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    Good Walkthrough by DHansen

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    All copyright goes to Dark Wolf alias David C. Hansen. This FAQ may be published
    all over the net, as long as it is not modified in any way, and I am given
    credit. The newest version can always be found on www.gamefaqs.com. You may not
    take money to show my FAQ, or sell it. If I in this FAQ have done anything
    illegal, I would like to be noticed, before sued. Software © 2001 Lionhead
    Studios Ltd. Black & White, Lionhead and the Lionhead logo are trademarks of
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    21. May: First release.
     6. June: More detailed maps.
    TWG (The White Guy): "We now present the greatest FAQ writer of all time!"
    TBG (The Black Guy): "But he couldn't come, so here is Dark Wolf!"
    In this release I have made some more details on the map and on the creature.
    You might also notice that I've changed alias. The reason for this is that I
    screwed up my creature when I tried a new map I'd made (I'll spare you for the
    details), so I had to start all over :-(.
    4. THE GAME
    4.1 LEVEL 1
    4.2 LEVEL 2
    4.3 LEVEL 3
    4.4 LEVEL 4
    4.5 LEVEL 5
    5. SPELLLS
    6. FAQ
    Because it is more efficient. Not that those evil gods can't be dangerous, but
    usually they have less (and less happy) people, meaning it is easy to take them
    down (less villagers to convert). Another reason is a rainbow on your temple, a
    rainbow colored hand, and a cool creature (Ok, ok the tortoise and the sheep
    also looks pretty cool as evil creatures).
    When you first get it, make sure to hit it hard when it does something evil or
    stupid (like throwing/eating villagers, making poo on a bad location, or
    throwing around with things). Make sure it learns how to use the village store,
    how to dance, and how to fish. Once you get the water dispenser (help the once
    who wants to leave the island) and the heal dispenser (solve the ogre quest by
    over feeding the ogre), make sure your creature learns the spells. Remember to
    pet him when he wants to impress someone, wants to be kind, or helps people.
    Also learn him to water things, and if you teach him the miraculous food spell;
    make sure he learns to use it on your worshipers. Remember, your creature is
    very intelligent, and he notices details, so remember to show him that you water
    small trees, and pick up large ones.
    Teaching your creature to throw wood and food in the village store can be quite
    use full, just wait with teaching him to throw trees, until he is strong/big
    enough to carry the large ones.
    Don't give him the leash of aggression; unless you have to fight, it will make
    him evil. If you have the patience, teach him to use the spells on the right
    location and time, so he doesn't cast a wood spell when your villagers need
     Also teach him fireball or lightning, so you can cast it in battles. Of course
    remember to slap him if he uses them elsewhere (for some reason fried villagers
    gives you spikes on your temple. I know I fried a crèche once, to prevent the
    over-breeding problems).
    Don't slap him in the middle of a town, he's big, and he'll fall on villagers
    and houses (did anyone say King Kong?).
    Once your creature is fully trained, you should be able to let I go free,
    knowing that it can feed itself, and will help all the villagers I comes by.
    One last tip: if your creature isn't smart or big enough, or it doesn't know all
    the spells it was supposed to, play skirmish. I have made a level, which I call
    "Creature training", made for training your creature, which I'll publish if
    anyone's interested (?).
    The Cow is friendly and makes fewer mistakes, so it would be an excellent choice
    for a good god.
    The Monkey is my personal favorite, because it is clever, and a fast learner.
    The tiger is a bad choice, it is aggressive, and a strong fighter, which you
    don't need.
    For further info on creatures, see Masked Moogle's FAQ.
    4. THE GAME
    4.1 LEVEL 1:
    Not much to say, do what TWG says, and you should do fine. Teach your creature
    all the spells and when you fell ready talk to the big guy on the mountain (and
    watch what you shouldn't do to your creature. If anybody needs help in this
    level, I might add some more).
    BTW, you should get all the sheep's for the farmer, and then he will give you a
    sheep creature, I suggest switching to it after you taught the ape the spells.
    TBG: "And quite BORING!"
    TWG: "I actually find it quit nice".
    TBG: "I knew it!"
    4.2 LEVEL 2:
    As usual, do what TWG says.
    TBG: "Hey! That's not fair!"
    TWG: "I didn't know you cared about being fair".
    TBG: "%#¤€&*".
     BEFORE you take the gold scroll, take scaffolds from Khazars village, he won't
    care. Once you finished the tutorial, make sure to teach your creature the
    spells, and let it go around with the learning leash in the village. Build so
    many houses that the expanding flag goes down, and remember to water the fields.
    Teach your creature the wood spell, and where to use it (a lot of people
    underrate that).
     Now, if your village doesn't need anything badly, send your creature to the
    next village, to convert it. Shoot some fireballs OVER (yes, OVER, NOT in) the
    village to impress them.
    Also use the rest of your spell arsenal, especially physical shield. Once
    converted, take care of their needs. All right, at this time some of your
    villagers would probably want to breed.
    Though, if you have don't have housing problems and/or enough tree, let them
     Don't worry about what Kazhar says, for once TBG has a point: "He's desperate",
    so in the words of Squall Lionheart: "Whatever".
    Once you have taken over the 3rd village, there will be a problem with some
    poisoned food, which I suggest you move into the ocean, and then refill their
    storage. Oh, you should also heal ALL the villagers. Remember to put some rocks
    IN your villages, so your people can make artifacts (by dancing around it). Ok,
    now comes the true test for you creature: can it take over at village all by
    itself? Send your creature to conquer the next village, unless of course you
    have the time it takes to make the village be within your influence. Ok, once
    the village is conquered, some Indians want to sacrifice their firstborn son.
    Don't let them! Instead sacrifice trees enough to give the same amount of PP
    (prayer power), as a newborn.
    Ok, you might just have noticed a silver scroll by some stones near village 4.
     Take the scroll, and play "Tinkle, Tinkle little star" on them. Then play
    "White Christmas" on them, and snow should start falling. Nifty!
    If you by now have enough wood, build a wonder or two, they might be useful.
    Ok, take the next village the same way you took the others. This should be no
    problem except the some annoying wolf creature. Make your creature smash him,
    which should be no problem if you taught it healing and/or fireball/lightning.
    Also once you get the enlarge creature dispenser from the women in the 3rd
    village, use it on your creature, people will be more impressed by a large
    creature than by a tiny one.
    Ok, now things starts to heat up: Nemesis kills Khazar, and the other god takes
    your creature. Don't go after it! Conquer the last villages, and the gate will
    come again. Remember to put lots of wood, food, artifacts and villagers (but not
    to many!) through the gate.
    4.3 LEVEL 3:
    Start by helping your villagers with building your temple, the town center, the
    workshop, and the storage. Make sure every one has houses, and try building
    them, so you have free space enough for your creature to move around, once you
    get him back. Once your influence is over the 2nd city, start casting miracles,
    to conquer it. This should be pretty straight forward, so I'm not going to
    explain the details. Build houses enough for everyone, and perhaps breed a
    little (in the game, horny bastards). Now don't take the 3rd village, instead go
    to the mountain near you, where an old Guru lives, and follow him (if your
    computer is fast enough, use quick save while following him). Now he will tell
    you that he will help you in time of need, and trust me he will. Now take over
    the 3rd village. After some time the enemy god will send in some wolves to get
    his village back, but the guru should be able to handle that. Now start building
    the village up. Create all three wonders. Make sure all the villages have what
    they need, and make them breed to get a bigger influence. Take the 4th village.
    YES!! Your creature won't be as well trained now, so you might want to spend
    some time playing skirmish, to retrain it. Once your creature is back to normal,
    send him to take the last village. Once you are half done with taking the
    village, your enemy will beg for mercy, give you the creed, and open a portal
    for the next level. Spare him of course.
    TBG: "What!? He took Khazars creed, he tortured our creature, and now you want
    to spare him?! Send him to the VOID!!" Get the chimp (give the witch who makes
    old people into young people a child), and play skirmish to learn it all the big
    spells (the chimp is the most intelligent creature in the game). Once you're
    finished with teaching, switch back to your old creature if you want to (along
    with being the greatest learner, the chimp is also the worst fighter).
    Take loads of wood and food with you (20000 of each should do). Also lots of
    villagers and artifacts with you.
    4.4 LEVEL 4:
    This is hell! TBG seems to like it tough. Fireballs rain from the sky, there's a
    constant storm over the place, and the sky is red. You see this is level 1 after
    Nemesis has punished the people for following you. Get your temple standing, and
    then send your creature to the village behind the mountains (some guy will tell
    you about this). Make sure you creature gets the village real quick (play
    skirmish and teach him flying flock). Once this is done your village should have
    a town center and a village store. Make sure you have lot of PP. Get your
    creature back, so he can protect the village. Now do the quest with the bells
    (use quick save, and this should be real easy). The fireballs stopped, and the
    worst part is over. Send your creature over to kill Sleg (the ogre). Once this
    is done, make your creature convert the people in the Aztec village. Take the
    woman they had captured back to her husband. Now it is time for some village
    building, to increase your influence. Besides building houses, wonders makes,
    well, wonders. Once your influence is big enough for you to hold the 2nd totem
    up for some time, send your creature to raise the 1st, while you raise the 2nd.
    Make your creature get the creed.
    Get loads of wood (at least 60000), food (30000 should do), villagers, and
    artifacts through the vortex.
    For more info on how to backup your game, the levels, and how to solve the
    puzzles: see Robert Hagenström's FAQ.
    4.5 LEVEL 5:
    I suggest that you teach your creature "Flock of Birds". Ok, being slightly evil
    might be a good thing because your creature is the opposite of your alignment.
    Send your creature to the village to the north, and give it the leash of
    compassion. Start to build up your town, so it'll become big, so your influence
    reaches the forest near the 2nd village, so you'll have wood enough. Once your
    influence reaches the second village, give it all you got and for once use
    storm. Once the village is taken over, go for the village to the west. Remember
    that you have to take over the villages to get the wonders smashed. While your
    creature gives you believes in the 3rd town, make the 1st village stabile, so you
    wont have to do anything about that. Build up the 2nd village up enough to keep
    a physical shield up. Once the 3rd village is taken, go for the Greek city.
    Nature, Storm and physical shield works nicely, this village has a wood spell,
    which you might have felt that you needed. Once this village is taken, keep a
    physical shield up, to prevent them from getting hurt by Nemesis. You also might
    want to build more on this city, but only towards the south. Also, if you can
    take the scaffolds from the wonder, relocate to the east. Before you go for the
    5th village, take the dragon quest, which shouldn't be to hard. This will give
    you a flock of birds miracle dispenser, and a tiny spot of influence. Use this
    to get the last wonder. Now you will fell the true power of three combined
    creeds: but don't worry, the megablasts follow the same pattern all the time.
    Once you start at the last village, take the shield down on the 4th, you won't
    need it if you can keep Nemesis busy. Simply use all you got, he has a lot of
    believes, but with some patience you can get this village. Don't get your
    creature near it though, or he'll cast physical shield around his village. Don't
    bother destroying Nemesis temple, the creeds makes it indestructible. Once you
    get down to zero believes, Nemesis will start destroying everything. Just let
    him do it. Now he will make a copy of your creature, but with the opposite
    alignment. Cast fireball, and heal and the victory should be yours. Take your
    creature to the volcano, and watch the ending movie (have anyone ever seen it
    end?). BTW, I modified the level a bit when I played it the first time (I gave
    myself a wood spell).
    5. SPELLS:
    Fireball: shoot them over a village (but don't hit anything), to impress them.
    Lightning bolt: This thing is very difficult to use without harming anything, so
    I don't recommend using at all.
    Storm: Even though it has great potential to convert, don't use it, at least not
    the upgraded versions.
    Spiritual and physical shield: Great for protecting villagers and getting
    belief. Use them.
    Nature: Good for getting loads of wood, if you have the lumberjacks to get it.
    Food: Good for impressing villagers.
    Wood: I don't know what I would do without it. I always seem to need wood for
    Heal: Great for battles, and it helps you to stay good.
    Flying Flock: Simply the greatest (good) spell for taking over villages. If you
    have the time, teach it to your creature.
    Animal Flock: Don't use this! It's evil (and actually it doesn't give that many
    Teleport: Used correctly, this spell can save your villagers loads of time,
    especially your worshippers.
    Mega Blast: I don't recommend using it, but if you must, don't use any upgraded
    version, and fire in the middle of a city, but not at any buildings or people.
    TBG: "WHAT?!? Mega Blast is made for destruction, so use it for destruction.
    There's nothing like an extreme Mega Blast in the middle of a big town".
    6. FAQ:
    Q: Can a village become totally happy?
    TBG: "Nope, people always complain. Ha, ha, ha!!"
    A: If they don't want food or houses, they want offspring, and if you give them
    that, the offspring will start wanting houses, and so on, but you can make sure
    none of the desires are at 100%. I suppose it's possible to get them happy if
    you spend loads of time doing it, but who has +100 hours to try? If anyone has a
    completely happy village, please send me a screenshot (the villagestore and the
    towncenter shall be on the same screenshot).
    7. Things to come:
    Strategy guide for skirmish, and multiplayer.
    More detailed walkthrough for the levels already here (?).
    Village management guide.
    Any ideas, critics, suggestions, errors and questions may be sent to:
    BTW, you should also mail me about grammar and other errors in this FAQ. Also
    show a little bit of respect when you mail me.
    May the Rainbow and the eternal day be yours.
    Dark Wolf.

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