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    FAQ/Walkthrough by El Greco

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                                For the Fatherland!
      _____      ___     __     __           ______    __   __  ________ ___    ___
     /  _  \    /   \   |  |   |  |         |      \  |  | |  ||__    __|\  \  /  /
    |  | |  |  /  _  \  |  |   |  |  _   __ |  |\   | |  | |  |   |  |    \  \/  / 
    |  | |__| /  / \  \ |  |   |  | / \ |   |  | |  | |  | |  |   |  |     \    /
    |  |      |  | |  | |  |   |  | | | |-  |  | |  | |  | |  |   |  |      \  /
    |  |  __  |  |_|  | |  |   |  | | | |   |  | |  | |  | |  |   |  |      |  |
    |  | |  | |   _   | |  |   |  | \_/ |   |  | |  | |  | |  |   |  |      |  |
    |  |_|  | |  | |  | |  '--.|  '--.      |  |/   | |  \_/  |   |  |      |  |
     \_____/  |__| |__| |_____||_____|      |______/   \_____/    |__|      |__|
                        ---  Call of Duty - Strategy Guide  ---
                                      By El Greco
                                         For PC
    ASCII by nahuwe <omohasiosrevad@hotmail.com>
                        Written by : El Greco
                           Created : November 23, 2003
                           Version : 1.30
                           Updated : November 13, 2004
                            E-mail : REMOVED
    ---  WHAT'S NEW?  ---
    I added in some new weapons descriptions.
    |                           CONTACT INFORMATION                              |
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or contributions to
    make then you can e-mail me at the address provided below.  I will only
    accept questions, comments, suggestions, and contributions if they
    abide by the guidelines outlined below.  I do not think that I am
    asking much by doing that, but if you do have a problem with that then
    I ask you just not send me anything at all.
    SUBJECT LINE : Call of Duty
    1)                               Contents
    To find the place in the walkthrough that you would like to use you can use
    your internet browser's Search function.  All you have to do is highlight the
    section you would like to go to (e.g. "4.24  Truck Ride" for the Truck Ride
    mission), press CTRL+C, CTRL+F (this will bring up the Search function), and
    then press CTRL+V and ENTER.  This should immediately bring you to the desired
    1)   Contents
    2)   Version History
    3)   Introduction
    4)   Call of Duty
           4.1  American Missions
                4.11   Training Mission
                4.12   Pathfinder
                4.13   Burnville
                4.14   Dawnville
                4.15   Car Ride
                4.16   Brecourt
                4.17   Chateau
                4.18   POW Camp
           4.2  British Missions
                4.21  Pegasus Night
                4.22  Pegasus Day
                4.23  Dam
                4.24  Truck Ride
                4.25  Airfield
                4.26  Ship
           4.3  Russian Missions
                4.31  Stalingrad
                4.32  Red Square
                4.33  Train Station
                4.34  Sewer
                4.35  Pavlov
                4.36  Factory
                4.37  Railyard
                4.38  Tank Drive Country
                4.39  Tank Drive Town
           4.4  Conclusion Missions
                4.41  Hurtgen
                4.42  Rocket
                4.43  Berlin
    5)   Game Overview
           5.1  Controls
           5.2  Weapons
           5.3  Tactics
           5.4  Multiplayer
           5.5  Cheats
           5.6  Experience Call of Duty
    6)   Multiplayer Strategy Guide [written by Brendan DeMeo]
    7)   Frequently Asked Questions
    8)   Credits
    9)   Conclusion
    10)  Legal Information
    2)                            Version History
    Version 1.50, 11/13/04, 261 kb
    I added in some new weapons descriptions.
    Version 1.30, 9/10/04, 238 kb
    Small update of the multiplayer guide and a few odds and ends in the main
    walkthrough.  Nothing to make you drop your pants in excitement.
    Version 1.21, 8/24/04, 226 kb
    Changed my e-mail address.  Seems that I forgot to change it in this guide
    after changing it in all my others.  Sorry to all of those who e-mailed me at
    the old address and never got a reply.
    Version 1.20, 4/23/04, 226 kb
    I haven't updated in a while so I figured I would just type something up that
    is somewhat helpful.  I added in the Experience Call of Duty section.  I'm
    going to see if I can get Brendon to put in some strats for the new maps in
    the patches.
    Version 1.10, 2/29/04, 223 kb
    To celebrate the extra day of the year I am sending in an update.  There isn't
    much new except that there are a few corrections and a few new submissions.
    Version 1.00, 2/21/04, 215 kb
    Everything is completed in this version.  Russian missions, conclusion
    missions, the Multiplayer Guide, and some here and there tweaking.  More
    tweaking to come in the future, as well as some reader submissions.
    Version 0.85, 2/12/04, 157 kb
    All of the British missions are now completed.  The Russain missions should be
    up in one to two weeks.  If not, then before the end of February, for sure.
    The ASCII at the top is new.
    Version 0.75, 2/5/04, 118 kb
    As you may have realized, I have not been working on this much lately.  If you
    care at all, I apologize.  I have been playing around with some of my new
    games and have been playing a lot of COD lately.  Anyway, on with the new
    stuff.  There is a new Mulitplayer Guide by Brendan DeMeo.  Very good, worth
    checking out.  I finished the missions up until the first British one.  Look
    for the rest of the missions in the next update.  The most notable change is
    the new format for the guide.  I think it looks more organized now.
    Version 0.50, 1/10/04, 87 kb
    I finished all the missions up to Chateau.  I added in some things here and
    there.  Most notable change is the reformatting of the guide and the 
    re-ordering of the sections.
    Version 0.33, 1/4/04, 72 kb
    This is the first version of the guide.  I have completed all sections except 
    the walkthrough which has 4 missions completed.
    3)                              Introduction
    Call of Duty was released in late 2003 after a few months of enticing previews
    and gameplay movies.  Before it even came out, people were calling it better 
    than Medal of Honor: Allied Assault; MoHAA is widely called the best WWII
    game ever created.  That would be hard for any game to live up to but in my
    honest opinion, it lived up to the hype.  Call of Duty features 24 intense
    single-player missions and a whole different game mode which allows you to go
    online via the Internet or LAN to go head-to-head against other players around
    the world.
    Call of Duty is a unique game in that it calls for teamwork, strategy, and 
    squad based combat rather than your typical shooter game in which you just
    charge ahead and shoot the enemy.  In this game you_must_cooperate with your
    squad members. If not you will quickly find yourself looking at a quote from
    Winston Churchill on the game over screen.  The enemies are smart, they will
    use cover, throw grenades, throw your grenades back at you (I'm not joking),
    and lurk in the shadows or around corners waiting for you to let your guard
    In this strategy guide I will walk you through the game step-by-step.  I will
    cover both single-player and multiplayer modes.  If I have made any mistakes
    in this guide I would like to know about them as soon as possible so that they
    can be fixed.  If you find that I have not covered something or you would like
    to contribute your own tips to this guide then by all means tell me about them
    and I will put them in.
    04)                             Call of Duty
                           ==  4.1  American Missions  ==
                          =-  4.11  Training Mission   -=
    August 9, 1942
    Camp Toccoa, Georgia
    More long marches tomorrow. Then obstacles with Cpt Foley and weapon training
    with Sgt. Moody.  Everyone is dead tired.  Another guy got RTU (Return to
    Unit) yesterday.  He begged the Sgt to let him stay.
    My unit, the 506th paratrooper regiment is an all volunteer unit.  I'm lucky 
    to serve with these guys.  There's no one I'd rather have watching my back.
    Our officers Drill us continuously.  I've trained for months and I haven't
    even jumped out of an airplane yet.  The army has never had an airborne unit
    before, and that makes the brass nervous, and what makes the brass nervous
    makes us train even harder.
     - Read each sign. [5]
     - Approach the sign indicated by the compass star.
     - Open the gate to the obstacle course.
     - Pick up both Carbines, hit the target a total of 12 times.
     - Pick up the Springfield, hit the target a total of 4 times.
     - Pick up a Thompson, hit the target a total of 10 times.
     - Switch Weapons, hit the target 3 more times.
     - Pick up some Grenades, throw a grenade into each window and door.
     - Plant the explosives.
     - Go through the last gate to exit training.
    Objective 1 : Read each sign  [5]
    When the mission starts use this objective to get acclimated to the controls
    of the game.  Go around to each of the signs around the area and look at each
    on, you should hear a beeping noise when you look at it, if not then adjust
    your view.  When the counter in the objectives list has reached zero the
    objective is completed.
    Objective 2 : Approach the sign indicated by the compass star
    This couldn't be simpler.  Just use your compass to stand on the point
    indicated by the star on it.
    Objective 3 : Open the gate to the obstacle course
    Just run to the gate in the north and it will open.
    Objective 4 : Complete the obstacle course
    Now you must complete the course.  Press crouch and go through the cement 
    tubes.  Then crawl under the next barrier and hop over the next three.  When 
    you reach the barbed wire crawl all the way under it while the Sergeant sprays
    bullets over your head.  After the barbed wire you must climb up the ladder 
    and over the top of the wooden box.  When you reach the bottom you will be 
    instructed to go through a door and to the weapons training area.
    Objective 5 : Pick up both Carbines, hit the target a total of 12 times
    Find the M1A1 Carbines on the bench and pick them up with the "F" key.  When
    you have them face the target and hit it 12 times.  Try the Iron Sights to
    improve your aim.
    Objective 6 : Pick up the Springfield, hit the target a total of 4 times
    Go through to the next area and pick up the Springfield sniper rifle.  Try
    aiming at the target that is downrange from you.  You will see that it is
    quite far away, so the way you can eliminate this obstacle is with the scope.
    Just right-click and you will be aiming down the scope.  Fire 4 shots at the
    target and move on.
    Objective 7 : Pick up a Thompson, hit the target a total of 10 times
    Go through the gate to the next area.  Swap the Springfield for the Thompson
    and fire 10 shots into the target.
    Objective 8 : Switch Weapons, hit the target 3 more times
    Switch your weapon to the other rifle that you have and fire three more shots
    into the same target.
    Objective 9 : Pick up some Grenades, throw a grenade into each window and door
    Go through the next gate and pick up all the grenades on the table.  Approach
    the wall and let one fly into each of the openings.  It may take you a few 
    tries for the windows but all you have to do is adjust your aim based on the 
    previous throw to get it right.  If it bounces back at you then make sure you 
    duck down to avoid the blast.
    Objective 10 : Plant the explosives
    Grab the explosive on the table next to the tower and run up to the brick 
    structure in the pit to the north.  Plant the explosives with the "F" button 
    and move your butt out of there before it gets blown off.
    Objective 11 : Go through the last gate to exit training
    Go through the last gate next to the tower and training will end.  Now get 
    ready to be briefed and ship out, soldier!
                             =-  4.12  Pathfinder   -=
    Greenhorn Common, England
    In about three hours I will be in Normandy. As one of the pathfinders for my 
    unit, I'll be landing ahead of the main airborne force.  The pathfinders land 
    before the main force and place beacons in the landing fields, to guide the 
    rest of the pilots and paratroopers.
    The brass are sending the airborne in first, in the early hours of the 
    morning, to protect the flanks of Utah Beach.  At first light the main force 
    of the invasion will hit the beaches.
    For weeks the entire invasion force, more than 175,000 men, has been cooped 
    up, and forbidden contact with anyone outside, with nothing toy do but 
    memorize maps and battle plans.  We're all quite eager to be in France.
    A few hours ago General Eisenhower paid us a visit.  If we pull this off the 
    Germans are in for one hell of a surprise.
     - Link up with Sgt. Heath.
     - Get the sergeants Legbag.
     - Set up the radio beacon.
     - Defend the drop zone.
     - Make your way to the nearest town.
    Objective 1 : Link up with Sgt Heath.
    As soon as you parachute into the level and land on the ground run up to the 
    wall that is north of your position.  You will find it at the top of a small 
    slope.  When you reach the wall, look to the west and spot the German guard 
    taking a piss by the tree.  Use your Iron Sights to get in a clean head-shot 
    on him and then proceed to the objective  marker on your compass.  As you 
    approach it you will see that Sgt Heath landed himself in a tree and is now 
    Objective 2 : Get the Sergeant's legbag.
    Go up to the yellow bag on the ground and pick it up using the "F" key.
    Objective 3 : Set up the radio beacon.
    Move towards the bunker ahead.  As you get closer to it you will see that 
    there are two German soldiers playing a game of checkers inside.  Whip out one
    of your M2 Frag grenades and toss one right in-between the two of them.  They 
    may not die if you threw it incorrectly, so if that is the case, shoot them 
    when they come into view.
    Now go through the bunker and to the yellow glowing structure in the field.
    Press the "F" key to set it up and the objective will be completed.
    Objective 4 : Defend the drop zone.
    Now you will get some real action.  Duck behind one of the stone walls and 
    move to the right edge of it.  Lean out carefully and shoot the person manning
    the MG42 in the building ahead.  Once he is out for the count pick off the 
    rest of the soldiers in the windows.  Once they have all been eliminated one 
    of the soldiers will kick down the door to the building.
    Objective 5 : Make your way to the nearest town.
    Shoot the guard at the top of the stairs, where the smoke is.  Now go out the
    door and take cover.  Take out the Germans in this little courtyard and make
    sure to hit the one who opens the window above it.  The window is in the next
    building not the one you were just in.
    Now enter the next building after shooting the German in the doorway.  As you
    move into the room with the dining table in it you will see a truck pull in
    outside the window.  Move to the stairs and lean out to take out the enemies.
    You should also try throwing a grenade or two around.
    Now move out of the building, though the doorway that doesn't lead to the
    truck outside the window.  As soon as you get outside, look behind the door
    and shoot the German hiding there.  Now follow Captain Foley through the
              "Better to fight for nothing than live for nothing."
               - General George S. Patton
                            =-  4.13  Burnville  -=
    D-Day  0020 Hours
    Nobody seems to have dropped where they were supposed to.  I haven't yet seen
    anyone from my unit yet, but luckily I've hooked up with some of the guys 
    from Baker Company.  We also have men from Able, Dog, and Fox Companies with 
    us... what a mess.
    We're getting ready to capture the village of Ste. Mere Eglise, about 5 miles
    from Utah Beach.  We're approaching through a narrow field with minefields on
    each side.
    Captain Foley says there's two platoons of German paratroopers in that village.
    I'd say we've got a serious fight ahead of us.
    The roads of Ste.  Mere Eglise connect Utah Beach to the main highway of the
    peninsula, which should put us right in the path of the most likely German
     - Destroy the "Flakpanzer" Anti-Aircraft tanks. [3]
     - Debrief with Captain Foley at the crossroads.
    Objective 1 : Destroy the German "Flakpanzer" Anti-Aircraft Tanks [3]
    Move through the trench and out onto the field.  Captain Foley will give the 
    go ahead to the entire unit.  Move through the field and when the artillery
    starts coming in get behind either a cow on the ground or a tree.  Lean out or
    carefully crouch down and take out the two MG42 gunners ahead.  Once they are
    down move to the building and take out the new gunner on the ground floor with
    a grenade.  Now move to the next building and stay on the ground floor.
    Look through the hole in the wall and you will see a small contingent of
    Germans moving through an opening ahead.  Shoot them down with the Thompson on
    Full-Auto.  Now move into the building and take out the two German ground
    soldiers in there.
    Outside the building is a gunner in an APC truck.  I do not believe that he
    can be killed with gunfire because I have yet to do so.  The only way to kill
    him is to toss a grenade under the APC truck and wait for it to blow.
    Now move to the stone wall ahead.  Eventually all the windows and openings 
    will be occupied by Germans.  The best way to tackle this is to throw a 
    grenade into each doorway.  This will take care of about half the enemy 
    soldiers.  Now take out your Thompson and make sure that it is on Full-Auto. 
    Move into the building quickly and gun down every German in sight.  Once they 
    have all been eliminated the game will auto save.
    Now move to where the rest of your squad is engaged in another fire-fight. 
    Crouch behind one of the windows and take your time to pick off the Germans in
    the small field ahead.
    Move to the north, staying as close to the building you were in and hop over
    the fence. Take out the Germans that peek out or approach from where you are.
    When your squad moves ahead some MG42 gunners will pop out.  Use the M1A1
    Carbine to pick them off.  Now head into the small building in the middle of
    the field.  Grab any health packs that you need from here.
    Move to the next doorway in the building and look to the Northwest, you should
    see one or two Germans approaching from there.  Now take out the last MG42
    gunner and move into the building where he was.  Take out any Germans left in
    the building.  In the west side of the building you will find a hole in the
    wall.  Stand by it and look out.  You will see two MG42 gunners and a
    Flakpanzer manned by about 6 men.  Use your Thompson to take out the Germans
    on the Flakpanzer first and then turn your attention to the MG42 gunners.
    Follow your squad to the Flakpanzer and plant the explosives on it.  Move back
    and wait for the charges to blow.
    Once they do move past the Flakpanzer and you will see another one.  This one
    is a bit harder to take out because there are a bunch of Germans defending it.
    I prefer to throw grenades in over the top of the wall and use my M1A1 Carbine
    to pick some of them off.  When you feel that most of them are down, pick up
    your Thompson and approach through the left or right side of the wall.  It
    would not behoove you to go in through s spot in between there.  Gun down any
    Germans in the area around the Flakpanzer and then plant the explosives on it.
    Stand back and let them blow.
    Move ahead and when you enter the next building take out your grenades.  Throw
    them through the windows at the Germans out there.  Three usually does the
    job for me.  Now head out the next doorway and look to the last Flakpanzer.
    Either use grenades or the Thompson to take out the Germans on the Flakpanzer.
    Before you plant the explosives, move around the stonewall to the southeast 
    and take out the MG42 gunner.  Now you are free to plant the explosives. Plant
    them and move away.
    Objective 2 : Debrief with Captain Foley at the crossroads.
    Move to the intersection of the roads and wait for Captain Foley to give a
    little debriefing speech.
    Burnville tips from Cy <cybertooth85@yahoo.com>
    1) When facing the gunner on the APC truck, it IS possible to shoot him. If
    you go to the farthest right window (which the squad will evantually depart
    through), you can see the gunner at profile (he does notice you quickly, so it
    is important not to leave yourself revealed for long). Taking advantage of
    this, if you shoot him quickly, he will not have time to turn his shielded
    gun around and suppress you. Though this does take good timing, you do not
    need a steady gun (I've done this several times in a row with my Thompson on
    full-auto), and if you do miss and he turns, just duck or back away from the
    window, and he'll turn back.
    2) When encountering the Germans in the houses, I first pick off the one in
    the rightmost house in the top window (he's most visible) and then the one
    manning an MG42 in the "garage". This will help your squad. I then use
    grenades (like you recommend) before strafing around the left flank and
    sweeping the house of the remaining soldiers.
    3) It's best to note several places where Germangrenades can be obtained. The
    first is in the upstairs room of the first building you advance on at the
    beginning of the level. The second is beside the desk in the room you take
    from the Germans after the truck. The last is inside the church, behind the
    4) Facing the second Flakpanzer, I originally liked to take the left wall, but
    found more cover on the right where you can duck behind columns or below the
    small ledge. Here, you can also stop several reinforcements coming to the aid
    on the right. After that, you can pick off shooters near your field of vision
    or throw grenades into the far right group (two or three is good). Then you
    can make your way from the right side picking off whoever is left standing.
    5) You can actually grenade the last Flakpanzer before you even get there!
    With proper aiming (try a very steep angle) you can toss the grenades just
    over the wall that shields the Flakpanzer (and has all that AA gunfire roaring
    over it), killing a few soldiers (and noticeably stopping the firing).
            "If the opposition disarms, well and good.  If it refuses
             to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves."
             - Joseph Stalin
                            =-  4.14  Dawnville  -=
    D-Day 0500 hours
    Ste Mere Eglise
    The boys on the beaches must have landed by now.  They are only a few miles
    away but right now it seems like a million.  We don't have a radio and are 
    completely cut off.
    Captain Foley was right.  We did face a platoon or more of German paratroopers
    when we took the village last night.
    Today we hold it against German counterattack.  Our defenses are all stolen: 
    enemy MG42s, Panzerfausts for anti tank defense and the village itself.
    The air force and navy put on quite a show this morning pounding the hell out 
    of those beaches.  One thing is certain, the Germans know we are here.  
    Whether that means they turn tails and run or come swarming out of the 
    woodwork, we are about to find out.
                                                           - Pvt. Martin
                                                             Baker Company, 506
     - Assemble With Captain Foley.
     - Get a Panzerfaust Anti-Tank weapon from the church.
     - Destroy the tank.
     - Defend the church.
     - Reinforce the Northern approach.
     - Destroy the second tank.
     - Destroy the third tank.
     - Get a Panzerfaust Anti-Tank weapon from the church.
     - Locate and eliminate the enemy mortar positions. [3]
     - Regroup with Captain Foley and get in the car.
    Objective 1 : Assemble with Captain Foley
    This is rather simple, all you have to do is run forward into the building 
    where all of squad mates are running to.  Once you are inside the objective 
    has been completed.  Once Johnson has been gunned down you will have to fight
    off a small wave of enemy soldiers.  I suggest that you take care of the ones
    that leap over the wall to the left of the doorway where Johnson fell with
    the Thompson.  Once they are dead throw a grenade to the left of the doorway 
    and you should take out several enemy soldiers.  Now it should be a rather 
    simple matter to eliminate any surviving soldiers with the Thompson or the
    M1A1 Carbine.
    Objective 2 : Get a Panzerfaust Anti-Tank weapon from the church
    Once all the enemy soldiers are dead a Tiger Tank will come into the area. You
    must grab a Panzerfaust from the church to take it out.  The church is located
    to the south of your position, look on your compass for reference.  Grab the 
    Panzerfaust by pressing the "F" key and head for the tank to the north.
    Objective 3 : Destroy the tank
    When you move in to take it out, all you have to do is align yourself 
    beforehand while you are hiding behind the wall and pop out quickly to fire a 
    shot at it.  One hit should do it.  If you miss then rinse and repeat steps
    2 and 3.
    Objective 4 : Defend the church
    Once you have destroyed the Tiger you will have to defend the church, where 
    you got the Panzerfaust from, against a large wave of enemy troops.  I suggest
    that you pick up the weapon that you dropped earlier when you were getting the
    Panzerfaust, press "F" to pick it up.  Stand to the side of one of the holes
    in the wall and crouch down.  Fire away at the oncoming troops and ducking
    behind cover when you have to reload.  If you want to, try out the MG42.  It
    is effective here but you will usually take a good amount of damage since you
    are so exposed.
    Objective 5 : Reinforce the northern approach
    Just follow Captain Foley and your squad mates to the enemy positions.  You
    will come to a narrow alleyway looking out on the area where some enemies
    are shooting at you and your squad mates.  This alley will provide some good
    cover, so crouch down right here and whip out whichever rifle you have.  Pick
    off all the enemies that you see, use the iron sights for this, it will make
    it a lot easier.
    Now after you know things have calmed down a bit, go to the overhang area
    where most of the recently gunned downed Germans are.  Approach cautiously
    since there may be an enemy with a FG42 waiting for you here.  If there is
    then... (do I have to say this?) ....kill him.
    Around this time your squad mates will open fire upon another group of
    enemies.  Slowly creep out with either of your guns and shoot down any enemies
    that you encounter.  You will have to move up to shoot some of them.  Once the
    are all down you will be attacked by some mortars.  None of them should hit
    you but you now have to find them and take them out.
    Objective 6 : Destroy the second tank
    Head back to the church but you will be stopped by a tank rolling through the
    wall up ahead.  Right behind it will follow a wave of enemy soldiers that 
    come over the low wall to the left of where the tank came.  Quickly take care
    of the enemies and move to the alley where you were before.  There will be 
    two enemies waiting at the other end of it, so let them take a few bullets in 
    the face before proceeding onwards.
    You will have to fight your way back to the church.  The tank will blow out 
    two of the walls that you go by but it won't kill you unless you stop moving.
    When you enter the first little house you will immediately be attacked by
    an enemy that is hiding behind the doorway.  Make quick work of him and move
    on, this is where the second wall will be blown out.  When the wall is blown
    the game will enter a shocked mode where your character is disoriented and
    can't really do much except wait for it to pass.
    Now fight off all the enemies around the tank and when there is a break in 
    the action, go to the church by moving around the BACK of the tank.  Grab the
    Panzerfaust and go to one of the windows in the church, you can take out the 
    tank from there.
    SUBMITTED BY: Micheal Burns  <boo_urns5@hotmail.com>
    As you hear the order to regroup run towards where the mortars land and grab 
    the health packs there. You will likely be a bit beat up from defending the 
    northern approach so make sure you are full health before going into this 
    Go back up the street to the alcove where the enemies were all shooting from 
    and go right up the front, but still in cover, next to Cpt Foley. Go to the 
    prone position. As soon as you hear ‘Tank!!! Take Cover!!!’ throw a grenade 
    to where the tank is coming out. This will take care of a few soldiers and 
    give you a better chance. As the tank stops watch for an enemy running around
    the tread with an MP40 shooting insanely. Take him out quick (he may already 
    have been killed by the grenade) and look for others. I think the positions 
    of the soldiers vary for each difficulty. I am talking about the Veteran 
    setting. The MG42 shooting from the church will take care of most of the 
    enemies but there will be some who escape. You may notice Cpt. Foley twitching 
    from all the gunfire he is taking from the tanks machine gun (he cannot die).
    When the flow of soldiers pauses immediately throw a grenade over the building
    in front of you and another one down the alley slightly to your left. This 
    should take out anyone up there but still be on guard. Press spacebar and 
    forward simultaneously to begin running immediately in order to avoid the 
    tanks machine gun and head for the alley. If there is anyone up there take 
    them out but don’t proceed just yet.
    Let your teammates take care of the enemies who wish to follow you and head 
    through the doorway to your right, not the one ahead. Shoot the man in the 
    first room through the window of the shelled out building you are in and toss
    a grenade into the second room. Be on guard to kill the soldier in case he 
    dashes out. Go through the rooms as quickly as possible. If you do enter the 
    slow motion phase, don’t pause, just stand up and keep running. I find the 
    slow motion phase fun since you can shoot the enemies who are also running in
    slow motion. Head straight to the small wall by the most direct route (make 
    sure you are running) and go into the church. Grab the Panzerfaust immediately
    and shoot the tank through the window. Watch for more enemies coming into the
    church to hunt you down.
    Objective 7 : Destroy the third tank
    This objective will be completed by your squad mates but they will need some
    help in doing so.  You need to fight off all the enemies to the north of you
    so that they can reach the tank safely.  Once they have reached the tank they
    will shoot the people inside it and toss a grenade into it.
    Objective 8 : Locate and eliminate the enemy mortar positions  [3]
    Follow the road to an opening in the wall.  Immediately when you reach it
    some MG42s will open up on you from across the field.  Grab the Kar98 and 
    crouch down.  Snipe all the gunners (be ready for several shots for each one)
    and when they have been put out of commission run across the field an take out
    both enemy mortar positions by shooting the operators.
    Objective 9 : Regroup with Captain Foley and get in the car
    Look to your compass to get the location of the car.  Go to it and you will
    hear the Sergeant calling to you.  Go around the side and press the "F" key 
    to enter the car.
    Dawnville tips from Cy <cybertooth85@yahoo.com>
    1) After obtaining the Panzerfaust, players should switch back to their
    Carbine to fend off two fresh waves of German soldiers (this may just be in
    Veteran setting). One will leap over the wall to the left of the church exit,
    the other will advance from the direction of the tank far down field. The only
    thing you really have to worry about are the soldiers coming over the wall.
    They can ambush your squad mates, but since they all land in single file, they
    are easy to take out. Then just pick off the shooters beind the defenses
    before hitting the tank.
    2) The best way to avoid getting left behind during the tank attack and facing
    what I believe is a permanent respawn of soldiers (this may just be in Veteran
    setting) coming over the wall is to instinctively run from the mortar fire to
    the overhang where you picked up health, towards the alley without stopping.
    During this, switch from gun to grenade, and throw one into the alley. This
    beats waiting for the soldiers to appear and risking damage.
    3) Rather than risk damage going behind the tank (where you're open to the
    respawning soldiers), it's best to clear the area near the tank, wait for the
    onboard gunner to stop firing, and make a break for the church. There is less
    vulnerability this way.
              "There are only two forces in the world, the sword and
               the spirit.  In the long run the sword will always be
               conquered by the spirit."
               - Napoleon Bonaparte
                           =-  4.15  Car Ride   -=
    Since 0000 No contact with HQ.  no radio, respond with orders ASAP
    G. Battery still intact.
    0040 Hours, contact with approx. 2 platoons of Fallschirm, village secured
    0130.  Enemy remnants fled southeast.  My strength 20 men, 4 enemy MGs.
    0600 Hours, enemy contact from every dir. aprox. 2 platoons of Fallschirm w/
     - Report the towns capture to Regimental HQ.
     - Find another vehicle.
     - Defend Private Elder.
     - Get in the Kubelwagon.
    Objective 1 : Report the town's capture to regimental headquarters.
    All I can say at this point is to fire in short bursts, aim for the gunners in
    the cars and then the drivers, reload while inside the car, and use the F5
    button frequently.
    When the car is discarded and you get out you have a new objective.  Find a
    new vehicle.
    Objective 2 : Find another vehicle.
    Shoot the Germans inside the building with the large hole in the wall.  Go
    through the building and make sure to note the health packs inside.  When you
    reach the doorway, stop and lean out.  Use either your Thompson or the rifle
    you have to take out the Germans who are in the next area.  One of them has an
    FG42 so be extremely careful.
    You will see another German running down from a car up ahead.  Shoot him and
    run into the building quickly, there is an MG42 gunner up above who will pop
    out.  Go up the stairs in the building and shoot the gunner.
    Objective 3 : Protect Private Elder.
    Now, either man the MG42 by the car or up above and shoot the Germans that are
    firing at you from down the road.  
    Objective 4 : Get in the Kubelwagon.
    When the Sergeant tells you to get in the car, do it.  Elder isn't as good a 
    driver as Moody so I hope you can aim well.  Get out one of your sub-machine 
    guns and use it to fire at the Germans that fly by.  There really aren't too 
    many so don't worry about taking too much damage.
    Objective 1 : Report the town's capture to regimental headquarters.
    Soon you will pull up at the Regiment HQ and Moody will get out and report.
             "The characteristic of a genuine heroism is its
              persistency.  All men have wandering impulses, fits and
              starts of generosity.  But when you have resolved to be
              great, abide by yourself, and do not weakly try to 
              reconcile yourself with the world.  The heroic cannot
              be the common, nor the common the heroic."
              - Ralph Waldo Emerson
                            =-  4.16  Brecourt   -=
    D-Day 0900 Hours
    Near Ste. Marie-du-Mont,
    Normandy, France
    Battalion headquarters is a mess.  All the companies are way under strength 
    due to mis-drops everywhere.  Hopefully Foley knows what he is doing cause I 
    don't think we're going to be getting much help from here.
    Meanwhile we already have a new mission.  A German artillery battery a few 
    miles north of here has just opened fire on the beaches.
    The CO wants it silenced and he picked us to do it.  We're going in without 
    air or artillery support and way outnumbered, but that seems par for the 
    course at this point.
     - Secure all enemy maps and documents. [2]
     - Provide covering fire for Sergeant Moody.
     - Get the explosives from Sergeant Moody.
     - Destroy the enemy artillery guns. [4]
    Objective 1 : Secure all enemy maps and documents.
    Listen to the Sergeant's instructions and follow him until the enemy opens 
    fire.  Take note of the enemy positions and lob two grenades at them.  Now run
    in and clean up whatever is left.  Proceed through the trenches and when you 
    reach the first 90 degree bend in the trench.  Lean out and take out the three
    Germans that will appear there.  After they are gone, proceed further on.
    At this point you must stay LOW.  There are two MG42 gunners firing at you and
    all they need is a good view of your body for about 3 seconds to kill you. Run
    to the point where you can just barely see the next Artillery Gun and the
    Germans around it.  Lob two grenades into the trench where they are and then
    run in to clean up anybody that didn't die in the blasts.  Wait for Sgt Moody
    to plant the explosives.
    After the artillery gun has been taken care of you must proceed further
    through the trenches.  Take out the German soldier standing in the trench
    before the door and then go into the room.  There will be about 5 Germans in
    here.  Three are hiding in the first room amongst the boxes and the last two
    will be hiding out in the next room.
    After you have taken out the enemies in these two rooms you can pick up the 
    first set of documents fro the table, beside the radio. Now go out the door
    and follow your squad to the next area.
    There is a small group of allied soldiers here, fighting off a large group of
    Germans.  While the Sergeant is talking to the Medic, watch out for
    approaching Germans.  Eventually the Medic will get shot and the Sergeant
    will have to go out and bring back the wounded soldier in the field.
    Objective 2 : Provide covering fire for Sergeant Moody.
    Provide covering fire for the Sergeant while he goes out and rescues the
    soldier.  Just crouch down around the area where the Medic was shot and shoot
    down any enemies that approach.
    Objective 3 : Get the explosives from Sgt Moody.
    After they get back into the trench the Sergeant will give you the explosives
    so that you can destroy the Artillery Guns.
    Objective 4 : Destroy the enemy artillery guns. [4]
    Run through the trench and plant the explosives on the artillery gun.  Move
    away before the timer runs out but wait close by.  You will see that a small
    portion of the trench has blown out giving you access to the field.  Run up
    against the tree and lean out.  Take out all the enemies you can and then lob
    a grenade towards the trench where they are.
    Go into the trench after they are all dead and plant your explosive on the
    Artillery Gun.  Move further into the trench.  Shoot all the enemies that you
    see until you reach the next Artillery Gun.  When you can see it stop and
    make sure that you are crouched.  Shoot the enemy soldiers around the gun and
    move around the wall of the trench so that you can see the MG42 gunner.  
    Quickly put a bullet through his head or else he will rip you full of holes.
    Plant the explosives and hop over the wall of the trench.  Move over the field
    and take out the two enemies that you see on the way.
    When you enter the barn you will see two Germans moving around inside, to the
    left.  Quickly shoot them and move out one of the doors.  You will see a bunch
    of Germans sticking out above a stone wall.  Use either a couple grenades or
    your Thompson to cut them down.
    head into the building and take care of the German just inside the door.  Find
    the stairs that go up and pause right at the top, so that your head is just
    peeking out.  Wait for the two German soldiers to come into view and shoot
    them.  Now head into the room that they came out of and grab the documents 
    and any health that you need from the closet.
    Man the MG42 and mow down all the approaching enemy soldiers.  Wait until you
    are absolutely sure there are none left and then go back downstairs.  Pause
    at the newly opened door and get out a rifle.  There is an MG42 gunner to the
    left of the door and up in a window.  What you must do is pop out quickly and
    shoot him before he gets the chance to do so to you.  It may take a few tries
    so press F5 here.  Go out into the courtyard with a sub-machine gun once he is
    bleeding from the head.
    Use your sub-machine gun to take out all the enemies in the courtyard to the
    left.  Once they have all been taken out.  Move around the building either
    way you want.  You will see the last Artillery Gun.  Shoot the operators and
    all the Germans around it.  There are quite a few so be on your toes at all
    times.   Plant the explosives and you will be done.
               "There are no atheists in foxholes" isn't an argument against 
                atheism, it's an argument against foxholes."
                - James Morrow
                           =-  4.17  Chateau  -=
    August 7, 1944
    The Bavarian Alps,Germany
    It seems that a couple of British Officers, a Captain Price and a Major
    Ingram, were shot down somewhere over enemy territory.
    I don't know who those guys are but they must be pretty important, or know
    something pretty important cause Army intelligence has decided to parachute us
    into Austria to rescue them.
    Intelligence sources say the two officers are being held in a Chateau in the
    Bavarian Alps.
    We've stolen a German truck, hidden it near by, and are approaching the
    Chateau on foot.
     - Break through the main gate.
     - Find a way into the Chateau.
     - Secure any documents and plans.
     - Find the secret communications room.
     - Sabotage enemy communications equipment with your weapon.
     - Find and secure the prisoners.
     - Clear the way to the extraction point.
    Objective 1 : Break through the main gate.
    Listen to Moody's little talk and then follow his instructions.  Move up the
    hill and right at the crest of it, stop and quickly shoot the MG42 gunner with
    your BAR.  Take cover behind the sandbags of the MG42 pit and fire at the
    Germans that take cover behind the jeep and the barrels ahead.  Once they have
    been suppressed then you may proceed ahead.  If you decide to go into the
    building by the jeep then you should be ready to fire at a German that comes
    around the corner ahead of you once you walk in the door.
    Now make your way up the hill towards the main gate of the chateau.  When you
    get near it a truck full of Germans will screech to a halt and about 5 or 6
    Germans will come out firing at you.  Crouch behind the concrete part of the
    fence and lean out from behind it to fire at them.  When they have all been
    killed move hrough the gate.
    Objective 2 : Find a way into the Chateau.
    To get into the Chateau, you will have to make your way around the back of
    it on the left side.  Move along to the point at which an enemy truck pulls
    up in a courtyard in the north part of the level, taking out all enemies on
    the way.  When the truck pulls up make sure to crouch and only advance further
    into the courtyard after killing all the Germans in your present field of
    There is another truck on the far side of the courtyard so don't let your
    guard down after eliminating the occupants of the first truck.  When you have
    killed all of them you can move further along and climb up the ladder you see
    leaning against the wall of the Chateau.
    Objective 3 : Secure any documents and plans.
    There is only one set of documents to secure in the Chateau and they are. On
    the top floor.  You will have to fight your way there accompanied by one of
    your fellow soldiers.  You will notice that there is only one path to take
    through the Chateau at this point so I find that an explanation would just be
    redundant.  Just move slowly, peek around corners, and conserve your ammo. 
    Try using the BAR and switching it to slow-auto.  Usually the enemies will go
    down in 1 or two shots if they are hit in the torso.
    You will find the documents stashed in the very end of the route inside the
    Chateau.  Once you have secured the documents by pressing the "F" button the
    objective will be completed.
    Objective 4 : Find the secret communications room.
    Now follow your steps back to the ground floor.  When you reach the hallway
    with the big double doors make sure your finger is at the ready.  The doors
    will fly open and two Germans will be standing there shooting at you.  Waste
    them with the BAR. Now turn on the Iron Sights and move forward slowly.  You
    will see in the upper right hand corner of the door that there are two Germans
    on a balcony.  Move forward so that you can just get in a shot at their torso
    and fire a shot at both of them.  They should both fall over the railing, dead
    but if not then I think you know what to do.
    Once again there is only one main path through the Chateau so it isn't a real
    problem trying to find the comm room.  When you enter the next room scoot
    yourself behind one of the pillars and crouch down.  Whip out the Thompson
    and fire at the Germans that come running into the room by the staircase.  Now
    head up the stairs and move down the hallway, shooting any Germans that come
    running in towards you.
    When you reach the end of the hallway.  Stop at the door and lean out with the
    BAR in your hands.  Shoot the 3 enemies on the balcony and then keep your head
    out to shoot at the German who shoots at you from behind the next doorframe.
    Try and get a headshot on him and if not then chuck a grenade into his
    vicinity.  Move along and shoot the two Germans just outside the door that
    leads into the next hallway.
    Keep pressing on until you find yourself in a room with a fireplace and a
    medium sized table.  You will see a bust of an eagle on a wooden stand.  Go
    up to it and push the "F" button to rotate it and open the secret doorway to
    the comm room.
    Objective 5 : Sabotage enemy communications equipment with your weapon.
    Shoot the enemy radios with your gun.  Simple enough, eh?  Watch out for the
    door kicked open behind you, there are two enemies behind it.
    Objective 6 : Find and secure the prisoners.
    Now Captain Foley and the gang will come into the room and kick down the door
    to the next room.  All you really have to do is follow him now.
    Objective 7 : Clear the way to the extraction point.
    Once Captain Price has been rescued from his cell you must clear a way to the
    extraction point that is marked by the star.  I cannot really help you here
    and is not exactly necessary to do so.  Just take your time and make sure
    you don't shoot Captain Price.
                "In war there is no substitute for victory."
                 - General Douglas MacArthur
                           =-  4.18  POW Camp   -=
    September 18, 1944
    Outside of Strasshof
    It seems the Germans moved Major Ingram of the British RAF before we could nab
    him from the Chateau.
    Captain Price says he overheard the guards saying he had been moved to a camp
    somewhere near here.  Price pin-pointed the camp for us, but Captain Foley
    insisted he stay behind during the actual rescue.
    Our plan is simple.  We are busting right through the gate, grabbing the Major
    and then hightailing it out of there.  Foley says the only way we can pull this
    off is if we spend no more than 10 minutes inside the camp.  Otherwise the
    Jerries are going to have the area locked down looking for us.
     - Eliminate the guards at the main gate.
     - Locate Major Ingram.
     - Escort Major Ingram back to the truck.
    Objective 1 : Eliminate the guards at the main gate.
    After Captain Foley gives you the scoop on the mission and gets in the truck
    run ahead until you can see the enemy camp.  Lie down on the hill to the left
    of this area, next to the tree.  Look through the scope of your Springfield
    and observe the guards at the main gate.  If you wait long enough one of the
    guards will leave and come back and then he will be standing right in front
    of another one, lining you up for a perfect double kill. Once those two are
    down shoot the guard that mans the MG42 and then the next guard that comes in.
    Objective 2 : Locate Major Ingram.
    Follow Captain Foley through the gate.  Now you must fight your way through
    the POW camp to the cell where Major Ingram is being held.  There are several
    routes that you can take through the POW camp to get to the Major so it would
    be kind of awkward to place a walkthrough in this section of the guide.  Just
    refer to the "Tactics" section (5.3) and you should be fine.
    You should be reaching the Major around the 6:00 mark.
    Objective 3 : Escort Major Ingram back to the truck.
    Reverse your path and head for the truck.  Make sure you don't dawdle and let
    the timer run out.
           "When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite."
            - Winston Churchill
                         ==   4.2  British Missions   ==
                         Now you are transported to the
                         shoes of a British soldier, Sgt
                           =-  4.21  Pegasus Night  -=
    Ref Maps.             1/50,000 Sheets 7/F1, 7/F2                    TOP SECRET
                          7/25,000 Sheet No. 40/16 NW                  5 June 1944
    TO: 2 Oxf Bucks, 6th Ab. Div.
    1. Objective
        a) Your task is to seize intact the bridge ove the canal at BENOUVILLE
           098748 and to hold it until relieved by 7 PAra Bn.  Most likely several
    2. Enemy
        a) Static defenses in area of operations.
           Garrison of the bridge at BENOUVILLE 098748 consists of about 50 men,
           armed with at least four to six light machine guns (MG42) and possibly
           assorted anti-tank weapons.
        b) State of alertness
           The large-scale preparations necessary for the invasion of the
           Contingent, the suitablity of moon and tide will combine to produce a
           high state of alertness in the GERMAN defense, particularly in vicinity
           of bridges.  Charges will have been laid in the demolition chambers.
    3. Outline
        a) Insertion via Horsa glider.  the capture of the bridge will be a 'cuop
           de main' op depending largely on surprise, speed, and dash for success.
        b) Your difficulties will arise in holding off an enemy counterattack on
           the bridge, until you are relieved.
    - Clear the area of enemies and secure both ends of the bridge.
    - Capture the bunker.
    - Regroup with Captain Price.
    - Find an army engineer.
    - Use the Flak 88 gun to destroy the tank.
    Objective 1 : Clear the area of enemies and secure both ends of the bridge.
    You will start out this level in a plane.  Eventually you will be briefed by
    Captain Price (after a rough landing) and then you can get going.  This
    objective will not be completed until the end of the level.  So on to
    objective 2.
    Objective 2 : Capture the bunker.
    Get into a crouching position and move into the bushes.  You will see a bunker
    ahead, crawl to a spot that is close to the bush but gives you a open view of
    the bunker.  Get out your Bren LMG and equip the Iron Sights.  Now blast away
    at the opening of the bunker.  Your squad mates will now go ahead and clear
    out the bunker.  All you have to do is keep raking the opening of the bunker
    with bullets from your Bren.
    Objective 1 : Clear the area of enemies and secure both ends of the bridge.
    Move across the bridge and use either your Lee-Enfield rifle or the Bren LMG
    to eliminate any opposing forces that you can find.  In a few minutes you will
    hear the dreaded sound of a Tiger tank.
    Objective 3 : Regroup with Captain Price.
    Now you must find Captain Price to get instructions on how to eliminate the
    tank.  If you are standing on the road where the tank is, facing it, then
    Captain Price is on your left.  Please note that it is not in your best
    interests to be right in front of the tank, I was just using it as a reference
    Objective 4 : Find an army engineer.
    Captian Price will tell you to find and army Engineer. The engineer has to get
    the Flak gun operating so that you can use it to blow up the tank.  You will
    be pleased to find that the engineer is conveniently placed on the other side
    of the road.  That means that you will have to dash across quickly before the
    Tiger pumps you full of lead.
    Lighten your load by switching to either the Colt .45 or the M2 Frag Grenades,
    you will run faster this way.  Now run directly across the  road.  You will
    see engineer fending off a large group of German attackers.  Crouch down and
    press the use key "F" to get him moving.
    Don't turn around to follow him just yet.  If you do you will be picking
    bullets out of your back until the end of the mission.  Switch to the Bren LMG
    and return to a standing position. Quickly sweep your gun across the fence and
    try to take out as many of the Germans as you can.  After your clip is used up
    switch back to the Colt .45 or the M2 Frag Grenades and run across the bridge.
    Stay crouched so that the Tiger cannot hit you.
    Objective 5 : Use the Flak 88 gun to destroy the tank.
    Now wait in a sheltered spot by the Flak 88 while the engineer fixes it.  When
    he gives you the go-ahead quickly get on and turn around to face the tank. It
    will take about 4 seconds to turn completely around to face the tank so be
    patient, you will not take much damage from the Tiger. When you get the
    cross-hairs centered on the tank click and watch the carnage.
    Objective 1 : Clear the area of enemies and secure both ends of the bridge.
    Now just use your Lee-Enfield to pick off any remaining enemies, there should
    be around 15 or so.  Every time you get one the little counter in the
    objecives menu will decrease.  When all have been eliminated the mission will
                "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the
                 courage to continue that counts."
                 - Winston Churchill
                           =-  4.22  Pegasus Day  -=
    Ref Maps.              1/50,000 Sheets 7/F1, 7/F2                   TOP SECRET
                           7/25,000 Sheet No. 40/16 NW                 5 June 1944
    TO: 2 Oxf Bucks, 6th Ab. Div.
    1.  Objective
         a) Your task is to seize intact the bridge ove the canal at BENOUVILLE\
            098748 and to hold it until relieved by 7 PAra Bn.  [crossed out] Most
            likely several hours.
            (7 Para taking longer than expected, still holding out.)
    2. Enemy - One bn of 736th Grenadier Regiment in the area, maybe n8-12 tanks!!
             - Several platoons expected from the west, no sign of them yet.
        a) Mobile defenses in area of operations.
           Garrison of the bridge at BENOUVILLE 098748 consists of about 50 men,
           armed with at least four to six light machine guns (MG42) and possibly
           assorted anti-tank weapons.
        b) State of alertness
           [crossed out] The large-scale preparations necessary for the invasion
           of the Contingent, the suitablity of moon and tide will combine to
           produce a high state of alertness in the GERMAN defense, particularly
           in vicinity of bridges.  Charges will have been laid in the demolition
           Captain Price noticed a strange thing this morning -- they had the
           bridge wired, but no explosives were in the holders??? (found them
           securely stowed by the pillbox)
    3. Outline
        a) [crossed out] Insertion via Horsa glider.  the capture of the bridge
           will be a 'cuop de main' op depending largely on surprise, speed, and
           dash for success.
        b) Your difficulties will arise in holding off an enemy counterattack on
           the bridge, until you are relieved.
           (light reinforcements came in from Kanville at 0800)
     - Hold the bridge until Allied relief shows up.
     - Defend the west bank of the canal.
     - Fall back to the machine gun and provide covering fire.
     - Destroy the incoming tank.
     - Help the reinforcements clear the area of any remaining enemies.
     - Debrief with Captain Price.
    Objective 1 : Hold the bridge until Allied relief shows up.
    Now it is daytime and you are still at the bridge.  The Sgt will address the
    Captain and he will basically say that they have found some Panzerfausts,
    various German weapons, and some medical supplies.  Right after the Captain
    finishes talking mortars woill begin to fall.  What I suggest you do is run to
    the little structure on the right side of the bridge.  It is painted red and
    white.  This objective will be completed near the end of the mission.
    Objective 2 : Defend the west bank of the canal.
    After the mortars have fallen your squad mates will dash across the bridge to
    where a large contingent of Germans is coming through.  You will see, as you
    near the end of the bridge, that there is a large stash of weapons at the end
    of bridge.  Take your pick of the weapons but do it quickly since you will
    have little time to waste. Just so you know, I prefer to take the MP44 and the
    Now head over to the southeast and there will be a little yard surrounded by a
    low brick wall.  Stay on the outside of the wall, I like to be within about 15
    feet of the demolished tank.  Watch both openings in this little yard for
    Germans, quite a few will come through.  As they come through shoot them down
    with your machine or sub-machine gun.  There will be a few long intervals of
    time in which no Germans come through but just stay patient because they will
    If you do happen to become bored then you may wish to head over to the north
    where your squd is fighting off another large force.  I prefer to stay away
    from here on the harder difficulties because this approach will reward yo
    with a lot more damage than the former if you are not careful.
    Objective 3 : Fall back to the machine gun and provide covering fire.
    Captain Price will eventually yell at you to fall back to the MG42 set up on
    the bridge to provide covering fire for your squad.  When you are on it you
    won't have to worry about any snipers taking your head off so feel free to
    stay as long as you like.
    You may find that you are being quite inneffective with the MG42.  This is
    probably due to the large amoutnof muzzle flash and recoil.  All you have to
    do to be effective is fire in short two to three second bursts.  Pick a
    target, center the cross-hairs, and fire away.  Rinse and repeat until you get
    a new objective.
    Objective 4 : Destroy the incoming tank.
    That should say "tank(s)".  This objective will span quite a few minutes and
    many tanks.  I usually ignore the Captain's advice to get on the Flak 88
    because... well... I am wide open to attack from there.  I always get a
    Panzerfaust and eliminate the tanks using them.  You can find two inside the
    bunker and a whole box of them inside the trench.
    Before I get started on the individual tanks I will just give you some brief
    tips.  Use the quicksave feature very often in this last part of the mission.
    Quicksave before and after you destroy each tank.  After you destroy a tank
    there may be a moment that passes until the next tank comes along.  During
    this time I suggest you run back to the bunker and restock on anything that
    you need.  There are two green health packs and one large health pack in it.
    You may feel obligated to take out a few approaching footsoldiers so you may
    do so.
    The first tank will approach from the south.  Get inside the bunker and grab
    one of the Panzerfausts from the stairwell.  Look out the gap in the wall of
    the bunker and spot the tank crawling along the bank of the river.  Put on
    the iron sights and fire at the tank.  If you miss it then press F9 twice and
    reload, or if you didn't save the game before you shot it you should go back
    and get another Panzerfaust.
    Now for the second tank.  It is coming in from the north.  Grab a Panzerfaust
    from the trench and head along the road in betwen the river and the buildings
    next to the trench, not going around the bunker.  You will see it approaching
    along the road.  Lie down in the middle of the road and equip the iron sights.
    When you feel the moment is appropriate then fire off a shot and hopefully you
    will hit the tank.
    Now the next tank will come from the south, again.  Just follow the
    instructions for the first tank.  It will approach from where the first one
    The fourth tank will come from the northeast.  Grab a Panzerfaust and wait in
    the trench (make sure you don't get shot by any Germans while waiting).  You
    will see it pass by the gap at the other end of the trench, when it does fire
    a round into its side as it passes.
    This next one is a pain in the ass to hit but by no means shoudl you get on
    the Flak 88.  You will die before you can say "Oh shit!".  So grab a
    Panzerfaust and go back into the bunker.  Stand all the way in the corner of
    the bunker where the health packs are sitting.  Crouch down on top of those
    little storage boxes and put on the Iron Sights.  I command you to quicksave
    at this point.  So now all you have to do is fire, watch where the shot lands,
    and then reload the game and tweak your aim accordingly.  Save after you
    destroy it because I'm sure you don't want to do that over again.
    Now the last tank will follow the same route as the fourth so grab a
    Panzerfaust and wait in the trench for it to pass.  But you may have shot the
    fourth tank in a spot where it is very hard to see the tank pass.  If that is
    the case then you should head on up to the bunker and look to where the tank
    is rolling by.  Shoot it and that will be the last of the tanks.
    Objective 1 : Hold the bridge until Allied relief shows up.
    Now this is where the first objective will be completed.  There should be
    under a minute left until the relief shows up, at this point.  Pick one of
    your weapons and stay in the bunker shooting at approaching Germans until the
    timer runs out.
    Objective 5 : Help the reinforcements clear the area of any remaining enemies.
    Do not rush jubilantly out of the bunker now that the reinforcements have
    shown up.  There are still quite a few Germans running around outside.  Get
    out one of your machine or sub-machine guns and wait in the stairwell.  In a
    few seonds you will see two Germans come through the doorway.  Shoot them and
    then proceed out of the trench and take care of any remaining enemies you can
    Objective 6 : Debrief with Captain Price.
    That wasn't so bad was it?  Meet Captain Price outside the bunker and recieve
    your well earned congratulations for your performance.
             "War is a series of catastrophes which result in victory."
              - Georges Clemenceau
                           =-  4.23  Dam  -=
    Ref Maps.               1/50,000 Sheets 12/F1, 12/F2                TOP SECRET
                            1/25,000 Sheet No. 60/05 SW                 2 Sep 1944
    To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS
    Transferred from 2 SAS with Cpt Price on orders from SOE 3 weeks ago.  Haven't
    seen any others from 6th AB aside from him.  The men here are as competent as
    any I've ever met, espcially Sgt. Waters.  Will have to do my best to keep up.
    1. Objectives
        a) To neutralize anti-aircraft defenses for pending renewal of RAF bombing
           missions against teh Eder Dam in Germany.
        b) To destroy electrical generators in the power station at the foot of
           the dam, thereby slowing production at German manufacturing plants
           throughout the Ruhr valley region.
    2. Enemy
        a) Static defenses in area of operations.
           Garrison at the Eder Dam consists of at least 40 men, armed with
           assorted small arms (MP40, Kar98k) and at least three anti-air guns,
           possibly 20mm or 88mm.
        b) State of alertness.
            Last May's "Operation Chastise" ruptured the dam but the Germans have
            since restored it and strengthened the AA defenses.  Once the garrison
            forces are alerted, nearby towns at 025664, 022637, and 0265619 will
            undoubtedly dispatch reinforcements in platoon to company strength.
    3. Outline
    a) Infiltration to be effected by parachute, DZ approx. one day overland from
       the dam, as radar and AA coverage have increased in the immediate vicinity.
    b) Exfiltrate by any means at your disposal.  Cpt. Price and Sgt. Waters plan
       to steal a German lorry.
     - Destroy the AA guns on the top of the dam. [6]
     - Plant explosives on the generators.
     - Destroy the AA guns at the bottom of the dam.
     - Meet up with Captain Price at the top South end of the dam and escape.
    Objective 1 : Destroy the AA guns on the top of the dam. [6]
    This is one of the few missions in the game in which you will be completely
    alone.  Crouch down and move towards the tree ahead.  I would lie flat on the
    ground once you reach the tree.  Use your sniper rifle to take out about 5 or
    6 enemies that are either in the area ahead or that will come once you fire
    the first shot.
    Now your path is open to the AA guns atop the dam.  Move along the dam
    planting the explosives as you go.  After the fourth one however you will be
    fired upon by an MG42 gunner and another footsoldier.  They are easy enough to
    take care of.  Either throw a well placed grenade or slowly creep forward with
    your sniper rifle to take them out.  After they have been torn a third nostril
    continue with your demolition until all of the AAs have been destroyed.
    Objective 2 : Plant explosives on the generators.
    Now head into the dam itself.  You will see a door in the little enclosure to
    the left. Enter it and get on the elevator, press "F" by the switch to go
    down. Take out your Sten and prepare for some close-quarters combat.  As soon
    as you descend in the elevator you will have to take out about three Germans
    in the base area of the elevator.
    Now moce through the hallway and go into the room ahead.  There will be three
    Germans that come running through the room towards you so gun them down and
    grab the health packs on the table.
    Move out of the room and down the hallway.  Shoot the Germans who are next to
    the table in the next room and the one who appears beyond it.  When you reach
    the stairwell there will be another triplet of Germans below you.  Shoot them
    with your rifle.
    Move down the next stairwell and when you reach the turn that opens up into
    the generator room a few germans will pop out of both corners; have your
    machine gun at the ready.  Now look up to the balconies ahead.  Take out the
    riflers with your Scoped Kar98k and then move to the next stairway in front
    of you.
    Shoot the two Germans at the bottom and then move down the corridor to the
    left.  Three Germans will come out from behind the corner.  Shoot them and
    then kill the next three Germans to get to the elevator.
    When you go down ready your machine-gun.  There will be a large group of
    Germans waiting for you at the bottomof the next stairwell.  After you have
    taken care of all three aggressors move along to the right and take out your
    Kar98k.  Snipe the German at the end of the hallway and then machine gun the
    two at the top of the stairwell on the other end.  Kill the Germans in the
    next few rooms easily enough and you will be at the generator room.
    There are about four Germans in here, one by the door on the other side, two
    coming up on the right side and one that will come in through the door soon
    after you fire the first shots.  Plant the explosives on the generators and
    then move out the door.
    Objective 3 : Destroy the AA guns at the bottom of the dam. [4]
    This is really easy.  There are about four Germans waiting at the bottom.  You
    can take all of them out easily with the Scoped Kar98k.  Plant the explosives
    on all of the AA Flaks and then head back for the surface.
    Objective 4 : Meet with Cpt Price at the top South end of the dam and escape.
    Refer to "Tactics" (5.3).
    All you have to do now is retrace your steps through the dam.  Just follow the
    only route available to you.  When you get tot he top of the dam you will see
    Cpt Price and Sgt Waters in the truck.  Go to the back of it and press "F" to
    get into it.
    When the truck pulls away there will be a few scattered troops firing on you
    so you can either duck behind the sides of the truck or you can fire on them.
    Either way will do.
           "Above all things, never be afraid. The enemy who forces
            you to retreat is himself afraid of you at that very moment."
            - Andre Maurois
                           =-  4.24  Truck Ride   -=
    Ref Maps.               1/50,000 Sheets 12/F1, 12/F2                TOP SECRET
                            1/25,000 Sheet No. 60/05 SW                 2 Sep 1944
    To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS
    1. Objectives
    a) Following conclusion of operations at the dam, evade capture and reach an
       airfield approx. 8 miles away at 033875.
    a) Static defenses in area of opertions.
       Unknown.  The Enemy is likely to erect roadblocks and deploy motorized
       patrols in order to prevent your escape from the area.
    b) State of alertness.
       Any assault on the Eder Dam will be responded to by troops from neighboring
       towns and garrisons.  Both military and civlilian populations will be
       placed in a high state of alertness,
       The lorry we stole was apparently carrying a large shipment of Panzerfaust
       60s -- a sort of short range, single use, and disposable anti-tank weapon.
       They'll come in handy if persued.  Not a bad find at all.
    3. Outline
    a) Use enemy weapons and assets as required in the event your equipment is
       destroyed or expended.
    b) Destroy bridges and create improvised obstacles to delay pursuit by the
     - Get to the airfield.
     - Cover Sgt. Waters while he blows the bridge.
    Objective 1 : Get to the airfield.
    Now thanks to your grace in the last mission you have about 50 Germans out on
    the road trying to hunt you down.  What you must do is defend the truck that
    you are riding in as they come up behind you or from other directions and try
    to pump your ass full of lead.
    This is simple in and of itself but it is also pretty tough.  I suggest that
    you whip out a Panzerfaust first.  Soon you will see a truck come barreling
    up the road towards you.  I would press F5 at this point.  Wait for the truck
    to round the curve and then fire a shot at it.  if you miss press F9 twice and
    you will be pulled back to the point at which you pressed F5.  Rinse and
    repeat for the rest of the level.
    At a few points in the level it may be better to take out the Germans who are
    standing in the truck before blowing it to pieces.  Best example being when
    it pulls up right beside you.  Just use the Bren LMG to spray rounds at their
    heads and then duck back down below to reload your weapon.
    Objective 2 : Cover Sgt. Waters while he blows the bridge.
    When you cross the long wooden bridge you will hear Captain Price say that it
    is booby trapped to blow as soon as you cross it.  But whoopsie!  Somebody
    wired it incorrectly.  Now Sgt. Waters must go under the bridge and detonate
    it manually.
    He will give you a Springfield before he leaves and you must use it to take
    out all the Germans who try to cross the bridge.  Don't worry about them
    shooting at you, they are too far away to do any damage.  Just keep pumping
    out shots until you see Sgt. Waters high-tailing his ass out from under the
    bridge.  When that happens the bridge will blow and you can stop shooting.
    Objective 1 : Get to the airfield.
    Continue shooting the trucks until the last of the Panzerfausts have been used
    up.  Then just use your Bren LMG to shoot at any exposed Germans.  Eventually
    you will arrive at the airfield and the level will end.
           "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!"
            - Emiliano Zapata
                           =-  4.25  Airfield   -=
    Ref Maps.              1/50,000 Sheets 12/F1, 12/F2                 TOP SECRET
                           1/25,000 Sheet No. 60/05 SW                  2 Sep 1944
    To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS
    1. Objectives
    a) Upon successful arrival at the airfield, procure aircraft on site and
       exfiltrate via preplanned air route.
    b) Delay pursuit and interception by destroying any parked aircraft not
       essentail to your escape.  Our Lewes bombs were lost in the drop at the
       dam, so we'll need to find a high caliber automatic weapon on site to do
       the job.
    2. Enemy
    a) Static defenses in area of operations.
       A small regional garrison, mainly consisting of rear-guard troops, is known
       to service the airfiled on a year round basis.  AA defenses may include
       guns ranging from 20mm to 88mm.
    b) State of alertness.
       The dam garrison will have issued a general warning throughout the area by
       this time.  The airfield may be more heavily reinforced than is customary
       as a result.
    3. Outilne
    a) Disperse at the airfield.  Flight-trained members of the squad will move
       the aircraft into position for takeoff.
    b) Remaining squad members shall defend the stolen aircraft until that time,
       while inflicting as much damage as possible on the other enemy aircraft
       parked on the tarmac.
     - Draw enemy fire while the rest of the team steals a German plane.
     - Get back in the truck and escape to the plane.
    Objective 1 : Draw enemy fire while the rest of the team steals a German plane
    Now what you are going to do is drive around the airfield in your truck trying
    to draw fire drom the Germans defending the airfield.  This is really no
    different than the truck ride in the previous mission except that you will
    eventually be able to get out of the truck.
    As you drive around fire your Bren LMG at the Germans sticking up out of the
    trucks persuing you and at the stationary or individual soldiers on the
    When you do get the chance to climb out of the truck (when Captain Price backs
    it up by the AA Flak) keep your Bren LMG out and shoot the gunners atop the
    Now that's the easy part of the level.  Now you must get on the Flak gun and
    shoot at all the Stuka planes taking off and coming in to bomb the crap out of
    you.  First, look over to the runway at the right you will see two Stukas
    in the process of taking off.  Shoot tham as quickly as you can and then focus
    your attention on the sky.  You will now see, somewhere on the screen, Stukas
    coming in towards you.  This is simple yet it can be rather difficult to pull
    off.  All you have to do is shoot the Stukas before they get to you.  When you
    hit one it will burst into flames and veer away from you.
    All the while the enemy is going to be shooting at you from all directions but
    don't worry about them too much because you are well covered, for the most
    Objective 2 : Get back in the truck and escape to the plane.
    After the Stukas are burning wrecks on the ground the Captain will tell you to
    get back into the truck.  Just like you got into the car in the American
    missions just walk (well... in this case you may want to speed it up) to the
    the truck and press "F".  Immediately the Captain will pull out and take you
    to the waiting plane.  All the while you should be shooting as many Germans as
    you can.  When you reach the airplane the mission will end.
                 "Courage is fear holding on a minute longer."
                  - General George S. Patton
                           =-  4.24  Ship   -=
    Ref. Maps              1/50,000 Sheets 22/F1, 45/F2                 TOP SECRET
                           1/25,000 Sheet No. 40/16 NW                 22 Oct 1944
    To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS
    Price and I are going on board.  If we are captured the Geneva Convention
    won't help us.  There's little doubt we will be executed as spies.
    1. Objectives
    a) To further cripple battleship Tirpitz in preparation for pending RAF
       bombing missions.
          - demolitions on the ships boilers and radar systems
    b) To recover patrol logs and documented orders indicating recent fleet
       movements of Kriegsmarine vessels.
          - These are most liely on or near the bridge
    2. Enemy
    a) Static defenses in area of operations.
       Norwegian resistance reports ship undergoing repairs and damage appraisal
       near Tromso.  Skeleton crew reported, with majority of crewmembers on
       shore leave throughout Hakoya and Tromso region.
    b) State of alertness.
       The enemy is preoccupied with anti-air defense.  As they are aboard a
       heavily armed and escorted ship, their expectation of being boarded is
       likely to be low.
    3. Outline
    a) The Norwegian resistance reports that a small watercraft is scheduled to
       transfer new officers to the Tirpitz from the Tromso region, at 1900 hrs.
       Intercept it, liquidate the occupants, and take their place with the aid of
       forged documents and appropriate attire of rank supplied by SOE.
     - Board the German battleship Tirpitz.
     - Locate the ship's armoury.
     - Retrieve the explosives from the armoury.
     - Plant the explosives on the ship's boilers. [4]
     - Destroy the Anti-Aircraft radar electronics near the bridge. [3]
     - Retrieve the naval patrol logs.
     - Return to Sgt Waters at the supply boat.
    Objective 1 : Board the German battleship Tirpitz.
    This mission will start off with Cpt Price dumping the German officers
    overboard.  Then let Sgt Waters steer close enough for you to get out.  Cpt
    Price will got out first so follow him aboard the ship.
    Objective 2 : Locate the ship's armoury.
    Move towards the star on your compass.  Captain Price will follow you.  When
    you get to the set of stairs on the way to the star on your compass go up
    them and you will see a hangar door opening.  Go in (ignoring the two Germans
    who walk out).
    Head down the stairs inside the hangar and take the only route available
    inside the ship.  You will come to the armoury.  The Captain will address the
    two guards and one of them will confer with somebody up on the bridge.  The
    companion will be alerted by something said and he will raise his gun to fire.
    Before he can pull the trigger Price will shoot them both in the forehead.
    Objective 3 : Retrieve the explosives from the armoury.
    Go inside the armoury and you will see the explosives in a glowing yellow
    pile.  Go up to them and press "F".  Objective completed.
    Objective 4 : Plant the explosives on the ship's boilers. [4]
    Proceed through the hallway you just came to plant one explosive charge on the
    boiler in there.  Watch out for the Germands that will come from in front and
    possibly behind you.
    Now retreat back to where the Captain is.  Move along the corridor across from
    the entrance to the armoury to find the three remaining boilers.  There will
    be Germans standing in your way all the way from this point on so be on the
    lookout at all times.  Move along cautiously so you don't get a faceful of hot
    lead.  Plant the three charges and make your way back up to the hangar.
    One thing.  The Captain will die no matter what you do here.  You can't stop
    Objective 5 : Destroy the Anti-Aircraft radar electronics near the bridge. [3]
    In the hangar move behind the boxes and proceed to single out German defenders
    (or attackers in this sense) with your Kar98k or your MP40.  Once the coast
    appears to be clear dash forward and look for a door on the side of the big
    structure on the deck.  That will take you back to the innards of the ship.
    Now move up the stairwells very_cautiously.  There are Germans waiting to
    spring out at many of the corners you will round.  I suggest you fully utilize
    the 'peek' function in this part.
    Eventually you will see a glowing yellow box in one of the rooms.  Shoot it 
    and you will have taken out the first Anti-Aircraft radar electronics.  Now
    move along to take out the rest.  There is one more on this level and another
    one level up.
    Objective 6 : Retrieve the naval patrol logs.
    When you go to destroy the third Anti-Aircraft radar electronics you will be
    met by the Captain of the Tirpitz.  Needless to say he is rather pissed at
    you so he will try to put a few bullets in your head with his Lugar pistol.
    Shoot that SOB in the heart and then go up to the patrol logs in the middle of
    the room and pick them up with the "F" button.
    Objective 7 : Return to Sgt Waters at the supply boat.
    Now you have to fight your way off the ship to the waiting Sgt. Waters.  Get
    out of the inside of the ship and fight your way towards Sgt Waters,
    represented as the star on your compass.  All that you need to know is covered
    in the Tactics section (5.3).  When you reach Waters get on the boat and he
    will take off once he has realized that the Captain didn't make it.
                "If a man does his best, what else is there?"
                 - General George S. Patton
                          ==   4.3  Russian Missions   ==
                             =-  4.31  Stalingrad   -=
    It is time to stop the retreat.  Not a single step back!  This shall be our
    slogan from now on.  We must protect every strongpoint and every metre of
    Soviet soil stubbornly to the last droplet of blood.  We shall grab every
    piece of our soil and defend it as long as possible.  The Germans are not as
    strong as the panic-mongers say.  They are tretching their strength to the
    limit.  To withstand their blow now means to ensure victory in the future.
    All who retreat without orders from above are traitors of the motherland and
    will be treated as such: panic-mongers, traitors, and cowards are to be shot
    on sight.  To fulfill this order means to defend our country, to save the
    Motherland, and to destroy and overcome the hated enemy.  This is the call of
    our Motherland.
    The People's Commissar for Defense
    Joseph Stalin
     - Acquire a weapon or some ammunition.
     - Find a more experienced soldier and obtain new orders.
     - Enter the city of Stalingrad.
    Objective 1 : Acquire a weapon or some ammunition.
    Take your finger off the trigger for a few minutes, actually the whole
    mission.  Yes, for this entire mission you will be defenseless.  You will be
    given a clip of ammunition and nothing else (sucks for you).  Don't worry, by
    following my instructions and using your head you should be able to get
    through this mission alive (just barely).
    Listen to the Russian officer's little speech while your transport is crossing
    the Volga River.  When you are about halfway through the river some planes
    will come in from the right guns blazing.  You cannot move or lie down.  Your
    only option is to  crouch.  Press "C" and you should be all right.
    When you get to the docks your character will get out of the ship and move to
    the line.  You can cut in line if you like but when you get to the front you
    will be given a clip of ammunition, that's all.
    Objective 2 : Find a more experienced soldier and obtain new orders.
    Now for the easy part of the mission.  You must make your way to the officer
    represented by the star on your compass.  He is crouched behind a car on the
    hill.  If you enter the shell-shock mode keep going since it seems that you
    become harder to hit while in this mode.  Look for the scarce amount of health
    packs on the ground and keep moving towards the star on your compass.  When
    you reach the officer he will give you new orders.
    All you need to do is wait until he tells you to run, and when he does don't
    hesitate.  Run as fast as you can to the next vehicle and he will take out one
    of the machine gunners above.  Continue to follow his orders, as you have no
    other choice.
    Once you reach the last car the sniper will tell you to hide in the small
    bombed out building at the bottom of the hill.  But wait, there is a commissar
    waiting there to shoot the "cowards" and "traitors"!  No worries, the sniper
    will shoot that Commie right in the side of the skull once you get down close
    to him.
    Your work is done now.  Watch the festering radio operator trying to call in
    atrillery and when it comes the screen will shake endlessly for about 30
    Objective 3 : Enter the city of Stalingrad.
    Follow your comrades up the hill and enter the city of Stalingrad.
              "The object of war is not to die for your country but
               to make the other bastard die for his."
               - General George S. Patton
                           =-  4.32  Red Square   -=
     - Retake Red Square.
     - Find a good flanking position.
     - Eliminate the officers in the enemy blockade. [4]
     - Rendezvous with Major Zubov via the train station.
    Objective 1 : Retake Red Square.
    This is probably the best level in the game (it was for me).  Right now you
    are standing in a very big city square.... Red Square.  The Germans are at one
    end of it and all of your Russain comrades are standing on the opposite end.
    Soon enough the commanding officer will give the go ahead and everybody will
    surge forward, you along with them.  Move along the ground, staying in a
    crouched position and look for a weapon on the ground.  You will find an
    unscoped Mosin Nagant on the ground.  Take it and collect some ammo that is
    scattered around.
    Head for the statue of Stalin that is on the right side of the fountain.  You
    will see another soldier standing at the base waving you over to him.  He will
    tell you to find a good flanking position so this objective will have to wait.
    Objective 2 : Find a good flanking position.
    If you try to move towards the star on your compass you will see that there
    is no place to go.  Soon a mortar balstwill clear away a section of wall ahead
    and some Germans will open fire from within.  Lean out from behind the brick
    wall and take them out with your Mosin Nagant.
    When you go through the hole grab one of the MP40s on the floor and reload it
    if it needs to.  Move through to the opening and lean out into the hall. Shoot
    the three Germans at the end (who are doing the same exact thing as you).  Now
    move up the stairs.  There will be two Germans on the landings in between the
    At the top move through the building and shoot the two Germans who are waiting
    inside.  Grab the sniper rifle by the window.
    Objective 3 : Eliminate the officers in the enemy blockade. [4]
    Your companion will order you to shoot the German officers in the blockade
    below you.  They are pretty easy to spot if you know what to look for.  They
    will be a bit more dressed up than the normal foot soldiers and they are
    making this big arm waving movement with their arms.  There are two in the
    actual trench and then there are two on the landing of the building behind the
    Objective 1 : Retake Red Square.
    Now move back to the square.  You will encounter no resistance at all so don't
    worry.  When you get to the square the Germans will slowly be eliminated by
    gunshots or artillery.  You don't have to do anything besides sit back and
    pick your nose.
    Objective 4 : Rendezvous with Major Zubov via the train station.
    Head through the trench and make your way through a small underground room.
    When you emerge into the sunlight on the other side you will immediately come
    under fire from about 3 German snipers.  Pick up your Kar98k and spot the
    muzzle flashes.  When you have one zeroed in, look through the scope and pick
    him off.
    After the snipers have been killed about 4 more Germans will come into the
    area so snipe them with your Kar98k and move ahead with the rest of your 
    If you look through the gap in the next brick wall you will see three Germans
    running through.  Shoot them quickly because they can be a bit hard to weed
    out once they get into their defensive position.
    As soon as you round that corner they came around you will be face to face
    with an MG42 gunner.  Quickly shoot him in the face.  There will be two more
    Germans right behind this guyt on the sides and two hiding behind the wall
    taking pot-shots at you.  Take out the first two with a sub-machine gun and
    then try to rifle the two behind the wall.
    As soon as you pass the corner behind where the two Germans were hiding look
    left and you will see two more of them in a little opening in the wall.
    Quickly go prone and shoot them with your rifle.  Now proceed through the
    opening where they were. Do the same thing except that the two enemies are to
    the right of the opening.
    Move to the next hole in the wall and shoot the two or three Germans that are
    in the large space beyond it.  Now lean out from the wall, facing the
    direction in which they came.  You will see a MG42 gunner in the distance, or
    if you don't then try to sidestep a small distance to get a better view.
    Now move past where he was and take out your sub-machine gun.  A German will
    appear in the opening behind the MG42 pit.  Shoot him and then get out your
    rifle.  Snipe all of the Germans (about 6 or so) in the courtyard in front of
    the train station and then head for the main door of the station.
               "There are no atheists in foxholes" isn't an argument against
                atheism, it's an argument against foxholes."
                - James Morrow
                            =-  4.33  Train Station  -=
     - Rendezvous with Major Zebov.
    Objective 1 : Rendezvous with Major Zebov.
    This mission is very short. When the level starts move forward and look up to
    the left.  You will make out two Germans standing behind the railing.  Shoot
    them and move up the stairs.  Move to the doorway at the top of the stairs
    (on the left) and lean out to shoot the German who is standing in the room.
    Get out your sniper rifle and shoot the MG42 gunner that is all the way across
    the opening along with any German sniper or machine gunners who are on the
    various walkways.
    Move out onto the walkway and keep an eye on the ledge to the right.  When you
    are about halfway across the walkway about 5 snipers will pop up and open fire
    on you.  Crouch and put on the scope of your rifle.  Move side to side on the
    walkway shooting at the snipers, only pausing briefly to shoot them.
    Now jump down to the pit below and try to make your way back towards the
    direction you came in.  There should be two Germans in the proximity of a
    staircase.  Take it and you will find yourself on another walkway that will
    take you to the other side of the opening.  However, there is one
    complication.  There are more snipers waiting for you on the left.  Do the
    same as I instructed above for the first batch and move on.
    There will be maybe two or three Germans ahead in this section but they are
    easily killed with your PPSh.  Drop down off of the ledge and head into the
    building ahead.
    Now you come to a large field.  There are Germans approaching all over it so
    either pick them off with your Scoped Mosin Nagant or use the MG42 to quickly
    take care of them.  Personally I like to snipe at this point but using the
    MG42 works well too.
    Once they are all down move towards the star on your compass and you will find
    a few of your Russian comrades waiting for you in a building.
              "Better to fight for something than live for nothing."
               - General George S. Patton
                               =-  4.34  Sewers   -=
    Congratulations on your promotion to Junior Sergeant, Alexei Ivanovich.  I 
    need every sniper I can get!
    This morning, the Germans recaptured a four-story apartment building near the 
    gristmill on Penzenskaia Street.  This is an important building, Alexei!  From 
    this building, it is possible to see very far in all directions and to direct 
    artillery fire much more accurately.
    In order to retake it, I sent some men on a reconnaissance mission over four 
    hours ago, but I have not heard back from this squad since.  I want you to go 
    there and find out what the situation is.  Support their actions if you find 
    them.  Otherwise, return at once and report it to the command post.
    German sniper activity on the surface route is reported to be very high today, 
    so I suggest you take the sewers instead.
    Major V.S. Zubov, 13th Guards Div.
     - Use the sewers to bypass the enemy lines.
    Objective 1 : Use the sewers to bypass the enemy lines.
    Despite what the German says over the louspeaker I would advise against
    turning yourself in because the Germans that you will come across have no 
    intention of following up on that promise.
    When you reach the intersection of the sewer look immediately to your left.
    There are a few Germans waiting behind some boxes for you.  Shoot them with
    your Scoped Mosin Nagant and then move to wheree they were.  Another German
    should come up to you around this point so have your PPSh out and ready.
    Look up to the little opening in the ceiling of the sewer.  A couple Germans
    will run by shooting at you.  If you are quick enough you should be able to
    nail them.  Now look straight ahead.  Yu should see another German peeking out
    from behind a wall. Lie down and shoot him with your Scoped Mosin Nagant.
    When you move forward to the railing some Russians will pop out in front of
    you.  I must say that I did shoot one of them down because I was very
    surprised when it happened.  Don't let the same thing happen to you.
    Move up the stairs to the right and shoot the three Germans waiting up there
    with your PPSh or whatever sub-machine gun you have with you.  Now move around
    the next corner and do the same thing.
    Now move to the boxes by the opening to above.  take out your Scoped Mosin
    Nagant and smnipe the two Germans on the balconies, the one on the floor of
    the bombed out building to the right, and one who is shooting at you from a
    window in the left.  Move through the opening and look to the left when you
    get into the sewer again.  Shoot the two Germans running through.
    Move to the bend in the tunnel, stay close to the wall, and keep your Mosin
    Nagant out.  When you pass a certain point a German will run out onto the
    balcony on the side.  Snipe him and do the same on the other balcony on the
    other side.  When the second German is falling to the ground look towards the
    end of the sewer.  There should be one German coming at you but there may be
    Now move up the stairs ahead and through the sewer tunnel.  When you go
    through the next hole in the wall, at the end of the tunnel, you will find a
    squad of Russians fighting a squad of Germans.  Help them fight them off and
    then move around the next corner in the room.
    Shoot the Germn soldiers who run behind the sandbags ahead with your PPSh.
    Look in the direction they came from and you will see two more or possibly
    three (I think it can be either number).  Lean out from your point of cover
    with your Scoped Mosin Nagant and snipe the Germans who try to do the same to
    Now move through and you will face another squad of Germans.  Look towards the
    first hole in the wall and ignore the first German who runs past since it is
    almost impossible to get him.  Instead wait with your gun pointing there and
    you will soon enough see one coming through shooting at you.  Throw som lead
    in hid direction and then proceed to take out the remaining Germans with your
    Scoped Mosin Nagant.
    Go to the end of the passsage and then head up the little dirt incline to get
    into the another one.  When you are about halfway through you will be shot at
    from behind a box by a German.  You may either run and gun him quickly or
    take the safe approch and shoot him in the head with your sniper rifle while
    taking cover.
    Now move around the boxes and round the corner.  Now you will see two more
    Germans line themselves up for you to shoot.  Snipe them or machine gun them
    (sniping is easier in this case) and then move through the hole in the floor.
    Two of your Russian comrades are fighting a small squad of German snipers and
    machine gunners at the end of this sewer tunnel.  Run up to help them.  Use
    your Scoped Mosin Nagant to take out the snipers.  if one of them throws a
    grenade, fall back and wait for it to go off.  Then resume your fighting.
    When they are all down move into the building and find the hole in the floor.
    Drop through it and you will be done with this mission.
                            "He who conquers, edures."
                                =-  4.35  Pavlov -=
     - Assemble with Sgt. Pavlov's squad.
     - Eliminate the snipers. [7]
     - Get across the field.
     - Clear out the apartment building. [6 Floors]
     - Regroup with Sgt. Pavlov on the fourth floor.
     - Use the 2nd floor anti-tank rifle to blow up the tank.
     - Use the 3rd floor anti-tank rifle to blow up the tank.
     - Hold the building until relieved by friendly units.
     - Clear the area of any remaining forces. [5]
     - Assemble with the reinforcements out front.
    Objective 1 : Assemble with Sgt. Pavlov's squad.
    Easy enough.  Just follow Sgt Pavlov tot he end of the trench and let him talk
    to the Russian private.
    Objective 2 : Eliminate the snipers.  [7]
    Take out your Scoped Mosin Nagant and aim it at the building ahead.  You will
    have to take out 7 snipers that try to shoot at the Russain scampering across
    the field.  Look for the muzzle flashes and then just take them out
    accordingly.  They will only appear one at a time so that makes it a bit
    Objective 3 : Get across the field.
    As soon as you are done sniping, artillery will begin to drop.  Get your ass
    across the field as quickly as possible.
    Objective 4 : Clear out the apartment building. [6 Floors]
    Now this is the second hardest part of the level (no, I'm not shitting you,
    there is a harder part than this).  The building will now be filled to the
    brim with MG42 gunners, snipers, machine gunners, and infantry troops.  You
    have to take out all of them before you can move on.
    Start out by using your Scoped Mosin Nagant rifle to lean out very quickly and
    take out one enemy.  Rinse and repeat for until they are all out.  Much easier
    said than done.
    Now sweep up towards the top of the house taking out all the enemies you see.
    Move slowly, there is no rush, and if you do rush you will be looking at a
    game over screen in no time at all.  Make sure to hit the bottom floor as
    Objective 5 : Regroup with Sgt. Pavlov on the fourth floor.
    Head to the fourth floor with Sgt Pavlov and he will tell you to take out any
    incoming tanks with the anti-tank rifles on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the
    apartment building.
    Objective 6 : Use the 2nd floor anti-tank rifle to blow up the tank.
    Go down one floor and find the anti-tank rifle by the window. If you are
    having trouble finding it then refer to your on-screen compass.  Press "F"
    when you get close to it and then aim at the incoming tank and fire about 5
    shots into the tank.  That should do it.  There is almost no reload time for
    the rifle so you can just fire off a whole volley of shots.
    Objective 7 : Use the 3rd floor anti-tank rifle to blow up the tank.
    Do the same as above for the second tank.
    Objective 8 : Hold the building until relieved by friendly units.
    Now here comes the big one.  You have to hold the building against a huge
    amount of incoming infantry forces until reinforecments arrive.  The best way
    to do this is to go up to the third floor and lie down by the staircase.
    Situate yourself so that you are in between the staircase and the wall to the
    right of it.  Try to move as far left as you can so that any attackers will
    have to be in front of you or close to it in order to shoot at you.  Make sure
    that you have an MP40 in your hands because you are going to need the ammo and
    most of the German attackers are carrying one.
    Objective 9 : Clear the area of any remaining forces. [5]
    Just cealn up any remaining infantry inside the building.  There shouldn't be
    too many.  At most there will be 15 left.  Take your time, just like before.
    There is no rush.
    Objective 10 : Assemble with the reinforcements out front.
    Head outside to where the squad is and the mission will be over.  Whew!
         "In the Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance."
          - Joseph Stalin
                               =-  4.36  Factory  -=
    Junior Sergeant Voronin,
    I have read the reports of your actions with the 13th Guards Division at 
    Stalingrad and Kursk.  You should consider yourself very lucky to have made it 
    this far.  Of the more than 10,000 troops who fought in your division at 
    Stalingrad, you were amongst some 260 survivors.
    In response to my recent request for experienced troop replacements, you have 
    been transferred to assist the units under my command.  A soldier with a good 
    record like yours will do us some good.
    In the next few days we will advance through Warsaw, forcing the Germans to 
    retreat even further.  I am sending troops ahead of the offensive into the 
    manufacturing districts to clear out factories and rail yards being used by 
    the Germans to repair their tanks.
    As you will be responsible for leading one of the squads into the area, you 
    are hereby promoted to full Sergeant.
    Major P.K. Grishin, 150th Rifle Div.,
    3rd Shock Army
     - Secure the tank repair facility.
    Objective 1 : Secure the tank repair facility.
    As soon as the level begins moce forward and take out the Germans ahead with 
    your PPSh and with the Scoped Mosin Nagant.  You could use the PPSh for all of
    them, if you do fire in short bursts to keep your accuracy.  Or on the other
    hand you could just run and gun them but that would not be the wisest choice
    since you will most likely take a bunch of damage.  This is very early in the
    level so you don't want to be doing that.
    Go to the door ahead and wait to the side of it while the two soldiers blow it.
    As soon as it blows you should lie down on the ground under the little bridging
    that goes over the door.  Shoot the Germans that move in front of you.  There
    should be about three or four.
    Now crouch and move forward into the hall.  First check the right side to make
    sure that there is nobody coming from there and then look left and take out
    anybody coming from there.  Your squad will take out a few of them.  Before you
    move down the steps kill any Germans inside the side room on the hall on the
    way to the stairs.
    Now you are free to move down the stairs.  When you get to the bottom of the
    stairs quickly sub-machine gun the Germans coming at you and then look into the
    room to the left.  Kill the three Germans by shooting them in the head, their
    heads should be poking up above the overturned table.
    Move around the corner with your PPSh equipped and waste the three or four
    Germans that come hauling ass around the corner.  Now move down the hall and
    into the tank room.
    Take out your Scoped Mosin Nagant and quickly but carefully take out the
    Germans on the walkway above and to the right.  If you can scan the rest of the
    facility from the doorway and not see any other Germans lurking around then
    take out for PPSh and move to the opposite end of the hangar, shooting any
    Germans you see on the way.
    Go through the door on the opposite end of the hangar and move up the stairs
    killing the two Germans that are on the stairway or in the hallway.  Now move
    out onto the the walkway and assists your two squad mates ahead to clear out
    the small room ahead.  Throw a grenade into it to flush them out or to kill
    them outright.
    Move through the next hallway eliminating any opposition you encounter.  When
    you reach the window on the right side, shoot it out and either toss a few
    grenades into the room below or shoot the Germans below.  There should be two
    of them.
    Now move down the staircase and shoot the four Germans that come through the
    room ahead.  Try to stay to the left side of the hallway so that they have to
    come into your gun sights before they can hit you.
    Go through the room and move through the tank hangar.  On the left side of it
    should be a door to the outside.  Once outside there is only one way for you
    to go.  That way is through the door to the left. In this little hallway is
    about four Germans.  Either toss a grenade in or run and gun them.  Once they
    are down, move forward towards the door behind them.
            "There are no atheists in foxholes" isn't an argument against
             atheism, it's an argument against foxholes."
             - James Morrow
                              =-  4.37  Railyard   -=
     - Regroup with the 4th army on the outskirts of the complex.
    Objective 1 : Regroup with the 4th army on the outskirts of the complex.
    Right at the start take out your Scoped Mosin Nagant and lie down.  Shoot the
    Germans ahead of you and then get up and look to the right, outside the door.
    Take out the two Germans hiding behind the boxes.
    Now take out your PPSh or whatever machine gun you have at this point and kill
    any Germans that are approaching from the left, behind the rail cars.  If you
    are sure that there are no more then take out your SCoped Mosin Nagant rifle
    and move to the right of the doorway.  When you get to the end of the rail car
    crouch and look to the left.  You should see an MG42 gunner and and a few other
    Germans by him.  Take out the MG42 gunner with the Mosin Nagant and then shoot
    the rest of them.
    Now move to the area of the MG42 pit.  You will see a broken wall and an empty
    space behind that wall.  Move through that space and peek over the wall on the
    other side of it.  You will see an MG42 gunner, a tank that rolls out of the
    hangar, and a few other footsoldiers.
    For now ignore the tank as it cannot shoot at you.  So take out the MG42 gunner
    with your Scoped Mosin Nagant as well as any footsoldiers that try to dash for
    Now it is time to take out the tank.  Go to the little alleyway to the right
    and pick up a Panzerfaust from the container.  Go back to where you shot at the
    Germans standing around the tank and fire a shot into the side of the Tiger
    Move through the alleyway and stand by the side of the tank, looking into the
    hangar.  Snipe all the Germans in the hnagar and then move to the other end.
    Take out your machine gun on the way there.  Move into the little room on the
    right and shoot the German behind the table and his buddy on the left.  Move
    out the next doorway and out into the open.
    Toss a few grenades around, as you probably have some to spare at this point,
    and then shoot any remaining Germans.  After they are all dead move to the
    truck and your mission will end.
           "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O
            Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
            - Voltaire
                           =-  4.38  Tank Drive Country   -=
    Sergeant Alexei Voronin,
    We are almost upon the Oder River.  From there, it is less than 70 kilometers 
    to the lair of the fascist beast!  Some of our tank crews are decorated 
    veterans of the Battle of Kursk.  They will lead this drive to the Oder.
    However, there are still severe shortages of trained tank crews.  The expanded 
    design of our new T-34-85 tank accommodates five crewmembers, but many of the 
    crews under my command have as few as three crewmen.  To be fully effective, 
    these crews must have a driver/mechanic, a hull machine gunner, a main gunner, 
    a loader, and a commander.
    I have been authorized to enlist soldiers at will from the infantry to fill 
    out the incomplete crews.  Given your combat record, you will be the 
    command/spotter for a less experienced, but technically competent tank crew.  
    When the next batch of fully trained replacements reaches the front, you will 
    be returned to your former unit.
    Report to the tank bearing tactical number 1126 by 0900 hrs.
    Colonel G. V. Andropov,
    2nd Guards Tank Army
     - Reach the outskirts of the next town.
    Objective 1 : Reach the outskirts of the next town.
    Get accustomed to the controls of the tank and then move forward along the road
    along with the rest of your unit.  When you round the corner look tot he left
    and you will see some enemy tanks approaching along the other side of the river
    bank.  Quickly fire off some shots and blow them up.
    Move over the bridge and along the river until you see about 5 or 6 tanks
    coming from in front of you across the river.  Try to take them out before they
    come across the river or else they will have a better shot at you and you will
    take more damage than is best for you.
    Now move further down the road and you will enter a narrow valley with Germans
    hiding behind every rock and tree trying to fire a Panzerfaust at you.  Go
    slowly and take your time.
    When you reach the hill at the end of the valley there will be a group of about
    12 Tiger tanks in the field above you.  Work quickly and efficiently.  Be sure
    of your aim before you fire because you can't afford to waste time here.  Try
    to eliminate the tanks closest to you and then go for the tanks further away.
    Once you move further along the road the mission will end.
                    "In war there is no substitute for victory."
                     - General Douglas MacArthur
                            =-  4.39  Tank Drive Town  -=
     - Destroy the Flak 88 artillery guns. [2]
     - Destroy the Flakpanzer anti-aircraft gun.
     - Secure the western edge of the town.
    Objective 1 : Destroy the Flak 88 artillery guns. [2]
    Immediately when the mission starts start blasting away at the buildings in
    front of you to take out any Panzerfausters in the buildings.  There are a lot
    of them scattered throughout the town so be very cautious.  I will not inform
    you of all of them because there are so many of them and you don't really have
    to be pointed out to them because you should just scour all the buildings and
    hiding places before moving ahead.
    When you move around the corner there will be a German tank down the road.
    Shoot it and move along around the next corner. Shoot the tank to the left and
    then go further down the road.
    As you are coming down into the next open area a few Germans will come out of
    a building right in front of you with Panzerfausts.  Shoot them quickly and
    then enter the square. Shoot the four tanks and the tank that comes through
    the arch.
    Now go through the arch and you will see the Flak 88 guns and the Flakpanzer
    anti-aircraft gun in the field ahead.  Shoot the Flak 88 right in front of you
    and then look around for some enemy tanks.  There will be a few of them. Then
    just continue through the field shooting the next Flak 88 and the Germans
    around it.
    Objective 2 : Destroy the Flakpanzer anti-aircraft gun.
    Shoot the Flakpanzer anti-aircraft gun.  Easy.
    Objective 3 : Secure the western edge of the town.
    Kill any remaining enemies or any remaining tanks and the mission will come to
    a close.  Congrat's on completing the Russian campaign!
             "Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its 
              blows with brave hearts."
              - Cicero
                          ==   4.4   Conclusion Missions   ==
                                 =-  4.41  Hurtgen  -=
    January 15, 1945
    Northeast of Bastogne, Belgium
    A few weeks ago the enemy broke through our lines in the Ardennes and the 
    101st was rushed into battle to hold the town of Bastogne.  Well, we're still 
    holding Bastogne, surrounded on all sides and taking quite a beating.
    We are dug in around a captured German bunker called Festung Recogne.  The 
    enemy holds two more bunkers on the other side of the ridge.
    Between us and them are mine fields, a frozen stream and a bridge.  At least 
    two enemy artillery guns have our attack route zeroed in.  We are attacking 
    those bunkers today.
    Theres a lot of new faces in the trenches these days.  I have a feeling there 
    will be even more after today.
     - Capture all enemy documents. [2]
     - Destroy the German tanks.
    Objective 1 : Capture all enemy documents. [2]
    As soon as Captain Foley is done briefing you run across the field ahead.  Try
    to keep to the right side of the, as close to the mine signs as you can get
    without blowing yourself up.  Try to stay in close proximity to the road
    because it will guide you to the general area of where you should be.
    When you see the little valley ahead stay low and try to get behind a rock or
    some other type of obstacle. Scout ahead with your Springfield rifle and see
    if you find the MG42 pit ahead, if it isn't already shooting at you.  Quickly
    lean out and try to take out the MG42 gunner.  If not just get the genarl idea
    of wheree he is and then lean out again.  Once the MG42 gunner is out,
    eliminate the two other Germans standing in the pit.
    Go up the hill by the MG42 pit and head towards the bunker atop the hill. Shoot
    any ground troops with your Thompson and then head into the bunker.  There
    should be about three or four Germans inside the bunker so shoot them quickly
    and grab the documents on the bed.  See if there are any people manning the
    MG42 guns in the bunker, if so shoot them, if not then.... don't.
    Now head out of the bunker and take out your Springfield again.  Scout out the
    MG42 pits of the next bunker to make sure that they are cleared out.  If they
    are indeed manned then move quickly to take them out because you probably don't
    want to screw around with those things.
    Move to the next bunker and rinse and repeat the process from the last one.
    Shoot the three or four Germans inside, grab the documents, and then make sure
    there is nobody in the MG42 pits.
    Objective 2 : Destroy the German tanks. [2]
    Now Captain Foley will inform you that two enemy tanks are coming in over the
    hill behind the bunker.  Head up the hill and spot the two tanks coming in and
    the crew of the Flak 88 gun.  Take out the Flak 88 crew before the tanks
    because they will not let you get a clear shot of the tank if they are still
    alive.  They are easy enough to take care of.  Just toss about three grenades
    into the area and then move up and shoot the remaining crew with yout Thompson.
    Now head back into the bunker and grab a Panzerfaust from the box on the floor.
    Go up the hill and shoot one of the tanks.  Then go back and do the same
    process for the second tank.  They are probably facing away from you so don't
    worry about taking any damage from them.
    Find Captain Foley and he will congratulate you on a job well done.  Congrat's
    you have finished all of the American missions!
              "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising
               up every time we fail."
               - Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                =-  4.42  Rocket   -=
    Ref Maps.             1/50,000 Sheets 14/F1, 31/F2                  TOP SECRET
                          1/25,000 Sheet No. 101/15 NE                  2 Feb 1945
    To: 3 Troop, 2 SAS   [It seems that some Yanks discovered a resupply schedule 
                          for a mobile V2 unit called Batterie #445.  Now SOE 
    INTENTION             wants us to take it out.]
    1. Objectives
    a) To locate and destroy a V2 mobile launch site in the vicinity of 
       Burgsteinfurt, in northwest Germany.
    b) To eliminate anti-aircraft defensees interfering with Allied efforts to 
       locate additional launch convoys.
    2. Enemy
    a) Static defenses in area of operations.
       Unknown.  Past reports from Dutch Resistance operating near similar sites 
       in The Hague indicate the presence of up to five platoons in a mobile V2 
                             [First launches in Septermber 1944; SOE reports over
    b) State of alertness.    900 V2s have since been fired at London]
       Allied efforts to locate and destroy mobile V2 convoys have consistently 
       met with failure due to poor weather and frequent enemy location.
                [Sgt. Waters and I will take care of the AA guns first, the others
    3. Outline   will lay mines on the road near the assembly area.]
    a) Insertion will be by parachute at 0200, roughly 12-18 miles to the north of 
       the target area.
    b) Intercept the resupply convoy and destroy any anti-aircraft positions en 
    c) Reassemble and coordinate an attack on the launch area.
    d) Exfiltrate to prearranged contact near the Dutch-German border.
                           [Map ref 335962, 0700 hrs]
     - Destroy the Flakvierling anti-aircraft cannons. [2]
     - Intercept and destroy the supply trucks. [2]
     - Locate the V2 launch site.
     - Fuel the rockets
     - Destroy the V2 rockets.
     - Exfiltrate through the northern bunker.
    Objective 1 : Destroy the Flakvierling anti-aircraft cannons. [2]
    As soon as the mission has started look over the rock you are behind and take
    out the 5 or so Germans down in the field, hiding behind the rocks. Move down
    to where they were and change any of your weapons with theirs because the
    British weapons suck.
    Peak over the little ridge and take out the Germans in the bunker and the ones
    in the little trench that goes in front and to the side of it.  Go over the
    hill and keep doing the same sort of thing until you reach the bunker with the
    MG42 gun.
    When you reach it, you will know when you do, take out your sniper rifle and
    look through the scope.  Keep slowly stepping sideways until you can just
    barely see the MG42 gunner.  Quickly shoot him before he gets the chance to do
    likewise to you.
    Now move behind the rocks at the base of the hill where the MG42 gunner was.
    Snipe all of the Germans defending the Flakvierlings and toss a few grenades
    around if you feel the need to.
    Destroy the Flakvierlings by planting the explosives on the yellow markers.
    Objective 2 : Intercept and destroy the supply trucks. [2]
    Go over the next hill killing the group of Germans who come charging over the
    top.  You should see a road further ahead.  Wait on top of the hill and when
    the trucks get to your approximate position they will be blown up by another
    group of your British allies.  Run down to the road once you have taken out
    any leftover Germans.  Sgt Waters will address them and they will team up with
    you to go the the V2 site.
    Objective 3 : Locate the V2 launch site.
    Keep going down the road, shooting any Germans who are hiding in the rocks and
    the ones in the bunker.  You should see one of the V2s in the distance soon
    Objective 4 : Fuel the rockets.
    When you see the V2 rockets head towards the small bunker in the middle of the
    area and shoot the Germans that come charging towards you.  Take out your
    Kar98k and snipe any MG42 gunners that you see and any distant Germans.  Now
    head into the bunker byb that last MG42 gunner.  There are only about five
    Germans in here so don't worry too much. Just keep heading into the bunker
    towards the star n your compass.  When you find the switch in the little
    boiler room-type thing flip it and then move out of the bunker again.
    Objective 5 : Destroy the V2 rockets.
    Plant your explosives on each of the V2 Rockets. After all three are destroyed
    the objective will be completed. Don't worry about the enemy, they are either
    dead or close to it (courtesy of your squad mates).
    Objective 6 : Exfiltrate through the northern bunker.
    Move through the doorway of the bunker marked by the star on your compass.
    Shoot the few Germans inside and then go outside with Sgt Waters.  Congrat's,
    you have finished all of the British missions.
               "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."
                - Winston Churchill
                                =-  4.43  Berlin   -=
    It has been almost three years since we repelled the Germans at Stalingrad and 
    began the long journey to Berlin.  As we fought back across the Motherland, we 
    saw countless examples of the destruction and suffering caused by our fascist 
    enemies.  Now, their capital city lies in ruins, their armies in disarray.  
    Only one goal remains.
    At the beginning of the Berlin offesnive, nine Red Victory Flags were handed 
    out to various divisions for hoisting over the Reichstag.  We in the 150th 
    Rifle Division have the honor of being one of them.
    The Germans defenders have nothing to lose and will fight ruthlessly!  Do 
    whatever is necessary to defeat them!  We must get our standard bearers to the 
    rooftop at any cost.
    Soon, we will begin our attack, and achieve total victory for the Motherland.
    Major P.K. Grishin, 150th Rifle Div.,
    3rd Shock Army
     - Destroy all enemy anti-tank positions. [4]
     - Storm the Reichstag and get to the rooftop.
     - Hold the line until the tanks arrive.
    Objective 1 : Destroy all enemy anti-tank positions. [4]
    Finally, the final mission of Call of Duty.  When the mission begins get out
    your Scoped Mosin Nagant rifkle and move up the hill to the left.  Move into 
    a place where you can spot several MG42 gunners and snipers in the buildings
    ahead.  Crouch and get behind the nearest wall.  Lean out and take out as many
    of the MG42 gunners and snipers as possible before moving on.
    Keep moving until you are within close range of the first Flak gun.  Take out
    any Germans guarding it and then run up and plant your explosives on the Flak
    gun.  Get behind something or move away when it is blowing up.
    Now move into the building that the Flak 88 is housed in and try to get close
    to one of the windows.  Spot the MG42 gunners by the tank and lob a few
    grenades through the window towards them.  Then duck for cover.
    When all of the machine gunners by the tank have been eliminated jump out the
    window quickly run alongside the building and jump in the next window. Recover
    your wits and head back out to the flak gun that is covered by an overhand
    and some walls.  Plant the explosives, grab any health you need, and go out 
    and to the left to the next flak gun.
    Shoot the Germans lurking behind the corners in this little courtyard ahead
    and go to the Flak gun and plant the explosives on it.  After it has been
    destroyed you can either move towards the tank in the road behind you or move
    around the ourtyard killing some Germans.  I strongly suggest that you had
    for the tank, for ammo conservation.  Your teammates will take care of them
    for you if you leave them alone.
    Stay close to the wall on the right when heading for the tank.  When you get
    close enough to it to plant the explosives do so and high-tail it ouit of
    Move to the little courtyard and join your teammates waiting for the tank.
    When the tank shoots a hole in the wall run through and shoot the two Germans
    beyond it.
    Objective 3 : Hold the line until the tanks arrive.
    Duck down behind something and get out your Scoped Mosin Nagant rifle.  Lean
    out and take out a few snipers and MG42 gunners until the tanks arrive (don't
    worry about damage too much unless you are on one of the higher difficulties).
    Objective 2 : Storm the Reichstag and get to the rooftop.
    Now move in for the final blow.  Run to the door of the Reichstag shooting
    anybody who you deem to be a threat.  When you get to the steps you will have
    to shoot at least one German on the steps.
    get inside and shoot the Germans atop the stairs to the right and next to the
    stairs.  Keep moving into the little room that looks to be some sort of
    meeting place for a council.  Take out your PPSh and shoot the Germans
    in-between the benches and on the other side of the railings on the far side 
    of the room.
    Move through the room and out into the small opening that is out the door.
    Snipe the Germans at the top of the opening and move up it.  Now make your
    way up to the rooftop and final victory.  Once you reach the forward section
    of the roof you will be joined by some enthusiastic, flag-waving Russians.
    Congratulations!  You have won the war in Europe!  Now settle down for the
    closing of the game.
    5)                              Game Overview
    In the final years of the first half of the 20th Century, battles were fought,
    won, and lost.  Battles that would change face of every government, every
    country, every man, and every woman, everywhere.  For the rest of humankind's
    existence.  In these battles the essence of good vs. evil was fought day to
    day, on the battlefields of Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Italy, and the
    Pacific ocean. They were battles that would determine the outcome of every
    generation to follow.  Every generation after these brave men, whom by
    themselves, of no influence other than their own self righteousness, instinct,
    and sense of inner strength answered their country, and their fellow man's
    call... the Call of Duty.
                               5.1  Default Controls
    Movement Controls
    Function                 Button
    Walk Forward             W
    Walk Backwards           S
    Strafe Left              A
    Strafe Right             D
    Lean Left                Q
    Lean Right               E
    Go to Crouch             C
    Go to Prone              CTRL
    Jump                     SPACE
    Jump/Stance Up           Unbound
    Stance Down              Unbound
    Stance Up                Unbound
    Toggle Crouch            Unbound
    Toggle Prone             Unbound
    Crouch                   Unbound
    Turn Left                Unbound
    Turn Right               Unbound
    Strafe                   Unbound
    View Controls
    Function                 Button
    Look Up                  Unbound
    Look Down                Unbound
    Mouse Look               Unbound
    Center View              Unbound
    Free Look                Yes
    Invert Mouse             No
    Smooth Mouse             No
    Mouse Sensitivity        Slider
    Weapon Controls
    Function                 Button
    Attack                   Left Mouse Button
    Toggle Aim               Right Mouse Button
    Aim Down the Sight       Unbound
    Melee Attack             SHIFT
    Reload Weapon            R
    Change Rate of Fire      M
    Select First Weapon      1
    Select Second Weapon     2
    Select Pistol            3
    Select Grenades          4
    Next Weapon              Mouse Wheel Down
    Previous Weapon          Mouse Wheel Up
    Other Controls
    Function                 Button
    Show Objectives          TAB
    Use                      F
    Screenshot               F12
    Quick Save               F5
    Quick Load               F9
    Enable Console           No
                                  4.2  Weapons
    /  American Weapons /
    M1A1 Carbine
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The M1A1 Carbine, a 30. caliber semi-automatic rifle with a folding
    stock, is commonly issued to paratroopers. Though it lacks the
    stopping power of larger rifles, it's lightweight, accurate, and
      By Brendon:
    The M1A1 Carbine is perhaps the most overlooked weapon in online
    gaming history. It was fairly popular during WW2, however, games like
    Medal of Honor have completely left it out. In Call of Duty and Call
    of Duty United Offensive multiplayer, players tend to never pick it.
    It's a real shame, as this may be the best weapon in the game. Really.
    It's light, has a higher rate of fire than any other rifle, does long
    range damage like the revolver does short range, and it's on-the-dime
    accurate. Perfect weapon for Domination mode, as you can kill the
    enemy long range and still run quickly from flag to flag.
    Others say the Kar98k is just as mobile as the Carbine, and since it
    dishes out more damage it's better. So not true. What happens when you
    fire a Kar98k close range and miss, while the other guy has a Tommy
    Gun? You're finished! With the Carbine you can miss and still survive!
    You have 14 more bullets in that clip, and if you can aim for the head
    you can take him out just as good as any Kar98k could. This weapon is
    a must-pickup every time you find one. If you are using an MP40 or
    some other automatic weapon, the Carbine can make a useful utility
    weapon. You can get those who are too far to kill easily with the SMG,
    and you can use the weapon as a powerful side-arm when you're in the
    heat of a close battle.
      History of the M1A1 Carbine:
    The M1A1 Carbine rifle fired a special round derived from the
    Winchester .32 commercial cartridge of limited power. The butt of the
    rifle was something like a tubular skeleton and many could be folded,
    proving extremely useful to the Airborne troops. It resembled a
    sporting arm more than a military carbine, and it could fire 15 rounds
    per clip.
    M1 Garand
    Range        : Long
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The M1 Garand is a powerful and accurate semi-automatic rifle. It's
    primary drawback is that it can't be conveniently reloaded in the
    middle of a clip.
      By Brendon:
    Great weapon for holding a defensive line in levels such as Foy. The
    iron sights are wide and very accurate in projecting where your shot
    will go, and it will put a man down with one shot to the upper body.
    It cannot be reloaded in the middle of a clip so in stealthy
    situations this gun is a death-wish to use. Bring in the Carbine!
    Anyway, despite the fact that the Carbine is better in many ways, it
    doesn't mean you should never use the Garand. The damage it can dish
    out and the fact that it is semi auto definitely makes this weapon
    better for defensive and certain offensive attacks.
    My best advice when using this gun is to fire from a high position,
    such as a church tower hill top. Always fire under cover, and from a
    concealed area because of the noise of the weapon combined with the
    large tracers it gives off is going to draw fire to you. Also, strafe
    around so that you are a hard to hit target.
      History of the M1 Garand:
    The standard WWII American weapon was the M1 Garand. It was
    attractive yet heavy, unlike the version you get in Call of Duty. It
    was fed from 8 round chargers, entered service in 1936, and performed
    well under rough conditions. It was far superior to many other
    standard issue weapons to most of the Axis countries troops, such as
    Japan and Germany, who did not have a gun like this issued to enough
    troops to make a difference like the Americans could, with the mighty
    Browning Automatic Rifle
    Range        : Long
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Slow
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The Browning Automatic Rifle is a squad support weapon, used to lay
    down accurate suppression fire at enemy positions. It is most
    effective when used while prone.
      By Brendon:
    The BAR is horrible for most of the new modes in CoD UO, but is a
    rampaging beast in old levels like Carentan. The crosshairs become
    very small, and you can take perfectly accurate slow-fire shots with
    them. It has a nasty recoil so I recommend you hit the crouch button
    before you engage any enemy at any range. Anyone facing this thing
    with a weaker weapon is doomed, if you're going to kill someone with a
    BAR you must take him out quickly and stealthy.
    Another thing this weapon is good for is when you are doomed to the
    miserable fate of manning the passenger seat of a jeep. You have a
    powerful weapon that's fully automatic and dead accurate. A jeep
    driver with a BAR has confidence that the guy to his right will
    protect him, he knows the machine gunner is too exposed to do
    everything. There's so many uses for this gun, you can find a new one
    every day. The best tip I have for someone who just got CoD:UO and
    cannot seem to stop using the BAR because of habits developed in the
    original CoD, is to use your pistol wisely. Take out your pistol as
    you run from flag to flag, and press 1 (default, 2 if you've picked
    the weapon off a corpse) to whip it out when you need it. This will
    turn you into a killing machine on speed. Also, do not forget the
    sprint key (alt by default), that can be useful for crossing a small
    field or to run across an alley that has a sniper guarding it.
      History of the Browning Automatic Rifle:
    The Browning automatic rifle was a semiautomatic weapon dating from
    WW1 with a limited magazine capacity of 20 rounds, and had excessive
    weight and length.
    It was equipped with a bipod (which was usually taken off and thrown
    away by soldiers using it in the Pacific Theatre) and used as a squad
    LMG. It was very effective in the jungles, and it struck fear into the
    hearts of Japanese soldiers. When the Japanese heard it they were
    afraid because they knew it had the power of a stationary machine gun,
    but was fully mobile. It could be shot in any direction and they
    didn't want to be the ones on the other end of the iron sights. It
    wasn't used as effectively in the European theatre, which was probably
    due to there being more in the Pacific than Europe. No one really
    knows exactly why, but it was probably because of the big differences
    in combat between the two bloodiest theatres of WW2.
    Range        : Very Long
    Rate of Fire : Slow
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Medium
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The Springfield M1903, originally developed after the
    Spanish-American War, is a sniper rifle equipped with a 4x zoom scope.
    As a bolt-action scoped weapon, it has a slow rate of fire and reloads
    one round at a time.
      By Brendon:
    An ideal weapon for use in large open levels, like Rhine Valley. Use
    much as you would the M1 Garand, only fire under cover and preferably
    while prone. The scope wiggles and jiggles while you move, so it's
    useless while moving. My favorite thing to do with this old rifle is
    to take it down by the enemy spawn, pick of a Nazi or two, then move
    to another spot overlooking the spawn. You'll be invincible at times
    if you can find an SMG as a side arm. You can protect yourself close
    range and you have the advantage of seeing long range. Although… you
    must watch out for Germans spying you out with binoculars, once they
    see you they'll make sure you're dead.
    When forced to use the weapon while moving, shoot then hide until you
    are ready to fire another round. Same goes with the Kar98k with scope.
    Never use it in a close range level, especially indoors! Ideal for
    some older CoD levels such as Depot, Hurtgen, and sometimes Dawnville.
    I also like to use it in Foy during CTF and Base-Assault gametype's.
      History of the Springfield:
    The US used two bolt-action rifles during the war, the M 1903
    Springfield and the M 1917 Enfield. Both were chambered for the .30-06
    round and the former M 1903 A 4 was a sniper variant. Even though in
    Call of Duty they only have this weapon sporting a scope, it was used
    without one by some soldiers whom it was issued to. It would make a
    good American version of the Kar98k if they would make it selectable
    like one.
    Range        : Short
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    The Thompson submachine gun is effective at close range and fires the
    powerful .45 ACP round. It's notoriously inaccurate at distance but
    compensates with a high rate of fire.
      By Brendon:
    I used to use this gun all the time. It's perfect for newbies, and he
    who masters it will be hard to kill. Great for any level believe it or
    not. You can get medium-long range kills if you fire it in shorts
    burst at the upper body. Good spray and pray weapon, excellent for
    indoor combat. I recommend it for players with bad aim, and for those
    with good aim. Very versatile, and can just about handle any situation
    fairly well. It's very useful.
    You will get eaten alive by enemies sporting semi-automatic rifles, so
    beware. The German G43 rifle is the Tommy Gunners bane. Always pick up
    some kind of rifle if you see it lying around, so that you can more
    effectively deal with long range foes. I've used this gun so much I
    can handle it with my eyes closed, but there are better weapons in the
    game (cough-Carbine!-cough)
      History of the Thompson:
    The standard US SMG until 1942 was the .45-inch M 1928 A or A 1
    Thompson, whose worth had been proved in the days of Prohibition in
    the United Stats in the 1920's. The Thompson was a needlessly
    complicated and expensive weapon with a Blish delaying action
    centering around an H-shaped device which rose to lock the action. In
    practice this was an unnecessary refinement, as were the Lyman sights
    with windage scale and even the Cutts compensator on the muzzle.
    However, the Thompson was reliable and thousands were shipped to
    Britain in 1940. Some models had vertical and some horizontal finger
    grips, and could accept 20 round box magazines or 50- or 100-round
    drum ones which tended to rattle. It's a shame the Call of Duty
    developers did not include the Grease Gun which replaced the Tommy Gun
    later in the war, and was the American answer to the primarily British
    Sten SMG.
    Colt .45
    Range        : Short
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Very Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    A standard issue pistol for American paratroopers, favored by British
    Airborne forces as well. The 7-round magazine is small, but the
    stopping power of the large .45 caliber round makes the Colt useful in
    a pinch.
      By Brendon:
    Pistols are one of the most important things you carry. Your main
    weapon is not always reliable, and while using bolt action rifle you
    can be in trouble at close range. The pistol is a must have basic
    weapon for all soldiers. You always get one regardless of what weapon
    you choose or what country you're playing as. When using an SMG you
    might be in a close battle where every split second counts. You may
    have your opponent's life down, but you have to reload your weapon.
    That could take a while (or so it seems in the heat of battle)! So
    what do you do? Forget the SMG, whip out your pistol and finish the
    While using a machine gun you will not be able to fire your weapon
    unless prone or stationary, so you must hold your pistol and run with
    it until you find a suitable place you're your MG. This will protect
    you against sudden ambushes. Also, while using a semi-automatic rifle
    or even an assault rifle, you might run into the same situation I
    described happening with the SMG. While using a bolt action rifle
    pistol ammo is a must have, because if you must your first shot and
    the enemy come charging at you, you do not have the time to wait for
    the next bullet to be ready. And if you miss twice you're toast! So
    trust in the pistol, and aim for the head my friends.
    You must do the same thing with the sniper rifle as you'd do with the
    bolt action ones, use the pistol for those tight situations. Always
    remember when things are grim, your clan is losing, you're the last
    hope of victory, and you need to bomb that Flak 88 but only have a
    Springfield '03 to guard the bomb with, your pistol is there to serve
    you. The pistol is your friend, the pistol loves you, and you love the
    pistol. Don't forget the little guy.
      History of the Colt .45:
    The most important pistol- and in the opinion of many experts far and
    away the best military pistol ever produced- used by the US forces
    during WWII was the Colt M 1911 A1. No only was the pistol extremely
    reliable and capable of being stripped without the aid of special
    tools, but it also chambered the best service round. It was an
    outstanding weapon and continues in service to this day. I may also
    add that contrary to what the CoD manual says about this weapon, it
    was not standard for all Airborne Units. Many Airborne soldiers had to
    go and buy their own. Nonetheless, it was so good that some British
    soldiers who retrieved a Luger as a trophy from a dead German, would
    trade with an American for a Colt .45.
    M2 Fragmentation Grenade
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Very Fast
      Description from Call of Duty manual:
    Fragmentation grenades are very effective anti-personnel devices. The
    highly explosive charges reduce their metal casing to flying
    fragments, causing considerable blast damage. Though they're
    ineffective against armored vehicles, they are extremely useful for
    clearing out entrenched enemy positions.
      By Brendon:
    You will use grenades so much while playing Call of Duty, that you
    will become an expert with them in no time. You can cook them off in
    CoD: UO by pressing right-click, and your crosshair will blink about 6
    times before the grenade explodes. So throw the thing before it blows
    your arms off. Be careful of enemy grenades, and don't do stupid
    things like try to pick them up. Just run for your life or find cover.
    When you find a batch of idiots all clumped together with little
    light-bulbs over their heads (which means they're chatting) toss a
    grenade at them and watch in delight as mild swear words full up the
    chat screen.
    Toss them at stingy enemies who won't come out of their hiding spot,
    and when they run show them no mercy with your gun. Throw them in the
    path of jeeps, toss them into windows that you think are full of
    baddies, and always remember the enemy will use them against you. When
    you're stuck in a glitch and don't feel like typing /kill in the
    console, or that weird voice in your head is telling you to throw the
    pin, toss 'em off walls at try to catch 'em… Well I guess you can't
    catch them, but they will blow you up, which is what you wanted…
    right? Just keep in mind that you have teammates, most of which aren't
    willing to die because of your ignorance and odd sense of humor.
      History of the M2 Fragmentation Grenade:
    Not a lot of history can be found on this grenade. But what I do know
    is that they aren't as light as you think. If you ever hold one you'll
    see what I mean. It's not that they're hard to hold, it's just that
    you realize why the soldiers didn't chuck them like baseballs all the
    time. You'd throw your arm out like a little leaguer throwin'
    /  Russian Weapons  /
    One of my favorite guns in the game.  It is a small, compact, lightweight
    machine gun.  It is the ideal weapon for combat inside buildings, trenches, or
    alleyways.  It has a very quick rate of fire and a huge clip which gives you
    a considerable advantage over an enemy.
    Range        : Short
    Rate of Fire : Very Fast
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Fast
    A powerful infantry weapon ideal for long-range combat situations.  It is a
    bolt-action rifle.  It has a slow rate of fire which makes it unsuitable for
    close quarters combat.
    Range        : Long
    Rate of Fire : Slow
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Medium
    Scoped Mosin-Nagant
    The Mosin-Nagant can be equipped with a 4x scope which is ideal for very long
    range combat.  Sniping is made easy and accurate with the scope and it is best
    used while crouching or while prone.
    Range        : Very Long
    Rate of Fire : Slow
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Medium
    The Russian side-arm for WWII.  It is a bit less powerful than the Colt .42
    gun bit it is ideal for close range combat inside buildings or tight spaces.
    It has a quick rate of fire and fair accuracy.
    Range        : Short
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Very Fast
    RGD-33 Stick Grenade
    These are the standard issue Russian grenades in Call of Duty.  They are a
    bit bulky and hard to throw which makes them less favorable than the M2 Frag
    Grenades or the Stielhangranate.  To make up for it's lower range capacity it
    packs a more powerful punch than the other grenades.
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Very Fast
    /  United Kingdom Weapons   /
    This gun was first introduced in 1907 at the outbreak of the First World War.
    It is the British Army's standard issue weapon infantry weapon.  A bolt-action
    rifle which is powerful and effective at long range.  It carries up to ten
    rounds, loaded by two 5-round clipper strings.
    Range        : Long
    Rate of Fire : Slow
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Fast
    Sten Mark 2
    A 9-millimeter submachine gun effective for clearing out rooms and trenches.
    Its compact frame and light weight provide excellent mobility.
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Very Fast
    Bren LMG
    An excellent squad support machine gun.  It is a bit large which limits the
    mobility of it but it allows it to deliver accurate automatic fire when fired
    while prone.
    Range        : Long
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Slow
    Colt .45
    A standard issue sidearm.  It is very powerful and can be used for almost any
    close range combat that you encounter.  However its clip is rather small so it
    will only do you good if you are up against one enemy, two at most.  Only use
    this when you have run out of ammo in your primary weapon and have enemies on
    your ass.
    Range        : Short
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Very Fast
    MK2 Fragmentation Grenade
    Everybody knows what these are, right?  These are especially good for clearing
    out an enemy stronghold quickly without a significant amount of ammo used.  One
    or two of these will do most jobs for you with no trouble at all.  Just make
    sure that you are behind a barrier before the grenade explodes or are far away
    from it.  You don't want to get caught in its blast.
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Very Fast
    /  German Weapons   /
    Manual Information : The MP40 submachine gun is an effective room-clearing 
    weapon.  It has a relatively minimal climb even when fired fully automatic in 
    extended bursts.
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Fast
    Historical Information : Heinrich Vollmer of the company Erma Erfurter 
    Waffenfabrik did not design by Hugo Schmeisser, but the very famous MP 40, 
    despite known as “the Schmeisser” by allied troops.
    The weapon's advantages are reasonable accuracy, easy handling and relative 
    stability even when firing prolonged bursts. A disadvantage was the placement 
    of the 32-round magazines under the weapon. A weak point was the feeding of 
    cartridges to the gun, because of a tendency of the magazine system to get 
    dirty and the non-ideal shape of the cylindrical 9mm-cartridges, the weapon 
    could jam. 
    A late modification of the MP 40 was the MP 40/II that had two 32-round 
    magazines located beside each other so that the gunner could easily switch 
    over to the second magazine after spending the first one.
    Practical range was below 200m, practical rate of fire below 100 rounds/min. 
    The weapon had a folding metal stock; it could not fix a bayonet or use the 
    Schiessbecher rifle-grenade firing device but could be fitted with a 
    Schalldämpfer ("silencer"), though this was very rare. 
    Technical Data: length (MP 38) 62cm (MP 40) 63cm; length (stock unfolded) 
    83cm; barrel length (MP 38) 24cm (MP 40) 25cm; weight (MP 38 with empty 
    magazine) 4.22kg (MP 40 w/o magazine) 3.97kg; weight of loaded 32-round 
    magazine: 640g; theoretical rate of fire (system) 400 rounds per minute; 
    ammunition: 9mmx19mm Parabellum.
    Manual Information : The MP44 is an assault rifle that fires a unique “short” 
    rifle round.  Up close, it can be used as a submachine gun, while at longer 
    ranges it can operate as a rifle.
    Range        : Long
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Medium
    Historical Information : The Sturmgewehr 44 made history as the first real 
    assault rifle; in fact, the term "assault rifle" itself is a literal 
    translation of this weapon's designation. Obviously, the concept of the StGw 
    influenced Mikhail Kalashnikov in his development of the famous AK-47 assault 
    rifle (although the AK has a system of it's own right). The story of the 
    Sturmgewehr is that of the late success of an ingenious and right idea that 
    prevailed despite all efforts to stop it. 
    Many attempts had been made in several countries including Germany during the 
    1920ies to develop an automatic rifle that combined the characteristics of the 
    submachine gun - a high rate of fire and therefore fire volume - with that of 
    the then usual regular infantry rifle - accuracy and projectile power - while 
    at the same time eliminating the disadvantages of the respective weapon types. 
    Most of these attempts failed, because the conservative authorities did not 
    like the idea or -mostly- because these early weapons tried to use the regular 
    powerful rifle ammunition.
    First large-scale use of this new weapon was with the 93rd ID in the northern 
    sector of the eastern front. After small changes the weapon was called MP 44. 
    It was not until July 1944 when several Division commanders personally begged 
    Hitler in his headquarters that the weapon was given production priority. In 
    December of that same year the weapon was given the suggestive name 
    Sturmgewehr or Sturmgewehr 44, abbreviated StG 44 or StGw 44. Total production 
    of the MP 43 and MP 44 / Sturmgewehr was 425,977 at a price of 66 RM for one 
    Sturmgewehr 44.
    The Sturmgewehr 44 could also be fitted with ZF 1229 Vampir, an infrared night 
    sighting device. The scope for the Vampir mounted onto the StGw 44 weighed 
    2.3kg, the support devices were carried in a rucksack and weighed 13kg. 310 of 
    these night-fighting scopes were produced at the company Leitz. Another 
    intriguing invention was the Krummerlauf ("bent barrel"), a bent barrel with a 
    periscope sighting device for shooting around corners. This idea existed in 
    several variants, an "I"-version for infantry use and a "P" version for use in 
    tanks (to cover the dead areas in the close range around the tank to defend 
    against assaulting infantry), versions with 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°, and a 
    version for the StGw 44 and one for the MG 42. Only the 30° "I" - version for 
    the StGw 44 was produced in any numbers.
    Technical Data
    Length        : 94cm
    Barrel length : 42cm
    Weight w/ empty magazine           : 4.62kg
    Weight of loaded 30-round magazine : 920g
    Theoretical system rate of fire      : 500 rounds/minute
    Practical ROF in full automatic mode : 100 rounds/minute Vo 685 m/s
    Ammunition : Kurzpatrone 7.92x33
    Kar98k (scoped and unscoped)
    Manual Information : The Kar98k is the standard issue German infantry rifle.  
    It’s accurate and deadly at long range, but suffers from a slow rate of fire 
    due to it’s bolt-action mechanism.
    Range        : Very long
    Rate of Fire : Slow
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Medium
    Historical Information : The origins of the Mauser rifle family date back to 
    the late 19th century. The weapon was introduced by order of the German 
    emperor in April 1898 as the Gewehr 98 after a decade-long debate. It was to 
    become the standard military rifle in many countries for many years to come; 
    in Germany itself for over 50 years. They are still in use today with military 
    units in africa and southern America. A modified, shortened version of the 
    rifle was introduced into the Wehrmacht in 1935 as the standard rifle under 
    the designation Karabiner Modell Mauser 98 k ("multiple-shot carbine model 
    Mauser 98", "k" for "kurz" = "short"); it was also called Karabiner 98 k or 
    simply Mauser 98 k. 
    It was a bolt-action rifle with a fixed internal magazine for 5 rounds. The 98 
    k could fix a bayonet, the Schiessbecher for firing rifle grenades and 
    different Zielfernrohre ("scopes") ranging from the Zielfernrohr 40 and Zf 41 
    with a zoom factor of 1.5 to the Zf 39 and Zf 4 (also called Zf 43) with a 4x 
    zoom. Six percent of the 98k - production were to be fitted with a raail for 
    scopes; this number of sniper rifles could not be met. The German sniper with 
    the most kills was Gefreiter Hetzenauer with a total of 345 confirmed kills. 
    The weapon at left shows a Mauser 98k with the early Zf 39. The sights of the 
    regular rifles could be adjusted from 100m to 2000m in increments of 50m. 
    Different modified versions of the Mauser rifle were produced, among others 
    special versions for paratroopers and mountain troops. Production of the rifle 
    was kept up all through the war. The German army entered WW II with a total 
    number of 2,769,533 Kar 98k. Another 7.540,058 were delivered to the army 
    until the end of the war (including 126,291 sniper modifications); 925,984 
    were delivered to the Luftwaffe, 191,250 to the navy and 62,600 to the SS (the 
    SS received another 235,000 rifles, mainly Mauser-types, from their own 
    production), the regular price for one Mauser 98k rifle was 70.- RM.
    Technical Data
    Length        : 111cm
    Barrel length : 60cm
    Weight empty (beech stock) : 3.9 - 4.1kg (walnut stock) 3.7 - 3.8kg
    Practical rate of fire : 15 rounds/minute
    Ammunition : Infanteriepatrone 7,92x57 
    The ammo consisted of stripper clips holding 5 rounds; three such strips fit 
    into a leather ammo pouch; ammo pouches were carried in connected sets of 
    three, which fit onto the belt of the field gear. A fully supplied regular 
    German infantry soldier would carry either one or two triple ammo pouches for 
    three strips per pouch, totaling for a default ammo load out of 45 or 90 
    rounds excluding the ammo in the rifle.
    FG42 and MG42
    Manual Information : The FG42 is a great multi-purpose weapon.  It’s one of 
    the deadliest fully automatic weapons available and the single-fire mode is 
    effective at all ranges.  A 4x zoom scope is standard issue.
    Range        : Very Long
    Rate of Fire : Fast
    Damage       : High
    Mobility     : Medium
    Historical Information : The comparably complicated construction of the MG 34 
    restricted mass production, therefore the numbers demanded by the army could 
    never be met. It was soon obvious that a simpler model was needed. The new 
    machine gun was to be manufactured from pressed and punched steel parts. The 
    proposed construction of the company Metall- und Lackierwarenfabrik Johannes 
    Grossfuss AG in Döbeln looked promising from the very start. Its inventor was 
    a skilled laborer by the name of Grunow who was specialized in the technique 
    of punching and pressing steel. He was sent into the regular training for 
    machine gunners in the army to find out what a machine gun's characteristics 
    were to be and then went on to design the MG 42. The MG 34 and the MG 42 are 
    easily discerned even at a quick glance by their barrel housings: while the MG 
    34 has a round housing with many round cooling holes, the MG 42 has a square 
    housing with oval cooling openings at the left and top side and a large 
    cooling slit on the right side.
    The first prototype designated MG 39 was accepted for troop trials in February 
    1939; it was refined into the fifth and final prototype, the MG39/41, and sent 
    into a large combat evaluation involving 1,500 MG 39/41. After small detail 
    improvements, mass production was started and the weapon was introduced into 
    the army as the MG 42. Total production of the MG 42 for the German Wehrmacht 
    during WW II was 414,964. The companies Mauser Werke AG in Berlin, Gustloff-
    Werke in Suhl, Grossfuss in Döbeln, Magnet in Berlin and Steyr-Daimler-Puch in 
    Vienna produced the weapon.
    The weapon was air-cooled and recoil-operated with a slightly recoiling 
    barrel; the recoil mechanism based on a newly invented construction of a 
    breech with rollers. The belted mauser 7.92mm ammunition was fed from the left.
    The unmatched   simplicity, functionality and effectiveness of the design not 
    only resulted in a an astonishing ruggedness and immunity to the conditions of 
    front use, it also decreased the amount of resources and raw material 
    necessary to produce one MG 42 to 27.5 kg; it took only 75 work hours to 
    complete a MG 42 as opposed to the 150 necessary for the MG 34; the MG 42 cost 
    only 250.-- RM. Even today it is still regarded by many experts as the best 
    machine gun construction ever.
    It had an overall length of 122.0 cm, a barrel of 53.0 cm and weighed 11.6 kg 
    in the role as a light machine gun equipped with the bipod. Then bipod, the 
    same as on the Mg 34, could be mounted to the front or the center of the gun. 
    In the role as a heavy machine gun it utilized the newly developed Lafette 42 
    ("mount") that weighed 20.5 kg. The MG42's nominal rate of fire was 1500/min; 
    reportedly, this rate varied to a degree with individual weapons; furthermore, 
    the rate slightly increased in prolonged bursts. The higher rate of fire led 
    to a decreased barrel expectancy when compared with the MG34: the barrel was 
    only good for between 3,500 to 4,000 rounds. Later,. barrels were chrome-
    plated which lengthened life expectancy a bit; still, the barrel became hot 
    rather fast and had to be changed often; the MG42 accounted for this with an 
    even further simplified barrel change mechanism. 
    Because of the ruggedness of the MG 42, it was preferred to issue this weapon 
    to the infantry and rather use the MG 34 in vehicle mounts where the MG 34 was 
    less exposed to dirt and damage.
    A krummer Lauf ("bent barrel") was tested that was bent 30° from the normal 
    axis. Much like the krummer Lauf available for use with the Sturmgewehr 44 it 
    was intended for firing from defilade, at street corners etc. Naturally, the 
    krummer Lauf wore out rather quick and the idea was deemed unfeasible for a 
    machine gun.
    With the acute material shortages of 1944 it was deemed necessary to further 
    simplify to save resources. This resulted in the MG 45, also called MG42V, 
    which modified the breech mechanism of the MG42 so that it didn't completely 
    lock before firing. This increased the theoretical rate of fire even further, 
    the weapon now only weighed 9 kg and - most importantly -production was 
    simplified and needed only steel of minor quality. First tests were undertaken 
    in June 1944, but development dragged on and eventually only ten were ever 
    Manual Information : The Lugar Pistol carries 9mm ammunition and an 8-shot 
    magazine.  It’s a highly prized trophy for allied soldiers and can often be 
    found as a sidearm in Russian or American hands.
    Range        : Short
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Moderate
    Mobility     : Very Fast
    Historical Information : The famous Luger P 08 had been the official German 
    army pistol since it's introduction in August 1908 and remained in service 
    until the end of WW II, although production ceased in favor of it's successor 
    model, the P 38, in November 1942 because Luger was a comparably expensive (at 
    32.- RM), complicated to produce and despite it's reputation actually a rather 
    unreliable and impractical weapon. The weapon's fathers were Hugo Borchardt 
    who invented the famous knee-joint breech and Georg Luger who designed this 
    into the weapon. At a typical length of 22cm the weapon weighed 870g empty and 
    had a magazine capacity of 8 rounds. It fired the 9mm Parabellum ammunition at 
    a Vo of 340m/s. Wartime production of the P 08 was 412,898. Besides the ammo 
    stored in the magazine in the pistol, very often a second loaded spare 
    magazine was carried in a pouch attached to the holster.
    Manual Information : The Panzerfaust (German for “Armored Fist”) is an anti-
    tank weapon, launching a small charge designed to penetrate an armored tank or 
    vehicle.  Due to the armor-piercing nature of the charge, it’s not an 
    effective anti-personnel device.  Each Panzerfaust is only a single shot 
    weapon, but one shot is often enough to reduce even the largest tanks to 
    smoldering ruins within seconds.
    Range        : Short
    Rate of Fire : One Shot
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Slow
    Historical Information : Initially designated Faustpatrone gross or 
    Faustpatrone 2, this larger weapon quickly adopted the suggestive name 
    Panzerfaust ("Tank-Fist") and the weapons with the larger warheads were 
    henceforth commonly referred to under that name. The first direct successor 
    model to the Fautpatrone klein was the Panzerfaust 30 m, developed to iron out 
    the problems encountered during early trials with the Faustpatrone klein, 
    providing for sights - fixed at 30m (100 ft.) range - and a change in the 
    warhead's shape. Dr. Langweiler’s team also developed the Panzerfaust 30.
    As the next step in development it therefore increased the warhead diameter to 
    14cm (5.5 in.), which increased the contact area to a 5cm-diameter (1.97 in.). 
    The charge's amount of explosives was doubled (800g - 28.2oz.) which in turn 
    increased penetration to 200mm (7.87 in.).
    Because of the greatly increased overall size of the warhead the stabilizing 
    fins accordingly were considerably enlarged too.
    The new tube had a diameter of 4.4cm (1.73 in.), the propellant now weighed 
    95g (3.35 oz.); the projectile now measured 49.5cm (19.49 in.) and weighed 
    2.9kg (6.39 lb). The resulting projectile velocity was 30m/s (100 fps), which 
    again made for a range of roughly 30m (100 ft.). The complete weapon now 
    weighed 5,1 kg (11.23 lb) and had a length of 104.5cm (41.14 in.) (other 
    sources: 103cm). Panzerfausts were supplied and transported in wooden crates 
    that contained four complete weapons.
    Deliveries on the first order of 50,000 began in August 1943 with 6,800 
    pieces. Production ran until August 1944, and then it was switched over to 
    successor, the Panzerfaust 60. The first large quantity of this weapon made 
    available to the Wehrmacht, the German armed forces, was the delivery of 8700 
    pieces in September 1943.
    Manual Information : Fragmentation grenades are very effective anti-personnel 
    devices.  The highly explosive charges reduce their metal casing to flying 
    fragments, causing considerable blast damage.  Though they’re ineffective 
    against armored vehicles, they are extremely useful for clearing out 
    entrenched infantry positions.
    Range        : Medium
    Rate of Fire : Medium
    Damage       : Very High
    Mobility     : Very Fast
    Historical Information : Hand grenades are often used against tanks, usually 
    not due to any special AT capability of these weapons but because of their 
    availability. Although a regular hand grenade could not kill a healthy full-
    grown tank it might damage it esp. immobilize it with a lucky explosion in the 
    track. But there were also special AT hand grenades dedicated to fight armor.
    The most famous German hand grenade is probably the Stielhandgranate 24 
    ("stick hand grenade"), often referred to as the stick grenade or the potato 
    masher by allied soldiers. The grenade's time fuse was activated by unscrewing 
    the bottom and pulling the Abreisszünder ("rip detonator") safety cord. It 
    weighed 480g, had an overall length of 35.6cm and had a warhead with a length 
    of 7.5 cm and a diameter of 6cm that contained 165g of explosives (different 
    explosives were used over the course of the war).
    The cylindrical warhead was also available as a hand grenade without the stick 
    under the designation Handgranate 43. This cylindrical warhead could be used 
    for other purposes: combined with a pressure-activated trigger they served as 
    Several Handgranate 43 warheads could also be combined with a Stielhandgranate 
    to make a large explosive grenade bundle. This combination of one 
    Stielhandgranate 24 with 6 of the same warheads without the stick was very 
    popular and often referred to as the "Geballte Ladung" ("forceful/big charge") 
    by the troops although this designation is rather colloquial and was actually 
    semi-officially in use for an engineer weapon. The complete weapon combination 
    looked like a flower with the grenade stick of the central Stielhandgranate as 
    the stalk and the Hd.Gr.43 warheads surrounding it like petals. It was often 
    used as an improvised makeshift AT weapon.
    To increase the shrapnel effect (the hand grenades had a very thin metal skin 
    and were intended to rely on blast rather than fragmentation) later the 
    Splitterringe ("shrapnel rings") could be attached to the cylindrical warhead; 
    use of these shrapnel rings was copied from the Russians who used this method 
    for their RGD 33 hand grenades.
    Of both the Stielhandgranate 42 and the Handgranate 43 together, a total of 81 
    Mio. were produced before and during the war.
                                  5.3  Tactics
    Taking Cover
    This is probably one of the most obvious yet important tips I will give you.
    Believe me this game will not allow you to take a lot of damage at all. So you
    must utilize all cover that you can.  The enemy will never hesitate to shoot 
    at you, their weapons are just as accurate and deadly as yours.  Don't think 
    that the game will allow you some leeway in this respect, it doesn't.
    Reloading Weapons
    Must I tell you this?  You must reload your weapons after you have expended 
    most of the clip.  If you go into a battle with only five bullets in your 
    clip (assuming you have a submachine gun or machine gun) then you are royally 
    screwed unless your teammates provide some excellent covering fire for you.  
    Always reload before rounding a corner or after a firefight, this will 
    definitely save you a few game over screens.
    Health Packs
    I'm not going to tell you to use them, I think it is pretty standard knowledge
    for any game that you play.  These gifts are dropped frequently by enemies and
    are plentifully scattered throughout the level.  Never hesitate to grab one.
    Like some other games this game allows you to lean out past a corner or 
    around one to see if there are enemies.  However this feature was only 
    available in multiplayer mode, you can use this whenever you are in the game,
    whether it be single or multiplayer.  The main advantage to this is that you 
    will be exposing a minimal amount of yourself to the enemy while you can still 
    shoot at them.  Try to use this in urban battles.
    Never stand up straight on the battlefield, you are almost asking to be shot 
    when you do this.  Always crouch or crawl, this will allow you the same amount
    of mobility that you enjoyed while standing while at the same time making you 
    much less of a target.
    Picking up items and switching weapons
    Whenever you approach an item or weapon you can press the F key to pick it up 
    or if it is a weapon then you can switch it with the one in your hand.  You 
    will automatically drop the weapon you are holding and then pick up the one on 
    the ground.
    Dealing with tanks
    You will find in this demo that tanks are quite a nuisance to take care of.  
    You cannot harm them at all with grenades or bullets, instead you must pick 
    up some sort of rocket launcher to fire at it.  The game will almost always 
    tell you where to pick one up so there is no need to worry about not being 
    able to find one.  Once you have it one direct hit on the tank will destroy 
    Dealing with cowardly enemies
    Sometimes you will encounter enemies that will almost never reveal a large 
    enough portion of themselves to shoot at or never come out of cover at all.  
    This is immensely frustrating, but don't waste 5 clips shooting at the corner
    they are hiding behind you will not be able to shoot them.  Instead just whip 
    out a trusty grenade and toss it by the corner they are hiding by, this will 
    either flush them out for you to shoot or kill them when it explodes, either 
    way you win.
    Melee Attack
    When you find yourself in very close proximity to other enemies you may find 
    it prudent to use the Melee Attack.  Using the SHIFT key you can use your 
    rifle to butt an enemy in the face.  This will either knock them out or knock 
    them off balance so that they cannot shoot at you until they recover from the 
    Bunny Hopping
    Despite how much I despise bunny hoppers I will throw this in here because it
    IS a somewhat effective tactic.  I must warn you however that this can only
    be used in Single Player mode because due to new patches for Call of Duty it
    has been eliminated for Multiplayer.
    Basically bunny hopping involves repeatedly jumping around like a jackass to
    throw off your enemies' aim.  Unfortunately this also screws up your aim so
    make sure you either have good hopping skills or are proficient with your
    weapons.  This comes in handy on the harder levels of Call of Duty.
    Sniping effectively is not at all easy.
    These places are one of the best to trap an enemy.  You can usually camp in
    Stationary Weapons
    There are a select few stationary weapons in Call of Duty.  They can be either
    MG42s or Flak Guns.  The latter of which only appears twice in the game.  To
    use these just press the use key, "F".  You will then have whichever weapon
    you have equipped replaced with the weapon you just selected.  Use them as you
    would expect to, aim the crosshair and click.
    Tactics submitted by Cy <cybertooth85@yahoo.com>
    - Let your squad do the majority of work. These guys are active fighters, and
    can usually cover you quite well, not to mention mow down lines of soldiers
    rather than wait for you to do it. All you have to do is shoot the supressing
    MG42s and snipers to help.
    - During mortar attacks, use the oft remembered superstition/rule-of-thumb
    that bombs never fall in the exact same place. If you're running through a
    field, take the route between defense objects (trees, cows, buildings) and
    craters. These are pretty safe. Also, the deep craters are great cover. Move
    cautiously, as your advancement usually triggers the next wave of bombardment.
    - If you're too far from a target for an accurate shot with your carbine or
    Thompson (and don't want to risk advancing), waste your handgun ammunition
    trying to take out the gunner or sniper first, then try other strategies.
    - Utilize the weak range of motion of MG42s to attack them. With help from
    your squad's suppressing fire (and the gunners inept, slow panning), you can
    almost always circle around a gunner and attack them from an extreme angle
    they can't reach (I'm talking face-to-face shooting here).
    - If you're doing badly on a particular part, try restarting the level to
    explore the earlier parts you can beat. These can have helpful drops such as
    health or grenades. Also, try rethinking your strategy. If a particular
    approach isn't working, try another. If you know there is a programmed
    sequence such as a tank or explosion coming, try moving opposite your squad,
    as they often let the attack (and programming) lead them.
    - In certain levels, (such as Burnville) you're more likely to find enemy
    ammunition around than your own. This is why it is best to trade out certain
    weapons for others. My best example is the American Thompson for the German
    MP. Many soldiers carry them, and they are very easy to use single shots with,
    and despite others' claims, can be quite accurate if used properly. These are
    good for convservation of ammunition.
                               5.4  Multiplayer
    Call of Duty allows you to clash head-on with other humans online.  All you 
    need is a copy of the game, a valid CD Key, and a Broadband internet
    When you first get online you can join a game by clicking on "Join Game" on
    Multiplayer menu or by clicking on "Multiplayer" on the Single Player menu.
    Once in there you can choose any of the following choices.
    Join a Game
    Join a multiplayer game.  Search for LAN or Internet-based games.
    Start a New Server
    Set up your own game server to host a multiplayer game.
    Multiplayer Options
    Change the options directly related to the Call of Duty Multiplayer.  You will
    see a menu inside in which you can change the following options/controls.
    Function              Default
    Vote Yes              F1
    Vote No               F2
    Chat                  T
    Team Chat             Y
    Quick Chat            V
    Draw HUD              Yes
    Draw Crosshair        Yes
    Connection Type       ISDN
    Player Name           Unknown Soldier
    Show Scores           TAB
    Change your game settings (graphics, sound, etc).
    View and play the mods of Call of Duty that you have downloaded.
    Single Player
    Switch to Call of Duty Single Player.
    Quit Call of Duty Multiplayer.
                             ==  Selecting a Server  ==
    Once you have chosen the "Join a Game" option you will see the main server
    listing.  This is where you will choose which game to join.  You may change
    which type of server (LAN or Internet) you want to search for.  If you do 
    then click on the "Source" button and change it to the type you want.  On the
    Server List you will see the type of game the server is hosting, the map, the
    number of players in the game, the maximum number of players allowed, and the
    ping.  The ping is what you should decide your server on.  Even if one server
    is hosting your favorite MP map, if it has a high ping then you will find the
    game very unenjoyable due to large amounts of lag.  It is generally better to
    go with the servers with a low ping, as they will be faster than the others.
    Connecting to a Server
    Once you have found a server that you want to join then you can click the
    "Join Server" button.  The game will connect you to the server and you can
    begin playing in it as soon as the game type will allow.  If the server is
    full then you will get a message saying so and you will need to find another.
    Favorite Servers
    If you find while playing on a particular server that you enjoy it more than 
    others, you can add it to your favorites list on the Server Listing.  To view 
    your favorites, just click on the "Source" button and selecting "Favorites".
    You may find some servers that require passwords to access.  If you happen to
    be invited to that server then you can simply enter in the password by
    clicking the "Password" button on bottom of the screen.  If your password is
    right then you will proceed to play in the server, if not then you can either
    try again or go back to the Server Listing.
                          ==  Multiplayer Game Types  ==
    Behind Enemy Lines
    A small group of Allied soldiers try to fend off a force of Axis soldiers. The
    Allies try to stay alive and kill as many of the Axis soldiers as possible
    while the Axis soldiers try to kill the Allied soldiers.  An Axis soldier who
    kills an Allied soldier will respawn as an Allied soldier to score more
    Team-based, in this mode you will have a set amount of time to either defend
    or retrieve a set of documents.  The attacking team must infiltrate deep into
    the enemy base and find the documents and return them while the defending team
    must stop them.  If the time runs out with the documents unretrieved then the
    defending team wins.  If the attacking team retrieves the documents then they
    win.  Any team that eliminates all opposing players before the end of the
    match will automatically win.
    Search and Destroy
    This is a time-based and team-based match.  One team must destroy a number of
    objectives in the map before the time runs out.  The attacking team gains
    points for destroying objectives and the defending team gains points for
    keeping them intact for the duration of the match.  Either team can win
    automatically by killing all members of the opposing team.
    Free-for-all.  That basically sums it up.  You have no teammates, no allies,
    just you and your weapon.  A player gets points for a kill and the game
    continues until one player hits the point cap (which is set by the
    administrator) or time runs out.  The player with the most points when the
    game ends in the victor.
    Team Deathmatch
    This is like Deathmatch mode except that the players in the game are split
    into two teams.  Points are still awarded for kills but they are now awarded
    to the teams not the individual players.  The match will end when either the
    time limit is reached or one of the teams reaches the point limit.
                            ==  Creating a Server  ==
    When you create a server in multiplayer you will have quite a few options to
    customize your server.
    Game Type
    Choose the type of game you want your server to host (Behind Enemy Lines,
    Retrieval Search and Destroy, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch).
    Server Name
    This is the name the people scrolling through the Server List will see.
    No       : Start a local server and a local client.
    LAN      : Start a Local Area Network dedicated server.
    Internet : Start a server that can be viewed on the Server List in the
    Restrict players with modified game files from joining your server.
    Maximum Players
    Set the maximum number of players to be on your server at one time.
    Maximum Ping
    Set the maximum Ping to be allowed to a player on your server.  Setting this
    option to 0 will allow any Ping that a player may have.
    Maximum Rate
    Set the maximum amount of bandwidth to be used by a player.  Setting this to 0
    will allow players to use an unlimited amount of bandwidth.
    Set a password for the server so that only people who have been invited can
    play on your server.
    Score Limit
    Set the number of kills needed to win the match.
    Time Limit
    Set the time limit for the map.
    Round Limit
    Set the number of times the server will use a map before moving on to the next
    Round Length
    Set the time limit for each round in minutes.
    Grace Period
    Set the amount of time in the beginning of a match in which players will be
    able to switch teams and still be allowed to play.
    Carrier Indicator
    Add an icon over the head of the player carrying the objective.
    Friendly Indicators
    Add an icon over the head of friendly players.
    Friendly Fire
    Turn friendly fire on/off.  There are three options.
    On      : Friendly fire on.
    Off     : Friendly fire off.
    Reflect : Friendly fire on but whatever damage a player does to a teammate
              will be inflicted upon the player doing the damage.
    Force Respawning
    Force players on your server to respawn after they die.
    Allow Voting
    Allow players to use the in-game voting system.  Players can change game
    options such as game type and map using this.
    Allow Sniper Rifles
    Does this need to be explained?  Allow sniper rifles in the game.
    Allow Panzerfausts
    Same here.  Allow players to use Panzerfausts.
                                    5.5  Cheats
    Having trouble with Call of Duty and looking for the easy way out?  This 
    section will be your 'handbook' for the game.  I hope you can still look at
    yourself in the mirror after this.
    Create a shortcut to the "CoDSP.exe" file located in the Call Of Duty 
    program files. Right click on the shortcut and go to properties. Go to where 
    it says "Target" and add the following onto the end of the existing link:
    +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0 
    So the link should now say something like: 
    "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDSP.exe" +set thereisacow 1337 +set 
    developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0
    In the game press the "~" button to bring down the console, then enter the 
    code from below for the desired effect.
     G e n e r a l   C h e a t s
    Code                       Effect
    ufo                        Allows the player to zoom around the level, going
                               up with jump and down with crouch. 
    toggle cg_draw2d           Disables the on screen icons, such as radar and 
    toggle r_showLeafLights    Displays lines where the light comes through the 
    toggle r_showtricounts     Displays numbers on each texture. 
    toggle r_showportals       Displays where you can access. 
    notarget                   Enemies will ignore you 
    give ammo                  Gives the player 10 Grenades and 1 Panzerfaust.
    give all                   Gives the player all weapons in the game as well as
                               filling up health. 
    give                       (insert desried object here) gives you a weapon, 
                               object or health 
    god                        Invulnerability.  You are not damaged by grenades 
                               or gun-fire.
    kill                       Kills the player. 
    toggle r_lightmap          Makes the ground and walls white. 
    toggle cg_drawgun          Makes your weapons invisible. Useful for people
                               with lag. 
    toggle cg_thirdperson      Puts the camera at the 3rd person view. You are 
                               usually invisible though. 
    toggle r_measureOverdraw   Puts the game in multi-colours. 
    toggle r_fastsky           Removes clouds and makes the sky lighter. 
    map_restart                Restarts the current level. 
    toggle g_entinfo           Shows scripts above all soldiers and highlights 
                               important objects. 
    r_vc_stats                 Shows some stats about the game in the console. 
    toggle r_showtris          Shows the game in wireframe. 
    viewpos                    Shows your coordinates in the console. 
    toggle r_lockpvs           Some textures turn invisible. 
    toggle cg_drawshader       Tells you what each texture is. 
    noclip                     Walk through walls 
     L e v e l   C h e a t s
    Code                       Effect
    map airfield               Play "Airfield" Map. 
    map berlin                 Play "Berlin" Map. 
    map brecourt               Play "Brecourt" Map. 
    map burnville              Play "Burnville" Map. 
    map carride                Play "Car Ride" Map. 
    map chateau                Play "Chateau" Map. 
    map dam                    Play "Dam" Map. 
    map dawnville              Play "Dawnville" Map. 
    map factory                Play "Factory" Map. 
    map hurtgen                Play "Hurtgen" Map. 
    map pathfinder             Play "Pathfinder" Map. 
    map pavlov                 Play "Pavlov" Map. 
    map pegasusday             Play "Pegasus Day" Map. 
    map pegasusnight           Play "Pegasus Night" Map. 
    map powcamp                Play "POW Camp" Map. 
    map railyard               Play "Rail Yard" Map. 
    map redsquare              Play "Red Square" Map.
    map rocket                 Play "Rocket" Map. 
    map sewer                  Play "Sewer" Map. 
    map ship                   Play "Ship" Map. 
    map stalingrad             Play "Stalingrad" Map. 
    map tankdrivecountry       Play "Tank Drive Country" Map. 
    map tankdrivetown          Play "Tank Drive Town" Map. 
    map trainstation           Play "Train Station" Map. 
    map training               Play "Training" Map. 
    map truckride              Play "Truck Ride" Map 
                          5.6  Experience Call of Duty
    This section just has somethings that you can do to make your playing
    experience all that much better.
    A good set of headphones will let you crank up the volume without disturbing
    the peace in your town.  Make sure that they are the big ones, like you see
    in recording studios, because those have the best sound and you can hear
    bullets whizzing by your head, footsteps of approaching enemies, and it helps
    to immerse you in the action.  Perhaps the only drawback is that if somebody
    needs to get your attention while you have these things on they will have to
    come up and shake you.  But of course that usually isn't a problem... at
    least for you.
    Projected Cost : $35
    If you can get your hands on one of these things then make sure you put it to
    good use by shaking the walls of your house with every gunshot and grenade.
    With one of these you get better weapon sounds but the main attraction for me
    is the fact that I can literally rock my world while I'm playing.
    Projected Cost : $40 (maybe more if you want a really good one)
    This is really only useful for clans or people who play with their buddies
    online a lot.  This is basically a program that will allow you to speak to
    your teammates while playing online.  The sound is clear and it doesn't take
    up a huge amount of ping while you are playing.  You will need a microphone
    for this to work.
    Projected Cost : $0 (TeamSpeak is free, unless of course you don't have a
    This is an instant messaging program that was designed for and by gamers.  It
    works just like AOL but it has special features that let you see what servers
    your friends are playing on and you just have to click a button to join them.
    It is somewhat low-tech but it gets the job done great.  A must for clans.
    Projected Cost : $0
    Wireless Mouse
    I personally don't have one of these but I hear that they are great because
    they don't restrict you to where you can go on your mouse pad.  No wires or
    anything to get tangles in.  The only problem is that they have to be either
    recharged or have their batteries replaced every so often.  Going with an
    optical mouse is almost as good.
    Projected Cost : $30
    06)  Call of Duty Multiplayer Guide
    Written By : Brendon DeMeo.
    Contact    : Marlfox4bjd@msn.com
    * Visit my clan site at http://www.freewebs.com/redraidersclan
    This guide is especially helpful for all CoD noobs.
    Since this game has a lot of different levels and weapons, I’ll review them
    all and talk strategies about each one. There is also a hints section and a
    section on how to do certain things. Like how to defuse bombs.
                              ==  Legal Stuff  ==
    Please don’t pick apart this thing and post it on your site. I will probably
    allow you to put the whole thing on your site as long as it is clean. I wrote
    this thing, and I will only allow Don Fleming to make it part of his FAQ
    because he has been very patient with me. Just email me with any questions and
    don’t swear in emails, I wont write back if you do.  Marlfox4BJD@msn.com I
    play on CoD as *RR*Gen.MaRlFoX but my clan name changes once in a long while. 
    Copyright 2004 Brendon DeMeo.
                            ==  Getting Started  ==
    The first thing you want to do when you get on, is change your name. You just
    click multiplayer options and there you can type in whatever you want for your
    name. Beware though, many of the good servers WILL NOT TOLERATE FILTHY NAMES
    OR SWEARS. You can also make your name different colors. You type a ^ then a
    number. For example ^1 makes red, and ^4 makes blue. After you’ve chosen your
    name and preferences, join a game! Just click join game then refresh the list.
    You can pick any of those servers except the ones with the little lock near
    the name. Those ones are password protected. Many servers will kick you if
    your ping is to high so if your kicked just find another. I have a quick DS
     modem and even I cant get on some servers. When you get into a game, just
    pick your team and weapon, and start playing. Sometimes you will have to wait
    until the next round if it is a SD (Search and Destroy) or RE (Retrieval)
                                ==  Weapons  ==
    You can read the Call of Duty instruction manual for info on all the weapons.
    You can also see weapon statistics while choosing a weapon when you get on a
    server. So I’ll just talk strategy of each weapon. I wont get into how much
    bullets a gun holds per clip most of the time, or weapon stats.
                                =-  Pistols  -=
    Colt .45 (American and British pistol) 
    [See Luger]
    Luger (German and Russian pistol)
    Since these two pistols are the same in CoD, besides the way they look and
    sound, I will just write strategies for both at the same time. You use the
    pistol when you’re out of ammo or have a rifle. Especially a sniper rifle.
    When someone is close, don’t bother trying to snipe them. It’s simply to hard.
    So just pull out your pistol and aim for the head. You get about 7 shots
    before you need to reload and if you can make about 2 or 3 to the head the
    guy will die. You can also use a pistol if you have an easy kill, like when
    you’re playing against a guy who has no skill and you don’t want to waste
    precious ammo on him. I even use pistols for suppressing fire sometimes.
                          =-   Sub Machine Guns (SMG’s)  -=
    Thompson (Tommy Gun)
    American SMG. This gun is one of the best close range guns in the game, and
    the worst long range gun according to many people, but not me, I can get long
    rang kills with it. Use it in close range combat levels like Carentan or use
    it if your going to charge in for something, like documents retrieval levels.
    Sometimes I use it for suppressing fire. If you must use this gun in a long
    range situation fire it in short bursts, but I suggest just running away or
    getting closer at all costs.
    Russian SMG. This gun has an awesome 71 bullets per clip! But the bullets are
    pretty weak. I think this is the most used Allied weapon in CoD and it has
    even gotten its own motto, “Spray and pray”. Use it in close range combat and
    if you have to use it long range press the M key to make it semi automatic.
    I always use this gun for suppressing fire, and whenever I do the Pavlov MP
    British SMG. This weapon is very light and allows you to run quickly. You can
    use at close range and medium range but I always get close before I fire it.
    To me it feels a bit inaccurate. Use it any level except the snow ones. They
    are always long range combat levels. Don’t use this gun as suppressing fire
    because it doesn’t pack enough punch for that job and it fires to quick so
    you need to reload too often.
    German SMG. This gun feels very accurate to me and I use it to counter the
    PPSh in Russian levels. It is like the Sten though so it isn’t that great for
    suppressing fire situations. The biggest problem with this gun is that you
    need to get close and make your first clip count. Because it fires quick and
    you will die during reloading. I do not suggest using this long range at all.
    Just get close to the enemy or run away. Don’t bother firing in short bursts. 
                       =-  Assault Rifles and Machine Guns  -=
    Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
    American AR. This is more of a MG to me, it can go full auto or slow auto. It
    makes you run extremely slow but its personality disorder makes up for it
    (hehe). This is an ideal campers weapon. You can keep it full auto and hide
    in bushes then just mow down all the enemies who cross your path, or keep it
    slow auto and try for a long range kill. For long range, aim for the head, it
    will only take one shot to kill, but at short range aim for the knees because
    this gun has the worst recoil of all the guns in the game. I usually use this
    weapon for support for the main assault, I hide in a window or behind a wall
    and just wait for it to begin. You can usually get about 2 or 3 kills by using
    it as I usually do, but most of the time someone else already is the support
    man and you have to just pick something else.
    MP44 (Known on many other WW2 games as the STG44)
    German AR. This gun is my second favorite in the game, it wasn’t too useful on
    single player CoD, but on multiplayer it is the best automatic weapon. It is
    very accurate for an automatic, and can be used as a rifle. Just hit M to make
    it semi automatic. It’s so accurate that it doesn’t make a great suppressing
    fire weapon, but that doesn’t matter. If you need to use it as a suppressing
    fire gun, then fire it as you wiggle your mouse a little bit. Also, it only
    takes about 11 bullets on average to kill someone on a 30 bullet clip, so
    don’t worry about reloading too much. The most effective way to use this gun
    is at close range because the smaller automatics (like the Sten and the
    Thompson) are not as strong and are easily over powered.
    German AR (This weapon is not a selectable one, so you have to find one in
    certain levels in certain places.). This gun is by far the best in the game,
    it’s an AR with a sniper scope and can fire semi auto or full auto. It also
    does a lot of damage. Use it anyway you would like too, it can be anything you
    want it to be. I always use it as a MG, and I use the scope as binoculars to
    see downrange.  Pick this gun up whenever you find it, it’s better than all
    the others. There isn’t much special strategy you can do with this weapon,
    besides the way I always use it. The only minor problem with this gun is that
    it only has 20 bullets per clip, so reload while you’re under cover from enemy
                                 =-  Rifles   -=
    M1A1 Carbine
    American rifle. I hardly ever use this weapon. The Garand is much better even
    though it cannot reload in the middle of a clip like this gun can. Some people
     especially beginners, use this weapon all the time. It’s a good gun to
    practice with and sometimes in some situations it is better than the Garand.
    It holds 15 bullets per clip plus is very silent. In retrieval levels this gun
    is great. But still, I rather use the Garand which inflicts more damage and
    have the enemy find me than use the Carbine. I like having the enemy come to
    me like mice to cheese. 
    M1 Garand
    American rifle. This gun is my favorite, I use it almost every time I’m on the
    American team. It is very powerful and fires semi auto. I can use it like a
    sniper by just aiming down site, or almost as an AR close range. Just press
    the right mouse button quickly. The major problem with this gun is that it
    cannot reload in the middle of a clip so you’ll have to fire off the whole
    clip if you want to reload. It does make a lot of noise, but the damage it
    does and the fact that it is semi automatic makes up for it. There isn’t much
    strategy to using this weapon, you just use it any way you’d like. Wiggle the
    mouse a bit while using it for suppressing fire.
    Mosin Nagant
    Russian rifle. It does good damage and is pretty light. Aim for the upper body
    because anywhere around the head or chest will kill in one shot. Since it has
    a low rate of fire it kind of forces you to aim for the head anyway. You
    really cannot use it for suppressing fire in any way, and you’ll find yourself
    using your Luger a lot while using this gun. I’d only use this gun in Pavlov,
    or Harbor. And I always pick the scoped version which I’ll talk about a bit
    more in the sniper rifles section.
    British rifle. This thing is almost exactly like the Mosin Nagant, so just
    look above at the Mosin Nagant section and use the same strategies with this
    weapon. The only differences between the two are that this gun cant get very
    long range kills that well and it has greater mobility, which allows you to
    move quicker. You will find yourself using your Colt 45. a lot if you pick
    this gun. I’d also like to say that, in my humble opinion, the British have
    the worst weapons in the game, and the Americans have the best. I just wanted
    to clear that up incase anyone out there is wondering what I think.
    German rifle. This gun is extremely powerful and kills with one well placed
    shot to the upper body. No exceptions. It only holds 5 bullets per clip and
    has a pretty slow rate of fire. Try for long and medium range kills. Use your
    pistol for all the enemies who are close. I usually pick the scoped version of
    this gun, just as I usually picked the scoped Mosin Nagant over the regular
    Mosin Nagant.
                               =-  Sniper rifles  -=
    Springfield  (American and British sniper rifle)
    [See Scoped Mosin Nagant]
    Scoped Kar98k  (German sniper rifle)
    [See Scoped Mosin Nagant]
    Scoped Mosin Nagant (Russian sniper rifle)
    Since these sniper rifles are all the same, except in terms of bullets per
    clip, I’ll do strategy for all three at the same time. When I pick a sniper
    rifle I ALWAYS stay back and find a good high camping spot, that is well
    hidden and has decent cover. Usually a window will have to do. Sniper rifles
    kill in one shot when not used at close range, so just try to hit the enemy
    anyway you can. Sometimes it is easier to shoot without aiming with your
    scope. It’s ridiculous to even think of using a sniper rifle for suppressing
    fire, and ALWAYS pull out your pistol when an enemy comes in close. There are
    many, many strategies to using a sniper rifle, and you can discover a new one
    almost every time you play with one.
                                =-  Grenades   -=
    M2 Fragmentation Grenade (American grenade)
    [See Stielhangranate]
    RGD-33 Stick Grenade (Russian grenade)
    [See Stielhangranate]
    MK1 Fragmentation Grenade (British grenade)
    [See Stielhangranate]
    Stielhangranate (German grenade)
    Since the CoD instruction manual says the grenades are all the same, I’ll do
    the same thing as I did with the pistols and sniper rifles. Use these things
    often, they are very useful. Throw them into enemy infested rooms or windows
    with hard to kill snipers or campers. You can also just launch them towards
    enemy spawn points for easy (and dishonorable) kills. Make sure you run away
    from the grenade after you throw it so you don’t blow your own head off.
    Sometimes you can throw them behind an enemy so they can’t run away while you
    shoot them.
                                =-  Explosives   -=
    Regular explosives, like the ones you plant on objectives, are very powerful
    and have a wide blast radius. So get back after about 15 seconds so you wont
    get killed while the blow up. Guard them after they are planted, because if
    the enemy diffuses them, you lose. You press and hold F to plant them, and
    press and hold F while close to them to diffuse them.
    German bazooka. Panzerfaust is German for “armored fist” and is one of the
    best weapons for beginners. Pick one up at the beginning of a round, and shoot
    them at long and medium range enemies. Short range shots will kill you and you
    will be minus one kill. You only get ONE shot with this thing so MAKE IT
    COUNT. This weapon cannot destroy objectives in multiplayer.
                            =-  Large machine guns   -=
    There are many of these things throughout multiplayer levels. You can find
    them in windows or behind sandbags. They are unmovable with the exception of
    the British Bren (Hey, Bren is my nickname lol, as my first name is Brendon).
    They are strong and are good for mowing down enemies crossing fields or open
    areas. They are perfect for suppressing fire because they cannot run out of
    bullets (The Bren can run out of bullets though).
    British machine gun. I hate this weapon because you run as slow as molasses in
    a cold tin can. Aim for the feet because of the recoil. It is pretty strong
    and can be used while prone to hold areas. Fire it into bushes and sometimes
    you will get a kill. Whenever I use this gun I go prone.
                               ==  Game Types  ==
    Game types: There are 5 game types on CoD, Search and Destroy (SD), Retrieval
    (RE), Behind Enemy Lines (BEL), Death Match (DM), and Team Death Match (TDM).
    I will talk about each one.
                           =-  Behind Enemy Lines   -=
    This one... well... sucks. There are about 5 BEL servers running out of 2000.
    BEL is like a tag match. I’ve only played like 1 BEL match in my life because
    it’s so….pointless. To explain how it works, lets say you start off German.
    Then you kill an American, so you get to be American. You get to go around
    killing Nazis until you finally die, then you become German again… And on it
    goes, over and over and over. No one wins. There is no strategy to a virtual
    game of tag.
                                =-  Death Match  -=
    This one is pretty good for practicing. You just pick a team and weapon and
    go off on a renegade mission, killing everyone you see!!! Great for the
    younger audience, like your little brother or sister who really only want to
    kill “the bad guys”. Just have fun in this game type, don’t worry about dying,
    you respawn as soon as you hit the F key. If you’re serious about this thing
    (if so, you may need psychiatric help) then just stay under cover and reload
    whenever you’re safe. This is the fun game type, its for just messing around. 
                             =-  Team Death Match   -=
    This one is much more serious. It’s the most popular game type and clan
    servers play them a lot while recruiting. One thing you should NEVER do is
    kill your own teammate, it is annoying and very rude. If you accidentally kill
    your own man, then say sorry immediately. It is so annoying, that most servers
    have turned on reflective damage, which makes the damage you do to your
    teammates, happen to you.
    Now for strategies... First of all, pick the weapon your best with, if I’m
    German that means I will pick the MP44, but for you it might be different.
    Don’t pick a weapon that everyone else seems to be using. Stay under cover and
    work as a group, never split up. Sometimes its ok for 1 man to leave the group
    for scouting purposes, or for being bait. Don’t stay too close together though
    or you will all die when a grenade is thrown at you. The most effective team,
    is the team that works together, and evenly distributes the weapons. That
    means on a 10 man team, 3 snipers, 2 sub machine gunners, 2 support
    infantrymen, 3 riflemen, or at least something like that. In order to win a
    TDM, your team must have more points than the enemy. Points are total kills
    minus total deaths. 98 kills and 50 deaths is 48 points. Some people modify
    this so that it is just total kills wins, but I don’t know how they do that.
    So even though you respawn instantly, try to stay alive. Reload under cover
    and don’t always take the easy way into enemy territory. For example, don’t
    run into the German house in the Pavlov level while being Russian through the
    trench all the time. Take other routes often. Sometimes the enemy has a weak
    point, and once you find it keep pressing through that point, until they
    finally block it off. Other times the enemy is strong due to team stacking
    (which is when there are more players on one team than the other, and players
    wont switch), in which case let the enemy come to you, then ambush them. In
    ambushes automatic weapons are always the best if you’re the defense, like a
    BAR or PPSh. But if your offense then use a sniper and pick off the enemy
    until there isn’t enough troops in their area to carry out their ambush.
    Most of these strategies will apply to other game types so please do not think
    that I’m short changing them. In fact I like SD and RE the best, so many of
    the strategies for them are already written in this section, like the ambush
                           =-  Search and Destroy   -=
    In these games you have to blow up enemy objectives, such as tanks, artillery
    (the artillery in this game are not able to fire) etc, or defend them.
    While on the offense
    Don’t go ahead and plant the bomb, if they diffuse it you lose. Rather, kill
    most of the enemy until it’s hard to find them, then plant the bomb and wait
    until they come to diffuse it. Stay away from the bomb if you like your kills,
    because one will be taken off if you’re too close while it explodes. They will
    kill you. I don’t know exactly how long it takes for the bombs to go off,
    because I don’t pay attention to that most of the time, I’m more concerned
    with doing my part in working for the victory. I think it is something like 1
    minute. Someone has to be the hero, and a lot of times you will get the chance
    if you’re good at staying out of enemy fire. When you’re the last person left
    on your team, I’d make sure 3/4 of the enemy team is dead before I plant my
    explosives, then hide somewhere not even close to them and check on them every
    10 seconds. Don’t hide someplace obvious where you can see the explosives,
    like behind them or in a door near them. So many people do this and it only
    works on people who have never really played the game!!! Do what I said and
    hide away from the explosives. It is my best secret strategy and most players
    don’t seem to know it. I’ve met clan generals and everything who don’t know
    While on defense
    Don’t camp around the objectives, the enemy expects that. Check on them every
    once and a while and if a bomb is planted search for the culprit immediately.
    If a bomb is planted while there are many enemy soldiers still alive, then
    diffusing the bomb is a quick and easy way to victory. Have a few men guard
    you while you diffuse the bomb, or guard them as they do it. It is a good idea\
    to do an enemy spawn point check, for enemies who stayed behind, and try to
    flank them from their own spawn point. If you’re going to do the flank then
    carry out your plan quickly before the enemy soldiers are dispersed throughout
    the level. The best defensive weapons are heavy automatics, like the MP44 or
    Bren, and sniper rifles. I like being a scout sometimes and I use a light
    weapon, such as a Sten or Carbine so I run quicker through enemy territory. It
    is not always best to kill the enemy before he plants his explosives, let him
    plant them then kill him, then diffuse the explosives for the win.
                                =-  Retrieval  -=
    In these games you have to steal documents, plans, radios, etc and take them
    to a certain point, or defend them. The strategies for these games are very
    similar to SD games, so I will only talk briefly about things in this section.
    While on offense
    Try to rush for the objectives as quick as possible and then run back to the
    place where you put them to win. Use a light weapon like an SMG or light rifle
    such as the Garand or Lee-Enfield. Throw grenades at rooms with objectives in
    them to clear out any enemy campers. Sometimes it is a good idea to be
    stealthy though, and not kill anyone unless you really need to. When you steal
    an objective all enemies will be alerted however, so be quick and run to
    “home plate”. 
    While on defense
    Check on the objectives often, and use a heavy weapon. Don’t let the enemy
    flank you and work as a team. No one man can guard every objective, if there
    is more than one, so do your part and worry about your job. It is a good idea
    to guard the enemy base so that the enemies with the objectives cannot enter
    it. Sniper rifles are very effective, so if there are not many snipers on your
    team, pick one and you should get a few kills.
                                ==   Levels   ==
    Levels  : There are 12 levels in Call of Duty. I will talk about each one but
              I will not include maps on them. You can find maps for any level by
              going on a server and clicking on the level map in the options menu.
              If playing HQ then refer to the HQ section on strategy for it, the
              maps section shall not include much strategy for it because there
              isn’t much to explain for it. It is always the same no matter which
              level you play.
                             =-  American Maps  -=
    These are my favorite maps, because I love the American weapons!
    This level is fun, it is like an oval with a wall in the middle, but there is
    a few tunnels going through the wall. The landscape here is lush and green,
    with an old fashioned European farm look. There are a few barns and stables
    around near where the Americans spawn. Hide in the many bushes in this level,
    or behind sheds for cover. Enemies can shoot you through bushes though so keep
    that in mind, and only use them to hide in.
    Make sure you guard the tunnels, because if you do your team will surely do
    well, even if out numbered. In any game type guard the tunnels at all cost.
    The Axis should especially guard the tunnels for SD and RE maps because
    usually the Americans must go through them to reach their objective. There is
    one turret in this level that can be useful so go for it or guard it if you
    can. Take out the turret gunner or clear out tunnels with grenades. Make sure
    your buddies aren’t around where you throw your grenades though!!!!  Sniper
    rifles are pretty effective here.
    This level is my favorite!!! I always look for this level while choosing a
    server to join because it is so much fun and is very detailed! This level is
    very complex so if you’re first playing it refer to the map for direction. Use
    a good automatic weapon, like the MP44 or Tommy Gun, snipers and rifles are
    not too effective here. Throw grenades at enemy lookouts, like windows and
    sandbag-turret emplacements. The best place to be in this map is in the house
    with the turret in the window, because after you kill all your enemies outside
    the window you can jump out of it onto the roof and proceed to the next house
    where you may clear it out.
    I always try to flank the enemy in this level, you can get many kills that
    way. If you are bogged down at your spawn point by enemies, throw grenades at
    them and just try to get out of the mess and hit them from behind.
    This is another great level. It has a lot of hiding spots. Dawnville is a
    camper’s heaven but don’t get me wrong, this level is still great. For every
    camping spot there is a way to take it out. The most strategic place in the
    level is the church, because it is in the middle of the level and has a turret
    in one of the windows. Another good place to hold is a house down the road
    west of the church.
    In HQ always flank the enemy headquarters no matter what. Even if they are
    ready for a flank, just flank them, they usually will not hold for long. The
    best guns for this place are automatics, the Tommy is the best and the MP44
    is good to. When using the Tommy Gun just charge the enemy, if your close
    enough and they don’t have a Tommy to repel you with you should win.
    Most people hate this place, but I don’t. It can be fun in HQ matches. Almost
    everyone here uses a sniper or a rifle so make sure you choose one too. The
    MP44 is the best gun for this place because it can function as a rifle or
    automatic, as you must already know by now.
    Here comes a huge tip: WHEN AMERICAN, ALWAYS TAKE THE EASTERN FLANK (run to
    the right from your spawn point) AND THEN CHARGE THE GERMANS!!! ALWAYS!!!
    Even if there are German snipers here you can over power them because this is
    a giant weak spot!!! Many people just hate this level because while you’re
    American the level seems too hard, but it isn’t if you’re smart. Only a few
    people should flank to the west (left) from the American spawn point to throw
    the Germans off.
    If you’re German then do not under estimate the power of your turrets. Use
    them wisely they can be very useful against players who are less experienced.
    You will meet less experienced players on public servers, and if you haven’t
    played CoD online much before or at all, then I suggest you play on one.
    Great new map, you?re in a war torn town that looks like a big battle has
    been going on. This map is well balanced and I think it is one of the most
    fun levels in multiplayer mode. As a German you will want to rush to the
    turret up in one of the buildings to the right of your spawn point so that
    you may mow down those stinking Amis! You should also defend, even on TDM
    rounds, let the Americans come to you. You can get a lot of kills this way. As
    an American you should rush the Krauts right off the bat and flank to the
    right side. I like to flank then do a complete circle around the map to kill
    any Germans running around. You should also take out about 2/3 the German
    team before you plant a bomb in SD mode.
    Stalingrad and Bocage will come eventually.  Brendon has to play them more
    and figure out some strats for them.
                               =-  British Maps   -=
    These maps are my least favorite, but even my least favorite is great in this
    game (with the exception of BEL matches and the level Ship).
    Worst map in the game, it’s to confusing to find your way around and you fall
    off ledges often (lol). It takes a while to find an enemy to kill on a 30 man
    server. Try to get up high like in the crow’s nest or camp on the low deck.
    Rifles are pretty effective here, but in HQ matches I think using an automatic
    is best, especially the Bren and MP44.
    There’s not much room to maneuver here so don’t worry about tactics or
    flanking or anything like that. When you have a radio in HQ matches find a
    spot to camp and guard it. In RE matches try to take out most enemies before
    stealing the plans, or if guarding them then throw grenades at the British
    spawn point in the beginning of the match for a few “dirty” kills.
    This is a fun map, I like going on the roofs and hiding in the rafters of the
    buildings. Try to flank the enemy HQ or spawn point and in RE and SD matches
    always take out at least half of the enemy before going for the objective. Use
    any weapon you’d like to here, but I suggest not using the Sten because it’s
    weaker than all the German guns and most of the combat is medium range here.
    Well sometimes in TDM matches the Sten is good or in a DM match.
    Throw grenades at the cramped area of the enemy HQ in HQ games but make sure
    none of your teammates are around it. Suppressing fire is important here, so
    make sure you are near a safe reloading zone when taking on a suppressing fire
    Good sniper map. Always pick a sniper weapon in SD or RE matches, unless
    you’re up for being different. Take cover from enemy snipers and I suggest
    using the mini bunkers scattered around the map. Kill enemies before going for
    the objective and keep your grenades in mind. You can’t really flank here,
    because it is an open field map and this is WWII after all, so you will get
    mowed down.
    Use the turret on defense but if snipers discover you quickly get your head
    down! Also while in the underground bunkers go slowly and hide, always
    anticipate enemy campers behind doors, boxes, windows, etc. On defense you
    can camp around objects in the underground bunker for some sneaky kills.
    I like the detail of this map, its cool looking inside the chateau. There’s a
    bedroom with a giant nazi bed sheet (not that I like Nazis or anything, some
    of the evilest people in history) that looks somewhat neat. At first when you
    play this map you expect it to be a giant scary Nazi, Return to Castle
    Wolfensten-like haunted mansion. But it isn’t (Yeah, I thought it’d be cool if
    it was).
    When being British just find a way inside, sometimes you can come through the
    front door... on experienced players! Why? Because they don’t expect you to
    act so dumb, so you just catch them with their pants down. I got my highest
    kill total here, 97 kills 13 deaths in 35 minutes. It is best to play this
    map on DM, TDM, or RE, playing it on any others doesn’t work quite well.
    There’s not a ton of flanking in this level. Just go slowly in the chateau
    and anticipate enemies around ever corner and behind every door!
                               =-  Russian Maps   -=
    These maps are the best balanced, the Russian weaponry and German weaponry
    match up well, (except for the fact that the Germans have the MP44, but hey,
    the Russians get the ol’ PPSH). I like using rifles in these maps, you can
    pick the PPSH’ers off from long and medium range and steal their weapon. The
    MP40 is a good PPSH counter weapon, it shoots only 32 bullets per clip (The
    PPSH shoots 71 bullets per clip) but it still allows you to run quickly and
    is a bit more powerful. 
    This level is a good clan match level, well balanced and well made. There’s
    not a lot of detail here or any nice textures or graphics, but it is fun and
    fairness that counts right?
    While being German go up to the windows before the little bridge and pick off
    all the Russians you can that are stupid enough to charge you. While being
    Russian go around to the East and flank. If you are German it is a good idea
    to watch the Eastern flank with a MP44 due to its stopping power.
    Also, launch grenades towards the enemy spawn points for very easy DiRtY
    kIlLz!!! Since this level is pretty linear and once you play it about once
    there isn’t much to say about it, so I’ll move along.
    POW Camp
    Great night level with good hiding spots and camping areas! Throw grenades at
    the enemy here, I like to use all my grenades before even using my main
    weapon. This is THE grenade-throwing map. Climb up on one of the towers at
    the beginning of the match to avoid the grenade warfare below, and to pick
    off enemies.
    When your in a tower, you can usually jump up and crouch under the edge, then
    jump again onto a roof, this is a VERY effective tactic, I suggest you always
    do this because it is dumb to just charge in blindly with your grenades in RE
    and SD matches.
    The POW Camp is a good HQ map (for all you server admins out there wondering
    what maps and game types to choose) and you can flank from any side. (Note:
    Incase you’re not into wars and stuff, a flank is when you hit the side of
    the enemy lines, sometimes near the back is best.) Since it is dark in this
    level hiding is easy even though many people just charge the enemy.
    Use a PPSH or MP44 here, and try to carry a Panzerfaust if you can find one.
    Pavlov is a great level, all weapons work well here. If you’re into outdoors
    combat then use a rifle or sniper, indoors use an automatic (PPSH is best).
    This map is not well suited for HQ mode, but all other modes are fun.
    When you’re running around outside always glance at the windows for enemy
    snipers, if you see one either kill him before he kills you, or hide. Indoors,
    just run around and try to clear out the buildings. The team that always wins
    this map is fairly balanced, half riflemen/snipers and half SMGers/MGers. The
    riflemen and snipers should camp while the others help them out by killing
    the enemy riflemen and snipers, by invading their “base” or building. Always
    leave a few MGers behind for defensive purposes. This level reminds me of
    Stalingrad from Medal of Honor Allied Assault Multiplayer.
    I also love this level, very well balanced and very fun. While Russian, flank
    around to the right and go into the German building through a large hole in
    the wall. Kill any Germans in here and proceed to the outdoors to kill any
    left-behinds or AFK’s (Away From Keyboard idiots). Then run through the door
    on the other end and come out of the place with the table and bottles on the
    ground and into the tank garage. Here just finish of the Germans who are left,
    then go back towards your spawn point by going through the door in the garage.
    While in the building watch out for Germans, and clear it out (keep the
    grenades on your mind, they are helpful for this). By now all the Germans
    should be dead, if you lived through this whole process and did everything I
    said, but sometimes a few escape your wrath. You have to do this quickly
    before the Germans get behind you.
    While German defend the large hole in the wall and some snipers should climb
    up the shelf and go prone on a ledge above the large hole to the side to kill
    any rushing Russians (I had to say it some time in this guide!). Also attack
    the Russian spawn point and hit them from behind before they have a clue.
                 ==   The Ten Commandments of Call of Duty   ==
    1 : Thou shall not team kill.
    2 : Thou shall not bunny hop.
    3 : Thou shall not spam the chat board.
    4 : Thou shall not swear your brains off, it makes YOU look retarded.
    5 : Thou shall not have filthy conversations or talk politics, religion, etc
        while people are enjoying themselves.
    6 : Thou shall not lie about who you are and stuff.
    7 : Thou shall not ask people who are already in clans, to join your clan,
        this is evil!
    8 : Thou shall not team stack.
    9 : Thou shall not camp for ages.
    10: Thou shall not disobey the server administrator. Even if he is an old
        buffoon, just leave the server!
    07)  Frequently Asked Questions
    I browsed through the Call of Duty board on GameFAQs and picked out a few of 
    the more common questions that people were asking about the game.  Once I 
    start receiving e-mails on this guide I will update this a little more.
    Question : Will my computer run this game?
    Answer   : If it meets or exceeds the minimum requirements set on the game box
               then you should be all set.
    Here they are...
     M i n i m u m   S y s t e m   R e q u i r e m e n t s
    * 3D Hardware Accelerator - 100% DirectX 9.0b compatible 32 MB Hardware 
      accelerator with full T&L capabilities video card and latest drivers.
    * English version of Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.
    * Pentium III 600 MHz processor or higher for systems with Windows 98/ME.
    * Pentium III 700 MHz or Athlon 700 MHz processor or higher for systems with
      Windows 2000/XP.
    * 128 MB of RAM.
    * 8x Speed CD-ROM drive (1200KB/sec sustained transfer rate) and latest
    * 1.4 GB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 400MB for Windows 2000/XP
      swap file).
    * 100% DirectX 9.0b compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers.
    * 100% Windows 98/ME/2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard, and latest drivers.
    * DirectX 9.0b (included).
     M u l t i p l a y e r   R e q u i r e m e n t s
    * Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported.
    * Internet play requires 56 Kbps (or faster) modem and latest drivers.
    * LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers.
    IMPORTANT NOTE : Some 3D accelerator cards with the chipsets listed here may 
    not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Call of Duty.
    Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX 9.0b 
     S u p p o r t e d   C h i p s e t s
    * ATI Radeon cards
    * All nVidia GeForce chipsets
    * Matrox Pathelia
    Question : Should I buy this game?
    Answer   : Read a review.
    You can find all of the GameFAQs reviews at that URL.
    Question : Can I run Call of Duty in a window?
    Answer   : Yes.  There is an option in the "Options" menu.  Check the box for 
               it and COD will revert to a window.
    Question : What is your Multiplayer name?
    Answer   : I refer to myself as I do here.  I play as |GC| El Greco.
    Question : How do I change the color of my Multiplayer name?
    Answer   : EXAMPLE - ^1 El Greco
    The number will change the color of your name.  Here are the rest of the
    colors: 1 = Red
            2 = Green
            3 = Yellow
            4 = Blue
            5 = Cyan
            6 = Violet
    Question : Where can I find my screenshots?
    Answer   : C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Main\screenshots
    Question : How can I check my frames per second?
    Answer   : Type "/cg_drawfps 1" into the console without the ".  It will 
               appear in the upper right corner of your screen.  When you ant to 
               turn it off then just change the "1" to a "0".
    Question : Why are my crosshairs gone?
    Answer   : Some Multiplayer servers do not allow crosshairs in them and when 
               you leave the server they are still turned off in your game.  Just
               go into the "Options" menu and turn them back on.
    Question : You suck.
    Answer   : Thank you.
    Question : (Insert question answered in the guide)
    Answer   : You have obviously not read my guide thoroughly to look for the 
               answer to your question.  Go look again.
    08)                              Credits
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey : For creating and maintaining GameFAQs.com for all these 
                          years, your hard work is much appreciated!
    Infinity Ward       : for creating Call of Duty.
    Brendan DeMeo       : for his excellent Multiplayer strategy guide.
    Caroline            : For driving me to the store so I could buy this game.
    You                 : for reading this guide.
    Scottie_theNerd     : Pointed out several errors in my military terminology.
    09)                              Conclusion
    Another guide down.  Now I need to get working on my massive backlog of FAQs,
    around 7 FAQs in total.  You probably don't care at this point so I'll leave
    you with these departing words: Good-bye.
    El Greco -> http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/36558.html
    10)                           Legal Information
    This document is Copyright 2003-2004 Don Fleming.  It may not be reproduced 
    nor retransmitted in any form without prior consent from the author.  It may
    not be altered, published, sold, given as an incentive to buy, etc. without
    advance permission from the author. All outside sources which have contributed
    to the making of this guide in some form have been cited in the guide.
    Violation of the above terms can and will result in a lawsuit.
    - GameFAQs.com           <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
    - Gamespot.com           <http://www.gamespot.com>
    - Neoseeker.com          <http://www.neoseeker.com>
    - IGN                    <http://faqs.ign.com>
    - Gamerhelp              <http://www.gamerhelp.com>
    - CheatCodeCentral       <http://www.cheatcc.com>
    ^ Yes, I am pointing directly at your site, Dave, and not with my index finger
    Also, these sites I am not familiar with but apparently they are known to
    steal work from authors without permission, so for these sites you also get
    the big 'NO'.  If you see your site on this list then just don't post it, I
    will find out about it.  To my loyal readers, if you see one of my guides on
    one of these sites then please send me an e-mail about it, thank you.
    -911 Codes                            -9 Lives
    http://911codes.com                   http://www.9lives.ru/eng/
    -Bean's PlayStation Dimension         -Cheat Index
    http://www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm      http://cheatindex.com
    -Cheat Matrix                         -Cheat Search 
    http://cheatmatrix.com                http://cheatsearch.com
    -Cheatstop                            -CNET Gamecenter  
    http://www.panstudio.com/cheatstop/   http://games.netscape.com/Faqs/
    -Console Domain                       -Dirty Little Helper
    http://www.consoledomain.co.uk        http://dlh.net
    -Dark Station                         -Dreamland
    http://www.darkstation.com/           http://kirby.pokep.net
    -Games Domain                         -Game Express
    http://www.gamesdomain.com            http://www.gameexpress.com
    -Games Over                           -Mega Games
    http://www.gamesover.com/             http://www.megagames.com
    -Square Haven                         -Ultimate System
    http://www.square-haven.net           http://www.flatbedexpress.com
    This guide is intended solely for use on GameFAQs.com.  If you wish to host my
    guide on your website contact me and I will most likely give you permission,
    under the condition that the guide is in its complete and original form and
    proper credit is given to the author.
    Ignorance to the law does not excuse you from any responsibility for your
    actions.  If you steal this guide you have broken the law.
                         Remember Charlie
                         Remember Baker
                         They left their childhood
                         On every acre
                         Who was wrong?
                         Who was right?
                         It didn't matter
                         In the thick of the fight.
                         - Billy Joel, Goodnight Saigon
    ------------------------------END OF DOCUMENT---------------------------------

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