. This is Alyx Vance. She'll be playing a big part in the game as an
ally. Her father is Dr. Eli Vance, the top scientist at Black Mesa (Black Mesa
was the place in Half-Life 1 where you worked and had to escape from) who es-
caped. Anyway, Alyx will address you as Dr. Freeman (because that's you, Dr. 
Gordon Freeman) and will tell you that you two have to hurry because the Com-
bine will wake up soon (they never do though, no matter how long you wait). 
She will open an elevator door and you two will go down it. At the bottom, 
she'll take you to a big yellow poster and show you a guy that you honestly
don't know (even from Half-Life 1). His name however is Dr. Breen, the old ad-
ministrator at Black Mesa who is now running the administrator of City 17, the
place you're at. Anyway, the wall with the poster will then open up and you 
two will go through to a narrow hallway. At the end, you'll get a loading sign,
and then begin the next chapter.

|  B) Chapter 2 - "A Red Letter Day"  |

You and Alyx will go through the next door into a wider hallway. She'll jump
over a railing instead of taking the stairs for no reason. Follow her down the
hall as she talks. At the end, she'll "buy you a drink" and the soda machine
will open up and you can go into the lab. Dr. Kleiner, another scientist that
survived Black Mesa, will be looking for his pet headcrab, Lamar. When he sees
you, he'll start talking to you and him and Alyx will start talking about you.
He will say that they owe a great deal to Gordon (you) for what you did in
Black Mesa and all.

Barney will then enter soon and him and Kleiner will talk about a teleporter
that they finally have got working. Barney will then open up a big door and you
Lamar will jump out and attack him, then run off into the vents. After that,
Barney will open a glass thing and you can step into your HEV Hazard Suit. This
suit basically gives you armor. You have health, as every FPS game character
does, and your suit is armor. You then charge it up at the little black thing
in the corner of the room on the wall. Throughout the game, you will find these
as well as ones for your health. You will also find medkits and little blue
things for your HEV suit as well in boxes and such.

Anyway, after that's done, you'll go into another part of the lab with everyone
else and Alyx will step into what must obviously be the teleporter. It will
start up and then a plug will come out of the socket. Simply pick it up and put
it back in and then when Dr. Kleiner tells you to, throw the switch on the pan-
el that's right next to that plug. Alyx will be teleported to her father who
you all are communicating with on the TV screen. Now it's your turn.

Walk into the teleporter and Kleiner will raise it up and get it started. Bar-
ney will throw the switch and just then, Lamar will break through the vent and
jump into the teleporter beam and everything will go wrong! You'll be teleport-
ed to several different places and then away to a different place. You'll even
get to be in Dr. Breen's office and underwater. Eventually, you'll end up just
outside of where Dr. Kleiner is.

When the teleporter stops and you have full control again, jump over the rail
to your left and go through the fence and hang a right between the big electric
black things. Go up the stairs and through the door and straight ahead to get
another loading sign. Once that's over, keep going and Barney will call you
back a bit. He'll be up on a ledge. Let him talk and when he's done, he'll give
you a crowbar, your first weapon. =)  Take the crowbar and keep going and smash
the wood blocking the threshold of the fence. Keep going and head up the stairs
and turn right and fall down the broken part of fence as the robot thingy snaps

Head left and get up in the train. Use your crowbar to smash apart that wood
and the boxes to get to the other side of the train car. Jump out and to your
left is a big blue shield thing and a train is coming. Wait for it to pass and
then follow it. Now there is a stopped train on your left. Stay close to it and
when it ends, go around it and go up the steps and into another train car. Go
up the ladder in this car to the roof of it and jump to the roof of a green
train car next to you and from there, over the fence past it. Keep going and
break apart some more wood and go into the long passage down some steps and you
will get another loading sign....

|  C) Chapter 3 - Route Kanal  |

After coming down the stairs, you can only go right. Do so. On the wall on the
left is a health charger. Use it if you need it. All the Combine guards shoot-
ing at you probably did some damage. After you're all charged up, go through
the threshold after it and turn left to see two Combines beating a man as his
wife/girlfriend is forced aside. Use your crowbar and go up to these Combines
and beat the hell out of them. One of them has a gun, the 9mm Pistol, that you
will automatically pick up.

Proceed past the woman and use you crowbar to break the wood and continue up
some stairs. A single Combine is on his way down. A headshot or two from your
pistol will have him rolling down those steps. Continue on up until you get to
a wide set of steps that lead up outside and has another Combine coming down
them, shooting. Kill him as well and make your way up the steps. Up here you'll
find three barrels with red fire signs on them. These signs mean that those
barrels are filled with something flammable and explosive. Two shots from your
pistol sets the barrels on fire and 3 or 4 seconds later, they explode. Three
shots from your pistol will simply just blow it up, no wait.

Pick up a barrel and place it in the threshold on the fence at the top of the
stairs you just came up. Now continue left (as if you'd just come up the steps)
and on the right you can head down some steps. You will hear a train coming.
Wait on the stair platform for it to come by and slow to a stop. From here, you
can jump on top of the train and make your way to the other platform and ladder
to the right on the other side of the tracks. When you get there, a few Combine
guards will have come up those steps where you placed your barrel. Time to put
it to use. =P

Shoot your barrel three times quickly to blow those guards to hell, then head
on back to them to collect some ammo. On your way back, a couple more will most
likely have come up. Kill them as well. Collect all the ammo. It's worth it to
have lots and since they have such poor aim and their bullets do little damage,
there's no need to worry.

Now that you have some good ammo and all, go back across the train and use your
crowbar to remove the wood from the threshold of the house. Go in it. On the
left, some floor is torn up and there is a medkit laying there. Pick it up if
you need it. Now continue on and in the next "room" (there is no roof and half
the windows are missing... can't really call it a house) are some more barrels.
Set them in a corner and blow them up so you don't have to worry about them.
They are useless.

Leave the house out that entrance that the barrels blocked and open the gate on
the left. Wait for a few guards on the ledge behind the chain-link fence to ap-
pear and be shooting at you before popping a few bullets into all those barrels
that also happen to be up there. That will teach them a lesson, eh? Anyway,
continue on and jump the bent fence and head right. Hang a right directly after
it and keep going and duck with the "Ctrl" key into the vent. Break open the
small supply box to get a medkit and make your way the only way the vent goes.

Use the crowbar to break off the vent's cover on the other side and crawl out.
Head to the right and keep going until you can jump off. Do so and keep heading
in the only direction you can (due to the blue shield thing). There are two
flammable barrels. A guard will come down in perfect shot for one of them. Just
shoot it three times to blow him away. Keep going and another guard will roll a
flaming barrel down some steps at you. If you're quick enough and see it, you
can shoot it before he rolls it and take care of him. If not, get out of the
way and kill him after it explodes.

Head up those steps and around the corner, killing what guards that come as you
go. Straight ahead is another flammable barrel and some stairs that a guard
will come down. Kill him and head up the steps. Use your crowbar to break apart
the boxes ahead of you and go down the stairs. When you come out, you'll be on
the other side of another blue shield. =)  Jump off the ledge you're on and on
to the railroad tracks below. Way ahead of you are three Combine guards. There
are some supply boxes with health and such nearby as well.

Make your way towards the guards quickly, killing them if you want or if they
get so close that you have to. Just as the tunnel ends, on the right is a fence
with a part you can go through and onto a short, broken cat-walk. Go onto it
and then jump into the water. Swim in the only direction you can through the
big bent open bar-gates until you get to the other end where you'll see a big,
red train car with a ladder on one side of it. Climb up in and on top of the
car is a hole you can drop down into the car by. Do so. When you get down there
you will see an alien called a Vortigaunt. They are friendly aliens that used
to be slaves in Half-Life 1 until you freed them.

Anyway, the guy in there will tell you some stuff and then the alien will
charge your HEV Suit by 30 power. So nice of him. =)  The guy will then open up
the train car and you can step out. Head left a bit and break the piece of wood
that's blocking your path, or move it, whichever. Continue past the fire to get
a loading sign.... Past that there is a big barricade of wood. Time to get to
work. Get out your crowbar and start beating it away. Eventually a ton of it
will break and you can get through. Once past, you will see a blackbird fly a-
way and get caught by something hanging from the roof. That's a Barnacle. Just
avoid it or kill it if you want. It's only 4 or 5 bullets.

Anyway, continue on and you'll see a bunch of innocent civilians get killed by
the Combine. On the right, you'll see a man on the other side of some bars in
a sewer pipeline get shot and killed by some Combine on the other end. Kill
them; there's two. After that, keep going and turn right. Up a bit is another
two Combine, one of which is manning a big machine gun that's mounted to a cou-
ple of shields. Get in some upper-chest and headshots on him quickly before he
pumps you full of lead. Then kill the other. Now look right. There's the sewer
opening. Head down it and into a room with a radio and lots of medkits and bat-
teries (for your HEV Suit). The radio will sound between two different people
until one dies. Next to it is a ladder.
Go up the ladder and quickly man the machine gun behind the shield by pressing
your Use key while standing right behind it. Now prepare for a fight! Use the
machine gun to kill some guards that will be coming around the same corner you
did, appearing on the bridge directly ahead of you and up high, and to the upp-
er left. It's quite easy and fun and you always have all the health and battery
power down below afterwards.

When that's done, get all your health and suit power up as much as you can and
go back up the ladder. As you come up it, look left. If you didn't already
shoot the barrel up on the wooden ledge with the machine gun, do it now with a
couple pistol bullets to make it break and give you a small bridge made of ply-
wood to cross. So cross it and keep going across that ledge until you jump off
it. Head past the big concrete pipes all around until, avoiding Barnacles. One
of the pipes you will have to duck and crawl through. When you get out of the
hall-like thing you're in, a big black vehicle will go by on the bridge in
front of you. You're in the right place.

Turn left and head to the open sewer. A girl sitting in a concrete pipes will
tell you to keep going to the next station. So do so. You'll drop out of the
sewer and there will be another on the right accessible via a ledge. Straight
up is a big vent looking thing with two Combine guards on it. Feel free to kill
them now while they don't notice you (until your first shot). Jump up onto the
next ledge and into the sewer pipe and keep going until you drop out into some
water. The top of the vent in this area will blow open and people will start
throwing barrels in at you the followed by a flaming one. Go under water and
wait for them to explode and open up the next big pipe you can head through. If
you didn't kill the guards before, they'll definitely be shooting at you now
from the hole way up above.

This new pipe that the guards opened up for you will lead you outside. When you
look right, two guards will be shooting at you. Kill them and keep going past
the green dumpsters and flipped truck. Kill the guards up on the street ledges
as they appear. You should see, past the flipped truck, a bridge with some bar-
rels under it that are explosive. Shoot them to blow open an area for you to go
to. Head to it and climb the small pile of trash and go into the next sewer.
You will have to move a few barrels first. Now watch out. The ground here is
very slippery. Down in front of you are two Barnacle's tentacles. You can use
those barrels and throw them into them to give you a path by them.

Past them (your turned left) is a flaming barrel. Take it and throw it down the
slippery hill towards all those great friendly Barnacles you can see. Shoot it
once on the way down and a second time after a Barnacle has grabbed it and is
sucking it up. This will set it on fire and it will explode and kill them all
when it gets up to them, giving you free area. Head up through the sewer and
out into the water.

Watch out now because there are lots of Combine guards throwing a ton of flam-
ing barrels into the water. So hide underwater until this is done and then come
up and kill them. You can get on a piece of wood that the barrels made fall in-
to the water. From here, jump to the ladder, climb it, and jump in the water on
the other side of the big metal fence. Swim to the end and kill guards above
you on the ledges and bridge behind you as you go. When you get as far as you
can go (a big wall), turn around and look right and you can get up on the wood-
en "docks" (sorry excuses for docks, but still) and can jump from one to the
other around until you get in the other sewer. When you come out of the sewer
and into the next area, there will be a loading sign.

Now in this area you will no doubtedly see a big piece of plywood teetering on
a concrete pipe. Your goal is to find the (nine) bricks that are lying around
and place them on the end of the plywood that is up, in order to get it down.
You then get on that end, run up it and jump to the ledge and run outside. But
wait, what's this? A helicopter! Now seriously, run like hell past it (left)
and down the small slope and as soon as you can, hang another left around all
the trash. Make you way onto the walk and past the Barnacle and up the stairs
to the blue door with all the barrels in front of it. No doubt by now you've
seen the power of the helicopter's gun. Quickly start moving the barrels and
get inside that door!

God down the steps and *whew*, no more chopper... for now. Keep going on the
metal catwalk-like floor until you can go left or right. The ladder on the
right will take you down and you can get some supplies (medkits and such). So
get that stuff if you need it. The path left leads you into a sewer with some
water and barrels (and bodies!). When you first come here, look right and grab
the flammable barrel and throw it down the slippery slope. The Barnacles down
there will grab it. Do the same as before and shoot it a couple times half-way
up and it will kill them. Make your way down the slope and hop over the railing
on the left. Go up the path and turn right (left is barred off) to see a body
with a flammable barrel behind it. Grab it, throw it down this next slope and
blow up more Barnacles the same way as before. Go down the slope, hop the rail-
ing, and go up to the door.

When you get out of the door, run like all hell to the left. The helicopter
will be back again and shooting! Keep running left and past the "Danger" sign
on the wall and up the stairs and into the new passage in the sewers. There
will be a dead guy and a bunch of regular barrels now. Go down some steps past
those and into a long hall where you will get another loading sign.

Head down the hall and you'll come to a flammable barrel and some boxes. Shoot
the barrel and let it destroy the boxes. Keep going and break the wood on the
barricade and talk to the guy in that room. He'll go to the door and peek in
through the sliding slot and Manhacks will soon burst in. These are small, 
annoying robots with spinning blades that charge you and almost always attack
groups. Wait for them to come to you and then just beat them with your trusty
crowbar. When that's done, the guy will talk again and tell you to keep going.
So go down the hall of the now open door and you'll eventually come to a gate
that you can open, but, there will be more Manhacks behind it. Take out your
pistol and destroy them. They can't get to you because of the gate, but you can
shoot through it. They only take four bullets to go down.

Continue down that hall and hang a left. Now run backwards! Backtrack, because
as you just, more Manhacks are coming and there are flammable barrels they can
(and will) set on fire! Once those are all blown up and you've beaten to death
the Manhacks, continue down the hall and turn right (left is a dead-end) and go
down the hall here. The second door on the left leads you to a small room with
some supplies. The first one leads you to a gate you have to open. When you do,
run like hell to the other side. Jump the box and barrel and duck and open the
gate there as quickly as you can. Use your crowbar to break apart the wood that
is blocking your way and quickly close the gate! If you did it fast enough, you
will have avoided the five Manhacks that come in after you. If not, well, kill

When done, continue down the hall onto the ledge and down the ladder into the
small bit of trickling water in the sewer (I say this so you know you're in the
right place). Look down the path and you can see a visible flammable barrel.
Shoot it once and then continue. Now keep your crossair on it. When the Combine
drops down from above on his cord, shoot it quickly twice more to kill him and
then pump the other two that come around the corner ahead full of lead. Head-
shots, as said, do wonders and save ammo.
NOTE:  If you turn around at this point, there are two small sewers, one of
which is open and you can duck in. Way down in the back is a box and behind it
is half a zombie that comes after you, but behind him (kill him) is a battery
for your HEV Suit and a grenade. Upon your exit to continue though, another
Combine will drop down on a cord for you to kill.

Continue down the main hall where the two Combines came around the corner. Turn
the corner and you'll see some bright blue water with a weird metal thing spin-
ning in it. Now looking at the water, look down in it and to the left. There is
a passage there. Jump in and swim with the spinny thing until you can swim down
and get in that passage. It's easy. Swim through it until you can surface for
some air real quick, then continue around a corner and surface. Ahead of you
(turn around if you don't see it) is a big brown pipe that leads outside. Foll-
ow it and two Combine guards will drop down on cords. Kill them and go up on
the grass and two more will come running out of a door behind that fence there.
Kill them as well.

Now get on that big brown pipe from the grassy area and follow it back. Mind
the steam coming out of because it will hurt you. Also, kill the three Barna-
cles there so they don't catch you. Anyway, back here is some supplies and when
you follow the pipe all the way back, there will be a single Manhack behind a
some bars. Kill it so it doesn't attack you later. Now, on the right is some
wood. Break it and drop down off the pipe and duck and go down into the water.
Turn left and go out and surface. Find the ladder in the left far corner (from
where you surfaced) and climb up it. You're outside now.

Continue forward a bit and as soon as you're spotted, the Combine will start
rolling flaming barrels off of a truck at you. Hug the depression in the wall
as these roll into the water you just got out of, or go underwater and hide.
When the barrels are done, surface and kill the guards up on the ledge. Contin-
ue under the bridge and kill the other two that are up on the ledge to the left
and the one on the bridge in front of you. Look right and go down a bit of
stairs and into the sewers again. Go all the way down the hall (on the right,
in two places is supplies) and some Manhacks will appear behind a gate, but,
they can get past this one if they go over it.... Aren't they getting a bit
annoying by now?

Anyway, kill them and go through the gate and up the few steps. Continue down
the dark path (turn on your flashlight) and get some of the supplies back here
and locate the vent. Break it open and crawl in. Come to the end and fall down
and shoot the vent you're now standing on. You'll fall a bit onto some stacked
barrels. Uh oh... look at all those flammable barrels. There must be at least
20 of them in this room and as if that's not bad enough, you'll be attacked
by Manhacks as well. When the Manhacks first start to flood the room, shoot
the barrels. Hopefully this kills a few of them. The others you'll have to do

Anyway, when they're all dead, climb the only ladder on the only pillar in that
room. Jump from the top of the ladder onto a pipe and duck on the pipe and fol-
low it back and down onto the ledge you wouldn't normally be able to get on.
Head to the right and you'll come to a red light. You're right where I want you
to be. =)  Keep going down that tiny hall and you'll be in a room with tons of
pipes and you'll be standing on a catwalk that's connected to the wall. Follow
the catwalk around until you can get on a pipe. Use the pipes to make your way
down to the two parallel silver ones. If you mess up, use the ladder to get
all the way back up and try again.

Once on the two silver pipes, look where they lead. Oh gee. A red wheel that
you can turn. Well... what're you waiting for? Go up to it and hit your Use key
to turn it. This raises the water. Use the ladder now to go all the way back up
to the catwalk. Backtrack until you're in the room where all the barrels were.
More Manhacks will attack now. Kill them. Now use the ladder you did before,
but this time, go down into the water. Swim towards the big sewer pipe and
through it and surface quickly. You're running low on oxygen by now.

Now what you want to do here is to get out your crowbar, jump back in the water
and go all the way down, and start breaking apart those pieces of wood. Eventu-
ally you'll break enough of them that you'll release a big circle thing that'll
float to the surface. Now climb the ladder nearby and jump from the ledge to
that circle thing and from the circle thing to the other side. Continue up the
steps and through the hall and just as you come to an area with a fence in
front of you, you'll get a loading sign.

Climb the ladder to your left and jump from it to the wood. Follow the wood to
the ledge (this takes you over that fence). Now jump from there down into the
bit of water. Now, facing the fence, head right. Two Combine guards come down
on cords. Kill them. Use the barrel here to jump on and then jump up onto the
ledge. There's some supply boxes here. Continue down the hall now to fight some
Manhacks. Past everything you'll find some supplies in the back with some Bar-
nacles as well. Just past the boxes and Manhacks though is a threshold on the
right. Go in it and up the ladder. Go from the ladder to the ledge and then
cautiously walk along the wood and aluminum until you come to a new ledge with
some supplies on it. Get those and then drop down.

Go down the hall here and in front of you is a yellow and brown pipe. Now look
on the ground. It's filthy and looks really bad, but you can walk on it. BUT,
do not walk into the liquid, yellow-greenish-brown water. It's toxic and will
easily drain your health. Anyway, continue forward to a guy who will yell about
headcrabs and then talk to you a bit before the radio comes on saying that you,
Gordon Freeman, must make it to the airboat to get to Black Mesa East. The guy
there will tell you that you can have some of his ammo in a crate. The ammo is
for the machine gun, or, SMG, that you must have at this point.

Anywho, continue on, avoiding the toxic water and you'll find two people that
yell something like "they're shelling us" before they die and a big rocket
comes plunging into the ground. Just after that, headcrabs (two or three) will
crawl out of the rocket's back, so kill them. (Oh and by the way, the constant
ticking sound you hear is your HEV Suit detecting high amounts of radiation...
the toxic water.) Moving on now... continue back and follow the path. You'll
see a man behind a fence with a headcrab on his head and he's screaming for
help. You can waste ammo and save him by killing the headcrab, or let him die.
Either way. Anyway, at this point, turn left and left again and keep going.

Now watch out for headcrabs. They rise out of the ground all over the place
from this point on. Anyway, keep going and you'll encounter two zombies who'll
wake up and come after you. The best way to kill them is to just shoot them in
the head, that way the headcrab dies too. Now continue on and avoid the toxic
water still and you'll come to a swinging electric cord. Avoid this, but cross
the wood it's swinging over. It's easier than it sounds. Once done, a zombie
will break through the wall on the left. Kill it.

Now head inside the red train car but be very careful not to touch any of the
sides. On the other end of it, another rocket=shell will crash and three head-
crabs will come out, so kill them too. Once out of the train car, cross the
small metal beam lying across the toxic water. A zombie will pop out of the
water, so kill him as well. Keep going and get on the wooden planks and follow
them back until you're on what looks like a real nice dock. Keep going and you
will meet a woman who has just finished gassing up an airboat. She'll tell you
to get in and head for Black Mesa East. Do so with your Use key.

  Airboat Controls
W           Move Forward
S           Move Backward
A           Turn Left
D           Turn Right
Mouse       Looks Around (for now)

Now take the airboat and drive it out and follow the only path you can through
the toxic water. Turn the corner and get used to driving it since you'll have
to a whole lot for awhile after this. Once you have the hang of things, find
the ramp that gets you up on dry land. You'll have noticed that the big gate
you need to get through is closed. Well, once on land, get out of your airboat
with the Use key and go over to the gate. Go up to the valve wheel thing and
press and hold the Use key until the gate is all the way open, otherwise, it'll
just fall closed. Now hop back in your airboat and go in and down the tunnel a
bit until you get to a loading sign....

|  D) Chapter 4 - Water Hazard  |

After the loading sign, head straight and you'll go down a slope and through
three barrels and then some wooden pieces nailed between posts (you can drive
right through it all). Ahead you'll see a big red barn (the G-Man is standing
on the corner of it, just so you know). Turn slightly left at the barn and on
the left is a ramp. Jump it for fun. =)  Now your path for now is to just bas-
ically stay in the water and head between the posted you see as markers. After
a couple, there will be a big wooden ramp. Jump it and turn right. Up on the
bridge, a guy calls out to you and throws you some supplies. If you need it,
get out and get it.

Just after him, you'll come to a ramp that you can't get up, so stop your boat
right in front of it and get out of it. Facing the ramp, look left. There's a
sewer pipe. Go in it and follow it back (it's dark, use a flashlight) until you
come to an opening where there are two blue barrels at the end. Pick them up
and throw them down in the water. Now jump down with them and you see how part
of the un-jumpable ramp is underwater? Take the barrels and swim under a bit
and put them underneath it where the other one already is. That makes three.
You need four. Get out of the water and if you're standing, looking at the ramp
you will see a way you can go on the left exactly next to it. The last barrel
is on that flat part of concrete.

Now that the ramp is raised, get in your airboat, back up some and jump the
ramp into some toxic water. You turn left and will see a big ship pass over by
you. It's a dropship. It's dropping off three Combine guards ahead of you...
but they don't know you have an airboat moving at 40 miles an hour.... Keep go-
ing and you'll get to them. They'll be shooting at you and will be lucky to hit
you as you're running them over. After them, follow the water on the right,
next to the wall until you turn the corner and there's a huge ramp on the far
left. Go to it and jump it into more toxic water. Now go back and stay on the
right and high up on some wooden ledges ahead of you, you'll see some Combine
guards. Simply drive your airboat under those ledges to know them all down and
kill them.

After that, you'll fall into some normal water. Hang a left and go under the
bridge and you'll get a loading sign. Stay in the water and follow between the
posts until there is a bridge broken in half with a single Combine guard on the
right side of it. Hang a right with your airboat after the bridge and park it
next to the stairs there. Get off, get on the ledge, go up the stairs and the
ladder right next to it, kill the Combine, and go in the only door up there. At
last, some peace... or not. Dr. Breen will soon come on that big TV and start
talking to the citizens of City 17 about you, though he will never mention your

Go into the next room once he's shut up (or completely skip him) and kill the
two guards here. In this room is also a machine gun mounted on some shields.
Remember it. There is also a green box with grenades in it. Keep going past the
big black Combine tanks and go in the next door and then the next one where you
will face a single Combine and a ton of Manhacks (four or five actually). Kill
them and then exit through the door in this room. (There is a box with grenades
in it in this room also.)

Once out the door, about 50 yards in front of you is a single Combine manning
a machine gun. Use some grenades to throw way down at him to kill him. You can
also sneak behind some of the things around to get to him. Past him is another
door though. Go in that and in this room are three more Combine guards. One is
straight ahead (but down since you're on stairs) on the floor behind something,
another is behind the pole on your left, and the other is up on the stairs on
the right. Kill them all. Now go down the stairs you're on and up the others
and through that door as well. Look right. There are some flammable barrels.
Blow them all up to watch a big chunk of metal tied together fly down and break
open the gate and sound an alarm. A dropship will also pass over you.

Now backtrack all the way back to your airboat. In the room with the stairs, no
one is there, but outside, you will want to quickly man that machine gun be-
cause seven or eight (maybe more!) guards are down at the other end. Once they
are dead, keep going back. In the room with the big black Combine tanks and the
first grenade box are also a good five or six guards. Kill them and you're done
for now. Go down and get in your airboat. Head straight and through the gate
you broke open.

Follow the water now and head through posts and under a bridge with Combines
shooting at you. You'll go down a big slope and about 100 yards ahead on the
cliff-side is a black Combine tank shooting rockets at you, so as soon as you
can, hang a right and don't stop! Follow the water and watch for the Barnacles
hanging from one of the bridges. Also, Combines will drop down from ropes from
the bridges. Simply run right into them as they do to kill them. There is one
more bridge after the one with Barnacles and after it, hang a left. There's
another tank shooting rockets!

Head through the two posts going straight at it and as soon as you're through
them, turn right and head that way. A big fire will spread across the water, so
use the ramp on the right to jump over it. You'll go under a big bridge and
hang a right after that and keep going straight no matter what. The Combine
tank up on the cliff will take car of the cars in your way. Drive through the
wood nailed across the posts and into one of the tunnels (they go to the same
place, doesn't matter which one). Head through some water to get another load-
ing sign.

When that's done, head straight. On the right is a big green hill that just
wraps around the wall and turns you left. Now in front of you is some stuff in
the way. No problem! Look right when you get to it. Just simply go around it.
You can ram right through the post in the water. Now in this little tunnel once
past that is another green hill turning you left again to a straight-away with
green hills on alternating sides as you go, kind of just to make you swerve for
no reason, I guess. Anyway, at the end is two openings, both go right outside.

Once out, a Combine far off on a concrete ledge will start shooting at you.
Turn right and you'll see a big ship that's been grounded. By this time, the
alarm should have already sounded. No matter. To the left of the ship is a
place to park your airboat, sort of a small inlet. Do so and go in the door
right there. Head down the hall to the table where you'll pick up the .357 Mag-
num and some ammo for it. The door just ahead of you will open within seconds
and three Combine guards will be there to shoot you. The Magnum will kill them
in one shot each.

Go in the door they opened and keep going the only way you can (a fence is on
the left, wall on right) until you can turn right and go up some stairs. At the
top of the stairs is a single Combine. Kill him and now run like hell! The oh-
so-friendly helicopter is back! When you come up those stairs, head straight
and between the red and blue cargo containers and you'll have to turn right
(due to the red one in front of you). A Combine is straight ahead and a Manhack
may attack you as well, so watch it. Take a left at the blue dumpster turned on
its side. It's there for you to hide in as the chopper shoots at you. Do so if
need be.

When the helicopter stops shooting, run out of the big blue dumpster and past
the barrels, around the red cargo container on your right. Ahead of you is a
big wooden structure now and some boxes that you can hide under now as the
helicopter starts shooting again. Directly in front of you is an open cargo
container. You can run into that next to hide. There is also a couple of boxes
of supplies in there too. When you come out, at about your 1 o'clock position,
there is two Combine guards. Kill them just like all the others. The magnum
works wonders. =)

At this point, turn left and go inside the warehouse (big opening, can't miss
it). In the far right corner (you can go through a containment thing or between
two of them to get there) is a set of stairs. Go up them and straight ahead,
there are two Combine guards. Kill them and turn right and across the room will
be several more. Use your magnum to take them out with precision accuracy, or
save your ammo and use the pistol and unload a few clips into them. Either way,
when they're dead, jump across the tops of the cargo containers to the other
side where they were. Collect a butt-load of ammo and go down the small hall
that the Combine were coming out of and up the stairs. Watch out now because
the helicopter can shoot through those windows.

On the other side of the room from which you just entered via the steps are a
bunch of boxes. Break them apart with your crowbar and go through the threshold
and look to the right. Kill the Combine there and then the two coming up the
stairs. Head down the stairs and there's an opening where you go back outside,
but on the wall is a charger for both your suit and your health, so charge both
of them up since you've no doubt lost some health and suit power if you had any

When you're all charged up (or the chargers go dead and can't charge you any
more), run outside and go around the right of the cargo thing in front of you
and then straight forward until you get to a big pile of rocks. Turn right here
and you'll see a gate with a sign above it that says "Gate 5" and something a-
bout "industrial" whatever. Kill the two Combine that appear under this and
then head through it. Head down between the fences on both of your sides until
you can turn left or go up the ladder on your right. First, go up the ladder.
Kill the two Combine at the top and push the button on the control panel with
your Use key. A buzzer/alarm will go off for a few seconds.

Now go back down the ladder and go the other way and continue down the narrow
path. Jump the rail at the end and quickly swim back to your airboat that, if
you parked it where I said to, will be directly ahead of you. Mind the helicop-
ter still shooting at you, so move quickly. Get in your airboat and back out 
and turn left. Keep going past all the wooden poles on the left. Now, the tun-
nel on the left past those is where you came from, so go right, through the
big flood-gate that you opened when you pushed that button on the control panel
up that ladder.

Speed along the smooth water with a deadly helicopter on your tail until you
can hang a right before some ships that are piled up. Keep going straight and
under the bridge. About this time, the helicopter will be ahead of you and will
start to drop black balls in the water. These are like mines. Don't hit them or
you'll lose a bit or health and be thrown around some in your boat. Anyway,
make the left that you have to and head straight. Ahead of you is a wall that
slants up and on the right is a section like a concrete dock that goes into it.
What you have to do is drive up that wall, turn right, and come down the other
side of it on the other side of that concrete dock. It's easier than it sounds,
trust me. Anyway, once down on the other side, speed along straight and turn
the corner (left as it is) and go in the sewer tunnel. Head through this until
you see light on the other end and get a loading sign.

After the loading sign, prepare for one of the best parts in the game. Exit the
tunnel you're in and head out into the light where the chopper is and hang a
left. Follow the water for now and speed along until the helicopter passes over
you. Now it will start to drop bombs in the water again. Avoid these, but use
them to practically guide you now. It's a one-way path, but they and the heli-
copter are the best things to "follow" for now. Your first turn will be a left
(after the one I already said) and you'll see a ship grounded on your left and
a small wooden boat you can pass over in the water.

Ahead is another ship on your right and you turn the corner after it left. It's
a big turn. Now ahead is a dam made of logs that you can easily get around by
going up the small bit of land on the left. Right after it though, turn right.
Your only path now after the dam and the right turn is straight and into a
piece of concrete sewer pipe. There are tons of them in a line that you race
along. Eventually you'll get to a really long one that wraps a right turn and
now straight ahead is one that exits this series of tunnels.

When you come out, you'll be in the air for a second before landing on top of
another piece of rounded pipe segment. Don't fall off... it's annoying if you
do. Just manage to stay on the three small pieces for a few seconds at high
speed until you go flying into the long, whole tunnel straight ahead. This is
another long sewer that you follow to... yes, you guessed it... another loading

When the loading screen is done, exit the tunnel (by following it to the exit,
duh) and ahead of you will be a fork in your path (the chopper is still follow-
ing you and shooting). Take the right since the left is blocked. Directly ahead
of you now is a couple of logs on the left that get you past a huge piece of
dam. Go up them as fast as you can and you'll end up on a ledge you can follow
to the water below. If you fall off of it, you'll fall like, two feet, and can
still follow that part to the water below. So really, whether or not you actu-
ally make it on the ledge doesn't matter. Anyway...

When you land in the water after about a twenty or thirty foot drop, make a
right and you'll go under a bridge. Straight ahead is a square passage for you
to enter. Do so and you'll come out on the other end (after turning a left in
the passage) to a long straight away. There are slanted walls on the sides, so
the helicopter's bombs can be avoided quite easily. When the long straight--
away ends, hang a left and break the wood across the posts and keep going.
Watch out for the Barnacles hanging under the next bridge, and right after it,
make a right. You'll pass under a really big bridge that has a small ledge on
the right (just for description by me that I'm mentioning it... so you know
where you are).

Keep heading straight and head right around the big red cargo containers that
are in the water and up the big ramp. Make the easy jump to the concrete right
here next to a big red warehouse. You can stop and go inside, but nothing much
is inside except a small elevator for you to lower yourself into the water that
you're about to land in (if you pass up the warehouse) and some supplies. Any-
way, keep going and you'll fall into some water. Turn left and ahead of you,
a miss-le will bomb an industrial plant of some sort and a huge red smoke stack
will fall into the water and break into a bunch of pieces.

When the stack starts to fall, stop your airboat and wait for it to break. Once
it has, you can clearly see the part of it sitting in the water that you have
to jump to get over it. Once you do, you'll follow the water right and ahead,
way up on the ledge is another big black Combine tank shooting missiles at you.
Dodge those, but head straight at it so you can go inside the big sewer pipe
directly under it. Follow this pipe around a turn to a loading sign.

Now straight ahead is blocked, but take your airboat up to the last small pool
of muddy water before the big barred sewer. Get off and go a bit into the water
where there is a supply box and a zombie will pop out of it. Kill him and then
on the land just before the water, look left and there's a ladder. Go up it and
onto the ledge and from there, drop down to the top of the concrete sewer pipe.
Walk on it and across the small wooden bridge to the yellow aluminum roof. From
that, down onto the wooden scaffold. See the wash machine now? Go up to it and
push it (just walk against it) until it falls off the ledge.

Now jump down to where it fell (which is on top of a rusted metal thing). Jump
off of that and locate the yellow lever just next to that rusted metal thing.
Pull it (with the Use key) and watch as it falls and the ramp raises. =)  Get
on your airboat once again, jump this ramp and make a left. Follow the tunnel
back to the locked gate and a woman starts to speak, obviously knowing you,
then a man. They'll open the gate and you can park your airboat inside here.
Get off of it and follow the man into the room he wants you to.

He'll show you a map that you most likely won't understand since you're so far
from the area he points to. He'll then tell you that you stand absolutely no
chance against the helicopter without a gun yourself, with the Vortigaunt (the
alien) is mounting to your boat now. So go out, get in your boat as the two
people say to, and get ready to leave. They'll open the gate that is now right
in front of you, and you have to take that tunnel outside. There's a tun of
junk and boxes in this tunnel you can practice using your gun on. Just outside
of it is the helicopter you can also shoot at. Your ammo recharges itself, so
there's no need to worry about that.

Just ahead of you is some more pieces of wood nailed between posts. Break that
and head up the red aluminum ramp and turn right. Go through the gate ahead and
it, and the one in front of you will close. Turn around and shoot the Combine
that are up on the ledge to the right and the couple on the left with your new
gun. Now go a bit backwards (forwards now that you're facing that way) and up
the piece of fence in the water to the ledge. Keep going straight on the ledge
until you're off it.

You'll land down in some toxic water. Ahead, up on a ledge, is another black
Combine tank shooting at you. Using just about all 100 plasma bullets you have
(they recharge though, remember), you can destroy it... or you can just run
like hell around the corner and keep going. You'll make a left and there will
be a small "island" of high land in the water that you go around to a tunnel
straight ahead that has a bunch of Combine in it and some flammable barrels.
Simply kill them or blast the barrels or speed by them. Either works. Just af-
ter the first right turn in this tunnel though, you'll see that it drops down,
but just before doing that, you get a loading screen.

After that, you'll still be in the tunnel, just a bit lower. Follow it out and
there will be another tank ahead. Keep going and under the passage. It will
turn right and when you come out, you'll see a big blue airship (it's actually
a Dropship) pass over you. Keep going straight and into another passage that
turn you right. When you come out, watch for the two bridges with Barnacles
hanging from them. Straight ahead, you'll come to another fork. To the right is
a Combine and some supplies (and a fire truck on its side) and then a dead end.
To the left is where you want to go.

Once you've taken the left fork, stay on the right and go up the curved hill on
the wall to jump the ramp into the tunnel. In this tunnel are some zombies,
but you can just run them right over. Watch out for the single Barnacle hanging
from the middle as well. Follow the tunnel until you come out and fall about
twenty feet to some more water. Turn right here and ahead of you, flames should
spread across the water. You can go up the right on the land here to avoid them
or drive right through for a tiny reduction in your Suit power (nothing major
at all, lol). Head up the ramp that flammable barrels are rolling down. Avoid
hitting as many as you possibly can before turning left at the top and going
down the other side. (Watch for all the Combine shooting at you from the high
ledge where the barrels are coming from.)

Head down the ramp now and watch for the Barnacle hanging from the bridge and
the Combine on the left. When you get close to the bridge, another will come
down on a rope. Kill him or ram him, whatever. When you get near the corner
where you turn right, two more will come out from behind it. Kill them as well
and make the right and head straight and into that sewer pipe ahead. Keep an
eye out for the Barnacle in here as well. When you exit this pipe, turn right
and make a left around the big ship on your left very slowly. Up now, on the
dock to your about 10 o'clock is a big black Combine tank. Unload all your bul-
lets on it and maybe a few more to destroy it. Back up and hide behind the ship
is any rockets come near you. Then sneak out and blast it some more.

Now straight ahead of you in the water is another grounded ship. Speed over to
it and hide behind it. As you're speeding over, another tank from behind you
will be firing at you, so now use this ship to hide behind as you turn around a
bit and unload a clip or two at it. Once it's dead, that's all for the moment.
Now, look around this area for two red cargo containers. To the right of one of
them is a hole in the big fence that you, as Gordon (not on the airboat, I
mean), can sneak through. Do so and go around and inside the cargo container
and simply shoot one of the two flammable barrels in it twice with your pistol
to blow open the closed side of it. Now get back on your airboat and drive
through and head back behind this part (under the dock) and you'll jump a ramp
into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel out to a long area with a ship at one end.
Just before the ship though is a tunnel to your right you can take. Do so and
you'll get a loading sign.

Once the loading sign is done, just head straight out of this little dark pass-
age and turn left. Now you have a huge area. This area is... well, your new,
for now, battleground. Continue forward until you hear an alarm sound a couple
of times and see the helicopter come up over the big gate and wall. By now, in
the water, you should see a bunch of flammable barrels floating around. Get rid
of as many of them as you can so they aren't a nuisance later when you're driv-
ing around trying to avoid bombs.

Anyway, that chopper is your main enemy now. Kill it or be killed by it. All
you really have to do is unload 4 or 5 clips from your airboat's gun into it,
but watch out. It has guns of its own, and after awhile, it starts dropping
rows upon rows of bombs down on you as it passes over. It's almost like raining
bombs. So, dodge these as best you can or shoot any that are coming directly at
you. If one nails you exactly, with low health, it could very well kill you. If
you just hit one in the water, it'll just knock you around a bit. Anyway, shoot
down the chopper. You finally get to, so do so. When it goes down in flames and
pieces, sigh, take a break, and congratulate yourself on a job well done... and
admit it, that was fun!

Anywho, look for the gate now that the helicopter flew over. It says "Nopm 5"
in red letters on top of it. Go to it and face it. Get off your airboat and lo-
cate the ladder on the left. Go up it and open the gate. You will have to hold
down your Use key on the valve until it clicks and locks the gate up. When it's
done, get back in your airboat and go through. Right ahead of you, no more than
fifty feet or so is a broken dock that is now a big ramp. Simply jump it onto
the land above and park your airboat.

Now in front of you is what looks like a circular concrete oil tank that goes
near nuclear power plants, but it's really just a raised helicopter pad. Behind
that is a red warehouse with two Combine shooting at you from just outside it.
There is also a single Manhack. Kill them all. Inside the warehouse, you will
find two more Combine, but a TON of ammo for all your weapons, grenades, and
two chargers; one for your suit and one for your health. =)  Quite a reward af-
ter the chopper, eh?

Once restocked on things, exit the warehouse and go behind it. Run across the
small wooden bridge here and follow the only path you can take (past some boxes
and barrels) until you get to a ladder that goes down and puts you behind some
fence with barb-wire on top of it. Go down the ladder and all the way to the
dam gate control console. It's the only thing there and you can see it sparking
some, so you can't miss it. Flip the switch on the right and you'll hear a gate
open. That was easy. Now, make your way all the way back to your airboat in
front of the warehouse and take it all the way back to your helicopter battle-

Now look for the actual dam. If you face the "Nopm 5" gate, it's to the right
about 60 degrees. You'll notice that there are two logs that form a jump that
go towards it, and now that you've opened the gate, through part of it. So,
jump it! You'll go flying through that gate part of the dam and will fall in
your airboat about 100 feet, probably more until you hit the water. When you
do, you'll get a long loading sign....

|  E) Chapter 5 - Black Mesa East  |

Turn right after falling from the dam and go up to the dock on the left. Park
the airboat and say goodbye. You won't be using it any more after this... t'was
fun while it lasted though, right? Anyway, climb up the ladder and face the big
building. Now go right and go around the back of it, through the fence opening
and into the small dead-end (door on other end) room. The door behind you will
slam shut, the lights will click off, and other lights will turn on. Two cam-
eras will come out and a woman's voice will start talking to you. Eventually,
she'll realize you're Gordon Freeman and the scanning process will end.

This woman is Dr. Judith Mossman. I won't tell you much about her now because
if I did, I could ruin the story way too early. Basically, she works with Eli
Vance, the guy you saw briefly on the television screen back in Dr. Kleiner's
teleportal lab. Anyway, when you get to, follow her. She'll lead you through a
door and then down an elevator, talking about how advanced their technology and
experiments are now.

Once down the elevator, you'll finally meet Dr. Eli Vance. He and Judith will
talk for a bit and then she'll leave to go into a room. Follow her and she'll
tell you to go back to Eli. Do so. A few moments later, Alyx will come into the
room to greet you. She'll climb a ladder and work on something until Judith
comes back into the room and they start arguing. It's obvious that Alyx doesn't
like Judith. But oh well. Eli will tell Alyx to take you and show you how to
use the Gravity Gun. Judith will call it the Zero Point Energy Field Manipula-
tor, but whatever. I'll call it the Gravity Gun.

Follow Alyx back through the one door. As soon as the one to Eli's lab closes,
she'll start criticizing Judith. You two will come to another door that she'll
unlock and then go down another hall. On the right, she'll stop and tell you
that the dark path is the old passage to a place called Ravenholm and that no
one goes their any more. You two will then come to another door shortly after
that you'll enter. It's another scanning room, except it doesn't scan you this
time. The only thing that happens when the door behind you closes is that you
get a loading sign.

When the loading is done, Alyx will open the next door and on the other side,
will talk just a bit about the Gravity Gun before handing it to you. Now this
is a very, very neat toy, one that makes Half-Life 2 incredibly original. The
Gravity Gun (I may refer to it as "GG" too) can basically pick up tons and tons
of things. There are a lot that it can't pick up, such as bodies, people, or
cars (though it can push cars around), but the things it CAN pick up include
guns, health packs, batteries, paint cans, jars, pots, barrels, flammable barr-
els, signs, boxes, bricks, pieces of fence, saw blades, oxygen tanks, etc. You
can even draw those things to you from a distance (right mouse button, as Alyx
describes). You can then press the left mouse key, the Primary function, and
send the held object flying away at a good 100-200 miles an hour... usually
right into an enemy. If you don't want to draw an item to you, and are close
enough to it, you can just press the left mouse button to give it a huge energy
jolt and send it flying. You can do this to a lot of things that are too big to
pick up, like cars...... Now at many points in the game, you will need to use
the Gravity Gun, or may even need it quickly. That is why instead of pushing
the 1 key on your keyboard every time and going below the Crowbar for it, you
can simply reach your finger over and press the 'G' key. Well, this is a little
hard for some you with short fingers, so to make it easier, you can always
change this key in the Keyboard tab under Options (hit 'Esc' key to get to a
menu with "Options" on it). I personally have it set on the 'Q' key since that
key isn't being used by anything else. It works and is easier, trust me.

Anyway, play around with the GG for awhile until Alyx runs over and gets on a
small roof and tells you to pile up some stuff and get on it. Well, do that and
then follow her. Drop back down to the ground and go left around the big gas
tank and she'll proceed to call Dog, a big robot that Eli built to protect her
when she was little. Dog is, by a stretch, one of the coolest characters in the
game, and you'll see why much later. Just be glad he's on your side. Anywho,
Alyx will want you and Dog to play catch. The object of the "game" - if you
wish to call it that - is to draw the boxes towards you after dog throws them
to you. Do this a few times and then Alyx will tell Dog to get his ball.... Uh
oh, what could this be?

Anyway, his ball turns out to be a Rollermine. It's an object you see awhile
later in the game that is a bomb and enemy, but this one is fine. It's silver
with neon blue lights and is about the size of a basketball. You can play fetch
with Dog if you like, or to speed things up, can just throw it over the high
ledge/cliff behind where Dog was getting boxes from. Alyx will say "Where's
your ball Dog?" and then will have you play catch again... but Dog doesn't have
anything to throw, so he picks up that huge green dumpster...... Now you know
you can't catch that. Thank heavens Alyx stops him!

Just after she does, Dog over-reacts some and as it turns out, the Combine are
scanning the area! Run and follow Alyx back to the airlock chamber with Dog.
Get in and the door will close and Alyx will start talking to her dad on the
small screen. Eventually he'll get cut off as he's telling you two not to go
through Ravenholm. When he's cut off, Dog will rip open the door and Alyx will
take off. Follow her and part of the roof will cave in between you and her,
making you take a long (very long) detour. Dog will lead you to the tunnel that
goes into Ravenholm. 

Go down it and move the boxes and crap on the right and go down the stairs.
Move the green filing cabinet at the bottom that's blocking the way through the
fence. Go over to the thing that looks like an elevator (with a dead body on
it, might I add). Well, it is an elevator, but it's not working. So look on the
side of it for the ladder. Shoot the lock off the gate thing that's over it and
climb all the way up into a room practically made of wood. Locate the dark hall
and turn on your flashlight and make your way down it just a bit before getting
a loading sign....

|  F) Chapter 6 - "We Don't Go To Ravenholm..."  |

Make your way out of the dark hall (very short distance) and you'll be in the
beginning of Ravenholm. Ravenholm is a place that the vast majority of people
who used to live there, have left. The ones who stayed are turned into... well,
you'll see. Move forward to the big tree that has half a person hanging from it
and to your left is a zombie laying down who, if you get close enough, will get
up and come towards you. The best way to kill a zombie completely is to get it
in the head. Otherwise, the headcrab on it's head will just detach itself and
also come after you. So remember: headshots.

Continue forward and you can break some wood and get inside a building. In here
as you'll see, all over the walls are saw blades. Ready to have some real fun
with the Gravity Gun? Move the table that has the oxygen tanks (also able to be
picked up) and grab a saw blade (or oxygen tank). In the next room you'll meet
several zombies. Just blow them apart/set the on fire with the oxygen tanks or
cut them in half with the saw blades. When they're all dead, head down the next
and only passage in this room and turn left. Kill the zombies that come around
the corner. After the zombies here (with a couple of flammable barrels), exit
out through a very dark thin hall into a small courtyard with a tree in the
middle of it and then a smaller one as well (tree, I mean).

You will hear a guy talking if you listen closely. Now, the only way you can go
is past a big spinning... thing. Well, something as thin as that thing and mov-
ing that fast must be dangerous, so duck (with the 'Ctrl' key) and go under it.
To the left, two zombies will come down the stairs. Kill them or backtrack and
let them walk mindlessly into the spinning blade. Go up the steps that the zom-
bies came down and move the wood in front of the threshold. In here is another
spinning blade thing, but it's not moving... oh well. Anyway, to the left near
the corner is an exit from this room. Go to it. To the left, some zombies will
come out at you, so kill them.

Exit and watch for the zombies now. Continue to the right and look for the few
flammable barrels. Use them to kill the zombies coming around the corner. Con-
tinue on to the next room with barrels and exit to the door on the right. Drop
outside and kill the single zombie leaning against the barrel. Make a left and
there will be a green car against a wall and an enormous fire ahead of you as
well as some burning zombies stumbling towards you, being shot by the guy high
up on that building.

Go up the stairs a bit, just right before the fire and then go left. You should
see ahead of you a gray gas tank. Go behind it and turn the big red valve (not
the little switch that causes sparks and does nothing) to turn off the gas and
stop the fire. Now go in the door that turning off the fire revealed, right
there near you. In this room are several zombies up the one set of steps that
you can easily kill with the barrel or two in the room. Find the set of stairs
now though that has dressers and wardrobes blocking them. Use the GG to move
all the dressers and such and make your way up the flight of steps. Kill the
zombie leaning against the barrel and turn left and go into the next room after
moving the dresser blocking the threshold (doorway, by the way) to it.

Make another left in this room and go through the threshold into even the next
room, killing the Fast Headcrabs (which are actually just slow since these ones
are Black Headcrabs) first. In the next room you'll find a switch that is mak-
ing sparks and another black headcrab. Kill it and pull the switch to turn off
the electricity to a fence you'll later come to. Now make your way out of this
building the same way you came in, but be aware of the few more black headcrabs
that you'll encounter, two of which will fall just before you step back outside
where the big fire was.

Now, the street in this area is at an incline. Head up it. On your right, two
zombies will break apart some wood on the door and come after you. Kill them.
Inside the room is some supplies and such (and a zombie behind a cage you can
set on fire!). When you get what you need, head back up the street until it
becomes even again and there's another fire blocking your way. Well, in plain
view is the gas tank, so just turn off the gas and the fire will go out. Con-
tinue down the small alley part and kill the two and a half zombies here (yes,
there's half of one). Go up the ladder on the fence (which used to have elec-
tricity flowing through it until you turned it off) and down the other side.

Head up the ladder on the left wall on the other side of the fence to a catwalk
landing. Here, there is another ladder, so head up it as well. Now if you're
facing the building wall still, simply turn around and you can see the roof of
another building. Jump from there to it and head the only direction you can for
now (right). Again, the guy will start talking (he'll come out of part of the
roof of the building ahead of you). He'll tell you that you can use his traps,
but don't get caught in them yourself. Simple enough.

So now go to the very edge of the roof that you're on and peer over the side.
Slightly to the left you should see some wood making a small bridge across the
street, now far below, to a window. Jump to the wood, follow it to the window,
and hop in. Go through the threshold on the left I believe and kill the single
zombie and the three or four headcrabs below the broken floor you're on before
jumping down there. Once you're down, looking for the part of wall that simply
has wood nailed across it to block your way. Break it and exit here the only
way you can.

Now in this area, there are lots of zombies. But, that's what you have the two
switches for that drop the cars down on them to smash them into bloody little
pancakes... no, really. Seriously. Anyway, there are two cars in this area that
will fall straight down (and crush anything below them) when you pull the yell-
ow lever located 10-15 feet from them. Use these cars (and some guns) to kill
off the zombies here. Now, from where you came there was one car, and then you
found the second one, right? Past the second one is a street upwards that leads
to a dead end closed door.

So, what you have to do here is pull the lever for that car, and when it falls,
run over to it and jump on top of it. The pulley machine will activate shortly
after like it did every other time and will lift you up. Now once up there,
just locate the small wooden ledge on the wall of the building and jump to it.
You will hear the man's voice again say something like "Better than better!"
and he'll then tell you his name is Father Grigory. Anyway, follow the wood to
the window and jump in it. Go in the door in this room and down the hallway to-
wards the next door to get a loading sign.

Ok, once done loading, open the door and kill the fast headcrab that rushes at
you. There are some barrels on the left of the steps if you need them, but you
most likely won't. Now go up the steps to hear some gunshots. Go in the door on
your right and watch out for the zombie lying around in this room. Outside the
window are some more zombies, and yes, that's where you have to go. So go out
and look right after Father Gregory leaves and kill the zombies there. Now look
down on the ground and kill as many zombies and fast headcrabs (the ones that
look like spiders with four legs) as you can. Use the flammable barrels to your

Once they are dead, jump to the ledge directly across from the window you came
out of. From there, jump to the ground. Now locate the car. See which way it's
facing? Head in that direction and go up the silver ladder you'll see on the
wall. Now get on the thin steel beam on the right (there's two) and follow it
until you can go in the window. The left beam will take you to an attic with
some supplies and a headcrab or two. Once in the window, go in the door in this
room and you'll be in a room with some tables that all have dead zombies on
them, as if someone had been operating... weird.

Anyway, go down the stairs at the other side of this room and kill the six or
seven zombies coming at you. They're slow, so you can always just back up and
kill them as they come up the stairs. When they're dead, continue down the
stairs and turn the two corners that you can and head towards the threshold be-
fore getting another loading sign.

Now just across from the threshold you passed through is a small room with some
supplies in it, health mainly. Go right from the first threshold and you'll see
some awful things jump from roof to roof and you'll hear some screams. Those
things are Fast Zombies. Watch out now, because one may attack. It'll come
straight at you though, so no need to worry. Just pump it full of lead. Anyway,
turn left as soon as you can and go in the door. You'll be in a room now that
has a lot of washing machines. Follow the room back and turn through the door
to be in front of a bunch of boxes. Behind them is a zombie, so don't be going
too fast past them.

Continue around the next corner to a set of stairs. A zombie is coming down
them, so kill him. At the first landing, another zombie will break some wood
across a threshold. Kill him. In that room is a couple of headcrabs. Now in the
green door on that first landing are two more zombies, but also some supplies
I believe. When you're all done hear, simply head back up the rest of the stair
case. At the top are two headcrabs and a door directly in front of you. Kill
the headcrabs and head outside on the roof part you're now on and go left some
until you see Father Gregory over on a catwalk. Go close to him and he'll tell
you that you've raised hell in Ravenholm and will toss you "a more suitable 
weapon", the shotgun. Pick up some spare ammo for it on this roof as well.

Once you have the shotgun, look off the roof and locate the big circular tank
of water. Jump from the roof into it and climb out using the ladder. Climb up
the next ladder and prepare for a fight. About ten of fifteen fast headcrabs
will now come at you from almost every direction. Your best strategy is to just
blast them in the head with your shotgun. Do so quickly or else you'll have
them all around you, thrashing at you. Once they are dead, go in the door on
this roof and close it behind you quickly. Find and click the elevator switch
(two red buttons) in this room and then look up. See the glass? Wait for a mom-
ent and two zombies will come through it. Kill them.

Now wait for the elevator since it takes forever to get up to you, and then get
in once it's there. Push the switch inside it and continue looking at the cars
below as you ride down at about 1/2 a mile an hour. Once almost down, you'll
see a big limping creature. This is a zombie that actually throws headcrabs at
you, and BEWARE. The headcrabs it throws are highly poisonous. They will take
your health all the way down to one and the only thing that will save you is
the antidote that your HEV Suit administers. So, kill this guy fast, or better
yet, just run past him. Your path is up the pieces of wood on the cars and over
the fence. Follow this area back to a room that has a single headcrab in it, a
locked door, and a dead guy on a bed. There is supplies here as well. Now exit
and continue down your dark path to a loading sign.

Now, this next area is huge. There are tons of zombies and even some poison--
headcrabs throwing ones. I'm simply going to guide you straight to and through
what you need to do (hey, all of that rhymes!) to move along to the next part.
Feel free though to explore the dark alleys and kill more zombies if you like.

Anyway, head straight and out onto a street. A couple of flammable barrels will
roll off a roof in front of you and do nothing really, not even explode. I am
guessing they are for your use. Anywho, turn left and go down the street and
past the hanged guy. Ahead of you is one of those spinning blade things, but it
is stopped. Go up almost to it and turn right. Ahead of you are a couple of
flammable barrels. Go past them (left) and up the stairs and into a small shack
type of building at the top. It has some medkits in it and a few oxygen tanks
you can use to set some zombies on fire.  >=)

Exit the small shack through the only way you can and pull the yellow lever us-
ing your Use key. This will move a platform across some wires for you to use
later on. I just had you do it first, now, to save some time. Now jump over the
rail in front of you back to the street, right by the stopped spinning blade.
Go past it and there is a locked door directly ahead. Make a right at this door
and go into the grassy area. Now be quick! Jump up the boxes here and onto the
very low concrete roof. From here, head forward some and jump onto the ledge
that has a flammable barrel on it and a ladder. Go up the ladder and you're on
a thin ledge attached to the walls of the buildings. Lucky you.

Follow this ledge only a bit and you will come to a box that has a piece of
wood on it that leads you to the next tin, dark roof. On this room now is ano-
ther piece of wood that takes you to yet another roof, and then from there, a
thinner piece that takes you to a wooden catwalk type thing with three flamm-
able barrels on it. You can go two ways now. One, you can go left and onto a
red roof with some supplies and ammo. If you do that, then you simply have to
turn back around and go do number two; go past the barrels (or use them if you
want) and jump from the wooden catwalk to the platform that you moved with the
lever earlier.

From this platform, jump to the wood on the other side that has the two medkits
on it. From here, look straight ahead of you. There is another (lower) roof
that has a ladder on it. Head in this direction, but beware of the several fast
zombies that will be jumping at you from the high roofs on your right. Kill
them quickly so you can take care of others as they come. Once up the ladder,
Father Gregory will talk to you again and tell you something like "did I not
tell you to seek the church?" Well, once he leaves, jump across the street be-
low to the catwalk that will break as soon as you touch it. Don't worry though,
no harm done. Go in the room here atop the metal catwalk.

Go through the door in this room and kill the three or four zombies that limp
towards you. Head through the threshold (up four small steps) into the room
that they came from (there is a radiator and two wash machines in this room...
just so you have a detailed description of where you are again). Now locate the
set of steps that go down and kill the few zombies at the bottom of them that
are coming up after you and then go down them to get a loading sign.

At the bottom of the stairs, go to the right slightly. (Going left takes you
down some stairs to the room that had the dead guy on the bed.) Head up the
ladder and kill the two headcrabs in this room and collect some ammo and such
from all the boxes. Exit through the only door here and go left and across some
wood. A fast zombie will come down and attack you before the wood, so kill it.
Once across the wood, you'll go up a tin roof and back down the other side and
should see another fast zombie running up some stairs ahead of you. Kill it be-
fore it gets the chance to jump at you and slash you.

Now go forward some and look down at the ground. There is a poison-headcrab
throwing zombie down there, so kill it and all its little poison headcrabs be-
fore you jump down. Once down though, go to the stairs and head up them all.
When a door at the end of a catwalk comes into sight, look behind you and ano-
ther fast zombie will be coming up the steps. Back against the door and just
wait for it to come right in front of you before blasting it. Now turn around
and head in the door and up the stairs in here as well to a ladder on the land-
ing. Head up the ladder and you'll open the thin metal roof-door and emerge
high up on a roof overlooking much of Ravenholm.

On this roof is three medkits and some shotgun ammo. Mind the red pipe right in
front of you when you first emerged. Now to the right is Father Gregory. Let
him see you and he'll go fetch the cart for you. You'll see what that is in a
couple minutes. For now, fight all the fast zombies that come after you. I am
not sure whether or not they come from all different directions, but for me,
every one of them came up that one red pipe I told you to look for. This makes
your job really easy since you can just aim down it and kill them with a mere
pistol as they climb up; shots to the headcrab skull now are easy from above.

Anyway, eventually you will hear some cranking and creaking. That is the cart
coming to you. Continue killing zombies until it arrives and then do as Gregory
says and climb up in it. While still standing in it, pull the yellow lever that
is right there still on the roof, but dead next to it. You'll be carried over
the big fence to Father Gregory and will be safe from the zombies for now. On a
table near Gregory is some more medkits and ammo. Let him talk to you about
leading you to the mines, and then follow him when he wants you to. (It was
right about this point that I noticed Father Gregory is wearing a pair of red
Converse, a very popular shoe brand nowadays... just something I found inter-
esting, sorry.) Anyway, follow Father Gregory just a bit and you'll come to a
loading sign.

After the loading sign, follow Father Gregory straight and up the piece of wood
over the fence. A few paces ahead, he will stop and way ahead, you'll see some
fast zombies up on the hills coming at you two. Kill them and the others that
come when they get to you. I'm not sure if Father Gregory can die or not, but
I know Alyx can later on in the game, so if I were you, I wouldn't let the zom-
bies attack him too much. Kill them and help out. When they are all dead, foll-
ow him again and he'll go up another piece of wood and over a bigger, steel
gate that will lead to a cemetery.

Go up to him and there will be a lot of regular zombie moans and screaming and
he'll say "Aim for the head!" Look to the left of him and you'll see a good ten
or fifteen regular zombies hobbling towards you all. Well, they're far enough
away that you could probably just kill them with your 9mm if you wanted to as
Father Gregory uses his shotgun. Anyway, once they're dead, he will run ahead.
Follow him once more. He'll turn a corner and stop on a small stoop type thing
and start killing more zombies. Do the same.

After he starts moving again, follow him again and he'll go up some steps to a
part and will shoot zombie from there. You can use your Gravity Gun at this
point and grab some of the flammable barrels that are all around and kill off
some of them like that if you want to save ammo. Anyway, when that set of zom-
bies is dead, Gregory will run down the steps and behind a few gravestones and
another set will start. So kill them as well. Once that's done, he will run a-
round the corner and tell you to go quickly as he holds the gate. A gate will
rise just enough for you to duck under. He'll come and talk to you a bit near
it, basically wishing you luck and then will go back to killing zombies. Go up
the hill behind you and in the green door and forward some to get a loading

... Thought you were done with the big bad scary Ravenholm stuff, didn't you?
Ha! Well... almost. You just have the mines to go. Anyway, open the next door
after the loading sign and go in the room. Go over to the huge hole in the
floor and peer down. VERY long fall, isn't it? Well that's why you need to be
careful. So, carefully jump to the first board on the wall, and from there,
down to the next. Continue all the way down until you get on the catwalk still
quite far above the ground. Look around and locate the shack in the corner.
Use the catwalks and stairs and such to get to it. Inside are three supply box-
es for you.

Now leave and head straight (back over the broken part) and keep going straight
until you can go down some. Well, do so and you'll be on the ground. Now watch
out. The mines are simply crawling with fast headcrabs, so as quickly as you
possibly can, run like hell (while blasting some of the headcrabs if you want)
over to the other set of stairs by a fire. Run like hell up them and kill any
of the headcrabs that try to follow you up. Now you see the fire down on the
ground? See the gate near it that you normally couldn't get by? Well, go over
it. Jump from the catwalk to the big pieces of wood over the gate. Use all the
framework that the wood makes and get to the other end of this short tunnel
rather then on the headcrab infested floor. Mind that there are a couple of
flammable barrels down there you can use to dispose of a few of the headcrabs
if you want.

Follow the wood back until you have to drop to the ground. Now if you took care
of the headcrabs, it is probably in your best interest to get a running start
and jump over that big hole and pick up some supplies on the other side before
going down it. If you didn't kill any headcrabs in this area, quickly jump down
the hole to land in some water... some very murky water at that. Swim through
the water until you can surface and catch your breath. Watch out for the single
Barnacle string here. Once you have replenished your oxygen, get up on the wood
and jump in the next part of the water. Jump in and swim through it until you
surface again by a fire.

Follow the mine-cart tracks to the left of the fire now and right up to the
cart. Now, you can pull the lever on the cart to send it flying up the tracks,
or you do this the easy way (trust me, if you pull the lever, you're going to
waste time and have to continually dodge that cart as it goes up and down those
tracks). The easy way and probably the best is to just walk past the cart on
the right and walk up the side of the string that would normally pull it up,
had you pulled the lever. Now all you have to do is kill the zombies that come
out from the corners as you go up. They come out early, so it's not like it's
any big surprise. Just kill them and make your way up to the top of the tunnel
where you can see light at the end of it. Head towards it to get a loading sign
about halfway there.

When it's done loading, head outside and ahead of you is a stopped train. The
only way you can go is right, so do so. On the stopped part of train ahead of
you, a fast zombie will run on top of it at you. Kill it and continue along.
Soon you'll be able to see a blue laser aiming down at the tracks and will hear
some shots being fired. See that big thing with all the windows above? There is
a sniper in there on the other side. Just slowly go under that little overhang
thing and you can throw a grenade up and into his window and he won't ever see

So, when he's dead (no, you don't get his rifle... or any other in the game for
that matter), keep going to the next part of train, but be absolutely sure to
stay on the left of it, and to duck down. There is another sniper, but this
time, he is facing your direction and trust me, his shots do some big damage.
Three or four will kill you. Continue inching along, ducked, under and on the
side of the train until you come to a pole that you can't pass. Now it's time
to take a chance that you won't get shot. You can easily see the next train on-
ly a few paces ahead of you. Go under the one that you're next to and run like
hell behind the next train. The sniper will shoot a barrel on top of it to make
some huge pieces of metal rod fall on the other side.

Now, duck down and go under the train on the left. Keep going until the end of
this piece of train. A single regular headcrab will jump at you. Just kill it
and ahead of you is a red train car you can continue to. Stay also on the left
of it and go until the end and you should now be safe from the sniper... you
can always take a grenade and chuck it into the window anyway and kill it. Once
he's dead, continue on past the next train that is on its side and then the
next part of one. You'll come to a red containment car that you can go through
the middle of. There are three Combine guards on the other side who kill a cou-
ple of zombies.

One of the guards is up on a flat-top train and has a new gun for you once you
kill him. It's the Pulse Rifle. It's basically a machine gun, but a lot more
powerful than the one you already have, and its secondary function is a small
white, glowing orb that bounces off of just about anything for about 10 seconds
before exploding. Any enemy it touches during those ten seconds is vaporized. A
very cool gun indeed.

Continue on past the next red containment car and the area will open up some.
On the left is a light blue van with some medkits in it. Past that is a junk-
yard for cars and several flammable barrels as well as some Combine guards with
Pulse Rifles. Kill them all as quickly as you can and head into the small park-
ing lot of crap cars. More Combine should come out of the door of the building
in the parking lot, so kill them too. Then head on over to the door and inside
it. On the right is a supply box with an orb for your Pulse Rifle in it.

Keep going and you'll come to a warehouse that you'll be inside where some Com-
bine guards are fighting some citizens with guns. Kill off the guards and then
listen to the two people talk about how the guy Winston is hurt. Then the black
guy will want you to follow him, so do so. He'll knock on a door and a woman
will open it and inform you that Dr. Eli Vance (Alyx's father, remember) has
been captured. The guy will go over to a monitor and you and he will talk to
Alyx on the other end. She'll tell you that her dad's been captured and that
she needs your help and will ask the guy about some buggy. He'll radio to a
girl to put it on the dock for you and then tell you to stock up on medkits and
ammo before you go and will unlock a door for you. So, stock up on things that
you can in the room and go through a door to a loading sign....

|  G) Chapter 7 - Highway 17  |

Open the next door and straight out on the long wooden dock. A woman will start
talking to you and tell you to get in the buggy, the car sitting on the dock.
Go up to the side of the car and press your Use key to get in it. The woman
(operating the crane) will lower the magnet and pick you and the car up and
slowly move you way out over the sand where all those nice friendly (ha!) ant-
lions are surfacing. Good thing you're in you're car, huh?

Whoops! The idiot dropped you! Apparently the controls on the crane failed and
she dropped you and the car down and you've flipped over. If you don't do some-
thing quick, you're antlion food. Quickly hit your Use key to get out of your
car. Switch to the Gravity Gun and let the gunners take car of the antlions.
Use your GG's primary blast to flip your car back over and get back in it now!

  Buggy Controls
W                  Move Forward
S                  Move Backward
A                  Turn Left
D                  Turn Right
Shift              Turbo
Spacebar           Brake
Mouse              Looks Around
Mouse Button 1     Fires plasma gun

Quickly now drive away. Everything may look the same, but do try and locate the
road. It's the sand that it slightly blacker then the rest. Get on it and foll-
ow it to all the way to the big hill that it goes up, all the while either run-
ning over or shooting antlions dead. Once up the hill, try and keep your buggy
straight as you near the broken bridge that you'll have to jump. When you have
a straight line drive up the bridge, hit the Turbo (default key: Shift) and
you'll easily make the jump.

Now don't stick to the road. Head up the dirt-road path on the right to a new
paved road and a tunnel ahead. On the left is a small shack where you can gath-
er a lot of medkit health and some ammo is stored for your SMG in the back of
your buggy in case you want to stock up. It's a good idea to since it's infin-
ite. Now get back in your buggy and drive down the tunnel to get a loading sign
about 3/4 of the way through.

When you come out the other end, quickly hit your brakes (spacebar). Ahead, you
will notice the inexistence of a large chunk of the road. You could drive off
there, but you risk flipping the car and having to get out and flip it back ov-
er with the GG as antlions maul you. So, the easiest way is to just head down
the slope on the right and into the sand. Once you get in the sand and off the
rock, head straight and up on a hill not too far at all you'll see a house. Be-
fore the hill is a broken up wooden dock in all the sand (that is very high due
to the lack of ocean water since the Combine aliens are draining it). You have
to go around this.

When you get up the hill, you'll notice a machine that is pounding the ground.
Some way or another, this machine keeps away antlions. They'll come close to it
but never close enough at all to do anything. Anyway, there's not much to do or
see in the house (assuming you get in through the basement entrance around the
side), but there is a headcrab throwing zombie in there if you care and a chest
full of grenades for you. Anyway, along one side of the house is a pretty crap-
py fence. Blast it away with your car's gun or drive right through it and down
into some more sand with more of your antlion friends.

Ahead of you, you should see an enormous boat/ship that is grounded. Drive by
it or jump one of its sides or something and ahead again, about 150 yards or so
you can see another house up on a hill. Go up the hill and you'll be by it. Up
here is a house and a small shed-like building. Up in the house are some Com-
bine guards for you, and even a pair of binoculars you can look through. Now go
out the back door and you'll be on a balcony. Look out at the shore to your
left some and you should be able to make out another house. More left, you can
see a small river, and if you keep turning, you'll be facing the front of the
house where your buggy is. (There are some supplies in the small shed.)

So go get back in your buggy, keep going and you'll inevitably come once again
to a house. There are a couple of Combine guards here as well and some supplies
(as well as a hanging canoe) inside, but watch out because the antlions can be
inside there from the bottom. Now keep going in your buggy after here and you
will pass by another large ship (with a blue side) and after that, will see
some docks and a very small town up on a ledge on your left. You can't get to
there from where you are on the beach, so keep going until you see another big
dock that actually goes to just about the ocean and you can head left. Well, do
so and you can drive right into the small town.

Get out of your car near the blue van with no wheels and a man will talk to you
and tell you that some guy is in the basement waiting for you and that they're
expecting something called "gunships" in a few minutes. Follow him towards the
house and go inside and over to the man talking with an accent about the rocket
launcher he has in his hands. He'll tell you that it has a laser-guide so you
can pin-point exactly where you want to hit. Sounds useful... and fun. When he
asks who will be brave enough to take it, step up to him and he'll give it to
you. Soon after, an alarm will sound.

Quickly run back outside (you can go out through the door you came or climb the
stairs in this room to go out that way) and look up in the skies. Soon you'll
see a very large, bluish colored, gunship. These babies take three rockets to
blow down and even have anti-missile guns, so you'll have to steer your rocket
in all kinds of weird motions in order to actually hit the damn gunship, all
the while it shoots at you and everyone. Since you can only hold three rockets
at one time, there are many places all around the area where there are spare
rockets around. In one house, I even think there is a chest where you can get

Once your have shot down the gunship, gather more rockets so you have a full
stock, hop in your buggy, and go through the small town to the road. A gate
should be open for you to go up and through. The man nearby tells you that Eli
Vance is counting on you and the woman sitting on the guard-rail wishes you
luck in Nova Prospekt. You'll find out what that is soon enough.... For now
though, get in your buggy and drive up the road and follow it around the hill-
side. Eventually, you'll come to a fork in the road where the left stays on the
road for about 20 feet before you fall and the right heads down into a grassy
area. Take the right (left will kill you or make you start over) and drive for
a bit in this small canyon before you come to a loading sign.

After the loading sign, keep going straight and you'll be in some sand and more
antlions will be popping up and such. Stick to the right when you see the big
bridge and go under one of its arches on the right. A very large crane up on a
dock will come into view soon as well. Drive past the grounded ship and dock
and park your buggy under the crane's shadow. Get out and run back towards the
big ship and up the dock planks. Kill any antlions that stand in your way as
well as the few Combine that are here. Head up the dock and continue past the
small shed that has two supply boxes on the outside of it. Kill Combine guards
as they come, but continue on.

Up higher on the dock will be two more that are shooting at you and will throw
grenades too. Kill them and head up. Now look up on the thing that the crane is
on. There is a Combine there too. A magnum shot is accurate enough to kill him
easily, or a rocket (but don't waste that!). Now keep heading down the dock to-
wards the crane and climb up the very long ladder up it. Once up, look for the
small ladder that puts you inside the crane.

  Crane Controls
W                  Moves Crane Forward
S                  Moves Crane Backward
A                  Moves Crane Left
D                  Moves Crane Right
Mouse Button 1     Drop Magnet

Once you get the hang of the crane, turn it right to the warehouse. A big door
will open and some Combine will come out and shoot at you. Now you see those
incredibly large red and blue cargo containers? Have some fun. Pick them up and
drop them on the Combine and crush them flat or drag it over them. Either way,
kill them and move the containers away from the door. Now look for the bridge
that is up. Simply swing the crane into it so that it falls down and you can
get across to that warehouse.

Now wait, you're not done. Remember how you parked your buggy near the crane
shadow? Well go get it. Pick it up and drop it on the dock with that warehouse
across the bridge. Get down and out of the crane and head on over there. A few
more Combine will come out of the warehouse. Kill them and go inside and to the
other end and in the small shack at the end. Flip the switch and head back to-
wards your car. You'll notice another large door opening on the right from you
flipping the switch.

Get in your buggy and drive it in the warehouse and out of it through your new
opening and up the ramp. Kill the guards up here by running them over or shoot-
ing them with your car-gun, or don't even kill them at all. Drive forward to
the warehouse on the right and inside is a ramp that leads up to some windows
that you need to jump through. Doing this with turbo is a lot of fun. =)  Any-
way, once through there, just follow the road until you see another big drop-
ship rise up from behind the hills. Keep going and hit your turbo on the ramp
made of concrete that you see in order to jump the very large gap in the bridge
that you went under before. 

Now keep going along the road, gunship following, until you come to a huge
pile-up of cars. In a white van is a box of rockets for you. So get out of your
buggy and shoot down that damn gunship. I've found that making the rocket trav-
el in small swirls (circles basically) towards the gunship confuses it and you
will almost always hit it. So, have fun here and blow that sucker out of the 
sky! When that's done, clear away the pile-up of cars with your Gravity Gun's
primary energy blast and then drive on through in your buggy. Continue on the
road and you'll go in a long tunnel and will get a loading sign.

Drive out of the tunnel and go forward and past the car in the middle of the
road. You'll see a small silver Rollermine (like Dog's ball) and it will come
at you and attach itself to your car. Simply get out of the car, grab the Roll-
ermine with your Gravity Gun and throw it over the cliff. You'll encounter some
more of these as you drive down this road, but for now, just do exactly that.
Keep going and be careful be there are some sections without guard-rails on the
sides of the road. Continue over a big collapsed part of the hill and keep dri-

Very soon, you'll come to a kind of garage on your right and part of the cliff
wall will explode in front of you. After that, several Combine guards will come
out and will be shooting at you. Kill them and go in the actual house here if
you want some supplies since it actually has a lot. Beware of the three Combine
in the attic though and the more that will be coming down the road... and the
one in the back yard. Once you're done here, hop back in your buggy and contin-
ue on to the big truck just barely hanging on the ledge. Three Combine will
attack from nearby it, so kill them. There's a flammable barrel under the truck
that you can shoot so it will fall off the cliff and get out of your way. When
that is done, do the only thing you can and slowly and carefully continue down
the road.

Drive past the couple of cars around a corner and further down the road you'll
see a gas-tank truck that's been blown open and a few cars blocking your way.
Drive up to them and move them (all except the truck... you can't) with the GG
and then walk up that hill on the right side of the road. Up here you will find
a crossbow! There's also a box of supplies with some grenades in it. Anyway,
now look out at the next town you can see from up here. You see the big, high
billboard? Well, the secondary function of the crossbow zooms in, so do that
and aim only slightly (about an inch (not game-inches, your inches)) above the
Combine's body. Shoot and he'll die get pinned to the billboard. Cool, huh?
More may come running, so if they do, just snipe them from there.

Now climb down and get in your car and continue past the big truck and all the
way down the road until you come to a big blue force field blocking your way.
So, get out of the car and walk around the side of it and explore this little
town. You can blow up the gas station things if you want. Watch out for the
Rollermines in the backyards (there are two) and all the Combine guards that
come out of the houses and such. When everything is quiet and desolate again,
look up and locate the power line that runs from the force field to the big
black Combine tank. Go up to it and give it a few blasts from your GG to send
it off the cliff, unplugging the power line at the same time. Now go back to
your buggy, get in, and drive on through the town and up the long straight part
of road and in a tunnel to a loading sign.

When the loading sign is done, exit the long tunnel and you'll see a big drop-
ship rise up and leave a town and fly away. Don't waste rockets on it, they're
useless. Instead, keep driving down the road. You'll pass a house on the right
that a single Combine will come out of. You can just run him over and keep dri-
ving. Eventually you'll come just before a town and will see some white posts
on the left. Drive between then and up the hill to the train tracks on that
enormous metal bridge. Park your car on the left track in front of the force

Now go down into the town and in all the houses and such and kill the five or
six Combine in them. In one house, the big one, there is a headcrab throwing
zombie upstairs, but you have to jump on a table to get on the broken steps.
Anyway, once everything is dead, locate the house that has about half of its
floor missing. Drop down through the floor to the lower ledge and watch for the
headcrab and headcrab throwing zombie here. Look left and you can go up to a
green door that leads mainly under the bridge. Go in it and gather up the HEV
Suit batteries and some health and then locate the next green door and go and
open it and take about half a step to a loading sign.

When that's done, just head straight through a threshold and into the next part
where there is a box of rockets. Stock up if you need any and then head up the
stairs to a room with some supplies for you again. Now head out the door and
you'll be in a small shack type thing and can go out on a catwalk to the right
and left. Left goes nowhere, so go right and look to where it breaks off. See
the piece that looks too far to jump to? Well it's not, so jump straight to it
and go up it and all the way to the next house-like shack on the landing. In-
side are a couple of rockets and some health packs and a single headcrab.

Now don't go out the other side of the shack, it's pointless. Keep heading in
the direction you were and down the bit of catwalk remaining and right onto the
actual steel I-beams of the bridge. Head down the one going left so you can get
to the catwalk over there that is also broken. Go up it and follow it until you
can go down a ladder to a platform with a box of rockets and some rockets as
well as a dead guy and a crossbow. Now look further up the bridge to the next
house. Two Combine will come out in a second and start shooting at you, so use
either your rocket launcher or the crossbow to take them out.

Now go to the edge and look down a bit. See that small piece of catwalk that
leads to the I-beam that will take you to others to that Combine's platform?
Jump to it and follow the I-beams, being careful and going slow, up to the area
where those Combine were. Inside the house here are a couple of headcrabs and
some health as well as a door that leads to a long catwalk. Go out it and foll-
ow the catwalk, minding the broken section (just jump it), to the other end of
the bridge. =)

Go in the house thing here and down the stairs. Go our the threshold (on con-
crete) and forward through the next threshold and kill the two Combines on the
catwalks to the right. Continue on through the next door and kill the Combine
as they come around the fence. Then go around the fence yourself, out the door
and onto the catwalk. Follow it around and climb the ladder at the end of it
and kill any Combine that come at you now (should be about three or four of
them) as well as the one way up in the tower behind you as you come up the lad-
der. Now go in the big house thing up here.

Inside are two more doors you can go through. One leads to some stairs that
some Combine come down. Go there, kill the Combine, and go up to the blue force
field at the top. Use your Gravity Gun to pull the plug on the other side of it
to shut it down. There is ammo all over in the boxes here and an HEV Suit and
Health charger on the wall as well as a button that you need to push to turn
off the force field all the way back where you parked your car. When you push
that button though, you'll hear some helicopter-like sounds. A gunship is com-
ing. I advise that you take any ammo you didn't pick up, any chairs, et cetera
and break the windows in this room with them and the Gravity Gun (or use bull-
ets, either way).

From here, you need to fight the gunship. Send rockets out at it until you run
out of them. If you're a good shot, you can take it down with the three you
should have, which is a good idea now. If not, then you're pretty much screwed
until you get back to that platform that had all those rockets on it. So run
out of here and head back, avoiding the gunship as much as you can, assuming
that it's still around. When you get back to that long catwalk with the small
little piece missing, hull ass across it and in the little building. From here,
go out on the platform straight ahead and use the broken pieces of catwalk all
the way down to the rocket-based platform to get there quickly. Mind the gun-

When you get down to the rockets, use them! Fight the gunship from here until
it's destroyed. Now use the catwalk parts and the steel I-beams to make it back
to the other side of the bridge. It's the same path, but backwards now. Make
sure to stock up on some rockets at that box before the green door. When you
get there, go in and turn left to the next door to get a loading sign.

When the loading sign is done, open the door and holy crap! What's this?! Kill
them quick! Damn antlions! They followed you all the way there... little punks.
Anyway, once they're dead, continue straight down this path and under the house
that was lacking a part of floor. Go up the slope and you'll be back in the
dinky little town. Kill the Combine that are now all over the place too. Now go
to the bridge wall and up that long slope you drove your car up before, to the
train tracks. Get there hop in your car, and drive down the train track on the
right now since the force field is gone. =)

Once you've gone down the track a bit, you'll hear a train's horn... uh oh. Hit
the brakes (spacebar)! Now go backwards! Quickly! Don't use turbo because that
will send you forward. Soon you'll see a train loom into view. As soon as you
can, back the car back onto the left tracks and watch as the train zooms past
you. When it's gone, you're safe. Get back on the right tracks and continue
driving down them. When the train on the left ends, you'll be able to drive
down the side of the hill/mountain/whatever. Do so and you'll see a ton of bro-
ken pieces of road from above all over, but one piece you can drive up and into
a tunnel that will take you to a long loading sign....

|  H) Chapter 8 - Sandtraps  |

Continue on down the tunnel until there's a pile of cars. Navigate your way
through them, running over as many of the zombies as you possibly can so that
you don't have to get out of your car to kill them. Eventually though, you'll
have to, so do so. Use the regular SMG machine gun since you have tons of spare
ammo in the back of your car. There are regular zombies and fast zombies down
here, so be careful. When you've killed them all, use your Gravity Gun to move
cars out of the way so you can drive your buggy out of the tunnel and back into
daylight. *Whew*

Continue down the long road until you come to a ton of boxes and a flipped over
truck and white car. Move the car with your GG or drive right on into it to
move it, but keep driving after and you'll pass by a big white house. You can
go in it, but there's not really anything in there except two Rollermines on
the top floor. So keep driving and stay on the road until you get to a large
barricade. A few (two or three, I dunno) Rollermines will come up after you as
well as two yellow and black stoppers from the road. There's nothing of inter-
est in this area but a bunch of Combine and an HEV Suit battery in the last
wooden house on the right, so drive on through the wooden fence ahead of you.

Keep driving and mind the huge chunk of road missing ahead. Drive around it to
the left and keep driving until you come to a big flipped gas truck. Carefully
drive your buggy up the hill on the right of it and down the other side on the
road. By now, you will have already seen the two dropships that flew by. The
first one put the two Rollermines on the ground that should be coming after you
and the other dropped off four or five Combine soldiers behind that big gate.
Kill them as they come around it on the right or left.

Once everyone is dead and the place is quiet again, locate the big house to the
left of the road before the gate. Now inside in a corner is a thing with a two
red lights and a green one. That green one has a little toaster-looking thing
that makes it green. You need to find the other two. Luckily though, you've got
me to tell you where they are. Now the first is right in that house, on a metal
bed frame. Just pick it up and put it in one of those slots. The second one is
outside underneath an upside-down bath tub that you will have to flip over with
a primary blast from your Gravity Gun. Once the two extra batteries are placed
and the lights are green, that big gate will open itself. So go hop back in
your car and drive on through and in the tunnel to get a loading sign.

When you come out the other end of the tunnel, keep driving and you'll come to
a town with a lighthouse. Drive into it a bit and a man will call you over to
him and tell you to put your car in the garage because they have been picking
up radio signals that the Combine are looking for it. Say bye-bye to your car.
You'll only see it once more, but you won't be in it at all. Anyway, right into
the action it goes. Everyone will hide behind things as the first dropship full
of Combine soldiers comes over the big hill behind the garage and lands. Each
dropship has about five guards, so have fun. All the people around all have a
gun as well, so they'll help you out.

The next dropship will come in over the road you came down. Kill the Combine
that come out of it as well and wait for the next one that comes in and lands
up near the lighthouse. When that one is done and gone, another will come it
behind the garage where the first did. After that, one of the men shouts that
a gunship is coming and that there is a rocket launcher and ammo for you up in
the lighthouse, so hull ass to it and go in the door on the side of it (the
door is on the right when you first go up the few steps to the lighthouse).

TIP:  If you already have some rockets, hitting a dropship with them and then a
      grenade or two from your SMG will cause the container with the Combine in
      it to explode, making it so you won't have to fight them from that drop-
      ship. =)

Anyway, once you get to the lighthouse and go in, climb up all the steps to the
top. On one floor you'll find some health packets, so grab them if you need
them and keep going to the next floor where you'll find supply boxes and two
green chests full of rockets. Gather some of these and head up the next flight
of steps to the top, outside part of the lighthouse and blow that gunship out
of the sky!

When that's done, go back and stock up on your rockets and a guy will come up
the stairs for you. He'll tell you you're going to take the cliff path before
another gunship comes. So follow him down all those steps and even more into a
"basement" of the lighthouse. He'll open up a secret door that leads out on to
a narrow cliff side. Walk out on it and go to the edge on the right and look
over it. Jump down to the ledge there with the box of supplies and then look up
and kill the Combine that's shooting at you. You can then watch the big drop-
ship fly away with your car held underneath it. Say bye-bye for good this time.
Anyway, now you get to jump from cliff to cliff until you reach a long and dark
hallway that you pass through under the cliff. Don't worry though, no monsters
or Combine in here; just a loading sign when you finally get to some light on
the other side of it.

When you come out the other side, stick to the left until you come to a guy who
yells to you to stay on the rocks. You have two choices now. One, you can jump
down into the sand and antlions will attack the guy who is just barely alive,
or you can stay on the rocks and the antlions will come up anyway and attack
him. The guy who is still alive, hunched over on the rocks will tell you about
a Vortigaunt camp and something called Bugbait, but since Laslow is dead (that
guy laying there), there's no point in him going on.

So you go on yourself. Stay on the rocks and stones and jump from each one to
each one until you come to one that is too far to jump to, but has some wood
and a piece of metal on the ground next to it. Now here's where things get a
little tricky. You can use those things to pick up with your Gravity Gun and
place them back on the sand. You jump to one, pick up the other, and go to the
next until you're back on some rocks. Continue jumping from rock to rock until
you come to a long rock that wraps around a hill. Follow it and jump to the
next rock and then to the next one and you'll come to a piece of wood you can
walk up to the next top landing (it has green grass on it).

TIP:  If you want to save ammo, you can use your Gravity Gun's primary blast to
      knock antlions backwards and usually on their backs for a few seconds. It
      gives you time to run away.

Now look down over the edge and you'll see another long piece of wood that is
kind of like a really crappy bridge to the next rock. Jump down on it and turn
right around. Now to your left you can see some bricks and a barrel and on the
right, a big wooden box. Back up a little and use your Gravity Gun to grab that
stuff and set it all on the edge of the wood where you're standing. It's kind
of like weighing down that end of a see-saw, like you did way before in the
Route Kanal chapter. Anyway, when that's done, take a quick, running start up
the wood and jump off to the next grassy rock.

Go forward a bit and you can go left or right. Right takes you down to a house
after a bridge and trust me, it is NOT worth going this way. You'll waste so
much time getting back to the spot you're at now that it's not even worth your
time for the slight bit of ammo down there. So, go left and drop down onto the
next rock and jump to the next one and continue until nothing lays before you
but sand and a big red house with some wooden bridges and such leading to it.
But... there's no way to get to it without touching the sand. So look around
and you'll find a door and a long piece of metal scrap. Drop them both down in-
to the sand and jump down on one of them.

At this point, you have to use each of those in the strategy I told you before.
Jump to one, then place the other ahead of you and jump to it. In the distance,
you can see a big black machine that pounds the ground and keeps antlions away.
You've seen it before, remember? Well, you can go up in the red house for some
ammo if you want, but your goal is to slowly make your way to the white house
just before it. It will take awhile, but it's better than having six or seven
antlions attack you all at once.

Once you get to the small white house, go out behind it and push the red button
on the yellow generator thing to turn on that black sand-pounding machine. Now
go out in front of the white house and make a run for the machine. It's close
by, so you're safe and can make it if you run (with Shift). Once there, kill
any antlions that are directly ahead of you and then make a run for the next
grassy rock area and run up it. Kill any antlions that went around the machine
to come after you. Use the explosive barrels if you have to.

Now this next part, you'll come to the edge of the cliff and can drop down to
the right, then down a bit more, and before you will lay a huge sanding area
and almost no way of getting across it. But no worries, there's only a giant
Antlion Queen waiting for you. And by the way, it takes about five rockets from
a rocket launcher to kill, so have fun! Lol, anyway, the best way to beat it is
to first use all of the explosive barrels to your advantage before the queen
throws them at you. Then you'll definitely want to pump several SMG rounds into
it as well as some of the explode-on-impact grenades from it. If it's still not
dead by then, use a Pulse Rifle clip and some shotguns ones and even a bolt or
two from the crossbow.

When it's finally dead, a Vortigaunt will come out of a door and go over to the
dead queen. He'll shock it or whatever and you can then pick up a new "weapon"
called Pheropods. These things allow you to control antlions, so they will no
longer be a problem to you. Quite a gift after what you just went through, is
it not? Anyway, when you have the Pheropods, otherwise known as Bugbait (hey!
That guy was talking about Bugbait before!), follow the Vortigaunt into the
Vortigaunt camp (hey! That guy was talking about a Vortigaunt camp before!) and
gather some supplies from the numerous boxes all over. Then follow the Vorti-
gaunt up the hill and into the next area. A man will tell you that Nova Pros-
pekt lies just ahead and that no man could get in himself, but with an army of
antlions... he he. Well, not an army, but you'll see.

Anyway, in the next area, the Vortigaunt will take you down some hills to an
area with a hole in the ground and a dead Combine hanging from a pole. A single
light will turn on and the Vortigaunt will tell you that you can control ant-
lions and now you'll learn how. Toss a Pheropod or two into the big hole and
the two antlions that you have now will follow it. Neat, huh? Next, another
light will come on and you have to make the antlions attack the dummy Combine
by throwing some Bugbait near it or on it. After that, the Vortigaunt will run
off up the hill and you'll leave your antlions only before he tells you that
you can call them back to you by using the right-click of your mouse. Now that
is handing. A small, controllable army. =)  The Vortigaunt will then raise the
logs blocking your way and you can pass into the long cave, taking your antlion
buddies with you to a loading sign.

After the loading sign, continue out the cave to the sandy beachy area once a-
gain. Just ahead is one of the sand-pounding machines that your antlions won't
go near, so go up to it and climb the ladder on it and turn it off with the
button. A voice over a loud PA system will announce that it has turned off and
that something must be there. Congratulations, you just rose Hell. Continue on
and turn off the next sand-pounder as well and move slowly around the corner.
Up on the hill, you will see a big black house-base thing and some Combine will
come down after you. Now's your chance to put your army of (now four... the max
you will ever get) antlions to use. Just heave a couple of Pheropods over near
the house thing and watch the antlions kill and demolish those Combine.

Now continue on a bit and you'll see the first massive piece of rock in the wa-
ter some. Get in the water before it and continue around it to the next one and
continue around it as well. Up on the hill in this area is another base thing,
but this one has a gun on it. Keep going and make your antlions distract the
gun while you climb the ladder and turn off the sand-pounder right in this area
as your antlions die. But don't worry, more always sprout out of the sand. So
you basically do have an army. Anyway, as your antlions distract the gun, run
up and behind the base and kill the guy inside controlling the gun. By now, an
alarm will have sounded, but it may be hard to hear through the music, but that
will stop soon.

Behind the base thing is a small area that also has some supplies and a couple
of Combine as well. You may need the supplies, so gather it up. Now continue on
past the sand-pounder that you turned off to the next area. Stay as close to
the water as you possible can, even in it some (but not too far out because of
the little worms that will chew you to pieces faster than sharks!). Keep on the
very edge of the shore, hiding behind rocks and killing Combines and you sneak
(ha!) past the big base up on the cliff-side with the guns. Your antlions will
distract those for the most part.

Now just after that base and before the next one up on the cliff as well, there
is a path that you can take up the side, straight up between them basically
that leads left to the first big base. Kill the Combine coming down that hill
as well as the ones in the base to stop the gunfire. From here, you don't have
to do much else on the beach at all. Look around behind the base, just after
coming up that hill, and you'll see a door you can go through. Do so.

Now way ahead, past some rubble and a gate, there will be a red light. Keep go-
ing and you'll turn left and two Manhacks will attack you. Continue on (I know,
it looks complicated, but there's really only one way through) and a bunch of
Combine will attack you and your antlions. Kill them and mind the explosive
barrels. Keep going until you end up outside again and can go up a small hill
and can turn right at the top. Ahead of you is that other base. Wait for more
antlions to come or toss a few grenades in it to kill the Combine. If you think
this is combat and hard, just wait until you get to the actual outside of Nova

Anyway, once you've killed the Combine in this area and base, continue forward
to the next base that is already shooting at you. Go up in it or lob a grenade
or something to kill the Combine in there. Go in and turn left and you'll see
a big field before you and another base at the other end. Wait for your ant-
lions to get to you and then throw a Pheropod to the right and hull your ass to
that base fast before the Combine get in it and can start shooting at you! Your
antlions should take care of a lot of them, but one or two will be heading for
the base. Kill them quickly. (You will also see a dropship leave this area...
just so you know where you are compared to this guide.)

When all is quiet again and not a creature is stirring but your vicious, Com-
bine slaughtering antlions, continue on. There will be a large sewer pipe on
the left that you can't do anything with, so go right and follow the grassy
cliff until you can slowly walk out on a log and jump to the next one cliff. Do
so and walk up it to the campfire and the couple of sleeping zombies. Kill them
and then break that bridge's posts so it falls and you can walk up it to the
next part of the cliff. You're getting higher and higher. Oooo, what fun.

Anyway, keep going up this cliff-side and you'll see two enormous pipes that
lead upwards to some catwalks that have Combine soldiers on them. The best way
to do things here is to just use the crossbow to take them out. There's only
three of them, so it's easy. Once they're dead, continue towards the big con-
crete pipes and climb the ladder behind them to the first catwalk. Walk around
it and then jump over the railing to the cliff with the two supply boxes below.
Follow this cliff to the next one and jump the large gap (you can make it) and
then you're going to have to climb. Jump continuously from small ledge to small
ledge up the side of the mountain until you go into a big sewer pipe. A fast
zombie will come running out at you, so beware of it and kill it fast. Keep
heading in the sewer pipe a bit and you will get a loading sign.

When the loading sign is done, continue down the pipe, turn left and go into
the next one. Follow it until you turn right to the next and follow that until
you turn left into another. Now at the end of this one, prepare for one of the
biggest battles in the game. There are Combine soldier galore, a couple of gun-
ships, explosive barrels, spotlight towers, et cetera. Exit the sewer pipe and
locate the ladder. Climb up it just a bit and then look around. Use your cross-
bow to take out the Combine that are up in the spotlight towers that you can
see for now.

When the few here are dead, climb up the ladder all the way. Heave a Pheropod
out into the open and antlions will basically storm the place. Take cover and
toss some Pheropods up at the towers to have them kill the Combine in them.
There are three towers in this first area, so clear them out. The spotlights
are also machine guns, so use the environment to your benefit and take cover
behind things while your antlions kill off the enemy.

When the towers are clear, make your way to the farthest one from the ladder
and locate the stairs nearby. Toss a few Pheropods up into the area and let the
antlions kill the Combine up here. Run up the stairs and under the little piece
of roof there and if you need it, grab the rocket laying by the supply box. A
gunship will come in overhead and will start killing off antlions. Use this
time to blow it out of the sky. Then hull ass in the direction opposite the
stairs your came up and on the left will be a room with some Combine guards in
it. Kill them and go inside and use the HEV Suit and Health charger units in
there. By now, a second gunship has come in.

Leave the room via the door and continue around the corner. Kill the Combine up
in the windows in those rooms and mind the explosive barrels all around. Don't
be near one when the gunship is shooting at you. You can take cover in a flip-
ped over blue dumpster in this area. It has a couple of medkits in it for you
too. At this point, you will have five antlions in your control now, so that's
cool. Once you're sure the Combine are dead, run out of the dumpster and up the
stairs. There are a few boxes around and some rockets as well as a green chest
with tons of rockets in it. Shoot down that gunship!

When that's done, a place in the wall further on a bit will explode and you can
go over to it and inside. Congratulations. You just infiltrated Nova Prospekt.
Continue on forward just a bit and turn off the gas to the fire. Your antlions
won't follow you in here, so say bye-bye to them for now. Continue on and duck
under a pipe and turn the corner and turn off the next bit of gas (the valve is
hanging from a pipe on the right) and jump over a pipe and continue past it.
You'll now be in an actual concrete walled room with nothing but a door. Open
it and go on through to the next threshold on the left and go through that and
forward and some roof will fall behind you, closing you in. Go forward a bit
more to the gates to get a loading sign....

|  I) Chapter 9 - Nova Prospekt  |

Follow the gates back a bit and collect the ammo from the supply boxes before
going in the next door. As you will soon see, Nova Prospekt is an old, abandon-
ed prison. It's pretty creepy for a long while until... well, you'll see. Any-
way, continue on and go down the stairs to the lower part and find the cell
that has a big hole in the wall. Jump up and into it by ducking in mid-air and
watch for the headcrab that will jump at you from the left. Continue through
the next hole and you'll hear some Combine talking and a weird, high-pitched
alarm-like sound.

You'll be in a small office-like place with two Combine dead nearby. Exit here
and head right (left is a dead end) and you'll see through some cell bars a
sentry gun shooting antlions as they come up from the floor. Go up to this sen-
try and give it a good double-blast from your shotgun to knock it down from be-
hind. This will let your antlion friends come up, but too bad, they can't get
to you and will act on their own will for now. So turn around and continue on
through the threshold with the red "Exit" sign above it. Climb the stairs until
you can duck down and climb out over a gate. You can now watch some sentry guns
get knocked over by an antlion behind some bars and you're only path is to head

So do so and turn the corner left and follow the small hallway until you can go
in a door on the left to another small office with an HEV Suit and Health sta-
tions and a camera that you can watch and change by pressing the Use key on it.
On one of them, you'll see a huge Queen Antlion take out a couple of Combine...
uh oh. But anyway, leave here and continue and make the left that you have to
and go up the stairs. At the next floor is a room on the right with a door that
can be moved with the Gravity Gun. There is some ammo in a supply box inside.
To the left on this next floor are two more sentry guns that you can just walk
up to and knock over with your crowbar to save ammo. Continue past them to the
door and in.

Go down the stairs and then down the ladder and you'll be in some water. Just
tread along to the other set of stairs and go up them. Watch out for the Barna-
cle on the first turn of the steps and then the one on the path to the next
room. Climb up the broken piece of floor to the next part (it has a checkered
floor... just so you know where you are). If you head forward just a bit, a
couple pieces of glass will fall from above. This should give you a clue....
Look up and watch those skylights as you keep going and wait for them to break
and for the four fast headcrabs to come down and attack you. Kill them and go
through the double-doors.

Head forward a bit and drop down to the next floor. As you can see, there are
three floors in this part. Stay on the second one and head straight and into a
room where there are two sentries up on the ledge in front of you and some
stairs to the left that you can go up. I think you can use your Gravity Gun to
pull the sentries down to you and throw them into a wall to turn them off. If
not, then run up the stairs and across the straight part. Head up the next set
of steps and knock them over with your crowbar. Now do you see how you just
climbed up to the fourth floor? Well go back to the third one in just that room
and locate the double-doors you can't open. Well, the left window is board up.
Break the boards and jump through and get the supplies in this small room.
Then continue back to the third floor where the guns were. Go in the only dir-
ection you can (right (after coming up the stairs)) and follow the hallway to
the end to get a loading sign.

Continue into the room and watch out for the headcrab in there. Clear the boxes
away from the door and go through it. You'll see a huge area on your right, but
the fencing prevents you from going down there, so go straight and just follow
the hallway to the end and jump over the railing on the right to the floor.
Now is about the time when you should switch to the SMG (if you have some gre-
nades in it) because you'll hear some clinking and clacking... do you know what
that is? It's the huge queen antlion coming and busting through the double-
doors on your right!

Fight the queen antlion to the death! Use the same strategy as before, but more
bullets and less explosive barrels due to the lack of their presence! There is
some ammo in some supply boxes near where it broke through if you need it. When
you finally down the beast, don't go in the door that it broke through. Look to
the left instead and head through there to a room full of regular barrels and
a mere two explosive ones. I didn't tell you about these because the room is so
small that you probably would have killed yourself using them on the queen.

Anyway, look right after coming in the room. Go over there and there should be
an antlion or two waiting for you. You'll then enter the big room you saw be-
fore, which is accessible also through the way the queen burst through. I lead
you this way though because there is a supply box with some ammo on the left
wall a bit ahead and after that fight, you're bound to need it. Anyway, explore
this room until you find a pair of double-doors that is blocked by a bunch of
stuff. Take out your GG and start moving it all until you can go in the doors.
Do so.

Once in the room, some antlions will rise out of the ground and you will have
them on your team now as well. Don't feel so lonely now, huh? =)  Anyway, from
whence you came, go right and into the next area. Prepare for a huge battle!
Toss some Pheropods at all the Combine and let your antlions do some work. You
can concentrate on taking out the few sentry guns and killing the Manhacks that
get sent in. Once things are dead in this area, go left and into the next one
where your antlions are probably battling things out with all the Combine and
destroying them. Help out some and kill the Manhacks and some Combine.

When everything is nice and peaceful again, go up to the big blue force field
in this area. Pull the plug on it with your Gravity Gun from the other side. Go
in the room and through the door. Move the green filing cabinets and look for
the red switch on the wall. Flip it and then proceed through the next door in
this small little office. Turn left and go to the stairs. Under them are two
boxes hiding a supply box with an orb for your Pulse Rifle in it. Get it and
then go up the stairs. Send your antlions forward and over the laser tripmine
and then continue and turn left.

In the room you're in now is a camera you can watch, but the main thing to find
is the two little red buttons. Press them and a gate will open below and a cou-
ple of Combine will come through. Now turn around and go out the other way (it
is left) and jump over the railing here and backtrack some to where that gate
just opened. Kill the Combine or have your antlions do it and then run forward
and straight at the sentry gun. Knock it over with your Gravity Gun and then
run back for cover. Now carefully look at the wall straight ahead (from when
you came through the gate). See the vent near the floor? Run to it, duck, and
go in (you have to run because there are two other sentry guns on the other
side of a blue force field that you can do anything about).

Once in the vent, you're safe. Climb through it into the next room that has a
big, spinning fan. Locate the shovel on the ground and just stick it in the fan
to jam it. Duck and crawl under it and to the next vent. Remove it and crawl
out. Kill the Combine here and pull the plug on the wall to turn off the force
field. Go out and knock over the sentry guns so your antlions can come to you.
Now go back in the room that had the plug and go to the end of it. Look left to
see tons of antlions run by. Now look right and go that way to a loading sign.

After the loading sign, you'll be before a great set of stairs. Go up them only
about halfway and then throw a Pheropod into the room all the way up. Your ant-
lions will run it and trip the laser-mine for you. Now go up and in with them
and kill the Combine guards all over. You can hear Dr. Breen talking in the
background now. Don't stop to listen. You can later. Head forward some and on
a table on the left is an orb for your Pulse Rifle. Keep going and turn right
when you can (there is a sign with a big "B4" on it). Shoot the flammable barr-
el that you can see until it explodes.

Now head to the threshold it was under and look through the window on the side
of it to see two sentry guns. Now take out a grenade, duck down, and move into
their view and toss one with the right-mouse-button (secondary fire) and it
will roll across the floor to them and explode, putting both out of work. Now
head into the room and straight ahead with you little army of now five antlions
and go up the stairs in the next room, minding the two Manhacks that come down
after you.

At the top of the stairs, go the only way you can and kill the Combine guards
that show up. Keep heading straight on the narrow prison cell path and make
sure to take out the Combine guy manning the machine gun behind those shields.
A well places magnum shot or crossbow bolt ought to do it nicely. Continue on
and toss a Pheropod up the stairs behind the machine gun. Go up them a bit and
then back down to kill the Combine that walk across the small catwalk straight
ahead of it with the machine gun.

Once that's done, go up the stairs and around the bend and continue forward.
Send your antlions in the room on the left to get rid of the laser-mine and go
on then and turn the corner. Send some more antlions down that long hall (it's
full of tables and such) to kill the Combine in it as you take cover behind a
table. Once that's done, keep going down this hall and turn right when it does.
Keep going and follow the only path you can along the catwalk and when you can,
turn left into the room. Dr. Breen's voice will get louder and you will have to
kill a couple of Combines in this room as well as a sentry gun that is in the
closet/filing cabinet. More guards will come from outside, but your antlions
will take care of them. Listen to Dr. Breen if you want. His speech starts off
with "I've been asked to say a few words..."

In this room is another three switches, one of which is red. Flip it with your
Use key and then turn around and leave the room and head straight as a ton more
Combine soldiers come after you. Help your antlions in killing them and then go
back in the room because there is an HEV Suit and Health charger in it on the
one wall. Once you're all charged up (or have used it all from both), leave the
room and head straight out and just as you're about to enter another big room,
you'll get a loading sign.

Go forward and into the office. Watch the Combine guards take positions on the
camera and then regain any health you are still missing from the charger on the
wall. Leave the office now and head down the long hall, past the dead queen
antlion (uh oh, how'd that get there?), turn the corner, and let your antlions
kill the three soldiers shooting at you from behind the beds. Continue on and
you'll see two sentry guns. Duck down and roll a grenade in between them to get
rid of them and then keep going down the hall. Make the first and only left and
take cover behind one of the small blue dumpsters.

Combine will rush the big room from the stairs at the other end. Send in your
antlions to kill them, taking some shots yourself when you can. Head around the
left side of the room and take out the sentry gun with your GG or your crowbar.
When everything's dead, continue up the steps that all the Combine came down
and go through the open double-doors at the top. Grab the flammable barrel with
your Gravity Gun and turn the corner. Toss the barrel at the two guards and
then send in your antlions. Go in yourself as well after they trip the laser-

There are two sentry guns in the hall on the right. Take them out by rolling a
grenade in and then proceed (not down the hall, but further on the checkerboard
floor) and take the first right. Follow the hall back and past a door on the
left until there are two windows on your right. Look in them and you'll see the
two sentry guns in the far corners of each room. If you have any grenades, lob
them in there. If not, you'll have to go in yourself and hide behind lab tables
to take them out. Either way, take them out!

Once in the lab (looks like a high school chemistry class, huh?), watch out for
the gas coming in through the big hole in one side. Don't go near it because a
sentry gun far on the other side will shoot it and make it explode into flames,
causing you some major damage. Instead, go all the way around it to the door on
the same side and send your antlions through to trip the mine on the other side
in the short hall. Then continue yourself. Mind the two sentry up on the stairs
on the left (one of those probably blew up the gas if you weren't careful). Run
down the hall (wall on the right, shelves on the left) and turn at the end into
the big area. Kill the Combine assuming your antlions haven't already and then
take out the sentries with your Gravity Gun.

Go up the stairs a bit and head left and go up the other stairs, killing the
single Combine at the top. Use the HEV Suit and Health chargers in this small
room/office to charge up. Locate the window that is already broken and climb
out it, dropping to the floor. By now, you can already hear the gunshots of
some Combine shooting at something... oh no. Soon after, you'll watch a bunch
of Combine come running into the room, followed by a queen antlion (I've been
told they are really called Antlion Guards, but... Pheropods... regular antlion
armies... c'mon, they are queens!). The queen will just kill the Combine, then
turn to you!

It's another big, fun fight! At least this time you've got some explosive barr-
els you can toss at her! use the barrels to your advantage, but keep clear and
away from what she throws at you and from her charges at you. When you have no
more barrels, unload a clip from the SMG into her and then some shotgun blasts.
She's not that hard, but... well, you know how to fight 'em by now. So kill her
off and then breathe a sigh of relief. Collect some ammo from the dead Combine
and then find the corner of the room with the green dumpster near it. Use your
Gravity Gun to move the stuff here and go through. Collect the ammo from the
supply boxes; one is a grenade for your SMG. Congrats. You're out of the prison
and almost done.

Continue on and you'll be between two towering things of metal with some sky
visible at the top. Can't be too safe, but Hell, let's go in anyway! Go down
the few steps, kill the single zombie, and then head on in between the two big
metal black "walls". Head past the fire a bit and keep looking on the left, up
just a bit for a passage you can get in... well, you can't really get in it
just normally, so before those big metal walls start to close in on you and
crush you into tiny little Gordon-bits, grab a box and jump on it and into the
small hole. Avoid the fire and watch out for the headcrab. Follow the hole back
some and then drop down to get a loading sign....

|  J) Chapter 10 - Entanglement  |

When you land on the ground, exit this little cave-like hole and go forward a
bit to drop down onto some rubble. There is a big black metal wall on your left
now, but don't worry, it doesn't move. *whew*  Continue forward the only way
you can and what's this?! That's Alyx! Hey! Wait up! - You'll see Alyx working
at a computer-like thing and then will see/hear some gunshots and she'll run
off and a big train will pass. Run forward and drop down and go right.

Follow the hall back and there will be more gunshots and then Alyx's voice will
say "Hold it, there!" Look up and she'll be there, talking to you. She'll jump
down and say that she's glad you made it and that her dad is up in some holding
area, and then will say "Let's get out of here", pull out a device, and will
open a big door. Follow her through and to the other one she'll open. It's an
elevator, so step in with her and as you ride up, she'll admit to you that she
has no idea what she's doing or where she's going ("I'm flying blind here").

When the doors open, get ready for a fight... a small one, but still. Use your
shotgun and run up close-range to the Combine here (three of them) and kill
them. Don't let them shoot at Alyx much. SHE CAN DIE! So kill them off. You can
take the damage for a hot chick. Who knows, maybe you'll get some. *wink*  Any-
way, when they are dead, she'll run into a room on the left and say she can get
into their security system via that big computer panel thing. She'll work on it
and "bring in" her father, then tell you "let's go meet him".

So leave the room and she's disable the blue force field (don't you wish you
had one of those little devices?) and run ahead of her to the end of the hall
and go up the stairs on the right. Kill the five or six Combine up here quickly
and then wait for her. Then follow her into a room (she'll open it) and you and
her will talk to her dad, Eli. He'll tell you that you and Alyx need to get out
of there and Alyx will argue and say that she can recalibrate (change) the Com-
bine's teleporter or whatever and that she's not going to leave him. She'll
then send him off to the teleporter room.

Follow Alyx out and she'll open a door for you and leave you all by your lone-
some self once more, telling you that she'll patch into your HEV Suit's radio
soon. So go in the door she's opened and down the narrow hall towards the boxes
and you'll see a door on the left. Now, in there is some ammo, but also two of
the fast headcrabs. Go in if you want. Either way, continue on and up and over
the boxes and through that door. You'll be in a room with a camera in one corn-
er and a closed jail cell-like gate as your only exit.

Alyx will contact you on your radio and will be on the TV/camera screen. She'll
open the gate. Now run to the right all the way to the other locked gate. She
will try and open it but will be unsuccessful, and will tell you to head back
to the office. Do so and she'll tell you there is a vent behind the shelves.
So get out your Gravity Gun and move the shelves, climb in the vent, turn on
your flashlight ('F' key by default) and crawl along through them to the other
end. Mind the small falls and the few headcrabs.

When Alyx comes on your radio and tells you about censors, you should see the
vent ahead. Back up, pull out your Gravity Gun, and rip it off by drawing it to
you. Now throw it out of the vent and it will set off the laser trip-mine that
was there, keeping you from being blown to pieces. Exit the vent and kill the
fast headcrabs that are all over. Turn right to the set of double-doors you
can't open and jump to the right window. As you can see, on the other side,
there are two sentries. Use your Gravity Gun to take them out now (jump to see
them through the bit of broken glass, and use the primary blast to knock them
over in mid-jump).

Once that's done, turn around and go to the big, locked gate. Alyx will open it
for you. Go straight forward and into the office. There is a supply box in here
with two batteries for your HEV Suit and some shotgun shells. There is also a
big green chest full of grenades. Collect them now. Alyx will be on the TV and
will tell you to look at it. Combine will come up to the gate (the other one in
this room) and open it and come through. There are five or six of them, so go
out and kill them and then go to the gate they opened. Roll a grenade down the
hall to take out the two sentry guns at the end and then proceed down it your-

At the end of the hall, go in the threshold on the left and kill the Combine
behind the shield and then the few others (there's only three others... one
stayed in the room to the right) that come in after you. Go in the next room
and kill any remaining guards and there will be a blue force field blocking
your path. Take out a grenade and throw it past the force field and into the
room that the plug goes into. It will explode and turn off the force field. Go
into that room and into the next and knock over the sentry right around the box
sitting at the corner turn. You can then safely walk down the next hall because
you have already taken out the sentries here (remember the window trick?). In
that hall with the knocked over sentries, right in the beginning on the left is
a doorway you can go through. Do so and go down the hallway with the checker-
board floor to a loading sign.

After the loading sign, Alyx will contact you and tell you that you are coming
up to an occupied control room. Follow the hall around the left turn and go up
the stairs. There are two Combine on the left, one at a computer panel with his
back to you. Kill him first because it's easy. Alyx will then tell you that
there are a bunch more Combine coming to you... and when she says a bunch, she
means a BUNCH. She'll then reprogram the two sentries in this room (they are
off, don't worry) to attack the enemy, so turn off the little field blocking
them (via the red button) and grab them with your Use key and set them up to
guard the two sets of stairs here in this room. Here is a small ASCII drawing
so you know where is best to put them... "X" is the sentry position.

  Stairs you came up
         |    |
_________|    |_________           # = Object (the console and sentry holders)
                                   X = Sentry position
________ X    X ________           8 = Combine entrances
|                      |           U = You
|##        U           |
|##                  ##|
|                    ##|
|                      |
|                      |
|      ###    ###      |

Now have the sentries facing the stairs that the Combine come up. If the a Com-
bine guards gets close enough to a sentry (or "turret" as the game/Alyx calls
them), they will knock it over. Your job is to keep your sentries standing. You
can help them out a bit if any soldier gets too close to them. Don't place them
too close to the steps though because then they are easy to knock over.

Alyx will tell you that she can't shut down fields from where she is, so she'll
come to you and that you need to "hold the fort" until she gets there. So, let
your sentries kill off the Combine guards that come for a long while, picking
them up if they get knocked over. It's fairly simple, but watch for grenades as
well. After a bit of time, a few Manhacks will be sent in after you as well, so
watch out for those.

When Alyx finally gets there, she'll drop down through a vent in the ceiling.
The Combine are gone for now. Alyx will go over to a console and will try to
find Judith Mossman (that woman in the white that was back at Black Mesa East,
the one Alyx argued with). When she finally finds her, you'll watch Judith ar-
gue with Dr. Breen (who won't be visible), completely giving herself away! Dr.
Mossman is a traitor! She turned in Eli! She was going to turn in you! Now Alyx
is pissed. She'll tell you to go on ahead and she'll turn off the blue force
fields further on (you can see them on through the window in this room).

So go down a set of stairs that the Combine were coming up, either one, and go
to where the blue force fields are/were. Go past them and head left and go all
the way down the hall and turn the corner (left). There is a ton of junk at the
end, but a door you can open on the right, behind a box. Go in and down all the
stairs and through the threshold into a very small office. A few headcrabs will
come crawling in, so kill them. Leave the office to a room full of pipes and
locate the door on one side. Open it and go down the hall and through the next

Now there are some stairs before you and railing on the left that overlooks a
flooded room. The idea is to get to the other side of the room without touching
the water since the console down below has electrified it. You'll lose some ma-
jor health very fast if you end up in that water. So here's what you do. Jump
over the railing on the left onto the pipe. Fall down onto the next one slight-
ly below it and mind the headcrabs. You should be able to see a Barnacle's
stringy tongue hanging down as well. Look for it on the roof and kill it so you
can jump from the pipe, through his dead tongue (since it's dead) and over to
the safe ledge.

Now, in this room, there are two pieces of wood, the big square ones. Locate
them (one is floating in the water under the stairs that were before you when
you first came in and one is at the bottom of the stairs you can now go down
that lead straight into the water). You should be able to also find the ladder
that takes you down to a concrete slab just barely above the water's level.
Just ahead of this concrete is the "other side of the room" where you need to
be, but a lot of water between you and it. So, use the pieces of wood in the
same strategy you did in the Sandtraps chapter and place them in front of each
other and simply jump across them to the other side. =)

Go up the small steps and through the threshold and into the next room that has
the "Danger High Voltage" sign outside of it. Kill the sleeping zombie in here
and then gather the ammo and batteries from the supply boxes. There is also a
Health charger on the wall. Now leave this room and turn left and kill the oth-
er zombies near the dead Combine guard and the ones in the next room and then
go in there. Go up all the stairs until you get to a door. Go in it and on the
right is a doorway blocked by some boxes and huge filing cabinet on the other
side, you use your GG's primary blast to move those.

Go all the way down the hall (checkerboard floor... just so you know where you
are) and up the steps. (Straight ahead is an office with an orb for your Pulse
Rifle and a grenade.) Once up the steps, turn left. Go through the open gate
and kill the few Combine shooting at you and then jump over the rail to the
floor. This puts you on the other side of those gates that were on the floor
below. =)  Alyx will contact you again and tell you that a ton of soldiers are
coming and to look for more turrets. Just to your left or right after jumping
over one of the rails is a small hallway that has an HEV Suit and Health charg-
er on the wall as well as three turrets. Combine are going to be coming from
everywhere, so here's another ASCII of the room and where you should place your

X = Where you should place the sentry. < and > indicate firing direction.
U = Where you should be.
# = Console
@ = Pole
% = Sentry storage / HEV-Health Chargers
A = Ammo chest for SMG
+ = Where Combine come from (^ = upper floor Combine)

|¯¯|   +   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   +   |¯¯|
|__|       |          |       |__|
|          |          |          |
|  @       |__________|       @  |
|          |          |          |
|  @                          @  |
|          |     AA   |       @  |
|  @       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|          ||
|          |          |          ||  <--Closed gate.
|  @       |          |          ||
|          |          |          |
|  @       |          |       @ #|
|          |__________|         #|
|  @       |  %%  %%  |       @ #|
|__^        <X      X>         __|
|  |        <X    U           |  |
|__|   +   |   %  %   |   +   |__|

Now do you see the direction that the sentry nearest to you is facing? That is
the same direction that you should face. Use your SMG to kill the guards since
there is a big green chest of SMG ammo located where you see the two A's. Or,
you can use the Pulse Rifle since most of the guards will be dropping them as
they die. Watch out for grenades. They can cause a lot of damage now and will
easily kill off all of your sentries if one explodes in the room. You can how-
ever, pick up the Combine's grenades and throw them out at them to be safe or
launch them away with the Gravity Gun. Also, make sure to keep refilling your
health and suit's power as it runs low.

When you're finally done (it's about five minutes), Alyx will show up and no
more guards will come. She'll go to the console and will open the big gate for
you and her to go through. So follow her through and charge up your HEV Suit
and your Health with the chargers on the wall behind the gate. Then follow Alyx
down the stairs. Run down the long, semi-dark hall (don't worry, there are no
enemies) towards the double-doors and just as you get about ten feet from them,
you'll get a loading sign.

When that's done, go up to the door. Alyx will pull out her gun, so you know
something's about to happen. Open the door and turn right and walk down the
long hall. The lights will suddenly start going out and when everything is com-
pletely black, the Combine will toss in some red flares. That's you're only
light now and you have about 15 Combine to kill. You just charged up your suit
and health, so you should be okay to go right up to them and give them a single
shotgun blast in the face. When those six bullets run out, use your Pulse Rifle
since most of them will drop ammo for it.

When they are all dead and gone, Alyx will tell you "C'mon!" and will go. Foll-
ow her the rest of the way if you are lost in here and follow her up the stairs
to the top where there is a Health charger on the wall and a bunch of junk on
the right. Follow Alyx into the room and she'll get on the console and look for
Dr. Mossman. When she finds her, she'll lock her in the room that she's cur-
rently in and you and Alyx will run off to go meet her and have a little talk,
but not before some more fun with the Combine! Yay!

Follow Alyx down some stairs and to the right. She'll open a huge door and you
and her will go through it and then she'll seal it shut just as a bunch of Com-
bine are coming towards you from behind. You'll then go to a window and see Dr.
Judith Mossman and will talk to her for a bit there, then you and Alyx will go
in the room. Alyx will yell at Judith about being on the Combine's side and be-
ing a spy and Judith will of course deny it. She'll then make up some excuses
and Alyx will get even more angry and will tell Judith (basically) to shut up
and put in the coordinates for Dr. Kleiner's lab... by now, it's obvious that
she intends to teleport you, herself, her dad, and Judith there.

After that, you all will go into a big room, Alyx will seal the door behind you
and bring in her father in that weird carrier. Judith will put in coordinates
and Alyx will mess with things and talk to Dr. Kleiner. (If you need to, you
can recharge your suit and health over near that door you came in.) In a moment
or so, you will see Judith get in the teleporter with Eli (who's already in
there) and Alyx will be yelling at her. Inevitably, they will go up and tele-
port somewhere unknown to you or Alyx. Alyx will then have to recharge the por-
tal and you will have to protect her. Over near the door where you came in are
three more sentries. Here, again, is yet another ASCII to help you out.

X = Where you should put the sentry
@ = Pole
U = You
+ = Place where Combine come in
% = Sentry storage / HEV-Health Chargers
# = Teleporter / Console

    |  +  ¯¯|
    |     @ |
    |       |
    |       |
____|     @ |________|  +  |_____
|                               |
|____      __________       __  |
|                             \_|
|                          X    |
|     X X                   ####|
|                           ####|  <--Teleporter
|                           ####|
|                               |
|__   _______           ##      |
|%               U  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯+
|%%% %%                                +

Now, in the ASCII, do you see where the sentry near the teleporter is? In the
actual game, you place that sentry on the edge of it so that the Combine guards
have to climb up the stairs and then go around the teleporter to knock it over,
which will never happen... The other two sentries are meant to take out the ma-
jority of the guards and insure that they can't knock them over (which is why
there are two). Your job is to aim down the long hallway and take out the few
guards that come from there.

Check on your sentries now and then just incase they have been knocked over. I
don't believe the guards stand a chance in doing so, but anything is possible.
Anyway, now and then, Alyx will shout some stuff at you about the teleporter.
When it's ready (which will take a long while, 5-10 minutes), get in it with
her. It will rise up a minute later and Alyx will yell "Hold on!" just before
the screen goes white and you get a loading sign.

When it's done, you and Alyx will be in Dr. Kleiner's lab where the teleporter
was before when the dumb headcrab Lamarr screwed everything up. Well, now you
are back. Alyx will be surprised that you made it and will then be curious as
to where Dr. Kleiner is. She'll bang on the door and Kleiner will open it with
a shotgun in your face! He'll then be surprised to see you and you and Alyx
will go into the lab.

He'll explain that you and Alyx have been gone a week since the teleport and
that it's because his teleportal was very slow. He'll then explain that Barney
has lead a huge citizen uprising and are even planning an attack on the Cita-
del, the main Combine center! He'll also bring out Dog and eventually, you and
dog will be sent out alone. Go out with Dog and go to the elevator shaft dir-
ectly on the left. Just jump down it and you'll get a long loading sign....

|  K)  Chapter 11 - Anticitizen One  |

At the start of this chapter, exit the elevator shaft and head to the right and
outside with Dog (he'll follow... for now). Go up to the white van blocking the
path and a couple of Combine will be on the other side of it, further on a bit.
When Dog sees them, he'll run up, pick up the van and heave it at the Combine,
crushing their bodies into the pavement and killing them. Further on is a store
with some Combine in it and Dog will run into the street to them. A big black
Combine tank will then run right into him and slam into a wall further down the
road. He'll push it back towards you and a tree by a wall before picking it up
and throwing it into the building/store and killing the Combine.

Dog will then beat the ground of the street like an ape and will run forward,
past the store and to the big black gate. He'll rip open the door for you to go
through, so do so and a dropship will come in over-head. Dog will let the door
slam and will kill the Combine from the dropship and hop up onto the top of the
gate before jumping on the dropship as it takes off and leaves. You'll then be
alone. Now quick, as you're facing the gate, look right and go and jump over
the bent and broken fence. Hang the right that you can and go in the hole in
the wall with the fire. Follow it back until you get inside a building and can
look left to a hill of rubble and a lightbulb hanging from the room of the hall
and go that way. When you off the small hill of rubble, you'll get a loading

Follow the hall and you will end up outside. Recognize the place? You should,
it was in the very beginning. Anyway, make your way down the road the only way
that you can and you'll see someone shoot down two little sensor things. The
person will then come over to you and will "join" you. Down by your ammo, you
will notice a thing that says "Squad Following" and it will have a little human
figure there. This could be fun, eh? Anyway, you can use your 'C' key to send
and recall people in your squad. Just point to an area that you want them to go
and they will go there. Press 'C' twice fast for them to come back to you.

Anyway, head past the fire down the street and make the right and then the left
when you have to, past the fence and back out into the street. Head down it and
under the broken part of the building (the "overpass" to go from one building
to the next) and keep going until you see a bunch of citizens rip a huge screen
with Dr. Breen talking on it, down. See what Kleiner was talking about an up-
rising? He he. When the citizens see you, they will also join your squad. In a
moment, there will be a couple of Civil Protection (Combine guards) people that
will attack you. Your squad will kill them. Now head over to the black gate
alley that they came out of. Go down it and around the fence and up the stairs
to get a loading sign.

Now in this next area, a civilian on the other side of a fence will tell you to
watch out because there are "hoppers" everywhere. Well do you see the piece of
metal that is over that hole? Use your Gravity Gun to move it and then do noth-
ing but LOOK down. See all those mines? Use your Gravity Gun to rip them up
from the ground and throw them far away to explode. You can then jump down with
your group and make your way up the stairs to the little house thing at the
other end of this area. In the house is some health and batteries, not to men-
tion ammo.

Leave the house now through the other exit and go down the small alley and out
into the street. Now look up and right. See that giant thing walking and shoot-
ing? It's called a Strider and is very dangerous to you right now! Run back in
the alley and wait for it to pass. When it has, you can go back out and into
the street and head up it (left). Kill the Combine up in the tower and the
headcrabs on the ground. Also, mind the sensor things that are bringing in the
Hoppers (the mines) and dropping them.

Continue up the street a bit, ripping up hoppers and destroying them. Just be-
fore the black gate, head down the alley on the right. Watch out for the hopper
here and then move all of the furniture blocking your path and watch for the
hopper on the other side of it. When you exit the alley on the other side, look
up and kill the Combine in the window or launch a hopper in there. Look out for
the Combine that comes out of the doorway below as well, and also the one in
the window to your left. When you actually come out of the alley, you can go
right to a small shack with some stuff in it, or left and down some stairs. Go
left and down.

Mind the hopper around the small bend, but keep going and there will be Combine
guards in a house down in the courtyard. Kill them by slinging the hopper at
them and let your civilians also attack them. They will also shoot down a scan-
ner (the sensors that go around taking pictures/flashing in your face). Contin-
ue forward and in the small red house is some shotgun ammo, two hoppers ready
to be planted, and a medkit. In front of the little house is a doorway you can
go in and follow a hall a bit to a loading sign.

After the loading sign, go forward a bit and you can go up the stairs to a room
with a TV that you can watch Dr. Breen on for some storyline, or you can go to
the left and outside to where there are a couple of Striders (none of which
really care about you, but it's still a good idea to let them pass) and a scan-
ner or two in the air that your group will shoot down. After that, head right
and go under the bridge there and up to the woman helping the guy by the fire.
Keep going and locate the small, narrow passageway you can go down and you turn

Once you've turned, there is a set of stairs on your left that you need to go
up. (Straight ahead are some boxes, a few of which have some supplies in them
if you want to get them. Watch for the headcrab behind the big boxes.) Head up
the stairs until you come to an open door. You can head straight and there are
two sets of white, windowed double-doors on your left. Open a set of them and
kill the two Combine inside. (There is also a Health charger in here). Your
group will kill the other one or two coming from the right (from when you came
up the stairs). Next, head down that right hall and make your way through some
rooms until you come to one that has part of the floor missing that you can
jump down.

Before jumping down though, toss a grenade or two down to take out the sentries
that would have started blasting you the second you jumped down. Take out your
Gravity Gun and hop down and disable any if your grenades didn't. In here is
another Health charger on the wall. Now, head out and forward until you see
some Combine Civil Protection guards coming down some stairs far ahead behind a
big black gate. Your squad will attack them as they come, but it's best to just
look for the doorway you can go through on your right, past the gap in the
street and the car. Go inside and kill the Combine by the hopper and then pick
it up. Turn around, look up, and throw it right into the one up there.

Keep going now and mind the soldier at the top of the stairs you have to go up,
as well as the hopper at the bottom of them. Once up the stairs, you will see a
room that is open. Inside, on the right, are three boxes of supplies. The floor
is broken in here too, so jump down to the floor below and then jump to the one
below that (ground level now). Exit the building and look to your right. Head
up the stairs of the gate that Combine were shooting at you from before. Your
squad will yell about Civil Protection and will shoot at a couple of them way
down where you were before. On the wall of the gate, just before the next small
set of steps, there is another Health charger.

Continue up the steps and the small catwalk on the building wall and enter the
threshold where all the Combine were coming from before. Go through the one
then straight ahead and to the left is a doorway that leads to a set of stairs
and on the right are two doors you can go in for small rooms. There is a single
soldier in each of them and even an HEV Suit charger in one. Anyway, go in the
door that leads to the stairs and head down them.

You'll come to a long hallway with several doors on each side of it with sold-
iers running in and out of them, shooting at you. Kill them (I find using the
SMG best because it's what they are using and are dropping ammo for). Head all
the way down the hall, ignoring the rooms on each side (there's nothing of in-
terest in them) and go down the stairs at the other end of the hall. You'll now
be presented with another long hallway with a bunch of guards shooting at you
again. It's the same thing, but with some Manhacks. Just kill them and gather
the ammo and head down to the end of the hall to the stairs.

Head down these stairs as well, all the way down to the Health charger on the
wall. Look in the room to the left of the charger and you should see a couple
of sentry guns. Go in the room a bit and toss a grenade at them to dispose of
them, then turn around, pull out your Gravity Gun, and back into the room, pay-
ing attention to the right crevice. Blast the sentry there when you see it to
get rid of it. Now head on over to the part where the other two sentries were,
jump down, kill the half-zombie crawling from underneath the floor, and proceed
down the hall (forget the stairs leading up to the street) for a loading sign.

When that's done loading, head forward and down the dark steps on the left to
a tunnel (like a street tunnel, you know?). When you come out into the tunnel,
the part behind you will be collapsed, so head forward and move to the right
side of the tunnel. Keep going and about ten Manhacks will come down on you and
your group. The Gravity Gun is your best bet to save ammo and to kill these.
You can grab them with the secondary function and sling them into walls, or if
you have good aiming, just hit them with a primary blast. Anyway, they will
just keep coming in groups, so run on ahead as fast as you can and up some of
the rubble. Stay on the right and you'll go around a big gas tanker truck that
is blown up. Just after it is a fence on the left. Go to it, break the lock on
the other side, and go in.

Your group will follow you in, so head down the path the only way you can and
you'll come to a bunch of windows on your right. Manhacks will buzz in them, so
kill them and then exit through the door at the end of the hall. Prepare to
take some damage. Run like hell straight forward and make your first goal to
take out the Combine who are manning the machine guns. Get behind a machine gun
and just blast all the others dead. When everything is nice and quiet again,
head even more behind the guns (I know, it looks like you can't, but do so) and
a guy will tell you through a hole that he's going to set some charges to blow
it open.

Quickly go back and man a machine gun. Manhacks galore will be coming after you
with some Combine as well. Help your group kill them off, you using a machine
gun to take down the Manhacks and a soldier now and then. When things get quiet
and calm again, make your way back to that hole that the guy blew open. Go in
and over to a door on the left. A civilian will tell you that the door is lock-
ed from the other side and tells you to find another way around. Look to the
broken and collapsed wall and you can see a small hole that you can duck and
crawl through, so do so and prepare to use some of your master jumping tactics.

Head left and collect the medkit and battery from the supply boxes and go a-
round the big truck. By now, your Suit should have started ticking... it means,
as said way before, that there is radioactive material nearby, so be careful.
Once around the truck, you'll see it all. The whole tunnel is filled with it!
But, you must go on. See the red car? Jump to it and get on top of it (not the
hood, but actually on top) and it will sink a bit, leaving the top part that
you are standing on all above the toxic water. Jump now to the box nearby and
then to the next two and into the back of the truck. (There are two saw blades
in the back of it.)

Now look around for a big, circular thing that in the toxic water. Use your GG
to pull it to you and drop it in the water. There is another one nearby as well
so use them, placing them one in front of the other again and again, to get to
the safe part of land in the middle of the tunnel. Watch for the zombies that
pop out of the water on the way. And when you get there, quite a few will come
up as well, so defend yourself until you've killed them all. Now, do you see
the truck with the fire in the back of it? See how you can get past it on the
left? Pick up your circular things (they look like spools that hold yarn or
string, huh?) and make your way back there.

Head back past the white van as well to the solid ground with rubble all over
it. Make your way left and now look along the wall. See the dark red pipes?
Walk up them and go rip (with your Gravity Gun) the vent off the little airvent
on the wall. Go in and (you may need your flashlight: 'F' key) rip the one on
the floor of the vent off as well and drop down. Follow this long hall all the
way down the only direction you can. You'll go down a couple of steps and there
will be some supply boxes for you. Past there is a threshold and then on the
left is a door with a voice behind it from the guy who told you to find another
way, telling you to open the door. So do and your squad will come in. Turn a-
round and go up the stairs to get a loading sign.

When that's done with, continue up the stairs and outside. There is an enormous
gate on your left, so head right. Some rockets will come flying out of the sky
and the third one will land in your area. Wait! You've seen these before! They
are filled with headcrabs! Well, these ones are filled with the fast headcrabs.
Luckily you have your squad to help you kill them. When you have, head down the
hallway near where the rocket crashed into the street. A man behind a gate will
tell you to continue on, so head down the path to the left (slightly before him
and the gate) and up the steps. Watch out for the normal headcrab at the top of

Head in the door at the top and hang a right at the barred windows and through
the next doorway. Turn right again and you'll enter a dark room and then ahead
is a set of steps. Go up them and into the room with the pink floor. Locate the
door that takes you to a small area with concrete ground where you can drop
down to a lower level. Go in the door here and there will be two people sitting
on the couch. Go in the door just past them and down some steps. You'll be out-
side again, on the other side of that gate.

Locate the door in this area (there are two... one is locked) that is open or
can be opened. Head in and down the hall and a guy will run down some stairs,
shouting "Run for your life!" before getting shot in the back. A Combine will
come down the steps, so kill him and then go up the stairs. You'll see two more
Combine kill another guy as he runs down, so kill them then. Continue up the
stairs and into a small hall and straight into a room where there is a Combine
guard shooting with his back to you. Kill him and the guy on the other side of
the alley (in the other building) will lower a big piece of metal for you to
go across. Do so and then flip the yellow lever on the other side to draw it
back up, then kill the Combine guard that comes over where you were before in
the other building.

Now head down the hall towards the fire and turn left and go down some stairs
once you get to hit. Head up the stairs you then come to (they get dark, use
your flashlight). At the top of the stairs is another door you can go outside
with, but watch out for all the headcrabs, both normal and fast. Out here now,
if you get too close to that fire, a fast zombie will attack you, so don't even
go near it. Just drop down the hole in the ground to the next level below and
go over to the hole on this level as well. Now back up quickly! A fast zombie
who is also on fire will jump up through the hole and come after you! Kill it
quick! *whew*

Now go over to the hole and drop down. Again, head on over to where you can
drop down once more. A normal zombie will limp into your sights, so kill it and
drop down again. Mind the few headcrabs down here. Go over and in the door and
you'll be back inside again. Don't go up the stairs since they are blocked. In-
stead, head down the hallway on the right and kill any more headcrabs that come
your way. The wooden door straight ahead is the one that way locked from the
other side, so don't bother with it. Instead, turn left at the end of the hall
and go outside here. A member of your group will shout that there are Combine,
so get ready for a small battle.

A few, if not all, of your group members will die. They are foolish and don't
watch out to the few hoppers that are around. You can pull them up and toss
them into the Combine though, so do so. Head up the steps in this area and con-
tinue to the part where you can go up some trash and past a fire to a part of
floor above. If you have room, three more people will join your squad. Collect
the ammo and medkits up here if you need them and head on outside with your
group to kill more Combine. Watch out for the grenades they may throw. They can
hurt like hell and kill off squad members easily.

Lower the big metal thing via the yellow lever next to it and go across to the
other roof. Go inside the doorway and kill the Combine in here as well as the
ones down below (there is a big, oval-like hole in the floor). Collect the med-
kits if you need them as well as any Combine ammo. Drop down the hole and head
down the long hall. Kill the Combine at the end of it and the ones that drop
down a blown open hole (they blow it open) behind you (as you move down the
hallway). Hang a left at the end and kill the Combine on the other side of the
broken wall. Don't worry, you have more protection then they do because of the
small hole you're shooting through.

When they're all dead, go up the stairs here and turn right and go in the room
that has two holes in the floor. A fast zombie will attack you and your group.
Kill it and drop down through one of the holes. A fast zombie on fire will run
out of a door in a hallway on the right. Kill it quickly and make your way
about halfway down the hall until you can see a hole in the floor of the next
room. Toss a couple of grenades down in that hole to kill the Combine and the
zombies who are all fighting. Now continue down the hall and drop down the hole
and find the small set of stairs in this area.

Go down them and outside is a couple of gates. Behind one, in the corner, are
some supply boxes. You can grab them with your Gravity Gun and draw their con-
tents to you with it as well. One of them has a battery for your suit in it.
The others have ammo. Anyway, after going down those few steps, look left and
head up all those. Keep going up the stairs until just before you get to the
top, you get a loading sign.

Head up the rest of the steps (two or three, lol) and go in the doorway that
you can into a hall that has two supply boxes in it, one of which has some med-
kits inside. Continue down the empty hall to the end where you will start to
hear gunshots and even some sentries start beeping and shooting. Turn the corn-
er (right) and you'll be in a room with a huge hole in the floor. Down below is
a ton of corpses of mainly zombies. Now go on the sides of the hole and look
down at the sentry guns. Use your Gravity Gun (get as close as possible... it
works) and disable them.

Jump down and in the corner of the room is a console (that does nothing) and an
HEV Suit and Health charger. Use them. In a moment's time, the door in this
room will blow open and Alyx will be there! Yay! About damn time, woman! Any-
way, she'll tell you that she thought you'd be there (How the hell did she know
that?) and that she got Dr. Kleiner to a safe place. She'll then tell you that
she wants to find the locations of some generators (huh?). Anyway, go out and
into the hall that she's in and look down it. At the end of it, you can see
another HEV Suit and Health charger. Take a quick run (use Shift) and run all
the way down the hall, using the shotgun to blast any Combine that stand in
your way.

Once down there, take out a different, more accurate weapon and use it to kill
the Combine that appear way down at the other end of the hall. Try and take out
as many as you can yourself since I'm fairly sure that Alyx can be killed here
as well if she could be in the Entanglement chapter. Either way, don't take any
chances. When the Combine are dead, charge up your health and suit and go to
the right of the chargers and down the stairs. Kill the single Combine at the
bottom who is shooting at you. Keep going and Alyx will run to a door and tell
you to take the other one (which is to the left just after coming down the
stairs... hers is straight ahead). When you're ready, open the door and start
murdering Combine soldiers. There are only three in the room, so it's not much
of a fight, but it's fun to have surprised them and killed them anyway.

Alyx will then go to a camera/TV thing and talk about generators and how they
are shutting them down to stop Combine. She'll then tell you that there is one
nearby and that while she opens it up, you have to guard her. She says also
that when she exposes some sort of core, you have to blast it with the Gravity
Gun, so keep that in mind. She will then go to a console and open the a door in
this room as the other civilians compliment you on your good work. Feeling

When Alyx opens the door, go through it and take a left (right goes to a dead
end). Head down the hallway and make another left (you have to) at the end of
it and when you come to an actual room, look right and you can go outside. Do
so and there will be a ton of supply boxes on the ground and a big black thing
in the middle of the circle here, just past the supply boxes. Now look left and
look right. Up those streets is where Combine will be coming from for the next
five or ten minutes. Alyx will man the console behind the black thing with
shields, but you and your buddies have to protect her by fighting off the Com-
bine. Attached to the walls of Alyx's little work area are HEV Suit and Health
chargers, so you can use those if you need them.

Fight off the Combine as best you can, gathering ammo from the boxes as you
need it. A few Manhacks may also attack, so beware of them. Alyx will continue
to work on the console, but listen to her because she'll let you know how pro-
gress is going now and then and will also tell you when you need to blast the
core. Until then, keep fighting off Combine. If you feel that you have suffi-
cient aim, the crossbow is a good weapon to use, as is the .357 Magnum since
the Combine are at long distances for quite awhile before they get to you. Just
before Alyx finishes, you may also see come Combine soldiers dressed in white
uniforms. They are more heavily armed, so kill them first.

When the core is finally exposed (she'll say so and tell you to blast it), take
out your Gravity Gun, ignore soldiers, and run up to the black thing with the
white orb in the center of it that is behind Alyx's console, but in front of
the gate. Aim at the orb and hit it with a primary blast and she will then open
the big black gate. Run inside with everyone else and she will close it behind
you. Congrats on that. Fun, wasn't it?

Anyway, when that's done, Alyx will tell you that Barney should be just up a-
head. She'll then take note that there is no bridge any longer for you to cross
and will scout a new path after climbing way up on top of a roof. Some Combine
will shoot at her and she'll tell you to run away just before being knocked un-
conscious and taken away in a dropship. Great. Just what you need... now you
have to rescue the girl AND save the world?! Geez.... Anyway, jump down into
the drained canal (at least that's what I think it is) and go left and behind
the two big truck and trailer and head down the ramp and into the sewers... oh
boy. The sewers again.... Make the left that you have to and continue to the
metal gate to get a loading sign.

When that's done loading, simply push on the gate and it will open. Jump down
the hole and continue a bit until you get to a gate that you cannot open by
pushing on it. Whip out your Gravity Gun and grab the steel bar on the other
side of the gate. Slowly lift it up until the gate eases open some, then just
blast it away and go through the hall. Continue forward until you can go left
or right. From the left, several Manhacks will come. You can easily dispose of
them with your Gravity Gun, so don't worry.

What you want to do is look right and move all of those boxes that are up on
that metal thing. Just toss them anywhere else, even at Manhacks if you want.
Then rip the barrels out from under it so it falls and makes a ramp that you
can climb up and get on those pipes from. So get on the pipes and walk down
them, all the way to the vent at the end, minding the two Manhacks that break
through the window on the left. When you get to the vent, tear the front off
and go in and around to the other side, the exit. Fall down and into the grass
where there is a dead body.

To the left, directly, is a long hall in which several more Manhacks will come
at you from. Destroy them and keep going forward after falling from the vent
(down the Manhack hall is a dead end, but there is a medkit and two suit batt-
eries). Continue in this small grassy area until you can turn right and before
you is a railing. You'll hear some Combine and even some gunshots. Look up. You
should see a level above you that will have a few Combine guards on it, so kill
them. Now continue down the broken stairs of this building until you see an
area with lots of yellow light (it's only two floors down and you take broken
stairs easily to it). Kill the Combine guards on your way down.

When you come to the yellow-lighted area I mentioned, go in the single door.
Collect the batteries and such from the one end of the room and kill the head-
crab (I think it's poisonous since it's slow... looks like the fast ones though
so I don't know). Now go to the window in this room and look out to the double-
doors. Use your Gravity Gun to lift the metal bar off the doors, then go around
to them and through them. Watch out for headcrabs in this next area, but wait
for the Combine to kill as many of those zombies down in that sewer as they
possibly can. Then you take the liberty of killing anything that's left.

Now jump down into the sewer and locate the only path you can take. Kill the
headcrabs as you go down it (just so you know where you are, as you first go
down it, there are some pipes on the left wall before a turn right and a single
pipe will follow the wall throughout the whole turn). Follow the path and stop
when you can climb a ladder on the right... now, you can keep going and get
some ammo, but you'll have to duke it out with a poison-headcrab throwing zom-
bie.... Want my logic? It will probably take more ammo to kill the damn thing
than what you'll get, AND you'll lose health. It's not worth it, so just climb
up the ladder. Watch out for the fast (or poison... I didn't wait long enough
to find out) headcrab at the top.

When you get up the ladder, head left. You'll now be on the other side of that
sewer where all those zombies were fighting the Combine shortly before. Go to
the edge and hang a left, following the path (gate on right, wall on left) un-
til you can go down some stairs. On the floor are two supply boxes with ammo in
them and further on in the narrow path are two medkits (as well as a headcrab,
so watch out). Continue forward here and you'll come out into an enormous room.
If you look up, it looks like you're in a giant warehouse-like building.

So from here, go straight and up the slanted wall. Jump on the white pipes and
head up the small wooden ramp to the next level spot. Go the only way you can,
towards a catwalk and go just slightly on it before a grenade falls on it. Uh
oh! Get off the catwalk backwards and look up to the level just above and kill
the single Combine soldier as the catwalk explodes in half. The first half, the
part you were on, will be all the way over to the left now, so just look to the
other half. Get on the slanted wall on the right and just walk to it, get on,
and go to the end where you will see a Barnacle's tentacle hanging. Kill it and
climb up the bent gate and over and head in the small red shack nearby. There's
an HEV Suit and Health charger inside.

Now flip the switch in this shack and take out your magnum. Use it to kill the
few Combine that appear way off on the other side of the shack. That switch you
pulled is making a hanging platform slowly come towards you from the other side
and upper floor. When it gets there, flip the switch again, run out and jump on
it and just ride it to the other side. Kill any Combine that shoot at you. When
the platform gets to the next floor and is finished, get off and turn left. Go
straight forward and all the way to the ladder. Climb up it and kill the white
Combine soldiers on the catwalk on a couple floors above that. Now make your
way left just after coming up the ladder until you see the long beams that the
riding platform hangs from.

Look down at the red shack so I can give you directions. Now look to the right
beam. Get on it and run all the way to the end of it (duck under the catwalk)
and walk up it when it slopes up and turn left with it when it turns. Just af-
ter the turn left, you'll be able to jump over a white railing and onto a cat-
walk. Follow the catwalk around until you can jump to a ladder (it doesn't ex-
tend all the way to the catwalk). Go up it about halfway and you can get on
another catwalk. (If you go up all the way, there is some explosive barrels and
some medkits for you, but watch out for the white Combine soldiers on the other
catwalk that will be shooting. There are three or four of them.)

Follow the catwalk until you can drop down to a platform that has a hopper on
it. You will have already killed two black Combine guards that were on it, so
no worries. Just dispose of the hopper and make your way down the hall, leaving
the warehouse. You'll head through a pair of already opened blue double-doors
and will turn right down some stairs to another hopper. Get rid of it and turn
left at the bottom of the stairs and go through the already opened door into
the hall. Go forward a bit to a long loading sign....

|  L) Chapter 12 - "Follow Freeman"  |

As soon as the chapter starts, a man in the door on the right will talk to you
about Barney being pinned down by snipers. He'll then join your squad. Go
through the door straight ahead of him and outside. The first thing you should
notice is a blue laser and a civilian getting shot dead. Yay... snipers again!
Now these ones you can still kill, but they're so far out of your way that you
shouldn't even bother. Just do as I say and you'll be fine.

In this part, stick to the left side of the street on the sidewalk, hugging the
buildings as you walk. The sniper is far ahead in a window on the left, so he
can't see you if you do this. Your civilian buddy though will probably be kill-
ed right off the bat. A lot of help he was, huh? Anyway, keep hugging the wall
all the way until you feel that you can run and duck behind that blue truck. Do
so and look to your right (in the direction that the truck is facing). Up that
street is the direction you want to go, but there's another sniper in a window
at the end of it, past a huge gate.

Ever seen those games at the circus where you have a gun and the little duckies
move back and forth? Have you ever imagined how hard it would be if the duckies
were running, moving back and forth, jumping, and ducking down constantly? Well
that's what you're going to have to do here. Hull ass up that street, strafing
left and right, ducking, and jumping to avoid the sniper's bullet until you can
go in the blue double-doors on the left, just before the big black gate.

Kill the couple of normal headcrabs if you spot them (or in any case, if they
come flying at your skull). Go forward a bit and turn left at the flipped over
table and head straight. Ahead of you, you should see rubble piled up and if
you get near it, a fast zombie will come running up a ramp and attack you. Kill
it and head down the ramp into a basement-like area that has about two feet of
water on the floor of it. Head on over to the little room behind the ramp (up a
couple steps... it's dry concrete) and a guy who is laying there bleeding and
dying will tell you that he didn't know the place was infested and that he and
his buddies went down there to hide from the snipers.

When he stops talking, seven or eight or so regular zombies will pop out of the
water and slowly make their way to you. Kill them easily with a shotgun blast
to their heads and then face the guy. Turn directly around and you can see a
set of stairs straight ahead (past the two pieces of nailed-up wood blocking
some view). Head towards it and two fast zombies will attack you as well. Kill
them quickly since it's a small place and then head up those stairs. Ignore the
doors and keep heading up stairs. You'll come out on a floor that's walls and
such are broken up and smashed and there's a fire burning as well.

Watch the sniper's laser aim on the few zombies' heads and kill them. Now pull
out your grenades and duck down. Do you see the pile of rubble just before the
fire and to the left? Get on it and duck. Now very, very slowly edge your way
left while looking at the black window/wall so that you can see outside to the
building. Keep edging left until you can see the window that the sniper is in
(the blue laser will be coming out of it) and lob a grenade in it. It may take
a couple tries, but it's worth it. Plus, further on, just past the fire, is a
green chest with infinite grenades in it.

Now head forward a bit more and keep looking up until you see Barney on the
next floor. When you get close enough to him, he'll tell you that the snipers
have got him pinned down and will of course ask you to take them out. So kill
the ones you can with grenades to the window from there (they may already be
dead for now) and then turn around and head up the easily visible set of stairs
so you can get to Barney's level. Use your Gravity Gun to grab one of those
green filing cabinets and use it as a shield against the snipers until you get
over to Barney and close enough to lob grenades in the windows to the snipers.
You can always get more from the chest.

When the snipers are dead, Barney will stand up and talk to you a bit and tell
you good just and blah blah blah. So now follow him to the stairs and head down
them and then out of the building on a pile of trash. Just follow him and he'll
start shooting at some sensors in the sky that are carrying hoppers. There's
only two. Don't waste your ammo. When they are gone, Barney will go to the big
gate and will open it, also mentioning hearing a cat and saying how the damn
thing haunts him. (Remember way back in Kleiner's lab, he and Kleiner talked
about a cat and how something went wrong? Nice humor here....) When gets the
gate open, head in it and in the doorway on the right. Kill the fast/poison
headcrab and Barney will yell about head-hoppers (headcrabs). Continue on to
the next door, kill another and go forward a bit in this small hallway to a
loading sign.

After done loading, go through the threshold to a tiny room. You'll hear the
sound of a gunship and/or a dropship and can open a door here. Do so and head
forward a bit. You'll notice you also have squad members now. Anyway, ahead are
some stairs and two Combine will come shooting at you from a door at the top of
them. Kill them and then grab one of the explosive barrels nearby with your GG
and take out the sentry at the top of the stairs. Go up them and in the double-
doors and Barney will take about a building up ahead and a suppression device
raining hell or whatever. Thanks for details, Barn.

Collect supplies here and head up the stairs and keep going all the way up them
until you come to some windows on a landing. Barney will point out the big
building which looks a lot like a museum and will talk about how difficult it
will be to shut down the suppression device. What encouragement! Lol, anyway,
he will then open a pair of double-doors in this room that lead outside for a
few feet and then right back into another room where a camera will take your
picture and will start buzzing. You all have been spotted! Your group will blow
apart the camera and the room's windows will be bombed once. Quickly now, head
down the stairs in this room.

Keep heading down the stairs until there are no more and you see a hopper on
the floor ahead. Stick to the left wall and rip it up. Now switch to the right
wall, look left, and kill the sentry. Now continue on (right, since left was
just a crevice for the sentry) and outside. Barney will say something about
getting a gate open, IF you can get it open. More encouragement from your team-
mate. Oh boy. Anyway, watch a big white beam blast a car in the street... that
thing is bad... very bad. Hide in the hall that you're in until it blasts again
and then hull ass outside!

Run as fast as you possibly can to a blue dumpster that is laying on its side,
just near an enormous hole in the street. Let the suppression device laser
blast away all it wants. As soon as you want though (preferably just after the
laser hit the ground and has to wait a few seconds to do it again), run like
hell around the hole in the ground to the other side of the street (opposite
the one the dumpster is on) and then run and run and run straight ahead. There
is some concrete blocking your way, but that's okay because you have to head in
the door on the left. Forget about the blue force fields right now.

Inside the room are two Combine. Kill them. There is a Health charger on the
wall, so use it if you need it. Now locate the other door in this room. It's
right next to the Health charger. Open the door and look out. See the little
thing on the ground about fifty yards ahead? RUN to it. A single Combine will
be there to kill. Once inside (it's just a small little cover for now), collect
the ammo and medkit that you may need. Now look out the other end of it. See
the door straight ahead? Run out and hall ass to that door, killing the Combine
that come outside for you and the couple inside, minding the suppression laser
and your limited time.

Once inside though, you're safe... for now. Let the prisoners out of the cell
by shooting the lock off the gate. They'll grab guns. There is also some med-
kits on a table in here, so get them if you need them. Now, locate the other
door in this room (straight opposite from the cell) and go out it. You don't
have to worry about the laser now, it can't see you. But head towards the muse-
um and several Combine will attack you and your squad from its steps. Kill them
and then go up on the steps. You can hear Dr. Breen talking. If you can't, then
wait for a little bit for his speech to restart. He'll talk directly to you, so
it's kind of fun to listen to him accuse of your death and decay and all that
good stuff.

Once he's done talking (or if you don't even care), go and stand in front of
the museum and look right at it (this is for direction purposes). Now head to
your right and keep going towards the big black gate. When you get to it, look
to the left at the blue force field. Go up to it and use your Gravity Gun to
pull its plug. Use the Health charger just behind it if you need to and go
through the door that you can (there's only that one) and up the stairs and in-
to the next hall. Go forward a bit and you'll get a loading sign.

Just after the loading sign, look left and open the wooden double doors. Head
forward and you will see blue lasers going from wall to wall (they look like
laser-mines, but they're not). These lasers merely trip the turrets. Barney
will say so. Do you see the little platform on the ground that is metal? If you
trip the laser, it will rise up and will have about a 40 degree view of things
directly in front of it. You'll see it scanning the floor. If it sees anything
(meaning, you), it'll fire and load your full of bullets. So, just gather some
grenades from the chest (in the small ammo room just after the double-doors)
and trip the lasers. It will rise up and scan around. Duck down and roll a gre-
nade (secondary fire while ducked) into the front corner of the sentry so that
it falls under the floor, in the machine. When it explodes, it will destroy the
gun and you'll be safe. There are quite a few of these around this building, so
remember the duck and roll to corner technique... and another that I'll show
you later.

Barney will now stand up and operate the console here to open the doors right
there. When they open, go in and around (left) the big black thing dead in
front of you. A dropship will pass by overhead (you can see through the broken
cathedral roof) and in a short time, a few Combine soldiers will come after you
from the blue shield straight ahead (not the one going up the stairs, the other
one). Kill them and then locate the blue lasers just to the right of that force
field. Trip them and roll a grenade straight ahead to the turret that pops up.
Now stay on this side of the lasers and wait for the other turret to go down
and the lasers to turn back on. Edge in the room a bit and look right and wait
for Barney or a squad member to trip the lasers. When they do, roll a grenade
to the turret to take it out. (Barney will have talked about shutting down some
generators to get past the shields after he mentioned the dropships....)

You're safe from them for now. Now head in this room (it's pretty black, isn't
it?... and I don't mean dark. It's painted like that) and past the second turr-
et and a grand total of two Combine soldiers will attack you. Kill them off and
locate the threshold you can go through that takes you up some stairs. Go up
them and out the door. On the right, you'll notice the blue lasers. Just past
them are the turrets. Take them out how you usually do now. Then, still on the
left of the lasers, just after coming up the stairs, head into the next room.
Barney will turn off a force field in this room and it will let a couple of
people free. They'll grab guns and you can grab the medkits on the table.

Now leave this room the same way you came in and go past the lasers, straight
into the next room where there is a white orb in a bluish beam. There's an HEV
Suit and Health charger on the wall that sticks out if you need them, but lis-
ten to Barney. That orb thing is one of the generators you need to take out.
Blast it with the primary fire from your Gravity Gun and turn around and go
back to those stairs. Kill the Combine that come up them (several) and then go
left (face the stairs and the other room). You'll go down the hall and at the
end is a threshold you can go through that will put you on a black bridge that
goes to another doorway. Go across it and in.

Turn right and follow the hall until you turn left. The walls are broken and
smashed, just so you know... you can see into a room. Now, after turning right
after the bridge and left down the hall, head into the room. In here are some
supply boxes on a shelf and a couple of hoppers on a table. Head straight for-
ward and the door ahead of you will close. Through the holes in the walls all
over, you'll see Combine moving about and going around the room and everything.
Barney will soon tell you to use the hoppers, so grab a hopper with your GG and
place one at each door.

Soon after, the door that closed (well... both closed, but the one that you saw
close) will start sparking and the spark will draw a line down the center of
the door. The Combine are cutting it open. So man that door and simply wait for
them. When it is done cutting (done, not nearly done), roll a grenade at it. It
will explode just as the door opens, as will the hopper when it jumps. Now just
use your Pulse Rifle (since it's powerful and it's the ammo they drop) to kill
off the rest of the Combine. Now look to the door that you can in. It's also
being cut. Do the same thing and kill the Combine that enter (your squad should
help out, so will Barney).

When everything is nice and quiet again and the Combine are dead, exit through
the way that you were going to before the door closed. There will be blue las-
ers on your left and nothing to the right. Now, see the turrets' tops on the
floor ahead? You also see the radiator on the wall on your right (facing the
lasers)? Grab it with the Gravity Gun and set it upright against a wall and
then grab it again. It now acts as a shield. Duck down and walk through the la-
sers (I advise sending your group back into the room first) and walk right past
the turrets. Toss grenades in them and they'll be destroyed. (If the turrets go
down before you can toss grenades in them, just wait for your group to follow
you there and they will trip them again.)

Now just past the turrets is a blue force field, but just before them, on the
left, is a doorway you can go through into a room with red carpet. This room
has the second generator in it (as well as a Health charger on the wall by the
entrance). Get rid of the orb and now backtrack. You know your way. Head all
the way back to that black bridge, but don't go on it. Instead, keep going past
it and you'll turn left. Ahead of you are some stairs you go down and then more
that you go up. Keep heading straight at the top of the stairs and make the
left that the hallway does.

Just after this turn, there is a room on the right with a greenish floor and a
hopper on it. Rip up the hopper and throw it down the hall. It's worthless. Now
go in the room and Barney will say something about the security and then he and
the team (provided any are left) will wait back and let you go in. So go in and
you'll notice a lot of red lasers... these are dangerous ones and if you trip
just one, you die. Sounds promising, huh? 

Anyway... head in the door and jump up onto the thing right in front of you.
Turn left and walk on it and jump to the S-shaped figure against the wall. From
there, jump over the three or four lasers on the ground. Now, hop up onto the
silver pipe in this area. Jump over the laser that is practically touching it
and then jump on to of the higher part of the pipe (it curves upward suddenly,
you see?). From there, jump on the shelf. No look right. Jump to that shelf top
and from there, look left. Jump to the next one and then fall down. There is
now a Health charger on the wall as well as a button to press. Make sure to rid
the floor of the hoppers as well so they don't kill your team.

NOTE:  Now, I realize this room is a lot more complicated and if my directions
       as given above are not sufficient for you or you can't figure it out on
       your own, below are some links to some pictures of the room that I took.
       I edited the pictures in Microsoft Paint, number in positions you need
       to go. The pictures are in order and each one starts at the number that
       the last one left off on. The links are permanent, so feel free to acc-
       ess them. There are 4 pictures, each go in order with the 13 steps. Here
       you go:

1)  http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/PunkMonkeyJosh/HL2_Guide_1.jpg
2)  http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/PunkMonkeyJosh/HL2_Guide_2.jpg
3)  http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/PunkMonkeyJosh/HL2_Guide_3.jpg
4)  http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/PunkMonkeyJosh/HL2_Guide_4.jpg

Make sure to hover your mouse on the picture and enlarge it when the thing app-
ears in the bottom-right corner of it, that way you can see the numbers and
such better.

Now, back to the guide... When you get to the Health charger and the button,
charge up your health and press the button. It will turn off the lasers and
Barney will come in (the rest will not). Head through the doorway that you can
and out into the hall. Go right (since you can't left) and through a threshold
with a clock above it on the wall (for detail... so you know) and immediately
turn right and you'll be in the next generator room. It has a green floor. Any-
way, disable the generator and leave the room and keep going. All those blue
force fields are now off. =)

Keep going and you'll see your team members fighting enemy Combine soldiers
down on the floor level. Head down there and help them out, killing off the
Combine until they stop coming for now. Locate the passage-way now that has a
couple of hoppers in it (it's not hard to find... one way you came in the muse-
um, the other way you went already). Disable the hoppers and look around in the
dark hall. There is an HEV Suit and Health charger on the wall just after en-
tering the hall and some supply boxes a bit further on. They have health, rock-
et ammo, crossbow ammo, SMG ammo, and Pulse Rifle ammo in them.

When you're done stocking up, look for the neon green "Exit" sign and leave the
hall that way with Barney. He'll go up to a console and will open a black,
steel door nearby and will tell you to go to the roof and lower some kind of
bridge so reinforcements can come in. The door will open and you can go in and
there is a rocket launcher on the ground just before some stairs. Go up them
until you encounter a sentry gun. Take it out with your Gravity Gun and proceed
up the stairs a bit and kill the two or three Combine that come down them and
go up a bit more to get a loading sign.

After the loading sign, head up just one more flight up steps and there will be
a single door. Open it and turn right immediately and kill the few Combine that
attack. Take note of the green chest full of rockets on the right. Go straight
and down the steps and kill any Combine that stand in your way. Locate the big
black gate that has the HEV Suit and Health charger on the wall. Don't use them
yet! In a second or so, you will see a gunship rise up and probably kill a cou-
ple of your teammates if it has a good shot. Some music will start, so run back
to the chest full of rockets and use them to take out that gunship! Remember
the swirly rocket method. Trust me, it works and the gunship rarely can shoot
it down.

Now head back to that black gate. Combine will open it and will attack you. It
is best to just use your Pulse Rifle on them since that is what they are using
and will be dropping. Once they are dead, use the HEV Suit and Health chargers
to the max and then go through the now open gate. Ahead of you, on the right a
bit, is a metal object behind a shield that does nothing. Keep going and you'll
come to a gate with a bridge on the other side of it and a button on your side.
Press the button and the bridge will start to extend to the building on the
other side. Kill the Combine over there as it does this and even after it is
finished. There are tons of them, both white and black uniformed. I find that
using some grenades and tossing them down there is very useful. =)

Once they are dead and no more come, head across the black bridge and in the
room. Pick up all the ammo you need and head around the corner. There is a blue
for field on one end of the room and a doorway on the other (it's a very small
"room"). Go through the doorway and drop down to the staircase that's broken
and crappy to get a loading sign.

When the loading sign is done, head down the stairs. Keep going until you reach
the bottom floor where there is a big fire and a man comes up to you and talks
about the suppression field being down and how the Combine are going to "feel
the squeeze" now. He mentions something they did and that if you can get some-
where, you'll have enough power to take out "these striders." So head past him
with your group and down a couple of steps and outside. Head on over to the
big, black gate and look out. There are a couple, maybe even three striders
walking around and shooting and killing people.

From the gate, facing straight out, do the following: Run straight out and past
the black Combine tank on the right and the concrete square with the ladder on
the left. Head up the ramp and up the stairs of the museum here and take cover
behind those poles and let your running power recharge. Once it's recharged,
run like hell again in the same direction, dropping off the museum steps and
into the grass, behind a big, black Combine tank. Take cover here and let your
suit aux recharge.

Once it's recharged, peek out from behind the tank and look for the huge hole
in the street. Get down in there and go in the very short sewer pipe and out
the other side. See the fire? Turn right around and climb out of this end of
the street via the pile of rubble and turn right and into the grass. Run for-
ward and down into the little hide-out for cover. There are rocket launchers
down here that provide you infinite ammo (like a chest, but you only have to
touch them as if you were going to pick them up). No from here, just peeking
out now and then, launch rockets and fight the striders with your the rest of
the group!

Now isn't it funny how a team effort can do so much? Striders may take five or
more rockets to kill and bring down, but it sure feels good to see one collapse
and know you did it. Once everything is quiet and done for, collect some ammo
for your rocket launcher and exit this little concrete hut. Head straight out
and as soon as you come to the tiled ground (as opposed to grass, I mean), turn
right. You should see a huge pile of rubble and a fire. Go left of the fire,
around the pile of rubble and back behind it. A man from above will shout and
throw you supplies, lots of medkits and some ammo and batteries.

Shortly after that, another strider will attack. Unload your rockets on it and
the other resistance members will too. You're pretty much safe behind all that
rubble, so don't worry. Just take out the strider, restocking your ammo by us-
ing the green chest of rockets just near all the supplies that the guy threw
down. Now keep going past the box of rockets and if you go dead straight, you
will run into a wall. Stay here. Sooner or later, another strider will appear
and will blow a huge hole in that small crevice of wall. This part of wall,
just so you know, is near a big, blue dumpster that is on it's side that you
can hide in. A small ASCII of where the hole is is shown below...

|      88 <-- Dumpster
|    |
|    |
|    |  This is street and rubble.   "X" is where the hole is blown.
|@   |                               "@" is the chest of rockets.
|    |
|    |

Anyway, there is a Health charger on the wall in there. You probably need it,
which is why I went through all that to show it to you. Now continue on past
the dumpster and kill the Combine ahead. There are lots of them, so I suggest
killing some with your crossbow from the dumpster. Anyway, when they are dead,
make your way back there behind the big black open gate and behind their little
shields on the ground and locate the stairs that go down, sort of like what the
entrance to a subway in New York would do. At the bottom of the stairs, there
are some supply boxes with batteries for your HEV Suit and some ammo. Turn the
only corner you can and follow the hall here to get a loading sign.

At the other end of the hall is a dark set of stairs that lead down. Go down
them and you'll be in a street tunnel. The way straight ahead is blocked, so
merely look the other way. Use your magnum to kill the single Combine shooting
at you all the way from the entrance of the tunnel... or the exit in your case.
Once he's dead, go and stand on the concrete median in the middle of the tunnel
and look out to the exit. READ BEFORE DOING: Hold 'Shift' and get ready to run.
I say this because once you start running and get about halfway to the tunnel
exit, the back part that was blocked will be block open by a strider on the
other end, and believe it or not, it will crawl through that tunnel faster than
you can run. So run out the tunnel and turn left quickly and head down into the
open parking garage to be safe... from the strider anyway.

You'll notice a few explosive barrels in this parking garage and some supply
boxes. Use the barrels to kill the few Combine that come into the garage ahead
and then stock up on stuff from the boxes. Go to the other end of the garage
where the Combine entered and go through the doorway here and then through the
next one up the stairs. When you get up the stairs, kill the two Combine in
this room as well as any little floating robots that flash light in your face
specifically to blind you. Many of them have batteries that work in your HEV
Suit as well, so feel free to stick around and wait for more to come and charge

Anyway, once the Combine are dead, head straight and left (about 10 o'clock) to
come to a room with a large ramp. Go up it and mind the strider. You don't have
enough ammo to kill it yet (well... you do, but good luck hitting it with gre-
nades from your SMG... it's a lot harder than it looks), so just hide from it
behind things. Locate the big piece of concrete in this room on the floor that
creates a ramp (it's thin) that goes up to the next floor. (The stairs on this
level are blocked, however, if you go down them a bit, you will find some med-

Head up the thin concrete "ramp" and then use the framework of the building
(there are concrete beams and incredibly thin pipes you can walk on) to make
your way to the stairs on THIS level (by level, I mean floor...but there is no
floor, so... yea). Head down the stairs just a bit and there will be a green
chest of rockets. FINALLY! Gather some if you need them, but why go back? Keep
going and jump the gap in the hallway and proceed forward, breaking open the
supply boxes in this hall for some batteries and ammo. Continue to the end of
the hall where it's blocked but you can turn left. Do so and fall through the
hole in the floor and go forward a bit to get a loading sign.

After the loading sign, go forward a bit more and break the wood nailed across
the hole in the wall. A man will talk to you and tell you that the Combine have
turned the streets over to the striders since you are so close to the citadel
(the citadel is that big, black building that reaches to the sky... it's the
Combine's main base in City 17... but I think I've told you before, so no need
to say it again). He will also tell you that you can if you and the people had
higher ground, they could fend off the striders. So head on out. He'll join
your squad.

Now you're still in a short hallway, but it leads right out into the street
where a strider is prowling. So... hull ass out into the street and straight
and you'll go down a big hole in the street into a parking garage where there
are a few Combine. Duck behind cars and kill them and then make your way around
the cars to the part of the parking garage where you can climb out. Mind the
strider though. (There are also supply boxes in this area as well as two batt-
eries and a magnum in the white van.)  Watch for the white Combine guards that
come down the rubble. There are about five.

When the strider "isn't looking", meaning he's facing right (as you look up and
out), run like hell out and under it and to the left. Quickly then run down and
into the next part of the street that is broken. This is just like a small hall
under the street for you now. There is a fire at the other end of it for you to
watch the strider's shadow on. In the meantime, kill the few Combine soldiers
that you can see from down here up on the street. Now watch the strider's sha-
dow. When he is going away from you (the opposite direction you need to go),
run out and take cover in the building straight ahead behind a door. Wait here
until the patrolling strider again strides away from you and then exit the
building and go right (away from the strider).

Suddenly there will be an explosion and a red car will fly at you. Another
strider has broken through some rubble and such! RUN AT IT! Yes, at it. If you
run at the strider and under it and down (broken street again) into the parking
garage here, you'll be safe from it. Get whatever is in the supply boxes and
kill the Combine in this parking garage, hiding behind cars for cover and being
stealthy about it to save health. As soon as you've entered this tunnel though,
you will hear a beeping noise. If you go too far down it (which you have to),
the floor will explode from a time-bomb and you and several cars will fall a
few feet. Kill the couple of Combine that attack you now from above.

Climb out of the new hole and back up in the parking garage. Locate the exit
where the Combine came in after the explosion. Go out and up the steps. This
next part is kind of like a maze, but there's only one way through it. There
are Combine everywhere though, mainly in the higher parts of this completely
destroyed building. Members for your squad will join you soon and help out in
the fight. Make your way (from the stairs) around the broken wall and then
right and into a small hallway. Kill the Combine in here should there be one
and you should now be able to look into a yellow-lit room that has two supply
boxes in it, right? Good.

Now keep going past here and you'll head up some stairs. Ahead of you are some
supply boxes and to the left and up are tons of Combine that just keep coming.
Kill them and keep going and a strider will blast the floor with a huge blue
beam (the same thing that blue that hole open back when you first encountered
striders. Anyway, you'll fall back to the first floor when the one you're on
gets blow to bits, but that's the plan. Head straight still and take cover un-
der some of the remaining floor.

Keep going then and you will come to an area where even the floor you're on now
is missing. When you jump down there, look left. There is another yellow-light
lit room with a bunch of supply boxes in it with tons of supplies in them. Once
you have this, head out and up the rubble at about your 11 o'clock. Now someone
will shout "strider!" as if it wasn't obvious and you'll then fight a couple of
white Combine guards. Make your way to what looks like the elevator room of the
building you're in. There are TWO Health chargers on the wall as well as an HEV
Suit charger and some supply boxes in a small room here. The elevators are blue
fancy-looking double-doors, just so you know you're in the right place... as if
the chargers weren't enough.

Now locate the stairs in this elevator room and go up them. You'll come out on
top of a destroyed floor that has a green chest of rockets on it. Use those
rockets to take down the two striders that are shooting and killing everyone.
If you need to, head downstairs and use the Health chargers... that's why there
are two of them. When the striders are dead, you'll know it because first of
all, the shooting will stop from them (it's constant... gets annoying, huh?)
and because there will be a second or so of music that basically says that you
accomplished something.

Anyway, you'll hear someone say "head for the horse!" Now if you look around,
there is a really big, metal horse on a huge pole in the middle of one of the
streets. What you need to do is locate the rusted, brown I-beams and slowly
walk your way on them. They form something that looks a little like this:

 ========                 The place where there are number signs is where
       ||                 you, the stair-top, and the chest of rockets
       ||                 is. The I-beam is very small, so don't fall or
       ||                 you'll have to try again.
    |¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
    |            |
    |    ####    |
    |            |

When you get to the end of the I-beams (three connected ones), you can fall to
the street. Some resistance members will be killing off a couple of Combine and
the horse pole/statue will be just ahead. Kill the Combine that are in this
street and head towards it. All of a sudden, there will be an explosion of some
sort and it will fall over!

Dog and Barney will run out into the street and Dog will run over to a huge,
black wall. Barney will tell you that he found Dog smashing things and walls
and that Dog probably thinks that Alyx is in the citadel (remember, she got
captured). Well... see that big and black gate where Dog is? Look behind it...
and up... way up.... Bet you didn't even realize you were so close to the cita-
del now, huh?

Anyway, go over to Dog with Barney and Dog will be beating on the black wall
before he actually lifts a part of it up! Barney, being his negative self, lol,
will tell Dog that he can't do it and he can't get through that way.... Need-
less to say, Dog lifts up part of that steel wall and below it is a hole. Dog
wants you to go through, so go. Jump down the hole and Barney will yell to you
to tell Dr. Breen something, but you never hear it. Dog lets the wall go and
now you're sealed in. Head down into the tunnel (it's pretty dark and small,
looks like a sewer) and head forward a bit to get a loading sign....

|  M) Chapter 13 - Our Benefactors  |

When the chapter is done loading, head forward and down this tunnel. At the end
of it are some medkits on the floor and a couple of black birds will get scared
and fly off. Now look left and down. See the rock? Jump to it or just walk off
the tunnel edge and onto it. Now follow the rocks down, over and over until you
can't go any further and just see a very, very steep ledge that you can jump
to, but like me, are (well... "was" in my case) too afraid to do so. Well you
can make it and the only thing that happens is that you slide down the slope to
the bottom ledge.

Once you've done that, hop to the next cliff ledge and then slowly walk out on
that concrete pipe sticking out of the cliff. Now look down. Do you see that
giant thing rising up and pounding back down. Well, when it's up and high, jump
to it. You probably won't have time to jump to the ledge to your right, so just
wait for it to rise back up with you on it, then jump to the ledge yourself.
Head in here and up the ramp on your left.

At the top of the ramp, turn right and then left. Now this looks complicated,
but all you need to do is walk straight forward, all the way, until you hit the
wall ahead. Turn left and go to the edge where you can fall off and to your
death, then turn right and go up the small ramp a few feet ahead. Now you can
go forward a bit and can go left or right around the wall. Go either way, but
when you drop off the small edge, turn right and head all the way down this
hall until you have to turn (left). Ahead of you now is a bright, white window
and a right turn. Head out into the much bigger area where you will hear the
sound of machinery and can see little pods being moved now and then across a
beam several feet up.

Now look left (right is a wall). Locate the small part of floor that is on the
left side of the poles. Walk out along it until you can turn right and can walk
along the metal piece here (hanging way, way above any ground of any sort).
Follow the thin piece of metal ground by turning left when it does and head
straight and you'll walk into a wall. Now look to your right and you will see
a part that you can walk to out the outside of these poles now. Do so and foll-
ow it the only direction you can until it turns left a bit, then right again.
Drop down about 10-15 feet to the floor below... do make sure you drop to the
floor and now into oblivion.

Look around now for a short hall you can go down. The machinery should be gett-
ing louder, as should some kind of buzz sound that occurs every few seconds.
When you see the big machine making the buzz sound (it's a giant blue thing
that sends huge bolts of electricity into those little human-carrier pods),
look down and you'll see you can drop down again on to the edge of another area
and can go forward. You'll come parallel to the human-zapper and can then turn
left to an actual floor.

Now look at the clear catwalk that has those pods stopping on it and then open-
ing up for a few seconds. Look at the beams that those pods are running on and
you will see that one of them runs the pods of that beam right into the zapper
and that the other one runs far away from the zapper in the other direction.
Common sense tells you which one you need to get in. So duck under the first
ones (that go to the zapper) and then wait for a pod transporter thing for the
second one to open. Turn around, back against it, and jump. It will close it-
self around you and take you for a fun little ride. Wheeee!

There is absolutely nothing you can do but look around a bit, so just enjoy the
ride. The first thing you'll notice is the big, white light you'll go through
which gives you a loading sign and then comes into a huge area and you'll be
taken straight ahead. You'll then be taken upwards some over a bridge that has
a single Combine guard on it as well as some other weird "humanoid"-looking
thing. Freaky. Anyway, keep riding and you'll also pass by another Combine and
humanoid thing that will be on the left.

Sit tight. You'll head downwards now some and will pass over three striders
that are all walking in a line and then will go up again. You'll then soon be
taken through and area where gunships are hanging on the walls and being re-
paired and worked on. Shortly after that, a train will pass ahead going right
and you will be taken upwards and over another train that just barely misses
hitting you. You'll go on a bit further and then the pod will stop and let you
go. You'll fall about fifty feet to the ground and will be caught and slowed
down by some sort of energy and you'll get a loading sign.

When it's done loading, a female voice computer will start talking. It will say
that unregistered weapons have been detected (yours) and will then start some
sort of cycle to obviously get rid of them. You will be stripped of all your
guns and weapons in an instant and will watch them be practically vaporized be-
fore your eyes... all except the Gravity Gun... because it has that orange
crystal in it, the energy messes with it and somehow charges it to become a
blue crystal. You can then pick it up and head straight through the blue force
field which is now off. This is a much, MUCH greater version of the Gravity
Gun. I'll just call it the Super Gravity Gun, or the Super GG. It can pick up
just about ANYTHING. It can pull people (yes, Combine) to you, it can blast
them away at other enemies, it can rip consoles off of walls, et cetera. The
only downside to having this uber powerful gun is that you have no others and
can't pick up the Combine's since they get vaporized by its crystal.

Anyway... the blue force field in front of you will go down and you can head
down the hall. At the other end of it, there will be some Combine troops who
will attack you. Put your new Super GG to use and either drag them towards you
and sling them at the other guards, or give them a primary blast and just send
them flying! It works! What a kick ass gun, huh? Anywho, Dr. Breen will come
on the two screens on your right and will start talking with "So this is Dr.
Freeman!" and will go on about how it's not a very pleasant surprise.

When he's done talking to you, you can rip those consoles right off the wall
and straight around. Go forward a bit and there will be a clear catwalk (you
can see its bluish tint and the black spikey-looking rails) that some Combine
will come from and will attack you. Try out the force of your new Gravity Gun
by slinging a console at them. Say bye-bye to the Combine. Now look right. See
the HEV Suit charger on the wall? Go and use it.... Holy crap! That charger
does both your Health and your HEV Suit... AND it charges your HEV Suit to 200
power! (All of the chargers from this point on will do the same. I will just
call them Power chargers.)

Now go out on the clear catwalk a bit and turn right. Follow it all the way
down (not literally downwards) and more Combine will attack you at the end of
it where you can turn left and then left again and down another clear catwalk.
There are more Combine at the other end and a sensor/camera thing will be
floating in the air. Keep going and you'll turn right at the end of the catwalk
and Breen will talk to you again on another console about how you could have
worked for him and how he was administrator back in Black Mesa (from HL1).

When he shuts up, turn directly around and face the wall. Now slightly to the
right at about your 2 o'clock (about 8 o'clock when facing the console) is a
passage-way you can go down. Do so and jump the railing at the end (there is a
blue force field on your left as soon as you jump over, just so you know). Keep
going forward into a room with a huge machine in the middle of it that has a
big blue and white beam running through it (don't touch it or the energy around
it!). Past the machine and beam (you can go around it left or right) are two
paths. The left one is blocked by a force field, so take the right one as Com-
bine soldiers attack you. Wanna see something cool? Throw one of them into that
machine. He he he.

Anyway, continue down the path to the right of the machine and you will come to
an elevator. Press the green/red button (there's both... not sure which gets
pressed) on the wall with your Use key and it will rise up. Assuming you are
still facing the buttons' wall when it stops at the top, look right and kill
the two white and black Combine soldiers shooting at you. They have tons of orb
things flowing behind them and you can't get to them due to the blue force
field blocking your path... for now. Well, when they are dead, look slightly to
the left of them and you will see a single orb in a small capsule machine. Draw
it to you with the Super GG and the blue force field will turn off. Take this
hint... the force fields are powered by those now.

So, continue towards the dead Combine and go right when you can. You'll go down
a small slope and there will be a Power charger (both HEV and Health I mean) on
the right wall and a blue force field at the bottom of the ramp on the left. Go
up to it and look around on the other side. There is a huge thing of orbs runn-
ing up on the slight right and then on the left is a single one that turns off
the shield when you grab it with the Super GG. Head through the force field and
mind the Combine that come from both the other one in this area (right next to
the big set of flowing orbs and then to the left of them). It's best to just
grab some orbs and throw them at the Combine. They kill loads of them fast.

Anyway, face the set of flowing orbs and go left. You'll come to some steps in
which you should go up. Directly ahead are two consoles. Dr. Breen won't talk
on these ones, so just turn left at the top of the steps to a hallway that has
a Power charger on the right wall. Just past the Power charger, you will get a
loading sign.

Continue forward and there will be a big white light (kinda like a window, I
guess) on the left and a turn right (you'll drop down a couple of feet). Kill
the Combine here and then listen to Dr. Breen on the consoles in this room a-
bout how Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Vance are partly responsible for your behavior but
that it's mostly your fault and willful disregard for humanity. Mm hmm... so
it's you that is disregarding humanity? I see now... oookay.

Look around now and you'll see a blue force field that you can't do anything
with and then another huge room. It has some orbs flowing way upwards. Go in it
and you'll take note of the huge circle in the middle of it of empty space that
the railings and catwalk go around. Now go around it and look for the small red
and green buttons on the edge of the rail. Press them with the Use key and the
area you're in will turn into a war-zone. Combine will come from everywhere.
Use the infinite amount of orbs to your advantage and recharge your Health and
HEV Suit power with the single charger on the wall behind you and some a couple
of consoles. (Facing the Power charger, there is a blue force field to it's
left. Combine will come from there as well, so just make sure you guard there
as well).

Eventually, after about three to five minutes of fighting I mean, a large plat-
form will have arrived in that center circle of nothing from above. That's what
the button did. Now, step onto the platform and it will be surrounded by a blue
force field and will immediately (though at a slow pace) start moving upward.
Now if you have concluded anything about the force fields in the game so far,
you'll know you can shoot in and out of them, but cannot move in and out of
them. So, as it rides up, use your Super GG to kill the guards on all of the
floors and levels that you pass by. It will continue on up until it stops.

When it does stop at the top (it will stop now and then and make you kill some
guards... just use the two tubes of flowing orbs to your advantage), pull the
single orb out of the tube capsule thing down the only path that there is and
the blue force field around the platform elevator will turn off. Kill the Com-
bine here and move forward to the consoles where Dr. Breen will come on and ask
you exactly what you think you have created after destroying so much. Now, face
the consoles (for direction) and go left.

There is a window of white light just as you turn the corner as well as a Power
charger on the wall. Use the charger and continue down the hallway, past a blue
force field on the left (kill the few Combine soldiers that come out of it) un-
til you come to a room with another one of those big machines with the blue and
white beam in the middle of it. Go left (since you can't go right) and go all
the way around it like a circle and down the hall here (killing Combine as you
go). There is a blue force field on your left before the hall also turns left.
Follow it and just before a white light window on the left, there is a Power
charger on the right. Follow the hall to the end, down some stairs (right) and
to some consoles where Dr. Breen will talk about how he has laid the foundation
for humanity and stuff... yes, stuff.

Now look left from the consoles... you'll see a very, very long, wide hall. On
the walls, there are human transporter capsules like the ones that Eli was in
when Alyx brought him to you and her in the Entanglement chapter. Drop off the
edge and onto the clear bluish floor and head forward down this enormous hall.
Tons of Combine will attack you. Grab a couple of the human capsules (no one is
in them, lol) and throw them down the path to kill the first group of Combine.

Keep going and you'll see another line of Combine and behind them... a strider.
It will start shooting at you. What rocket launcher do you use now?! None. Use
your Super GG to pull some orbs out of those tubes that have them flowing up
and sling them at the strider. It only takes three, but the damn thing will
duck now and then, so be prepared to take some damage. Oh... and kill the Com-
bine as well. There's only a few.

When the strider is dead and destroyed, continue forward and Dr. Breen will
come on a huge screen (like the one the civilians ripped down in the beginning
of Anticitizen One) and will tell you to look at what you are throwing away.
Whatever... now look left. See the big blue force field? See behind it the lit-
tle tube with three orbs in it? Grab them and throw them away to turn off the
force field. Go behind it and drop down to get a loading sign just before you
touch the ground.

After the loading is done, look left. There is a blue force field you can't do
anything with, so go right and down the hall to the end where there is a Power
charger on the wall. Use it to recharge yourself from any damage you took from
the strider and then turn with the hall (you'll go up a few steps) and head
forward until you come to an area where there is another human "loading dock"
as you could call it.... Well, do the same as before and turn your back to the
human transporter pod and jump up and in it when it opens and it will grab you
and take you away on another marvelous ride!

Sit still and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Let the
pod take you where it's going (it will stop momentarily now and then) and you
will eventually go through a little red laser and a camera will take pictures
of you... uh oh. Anyway, ride the pod and keep going and it will take you up,
up, and up some more. You'll see huge green frog-like things and shortly after,
gunships leaving the citadel.

You'll keep going and will then go upwards again. This time, for longer. You
will keep going up and up into some dark and then light and then the pod will
even slow down as you go by a huge set of windows that let you look out to the
city and the world... pretty high. You'll keep going up and into some more
pitch black darkness and will get a long loading sign....

|  N) Chapter 14 - Dark Energy  |

After the loading, you will be brought up into some light and will be surround-
ed by a blue force field. A machine will strip you of your Super Gravity Gun
and the white Combine guard will take it. ... You've been captured. A door in
front of you will open and Dr. Judith Mossman will be there. She'll tell you
that there is nothing you can do and not to struggle and the machine will sim-
ply make your pod follow her and you'll hear Dr. Breen's voice soon just before
entering his office.

He will be talking to Eli, who is also in a pod thing. Eli will accuse him of
genocide and then will see you and Dr. Breen will turn around and see you. He
will tell the guard to place your Super Gravity Gun "over there" after laughing
at it. He'll go on to say that he wouldn't have bothered hunting you if he had
known you were going to come up to his office. He'll then tell you that now
that he has both of you in his holding, he can make any bargain he wants with
the Combine.

Judith will step in and talk about letting Eli finish his research and Breen
will tell her that she can do that. He'll mention that Eli is the only person
who can tell the rebels in the streets to stop and Eli will refuse. Dr. Breen
will then bring in Alyx, who, not to any surprise, is also being held in a pod.
She'll be shocked to see that you have been captured as well. Eli will yell at
Breen and Breen will go over to Alyx and mention her mother. She will spit in
his face and call her stubborn like her father (basically) after she tells him
how dare he mention her.

He will then threaten to send them both to though a Combine portal to another
world and will shift the pods so that he is talking directly to you since the
rebels/resistance members have accepted you as their new leader. Alyx will keep
yelling and making decisions for you (wouldn't it be great to lead humanity to
their death?) and Dr. Breen will go to send them away. You will hear a shock-
like sound and Breen will start yelling at Judith "what are you doing?!"

Judith, apparently, is on your side... wow. See now why I didn't want to give
anything away about her back in the Black Mesa East chapter? Anyway, she will
stop Breen from calling in guards and he will then try to make a run for it as
she releases you from your pod! Dr. Breen will then blast the room with your
Super Gravity Gun and it will break the pods of Alyx and Eli as well just as
Dr. Breen is escaping through a door. Alyx will care for her father and Judith
and she will help him up. She'll say goodbye and claim that she's not and Jud-
ith will give her the electric thing she used.

Follow Alyx to the elevator with the clear floor and she'll start talking to
you when the door closes, saying "Gordon... we haven't known each other very
long, but..." ... and then will continue with "... I know you didn't have to do
this."  Damn it! When is she going to ask you out?! Lol, sorry.... Anyway, she
will start the elevator up and you'll hear Dr. Breen talking to someone... or
something. When you get up to him, he'll run off, saying that you're right be-
hind him. He will stupidly leave the Super GG lying on the ground.

Pick it up when the blue shield goes down and Alyx will run over to another
elevator just as Breen is going down it. She will then operate a console and
open a big window and you'll see a big... thing, outside. She'll say it's the
citadel's main fusion reactor and that you two HAVE to stop Dr. Breen. Yay! Get
in the elevator when she tells you to after charging your Health and HEV Suit
with the single charger on the wall to the right of it. Get in the elevator and
she will start it down, telling you to do your worst and to be careful.

When the elevator gets down, turn left (right is a blue force field) and Dr.
Breen, who is in a big energy ball in some machine, will talk to you. He will
tell you that when he leaves and gets through the portal, deadly particles will
be released and will kill you and everyone around. He says that they will des-
troy you in every way possible and even some ways that are impossible... what-
ever that means. So great. As if you haven't done enough already, you now have
to save your own ass.

Turn around and look for the consoles. Face them and look left against the wall
and locate the small path you can hug the wall and take. (If you see no path,
wait for the big machine that is rising and falling to rise, then go on the
path that it reveals.) Alyx will talk about Combine soldiers, so kill the few
that come through the blue force field just before that big ramp ahead. Go up
the ramp and past the other blue force field at the top and over to the tube
with the three orbs in it. Grab the orbs with your Super GG and sling them at
the Combine guards coming in after you through the force fields. When you get
the three orbs gone, the thing they are powering (just the little shield around
them) will turn off and you can go past them and hide behind some glass (which
is bullet-proof) to turn off the next one. Breen will say he doesn't know what
you're trying to accomplish and Alyx will tell you not to listen to him.

When you get all three off, continue on the narrow path, hugging the wall and
jump on top of the machine part that is rising and falling. Wait for it to be
all the way down, jump on it, and ride it up to the next level. Kill the Com-
bine soldiers here and keep going past the machine rising and falling. Breen
will say "I warned you this was futile" and Alyx will tell you that he's bluff-
ing (trying to fool you). Keep hugging the wall (Alyx will tell you sometime
about here that Breen has started his ascent) until you can walk out on a very
small piece of metal, towards Breen's machine.

Wait for the metal thing to come down in front of you and get on it. It will
slowly spin you around the machine, stop, and will go up and stop again. Jump
or walk off it to the clear catwalk here. You should see the Power charger on
the wall easily as you came up and stopped, so use it to recharge any health or
suit power you may have lost. Now go around the catwalk (it has a clear bluish
floor and black railings) until you find another part (very close to the center
of this machine) that is rising and lowering. Get on it and rise to the next
level catwalk. Breen will say something about he could have told you it was
pointless (or something... I didn't hear anything but "I could have told you it

Go around the clear-floored catwalk either way and you'll come to a path you
can take away from the machine, straight to a blue force field and a few Com-
bine. Kill them and look at the blue force field and go left. Breen will ask
you "Are you still with us Dr. Freeman?" Once you've gone left, look at the big
machine part that is rising and falling. When it's all the way down, just like
before, jump on it and ride it up. Turn around and jump off it. In the window
on the left, you'll see Alyx operating the consoles... why you just didn't
break the damn window to get out here is beyond my understanding....

Alyx will say "Oh my God, the portal is opening" and you will observe... well,
the portal opening. Take note of the orbs flowing here as you look out at the
portal (slightly to the left and right, on poles). If you look up, you will see
a huge red and orange thing spreading across the sky like a blanket. You will
also see two gunships come through that portal and will attack you after they
back up. Quickly now, take a couple of orbs and throw them at the gunships. It
only takes two orbs each to take them down, so do so quick!

Now grab another orb and move off to the side a bit. Launch it right into the
portal (not the orange, but below that is a green-white glowing thing... launch
it right into it). Things will break a bit and then huge metal things will rise
up and block the portal from further attack. Alyx will yell "yes!" and Breen
will tell you to back off and that you have no idea what you're doing.

Don't let that stop you! Grab another orb quickly and throw it into the portal.
It will smash the thing it hits blocking the portal, so grab another and launch
away right at it! Keep grabbing orbs and launching them into the portal, con-
tinually breaking off parts of it. Breen will tell you to think of the people
below because you could destroy the entire citadel! Oh well, keep grabbing orbs
and throwing them into the portal until it breaks and stops completely! Breen
will yell "No! You idiot!" and a small shock wave will break the glass behind

Alyx will be cheering somewhat and will climb out by your side. Things will
still be a little shaking and if you look up, some small explosions are taking
place on that huge thing. Alyx will say "C'mon Gordon! We've got to get out of
here! Maybe will still have --" and everything will stop just as the machine,
from the core portal, explodes. Everything, time itself, slows dramatically to
a stop and you will hear (at first) and see the G-Man give the following speech
to you, finishing Alyx's sentence....

"Time, Dr. Freeman? Is it really that time again? It seems as if you've only
just arrived.... You've done a great deal in a small time span.... You've done
so well in fact, that I've received some interesting offers for your services.
Ordinarily, I wouldn't contemplate them, but these are extraordinary times....
Rather than offer you the illusion of free choice, I will take the liberty of
choosing for you if and when your time comes around again. I do apologize for
what must seem to you an arbitrary imposition, Dr. Freeman. I trust it will all
make sense to you in the course of... well, I'm not really at liberty to say.
In he meantime, this is where I get off...."

He will then walk away from you, a door made of nothing but white light in the
black nothingness that you are in will open, he will straighten his tie, and
will walk out. The credits will role.

Congratulations. You have beaten Half-Life 2.


| Section XI. - HL2: Deathmatch |

If you own the actual Half-Life 2 game, you can, for no price at all, download
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch from Steam. It's the multiplayer game that was not in-
cluded in the actual game. This section of the guide will just go over the main
points and parts and differences in HL2:DM. It will be brief, but I feel the
need to include everything, so here we go.

  HL2:DM Main Menu

Find Servers - When you click this, a window will pop up and a long list of
               servers will be found under the "Internet" tab. You can click on
               any one of these servers and then click "Connect" at the bottom
               of the window to connect to it and play with other people from
               all over the world in an all-out brawl to the death.

Create Server - When you click this, you will be able to make your own LAN ser-
                ver. A LAN server is not the same as an Internet server, it
                simply restricts you to playing within your network. For exam-
                ple, if you were in a classroom at school and all the computers
                had the game, those computers would be able to play in that LAN
                server by clicking on the "LAN" tab at the top of the "Find
                Servers" window.

Friends - When you click this, you will be prompted to sign in. I personally
          have never done so, but I assume that once you do, you will be given
          a list of all the people you have added to your friend's list as well
          as what server they are playing in, assuming they are online.

Options - There are several different things you can do in the options menu. I
          will list them below by their tabs (located at the top of the window
          that comes up when you click on Options).

          - Multiplayer: Under this tab, you can change your name, your spray
                         image, and what you look like.
          - Keyboard: Under this tab, you can change your controls.
          - Mouse: Under this tab, you can change your mouse sensitivity, pitch
                   and turn on Joystick use.
          - Sound: Under this tab, you can change the level of the sound eff-
                   ects, the level of the music provided there is any, and the
                   sound quality.
          - Video: Under this tab, you can change the screen resolution, the
                   ratio aspect (for widescreen stuff), the Display Mode, the
                   brightness levels, and numerous other things in the Advanced
                   video options (click the "Advanced" button for this).
          - Voice: Under this tab, you can turn Voice Communication (via a mic)
                   on or off as well as change the tranmiting and receiving
                   volume levels.


| Section XII. - Simple Cheats |

There are a great deal many cheats and codes in Half-Life 2, many of which can
alter what realism does exist (gravity, air density, etc). Those cheats will
not be included in this section. However, some of the much more simpler ones
will be. They are the basic cheats such as Godmode and All Weapons and such.

In order to actually use cheats, the first thing you have to do is enable the
Console. You can enable the Console by hitting the "Esc" key any time during
gameplay and going to Options. From there, make sure you are on the "Keyboard"
tab. Click on the "Advanced..." button and check the box that says "Enable
developer console (~)". Click OK on the windows (click Apply if you can) and
resume gameplay.

Now whenever you hit the ~ key (it is located next to the '1' key and above the
'TAB' key on most keyboards), the game will pause and the Console (a window
with all sorts of things in it) will come up. You can then type things in the
Command Line at the bottom to do certain things... like cheat.

Type     sv_cheats 1     in the Console in order to enable cheats to be used.
Then, you can type of of the things below and will get the named result. By
changing a '1' to a '0', it will turn the cheat off. (Meaning if you typed
sv_cheats 0 in the Console, cheats would not be allowed.)

  Console Command                       Result
sv_cheats 1                         Enables cheats.
god                                 Turns on Godmode (can't be hurt).
impulse 101                         Gives all weapons, ammo, and health.
impulse 82                          Spawns a buggy.
impulse 83                          Spawns an airboat.
bind x "impulse 101"                Makes it so that hitting X does the above.
sv_infinite_aux_power 1             Gives infinite flashlight and running.
noclip                              Walk through walls and air and anything.
notarget                            Invisibility
cl_showfps 1                        Displays your Frames Per Second.

More can be found in the "Codes & Secrets" section of Half-Life 2.


| Section XIII. - Frequently Asked Questions |

I have been E-mailed several times by multiple people who have questions on why
something does what it does, why something won't work, and many other things.
There are also hundreds of topics on the Half-Life 2 message board asking for
help on some of the things that can be found in this guide or right here in
this section, so please read this section before creating yet another topic on
the message board. Here are some common questions... (technical first, then
story/game ones)...

  Technical Questions

Q - Can my computer run this game?
A - The minimum requirements to play Half-Life 2 and the recommended are locat-
    ed on the bottom of the box. If you don't have the game, here they are:

    Minimum System Requirements:
      - 1.2 GHz Processor
      - 256 MB of RAM
      - DirectX 7 level graphics card
      - Windows 2000, XP, Me, or 98
      - 4.5 GB of available Hard Drive Space
      - A mouse
      - A keyboard
      - An internet connection

    Recommended System Requirements:
      - 2.4 GHz processor
      - 512 MB of RAM
      - DirectX 9 level graphics card
      - Windows 2000, XP, Me, or 98
      - 4.5 GB of available Hard Drive Space
      - A mouse
      - A keyboard
      - An internet connection

Q - I don't have Steam. Do I need it to play this game?
A - Yes, and you can get it at http://www.steampowered.com or let the game in-
    stall it when you get it.

Q - I have no connection to the internet at all. Can I play this game?
A - No, not at all.

Q - I have to dial up to the internet and don't want to tie up the phone lines
    to play. Is there a way to play offline?
A - Yes. However, you will have to get online weekly and log into Steam for it
    to continue working. You will also need to download any updates (they are
    not very big). To play in Offline Mode, do the following:
    Get online. Start Steam. Get any updates (it will do it automatically if
    there are any when you start the game). Play the game. Close the game.
    Close Steam. Disconnect from the internet. Restart Steam while offline. You
    should be prompted about Offline Mode. Follow the instructions and simply
    get online weekly and update and log in for it to keep working.

Q - Is my graphics card good enough?
A - I don't know what graphics card you have, but the two most popular compan-
    -ies that make them are NVIDIA and ATI. If you have an "integrated graphics
    card", it is not sufficient enough to run Half-Life 2 very well at all,
    assuming it can run it. I would personally recommend any card equal to or
    better than the ATI Radeon 9600XT. Some examples of better ones would be
    the ATI Radeion 9800Pro, the NVIDIA 6600GT, the NVIDIA 6800GT, or the ATI

Q - I have a graphics/video card that I know will run the game easily, but the
    game still does not play very well and stutters and is choppy; what should
    I do?
A - Download the latest graphics drivers for your card. If you have an NVIDIA
    graphics card, go to    www.nvidia.com    and download the drivers. If you
    have an ATI graphics card, go to    www.ati.com    and download the drivers
    there. Do the same for any other company you may have (if it's not NVIDIA
    or ATI).

Q - I have the latest drivers and the game still stutters; what should I do?
A - You can lower the resolution and/or the settings in the game's Advanced
    video options.

Q - Why does the game take so long to load, even several minutes?
A - Most likely because you do not have enough Random Access Memory (RAM). If
    you go out and buy more, loading times will be less.

Q - What about the beginning of the game? It stays on that blurry screen for a
    very long time just loading the main menu. What can I do?
A - There are a couple of things you can do, but they won't affect the loading.
    It will basically make it not have to load at all. If you don't know much
    about computers, it's okay, I will make this as easy as possible to under-
    stand. The first thing you see when you load up your game is a short video
    of a guy who have a gotee and a red valve in his eye. You can make that not
    even appear. Do the following:

    1 - Open Notepad (it's a program that you should have in Start > Programs.
    2 - Don't type anything. Go to File in the upper left corner and down to
        Save As.
    3 - Save the blank file as "valve.avi" (with the quotes) to your desktop.
        Close Notepad. Close Steam.
    4 - Open "My Computer" and go to your Hard Drive that the game is stored on
        (most likely, it's the C: drive). Open that up.
    5 - Now look for a folder called "Program Files". Open that and then look
        for a folder called "Steam". If you can't find one, then look for one
        called "Valve". The "Steam" folder is in it. Open it.
    6 - In the Steam folder, look for "SteamApps" and open it.
    7 - Now look for your Steam account's name. Open it.
    8 - Look for the "half-life 2" folder (spelt just like that). Open it.
    9 - Inside that, look for the "hl2" folder. Open it.
   10 - Now look for the "media" folder. Open it.
   11 - Now drag the blank file on your desktop into the media folder and drop
        it. Something will ask you if you want to overwrite the existing one.
        Say yes.
   12 - Now right-click the new "valve.avi" icon and go down to Properties.
   13 - Inside Properties, under the "General" tab, check the "Read-Only" box.
        Click Apply. Click OK. Exit.

    That will make it so that you will never have to see that face and small
    video again. Now, the game will still have a long loading screen for the
    main menu. Let's fix that now... do the following:

    1 - Open Steam. Right-click it and go to "Play Games".
    2 - Right-click on Half-Life 2 and go down to Properties. A window will pop
    3 - Click on the "Launch Options" button. Another small window will pop up.
    4 - Type "+map_backround none" (without the quotes) in the box and click OK
        and then close everything.
    5 - Restart Steam.

    The game's main menu will now load much, much faster. =)

Q - The game still slows down sometimes and I've done everything above. What
    should I do?
A - You can try defragmenting your hard drive and doing a disk cleanup. To do
    those, right click on your hard drive in "My Computer" and go to Properties
    and be under the "General" tab. Click the "Disk Cleanup" button and follow
    the instructions. For defragmentation, go to the "Tools" tab in the same
    window and click on the "Defragment Now" button. It can take several hours
    to do, so make sure you have a movie or two to watch.

Q - The Steam servers are busy. What does that mean/What do I do?
A - It just means that a lot of people are trying to do what you are and it is
    hogging up the servers. Just wait awhile and try again.

Q - My game says "A.I. Disabled" and no one will move or do anything! What do I
A - This is a very common glitch in the pirated versions of the game. If you
    have pirated the game, please dial '911' on your phone and let them know.
    They will assist you.
    If you did not pirate the game, then type "ai_disable 0" (without the
    quotes) in the Console (see the "Simple Cheats" section of this guide to
    find out how to enable the Console). You may need to change the 0 to a 1 or
    vice versa. Whichever works.

Q - How do I take screenshots and where are they?
A - While playing the game, pressing the 'F5' key will take a screenshot. If
    you want to get your screenshot, go here:
    My Computer > Hard Drive > Program Files > Valve > Steam > SteamApps
    > YourAccountName > half-life 2 > hl2 > screenshots
    You can then drag them to a different folder or your desktop if you want.

Q - I have the store-bought version (retail) and can't find the CD Key! Where
    is it?
A - On the back of CD 1's paper case. It's the top number that is 25 letters
    and numbers long. An example would be XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

  Storyline / In-Game Questions

Q - Does this game come with Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S)?
A - All versions, including the store-bought version, come with CS:Source.

Q - What about Half-Life: Source (HL:S) and Day of Defeat: Source (DOD:S)?
A - Only Steam's Gold and Silver editions come with those two games. Visit the
    website at www.steampowered.com/ for more information.

Q - What is Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (HL2:DM)?
A - It is simply Half-Life 2 multiplayer.

Q - Does this game come with Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (HL2:DM)?
A - No, it does not come with it. However, you can download it through Steam
    for free with a Steam account that legally has access to the single-player
    Half-Life 2 game.

Q - Do I need to play Half-Life 1 before Half-Life 2?
A - No. Half-Life 2 takes place approximately 10-20 years after Half-Life 1 and
    has nothing to do with it.

Q - What are those aliens with the red eyes and why do they help me/humans?
A - They are called Vortigaunts. In Half-Life 1, they fought against you until
    you killed their ruler, Nihilanth, and set them free. Now they feel that
    they owe you something.

Q - So what exactly happened back in Half-Life 1?
A - You were Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist who went into work at
    Black Mesa one morning and screwed up an experiment. It opened a portal to
    another world called Xen. For a long while, your fellow scientists had been
    stealing things from Xen, resources actually... for experiments. When you
    opened the portal, the Xenians decided to wage war on you, under the con-
    trol of Nihilanth, their ruler who was bribed by the Combine. Because you
    had on your HEV Suit, you were able to survive and attempt escape, killing
    many of the Xenians and even Nihilanth.

Q - Who/What are the Combine?
A - The Combine are a race of aliens who have an intergalactic empire. They
    move from place to place, taking over planets and consuming their resources
    like they are doing with Earth. The Combine are actually fat, slug-like
    creatures due to the fact that they have become so dependant on their tech-
    nology to do things for them. The Combine soldiers/guards I refer to in the
    game are genetically altered humans COMBINED with Combine and other alien
    genetics to create an elite fighting force. They take the best qualities of
    each race they have taken over and combine them to form a super-race.

Q - Can I get the Super Gravity Gun (the blue one) in the beginning of the game
    or before the end?
A - Yes. Enable your Console (how to do so can be found in the "Simple Cheats"
    section of this guide) and type in the following things, hitting Enter af-
    ter each one.
                      sv_cheats 1
                      map d3_citadel_04
                      changelevel d1_trainstation_01
                      give weapon_physcannon

Q - Who is the G-Man?
A - No one knows. There are many theories about him and what he does and who he
    works for, but not one of them are confirmed.

Q - What the hell happened at the end?
A - The G-Man froze time, took you out of harm's way (that citadel collapsing
    would have surely killed you), and placed you in a slow-time warp to be
    called upon later... Half-Life 3, perhaps?

Q - What happened to Alyx (and the others)?
A - Just like the "Who is the G-Man" question, no one knows.

Q - Will there be an expansion where you play as Alyx/Adrian Shephard/Barney?
A - No one knows... except maybe Valve, but they made the game.


| Section XIV. - Credits |

I'd like to thank a few sources who inevitably helped me write this guide. They
are as follows:

1. GameFAQs for posting this guide on their site.
2. The GameFAQs user "Cloud Runner 777" for reminding me about Manhacks, tell-
   ing me that the silver things are Rollermines, and reminding me about Barna-
3. The GameFAQs user named "John Goering" for telling me about the Secondary
   Function of the grenade.
4. The GameFAQs user named "Leftos" for telling me (via his guide posted here
   on GameFAQs) the secret to loading the main menu much faster and letting me
   post my version of it and credit him for it.
5. The GameFAQs user named "TheDeadManFan" for correcting my ai_disable answer
   in the FAQ Section.
6. Valve for making such an awesome game!


This Guide has been brought to you by:

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