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    Evil Walkthrough by Crisis

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                                     BLACK & WHITE 
                                  HOW TO BE EVIL GUIDE
                                      Version 0.9
                               Written by : Crisis
                              First Created:07.04.2001
                              Last Updated:12.7.2001
                       E-mail : omikron_the_nomad_soul@hotmail.com
             Software (c) 2001 Lionhead Studios Ltd. Black & White,     
            Lionhead and the Lionhead logo are trademarks of Lionhead 
                                    Studios Ltd. 
                 All strategies and advices are welcome just e-mail me.
    I.    Disclaimer
    II.   Version info
    III.  How to be Evil 
    IV.   Basic Strategies 
        * Misc. Info
    V.    Islands
         -  Island 1
          * Strategy
          * Quests
        -   Island 2
        -   Island 3
        -   Island 4
        -   Island 5
    VI.    Choosing your creature
    VII.   Raising your creature
    VIII.  Changing Creature by "cheating"
    IX.    Strange things
    X.     Credits
    XI.    About the author
    Sections marked with * are sub-sections
                                I. DISCLAIMER 
    This faq is made for personal use only.You can post this faq
    to other sites as long as it remain unchanced and proper credit
    is given to me.This faq is copyright Crisis 2001.
                               II. VERSION INFO
    For next update date check about the author section.
    Version 0.1 , Date 07.04.2001  :
    First version of this faq,some basic info and strategies
    was included.
    Version 0.2 , Date 09.04.2001  :
    Corrected some typing errors,Added Credits section,Added
    basic strategies send by Brian772.
    Version 0.3 , Date 15.04.2001  :
    Corrected lots of typing errors,Added strategies and Misc.
    Version 0.4 , Date 24.4.2001
    I am tired of spamming messages (meaning those awfully spelled street
    lanquage messages that tell me "oh... friggin man you can't write"
    and " GeT YoUr nEwBiE a** OuTa h3rE " this day on they will be ignored and 
    deleted without reading.Of course if someone disagrees with some fact that 
    is written in this faq messages will be read .
    Added new section system,Added couple sections...
    Version 0.5 , Date 10.5.2001
    Some minor corrections..
    Version 0.6 , Date 15.5.2001
    Added some strategies for second island.
    Version 0.7 , Date 3.6.2001
    Spotted that i forgot to post these versions to gamefaqs.com
    and will fix that in next version.
    Version 0.8 , Date 25.6.2001
    Biggest update this far...
    Version 0.9 , Date 12.7.2001
                           III.HOW TO BE EVIL
    Being evil in Black & White is much more harder than many would thought.Kill 
    everyone and you will end up restarting the level
    You want to be evil? 
    Instead of killing your people you should sacrifice little children,
    make your people suffer,Starve your followers,Be the most sinister god that 
    has ever lived , be creative...
    Just read this guide if you want to be evil...
                           IV.  BASIC STRATEGIES
    These are some basic strategies for being evil.Currently these are send by 
    many people all over the world.I will add my own strategies in later 
    Please send more.New strategies are always welcome
    My strategies :
    1. Sacrifice is good,You should sacrifice many little children
       since they give you lots of prayer points ( near 16 000 ).
    2. Breeders are the key for success.More breeders -> more little kids
       -> more people to sacrifice.
    4. Looking after farmers is also very important,because if there
       are too many people won?t starve.You should have 1 farm for
       30 people.
    5. Teach your creature following miracles fireball,lightning   
       (increased or extreme version if possible) and Megablast.
       These spells should be enough for your creature.
    6. Good way to get your people believe more in you.Make some shields
       ( Spiritual or Physical ) they give you near 100 belive points per
    7. A good way to impress opponents villages is to release a flock of
       wolves or bats in there since these spells give you lots of points
       you can impress his/her village very fast.
    8. Good way to make your temple look evil.Is to download a custom 
       skirmish map called playground from PlanetBlack&White.Once the
       custom map is installed,start it and use extreme megablasts to 
       destroy the village.Do this until your temple looks evil.
    These strategies are send by some readers of this Faq ;
     Send by Raul Alexe
    I send my creature with the leash of agression in the village I want to 
    conquer.This is after my creature knows:Fireball and Lightning Bolt maybe 
    even Storm Extreme and any destructive spells.You can realize what 
    happens.Then I tell my creature to eat people and when they get scared and 
    run their houses I tell my creature to destroy their houses.And that's about 
     Send by Brian772
    An effective way of taking over enemy villages the evil way is to first set 
    fire to their totem so the enemy god doesnt get points, then set fire to their 
    food/wood holder, then send in your  
    creature to capture and sacrifice them until they see you are their new god. 
    Oh and lightning helps to set more fires also. 
     Send by Grant 2
    Gather some trees 3 or 4 and a rock or 2, put them on top of each other, now 
    get the Fireball miracle & cast it on the trees & the rock now the rock(& 
    the trees) should be on fire, you now have a Rock On Fire and can toss it 
    at enemy villages (or you're own) and gain belief. This tactic is good if 
    you need to take over an enemy village, toss the rock it will crush/burn their 
    village a very good. 
     Send by Eli Tayrien 
    This isn?t a purely evil technique of taking over villages, but i have found 
    that if i have influence in a villiage, sometimes i can get up to 300 belief 
    by "dribbling" fireballs - i cast one fireball, and then just click the right 
    mouse button really fast, dropping it and catching it... the more people you 
    do it around, the better. 
                               * MISC. INFO
    This section contains  information about many things in game for exsample 
    silver scroll solution,misc tips & tricks etc.
    Just read and find out....
    These are send by readers of my faq...
     Send by Mystic1999
    - One thing that some people have not seemed to notice is that in   
      boulder throwing, you can throw the man that watches you too. 
    - You can also beat your creature for being scared instead of 
      stroking him. 
    - And for the drowning fishermen, I immediately threw the woman into 
      the water. 
    - After Nemesis showed up, another silver scroll appeared by the 
      beach. It was some guy and girl yelling at me for killing their  
      sister when she only wanted me to help them. They screamed that 
      they won't forget this. Regardless to say, they were thrown into 
      the ocean along with their sister. 
    - Oh yeah, one more thing... the miracle flock is good to teach your 
      creature because it gives good belief, and when you are evil it  
      releases bats rather than doves. 
     Send by Richard Watson
    - In the opening when lots of little black, white, and grey dots 
      swirl around and form either the Lionhead logo or your "godly 
      symbol". well if you move your mouse during this time you can 
      disrupt the sequecnce, as in where ever the mouse cursor goes, it 
      drag little dots with it. 
    - You'll have to confirm for yourself, but when i played land three i 
      place 3 combined scafolds next to a field of grain and got a 
      miracle dispenser (which should have cost me 6) this field WAS NOT 
      under construction.The same has happened when i place 3 scafolds 
      next to other "high scafold cost" buildings....
    - You do know that man made miracle dispensers only act as a meat  
      packageng plant for your own miracles, they don't create new ones 
      like they did in land 1 
    - Read the read me notes in the game directory, they have helpful 
      hints with custom logos and vilager names and stuff. 
    C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios Ltd\Black & 
    White\Profiles\Yourprofilename\Saved Games\vortex.txt 
    - This is an interesting text file, i have not messed with it yet but 
      inside it is a list of parameters describing everything i have 
      chucked into a vortex....
    - I think with a little 'cut -n- pasteing' you could load up a map  
      with several hundred beach balls, of megablast one shots in it...  
      attempt at own risk. 
    - In land three you know that invulerable guy who can't die, feed him  
      to your creature and he gets "pooed" out a few mins later, i'm not 
      sure but i think you can kill/banish to the void this guy by 
      tossing him in the vortex. you'd think he'd pop out on the other 
      side but when i got there.
    - I didn't hear his smart ass comments, but then again i didn't look 
      real hard. 
    - Suggestion for raiseing an evil creature. initially choose the 
      chimp he will learn and grow the fastest. then once you have the 
      basics learnt (and don't require as much intellicence) do a brain 
      swap with either the sheep creature (although it'd require doing 
     'good' in order to get it) or find a creature CD download and get a 
      leopard or ape 
    - When killing large/tall buildings find a big rock, carefully 
      position it on the VERY TOP of the building and let it fall, it 
      does more bang for the buck in terms of effort. 
    sorry about writing so much, hope some of it is enlightening...
     Send by Ross Campbell
    - on the boulder throwing quest... instead of just crushing the 
      house, use the man standing outside it to knock the boulder off the 
    - And when getting the gatestones, don't kill the woman and her 
      brother, just kill the brother and show the woman his corpse, after 
      destroying her house that is.... 
     More by Richard Watson
    - For looking in on your creature's developement not all of the i
      important information is in the same place. in the creature cave   
      amoung other things check your creature's strength, realize  
      this will go down if you don't give your creature lots of rocks to 
      hold. When you press the 'Esc' key, click on the statistics tab, 
      then on player stats and scroll down. you can see your  
      creature's alignment change as well as your creature's growth (the 
      percentage of its full size reached). Under creature stats the only 
      important thing to note is the creature's alignment shown in 
      numeric form (ranged from +1.00 (100%) to - 1.00 (-100%)), the rest 
      you can get from the cave or by foucusing the creature.  
    - Remember, if you as a god do a good deed, and do it while your  
      creature is not looking, you WILL NOT corrupt your creature with 
      the harmful knowledge of benevolence. also its easy for you as a 
      god to undo any 'goodness' you spread. 
    - Don't forget, when you swap creatures you will loose some of its 
    - in level two 'The Sea' silver scroll, bite the bullet and save the 
      kids, the enlarge creature miricle dispenser is worth it. Once you 
      have that enlarge your creature and make it hold and carry the  
      largest rock you can find. as long as your creature is moving when 
      it shrinks to normal it will  
      still carry the large rock, a rock to big for it to usually carry. 
      have your creature carrying around a mega rock (for its size) 
      should increase its strength rateing. 
    - IMPORTANT!! when slaping your creature aim for the legs and slap it 
      hard and fast. If you do it right you can litterally knock your 
      creature flat on its back. Also PLEASE slap your creature  
      around when ever it gets scared, the last thing you need is a mega 
      monster thats 100% evil and afraid of the dark. 
    - Try and increase the creature's evil rateing by training it to use     
      the lightning blot on fish, yes fish. It is possible (as well as 
      birds) with alittle luck and skill and it has little chance of 
      hurting you by mistake. 
    - When you first start the game and are going to your village run 
      ahead of the villagers as fast as you can, you might be rewarded 
      with a temple that starts out looking evil ( at least I was). 
    - You can teach your creature how to use fireballs with only 1 one- 
      shot miricle. with the leash of learning on drop the fire ball on 
      the ground close to the creature, and don't set anything on fire.  
      then quickly 'catch' the fire ball (pick it back up with the action 
      button). the creature (if it paid attension) has ow had a light 
      bulb go off over its head, wait for that to disappear and for your  
      creature to stop pointing. then recast it and catch it again.  
      (repeat for awhile) 
    Now it is time to begin....
    These strategies will guide you through each of the islands in
    game.Just read forward to find out what would be the most evil
    way to solve all the quests in the game.
    * Completing Strategy :
    Just follow gold story scroll instuctions.Nothing more really..
    Also when the woman asks you to bring his brother back crush her house with 
    boulder and kill both her and her brother by throwing them to the lake..
    When your creature throws Sable the trainer be sure to praise your 
    creature,when Sable has taught you everything eat her with your creature or 
    just kill her thats the evil way..
    -  SPOILER  -
    Just before following the big animal to the mountain,go back
    to your village and use lightning bolts to make destruction in the
    village.Also by doing this your creature will slowly learn to
    use lightning miracle.
    At this point destroying your village doesn?t matter since Nemesis
    is going to come and destroy it anyway so go on and kill & grill.
    Throwing Boulders ( Practice )
    Pick up the boulder aim it carefully to the house..Throw and
    crush the house and people who are living inside it.
    You will get a Beach Ball for the reward of this quest.
    Drowning Fishermen
    Let fishermen drown also throw the woman who gave you the
    quest to ocean.
    You will gain one time miracle dispenser "Creature Strenght".
    Circle of Stones
    Once you have taken the quest crush/burn the the house of the man
    who gave you the quest and then eat him with your creature.
    You will gain nothing by doing this.
    Building a ship
    Bring your creature near the singing sailor pick them up one
    by one and eat them with your creature.
    You will see a scene after killing them nothing more...
    Kidnapped Children ( Dead piper is the best piper )
    This is a must complite quest since the reward is so good.
    Follow the piper with your creature pick him up eat him,him no 
    matter what there is only one fact the Piper man must DIE ! 
    Once he is killed you will get lightning bolt miracle dispenser.
    The Hermit
    Use your creature to throw a boulder to his house thus crushing
    it,Hermit will now try to set a fire in your village but before
    he has time to do eat him with your creature..
    You will gain one shot water miracle when you kill/eat him.
    When your creature learns to fight this quest appears beat
    Sleg ( Ogre ) take treasure and get out...
    You will get yet another beach ball and healing miracle
    Farmers lost sheep 
    Burn the farmers house,eat his sheeps and finally throw him 
    until he is dead or drown him.Just use the most sinister way
    that you can imagine
    You will get nothing from doing so except your alignment goes 
    to more evil.
                       * SECOND ISLAND
    * Completing Strategy :
    Conquer villages of Kahzar first then you should go for
    Lethys.Remember to manage your villages or else you will
    lose faith and infuence area.. 
    Lethys will abduct your creature after this land , remember
    to destroy Temple of Lethys here.
    Plague in Indian village 
    Ahh... chemical weapons , dont cure anyone here and dont do anything
    about the plague , just wait until they die and then you should start
    throwing the green looking food to other villages and spread the plague..
    No reward..
    Indians sacrifice
    Sacrifice his child , then his wife and finally the shaman himself.
    Reward is lots of prayer points.
    Music Puzzle 
    Play the stones in following order from left to right :
    Reward is resurrection ring.
                       * THIRD ISLAND
    * Completing Strategy :
    Manage your town then conquer some more , more and more.
    Remember to do follow Guru quest as soon as possible.At
    the end of this island you get a chance to kill Lethys,
    do it...
    Killing all people from towns work pretty good here, kill 
    all enemy villagers then send a missionary there and village
    is yours...
                       * FOURTH ISLAND
    * Completing Strategy :
    Here you must destroy three guardian stones in order to remove
    Nemesis curses from this land.
    First impress japanise village near one of those guardian stones
    then the village elder comes and helps you with the puzzle..
    just click the bells in right order and guardian stone is yours,
    now the fireballs stop.
    The second guardian stone is guarded by Orge named Sleg ( have i 
    heard it somewhere before ? ), Fight and defeat him.. Guardian 
    stone is yours , now the lighning bolts stop.
    Final guardian stone , you need to reunite Keiko with Adam , but
    kill Keiko and speak with Adam who loses all his faith and gives
    you the last guardian stone.
    Then you must get part of greed from skeleton village, extend your
    area of influence there , then you need to raise both totems at the
    same time, so you will raise one and your creature raises other 
    ( your creature needs to know how totems work ) 
                       * FIFTH ISLAND
    * Completing Strategy :
    Not much tips for this island , It is the final island in game
    so you should find out how to complite it yourself.
                        VI.CHOOSING YOUR CREATURE
    First you should choose what creature you will be using in the game
    here is the list of creatures that will fall to the path of evil more
    For better creature info you should check out Masked Moogle?s
    creature faq available in www.gamefaqs.com
    Creature    :  Lion
    How to get  :  Island 5 ,complite lion puzzle
    Good things :  Very aggressive/Violent,Learns quickly since he has   
                   high intelligence,Good in battle..
    Bad things  :  You get it in island 5,unless you hack him....
    Creature    :  Wolf
    How to get  :  Island 4,complite blind woman quest
    Good things :  Pretty average fighter,learns fast,
    Bad things  :  Almost impossible to get without hacking,Looks ugly.
    Creature    :  Tiger
    How to get  :  You can choose it on the island 1
    Good things :  Pretty good in fight and looks cool
    Bad things  :  Absolutely stupid creature ( learns slow )
    Creature    :  Leopard
    How to get  :  Download it,Then you can find it on island 1 and 4
    Good things :  Good fighter,very fast
    Bad things  :  Dumb creature not much intelligent than tiger but   
    Creature    :  Gorilla
    How to get  :  Download it,Then you can find it on island 1 and 4
    Good things :  Excellent fighter,
    Bad things  :  Likes to smash your town
    Creature    :  Brown Bear
    How to get  :  Complite the "clean up forest" quest in island 5
    Good things :  Average in everything..
    Bad things  :  No bad sides except you get it so late in game...
    Creature    :  Ape
    How to get  :  You can choose it on the island 1
    Good things :  High intelligence.Good to begin with and then change
                   some other...
    Bad things  :  Not so good fighter.
    Creature    :  Ogre
    How to get  :  Hack the game to get him
    Good things :  Good fighter
    Bad things  :  Impossible to get without hacking.
    After choosing your creature it is time to teach him a trick or two.
    More is coming in next update :
    1. Teach your creature to go walk with a large stone in its hand
       when it does this,It will gain more strength.
    2. Making your creature goes walking, it prevents your creature to
       become fat.
    3. Remember to beat up  your creature when it is scared.
    4. Teach your creature to eat little kids or adults,they boost
       alignment very much to the bad way of course...
    5. Remember to praise your creature when it wants to sleep,since
       your creature grows better when he rests it is good to make 
       him rest.
    This information is Ripped straight from Voodoo Extreme.I just
    thought to pass it along : 
    Dustin L. shot us off the following email regarding "Functing with files in 
    Black and White". Of course, I think you've heard of Black and White (call 
    it a hunch). Check it out (Kind of a plump bastard, but oozing with 
    I was messing around with some files in the Lionhead dir and came across the 
    creature files. I then figured out how to change your current creature to 
    any other creature in the game. Even the Orge! All the files you need to mess 
    with are in the Data\CRT\ directory. Make sure you back it up just in case. 
    Lets say you are the Cow. Your creatures file is bcow.CBN.  
    Now lets say you want to be the Wolf. All you do is delete your current file, 
    which is bcow.CBN and rename bwolf.CBN to your old creature, which was 
    bcow.CBN. Start the game and you have a Wolf running around. 
    I'm going to explain it again. To be the Orge you do the same thing. Lets 
    say you still have the Cow. The Orge's file is bgreek.CBN. Simply delete 
    bcow.CBN and rename bgreek.CBN to bcow.CBN I have noticed one thing odd... 
    The first creature I changed to was the Orge from the Madrill. I have tried 
    most of the other creatures and have noticed that their foot prints no longer 
    change. They are stuck at the Orge's foot print. 
    Also the Rhino is there, but I have yet to try him. My Tortise running around 
    land 1 is so cool! Changing creatures like this seems to have no effect on 
    you or your creatures alignment. Their current stats stay the same regarding 
    damage and food. Scars and bruises also seem to disapear. 
    As always, make sure to wrap your rascal if you try this (back-up your files, 
                            IX. STRANGE THINGS
    These are some strange things that have occurred while i was playing.
    1. I have spotted that your creature can eat rocks/stones/boulders
       and even like them.
    2. Also my creature likes to eat beach balls,i wasn?t watching in
       the first island my creature ate his beach ball.I thought he ate
       a human so i praised him ever since it has been eating beach      
                       X. CREDITS / SPECIAL THANKS
    This section is filled with names of people who have helped
    me making this faq.
    Following people have helped me to make this faq :
    Brian772 ,Grant 2 ,Mystic1999 ,Richard Watson ,Ross Campbell ,
    Eli Tayrien and all the others who have send some usefull tips...
    ! Special Thanks !
    Lionhead Studios   - For making the game
    GameFaqs ( CJayC ) -  Thanks for publishing this faq on your site.
    Petri Rantala      - He helped me to complite the game.Couldn?t have       
                         done it without his help..
                         XI. ABOUT THE AUTHOR
    This is third faq i have written.
    My Faq?s are:
    Black & White
    - How to be Evil guide
    Format:         PC
    Version:        0.9
    Language:       English
    Next Update:    Unknown
    Omikron:The Nomad Soul 
    - Character Guide
    Format:         PC
    Version:        Final ( 2.00 )
    Language:       English
    Next Update:    None
    DiscWorld Noir 
    - Walkthrough 
    Format:         PC / PSX             
    Version:        Final ( 1.0 )
    Language:       English
    Next Update:    None

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