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Guide and Walkthrough by TheSuperBaconPirate

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 05/05/2003

          B L A C K   A N D   W H I T E:  F A Q/W A L K T H R O U G H         

          A   T H E S U P E R B A C O N C H E F   P R O D U C T I O N    

          V E R S I O N:  0.6  |  L A S T   U P D A T E D:  05/05/2003


1)                    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

     1) Table of Contents
     2) Disclaimer
     3) About the Author, Contacting The Author, etc
     4i) Level One - Simple Walkthrough
     4ii) Level One - Silver Story Scrolls
          1 - The stone throwing game of all goodness!
          2 - Just where was this freak wave?
          3 - Where's Seano (the sheep)?
          4 - Woah...the quest for the dude's stones, man.
          5 - That...song...
          6 - Yee haw, maw!
          7 - You mean theres no laws against this yet?
          8 - Yes, my name is Sleg. Got a cheese sandwich?
     4iii) Level One - Extras, Tips and Hints
     5i) Level Two - Simple Walkthrough
     5ii) Level Two - Silver Story Scrolls
          1 - Bring out your dead!
          2 - Again with the singing stones! Ike.
          3 - Who wants to be a NastyGuy™?
          4 - Ah. I see the freak wave has been up to his old tricks.
          5 - Always hated circuses...
          6 - Yay! Puzzle-me-do!
          7 - And now for a riddle-me-do!
          8 - Bad idol!
          9 - Children. Know your place in society.
     5ii) Level Two - Extras, Tips and Hints
     6i) Level Three - Simple Walkthrough
     6ii) Level Three - Silver Story Scrolls
          1 - This is one Yogi that won't steal your picnic. BOOM BOOM
          2 - Whos up for confusing the big bad witch?
     6iii) Level Three - Extras, Tips and Hints
   *  7i) Level Four - Simple Walkthrough
   *  7ii) Level Four - Silver Story Scrolls
   *  7iii) Level Four - Extras, Tips and Hints
   *  8i) Level Five - Simple Walkthrough
   *  8ii) Level Five - Silver Story Scrolls
   *  8iii) Level Five - Extras, Tips and Hints
     9) Items in the Environment
     10) Structures in Black and White
     11) Frequently Asked Questions
     Version History
     Thanks and Credit

* denotes sections not done yet.
2)                           D I S C L A I M E R

This document is COPYRIGHT © 2003 by Stephen Kyle (TheSuperBaconChef). 
No one may copy text WORD FOR WORD from this FAQ, but it's hard not to use 
knowledge you gain from this document for your own publishing purposes. You 
may use any INFO or IDEAS without my permission.

Thanks to Bedman for this Disclaimer.


Yo. I'm Stephen Kyle, and incase you didn't guess, I wrote this FAQ that you're
reading. I'm 15 (soon to be 16 :D), and I live in a tiny town in Central
Scotland. Yes. Scotland. You can contact me, for any reason, in the following

E-Mail: Just write an e-mail to 'steve@thesuperbaconchef.freeserve.co.uk'
        Yes, that is a really long address. :/
MSN Messenger: Just add 'anti_steve@msn.com' to your list to contact me on MSN.
               Warning, this is *NOT* an E-mail address, don't even try it.
AOL Instant Messenger: Just add 'krakstofskiwhal' to your list.
                       Don't ask about the name. Please. Just, don't.

This is my first FAQ, btw. I have a few odd reviews here and there, but this is
my first full-scale project, where I have to put any effort in. I'll manage. =)

4i)       L E V E L   O N E   -   S I M P L E   W A L K T H R O U G H

You should listen to what your consciences say, and follow their advice. Doing 
so will bring you to the Temple. You will be taught how to adjust the camera, 
and then you will be taught how to interact with the environment. Provide the 
Temple with wood by holding the RMB to pick up wood, and then clicking the RMB 
over the Temple to drop it. You will find wood at the Village Store. You can 
find out how much wood is still needed to build the Temple by resting the hand 
over the temple, and "Wood Required: XXX" will appear, with XXX being the wood 
that is required. Um...yeah. =)

Once the Temple is complete, you will be taken inside. Explore if you wish, but
its not required for you to do anything in here just yet. Once you're back 
outside (click on the 'Exit' door of the Temple to get out, by the way) you 
will be taken over to your village. You can investigate the village, get used 
to the controls of Black and White, etc, for now, but when you're ready, click 
on the Gold Story Scroll™.

Sable will come out of the gate and talk to you about Creatures. She will ask 
you to go fetch the first Gate Stone for the Gate Altar (its not actually 
called that, I'm just improvising here...). Do so. I'm sure if you took time 
to get to grips with the controls when I told you to, you'll have no problems 

Placed the first Gate Stone? Clever child. =) Sable will once again come out, 
and tell you about the second Gate Stone. It appears that a woman in a nearby 
house has it, click on the Gold Story Scroll above her house to talk to her.
So, how you feeling today? Good or evil? There's two ways to complete this 
section of the mission. You can either...pick up the sick man and drop him in 
front of the house or use your divine powers to retrieve the Gate Stone from 
inside her house. (Hint: Hand + Rock + Throwing = Big Smash :D) You do realise
this second option is the evil one, right? If not, maybe they're not teaching 
you right in school. Take the Gate Stone that you recieve, and place it on the 
Altar of Gateness (more improvisation... *whistles*).

Third Gate Stone now. Go pay a visit to Mr. "omg im deffin8ly teh best sculptar
in teh village!!1", and listen to what he has to say. Retrieve the rock, using
those mouse skills I said you should practice earlier, and drop it outside his 
house. Dropping it on his house is an OK alternative. Heck, if they won't 
judge, I won't judge. :) Pass the time until he's finished sculpting; you can 
go retrieve grain from the fields and put it in the Village Store *shakes 
head*, or throw people about. *nods and smiles* Finished? Put it on that thar 
Gate Altar.

The stones will sink into the Altar, and the Gate will open. Your camera will 
zoom though the Gate, and fly past mountains and other swanky scenery, until it
reaches the three beginner Creatures. So, what'll it be, folks? Cow, Ape or
Tiger? I suggest you pick the Ape, as you will be trying to teach the Creature 
how to survive on its own in this land, and you might want to teach
the animal world's Stephen Hawking as opposed to the animal world's Homer
Simpson (the Tiger. :P) The Tiger has the strength, with hardly any 
intelligence, the Ape has lots of intelligence, but can't fight out of a wet
paper bag, and the Cow has medium amounts of both quality. However, since Level
One is learning intensive, pick the godamn Ape.

Sable will teach you various tricks with your Creature, and it will develop its
first personality from this. You will learn how to discipline your Creature,
and how to use Leashes to control the beast. Once this is all over, you will
be able to exist for a little while on your own, with no help from anybody (bar
me, of course) until the next Gold Story Scroll comes up. I suggest you take
this time to complete some Silver Story Scrolls, and get yourself more
accquainted with the game. No, seriously. I mean it.

Once you've clicked on the new Gold Story Scroll in the pass, a villager will
talk to you about some scary Creature. Investigate. Save time by bringing your
own Creature with you when you travel through the pass. You will meet the
aptly-named 'Guide'. It depends on what Creature you picked, but Guide will be
either a Lion (you picked Tiger, didn't you, you stupi-), Bear (Ape) or Ram 
(Cow). A huge one, at that. Guide will take you further through the mountain
pass, and take you up to the local Aztec village. It reeks of poorness, this
village does. It requires a good old dose of God Loving. Guide will explain
about Miracles to you. Bring your creature up to the Village Store, and attach
him to your hand using the Leash of Learning. You will thank me for telling
you to do that, trust me. Activate a Miracle Bubble (TAP it with the RMB, don't
hold the RMB down) and you will recieve the power of the Food Miracle in your
hand. With the leash still attached to you, hold the RMB down over the Village
Store. Food will drop into the Village, and the Creature will start to learn
how to cast the Food Miracle. It will learn a different percentage of the
Miracle, depending which Creature you picked. The Ape should learn about 20-30%
of the Miracle per time you cast it. (Bet you feel stupid now, eh, Tiger
lovers?) Keep on providing food to the Village, and it will soon believe in
your grace. Mr Guide will congratulate you on your fine work, and go to sleep
for a little while.

Later on, he will wake up and move into the centre of the clearing, and another
friendly Gold Story Scroll will appear for your pleasure. Once you click on it,
the Devil Conscience will tell you to bring your Creature, as he apparently
smells combat. Don't ask, I was scared also. Got your Creature? Good. After 
some talking, Guide will shrink, the two Creatures will engage in combat. He
will teach you how to attack, block and dodge, and then you will get to fight
him for practice purposes. Kick his ass. Simply queue up some attacks on
Guide's head, and practice the special attack. You activate the special attack
by using a gesture. Gestures are pretty easy. You simply move the mouse to
"draw" a special shape on the ground; this time its a star. The star is shown
in the bottom right corner of the screen during a battle, for your reference.
You really should win this battle. If you don't win this battle using that
fiend of a Creature, the Tiger, then theres something wrong. =P Guide will heal
your Creature, and then go to sleep again.

Guide woken up? Go visit him and bring the Creature once again. He will go up
the mountain, and tell you to come too. Before you go up, complete any business
you have in this world, as you'll soon be going places. 8) Finished, and packed
those bags? Travel up the mountain with Mr. Creature. Guide will inform you
of the Creeds. Apparently, when all three parts of the Creed are aligned (ie, 
in your hands) then you will defeat Nemesis, Guide's old God. Nemesis will show
up and accuse Guide of being a traitor, and then, like, kill the dude for being
a naughty Creature. Your Creature will be harmed in the process, and God
Conscience will inform you that he needs to be healed. Don't bother, your
Creature will pass out and be teleported back to the Temple. 

Nemesis's rage will extend onto your village, and it will be set on fire. Start
to take all the wood and food out of your village center and place it near the
beach where the fishers...fish. A vortex will soon open up in the village. 
Place all your piles of food and wood in it. Take anything else you want 
through with you. Click on the Gold Story Scroll to go through. Say good-bye to
Level One!

4ii)     L E V E L   O N E  -  S I L V E R   S T O R Y   S C R O L L S

*-* One - The Stone Throwing Game Of All Goodness! *-*

This story scroll is found nearby your Temple, down a slope and near the bay.
Its accessible once you have recieved your creature. Basically, you discover
a pile of rocks and a faraway rock on a pillar, and your consciences decide to
torture you by making you try target practice. This scroll is useful however,
in learning the fundamental skill of projectile throwing.


Heck, just throw stones at the pillar until you knock the rock off, not too
hard. Your reward is a nice shiny beach ball. Great. ¬_¬


Um. Throw the commentator dude at the pillar to try and knock the rock off. 
Make the path of a rock you throw go through his house or even him. Drop a rock
on his house. Drop a rock on him. Basically, just the same as the Good Solution
but harm the guy somehow. Your reward for this evil-doing is exactly the same:
a beach ball, and of course, some of your alignment will start swinging towards
evil. =D

*-* Two - Just Where Was This Freak Wave? *-*

Seems that a um...freak wave has swept a woman's husband and his friends out to
sea. They're drowning and they need rescued, quickity quick. You can find this
Story Scroll on the actual beach of the bay, after you recieve your Creature.


Get your Creature on the Leash of Compassion, and get him out to sea. Focus him
(while you and the Creature are connected by the leash, click on something with
the RMB) on a drowning villager, he should pick it up. Focus him on the land,
and he will walk over to the beach and should drop the person. Rinse and repeat
for the other drowning villagers. You will recieve a Strengthen Creature
Miracle Dispenser.


Ahh...choices as always. Let the drowning villagers die. Get the Creature to
pick them up and then eat them. Get the Creature to throw them further out to
sea. Get the Creature to throw them back onto the land, at the woman
preferrably. :D

*-* Three - Where's Seano? (the Sheep) *-*

Little Bo Peep...on testostorone. The man's lost his sheep, and now you've got
to find them. They're scattered around the map... This Scroll is found above a
house in your first village, once you gain your creature.


The sheep can be found at the following places...pick them up and return them
to the farmer's pen.

1) Its nearby the house where you got the third Gate Stone, AKA, the Sculptor's
2) Its behind the Gate that you had to open.
3) Its where you found the sick man for the second Gate Stone quest.
4) Its next to the hut where you practiced stone throwing.
5) Its on the edge of the village, in a pen with some pigs.
6) Remember the path that you came along when you first started? Its in amongst
some trees near the end of that path.
7) On top of a mountain surrounding the village. You actually get to see this
one when the man is talking to you about this quest.
8) Its near where the drowning fishermen quest was, near a stone.
9) Its on the side of a mountain, close to where you started.

Got 5 sheep? You will recieve a pile of grain for your efforts. Found all nine?
The chance to exchange for the Sheep Creature is winging its way towards you,
right now.


Just the general fun. Usually involves killing everyone. Warning, that won't
get you any rewards, besides the satasfaction of evilness. Try the ultimate
evil, find his sheep THEN kill him. Or feed them all to the Sheep Creature you

*-* Four - Woah...the Quest for the Dude's Stones, man... *-*

Behind the second (Aztec) village, near the coast, is a small hut in front of
a ring of marks in the ground. Some of these marks have weird stones in them
that "ping" now and again. Clicking on the Silver Scroll above the hut starts
this quest. It seems the hippy wants you to go and find the rest of the singing
stones, and arrange them so they will play a scale automatically. Beware - some
singing stones you encounter will be broken, and just make a really crappy
noise of some description.


Go find the stones and make the scale, what else? The stones (the good ones,
anyway) are found here...

1) Close to where you found the woman's sick brother.
2) In some trees near to where the circle of singing stones are.
3) Near the beach where you rescued the kid just before the tutorial. 
Its in the mountain on a cliff.
4) In the quarry where you found the stone that the sculptor could use to make
a new Gate Stone.
5) Next to the graveyard in the first village.

For bringing the stones back and arranging them in scale order (yes, sorry,
some tiny amount of musical affinity may be required here) you will recieve
a Food Miracle Dispenser. Constantly take out the Food One-Shots it produces,
ready to be put in the vortex for the next land. Its useful, believe me.


Ahh, the usual mayhem, kill the hippy. Do the quest, then kill the hippy.
Whatever floats your boat. You'll only get the Miracle Dispenser if you
complete the scale however. You'll get nothing for anything else you do.

*-* Five - That...song... *-*

# Ohhh...Stephen's been thinking/That Lionheads been sitting drinking...
Ahem, yeah.
Behind the gates where Sable was, you will find an ark on the beach, where a
Silver Story Scroll is located. This is available once you get your Creature.
Seems some explorers are off to do some explorin', and they need wood, grain
and meat.


Well, obvious, isn't it? Go fetch the wood. It has to be processed wood, so get
it from the Village Store. Then fetch from grain from the village store. As for
the meat, just pick up some nearby horses. A Water Miracle Dispenser be yours!


Kill them all. Eheh. Boats indestructible, though. :/ (And you'll get nothing
for this... :/)

*-* Six - Yee haw, maw! *-*

A slack jawed yokel, going by the name 'The Hermit', is of the opinion that 
Gods should have HUGE creatures; anything less is a cheap imitation. Find the
story scroll above his house, nearby the quarry where you got the stone for
the sculptor, and lets show him, shall we?


Pretty obvious, this one. Let your Creature grow, and show him. You'll receive
another water miracle dispenser for your troubles.


Cheeky devil, ain't he? Destroy his house. Kill him, whatever. Warning, if you
destroy his house, then he will go and set fire to your Village Store. If you
don't kill him, that is. You'll receive a One-Shot Water Miracle for dealing
with your troubles. :P

*-* Seven - You Mean Theres No Laws Against This Yet? *-*

Seems a little piper has decided that he loves children, for whatever reason,
and is now louring them into his mountain lair. Save the children, Godammit!
You'll find the story scroll for this one once you've discovered Guide and
learned about Miracles. Its above the Creche in your first village.


When the piper comes out of his lair, simply attach the leash to him, your
Creature should pick him up. Drop him by his lair and he will release all the
children, earning you a Heal Miracle Dispenser.


Yeah, leash that piper to your Creature again. Eat him this time, though. A
nice and evil Lightning Miracle Dispenser will become yours for the taking.

*-* Eight - Yes. My name is Sleg. Got a cheese sandwich? *-*

Woo! First possible Creature fight of the game! Seems Slegs guarding a pass.
Kinda stupid to tell us that, seeing as it'll only fuel our intrigue in whats
behind him. Go find him near where you fought your battle with Guide.


Don't harm the poor Creature! Give him some nice food, distract him. After two
"doses" of food, he'll fall asleep. Well done, soldier. Go get your prize...
...a beach ball and a Heal Increase Miracle Dispenser.


Fight him. >:) Won the fight? A beach ball and a Heal Increase Miracle
Dispenser is yours! A winner is you!

4iii)   L E V E L   O N E  -  E X T R A S,   H I N T S   A N D   T I P S

*-* FISH *-*

Running low on food in the village, and the fields are running dry? Go to the
bay near your temple, and pick up fish from there. They are picked up like
normal grain. They can be dropped in your Village Store for extra food.


Always a good idea to stock up while you have the chance. Drop a few rocks into
a clear patch of land in the middle of your village, ie. next to the Village
Centre. Villagers will dance around them to create Artifacts, handy to use in
the next land and beyond. See 'ITEMS IN THE ENVIRONMENT' for more details on 


This level is so easy, Village management-wise. The Villagers will hardly
complain about anything, so you're fine there. You should take this opportunity
to train your Creature in lots of ways. Start training him once you have fought
Guide. It is possible, before you leave the island, for your Creature to know
the following Miracles at least: Food, Heal, Lightning, Strengthen Creature,
Water and perhaps Heal Increase. You can also mould his personality well on
this island, teaching him what and what not to eat, how to help out Villagers,
etc. It is a good idea to teach him all this on the first island as you will be
too bogged down with micro-management of Villages in the next island for you
to have much time for him.


When fighting Guide and Sleg, practice that Special Attack gesture, it will be
useful in the fights in the future. Trust me.

5i)         L E V E L   T W O  -  S I M P L E   W A L K T H R O U G H

Well, that was one hell of a ride now wasn't it? Take a look around at your new
home, and a God, going by the name of Khazar, will come and visit you. Seems
he created the vortex that saved you to bring you through into this land to 
help him fight against his enemy, Lethys. Khazar is allied with you, so you are
able to interact with the environment within his influence.

First of all, Khazar will place Scaffolds down to build your new village and
Temple. After a few minutes, everything will be fully constructed. Now all you
need to do is to start expanding your influence and capture villages. 
Khazar will teach you how to cast Miracles using Gestures and how to attack
with fireballs, and also how to defend your own villages. He will also set
people to construct a Worship Site and Workshop in your village, and teach you
how they work. When you are learning about Gestures, you will try to impress
the nearby village into believing in you. Easy work, just set people to
worship at your Worship Site and get casting those Food Miracles. You don't
nessessarily have to cast it into the Village Store, just make sure there
are lots of people near where you cast it. The more people who see it = The
more belief you get for it.

You should soon convert that village to your own beliefs, and you will be one
stop closer to pwning Lethys. You should get your Creature over to the next
village and start the process of converting them too. You can let your Creature
be nice and help out the villagers with his Miracles, or you can just kick the
village's ass with fireballs and lightning and stuff.

Once that village is converted, you should be close enough to convert the
village inbetween Khazar's influence and your's. Beware, as wolves reside in
the nearby forest, and will frequently come out at night to kill villagers in
the village. If you want to convert the village, give them a hand and dispose
of the wolves. Sacrificing these evil beings is OK in anyone's books. Or you
may wish to keep the wolves for now, for use in a later Silver Scroll.

If you've converted that village, or you simply cannot be bothered, move onto
Lethys' villages. Thanks to Khazar's generous gift to let you operate in his
influence, you should be able to access the first of Lethys' villages. Note:
this village may or may not be converted to Lethys' cause, depending on how
quickly you have played. To convert Lethys' villages, you should use the same 
tactics as you used for the neutral villages, but you will require a lot more
belief to overcome Lethys' belief.

Once you capture all but one of Lethys' villages, Nemesis will show on the
scene. Being the unfair and irrational guy he is, he will completely wipe out
Khazar, and take the Creed piece from Khazar's Creature. Lethys' will then
steal your Creature and run away through a Vortex. You can either follow him
now, or get the final Lethys' village, and finalise any business you have in
this land. If you wait, the Vortex will disappear, and you will have to claim
the last village. This will allow you to destroy Lethys' temple, and use the
Vortex to get through to level three. This Vortex will stay open until you go
through. Take your time to take stuff through to the next land. It'll be
helpful, believe me.

5ii)     L E V E L   T W O  -  S I L V E R   S T O R Y   S C R O L L S

*-* One - Bring Out Your Dead! *-*


Well, if you capture the third village (the one thats kinda circular), then you
will see this Silver Scroll above a house in the village. Seems that the people
of the village are becoming sick, you'll need to help them.


Hmm. Green food, eh? I knew my mum was wrong when she said greens were good for
me. You'll need to get rid of this poisoned food, so pick up ALL the food in
the Village Store, every last grain, and drop it off somewhere else, or, 
y'know, dump it in the ocean somewhere. You'll then need to use Heal Miracles
to cure all the poisoned people. (by pressing 'S' to show status, all the 
people with a 'S:' in their status are sick.) Then, well, because you're a good
sort of chap, it'll be nice to fill up their Village Store with food for them.
By saving the people from a Black Plague II, you've just earned yourself the
ability to create Lightning when these villagers worship you. Well done, old


What else? Let them all die. Or let them live, and use the food to infect
Lethys' villages. The possibilities with chemical warfare are boundless! =D
...you'll get nothing if everyone dies, though. =(

*-* Two - Again with the Singing Stones! Ike. *-*


Yep, its more Singing Stone related fun. Thankfully, you'll only need to play
them this time, as they're all here already. You'll find this Silver Scroll
near the middle village on the island. Its built almost into the side of a
hill, but the giant stones should tip you off to its location.


There are three songs a dude wants you to play some tunes on the stones, so,
first of all, play the following. From left to right. 1 = left 9 = right =P
'1 1 8 8 9 9 6 6 5 5 3 3 1' If you play that, then the stones will transform.
Then you should play '2 2 2 2 5 4 4 2 2 1 2', and a circle will appear.
Say hello to your reward for your musical talent! Place a skeleton in it, and
the person will be revived!


What have I taught you bad dudes? KILL THEM ALL. >_>

*-* Three - Who Wants To Be A NastyGuy™? *-*


In the middle village, there lives a man. A young, NastyMan™. His crime? He
wants you to sacrifice his child. Sure, its to show his belief in you...but
damn; thats one nasty act. 


The perfectly good solution is to sacrifice other things that will amount
up to the man's child. This includes, but isn't limited to, using trees. The
reasonably good solution is just to sacrifice another child, and you'll win
anyway. Winning = People will offer you 'Heal Increase' when they worship.


Yes. You guessed it. Kill the man. Kill the child if you want. 

*-* Four - Ah. I see the Freak Wave has been up to his old tricks. *-*


Oh, wait, the children have just decided to go swimming. Phew. Anyway, if you
take a look-see in the village where you completed the first Silver Scroll,
you'll find this one as well. Well...what are you waiting for? Rescue her


Just the same as the one where the fishermen were drowning. Get your Creature
to wade out and rescue the pesky beggars. For this, you will be bestowed with
Mr. Enlarge Creature Miracle Dispenser. Or CoolThang™ for short.


Oh, you know the drill, surely? Kill the children, eat 'em, roast 'em, throw 
'em, whatever the hell you can imagine (thats possible in the game), do it to
them! Don't forget that mother as well. How dare she ask you to, like, do,
like, stuff! BURN THEM ALL! MUWHAHAHAHA...nothing is what you get, sir.

*-* Five - Always hated circuses... *-*


Nasty guys. Stolen villagers. Want to make slaves out of them. Or want animals.
You know the drill. Do as they say. You'll find this one in Khazar's second
village, but only if you have control of it.


Fetch the animals to free slaves. Some animals are worth more slaves than
others, and only certain animals apply. Note, you can only give the same animal
twice. You can find Horses all over the island; these are worth 1 slave each.
Remember when I told you to keep your pesky wolves? This was why. These babies
are worth 2 slaves each. Lions can be found nearby, and are also worth two
slaves, and the final animal, the turtle is found near your Temple, on some
islands, but are only worth one slave. Freed all the slaves, you little
Moses-alike? Pack of Wolves Miracle Dispenser is now in your possession.


You're a God. Go get the slaves yourself. Watch out, as the circus dudes will
try to seek revenge by inconveniencing your village. As with most evil acts,
you win nothing.

*-* Six - Yay! Puzzle-me-do! *-*


In the bay near the circular village, there is a temple on the beach, with two
poles sticking out the ground further up the sands. You must move the temple
to the top pole, with the following rules: The temple is in 4 parts, and you
can only hold one part at a time. If not in your hands, a part must be on a
pole. A smaller part cannot go underneath a larger part. What you waiting for?
Lets get puzzling!


   1            2             3
   +   A        |             |
  -+-   B       |             |
 --+--   C      |             |
---+---   D     |             |

Pretty nice picture, huh? As you can see, they all have names. Now, I'm about
to do this puzzle on the desk in front of me, so it may not be the quickest 
way, but it'll do. So you can get the picture, my A is a Wrigley's Spearmint
wrapper, B is a MiniDisc, C is a folded up piece of A4 and D is a dentist
appointment card. Yes, that really wasn't relevant. Oh well. You will also
notice that I've numbered the poles. So, heres how to do it...

Move A to 2
Move B to 3
Move A to 3
Move C to 2
Move A to 1
Move B to 2
Move A to 2
Move D to 3 - D is in place.
Move A to 3
Move B to 1
Move A to 1
Move C to 3 - C is in place.
Move A to 2
Move B to 3 - B is in place.
Move A to 3 - A is in place.

Done that? You've got yourself a place to heal! If anything goes near the
temple, a Heal Increase will be cast on them. Lucky.


Sorry guys. Nothing can be damaged here. Go sacrifice a few children as
compensation. >=D

*-* Seven - And now for a Riddle-Me-Do! *-*


On the edge of the village near the Temple Puzzle, you'll find this one. All
you have to do is solve a riddle.


Bring a wolf, I hope you still have wolves after I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE THEM
ALONE. (See the Simple Walkthrough)
Bring a piece of your Creatures...excrement. Mmm.
Cast fireball on a rock and bring it.
Now, cast Spiritual Shield around them all. Voila! Instant Zebra Creature. =D


I get tired of typing these, I really do. >_> Maim, kill, DESTROY.

*-* Eight - Bad Idol! *-*


Seems theres a nasty idol going around these parts. Needs to be...removed.


The idol that the people are worshipping is suseptible to fire. Heat a rock,
and sit it next to it. It'll soon catch fire and burn! BURN! MUWHAH-sorry.


How dare they?? Worshipping some false God? You and I both know what to do.
No, don't make them apple toasties. Just remember, the KMT. Kill. Maim.
And Torture. Thank you, and goodnight.

*-* Nine - Children. Know your place in society. *-*


When you capture the first of Lethys' snowy villages, then this scroll will
become available. Basically, children are stealing a farmer's cattle, and he'd
find it ever so helpful if you'd make them stop.


Oh well. Seems the only way you can complete this mission in any form is by
killing a child. Go on, you know you must. For the evil people, just kill more
children. Try the cows as well. Don't forget that farmer. You'll recieve
the Miracle Lighting Increase at your Village Centre in this village for doing
such things.

5iii)   L E V E L   T W O  -  E X T R A S,   H I N T S   A N D   T I P S


Yeah, it gets annoying when your intial villagers want new housing, yet you
don't have a Workshop to build Scaffolds, to build much needed housing. The
answer is simple, steal it from one of Khazar's two Workshops. Problem solved.
No more moaning villagers.

*-* ULTIMATE POWER *-* (Warning: Evil factor is very, VERY high.)

Fed up of waiting for worshippers to provide you with enough Mana? Wait no
more! Khazar was quite generous in giving us the ability to "operate" in his
Influence, so lets exploit it, shall we? Define shortcut keys (Ctrl + [number])
at his Temple and at your worship site. Now all you do is alternate between the
two areas, picking up a villager at him Temple, and sacrificing it at your
Temple. Your Mana will soon hit a million. Lethys doesn't stand a chance
against Miracles of that quantity.


Done the above trick, and now Lethys is a pile of burning buildings and charred
villagers? Still got loads of Mana left? Simply combine five Scaffolds to
create a Miracle Dispenser. Charge a Miracle in your hand, click on the
Miracle Dispenser, and it will be turned into a One-Shot Miracle! You can now 
take all these One-Shot Miracles through the next world, to help you there.
Handy, non?


When Khazar is teaching you how to attack with fireballs, use the Leash to
bring your Creature over to where you are. Attach him to your hand with the
Leash of Learning and charge a fireball into your hand. Throw it badly at the
houses, and your Creature will start to learn. Repeat. Make sure you miss the
houses though, and by the time Khazar gives up on teaching you, you will have
a fully-fireball-trained Creature.

6i)      L E V E L   T H R E E  -  S I M P L E   W A L K T H R O U G H

Well, the difficulty of the game *has* just been stepped up a notch. Big time.
The situation: You've been dumped out into a new world/island, and you've no
villages, no Creatures, and only a few followers. A few scaffolds will be
placed near where you start to build your Temple, Village Center, Store and
Workshop. I suggest you move the Village Store scaffold next to the Village
Center, as it'll put it closer to the action, and stop people taking so damn
long about things. In order to get your Creature back, you must take back three
villages on the "floor" of the island, each one power a different pillar, out
of three that are keeping your Creature frozen.

So, all affairs in order and your Village is running smoothly? Tough, you're
stuck here for a little while. Since you have no Creature, you're gonna have to
wait for your influence to grow before you can start to convert the first
village. Yep. You can do this either by being really good or really evil to
your first village. Try building a Wonder, that always boosts your Area of 
Influence greatly.

You surely know how to convert Villages by now, right? Just do the usual
tactics, depending on how you play the game, and soon the Village will be
yours. Unfortunately, Lethys isn't too pleased about you removing one of his
pillars, and so, random people will be placed at the nearby beach, positioned
handily so Lethys can set them all on fire. And where do they run? Towards
your village, of course! Get them back by casting Miracle Water on them or
simply by throwing them back, you know what your alignment is. =D

Once that onslaught has been survived, simply wait for your Influence to grow,
and start converting Village number two. Once it, and its pillar, is taken
down, Lethys will make wolves run towards your village, and you've got to deal
with them as usual. Well, you could throw them back one by one, but everyone
enjoys Sautéd Wolf, right? You get the picture.

Woo! If you're reading this, then you must have saved your village from wolves!
If you haven't, then your village has been converted back to Lethys' command,
and you're gonna have a fun time of re-converting the village back. Anyway,
its time to move onto the final village, and reclaim your village. This one
is quite faraway, so there are three ways you can convert it to your side.

1) We call this the Village Drop manuouever. It requires a heavy amount of
scaffolds, six for each time you do this. You have to combine the scaffolds
so they become Village Centre-applicable. Now you have to place the scaffold
in between your influence and the village; try and get it as far as you can.
Now build the village centre with your villagers, and you'll have a mini
area of influence. Repeat this tactic, each time from the new influence, until
you reach the third village. Now its yours to convert. Enjoy.

2) Well, you could just let your area of influence expand, but that'll take
a loooooonnnnnnnnnngggg time.

3) The "far-away convert". You simply try and convert it, but all converting
tools must be thrown into the village, such as food, wood, etc. You can also 
use this tactic to completely destroy the village and its villagers, if you 
wish; all you do is throw rocks and fireballs, etc into the village. Once the 
village is totally destroyed, simply place one of your own villagers in the 
area where the village was, when he or she has a Missionary sign (the Yin and
Yang logo) above his or her head. You now control the village. Easy, huh?

Well, you now control all three needed villages, and your Creature should be
free. It may die as soon as its released, so go back to your Temple just in
case. Now that you have your Creature, all you need to do is capture Lethys'
final village, and hes yours. Use some of the tactics I've described above to
gain his village, if you wish, and once his village is yours, you can spare
him, or defeat him. Either way, you'll soon move onto Land 4, well done! =)

6ii)   L E V E L   T H R E E  -  S I L V E R   S T O R Y   S C R O L L S

*-* One - This is one Yogi that won't steal your picnic. BOOM BOOM! *-*


Across the dry plain next to your first village, is a hill with a 'helter-
skelter' pattern cut out of it. At the top of the hill, a house, a Scroll and
a crazy old man can be found. He tells you that hes going to go meditate, and
that you shouldn't follow you. So, what do you do? Follow him.


Coming Soon. Some hints until then...

Use ALT + 1 to slow down time so you can follow him easier. Also use Pause to
make the whole thing easier.


Get your influence over his hill eventually. Torch the place, including him. Or
Just torch him from afar.

*-* Two - Who's Up For Cheating The Big Bad Witch? *-*


When you've dropped all of the pillars that freeze your Creature, this Scroll
will become available. This witch leaves nearby that last village you took.
She claims she can bring youth back to old people, so lets test her claims,
shall we?


Provide her with old folk until she starts to become dizzy, and then give her
a sneaky dose of a child. BOOM. Instant Chimp Creature.


Heh. Do I really have to say? The hut is made of wood. *hint* The witch, like
most humans, burns easily. Getting it now? Good boy/girl. Yep, you also
guessed that you're getting nothing for your evil deeds, right?

6iii) L E V E L   T H R E E  -  E X T R A S,   H I N T S   A N D   T I P S


Near your village is a waterfall. At the base of it, you'll find a Wood Miracle
Dispenser. You'll be using this a hell of a lot; heck, even if you don't need
the One-Shot at the time, pick it up anyway and place it next to it, you'll be
needing as many as you can get.


If you have managed to complete the first Story Scroll in this world/island,
the one where you follow the guy down the mountain, then you will be helped out
whenever Lethys decided to attack your villages. When the people are set on
fire, he'll help you, and he'll help you as well when the wolves attack. Handy,
but not totally nessesary.


As well as the previously mentioned influence tactics, you can use an immortal
man, who lives just by the Yogi's mountain, in a U-Shaped Valley. (Thank you,
Geography class.) He has a small area of influence around his person, so you 
can throw him into villages to get a quick burst of control within the village.
Its hard, but its possible.

9)             I T E M S   I N    T H E    E N V I R O N M E N T 

TREES - The basic resource in the game, fundamental in building and repairing 
structures; simply place the tree in the Village Store, and it will be
converted into wood. Trees make good firewood too. >:D Firewood is useful for,
well, burning, and then throwing into your enemy's villages. Muwhahahahha.

STONES - Your basic destructive tool in the game; these babies will allow you
to cause substantial damage, when thrown, to practically all structures, apart
from the Temple. They, like trees, can also be heated up by fire, and sometimes
even burn, allowing you to set enemy villages alight. :D Stones can also be
turned into Artifacts, see further down for details on them.

FOOD - Food will keep your Creature and your Villages alive, so don't forget
about it. Food is obtained from fields, schools of fish, certain mushrooms,
animals, etc... Yes, dood burns. =D

MUSHROOMS - There are a few different colours of Mushroom available in the
game, each one having its own uses. The short red one, with white spots is
poisonous, and will taint Village Store's food supplies if they are placed in
it. Another one will make your Creature grow faster. Can anyone help me out
here? Credit will be given.

ARTIFACTS - These objects are really useful in increasing your influence in the
world of Eden. They are simply almost any object, infused with the belief
of your villagers. If you wish to make one of these, place it near your Village
Centre, where people chill out and relax. People may start to dance around it,
this is the process of infusing it with belief. Once its fully infused, your
symbol will appear above it. Anyway, Artifacts are used to increase influence
and belief. Simply place the Artifact in an enemy/neutral village, and the
belief will trickle out of it, going into that village. Combine it with 
throwing/flaming/etc for even greater belief boosts.

ONE-SHOT MIRACLES - Tap them. They'll put the power of a single Miracle into
your hand. To be used once only. You can get them from under trees and rocks,
should fireflys go underneath them, and also from Miracle Dispensers.

BEACH BALL - I must admit. I have no idea. What does this do? Anyone know?

10)       S T R U C T U R E S    I N    T H E    E N V I R O N M E N T

TEMPLE - The focus of all your influence. Your Creature lives here, in his pen
in front of the entrance. This structure is your final line of defense in the
game, as if it is destroyed, you die. Luckily, the belief of any one person
has the power to keep the Temple completely invunerable to attacks. Be careful,
however, as attacks on the Temple, even when invunerable, will reflect on your
believers' villages. If you or anyone else should strike your temple with
Lightning, for instance, buildings in your villages will go up in flames. It
seems Miracle Dispensers are also a prime target for the reflection of Temple

VILLAGE CENTRE - Not much going on here, apart from the crowding of people with
nothing to do, or who are finished their tasks for the day. You can also raise
the totem here to tell people to worship at your Worship Site, to give you
Mana for Miracles. The Miracles these people will give you by worshipping
are also shown at the Village Centre.

VILLAGE STORE - A structure vital to all villages. The Village Store contains
all the wood and food that belongs to that village. If people see spare wood
or food lying about in the village, they will usually take it to the Village
Store for easy storage. When people are hungry, they will usually come to the
Village Store if there is no food lying about nearby, and if the trees are too
far away when a structure is being built, the Village Store will come to the
rescue once again. It is also possible to decimate an enemy village by
poisoning the food supply in the village. Simply drop a red mushroom into the
Village Store, and the food should turn green. If anyone should eat this green
food, they will become sick, and will soon die. Excellent for wiping out enemy
villages for your takeover.

ABODE - People live here. Comes in small and large sizes, governed by whether
you use one Scaffold or two Scaffolds to build it.

CRECHE - Centre of all things children-ish. Basically, you'll find all your
village's kids in the Creche. The building of Creche encourages villagers to
have more kids as well, which is always good.

WORKSHOP - This is the place that'll build your village up, if you supply it
with wood. When it gets enough wood, the Workshop will build Scaffolds, which
are blueprints that let you build new structures in your village, and even new

GRAVEYARD - Not really essential to a village, although if people die, their
fellow villagers will get on with their lives, and not publicly mourn while
this structure is built.

WORSHIP SITE - Well, this is the source of all your offensive and defensive
(ie, your Miracles) power. Raise the totem in your village, and worshippers
will flock here to worship around the altar. Worshipping will give you mana,
which can be spent on Miracles. You can also gain Mana by sacrifice; simply
place practically anything on the altar, and it will be destroyed, giving you
Mana for Miracles. Be warned, sacrificing people will make you evil, and also,
people worshipping at your site need food and the occassional rest. Don't let
them die, they're making you really powerful. :D

MIRACLE DISPENSER - There are two kinds of Miracle Dispensers; there are ones
that give you One-Shot Miracles, and refresh a new One-Shot a few seconds
(or minutes, it all depends on how much Mana the Miracle usually is) after you
take the One-Shot Miracle off the Dispenser. Then theres the Packing
Factory™. These ones give you nothing, you simply place a charged Miracle on
them, and it is turned into a One-Shot Miracle. You can only find the
re-generating kind, and you can only make the packing kind.

11)         F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

"Whats Belief?"

The measure of how much a Village believes in you, this will usually
affect the size of your influence. The more belief you have, the bigger your
Area of Influence.

"Whats Influence?"

The area in which you can interact with the environment. Making new
Villages believe in you, increasing the Belief that a Village has in you; both
these things increase the size of your Influence. You are able to move out of
your Influence for short periods of time, if something is just beyond your
reach. If your hand goes out of the Area of Influence, it will start to lose
its power. The further you go away, the faster it loses power. Once its run out
of power, a red X will appear over it, and you cannot use your Hand outside of 
Influence until you return it to your side of the Influence border.

"Whats Mana?"

The amount of "energy" that you have stored at your Worship Site. This
energy is used to create Miracles, and to hold up existing Miracles. (ie.
the Shields and Storm)

"Just what the hell is Eden?"

Yeah. Eden's the name of the world(s?) that you play in.

                       V E R S I O N    H I S T O R Y  

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