• Console Cheats

    Anytime during gameplay, press the ~ key to bring up the Console Menu and type in the code(s). and then press enter. Codes that specify "XXX" should be replaced with the value you wish to enter for that stat/value.

    Adamantium Bootsplayer->AddItem "adamantium boots" 1
    Adamantium Cuirassplayer->AddItem "adamantium_cuirass" 1
    Adamantium Greavesplayer->AddItem "adamantium_greaves" 1
    Adamantium Helmplayer->AddItem "addamantium_helm" 1
    Adamantium Left Bracerplayer->AddItem "adamantium_bracer_left" 1
    Adamantium Left Pauldronplayer->AddItem "adamantium_pauldron_left" 1
    Adamantium Right Bracerplayer->AddItem "adamantium_bracer_right" 1
    Adamantium Right Pauldronplayer->AddItem "adamantium_pauldron_right" 1
    Dark Brotherhood Bootsplayer->AddItem "DarkBrotherhood Boots" 1
    Dark Brotherhood Cuirassplayer->AddItem "DarkBrotherhood Cuirass" 1
    Dark Brotherhood Greavesplayer->AddItem "DarkBrotherhood greaves" 1
    Dark Brotherhood Helmplayer->AddItem "DarkBrotherhood Helm" 1
    Dark Brotherhood Left Gauntletplayer->AddItem "DarkBrotherhood gauntlet_L" 1
    Dark Brotherhood Left Pauldronplayer->AddItem "DarkBrotherhood pauldron_L" 1
    Dark Brotherhood Right Gauntletplayer->AddItem "DarkBrotherhood gauntlet_R" 1
    Dark Brotherhood Right Pauldronplayer->AddItem "DarkBrotherhood pauldron_R" 1
    Flight Modesetflying 1
    Get 50,000 more of every resourcemoney
    Get 50,000 more of every resourcemoney
    God ModeTGM
    Gold Boostadditem gold_100 (number)
    Healthsethealth {number}
    Infinite Underwater Breathingsetwaterbreathing 1
    Max Fatigue Levelsetfatigue {number}
    Max Magic Levelsetmagicka {number}
    Player Levelsetlevel {number}
    player->setaxe ''XXX''Set Axe Skill
    Remove Fogsupervizor
    Remove Fogsupervizor
    Set Agilityplayer->setAgility ''XXX''
    Set Alchemy Skillplayer->setAlchemy ''XXX''
    Set Alteration Skillplayer->setAlteration ''XXX''
    Set Destruction Skillplayer->setDestruction ''XXX''
    Set Enduranceplayer->setEndurance ''XXX''
    Set Fatigueplayer->setfatigue ''XXX''
    Set HPplayer->sethealth ''XXX''
    Set Intelligenceplayer->setintelligence ''XXX''
    Set Luckplayer->setLuck ''XXX''
    Set Mercantile Skillplayer->setMercantile ''XXX''
    Set Mysticism Skillplayer->setMysticism ''XXX''
    Set Personalityplayer->setPersonality ''XXX''
    Set Sneak Skillplayer->setSneak ''XXX''
    Set Speedplayer->setSpeed ''XXX''
    Set Strengthplayer->setstrength ''XXX''
    Set Willpowerplayer->setWillpower ''XXX''
    Super Jumpingsetsuperjump 1
    Walk on watersetwaterwalking 1
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Easter Eggs

  • Another Secret Debug Room

    Anytime during gameplay press the ~ key to bring the Console Menu up and type coc ''ken's test hole'' to be taken to a secret debug room.

    Contributed By: Gauntlet Man 99.

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  • Secret Debug Room With All Items In It

    Anytime during gameplay press the ~ key to bring up the Console Menu and type coc ''toddtest''.

    Contributed By: Gauntlet Man 99.

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