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    Village Life Guide by AggrsveChimp

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/26/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Black and White
    	Village Life
    		Spawned by:
    			Ian Jacobs
    				April 16, 2007
    Table of Contents
    I.	Introduction
    		i.Legal Stuff
    		ii.What does it all mean?
    		iii.Version History
    II.	The Basics
    		i.The Villager Desires
    			A.What is Villager Desire?
    				g.Civic Buildings
    		ii.Village Buildings
    			B.Civic Buildings
    			C.Village Center
    			D.Village Store
    		iii.Wants VS Needs
    			A. Determining Wants VS Needs
    III.	In Depth Coverage of the Flags
    		i.Fixing the Desires
    			G.Civic Buildings
    IV.	Do's and Don'ts of Village Management	
    V.	Strategies
    			C.Village Structure
    			D.General Rules
    		ii.Taking over towns, The Good way
    		iii.Taking over towns, The Evil way
    VI.	The Creature
    		i.My Creature, My Village, and Me
    			C.What can my creature do for me?
    			D.When is my creature ready to be my work
    			E.Last Words
    VII.	Final Words/ Contact Info
    I. Introduction
    	i. Legal
    This guide was written by Ian Jacobs.  It may be published
    if proper credit is given to it's creator,  Ian Jacobs.  That's 
    it... nothing more at this time.
    	ii. What does it all mean?
    Well let's see, you are here because you want to know about
    villages, and to make great ones.  You want to know about desire 
    flags, how to fix them, and how to make your creature help you, in 
    your village, of course.  This guide goes from the basics of what 
    your villagers want, and need, as well as distinguishing between the 
    two.  Furthermore, what to and not to do when your villagers want 
    stuff.  Some strategies for making an efficent, working village.  
    And finally, how to make your creature into the work horse of your 
    town, those fingers to get tired after some time...  This guide will 
    cover both good, and evil styles of play.  Yes, I know this game is 
    very old, but I still think it is one of the greatest games ever.
    	iii. Version History
    1.1  Updated 4/26/07 Added a couple more strategies and fixed some 
    errors in table of contents.
    II. The Basics	
    	ii. Villager Desires
    		A.  What is Villager Desire?
    We have all seen them, the little flags that appear around 
    the village store, occasionally at our worship sites.  We read what 
    they are, hear the villager scream out they usual stuff, yet we don't
    quite get it.  Sometimes they want food, but I see food in the store,
    sometimes they don't want wood even though it is empty! 
    Villager Desire is what your villagers want at the time, or 
    need.  They may not want wood, since the don't need it.  Or they 
    want more food because, well, they just plain want it!  Villagers 
    want and need things constantly.  VILLAGERS ARE NEVER HAPPY, YOU 
    CANNOT OBTAIN A PERFECTLY HAPPY VILLAGE!  Get that thought out of 
    you head now and never, ever, ever, ever ever ever let it come back!
    		B. The Desires
    This is a quick list of the different desires your villagers will 
    have, and what cuases them.
    			a. Wood
    Your villagers want wood in the village store so that they 
    can build buildings, or put wood in your Workshop.  It is caused by 
    lack of wood in your village store. (Duh, that's why these are the 
    basics)  At times you may see a completely empty wood storage and no 
    desire flag.  This is O.K.  It just means that you have nothing 
    going on in your village that requires wood.
    			b. Food
    Each villager eats it's own helping of food, 
    if you have more villagers than you do servings, or you people 
    (as I have observed) have to walk a long way to get to food will 
    want more food.  (People get hungry as they travel)  
    Your people will feed themselves, as in they walk to the village 
    store, get some food, and eat it.  This should never be empty!
    			c. Expansion
    This means housing, and it really isn't that big of a problem as 
    long as you are constantly building houses for your people.  
    When this goes up, be prepared to start working on some of the other 
    desire flags.  Building need wood, builders need food, etc.
    			d. Offspring
    WARNING!  VILLAGERS BREED LIKE RABBITS!  This is the most common and 
    the most annoying desire.  This desire is the root of all evil!  
    Example,  Villagers want offspring, more off offspring means more 
    food and more buildings, more buildings require more wood, more 
    builders need more food, more food means they want more offspring.  
    It is perfectly O.K. to have a Breeding flag up, it mean's your 
    villagers are essentially happy (so long as no other flags are up).
    			e. Mercy
    Your villagers are frightened of you, or your creature, because you 
    did something evil to them, like burning the creche.  Frickaseed 
    baby... not bad!
    			f. Protection
    Your villagers are frightened of another god or creature.  Not much 
    			g. Civic Buildings
    You don't have a Creche, Workshop, or Cemetary, just build these 
    early to get them out of the way.  This is the easiest to take care 
    			h. Rest (Worship site only)
    Too many villagers are worshiping at your temple, or the ones that 
    are there are low on health.
    	ii. Village Buildings
    A list of all the village buildings you will find in the games, 
    the same goes for every tribe.
    		A. Housing
    Your Villagers need a place to live, housing provides that.  It is, 
    or at least should be, the most common type of building in any 
    village.  The two types of housing is large (Two scafold) and small 
    (On scafold).  Large buildings can give either 3 or 4 adult spots, 
    depending on size, where as small buildings will ALWAYS give you two 
    adult spots.  "Spots" can be viewed by "tapping" on any house.
    		B. Civic Buildings
    There are only three types of civic buildings.  The Workshop, where 
    scafolds are made, the Creche, basicallya daycare, and the Cemetary, 
    duh.  Every village should have a Creche and Cemetary, but the 
    Workshop is suggested.  Also a building that isn't really classified 
    under anything, but since it affects your village I will put it 
    here, The Wonderer.  It gives you special powers or changes the 
    attributes of your village based on which wonderer you choose.
    		C. Village Center
    This basically IS the village itself, all the miracles are listed 
    there as well as the totem.  You can create these by placing 5 or 
    more scafolds down in a somewhat remote location.  Remote location 
    being away from all other towns.  This is the heart of any town.
    		D. Village Store
    All your villages desires are listed here.  Your village's food 
    supply and wood stock are also located here.  You can leash your 
    creature here so that it will fufill the town's needs and wants.
    		E.  That huge building of great importance, 
    		    oh I mean the temple!
    The temple is essentailly you!  It reflects your alignment by 
    either having towering spikes, or slim curves.  Your creature's 
    pen as well as the villages worship sites are located here.  Inside 
    the temple is your creature cave, and other rooms like that.
    	iii. Wants VS Needs
    Want: something desired, or demanded.
    Need: necessity arising from the circumstances of a situation or 
    		A. Determining Wants VS Needs
    Wants are easily defined by situations, thus giving you a basic 
    understanding and flexibiliy to determine on your own the difference 
    between the two.
    Situation A:  Wood Desire is high, as well as Expansion Desire.  
    There is little to no wood left in storage.
    Want: Wood
    Need: Expansion
    The villagers want wood to supply their need for expansion
    Situation B:  Wood Desire is high, and there are many buildings 
    under construction.  The Offspring flag is also up.
    Want: Offspring (This is always a want, and never a necesity EXCEPT 
    when your village has but one or two villagers.)
    Need: Wood
    The villagers want offspring to fill in the new homes, but need wood 
    to build them.
    So as you see, each desire flag yields a new desire.  An easy way to 
    prioritize the falgs is through the Want VS Need system.
    III. In Depth Coverage of the Flags
    The sction will cover the different ways to "fix" the flags.  It 
    covers both the good and Evil ways to fix the flags.
    	i.  Fixing the Desires
    		A. Food
    			a. Good
    Cast the Food miracle on your village store.  Another option is to 
    use your creature to feed the people.
    			b. Evil: 
    The only evil way that comes to mind is to steal from other 
    villages, or from your villages themselves.  Yes taking food from 
    the fields IS EVIL!  To bad you can't fill the village store with 
    		B. Wood
    			a. Good
    Cast the wood miracle, or water trees for the villagers.
    			b. Evil
    Can you really be evil with this, besides once again, stealing wood.
    		C. Expansion
    			a. Good
    Build homes for the homeless, keep the village store up with food 
    and wood, and you should be set.
    			b. Evil
    KILL KILL KILL!  Who needs those worthless EXTRA followers anyway!
    		D. Offspring
    			a. Good
    Be carful here, one man can impregnate an ENTIRE village, so it's 
    best to have one female breeder per 20 people.  That way you keep a 
    constant supply of offspring, but not to many.  If you are DESPRATLY 
    low then mabye one or two men will do the trick.  It's not a good 
    idea to let your creature do this for you, but under no circumstance
     slap him for it!  All you need to do is pick up the new disciple 
    and shake him about!
    			b. Evil
    They want offspring?  They won't after you destroy all the extra 
    housing space.  Burn the houses and watch the villagers squirm.
    		E. Mercy
    			a. Good
    Try to be nicer to them, cast some healing miracles, water some 
    plants, be nice!
    			b. Evil
    You're evil... WHO CARES IF THEY WANT MERCY!?
    		F. Protection
    			a. Good
    Spirtual shields, physical shields do the trick, also try helping 
    them rebuild what was lost in the attack.
    			b. Evil
    Ditto but without the rebuilding part, that's to nice for you.
    		G. Civic Buildings
    			a. Good
    Give them their damn civic buildings, they do nothing but help!
    			b. Evil
    		H. Rest
    			a. Good
    Lower the totem about 5% to 10% depending on how badly they need 
    rest, cast a few healing miracles around the worshipers and mabye 
    even make a teleport to your distant villages.
    			b. Evil
    Roast 'em.  Who needs tired worshipers?  Fresh meat is your game!  
    Just kill em off to make room for the new meat.
    IV. Do's and Don'ts of Village Managment
    	i. The Do's
    		1. Do keep the food desire low.
    		2. Do keep the wood desire low.
    		3. Do encourage villagers to work by creating 
    		4. Do try to be ever-expanding, a village at rest 
                       gets you no more influence over the land.
    		5. Do make room for your creature to move around.
    		6. Do encourage your creature to always help 
                       villagers, even if you are evil.  (An evil 
                       creature can be both annoying and destructive)
    		7. Do try to make your villages self-sustaining.
    	ii. The Don'ts
    		1. Don't let villagers "Chill out."  Assign them to 
                       be disciples like fisherman, or farmers.  
                       Something that will require constant work on 
                       their part.
    		2. Don't overbreed, overbreeding is the source of 
                       all other desires!
    		3. Don't kill your entire village.
    		4. Don't allow your creature to eat villagers, 
                       unless you really really want that. 
                       (Sadistic SoB)
    		5. Don't do everything!  You can spend hours 
                       micromanaging your villages only to find out 
                       that you raised a load of LAZY VILLAGERS!
    		6. Don't make too many houses at once!  Remember, 
                       houses need wood, wood requires trees!  If you 
                       can't supply the wood to each house you make 
                       (Around 1660 or one wood miracle)  then do not 
                       build it.  It creates a need for your villagers 
                       to chop down every tree on the map!
    		7. Don't let your creature do everything,  it's 
                       good to have him around but he could be doing 
                       soooooo much more in other villages!
    V. Strategies
    This section is about some basic to advanced strategies to 
    creating your villages.
    	i.General (Your town)
    		A. Self mangement.
    Your villagers can be reasonably self-reliant.  If done correctly 
    this strategy can help you to stop micro-managing all of your towns.
    Start of with the following rule for food, 1 field can feed 5 
    people, if you want it to be really self-suffiecent and have a lot 
    of wood to burn, or 1 field can feed 10 people if you don't have 
    that much wood.  Fields are built at the workshop for 4 scafolds.  
    Next look for any fish farms in the area and set disciples to work 
    there.  Food is really the only thing you want your people to be 
    self-suffcient on.  Wood cutters tend to overkill forest in  a 
    In the story mode, when you are more than likely paying attention 
    to other things, A good way to get your town to be self managing and 
    have alot of influence is by creating a agricultural type of town.  
    Around your village center just try to fit all your civic buildings, 
    with the exception of the graveyard.  This will help you in later 
    lands, trust me.  On the outskirts of the town center use this rule, 
    1 field for every small house, 2 fields for every medium house (3 
    or 4 villager spots) and 3 fields for every large house (5 spots) 
    this creates a cool loking town, make the villagers self-suffciant 
    as well as helping you to spread out and increase your influence.  
    This won't work as well in the skirmish mode since players have a 
    limited amount of space to utilize.
    		B. Breeding
    Breeders can be a plague!  Over breeding is the WORST thing that 
    can happen to any village.  A general rule of thumb for me is 1 
    female breeder per 10 people.  This way the population can grow 
    exponentially but still under control.  If you are having trouble 
    keeping up with the rate of breeding, simply take out breeder 
    diciples.  I have never seen two non-breeder diciples mate.  If, 
    like on land 3, you need alot of people, then make 1 male breeder 
    diciple per 25 people.
    In a village where there isn't anyone, like one you just took the 
    evil way, you can't really start a village without 1 male and 3 
    females.  Make the one male a breeder disciple and the women what 
    ever you need.  Then put the man around the village store or food 
    supply to ensure that he is constantly breeding.
    Don't let your creature create breeders since he tends to get out 
    of hand and goes on a breeder frenzy.  It's best to handle such 
    matters with your godly hand!
    		C. Village Structure
    If you notice how villages are laid out in the skirmish maps, then 
    you will see that they have a group of houses around a few farms and 
    mabye a few around the village store.  I find this to be extremely 
    effective.  Building houses into what I call "neighborhoods" or 
    groups of houses, and then centralizing them on important resources 
    such as flocks, farms, fish farms, trees, and forests can be a great
    way break apart the village into sectors, fireflys I see escpecially 
    like houses around trees.
    Make "roads" through your village.  Between each line of houses 
    should be a strip of green grass, if there isn't than more then 
    likely your creature cannot fit through!  Accesibility is key here 
    since, when trained properly, the creature can be your best friend 
    in village management.
    Always expand toward your opponent!  That way your influence is 
    getting ever closer to his villages, as well as those nuetral ones 
    in between.
    Keep all your civic buildings close toghether, when they are closer 
    then the interaction between all of them is much easier.
    Two workshops spaced close thoghether can provide you with a quick 
    way to mass produce buildings and fields, so long as you supply them 
    well.   It seems like there is a glitch where if you take 
    scaffolding from one workshop and put it into another, all scaffolds 
    that are already being made into buildings are cleared.  Thus making 
    room for more scaffolds in their place.
    		D. General Rules
    Killing villagers is bad.  Killing houses is bad, setting fire to 
    fields can be extremly bad as these are hard to put out.  If you 
    need to impress a town with fireballs, throw them OVER not IN the 
    Always leave space and keep desire low, remember, THERE IS NO SUCH 
    THING AS A HAPPY VILLAGE, so don't waste your time trying like I 
    did. Don't be fooled by that bliss moment when you think you have a 
    happy village, it will only stay that way for a minite.
    	ii. Taking over towns, The Good way.
    Start by sending your creature into the town,make sure he knows all 
    the good miracles.  Then impress them useing Flying Flock, or one of 
    the other big miracles.
    Satisfy their desires, or have your creature do it.
    Leash the creature to the Village Center and he will entertain the 
    villagers, leash him to the village store and he will satisgy their 
    desires.  Throw artifacts, in the village and do other nice things 
    for them until they believe in you.
    	iii. Taking over towns, The Evil way.
    Take your creature, have him destroy a few homes, burn any civic 
    buildings they have, throw villagers about, and eat villagers, they 
    will believe in you in no time.
    Alternativly, kill everyone, then send in a missionary.  Town is 
    V. The Creature
    Ah yes, the creature, the almighty being that is your creature, 
    your greatest ally, or worst enemy.  This creature teaching is made 
    to make a village work horse, not a fighter, or evil creature.
    	i. My Creature, My Village, and Me
    		A. Training
    Train your creature not to eat villagers, but to tuck them in at 
    night, pick them up and cuddle them, make them happy, and perform 
    for them.  Teach him to use the totem, and when it's appropriate.  
    Teach him to fish, take food from fields and use village store.  
    Teach him to poop on trees, or fields if you can.  Let him learn how
    to feed himself and when rest is O.K.  Teach him to eat whatever, as 
    long as it's not villagers.  After he has learned these basics, 
    teach him how to throw trees into the village store when he is on 
    the wood desire flag. Next teach him to throw full grown animals 
    into the village store when on the food flag.  DO NOT teach him to 
    take food from the field, otherwise he will turn out more evil, 
    since stealing is wrong.
    Start him off with the water miracle.  Leash him to the food desire 
    with the learning leash, and then water fields.  Leash him to the 
    wood desire flag and teach him to water trees.  Next teach him to 
    cast the food and wood miracles, these are important for him to 
    learn since they give a good deal of resources.  Continue to 
    reinforce these lessons until he will do them on his own.  A good 
    test is to put him on the learning leash, leash him to a food or 
    wood desire flag, and watch what he does.  If he feeds the villagers 
    when on the wood flag, then you need to teach him to put wood in the 
    village store instead of food when on that flag.  Or if he sits 
    down, then you need to slap him right away, then show him what to 
    do.  NEVER should your creature be idle!
    After learning these basic concepts, teach him more advanced like 
    miracle forest, and miracle heal.  These will help to impress later 
    		C. What can my Creature do for me?
    Your creature can satisfy desire of your villagers with relative 
    smarts, depending on how extensivly you train him.  He can act as 
    just big babysitter, or and active member of society based on what 
    personality traits you bestow upon him.  If trained right, your 
    creature can the most vital member of any village.
    		D. When is my creature ready to be my work horse?
    Here is a quick checklist of things your creature must know.
    	1.Water miracle, and when, where, and what to use it on.
    	2.Food Miracle, again, when and where.
    	3.Wood Miracle, ditto.
    	4.Healthy (from villager point of view) eating habits.
    	5.Not to roam around.  Leash that big fella up.
    	6.Your Creature MUST knowhow to help the villagers out, 
    	  and when to do it.
    		E. Last Words
    Your creature should never be allowed to sit down, ever.  He must 
    know how to please the villagers.  He must know how to do basic 
    villager tasks, like food and wood.  He should be an overall good 
    VII.  Final Words
    I created this guide because I hadn't seen many comprehensive 
    guides on village life.  I will attempt to update regularly as new 
    information.  You can contact me at aggrsvechimp@yahoo.com with any 
    questions, comments, ridicule, or new information.  All e-mails will 
    be answered as long as they have a purpose!

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