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Creature FAQ by Schragmeister

Version: 1.81 | Updated: 05/24/07

I'd make a logo or something in this General area, but I have no skill of
that, so if anybody would contribute, I will give you full credit, and my
personal thanks.

                Black and White
                   Creature Guide

Version History
1.00 4/29/05 - Basic info complete. Working on strategies and basic gameplay
tips. Most of the Creatures done, but Rhino still uncomplete.

1.10 5/1/05 - Happy May Day all! Fix a bunch of spelling mistakes, redid the
entire Strategies Section, and added a whole lot more of them. Also the
Version History. I also changed my screen name on here, because I wrote this
guide before signing up with gamefaqs.com and my screen name on here was
taken. Oops. Apologies to SquirrleMan if he ever reads this. May add some
other things, but a little busy

1.11 5/2/05 More spelling mistakes done, and a couple more stratagies.

1.20 5/3/05 I finished the Rhino! I didn't work too long on him though,
just enough to get the basic idea. This means that the Creatures are done!!
But this is not the end, my friend! Also fixed a few more spelling errors,
and added a ton of new strategies. Updated the intoduction, and added a new
Creature List.

1.30 5/4/03 AHHH! I spent over 3 hours today reformatting my ENTIRE guide!! 
Messing with the font, size, and counting 79 3 billion times really gets on
your nerves huh? Also moved a few things around, and corrected a few spelling
errors. Pardon me now while I go slam my head against that wall over there.

1.40 5/7/05 Added a few more strategies, and fixed 3 spelling mistakes.

1.41 5/10/05 Added the sites where this guide is allowed under the Contact
Me Section. If you see it anywhere where it isn't allowed, please notify 
me immediatly.

1.50 6/6/05 Been awhile since the last update. Sorry. But I'm still active
with this thing. Added a "User Tips" Section. This section will be dedicated
to YOU guys. 

1.60 8/5/05 Long time since an Update, but I had spent 7 weeks out of town and
unable to work on this thing. This version, I added a few things sent in by
readers, and made grammer and spelling changes. Also made Creature info easier
to read. I'm planning on working on this thing to make it that much better. 
Please keep sending me info, strategies, questions, and more to help me keep 
this FAQ going!

1.70 2/17/07 No, you read that date right; it's been almost two YEARS since an
update, and I'm sorry for that. However, I have once again decided to delve
into the world of Black and White. With any luck (and maybe some helpful
contributions from the readers) I can make this guide better than ever!

1.71 2/19/07 So far so good; my guide has gone from 35kb to over 50kb in the
past two days. 98% of that was written today in a writing session lasting 
roughly 7-8 hours. Ouch.
Changed a helluva lot of content, fixed a bunch of spelling and 
grammatical mistakes. Added a whole new section under Strategies chock-full
of tips about leashes. Check it out for a helluva lotta strategies on them!
Oh, and I added a complete in-depth section under III. Creatures to help you
pick what Creature you want at the beginning of the game. Also I added 
subtopics under the Table of Contents to help you find what you're looking 
for. Also added an About the Author section because, damnit, I'm bored!
I also added a lot to the final words section of my guide. I might add 
Creature dances and special moves later on, but not in this version.
God I need a life...

1.81 5/24/07 Fixed a couple spelling and grammtical errors, and began the 
dance section. As I don't have them all yet, feel free to send them to me.
Also, send me the special moves if you know them, because I plan to add 
those features next time I update. 


Table of Contents

I.   Introduction
      A. Legal info
      B. What is B&W?
      C. what will this guide do for me?
II.  Reason why it was written
III. Creatures
      A. Creature Reveiws
      B. Which Creature should I choose?
IV.  Strategies
      A. General Strategies
      B. Battle Tips
      C. Tips for good Creatures
      D. Tips for evil Creatures
      E. The Leashes
V.   Ditch of Duds
VI.  Credits
VII. Final words
      A. Contacting me
      B. About the Author
      c. Final words


  I. Introduction

(This guide was made with NotePad, and is probably best used in at least
800x600 resolution)

      A. Legal ...stuff...
The following information are writtin by me, and me alone. Any hints added
to the guide by other people will be put in the Credits section. I, Sam
Schrage, wrote this guide myself, and with no other help besides the people
in the credits. Do not take my work. It is plagurism to take one's work
without proper written permission from the author (ME). You may print off
sections of this guide for personal uses, but you may not sell it for any
profit, monetary or material. If you do steal my work without my written
permission, I will persue legal action to the extent of State and Federal
Laws. If you do wish my work on your site, please contact me, and ask
nicely, and 99% chance that I will say yes. If not, I have my reasons.
Again, I worked very hard on this document, so don't jack it.
      B. What is B&W?
With all that junk out of the way let's start. Many people may be
asking "What is Black and White?" First step - get out of that rock you're
living under. Whats next? "Who's Mario?" Black and White is a horribly
addictive game. It settles on a Sim game. Only a Sim game with, um, big, er,
animals. Creatures actually. There are 17 creatures. (19 with Creature Isles, 
but this isn't the expansion now is it?) Each creature has its own weaknesses 
and strengths. Well maybe except the Mandrill and Ogre, but we'll get on to 
that juicy part soon.

      C. What will this guide do for you?
This guide is a compendium of information about the 17 Creatures in Black and
White. It contains a reveiw of every single Creature, and tell how to aquire 
it in the game. It will hopefully help you choose what Creature best suits 
your style of play.

Along with the the Creatures, this guide is full-chock(yeah I switched it up)
of strategies that I have used along with a few that readers have sent in. If 
you wish to contribute, see section VII. of this guide. These strategies are
incredible useful in regards to handling Creatures, and are invaluable to 
bringing him up.


II. Why it was written
     I've been searching for about a year now, and I haven't found one
complete creature guide. I realize that Masked Moogle has an very nice guide, 
but it hasn't been updated in forever(I guess I don't have room to be talking
there...) For the 7 people that care, this is my first guide ever written for 
a game, so bear with me. As I'm sure people were wondering a lot of things 
that were left unsaid in Masked Moogle's guide, I have hoped to fill in 
those blanks.

It seems that every guide I find nowadays are so damn formal, it makes me gag.
This guide was written to be very conversational, and that being said, there
is some cursing in this guide. I'm not changing it. Too f*ckin' bad. Get over

I wrote this guide because I want to help people with the biggest and most fun
part of the game: the Creatures! Hopefully it will help you choose the
Creature that's right for you. And after you've chosen the Creature, my guide
will help you teach it the ways of the gods! Or something like that. If you've
already chosen your Creature you'll want to head to the Strategies section. 
With all that aside, thanks for reading my introduction, and enjoy 
Schragmeister's Creature guide!


III. Creatures
	Finally! Ok here we go, the main part of the guide. Wake up people.
I have personally tested about 90% of the creatures.
They are as followed:
Brown Bear
Polar Bear

They are as followed in my opinion, in order of best(again, in my opinion)
Brown Bear
Polar Bear

This is just how I prefer them. Heck, your favorite might be the Mandrill.
We're all entitled to our opinion.
This is the layout of how I'll describe them.

      A. Reveiw of all Creatures
Name of creature
Strength (damage dealt)
Dexterity (speed and agility in and out of battle)
Intellect (speed at which the Creature learns miracles, skills, ect.)
How to aquire

Battle proficiancy

Life profiancy (how it does out of battle, in villages, and anything else)

How it looks as    
Good, (sparkles included)
Evil (smoke included)

Overall Ideas
My personal opinion of creature in a scale of * to *****

Please note that these experiences are not set in stone. That is, whatever
happened with my testings are not assured to happen with yours. Like, as
you'll find out, my ape didn't sleep very well to start out with. Maybe
yours will have a set bedtime. Anything can happen here.

Also, one last note. You'll see me reference Creatures to either
spellcasters, brawlers, or fighters. Spellcasters use miracles for thier main
form of attack. They probably have a long attacking reach, low damage,
and a fast casting rate. A Brawler usually have a short reach, but high
damage, slow dodging and blocking rates, with very high delay in casting 
miracles. A fighter is all around. He will have a short delay on attacks
and castings, probably a fast dodger and blocker, with mediocre damage. Quite
frankly, I don't like the RPG-style branding, either, but it fits, so whatever.

Got it? 'Bout damn time. Schragmeister's Creature guide!

Strength - 3
Dexterity - 6
Intellect - 8
How to aquire - Chosen as one of your beginning creatures
Dance - Coming soon

Battle proficiancy - The ape in battle is the worst fighter
of the first three creatures choosable. While he does have a fairly good
reach, his attacks don't to the kind of damage you might want. He also might
have a little delay on his attacks and blocks. His miracles come off fairly
fast though. A good spellcasting creature for beginners.

Life proficiancy - A good point for the Ape. He learns miracles quite fast
and usually picks up on what you do in 2 or 3 tries. My ape never knew when
to sleep or eat, but I'm sure that can change. He also kept eating
villagers, so he's probably a good evil creature

How it looks as Good - A golden Ape
How it looks as Neutral - An orange/red Ape.
How it looks as Evil - A mean looking mono-brow, brownish, blueish, redish

Overall ideas - A good choice from the three, but make sure you don't fight
too much. He has the ability to become a spellcaster quickly, but sometimes
it takes more than miracles in a fight. He can be a great creature out
of battle with his intelligence. Keep him on the defense.
Personal opinion - **

Brown Bear
Strength - 7.5
Dexterity - 4.5
Intellect - 6
How to aquire - Clean up the *ahem* excrement in the forst in Land 5
Dance - He reminds me of Disco Bear from Happy Tree friends... how

Battle proficiancy - Very nice. His attacks have little to no delay, do a 
nice amount of damage and his fighting style reflects that of Tea Kwon Do,
or perhaps Hapkido, both eastern martial arts. His miracles and dodging are 
a bit slow,which might hurt him, but an overall great fighter.

Life proficiancy - Average. He can learn miricles at an average rate, can 
learn how to do things like plant and water forests or fields quickly, but 
that isn't much. He'll eat both grain and meat, so if you run out of one,
you've got a backup source of food.

How it looks as good - No Winnie no!
How it looks as Neutral - A bear that's brown. Go fig.
Appearance as Evil - A Darker brown bear(if you've ever played AD&D, he looks 
like a wearbear)

Overall ideas - Actually I would consider this as an intermediate player
creature. Hes good in battle, and with a little training, you can let him
off his leash and he'll either bless and heal, or he'll maim and destroy.
Your choice. My second favorite creature.
Personal Opinion - ****

Strength - 2
Dexterity - 4
Intellect - 10
How to aquire - Fool the witch in Land 3 by bringing her a child next to the 
Egyptian Village
Dance - Coming soon

Battle proficiancy - As a brawler, terrible. His reach is bad, so you think 
that his attacks are quick, but no. They are slow moving, and easily 
dodgable. He doesn't cast miricles as a good rate, but not bad. His dodging 
speed is average, but only average.

Life proficiancy - One of the best creatures in this role. He'll learn 
miracles at the fastest rate avaliable, and with a little bit of training
(and I do mean little, due to the fact that he is the fastest learner around)
you can leave the him to go do your own godly stuff.He's happy healing your
villagers, or eating them. Good defensive creature.

How it looks as good - Light brown/tan colored Ape.
How it looks as Neutral - A dark brown Ape.(I say ape because the chimp and
ape look the same, just different colors.)
How it looks as Evil - Hes a darker brown, almost black, with longer 
eyebrows, and a meaner deminor(ha!)

Overall ideas - A good creature for advanced types. He learns great, but has 
a problem in battle. If you must battle, just use miracles.
Personal opinion - ***

Strength - 4
Dexterity - 6
Intellect - 6
How to aquire - Chosen at the beginning of the game
Dance - Coming soon

Battle Proficiancy - Slightly above average. He attacks at a good distance
and speed, but not lightning quick. His miricles come off alright, not too
fast and not too slow. A fighting Creature

Life profiancy - Above average. He learns what he needs to fairly quickly,
and will always be nice to your villagers by default. My cow always seemed 
afraid of the dark, but that can easily be fixed. Make sure it doesn't get 
skinny. Looks terrible.

How it looks as Good - Looks like a dairy cow, white with black patches
How it looks as Neutral - Brown and white spotted bovine
How it looks as Evil - A dark red bull with black patches

Overall Ideas - My favorite starting creature. He learnes well, looks
alright, and fights well. Playing good? Pick the cow first.
Personal Opinion - ***

Strength - 8
Dexterity - 3
Intellect - 4
How to aquire - Download a patch.
Dance - Coming soon

Battle proficiancy - Very nice again. He has a decent reach, tremendous power.
He'll be better taking hits than dodging them. The Gorilla dodges as.... 
scratch that. He can't dodge. Block hits. His miracle casting rate is the 
slowest out of the creatures.

Life profiaciancy - Horrible. He eats whatever he can get his hands on,
including villagers, regardless of his alighnment. He'll go and take
walks in the enemies' territory and get whomped on by lightning. He doesn't 
learn miracles well either. Careful with him.

How it looks as Good - Yellow..... 'Nuff said
How it looks as Neutral - A black gorrila
How it looks as Evil - A light grey, almost a silver color.

Overall Ideas - A good brawler, can't learn worth a damn, and is
very greedy. In my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros.
Personal Opinion - **

Strength - 4
Dexterity - 10
Intellect - 7
How to aquire - Download a  patch. It isn't hard to find on the internet
Dance - Riverdance!

Battle Proficiancy - I like the Horse's fight style of kickboxing personally.
He's going to block and dodge very fast, but his attacks aren't as fast,
but still very respectable with a mediocre reach. While lacking brute power,
he'll be able to cast miracles with no problem in delay. A good role for 
intermediate players.

Life proficiancy - Another shining point for a horse. He learns fast, runs 
faster and will always be nice to your villagers. You can teach him anything
without too much frustration. Good luck learning Mega-Blast though...

How it looks as Good - A blue/white Unicorn
How it looks as Neutral - A blue/white horse
How it looks as Evil - Pretty cool. He's black with red eyes with a 
long flowing tail.

Overall Ideas - A great all around creature. Smart, FAST, and a good fighter
He's gonna be a good (as in alignment) creature, but I dont like the good 
form. I see no problems at all here. My personal favorite.
Personal Opinion - *****

Strength - 7.5
Dexterity - 6
Intellect - 2
How to aquire - Download a patch
Dance - Some kind of awesome break dance

Battle proficiancy - Great. He has good damage, an above average reach, and 
good attack speed. His miracles go off slow, with a cool-down time.

Life Proficiancy - Bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad. Got it? He eats too much, likes
breaking stuff, and throwing rocks at houses. He can't learn miracles
very well either. Try not to let him out of your sights for too long.

How it looks as Good - A Jaguar with smaller spots, and light orange/yellow
colored fur.
How it looks as Neutral - If you're reading this area, you are an official
How it looks as Evil - Black Panther

Overall Ideas - A good fighter. Nothing that I can think of can pull him out
of the 	Ditch of Duds, though.
Overall Ideas - **

Strength - 8
Dexterity - 7
Intellect - 7
How to aquire - Solve the Wolf Puzzle on land 5
Dance - Another Breakdance!

Battle proficiancy - Simply Awsome. He attacks fast with great power, his 
dodging is quick. He cast miracles a little slow, but not too bad. I would 
rate him as an advanced players' creature. His fighting style is a rougher 
kick boxer.

Life proficiancy - The lion, while good in battle isn't so great in life. He
casts destrucive miracles lots, doesn't like to heal, and is EXTREMLY greedy.
My lion wiped out an entire herd of pigs during the first 10 minutes of the

How it looks as Good - A bright red Lion that has happier eyes(Bwess his
widdle heart)
How it looks as Neutral - Lion King my friend; a great documentery.
How it looks as Evil - A blood red lion with huge fangs and claws. Looks
seriously pissed off.

Overall Ideas. Almost perfect in every aspect. His only major flaw is his 
greediness. Watch them sheep.
Personal Opinion - ****

Strength - 6
Dexterity 5
Intellect - 4
How to aquire - Hack him
Dance - Unknown

Battle proficiancy - Nothing too good or bad. His attacks do damage, but not
a whole lot. His miricles come off slow, but he can dodge pretty well. He 
seems purely average.

Life proficiancy - He is about the same as the Gorilla in my game

How it looks as Good - A green cyclopse
How it looks as Neutral - Same
How it looks as Evil - Ditto

Overall Ideas - Nothing too good or bad about him. Try him if you wanna try 
something new. In my game, I couldn't get him to be good. If I smacked him
around for torching a house, all he would do is move on to another house, or
torch the same one. Beware.
Personal Opinion - **

Strength - 6
Dexterity - 7
Intellect - 5
How to aquire - Download a patch
Dance - Coming soon

Battle Proficiancy - I found his battle ability to be just like the Ogres
(Other than fighting style)

Life Proficiancy - He's above average. He learns miracles alright, but not 
too slow. My Mandrill was always poking around the enemies base and getting
hit with Lethys' Lightning. And scientists say these things are some of the 
smartest mammels. My white ass.

How it looks as good - Bright green fur, with long um.... pigtails?
How it looks as Neutral - A baboon. Green fur, red butt and all.
How it looks as Evil - A red, black and blue pissed baboon. Yes he still has 
the ass. Easy, Mix-alot.

Overall Ideas - Nothing stands out. He's just average. And he looks funny.
Personal Opinion - ***

Polar bear
How to aquire - First solve the seamen quest on Land One, then on Land 5 you 
find them with the Polar Bear and a new village.
How it looks as Good - A bright white bear
How it looks as Neutral - A brown bear with white fur
How it looks as Evil - A dark grey bear

Strength - 7
Dexterity - 5
Intellect - 5
How to aquire - Not (legally) available in the game, but you can use a
Creature changer or do the old file switch trick

Battle Proficiancy - Pretty good. Although he does hit rather hard, and 
dodges well, he casts no miracles rapidly. He seems like another kickboxer to

Life proficiancy - Not so good. The Rhino will not be happy hanging around 
the temple, but terrorizing your, or your enemies, villages. He'll eat 
villagers at his leisure, while learning new tricks rather slowly, despite 
his average intelligence. 

How it looks as Good - A White Rhino
How it looks as Neutral - You; Animal Planet - now. Go.
How it looks as evil - A Red and black Rhino complete with set of spikes 
over its body

Overall Ideas - A rather average Creature, and fights like the horse, but 
slower. Make sure you teach him to eat properly, or you may be in for some 
population trouble.

Personal Opinion -**

Strength - 4
Dexterity - 6
Intellect - 7
How to aquire - Find all the farmer's missing sheep on Island One. There are 
9 or 10, if memory serves.
Dance - Coming soon

Battle Proficiancy - Nothing impressive. He attacks quite quickly, but damage
just doesn't measure up. His miracle come off at an average rate, but I
wasn't sure of his dodging speed. Really, I didn't test him extensivly. 

Life Proficiancy - Not too shabby. Your sheep (goat?) will probably be nice
to your villagers naturally, but the little mongrel torched one of my
villages houses after learning fireball. I smacked him around for
about 5 minutes and locked him up in his pen for 3 days. Guess what?
He never did it again. He's going to learn miracles fairly quickly, water
in a only several showings. A bit timid toward exploring, or at least my
sheep was.

How it looks as Good - A sheep(or a goat if he's skinny) with gold colored
um.... 	fluff.
How it looks as Neutral - A ram with while fluff, strangely.
How it looks as Evil - Hard to describe.A greenish, reddish, pissed off 

Overall Ideas - A beginning players creature, who is leaning towards more a
spellcaster creature. He'll be a good village-watcher, but try to avoid 
battling a whole lot.

Personal opinion - ***

Strength - 8
Dexterity - 7
Intellect - 1
How to aquire - Chosen at the beginning
Dance - Yet another breakdance... are all the cats the same?

Battle proficiancy - Pretty good. All around fighter. He dodges and attacks 
quickly, and his attacks pack a punch, err claw. But don't cast miracles, as 
they come off rather slow. Keep him on the offense.

Life Proficiancy - Oh ho ho boy; here we go. Allow me to paint a picture for 
you. A fifty-foot tall cat with the ADHD of a red-headed step child with the
miraculous ability to cast fireball with hundreds of little mice running all
over. You get the picture. As for miricles, it took my tiger 12 times to
learn the Water miricle, and another f*cking 10 to get him to learn WHEN to
use it!

How it looks as Good - A pink/purple tiger. Be afraid, be very afraid.
How it looks as Neutral - A Bengal tiger. (Orange with black stripes)
How it looks as Evil - A blackish tiger with red eyes and an
evil grimace, if memory serves. 

Overall Ideas - If you do want to use him, keep him fighting and away from 
your villages. 
Personal opinion - **

Strength - 3
Dexterity - 6
Intellect - 6
How to aquire - Get all the boy's fish in the net in Land 4
Dance - Not sure, but I think it might be Disco Fever!

Battle Proficiancy - While lacking attacking power, his attacks come out 
swinging fast. He'll dodge average, and cast miracle at a mediocre rate.

Life Proficiancy - Your tortoise will probably have the instinct to want to 
stay around town and heal, water, and feed your masses. When he does run 
off, he usually runs. And runs. And runs. Tie this fella up.

How it looks as Good - Damn hippies' vandalism 
How it looks as Neutral - A tortoise. Green shell and all baby!
How it looks as Evil - A red and black tortoise with white spikes all over
its body. But not cool demonic spikes, noo! Like, pointy cigarette spikes.
Pretty dumb.

Overall Ideas - He's good in both offensive and defensive roles, so set him 
according to your style. Good for an advanced beginner
Personal opinion - ***

Strength - 6
Dexterity - 8
Intellect - 5.5
Dance - Coming Soon

How to aquire - On the 4th island (Your 1st island revisited), near 
the 3rd village you get, there's a woman who wants to heal her brother (zoom 
out on sea side, there should be a silver scroll)--you've got to guide her 
along the path, saving her from wolves, forest fires and Morg. You can only 
do it 3 times total, but when she gets to heal her brother they offer you
the wolf. 

Battle Proficiany - An excellent fighter. His attacks have good range, power,
and speed. He won't cast miracles in any hurry, but it's nothing to complain
about. He dodges quite fast as well.

Life Proficiancy - A lightened up tiger. He's pretty smart when it comes to
learning miracles, but a certified idiot when it comes to using them. Careful
with your worshippers, he fried some of them one time. Keep him on the
offence, my freind

How it looks as Good - A purple weiner dog with a thyroid problem. Nasty.
How it looks as Neutral - A grey timber wolf wolf
How it looks as Evil - A black, brown and red wolf, perhaps a doberman pincer 
as Masked Moogle puts it. It fits well.

Overall Ideas - Strong, fast, and non-existant commen sense. Woohoo.
Personal Opinion - *** and 1/2 *

How it looks as Good - A normal zebra with thinner stripes, and a brighter 
coat of fur
How it looks as Neutral - No joke here, sorry.
How it looks as Evil - A darker colored zerbra, with thicker stripes

      B. Which Creature should I choose?
This is a section devoted to choosing your first Creature out of the first 
three, the Cow, Tiger, or Ape. 

Well which to choose? Good question. They all have thier good and bad points,
as I assume you've read the Reveiws. Here I go into depth of each one. From 
there, you can make your decision.

      The Ape
The Ape is the brains of the three. The Ape can learn miracles and life skills
quickly, and will retain that knowledge after a little repition. He learns 
the water miracle in three showings, and the wood miracle in five or six, and
will pick up whatever your doing in only a few demonstrations.

An untrained Ape will tend to be evil, and will do evil actions when the 
opportunity arises. Even when well trained not to be evil, he still has 
flashback episodes that force him to kill every now and again at wierd times.
Think Flippy from Happy Tree Friends.

As far as battle goes, he is very far below average. He doesn't attack well, 
and doesn't dodge as fast as a defensive Creature should. The attacks that he
does land don't do much damage, and have a slight delay. The miracles he can
casts seem to come off at a decent rate, so you may want to stick with those.

      The Cow
This lovable bovine is the middle ground between the Ape and Tiger. He will 
pick up miracles at a middle rate, but late miracles (Flock of Birds) will
take quite awhile. Mega-Blast ain't gonna happen anytime soon, either. But
where he lacks there, he will pick up your actions quite fast. After about
five showings, he'll the picture most of the time. He's great to be leaving
around town, watching after your minions, or impress other villages. He does
well in either role.

An untrained Cow will be leaning towards a good Creature. He'll cuddle with 
villagers, then probably eat one or two, but go back to the grain. On down the
road, he will very rarely intentionally harm villagers if trained not to, so
you can rest assured they're quite safe.

The cow is a mediocre fighter. His attacks have a middle range, slighting 
below average attack damage, and slightly above average blocking, dodging, and
casting speed.

A quick warning; Do not, NOT let your cow get too skinny. Not because it's
particularly harmful or unbenificial, it's just that so it's so bloody UGLY!

     The Tiger
The Tiger is the muscle of the group, and it fits. His speed at picking up
miracles is pathetic, barely getting down water at a hair above a dozen 
showings. It'll then take another half-dozen to show him to use it on fields,
and not on the village center. You definately don't want him to be hanging 
around the village, or you may not have much village left after an hour of 

An untrained Tiger is definately a mischevious mongrel. He'll eat villagers
at his leisure, despite his hunger.  He'll kick villagers around, and drop
rocks on thier houses. Funny; yes. Annoying; very. 

Where the Tiger is as dumb as the rock he throws, battle is the Tiger's 
shining point. And wow does it shine. The tiger is fast, strong and vicious.
His attacks will leave your opponent hurting, and you'll be able to dodge each
attack quickly with practice. Miracles are out of the question; he cannot
learn miracles worth a sh*t, let alone cast them. Keep punching.

So which to choose? It's depends on your preference, and what kind of game
you're playing. For example, if you want a Creature that will feed and care
for your village, but be prepared to defend it to the death, the loyal cow
may be a good choice, because it tends to be compassionate, but battle-ready
when needed.

If you're playing an evil game where you plan to be sending you're Creature 
to destroy an enemies village, and fight off his Creature at every turn, you
may prefer the "fierce, lethal Tiger"! He's good at destroying, that's for 
sure, and will be more than ready to battle anytime you need him. 

On the same token, the Ape may be a good offensive Creature if played right.
He may not excell at battle, but who says that he can't impress villages with
his vast array of miracles? When the enemy Creature comes looking for him,
cast offensive miracles on him, throw rocks, trees, people ect. at him. Do
anything to give you that edge on him for when your forced to battle.

My personal preference is the Ape. This way, I can teach my Creature 
everything it needs to learn right at the beginning on Land 1 or skirmish
right away. Then, once I'm content with how he's doing, I switch Creatures
using the Creature Trainer on Land 1 or Land 4. If not there, I switch 
Creatures down the road when the reward from a Silver Quest Scroll is a 
Creature I want.

That is how I do it, but don't follow my lead just because I do it. Experiment
and do what you like first. Find what kind of God you are; offensive or 
defensive, loving or hating, benevolent or malevolent, good or evil, black or

IV. Strategies

Let's face it. You aren't a good creature handler. In fact, you suck it up 
pretty bad. No problem.
This is what this section is for. I consider myself a very good Creature 
Handler, but by no means am I the best. However, some useful techniques I use
often can be found here. 

--Keep your creature fed and excersize eating habits with him until he gets
it down.
--Make sure he sleeps, or he'll fall where he stands, and lose a little bit
of height until he grows it back.
--Be repetative. If the varment doesn't get it right away, do it again, and 
again, and again if necessary.
--While I have suspisions that running laps around the isle may make your
Creature faster, I am unsure.
I have a report from "Squall" that appearently you can make your Creature run 
faster by feeding him "mint". He tells me it's a red herb thats rather rare.
This is, however, unconfirmed, and I have never seen something of this nature. 
Of course I do have an eye disease, so what do I know?
--To make Mr Big stronger, smash up a rock until he can hold it, then have 
him run. Or if you want to cheat a little, take an Enlarge Creature Miracle 
seed and then enlarge your creature. Take a large rock and give it to him. 
If you have him run, and he goes back to normal size, he will still have the 
large rock! Ninth grade physics class ain't got nothin' on this. This is an
easy way to get him buff quickly
--When your creature says "Your Creature feels curious", encourage that. 
The more curious, the or he'll want to learn new miracles/tricks and then 
you won't have to repeat yourself as much
--When your Creature is frightened, slap him silly. You may want to comfort 
him, but remember that petting is something that will make him more 
frightened more often.
--TEACH YOUR CREATURE TO FEED ITSELF!!!  This can not be stressed enough. 
There's nothing more frustrating than your creature falling down while you 
have it on your leash, only to to have him wake up at your temple with 90% 
energy, hunger, or damage. Tips on doing all of that below.
--To make sure your Creature feeds itself properly, observe it at first. When
it gets hungry, percent of hunger, and what it eats. If its a wolf and it 
goes and eats a villager, and your good, beat the stuffin' outta it. If it 
eats a cow, or of that sort, notice its %. If its at 60% or so, pet it to 
about 30. If it runs off and eats another, smack it. 
--Sleeping. This is a bit more easy thing to accomplish. For my good Creature,
I just had him sleep at night. Simple. At dusk lead him to his pen. keep 
clicking at the center of his pen, until he falls asleep. Then if he wakes up
duiring the night, repeat. Then when he wakes up at dawn, pet him to 100%, 
and it should say "From now on, your Creature will sleep more at night." 
Any more tips on how evil people do it will go here.
--To make it heal itself, cast a fireball on him. If he knows the water (and 
he should!) miracle, he'll put himself out by nature. Then heal him. Then pet
him. It should tell you that he will heal himself more when he's hurt. I am 
pretty sure this applies to battles.
--When learnin' him somethin new, use the Learning leash. It's there for a 
reason. And just him being on it isn't enough. He must have your full
attention. Pet him to 100% when he's curious, but don't	overdo it, because
whenever you hand is around, he'll stop donig what he's doing and just watch
--The Rope Leash wil make him act his alignment, with no changes, like the 
other leashes. This way you can control him in town, compared to having him
romp off.
--Mushrooms are an interesting thing. There are three kinds. White Mushrooms 
make your Creature grow a bit faster. Blue 'shrooms make your
Creature wig out. Red with White Spots make him hurl chunks. More on the Red 
in Evil Tips.

--In battle, blocking may keep you alive. As may dodging. Make sure you master
these techniques. Even a random click everynow and then may save your butt
from a series of hits.
--Dodge. Tons. Too much even. Pick a fight, just keep dodging for no frickin'
reason. Why, you may ask? If you do this a lot, your Creature will learn to 
dodge on its own, then follow the fight up with a series of blows. This can
especially be applied with your fight with Guide (The giant Creature in
Land One).
--Heal, my freind, heal. Make it a habit to practice the heart gesture. It 
might be a little frustrating, but just keep trying it. I usually wait until
my health is around 1/3, then step back, block, and then make the symbol. 
--ONLY do the special move when the situation calls for it. If your hurt and
only have 1/2 your energy bar? Heal, don't attack. If you've got enough
health, then do it. 
--Aim for different spots of the body. If you keep doing the same move over 
and over, they may get accustomed to it, and able to counter it effectivly.
This is especially useful knowledge on multiplayer.
--When heading for a battle, use the Aggressive leash. But go ONLY to the 
battle. Unless your Evil... heh...

      C. Tips for Good Creatures
--If you're playing good, make sure that you cast healing miracles (or 
Increase Heal if you have it) around your Creature and in front of many 
people. This helps you out in many ways. Your Creature learns it, you get 
belief, and it's good points for you.
--Face it. One day or another, he is going to eat a villager. Smack him around
to 100% and then take another villager, and place it in his hands. if he put
it down nicly, pet him to 10%. And if he eats it, rinse and repeat.
--Teach him to NOT take food from the field but provide it from fish, animals,
ect. Contrary to popular belief, taking food from the field IS an evil act. 
So you should probably refrain from doing it yourself.
--Use common sense. If you have a large village, send 33% to the worshipping 
site. If fairly small, send 50%. Teach the Creature to feed the worshippers,
heal them, whatnot. Big points for him.
--Leash of Compassion. It's a tool, don't overuse it. If that's all he has on 
all the time, he'll concentrate on being good, and not on sleeping or eating.

      D. Tips for evil Creatures
--Be creative. Don't just torch a house; cast a flaming rock in a straight 
line at high speeds through a village! Make the village center a lightning 
rod! Our two main spots of attraction should be the Village Store and Center,  
because when you attack them, ALL of the village's worshippers come back from
the temple!
--Hmm.. Decisions decisions. Pig or Old Man Ralph? So hard.. I'll take Jonny
down there. Yes, teach your creature to eat villagers, but not in excess. If
he eats them all, then you have one less village(!)
--Don't get mad. Get even. Take a rock and strike a fireball on it. Throw it
into another village store, center, ect. Belief and sadistic pleasure. Score.
--Fight nasty. Before you and your enemy's Creaure meet, torch him with
fireball, lightning, and heal your own Creature. It'll make the fight much
easier for you.
--Beat the snot out of Giganto here for cuddling a villager. No he's not your
friend! He's lunch damnit!
--A great way for belief and Evil points is taking the Leash of Aggression and
attatching it to an enemy Village Store/Center! Let the fun begin...
--Feed the masses! Yeah, feed 'em poisen. Have your Creature grab a red 
mushroom and chuck it into the Village Store! The grain should turn green and
anybody who eats from it will become sick and die! Muahahaha!

I didn't play evil too much, so any tips here would be appreciated!

      E. The Leashes
You may be the best creature handler out there, and would nothing without the
leashes. Each leash can be used in the same way, but will have a different 
effect on the Creature depending on the leash; The Leash of Learning(I'll also
call it the Rope Leash), the Leash of Compassion, and the Leash of Aggression.

      How to use
All three leashes are found at your temple afer Sable the Creature Trainer in 
Land 1 teaches you the basics. Redundancy takes over here, so I'll explain 
how to use them. (Well, redundancy and the fact that I'm sitting in my 
girlfriend's bed waiting for her to get off of school, so I guess boredom
is another reason)

To select a leash you can either manually go to your temple's creature pen and
select which one you want, or you can do the Gesture. The Leash Gesture is
a square spiral going clockwise going in. From there, you can choose which 
leash to use. The Rope Leash is a curved E, the Leash of Compassion is a
heart (who'da thunk it?) and the Leash of Aggression is a tight series of
lines going up and down. After casting the Gesture, your Creature will be
automaticly leashed, no matter where he is. Another way to leash the Creature
is to click the Action Button on your Creature with a leash selected. To get 
the Creature off the leash, shake your hand left and right quickly. No, in the
game, you idiot!

To move your Creature, get him on the leash, click the action button on 
passable ground, and the Creature will pick the best path to get there. Double
click to make him run.Another way is to physically tug on the leash in the 
direction you want him to move. The only time I use this is when I have a 
miracle ready to cast and I don't want to uncast it to move the Creature 

To leash the Creature to something, simply double click the object. You can
also adjust the length of the leash using the action button. It will grab the
leash where you clicked, and you can hold it down and adjust the length to 
however long you want. It'll also tell your Creature to move there. For a fun
time, attatch the Creature to a small child using the Leash of Aggression.
Cable? Screw that! The Creature interact with whatever he's leashed to in 
relations with his attitude. If attatched to a tree, he might pick it up, and
carry it around wherever he wants to go. If attatched to a house, he might
destroy the house until theres nothing for the leash to be attatched to. 

      The Rope Leash
The Rope Leash is the one that you will be using the most during the first
two lands. The Leash of Learning is used mainly for *gasp* Learning! Funny
how stuff like that seems to work out. The Rope Leash also has another use,
but I'll get to that in a minute.

However, you creature won't learn diddly if he isn't paying close
attention to your action. The trick to this is to encourage the "Your Creature
wants to mess around with you" message. The result will be "Your Creature will
pay more attention to you". Score. Do this just enough so that your Creature
will stop doing whatever he's doing when your hand comes around, and then go
right back to doing his own thing. The first step to teaching the Creature is

You can use the Rope leash to teach your creature miracles. If you use another
leash, the Creature will have less of a chance to pick up a percentage of the 
miracle. When your Creature is looking at you, cast the miracle in the correct
way. (Ex. Water on a field.) The Creature will then show a lightbulb hovering
over his head with a percentage. This percentage is how much your Creature has
learned the miracle. Make sure there is a good 10-15 second delay between
castings, or your Creature may not pick it up the second time.

Another less-known and useful technique for the Rope Leash is to make your 
Creature act his alignment. Why may this be useful? It all comes down to how
much more you need to pound the concepts of good and evil into his skull.
Your turtle may be as bright as Woodstock, but deep down, he may have the
aching to do some maiming. Let him loose on the Rope Leash, and if he scorches
a Creche, beat the ever-loving sh*t out of him. Hmm... Beating the stuffing
out of someone to encourage a principle... Didn't Hitler's Nazi Party do 
something like this? Whatever. MOVING ON!

      The Leash of Compassion
This is, in my opinion, the least useful leashes of the three. However, it
does have its own uses. The Leash of Compassion forces your Creature to
behave nicely. You can be assured that while wearing this leash, your village
is relatively safe. Yet, accidents happen, and sometimes it's your Creature's
fault. Keep this in mind while using this leash.

The Leash of Compassion can be used for certain quests, such as the drowning
villagers or the child-stealing pedophile of Land 1. For some reason, the 
Creature seems to be more inclined to eat the patrons of these quests, even 
if they have been taught not to. For this reason, the leash can be used to
discourage this behavior. 

Another use of the Leash of Compassion is to tie your Creature up to the 
Village Center or Store to help around the village. The best use for this is
gaining the influence of enemy or neutral villages. However, you shouldn't 
even need to use this leash for that reason. If trained well, your Creature
should want to do those things anyway by way of its own volition. 

A warning for this leash, though. When using it, your Creature will be more
concerned for the villages/villagers than for himself. He won't want to sleep
or eat so much, so if you don't watch after him or train him exceptionally
well, he's gonna pass out from hunger/lack of sleep.

However, I think that leash looks simply SMASHING with the good tortoise.

      The Leash of Aggression
Now this is fun. The Leash of Aggression forces your creature to turn into an
angry, wife-beating brute with the temper of a former meth addict. This is 
a leash that you will be using quite a bit when dealing with your rivals and
thier Creatures in later lands.(Land 3 and on, mostly.)

This leash can be tied to a neutral or enemies village to make your Creature
wreak havoc and cause destruction to force belief in you. However, this is
unlike the other leashes where you attatch and forget; if left alone, your
Creature will DESTROY the entire village if left alone long enough. That's
right; gone. Therefore, when evil, be wary when using this leash to convert
villages, or just convert them yourself.

My favorite use for this leash is (I'm laughing at the memories as I type)
one of those reasons where you scream out "TAKE THAT, FUCKER!" while playing
in your mom's basement with seven cans of Coke and a few BooKoo cans laying
around(I love BooKoo). However, I digress.

This leash can be used to force your Creature to fight dirty. Try this; select
the Leash of Aggression, hand your Creature a rock or other projectile, and
attatch the leash to the enemy's Creature. Batter up, folks! That's right, the
Creature will chuck the rock at the enemy, only to pick up another and throw 
it again. This is not only funny as hell to watch, it's also a great way to
begin a Creature battle. You've damaged the enemy a bit, and have given a
little boost to strength by throwning the rock. Or, if you don't like throwing
rocks, teach your Creature the Lighting Bolt Extreme miracle, and tied it
to the enemy. Try it, it's worth a laugh. 

ALWAYS BATTLE WITH THIS LEASH ATTATCHED! It doesn't matter your alignment. 
By using this leash during battles, your Creature will get angry, attack more,
and hit harder.

Beware though, whatever your Creature does under the influence of this leash
will change your and your Creature's alignment. This can be devestating to
you if you're good, but if playing evil, it's all fair game!


V. Ditch of Duds
This section is for the creatures who I find to be near useless and shouldn't
be used. This section is also used for idiots who may break the law, steal my
material that I wrote from my two hands and use it on thier site. Don't do it
(You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, throw em at the bitches
you hate)

The Leapord! You're a good fighter my friend, but your an idiot. Face it.
You can't learn for crap, and when you do finally get something lodged
in that rock you call a head, you go and blow something up with it.
You've been DoD'ed, dude.

The Mandrill! He's, simply put, boring. You've got no strengths, but no
weaknesses. You look like a bad genetic experiment conducted at a nuclear
test site. Get out of my game, freak.

The Tiger. Where did you go wrong? You were my favorite animal in real life,
the proud mighty tiger, who lurks in the shadows and stalks his prey.. 
Waitng for the right move. Now you run to him throwing 	your arms up in the 
air and screaming like a ninny. DoD'ed.

The Ogre - So this is why Lionhead didn't want you as a playable Creature. 
You're a prehistoric version of Jay Leno. You're funny to look at, but you
just can't measure up where it counts. And you have one eye. Dod'ed

If you have any other Creature you want here, let me know. Or if you don't 
like the fact that somebody is on here, please write me a constructive email
and let me know why im wrong. Thank yeh.


VI. Credits
Time to give credit where credit is due. 

Lionhead, for making this great game. I wanna get Black and White 2

Masked Moogle, for not updating your guide.

Myself for doing the grunt labor

Alias Squall for the note on Mint.

Jonny L. for filling me on the difference between Siberian and Bengal tigers.

Lyndsey Herbert for telling my stupid self how to get the Wolf on Land 4.

(If anybody contributes to the guide, he/she will be put here)
VII. Final words
     A. Contacting me
If you have anything that you would like to add to this guide, info, 
strategies, hate mail, love mail, ect. ect., please do not hesitate to contact
me.My email is rock_on_my_son@hotmail.com I make every physical effort to 
answer every email I recieve, and I will do the same with yours. I welcome
critisism of any kind, and will happily reply in regards to the email.
I also welcome any comment or concern you may have if sent to me in an email.
Even if you don't have a comment, email me anyway... It makes me sad when I
log onto Windows Live and I have 0 in my inbox.

As for permission to use this guide, you may print sections of this guide off
for free personal use. You may not use my guide in any way to gain any kind of
profit, monetary or material. If you ask my permission to use this guide, I 
can almost promise you that I will allow it.

The only websites that are (currently) allowed to have this guide are:

If you see any other sites with this guide on it, please notify me IMMEDIATLY
and if any money is gained, I'll share it with yeh... heh heh...

      B. About the Author
My name is Sam Schrage, I'm 17 6'3 and 150 lbs. I'm a Libra and I enjoy long
walks on the beach with... oh wait... 

Sorry, force of habit. I live in Midwestern USA, and I've been playing B&W for
a good 6 years. It's one my favorites, next to Zelda and Might and Magic. 
For awhile, I quit playing because I beat the game after four years (yes, four
years. Land 4 blows ass). So I returned to Black and White again after nearly
two years without, and I'm in it's electronic-heroin grasp again. I got to 
Land 4 in the first day, but those MOTHER F*CKIN FIREBALLS DON'T F*CKIN STOP!!
Ok Sam.... Breathe... Relax... Okay... So I started over because I want to 
build my Creature Chadric(horse, duh) up a bit. I'm currently at Land 2, 
taking my time, and letting my stallion grow. 

The reason I've gotton so much done today (2/19/07) is because my girlfriend
is at school. Since she woke me up at 6:30, I couldn't get back to sleep 'cuz,
hey, that's my luck, right? So I've been working on it since. its 2:20 in the
afternoon. Lifeless nerd, devoted author, or bored insomniac; you decide.
      What am I listening to right now?  Now - The 69 Eyes - Hevioso
                                            Next - Mudvayne - Forget to 
      c. Final Words
Well that's pretty much it, my first guide. I honestly enjoyed writing this 
guide, from start to (current) finish, and I hope you readers use this guide
to solve your Creature-Handling needs. If I missed anything, or if you just 
hate me feel free to let me know. Thanks again for taking the time to read 
my guide, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

This guide is Copywrite (c) Sam Schrage 2007

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