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God Powers FAQ by Nexus_of_Sanity

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/08/07


  AAA   AAA    GGGG     GG  EEE            OOO    OOO   FFF
 AAA     AAA  GGGG      GG  EEEEEEE       OOO      OOO  FFF
 AAA     AAA  GGGG    GGGG  EEE           OOO      OOO  FFFFFF
 AAA     AAA   GGGG     GG  EEE            OOO    OOO   FFF

MM       MM YY     YY TTTTTT H  H    OOO    LL       OOO      GGGGGG Y      Y
MMM     MMM  YY   YY    TT   H  H   OO OO   LL      OO OO    GG   GG  Y    Y
MMMM   MMMM   YY YY     TT   H  H  OO   OO  LL     OO   OO  GG         Y  Y 
MM MM MM MM    YYY      TT   HHHH OO     OO LL    OO     OO GG          YY
MM  MMM  MM    YYY      TT   H  H  OO   OO  LL     OO   OO   GG  GGG    YY
MM       MM    YYY      TT   H  H   OO OO   LL      OO OO     GG  GG    YY
MM       MM    YYY      TT   H  H    OOO    LLLLLL   OOO       GGGGG    YY
     zzzzzzzzzzz       TTTTTTTT  HH  HH  EEEEEE
    zzzzzzzzzzz        TTTTTTTT  HH  HH  EE
   zzzzzzzzzzz            TT     HHHHHH  EEEEE
  zzzzzzzzzzz             TT     HH  HH  EE
 zzzzzzzzzzzz             TT     HH  HH  EE             
  zzzzzzzzzz              TT     HH  HH  EEEEEE
     zzzzzzzzzz          GGGGGG    OOO    DDDD
       zzzzzzzzz        GG   GG   OO OO   D  DD
        zzzzzzzzz      GG        OO   OO  D   DD
          zzzzzzzz     GG       OO     OO D    D
          zzzzzzz       GG  GGG  OO   OO  D   DD
         zzzzzzz         GG  GG   OO OO   D  DD
        zzzzzzz           GGGGG    OOO    DDDD
      zzzzzzz      PPPPPP    OOO    WW       WW EEEEEE RRRRR  SSSSS 
       zzzzzz      P   PP   OO OO   WW       WW EE     RR  R  SS
        zzzzz      P   PP  OO   OO  WW   W   WW EE     RR  RR SS
         zzzz      PPPPP  OO     OO WW  WWW  WW EEEE   RR  R  SSSSS
          zzzz     PP      OO   OO  WW WW WW WW EE     RRRR      SS
           zzzz    PP       OO OO   WWWW   WWWW EE     RR RR     SS
            zzz    PP        OOO    WWW     WWW EEEEEE RR  RR SSSSS

by Nexus_of_Sanity


1. Greek God Powers [GGP]
   - Bolt [GA1]
   - Lure [GA2]
   - Sentinel [GA3]

   - Ceasfire [GC1]
   - Restoration [GC2]
   - Pestilence [GC3]

   - Bronze [GH1]
   - Underworld Passage [GH2]
   - Curse [GH3]

   - Lightning Storm [GM1]
   - Plenty [GM2]
   - Earthquake [GM3]

2. Egyptian God Powers [EGP]
   - Rain [EA1]
   - Prosperity [EA2]
   - Vision [EA3]

   - Eclipse [EC1]
   - Shifting Sands [EC2]
   - Plague of Serpents [EC3]

   - Locust Swarm [EH1]
   - Citadel [EH2]
   - Ancestors [EH3]

   - Son of Osiris [EM1]
   - Tornado [EM2]
   - Meteor [EM3]

3. Norse God Powers [NGP]
   - Great Hunt [NA1]
   - Dwarven Mine [NA2]
   - Spy [NA3]

   - Forest Fire [NC1]
   - Undermine [NC2]
   - Healing Spring [NC3]

   - Frost [NH1]
   - Walking Woods [NH2]
   - Flaming Weapons [NH3]

   - Ragnarok [NM1]
   - Fimbulwinter [NM2]
   - Nidhogg [NM3]

4. Atlantean God Powers [AGP]
   - Deconstruction [AA1]
   - Gaia Forest [AA2]
   - Shockwave [AA3]

   - Spider Lair [AC1]
   - Valour [AC2]
   - Carnivora [AC3]

   - Traitor [AH1]
   - Chaos [AH2]
   - Hesperides [AH3]

   - Implode [AM1]
   - Vortex [AM2]
   - Tartarian [AM3]  

5. Contact
6. Credits
7. Legal

Don't worry, this FAQ is not one of those FAQs that just outlines stuff and
doesn't really have anything to offer. I mean, if you wanted to know about
all the GPs and what they do, there are many other places.

But this isn't one of those FAQs. As well as outlining the GP and what it
does, I will tell you how to use it properly, and also whether or not it is
a useful GP. After all, there's no point me telling you how to use them all
if I don't include some info on which GPs you would be better off going for.

But remember that this FAQ is based on the X-Pack: The Titans, so it will
include Atlanteans. If you only have the base version, then ignore the bits
about Atlanteans. Also, this guide will not explain the basics of Age of
Mythology, so make sure that you have a basic knowledge.

NOTE: Here are some acronyms I use a lot:

LOS- Line of Sight
TC- Town Centre
GP- God Power

Just so you don't get confused. Oh, and if you want to skip to a GP, look
at the contents, find it, use Ctrl+ F, and type in the thing next to it. For
example, Meteor- type in EM3 (this stands for Egyptian Mythic 3). And for
Forest Fire, type in NC1 (Norse Classical 1). This can also be used to find
the sections of GPs. Type in EGP to get Egyptian God Powers, NGP for Norse,
and AGP for Atlantean. Btw, if you do use the hotkeys, the ones mentioned
just now will lead to this paragraph. Just press enter again, or search with
square brackets included.



DESCRIPTION: A lightning bolt strikes from the sky, killing one enemy unit.
This will not work on ox carts, transport ships, and will only do limited
damage to Titans.

HOW TO USE: Although this is an Archaic God Power, it can be very useful.
If you are playing against Loki, Ra or Isis players, there is a risk that they
will worship Osiris/Hel in the Mythic Age and cast the Son of Osiris or
Nidhogg power. Bolting these will be very useful.

Also, Bolt can be used to damage Titans. It is very likely that almost all the
the players will be going for Titans. The damage that it does to Titans can
still help. Or if you've gotten a Titan down to low health, bolt might push it
that bit over the limit.

The second main use is to kill the enemy scout. For a Egyptian this would be
their starting priest, for the Greeks their Kataskopos, and for the Norse
their Ulfsark. But I've never really liked the scout Bolt idea. 

For the Norse, bolting their starting Ulfsark is useless. Firstly, they're
probably not gonna come into your LOS, because they'll only be scouting for a
bit before they go back and build the temple to advance to the Classical Age.
Secondly, if they do, they can acquire a new one extremely easily (just
transform a Gatherer). Bolting the Greek's Kataskopos is not that useful.
They'll probably replace it with a Pegasus very soon. If you're asssured
on scout bolting, bolt the Priest or Oracle. But in other words, don't
scout bolt. It's truly a waste.

However, if you are being raided early on, Bolt might be ideal to use then if
you can't defend your town. However, make sure you use it on the most powerful
unit (i.e. Greek Hero, Myth Unit).

FINAL WORDS: Can be very useful. Make sure that it is used to its full
potential on a powerful unit. Taking out one unit in an army is just a waste.



DESCRIPTION: Casts a lure stone which will attract nearby animals.

HOW TO USE: Do not just cast this at the start of the game next to your TC.
At the start of the game, you'll probably have an easy access to food, so save
it for later (as in Heroic Age time, not like half an hour into the game).

However, even when you do run out of easily accessible food sources (because
farming is not the best), casting a Lure Stone anywhere is risky. You might
cast it at a place where there are no animals, which would be a waste. What
I suggest is this:

You should have fog-of-war all over the map at least. If you have any black
map left, then you have not scouted well enough. Fog-of-war allows you to
see animals, so cast the Lure stone near an area of these, but near one of
your bases. This will ensure that more animals come to your Lure stone, and
that your villagers are not too spread out, and vulnerable. Also saves you
having to move your villagers a lot and build loads of Granaries.

FINAL WORDS: Not a particularly useful GP. There's a good chance that the
nearest animals might not be anywhere near one of your bases. Also, on maps
like Midgard, there won't be any.



DESCPRIPTION: Summons four sentinels at any friendly TC. They will remain
in one place, but can fire a ranged attack. Sentinels will be affected by
building upgrades.

HOW TO USE: This is a GP that is almost always used right at the very start.
This is a fairly good idea, as it will prevent against early on raids. This
especially good against the Norse, as they need raiding to gain favour early
on in the game (because non-combating Hersir generate much less favour).

It is generally not a good idea to do it on a TC that is not yours, unless
the other person (considering that this is on multiplayer) promises to give
you some resources or something, or are under grave attack.

However, if it is late on in the game, then the Sentinels won't protect you
from a full on attack on your TC.

FINAL WORDS: It is what it says: four pretty strong units for free, without
any pop. wastage. It is probably one of the better Archaic GPs.


CEASEFIRE [GC1] HERMES (Zeus, Poseidon)

DESCRIPTION: Stops all battle, and all building for 1 minute. Affects the
whole map.

HOW TO USE: This is an very good GP. I would say that this is the best
Classical Age GP, for sure. The use for it is pretty straightforward. Simply,
if you are under heavy attack, and there is no chance that you can win-
CEASEFIRE! In this 1 minute, your allies will have time to arrive and help,
you can move your units towards an ally's base (preferably one that is very
close. A minute isn't that long) or bring back some units that you might
have sent away. It can also be used to null the effects of such GPs as
Ancestors, Flaming Weapons and Bronze (timed ones) which even out the playing

However, make sure that in multiplayer, you confer with your allies. One
might be in the middle of an immensely big attack on an enemy, or using
Ancestors, Flaming Weapons or Bronze.

FINAL WORDS: Not much to it. Not a hard GP to know when to use, but still
extremely useful.



DESCRIPTION: Heals units and repairs buildings in a certain area. Lasts
5 seconds, but healing is very fast.

HOW TO USE: No real strategy to this. Restoration has a fairly big radius, so
make sure when you use it, that you try and fit as many units/buildings into
it as you can. However, do not use when fighting. This minimises the effects
of Restoration (if doing this gives you pleasure, you are a masochist).

This is a very good GP also. The Greeks don't really have any real healers.
They have Apollo's Temple of Healing, and um, this. Even though they can
repair buildings manually, that takes forever (and uses resources).

FINAL WORDS: A very good GP to use after a big battle. Could potentially
save you many resources on not having to replace weak units, nor re-build.


PESTILENCE [GC3] ARES (Poseidon, Hades)

DESCRIPTION: Prevents military builings in a small radius from producing
units for 45 seconds. Doesn't affect TCs, and upgrades can still be researched.

HOW TO USE: My least favourite GP so far. It has such a small radius that you
think why? It is not useful at all, as any good player will know that you
need to keep your military buildings slightly apart (and you don't even need
to keep them much apart at all to avoid Pestilence) to avoid other more
damaging GPs (such as Earthquake).

Secondly, the time. Stopping 45 seconds of military production won't be that
useful in the long run, unless you manage to stop them producing a Myth Unit.
Although this would be great, in a huge battle it does very little.

Basically, use this on the biggest cluster of military buildings you can find. 

FINAL WORDS: Not very useful at all. Basically, use this on the biggest cluster
of military buildings you can find.


BRONZE [GH1] DIONYSUS (Zeus, Poseidon)

DESCRIPTION: Increases the armour of all friendly units (does not affect
Myth Units, heroes or ships) in a small area for 1 and a half minutes.

HOW TO USE: I hope my awful review of Pestilence didn't get you down. Its OK,
things will become less depressing from hereon. This is one of those GPs
that you use in an important battle if you think you're gonna lose. Simple.
But make sure that is a CRUCIAL BATTLE. This is not one GP you wanna waste.

Since this lasts so long, make sure that you use it on a larger concentration
of units to maximise it, and don't use it near non-human units! I pity the
person that didn't know that Bronze only affect human units, and used it
on an army of Myth Units!

FINAL WORDS: Very useful GP. When you run into a bit of trouble, this GP will
try and make sure that you are not at too much of a disadvantage; and it
can compensate for having fewer technologies, or less units, or just being in
the wrong place and/or at the wrong time.



DESCRIPTION: Creates passages at two locations. Units can travel between these
two locations by garissoning in the Underworld Passage an infinite number of
times. However, they can be destroyed (and only one needs to be destroyed).

HOW TO USE: I reckon that this is a very good GP when used properly. Its
most straightforward use is to bypass an obstacle. Your enemy might be in
the corner of the map, and therefore they will have a line of fortresses
blocking the way. Simply gain LOS behind them, and Underworld Passage straight
around them. Attack from behind.

Or, you can use it to traverse great distances to reach an enemy. They might
be building a Titan Gate/Wonder. Or, you can bring your army back to fight
some people who are attacking one of your currently undefended bases. Also, I
once used it to bring my villagers to this huge berry bush depot (and I mean
huge) on the other side of the map. Thus, they were able to get to the berries
quickly, harvest them, and then return just as quickly to their farms. 

FINAL WORDS: A very versatile GP. Think before using it. If you really can't
find and amazing use for it, just use on of these really bland uses like
transferring units between bases.


CURSE [GH3] APHRODITE (Poseidon, Hades)

DESCRIPTION: Turns a small group of enemy human units into pigs. Works better
on low-levelled or damaged units. Has limited effect on Villagers.

HOW TO USE: The basic use of this is to thin your enemies' ranks. When to use
it is pretty obvious. However, where to use is a bit more tricky. Whatever
you do, don't cast it on an area of Myth Units/Heroes. And don't bother trying
to use it on villagers. The enemy can easily replace the few that are actually
transformed. Make sure that you target it on weak units. Archers are your best
foot forward, as they are always slightly behind the main fighters, and tend
to be low-health.

However, my favourite use for this is getting some food! Food is the hardest
resource, and the slowest, to gather. Farming is a reliable source, but it is
slow. Once the battle is over, collect the pigs and once they are fattened to
300 food each, take some of your villagers off farming and harvest them.

FINAL WORDS: Although not a great GP, can save you some units in battle, but
also get you a good source of food.



DESCRIPTION: A destructive GP that severely damages enemy units in an area.
A greater concentration of units means that more damage is done.

HOW TO USE: This is THE most destructive GP in the game. It will cripple the
enemies' forces and make possibility of winning a battle much more likely. And
best of all, it can be placed safely above your own units and it will not harm

Make sure to use this on the biggest concentration of units that you can find.
Also, make sure that this is used in a CRUCIAL BATTLE. However, don't use it
in a battle that you could probably win convincingly, unless you don't have a
lot of resources or units to spare.

FINAL WORDS: Ah! Worship Lightning storm's extreme destructive powers. This is
an extremely potent GP, so use it wisely, and only when necessary.


PLENTY [GM2] HEPHAESTUS (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades)

DESCRIPTION: Summons a Plenty Vault at a location. The Plenty Vault will
generate a steady income of food, wold and gold, but can be controlled by
whichever player has the most units surrounding it.

HOW TO USE: My favourite GP in the game. It will benefit you for the rest of
the game, and not just for one measly battle. Its gathering rates are around
4 villagers worth of each resource. Let me just do the math. Thats the
equivalent of 12 villagers in total. This saves you 12 population slots. This
is awesome! Also, you don't need to spend time micromanaging your villagers,
tasking them over and over again! You don't need to waste resources buying
villagers (or caravans), and you save 12 pop slots!

HOWEVER, this will not compensate for an economy. You must keep a steady
economy going, and it must be just as good as the other players. And remember,
the Plenty Vault does not grant you favour.

Make sure you cast it in a very secure location. If an enemy gets a hold of
this, it is a big bonus for them. And make sure you cast it as soon as you
get it. The only thing that determines your resource income with a Plenty
Vault is time.

FINAL WORDS: An immensely helpful GP. Will strengthen your economy greatly.
Finding a place to cast it shouldn't be much of a problem, but make sure that
at all costs, an enemy doesn't acquire this.


EARTHQUAKE [GM3] ARTEMIS (Poseidon, Hades)

DESCRIPTION: A destructive earthquake that deals heavy crush damage. Deals
more at the centre of the area targeted, and less towards to outside. Does
no damage to farms.

HOW TO USE: This is also an extraordinarily destructive GP. However, this
cannot be cast safely over your units, so don't. This deals mostly crush
damage. Cast it near buildings, or even better, near buildings and units.

However, it does more damage at the centre. Cast it when centred on the key
building, rather than merely trying to include as many buildings as you can.
Remember, this does not always have to be a Fortress. Houses are also very 
important buildings. Even the enemy has a cluster of Houses, Earthquaking
it can reduce their Pop Cap severely, preventing them from building any

The only problem is trying to get LOS. Since your units shouldn't be at the
location, you'll have to try and sneak as few units as you can to the place
and Earthquake it before they die.

FINAL WORDS: A destructive power, better used on buildings. Getting LOS can
be difficult, however. Make sure that you follow up Earthquake with an attack
as your enemy will be vulnerable.




DESCRIPTION: Increases the food production of all farms in range of a Town
Center for 1 minute. Increases your food production slightly more than other

HOW TO USE: Blargh. Back to reviewing the naff Archaic Age GPs. Anyway, this
is a sort of win-lose god power. It triples your food production, but doubles
everyone else's. That's the main problem. The best time to use this would be
when no one else has farms, which would be Archaic or early Classical age.

Setting up farms is expensive, however. It's a waste of resources wasting all
that gold on farms. Bottom line is, you'll have to use it a bit later. I
suggest setting up more farms when people have just started setting up farms
(about late Classical, early Heroic), empowering your TC, and researching some
farming upgrades, like Plow.

FINAL WORDS: Not the most useful GP. Will give you a supplement of food, but
but has no real impact. Benefits enemies too (but to be fair, allies also).
Not ideal due to the cost of farming.



DESCRIPTION: Increases your gold mining rate by 80% for 50 seconds at a gold
mine of your choice.

HOW TO USE: Simple to know when to use. Get as many villagers as you can on a
Gold Mine. Empower the mining camp, preferably reserach some Gold mining
upgrades beforehand.

FINAL WORDS: It'll get you a fair amount of gold. Since gold is such an
important resource for the Egyptians, this is very helpful.



DESCRIPTION: Gives you LOS in quite a large radius for 20 seconds. Can be cast
anywhere on the map. After 20 seconds, the area will turn back to fog-of-war
or black map.

HOW TO USE: In itself, it is a terrible GP. However, there is a sneaky use
that you can use for it on multiplayer. Since most GPs require LOS, you can
use Vision to gain LOS, and one of your allies could use something like

FINAL WORDS: Not helpful at all, essentially. You could try my technique, but
other than that, useless! I mean, for 20 seconds, what's even the point?


unless used with my tactic, in which case:



DESCRIPTION: Casts a dark shadow over the map, increasing all your myth unit's
attack by 50% and their speed by 20%. Lasts for a minute, and GPs cannot be
cast during it.

HOW TO USE: This attack sounds quite good, but it is really not. Since you
probably won't have a substantial number of myth units, this will not do much
good in the scope of a battle. Use it whenever you have a fair amount of myth
units, and this'll give you a slight advantage in battle. The speed advantage
is nigh-useless. Your army might move remotely quicker, but not a notable

Also, you can use it to block out other GPs, but I've always found it quite
hard to predict when a good powerful GP (like Lightning Storm) is about to be

FINAL WORDS: It's better than nothing. It won't give you that edge in battle
that puts you way ahead of your opponent, but helps regardless.



DESCRIPTION: Transports a small group of units (both friendly and enemy) to
another part of the map.

HOW TO USE: Aargh! How can the Egyptians have such lame GPs? This is an awful
GP! The best way to use it is on a section of the enemy's forces, and transport
them to a dangerous part of the map. This could be into the centre of an ally's
base, or somewhere. Although this will transport like 3 units, those 3 units
could have been units that ended up killing one of your units (you know, that
whole "penny saved, penny earned thing"). Never mind.

DON'T try to use it to transport your units. It will take too small a number
of them for it to be useful. I suppose if you only wanted to transport that
small number of units, great! You're kinda weird, but ok!

FINAL WORDS: Blargh. A ridiculously bad GP. Will do nothing to affect the
victory of a battle, but might be able to save you some units.



DESCRIPTION: Summons a small group of serpents at a location of your choice.
The snakes are friendly, but cannot be controlled and are always in Defensive
stance. Can be cast over water to create sea serpents.

HOW TO USE: BLEAARGH! Another lame one. Although to be fair, this is slightly
better. The snakes are fairly strong, and therefore can be used to defend
a relatively small area. They won't compensate for a proper defence, so only
use them to guard places which won't come under full-on attack.

The snakes are only really good for defense. They would help with a battle,
but could be better used. Trying to use them on their own to attack is just
stupid, because they only stay in one place really. Trying to use them to 
attack villagers doesn't work, because serpents only do 10% damage to them.

I suggest that the only place to use them is to defend an area of resource
gathering. If you have a large number of villagers in one area, then using
the Plague of Serpents would help defend them from raids. However, you would
have to put up some towers also, depending on the size of raid.

Casting over sea isn't that great. In fish-populated areas like Midgard,
Mediterranean or Anatolia, it might be a good idea to use them to defend
fishing ships that can't attack.

FINAL WORDS: Shouldn't be used for offence, unless as a supplement to your main
army. However, when using for defence, keep in mind that they aren't all that
strong. They should mainly be used to defend vulnerable units.



DESCRIPTION: Summons three locust swarms at a location. They will wander
around for 20 seconds, destroying all farms that they touch. Can also be used
to harm villagers and fishing boats. Can only be cast at locations of farms,
villagers or fishing boats.

HOW TO USE: THis is a good GP (at last). Because farming is such an expensive
thing to set up, destroying enemy farms is very useful. Once the farms have
been destroyed, the enemy food income will rapidly decrease. However, make
sure to cast it when there is little fishing/hunting/foraging going on, to
maximise the damage. Cast it at a giant cluster of farms. However, do take
into mind that the swarms are quite random.

If you do use Locust Swarm, follow it up very closely with an attack, or
even better, combine it with one. The enemy will have to produce food-expensive
units to combat you while not gaining any extra food. This will take a hit on
their economy. Plus you might end up killing a bunch of villagers, which
is an added bonus. However, killing Atlantean citizens would be quite difficult
as they are very tough and resilient.

If you wanna use it just to kill villagers, don't. It won't kill all of them
(and maybe not even most of them) and that would waste Locust Swarm. However,
if they are in a confined area, in the middle of a raid you could use Locust
Swarm on them (unless they are Atlantean) and kill the ones that survive with
your raiding party.

Casting it on fishing boats isn't the greatest plan, unless fishing is the
main source of food on that map (i.e. Midgard, Mediterranean).

FINAL WORDS: Can be used to do some fair damage to your enemy's economy. But
do use it in combination with something else to maximise its potential.



DESCRIPTION: Transforms any Friendly TC into a mighty citadel. Citadels can
carry 25 pop slots, and have a much higher armour, attack and range.

HOW TO USE: This is a pretty good GP. Citadels are very tough, and will
strengthen a base that is slightly more vulnerable. Since they are A LOT
harder to bring down that a TC, they could be used on TCs that are about to
be under serious attack.

However, Citadels bring 10 extra pop slots. This is a very worthwhile bonus,
and one that you shouldn't just throw away. Make sure that you cast a Citadel
at a TC that is both important, well-defended also, and not vulnerable to
severe enemy attacks. If you are saving Citadel for a TC about to come under
attack, make sure that you are doing it a TC that doesn't have a huge army
coming towards it that you can't defeat, unless it is at a crucial base (such
as your starting base). You're pretty much screwed anyway.

FINAL WORDS: Citadels are good, strong and extremely powerful, but it is
important to remember the extra 10 pop slots. But they will strengthen a base
greatly, but only on top of other defences.



DESCRIPTION: Summons a group of mummies at a location of your choice. They can
be controlled, but will disappear after 1 minute.

HOW TO USE: Simple. Use it during an important battle. It basically creates a
small instant army for you. However, make sure that you take the time limit
into account. The mummies are very strong, but don't last long.

You can also use it to defend a vulnerable area which has just come under
attack. If your army is away somewhere, and a large area of resource gather
gets attacked, then summon the mummies.

FINAL WORDS: Not hard to know when to use. It is a powerful GP, and I really
think that it is a lifesaver.



DESCRIPTION: Transforms your pharaoh into the all powerful Son of Osiris. He
can fire lightning bolts from his staff, and can still empower, but cannot be
replaced or healed.

HOW TO USE: Make sure that New Kingdom is always researched alongside this so
that you can have both a Son of Osiris and a Pharaoh. It is definitely worth

The Son of Osiris is a very valuable unit, and should have some units guarding
him to protect. His attack is really good, and he is definitely the best unit
in the game. He also has a ranged attack, so that he can hang slightly behind
the rest of your army.

However, he is a very valuable unit so take him away if you find that a battle
is gonna be lost anyway. He is quite slow, so you need to anticipate it. This
isn't one of those GPs which you might not end up using. You should always
use this at some point. 

But the best thing is, Son of Osiris can still empower. By casting this GP,
you won't be sacrificing empowering. He might be more suited empowering the
production rate at your Barracks and Mighdol Strongholds 

FINAL WORDS: The best unit in the game. Make sure to use him wisely. He can
deal some serious damage, but he is not a one-man army. Make sure is well



DESCRIPTION: A huge tornado circles around the area for 20 seconds. It can
go in any direction, but will spread from the location of cast.

HOW TO USE: Although this is very destructive, it can go anywhere. It deals
better damage to units, so use it there. However, it will attack your units
also, so cast it in a location that isn't even remotely near your units.

Because it is so random, cast it in the middle of an enemies base and quite
far from yours. Whatever direction it goes, it will destroy some enemy units/
buildings. Don't cast it on a group of enemies that are approaching your
base, please don't. It might end up going towards your base and doing more
damage. Cliff notes version: don't use it defensively.

FINAL WORDS: Very destructive, but very random also. Combine with attack,
just like all destructive GPs. Targeted best on units.


METEOR [EM3] THOTH (Isis, Set)

DESCRIPTION: Meteors rain down on a location of your choice for 20 seconds.

HOW TO USE: This is such a cool GP! It looks amazing, and it is. These are
better cast on buildings, and a compact cluster of them. Unfortunately, they
are quite random also. If you target it on a Migdhol Stronghold, it might not
even hit the Mighdol stronghold, but instead most of the buildings around it.

However, do not use Meteor to try and destroy a Wonder. Most of the meteors
won't even damage the Wonder, and this will waste it. You may be able to
crumble the nearby buildings, but really, don't use the Wonder way.

And don't try to use Meteor purely on a band of units. A smart player will be
able to move his army out of the radius before the second meteor hits. Only
try this is you are truly desperate.

FINAL WORDS: Very, very destructive, but slightly random. Don't be heart-
broken if you find that buildings you hoped would get destroyed only get
damaged. Combine with attack also. Always target on buildings.




DESCRIPTION: Multiplies a group of herd animals. The pigs that are created will
have to fatten, even if the group that it was cast on was fully fattened.

HOW TO USE: Btw, a lot of websites will say that this works on hunting animals.
It doesn't (then again Wikipedia claims that Phoebe Halliwell died in the
season 2 finale of Charmed!). So don't try to use it on hunting animals. It
won't even let you!

This is a very useful GP. Use your scout to claim some herd animals (a group
of 5 or 6 will do) and Great Hunt them. This will provide you either with the
food necessary to advance to the Classical (if you can gather the herd animals
that quickly) or provide you with a quicker food income than those poor sods
stuck with farming.

FINAL WORDS: It isn't ground-breaking, but it can help. Use it on the biggest
cluster of herd animals you have.



DESCRIPTION: Casts a gold mine at a location of your choice. The size of the
gold mine is bigger if you cast it in a later age.

HOW TO USE: I would reserve this for a later age. In the earlier ages, there
will be a lot of accessible gold mines. However, if you are getting
desperate, you might as well cast it in the Heroic Age. But you shouldn't.

Cast it in a very secure location. You might as well cast it next to a TC, so
that you can quickly produce dwarves to send to it quickly, and you will not
need to bring an ox cart.

It's not a great GP, so only use it if you really can't gain access to a gold
mine (cos let's face it, trade routes have a horribly low gold income).

FINAL WORDS: It will help a fair amount with gold access, but not really much
else. I suppose that this will help when all accessible gold mines have gone,
and you have to rely on trade routes *shudder*.



DESCRIPTION: Gives you an enemy unit's LOS. The unit that Spy has been cast
on will have a symbol above its head, only visible to you and your allies.

HOW TO USE: This is the only GP which doesn't send a message saying "XXX has
cast GP". Thus, no one else will be able to tell when it was used. This is
quite sneaky.

Spy is a very useful power. However, you only get one shot at it, so here is
how you use it when playing against-

-Greeks, Norse or Atlantean: Try and use it on one of their villagers,
labourers, or citizens as they won't be used in battle, and therefore have a
greater chance of surviving. However, make sure that all your allies know that
in raids, don't kill that unit.

-Egyptian: Try and use straight away on the Pharoah. He will probably survive
very long, and he will be around and about the starting base, empowering and
stuff. This is a definite-must.

FINAL WORDS: This is a very useful GP in gaining some LOS of an enemy's base.
Make sure you cast it on a unit that isn't liable to die quickly.



DESCRIPTION: Sets a patch of trees on fire, burning them down so that they can
no longer be used to harvest wood. Can spread to nearby buildings.

HOW TO USE: This is an awful GP! Most maps will have plentiful wood resources,
so this will do very little to damage a player. Granted, it can spread to
buildings, but really, no one's gonna build his town around a forest!

If you do find an important building like a fortress or something next to a
cluster of trees, then use it. However, it would be better used on the biggest
forested area you can find, and preferably when an enemy has lots of villagers
gathering at it. This might end up damaging a few of them if they can't get
away quickly enough.

FINAL WORDS: Really lame. General rule: biggest cluster of forest. Won't do
much, but anything is better than nothing.



DESCRIPTION: Burrows around the surrounding area, knocking any nearby towers
and walls down. Can deal minor damage to TCs and fortresses.

HOW TO USE: This job has one purpose and one purpose only, to knock down a
wall. Since trying to break into an enemy's base when they've got a huge wall
around it can be hard, simply use Undermine.

However, it has to be aimed very carefully. Get it right, and you could knock
down a group of walls. Get it wrong, and you might not even knock down one.

FINAL WORDS: Almost always use on walls only. Well, if your enemy thought to
only put one wall around his base, you'll be laughing. However, if it's
multiple walls, this ain't gonna do much unless you're very lucky.



DESCRIPTION: Casts a healing spring, at a location of your choice. Will heal
all allied units, but is controlled by whoever has the most units in the area.

HOW TO USE: This is fairly useful. Healing saves you having to spend money
on new units. However, cast it at your forward base, so that if you get
attacked, you can heal your units back at the healing spring. Your enemy
will only capture your healing spring if he captures your forward base (which
is a far greater problem).

Don't cast it in the middle of a battle area, hoping it will heal your units.
Healing from a healing spring is slow anyway, and during battle it is so slow
it's not even useful. Also, if your enemy wins the battle, they will have
captured your Healing Spring.

FINAL WORDS: Just used to heal your units after a battle. Saves some resources
earlier on in the game when your economy isn't yet in full swing.

FROST [NH1] SKADI (Odin, Thor)

DESCRIPTION: Freezes a group of enemies for 1 minute, but increases their
armour dramatically.

HOW TO USE: This is a good, solid GP. However, there is a wrong way to use it.
Don't use it to freeze the enemy and then slowly attack their units. While
they're entombed in ice, the units' armour go up to 99%, which is generally
a lot. You'll waste a GP just to do a little bit of damage. That wouldn't be
using it efficiently.

The main point of this is to freeze an enemy attack, so you can rally troops
around that point to defend it. If an enemy has launched a back attack at you
from somewhere, and your army is elsewhere; you're gonna have a hard job on
your hands. However, while all this is going on, you might as well assign a
few units to attack the iced over enemy units. You'll do a little bit of

Finally, it can also be used offensively, and very well actually. When you're
attempting to infiltrate an enemy base, you can cast Frost on his units so
that you'll have an easier time. During this period, take out his key
buildings. Assign your siege units to do long range attacks on the nearby
towers and fortresses (so that you'll have that attack out of the way), but
don't go for the TC just yet. Get your other units to take out as many enemy
villagers as possible. This'll put there resource gathering down.

Hopefully, by the time the other units thaw, you'll have done enough damage
to gain a great advantage. However, remember, during all this, an enemy might
have other units elsewhere, so if he brings them back to base, you're gonna be
stalled greatly by them. This plan isn't in any way, full-proof.

FINAL WORDS: A versatile GP, which gives you time to either reinforce yourself
or wreak havoc. Make sure you maximise the efficiency of your units during
this time, enabling you to get the most done.



DESCRIPTION: Transforms a small group of trees into walking trees. These units
are friendly, and will attack enemies, however they can't be controlled.

HOW TO USE: I hate this GP! You might succeed in producing 4 arboreal attackers
(nice bit of alliteration!) at the most, but they really don't do much at all.
The first main thing is that people believe that these trees have an amazing
30 attack! Well, folks, that's only 30 crush damage (good against buildings).
They have I believe, 8 hack attack (good against units).

The trees also move very little. They are also fairly slow, so targeting them
on forests where villagers are near is not a good idea. The villagers will get
away with ease. You could try combining with an attack diversion, but it's
really not worth that just to give the enemy a slight deficit of wood.

FINAL WORDS: Useless, really. They're pretty easy to take down, but if you
can find a forest near some enemy buildings, then go ahead.



DESCRIPTION: Increases the attack of all friendly units in a certain area for
1 minute. Only affects heroes/human units.

HOW TO USE: Basically the same as Bronze. Use it to give you the edge in an
important battle, but make sure it is not wasted.

FINAL WORDS: I'll use an Eminem quote here: "You only get one shot, do not
miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime."

^That was a bit from the song "Lose Yourself".



DESCRIPTION: Transforms all your gatherers/dwarves into Heroes of Ragnarok.
The transformation is permanent.

HOW TO USE: This is by far the most impactive GP in the game. The HoRs*** are
pretty tough melee units. However, it brings your economy to a standstill.
You will still have caravans/fishing boats however, but which civilisation
has ever run on just those? Once you cast this, you should use the 'Hero'
banner at the top of the screen to start rounding them up.

Though you might be able to start churning out gatherers/dwarves pretty
quickly, HoRs take up 2 pop slots for every 1 slot that its past incarnation
took up. So you'll probably have reached your pop lim when you cast this GP.

Considering that Ragnarok means 'end of the world', you should only use this
GP when you are reaching the end of the world. If the game is going to end
soon anyway, you'll probably have little need to finish the game with bundles
of resources. HoRs are extremely good at fighting myth units, and an army of
them would nail a Titan.

On a final note, HoRs are infantry units, ergo they can construct buildings.
This is useful for constructing offensively, and claiming TCs.

*** this stands for Heroes of Ragnarok, and is not a mispelling of the word-
'whore' which is very much a different thing.

FINAL WORDS: Use this towards the end of the game basically, or when you don't
need any more resources (which would probably be towards the end of the game).


FIMBULWINTER [NM2] TYR (Odin, Thor, Loki)

DESCRIPTION: Summons a pack of wolves to attack enemy town centres. Targets
up to 4 TCs, and is randomn. The wolves disappear after a short period of

HOW TO USE: This power is pretty good. Unfortunately, you can't decide which
enemies you wish to attack. So unless you're involved in a really small game,
you won't know who is going to be on the receiving end.

This GP is best combined with an attack, so you'll have to move your troops
quickly to one of the targeted enemy TCs. Be quick, but just remember, the
wolves aren't friendly. Make sure you arrive just as Fimbulwinter is about
to finish. However, it lasts a very short period of time, so you'll have
to be quick.

FINAL WORDS: Quite destructive, and best combined with an attack. But you
have to be quick about it. Fimbulwinter's not gonna hang around forever.



DESCRIPTION: Summons the great beast Nidhogg to fight for you.

HOW TO USE: This is a way too overrated GP. A lot of people claim that
Nidhogg is the best unit in the game.

Well far from it. Nidhogg has two main downfalls. Firstly, since it is up in
the air, it is not protected, and can easily be targeted by archers. Secondly,
it has an abyssmal weakness to ranged units, and especially ranged myth units.
If you see a Manticore in sight, run. The damage it can do to Nidhogg is WAY
too much for my liking.

Nidhogg does splash damage mostly. It is good at fighting groups of melee
fighters. However, that's all it's good for. Like Son of Osiris, it can't be
healed, so it can easily be gradually worn down by archers.

FINAL WORDS: Although a fairly powerful unit, keep well away from ranged
units, and if you see a ranged myth unit, your Nidhogg is officialy screwed.


Atlantean God Powers are unique in the sense that most of them can be used
more than once. They each have a cooldown time before they can be used again.


DESCRIPTION: Instantly destroys a building. The cost of the building
returned to the player. Doesn't affect TCs/Wonders/Titan Gates.

Number of uses: 2
Cooldown time: 4:00

HOW TO USE: This is an okay GP. Players seem to be quite wowed by the idea of
an instant kill, but it's really not that big a deal. There are a host of
situations where this might come in handy.

If you're battling near any enemy's fortress, it'll probably be pounding you
as well. You can deconstruct this to get it out of the way. Your enemy will
firstly be unable to spawn new units at the fortress to help him, and will
also lose the advantage of his fortress offensive.

If you are on a raid, and the enemy is nailing your raid with some towers,
deconstructing one of them might give you the edge needed to pull off a
raid. Although raids are not held in particularly high opinion, if they are
done well, they can result in an enemy having a huge drop in resource income,
and therefore stall them from advancing.

Other than that, you can use it to take out a useful production building like
a Longhouse/Hill Fort. You only get two uses, so don't use it for the sake of

FINAL WORDS: Not as great as it sounds. Should be used in a smart and useful
way, and not just for the sake of destroying an enemy building with ease.



DESCRIPTION: Casts a forest at a location of your choice. Can be used to
harvest wood from.

Number of uses: 4
Cooldown time: 2:00

HOW TO USE: This power is kinda like Dwarven Mine, but doesn't change with
age progressions. It will get you some wood income, but doesn't really do
much else.

Although it can be used as a barrier. Unless an Odin/Thor player Forest Fires
you, the only way that a tree barrier can be penetrated is by villagers.
In some corner, you could keep some stuff protected. You might wanna keep a
few archers there also just in case someone actually starts harvesting wood
from it (wouldn't that just be a slap in the face!).



DESCRIPTION: Casts a shockwave, stunning all enemy units in a small radius.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown time: 5:00

HOW TO USE: Oh lord this is a useless power. The number of units this affects
is TINY! There is no real opportune moment to use this.

Always use it in a battle. Use it to break the enemy's front line, and charge
your cavalry into the breach to take out the enemy's archers. This is VERY
hard to pull off successfully, but can be a great bonus. It is basically best
used in combination with a swift cavalry charge, for whatever purpose. But do
beware of that looooooooooooooooooooong cooldown time.

FINAL WORDS: Can be used tactically, but extremely hard to pull something off


SPIDER'S LAIR [AC1] LETO (Kronos, Gaia)

DESCRIPTION: Plants some spider eggs at a location. The eggs are vulnerable
before they hatch. Once they hatch, the spiders will burrow underground and
will kill any unit that passes over them.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown time: 5:00

HOW TO USE: I don't know how exactly how long it takes for the spiders to
hatch. However, it takes long enough that you'd be stupid to plant in near
enemy territory. Basically, always use this defensively.

There are four spiders, so basically four instant kills. It can be used to
defend a small area. If you plant some units there, you can lure enemy melee
units into the spider's lair. I would use it to defend villagers mainly,
or you can scatter them around a forward base in case someone tries to invade.

FINAL WORDS: Should only be used defensively. They rely on inconspicuity, and
should only be used as a trap, and not a barricade. 


VALOUR [AC2] PROMETHEUS (Kronos, Oranos)

DESCRIPTION: Transforms a small group of human units into heroes.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown time: 2:00

HOW TO USE: This is one of my favoured GPs. It allows you quick access to free
heroes, which is very useful early on in the game when your resources are

There isn't much to this GP. You don't need to cluster all your human units in
the small area of cast; it will only transform 4 or so units anyway. The best,
most useful way to use this is to cast it on a group of citizens. Citizen
heroes are extremely useful. Not only are they faster at resource-collecting,
but they are extremely durable against enemy raids. I would use two of your
casts ASAP on villagers, and maybe save the last for a rainy day.

Also, if you see a group of powerful myth units approaching, Valour can help
bring you some quick heroes to counter-attack. Other than that, it can just be
used to save you some resources.

FINAL WORDS: A helpful GP, which has a sure and useful purpose. Won't let you



DESCRIPTION: Summons a giant man-eating plants that will devour any units that
come near it. Can also be cast in water.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown time: 2:00

HOW TO USE: This is another defensive GP like Plague of Serpents and Spider's
Lair. However, a giant voracious plant sticking out of the ground is pretty
easy to avoid. Basically use this to control narrow areas. Just remember,
Carnivora doesn't discriminate. It also affects allied units.

This GP is actually pretty useless. Any smart guy will bring along some ranged
units to nail Carnivora. No smart player will attempt to get past it with a
bunch of melee units. And you'd have a hard time defending it because it also
attacks your units.

FINAL WORDS: Can slaughter melee units, but try and do your best to get rid
of any ranged units that come near it.


TRAITOR [AH1] RHEIA (Kronos, Gaia)

DESCRIPTION: Grants you control of an enemy unit.

Number of uses: 2
Cooldown time: 4:00

HOW TO USE: Just for the record, this does not affect Titans, Sons of Osiris
or Nidhogger. That's would be WAY too good to be true. I don't need to tell
you how to use it. Cast it on the strongest unit you can find. This should
almost always be a Mythic Age myth unit. Cast it in the middle of a battle.
Don't get LOS of some enemy units and then use Traitor. The unit you converted
will get mauled by his former comrades.

FINAL WORDS: Strongest unit you can find, basically. 


CHAOS [AH2] HYPERION (Kronos, Oranos)

DESCRIPTION: Turns a small group of enemy units neutral, causing them to attack
any nearby units.

Number of uses: 2
Cooldown time: 4:00

This normally affects around 5 or so units. Although it technically
turns them neutral, they usually end up turning on their own side. Don't cast
it in the middle of the fighting, or they'll end up attacking you also. Cast
it just before the fighting is about to start. The enemy's ranks will be
broken. Though the neutralised units won't last for long, that is the perfect
moment to move in.

Don't cast it on a myth unit/heroes and hope they'll get neutralised. Chaos
primarily affects low-health units. Best place would be to cast it on a group
of archers. In my opinion, they're the most annoying units, and they might
even manage to take out some of the enemy's infantry. Wouldn't that just be
great! Even if the neutralised units don't do much at all, at least you'll be
getting rid of them with ease.

FINAL WORDS: Keep in mind that the neutralised units last an extremely short
amount of time, and often won't do much. Will only give you a slight edge.



DESCRIPTION: Summons a tree that can create Dryads, and prevents GPs being
cast in the surrounding area. Can be controlled by whoever has the most
units in the area.

Number of uses: 2
Cooldown time: 2:00

HOW TO USE: Firstly, this rather creepy-looking tree can create Dryads.
Although you can only have 4 Dryads at any one time, they are dead cheap and
pretty decent. They're not great units, but at that price we weren't
expecting too much anyway.

However, that's not the main use in my opinion. It also acts as a GP shield,
which can be used in many different ways. I would just stick it in the middle
of your base, so that you'll have a buffer against destructive GPs like
Earthquake and Implode. This is extremely useful, and is the main asset of a
Hesperides tree.

Finally, keep in mind that it can be captured, like Plenty Vaults and Healing

FINAL WORDS: Very good for shielding against GPs. Keep that in mind mostly
when positioning it.


IMPLODE [AM1] ATLAS (Kronos, Gaia)

DESCRIPTION: Creates a huge vacuum, which damages nearby surroundings.

Number of uses: 1
Cooldown time: N/A

HOW TO USE: This is a lot like Meteor. However, don't focus it purely on a
huge cluster of buildings. Try and find an area with lots of buildings and
also lots of units. It sucks in the nearby units, and then damages the nearby

As usual with these destructive GPs, follow up with a powerful attack.

FINAL WORDS: Use in an area with both lots of buildings and units.


VORTEX [AM2] HELIOS (Kronos, Oranos)

DESCRIPTION: Transports all of a player's military units to another place on
the map.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown time: 1:00

HOW TO USE: This is an incredibly versatile GP, and one of my personal
favourites. My favourite use for this is getting behind an enemy, and doing
sneaky back attacks. You could lure enemy units out of their base, and then
Vortex into that base. You'll have a great advantage, and if done properly,
the base will be completely vulnerable and you'll have a severe advantage.

The most obvious is to get places quickly. This can be to stop the construction
of a Wonder/Titan Gate. Also, it can be used defensively to transport all your
troops to a vulnerable area. Perhaps you've taken too many units out of an
important base, and someone has come along and is attacking it.

FINAL WORDS: This is an extremely versatile GP. Has many possible uses. Don't
be restricted by your imagination.



DESCRIPTION: Summons a gate to Tartarus. Tartarian spawn will emerge from it,
and will keep coming until the gate is destroyed.

HOW TO USE: I never liked this GP too much. Since you have no control over
the Tartarian spawn, they usually don't tend to go where you want them too.
They're also neutral, so they can and will attack your troops. The spawn
are fairly tough, but if you plant the gate close to an enemy's base, they
won't have too much trouble destroying it.

On the other hand, the enemy can lose a few too many units trying to get rid
of the gate. If you time it well, you can attack them when they're tired
from trying to get rid of that pesky gate, and you'll have an edge. But
sadly, this isn't enough of an edge as a Mythic Age GP should give you.

The spawn can't do much on their own. You may wanna try and plant a gate at
one side of an enemy's base, and attack from the other. That way, the spawn
won't interfere with you, but the enemy will a lot to deal with.

FINAL WORDS: Not a great GP. Try and combine it with an attack, but make sure
your units are nowhere near the Gate itself.



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I owe a lot of thanks to Heaven Games. Their excellent God Powers FAQ was what
motivated me to make my own. They're the only people I really need to thank.
They are an extremely helpful site. They helped me a lot while making this


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