• Cheat Codes

    Enable the console by including -console in the command line of the .exe. Then during gameplay press ~ to open it and enter these commands:

    Add Disciplinesaddalldisciplines #
    Add Itemaddthing #
    Change Shapeshapeshift #
    Create floating objectsthrowgib
    Cycle between held weapon and inventory weaponautoswitchtest
    Damage Playerdamage me
    Disease Playerdiseaseme
    Display console commandscommands
    Display damage done to / given by Christofcombatmessages
    Display room's speed and other network statusnetstat
    Displays scene informationtotals
    Emits attack #emit #
    Extra Cashcash #
    Extra Experiencexp #
    Final Deathkillme
    Freezes body, but can still movefreeze
    Frenzy yourselffrenzyme
    Give Full Healthrevive
    Gives shell to playershell
    God Mode Offgod 0
    God Mode Ongod 1
    Hide item descriptionsnoitemstatchecks
    Hides frame rate displayframerate 0
    Infinite Ammofreeammo
    Jumps to specific leveljump <level name>
    Location statswhereis
    Loose Moneydropcash #
    Open Advancement Windowadvancement
    Open Vault Anywherevault
    Poison Playerpoisonme
    Quit game without quicksavesethide
    Set FPSmaxfps #
    Set NPCs and players on certain teamsteam
    Show Framerate Offframerate 2
    Show Framerate Onframerate 1
    Sorts inventory itemspack
    Stake yourselfstakeme
    Turn a human into a vampireembraceme
    Turn Off AIai
    Use Disciplines with no Blood Lossfreecasting
    View Creditsendgame

    Contributed By: Starky27, X skallibur, and th3l3fty.

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  • Humanity

    This is a code that can be used only during multiplayer

    first, activate the console, as described above, then press ` to open the cheat menu during gameplay

    change humanity levelhumanity 0-100

    Contributed By: AntsInMyEyesJ.

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