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FAQ/Walkthrough by DTran

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 09/05/04

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.  Rather we should thank 
             God that such men lived."
                               - General George S. Patton

   @@@@@@"    @@@@"   @@"    @@"        @@@@@@"   @@"  @@" @@@@@@@@" @@"   @@"
  @@"""@@@"   @@@@"   @@"    @@"        @@""""@@" @@"  @@" """@@"""" @@"   @@"
  @@"   @@"  @@""@@"  @@"    @@"   OF   @@"   @@" @@"  @@"    @@"     @@" @@"
  @@"        @@" @@"  @@"    @@"        @@"   @@" @@"  @@"    @@"      @@@@"
  @@"   @@" @@@@@@@@" @@"    @@"        @@"   @@" @@"  @@"    @@"       @@" 
  @@"   @@" @@""""@@" @@@@@" @@@@@"     @@@@@@""   @@@@@"     @@"       @@"
  "@@@@@@"  """   """ """""" """"""     """"""     """""      """       @@"
   """"""                                                               """


                                   Call of Duty
                       Version: 0.95 (Last Updated: 09/05/04)
                               Written By: Legomondo
                          Game System: Nintendo GameCube


Welcome to my Call of Duty FAQ/Walkthrough for the PC.  I never really heard 
of this game until I was at a friends house.  Whether it be fate or fortune, 
he introduced me to this fantastic game and I knew I was hooked from the 
moment I started.  Being such the nice person he was (that and his high-speed 
internet), he gave me the two demos to the game.  Once I was finished with 
those, I bought the game and now introduce you to the meat of the FAQ.

If you have any questions that you want to email me, you can do so at: 
Legomondo [at] yahoo [dot] com.  If you're wondering why I spelt out the @ and 
., it's because I get a lot of spam mail due to my guides, which I'm guessing 
is due to lots of spam bots.  So, instead of depriving you all a way to 
contact me, this will [hopefully] stop a new wave.  PLEASE include the title 
of the game in the subject.  And while I appreciate contributions, such as 
alternate walkthroughs, I may or may not post them.  Also, I may or may not 
respond for a very, very long time.

                                               - Legomondo

        .+*+.                                                     .+*+.
         [0]   -=-=-         [ Table of Contents ]         -=-=-   [0]
        '+.+'                                                     '+.+'

  1.  Version History
  2.  Game Basics
    » 2.1  Controls
    » 2.2  Basics
    » 2.3  Advanced Basics
  3.  Weapons & Items
    » 3.1  American Weapons
    » 3.2  British Weapons
    » 3.3  Russian Weapons
    » 3.4  German Weapons
    » 3.5  Items
  4.  Walkthrough 
    » 4.1  United States 101st Airborne
    » 4.2  British 6th Airborne Division
    » 4.3  Russian Infantry
  5.  Multiplayer
    » 5.1  Headquarters
    » 5.2  Behind Enemy Lines
    » 5.3  Retrieval
    » 5.4  Search & Destroy
    » 5.5  Deathmatch
    » 5.6  Team Deathmatch
  6.  Cheats & Secrets
  7.  Legal Information
  8.  Credits

        .+*+.                                                     .+*+.        
         [1]   -=-=-          [ Version History ]          -=-=-   [1]
        '+.+'                                                     '+.+'

09/05/04 - 0.95: This whole FAQ is complete, although some sections are not 
  elaborated on as much as I would like them to be.  As such, this FAQ version 
  only says "0.95".  Future updates on the Multiplayer section will definitely 
  come.  Also, the United Offensive expansion pack will come out, so you can 
  maybe look for a FAQ by me sometime in October, 'cause that is when my 
  birthday is!

09/01/04 - 0.90: Finished the third campaign: The Russians.  It definitely 
  took me the longest, not helping that it also had the most missions.  I'm 
  hoping to complete the rest of the walkthrough within a few days, then, 
  working on other sections over a long period of time.

08/29/04 - 0.85: Did four missions of the Russian Campaign.  School's started 
  for me which is why it's been taking longer to finish this FAQ, although 
  I've thoroughly enjoyed both this game and the walkthrough I'm making.  
  Can't wait for United Offensive.  Here's to school and gaming!

        .+*+.                                                     .+*+.
         [2]   -=-=-            [ Game Basics ]            -=-=-   [2]
        '+.+'                                                     '+.+'

In case your game didn't come with, or you lost, the instruction booklet, read 
on to find out some of the basics of the game.


  -=[ Single Player ]=-                           -=[ Multiplayer ]=-

    Forward        = W                              Vote Yes     = F1
    Backpedal      = S                              Vote No      = F2
    Move Left      = A                              Chat         = T
    Move Right     = D                              Team Chat    = Y
    Lean Left      = Q                              Commands     = V
    Lean Right     = E                              Screenshot   = F12
    Use            = F
    Stand/Jump     = Spacebar
    Crouch         = C
    Reload         = R
    Prone          = CTRL
    Quick Save     = F5
    Quick Load     = F9
    Fire Weapon    = Left Mouse Button
    Hand Attack    = SHIFT
    Aim Down Sight = Right Mouse Button
    1st Weapon     = 1
    2nd Weapon     = 2
    Sidearm        = 3
    Grenades       = 4


Learn the basics of the game and strategies to help keep you alive.  You never 
know when this information might come in handy.  Then again, these should be 
no-brainers.  Most of these come from the manual, mainly the more well-written 
ones.  The others are ones I added as I played through the game.  Some of them 
apply to multiplayer, or are written for multiplayer, as well.

  -=[ Nobody Makes It Alone ]=-

Success in Call of Duty relies on a well-coordinated and cooperative squad.  
Your squadmates help fight the enemy by providing covering fire and helping to 
eliminate threats.  Above all, listen to your squad leader!  Do exactly what 
he says and you'll stay alive.

  -=[ Use Cover ]=-

The soldier who runs into the thick of battle guns a-blazing often winds up 
dead.  Although you'll often be called upon to make split-second decisions, a 
levelheaded and patient warrior is the one who returns home to his family.  
Remember that a deadly threat could be looming behind any corner, wall, window 
or rock.  Stay alert, move deliberately and don't try anything stupid.

  -=[ Stay Mobile ]=-

Think you found a good spot for cover?  That may change in a matter of 
seconds.  Although pausing to regroup, assess threats, reload weapons or 
replenish health is always necessary, don't stay in one location for too 
long.  You never know when the enemy may discover you and compromise what you 
thought was a safe location.  If you hear artillery or mortar fire in the 
distance, by all means stay mobile.  You may not survive if a stray shell 
lands near you.

  -=[ Be Thorough ]=-

Clear buildings and combat areas with a meticulous and thorough search.  
Enemies may lie in silenc, waiting for you or your squad to let your guard 

  -=[ Reloading ]=-

Always reload your weapon after a firefight.  This enables you to be as 
prepared as possible for the next engagement you face.  Another enemy could be 
just around the corner, and entering a conflict witih low or no ammunition in 
your weapon could cost you your life.

  -=[ Leaning ]=-

When progressing through combat areas, use the Lean commands to enable you to 
peer around walls, doors, windows or other obstacles.  You'll be harder to see 
and harder to shoot should enemies be on the other side.  You can also lean 
around obstacles to fire on the enemy, getting the jump on your targets and 
suppressing threats as quickly and safely as possible.

  -=[ Stance ]=-

Be mindful of your stance at all times.  Soldiers that walk tall on the 
battlefield often find themselves coming home in a box.  Crouching and lying 
prone keeps your profile low, making your harder to see, and more importantly, 
harder to shoot.

                                Advanced Basics

  -=[ "Here comes Peter Cottontail..." ]=-

"...hopping along the bunny trail..."  This might sound stupid, but it's 
EFFECTIVE!  It's so effective that they banned it in multiplayer.  Hopping 
along in single player though makes you harder to hit.  Duh!  What kind of 
idiot would bounce their sights.  No!  Most idiots just sweep side to side.  
So hop bunny!  Hop!!

  -=[ Pinball Grenades ]=-

This technique is also effective for clearing out rooms without exposing 
yourself.  Throw a grenade against the wall and watch it bounce back at an 
angle away from you.  Learn it, use it, master it!

  -=[ Lead ]=-

Only used for mobile targets, this is especially crucial when sniping.  The 
farther the target is, the more you'll have to lead.  Simple logic tells us 
that if you fire at where the target is while he's running, you'll hit that 
place where he USED to be.  Bullets don't travel faster than the speed of 
lot.  You'll need to aim ahead, the distance depending on how far the target 
is and at what angle he's moving at.

  -=[ Stances ]=-

In this game, crouching and prone positions become very, very important.  They 
make for a smaller profile, but at the same time, reduce mobility and speed.  
To choose the proper profile, consider these factors: COVER, MOBILITY, and 

Cover is very important, but depending on the height of it, you must choose 
between crouching and prone.  Even if the cover is just right for crouching, 
meaning your sights are over it, it may still be better if you're in prone.  
Instead of exposing the crucial, upper portion of your body, you can lean 
while in prone and reveal only a smidge.

Mobility is also a factor.  Obviously the more straight you stand, the faster 
you'll run.  Mobility in close range fighting such as SMGs is very crucial.  
Stand still and you'll end up full of bullet holes while you try and have your 
crosshairs following the enemy's every move.  Instead, strafe with him.  
Typical cases are both players strafing left or right, so that you make a 
circle.  Confuse the enemy by strafing in the same direction he will.  This 
throws his crosshairs off while you know exactly where he'll be.  Mobility is 
also good in case someone attacks you from behind.  You can quickly run and 

Finally, sway.  This pertains mostly to sniping, but it's also for aiming down 
the sights.  You'll notice that the "Stand" and "Crouch" stances have more 
sway, especially when using a scope.  However, in "Prone", there is little or 
no sway at all.  It's not advisable that you "Stand" while sniping, especially 
since you make for such a large target.

        .+*+.                                                     .+*+.       
         [3]   -=-=-          [ Weapons & Items ]          -=-=-   [3]
        '+.+'                                                     '+.+'

Here, learn about the weapons and items you'll be utilizing in your fight 
against the Nazi Party.  Know the weapons well and you may live to fight 
another day.

                               American Weapons

[ M1A1 Carbine ]
 Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 15
 Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : ??
The M1A1 Carbine is your starting weapon during the campaign.  Light, 
accurate, and compact, it fires .30 caliber semi-automatic rounds.  It's main 
advantages over the M1 Garand are obvious.  A bigger clip size and the ability 
to reload before a firefight in mid-clip make it a sound choice to start with.

[ M1 Garand ]
 Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 8
 Damage : High               Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 240
A good choice for an experienced rifleman, the M1 Garand gives you firepower, 
range, and accuracy all in one gun.  Its higher damage rate over the M1A1 
Carbine gives it an advantage, as does its long range.  The only drawback is 
that you cannot reload in a middle of a clip.

[ Thompson ]

 Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 30
 Damage : High               Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 360
The Thompson is the only choice for a submachine gun for the Americans.  
However, it's an excellent gun, capable of downing an enemy with a few short 
bursts.  With its fast rate of fire and mobility, the Thompson should be your 
gun in close range fights.  The gun also has a semi-auto mode.

[ Browning Automatic Rifle ]
 Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 20
 Damage : High               Mobility     : Slow           Max Ammo : 300
You won't play with the B.A.R. much, unless you happen to let a lot of you 
allies who are carrying one die.  Like the manual says, this guns is good for 
squad support, as in suppression fire.  It's recoil can throw off your aim a 
bit.  Using it while prone reduces it and increases your accuracy.

[ Springfield ]
 Range  : Very Long          Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 200
Equipped with a 4x zoom scope, the rifle offers unbelievable range with deadly 
accuracy.  Skilled players should find this rifle extremeley useful, 
especially during multiplayer skirmishes.  The only drawback is its slow rate 
of fire.  A mishit could result in not only your location, but your quick 

[ Colt .45 ]
 Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 7
 Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 56
Standard issue pistol for the British and Americans.  It seems to lack any 
real power in anything except single player missions.  However, with no other 
choice, this gun can save your life.

[ M2 Fragmentation Grenade ]
 Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 10
Grenades are very effective anti-personnel devices.  They are usuable in any 
situation.  Throw them over a wall, in a window, or behind an obstacle to 
flush the enemy out.  Its blast has a wide radius, thus, sending enemies 
running for cover.  Just becareful of your aim and staying away, or you might 
find yourself to be the one laying on the ground.

                                Russian Weapons

[ Mosin-Nagant ]
 Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : ??
The standard issue rifle for any Russian soldier.  Unlike the American rifles, 
this is a bolt action rifle, best suited for long range warfare.  It's highly 
accurate and very powerful.

[ PPSh ]
 Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Very Fast      Magazine : 71
 Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 355
The main advantage of this submachine gun is its humongous clip.  Since the 
ammo is pistol ammo, damage is relatively low.  However, with its high rate of 
fire, the gun can easily put enough bullets to kill any man as fast as a 
single shot with the Mosin-Nagant.

[ Scoped Mosin-Nagant ]
 Range  : Very Long          Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 150
The basic Mosin-Nagant fitted with a scope used for sniping.  With the limited 
choice of weaponry for the Russians, this makes a good alternate for the 
regular Mosin-Nagant, unless used in close range combat where aiming down the 
sight is more of a hinder then a help.

[ Luger ]
 Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 8
 Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : ??
As you know, Lugers were very prized by the Allies.  You might've read "Band 
of Brothers" and know that one guy accidentally shot himself with a Luger 
after acquiring it.  Then again, you might not.  The Luger pistol in this game 
is basically the same as the Colt .45 except it can carry one extra bullet in 
its clip.

[ RGD-33 Stick Grenade ]
 Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 10
Basically the same as the American Grenade. Just picture a very chunky German 
one and you've got the basics of it.  The only difference between this grenade 
and the others is that this one seems to have a bigger radius, yet be thrown 
shorter.  Nothing is perfect people!

                                British Weapons

[ Lee-Enfield ]
 Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 10
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : ??
The primary infantry weapon since the first World War for the British, the Lee-
Enfield, like their Russian counterpart, is a bolt-action rifle.  Unlike other 
rifles however, this one operates on two 5-round stripper clips.  As such, you 
can only reload once you have fired five or more shots.

[ Sten ]
 Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 32
 Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : ??
The Sten is a terrific submachine gun used in close quarters fighting.  It 
Unlike other submachine guns, this ones gives you superior mobility while 
still maintaining accuracy.

[ Bren LMG ]
 Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 30
 Damage : High               Mobility     : Slow           Max Ammo : 300
Looking for supressing fire?  This gun should be your choice if you can't find 
a stationary one.  It delivers highly damaging rounds with superb accuracy, 
even when firing for long bursts.  The only drawback is its slow 
maneuverability and the need to reload.

[ Springfield ]
 Range  : Very Long          Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 200
Equipped with a 4x zoom scope, the rifle offers unbelievable range with deadly 
accuracy.  Skilled players should find this rifle extremeley useful, 
especially during multiplayer skirmishes.  The only drawback is its slow rate 
of fire.  A mishit could result in not only your location, but your quick 

[ Colt .45 ]
 Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 7
 Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 56
Standard issue pistol for the British and Americans.  It seems to lack any 
real power in anything except single player missions.  However, with no other 
choice, this gun can save your life.

[ MK1 Fragmentation Grenade ]
 Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 10
This grenade is just like all the others.  Chuck it and watch your enemies 
scramble about, easy pickings for a skilled riflemen.

                                German Weapons

[ MP40 ]
 Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 32
 Damage : Moderate           Mobility     : Fast           Max Ammo : 320
This is an excellent weapon to pick up if you ever need a submachine gun.  It 
has a big enough clip to take out multiple enemies without the need to reload, 
and its recoil is almost non-existant.  You can hold the button and be 
guaranteed almost near perfect shots.

[ MP44 ]
 Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : 30
 Damage : High               Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : 240
The MP44 is all around weapon, capable of rifle-like abilities such as long 
range and accuracy while maintainig submachine capabilites such as automatic 
fire.  The MP44 is truly an assault rifle.

[ Kar98k ]
 Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : 5
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : ??
The standard issued rifle for the Germans, the Kar98k is another bolt action 
rifle, capable of delivering one hit kills.  It's very accurate, but it might 
become a liability at closer ranges.

[ Scoped Kar98k ]
 Range  : Very Long          Rate of Fire : Slow           Magazine : ??
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : ??
Basically the same as the Kar98k.  Fitted with a 4x scope for precise 

[ FG42 ]
 Range  : Long               Rate of Fire : Fast           Magazine : ??
 Damage : High               Mobility     : Medium         Max Ammo : ??
Another excellent multi-purpose weapon for the Germans.  Not only can this be 
used as a submachine gun for suppressing fire, it also comes fitted with a 
scope for long range.  However, when using the gun and firing for long 
repeated use, the recoil tends to be a bit too much to maintain accuracy.

[ Panzerfaust ]
 Range  : Short              Rate of Fire : One Shot       Magazine : 1
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Slow           Max Ammo : 0
I've always wanted to know what Panzerfaust means, but I found out in the 
manual.  Meaning "Armored Fist", the Panzerfaust has the capability of turning 
a mere soldier into an effective tank-killer.  Although it has a short range 
and travels slow, the Panzerfaust can punch through enemy armor, turning it 
into a piece of smoldering metal.

[ Stielhandgranate ]
 Range  : Medium             Rate of Fire : Medium         Magazine : 0
 Damage : Very High          Mobility     : Very Fast      Max Ammo : 10
Just like all the others.  They're called "Potato Mashers" too, just in case 
you wanted to know that tidbit.  Throw them and then duck for cover.  These 
grenades also have very good bounce to them, meaning they're good for throwing 
off walls.


Health Packs - They come in three flavors.  Small, medium, and large.  Small 
 heals +10 health, mediums heals +25 health, and if you biggie size them, they 
 heal +50 health.  Good stuff.  You only find the +10 healths in one level,  
 and they come in the form of tin cans.  +25 healths are more common and are 
 sometimes dropped by dead soldieres.

Documents - Enemy documents are sometimes mission objectives in this level.  
 You can't use them, but you do pick them up with "F".

Mounted Machine Guns - Mounted MG42s are scattered throughout most levels.  
 They offer unlimited ammo, which is good for suppression.  They have huge 
 recoils though, so they're kind of hard to aim accurately.  For best results, 
 use one second bursts.

        .+*+.                                                     .+*+.       
         [4]   -=-=-            [ Walkthrough ]            -=-=-   [4]
        '+.+'                                                     '+.+'

Welcome to the meat of the FAQ.  Here, you can find help if you're stuck in 
the game.  Spoilers will be included, so read at your own risk.

                         United States 101st Airborne

"As Private Martin, fight alongside your squad, dropping behind enemy lines 
to lay the groundwork for the D-Day invasion.  Then take out a battery of 
German anti-aircraft guns, engage in a thrilling car chase and a daring POW 


August 9, 1942
Camp Toccoa, Georgia

More long marches tomorrow.  Then obstacles with Cpt Foley and weapon training 
with Sgt. Moody. Everyone is dead tired.  Another guy got RTU (Returned To 
Unit) yesterday.  He begged the Sgt to let him stay.

My unit, the 506th paratrooper regiment is an all volunteer unit.  Im lucky to 
serve with these guys.  Theres no one Id rather have watching my back.

Our officers drill us continously.  Ive trained for months and I havent even 
jumped out of an airplane yet.  The army has never had an airborne unit 
before,and that makes the brass nervous, and what makes the brass nervous 
makes us drill even harder.

Mission 1.1: Training

Mission Objectives:
- Read each sign [5 remaining].
- Approach the sign indicated by the compass star.
- Open the gate to the obstacle course.
- Complete the obstacle course.
- Pick up both Carbines, hit the target a total of 12 times.
- Pick up a Springfield, hit the target a total of 4 times.
- Pick up a Thompson, hit the target 10 times.
- Switch weapons, hit the target 3 more times.
- Pick up some Grenades, throw a Grenade into each window and door.
- Plant the explosives.
- Go through the last gate to exit training.

This level is simple of course.  From your position, just read the signs and 
look at them.  Then, a Star will appear on your compass, indicating a sign.  
Walk towards it.  Once you have, travel north to reach the obstacle course.

After Pvt. Elder talks to you, crouch and run through the tubes and under the 
wooden beam.  Then, jump over the fences and brick wall.  Go to your prone 
position and crawl under the wire while Pvt. Avery mans a machine gun.  It's 
live ammo people!  Once you're past, climb the ladder and into the next door 
for some weapons training.

Pick up the M1A1 Carbines off the table and fire six shots at the target.  
Then fire six more.  Sgt. Moody tells you to do different stances, but you 
don't have to.  Pick up a Springfield in the next area.  You might want to use 
the scope at this point, since it's hard to fire accurately at such a 
distance.  After two hits, Sgt. Moody will tell you about aiming down the 
sights.  If you haven't already been doing so, try it out.

Pick up a Thompson and fire ten rounds into the target.  Switch to your 
Carbine again and fire three more rounds.  Ironically, this empties your 
Carbine clip exactly if you didn't reload from before.  After a bit, you'll 
learn about a melee attack, but you don't have to.  Pick up the grenades.  
Throw them in the windows and door, and take cover behind the concrete to 
avoid the blast.  Obviously, you'll need to aim higher than the window because 
grenades travel at an arc, unless your target is really close.

Finally, just pick up the explosives with "F" and then plant it on the wall.  
Run past the sandbags and wait for it to blow.  Then, exit out the gate to 
complete the training.


June 5, 1944 - 1800 Hours
Greenham Common, England

In about three hours I will be in Normandy.  As one of the pathfinders for my 
unit, I'll be landing ahead of the main airborne force.  The pathfinders land 
before the main force and place beacons on the landing fields, to guide the 
rest of the pilots and paratroopers in.

The brass are sending the airborne in first, in the early hours of the 
morning, to protect the flanks of Utah beach.  At first light the main force 
of the invasion will hit the beaches.

For weeks the entire invasion force, more than 175,000 men, has been cooped 
up, and forbidden contact with anyone outside, with nothing to do but memorize 
maps and battle plans.  We're all quite eager to be in France.

A few hours ago General Eisenhower paid us a visit.  If we pull all this off, 
the Germans are in for one hell of a surprise.

Mission 1.2: Pathfinder

Mission Objectives:
- Link up with Sgt. Heath.
- Get the Sergeant's legbag.
- Set up the radio beacon.
- Defend the drop zone.
- Make your way to the nearest town.

Head towards the star on your compass.  Midway, a German should start firing 
on you.  Take him down.  If you're playing on lower difficulties, I believe 
he's taking a potty break next to the tree.  You can either club him or take a 
head shot.  Follow the path until you come upon your dead Sergeant.  Pick up 
his legbag off the ground, and proceed along the path.  Walk until you see a 
pillbox.  Inside, two Germans are playing a friendly game of checkers.  What 
the heck?  Simply throw a grenade into their midst and watch them fly.  Enter, 
then exit left.

Set up the beacon by pressing "F" when you're near it.  As soon as you do, 
planes overhead will begin to drop reinforcements.

As the guys drop, have your cross hairs positioned on the right side of the 
right building.  It might not look like much now, but in a moment, a machine 
gunner will pop out.  Take him and another if one rushes to replace him.  
Meanwhile, a bomb will land on the building, wiping out the top floor.  Move 
towards the buildings.  Pick up an M1 Garand if you wish.

Enter inside.  There may be a German, or your allies might have taken him 
out.  Move towards the left side.  Take note of the hint of the grenades.  As 
soon as you see the staircase, look up and pop the German before he takes you 
out.  Exit out, and follow the men.  Take out the German in the window and 
throw a grenade in the doorway.

Be cautious.  There's a German on the steps, and more will come from outside 
via truck.  Shoot the driver then chuck a grenade into the next room if none 
of your allies are present.  The rest of the mission is easy.  Just follow the 
path until you run into Captain Foley.  Follow him into the trench to complete 
your first, real mission.


D-Day 0020 Hours

Nobody seems to have dropped where they were supposed to.  I haven't seen 
anyone from my unit yet, but luckily I've hooked up with some of the guys from 
Baker Company.  We also have men from Able, Dog, and Fox Companies with 
us...what a mess.

We're getting ready to capture the village of Ste. Mere Eglise, about 5 miles 
from Utah Beach.  We're appraching through a narrow field with minefields on 
each side.

Captain Foley says there's two platoons of German paratroopers in that 
village.  I'd say we've got a serious fight ahead of us.

The roads of Ste. Mere Eglise connect Utah beach to the main highway of the 
peninsula, which should put us right in the path of the most likely German 

Mission 1.3: Burnville

Mission Objectives:
- Destroy the 'Flakpanzer' Anti-Aircraft Tanks [3 remaining].
- Debrief with Captain Foley at the crossroads.

Run out of the trench to assemble with the rest of the squad.  As soon as you 
do, they move out towards the town.  Head towards the right side, and follow 
your squad.  You'll want to stay mainly in the front, behind at least one 
soldier to allow him to draw the fire and keep you alive.  Jump over the fence 
and then crouch to avoid enemy machine guns.  Run past the dead cows and watch 
out for mortar fire.  Run up against the side of the fence.  There are three 
machine gunners.  Two in the building and one to the right behind some 
sandbags.  If he's not dead already, chuck a grenade over the fence.  This 
might not guarantee a kill, especially if you can't see him.

Once the one outside is dead, you can carefully aim and take out the top 
machine gunner with your rifle.  The lower one is at an angle.  Move in up 
close towards the building and flush him out with a grenade.  Explore the 
upstairs of the building.  There may yet be a German left.  Once the building 
is clear, run towards the next, and look through the crack in the wall.  Use 
your Thompson to mow down the group of German soldiers.  Turn around, take a 
few steps forward, and look back.  There always seems to be a German who 
magically appears, so take him down too.  Go upstairs.  I believe there's 
about a fifty-fifty chance that the German is alive or dead.  If not, you know 
what to do.

Outside, enter the next building by where those group of German soldiers 
were.  Kill the German inside, then peek out the window.  A German is manning 
a machine gun on a half track.  Use carefully aimed M1 shots to take him out.  
Jump outside and prepare for a shoot off.

Use any grenades you have and toss them into the garage and open doorways.  
This should clear out most of the Germans entrenched in the building.  If you 
run out, simply take well aimed shots.  Wait for a German to pop his head, 
then position your crosshairs over it.  The next time he looks out, take him 
out.  Eventually, when enough of the Germans have been killed, your squad will 
move on in.  Let them take out any remaining Germans and follow them in.  Pick 
up the Stielhandgranates off the floor and use them to take out the Germans 
out back.  Step outside and take out the German to your right.  Run towards 
the chicken coops to trigger some German ambushes.

Jump over the fence and take cover in the outhouse.  Peek out and take out the 
Germans to your left and right.  If you can, try to chuck grenades into the 
window to your left to flush out enemy soldiers and potentially kill them.  
Meanwhile, your squad will move to the right and encounter machine gun fire.  
Enter the building and look out the door on the left.  Use your rifle to pick 
off the machine gun fire to allow your squad to move up.  Exit the building 
and rush to the building where the machine gun was, while clearing out enemy 
soldiers.  Inside, check near the machine gun to find some more 
Stielhandgranates and to find a perfect spot in which you can ambush the first 
'Flakpanzer' and some gunners.  Once they're dead, your squad will move in and 
clean up.  Regroup with them.

Plant your explosives and then run for the hole to the left.  This will bring 
you to the next portion of the level, but also gives you less room to get shot 
at.  Once the panzer blows, the rest of your squad will catch up and another 
firefight will ensue.  Look to the right and use your gun to take out any 
Germans rushing to reinforce the defensive line.  Also, if you arrive early 
enough, you can take out the Germans still on the 'Flakpanzer'.  Once both 
sides are settled, use your grenades and chuck them behind the wall.  You will 
have to move forward as you try and throw them farther and farther.  Once you 
kill all the Germans in the viscinity, Captain Foley will compliment you.  
Plant the explosives and go.

Run inside the building, pick up some more grenades, and then into the next 
room.  Chuck three grenades, out each window, from one position.  This will 
ensure that you cover a wide radius and to wipe out the Germans.  This next 
part is tricky.  Equip your grenades and toss them into the building and alley 
opposite of the last 'Flakpanzer'.  This should blow up some Germans who 
appear.  Rush towards the alley, take out a German, and then turn around at 
the end of it.  You should be facing a German on a machine gun with his back 
towards you.  Shoot him, man it, and then wipe out the Germans on the last 
'Flakpanzer'.  Chuck a grenade into its midst for security and plant your 
explosives.  Congratulations on a job well done!


D-Day 0500 Hours
Ste Mere Eglise

The boys on the beaches must have landed by now.  They are only a few miles 
away, but right now that seems like a million.  We don't have a radio and are 
completely cut off.

Cpt Foley was right.  We did face a platoon or more of German paratroopers 
when we took this village last night.

Today we hold it against German counterattack.  Our defenses are all stolen: 
enemy MG42s, Panzerfauts for anti tank defense and the village itself.

The Air Force and Navy put on quite a show this morning pounding the hell out 
of those beaches.  One thing is certain, the Germans know we are here.  
Whether that means they turn tail and run or come swarming out of the wood 
work, we are about to find out.

Mission 1.4: Dawnville

Mission Objectives:
- Assemble with Captain Foley at a safer location.
- Get a Panzerfaust anti-tank weapon from the church.
- Destroy the tank.
- Defend the church.
- Reinforce the northern approach.
- Destroy the second tank.
- Destroy the third tank.
- Locate and eliminate enemy mortar positions [2 remaining].
- Regroup with Captain Foley and get in the car.

Run inside the designated building and wait for Foley to command Private 
Johnson to explore.  Once he's dead, run towards the little niche where two 
Germans are scaling the wall.  Shoot them and wait a bit.  German will come 
out of the building where Johnson died, along with a tank.  Let your squad 
take care of them, but beware!  Germans will still periodically scale the wall 
and surprise you.  Once it seems relatively quiet, your squad will move up.  
Run towards the church while taking out German along the way.  I prefer to 
leave my Thompson and stick with the Garand, but do whatever suits you.  Head 
back out and use whatever cover you can find.  Take out the light resistance 
and make your way to the tank.

You can actually take it out from the car, but you can scoot on up if you 
want.  Just beware of sporadic German attacks.  Once the tank is destroyed, 
head back towards the church.  Pick up your Thompson again, or man one of the 
machine guns.  Just aim and fire for a second and let go.  If you hold the 
button down too long, the recoil throws off your aim.  After enough bodies 
have fallen, the German will pull back and you must reinforce the northern 
front.  Before you leave the church though, exchange your weapon again for the 
Panzerfaust.  You'll be using it later.

As soon as you leave the narrow alley, start firing in the general direction 
of the Germans.  This will suppress them long enough for you to find some 
cover.  Using your gun, carefully take out the Germans near the destroyed 
'Flakpanzer' and grenades near the building across.  Once most of them are 
dead, your squad will move up to finish them off.  Reach the point on the star 
and mortars will begin to fall.  As you head back, notice the familiar sound.

Equip your Panzerfaust and be prepared to fire.  The tank will roll over a 
portion of the wall, right behind an infantry man standing in the middle of 
the spot.  Destroy it and your squad will move back towards the main area.  
For your next objective, your squad will help you out.  As you approach the 
third tank, two infantry will open the hatch, spray the inside with machine 
gun fire, and drop a grenade.  Very cool!

This next part is tough.  As you get near the wall, machine gun fire will open 
up.  You could exchange your now useless Panzerfaust for the Scoped Kar98k and 
take well aimed shots.  The only problem is that their machine gun fire is 
highly accurate, and in doing so, you more then likely end up dead, not to 
mention the sniper at the top of the tower.  I go for the rush approach.  Run 
down the field and into the trench.  Throw grenades into the first machine gun 
next to the left as you fall into the trench and move up.  As you exit the 
trench, throw another grenade into the second machine gun and be prepared to 
shoot any Germans rushing out from behind the building.  Once they're dead, 
ease in to the right.  Shoot the first mortar team and then chuck a grenade 
into the hole in the tower.  This should blow up the German inside.  Make your 
way round the back of the blown up building to destroy the final mortar team.  
Get inside the car to finish the mission.


                  *****                    Since 0000 No contact with HQ,
                 *     *                   no radio, respond with orders ASAP
                 *     ***
                  *****   ****
                              ***       **
                   X             *     *  ****
                                  *****       *
6. Battery here still intact                   \ /
0400 Hours,contact with aprox.                 / \
2 platoons of Fallschirm, village secured 0130
Enemy remnants fled south east
My strength 20 men, 4 enemy MGs
0600 Hours, enemy contact from every dir.
aprox. 2 platoons of Fallschrim w/ tank

Mission 1.5: Carride

Mission Objectives:
- Report the town's capture to Regimental HQ.
- Find another vehicle.
- Defend Private Elder.
- Get in the Kubelwagen.

This level is kind of fun, but its also short.  Right off the bat, you'll pick 
up some ammo for your Thompson, which is good.  Unless you're an expert 
sharpshooter with immense skills for shooting people while on the move, you'll 
be using your Thompson a lot to kill Germans.

In this level, use "F" to lean in and out of the car.  Within the first few 
seconds, you'll drive by a German artillery unit with some Germans.  Just 
spray the area with your Thompson, and if you're lucky, you might get a few 
kills.  Eventually, you'll encounter a German roadblock.  This isn't really a 
problem.  You will go slower at this part, while Sergeant Moody turns the 
vehicle a bit.  Eliminating the Germans here shouldn't be a problem.

In a bit, you'll reach a small farm where three German trucks are coming 
down.  Fortunately, instead of a car chase, Sgt. Moody will smartly stop and 
slow down the car long enough for the Germans to hop out.  This gives you.. 
oh.. about two seconds to nail any Germans you can before he leaves them in 
the dust.  Not long after that, two jeeps [I guess] full of Germans will start 
after you.  Take out their gunners and then try to take out their drivers.  If 
you score some hits, their cars will flip over.  You might pick up another one 
before you get rid of them.

You'll arrive in another town, where you get to have minor skirmishes with the 
Germans scattered about.  Sgt. Moody will swerve a bit, so aiming can be 
tough.  You'll pass a tank on your way through, but fortunately, it doesn't 
open fire on you.  Whew!  You'll pass a couple of 'Flakpanzers' before a 
German tank blocks your path.  Sgt. Moody will go down an alley just before 
the tank opens fire.  You'll soon discover that it's a dead end.  With nothing 
else to do, Sgt. Moody backs it up into another jeep and the three of you hop 

Hurry up and run into the building before the tank opens fire.  Inside, clear 
out the Germans.  In the hallway in front of you, you can pick up one of the 
Health Packs with "F".  Explore the house and use any Health Packs to fully 
replenish your health.  Outside, take cover in the doorway and use your rifle 
to pick off the Germans outside.  Use the rest of the Health Packs in the 
previous building if you take any damage.  Look past the broken wall.  See 
that jeep?  That's your new ride.  Carefully hug the left wall and make your 
way towards it.

When you get near, a German should pop out of the upstairs window.  Put him 
down and then man the machine gun near the jeep.  Use it to take out the 
closer Germans on the left and then take out the Germans behind the barricade 
down the road.  Once Sgt. Moody tells you to get into the car, do so.  After a 
short ride past more Germans, you reach HQ.


D-Day 0900 Hours
Near Ste. Marie-du-Mont,
Normandy, France

Battalion headquarters is a mess.  All the companies are way under strength 
due to misdrops everywhere.  Hopefully Foley knows what he is doing cause I 
dont think we're going to be getting much help from here.

Meanwhile we already have a new missions.  A german artillery battery a few 
miles north of here has just opened fire on the beaches.

The CO wants it silenced and he picked us to do it.  We're going in without 
air or artilleryy support and way outnumbered, but that seems par for the 
course at this point.

Mission 1.6: Brecourt

Mission Objectives: 
- Secure all enemy maps and documents [2 remaining].
- Destroy the enemy artillery guns [4 remaining].
- Provide covering fire for Sergeant Moody.
- Get the explosives from Sergeant Moody.

After Sgt. Moody's debriefing, listen to him and follow where he goes and what 
he does.  Eventually, you'll all stop at the base of a tree, and Moody will 
further elaborate on his plan.  Just follow Moody to the right and then use 
your rifle to take well aimed shots at the two machine gunners.  It actually 
helps though, if you just flank them all the way to the right, then chuck a 
grenade or two near the artillery piece.  When all goes boom, move in and 
clean up the trash.

Take out the other machine gunner if your squad already hasn't done so and 
move on ahead to avoid the blast from the destruction of the first artillery 
piece.  Move on down the trench.  Peek out from the first corner and you 
should see a group of Germans huddled together.  Unfortunately, they've also 
seen you.  Use your Thompson, although I prefer the Garand, to wipe them out.  
In the distance, an MG42 should open fire.  You might actually want to go 
prone at this part, because it's apparant that the MG42 can hit you while 
you're crouched.  When you round the corner, be prepared for another small 
skirmish with the Germans in the trench.  In this area, there are some 
supplies which you may find handy, including some Stieldhandgranates.

Continue down the trench, towards the firing machine gun.  You'll encounter 
more Germans.  When you're near enough to the machine gunner, chuck another 
greande into the midst and prepare for them to run out, right into your 
sights.  Once they're dead, Sgt. Moody will place another charge.  Fall back 
and wait for it to blow before moving on.  You'll be in closed quarters for a 
bit.  Since Sgt. Moody is basically invincible at this part, chuck a grenade 
when he leads into the area.  It should blow up the Germans inside, allowing 
for safe passage.  Once you get near him, Sgt. Moody will again rush off, 
killing more Germans.  Pick up the health if you need it and one of the 
documents.  There's also an FG42 on a crate, if you want it.

Outside, you'll meet up with some more Allied forces.  There seems to be a 
scared Medic crouching down.  After a bit of "talk", the Medic will get up and 
get shot in the head.  It's up to Sgt. Moody to save the man.  Just use your 
gun and shoot any German that's running towards your general area.  Once they 
make it back, Sergeant Moody is in critical condition, so he'll give you the 
explosives to finish the job.  Piece o' cake.

Move down the trench.  There's an unguarded artillery gun just ripe for the 
blowing.  Do so.  Take cover and go back to it when it's blown.  The explosion 
should've knocked a path for you to get out of the trench.  Run behind a rock 
and chuck some grenades towards the Germans.  They should run out.  Use your 
gun and while moving in, fire.  Your squad should be moving up with you.  Once 
there, pick up some more Stielhandgranates and then take care of the Germans 
who are running towards you.  Once you have a clear path, blow up the gun and 
move on.

Once you get past some barbed wire in the trench, throw a grenade down the 
path.  There are some Germans there who should get heavily damaged or be 
dead.  Move on ahead and take out any Germans nearby.  Eventually, you should 
reach the third gun with some fleeing Germans.  Shoot them and plant another 
explosive.  Run out of the trench, towards the barn.  Throw a grenade inside 
and clear it out.  Outside, use another grenade, or just your gun to kill the 
Germans taking cover.  Run west towards a house.  There are some Germans in 
the front doorway.  Use another grenade to clear it out.  If you go slow 
enough, you can use Lt. Tucker to clear out the whole building for you.  Once 
you reach the top, grab the enemy documents, health, and man the machine gun.  
Your allies will be busy defending the bottom level if you let any Germans 
pass by.

Once the Germans stop coming, pick up the Stielhandgranates on the bed and 
head back down.  Head out the back but be ready for the machine gunner who 
pops out of a window nearby.  Once you clear out the Germans in the 
surrounding courtyard, you can either go on one of two paths to complete your 
final objective.  You can either follow your squad and take it on head on, or 
you can south to where the machine gunner was and enter there.  If you entered 
there, clear out the surrounding Germans, then chuck a grenade south towards 
the building with the door.  Germans will soon pop out.  Also, be aware that 
Germans are in the upper floor of the building that's east of you.  Throw 
grenades in the windows to kill them.  You can also chuck grenades near the 
gun to kill the Germans manning it.  Once the final gun blows, it's mission 


August 7, 1944
The Bavarian Alps,Germany

It seems that a couple of British Officers, a Captain Price and a Major 
Ingram, were shot down somewhere over enemy territory.

I don't know who those guys are but they must be pretty important, or know 
something pretty important cause Army intelligence has decided to parachute us 
into Austria to rescue them.

Intelligence sources say the two officers are being held in a Chateau in the 
Bavarian Alps.

We've stolen a German truck, hidden it near by, and are approaching the 
Chateau on foot.

Mission 1.7: Chateau

Mission Objectives:
- Break through the main gate.
- Find a way into the chateau.
- Secure any documents and plans.
- Find the secret communications room.
- Sabotage enemy communications equipment with your weapon.
- Find and secure the prisoners.
- Clear the way to the extraction point.

After the brief outline, go on ahead and move to the right, towards a rock.  
Throw a grenade to have the machine gunner running from his post.  Move up to 
the base of the machine gun and chuck two more grenades towards the trucks.  
They should blow up some Germans nearby.  Near the building, chuck a grenade 
inside from the window and into the storage room in the back.  There seems to 
be a German oblivious to the fighting around him.  Once all Germans here are 
dead, Foley will remark about it.

Head up.  Two Germans should open fire.  Use your BAR to take them out, then 
go to prone position outside the gate as a German truck pulls up.  Use your 
BAR to wipe them out, then move towards the truck.  Take cover behind it.  
Head down the small path to your left.  As soon as you near the gates to their 
courtyard, a German should come running out.  Kill him.  Run through with your 
squad, taking out the Germans that pop out.  Two Germans are on a balcony 
above, so beware.  Throw a grenade near the garage.  When you try and head 
towards it, a German truck should pull up.  Fall back and throw a grenade near 
it.  Clear the area when it goes off, then move in to finish them off.  
Another truck will pull up.  If you have the time, throw a grenade.  If not, 
use your gun.  When they're dead, move into the area behind the second truck.

Watch out for a German, then move inside.  Around the first corner will be a 
German.  Be prepared.  Any surviving allies besides Cpt. Foley and Sgt. Moody 
will follow you into the building.  Go enter the doorway the German was in and 
down the hallway.  There's a German at the end of the hallway.  Turn right and 
around the corner.  You should see two locked double doors to your right.  
Remember this area.

Go up the stairs.  Before you enter the hallway above, peek around the left 
corner and nail the German waiting.  Enter the bathroom for some health and 
move on.  Around another corner, you'll encounter a large group of Germans.  
Throw a grenade and wait for it blow before continuing.  Go out the other door 
and be prepared for three Germans.  They take excellent cover, so you might 
have a hard time seeing until the flash of their gun tells you.  In the 
adjacent room, pick up the documents.  Now remember the double doors I told 
you to remember?  Well, when you go back down, the game should auto save, 
right before the doors open and two Germans pop out.  Proceed carefully 
towards the door.  There are two Germans on the balcony to your right in that 
room.  Once it's clear, walk in, past the statues, and into the next room and 
find some cover.

Germans will began to come out from the adjacant rooms upstairs.  Once they're 
dead, head upstairs to your left.  You should reach the outside balcony from 
the beginning of the level.  Be warned that there are new Germans on it.  This 
part is kind of tricky, as you'll be caught inbetween two German parties.  
You'll notice that as you run across the balcony, a German truck pulls up and 
heads inside.  Run towards the next part and take out the three Germans 
inside.  Hopefully you still have an ally left who will defend your back as 
the new reinforcements come up.  Once they're dead, continue on.

Down the steps, your ally should clear out most of the Germans.  Pust the 
glowing statue eagle on the wall to reveal a secret passage way in the 
fireplace.  Hey!  I want one of those.  Inside, destroy their communications 
with your gun and kill the two Germans who pop out.  Once you head back out, 
Cpt. Foley and Sgt. Moody will arrive to reinforce you.  For some reason, 
they're riflemen.  Anyways, they'll kick a door open and out pops some 
Germans.  Kill them, run down the steps, and prepare for some really close 
quarters fighting.  

Down more steps plus two dead Germans equals the door to the prison cell.  
Once Cpt. Foley blows it open, prepare for a German machine gunner.  If you 
have anymore grenades left, toss it over your cover.  If not, peek out and 
nail him.  Once he's dead, enter and look to your right to kill three more 
Germans.  Captain Price is located in the last cell to the right.  He's in 
really poor condition, which is why he'll stay out of most firefights.  Lead 
the way back upstairs.  Four Germans should be near the top.  Go up the right 
set of stairs because when you reach the to, you'll have a view into the next 
room.  You should kill about four Germans before Price comes up.  In the 
statue room, mow down another four Germans.  The way to victory is clear.  The 
hobbling Price will turn into a crippled Price as your squad helps him out of 
a window.  Head towards the truck to win.


September 18, 1944
Outside of Strasshof

It seems the Germans moved Major Ingram of the British RAF before we could nab 
him from the Chateau.

Captain Price says he overheard the guards saying he had been moved to a camp 
near here.  Price pinpointed the camp for us, but Captain Foley insisted that 
he stay behind during the actual rescue.

Our plan is simple.  We are busting right through the gate, grabbing the Major 
and then hightailing it out of there.  Foley says the only way we can pull 
this off is if we spend no more than ten minutes in the camp.  Otherwise the 
Jerries are going to have the entire area locked down looking for us.

Mission 1.8: POW Camp

Mission Objectives:
- Eliminate the the guards at the main gate.
- Locate Major Ingram.
- Escort Major Ingram back to the truck.

I advise you to save often.  So, like Foley says, you have ten minutes after 
your first shot.  Creep forward towards the gate.  You should see two Germans 
conversing while another walks around.  What you don't see is a machine gunner 
behind the rock.  Creep all the way to your left to reveal him.  Take him out 
first and then the other three that run for cover.  Prone position helps 
eliminate sway.  Once you eliminate all the guards, the truck containing Foley 
and the others should move in.

Switch to your Thompson and run in.  This should all take less than a minute.  
Less than thirty seconds actually.  One you eliminate the initial Germans that 
pop out, run east.  The door in front of you should burst open and two Germans 
should be standing there.  Take them out.  Pick up one of their MP40s.  Not 
only do they carry +2 more shots, their recoil is lower than the Thompsons.  
Travel south.  Germans should pop out to your right and left.  Travel east 
again and encounter more Germans.  Take cover behind some barrels and kill the 
Germans in front of the barbed gate.

Follow your allies past the gate, then north.  Eventually, you'll travel east 
again where some Germans pop out.  You should have a little more than seven 
minutes remaining at this point.  You'll reach some picnic benches where 
another firefight will ensue.  Kill them and move forward, towards the star.  
Go inside the building where you can see two Big Health Packs on a table.  Mow 
down the Germans that come from the other doorway, about four.  Outside, turn 
right and kill the Germans.  There's one in the tower above, so kill him 
quickly before he does too much damage.  Go inside the building where you'll 
witness Major Ingram chocking a Nazi from behind the bars of his prison cell.  
How typical.  You should have 6+ minutes left.

Start backtracking.  You should meet two Nazis as you try to reenter the 
building with the large health packs.  Outside, another skirmish will occur.  
Run and gun, but make sure they're dead.  As you proceed between two buildings 
from the picnic area, Germans will come from the left and right.  Take them 
down.  Run past the barbed fence and a German truck will arrive.  Eliminate 
everyone.  Some of your allies might die around here.  As you run back, more 
Germans will pop out from buildings.  Use grenades to flush out the Germans 
hiding behind corners.  During the last home stretch, eliminate the Germans on 
the left as you reach the truck.

                         British 6th Airborne Division

"Join the British Special Forces as Sergeant Evans, and take part in the 
famous assault, capture and defense of Pegasus Bridge.  Disable German 
artillery emplacements on Eder Dam, go undercover to sabotage the legendary 
battleship Tirpitz, then make a daring escape."


Ref Maps.  1/50,000 Sheets 7/F1, 7/F2                                TOP SECRET
           1/25,000 Sheet No. 40/16 NW                              5 June 1944

TO: 2 Oxf Bucks, 6th Ab. Div.


1. Objective

a) Your task is to seize intact the bridge over the canal at BENOUVILLE 098748 
   and to hold it until relieved by 7 Para Bn.  [Most likely several hours]


2. Enemy

a) Static defense in area of operations.

Garrison of the bridge at BENOUVLLE 098748 consists of about 50 men, armed 
with at least four to six light machine guns (MG42) and possibly assorted anti-
tank weapons.

b) State of alertness.

The large-scale prepartions necessary for the invasion of the Continent, the 
suitability of moon and tide will combine to produce a high state of alertness 
in the GERMAN defense, particularly in vicinity of bridges.  Charges will have 
been laid in the demolition chambers.


3. Outline

a) Insertion via Horsa glider.  The capture of the bridge will be a 'coup de 
main' op depending largely on surprise, speed, and dash for success.

b) Your difficulties will arise in holding off an enemy counterattack on the 
bridge, until you are relieved.

Mission 2.1: Pegasus Night

Mission Objectives:
- Clear the area of enemies and secure both ends of the bridge.
- Capture the bunker.
- Regroup with Captain Price.
- Find an army engineer.
- Get back to the flack gun with the army engineer.
- Use the Flak88 gun to destroy the tank.

The mission will start with you in the glider.  Seems the pilots are having a 
bit of difficulty finding the location.  After the rough landing, you'll find 
yourself assembled on the ground with the rest of the squad.  You'll listen to 
Sgt. Price for a moment before he tells you to suppress those machine gunners 
in the bunker.

Creep forward.  Position yourself carefully and with abundant coverage.  The 
squad will move up when you start to fire.  Get in the prone position and lie 
in the bushes.  You'll see a lot of Germans standing about, but leave them up 
to your squad.  Just use well aimed bursts, NOT fully automatic, fire to take 
out the Germans in the bunker.  You'll have to shoot several waves in the 
bunker before the objective will be finished.  Make your way across the 
bridge, using your Lee-Enfield to take out the Germans.  Spot their muzzle 
blasts and fire at them.

You'll start to hear a tank as you cross the bridge.  Uh-oh!  To make matters 
worse, once you meet up with Cpt. Price, he'll tell you to run past the tank 
to find an army engineer.  Nuts!  Well, do as he says.  Switch to your 
grenades and then run while crouching.  Hopefully, you'll suffer minimal 
damage.  Looks like Pvt. Mills is doing a darn good job of holding off the 
Germans.  Use any of the supplies near him if need be, and get his attention 
by pressing "F".  You'll need to run past the tank again, so the best bet 
would be to run ahead of Pvt. Mills, with the grenades equipped.  That way, 
Mills will take the beating.  Hightail it outta there!

Take cover behind the gun while Pvt. Mills gets it working.  Once he does, 
press "F" to use it and then quickly rotate your sights on the tank.  You'll 
be taking damage most of the time until the gun is out in front of you.  Then, 
aim for the machine gun fire from the tank and BOOM!  Your next objective 
tells you to mop up the rest of the enemies.  Instead of running back across, 
just run up the stairs near the beginning of the bridge and use your accurate 
Lee-Enfield to snipe the Germans.  Once all are dead, you win!


Ref Maps.  1/50,000 Sheets 7/F1, 7/F2                                TOP SECRET
           1/25,000 Sheet No. 40/16 NW                              5 June 1944

TO: 2 Oxf Bucks, 6th Ab. Div.   [We redeployed the sandbag positions and MG42s
                                 Had to bin most of the MGs - the barrels were
INTENTION                        too badly worn from overheating]

1. Objective

a) Your task is to seize intact the bridge over the canal at BENOUVILLE 098748 
   and to hold it until relieved by 7 Para Bn.  [7 Para taking longer than 
   expected, still holding out]


2. Enemy  [-One bn of 736th Grenadier Regiment in the area, maybe 8-12 tanks!!
           - Several platoons expected to the west, no sign of them yet.]
a) Mobile defenses in area of operations.

Garrison of the bridge at BENOUVILLE 098748 consists of about 50 men, armed 
with at least four to six light machine guns (MG42) and possibly assorted anti-
tank weaopns.

b) State of alertness.  [I would say they're bloody well alerted by now.]

Capt. Price noticed a strange thing this morning - they had the bridge wired, 
but no explosives were in the holders???  (Found them securely stowed by the 


3. Outline

b) Your difficulties will arise in holding off an enemy counterattack on the 
bridge, until you are relieved.  [Night reinforcements came in from Kenville 
at 0800]

Mission 2.2: Pegasus Day

Mission Objectives:
- Hold the bridge until relieved by Allied forces.
- Defend the west bank of the canal.
- Fall back to the machine gun and provide covering fire.
- Destroy the incoming tank.
- Help the reinforcements clear the area of any remaining enemies.
- Debrief with Captain Price.

This mission will be difficult.  Very difficult.  You'll start off by 
listening to Lt. Davis list off the inventory of the German supplies.  After 
Price thanks God for the Flak88 gun, artillery or mortar fire will eliminate 
all of your allies on the west side of the bridge.  Run for cover behind the 
sandbags or else you'll end up splattered in a lot of pieces.  Eventually, 
they'll all start running towards the western end of the bridge to hold off 
the German counterattack.

Follow them and take cover behind some sandbags and start picking off the 
Germans that come.  There's a whole stack of crates with weapons and supplies 
if you need or want them.  I prefer to trade in the the Bren LMG for the 
MP40.  Switch to the prone position and then lean out and snipe the Germans on 
the right with your Lee-Enfield.  You're by all means welcome to move anywhere 
you want.  It's just the fact that you have a store of supplies in front of 
you that makes this such a good position.  However, there is a box of 
Stielhandgranates near the left sandbag if you choose to pick it up.

Eventually, Cpt. Price will order a retreat and tell you to man the machine 
gun near the east side of the bridge.  It's in a small building that's 
adjacent to the bridge.  Once they're safely across, this is where all hell 
breaks loose.  Tanks will come in periodically, in random locations.  They'll 
most likely appear across the canal, to the south of the Flak88 or north of 
the Flak88 gun.  I don't suggest you use it destroy tanks.  It tanks to long 
to rotate and you're a sitting duck - not to mention the fact that the tanks 
blow it up if you don't destroy them first with it.  Instead, fall back to the 
bunker where you'll find some Panzerfausts.  Just beware of the Germans 
rushing to kill you.  Hold out for five minutes and save everytime you destroy 
a tank.

There's not much strategy in this part.  Germans will come from all sides.  
Hopefully, you've got lots of allies still alive.  If not, you might not make 
it.  If a tank moves from the north however, you might want to wait until it 
blocks your view of the the east where you find the Panzerfaust.  That way, 
you won't have to worry so much about defending that position.  A good way to 
tank out tanks across the canal is from the bunker.  Even though the weapon is 
only a short ranged one, it will still reach the tank if your aim is true.  
Just stay low.  You really don't want to do this from the tanks that come from 
the south though, because those tanks fire into the bunker, killing you inside 
it.  Instead, fire at it near the machine gun used to cover the allies from 
before.  Good luck!

Once you reach the five minute mark, friendlies start coming in from the 
west.  If you still have a tank present, you have to eliminate it before you 
can complete this mission.  With it gone, just eliminate the rest of the 
Germans until the counter reaches zero.  With that, the rest of the squad 
assembles with Captain Price.  Bloody well done.


Ref Maps.  1/50,000 Sheets 12/F1, 12/F2                              TOP SECRET
           1/25,000 Sheet No. 60/05 SW                               2 Sep 1944

To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS  [Transferred to 2 SAS with Capt. Price on orders from SOE 
                     3 wks ago.  Haven't seen any others from 6th AB aside 
INTENTION            from him.  The men here are as competent as any I've ever 
                     met, especially Sgt. Waters.  Will have to do my best to 
1. Objectives        keep up.]

     a) To neutralize anti-aircraft defenses for pending renewal of RAF 
        bombing missions against the Eder Dam in Germany.
     b) To destroy electrical generators in the power station at the foot of 
        the dam, thereby slowing production at German manufacturing plants 
        throughout the Ruhr valley region.


2. Enemy

     a) Static defenses in area of operations.

        Garrison at the Eder Dam consists of at least 40 men, armed with 
        assorted small arms (MP40, Kar98k) and at least three light anti-air 
        guns, possibly 20mm or 88mm.

     b) State of alertness.

        Last May's "Operation [Dambusters, No. 6/7 Sgn.] Chastise" ruptured 
        the dam but the Germans have since restored it and strengthened the AA 
        defenses.  Once the garrison forces are alerted, nearby towns at 
        025664, 022637, and 025619 will undoubtedly dispatch reinforcements in 
        platoon to company strength.


3. Outline

     a) Infiltration to be effected by parachute, DZ approx. one day overland 
        from the dam, as radar and AA coverage will have increased in the 
        immediate vicinity.
     b) Exfiltrate by any means at your disposal.  [Cpt. Price and Sgt. Waters 
        plan to steal a German lorry]

Mission 2.3: Eder Dam

Mission Objectives:
- Destroy the AA Guns on the top of the dam [6 remaining].
- Plant explosives on the generators [4 remaining].
- Destroy the AA Guns at the bottom of the dam [4 remaining].
- Meet up with Captain Price at the top south end of the dam and escape.

I really hated this mission, the other mission that pitted you alone.  You 
know why?  Because I wanted this game where you fought with a squad.  This 
level and another just blows that point right out.  Stupid level.  Whatever 
happened to the "war was one by many lives."  Anyways, you start this mission 
out with the Scoped Kar98k and Sten.  Creep with the sniper rifle equipped 
over the first small hump on the ground.  You should see a German standing 
there.  Take him down.  After about six more dead bodies, you're free to go on.

When you get near, the searchlight will magically turn off.  Why turn off when 
you get there?  Why not turn off when all the Germans in the area are dead?  
As you can see, I really dislike this level.  Yuck!  I hate having to replay 
it for you guys.  The first AA Gun is for your taking.  Just run up to it, 
plant explosives, and then fall back.  BOOM!  The second and third gun should 
go just as smoothly.  Where the heck are the Germans?!  Shouldn't they notice 
a huge fireball?  For some reason, they're stupid.  Either that or this dam is 
operated by a skeleton crew.  Also, you might hear the sound of gunfire once 
you start planting the third explosive.  I know I did.  I never did find out 
though where it came from.

Before you reach the fourth AA Gun, use your sniper rifle and zoom in on the 
ground under the little hut.  You should see a machine gunner and a rifleman 
waiting.  The rifleman might open fire at this point, which might also be the 
sound of gunfire from before.  Boy, he's got sharp eyes.  Take them out.  By 
the time you reach the fifth AA Gun, you'll meet up with a little welcome 
party.  Finally, where have you guys been?!  Kill them and blow up the rest of 
the guns.  Once you blow up the final one, rush to that small side area and go 
into the "Prone" position.  Aim for the door as a German rushes out of a 
communications room.  How coincidental.

Enter inside.  I suggest you save often now.  When you're running down the 
steps inside, a German will be running up.  Be prepared!  Get inside the 
elevator and take cover behind the barrel.  You'll need it because as soon as 
it stops, you'll meet up with two Germans who can't wait to gun you down. Step 
off the elevator and into the hallway.  Pick up the Stielhandgranates off the 
floor and move on.  As you round the corner, be prepared for a sudden German 
who runs out.  Suddenly, alarms will go off.  Take out the German who appears 
and go slowly forward.  After a certain distance, the door to your right will 
burst open.  A few Germans will pop out and you'll most likely take some 
damage.  Enter inside and pick up some health from the table and any 
Stielhandgranates if you happened to use some.  Go out through the other door 
and turn right.

Wait around the corner, behind the two crates stacked on each other as two 
Germans will rush out.  That's what I really hate about this level.  Enter the 
room overlooking some important looking equipment and take out the German who 
comes out from the left.  Stand up and look through the window.  Use the 
Scoped Kar98k to shoot any Germans who are out.  Then, head down the right set 
of stairs and throw a grenade around the corner.  More than likely, that won't 
kill the two Germans who are now hiding behind corners themselves.  Proceed 
slowly.  Look out over to the walkway on the other side and take care of the 
two Germans there.  Continue down the right walkway.  Past some lockers, 
you'll meet two more Germans.  Put them down.  Past a few more walkways and 
Germans, you'll reach another elevator.  Take it down.  You'll notice that 
you'll pass by an area but the elevator doesn't stop there.  You can get out 
and explore, but there's not much to see.

Similar to the previous elevator, you'll encounter Germans.  The only 
difference is that you'll encounter three Germans, one at a time, as they rush 
out from behind the corners.  Pick up any health if need by and watch out for 
another German who might come.  Pick up a box of Stielhandgranates and 
carefully peek out as you start rounding the corner.  Two Germans should run 
out from across you and shoot you.  Two more Germans should appear just as you 
round the corner.  Fill them with lead from the Sten.  By now, you might be 
running low on ammo.  Feel free to switch to the MP40 at any time.  Down the 
steps and another German, you'll come to a turbine room, to speak.  Two 
Germans reside here, so take them down.  Turn right and proceed down a very 
long tunnel.

Take out the German take appears at the end of the tunnel with your sniper 
rifle.  One head shot should do.  Another German should appear once you reach 
the end of the tunnel.  As you head up the steps, shoot two more Germans who 
appear at the top.  Inside the next room, take cover behind the boxes and 
shoot two Germans.  Outside, take care of the two Germans and enter into the 
doorway at the opposite end.  That was a beautiful scene of the dam, though, 
wasn't it?  In the next room,  pick up the Stielhandgranates off the crate and 
kill the German that comes out the next door.  We're almost to the guns.  Take 
out the German inside, but when you reach his body, two more Germans will 
spawn to your right behind the generators you need to plant your explosives 
on.  Watch out!  Take their ammo and be prepared for another German who spawns 
from the generators opposite you.

Go outside and take out the German there.  Plant an explosive on the gun and 
go down the stairs.  As you make your way to the next two AA guns, you'll 
encounter three Germans.  Take them out from afar with your sniper rifle.  
Plant your explosives on the last two guns and then retrace your steps back.  
As you make your way back, you'll start to encounter more of the elite 
soldiers as well as their grunts.  For the sake of this already long 
walkthrough for this level, I'll assume you can fight your way back.  Just 
lean around corners and use grenades when you think there are enemies nearby.

On a side note, once you reach the elevator, the German announcer who was 
yelling something in German while the alarms were on is now speaking English.  
He says something about having captured your Officer and you have no way of 
escaping.  Whatever.  Eventually, you'll reach the top where your allies are 
waiting.  Hop in the truck with "F".  You can either shoot the Germans as you 
ride, or just go into "Crouch" mode and wait for the level to end.


Ref Maps.  1/50,000 Sheets 12/F1, 12/F2                              TOP SECRET
           1/25,000 Sheet No. 60/05 SW                               2 Sep 1944

To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS


1. Objectives

a) Following conclusion of operations at the dam, evade capture and reach an 
   airfield approx. 8 miles away at 033875.


2. Enemy

a) Static defenses in area of operations.

   Unknown.  The enemy is likely to erect roadblocks and deploy motorized 
   patrols in order to prevent your escape from the area.

b) State of alertness.

   Any assault on the Eder Dam will be reponded to by troops from neighboring 
   towns and garrisons.  Both military and civilian populations will be placed 
   in a high state of alertness.
                                 [The lorry we stole was apparently carrying 
METHOD                            a large  shipment of Panzerfaust 60s - a 
                                  sort of short range, single-use, and 
3. Outline                        disposable anti-tank weapon.  They'll come 
                                  in handy if pursued.  Not a bad find at all.]
a) Use enemy weapons and assets as required in the event your equpiment is 
   destroyed or expended.

b) Destroy bridges and create improvised obstacles to delay pursuit by the 
   enemy.  [Sgt. Waters has reserve demolitions for this task.]

Mission 2.4: Truck Ride

Mission Objectives:
- Get to the airfield.
- Cover Sgt. Waters as he destroys the bridge.

Ah.. another car mission.  This one is certainly harder than the American one, 
so you might want to quicksave often.  Do as Sgt. Waters says and pick up the 
Panzerfaust.  Destroy the first lorry with it and then another.  If you miss, 
reload, because you only have a limited number of Panzerfausts before they run 
out.  Destroy a motorized patrol car with a third Panzerfaust.  After it 
crashes into a tree, you'll cross a bridge where Sgt. Waters will hand you a 
sniper rifle to take out the Germans crossing the bridge.  Make sure they 
don't get past as he hooks up the demolitions.

Eventually, the bridge will blow.  After he gets back on the truck, another 
German lorry will come up behind you.  Blow it up in the tunnel.  A few 
moments later, you'll ram through a German roadblock.  Take out the lorry that 
comes up behind you.  Eventually, another motorized patrol will come up.  This 
one requires careful aiming and you might need to reload this portion a few 
times.  For some reason, Sgt. Waters will try his hand at the Panzerfaust, but 
of course, he misses.  Right after that, two motor bikes come up behind you.

If there's a German lorry in front of you, take it out quick.  It has a German 
who also has a Panzerfaust and won't hesitate to use it.  After they're gone, 
focus on the two motor bikes.  Pick up your last Panzerfaust and take out the 
last German bike.  Once you go past another tunnel, another lorry will pull up 
beside you.  Take out the German with the Panzerfaust and then shoot the 
German that tries to climb onboard.  You'll eventually drive by some Germans 
on foot, which leads to another motor bike behind you.  Take it out with the 
Bren LMG.  After Cpt. Price blows by another German roadblock, you'll pick up 
two more German lorries.  Once you get rid of them, the level ends.


Ref Maps.  1/50,000 Sheets 12/F1, 12/F2                              TOP SECRET
           1/25,000 Sheet No. 60/05 SW                               2 Sep 1944

To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS


1. Objectives

a) Upon successful arrival at the airfield, procure aircraft on site and 
   exfiltrate via preplanned air route.
b) Delay pursuit and interception by destroying any parked aircraft not 
   essential to your escape.

INFORMATION           [Our Lewes bombs were lost in the drop at the dam, so 
                       we'll need to find a high caliber automatic weapon on 
2. Enemy               site to do the job instead.]

a) Static defenses in area of operations.

   A small regional garrison, mainly consisting of rear-guard troops, is known 
   to service the airfield on a year-round basis.  AA defenses may include 
   guns ranging from 20mm to 88mm.

b) State of alertness.

   The dam garrison will have issued a general warning throughout the area by 
   this time.  The airfield may be more heavily reinforced that is customary 
   as a result.


3. Outline

a) Disperse at the airfield.  Flight trained members [Sgt. Waters, Cpt. Price] 
   of the squad will move the aircraft into position for takeoff.

b) Remaining squad members shall defend the stolen aircraft until that time, 
   while inflicting as much damage as possible on other enemy aircraft parked 
   on the tarmac.

Mission 2.5: Airfield Escape

Mission Objectives:
- Draw enemy fire while the rest of the team steals a German plane.
- Get back to the truck and escape to the plane.

As you head into the airfield, two German lorries are behind you.  Fill their 
trucks with Bren LMG fire.  Eventually, you'll stop near an AA gun.  Take the 
German who pops out of the door, and then head for the flak gun.  You'll need 
to take out some Germans on the roof of the building above you.  Get on the 
flak gun and then take out the two Stukas taking off from the ground.

After you take out a total of four Stukas, that are STILL on the ground, three 
Stuka Bombers will come from the skies.  Take them out quickly, or they'll put 
an end to your mission.  Once they're gone, get off the flak gun and take out 
the Germans on the roof until Sgt. Waters tells you to man the flak gun 
again.  Take out the two Stukas on the left first, then focus on the two on 
the right.  Get off the gun when they're destroyed and fend off more Germans.

Finally, you'll have to take out the last of the Stukas.  There are five 
total.  Take out two on the left first.  Then, two on the right, and then, one 
on the left.  You're probably near dead by now, since Cpt. Price and Sgt. 
Waters don't seem to know how to give good suppressing fire.  I mean, Cpt. 
Price is standing near an MG42 for pete's sake!  Hop onto the truck and once 
you make it to the plane, you're safe.


Ref Maps.  1/50,000 Sheets 22/F1, 45/F2                              TOP SECRET
           1/25,000 Sheet No. 40/16 NW                              22 Oct 1944

To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS
                   [-Price and I are going on board.  If we are captured, the 
INTENTION           Geneva Convention wont help us.  There's little doubt we 
                    will be executed as spies.]
1. Objectives

a) To further cripple Battleship Tirpitz in preparation for pending RAF 
   bombing missions.
                 [-demolitions on the ship's boilers and radar systems]
b) To recover patrol logs and documented orders indicating recent fleet 
   movements of Kriegsmarine vessels.
                 [-these are most likely on or near the bridge]

2. Enemy

a) Static defenses in area of operations.

   Norwegian resistance reports ship undergoing repairs and damage appraisal 
   near Tromso.  Skeleton crew reported, with majority of crewmembers on shore 
   leave throughout Hakoya and Tromso region.

b) State of alertness.

   The enemy is preoccupied with anti-air defense.  As they are aboard a 
   heavily armed and escorted ship, their expectation of being boarded is 
   likely to be low.


3. Outline

a) The Norwegian resistance reports that a small watercraft is scheduled to 
   transfer new officers to the Tirpitz from the Tromso region, at 1900 hrs.  
   Intercept it, liquidate the occupants, and take their place with the aid of 
   forged documents and appropriate attire of rank supplied by SOE.

Mission 2.6: Ship

Mission Objectives:
- Board the German Battleship Tirpitz.
- Locate the ship's armory.
- Retrieve the explosives from the armory.
- Plant the explosives on the ship's boilers [4 remaining].
- Destroy the anti-air radar electronics near the bridge [3 remaining].
- Retrieve the naval patrol logs.
- Return to Sergeant Waters at the supply boat.

After Cpt. Price throws the passengers off, you're off for the Tirpitz.  
Before boarding, Cpt. Price gives them the proper signal.  On board, the 
Germans will check your papers.  Soon after that, follow Cpt. Price to the 
armory.  When you reach the armory, some Germans will again check your 
papers.  However, this time, things do not go as smoothly.  Cpt. Price pulls 
out a pistol and shoots both of the guards in the head.  Pick up the MP40 and 
retrieve the explosives.  Pick up the other weapons in the armory while you're 
at it too.

Go back to Cpt. Price and watch out for the German that opens the door.  Enter 
the door that he opened while Cpt. Price holds off the Germans in the other 
hallway.  Since most of the Germans in this new hallway are at the other end, 
use the Kar98k to pick them off.  Plant two of the four explosives in that 
hallway.  Go through and eliminate more Germans that appear in front of you.  
Save often!  Turn left at the end and kill the German that rushes out of an 
ammunition room.  Go forward and left.  You're in what looks to be the exact 
same hallway from before.  Fight your way down and plant your two explosives.  
The room down there is the armory, so you made a full circle.  Turns out, Cpt. 
Price didn't make this part.

Start going back up towards the deck.  Turn right from the armory and fight 
your way up.  Eventually, you'll make it back to the hanger.  Take out the two 
snipers above you and the Germans that come from the left and right.  Outside, 
take the left path and enter the door near the guns.  Inside, take a right 
before the stairs and then a left down a middle hallway.  Take out the Germans 
and then go left again.  Follow the hallway and kill a lot more Germans.  Once 
you reach the outside, go back in and go up the stairs.

After three flights of stairs and one dead German, you reach the bridge.  
Throw a grenade into the room you see to take some Germans and one of the 
radar devices.  In the adjacent room with the stairs, shoot another one of the 
devices and climb up.  Shoot the two Germans at the top of the two stairs and 
climb up.  Up the last one, you'll encounter a very pissed Captain.  Kill him, 
take out the last device, and pick up the documents.  Kill the German outside 
in the window and then from his balcony, pick off a few Germans below.  Do the 
same on the other side and start making your way back.

Remember the hallway we cleared before going up the stairs?  Well, that's our 
exit.  Go out and take out the few sporadic Germans still left.  Take the 
right staircase down to the deck and then run for the stairs that lead to the 
supply boat.  You'll encounter very light resistance.  Once you tell Sgt. 
Waters about the loss of Cpt. Price, it's mission complete.

                               Russian Infantry

"You are conscript Alexei, a peasant drafted for the battle of Stalingrad.  If 
you survive, move up through the ranks - taking on more dangerous missions 
such as sniper missions and ambushes until you are promoted to tank commander."


                          ORDER *227 BY THE PEOPLE'S
                       COMMISSAR OF DEFENSE OF THE USSR

It is time to stop the retreat.  Not a single step back!  This shall be our 
slogan from now on.  We must protect every strongpoint and every metre of 
Soviet soil stubbornly to the last droplet of blood.  We shall grab every 
piece of our soil and defend it as long as it is possible.  The Germans are 
not as strong as the panic - mongers say.  They are stretching their strength 
to the limit.  To withstand their blow now means to ensure victory in the 

All who retreat without orders from above are traitors of the Motherland and 
will be treated as such: Panic - mongers, traitors, and cowards are to be 
exterminated on sight.  To fulfill this order means to defend our country, to 
save our Motherland, and to destroy and overcome the hated enemy.  This is the 
call of our Motherland.

The People's Commissar for Defense

Joseph Stalin

Mission 3.1: Stalingrad

Mission Objectives:
- Acquire a weapon or some ammunition.
- Find a more experienced soldier and obtain new orders.
- Enter the city of Stalingrad.

The opening of the this mission is intense.  Watch as other ships blow up 
around you from mortar fire and enemy aircraft.  When the planes start to make 
a run at your boat, crouch and wait for them to past.  Of course, the 
untrained Russian Army at this point isn't disciplined enough to hold back 
their fears.  They'll make a try at abandoning ship, but the Officer who was 
giving you the little speech will mow them down.

Eventually, you'll make it to the other side of the river.  An artillery shell 
might land right now, thrusting you into that shell-shocked mode.  Get in line 
with the other troops and obtain some Mosin Nagant ammunition.  What the heck 
are we even going to do with it?  Whatever happened to our comforts?  I want 
my mommy!  Anyways, run up the hill, and aim for the blown up car, in front of 
a little trench, sort of to speak.  You'll take fire from machine gunners and 
planes overhead.  This level was a pain for me, because it called for the 
juice my computer doesn't have.  The only way I actually survived this part 
was by doing the bunny hop.  Hop your way to the wall to find a much needed 50 
Health Pack and Sgt. Borodin, a sniper.

Sgt. Borodin will tell you to run to a wrecked car.  Do as he says.  When he 
tells you to go, run!  Don't worry about crouching.  Run towards another 
wrecked car when he tells you and wait for him to catch up.  Next, he'll tell 
you to run towards a blown up building, where an Officer is enforcing Stalin's 
word.  He'll gun down a poor soldier running for his life.  Run towards him 
and your sniper buddy will put a bullet through his head.  I'm starting to 
like this guy.

You'll run into a radio man whom Sgt. Borodin will order to call in an 
artillery strike.  He's kind of asking the obvious, don't you think? After 
about twenty seconds where your screen shakes and debris flies up everywhere, 
the German positions will have been destroyed.  Head up the left path and 
enter the city of Stalingrad.


Mission 3.2: Red Square

Mission Objectives:
- Retake Red Square.
- Find a good flanking position.
- Eliminate the officers in the enemy blockade [4 remaining].
- Rendevouz with Major Zubov via the train station.

Hm.  I wonder why they didn't include a little blurb from Stalin or anything.  
Anyways, the Russians mean business when they say they will deal with 
traitors.  Watch how the Russian machine gunner mows down the retreating 
Russians.  After a short motivational phrase, all the Russians will swarm 
forward.  Head forward and pick up a Mosin-Nagant off the ground.  Don't stay 
near the start too long or else the machine gunner will mistake you for a 
coward and gun you down behind your back.  Head forwads and towards the statue 
where an ally is waving towards you.

Meet Sgt. Makarov.  Seems like he's another one of those smart people in the 
Russian army who knows that just throwing men forward is stupid.  He'll inform 
you that you'll both end up as dead men and that you should look for a way to 
flank them.  Start crawling your way right, trying to avoid the machine gun 
fire.  As you make your way towards the buildng, a portion of the wall should 
blow up, thanks to artillery.  Three Germans should run out.  You can either 
pick them off with Mosin-Nagant or let Sgt. Makarov take them out.

Enter inside and take out all the Germans on the lower floor.  Pick up their 
MP40s and start making your way up.  There will be Germans in the building 
adjacent to yours as you make your way up the steps.  You can ignore them.  
Just watch out for the two Germans on the stairs as you make your way up.  Go 
through the hall, eliminating Germans, until you reach the enemy sniper.  Kill 
him and take his rifle and the Stielhandgranates on the floor.  Use it to 
snipe the four German officers down below.  Two are in the trench.  The last 
two are on the steps on the building right next to them.  Once they're dead, 
head back down.  Outside, wait for the artillery strike to destroy the 
blockade.  It'll take a while before it's all gone.  Once the debris clears, 
drop down the trench and head forwards.

When you emerge, stay in cover and eliminate five Germans.  One is in a 
building window directly across, while another is behind a car.  The other two 
make themselves well known with submachine gun fire.  The last one is in a 
tower in the distance.  You'll be able to see a slight form.  When you move 
forward into the open, four more Germans should appear.  You should catch 
three of them as they move into position.  The last one takes a perch in the 
building where the wall is blown out.  Once they're dead, three allies join 

Head right.  Take out the German who appears.  Peek behind the wall as you 
proceed forward.  If you're quick enough, you can put a bullet in the machine 
gunner before he can fire.  Past him will be two more Germans.  Take cover 
behind the wall once they're dead and take out the two Germans outside.  Head 
left and take out the two Germans hiding behind walls.  Move to their position 
and turn right to take out some more.  Now, before heading down the obvious 
path, you'll want to go as forward as you can and then enter the dead end.  
There's a machine gunner pretty far up ahead to the west.  Use your compass.  
Chuck grenades ahead of you to the right of the building you see if you want 
to save your allies.  This is the only way or else the machine gun will shred 
them up.  Ahead, take out the German that runs towards you.

Now, for the final part.  You'll be in a clearing, to speak, where Germans 
will come.  Use your sniper rifle to put a bullet in each of their heads.  
Once all are dead, it's just you and the train station.  Run up to the doors 
to complete the mission.


Mission 3.3: Trainstation

Mission Objectives:
- Rendezvous with Major Zubov.

You'll start in the main hallway of the train station with two allies.  Go up 
the stairs and eliminate the Germans at the top.  Down the next hallway, be 
prepared for the German that pops out.  Go down that hallway and down the one 
to your right.  Take out the Germans at the end.  Go down another right 
hallway and take out the two Germans on either side.  This part is a little 

Use your scoped Mosin-Nagant to take out the machine gunner across from you.  
Then, take out the other riflemen scattered around.  You'll have to take out 
the machine gunner fast before you're filled with lead.  Drop onto the walkway 
below you.  As you proceed, four Germans should pop out from the building on 
the right.  Use your rifle to take them out.  Continue down the walkway and 
then fall off onto the train and to the ground.

Take your grenades and then throw two of them inbetween the wooden crates and 
the train right next to it.  Then, chuck one to the left of the crates.  Run 
forward.  As soon as you reach a certain point, four or five Germans will run 
out, right into the path of the greandes.  It might take some practice, but 
with good timing, you can eliminate a majority of them before the firefight 
ensues.  Head right and up the stairs.  You'll end up on the other walkway.  
Just like the first one, once you start proceeding across it, four Germans 
will pop out from the left.  Nail them with the sniper rifle.

Head right and take out the two Germans that appear.  Go to where they were 
and run down the sloped rubble onto the ground.  Head into the hole in the 
wall where you'll meet two more allies.  Past them, use your sniper rifle to 
take out five Germans across the ground.  Then, man the machine gun and take 
out the rest.  Proceed along the little trenches.  As you head left, three 
Germans should appear.  Take them out.  Turn right and equip your grenades.  
I'm a big fan of saving my allies for some reason, so if you want to, follow 
these directions.

Instead of proceeding through the groove in the ground, start climing up the 
embankment to the left of it.  A machine gunner will open fire.  Throw your 
grenades in his direction while trying to avoid enemy soldier fire.  With your 
luck and skill, the machine gunner will either run from his post or be blown 
up.  Use your gun to kill the rest of the Germans.  Once they're all dead, 
head for the lamp on the ground, at the end of the trench.  Proceed ahead 
until your compass fills with little triangles signaling friendlies.  You're 
about to enter a major firefight.  Equip your sniper rifle and take out the 
three Germans dead ahead.  They're near the corner of the building in front of 
you.  Then, just follow the fire of your allies and use your rifle to pinpoint 
the enemy.  Once all are dead, head for the star to complete the mission.


Congratulations on your promotion to Junior Sergeant, Alexei Ivanovich.  I 
need every sniper I can get!

This morning, the Germans recaptured a four-story apartment building near the 
gristmill on Penzenskaia Street.  This is an important building, Alexei!  From 
this building, it is possible to see very far in all directions and to direct 
artillery fire much more accurately.

In order to retake it, I sent some men on a reconnaissance mission over four 
hours ago, but I have not heard back from this squad since.  I want you to go 
there and find out what the situation is.  Support their actions if you find 
them.  Otherwise, return at once and report it to the command post.

German sniper activity on the surface route is reported to be very high today, 
so I suggest you take the sewers instead.

Major V.S. Zubov, 13th Guards Div.

Mission 3.4: Stalingrad Sewers

Mission Objectives:
- Use the sewers to bypass the enemy lines.

Proceed down the steps.  As you do, you'll hear either a traitor, or a German, 
persuading you to surrender to the German Army over an intercom.  Don't be 
stupid and do it, even if it were possible.  Head for the sewers and peek out 
from the left.  Use your sniper rifle to take out the Germans hiding behind 
the crates.  Head forwards a bit and take out another German hiding behind a 
crate farther back.

Take notice that you can't go into a "Prone" mode while you're standing in the 
sewers.  You'd probably drown.  Ha.  As you proceed forward, run up to the 
crate that the dead German is nearby and take out the two Germans that run up 
from the hole in the top.  One's wearing a snow camo uniform.  As you take 
those out, another German will have appeared at the end of the sewer tunnel in 
front of you.  As you make it towards the end, two Russians will come out from 
the tunnel to the right across from you.  Don't mistakenly shoot them!  A few 
more will come out from the sewers below you.  You won't be able to catch up 
to them, so just head right.

Go up the stairs and then take out the three Germans in the hallway.  You 
should be able to kill the closer one with your PPSh, but use your sniper 
rifle for the farther two.  As you proceed down the hallway, you'll notice 
that this is where the two Germans you shot from before were.  Lean out and 
look towards the right and take out two more Germans.  Again, you'll hear a 
traitor speak.  I agree with him about the whole retreating and you get shot 
at part though.  Lean out left and chuck two grenades towards the enemies 
behind the sandbags.  Equip your PPSh in a hurry, because they might run out 
towards you.  Proceed along this hallway very, very slowly.  Two more Germans 
will run out so gun them down.  Then, peek out towards the buildings around 
you.  Two of those balconies on the buildings should have German snipers.  
There's another one on the blown out wall to the right of them.  The last one 
will be in the building to your left, near a window.

Continue down until you reach some steps.  Lean out slowly until you see a 
German behind the crates.  Take him down, but once you fire a shot, another 
German will rush out from the right.  Quickly scoot back in until you can see 
the new German but the old one can't see you.  Take him out, then bounce a 
grenade off the wall on the right so that it lands near the German.  Once you 
reach an opening, turn slowly to the right so that the German spots you.  
Then, quickly retreat a bit because more Germans will peer out from the 
opening ahead of you.  You should take out a total of three of them.

Go down the slope and use your sniper rifle to take out two more Germans at 
the corner of the sewers.  As you proceed, two Germans will appear in front of 
you while another two appear on the balconies to the left and right of you.  
Take them out quickly.  If you notice, this area is where you saw your sudden 
influx of allies.  If you go ahead, you'll meet up with two of them.  Did the 
rest die?  Use grenades and your PPSh to clear the area of the Germans.  Turn 
right and take out two Germans.  Turn right again and take out a few more.  Go 
down the hallway and take a left.  Use grenades and throw them in the holes in 
the walls to flush out Germans and then use your PPSh to finish the rest.

Go up the rubble near the wall and take out any Germans who are still alive.  
Make two lefts as soon as possible and take out the two Germans here.  There's 
a lot of German who are running above you, but you can't see to kill any of 
them.  Go down the ramp, turn right, and you'll meet up with two more of your 
allies at the entrance, or end, of the sewers.  Use your sniper rifle and take 
out all the Germans in the buildings.  Becareful of any grenades they throw 
down.  Once all are dead, run up one of the wooden beam ramps and drop down 
through a hole inside one of the buildings to complete this mission.


Mission 3.5: Pavlov's House

Mission Objectives:
- Assemble with Sgt. Pavlov's squad.
- Eliminate the snipers [7 remaining].
- Get across the field.
- Clear out the apartment building [6 floor remaining].
- Regroup with Sgt. Pavlov on the fourth floor.
- Use the 2nd floor anti-tank rifle to destroy the tank.
- Use the 3rd floor anti-tank rifle to destroy the tank.
- Hold the building until relieved by friendly units.
- Clear the area of any remaining enemy forces.
- Assemble with the reinforcements out front.

I found this mission insanely hard and yet insanely easy.  The difficulty 
depends on how many allies will survive to help you out.  Pick up any health 
and grenades you need from the nearby supplies and follow Sgt. Pavlov to his 
men.  There, he'll instruct his fastest runner, Pvt. Kovalenko to draw enemy 
sniper fire.  It'll be up to you to pick them off before they can pick him off.

Lucky him.  Anyways, the snipers will appear in the building far in front of 
you, one by one.  Look for their gun flashes and zoom in on them with the 
scope.  Pick them off until Sgt. Pavlov tells you to run across the field.  
This next part is tough.  Run until you reach the broken wall near the 
building.  Use your sniper rifle to take out all of the enemies near the left 
side of the building.  Of course, going "Prone" is necessary if you wish to 
live, as well as leaning out.  Eventually, you'll have to clear out the 
gunners from the building.  The best strategy I found was finding a target and 
aiming in his general direction.  Then, aim down the sight towards the wall, 
and then lean out.  If your crosshairs aren't on your enemy when you lean out, 
let go and lean back in really quick.  Alter your crosshairs as need be and 
lean out again.  Once he's in your sights, fire.  Using this strategy, your 
damage should be minimal.

Enter inside and start clearing out the floors.  Ground floor will hold a lot 
of medical supplies, as well as any grenades you need to flush out the enemy.  
Don't forget that there is a basement, which has three Germans in it.  This 
counts as one floor.  Also, take note that whenever one of your allies die, 
another will respawn from the start point and run across the field to take 
their place.  It is imperative that you have a full squad of allies before 
attempting to start the next part of the mission.

Now, after regrouping with Sgt. Pavlov on the fourth floor, head down to the 
second and use the anti-tank rifle to stop the tank.  The anti-tank rifle has 
basically no reloading time, so just hold it down.  After about four or five 
direct hits, the tank should blow.  Hopefully, you'll have taken practically 
no damamge, or else you might want to consider restarting.  Do the same for 
the third floor and this is where the tough part begins.

A timer set at four minutes starts.  Since we're already on the second floor, 
I like to use the second floor anti-tank gun and destroy the incoming tank.  
That way, there's one less threat to worry about.  Since the tank is 
destroyed, you can fall back to those outer rooms on that side if need be.  
It's not recommended since you'll be away from your allies, but if you need 
some sort of rest for the last few seconds, there you have it.  If you didn't 
destroy the tank, prepare for a shelling if you're in there.  The best thing 
to do is to guard the stairway near Sgt. Pavlov.  Just aim down and use the 
MP40 to mow enemy troops.  Save CONSTANTLY!  If you replay a part and you have 
the time, chuck grenades down to slow the enemy.

After about a minte and a half of fighting for me, I was able to move to the 
other set of stairs to that level with three of my allies defending the 
previous set.  This one offers a better advantage.  Mow down any enemy that 
comes up, but try to position yourself so that you're behind the stairs and 
you have the view of the enemy's back as he comes up.  You're in a little 
niche with an opening to your left, but best of all, the tanks outside won't 
be able to hit you.  Just keep on shooting the Germans who run up with their 
backs exposed.  Chuck a few grenades down there as well and wait for your 
allies to show.  Eventually, they'll start pouring in from the bottom and work 
their way up.  Take out any leftover enemies and reassemble outside.  If you 
notice, Sgt. Pavlov may or may not have died defending the house.  I guess his 
part in the game was over.


Junior Sergeant Voronin,

I have read the reports of your actions with the 13th Guards Division at 
Stalingrad and Kursk.  You should consider yourself very lucky to have made it 
this far.  Of the more than 10,000 troops who fought in your division at 
Stalingrad, you were amongst some 260 survivors.

In response to my recent request for experienced troop replacements, you have 
been transferred to assist the units under my command.  A soldier with a good 
record like yours will do us some good.

In the next few days we will advance through Warsaw, forcing the Germans to 
retreat even further.  I am sending troops ahead of the offensive into the 
manufacturing districts to clear out factories and rail yards being used by 
the Germans to repair their tanks.

As you will be responsible for leading one of the squads into the area, you 
are hereby promoted to full Sergeant.

Major P.K. Grishin, 150th Rifle Div.,
3rd Shock Army

Mission 3.6: Warsaw Factory

Mission Objectives:
- Secure the tank repair facility.

Right off the bat, you and your squad are thrust into a firefight.  Go ahead 
and chuck grenades around you, but try to aim ahead of your squad.  It helps 
if you die by exploring enemy positions first to ensure the safety of them.  
For the Germans hiding behind crates, use your sniper rifle.  Head into the 
fenced area to your left and pick off any Germans still alive.  Move towards 
the door and go into the "Prone" position as your allies blow the door open.

Pick off the two Germans near the doorway and wait a few seconds to see if any 
more come.  Then, using your grenades, chuck one on each side of the hallways 
you see by bouncing them off the walls.  Then, bring out your PPSh to bear.  
It seems that the later levels have your allies severely weakened in health, 
so a lot of them will probably die in this area.  Go ahead and clear out the 
rooms.  The first room to your left will hold health and grenades.  Pick them 
up.  Go down the flight of stairs in the doorway to your very left.  As soon 
as you hit the last stairs, go into "Prone" mode before you get off and shoot 
the two Germans down.  It might help if you pick up one of their MP40s to 
replace your PPSh.  That thing is way too inaccurate.

Clear out the rooms to your left, but beware of the German that comes in the 
front.  Chuck a grenade into the room to clear it out, then proceed forward.  
Take out three Germans in a cluster and use your sniper rifle to zoom in on 
the firefight outside.  Take out the Germans and help your allies.  Head to 
the door to your right and take out the various Germans inside.  Some are on 
walkways while some roam around.  Exit through the other door at the opposite 
end of the room.  Go up the stairs and eliminate a few Germans at each level.  
Once you reach the top, peer out the windows and help out your allies.

Head forwards and you'll find yourself on the walkway from the previous room.  
Head west and throw a grenade inside.  Once the explosion occurs, quickly 
enter the room and mow down the Germans who ran from the blast.  Go down the 
hallway and take out the two Germans there.  Go left and then through the 
window, take out the two Germans below.  Go down the flight of stairs and peek 
out of the doorway at the bottom.  You'll encounter four Germans.  Take them 
out.  Through their door, pick up some grenades through the fence and meet up 
with more allies.  Head through the right door to your right and you'll end up 
in the tank facility from where you shot two Germans.  More have unfortunately 
respawned, including a German from the hallway looking below.  Take them out.

Head through the door to your left and go up some stairs.  You'll end up 
outside for a brief moment.  Continue on ahead and take out the German who 
runs out.  Step inside and mow down some Germans running forward.  Using your 
grenades, flush out the Germans behind the table and mop up the remaining 
Germans.  Once they're dead, you're free to continue through the remaining 
hallway to finish the level.


Mission 3.7: Warsaw Railyards

Mission Objectives:
- Regroup with the 4th Army on the outskirts of the factory complex.

You'll start out with a rough beginning.  The health you had in the last 
mission carries over, but you can pick up the health packs to boost your 
health.  Outside, kill the couple of Germans who come running from behind the 
trains to your left, then hit "Prone" and take out the Germans underneath the 
rail cars.  There should be about three or four.  Take out your sniper rifle 
to the right and then aim at the two Germans behind the crates.  Finally, 
scoot forward until an enemy machine gunner reveals himself next to a broken 
wall to the northwest.  Take him out.

Keep on scooting right and the Germans will send another three guys into the 
area.  Two of them run next to the machine gun, one who mans it.  Take him out 
first, then the other.  Finally, another German should be creeping up 
somewhere from the north.  Take him out too.  As you proceed northwest, 
nearing the alley, four more Germans should appear.  The riflemen like to 
crisscross back and forth, but they'll take cover for a few seconds, long 
enough for you to put a bullet in their head.  Once they're dead, prepare for 
a big firefight.

To save your allies, run ahead of them and through the broken wall near the 
machine gun.  Chuck a couple of greandes to southwest corner of the clearing 
to knock out the machine gunner.  Also, chuck a few more to clear out the 
groups of Germans nearby.  Most of them will probably have died, with only one 
or two still alive.  Quickly pick up a Panzerfaust near the sandbags and shoot 
it into the moving tank.  Once it's destroyed, use your sniper rifle to pick 
off any Germans you see.  A lot are in here and they'll take many different 
paths inside.  Once all are dead, move in and head into the office to your 
right.  Chuck a grenade in there if you have any left and then pick up some 
much needed health.  Outside, prepare for another large skirmish.

Your allies on are on the otherside, so the Germans are kind of sandwiched.  I 
like ham sandwiches, for a bit of random information.  :P  Use up all the 
grenades you can and then use your MP40 to mow them down.  A lot come out of 
the doorway in the building across from you, so once all the ones on the 
ground are good and dead, just keep your sights on the door and fire at any 
moving thing.  Once all are dead, walk up to your allies and mission is 


Sergeant Alexei Voronin,

We are almost upon the Oder River.  From there, it is less than 70 kilometers 
to the lair of the fascist beast!  Some of our tank crews are decorated 
veterans of the Battle of Kursk.  They will lead this drive to the Oder.

However, there are still severe shortages of trained tank crews.  The expanded 
design of our new T-34-85 tank accommodates five crewmembers, but many of the 
crews under my command have as few as three crewmen.  To be fully effective, 
these crews must have a driver/mechanic, a hull machine gunner, a main gunner, 
a loader, and a commander.

I have been authorized to enlist soldiers at will from the infantry to fill 
out the incomplete crews.  Given your combat record, you will be the 
command/spotter for a less experienced, but technically competent tank crew.  
When the next batch of fully trained replacements reaches the front, you will 
be returned to your former unit.

Report to the tank bearing tactical number 1126 by 0900 hrs.

Colonel G. V. Andropov,
2nd Guards Tank Army

Mission 3.8: Oder River Country

Mission Objectives:
- Reach the outskirts of the next town.

This level is extremely fun!!!  Follow the directions on screen to get used to 
the tank controls and run over some trees if you feel like it.  You have five 
allied tanks under your command.  Follow the path until someone yells that 
enemy tanks are across the stream.  Three of them arrive.  Since they're 
moving, you're going to want to aim slightly ahead of them.  Once all are 
destroyed, move on past a bridge.  You might get stuck since it's really only 
wide enough for one tank.

Ahead, the game will tell you about the automatic machine gun fire at enemy 
troops in front of your tank!  Cool!  There are seven Panzer tanks to destroy 
here, but one of them has already crossed the stream.  Be sure to take him out 
first before he takes your allies out.  Then, take out the rest of the tanks 
as they attempt to cross.  Not long after that, you'll encounter some German 
infantry.  Easy you think?

Think again.  These infantry are armed with Panzerfausts.  Luckily for you, 
your tank can handle more than two direct hits, unlike those Panzers, but you 
better watch out.  You can also use your tank shells to help clear the way.  
As you round the curve out, two more Panzer tanks will appear.  Take them out 
fast.  After your machine gunner mows down the three Germans on the road, 
prepare for your biggest tank fight yet.

There are about eight tanks which you need to destroy.  If you can take them 
out fast, you can save a lot of your allies.  However, you probably won't, 
especially if this is your first time, so the game sends two more Allied tanks 
to help you.  Once all are destroyed, make it to the blown out building behind 
the Panzer tanks to complete this mission.


Mission 3.9: Oder River Town

Mission Objectives:
- Destroy the Flak 88 artillery guns [2 remaining].
- Destroy the Flakpanzer anti-aircraft gun.
- Secure the western edge of the town.

Even if you saved a lot of your allies from the previous mission, you only 
have one to help you out.  Also, Germans with Panzerfausts are your biggest 
nuisance in this level.  They'll hide in buildings and wait to blow you up!  
Watch it!  Start by firing a shell into the building right in front of you.  
While you're at it, fire shells into all the buildings you can see.  Some of 
them show damage, some don't.  When you pass by the first building you put a 
shell into, a German will pop out with a Panzerfaust.  Fire another shell to 
get rid of him.  As you turn left, an enemy tank will appear from the left.  
Punch a hole through his armor with a shell.

As you turn the corner, there's a German with a Panzerfaust.  Try and run him 
over.  Take out the two nearby tanks, and proceed forward.  Do you see the 
building to the north that has a portion of the wall blown away and you can 
see three levels inside?  Well, have your crosshairs stay at the top level as 
you move.  Sure enough, a German with a Panzerfaust pops out.  You know what 
to do.  As you continue forward, you'll end up in a clearing where four tanks 
converge.  Stay back and take out the Germans on the ground as they hold 
Panzerfausts.  Then, creep forward and take out the tanks.  It's better to 
lose your ally in this fight and play smart than to risk it all.

Follow the road, past some anti-tank barriers until you come to another 
square.  Take out the two tanks quickly, then pump the building to the south 
full of shells as you move forward.  There are two Panzerfausts weilding 
Germans who run as you move.  Under the bridge lies the final part of the 

Go forward and around the tank barriers, all the while trying to avoid enemy 
tank fire and returning them yourself.  After you destroy the first tank, 
three more enemy tanks come from the west.  Luckily, you're joined by another 
ally, and if you kept the first alive, you've got two to help you out.  Once 
they're all destroyed, take out the two guns and anti-aircraft gun with ease.  
After that, move west to finish the Russian campaign!

                         United States 101st Airborne

January 15, 1945
Northeast of Bastogne, Belgium

A few weeks ago the enemy broke through our lines in the Ardennes and the 
101st was rushed into battle to hold the town of Bastogne.  WEll, were still 
holding Bastogne, surrounded on all sides and taking quite a beating.

We are dug in around a captured German bunker called Festung Recogne.  The 
enemy holds two more bunkers on the other side of the ridge.

Between us and them are mine fields, a frozen stream and a bridge.  At least 
two enemy artillery guns have our attack route zeroed in.  We are attacking 
those bunkers today.

Theres a lot of new faces in the trenches these days.  I have a feeling there 
will be even more after today.

Mission 4.1: Festung Recogne

Mission Objectives:
- Capture all enemy documents [2 remaining].
- Destroy the German tanks [2 remaining].

This mission is pretty easy.  After the brief heads up by Captain Foley, start 
running across the field.  It helps to have your grenades up as they'll 
provide you the best mobility and maneuverability.  Save often.  You don't 
want to get hit by an artillery shell and go in slow motion.  Eventually, 
you'll reach a road where two Germans are standing guard.  They'll be quickly 
taken care of.  Fall down into the valley and start moving up.

You'll see the outline of a sandbag in the distance.  Use your M1 to take out 
the machine gunner and his two buddies.  When you reach the top, some more 
Germans will be up there.  Take them out and follow your squad until you reach 
an enemy bunker.  Your allies will do a good job in taking care of the ones 
that pop out.  When you get to the doorway, lean and look inside.  Shoot any 
German that pops out.  Now it's time to do a little house cleaning.  Equip the 
Thompson and go in.

Start off by chucking a grenade into the right most door so that it bounces 
off the wall.  You should hear some Germans screaming about it and then when 
it blows, so should they.  Take the doorway in front of you first however, and 
take out the German manning the machine gun.  His back should be towards you, 
making this job simple.  Now, go back through the right door and pick up some 
grenades and the enemy documents.  Take out two other Germans in the adjacent 
rooms unless you like machine gun fire riddling your back.

Outside, follow your squad again to reach another bunker.  You should take the 
high road and use your grenades to blow the Germans near the artillery gun.  
From his height, you can also use your M1 Garand to pick off the Germans below 
you.  Once the surrounding Germans are dead, enter inside and clear out the 
bunker like the previous one.  However, before leaving, pick up a Panzerfaust.

Once you're outside, Cpt. Foley will tell you to take out the incoming German 
tanks.  He'll tell you to man the Flak88, but that exposes you to a lot of 
fire.  If you choose the Flak88, make sure to use your grenades to clear out 
the infantry coming on foot.  Then, wait until the tanks are parked and their 
turrets are aimed away from you before you fire.  If you choose to bypass this 
option, you can also take them out with Panzerfausts, two each.  You're going 
to again have to clear out the supporting infantry, but once you do, taking 
them down will be easy.  They're sitting ducks.  Use three Panzerfausts from 
the bunker, then pick up another one on a crate near the Flak88 gun.

                         British 6th Airborne Division

Ref Maps.  1/50,000 Sheets 14/F1, 31/F2                              TOP SECRET
           1/25,000 Sheet No. 101/15 NE                              2 Feb 1945

To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS   [It seems that some Yanks discovered a resupply schedule 
                      for a mobile V2 unit called Batterie #445.  Now SOE 
INTENTION             wants us to take it out.]

1. Objectives

a) To locate and destroy a V2 mobile launch site in the vicinity of 
   Burgsteinfurt, in northwest Germany.
b) To eliminate anti-aircraft defensees interfering with Allied efforts to 
   locate additional launch convoys.


2. Enemy

a) Static defenses in area of operations.

   Unknown.  Past reports from Dutch Resistance operating near similar sites 
   in The Hague indicate the presence of up to five platoons in a mobile V2 
                                      [First launches in Septermber 1944; SOE 
b) State of alertness.                 reports over 900 V2s have since been 
                                       fired at London]
   Allied efforts to locate and destroy mobile V2 convoys have consistently 
   met with failure due to poor weather and frequent enemy location.


3. Outline   [Sgt. Waters and I will take care of the AA guns first, the 
              others will lay mines on the road near the assembly area]
a) Insertion will be by parachute at 0200, roughly 12-18 miles to the north of 
   the target area.
b) Intercept the resupply convoy and destroy any anti-aircraft positions en 
c) Reassemble and coordinate an attack on the launch area.
d) Exfiltrate to prearranged contact near the Dutch-German border.
                    [Map ref 335962, 0700 hrs]

Mission 4.2: V-2 Rocket Site

Mission Objectives:
- Destroy the Flakvierling anti-aircraft cannons [2 remaining].
- Intercept and destroy the supply trucks [2 remaining].
- Locate the V2 launch site.
- Fuel the rockets.
- Destroy the V2 rockets [3 remaining].
- Exfiltrate through the northern bunker.

It's just you and Sgt. Waters in this mission, until a little later, but 
thankfully he's invincible.  Take point like he says and use your scoped 
Kar98k to zoom in on the Germans in front of you.  You'll encounter at least a 
few of them, then a few more behind some rocks as you move up to take their 
position.  Head north from their last position and run up the slope.  You'll 
encounter some sparsely placed Germans in little trenches and a "bunker" of 
sorts where a German is standing.  Use your Sten for this battle since you'll 
be in close proximity.  Enter the bunker to find some grenades.

Start heading northwest.  You'll see some German heads above their trenches, 
so use your rifle to take them out.  In the distance, a Flakvierling is 
guarded by a group of Germans hiding behind boxes.  You can either go in close 
and flush them out with grenades, or use your sniper rifle to zoom in on them 
and wait for them to peek out.  Once you get near the gun, Sgt. Waters will 
order you to blow it up.  As he does, some Germans will move on in.  Before 
you blow it up, chuck some grenades down the path you see some Germans running 
on.  Use your Sten to mop them up and then plant an explosive.  Pick up the 
Stielhandgranates as you run away.  Once it blows, three more Germans should 
be coming down the path.  If Sgt. Waters doesn't kill them, you should.

Run up to Sgt. Waters and check out his handiwork.  Not bad, eh?  Start making 
your way forward again, but let him take point.  Soon, a machine gunner will 
open fire.  Hopefully, you'll be far away enough so that you can barely make 
out the muzzle of the machine gun with your scope.  There are two Germans in 
this bunker, so wait until each of them man the gun until you fire at the 
flash.  After they're dead, use your rifle to pick off any Germans in the 
distance and move on.  Up ahead, you'll find the other Flakvierling.  Clear 
out the Germans entrenched and the ones hiding behind the crates to the right 
of it.  Once they're gone, pick up some Stielhandgranates near the gun and 
blow it up.

Head north but keep your gun trained to the west.  A large group of Germans 
will pop up as you run by, so chuck a grenade or two to blow them to kingdom 
come.  You can climb up that slope and enter the bunker on the ground to find 
some supplies.  From the bunker, continue north until you see another one, but 
this one is unmanned.  Start making your way towards the star until you hear 
the sound of the supply trucks coming in.  The trucks will blow up from some 
mines, but a few Germans will survive.  Take them out and move on.

Not very long after, some Germans will start appearing behind some rocks.  
Grenades are very plentiful in this mission, so don't be afraid to go wild 
with them.  Just make sure you're actually aiming in some general direction as 
you throw them.  When you move west, another machine gun will open up ahead of 
you.  Use your sniper rifle to take it out.  Step inside the bunker to find 
more grenades, then start making your way through the right path.  Your allies 
should have gone west, so while the German manning a machine gun will be busy 
with them, you'll have a free shot.  Once they're dead, move on up to the V2 
rockets, hugging the left side as you near.

This part is very tricky.  The V2s are surrounded by a LOT of bunkers, each 
having their own machine guns.  Move to the bunker on your left and enter from 
the back.  Shoot the German inside and use his gun to mow down the Germans 
approaching you.  Once they're dead, start moving to the bunker to the left.  
Throw a grenade into the crack where the machine gun is to kill the German 
inside.  Notice that you have to throw the grenade at an angle if you want to 
live.  While you're doing that, some Germans will have appeared next to the 
V2s, so use your rifle to take them down.  Then, move towards northwest corner 
where you'll encounter a lot of Germans heading up.  Once they're dead, head 
into the opening to your left.

Inside, aim your gun at the hole in the wall, as a German will soon appear 
there.  Then, as you scoot closer, two Germans come rushing out.  Once they're 
dead, take cover behind a crate near the door and chuck a grenade into the far 
end of the room.  Clear out the surrounding area, then continue forward ahead 
until you reach a set of stairs.  Throw a grenade towards the bottom to clear 
out a large group of Germans.  Down the stairs, head right and take out the 
German standing near a door.  Once he's dead, pick up the grenades in the room 
nearby and plant the fuel the rockets.

Head back up.  Plant explosives on the rockets and then head back down into 
"trench" where it had the opening of the bunker.  Head right this time, 
eliminate a single German, then down the northern path to finish this mission.

                               Russian Infantry


It has been almost three years since we repelled the Germans at Stalingrad and 
began the long journey to Berlin.  As we fought back across teh Motherland, we 
saw countless examples of the destruction and suffering caused by our fascist 
enemies.  Now, their capital city lies in ruins, their armies in disarray.  
Only one goal remains.

At the beginning of the Berlin offesnive, nine Red Victory Flags were handed 
out to various divisions for hoisting over the Reichstag.  We in the 150th 
Rifle Division have the honor of being one of them.

The Germans defenders have nothing to lose and will fight ruthlessly!  Do 
whatever is necessary to defeat them!  We must get our standard bearers to the 
rooftop at any cost.

Soon, we will begin our attack, and achieve total victory for the Motherland.

Major P.K. Grishin, 150th Rifle Div.,
3rd Shock Army

Mission 4.3:

Mission Objectives:
- Destroy all enemy anti-tank positions [4 remaining].
- Storm the Reichstag and get to the rooftop.
- Hold the line until the tanks arrive.

Your final mission for the campaign and the end of the game is quite short, 
but satisfying.  You start off on a bridge in front of three Soviet tanks.  
You'll need to clear out the anti-tank positions to make a safe path for them, 
so forge on ahead, slowly.  Head into the hole in the building on your left, 
then edge out until you can see the machine gunner in a window.  Take a shot 
at him to put him out of business.  Turn west.  The first anti-tank position 
will be in the 1st floor of the building directly west from you.  There should 
be a German or two standing guard.  Use your sniper rifle to take him down.  
Head towards their position and plant your explosive on the gun.  Pick up the 
Stielhandgranates if you need them.

Start heading southwest.  You should see a building with nine windows facing 
you.  As you proceed slowly forward, some Germans will appear in these 
windows.  In the 1st window on the second floor, a German will man a machine 
gun.  Take him down, then any other Germans you find.  A tank, the third-anti 
tank gun will be guarding an alley to the second anti-tank gun.  Hug the right 
side of the alley and jump in through an open window whenver possible.  This 
should put you in view of the fourth anti-tank gun.  Go ahead and shoot the 
Germans near the fourth one, then start making your way back towards the 

Since all the Germans should be dead by now, blowing up the second gun should 
be easy.  Move on to the third.  Hug the right as you approach the tank and 
plant an explosive on the front of it.  By the time you do all of this, a 
German holding a Panzerschrek should have appeared in the 2nd story window 
again and blown up one of the tanks.  It's alright.  Just move onto the last 
gun and blow it up.  By this time, your allies should have already taken care 
of the German infantry for the next part.  Just wait for the tanks to move up 
and blow a hole through the wall.

Chuck a grenade through the hole and be prepared to shoot any Germans that 
rush out.  Through the hole and beyond is the Reichstag.  Take cover behind a 
blown up vehicle and use your sniper rifle to take out any defenders you see.  
Eventually, tanks will arrive to blow away the defenders.  Rush up towards the 
front steps.  Throw a grenade towards the right and be prepared for Germans.  
Enter inside and proceed through the hole in the wall.  You'll end up in some 
sort of senate room, I guess.  There are a lot of Germans in here, so crouch 
and chuck some grenades over the railing.  Then, use your sniper rifle to pick 
them off.

Head left and take out the Germans that rush out once you near the door.  Use 
your rifle to pick off the three Germans on the buildings above and then climb 
the rubble to reach their position.  From here on out, it's just simple 
running towards the top.  Once you reach the rooftop, another team from the 
opposite side will run up and start waving the flag!

        .+*+.                                                     .+*+.
         [5]   -=-=-            [ Multiplayer ]            -=-=-   [5]
        '+.+'                                                     '+.+'

Continue the war in one one of several multiplayer modes.  Capture a radio, 
fight behind enemy lines, retrieve crucial documents, search & destroy, battle 
together, or be the last man standing in any way you choose.


"In this timed, team-oriented mode, each team must locate and capture a 
randomly placed radio.  A team can capture the radio by standing near it for a 
short duration when no enemies are around.  The controlling team gans 45 
points for every 45 seconds it holds the radio.  If the attacking team 
destroys the radio, it gains the number of points that are left on the 
reinforcement timer.  If the radio is destroyed or control is lost, a new, 
neutral radio will spawn in a different location to be captured again.  
Players spawn in 45 second intervals."

                               Behind Enemy Lines

"A very small team of Allied soldiers is outnumbered an surrounded by Axis 
soldiers behind enemy lines.  Allied players gain points by staying alive and 
by killing as many Axis players as possible.  Any Axis player who kills an 
Allied player respawns as an Allied player for a chance to score even more 


"In this timed, round-based, team-oriented mode, one team must locate and 
retrieve crucial documents from the enemy and return the documents to its safe 
zone (represented as a blue box on the compass).  The defending team must hold 
the enemy off until the time runs out.  The attacking team gains points for 
successfully retrieving the documents.  The defending team gains points for 
keeping the documents safe for the duration of the round.  Either team can win 
by simply eliminating all enemies on the map."


"It's 'every man for himeself.'  Points are awarded for kills, and the first 
player to either reach the score limit (set by the server administrator) or 
have the most points when time runs out is the victor."

                                Team Deathmatch

"Similar to deathmatch mode but with all players divided into two teams.  
Points are awarded for kills.  The team with the most points at the end of the 
time limit wins but the first team to reach the score limit can claim early 

                                Search & Destroy

"In this time, round-based, team-oriented mode, a team must destroy one of 
several objectives on the map while the other team strives to defend the 
objectives.  The attacking team wins points for successfully destroying 
objectives.  The defending team wins points for keeping all objectives intact 
for the duration of the round.  Either team can win by simply eliminating all 
enemies on the map."

        .+*+.                                                     .+*+.
         [6]   -=-=-          [ Cheats & Secrets ]         -=-=-   [6]
        '+.+'                                                     '+.+'

This is basically from the GameFAQs "Codes & Secrets" page at 

  -=[ Console Cheats ]=-

Create a shortcut to the "CoDSP.exe" file located in the Call Of Duty program 
files.  Right click on the shortcut and go to properties.  Go to where it says 
"Target" and add the following onto the end of the existing link:

"+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0"
   [without the quotations]

So the link should now say something like: 
"C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDSP.exe" +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 
1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0 

Next go into the game and bring down the console by pushing the button "~", 
then enter the code from below for the desired effect.
[ CHEAT ]                 [ EFFECT ]

ufo                      | Allows the player to zoom around the level, going 
                             up with jump and down with crouch. 
toggle cg_draw2d         | Disables the on screen icons, such as radar and 
                             health. Useful for taking good screenshots. 
toggle r_showLeafLights  | Displays lines where the light comes through the 
toggle r_showtricounts   | Displays numbers on each texture. 
toggle r_showportals     | Displays where you can access. 
notarget                 | Enemies ignore you 
give ammo                | Gives the player 10 Grenades and 1 Panzerfaust. May 
                             not work on some levels or it may crash the game. 
give all                 | Gives the player all weapons in the game as well as 
                             filling up health. 
give [enter object here] | Gives you a weapon, object or health 
god                      | Invulnerability 
kill                     | Kills the player. 
toggle r_lightmap        | Makes the ground and walls white. 
toggle cg_drawgun        | Makes your weapons invisible. Useful for people 
                             with lag. 
toggle cg_thirdperson    | Puts the camera at the 3rd person view. You are 
                             usually invisible though. 
toggle r_measureOverdraw | Puts the game in multi-colours. 
toggle r_fastsky         | Removes clouds and makes the sky lighter. 
map_restart              | Restarts the current level. 
toggle g_entinfo         | Shows scripts above all soldiers and highlights 
                             important objects. 
r_vc_stats               | Shows some stats about the game in the console. 
toggle r_showtris        | Shows the game in wireframe. 
viewpos                  | Shows your co-ordinates in the console. 
toggle r_lockpvs         | Some textures turn invisible. 
toggle cg_drawshader     | Tells you what each texture is. 
noclip                   | Walk through walls 

        .+*+.                                                     .+*+.       
         [7]   -=-=-          [ Legal Information ]        -=-=-   [7]
        '+.+'                                                     '+.+'

This document is copyright 2004 Legomondo, all rights reserved.  This should 
not be reproduced in any way for the sole purpose of profit and without my 
consent.  You may however, have a printed version of this, unaltered for home 
use.  This FAQ is only allowed on

GameFAQs [GameFAQs.com]
IGN FAQs [faqs.IGN.com]

and should not be posted anywhere else without my permission.  If you see this 
FAQ other than the site listed above, email me immediately at Legomondo [at] 
yahoo [dot] com.  However, I do not want emails asking if you can post this 
FAQ or any others.  I will not let you, and I warn you not to post the FAQ 
anyways.  As always, the most recent version of this guide will be at GameFAQs.

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         [8]   -=-=-               [ Credits ]             -=-=-   [8]
        '+.+'                                                     '+.+'

- CJayC for hosting my FAQs and for a great website where the gaming community 
  can get involved.
- My friend Peter for introducing me to this game.

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                            Copyright 2004 Legomondo

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