1. Chance Glasco Animation
  2. Paul Messerly Animation
  3. Michael Boon Animation Lead
  4. Brad Alen Art
  5. Justin Thomas Art Lead
  6. Eric Grossman Associate Producer
  7. Daniel Hagerty Associate Producer
  8. Kevin Chen Concept Art
  9. Justin Thomas Concept Art
  10. Zied Rieke Design Lead
  11. Ken Turner Development Director
  12. Robert Field Engineering
  13. Francesco Gigliottoi Engineering
  14. Carl Glave Engineering
  15. Earl Hammon Jr. Engineering
  16. Jason West Engineering
  17. Jason West Engineering Lead
  18. Paul Jury Lead 2D
  19. Todd Alderman Level Design/Gameplay Scripting
  20. Keith Bell Level Design/Gameplay Scripting
  21. Steve Fukada Level Design/Gameplay Scripting
  22. Preston Glenn Level Design/Gameplay Scripting
  23. Chad Grenier Level Design/Gameplay Scripting
  24. Zied Rieke Level Design/Gameplay Scripting
  25. Nate Silvers Level Design/Gameplay Scripting
  26. Ken Murphy Producer
  27. Vince Zampella Producer
  28. Michael Schiffer Scriptwriter
  29. Thaine Lyman Senior Producer
  30. Jack Grillo Sound
  31. Chuck Russom Sound
  32. Neil Ross Voice Actor - Announcer
  33. Steven Jay Blum Voice Actor - Captain Foley
  34. Michael Gough Voice Actor - Captain Price
  35. David Sobolov Voice Actor - German Loudspeaker
  36. Jim Ward Voice Actor - German PA Officer
  37. Giovanni Ribisi Voice Actor - Private Elder
  38. Nick Jameson Voice Actor - Russian Tank Crew
  39. Gregg Berger Voice Actor - Sergeant Moody
  40. Michael Bell Voice Actor - Sergeant Pavlov
  41. Jason Statham Voice Actor - Sergeant Waters
  42. Womb Music Voice Casting/Voice Direction
  43. Margaret Tang Voice Casting/Voice Direction


Data and credits for this game contributed by _Genesis, a0me, BartSmith, El Greco, Fenriswolf, LordAndrew, odino, and oliist.

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