• ''Jump to place'' code

    After you input twoworldscheats in the console:

    Transports player to where mouse is pointingJump2

    Contributed By: Shalaschaska_O.

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  • Bonuscode Items

    With these codes you can unlock all the 5 Bonus Items.
    Every Code can only be taken once per Game.
    To enter the Codes just open the console (us ~ and german ^) and enter the following codes. After you entered the Codes, the item will fall to your feet.

    Remember to enter the Cheat EXACTLY as given WITH "BonusCode" and a space infront of the code.

    Armor of DarknessBonuscode 9728-1349-2105-2168
    Aziraal's Sword of FireBonusCode 9470-4690-1542-1152
    Great Shield of YatolenBonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563
    Spear of DestinyBonuscode 9144-3879-7593-9224
    The Great Bow of Heaven's FuryBonuscode 9447-1204-8639-0832

    Contributed By: exportforce.

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  • Console Cheat Commands

    Activate cheat console commands by opening the Console and typing:
    "TwoWorldsCheats 1"

    The Power-ups have to be created with the cursor near your feet. You have to use the create cheat for all items in TW1.

    Many undocumented items in Two Worlds 1 are used in Two Worlds 2. Refer to Two Worlds 2 item list of standard items and try them in Two Worlds 1.

    +1 stone skincreate robe_1(19,1,15)
    +125 physical +192 lightningcreate robe_12_int(19,1,12)
    +127 lightning protectioncreate robe_23_int(19,1,23)
    +135 lithtning protectcreate robe_1(19,1,23)
    +191 cold protectioncreate robe_15_int(19,1,15)
    +201 cold protectcreate robe_1(19,1,12)
    +5 vitalitycreate robe_11_int(19,1,11)
    +60 attackcreate robe_1(19,1,11)
    +60attack +125fire +1pullshieldcreate robe_1(19,1,24)
    +75 manacreate robe_24_int(19,1,24)
    0 without a hood. 00 character level or highercreate Robe_0(00,9999,9999)
    00 actual character level or highercreate AR_Buckler(00,9999,9999)
    00 actual character level or higherCreate AR_TowerShield(00,9999,9999)
    00 actual character level or highercreate AR_Goblin_Shield_01(00,9999,9999)
    00 actual character level or highercreate AR_Goblin_Shield_02(00,9999,9999)
    00 actual character level or highercreate AR_Goblin_Shield_03(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Chain_Boots(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Chain_Armour(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Chain_Trousers(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Chain_Gloves(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Chain_Helmet(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Leather_Boots(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Leather_Armour(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Leather_Trousers(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Leather_Gloves(00,9999,9999)
    00 at character level or higherCreate AR_Leather_Helmet(00,9999,9999)
    00 character level or higherCreate AR_RoundShield(00,9999,9999)
    00 character level or higherCreate AR_Shield(00,9999,9999)
    00 character level or highercreate ar_ring_01(00,9999)
    00 character level or highercreate ar_ring_02(00,9999)
    00 character level or highercreate ar_ring_03(00,9999)
    00 character level or more, ring with stonecreate ar_ring_06(00,1)
    00 set to character level or highercreate ar_ring_07(00,9999)
    00 set to character level or highercreate ar_ring_08(00,9999)
    00 set to character level or highercreate ar_ring_09(00,9999)
    00 set to character level or highercreate ar_ring_11(00,9999)
    00 set to character level or highercreate ar_ring_12(00,9999)
    00 set to character level or highercreate ar_ring_13(00,9999)
    00 set to character level or highercreate ar_ring_14(00,9999)
    00 set to character level or highercreate ar_ring_15(00,9999)
    00 should be at least character levelCreate AR_Half_Plate_Trousers(00,9999,9999)
    00 to character level or higher, ring with stonecreate ar_ring_04(00,1)
    05 or less is level 1Create AR_Plate_Armour(05,9999,9999)
    06 is level 2create ar_plate_boots(06,9999,9999)
    24 bows - 01-06 11-16 21-26 31-36create wp_bow_02(01,9999,9999)
    24 quivers 01-06 11-16 21-26 31-36create ar_quiver_01(01,9999,9999)
    55 is level 52Create AR_Half_Plate_Boots(55,9999,9999)
    Aconite strength+10 3minutesing_28
    Add skill pointsec.dbg addskillpoints
    Adder Brother poison immune 2mining_09
    Adds Gold where XXXX is the amount of gold addedAddGold X
    Adds Param Points, where X is the number of points addedAddParamPoints X
    Adds Skill Points, Where X is the number of skill points addedAddSkillPoints X
    Adds XXX amounts of experienceAddExperiencePoints XXX
    Advanced holding trap 17 secondscreate trap_hold_03
    Advanced holding trap 20 secondscreate trap_hold_04
    Advanced holding trap 25 secondscreate trap_hold_05
    Advanced holding trap 30 secondscreate trap_hold_06
    Advanced holding trap 35 secondscreate trap_hold_07
    Advanced holding trap 40 secondscreate trap_hold_08
    Air - circular shock wavecreate magic_push_wave
    Air - convert mana to hpcreate magic_shieldofmagic
    Air - damages enemiescreate magic_lightingshield
    Air - Destroy Undeadcreate magic_destroyundead
    Air - Healing costs manacreate magic_heal
    Air - hits surrounding enemiescreate magic_lightingstorm
    Air - resurrected dead helpercreate magic_resurrection
    Air - ShockWavecreate magic_push
    Air - strength increasecreate magic_strengthofgod
    Air - strength/vitality short time increasecreate magic_bless
    Air - takes air from enemiescreate magic_summon_air_elemental
    Air - temporary health increasecreate magic_aid
    Air - temporary hp increasecreate magic_regeneration
    Air - temporary levelupcreate magic_concentration
    Air - Thunderboltcreate magic_lighting
    all parameters set to 1000ec.dbg iamcheater
    Amber fire Protection+10 permanenting_66
    Amethyst fire Protection+100 3minutesing_79
    Ancient key of the dwarvesqitem_061
    Anemone dexterity+5 2mining_25
    Angelica dex/willpower+5 2mining_29
    Anti-Taint inspection deviceqitem_045
    Arborusia curePoison vit+4/str+3 2mining_30
    Archmage Earth Staffqitem_225
    Arrows for Rigwellqitem_157
    Axe - character level 1 - there's 9 axes 0-8create wp_axe_0(01,99,99)
    Axe - character level 2create wp_axe_0(06,99,99)
    Azurite coldProt+10 permanenting_70
    Bear claw strength+10 4 minutesing_46
    Bears Strength Potion permanent str+1create potion_skill_03
    Beautiful flowerqitem_161
    Beaver fat vitality+2 permanenting_32
    Big pack of foodqitem_040
    Blacksmith's wantsqitem_272
    Blade trapcreate trap_02
    Blades bombcreate trap_bomb_06
    Bloatroot restore 250 hping_04
    Blue Eye hp200 2minutesing_08
    Boar tusk str+8 5mining_47
    Bombcreate trap_bomb_02
    BoneMarrow willpower+15 4mining_52
    Bottom center of current map squarejump 60 5
    Bow - level1create wp_bow_01(01,9999,9999)
    Calcite fire Protection+50 2minutesing_65
    Catapult triggerqitem_175
    Centaurium dexterity+1 permanenting_17
    Center of any map squarejump 60 60
    change 00 to character level or higherCreate AR_Half_Plate_Armour(00,9999,9999)
    class 1create robe_11_int(1,0,11)
    class 1create robe_12_int(1,0,12)
    class 1create robe_15_int(1,0,15)
    class 1create robe_23_int(1,0,23)
    class 1create robe_24_int(1,0,24)
    clears message from screensetconsole2text <>
    Cold damage +10%art_add_cold10
    Cold damage +20%art_add_cold20
    Cold damage +50%art_add_cold50
    Creates a lockpickCreate Lockpick
    Dagger - (1,99) to (5,99) is level 1. (6,99) is level 2create wp_dagger_09(2,99)
    Dagger - (10,99) is level 6.create wp_dagger_10(10,99)
    Dagger - (33,99) is character level 29.create wp_dagger_36(33,99)
    Dagger - (7,99) is character level 3. Higher levels are more powerful.create wp_dagger_10(7,99)
    Dagger - (99,99) is character level 96, impossible in normal game play.create wp_dagger_36(99,99)
    Damage Boostercreate magic_boost_damage
    Demon eye mana+40 permanenting_54
    Desert Rose cold Protection+50 2minutesing_73
    Diamond phys/cold/fire/lightng+10 permanenting_67
    Diptame restore 200hping_22
    Dodo feather willpower+5 4 minutesing_35
    Dragon Scale phys/cold/fire/lightning+25 permanenting_44
    Dwarven Ale permanent vitality+2create potion_skill_02
    Dwarven Contraptionqitem_070
    Eagle claw strength+10 1minuteing_23
    Earth - enemie parameters reducedcreate magic_summon_adamegolem
    Earth - Eruption under enemiescreate magic_eruption
    Earth - half damage protectioncreate magic_reflectionshield
    Earth - Irongolem fights for youcreate magic_summon_irongolem
    Earth - Ivy spikes beneath enemiescreate magic_ivy
    Earth - protects against damagecreate magic_ironskin
    Earth - shields against half damagecreate magic_adamantium
    Earth - similar to Thor's hammercreate magic_magichammer
    Earth - Spikes shoot from groundcreate magic_spikes
    Earth - Stonegolem fights for youcreate magic_summon_stonegolem
    Earth - Stonewall surrounds enemycreate magic_stonewall
    Earth - temporary protectioncreate magic_earthblessing
    Earth - ties up enemiescreate magic_chains
    Earth - weakens enemie armourcreate magic_rustarmour
    Earth - weakens enemies weaponscreate magic_rustweapon
    Earth Elemental crystal physicalProtection+50 permanenting_57
    Emerald cold Protion+100 3 minutesing_78
    Engagement ringqitem_255
    equip for dark placescreate ar_torch_01(1,0)
    even more powerfulCreate AR_Plate_Gloves(09,9999,9999)
    Evil's Blood permanent vitality+2 dex/str+1create potion_skill_05
    False Shoes dex/str/willpwr+2 2minutesing_10
    Family heirloom pieceqitem_304
    Family ringqitem_234
    Fire - Chaos Ragecreate magic_chaosrage
    Fire - Fireballcreate magic_fireball
    Fire - Firefieldcreate magic_firefield
    Fire - Fireshieldcreate magic_fireshield
    Fire - Firespraycreate magic_firespray
    Fire - Firewallcreate magic_firewall
    Fire - Firewavecreate magic_firewave
    Fire - increases attack effectscreate magic_overpower
    Fire - Meteorcreate magic_meteor
    Fire - missilecreate magic_firebolt
    Fire - ring of firecreate magic_firering
    Fire - Summon Devilcreate magic_summon_devil
    Fire - Summon Hellwarriorcreate magic_summon_hellwarrior
    Fire - Summon octogroncreate magic_summon_minion
    Fire bombcreate trap_bomb_03
    Fire damage +10%art_add_fire10
    Fire damage +20%art_add_fire20
    Fire damage +50%art_add_fire50
    Flagelle dexterity+15 2 mining_11
    Foodball curePoison Restore 3000hping_39
    Forest Burnhand willpower+10 2mining_20
    former bonus armorcreate ar_armour_spec(5,2)(9999,9999,9999)
    former bonus bowcreate wp_bow_spec(5,1)(52,9999,9999)
    former bonus shieldcreate ar_shield_spec(5,2)(9999,9999,9999)
    Fox liver dex+3 permanenting_60
    Foxglove willpower+5 2minutesing_21
    FoxHeartPoion permanent dex+1create potion_skill_01
    Friend or Foe strength+5 3mining_24
    Garnet lightningProt+10 permanenting_64
    get item code of displayed item nameec.getcreatestring
    Ghoul brain willpower+1 permanenting_53
    Goose liver restore 500hping_33
    Grass Snake tongue dexterity+5 4mining_37
    Grom totemqitem_009
    Haematite fire Protection +50 2 minutesing_71
    Hammer trapcreate trap_03
    Hangman's ropeqitem_241
    Headless heart vitality+ 4 permanenting_56
    Heavy bombcreate trap_bomb_07
    Hemlock damage100 2minutesing_02
    Holding trap 13 secondscreate trap_hold_02
    hooded class 1create robe_1(1,0,12)
    hooded class 1create robe_1(1,0,23)
    hooded class 1create robe_1(1,0,24)
    hooded class 1 robes random colorscreate robe_1(1,0,11)
    hooded class 2create robe_1(1,0,15)
    horse - saddledmo_horse_02
    horse - saddledmo_horse_05
    horse - saddledmo_horse_06
    horse - saddledmo_horse_07
    horse - saddledmo_horse_08
    horse - saddledmo_horse_09
    horse - saddledmo_horse_10
    horse - unsaddledmo_horse_01
    horse - unsaddledmo_horse_03
    horse - unsaddledmo_horse_04
    horse/Mutari saddledmo_mutari_01
    horse/Mutari saddledmo_mutari_02
    horse/Mutari saddledmo_mutari_03
    Hot irons trapcreate trap_07
    Hot Rot willpower+10 2minutesing_05
    Ice bombcreate trap_bomb_05
    Insect eggqitem_038
    Key to the caves of Tharbakinqitem_051
    Key to the Excavationsqitem_073
    Key to the temple in Ashosqitem_271
    large healing potioncreate potion_healing_03
    large mana potioncreate potion_mana_03
    Lavender mana+10 permanenting_12
    Left center of current map squarejump 2 60
    Letters of the poetqitem_286
    level 1 fireProt12,bludgeon27-44,spirit13Create WP_Pole_Arm_0(05,9999,9999)
    level 2 super weaponCreate WP_Pole_Arm_1(06,9999,9999)
    level 3 super weaponCreate WP_Pole_Arm_2(07,9999,9999)
    level 4 super weaponCreate WP_Pole_Arm_3(08,9999,9999)
    Level 40, Gold Ring with stonecreate ar_ring_05(44,1)
    level 5 super weaponCreate WP_Pole_Arm_4(09,9999,9999)
    level 6 super weaponCreate WP_Pole_Arm_5(10,9999,9999)
    level 7 super weaponCreate WP_Pole_Arm_6(11,9999,9999)
    level 9 super weaponCreate WP_Pole_Arm_8(13,9999,9999)
    level 9 super weaponCreate WP_Pole_Arm_7(12,9999,9999)
    Level Boostercreate magic_boost_level
    Level Upec.dbg levelup
    Lightning damage +10%art_add_electric10
    Lightning damage +20%art_add_electric20
    Lightning damage +50%art_add_electric50
    Love potionqitem_165
    Lower left corner of current map squarejump 2 5
    Lower right corner of current map squarejump 300 5
    Mace - character level 1 - there's 9 maces 0-8create wp_mace_0(01,99,99)
    Mace - character level 2create wp_mace_0(06,99,99)
    Magic dustqitem_278
    Magical mirrorqitem_264
    Magnesite lightning Protection+10 permanenting_72
    Makes all skills availableec.dbg skills
    Mana Boostercreate magic_boost_mana
    Meat restore 200hping_59
    medium healing potioncreate potion_healing_02
    medium mana potioncreate potion_mana_02
    Merchants Association packageqitem_096
    Mica lightning Protection+50 2mining_74
    Might of Nine restore 150hping_26
    Moon Eye crystalqitem_191
    more level, more powerful item.Create AR_Plate_Trousers(07,9999,9999)
    Mountain Breed vitality+8 4minutesing_27
    Nail bombcreate trap_bomb_01
    Necklace of the wifeqitem_303
    Necro Orc Killerqitem_128
    Necromancer poisonqitem_353
    Necromancy - a ghoul helps youcreate magic_summoun_ghoul
    Necromancy - Corpse Converted to HPcreate magic_corpseconversion
    Necromancy - damage absorbing shieldcreate magic_bonearmour
    Necromancy - enemy parameters reducedcreate magic_auraofdeath
    Necromancy - ground hands grip enemiescreate magic_deadhands
    Necromancy - Poison Shieldcreate magic_poinsonshield
    Necromancy - Poisonous Cloudcreate magic_poinsoncloud
    Necromancy - Poisonous missilecreate magic_poinsondart
    Necromancy - Poisons your weaponcreate magic_poinsonblade
    Necromancy - skeleton Archer helps youcreate magic_summon_archer
    Necromancy - Skeleton fights for youcreate magic_summon_skeleton
    Necromancy - takes HP from enemiescreate magic_leechaura
    Necromancy - weakens enemiescreate magic_disease
    Necromancy - you get enemies HPcreate magic_necropower
    Northern Frost Root willpower+1 perminanting_19
    Opal physical Protection+10 Perminanting_69
    Orc camouflage armor - can be worn only oncecreate Orc_Armour
    Order for armorqitem_146
    Ostrich Plume vitality+20 2minutesing_07
    Paturin strength+5 2mining_14
    Pearl strength5/cold20 protection perminanting_40
    place anywhere - can be turned on or offlamp_01
    place anywhere-can be turned on or offtorch_01
    place these anywhere you wantcreate personal_teleport
    Poison bombcreate trap_bomb_04
    Poison damage +10%art_add_poison10
    Poison damage +20%art_add_poison20
    Poison damage +50%art_add_poison50
    Poison trapcreate trap_04
    Poisoned blade trapcreate trap_06
    Pyrite physicalProtection+50 2minutesing_75
    QuartzCrystal lightning+15 perminanting_63
    Quest Itemcreate the_taint
    Rabbit bladder restore 95hping_31
    Reaper muscle restore 500hping_49
    Recover lost teleport activatorCreate Teleport_Activator
    Red dressqitem_270
    Relic with air elementrelic_08
    Relic with all four element stonesrelic_15
    Relic with earth and air elementsrelic_09
    Relic with earth and fire elementsrelic_05
    Relic with earth and water elementsrelic_03
    Relic with earth elementrelic_01
    Relic with earth, fire and air elementsrelic_13
    Relic with earth, water, and air elementsrelic_11
    Relic with earth, water, and fire elementsrelic_07
    Relic with fire and air elementsrelic_12
    Relic with fire elementrelic_04
    Relic with water and air elementsrelic_10
    Relic with water and fire elementsrelic_06
    Relic with water elementrelic_02
    Relic with water, fire, and air elementsrelic_14
    Report of the Excavationsqitem_072
    Reveal MapResetFog
    Right center of current map squarejump 150 60
    Ripper trapcreate trap_05
    Ruby fire Protection+15 permanenting_68
    Run faster (disabled in patch 1.3)Physx.Char.Speed XX
    Saffron strength+1 permanenting_18
    Salt physicalProt+10 perming_62
    Sapphire LightningProtection+100 3minutesing_80
    Satrius' crownqitem_032
    ScorpionGland immune/cure 2mining_42
    ScreamaBadilla Mana+300 2mining_03
    set 00 to character level or moreCreate AR_Half_Plate_Gloves(00,9999,9999)
    set 00 to character level or moreCreate AR_Half_Plate_Helmet(00,9999,9999)
    set any level desiredec.dbg levels
    set strength to 1000 or any other valuesetstrength 1000
    Sharp icicle trapcreate trap_08
    Shock damage +10%art_add_spirit10
    Shock damage +20%art_add_spirit20
    Shock damage +50%art_add_spirit50
    Silver Cold/fire/lightning+10 perming_77
    small healing potioncreate potion_healing_01
    Small holding trap 10 secondscreate trap_hold_01
    small mana potioncreate potion_mana_01
    Small pack of foodqitem_042
    SnakeRattle restore1000mana/willpower+4 12mining_38
    Soldier armorqitem_292
    Spider gland restore 1500hping_41
    Spike trapcreate trap_01
    Spurge 150 mana 2minutesing_06
    Staff - character level 1create WP_STAFF_01(01,9999,9999)
    Staff - there are 25 - 01-05 11-15 21-25 31-35 41-45create wp_staff_02(02,9999,9999)
    still more powerfulCreate AR_Plate_Helmet(10,9999,9999)
    Sulfur fire Protect+10 permanenting_61
    Summon Hellmastercreate magic_summon_hellmaster
    Summon spider figurineqitem_154
    Summoning Boostercreate magic_boost_summon
    sword - formerly the bonus itemcreate wp_sword_spec(5,1)
    sword - very powerful character level 49create wp_sword_8(54,9999,9999)
    sword 01 to 05 is character level 1create wp_sword_0(01,99,99)
    sword 06 is character level 2 - _0 to sword_8 are different swordscreate wp_sword_0(06,99,99)
    Swordleaf strength+5 2minutesing_15
    The cureqitem_063
    The key to the grave of the Kinqitem_031
    The mayor's medicineqitem_273
    The Relicrelic_00
    Throglin statueqitem_204
    Throglin's Vine permanent dexterity/strength+1create potion_skill_04
    Timer Boostercreate magic_boost_time
    Tongues dexterity/strength+2 2mining_13
    Top center of current map squarejump 60 300
    Top left corner of current map squarejump 2 300
    Top right corner of current map squarejump 300 300
    Topaz fireProtect+10 perming_76
    Trachidis egg vitality+3 perming_43
    Translate itemqitem_008
    Translate itemqitem_012
    Translate itemqitem_013
    Translate itemqitem_015
    Translate itemqitem_028
    Translate Itemqitem_071
    Traveller's Joy vitality+4 2mining_16
    Unicorn horn vit4/dex,str,willpwr+2/lightng+50Perming_34
    Unleashed hell bombcreate trap_bomb_08
    Viper poison glands poisonImmune 12 mining_36
    Voodoo dollqitem_242
    Walk through doors and wallsPhysX.Door.RemoveAll 1
    Water - a truly vicious enemycreate magic_summon_wyvern
    Water - enemy dexterity/mana reducedcreate magic_confusion
    Water - fights your enemiescreate magic_summon_scorpio
    Water - Flame Shieldcreate magic_protfromfire
    Water - freezes surrounding areacreate magic_freezingwave
    Water - gets rid of summoned creaturescreate magic_unsummon
    Water - helps you fight enemiescreate magic_summon_spider
    Water - magical ice bombcreate magic_icebolt
    Water - paralyzes enemycreate magic_shadow
    Water - protection-damages enemycreate magic_iceshield
    Water - reaper helps you fightcreate magic_summon_reaper
    Water - severly damages enemiescreate magic_blizzard
    Water - summon two creatures at oncecreate magic_summoningaura
    Water - zap your enemiescreate magic_iceray
    Werewolf spinal cord mana50 perming_51
    Wilcor's braidqitem_174
    Wing membrane dexterity+8 6minutesing_58
    Winged demon eye mana50 permanenting_55
    with hoodcreate Robe_1(00,9999,9999)
    Wolf heart vitality10 5mining_45
    Wyvern lacrimal gland dexterity7 5mining_48
    Yellowroot vitality14 2mining_01
    Zombie thyroid poisonCure/vit6 1mining_50

    Contributed By: srakoczy, Keith_I2, and Small_Person.

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