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Guide and Walkthrough by Orgulo

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/21/2017

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Guide author: Orgulo
Guide version: 1.4
Game version: 1.0
System: PC

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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS


		1.1.1 WELCOME


	2.2 EL CID
		2.4.2 HASTINGS
		2.4.3 KYOTO
		2.4.4 LEPANTO
		2.4.7 TOURS



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                                 1. INTRODUCTION
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                                 1.1 INTRODUCTION

 1.1.1 WELCOME

This is my walkthrough for Age Of Empires 2: Age Of Conquerors, in case you 
hadn't already figured that out. It's the follow-up to the guide I wrote for 
Age of Kings, which is the game for which Conquerors is the expansion. You 
can't install or play Conquerors without having previously installed Kings, so 
the chances are you've already played and possibly even completed Kings, with 
or without my guide. This in turn means that you don't need to be spoon-fed 
every little fundamental detail about how to play the game, which suits me 

My guide to Kings was very simple, and so is this guide to Conquerors. Each 
guide just walks you through each level without much fuss, pointing out things 
you might need to know or notice, and advising you on the best way(s) to 
bypass each section of each level, all the way up to overall completion of the 

Like Kings, Conquerors is an old game by now. Most of the games I write guides 
for are old, since I can't afford to shell out £30 on the newer ones :( As far 
as I know (I haven't checked) this guide is the only one of its type for 
Conquerors, which is the reason I write guides - to help people with games 
which I love but which may not have many or any walkthroughs already around. 
This is all my own work, and any similarities between mine and someone else's 
are coincidental.

Objectives sometimes change when you achieve certain triggers. My listed 
objectives are the ones which you are given at the start of the level - any 
other subsequent objectives are dealt with in the guide, and mentioned as they 

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This is just a quick section highlighting a few of the improvements and 
advantages that AOC has over AOK.


Your Objectives window now has a Scouts tab added on. This gives you salient 
information and useful tips about the area, but nothing that couldn't really 
have been included in Hints.

Researching Caravan from the marketplace will allow trade carts to shift twice 
as fast, which means twice the gold in half the time. Buy it.

And researching Heresy from the monastery will cause enemy monks to kill any 
units in place of converting them, which is worth 1000 gold if you're going to 
be meeting a lot of monks. Your computer enemies will often have this 

In addition to the AOK priests getting upgraded to monks, you can now build 
missionaries in certain levels. They're faster but they can't pick up relics.

You can now garrison units inside battering rams, to be ejected at will or 
when the ram takes too much damage. To my intense disappointment you can't 
garrison petards inside. Or monks. Or peasants. Or quite a lot of other units. 
The good news is that you can get far more units onto transport ships by 
garrisoning them inside rams first. So you could either get fifteen swordsmen 
onto an upgraded transport, or fifteen rams and sixty swordsmen all at once.

The best feature of AOC over AOK is the fact that you're no longer stuck on a 
pathetic population limit of 75. You can now go up to 150 in some levels, 
which makes a big difference to everything. This unfortunately includes the 
strength and size of enemy armies and towns.

And - glory be! - you can now stack up farms in the mill. No longer do you 
have to listen to those scittery sounds every time a farm dies. No longer do 
you have to constantly flit back and forward between your town and your armies 
to build more one by one. Give that designer a pay rise.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


In this guide I have mostly denoted enemies by unit / building colour, instead 
of by nationality. This just makes it easier to know which ones I'm talking 
about while you're actually playing the game, since some levels have four or 
five nationalities of enemies, and frankly I sometimes have difficulty 
remembering what frigging nation my own guys are from.

If you have stone to spare, build a castle. Then build another one. They are 
by far the best things in the game, and they solve most problems. Try to have 
units garrisoned inside to deal with trebuchets, rams and bombard cannons.

The computer often tends to attack the last building you built. This means 
that you can defend your entire main base just by building a castle somewhere 
else and making sure it stands. Weird but true, mostly.

Trading carts count towards your population limit - be careful how many you 
build, though AOC is much more accommodating than the 75 pop. limit AOK. Try 
to put your market at the back of your base to maximise the amount of gold 
available from the markets of your allies.

Trading carts are brilliant, so don't overlook them. They basically give you 
free gold forever in any level where any of your allies or opponents has a 
marketplace (accessible over land). If you defeat an enemy but leave their 
marketplace standing you can switch to Ally with them in the Diplomacy window. 
This will allow you to trade with their marketplace, which comes in handy in 
levels where you have no real allies and couldn't otherwise trade as normal. 
Sometimes you'll have to switch back to Enemy to allow the mission to end.

Try to find a balance between workers and combatants. This will change in each 
level, as will your population limit; but I tend never to have more than ten 
farmers, for example. You won't use much stone either, certainly not enough to 
justify more than six stone miners.

Outposts are not as useless as they appear. Since the enemy often attacks the 
first building they encounter en route to your base, you can sacrifice the 
outpost in order to give you warning of the size of the enemy attack and the 
direction they're approaching from. This is much better than being caught by 
surprise when they arrive right outside your walls.

Castles and towers are excellent, since they are technically combat units 
(well, buildings), but they don't count towards the pop. limit. You can have, 
in theory, fifty towers, five castles and one peasant, and your population 
will be 1/75. So with one actual unit you can hold off vast armies. This isn't 
really tenable though, since god only knows where you'll get the stone from, 
but you get the point. Use your stone - that's what it's for.

Use the bottlenecks of the terrain to direct your enemies into one focused 
area. Bridges are obvious examples, as well as mountain pathways, river 
crossings, etc. You should also use walls to send your enemies along certain 
routes, especially towards castles. Computer opponents look for connected 
pathnodes, so if you redirect their routes without actually blocking them you 
can make sure they go to where you want them to go. And you don't even need to 
use stone - just build palisade walls.

My own favourite trick to use against the enemy (if they have walled and gated 
bases) is to build my own gates right next to theirs, or wall their gates off, 
or use petards to knock down their gates and then build my own in the space. 
They can't get out of their own base until they destroy my gates, and they 
often don't even try. Even if they do they will always attack the one which 
they would normally go through to head for my base, which means I can build a 
couple of towers just outside and watch them die.

Don't ignore the town bell - it's immensely useful in many levels.

Group units according to abilities and movement speed. Every group will move 
at the speed of its slowest unit, at least until the group enters combat.

Don't buy upgrades you don't need just for the sake of having them. There are 
quite a few you'll never need from the university, as they apply mainly to 
towers. While playing this game I found myself relying almost entirely on 
castles and directional walls - I didn't need tons of towers on which to waste 
my stone.

Quick in and out attacks can be very useful in this game. For instance, send a 
scout cavalry running around the perimeter walls of an enemy base, then send 
him running back home, drawing the gullible enemy guards into the firing range 
of towers and castles. Sometimes it's amazing how many enemies you can take 
down just by having a quick unit run past to get their attention.

                              1.2 USING THIS GUIDE

Please view this guide in a text viewer / editor with a set fixed-width 
font, or else it might look a mess. I use Courier New, Size 10.

Use the Find command (CTRL + F) with the numbered contents menu at the start 
of the guide, in order to quickly jump to the section you want.

I have put the main walkthrough section of the guide towards the end, after 
all the other game information. This is not a design flaw - it's deliberate.

                                 1.3 CONTACT ME

As the game is now quite old, and since I now consider this guide complete, I 
have no intention of updating it in the future and will therefore no longer 
respond to feedback.

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                                 2. WALKTHROUGH
|.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.|

This is the section of the guide which will instruct you on how to 
successfully beat each of the levels in each of the campaigns. My strategies 
are my own, and they worked for me; but if you have better ones then just 
stick to using them, obviously. And maybe think about contributing them to 
this guide.

I played the game on Moderate difficulty, since it's probably the difficulty 
level most people will choose.

I've given each level a difficulty rating from 1 to 3, 1 being easiest and 3 
hardest. You might disagree with these ratings, but I will remain incapable of 
giving a munkle's chunkle.

I've tried to split each mission guide up into sections, though some don't 
lend themselves to this at all. I've also included a QUICK HELP section at the 
end of each mission guide, to allow you to skip past all my ostentatious 
piffle and get right to the brief but useful hints.

Anyway, good luck and I hope my tactics help you out.

                                2.1 ATTILA THE HUN

Barbarian hordes feast on the dying Roman Empire. The most dangerous of these 
invaders are the Huns and their ferocious king, Attila. After pouring out of 
the Caspian steppes, looting and burning all the while, the Huns become so 
powerful that the Roman Empire is forced to pay a tribute to Attila. But the 
king of the Huns is still not satisfied, and he mobilizes his horsemen to 
invade Gaul and eventually Rome itself! Can nothing stop the brutal Attila?

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


Success in this first mission depends on how quickly you move. If you hang 
about and take your time doing everything you might find this mission almost 
impossible to win; whereas dealing with the objectives as soon as you are 
given them can make it almost impossible to lose. If you do it my way you'll 
see why I've given it the lowest difficulty rating.


Difficulty - 1/3


Attila must survive.
Attila must make sure Bleda is killed and return to the Huns' camp. Only then 
can the Huns ride against their enemies.


Bleda challenges Attila to a contest involving a poor boar. Take Attila north 
west, aware that you're quite clearly being led into an ambush. Fight the boar 
with Bleda, and he betrays you once it's dead. Don't wait for him to finish 
talking - get Attila running south east towards Bleda's purple buildings. 

All those horsemen will see Attila running past and will realise that Bleda 
betrayed him, at which point they'll switch allegiances and help you kill off 
Bleda and his archers. Once this is done Attila gains control of the camp and 
the game begins.



You should have three idle villagers, so get them chopping wood or harvesting 
berries while you take all your horsemen south. Follow the road south over the 
bridge, heading down towards the Roman base.

Don't bother building any more villagers yet. Just send your horsemen all the 
way to the southern corner of the Roman town (ignore the towers and guards for 
now), where you will discover your trapped peasants and a Scythian scout.


Now get your horsemen to attack the Roman guards, then get them to knock down 
the weak towers. I know you take a lot of damage and will probably even lose a 
few units, but the town's defences are really easy to wipe out. Once your guys 
are safe punch holes in the palisade walls of both enclosures.

The Scythian scout will scarper north (don't attack him) and you can take your 
peasants all the way back to your base. Keep your horsemen back and destroy 
the Roman buildings until the Romans are defeated.


I strongly suggest you do this right away, since if you take too long the 
Scythians will become your enemies instead of neutrals, and you really don't 
want the Scythians as an enemy. Send Attila west now, while your peasants head 
for home and your horsemen get started on taking down the Roman base. You 
should also be able to advance to the Feudal Age, so do that while you wait 
for Attila to arrive at the Scythian encampment.


Now you just have to find ten horses (just approach them with one of your 
units) scattered around and send them over there. Here are the locations of 
the horses:

South of your camp (1)
Trapped behind palisade walls at the north west corner of your camp (3)
Due east of your starting lumber camp (2)
Due north west of your starting mill, across the river (4)
Due west of the bridge to the west of your camp, on the coast (3)
Outside the north west wall of the Roman camp (3)

Once you get ten to the Scythian flags you get another objective.


Build up your base and units while you hunt for the horses. You can get those 
three out of the palisade by getting a mangonel to fire at the ground where 
the walls are placed.

The Scythians donate loads of free mangudai to the cause when you give them 
ten horses, which is frankly something you want sooner rather than later; and 
they also brilliantly begin attacking the Persians in large numbers, making 
your life infinitely easier. Research Cartography from the market place so you 
can see how the Scythians are getting on.

If the Persians do manage to attack you it will be across the southern bridge, 
so concentrate on defending there instead of anywhere else. Stick some towers 
and a gate at the bridge; and destroy that red Persian gate to the west with 
rams as soon as you can, in order to get rid of that irritating tower behind 
it, and to get to the plentiful gold.

Build a dock just beyond this wall so that you can get across to the Persian 
base easily. Either that or just send your units slowly south and then east. 
The Scythians should keep the Persians more than occupied, and it's not hard 
to send in your rams, knights and mangudai to delete the Persian base bit by 

Kill off the town centre and the last of the Persian peasants and it's victory 
for the Hun.


Pull Attila away from the boar as soon as it's dead, and gain the help of the 
Take care of the Roman base at the very start - don't hang around and let them 
get stronger.
Meet with the Scythians as soon as you get the objective, and find the horses 
for them to quickly get their help and lots of mangudai.
The Persians become a luxury once the Scythians start attacking them - by the 
time your own troops are ready the Persians will be practically destroyed 

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is like a bad custom-made mission, and the area is far too big for its 
objectives. You'll wish you could just skip the tedious trek at the beginning, 
but at least the enemy base is easy to take down.


Difficulty - 1/3


Raid the Roman villages. Once you have enough resources to build a forward 
base, then you can field an army against the Romans.


Make two groups - one of tarkans and another of cavalry archers - and take 
everyone south west to the Sofian village. Destroying their very poorly 
defended town centre will get your mob some food towards their stockpile and 
defeat the Sofians.

Move west to the trees and stick to them while you head farther south west, to 
the enclave with the archers and mangonel inside it. Send your cavalry archers 
close to the wall to bait the mangonel into attacking them, then move them 
away when it shoots, allowing your tarkans to batter a hole in the wall. Send 
everyone in and destroy the mangonel, then the archers.

Now head south west again until you see the castle. Don't get too close and 
don't attack the gate next to it. Head south east along the wall until you 
find the other gate.

Start attacking the gate and some guards will appear from both inside and 
outside the walls, opening the gate in the process. This will allow your 
horses through, at which point you can remove the guards and start on the town 
centre. Clear away any peasants hanging around.

If you approach the castle it will spit out some more tarkans and hussars for 
you, but they will be trapped and under attack from the castle. It's up to you 
if you want to try to get these extra units, but I tend to just deal with the 
castle later.
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Les <trojan@atoka.net>

"If you defeat Dyrrhachium outright, the military units in that pallisade
all die on their own and they can be avoided untill that time anyway..
there's no need to face them at all.  As for the castle, it HAS NO
MURDER HOLES!  This is key.  Just send in your tarkans against it and
keep your archers well away and you can take it without casualties.  I
just used my tarkans to break-down all the gates around the Dyrrhachium
inner-town and then destroyed all the buildings within and set-up my own
town-center mating my own gates to the still-intact walls for defense..
then sent my vilagers out to 'appropriate' the Dyrrhachium and later the
Sophia farms.. You can also, if you wish, build a dock and some fishing
ships to take food from the Thessalonican fish-traps.

Also, don't forget to raid the mines south of the Roman fort and east of
Thessalonica.. Adrianople I think it's called.  Big boost of gold and


I got a bit of a doing when I approached the castle, which is why I advised 
avoiding it until you're stronger; but if your way works then it works. I 
remember trying to use the fish traps but I ditched them when I realised the 
boats were, as usual, taking ages - better with farmers. As for the mines, I 
knew they were there but I also knew I didn't need them to win the level - 
only worth going for if you're really struggling for resources, which you 
shouldn't really be in this level. Thanks for the suggestions.
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Go east to the Thessalonican base and get rid of the guards. Knock out the 
houses to gain control of some much needed peasants, then destroy the mill, 
the docks and any remaining peasants, defeating Thessalonica.

Send your new peasants northwards to the bunch of gold east of the red Sofian 
base, while your horses move on across the river to the east to find 
Adrianople. Destroying their mines will net you some gold; but get rid of the 
monks, towers and miners first.

Head north, but stick to the western trees so you can avoid the Roman base. 
You will also pass a pathway with torches and bones, but you can come back 
here later.

Now you have to destroy Naissus's lumber mills for some wood. Do this and then 
kill the peasants to defeat Naissus.

Now send your combat units west to meet up with your peasants. Build a town 
centre between the gold and the Sofians' farms, and start building your base 
around here. You will get a new objective once your town centre is up.


The Sofian farms can be used by your peasants - just get a peasant to 
'attack' one. Build a siege workshop and a couple of rams to help take down 
that Dyrrhachian castle you missed earlier, since you'll be needing the stone 
this will bring you; and a monastery to get your existing combat units back up 
to health.

Once the castle is gone Dyrrhachium will be defeated. Get mining the stone to 
the north of it if you haven't already.

You now just have to watch out for the Roman attacks which will be coming at 
you from over that river crossing to the east. They will send various units 
but nothing a few towers and the Town Patrol upgrade can't handle, in 
conjunction with your knights and monks (the Romans have Heresy researched, so 
your monks will kill them rather than convert them).

Upgrade everything and build a decent sized force, bearing in mind you have a 
pop. limit of 75 in this mission. I recommend four or five rams, two or three 
monks, a bunch of knights and another bunch of crossbowmen and / or elite 

While you are building your forces, send a fast unit around to that path into 
the forest you passed earlier. When you get inside you will meet some Scythian 
witches (with American accents) who tell you to send over 6 of your villagers 
if you want a nice gift.


You do want a nice gift so send 6 villagers over, at which point the women 
will tell you to go north of their hut to a clearing. Send a unit up there and 
you'll get a big bunch of hunting wolves and petards (make sure you max your 
pop. limit out before picking these units up).


Now is the time to empty your base and launch an attack. Position everyone 
north west of the Roman base and start building a castle north of the small 
bridge. Use the wolves to scout out the perimeter of the Roman walls while you 
build the castle, then start hitting the gate with rams. The Roman units will 
be baited into attacking the rams, so pull them back to within range of your 

Once you've dealt with whatever meagre guard force the Romans had, hit the 
gate and the towers, then pour everyone inside to get working on the 
buildings. You could try building some unit production buildings of your own 
just behind your castle to speed up the replenishment of your armies.

Knock out the castle first with petards and rams, then launch a full-scale 
attack on the town centre. Once it falls the Romans are defeated.


The Dyrrhachian castle will give you some units if you attack it early, but 
you may lose as many or more if you try to take the castle down without siege 
The Romans will only attack over one river crossing if you build your base 
next to Sofia.
Build a castle just outside the Roman walls to make attacking their base much 
You only need to destroy their town centre to defeat the Romans.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


The beginning of this mission makes it seem a lot harder than it is, but if 
you fend off the pretty pathetic green attacks you're laughing. This mission 
is all about getting gold by threatening your enemies, but you'll have to 
spend some in order to destroy them, so don't be surprised if you feel a sense 
of inevitability as you approach the blue walls.


Difficulty - 1/3


Stockpile 10,000 gold in tribute from the Romans.


Ring the town bell as soon as the level starts, then bait the attacking greens 
down towards it. You should be able to convert one of the men-at-arms while 
killing off the other two units. The greens are going to keep attacking until 
you stop them, though they never send anything more powerful than scout 

Start producing peasants and work towards building a monastery, fending off 
the greens' attacks all the while. Stick most of your units on patrol around 
the eastern edge of your base, and send your monk through the mountains to the 
west when your monastery is up. Pick up the relic among the trees and bring it 
back to your base - it will bring you much needed gold.

Your base should advance steadily, and you should focus on building knights 
and crossbowmen to protect it from attack. Send the crossbowmen south with 
some miners to get started on the precious stone; and patrol the eastern edge 
with your knights.


The green base of Marcianapolis is extremely easy to destroy, and you can get 
a lot of gold out of it too. Just send about ten knights and three rams to the 
gate, knock it down and head up to the town centre. It should give you no 
trouble, and you can rake in the gold by taking out all of their big buildings 
after the town centre is gone.

Once Marcianapolis has been defeated you'll want to get rid of the red base in 
the south west corner of the map. I took fifteen knights, twenty crossbowmen 
and elite skirmishers, four rams and three monks south of my base until I 
found the river.


Using a similar force, work your way along the river, past the mill, until you 
find the first guard tower. Send your rams in while your ranged units hit 
their ranged units, and your knights mop up stray peasants and melee units. 
Once the tower is done push your rams south and destroy the town centre, and 
get everyone else started on clearing out the remaining Philippopolis 

There is another relic just beside their western barracks, but don't try to 
send a monk in for it until you've smashed down the guard tower to the north 
east. Your knights should be able to find and kill every last peasant, and 
your rams should clear away any red buildings across the east bridge, leaving 
the reds all but defeated (apart from a couple of fishing boats). Make sure 
you knock down that blue monastery farther to the east as well.

You now have access to lots more stone, so get mining while you tidy up any 
holes in your army and explore the coastlines to see what your remaining 
enemies have in store for you.


There are one or two things to note here before you try assaulting 

Firstly, you can complete the mission without going near the blue city, if 
only you manage to extort 10,000 gold from the rest of your enemies. You can 
also build a castle for another 500. The chances are that you won't have 
enough gold, so I'll include an attack on Constantinople for the sake of it.

Secondly, there is a large batch of gold south of the city, on a sandy 
peninsula. This is guarded by ships and ground units, however, and you'll have 
so much gold by now that you probably shouldn't bother going for it.

Thirdly, you can also attack the city by sea, as there are a few gates set in 
walls on the water to the north and south of it. This is again more trouble 
than it's worth, and a ground attack is simple enough to allow you to ignore 
the sea routes.

Anyway, build a castle to the north west of the blue city, and run along the 
outer walls to bait the first bunch of units into following you. Delete these 
mangonels and other ground units, then send about eight rams up the hill to 
the first gate. Knock out the gate and any nearby towers, then prepare to 
enter the city's walls.

You will soon be attacked by lots of different blue units, the most dangerous 
of which are the mangonels. You can draw all of the Roman units outside the 
walls and to within range of your castle's garrison, which makes it a lot 
easier to bring them down. Get them all to the castle and then remove them, 
fighting in your own territory rather than theirs.

Once the Roman base has emptied itself of its guards you can just send in rams 
to get rid of the towers, castle and wonder.

The good thing about Constantinople is that, big though it is, it's not 
producing any more units, so the blues get weaker with every unit they lose. 
No matter how many units you lose from your own army you will emerge 
victorious, and you just have to rebuild enough to assault the castle and the 
wonder to the east.

Destroying the castle will get you 2000 gold, but this may still not be enough 
to take you above 10,000. The wonder's destruction gets you a massive 5000 
gold, which should be enough, and if so the level is over and you've won.


Ring the town bell until your army is strong enough to cope with the green 
attacks on its own.
Don't waste stone on lots of fortifications - you'll wish you hadn't when you 
see the minuscule bases of your neighbouring enemies.
There are two relics near the red base.
Constantinople is heavily fortified and well defended, but once you get rid of 
the initial defenses they'll have nothing left to keep you at bay.
The wonder gives you the most gold when you destroy it.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This mission is often reminiscent of hell in stripey pants. There's nothing 
else I can say about it, except that you should prepare yourself for a very 
big headache scheduled to arrive in about three hours from now...


Difficulty - 2/3


Defeat Orleans.
Defeat Metz.
Defeat Burgundy.


I once approached the start of this mission by slowly and painfully destroying 
Burgundy with my gaggle of starting units before they could get going. Then I 
built my town on their land and took it from there.

This is possible but it turns out it wasn't a good idea.

Gather your few starting units together and build your town centre in the 
eastern corner of the map. There are various batches of gold and stone around, 
and it will be a long time before any of your enemies decide to attack you.

The cliffs and trees north and west of your position provide a nice set of 
barriers to your enemies, so build walls and towers in between these natural 
blockades. Concentrate on producing knights first and foremost, then get your 
upgrades and siege units up later.

The first few attacks should be easy to fend off, and you should use any monks 
you've built to capture as many of the better units as you can. After one or 
two attacks you will get a welcome objective.


You should by now have plenty of stone, and nearly enough gold. Change your 
stance with Burgundy to Ally in the Diplomacy window, tribute them 500 gold 
from the marketplace as soon as you are able, then get the castle built inside 
their territory (which should now be revealed) within ten minutes. Site it at 
the north of their base, east of their mill.


Start building trade carts and send them to trade with the Burgundian 
marketplace. The Burgundians will join you when the castle is built, and life 
gets easier from now on. This is why my idea to attack Burgundy early was a 
very bad one - I did myself out of an ally and had to do the rest myself, 
which was horrible.

You'll still have a lot of work to do, since Burgundy have all the military 
might of a slice of toast that's been cut into ten pieces and dipped in a 
runny egg. Start mining all the gold you can find, including the batches 
within the Burgundian territory; and start building siege units, knights, 
ranged units and monks to launch your first assault, which is going to be on 
the red base to the north.

Before you leave the confines of your (hopefully walled) base you should make 
sure you have some towers and a castle at the western point, since Orleans is 
building quite a large force of cavaliers, scorpions, rams and other things to 
send your way. Bait these guys into range of your castle and fight them just 
outside your walls.


You have space for 150 units, so build a nice mixture including trebuchets, 
petards, rams and paladins. You should also have at least twenty ranged units 
and a few monks for support.

Send them up the east edge of the map until you come to the red marketplace. 
Attacking it will attract attention, and your frontal units should engage the 
guards while you send in your rams and trebuchets to hit their castle.

Mop up using your ranged units, convert any red paladins who are approaching 
from the rear, and quickly hit the town centre north of the fallen castle. You 
should have more than enough of a force to get rid of the last of the red 
peasants and buildings: just don't go too far west or you'll run into Orleans, 
which you don't want to do quite yet.

Once Metz has been easily defeated you can pull everyone back to the safety of 
your base while you rebuild and repair. Orleans will soon mount another attack 
and you should get ready for it.

You should also be able to advance to the Imperial Age by now, so do this and 
buy some more decent upgrades for your units and buildings.

There is a batch of stone in the southern corner of the map, and there should 
still be enough gold lying about to prevent you from having to foray into 
dangerous territory.


This is one serious base that Orleans have, and it's going to take a lot to 
bring it down. They have a castle at the south east edge of their base, so 
ignore it and go around the back, past the defunct red mills on the north west 
edge of the map.

Build a castle around about here - it will come in handy later. Don't bother 
with any unit production buildings, but position all your forces beside the 
castle before you attack.

Push a trebuchet south from the north west edge of the map, and you should see 
the Orleans north wall, with a guard tower behind it. Target the tower with 
the trebuchet and the turquoise guards will begin to react and pour through 
the gates. Now push the rest of your forces forward: get rams working on the 
gate and walls; paladins and ranged units soaking up the main Orleans attack; 
monks supporting and your trebuchets hitting any buildings they can see over 
the wall.

The idea here is to take out the town centre above all, which is somewhere in 
the middle of the base, to the south west. If you destroy it then Orleans 
won't build another one, but if you destroy everything except it they will 
just rebuild everything you destroy once they (invariably) wipe out your 

There's a second castle in the south east of their base which you might also 
want to destroy too. Basically remove the town centre and then as many unit 
production buildings as you can before you lose all of your own units inside 
Orleans' walls.

If you do get rid of the town centre you are presented with a new and 
extremely large problem: the Romans will appear from the west and attack you 
in enormous numbers, protecting Orleans, their ally.

It's around about now that you'll lose all of your units and the dark blue 
Romans will fill the Orleans walls. Once your guys are dead some of the Romans 
will immediately attack your north castle or your main base - my north castle 
easily withstood their individual attacks; and my main base had a castle and 
five towers behind thick walls waiting for any attackers.

You should now be able to sit back and soak up attack after attack from the 
unorganised Romans, and they will not replace lost units. Don't bother 
attacking Orleans while the Romans are about. Eventually the dark blue attacks 
will stop altogether and the Romans will have almost no units left on the map.

While you're waiting for this you should be scraping up whatever gold remains 
around the area and protecting your mining operations with at least one tower 
per mining camp. Get rebuilding your forces with this gold and the gold being 
brought in from your trade carts running between your base and Burgundy.


Build up pretty much the same force as you had before, only this time you're 
aiming to wipe out Orleans totally. There should now be a big hole in their 
northern walls, and you can send your masses through there again and finish 
off the remaining buildings much more easily. 

Rome can't intervene a second time, and if you can remove the Orleans paladins 
and scorpions the rest should topple quite easily, with not too many 
casualties on your side. This will be especially true if you send decoys to 
run in and out again, drawing a few enemies up to your northern castle each 

There's still that castle in the middle of the map to deal with, so hit it 
with trebuchets while your cavalry archers or whatever take out the guards. 
The Orleans trebuchets can be dropped easily by your paladins, and all that 
remains is to hunt down every last enemy unit. Research Spies from the castle 
to help with this.


Build a square base surrounded by walls, with a castle and some towers in the 
north west corner - you will rely on this barrier many times.
Try to enlist Burgundy's help - it's not very much but it's better than 
deliberately giving yourself four enemies.
Attacking Orleans is easier if you sneak around to the north.
Make sure you destroy the town centre the first time you attack Orleans.
Let the Romans come to you - don't try to engage them while they're waiting 
inside the Orleans walls.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This one's a killer, both with base defense and getting rid of your enemies. 
Two of your opponents are doable, but the dark blue Roman base is one of the 
toughest in the entire game.


Difficulty - 3/3


Defeat the Romans, Alans and Visigoths.


This is a big level with three strong enemies, each of whom will send large 
numbers of heavy units against you. And they'll start pretty soon after the 
mission begins, so your first priority is to build and defend your base.
______________________________V1.2 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

William Qi <sixawill@hotmail.com>

"I feel it can actually be alot easier if you act fast enough, like the Hints 
suggested to treat it like a death match. Build a castle and two stables right 
when the game starts, and start pump out knights and Tarkans, once you have 
around 30-35 of each(about 5-10 minutes if you are on fast speed), sent them 
straight to Teal, at this stage, the Tarkans tears down their castle like it 
is made out of paper while you sent your knights to their combat units, which 
are mostly archers at this stage, you should not take more than 5 minutes to 
take down their base. Then sent them straight towards Green's base from the 
North. Whilst at home, your economy should start running smoothly, upgrade 
whatever you can, and should be teching up to Imperial age by the time teal's 
base is down, prioritize elite tarkan upgrade once you reach imperial. 
Ideally, you will have elite tarkans or cavaliers by the time your army reach 
green's base but don't fret if you didn't, as before, tarkans tears down the 
two castles fast and painlessly. 

Blue is a bit tricky, since if you invade while their troops are in there, you 
will be killed quite fast. This time, bring all your units back home and heal 
them up. Reinforce up and upgrade to Paladins, and get 4-5 trebuchets, you 
should be up to your population max. Now, sent all your army(leave a paladin 
at home) to west of blue's base, but don't attack. Wait until you see blue 
moving out to attack you. Once the blues reach your base, get your lone 
Paladin to draw them to your castle and run circle around it, and kill any 
trebuchets they have. Whilst blue are busy with your castle, sent your main 
army straight to their castles, with tarkans targeting one, trebuchets attack 
another and your paladin deal with any combat units they have left. You should 
be able to kill all three castles this way no problem. Sent reinforcements of 
paladins to blue's base once you done deal with their invaders in your base. 

With this way, I was able to beat this mission in 35 minutes on fast. The main 
trick is attack fast and don't give them any time to build up, especially teal 
and green. And with blue, they should have only 3 castles up by the time you 
and there and taking down the three castles is easy with Tarkans insane 
building attack(they killed one of blue's castle before my 4 trebuchets 
brought another one down to 20%), and paladin support to soak up fire."


Unfortunately I've lost my friggin' savegames for AOC, so I can't check this 
out for myself (at least not until I go through the game again). It sounds 
like a very good tactic, and definitely not one which occurred to me - 
probably because I'm more of a cautious, build-up-the-base sort of player, and 
so rushing in at the start only suits me on one or two missions. But any 
suggestions which help make this tough mission easier are appreciated, so 
thanks for this.
______________________________V1.2 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Pull everyone just east of where you start and build your town centre in the 
little corner tucked into the trees. Expand west from there, and get knights 
and cavalry archers up in numbers as soon as you can. The area is a little too 
open for lots of walls, plus you don't have a lot of stone, so build a castle 
facing south to the bridge, and another castle facing north west. 

Build the castles close enough together so that enemies running in between 
them will always come within range of either one or the other. Build walls 
which lead enemies towards your castles, since sometimes they can sneak in 
around the back or through gaps. Forget about towers.

Your red allies to the north are not strong and you can't rely on them for 
anything. You'll need to spot any encroaching enemies quickly, and take them 
out before they reach either your base or your ally's. Just stick with lots of 
horses and always fight around the castles for support. Keep your paladins 
roaming around outside the castles, and your ranged units and monks garrisoned 
inside. Use the paladins to draw enemies into the castles' range and watch out 
for trebuchets and rams.


The Visigoths are to the south, and their base is the weakest of the three 
enemies'. I took about twenty paladins, twenty cavalry, five trebs and a few 
monks. Make sure you've soaked up the latest attack from either of the other 
two enemies, then attack the Visigoths once your base is safe.

The Visigoth base has two castles south of the town centre, but other than 
that they are pretty delicate and can be knocked over easily. Clear out the 
remaining peasants and then pull everyone back to base to continue defending 
from the other two enemies. You should no longer be attacked from across that 
southern bridge, so explore to the west and place a tower or outpost at each 
river crossing - one to the west and another to the north west. They won't 
stop any attacks but they will give you a very useful advance warning.

You can also switch to Ally with the Franks in the far west and start sending 
trade carts to their marketplace for more gold.


You might have noticed that your two castles are having trouble catching every 
enemy incursion, especially with those enemy trebuchets sitting in the 
background. Build another one if you can afford it, and place it beside the 
bank of trees just north west of your base, south of the Ostrogoths' 

The Alans' base is pretty easy to take down too - about as easy as the 
Visigoths', except that they're farther away. Push all your units to the east 
end of the river crossing leading west to their base, then attack the nearby 
castle with the trebuchets. The base will empty of cataphracts and other 
units, but nothing your paladins and cavalry can't easily break up and defeat.  
The castle will be gone by the time your ground units have dealt with theirs, 
so start on the town centre, stable, etc. Hunt down the last of the peasants 
and you have only one enemy left.


I've tried many times to attack the Romans the conventional way: sending in 
the usual bunches of paladins, trebuchets, archers, etc. This just doesn't 
work. The Romans can have three or four castles at a time, plenty of towers, 
tons of units, including defense trebuchets, and lots of peasants bringing in 
more and more and more resources. If you hit Rome and manage to wipe out half 
of their base and most of their units, they will all be back by the time 
you've replenished your own armies.

The best thing to do is to build one or two castles in close proximity of each 
other, just outside the Romans' territory (if they don't attack your building 
sites you're OK). Build one or two of each unit production building behind 
your castle(s) and keep your entire army here until you're ready.

By the time you reach the Roman base their peasants will almost certainly be 
working outwith the confines of the main base, which makes it easy for you to 
run around the outskirts, pick them off with cavalry archers and then retreat 
to your nearby castle. This has the dual effect of getting rid of some of the 
pesky peasants and also forcing the Romans to send their own army out to 

The Romans will send virtually every combat unit they have at your nearest 
castle when you pick a fight with the outlying peasants, so soak up their 
attack around your castle(s) and then quickly move in for the kill. I had to 
use two groups of four trebuchets, as the Romans have so many castles and unit 
production buildings. With their guards gone you shouldn't find it hard to 
raze their town, and then it's just a case of hunting down every last peasant 
with Spies.


Two or even three castles on the western edge of your first base is not 
overkill. Guard them with paladins to take out any and all siege weapons.
Destroy the Visigoths early.
Trade with the Franks in the west.
Instead of charging into the Roman base and getting cut down by their units, 
castles and towers, build your own secondary base just beyond the limits of 
their territory, then draw their units into the deathtrap of your own 
Don't reinforce your army from your main base while attacking the Romans - 
it's far too far away. Build more unit production buildings in the north of 
the map, otherwise you'll never defeat the Romans.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is one seriously difficult mission, maybe the hardest in the game 
overall. It will take you a long time and you may not manage it at all if you 


Difficulty - 3/3


Defeat Milan, Padua, Verona and Aquileia, so that you may parlay with Rome.
Attila must survive.


You are not in a good position here. Those mountains are actually a hindrance, 
not a help, and you have little space in which to build your town. 
Unfortunately the level is designed so that this is the only place you can 
really build a base and expect to keep it for very long. 

I managed to defeat Milan as soon as the level started, using just my own 
starting units, but Verona just sent a ton of units in and wiped me out before 
I could start building a base inside Milan's walls. I've also tried destroying 
Milan's eastern castle and then sending all my starting units down south to 
build a base right next to the Roman walls, but the area was just far too open 
and the stone is at the opposite end of the map.

By the way, Milan are very vulnerable at the start of the level, and if you 
want to try you can actually pretty much defeat them before they can get 
going. You will have to be building your own base up at the same time, 
however, so if you do go for Milan early make sure your other enemies don't 
get the drop on your town while you're away. Even if you don't go for Milan 
right away, send your four trebuchets south from the very start and get rid of 
that unprotected castle next to the water - this will help you clear away any 
green trebuchets firing on your castles later.

I usually do this mission in the following order: Aquileia, Milan, Padua, 
Verona. This is possible and it's the way I prefer to go. However, since 
you're reading a walkthrough I'm assuming this level is giving you trouble, 
and so you may not be able to do them in this order, since you won't have 
enough time to kill off Padua's wonder. So I've rearranged the order into 
this: Milan, Padua, Verona, Aquileia, since Milan and Padua are the ones most 
likely to beat you to it by building a wonder.

Anyway, assuming you're leaving Milan alone until you're stronger, the first 
thing you should do is start building a castle immediately, preferably south 
of your town centre, at the place where the land opens out past the mountains. 
Don't bother with walls or gates or anything - they will hinder you more than 
your enemies. Pull your trebuchets right up to the north edge of the map, 
behind your town centre, as your enemies will target them before any of your 
other units.

Produce lots of peasants and get building farms, chopping lumber and building 
the resource buildings. Get more peasants started on the gold to the west and 
the stone far to the east - don't bother protecting your mines, as they should 
never come under attack.

Padua and Milan have both probably started building their wonders by now, but 
don't panic. Don't research Atheism either, not until you know you might not 
make it without it.

Build walls, gates and a couple of towers at the back west and east passages 
into your base, and keep small, numbered groups of knights just behind each. 
Your enemies will be trying to sneak siege weapons and crossbowmen through the 
back routes occasionally, and you need fast and mobile units hanging around to 
quickly respond to these threats. Three or four knights at each passage can 
handle everything that might come along, but wall and gate the passages off 
too, just in case. Let the siege weapons attack your towers, then send your 
knights rushing out to kill the enemy units off.

You should be able to fit your buildings in at the back, once your lumberjacks 
have cleared the area. Concentrate on building lots of knights, as the only 
units capable of catching and killing everything else quickly. Build another 
castle facing the purple base, and keep them repaired while you build your 
army. The only units your two castles can't remove by themselves are the 
trebuchets, so keep your eyes open, because there are lots of trebuchets 
around here.


You could also go for the weakest enemy, Aquileia, first, but for the sake of 
this guide I'll start with Milan. Milan will start building a wonder long 
before Aquileia, plus their siege weapons cause you many more problems than 
anything Aquileia can come out with. They're the most dangerous enemy you 
have, so kill them earlier rather than later.

You might be thinking you should keep Attila back at base, away from battle; 
but I've sent him in every time and he didn't die. Your enemies won't 
prioritise him, stupidly, and paladins are so tough that Attila should never 
come to harm while escorted by a big group of twenty or more. Send him into 
battle - he's a good unit.

If you do go for Aquileia first (I always do) you can still be back in time to 
destroy Milan and then Padua before either can complete their wonders. I 
believe Aquileia are the last of your enemies to attempt a wonder, so you'll 
probably want to leave them alone for now while you deal with the faster two. 
Since I'm starting with Milan here, I'll mention Aquileia later.

Milan, in case you hadn't noticed, like their siege weapons. In fact they will 
hardly ever send out anything other than mangonels, trebuchets and 
crossbowmen. Their attacks are irritating to fend off, but their base is a bit 
of a pushover (though they may have three castles). It's also good to take 
Milan out first because, when you try to attack Padua, Milan send siege units 
over in support of their purple allies, which is a serious problem for you.

Anyway, send a big army of paladins, cavalry archers and trebuchets south 
until you find and destroy Milan's outer mill. They should empty their base of 
crossbowmen and mangonels, etc. but your horses can fend them all off. Pick 
off the mangonels quickly, then move your trebuchets down and hit the gate (go 
for the gate before anything else - you don't need mangonels firing at you 
from behind the green walls.

Once the gate is down use your trebs to find and destroy the nearby towers, 
then move your army inside their walls to get rid of their town centre. West 
of here is another castle (sometimes) and a few unit production buildings, but 
Milan should be crippled with the loss of their only town centre, and you can 
clear everything in here easily, including the wonder they'll have started 
building. There's another castle to the west, across the bridge, but you might 
have defeated Milan by now by killing all their peasants. If not just clear 
away everything else until they're finished.

Pull everyone back to base and fill out your army again. Padua are on their 
way to completing their wonder, and you're going to have to move fast to 
destroy it in time.

The good news is that you only have to watch for attacks from the east from 
now on - Milan were the only ones attacking from south or west. Plus Verona 
are the only ones left who will regularly send trebuchets your way, which is 
even more of a relief.


This is a big base, and the wonder is right in the middle. There's really only 
one place you can attack from because of the time limit, so range your army 
just out of reach of their walls. Get one or two trebuchets to hit the gate, 
another two on the two towers inside it, and another one or two on the tower 
down the western wall.

Padua will of course respond with most of their army, so do your best to fend 
them off with your cavalry archers. Hit mangonels with your paladins as soon 
as you see them, and let the paladins soak up the counter-attacks from Padua 
by sticking them in front while your cavalry support. Keep monks in the 
background for healing.

Once the gate and towers are gone you can head inside. It's very congested in 
here, and it's easy to break your army up because of all the buildings. Try to 
keep everyone together, and target every trebuchet you have on that wonder, 
while everyone else supports (kill off the peasants and town centre with 
paladins while your ranged units take out the crossbowmen, etc.

You will probably keep most or all of your knights, but your cavalry archers 
might be pretty much wiped out, and you won't have all your trebuchets either. 
This doesn't matter - if the wonder is gone then Padua have serious problems. 
Pull everyone back to the safety of your castles as soon as you see it fall, 
and let the castles get your back.

Now just build up another army and head back inside Padua's walls with it. 
Advance slowly and carefully, keep everyone together and watch out for towers 
and the castles to the south east. Destroy any gates you find too, as they 
will make it easier for you to chase down the annoying crossbowmen.

If you have eradicated pretty much every purple building you see and yet Padua 
are still alive and well, they've probably built another town centre inside 
Verona's walls, far to the south east. Deal with this later, but Padua will 
probably never be a real threat again. Leave them long enough and they will 
start building another wonder, however.

By now your gold and stone mines have probably run out, so send all your 
miners south of the now ruined Milan, follow the road across the bridge, then 
look south of the end of the bridge to find lots more gold. There's no more 
stone in the level though, so buy what you need from the market. Hopefully you 
left Milan's market standing too.

Speaking of wonders, while you were attacking Padua, Verona will have started 
on theirs. Research Atheism this time, and push whatever forces you have still 
standing through Padua's south gates, then go down the road until you find a 
couple of Verona's houses. Stop here and bring some peasants down to build a 
castle and some unit production buildings north west of Verona's orange base.


This is a bog-standard base, slightly easier than Padua's to destroy. You 
should know how to deal with this sort of thing by now: just hit towers and 
gates with trebuchets, let their armies break onto yours, suck them back to 
your castle, keep healing, advance once each section is clear of towers. 
Verona have a couple of castles and they will keep producing trebuchets and 
axemen. Bring them down when you see them, and watch out for all the paladins 
and monks.

Once you destroy Verona's wonder they will resign, whether you get all their 
peasants or not, so you might want to just barge in with trebuchets or petards 
and go for the wonder while you keep the rest of the orange units busy.

Now all that is left (if you didn't kill them off earlier) is to defeat 
Aquileia. Well, Padua might have started another wonder inside their old base, 
so research Spies (you should have enough gold) and kill off Padua's peasants 
and the wonder to finish the purples off once and for all.

The last batch of gold is south east of Verona's walls.


The reds are the easiest bunch to defeat, and you probably won't need a 
walkthrough at all for their tiny base. They'll have a few buildings outside 
their walls, to the south, but you can delete them easily and soak up the 
counter-attack coming from the main base. Get rid of the towers and gates, 
then head inside to delete everything you see. As far as I know you don't have 
to finish off the ships to defeat Aquileia, but you will have to kill their 
peasants and a wonder, if they've even managed to get the finger out and begin 
building one.

Anyway, once you've vanquished all four of your enemies you get a new 


Send Attila down to the revealed area, where the pope is waiting.

Congratulations on winning the Attila The Hun campaign.

                                    2.2 EL CID

Spain is divided between Christian kingdoms to the north and Moorish kingdoms 
to the south. In the barren borderlands of Castille, Rodrigo Diaz, called El 
Cid, gains notoriety as a brilliant general and heroic crusader. El Cid is so 
popular among soldiers and peasants alike that the distrustful King of 
Castille sends him into exile. The Cid must join forces with his former 
enemies, the Moors, and fight against his beloved Castille. But an even 
greater threat waits across the sea in Africa, where fanatical Berber horsemen 
are eager to seize what the Moors could not.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is a nice, peaceful little level, where your enemies can be controlled 
and dominated easily. There is only one batch of stone, and if you control it 
you control the map. You also get quite a lot of free stuff, which is always 


Difficulty - 1/3


Become King Sancho's champion in a trial by combat.


Take El Cid into the arena and he will defeat the two-handed swordsman. Send 
him to the stable to get the horse, then return him to the arena to kill off 
the knight. Now send him down the hill to the west and stand him in front of 
the bunch of yellow units until the King gives them to Cid as his army.



Use your new units to explore the eastern half of the map, and make sure you 
pick up the free houses in the village to the north. There are two bridges 
across to the centre of the map - go across the northern one and get more 
houses, a mill, a lumber camp and four more peasants.

Build your town centre just south of that bridge and send all your combat 
units north until they find the walls of King Alfonso's base. Pick a fight 
with the nearby stone miners and the base will empty of its guards, though 
your own units should be able to finish them off if they are out of range of 
the blue towers.

Now send them all up the eastern coast, beside the east wall of the blue base. 
They should run into some gold miners - the only ones Alfonso has - and the 
miners should fall quickly to your soldiers. Kill off the mining camp and wait 
for the reprisal from the now pretty weak blues. They will send up units to 
investigate for a couple of minutes, but they will soon run out of gold, and 
by that time your own base should be capable of replacing any soldiers you 
lose. You now have the upper hand, and you should establish your own gold mine 
up there quickly, leaving all your soldiers in the vicinity, out of reach of 
the blue towers inside the walls.

You can do the same with that stone mine you found - wipe it out and post some 
guards just beside it. Continue to build up your base, knowing that your 
enemies can't get at any stone or gold. 

By the way, don't chop trees around the lumber camp you got given - instead 
build ten lumberjacks and send them far west, over the bridge and west to the 
trees and the edge of the map. Build a lumber camp here and start cutting down 
these trees, as there is a monastery with four relics hiding beyond them, 
guarded by a few monks, who will ally with you when you approach them.
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Lambert Forkink <helloitsme22@gmail.com>

"There is a path trough the forest, fust west of the most western blue 
tower.You can reach it without bieng hit if you move next to the trees. Send a 
knight to them is much quicker and easier. if you do this in the castle age 
and with redemption reseached, you can convert a tower, which can function 
like an outpost."


Nice one, I never spotted the path.
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

There are a few other things you might want to do while you build up your 
forces for an attack:

Send someone up that hill to the south to find six more free units. Build a 
marketplace to the west of your main base and start trading with your allies 
across the river. Build a castle just south of the blue gate, in order to 
catch any and all units coming through.

Now that Alfonso's army has access to neither gold nor stone, they've pretty 
much lost already. I used three petards to knock down their gate, another four 
each for the two towers behind it, then I moved my ground units in and camped 
them at the unit production buildings right next to the hole I had just 
created in their walls. I then sent four rams over the bridge to start work on 
the castle, then moved more petards in just behind them to hit the castle 
while Alfonso's siege units reacted from the west. The rams and petards should 
be more than a match for the castle, at which point you'll get your final 


Alfonso changes stance to Neutral and then to Ally, and all that's left for 
you to do is to send Cid and the King (standing alone north of his castle) 
back to the arena you fought in earlier.


Stop Alfonso's army from mining stone and gold as soon as you can - they will 
offer almost no resistance from then on.
There is no need for a vast army in this level - you can hold Alfonso's 
soldiers at bay with one castle outside their walls, and assault their base 
with four rams and about fifteen petards.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is a big mission with a very complex bunch of fortifications and 
buildings to negotiate. But by being sneaky and devious you can render your 
enemies impotent while you stroll in and grab the four relics from under their 


Difficulty - 2/3


El Cid must survive.
Find a way to stop the rebellion in Toledo.


Move everyone downwards and you get another objective.


Soon afterwards Toledo is defeated, but ignore that for now. Send Cid alone to 
the east, past the Motamid guys who will ally with you and whose marketplace 
you can trade with later, and farther east until he finds the water. There is 
a ship to the south which will come under your control, so send Cid across the 
lake to meet the Imam.


So he wants the relics, but can't be bothered getting off his arse and 
recovering them by himself. Anyway, put Cid back on the ship and drop him off 
to the south, back on the mainland.

Now bring all the rest of your units down to meet him and head east as far as 
you can, until you hit the edge of the map, on the southern coast of the lake. 
Set up your base among the mountains south of here: there is plenty of gold 
and this area is very inaccessible from your enemies' point of view. The place 
you entered the map in is not a good place for a base.

Build your town centre, farms, mill and lumber camp next to the gold among the 
mountains, then start building houses against the pond to the east (you will 
soon lose the houses you started with). Build your larger buildings on the 
beach south of the big lake, and block both entrances to the mountain pass 
with stone gates. Build a marketplace so that you can trade and buy more 
stone, and start producing knights and cavalry archers to protect the big 
crossing south of the lake, which is where almost all your enemies will be 
coming from (make sure to block that little pass by the west cliffs with a few 
squares of wall).

All your enemies will now be coming at you over that crossing, so build a 
couple of towers, stick five archers in each, then just patrol the area with 
your heavy units, with monks sitting behind them for healing. You are 
basically safe, since the enemies won't be building siege weapons, and you can 
begin the next phase of the attack.


Getting this right is tricky, but once it's in place the greens are pretty 
much useless. Send five or six villagers and ten archers through the southern 
pass, then directly east to the little clump of trees. Head due south from 
here until you find the small outcrop of stone in the desert. Ignore this for 
now and continue directly south until you find much more stone beside a green 
mining camp. The Motamids tell you about this stone at some point, but 
I'm not sure what triggers their message.

Make sure you have enough stone from the marketplace and then build an 
enclosure surrounding the stone and mining camp. Build a gate somewhere in the 
wall and make sure you leave enough room for yourself to build a mining 
camp and a couple of guard towers (upgrade these as soon as you can from the 
university). Stick the guard towers at the north wall of this enclosure, with 
the mining camp against the map's edge.

Protect this construction site with your archers until everything is in place, 
then put five archers in each tower, while your peasants begin mining the 
valuable stone in peace. From now until the end of the level the Saracens will 
do little except send more and more units fruitlessly against the walls and 
two towers of your little encampment, trying endlessly to get to the stone. 
Your walls and towers and archers can hold them off forever, and you can 
pretty much ignore the greens from now on.


This is easy but long-winded. Your base should be safe and your stone mining 
operation should also be safe. The only threat will be coming from the 
intermittent skirmishes into your territory by the orange Spanish Rebels, none 
of which should be a problem if you've posted towers and gates on the 
outskirts of your base.

You can empty your base of combat units and head far to the west until you 
cross a yellow bridge and arrive at the orange gates. Build a castle in the 
clearing north of the gate, as well as a monastery and a siege workshop. Bung 
a stable there too if you like, and place a gate at the beginning of the pass.

You should have plenty of gold and stone coming in now (there is more gold 
just south of your mountain base, and lots in the north west corner of the 
map), as well as plenty of food and lumber. You should also have built a lot 
of knights and cavalry archers by now, but now that you have the castle you 
can replace any fallen cavalry with the much better conquistadors. Start 
building petards from the castle, since they will be mainly what you'll be 
using versus the Spanish Rebels. Have one or two rams handy as well, to bear 
the brunt of any attacks coming from towers and castles.

Take out the orange gate and then send in some quick horsed units to scout out 
the area just south of the wall. You should find a few towers, one or two 
behind gates, a town centre, a mill and a castle farther south. Have about 
eight petards built, then wheel a ram into the middle to draw fire from the 
towers and town centre. Blow up each tower with the petards and then start 
again on the next one. The castle can be downed by knocking down the wall with 
your ram (switch to Enemy with Toledo to target the wall), then sending 
petards through the hole while the castle fires at the ram. Keep your 
conquistadors, knights and monks just behind, out of range of any of the 
fortifications, but close enough to quickly erase any Spanish soldiers who 
might attack the ram(s).

And just basically keep doing this: scout farther and farther south until you 
meet an obstacle, send in a ram to draw fire, send in petards to remove the 
obstacle. This should work all the way down south, over the bridges, past the 
towers, through the last gate and east to the castle in the little corner 
island. Just keep building more and more petards.

Once that last castle is gone you should get rid of the unit production 
buildings surrounding it, then pick up the relic from the castle's wreckage, 
Bring it up to your monastery with a monk, then send all your units to the 
north of the two bridges, where there is a coastline leading east.

By the way, don't take the relic to the Imam yet - in fact don't take any of 
them to him until you have all four.


This is much easier, now that the oranges have lost a ton of buildings, and 
the greens are occupied by trying to take down walls and towers they can't 
possibly breach. Push everyone east, with your heavy units leading the way, 
You will meet some resistance but nothing that can't be steamrolled by your 
legions of horses. The monks guarding the three monasteries by the statue 
might manage to convert or kill one or two of your units before you kill them, 
but so what? At this point you have by far the upper hand.

Delete the monks and monasteries, then send your own monks into the wreckage 
for the two relics. Send them back to your own monastery while your combat 
units sit in this enclosure with the statue in the middle. Bring your monks 
back to your main force to provide the usual support, then push everyone east 
yet again.


This one's the easiest yet. Follow the roads until you come to the conspicuous 
palisade wall. There will be a lone green monk trembling behind it, clutching 
the last relic. Knock down the wall, introduce the monk to your conkers' guns, 
then bring the fourth relic to the monastery. Pull your units out to safety - 
you're done here.

All that remains is to take the four relics all the way back to the boat on 
the north east lake, and across to place them in the Imam's house. Do NOT let 
the ship be attacked and sunk while your monks are transporting the relics 
across - I assumed they would be fine and left my computer while I waited, 
then I came back to find the ship gone, along with the relics, meaning I was 
stuck and had to reload. Not funny.

As soon as you dump the first relic in the Imam's monastery your enemies will 
react with whatever they have, and will hurry to try to retrieve the relics. 
They're wasting their time if you drop them all off at once, after which you 
can just wait for the victory message.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is a weird, half-RPG / half RTS level with a surprisingly weak opponent. 
If you explore your surroundings you can exploit your enemy's vulnerabilities 
quickly and easily.


Difficulty - 1/3


El Cid must survive.
El Cid must find a new city in which to live and a new lord to serve.


Head north and grab your horse, then south and make your way out of the city. 
Alfonso's men will attack just as you're leaving, so head south through the 
town and pick up some more units. Stop and kill the two soldiers chasing you, 
then head south towards the two mountains.


Run your three horses through the pass and get them to attack and kill the 
scorpions, then follow up with your pikemen. More free units await just beyond 
the mountains, and then you can head south east towards Alfonso's next castle. 
Stick to the west edge of the map to avoid its range and the guards behind the 
walls, and continue farther south to get handed a mini-base.


Build up a nice complement of units with the resources you're given - make 
sure you include three or four rams, whatever you decide to build. Use the 
rams to bait the castle and guards into attacking them, then wipe out the 
units with your own while your rams start on the castle (the castle's guards 
should open the gate when they come through, allowing you to barge past).
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Lambert Forkink <helloitsme22@gmail.com>

"I've another thing found, in the3rd mission of el cid: you suggest making 
rams, but why dont use the tebuchet you got given? only build a few men at 
arms to defend it from the 4 Pikeman that guard the castle. and without rams 
you are much faster in Zaragoza."


Having lost all my saves I can't remember whether or not I got a trebuchet 
before reaching Alfonso's castle. If you do get one then it's obviously useful 
against the castle, but the rams are still the best bait units around, 
especially if you don't want to lose your only fragile trebuchet.
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Once the units are gone, pull everyone out while your rams keep battering at 
the castle. When it's down you can continue north with whatever units you've 
still got left, taking them through Motamid's gates and north east to the 
flagged castle.


Motamid wants the siege workshop hassling his eastern gates to be removed, so 
take everyone through his northern gates and go around to meet Berenguer's 
siege weapons and a few guards. Nothing tough here - just target the mangonels 
with your knights and the guards with anyone else. Then finish off the 
workshop and houses to be given a bunch of resources and a handful of free 
units by Motamid.

Now send most of your units north west to look for the big batch of gold south 
of the curve of trees. There is stone round to the west, but don't go too far 
north on either side of the trees or you will meet Berenguer's base. Don't 
chop those trees either, as they're protecting you - send your lumberjacks to 
the forest in the east corner of the map and leave them there in safety.

While you set up your base next to Motamid's northern walls, send any unhorsed 
combat units south east from here until they come to the far side of the 
river, where the gold is. You can pick up this gold later, when your initial 
supplies run out, but for now keep heading west along the bottom of the map 
until the road curves north, through some trees at a small gap past Motamid's 
south west walls. You can twist around and down south again to arrive at the 
small base you were given earlier.

Station these troops next to the relic lying beside the buildings, if it 
hasn't been taken already, If it's still there there will be an enemy monk 
coming for it soon, so defend it while you hurry towards building a monastery 
and a monk of your own. If it's already gone just forget it and send your 
troops back to your main base.

As far as defending your base goes, there are various bottlenecks you should 
block to channel Berenguer's troops to where you want them. Scout out the area 
to the south, east and west, but don't go too near Berenguer's walls or his 
castle by the river to the west. Your enemy has gold and stone within his 
walls, but it will run out eventually and his peasants will then go for one of 
the other three gold deposits in the map, starting with the one north of their 
west castle. By that time you'll want to have taken the castle and nearby 
towers and gate down, and to have placed towers and defenses of your own 
around that batch of gold. But if you hurry you can easily take Berenguer down 
long before he leaves his own walls.

You can stop the enemy units from attacking you from the east by building a 
gate right beside their easternmost one, and by placing some walls at the tiny 
gap between their walls and your trees. They will almost always go the long 
way round to begin with anyway, across the river and down to your old base. 
Only when those buildings are gone will they start trying to attack past the 
trees, but a castle around that area can deal with them easily, especially if 
you stock it with heavy units.

By this point you know well how to defend a base and steer your enemies to 
specific points, so I won't go on about it.


When you are ready to attack start hitting the gate with your rams (don't 
bother waiting around to hit the Imperial Age - it's too expensive and totally 
unnecessary here), and back them up with your cavalry. You should batter the 
gate down with little difficulty, then you can head north west to find the 
barracks and then the castle.

Twat the castle with your rams and let them draw its fire, while everyone else 
backs them up. Don't worry about losing units - your base is just to the south 
and you can quickly replenish what little force you need here. The town centre 
is to the north and then there are more unit production buildings. I never met 
any enemy siege weapons except one single ram, and Berenguer's guards were 
pretty pathetic.

Kill off the last peasant and you're done.


There is only one batch of stone you can possibly mine, so build your town 
nearby, behind the protection of the trees.
Your lumberjacks will be safe in the east, and you shouldn't have them cutting 
down trees which are shielding you.
Try to grab that relic before Berenguer does - he already has four, and you 
could do with the gold.
Keep your attack quick and simple - you'll have to with such a low pop. limit.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is a great mission, but it's pretty tough in places. It's a great example 
of how the most gigantic fortress in the universe is little use against a 
sneaky bastard.


Difficulty - 2/3


Follow the Knight in order to rescue King Alfonso.
El Cid must survive.
King Alfonso must survive.


Follow the knight to the south west until you meet King Alfonso in the middle 
of a battle. You have to escort him farther west to his base, which will be 
visible on the mini-map. Note the stone you will pass on the way, as well as 
the forests.


Keep Alfonso well out of the way of every battle in this game, and make sure 
you keep an eye on El Cid too, though by all means use him in combat. Save 
often anyway.

Bring everyone inside the walls and stick Alfonso up by the pond, out of the 
way. Your new base is going to be coming under heavy attack from camels and 
mangonels, among other things. You also don't have much space or resources, so 
you'll have to explore the area to find more gold and stone.

Make sure you build a section of wall and preferably a guard tower at that 
tiny hill on the west edge of your base, where the little house is sitting. If 
your enemies smash down that house they can enter your base up that hill, so 
block it.

Alfonso's told you of your main objective.


Get chopping the lumber and mining the gold and stone quickly, but don't 
bother building farms once the berries and fish are gone. There's not enough 
space in here, and there are more berries to the west of your base, and far to 
the east, south of the road you entered on. Build a mill at the western 
berries once the first lot is gone.

Work quickly towards getting enough stone to build a castle, and once you have 
enough build the castle just south of your gate, tucked into the corner of the 
cliffs. You may not survive the first two attacks by using just your starting 
units and walls, but you definitely will survive if your castle is in place. 
The gate is where all your enemies will be coming to, so make sure they all 
come within range of the castle. Stick Alfonso inside it and keep an eye on 
its health throughout the level - this one castle can last you forever if you 
keep it repaired after each attack.

Exploring around your base and beyond is very important in this level, because 
there are valuable resources scattered around. There is stone south of your 
gates, though it's guarded by an enemy tower. I suggest picking up all that 
stone quickly, as well as the gold south west of your base. There is much more 
stone away to the east - look for the berries south of the road, then go 
farther east.

There is also a mosque south west of your base, at the edge of the map. When 
you find it you will get a new objective.


Send him down along with a monk and get another objective.


You'll have to have Redemption researched from your own monastery, but if you 
do then you can convert the mosque and get an interesting snippet of 


You can also keep your monk next to the mosque and start getting free monk 
upgrades for as long as it stands.


Your enemies will quickly target it, however, so bear this in mind and build a 
wall in the gap to protect it for a while, if you care enough.

Anyway, your base should be adequately protected by your castle and a few 
knights to take care of any sneaky trebuchets. Once those two initial batches 
of berries are gone, along with most of the trees inside your walls, send your 
food and wood peasants far to the east and find the big lot of berry bushes in 
the north forest. Stick a lumber camp and a mill among the trees and produce 
all your food and wood from this area. Your peasants up here should never be 

Gold and stone is another story, and every mining operation except the one at 
the tiny outcrop of gold south west of your base will be attacked at some 
point. If you do site a mining camp at any stone or gold crops make sure you 
protect them with units (preferably mamelukes from your castle). If you build 
towers your enemies will be drawn to them, but not if you just keep units 
nearby. Also, try to have at least ten peasants per mining operation, and 
concentrate on one batch at a time - all miners at the same camp. The quicker 
you scoop up these valuable resources the better, and the less chance the 
enemy will have to wipe out your peasants.

By the way, there is a deposit of gold on the south west edge of the map, 
south of that mosque. It's right on a cliff, and if any of your outer mines 
get attacked it will be this one. The problem is that it will also be 
targetted by yellow ships, which will be pretty difficult to take out unless 
you build a tower. Building a tower is fine, except that the ground units 
attack the sodding thing too, and it may not stand for long. If you do go for 
this gold (and you definitely should), you'll have to protect it with both 
units and a tower. You could even try building a wall and gate around it to 
shield it from the worst of the ground attacks.

It's a lot to have to deal with, as well as those intermittent attacks on your 
main base, and also the exploration of the map to find where the enemy bases 
are. Speaking of which, it's a good plan to take down the green base in the 
south east as soon as you feel your forces are strong enough. Your own base 
will be fine while you're away, so get together some trebs, twenty or so 
knights, twenty mamelukes and a few monks; upgrade everything as far as you 
can, and sell off some excess lumber or food at the market to make up the 


They have a pretty impressive base for such a small area, but what they don't 
have is much interior protection. Send your army east to the cliffs, then 
south until you find the first green units guarding the mining camp. Get rid 
of the units and attack the camp to draw out a few of the green guards. 
Mameluke them to the deck and then get trebuchets to drop the first two 

Now go south and hit the other two towers, guarding your trebuchets closely 
all the while. Now, before you head into the base, send your knights west and 
kill off every peasant you see hanging around the monastery and trees. Once 
this is done you can hit the base.

Take down the unit production buildings you'll find just inside the first 
area, then go south to the town centre. The more buildings you destroy the 
fewer enemy units you'll have to deal with, and you'll finally arrive at the 
castle which is their last line of resistance. Destroy the first yellow dock 
on the coast too, and there's another one to the south west beside the 
transport ships. You can reach it with your trebuchets, which makes two down, 
four to go.

Try not to let your trebuchets destroy Yusuf's marketplace, as leaving it 
standing will allow you to rake in the gold. Switch to Ally with them once 
you've killed off the last of their peasants and defeated them, then build 
some trade carts from your marketplace and send them all the way across to 
their market for endless injections of over 75 gold a time. Make sure you 
knock out the enemy guard towers your trade carts will be running past en 


The game encourages you to build a dock and assault your remaining enemies by 
sea to reach the other four docks, but this isn't necessary. Start mining the 
batches of stone and gold around the wreckage of the green base while you 
position your army just outside it, to the west, in between the green walls 
and the yellow walls.

Use your trebuchets to destroy the south end of the yellow walls, as well as 
the tower and town centre beyond. Some yellow units might react, so drop them 
with your mamelukes, then move your entire army inside the yellow base. You 
shouldn't meet much protest from the yellows, so move your units west, 
knocking out the towers and looking for the docks. There are four more, all of 
which can be found by scouring the coast with your trebuchets, using their 
wide field of vision. Just protect them well, as they're the only ones who can 
reach the docks and smash them up quickly.

If you do manage to do it this sneaky way you can complete the map by only 
having to take out one of the three bases. You might be pretty grateful for 
this strategy if you ever have an opportunity to see the size of the yellow 
base. Don't waste your time trying to wipe out every building and unit they 
have - just sneak around the back and make them look a little silly.

Wiping out the last dock wins the map - ignore the transport ships.


One castle makes the difference between getting wiped out early and... not.
Pick up the gold and stone fast, and make life difficult for any enemy mining 
operation you meet.
Leave the green marketplace standing if you like infinite gold.
With all available upgrades, elite mamelukes and trebuchets can blast through 
the yellow base and remove the docks with little difficulty.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is the obligatory siege level, similar to a couple of the Saladin 
missions from Age Of Kings. Your enemy has a base which would normally be easy 
to knock over - it's just a pity you never get enough time to try.


Difficulty - 3/3


El Cid must survive.
El Cid must once again find a new city in which to live.


Head east over the river, past the two goons and into Denia, whose occupants 
will now hand you some buildings and units.


Explore the area and collect all the buildings. In a couple of minutes the 
town will be attacked by an army far too large to fend off, so grab all the 
units you can find, then send everyone down to the south cliffs, east of the 


Head south over the bridge before the second bunch of Berenguer's forces can 
reach it from the east (they're on their way, and you don't want to meet them 
on the bridge). There are more units available at the end of the bridge and in 
the town of Lerida to the south east. There are more peasants in Lerida, at 
the beach to the east. Collect them and head north to find a white monastery 
and two missionaries who will join your service. You should hang onto these 
useful units, and build a couple more from the free monastery before you head 
east to Valencia's walls and a new objective.


This is the difficult part of this level. With very limited resources 
(especially lumber) you have to keep Berenguer's forces at bay until those two 
peasants have finished building the wonder. They take ages, and your base will 
be under heavy attack from tons of purple units - mostly siege weapons.
______________________________V1.2 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Richard Hochroth <rjhny1@aol.com>

"Lumber is NOT a problem!  When you start the level, take the 4 peasants that 
come with Denia and store them in the upper left corner of the map, where the 
trees are (not too far from where El Cid starts out).  Put them there, tuck 
them in that corner, and get to Valencia.  Once you get the 650 lumber, have 
those 4 peasants build a lumber camp and start knocking down trees.  The 4 
peasants were there the entire level, were never harmed, and provided me with 
a lot of lumber!  There was no lumber shortages to worry about.  I think that 
once you get to the point where you get 650 lumber, the peasants are safe.  
It's vital to make sure they're tucked away far enough that Berenger's troops 
won't see them when destroying Denia."


Nice one, this never occurred to me at all. I can definitely see how this 
would make this mission's lumber issues easier, so thanks a lot.
______________________________V1.2 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Leonardo Alonso <brain_dead6@hotmail.com>

"In El Cid's campaign, on the "King of Valencia" level, I found the first 
siege wave was my main problem. I'd try to eradicate the siege weaponry as 
quick as I could, but either one or two mangonels, bombard towers, and bombard 
cannons would finish my units off too quickly. Yet, I discovered if you keep 
Denia while it is being destroyed by the mangonels and trebs, by the time they 
reach the last houses, you can send El Cid over there and wait by the bridge. 
Eventually, the mangonels will come trying to cross the bridge, heading 
towards your base, but unphased by El Cid's presence. From there you can 
destroy the mangonels, and heading back towards town find the one of the 
trebuchets. I always miss the other one, but by that time I am able to head 
back to base with El Cid, attack the last trebuchet with him and my knights, 
chase the bombard cannons down, and head back to base, with my castle wiping 
up the field. I realized that after I destroyed the first wave, I was 
extremely easier off, and I noticed that the rest of the attacks were 
unorganized, sending a bombard cannon or mangonel at once, followed by a 


Good idea sending Cid back to take out the first batch of enemies when they're 
not expecting it - this never occurred to me. A bunch of peasants could take 
out the other trebuchet if they found it in time. Thanks for this 
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

The first problem is the lumber - you can chop those trees north of the town 
centre, but other than that you'll have to depend on the 650 lumber Valencia 
will give you when you start, and whatever wood you can afford to buy from the 
market. There is a nice thick forest south west of that monastery you found, 
but your camp may come under attack.

You therefore need gold, so get at least six miners on the gold and another 
six plus on the stone. You'll want to build another castle in between the two 
northern gates, since it will be a great help in taking down all the horses 
and foot soldiers running around outside your walls. You'll have to keep it 
repaired though, as it is the first target for all those siege weapons.

As for food, you'll manage to get a lot from the sheep, and you should be able 
to get enough wood to build nine or ten farms. The farms will run out before 
the level is done, but you should still have enough food to keep producing 
more and more knights.

Berenguer will manage to send four or five waves at you before the wonder is 
done, and his platoons will include every type of siege weapon except 
scorpions. Most dangerous are the trebuchets and bombard cannons, especially 
since they fire from beside the protection of the horrible bombard towers to 
the north. You can build some petards to knock out the towers one by one while 
things are quiet, but you might not want to spend that much money. On the 
other hand, getting rid of the towers will allow you to kill off attacks long 
before they reach your base.

Build nothing but knights from your two stables, and keep your monks and 
missionaries beside or in one of your castles to provide much needed healing 
during and after every battle. Forget the blacksmith upgrades - you don't have 
much money and the university upgrades are much more worthwhile in a siege 
level like this. Build a university as soon as you can and work towards buying 
everything it offers. Forget the Imperial Age as well, by the way - there's no 
way you're getting there in this level.

A tower at your western gate is a good idea, and the two upgrades from the 
town centre will help your peasants move faster and your castles and tower see 
farther, which is very helpful if you want to get the drop on all those 
mangonels and rams.

Your pre-emptive attacks on Berenguer should all be pretty much the same: spot 
his legions moving towards you, send your knights racing out to hit the siege 
weapons hard and fast (mangonels are lowest priority, as your castle can reach 
them later), send your knights back to base to get healing from your 
missionaries once all the siege weapons are gone, let your castles delete all 
the other units, replace any lost knights and repair any walls or gates in 
readiness for the next assault.

It's a real headache this level, but keep an eye on the wonder's progress and 
save before and after each wave of Berenguer's forces. Try to grab some melee 
units attacking your walls by targeting them with your missionaries.

Once the wonder is done you've won.


Find the monastery north of the bridge - its missionaries will come in very 
Build nothing but knights.
Buy all upgrades from the university and town centre - the rest can be 
Buy what you need from the marketplace if you can afford it.
Watch your walls and gates and keep them repaired.
One castle isn't enough - build another one at the north walls.
Don't get into scraps with Berenguer's non-siege units - kill off the weapons 
and retreat to the castles.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This one follows on from the previous level, giving you the same base you just 
saved from Berenguer. Two of your enemies are nothing special, but the third 
and last, Yusuf, has a base which will be very difficult to assault from 


Difficulty - 3/3


Defeat the three armies of Yusuf so that Valencia will remain free.
The body of The Cid (near the Castle) must come to no harm, lest the people of 
Valencia realise they've lost their leader.


You can pretty much forget about defending Cid's horse - if you get your base 
protected properly it will never be reached by your enemies.

As soon as the level starts, build peasants and get them started working on 
each of the four resources within your walls. Mine or buy 50 stone quickly, 
which will give you enough to build a castle as close to your southern walls 
as you can get it (touching the stables and archeries). This is critical for 
the remainder of the level.


While you're building peasants and beginning to grab resources fast, take all 
your starting combat units west together until you find the Black Guard Army 
buildings. Get your rams to hit the castle while your other units support 
them. You should be able to win this battle, knock down the castle and take 
care of all the units your turquoise enemy will be sending towards your base. 
You might lose most of your own units, but this extremely early attack will do 
you a big favour in the long run.

Once their castle is down pull everyone back to inside your walls while you 
wait for any stray enemies to come and get hit by your castles and towers. The 
yellows might be attacking from the south, so use your knights to bait them 
along your walls to within range of one of your castles, then clear away any 

The last remnants of the Black Guard Army are up in the north, but there's not 
much there - just some archeries, houses and a siege workshop. Send your own 
rams and horses up there (you should have added a few more knights by now) and 
clear out the rest of their buildings, and you should be able to defeat them 
with no problems.

Get everyone back to base, and make sure your peasants are organised and 
bringing in the resources. Send a horse west of your base to find the 
monastery and build some missionaries if you can afford it.

Your aim here is to have three castles, one north, one in the middle, and a 
third at the south of your base. The northern one won't see much action, but 
it will definitely help get rid of the yellow camels and horses who will be 
hassling your walls and gates. The middle one will help hit some green ships 
soon, but it's that southern one you should have built that will really earn 
back its cost.

You will be under constant attack from the Yusuf ships - fire ships, galleons 
and elite bombard ships. Use your own meagre navy to bait any you see into 
range of your southern castle, then get rid of the out of range bombardiers 
with your ships before they can do much damage. Stick to this bait tactic on 
the seas and the green ships should be pretty easy to take care of.


Don't try this until you have a few trebuchets, accompanied by lots of 
paladins and conquistadors. You should have relocated your lumber operations 
to the north by now, but the stone and gold in or near your base should still 
be going strong. Upgrade everything in sight, then send your army south along 
the coast, with the missionaries bringing up the rear.

You will pretty soon find the castle near the beach, with the town centre and 
several other unit production buildings behind it. Use your horses to deal 
with the yellow horses and camels, as usual, while your trebs get started on 
the buildings. Keep everyone together, as the mamelukes have a way of 
splitting your forces up.

Even if your first attack fails you should still have done the yellows enough 
damage to cripple them badly, and your next army can wipe them out with ease. 
Kill off the last of the peasants, but leave the marketplace standing if you 
can, then trade with it once the Navy has been defeated.

Hunt around this western island for all the gold and stone, then begin 
replenishing your forces, especially your navy. You can also research bombard 
towers from the university, so get some of those up in support of your 
southern castle.

Use your ships to explore the sea. You should find an island in the north with 
a lot of gold on it, but don't go too far east yet, as there are three towers 
(Despair, Desolation, Agony) which can cause your navy serious problems.

______________________________V1.2 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Richard Hochroth <rjhny1@aol.com>

"My suggestion here begins after Black Guard Navy has been destroyed.  We have 
to deal with Yusuf (who is green, not blue in my game for some reason).  It is 
very simple to defeat Yusuf's 3 towers and castles before even setting foot on 
the Yusuf's  big piece of land where his base lies.
1. Establish base on that big island between Yusuf and El Cid where all the 
gold is.  I had my villagers there mining gold.  I built a dock here.  I 
didn't build any bombard towers, but that's definitely an option.  When that 
was done, I transported a trebuchet and took it as far east on that island, 
where the green marsh is.  From there, I was able to knock down the guard 
2. Knocking down this guard tower opens up a new opportunity.  At this point, 
I was building a massive fleet to control the waters.  I took a transport ship 
and a few trebuchets.  I dropped off the trebuchets on the green marsh south 
of where the guard tower used to be.  From there, I knocked down the dock and 
first of the 3 castles.  My navy was protecting the trebuchets and killing off 
any horses/trebuchets that may be attacking my trebuchets from land.
3. After knocking down that first castle, look to the southwest of that marsh.  
There's a huge marsh area.  I dropped my trebuchets off there and pulled the 
navy back a little out of the reach of the second castle.  From there, my 
trebuchets took out the second castle.
4. After that, you can see the second guard tower, the island and that piece 
of land/marsh that sticks out northeast.  I dropped my trebuchets off at the 
tip of that where the marsh is and took out the second guard tower.
5. Repeat the same process to knock out the third guard tower and the third 
castle by finding the pieces of marsh or land adjacent to those structures to 
knock them out.
Now after knocking out the towers and castles, your navy can roam free.  Your 
navy will control the waters of this entire level w/o restrictions.  You now 
can assault Yusuf without guard towers or castles.  I had a HUGE navy at this 
point.  I packed up 4 transport ships filled with villagers, horsemen, and 
trebuchets.  I went to the north part of Yusuf's land and built a castle with 
my massive navy protecting the villagers (this isn't always easy, I had to 
reload once).  I brought 8 villagers and only 1 survived despite enormous 
support from my ships.  My ships were trying to knock out the battering rams 
trying to destroy the castle structure (before it was built), so that allowed 
some horsemen to kill my villagers.  Once I got my castle up and my 
men/trebuchets on Yusuf's land, it was very easy to take out the docks, Town 
Center, and kill all the villagers.

One other thing, while I was preparing my transport ships, I kept my navy on 
Yusuf's coastline and allowed them to do whatever they want.  They were so 
strong that they killed very solider, monk, or horsemen that Yusuf threw at 
them.  There was no guard towers, trebuchets, or castles to harm my ships.  
The only thing at that point to kill my ships were monks, who were easily 
killed.  So while I was gearing up my offensive, my ships were weakening the 
stables and seige workshops that were near the coastline."


Well, all of this would clearly be helpful for the mariners of this game, 
people who have the patience to build and maintain massive navies like you 
obviously did here. Personally I can never be bothered with too many ships and 
prefer to do most or all of my attacking on land, which is why I didn't think 
of doing things your way.

If it works it works, but I still prefer to use the sneaky petard tactic 
below. Your way also has the disadvantage of leaving Yusuf's unit production 
buildings until pretty much last, which isn't doing your ships any favours; 
but it also has the advantage of taking out the guard towers and castles early 
without having to sacrifice ground units. It's a different tactic anyway, so 
thanks a lot for this.
______________________________V1.2 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

As well as the three very dangerous towers, Yusuf has a base with two docks 
and three castles arranged along its coast. The base itself is almost totally 
contained in the eastern corner of the map, and there are several unit 
production buildings in close proximity to each other, not including those 
castles. This is one base that you have to hit hard on your first attempt, or 
else it will all be back again when you return.

After a lot of reloads and different tactics, I've only come up with one way 
of getting rid of these annoying bastards. A castle near their town centre is 
essential, and it's also very important to get rid of their three castles 
first. The castles are the only buildings the peasants won't rebuild, and if 
you can get rid of them and their annoying trebuchets your own castle will 
stand a much greater chance of surviving.

The blues are masters at immediately replacing just about every building you 
can take down, and there will be a constant stream of units coming from their 
multiple unit production buildings. They don't need fortifications with a 
production line this efficient. No matter what armies you take over there, 
Yusuf will always be faster and you'll always be at a disadvantage.

So first things first. Sneak a transport ship along either edge of the map 
(behind the horrible towers on the islands) and get scout cavalry to leave the 
ships and run around inside the base. You can research Spies too, but it tends 
to be pretty expensive here. 

Once you have the layout of the base, including the locations of the castles 
and town centre, the next step is to get rid of the castles. Sneak transports 
in again, but this time put petards and four or five paladins on them. Run the 
paladins around in circles near the castle to draw fire, then send the petards 
in while Yusuf's forces are going for your decoys. Fourteen or fifteen petards 
can take down a castle in one shot, after which you can put your paladins back 
on the transport quickly and beat a retreat. Build another fifteen petards and 
go for the next castle, until all three are gone.

Trying to eradicate the siege workshops, archeries, etc. with petards is a 
waste of time - they just get rebuilt right away. Even the town centre gets 
resurrected as soon as you knock it down.

The only way to keep the pressure on Yusuf's base while you work on taking it 
down is to build your own castle near their town centre. It's dodgy and it 
will attract attention, but if you can get multiple peasants to erect it 
quickly and fend off any assaults with your own combat units, the castle will 
do you a big favour. Yusuf has no more castles from which to build trebuchets, 
and the only other units he has which can harm your castle seriously are the 

Sneak your peasants, paladins and conquistadors in from the west on 
transports, and run all the way up to just south of the blue town centre, with 
everyone on No Attack Stance. Yusuf shouldn't react to your presence until you 
start building your castle, at which point he will steam most of his land 
units towards the building site.

I used eight peasants to get my castle up fast, while letting Yusuf attack my 
paladins and conkies. I lost a lot, but that was OK because I had a lot. The 
castle was built and I dumped everyone left inside immediately. Then I just 
let the castle erase all of Yusuf's units, including the peasants in and 
around the town centre. This makes things a lot easier, because now when you 
start wiping out the unit production buildings with trebuchets or petards from 
your new castle, they will not be rebuilt nearly as fast - or at all if you 
manage to get all the peasants.

The area gets easier with each building destroyed, and soon I had the upper 
hand. To win I just had to kill all the peasants and destroy the docks, having 
killed off just about everything else on the island.

And that's the end of the El Cid campaign.


The Black Guard Army can be wiped out as soon as the level starts.
The most important defense building you can have is a castle in between your 
archeries and stables. Bait enemy ships to within its range.
The Black Guard Navy is just another standard base - nothing special.
Beware of the three towers guarding Yusuf's coastline - they are very tough to 
destroy unless you hit them with trebuchets from nearby land, which is 
difficult to do since the land is Yusuf's.
Use sneaky tactics to weaken Yusuf's base - a full frontal assault will hurt 
you more than him.
Get a castle built in an area of Yusuf's island where it will attract a great 
deal of attention, but make sure there are no blue castles or trebuchets left 
before you start building it.

                                  2.3 MONTEZUMA

Centuries of conquest have allowed the Aztecs to become the mightiest empire 
in Central America, But when strangers appear on the shores of the Caribbean 
Sea, Montezuma, emperor of the Aztecs, is unsure whether they are conquerors 
...or gods. Can a vast empire of warriors using obsidian spears and cotton 
armor hold off mounted invaders armed with metal armour and gunpowder? Will 
the Aztec island-city of Tenochtitlan continue to conquer the Americas, or 
will it crumble beneath these foreign conquerors?

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This level is very simple and you have little choice in what units to fill 
your army with.


Difficulty - 1/3


Capture the 4 shrines (Monasteries) sacred to Quetzalcoatl.
Place a sacred relic in each of the 4 shrines (Monasteries).


Begin the slow process of building up your base. Concentrate on getting all 
the houses you need to take you up to 75, and make sure you explore the area 
to find its boundaries. You should end up with three gates and walls at the 
three entrances to your base, through the trees; and make sure you back each 
entrance up with at least two towers.

The middle entrance will be the most popular, so try parking a mangonel behind 
your gates, on Stand Ground stance. If any enemies do reach your buildings 
near the beginning of the level, just ring the town bell until they're cleared 

Upgrade and so on, but don't bother building anything from your barracks. 
Produce a lot of archers and crossbowmen, as well as three or four rams.

Your base will eventually be fine and your enemies won't be getting past your 
gates and walls without getting mown down by your towers. Wait until you've 
bought all the upgrades, etc., then head through your western gate towards the 
first monastery.

Before you go for the monastery, build a castle just outside your gate and 
start building jaguar warriors. This castle will bear the brunt of the 
enemies' pathetic attacks (no siege weapons) and will pretty much stand 
forever while you get your army built. You should have four groups: jaguars, 
ranged, rams and monks (capture the first monastery and start researching - 
also place the first relic inside it).


You've probably found their first tower just west of your castle - hit it with 
rams and back the rams up with your ranged units. Keep heading west to find 
another tower and do the same again. Head south at the next turn and destroy 
the archery and barracks down in the corner.

Now head north to find the main base: ram the castle and town centre, then 
delete the remaining buildings, keeping your forces close together. Leave the 
marketplace standing, and hunt down and kill the last of the peasants and 
towers to defeat Tlatiluco (check in the middle of the map, as they sometimes 
place a blacksmith or university around there).

Start trading with their marketplace (switch to Ally) while you move on to the 
next enemy.


Relocate everyone to the middle of the map, on the brick road, and start 
hitting whichever purple buildings you find there. Their base lies north west, 
so cut down any of their units who react to your attack, then proceed to the 
west. You will soon find their castle, which is easy enough to ram down. They 
send out annoying scorpions, but they're not hard to charge down with your 
scouts once the castle is out of the way.

This base is just a repeat of the red one - search and destroy. Their unit 
production buildings are mostly in the northern edge of their base, and you 
might have some searching to do to find the last of their peasants.

Before you leave this north west area you should get the second relic into the 
second monastery. You'll have to build a dock on the river, then a transport 
ship to take a monk and some escorts across. There are a few jaguars hanging 
around who might give an unguarded monk some problems, but you'll manage it, 
I'm sure. That's two relics captured.

Now shift everyone back into the middle of the map, on the road leading east 
to the gold and the water. This is the way to your final enemy, so plant 
another castle here and build walls and a gate to the east of it, between the 

Send someone around to the third monastery, south and then east, and stick the 
relic inside.


Leave your second castle where it is while you pull your entire army back to 
your original town centre. The easiest way to attack Tepanaca is through your 
eastern gate, past the pool, through the palisade wall enclosure with the big 
cats in it, and on to the north.

I had five rams, five petards, three monks; and the rest of my army was 
jaguars and ranged units. Park everyone at that pool and smash down the wooden 
walls, then send everyone north along the edge of the map. The orange castle 
is right there, so hit it with rams while your other units explore to the 
west. You should find the town centre, and your five petards can drop it 
immediately, leaving everyone else to wipe out any remaining units and 
peasants. This shouldn't be hard - if you built your second castle right next 
to the batch of gold on the road, the oranges should have been sending all 
their units to attack it and die.

Tepanaca should fall easily, and once they do you should collect your units 
together at the site of their ruined castle. You can get to the last monastery 
by heading north and west, but this one is guarded by a few orange eagle 
warriors. They will destroy the monastery if you don't kill them first, so 
remove them and put the fourth and last relic into the building.

If you've got each relic in each monastery but no victory message is coming 
up, it might be because you switched to Ally with one of your enemies for the 
sake of market trading. Switch back and the level should end.


Build houses quickly, and gates and walls at the three bottlenecks to prevent 
the big bunches of enemies getting at your town centre.
Your enemies cannot possibly stand up to even one castle.
Only capture the relics when you know the monasteries will be safe.
You can build big, cheap armies in this level, so don't waste too many pop. 
slots on peasants.
Sneaking through the back route of an enemy base will always be to your 

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is one of the levels least likely to give you headaches on defense. If 
you know what's going to happen you can nullify all the threats before they 
come, and if you do that then this level will give you no trouble.


Difficulty - 1/3


Deliver the summons of war to the Texcoco town centre.
Deliver the summons of war to the Tlacopan town centre.


Nothing difficult here - just take your guys to the yellow town centre and 
then to the purple one. Neither of your allies seems to like their new orders, 
so bear this in mind for the rest of the level. Note the relic sitting in the 
south of the purple base. There are two more farther north, but they'll be 
revealed later.


A transport ship will appear and start sailing up river, so stop it when you 
see it and offload your peasants onto the east bank. Search the south east 
forest for a big bunch of berries, with gold south of it, among the trees. 
Site your town centre in the clearing with the berry bushes and start 

Your first aim is to get to the Castle Age as soon as possible, so that you 
can build a monastery to grab those relics before anyone else does. You can 
easily reach the Castle Age before your allies, but the quicker you get the 
relics the more gold you'll have. Start trading with their marketplaces too, 
though your carts may be attacked en route to the yellow base.

Build walls and gates at any gaps in the trees which lead to the purple base, 
and build two or three towers beside the river to the west, close enough to 
hit any red ships which may (will) be coming down there later.

Don't build a castle in your base - you won't need it there. Instead build one 
castle right next to the purple town centre, and another right next to the 
yellow town centre (garrison some jaguar warriors in the yellow one). You 
might also want to put some unit production buildings next to each, for 
safety. Build up your armies with whatever you please (include some rams), and 
shift them all to one of the islands north east of the red base, in a good 
position to launch an attack on the red town centre which your allies will 
surely now have discovered for you.

Before you attack the red base, you might want to explore the area north east 
of the yellow base. There is a bridge leading to a gated enclosure, and if you 
break the gate down and go up the hill, past the towers, you get an objective.


The warriors you send in get an apparent attack bonus, though this hardly 
seems like much of a reward to me, given all the trouble you went to.
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

James Hogan <whatisthemeaning@gmail.com>

"I noticed that you made a mistake in your Montezuma, Triple Alliance guide. 
Where you bring the 10 Jaguar Warriors to the temple for them to be upgraded, 
they don't simply get an attack bonus, but they get another 400hp, bringing 
them up to 450hp."


Thanks, I didn't spot this.
______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________


Move west from here and ram their next town centre, deleting any guards in the 
process. Destroy the nearby buildings and then move south to find lots of 
archeries and barracks and a monastery on another island. This place will give 
you the most trouble, so keep your ranged units mobile and your rams protected 
- watch out for ships on the river. And make sure you find and take that relic 
from the middle of this island.

Once this island is cleared out the reds are crippled, so move everyone north 
west to find the back of their base, where they have a poorly defended castle, 
a third town centre and a handful of houses. There's a dock and a mill to the 
north east.

Wipe these out and you're told that there's only one town centre remaining. 
It's south west of the second one, beside another dock. Once it's gone you can 
kill off the red peasants and defeat Tlaxcala.


Yup, your allies stab you in the back. This is where those two castles come in 
pretty useful, since they should now be firing on both town centres. Eject the 
jaguar warriors from your yellow castle to deal with those rams, and hurry 
your main army down to the yellow base and start picking fights around your 
castle. Build petards from it to delete the yellow buildings quickly, and 
build backup units from your other buildings to quickly erase the yellow 

Now do the same again with Texcoco. Your castle in the purple base might be 
pretty damaged by now, but the best the purples can do is mangonels, so your 
castle should be able to defeat the purples on its own. If not, get some units 
over there to help out.

Once both your former allies are finished a new threat appears in the far 
north, allowing a nice segue into the next level.


Picking up the relics fast from the purple base will allow you to forget about 
building gold miners, leaving more space for a bigger army.
Build castles and unit production buildings next to the town centres of each 
of your allies.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This level can be hell if you don't do it right. 99% of the difficulty comes 
from the protection afforded to the Spanish by the ships on the river - get 
rid of them and it's just another base you have to attack.


Difficulty - 2/3


Defeat the Tlaxcalans.


Forget about saving your allies - I've built a castle next to their town 
centre to help them out, yet they still managed to be defeated. You have 
enough trouble getting your own base in order, so ignore Tabasco altogether.

The best way to defend your base is to get your stone up quickly, build gates, 
walls and towers at all the routes into your base except for the western one, 
then build a castle just beside that western entrance, so that all your 
enemies will be fed through there and have to pass your castle.

For defense units rely on eagle and jaguar warriors, and just build and 
develop your base while you let your castle do the majority of your defending.  
Your warriors should be able to chase down and kill off any rams or bombard 
cannons who try to sneak in.


You will soon run out of gold and stone, so search to the north for more. You 
should be able to buy or scrape together enough stone for a second castle, so 
build it just next to the palisade walls with the gap in it, east of the 
bridge leading into the Tlaxcalans' base. This castle will catch pretty much 
all their combat units, and they have no dangerous siege weapons to hit you 
with. Build some more unit production buildings south of your castle, and 
start mining the gold and stone nearby once you've taken care of the red 
towers on the bridge.

If you've reached the Imperial Age you can use trebs to attack the red base; 
but if not just use your upgraded rams. Head north of the bridge first, to 
find the monastery and university in a walled enclosure. Once this area is 
clear advance slowly across the bridge, protecting your rams with ranged 
units, and protecting your ranged units with monks and warriors. You will find 
the castle to the west, so ram it to the ground and hit the town centre to the 
north east. There's another town centre west of the castle, and once that's 
gone it's just about over for Tlaxcala, and you can start mining all the gold 
they were hoarding.

Their defeat will trigger another objective.



Since capturing the horses necessitates going into the Spanish base and 
erasing a lot of their buildings, I'll approach this second half of the level 
as though you're intending to eradicate your blue enemies altogether.

Another thing about the horses: they're trapped in palisade walled pens, and 
your allies have an annoying tendency to attack and destroy these walls and 
gain control of the horses. The Spanish react to the horses as though they 
were enemy units, and they head through the broken walls and kill them off. 
You may not even be able to get 20 if this happens to you.


What makes Cortez so irritating is his elite bombard galleons, who are ranged 
up and down the central river. The Spanish don't have a dock and they won't 
build one, so at least no more ships will appear once you've taken down the 
first lot. But you won't believe how many units you can lose if you just 
blunder into his base without taking measures against those ships.

First of all, don't bother building a dock. Without going into detail, it's a 
waste of time, no matter where you put it.

Secondly, don't even go near the river until Tlaxcala has been defeated. Stick 
a castle at the river crossing just beside where your ally's town centre used 
to be, then build some more unit production buildings west of it. This will be 
your new base from which to attack Cortez.

Get your army together and make sure you include five or six trebuchets (kill 
off most of your stone miners, farmers and lumberjacks to make room - you 
should have tons of resources by now). From the site of your ally's old town 
centre, head due north to the trees and farther north until you find the river 

Use your trebuchets' line of sight to find the two galleons and target and 
destroy them if you can, protecting your trebs from Cortez's ground units with 
your own archers and crossbowmen. Only advance east along the little 
archipelago once those two ships are gone.

Send your rams east before any other units and get them to hit the stable and 
whatever other buildings are at the north end of the Spanish base. Your rams 
will be getting hit by bombard cannons, so rush your faster units in and get 
rid of the bombardiers fast, as they can give you big problems. With their 
siege weapons gone the Spanish find themselves in trouble, and they should 
have few guards inside their base, since most of them will have been sent to 
die against your castle walls.

Destroy the town centre and the other nearby buildings with your trebuchets - 
hit those two monasteries to the south west as well. There are two more 
galleons in the water on the east edge of the map, so use your trebuchets 
again and don't head south until the ships are gone.

From here it's a stroll. The Spanish are all but defeated at this point, and 
your ranged units will be picking off peasants and stray combat units. Take 
out the two towers to the south; a guard tower on the near side of the river 
and a bombard tower on the other side. Head south over the river with 
everything you have, hugging the trees to the east to avoid the castle to the 
west. Start using your trebuchets again, and be aware that, as well as the 
castle to the west, there is a siege workshop a little to the south, guarded 
by bombard cannons (probably). There are also two more towers farther south, 
one of which is a bombardier.

None of this should give you too much trouble, and once it's all gone you can 
research Spies from the castle and start clearing out the remaining blue 
units. You might have missed a bombard tower in the south east, or the odd 
peasant or even a ship. Erasing them all wins you the map.


Ignore your allies.
Build a castle in your base and use walls and gates to feed your enemies 
towards it - guard the castle with a few melee units to defend against rams 
and bombard cannons.
The batches of stone and gold south of the red base are the ones you should go 
to when your initial stocks run out.
Your ally's old territory makes a good place for a secondary base.
Clear out the river of as many ships as you can before assaulting the blue 

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


A horrible mission if you do what the computer expects you to do. So don't.


Difficulty - 1/3


Destroy the Spanish wonder to end their influence in Tenochtitlan.


Head south along the edge of the map until you meet a bunch of other units who 
will join you, and get a new objective.


Go back north to your starting point, then farther north to find another lone 
eagle warrior, then farther to find two bunches of red goons guarding two 
transport ships. Pick a fight with the bunch on the left and get the 
transports, then take out the other bunch if they approach.


Take all your units north on the transports, then unload them on the north 
beach. Destroy the two conquistadors and head north to the corner of the map.

You will find an enclosure with some jaguars inside, and you can destroy the 
walls with your ranged units to set the jaguars free. They should attack the 
monk but they might also attack you too when you pass. I prefer to just rush 
the monk and kill him.

From here head east to find a mangonel, and use it along with your other units 
to take out the six guards. Farther east are some buildings and a tower - 
destroy the tower with the mangonel, but ignore the other buildings (kill the 

You can get more units from the next enclosure to the east, and you'll get 
into a fight with more red guards on the bridges. Don't go any farther east - 
there's a castle over there.

Kill off that ship with your ranged units and mangonel, then take everyone 
down the bridge until you hit the island. Make sure all your units are on No 
Attack Stance here, and stop them at the end of the bridge.

At this point the game wants you to rush everyone onto those transports and 
head far south to start a base, but this is pointless bollocks. If you want to 
do this, fine, but this walkthrough doesn't cover such a strategy. Building a 
base (with some free buildings) down there results in constant - and I do mean 
constant - hassle from enemy ships, and you end up being extremely frustrated 
spending all your time getting rid of more and more galleons.

Instead I prefer to destroy the gate on the west wall with my mangonel, and 
use my other units to fend off any enemies who come to investigate (there 
should be hardly any). Removing the gate takes time, but you'll have enough if 
you stick with it.

Once it's gone, move all your units through the gap and down across the little 
bridge to the south east. Head due east from here to find one peasant working 
on the wonder. Kill him with your ranged units then send some melee units to 
attack the building site, while your mangonel attacks the middle of it. Try to 
have your units attack the wonder while remaining out of range of the two 
castles behind it.

This will of course draw unwanted attention, so keep your eyes open for 
mangonels, missionaries and conquistadors. If you hit them before they can hit 
you, and keep your mangonel battering away at the wonder, you can have it down 
and the level won without ever having to build a thing.


When you find the first yellow gate you can have your mangonel attack it while 
the rest of your units remain on No Attack Stance.
Keep your mangonel attacking the wonder, while the rest of your units protect 
it from the nearby guards.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is another one that stops being tricky when you get what the trick is. 
The game makes a big deal about telling you to defend your given bases, but 
you can almost forget about them entirely.

Once you get the defense of your real base sorted, the level becomes another 
build-and-direct fest.


Difficulty - 2/3


Defeat the Tlaxcalans and Spanish.


You start off in a precarious position with no room to build, so take all the 
units you have (apart from your ships) and send them to the north west corner 
of the map. Build a lot more peasants, and explore the seas while your units 
move to the site of their new base. If you do this level right you won't lose 
any of these buildings.

Build a town centre in the clearing north of the westernmost beach, just 
beside the stone. Don't go too far east though, as there is a dangerous 
bombard tower lurking. You will also have been told of a new objective.




You can deal with this later. Right now your aim is to get your town up and 
running and properly defended. You should get surprisingly little hassle from 
enemy ships, despite what the Hints window tells you. It's not hard to have an 
armada of fifteen or more ships scouring the seas, and they can easily mop up 
any fleets the blues send at your docks.

The quickest way to get rid of the pesky tower is to take a fast unit along 
the beach and around to the north, to the back of the tower (stay out of its 
reach). You should find a ruined building and some trade carts. Send the trade 
carts down to the south east corner of the map, where your flagged castle is. 
Make sure you send the carts into the flags one at a time so you get all five 

If you get the bombards captured and back up to your north west base as fast 
as you can, you can destroy the tower before the blues' first attack, which 
will consist of mostly siege weapons. If the tower is gone your units can get 
in at the blue bombards much more easily.

Tlaxcala will also be sending units your way, but nothing that a ring of the 
town bell can't solve. Keep an eye on the perimeter of your base until you 
have enough stone to build walls in between the clumps of trees. You can then 
build a castle just next to that ruined building you found, and use your walls 
to feed your enemies towards that very spot. This makes defending your base 
much easier.

As for how to plan your town: build your unit production buildings in the very 
north west corner, west of the enclosure full of horses, whose gate you can 
knock down to send the horses all the way back to the flags for some cavalry. 
Don't build a castle near your town centre, because there's not a lot of stone 
about. Just surround it with walls and the odd tower to keep a watch.

Build a mill down at the berry bushes while you're trying to get your first 
stocks of food up, but build the farms around your town centre for safety.

You can mine the stone north of the ruined building once the initial batch is 
gone, and there is an island with tons of gold on it due east of your north 
west base.

Once your infrastructure is in place start filling up your much bigger than 
usual pop. limit with mostly basic units. Upgrade everything to hell from the 
university, etc. Make sure you include some trebuchets to complement your 
bombards, and stick in some monks and petards too. Your ships can do nicely 
with between ten and fifteen units.

By the way, if you feel like exploring for some bounty, try dropping some 
units off in a transport ship in the very south east corner of the map. From 
here you can head north along the map's edge to find more gold, horses, trade 
carts and a relic.

Build some more unit production buildings around the castle you built south of 
the big crop of stone, and prepare to attack Tlaxcala.


This is pretty easy, but a bit messy too. Push everyone east and use your 
trebuchets' line of sight to see what's ahead. Hit the north part of their 
base first, and try to kill off the two blue towers east of the red buildings.
There's a castle to the south, among most of the rest of their buildings, and 
the only real trouble comes from trying to delete the scorpions while avoiding 
the castle. Drop everything with trebuchets and guard them with every other 
unit. Leave your bombards out of this by the way - they're too weak both 
defensively and offensively.

As long as you keep everyone together, don't let your archers or warriors 
range too far ahead, and take out the buildings one by one, Tlaxcala will have 
no chance. Once they're gone you have the slightly more dangerous Spanish to 
take care of.


Pull everyone back from the destruction of the red base and regroup. Fill out 
your army to the max again (though you'll hardly need it), and send your ships 
along the coast to get rid of any blue ships hovering around, ready to hit at 
your passing ground units.

Hit the north castle with your trebuchets first, and use your bombards to wipe 
out any blue trebuchets that might be guarding the castle. The blues will 
throw a few other ground units at you, but by this point they should have not 
much left in their arsenal, and any blue units coming down that hill can just 
stroll into a barrage of arrows and crossbow bolts.

With the castle gone you can advance east up the hill to find their town 
centre. They may have one or two towers, and be trying pathetically to build 
some rams from the siege workshop, but your army can just roll over this place 
in seconds, leading to victory.


Build lots of peasants from your first town centre but send them all north 
west to start a new base.
Try to find the trade carts very quickly, then send them back to the flags 
(one by one) and send the bombards up to hit that bombard tower in the north - 
this will let you fend off the first blue ground attack much more easily.
Bottleneck your enemies into approaching your outer castle, otherwise they can 
sneak into your base from lots of different places.
Don't go overboard with the number of ships you build - you really won't need 
more than fifteen.
Explore the eastern peninsula for some bonuses, including a relic.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This level looks and sounds a lot tougher than it is, so I can't really give 
it the highest difficulty rating. If you're quick at responding to warnings of 
attack you can direct your forces easily, especially since two of your three 
enemies keep mindlessly throwing units against your fortifications, while the 
third produces armies made of piffle.


Difficulty - 2/3


Defeat the Tlaxcala, the Spanish Army and the Spanish Navy.


Erm, yes. Well, it should be pretty obvious that you need some fast 
fortifications fast, with all speed. You've got three town centres, each with 
some peasants scattered around them. Get resourcing and building more peasants 
- you especially want stone.

The aim is to get enough stone to build a castle on the northern tip of your 
base, between the dock and the gate leading north west; and another castle 
away down to the south west on the island where the three long bridges meet.

That's a lot of stone, so get cracking on those peasants. You're back to a 
pathetic 75 pop. limit again, so start building an army while you put your 
first castle on the south west island. Destroy the two barracks first, and 
kill the red peasants going for the gold. Once the castle is up, build another 
archery, a barracks, a monastery and gates at the bridge to stop the purple 

That castle can defend your troops while you build them up from here. Bung in 
at least four trebuchets before you hit your limit. While you're building this 
first army you should also be building a second castle on the north tip of 
your base, since this area will see action from both the purples and the 
blues. Make sure you build ten or more ships from the nearby dock, and get 
them to sit right next to your castle - you will need these ships to kill any 
bombards, mangonels or trebuchets who will come along that north west bridge. 
They can also bait blue ships into range of your castle.


Once your southern army is ready send them along the south east bridge. Your 
trebuchets will spot the tower and castle at the end, so knock them down while 
your other units protect the trebuchets. Clear out as many of the red 
buildings as you can - there are more farther south east. You might not make 
it all the way to a red defeat on this first try, but you should have done the 
reds a lot of damage and destroyed a lot of buildings before your last unit 

Replenish your army if you need to from the mini-base you've just built, and 
keep an eye on that second castle and the health of your ships. Once your 
second bash at the reds is up and running, send them south and finish off the 
remainder of the red buildings and units. They offer little in the way of 
defense - they may have another castle way down to the south, but nothing your 
trebuchets can't smash. You should manage to defeat the reds on this second 
go, which means you now have a lot of breathing room, not to mention tons of 
undefended gold.

While your army was away you should not have run into too much trouble from 
the other two enemies. The blue ships may succeed in knocking out a couple of 
towers, but send your own ships over there as soon as you get any warning. If 
you can also manage to kill off the purple siege weapons before they get along 
that north west bridge, the lesser purple units can all be caught by your 
northern castle. You're basically defending your whole main base with ten or 
so ships.

Before you attack Cortez's Army, make sure all your peasants are still finding 
resources, that your gold miners have been relocated to the old red territory, 
that everything is upgraded and repaired (including ships), and that all gates 
and walls are intact. You won't be needing them for much longer anyway, but my 
main base got jumped by a transport full of purple knights while I was away 
attacking their base. Ring the town bells if you do get invaded unexpectedly, 
and keep one or two spare eagle warriors handy around your main base - they 
are fast enough to bait invaders towards a castle.


After attacking and defeating the reds, your main army should be back at your 
south west castle, fully replenished and healed. Send them up the long north 
west bridge to the grass, then go west and north again, around the trees, 
along the edge of the map to find a castle guarded by some conquistadors and 
maybe a trebuchet. Destroy the castle with the trebs while your ranged units 
take care of everything else. 

Work your way up and along from here - there is very little else to say. Your 
army should be more than capable of deleting whatever else the purples have in 
store, and their second castle and town centre is east of your position, at 
the top of that short bridge. Kill the peasants and say bye-bye to Cortez's 

Before you pull your armies back home to reorganise then, send someone along 
the north edge of the map until you find the powerful elite turtle ships. 
There are three of them, and I strongly suggest adding them to your fleet of 
lesser ships with no further delay.


This couldn't be simpler. Send a peasant all the way down to the south of the 
map, where you finished off the reds earlier, and send your entire army (minus 
the ships) down after him. Build a dock and a couple of transport ships in the 
bottom corner and then load your army and that peasant onto the ships.

Go east, sticking to the bottom edge of the map, until you reach the far 
coast. Don't go north around it, as the rest of this coast is defended by 
bombard towers all the way along.

Disembark at the bottom of the coast, then send everyone east and up the hill 
to the clearing. Build a castle here, as well as any other unit production 
buildings, and you're laughing. Start exploring to the east with trebuchets, 
backing them up with everyone else. I only met some lumberjacks on my way to 
the town centre, and once I destroyed it Cortez's Navy resigned, leaving me 

If for some reason you're required to eradicate the whole base, just keep 
revealing the fog of war with your trebuchets and take it slow and easy, 
replenishing any forces you lose from your castle, etc. The blues are - 
predictably for a navy - very reliant on ships, which leaves almost no room 
for ground units in their army. Bad news for them if you decide to attack on 

Once Cortez's Navy is defeated you have completed the Montezuma campaign.


As usual, castles save the day. Build one on the island where the three 
bridges meet, and another one east of your north west gate.
Putting gates at the long bridge will prevent the purples and reds from 
constantly invading your base - this is critical.
If you keep an eye on your ten to fifteen ships they can fend off both the 
purple and blue attacks constantly.
Watch your towers and castles - they will often need repaired.
You won't need many monks in this level - stick with one or two and flesh out 
the majority of your army with warriors and crossbowmen.
Pick up the elite turtle ships in the north.
Don't waste time, money and energy by attacking the Navy with your own ships - 
sneak around the back and destroy their town centre over land.

                          2.4 BATTLES OF THE CONQUERORS

Certain names ring down through history as men and women who shaped the world. 
Some were forces of chaos, destructive and rapacious. Some were men of honor 
who fought for the right. Some defended their homelands from invaders, while 
others used their military might to violently acquire the lands of others. 
Battles such as Agincourt, Manzikert and Hastings are remembered as turning 
points in world history, and names such as Henry V, Yi Sun-shin and Erik the 
Red are etched forever as great conquerors. Now relive their tragedies and 

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is a great little stop-start mission, in which you have to watch the 
health of every unit you have. Keep your minimal forces organised and in 
support of each other and you can stroll this one.


Difficulty - 1/3


King Henry V must survive.


Straight away you're under attack, and it's tough to organise your forces. 
Collect your archers into the one group quickly and start hitting the greens, 
move your three monks to just behind them, and collect all your melee units 
into the one group, pulling your two rams to safety in the rear. Keep everyone 
away from the towers while you mop up this first assault, then head north. If 
you manage to keep all your monks and both your rams you did well.

By the way, you should use your monks to capture as many units as you can 
rather than kill your enemies off. You'll have to kill most enemy units, but 
grab some where you can.


Easier said than done. Stop your forces just south of the Voyeni gate, and 
keep your rams and melee units back on the road, out of the way. Send your 
monks and archers a little east until you see the peasants at the mill, but 
don't attack the peasants with the archers (put them on No Attack Stance). Get 
your archers to manually attack and kill every Voyeni combat unit who will 
come at them along this eastern pass.


You need all the help you can get in this mission, and Voyeni is not a 
dangerous place. Once your archers have killed the units heading their way, 
use your monks to convert the two peasants and quickly pull them west to 
beside your melee units - they can repair your rams with your limited lumber. 
Try to convert a knight too, if you can, then send everyone north to the gate.

Park your archers just outside the gate and change stance to Defensive. They 
will fire through the gate at the archery, but they'll target any green units 
who appear too. Get your rams to knock down the gate while your archers 
protect the rams, and keep healing with your monks. The rams will destroy the 
gate and let you through, but only take your archers and monks again.

Switch stance back to No Attack on your archers, and get your monks to capture 
all the peasants here, while you target any combat units with the archers. 
After a minute or so the Voyeni will only send out units very slowly, so send 
in your two rams to hit the university (attack it from the north corner, or 
the castle to the south will be able to reach them).

Defend your rams while they work, and once the university is gone your 
archers' ammo gets upgraded to fire arrows. Now get your two rams and all your 
archers to attack that castle (send rams in first). Target any units you see 
as soon as they appear, and your archers and rams should be able to take the 
castle down with no casualties. Shift everyone to the bottom of the bridge and 
attack the south gate with your rams.

By this point you will probably be running out of lumber to repair the rams 
with, if you haven't already. Once the lumber is gone the peasants are almost 
useless, but keep them for now - you can use them as decoys later.


You get this objective when you go far enough south to find the Amiens gate 
and towers on the hill. Attack the towers with your archers, healing them with  
your monks if they get hit, then attack the gate with archers and rams once 
the towers are gone. Move inside the walls, through the second gate, then 
attack and destroy the blacksmith for the upgrades. Avoid the castle to the 

Take everyone back outside, past Frevent, and go across the river and north 
until you're told about the French castle, and Henry does his line. I thought 
this was from Richard III, but maybe I'm wrong...

Anyway, position your 'army' just south of the bunch of blue knights. Send 
your now useless rams and any peasants you have in first to draw their 
attention, then hit them with everything else, keeping your monks in the rear. 
It doesn't really matter if you lose most of your units, just so long as Henry 


Smash the wall down and approach the trebuchet to capture it. Pull it out of 
the reach of the towers then start hitting the two nearest towers with it.

From here you can just send Henry running around to the west and then south on 
his own. He will pass the castle without getting hit by it, then pass some 
more towers, as well as some French knights around the dock, but if you keep 
him running he can make it to the ship with plenty of health to spare. 


Stick him aboard the transport and leave the docks, heading over to the red 
flagged area. When he disembarks you've won.


The first battle is the most important, as it determines the units you will 
have to approach the rest of the level with. At least save all three monks, 
both rams, and Henry, and you should be OK.
Don't bother heading north past Voyeni's west gate.
You have to pass through Voyeni, so you might as well go for the university.
You can skip Amiens, but the upgrade is worth it.
Frevent is only useful if you want to capture more units.
Once the French knights at the castle are gone you can send Henry running the 
gauntlet to the end.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This mission never really gets difficult, in spite of all its potential. Two 
of the three enemy bases are pathetically easy to eliminate, and the third can 
be taken down without you ever having to see it.


Difficulty - 1/3


William the Conqueror must survive.
Conquer England by destroying the castle of Harold the Saxon (orange).


You start off with a few buildings, but not much room to build more. Start 
harvesting and become more and more aware of the fact that you have no 
frigging stone nearby. There's more gold to the east of your castle. Don't 
waste what stone you have, just build up the usual low level army. Bung in a 
couple of rams, but you won't be needing siege weapons for this first stage.

Soon you get a message about allying with Harald Hardraade. This is a good 
idea, but only do it once you've built houses to 100 and maxed out your pop. 


As for base defense, there's nothing very tough coming your way. It's all 
pikemen and champions - no siege or ranged weapons, no monks... They'll be 
attacking through the gap in the north wall, so ring the town bell and bait 
any invaders to within range of your castle (don't even bother with Murder 
Holes from the university yet - it's not worth it for a few piddling units). 
Explore outside your base and do what you can to get rid of any towers and 
lurking yellows.

Once the area is clear you can explore to the south of your island, over the 
bridge and find the minuscule base of Harold's Raiders. They have quite a few 
melee soldiers and a couple of scorpions, but your army of upgraded knights, 
cavalry archers and monks can erase them easily. The precious stone you need 
is east of here, up on a cliff, and there is more gold east of that, guarded 
by a tower.

You've probably allied with Harald Hardraade by now, so build a castle on the 
west coast of the area north of that little bridge, and build a dock just 
south of it. Build a few galleons for protection, and a trebuchet to knock out 
the dock and the tower on the far shore. Now build a transport and go and pick 
up Harald's berserks (have Careening researched).

By the way, you also get the excellent longboats when you sign up with 
Hardraade, so add them to your navy and keep them repaired.

The stone and gold you found will soon run out, but you can send your peasants 
over to that revealed island to get more. Don't go there yet though - instead 
go to the south corner of the map to find another island with lots of stone 
and a yellow mining camp. Once that stone is gone it's time to move off your 
first island and do something about your remaining enemies. Upgrade everything 
in sight and let's move on.


This is really easy - ships are obviously this enemy's strength, so their 
threat is pretty much nullified if you take out their town on the land. Use 
transports to send all your units (and all your miners) over to the southern 
shore of the Saxon Navy's long island (leave behind a couple of paladins at 
your town centre - the Navy will keep sending units over occasionally). Head 
north and clear out their pathetic town, then build a castle or two south of 
the bridge. Wall and gate the bridge off, build a couple of towers behind the 
gate, and block the gap past the cliffs to the west. Harold will be sending 
lots of little unorganised melee units at you, but two castles and two towers 
at the gate cut them down fast.

Now build a few unit production buildings behind your castles and fill out 
your army. By this time I had loads of paladins and cavalry archers, all of 
Hardraade's berserks (and Harald himself), a few monks, some trebuchets and 
four rams. This was more than enough - remember you only have to destroy 
Harold's castle to the north, and it's not the most well protected thing ever.

By the way, the Navy won't be defeated yet, but their town centre is gone, so 
they might send any remaining ships they have against your eastern island. Use 
your own small navy to bait them towards the castle and then the Navy is done 
and dusted. The Navy also has a small base in the north west corner of the map 
from which they produce all their ground units, but you can ignore this 


Back west, once you think you're ready just send everyone over the bridge and 
attack the two towers and gate just up the road with your trebuchets. Harold 
will empty his base at you, but the berserks, archers and paladins combined 
will soak this up, no problem. Now just head farther north until your trebs 
spot the castle - smash it floorwards and win the level.


Take Hardraade's help, but only after your population is full.
Don't underestimate the yellows - they have units who can quickly cut down 
your knights.
A castle on the western tip of your island can sink all of the Navy's ships - 
but back it up with a few galleons of your own to bait them in.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~

 2.4.3 KYOTO

This level is really off-putting, what with Kyoto's strength, your weakness 
and the constant timers. But do it sneakily and cleverly and it stops being 
tough and becomes fun.


Difficulty - 2/3


Your lord, Nobunaga, is trapped in Kyoto. You must rescue him to restore his 


As soon as you begin you get a kicking and a new objective.


Move your fire ships north east, let your ally's transports drop your units on 
land, and get another objective.


Watch as the saboteurs punch a hole in the red wall, and move in to kill off 
whomever you find. Head north west and pick up some bombards with which you 
can destroy the gate and head into the next section. Kill off the ram and the 
castle up to the north east, then go back into the first section and knock out 
the gate in the east wall. Head through to the town centre to capture it. The 
gate will magically rebuild itself and the peasants will die.

You need to start building fast, because this level keeps getting timers put 
on it. The Kyoto monks will keep grabbing the relics and transporting them 
from monastery to monastery, and you have to kill off each monastery to reset 
the timer.

Anyway, get building and mining - there is stone south east and gold through 
the gate to the west. Once that stone runs out there is more to the west, 
beyond the red walls. Build a university with Murder Holes when you can, then 
build a castle just north of the red mill, and then destroy the two sets of 
gates north west of your castle - this will allow you to ignore the blues from 
here on, since they will all come through this tunnel and run into your 
castle, though you should keep a couple of samurai garrisoned inside in case 
they send rams.


I used to think this was tricky, but it's actually quite easy with my 
splendiferous strategies. You have to destroy those three castles in the 
minimap, but more immediately you have to destroy the monasteries which should 
also be revealed (one by one, depending on where the relics are currently 
held). The first monastery is in the north, across the water, and you're only 
getting over there by building a dock and some transports.

Build your first dock on the south east coast of the island you're on, just 
east of your base. Build one transport and send it north east along the coast, 
through the broken bridge and round to the northernmost point of the island. 
Send a peasant and your four bombards up to it from your base (there's another 
castle somewhere west of the east coast - bombard it when you see it) and 
stick them on board.

Send your ship north east and alight your units at the closest part of land 
opposite the island you just left, the area which has grass and flecks of snow 
on it. Build a castle right on the coast, as close to your old island as you 
can, then build a dock west of it, tucked into the corner of the beach. Build 
a stable north of your castle, out of the way. This will be your base of 
operations from now on.

From now on you should concentrate on building three units: galleons from your 
north dock; trebuchets from your north castle; and a handful of knights from 
your north stable (four or five). Be sure to research Kataparuto from the 
castle - it comes in immensely handy here; and Siege Engineers from your 
university. Make sure you have about ten peasants on food and lumber, and 
seven or eight each on gold and stone.

The monks will soon start their first countdown, if they haven't already, so 
build four or five trebuchets from your north castle and send them and your 
bombards over to the Kyoto wall and knock down the towers. The trebuchets can 
reach over the wall to hit the monastery, and the timer will be reset. Quickly 
pull back your siege units to the castle, because Kyoto might send some monks 
and / or trebs of their own to counter-attack - nothing major though.

By the way, you can build a monastery next to your north castle, then build 
five monks and send them in straight after your siege units have finished off 
the monastery (they'll have to knock a hole in the wall to let the monks 
through). Kill off the enemy monks with your knights, then grab the relics and 
capture them for yourself, and you won't have to worry about any more 
countdowns. I'll continue as though you haven't bothered to do this - it's not 
necessary anyway.

Hopefully you now have about ten galleons in your armada, so keep them 
patrolling between your two docks, as Kyoto will be sending galleons and 
bombard ships around every so often.


The monks will now have moved their relics to the next monastery, and the 
counter will soon begin again. You're in a good position now though, and you 
can send more trebuchets down along the wall (kill off the towers as you pass) 
to hit the first castle and the gate. You might lose one or two of your siege 
units here (keep your bombards at the back, since you can't replace them), but 
pull them back to the castle as soon as Kyoto's first castle is downed.


Once the first castle is gone you can repair your trebuchets and bombards. 
Send them north this time until you find the gate up the hill, knock it down 
(bring along some knights just in case), and head in. There should be little 
resistance on the way to the next castle, but once you get within range - 
north west of the castle, behind the trees - Kyoto will respond as soon as 
your trebuchets go for the castle.

Ignore their attack and send your trebs around to the south as soon as the 
castle goes down. You should have saved just before launching your 
bombardments, so make sure the monastery goes down on this attack too. If not, 
reload and try again until you get both buildings and the counter resets. 
Don't worry about losing all of your siege units in here - this is normal and 
not an issue.

Anyway, you now want to take any and all siege units you have (you only need 
three trebuchets) all the way south to where you built that first dock earlier 
(it may have been destroyed by now - this is not a problem). Build another 
dock in the same place as the first one if it's gone; then build a new 
transport down here. Kyoto might try to attack this new dock as well, so bring 
your own ships down if this is the case. Pile your siege units aboard and head 
east to the cliffs.

Do all this quickly, because the monks are at it again.


Sail north west along the cliffs until you find the first bit of snowy beach, 
just south east of the third and last castle. Drop off your siege units on 
this little smidgen of land and get them to hit the castle from over the wall. 
Kyoto will respond with ships and maybe a couple of scorpions, but if you have 
even three fully upgraded siege units it won't matter.

Once the third castle is gone you win, and sod those bloody monks.

Incidentally, there is another way to approach this level, and it cuts out 
having to bother with ships (mostly). If you build one transport ship from a 
dock next to your first town centre, then send everyone you have over to the 
very south shores of the Kyoto island, you can head north east to find a ton 
of gold and a load of bamboo sticks. This is a good place for a base, and you 
can attack the castles over land. Try this if you want, but I tend to go with 
the above tactics, since there are timers in effect.


One castle and a cleverly opened gauntlet route can nullify any threat from 
the blues in the north west.
Don't waste your time and money building loads of knights, samurai, cavalry, 
etc. You can do this entire level with a handful of siege weapons and one 
transport ship.
Upgrade your siege weapons - it makes a big difference.
Losing all the units you send at the second castle and monastery is expected, 
and well worth it if you get both buildings at once.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~

 2.4.4 LEPANTO

This is the worst of the Conquerors missions, at least in terms of likelihood 
of getting a headache. The first time I saw it I couldn't believe it was 
possible, but it is, otherwise this guide would suck balls.

I've given it 3/3 even though it can sometimes be easy. If you do it even half 
right you can get away with it and be wondering what all the fuss was about; 
but if you do it wrong it will go very wrong, and you will lose.


Difficulty - 3/3


Complete and then defend your Wonder from the Turkish navy for 200 years.


It's difficult to know what to do first, but the obvious thing is, in spite of 
the game's advice, to get all the peasants around the wonder's building site 
working on it. Build some more peasants from your town centre in the 
east and target them to mine the gold away down to the west. At the same time 
you will have to fend off the first Turkish assault on the seas, using your 
own bunch of starting ships. Target the cannon galleons - your towers can take 
care of their galleons if you lose your fleet.

The biggest problem here is the transport ships. You can get your wonder built 
long before the first transport ships approach, but this level is won or lost 
depending on whether you can catch and kill the transports before they land on 
your shores. If your ships can chase them down before they arrive then you 
will have little trouble defending your wonder, but if you miss even one or 
two they can give you big headaches, especially since the Turks are cheating 
by getting far more units than normal on each transport.

One bright spot comes soon after your wonder is completed, when the Greeks 
present you with a proposal.


Hopefully you have the gold to give them. They reveal a great deal of the map, 
allowing you to predict more easily where the transports will be coming from, 
and they will also periodically tribute you with valuable resources. This 
level is like Space Invaders.

There's not really much else to say here. Your own peasants combined with the 
Greek tributes can help you build more and more ships, and you can even stick 
most of your peasants on stone mining to enable you to build and replace 
towers, or even a castle. Your only maritime aim is to try to catch as many of 
the transports as you can on the way in. The attacks by combat ships die down 
quickly, and the landing units are the main danger. On my second go at this 
level I caught and killed the first two or three transports, but none of the 
rest. This turned out to be enough, mainly because I got my wonder built as 
soon as possible.

There is one very important transport ship you will definitely want to catch. 
It lands right next to your western dock and it unloads petards and bombards, 
among other things. This is far too close to your wonder for comfort - cut 
this one down as a priority before it offloads its cargo.

The best tactic I can suggest is to play the level through a couple of times, 
getting as far as you can. Then on your first serious try have four or five 
galleons aggressively patrolling each of the landing sites you've learned 
about in previous attempts. You won't get all of the transports but you'll get 
a great deal, and this should be enough since the ground units are too dumb to 
go straight to your wonder and attack it. 

Your walls and gates do you a favour here too - most of the units I 
encountered just stood there hacking at the walls randomly. Take all your 
starting mangonels and dump them in the wonder's enclosure - they can attack 
any encroaching enemies from over the walls, and they help a lot. Your ships 
can also get close enough to the beach to hit any bombards, which are the most 
dangerous of the ground units.

By the way, you can build a castle right next to your wonder as soon as it's 
done - just buy enough extra stone from the marketplace and let the castle 
provide that little bit of added security. It's very, very worth it, since you 
won't be using the stone for anything else.

200 years sounds like a lot, but it's not really. You might do better than you 


Get all your peasants working on building the wonder.
Don't bother building any land units - if your ships are clever enough you 
won't need them.
Try learning of the specific landing sites and then plan your ships' patrols 
Take the Greeks' help when they offer it - I know it's expensive but it's 
worth it.
Your galleons can hit the dangerous bombard cannons from the water.
Another castle or two will help, if you can afford them.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This level isn't hard, just long-winded. There's a fair bit of waiting around 
for resources, and it's hard to know what exactly to build when you're just 


Difficulty - 1/3


Receive tributes from the Theme of Galatia by capturing their Town Center.
Receive tributes from the Theme of Pisidia by capturing their Town Center.
Receive tributes from the Theme of Cappadocia by capturing their Town Center.
Defeat the Byzantine army.


Build two or three rams, then do what you want with the rest of the money - 
just get as many units as you can out of it, and you might want one or two 
blacksmith upgrades as well.


Head out of the base and west to kill off the first of the Byzantines. Then go 
north and attack the gate with your rams (ignore the towers for now). The rams 
will be attacked from within the walls when they get the gate to about half 
health, so pull them back quickly and kill off the enemy units. Destroy the 
gate and take your rams alone up around the hill path until you reach another 
gate. Knock it down, and the one beyond that, then rush your horses up to the 
flags to take partial control of Pisidia.

Throughout all of that your rams will be getting attacked by the towers, but 
don't try to destroy any of them - you get control of them later. Also keep an 
eye on your rams - if any enemies attack them on their way up the hill make 
sure your other units can quickly get rid of the threat. Don't worry about 
losing or damaging units from the towers - you can build plenty more later.

So you are now being tributed by Pisidia, and you can slowly add to and 
upgrade your forces. Take all your units except the rams back down to where 
you killed off that first gate, and wait for the squadron of Byzantines who 
will be coming round the mountain, singing aye-aye-ippy. Smash the rams then 
all the rest, and the blues should stop attacking - if they do get to your 
first base they can wipe it out, leaving you down a lot of houses and unit 
production buildings.


Once you've got two or three more rams and lots more miscellaneous units, send 
everyone to the south west wall and find the green gate leading up into the 
mountains. Knock the gate down again, and this time use scorpions to kill the 
greens attacking your rams from behind the gate. Head north and smash the next 
gate open, then rush in again to collect the Cappadocian town. You will now 
get tributed lots more gold and food, plus some small amounts of wood.

Rebuild again while you send your rams and scorpions west to the bridge.


Send the rams over first and destroy the three towers that they can get to. 
Once the first three are gone, position your rams so that the fourth tower is 
baited into firing at them, then hit the tower with your scorpions. Once all 
four towers are gone you get lots more gold from the Saracens.

There doesn't seem to be a time limit on this level - you can take as long as 
you want about moving between towns and building your armies. After that 
initial attack I never met the Byzantines again until I attacked them later.


This is the hardest of the three towns to get into, guarded as it is by two 
castles, two towers, a gate, lots of scorpions, monks, etc. The best way I 
found to get in with minimal fuss is to collect six or seven rams together, 
group about fifteen to twenty horsed units together, and send both groups out 
the north west gate of the Cappadocian territory. Sneak the horses along the 
bottom cliff to the south east, so the castles don't hit them.

When they reach the area due south of the yellow gate (send in a light cavalry 
first to scout out the area, just so you know exactly what you're dealing 
with), you can run the horses north to decoy the yellow guards into following 
them as they retreat. Bring them south out of range of the castles and finish 
them off, leaving the way clear for your rams.

Now sneak the rams along the same south east cliff, only this time turn north 
when you're due south west of the western castle. Move them up past the 
castle, right in against the cliff so that the other castle can't reach them 
as they pass, then get the rams to all attack the gate. They will come under 
heavy fire, but you should manage to drop the gate on this one attack.

Now you can just run your horses north to the flags. Yes, they take a lot of 
damage, but it's worth running the gauntlet. When you do get to the flags you 
gain the help of Galatia, and all your units will be healed.

You can now build trebuchets and monks, among other things, and there will be 
a lot more resources at your disposal.


They have a castle and a siege workshop in the middle of the desert, south 
east of the yellow gate. Hit it with trebuchets while your filled out army 
takes care of every blue unit sent to investigate, and wipe out the workshop 

Head east to find the gate and the hill leading into the blue base. There's a 
castle at the top of this first hill, so try not to get sucked into a fight 
around the second gate. Destroy the castle with trebs again, and your other 
units can soak up all the eejits that the Byzantines throw at you on the hill.

Break down the gate and head in to begin destroying the nearby unit production 
buildings. They have peasants everywhere, and a few monks will probably try 
capturing some of your units. Kill the monks when you see them, and get your 
trebs working on all the buildings. The pesky monastery is on the eastern edge 
of the map, beyond the town centre.

You win once you kill all their peasants and destroy the town centre. Lemon 


Defend the rams above all else while you're attacking Pisidia and Cappadocia.
Don't let the Byzantines destroy your initial base after you've captured 
Use scorpions to hit the fourth Saracen tower.
Pull the Galatian guards away from the castles, then ram the gate down.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This level is easy enough if you just keep your navy full and healthy. Lots of 
bonuses about too.


Difficulty - 1/3


Optional: Prevent the Japanese from destroying Korea's wonder.
Defend Korea from the Japanese.


I'm not exactly sure what purpose the wonder serves, but save it if you want. 
I let mine get wrecked to see what would happen - nothing. 

Just pull your starting navy north and pick off the Japanese ships one by one. 
Send your ships south again and get them to aggressively patrol between your 
two docks - you'll be building more ships later.

Now get your peasants working. Wood is more important than food in this 
mission, so have about ten farmers and ten lumberjacks. Gold is vital too, but 
you'll hardly be using stone at all - just as well since there is hardly any 
around. Have about eight or nine gold miners and three stone miners, and don't 
bother upgrading the stone miners at the camp.

As far as base defense goes, you'll be doing it almost entirely with your 
ships. The only land battles occur when the Japanese manage to drop off some 
samurai south of your town centre, and they can be easily mopped up by ringing 
the town bell and researching Murder Holes. This level is won or lost around 
your docks, so always make sure you have plenty ships - twenty plus is not 
overkill, and you'll be adding more later. Find and buy every ship upgrade you 
can too.


The best site for a lumber mill is far north west of your town centre. You 
will get a message about allying with Admiral Yi soon after the level starts, 
and his castles and house will be revealed in the minimap. 


Take all your choppers up there until you find a corner of green wall trapped 
behind some trees. Clear the trees out of the way and build a ram to smash the 
wall down (switch to Enemy with Admiral Yi). 

Once your peasants have cleared the trees from the other side of the wall you 
can send a unit through to the flag and gain Admiral Yi's assistance (switch 
baack to Ally). He gives you three castles (you can't build your own), and 
three elite turtle ships west of his house. Despite what the game tells you at 
this point you can't build more turtle ships, which sucks. You can build the 
war wagons though, and I suggest you do, if only to provide some mobile land 
defense in case the Japanese drop their units off at your town centre.


Send the turtles (including the excellent Admiral's ship) down the coast and 
join them up with the rest of your fleet - protect them and repair them 
whenever you can, as you don't want to lose these great ships.


This happens soon after you gain the turtle ships. The Chinese donate a bunch 
of bombards and elite ranged units to the cause, probably taking your 
population above its limit. Send an upgraded transport over there to pick them 
up and take them to the mainland.

Soon after meeting the Chinese you'll get another objective.


You probably have a lot of gold by now, so research Spies from one of the 
castles (it should be pretty cheap). This will let you see the entire map, and 
give you advance warning of any yellow ships coming your way.

By now you should have over twenty ships, including the turtles, and you 
should have upgraded pretty much everything from the blacksmith, docks, 
university and castles (docks being especially important). Your ships will be 
patrolling the south east coast and catching every yellow ship which 
approaches. You could also have bombard towers ranged along the inlets to take 
out any yellows who slip through.


You'll never see these guys unless you go to them in the north of your island, 
and their only purpose is to block an alternative route to Admiral Yi's 
castles (there's lots of gold there too, but you already have tons). You can 
destroy their tiny base and climb on the free transport ship, then drop a unit 
on the west beach and smash down the gate. This is unnecessary if you can just 
break down the walls as I mentioned, but if you want to do it the hard way, 

The Raiders have some crossbowmen and samurai, a handful of rams and 
scorpions, some towers, and a castle. They're not tough to take down, it's 
just that you won't have many ground units of your own. One idea might be to 
build a bombard tower or two at the south end of the little bridge, then run a 
unit in to bait them all across. The towers can kill them all and then you can 
wipe out the castle and towers with the Chinese bombards you were given.

Frankly, attacking the Raiders is a pointless pain in the arse, especially 
since the area is so covered in trees and bamboo sticks. Just forget them.


Easy. Just build up your navy and repair any damaged ships, then send them all 
(I had over twenty) east to start picking off the docks. Leave behind about 
ten galleons to continue patrolling your own docks.

Start in the eastern corner of the map and work your way along the Japanese 
coast. Spies will let you see where the castles and towers are (as well as the 
docks themselves, obviously), and the first three docks can be easily taken 
out with little or no damage to your ships. Attack the bombard tower west of 
the eastern dock first - bait it into firing at one of your galleons then just 
keep moving the galleon out of the way every time the tower fires.

Now pull your ships back home and repair them, then take out the fourth dock 
by getting your ships to hug the beach to the west as they go into the river 
mouth. The fifth dock is easy enough, and the sixth dock in the west is easy 
too, if you take out the towers first.

Which just leaves the seventh dock. I ignored my ships for this one and just 
sent six trebuchets sneaking around into the south west corner, dropped them 
off on the east beach and took out the dock with one unified blast.

And then you win.


Build ships, ships and more ships; and then build some more ships to go with 
your other ships. And then upgrade all your ships until you've got more and 
more upgraded ships.
Break into Yi's enclosure with a ram and some lumberjacks - ignore the Raiders 
Keep your turtle ships and starting bombard ships healthy - they're better 
than the galleons.
Kill off the free Chinese units if you like - they're all but useless if 
you're going to be attacking the Japanese docks with your ships.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~

 2.4.7 TOURS

This was the first of the Conquerors missions I ever tried, and it was giving 
me nightmares until I finally got it. It's surprisingly easy if you move fast 
at the start.


Difficulty - 2/3


Prevent the Moslems from destroying any of your 3 Town Centers.
Capture the 6 Trade Carts in the Moors' baggage train and bring them to the 
Cathedral in Tours.


This level comes in two stages: the first one is to get your own base to a 
point where you no longer have to worry about it being destroyed; and the 
second is to assault the Moors' base to recover the carts.

You'll soon realise that all your two enemies are really doing is throwing 
bunches of melee units against your walls, over and over. Once you notice this 
then base defense gets pretty pish simple, and the only thing you have to do 
is get castles up post haste.


As soon as the level starts send all the units in the south up to your base 
and inside the walls, including Charles Martel. While they're travelling get 
one of your peasants mining the stone in the north corner, and the other three 
building farms. You want to have about eleven farmers and ten lumberjacks, so 
work as quickly as you can towards this goal.

Meanwhile your base will come under attack soon after you've returned your 
combat units to your walls. Forget your knights for now - just send your 
axemen to stand behind the walls on Stand Ground stance, and manually target 
each of the enemy units until they've fallen. Whatever you do, don't send any 
of your units through the gates, as you really don't want your enemies getting 
inside at this point.

Your walls and gates will take damage, but no holes should appear. You can 
conduct repairs later, but right now you want to build a castle and stick your 
knights in it until you can research Murder Holes. To do this you'll have to 
advance to the Castle Age (hence having more farmers than usual) and have 
mined 50 stone to go with your starting amount.

By the way, don't use that lumber camp to the west of your base. Your 
woodcutters are absolutely brilliant at stupidly using your gates and chopping 
down that one lone tree inside your walls. This just lets the enemy units in, 
which you don't need. Instead send your cutters east to the forest and chop 
wood there, out of the way. They won't be attacked.

Once you're in the Castle Age get some of your farmers to quickly build a 
castle just south of your southernmost wall (almost touching it). This castle 
is going to see a lot of action, so keep your knights and axemen in or around 
it so they can fend off enemies until you can research Murder Holes, and 
preferably Ballistics. This all costs money, so hopefully by now you have 
built all your peasants before anything else, and the resources are coming in 
steadily. Send your farmers back to work when they're done.

Right now you do not need units - you need castles. Build your first castle 
and then hurry towards getting the resources to build the second. As I said, 
keep your starting combat units around your first castle, and duck them inside 
when they're losing health. Take out the enemy camels and knights with the 
axemen, and use your knights to chase down the scorpions and bait any enemies 
attacking your western gates towards the castle. 

It wouldn't hurt to keep a monk handy, who can be let out of the castle to 
conduct healing when things quieten down. The many farms, mills and houses in 
the outskirts give you great warning of the approach of enemies. Researching 
Herbal Medicine from the monastery wouldn't hurt either.

You should be able to keep your first castle standing easily, as well as chase 
down the dangerous rams attacking from the west. Bait all your enemies towards 
the castle, and Murder Holes can take care of the rest. You can research 
Hoardings later, when you reach the Imperial Age, but right now you should be 
working towards getting another 650 stone for your second castle (buy some 
from the market if you want - this isn't a level where you'll ever be 
desperately short of resources).

When you have the next 650 stone build your second castle west of your western 
gate, but still close to the walls. The idea is to force any and all enemies 
to come within range of either or both castles. Most will attack that western 
wall, so you want either one or both castles to be able to reach them. Keep 
knights inside each castle in case of rams, but once your second castle is up 
you can almost ignore your base defense, especially if you've bought all the 
building upgrades from the university.

Repair any damaged bits of wall or gates around your base, build the odd tower 
at places where the ones remaining can't reach, and build walls and gates 
around your castles if you want the extra security. The worst the enemy can 
throw against your castles and towers is rams, so watch out for these 
occasional units and let your castles laugh the rest out of the park.


Your gold will last a while but the stone, as usual, won't. Soon you'll need 
more, so build a scout cavalry and start exploring this big map. To be honest 
most of it is empty, and there is nothing of interest to the south east. Go 
across the bridge south of your eastern gate and look for the gold to the west 
of the bottom of it. There is more precious stone way down in the south of the 
map, quite close to the Moors' green base. I built a mining camp here and it 
was never attacked, so it should be OK. There's also more gold west of the 

Anyway, before you think about attacking the Moors (attacking the Turks isn't 
necessary - try it if you want, but I'm not going to here), you'll want to 
advance to the Imperial Age to get all the cool units. Do this and build an 
army of paladins (upgrade everything you can afford), ranged units (I went 
with the elite axemen, in spite of the fact that I'm not usually a sucker for 
unique units), trebuchets and a few monks. Meh, build what you like, but scout 
out the perimeter of the Moors' base with a scout cavalry first, so you know 
what you're up against.

They have a castle in the north west corner of their small base, and walls all 
around it. It's not that the base is difficult to attack, it's just that it's 
so sodding far away from your own. So you might want to build a well guarded 
castle and some unit production buildings somewhere around that crop of stone 
(I put my castle and some walls on the very end of the brick road to the south 
west, against the edge of the map - the Moors don't react to the building 
site). Leave a few knights back in your first two castles for the sake of 
those yellow rams (later ones will have units garrisoned inside, but so 
what?), then shift your army south to your third castle, ready for an assault 
on the green base.

At this point it's up to you what you do - I actually ended up forgetting most 
of my army and just sent in petards to knock out first the gate and then 
the green unit production buildings one by one. I also built another scout 
cavalry and revealed the layout of most of the base before the scout died.

The Moors' base turns out to be really crap. I met a grand total of zero 
combat units and my army stood around scratching its arse for most of the 
time. Once the castle and town centre was gone it was a stroll. The only 
problem you might encounter is that they'll ring the town bell, and the arrows 
from the town centre may target the carts you need. Make sure none of your 
carts is destroyed or you'll have a problem.

All that's left now is to escort those six carts back home and place them 
between the flags in front of the beautiful cathedral. I had managed to lose 
one of my castles to rams at this point, but I no longer cared.


Your axemen can fend off the first assaults - just don't let the enemies 
inside your walls.
Chop wood away to the east - don't use the given camp.
Get a castle up fast and keep it repaired.
Keep fast melee units garrisoned in your castle(s), or you could lose them to 
the yellow rams.
All building upgrades help in this level.
The Moorish base is absurdly rubbish - you may not need anything beyond a few 
petards in the end.

~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~


This is what happens when you design a level with no gold in it. Horribleness. 
The Sea of Worms looks like something out of Lemmings, if you ever get to 
reveal the entire minimap.


Difficulty - 1/3


Erik the Red must survive.
Transport Erik the Red west across the ocean to the New World and start a 
colony there.


For once you start off with the most basic of bases, and you've got to get all 
the way up to the Castle Age slowly and steadily. You'll also be attacked by 
three wolves - two of them ordinary doggies; and the third Ornlu himself, whom 
you may remember killing in Age Of Kings. He will appear when you build a 
blacksmith, and he can cut down your berserks with one swipe. Ring the town 
bell when you see him and make sure you target the town centre on him.

Anyway, the idea is to mine all that stone to the east and do some creative 
buying and selling at the marketplace. You need to build two, possibly three 
castles in this level (by my strategy anyway), and this is kind of hard given 
that you have no gold and only one batch of stone. Actually there is a lot 
more stone in the middle of Greenland, to the north, but it's hardly worth 
going for.

When building your town make sure you put all your buildings to the east of 
the town centre, in the corner of the map. Viking longboats will be along 
later, and you don't want them to be able to reach your buildings with their 
shots. Once you have your first 650 stone you can build your first castle on 
the southern tip of your island, west of the little inlet. Build a dock in the 
inlet so that any passing enemy ships will have to meet the castle before they 
reach your dock. The castle will also catch any transports passing by, which 
should keep your first base totally safe for the rest of the level.

Try not to spend much on unit upgrades or anything - this strategy depends on 
using just a few combat units and relying instead on castles. I bought only 
the blacksmith upgrades which used food alone; Horse Collar and Town Watch 
from the mill and town centre; and didn't even bother with a lumber camp on 
the first island.


Build a transport from your dock and load Erik and his escorts on it, as well 
as a few peasants. Bung on some barracks units if you want. Send the boat 
south west until you find the next island, which is where Britain have a puny 
base. Take your ship around the northern tip and down the other side, then let 
them off when the shore levels out. There should be trees and a lumber camp to 
the east and a market to the south.

Get your peasants to start building a castle next to the lumber camp, between 
it and the water. Britain will attack the building site with some archers, but 
Erik and his two berserks should be able to kill them all. The castle will 
soon be built, at which point you can garrison Erik inside and start building 
five petards.

There is a tower south east and another to the south west of this island - use 
your berserks and Erik to destroy them (they have an attack bonus vs. 
buildings). Then hit the town centre to the south with your five petards. Once 
it was gone I let Erik out of the castle and got him to kill off Britain's 
peasants with the help of some more berserks from the castle.

Britain's marketplaces can be smashed down for a lot more gold. Use some of 
that gold to research Murder Holes and Ballistics from the university. 
Fletching and Bodkin Arrow from the blacksmith are good investments for your 
castles, and Double-Bit Axe and Bow Saw are good researches to undertake from 
the lumber camp you'll want to build next to your second castle.

Now you can bring over all the rest of your lumberjacks, who will be 
struggling for wood on your first island. Leave your farmers where they are, 
but relocate your wood-cutters to Britain and start on the big bunch of trees. 
Don't bother building another dock over here - it will only be destroyed. 
Build up about ten or fifteen galleons from your first dock and research 


Greenland is in the north and it's heavily populated and half-arsedly 
fortified. Weak though Greenland is, you're weaker. Thankfully your objectives 
don't state that you have to wipe these guys out, since it might be pretty 
hard with no gold mines and no long-range siege weapons.

Anyway, stick Erik on a transport again, accompanied by two or three berserks, 
four petards and three or four peasants. Be sure you have another 650 stone 
before you do this. Send the ship due north west of your second castle until 
you find the coast of Greenland, then follow the ice south west and then west 
until you can't go any farther without having your ship sunk by the Sea of 
Worms. You might want to have cleared any enemy ships away from this area 
before you send your transport in.

Drop your passengers on the last narrow bit of accessible ice on the very 
southern tip of Greenland, then send them west. They will meet a tower, so 
knock it out with the four petards and send your peasants and Eric past the 
wreckage. You want to build another dock on the south west tip of the ice, 
from which you can build another transport to take your units west across the 

Dump everyone on the transport and head due south west until you find land. 
Follow the coast south west until you find the edge of the map, then drop 
everyone off here.


This island has some purple Celts on it, a small army made up of woad raiders 
and militia. They have two barracks, a town centre and a scattering of houses. 
The Skraelings are yet another enemy who seem to be able to keep producing 
units without having any peasants.

The idea here is to quickly build a castle inland, south of the Celts' base. 
Fight off the nearby Celts with Erik and the berserks while your peasants 
build the castle, then garrison the peasants and the berserks inside.


Now you want to run around this island and bait the Celts into following Erik 
to the castle, while you build petards and send them to destroy the two 
barracks and the town centre. The barracks need three petards each, and the 
town centre will need five. Erik is very unlikely to die, so just keep the 
Celts away from their buildings until you can send the petards in.

Once the three main buildings are gone you can bait the remaining Celts into 
approaching your castle, and the island is pretty much clear. Build the 
required buildings with your peasants (stay away from the coast - there are 
longboats about) and the level is won.

By the way, there is a lonely hermit on a tiny island on the west edge of the 
map. I killed him with Erik but nothing happened. I guess this guy might have 
a bearing on the level if you do it a different way to the above strategy, so 
let me know if you have a clue what he's there for.


Be as economical as you can on the starting island. Food is the only resource 
you'll get a lot of, so sell it at the market for gold.
You don't need every available upgrade - be sensible and remember that there 
is little or no combat in this level.
It's not essential to land on Britain, but it definitely makes the level 
You can skip Greenland almost entirely.
Clear out the Skraelings by baiting them towards your castle, and use petards 
to sneakily destroy their three unit production buildings.

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Congratulations, that's the last of them (I arranged the Conquerors campaigns 
in alphabetical order for the sake of this guide).

Thanks for reading :)

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