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FAQ/Walkthrough by TwIsTeD_EnEmY

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 08/11/11

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 AAAAA               AAAAA       OOOOOOO               TTTT 


| Age Of Mythology: The Titans Walkthrough 1.3                     |
| Last Modified:  10 March 2011                                    |
| Created On: 22 February 2011                                     |
| Author: James “TwIsTeD_EnEmY” Bouchier TwIsTeDEnEmY@Hotmail.com  |  


  Game Requirements  
The Following is needed to play: 
       Age Of Mythology
       Windows (98/2000/XP)
       128MB RAM
       450 MHZ Processor
       450 MB Hard Drive
       16 MB 3D Video Card
       32x CD Drive
       Mouse/ Touch Pad
       1 Gigahertz or more CPU
       246 MEG RAM or Better
       32-64MB 3D video card or better


2.0 Prologue: The Old One Watches.


Kronos: Busy rebuilding, are they? How foolish to pretend they are safe, 
        think that closing some gates would be the end of this... to 
        that I’m still here
Kronos: Well, It’s their nature to be forgetful... Even the gods are 
       absentminded – Zeus has forgotten about everyone he has locked 
away in  
       Tartarus. It is time for all of us to remind him...
Kronos: Go... Do as i have told you... Make way for the Titans!    
Krios: Wha...

2.1 A Lost people


Atlantean Soldier: We cannot stay here. There are not enough trees to 
                   Shelters or light fires against the cold. Crops will 
                   grow here. And the Savages are getting bolder.
Zeno: The gods have abandoned us! We’d be better off sinking with 
Atlantis than 
      coming here. We must move.
Sergeant: What’s going on here? Zeno, what have I told you about getting 
          everyone worked up?
Krios: Its all right, Sergeant. He’s right, we most move.
Zeno: How Krios? We have no ships and no one has seen a better place 
Krios: The gods showed me an abandoned Temple in my dream last night. I 
       told, it was the key to our leaving this place. We must find it.

In game Dialogue:

Soldier: Krios has supplied us with a fire siphon
Krios: Savages, stop them!
Krios: We will need to hunt for our food. Our farms will not take to the 
Krios: We must find the temple from my dream, I know it can help us.
Soldier: Wolves! Watch out!
Krios: That is the temple from my vision... we can use it to escape this 

Start with:
Resources: 725 Food 
           400 Wood
           325 Gold
           0 Favor

Buildings: 1 Town Centre
           1 Military Barracks
           2 Manors
           2 Watch Towers
Units: 9 Destroyers
       1 Arcus 
       1 Fanatic
       3 Citizens
       1 Kastor (Hero)

Mission 1
Build an army of at least 5 Murmillo.

Go to the barracks and train 5 Murmillo.

Hint: The Murmillo is the mainline swordsmen from the barracks. Murmillo 
     good multipurpose fighters with a slight advantage against cavalry.
Mission 2
Find the sky passage.

The sky passage is located to the far east of your Town centre, however, 
it is not wise to approach the sky passage straight away, as it is 
guarded by a small army of enemies.

Hint: Krios has had a vision of the sky passage, a special temple that 
will transport the Atlantean people to a much better land.

Mission 3
Defeat the barbarians that guard the sky passage

There are three allied enemies on the map; yellow, red and purple. Purple 
is the only enemy you need to attack, as his units are guarding the sky 
passage to the east, with yellow and red situated in the centre and North 
of the map respectively. Purple’s base of which consists 2 longhouses and 
a Hill fort, is surrounded by a wall. Before attacking purples base, it 
would be best to train additional Arcus’ and Murmillo. After 5:10, krios 
will supply you with a free fire siphon.
To complete this mission, it is only necessary to destroy the 2 
Longhouses and Hill Fort around the sky passage, but it is recommended 
you kill purples units first. 

Hint: The barbarians have several hill forts guarding the sky passage. 
Use Krios’ fire siphons to destroy them.

Mission 4
Garrison 5 citizens into the sky passage

Garrison 5 of any units into the sky passage. Despite the name of the 
mission, it is not necessary to garrison 5 citizens into the sky passage, 
though at least 1 citizen is needed for the next mission.

Hint: The sky passage is a special building of the gitan gods into which 
units can be garrisoned. The units can be ungarrisoned from any other sky 
passage owned by the same player, nomatter how far the distance between 

Mission 5 
Ungarrison from the second sky passage and build a Town Centre. 

Pretty straight forward. Ungarrison from the sky passage and use a 
citizen to build a Town Centre on the settlement. Once the Town Centre is 
270/2100 built, the mission and level is complete.

Hint: Krios’ vision has been realized... Claim a settlement to establish 
a new home for atlantis.


Spotlight: Citizen
           The independent and self-sufficient citizens are the resource  
           gatherers and builders for the Atlantean culture. They are 
           significantly tougher and more efficient than other resource 
           gatherers, but more expensive in population and training cost

Relic locations: N/A

2.2 Atlantis Reborn


Greek Scout: Those look like...Atlanteans?
Atlantean Soldier: Look at this! You are truly favored, Krios, to have 
                   shown the way to such a place.
Theocrat Krios: The gods have favored Atlantis. But not the Olympian 
Atlantean Soldier: What?
Theocrat Krios: Look – the symbol on the passage that brought us here. 
                the mark of the Titan Oranos.
Theocrat Krios: Next to our settlement is a temple of his.
Theocrat Krios: Beside it is one to Kronos.
Theocrat Krios: Their temples are overgrown. We should restore them as a 
                of our gratitude.
Atlantean Soldier: It is forbidden!
Kastor: Krios is right!
Atlantean: It’s Kastor, son of Arkantos!
Kastor: What was Zeus doing for us back there? At least Oranos has led us 
        If he favors us, we’re better off offering prayers to him than 
        none look after us.
Greek scout: They are going into the temple of Oranos! We must have an 
end to 
             this at once!
Kastor: Let’s reclaim these temples and rebuild Atlantis!

In game Dialogue:

Citizen: Kastor, we have just enough resources to restore the temples, 
         that we’ll need to gather more.
Citizen: The temples are repaired, Krios.
Krios: Good work!
Atlantean soldier: Attackers
Atlantean citizen: A Greek attack!
Citizen: Those were Greeks Krios, why did they attack us?
Atlantean soldier: Another Greek attack!
Greek villager: Atlanteans!
Atlantean soldier: It sure would be easier to get around if we built some 
Atlantean soldier: Kastor, sir, the attacks are coming from a pass that 
                   to the other side of the island. The Greeks have a 
                   there, we should destroy it!
Atlantean scout: Look, a Relic!
Greek villager: The mad Atlanteans! Run to the tower!
Greek soldier: The Atlanteans are breaking through the pass! We have to 
Atlantean soldier: We’ve destroyed the base, and we’re moving on to the 
Krios: Excellent!
Greek villager: Ahh! The Titan worshippers! Run!
Atlantean scout: A Relic!
Greek villager: Atlanteans! It’s true!
Greek Captain: Go! Tell Melagius everything!
Atlantean scout: Look, Relics!
Greek Captain: Quick, shove off, the Atlanteans are coming!
Greek Captain: The ships are loaded! Go!
Atlantean soldier: The town centre is destroyed, the Greeks are 

End of level Dialogue:

Atlantean soldier: The last of them are retreating.
Kastor: Krios, they were Greek, why would they attack us?
Theocrat Krios: Whatever the reason, it is an outrage. Get your troops 
                together, Kastor.
Kastor: We’re in no shape to start a war now... I will get some men and 
        after the Greeks, but I want to find out why an old ally would 
        attack us before we start any fighting.

Start with:
Resources: 350 Food
           150 Wood
           100 Gold
           16 Favor

Buildings: 1 Town Center
           2 Overgrown Temple
           2 Manor
           1 Sky Passage

Units: 5 Fanatics
       3 Arcus’
       1 Kastor (Hero)
       5 Citizens

Mission 1
Repair the ancient temples to Oranos and Kronos

Repair both of the buildings by tasking 1 or more citizens both of the 
overgrown temples. With the remaining citizens, gather wood, and hunt the 
deer to the south west, and train a couple citizens from the town center.
Two small armies will approach and attack from the south and the south 
west, so be prepared.

Hint: The temples are overgrown. To repair them, select a citizen(or more 
than one if you like) and right click on a temple. They will go to work 
repairing the temple. Buildings damaged by attacks may be repaired in the 
same way. When the temples are repaired, remember to put your citizens to 
work gathering resources. You will need to go build buildings and train 

Mission 2
Build up your town and advance to the classical age

Gather food until you have enough to advance (400). When advancing, you 
may choose either deity, but its best if you choose Oceanus over 
Prometheus, as his Carnivora god power is useful later on when fighting 
the enemy.
While advancing, make sure that all of your citizens are tasked on either 
gold, food or wood or building buildings. Idle units only take up space.

Hint: There are a few things to keep in mind while expanding your town 
and advancing to the classical age. First, the Greeks will keep sending 
attacks- you will need to train an army to fight them. Second, there is 
an unclaimed settlement nearby which Oranos reveals to you on the 
minimap, claiming it will give you a strong foothold on the island and 
more population slots. Also, there are overgrown temples like the ones in 
the starting town scattered all over the island. When you find these 
temples and restore them you will receive free myth units!

Mission 3
Destroy the 3 military academies beyond the pass.

It is possible to destroy the 3 military bases straight away with the 
army you have if you are on easy difficulty. However, if you are not on 
easy difficulty, it is more than wise to prepare an army and make an 
economy before attacking. On titan difficulty, enemies will attack your 
main base regularly, so make sure to use walls if possible. 
To the west and east are fish, a good supply of food, so be sure to make 
a dock and fishing ships for them.
Beside the fish to the west is a overgrown temple, and another can be 
found to the south of your main base. Restoring these temples will 
provide you with 1 behemoth each.
At this point, you can choose whether or not to advance to the heroic 
age- the benefits being that you will be allowed to build a palace, and 
then destroyers, and also Arcus’.
Since the bulk of the Greek army is infantry, it is good to make an army 
of counter-infantry units such as Cheiroballista and Arcus for defending 
your base, and for when you eventually attack.

Hint: Greeks will be defending the pass fiercely. Destroyers are the best 
chance for demolishing the buildings in the pass. Destroyers may be 
trained in the heroic age from the palace. Be sure to look at the pass 
from time to time; you have line of sight to it and can see what the 
Greeks are training. This will allow you to better your defenses and 
select which units to train for battle.

Mission 4
Destroy the Greek Town Center

Sounds simple enough- you just destroyed their military base, so surely 
they can’t have too much defending their town center right?
Actually, the harder the difficulty, the more enemy units will be 
guarding their base. On Titan and hard difficulties, the enemy has a huge 
economy, and therefore can train military to no end. There are 3 stables, 
archery ranges and military academies situated in the enemies base, so 
will need to out-train the enemy. If you haven’t already, build a town 
center on the unclaimed settlement in the middle of the map- this will 
provide you will extra population. Building 5 manors and researching the 
upgrade “fortified town center” from your town center will maximize your 
population to a full 160. If you choose to go Heroic, choose the deity 
Theia. Her Hesperides god power provides you with a tree which can train 
dryads, a myth unit that is expensive, but costs 0 population.
As the game emphasizes, using sky passages is important. Building a sky 
passage in your military base and 1 near the enemies base will ensure 
that military units will be able to get to battle quicker.
If even more help is needed in battle, build palaces, walls and sky 
passages with the upgrade “Safe passage”, near the battle.
Greek villagers will not repair town center, so simply raiding the town 
center over and over again will succeed.
The level is complete once the Greek town center is destroyed.

Hint: The Greek town center is not easy to reach. Towers and fortresses 
protect the city, so be ready for a fight. You may want to build a sky 
passage near the Greek city so that you can get your armies into battle 
quickly. To use a sky passage, garrison your units in a nearby sky 
passage and un garrison them from one closer to where you are fighting. 
Only an Oranos player can build sky passages.

Spotlight: Sky passages
           Sky passages allow instantaneous travel across great distances 
           may only be built by the followers of Oranos. Units garrisoned 
           one sky passage may step out of any other sky passage. This 
can be 
           very powerful. If you find enemy sky passages – destroy them! 
           you have sky passages- defend them!
 Relic locations:
                 -Southwest of the starting town center and north of the 
                  unclaimed settlement
-South west of the unclaimed settlement x3
-West of the unclaimed settlement- only reachable 
through sky passage, which can be activated by getting 
line of sight on the southwest shore by fishing ship, or 
transport ship.
-South of the starting town center in an enemy tent
-South of the unclaimed settlement can only be obtained 
by transport ship.

2.3 Greetings from Greece


Myrmidon: Move, let the general through.
Myrmidon: You- tell the general what you told me.
Hoplite: The Atlanteans, sir. They invaded the island.
General Melagius: What.
Hoplite: They were building a temple to Oranos. They attacked the colony.
General Melagius: I don’t believe it.
Hoplite: Believe it or not, they set sail right after us. They will be 
General Melagius: The Atlanteans have gone mad... send world of this to 
our allies, ask them to send help.
Scout: Yes sir.
General Melagius: Muster our men and have them prepare a defense. If 
Atlantis comes to us looking for a fight, she’ll get it.

In game Dialogue:

Soldier: The resources in this area are thin, but there are several 
         vaults in these Greek lands. We should capture all of them.
Soldier: We’ve got to capture and try to hold as many Plenty Vaults as 
possible- they are the primary means of collecting resources around here.
Soldier: We’ve been granted visibility to all the plenty vaults in these 
Soldier: We have no town center and no way to get one.
Soldier: More reinforcements have arrived!
Soldier: Look. A statue to General Melagius. Lord Oranos is bound to 
reward us 
         for destroying these, wherever we find them.
Soldier: An army approaches!
Kastor: It may be wise to transform out citizens into heroes so they can 
        more quickly.
Kastor: To maintain control over the plenty vault, we need to have a 
        force near it than our enemy.
Soldier: We’ve found the caves of Polyphemus.
Soldier: Reinforcements!
Soldier: We’ve discovered an underworld passage. 
Soldier: More reinforcements are here!
General Melagius: I am General Melagius- lord and master here.
Soldier: A fishing village. Destroy Melagius’ statue to take over their 
Soldier: The docks and market in this village belong to us now.
Soldier: Favor from the gods!
Kastor: When our army is strong enough, it’ll be time to call on the good
        General himself.
Soldier: Our resources are low- we should fight to claim more Plenty 
General Melagius: It appears the Atlanteans have brought the fight to us.
General Melagius: Call for my royal guard.
General Melagius: General Melagius shall never fall to the likes of you.
General Melagius: Reinforcements attack!
General Melagius: I have been injured! Soldiers, to me!

End of level Dialogue:

Krios: More treachery! The Norse and Egyptians rise up against us with 
       Greeks! Do they forget who we are?
Kastor: There are too many. We cannot fight against them here.
Krios: You are going to let them get away with this?
Kastor: I did not say that. I said there are too many to fight here.

Start with:
Resources: 1728 Food
           1703 Wood         
Easy       1628 Gold
           628 Food
           603 Wood          
Moderate   528 Gold
           828 Food
           503 Wood          
Hard       628 Gold 
           428 Food 
           303 Wood             
Titan      328 Gold   

Buildings: 1 Sky Passage
           1 Plenty Vault

Units: 1 Citizen
       4 Murmillo
       1 Kastor (Hero)
       1 Transport ship

Mission 1
Claim Plenty vaults to gain resources

Only one plenty vault is needed to complete this mission. Capture the 
vault to the south east with one of your units.

Hint: There are a few natural resources in this area, so your best 
strategy is to control as many plenty vaults as possible. Capture and 
control as many plenty vaults as possible. Capture and control plenty 
vaults by having more units around them than any enemy does. After a 
plenty vault converts to your color it will remain yours until re-
captured by an enemy. Destroy any statues of Melagius you find to gain 
additional advantages.

Mission 2
Continue to fight for additional plenty vaults, build an army, and kill 
general Melagius.

On easy difficulty, this mission is simple enough, due to the huge amount 
of resources you get given, and the general lack of enemy units. Build an 
army consisting of Arcus’, Murmillo, Katapeltes and Destroyers, and 
capture all plenty vaults, before attacking and outnumbering General 
Melagius at his base.
However, on all other difficulties, the resources are significantly less, 
and will require more skill to defeat Melagius. Firstly It is wise to 
obtain the fishing operation to the east of your initial sky passage. It 
is unguarded, and to take control of the docks, you need to destroy 
Melagius’ statue. Task the two fishing ships on the two salmon fish 
Once reinforcements arrive, you should have 3 citizens. Have two of them 
collecting wood, and one collecting gold, and alternate if you need more 
of one resource. If you need additional food, you can hunt the deer.
Trees are scarce in the area, but more can be located in the swamp lands 
in the north. There are only two small gold mines near your sky passage, 
so make sure not to waste gold. The best way to get resources though is 
by capturing additional plenty vaults. The plenty vault in Polyphemus’ 
cave is easily enough defended if you wall around it. The plenty vault to 
the north, though, will be under constant attack from the enemy if you 
capture it, so perhaps think twice about doing so.
To defend from the north east, destroying Melagius’ statue in that pass 
will summon five sentinels, which are more than useful at defending. Make 
sure to wall off the pass once they have been summoned.
There are two underworld passages on the map. One in Polyphemus’ cave 
going to the north west, and another going from the swamp lands up north 
to far north east- just outside of General Melagius’ base. This will be 
your best chance of killing him. Compose a mixed army of archers and 
infantry, and attack. Use all 3 of your godpowers: chaos, shockwave and 
valor, when fighting against the forces in his base. You will be able to 
tell who General Melagius, because when you click on him, he says “I am 
General Melagius, lord and master here”. Once you have killed his army, 
task all your units to attack Melagius – don’t bother wasting time 
destroying his buildings. Once he gets down to 175 hp, it will cut scene, 
and he will be defeated.

Hint: General Melagius is the Greek enemy unit commanding his forces in 
the flagged area near the Greek city. Do not attempt to engage General 
Melagius and his guards until you have a superior force.


Spotlight on: Oracles
              Oracles scout for the Atlanteans. They cannot see very far 
              they are on the move, but when they are still, their vision 
              reaches out further and further until they see as far as a 
              But towers cannot walk, and the oracle, when his scouting 
              done, can move to another unknown area of the map.

Relic locations: 
               - The north west cave in which the underworld passage in 
                 Polyphemus’ cave goes to x5
               - North west, in the swamp lands
               - Beside reds north east plenty vault

General Melagius’ statue locations:
- East of the initial sky passage- gives you 2 docks, 2 fishing ships and 
a market.
- North east of the initial sky passage- summons 5 sentinels to fight for 
- East of yellows hilled Plenty Vault, and north east of the initial sky 
passage- gives you 75 favor
- Far north east of the initial sky passage, and in the middle of the map 
– gives you 35 favor.
- Far north east of the initial sky passage, and beside the underworld 
passage from the swamp – summons 5 sentinels to fight for you.    

2.4 Odin’s Tower

Fanatic: Sailing here was an excellent idea, sir. The Norse will not be 
         expecting an attack in their homeland now.
Kastor: That’s the idea.
Sergeant: Our scouts have seen only a few Norse troops around but the 
          is rough, many cliffs. They could be hiding.
Kastor: This is where they have built their Temples, so there will be 
        soldiers here. Odin’s temple is our target – we’re going to send 
        message to the Norse.

In game Dialogue:

Oracle: There seems to be no way off this plateau, but Kronos has give us 
        ability to shift our buildings over such petty obstacles.
Oracle: We can construct out buildings here, then use my line of sight to 
        them past the cliffs.  
Soldier: We’ve destroyed one of Odin’s temples. Time shift one of our 
         in its place.
Norseman: Kill them all!
Soldier: Another temple has been destroyed.
Kastor: A forest fire? Look out! The Norse are attacking!
Norseman: Invaders!
Kastor: It seems as if the temple was being protected by that storm.
Oracle: It is. It is made by the temples of Odin that surround it. If we 
        replace those temples with temples of our own, the storm should 
Norseman: Protect the tower at all costs!
Soldier: The last temple is down!
Atlantean soldier: The storm as stopped! We can get close to the tower!
Kastor: We can’t seem to damage the tower with our weapons!
Oracle: Only the power of Kronos can damage it. He has given us a 
        deconstruction power strong enough even for Odin’s tower.

Start with:
Resources: 1075 Food
           1000 Wood
Easy       1025 Gold

Moderate   675 Food
Hard       600 Wood   
Titan      425 Gold

Buildings: 1 Town Center

Units: 4 Citizens
       1 Kastor (Hero)
       1 Oracle (Hero)
       2 Destroyers
       2 Fanatics 

Mission 1
Replace all three Norse temples with Atlantean temples

Hint: You cannot get off the plateau without using Kronos’ time shift 
ability. You also have vortex god powers available to move your armies 
around the valleys.

Mission 2
Move Kastor close to Odin’s tower

Hint: Odin’s tower will be very difficult to destroy with mortal weapons. 
Perhaps Kronos will provide a way if Kastor is brought near the tower. 

Mission 3
Deconstruct Odin’s tower by using the deconstruct wonder godpower.

Hint: Odin’s tower cannot be easily destroyed by normal means, you must 
deconstruct it with the god power that Odin has given you.        


If you have any questions, you can contact me on 

Thanks for reading my in-depth Age of Mythology: The Titans Campaign 

James ”TwIsTeD_EnEmY” Bouchier

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