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FAQ/Walkthrough by DEngel

Updated: 11/30/17

I have decided not to allow websites other than Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com),
IGN (faqs.ign.com) & Gamespot (www.gamespot.com) to host my FAQs from now on.
Please don't ask, because I will not grant permission.  It's just that too many
sites don't keep their version of my FAQ up to date which makes for a lot of
hassle in my mailbox.
So if anyone sees this FAQ on any site other than those mentioned above, please
let me know and I will take care of the situation, thanks.

Just to make things crystal clear for some people, this FAQ is not to appear
anywhere at the following URLs:


This document Copyright 2004,2017 Daniel Engel

Undying FAQ
November 30, 2017
Daniel (DEngel) Engel
dan.engel.2017 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

                             (A) TABLE OF CONTENTS

Table of Contents

 (A) This Table of Contents
 (B) Controls
 (C) Items
 (D) Weapons
 (E) Spells
 (F) Tips
 (G) Walkthrough
  -  (G-01) The Manor
  -  (G-02) Lizbeth's Chapter
  -  (G-03) Ambrose's Chapter
  -  (G-04) Keisinger's Chapter
  -  (G-05) Aaron's Chapter
  -  (G-06) Bethany's Chapter
 (H) Secrets
 (I) Journals
 (J) Thanks
 (K) Experimental

                                 (B) CONTROLS

The default controls for this game are as follows:

F3 - Journal entries screen.
F6 - Quicksave.
F7 - Quickload.

1 - Cycle forward through weapons.
2 - Cycle backward through weapons.
3 - Cycle forward through spells.
4 - Cycle backward through spells.
[/F - Cycle forward through items.
]/V - Cycle backward through items.

Enter/Q - Use selected item.
E/Delete - Weapon quick select (hold).
R/End - Spell quick select (hold).
Alt/Caps Lock - Reload your weapon, or switch to its secondary mode.

Pause - Pauses the game, not surprisingly.
W/A/S/D/Arrow Keys - Used for movement and strafing.

Shift/C - Crouch.
Space/Ctrl - Jump.

Left click/Insert - Fire selected weapon.
Right click/Home - Use selected spell.
Scroll Wheel - Cycle through weapons.

                                   (C) ITEMS

Health Packs / Health Vials

Restores some of your health when used.


Raises the spell that you have equipped one level, extremely helpful.  They
look like glowing pink objects and they also make a noise when you're close to
them so they're hard to miss.

Mana Well

Raises your total mana by 10 units, very helpful.  They look like round red
objects and aren't terribly common.

Arcane Whorl

Your mana recharges faster for every one of these that you collect, very
helpful.  They look like green scrolls that actually look very similar to
health vials from a distance.

Silver Bullet Ammo

Strong ammo for your revolver, takes longer to reload.

Phosphorus Shells

Strong flame ammo for your shotgun.


Very deadly explosives, used both as a weapon and to reach certain areas.  The
fuse is about three and a half seconds.  Remember that.

                                  (D) WEAPONS

Gel'ziabar Stone

Magical stone that you received from the Trsanti, creates a shockwave of energy
that pushes back enemies.  If you equip it when casting a spell...


Basic weapon that you start with, can fire six bullets before needing to
reload.  I use this weapon a lot because it takes out most basic enemies with

Tibetan War Cannon

Strange weapon that fires blasts of freezing energy, it can also be charged if
you hold the attack before releasing it.  If you manage to freeze an enemy
without killing it, then enemy will move slower until it thaws.


Stronger weapon that can hold two shells at a time.  It can also fire them both
at once, or individually as needed.  Once you find phosphorus shells you can
load this strong ammo in the shotgun.


Close-range weapon that is used to finish off most bosses, also the only weapon
that can stop skeletons from reviving by chopping their heads off.  (The Invoke
spell can do the same job.)


Bottle filled with flaming gasoline that you throw; unfortunately you can only
hold three at a time.


Fires one spear at a time, takes time to reload but otherwise not a bad weapon.


When you use this weapon you get to control a phoenix as it flies quickly
ahead.  Try to crash it into your target.

                                   (E) SPELLS


This spell allows you to view past events and sometimes secrets, it also makes
enemies glow and therefore easier to spot.  Finally you can use the spell to
make it easier to see in dark areas.


Your first offensive spell, a blast of energy is fired with this spell.
Unfortunately the blast quickly heads off course so you're best using this
spell at close range.


This spell is mainly used to get rid of a few magical barriers in the game, but
you can also use it to counter enemy spells, such as the dizziness caused by
the shots of the Sil Lith.


This spell resurrects slain enemies to fight for you.  It's also used to get
rid of annoying Skeletons for good.  You can also try using it on living human
enemies like the Trsanti to get them to commit suicide.


This spell lets you run really fast for a brief period, and also allows you to
jump farther than usual.


This spell creates a magical shield in front of you.  It is important to
remember that the shield doesn't protect you from attacks that come from the
side or behind you.  The shield will shatter once it has taken enough damage or
after a length of time.

Skull Storm

This spell allows you to take up to three skulls and fire them at your enemies
in a massive explosion, it's very effective at damaging strong enemies.


This spell allows you to solve a few puzzles and can be used to attack enemies,
though I didn't use it much at all.

                                   (F) TIPS

Your shield spell only creates a shield in front of you so don't expect it to
protect you from attacks on all other sides.

Personally I find that skull storm and shield are the only spells that you need
to get to level five, the rest of your amplifiers can be used on whatever
spells you want.

                                (G) WALKTHROUGH
                           Bricklayer J. Gastronomy

                                (G-01) THE MANOR

Manor - Front Gate

After the intro you can read the four journal entries that you have by pressing
F3.  Head for the doors up ahead, then cast the Scrye spell when your stone
starts glowing and you hear voices.  Once you're done looking at the corpse and
bats you should enter the building to reach the next area.

Manor - Entrance Hall

After the cutscene you should follow the hall as you see a ghost, then grab the
health up ahead.  Turn around and enter the door to your right to meet up with

After the cutscene you can check your new journal entry [Jeremiah's
Conversation], otherwise equip your revolver as you follow the hall back to the
large room with all the stairs.

You need to kill the enemies in this next section quickly or they will get
inside Jeremiah's room and kill him, so don't waste time.  You should see the
same ghost again so follow him down the stairs, then enter the open door on
your right to reach the next area.

Manor - West Wing

Enter the open door on your right to meet up with the ghost again, then take
the bullets by the windows and return to the hallway.  Take the open door up
ahead on your left next and grab the health pack in the corner, then head
towards the mirror as you take more bullets and see the ghost once again.

Enter the pair of doors to your right as you hear a scream, then kill the trio
of enemies with your Revolver.  These enemies, known as Howlers, leap at you
while trying to slash you with their claws, as long as you keep moving and
strafing though they're not hard to avoid.

Once the enemies are dead you can pick up a health pack and some bullets near
the maid's corpse before entering the door behind her.  Kill the Howler and
enter the next room as you kill two more howlers.

Climb the winding staircase as you kill another Howler, then rush through the
nearby double doors and kill the last howler before it breaks into Jeremiah's
room.  With the howler's dead, you can enter Jeremiah's room for a cutscene.

Manor - Guest Room

After the cutscene you can check out the new journal entry [Jeremiah's
Disclosure] if you wish, otherwise pick up the scroll in front of you to get
the Ectoplasm spell.

Grab the bullets and equip the ectoplasm spell, then take the door up ahead to
reach the next area.

Manor - Central Upper

Head right to meet up with a servant, then check the new journal entry
[Lizbeth's Room] if you wish.  Otherwise follow the servant until you meet with
a maid, then enter Lizbeth's room and scrye near the painting of her to see
what she looks like now.

Grab the health pack in the bathroom and collect a journal entry [Lizbeth
Poetry] from a table in her room, then return to the hallway and kill the pair
of howlers that appear.

Return to Lizbeth's room to kill another pair of Howlers, then head back to the
hall and go left as you pass a bleeding servant and reach the next area beyond
the door up ahead.

Manor - Entrance Hall

Enter the room to your left for two journal entries [Joseph's letter &
Evaline's Letter], some bullets and a health pack.  Kill the howler that drops
from the ceiling and the other pair that runs to you in here, then go down the
stairs in the previous room.

Go around the back of the stairs on the bottom floor to find a trio of howlers
and the servant key by the dead maid, then enter the door to the right of the
stairs [if you're facing them].

Go right and scrye at the picture of the Covenant family to see what they look
like now.  Go to the doors up ahead and kill the pair of howlers that appear,
then follow the hall until you reach two doors.  The right door won't open so
take the left one to reach the next area.

Manor - North Wing Lower

Take the second door on your right for a health pack, then enter the next room
up ahead.  Take either door to reach the kitchen with the fireplace, then grab
the health pack and speak to the maid in the next room.

She gives the east wing key and tells you to get the key to the gardens from
the maid cleaning Keisinger's room.  Kill a pair of howlers as you head back to
the previous area.

Manor - Entrance Hall

Enter the doors ahead of you to meet up with the ghost of Aaron once more, then
shoot the book when he leaves it on the bookcase before picking it up.  Check
the journal entry [Moon Door Notes], then return to the hallway and follow it.
Kill a pair of howlers and continue along the hallway, then enter the doors at
the end to reach the next area.

Manor - Central Lower

Enter the door in front of you and enter the door beyond, then talk with maid
in Keisinger's room.  Take the journal entry [Bethany Writings] by the
fireplace and leave the room, then enter the doors on the other side of the

Kill a pair of howlers here and take the journal entry [Aaron's Letter] before
climbing the stairs and entering the door in the room.  Kill the howler by the
corpse and climb the stairs beyond, then enter the door up ahead to reach the
next area.

Manor - East Wing Lower

Enter the room ahead of you for a journal entry [Playroom Diary], then return
to the hall and head left.  Kill the howler that drops from the ceiling and
take the door at the end of the hall to the next area.

Manor - Chapel

Follow the stairs until you see a large cross with a pink stone on it, then
shoot the purple stone to make it fall before picking it up.  The stone is an
amplifier and it's used to make your spells stronger, amplifiers are pretty
easy to see and they also make a noise when you're close to one.  I recommend
using it now to raise your ectoplasm spell to level two.

Climb the stairs on the left side of the room and jump near the rafters to find
a key, then enter the room beside you and take the health pack.  Open the
cabinet with your priest key but don't take the items inside yet.

Switch to your ectoplasm spell and get ready to fight some ghosts, then grab
the items and face the door to this small room.  When you see a pair of faint
white clouds appear use ectoplasm on them until they stop moving, these are the

Once you've killed the first pair you can exit the room at which point a third
will come at you, get rid of him and start working your way back to the
previous area.  On the way you will find two more ghosts, it's up to you
whether you kill them or run past them but the door to the previous area is
just ahead.

Manor - East Wing Lower

Now that you're past the ghosts you can read the various journal entries that
you received in the chapel, then work your way down the hall until all the
lights go out.  Kill the trio of howlers and enter the room at the end of the
hall, then take the health pack and enter the other door in this room.

Kill the pair of howlers and enter the door up ahead, then walk alongside the
windows as you kill a trio of howlers [including one that comes from behind].
Enter the door at the end of the hall after grabbing the health pack, then take
the amplifier inside and return to the hallway as the lights go out.

Enter the door on your left up ahead and kill a pair of howlers, then get some
bullets by the door before entering the door by the corpse.  Climb the stairs
here and enter the door on your right to reach the next area.

Manor - East Wing Upper

Enter the room to your right and climb the stairs beyond, then go down the hall
and enter the open doors to your right.  Go left in the room for a journal
entry [Keisinger's Note], then go through the door beside the bed to reach the
next area.


Read the journal entry [Oneiros History] if you wish, then climb down the
nearby stairs and get ready for some annoying enemies.  These tentacled
enemies, called Scarrows, can spawn anywhere and have both close-range and
distance attacks, but as long as you keep moving they're not terribly annoying.

Go through the door on your left and head towards the coffin, then grab the
health vial behind it.  Approach the coffin to push the lid, then use the lid
as a ramp before dropping into the coffin.

Jump over the platforms up ahead to reach the other side, then kill/avoid the
Scarrows as you climb down the stairs to your right.  Continue your descent
until you find Keisinger, then quickly run through the arch up ahead and hide
behind the wall to avoid his shots.

Head for the stairs nearby and cross the blocks that form to reach the Tibetan
War Cannon, then drop through the hole where you found it to reach the Manor
once more.

Manor - East Wing Upper

Grab the garden key by the strange corpse, then enter the room beyond and head
for the door to your right.  Once it shuts Scarrows start appearing so head
for the other side of the room and crawl through the fireplace.

Use the war cannon on the Scarrows in here as you grab the health pack, then
enter the door nearby and head for the pair of doors at the end of the hall.
Take the pair on the right and collect the health packs inside, then return to
the hall and take the door on your right.  Kill the Scarrow here as you take
the doors in corner to the next area.

Manor - East Wing Lower

Kill some Scarrows as you climb down the stairs, then enter the door that
leads to the hallway with all the windows.  Turn left and work your way through
the next few rooms while killing Scarrows, then go down the hall and enter the
double doors on your right to reach the next area.

Manor - Central Lower

Kill more Scarrows as you go down the stairs ahead and the hall beyond, then
enter the doors at the end and grab the health pack to your left.  Turn around
and kill more Scarrows as you climb the stairs beyond to reach the next area.

Manor - Central Upper

Head right as you kill some Scarrows, then enter the door ahead before
continuing forward to the next area.

Manor - North Wing Upper

Climb down the stairs ahead before entering the trio of doors beyond, then when
you see Aaron's ghost use an ether trap before he pushes you back to get rid of
him for now.  Grab the Amplifier behind him and use it to level up ectoplasm
once more, then enter the next room as all the doors shut behind you.

Use your ectoplasm or war cannon to take out the Scarrows as you approach a
magical barrier and a mirror, then jump through the mirror and grab a health

Enter the nearby door and walk to each of the seven unlit torches to light
them, then take your next spell from the middle of the room.  Equip dispel
[your new spell] and jump back through the mirror, then use dispel to get rid
of the magical barrier.

Enter the room beyond as you kill more Scarrows, then go through the door in
the corner.  Turn left and unlock the door as you enter a hallway, then get
some ammo [including stronger silver bullets] and a health pack from two of the
rooms here.

Return to the previous room and turn left, jump/crawl into the small hole in
the wall here and ride the dumbwaiter down to the next area.

Manor - North Wing Lower

Kill the howler and head for the area to your right where you talked to the
maid earlier, then kill the howler and go right to find the dead maid.  Enter
the door on you left as you kill a pair of howlers, then grab the health pack
and return to the room with the maid's corpse.

Climb down the nearby stairs to a dark area, then kill a howler as you head
left for some molotovs.  Go back to the larger area and continue on, then kill
a pair of howlers as you find an amplifier.

Use the amplifier to raise ectoplasm to its highest level, then continue onward
until you reach a chest and a door.  Grab the health pack in the corner and
approach the chest to open it, then kill the howler that comes after you.
Collect the bullets from the chest and work your way back up to the maid's
corpse.  Unlock the door nearby with the garden key, then enter the door to
reach the next area.

                            (G-02) LIZBETH'S CHAPTER

Manor - Gardens

Head right and speak with a servant to get a journal entry [Lizbeth Sighting]
and the gate to the Mausoleum unlocked, then head through the gates to the next

Mausoleum - Approach

Head to the main gate of the mausoleum to meet Lizbeth, after she runs away
continue along the fence until you see an opening.  Head through the opening
and walk alongside the cliff, then use your pistol or ectoplasm to take out a
pair of howlers.

Continue around the mausoleum as you attack another pair of howlers, then
attack another howler that leaps off the roof of the building before entering
through the main doors.

Mausoleum - Entrance

Equip ectoplasm and go through the curtain up ahead, then kill the howler that
appears before getting the invoke spell from the open coffin.  Pull the lever
on the right and kill the howlers that appear, then return to the previous room
and grab the amplifier.

Use it on your invoke spell, then kill the pair of howlers nearby and crawl
through the passage beyond to reach the next area.

Mausoleum - Tunnels

Work your way through the tunnels as you fight a pair of howlers, then kill two
skeletons as you continue through the tunnels to the next area.

Mausoleum - Entrance

Collect the pair of health packs to your left, then turn around and shoot the
broken plate to reveal a tunnel.  Shoot a pair of skeletons in the tunnel, then
climb the ladder beyond them to reach the next area.

Old Cemetery

Use the Invoke spell [when your crosshair turns blue] on the skeleton ahead of
you that starts to move to get rid of him forever, then go through the arch to
exit the building.

Walk around the building to the left.  Kill another skeleton.  Most Skeletons
will come out of the ground, but a few of the skeletons lying around will also
come alive as you approach.  The Scrye spell will show you which ones will come
alive -- they'll have a blue aura.

You'll come to an open area in the building full of grave markers.  In the far
left corner you'll find Bullets and a Health Pack.  In the far right corner,
there's a short grave marker leaning against the wall.  Jump onto it.  Turn
around, and jump to the mid-sized gravestone with a small cross on top.  Turn
slightly right, and jump to the taller grave marker with a large cross.  Turn
about 60 degrees right, and jump to the mid-sized marker.  Then jump onto one
of the arms of the large cross that the Health Pack was hidden behind.  From
there, make a small hop onto the wall, turn left, and run along the wall to
pick up your first Arcane Whorl.

There's really nothing else for you to do here for so head to the water and
you should see a boat.  Carefully Walk along the dock to the boat and take it
to the next area.

Monastery Present - Cove

Go through the gap in the large stones and follow the path, then kill a large
group of howlers and check the human corpse for a health pack.  Continue along
the path and watch as some humans fight some howlers, then kill the survivors
before they kill you.

Collect the bullets and health pack, then head up past the tower as you kill a
howler.  Take the silver bullets and kill many howlers (most come from behind),
then return to the tower.

Head left past the tower and go right when the path forks for a journal entry
[Ingredients], then turn around and follow the path right until you see a

Kill the pair of guards and get the tower key from one of them, then kill the
other pair of guards that approaches from behind.  Work your way back to the
tower while killing a trio of howlers, then enter the tower and take the chest
key and sun medallion.

Leave the tower and return to the buildings where you killed the guards, then
kill four howlers (two behind you) along the way.  Approach the barn near the
back and kill the howler when he knocks the doors down, then kill the other
howler inside and climb the nearby ladder.

Shoot the howler up here and head for the open windows, then walk up the plank
on the rightmost window.  Now take a running jump so that you land in the
building up ahead, then walk forward until you hear creaking.  Equip your war
cannon and ectoplasm, then charge your war cannon as you follow the path left.

A guard with a shotgun comes around the corner, so quickly shoot him with the
war cannon to slow him down.  Now hit him with an ectoplasm barrage until he
dies, then pick up his shotgun.

Use whatever weapon you want to kill the howlers through the next door to your
left, then climb up the stairs through the door beyond.  Turn right at the top
and leap to the broken sections of room nearby, then work your way around on
the roof until you reach a wall that has a ramp on the other side.

Drop onto the side with the ramp and use your chest key on the chest here to
get a trapdoor key, then return to the stairs that you used to get on the roof
as you kill a pair of howlers.  This time go under the stairs to reach a small
underground area, then get a health pack behind the spider web.  Go to the
corner by the boxes and open the trapdoor, then drop into it to reach the next

Monastery Present - Tunnels

Follow the tunnel until you reach some water, then equip the invoke spell as
you follow the water left.  Use invoke to get rid of the skeletons one at a
time, you can even shoot them to stop them moving while you wait for your next
spell to charge up.

Once you reach the large hole go left through a passage, then use ectoplasm to
take out the bats if you want.  Otherwise ignore the howlers above as you head
through the passage to the next area.

Monastery Present - Exterior

Drop off the ledge to the ground below, then head right and jump up some stone
steps for a health pack.  Turn around to kill a group of howlers, then continue
jumping up more stone steps nearby.  Kill the large group of howlers up ahead
if they show up, otherwise ignore the ammo box there and go up some stairs to
your right instead.

Climb another set of stairs and shoot a pair of howlers beyond, then turn right
for a health pack before continuing past the howlers that you just killed.
Head right to a flat area and turn right again as you enter a tower through a
window, then look down the staircase as you kill a pair of howlers.

Go down the stairs for a health pack, then climb up the stairs as far as they
go.  Look for a thin diagonal beam on one of the walls, then use it like a ramp
as you hug that wall.  Jump on the rock here that's closest to the edge, then
use the next one as a ramp to the next floor.  Turn left at the top and you
should see a ladder, then line yourself up and jump to the ladder.  Climb it to
the very top of the tower, then pick up your first mana well.

Work your way back down and leave the tower the same way you entered, then turn
left and walk along the flat area until a howler appears.  Kill it and jump up
the pair of stone blocks to reach the ledge above, then go forward to the next

Monastery Present - Interior

Go forward until you see a large grassy area to your left, then head that way
until you see a glowing green light above a wall.  Head to that light to meet
up with Lizbeth, then back up to avoid the rocks that she throws at you.

Turn around and climb up some stairs up ahead to reach the ledge where you
entered this area, then go left until you hit a wall.  Head right from here for
an amplifier, then kill a trio of howlers that appear.

Save the amplifier for now as you head back to the large grassy area, then go
through the door that's left of the area where you saw Lizbeth.  Grab the
health pack and use invoke on the skeleton as it gets up, then avoid Lizbeth's
rocks as she shows up again.

Leave this room and turn right, then go down a set of stairs before going up
more stairs on your left.  Go left at the top for a health pack, then kill a
pair of howlers as you return to the top of the stairs.  Take the other path as
you go up more stairs, then kill a pair of howlers and take the second door on
your left for a health pack.

Continue along the hallway with the broken floor as you kill another Howler.
On the right side of this hallway, there's a fireplace.  Look down into it,
and you'll see an Amplifier sitting on a ledge between the two floors. The
ledge is on the inside wall, and if you walk straight into the fireplace,
you'll fall past it.  Instead, walk back and forth in front of the fireplace,
approaching it at shallow angles.  When you finally drop, you'll land on the
ledge and get the Amplifier.

Go back upstairs to the hallway with the broken floor.  This time, enter the
second door on the left for a shotgun and some dynamite.  Work your way back
to the open grassy section, then go back to the previous are from there.

Monastery Present - Exterior

Turn right and walk along the flat area, then go down a number of stairs and
check the ground for holes in the bricks to the right of the lowest set of

A journal entry [Blasting Notes] appears when you're in the right area, so take
your dynamite and drop it on the blocks as you get out of the way of the blast.
Return to the blocks and drop through the hole that you created to reach the
next area.

Catacombs - Entrance

Go straight past the bats into the room with multiple paths, then go right and
enter the blue area for a short cutscene.  Use ectoplasm and any weapon to take
out the pair of howlers, then climb the ladder instead of entering the doors.

Work your way to corpse at the end of this section, then pull a lever on the
wall to open up a passage.  Grab the amplifier and drop down the hole at the
end of the passage, then take the bullets and scrye to see an interesting
message on the wall.

Exit the room and head right as you kill/avoid a number of Howlers, then go
past the large hole and enter the door beyond to reach the next area.

Catacombs - Saints Hall

Climb the stairs and kill the pair of howlers that drop from above, then take
the staircase on your right to reach the next area.

Monastery Present - Interior

Leap up the stones to reach the floor above, then equip ectoplasm as you run up
stairs and kill some howlers.  Work your way to the last room and open the
chest there to find the time incantation and a silver key, then grab the nearby
journal entry [Abbot's Lament] and return to the previous area.

Catacombs - Saints Hall

Climb the stairs and follow the passage until a skeleton breaks down a wall,
then use invoke on him and continue onward.  Climb down the nearby stairs and
either use your war cannon and invoke to get rid of the skeletons for good, or
run away from them.

Either way use your silver key on the door with the large keyhole to reach the
next area.

Catacombs - Exit

Follow the path here as you kill a pair of howlers, then continue along the
path while avoiding bats.  Climb down the stairs when you reach them and
collect phosphorus shells from the corner as you kill a howler, then enter the
next room while you kill a pair of howlers.

Scrye to get a journal entry [Abbot Scrye], then climb up the stairs and enter
the room to your left.  Push the wheel and return to the hallway, then go back
down the stairs and into the tunnel.

Go left this time and follow the passage until you reach a door, then open it
and work your way to a corpse.  Use scrye to see the red floor panels, then
make sure you DON'T step on them as you go past the traps in the wall.  Head to
the next door and go through it to reach the next area.

Catacombs - Wind Chamber

Wander around a little and all the lights will go out, then use work your way
to the many torches on the wall to light them up again.  Use the lit torches to
keep track of where you've already been, then use invoke on the skeletons that
appear to get them out of your way.  Search for a ramp that doesn't have a door
at the top, then climb up it to reach the next area.

Monastery Present - Interior

Jump up the rocks to get out of the hole, then kill a group of howlers as you
climb some stairs nearby.  Take the health pack and continue to the next
section, then scrye to see a monk fiddling with a section of the wall.  Push
the button there to open a stone safe, then take the mercury flask and
monastery key from the safe.

Take the phosphorus shells nearby as well, then drop to the ground below and
try to walk through the door as the ground gives way.  Don't go through the
hole nearby, instead go down a second hole on the other side of this section
and walk towards the light to reach the next area.

Catacombs - Wind Chamber

Head towards the light nearby for a cutscene, then kill the pair of howlers and
continue along the passage.  Open the door with the monastery key and enter the
passage beyond, then take the health pack from the right room before continuing

Kill more howlers as you grab another health pack, then continue on until you
drop into a room.  Kill a group of howlers here before taking the passage
opposite the stairs for some ammo, then go behind the stairs for a health pack
as you kill another howler.

Climb the stairs next and enter the door at the top to reach the next area.

Catacombs - Exit

Turn the wheel and open the door, then turn right and head outside to the next

Monastery Present - Church

Turn around and climb the stairs in the back left corner for some shotgun
shells, then drop down and head right to some stairs.  Climb up the first set
for a health pack, then climb down both sets and head for the nearby pond.

Put the sun medallion on the one side and the mercury flask on the other, then
approach the middle monument to use the time incantation.

Now you should enter the pond to travel back to the past, which not
surprisingly is the next area.

Monastery Past - Exterior

Head left for some ammo and a health pack as you kill the monk by the fire,
then go right and kill another monk by the next fire.  Continue around the
building and use your pistol to take out the monk with the crossbow on the
wall, then take the journal entry [History of Scythe] by the corpse on the

Kill a pair of monks up ahead as you take a health pack, then continue around
the building as you shoot two more monks up on the walls.  Kill another monk on
the ground followed by a second up on a wall, then enter the gate nearby as you
kill another monk.

Take the health pack and ammo to your left, then go past the fire as you climb
down some stairs and kill a monk.  Take the health pack and ammo by the fire,
then climb back up the stairs and head left.

Climb up a set of stairs and head right to climb up a second set, then get the
ammo nearby before passing under the bridge.  Shoot the guard in the corner up
ahead before heading right to a flat area.

Shoot the guard on the bridge that you passed earlier, then grab the health
pack up ahead before shooting a pair of monks.  Enter the door up ahead on your
left to reach the next area.

Monastery Past - Interior

Shoot the monk around the corner up ahead, then enter the door behind you to
reach the next area.

Monastery Past - Living Quarters

Climb the stairs and shoot the monk in the hallway, then enter the first open
door for a journal entry [Monk's Work].  Return to the hall and go down it
until the path forks, then go down the stairs to your left and follow the
passage to an amplifier.

Climb back up the stairs and go right, then kill the praying monk and take his
health pack.  Turn around and go straight as you pass some blue windows, then
go left into the next room and kill another monk.

Follow the passage up ahead as you go down some stairs, then go down a small
staircase right of you and kill a pair of monks.  Return to the previous room
and go down more stairs until you reach a room with a long water trough.

Climb up the first set of stairs and enter the room on your right, then turn
left and use the lever to drain the water in the trough that you passed.
Return to the previous room and climb up the next set of stairs, then jump onto
the short platform in the corner.  Jump from here to the wooden sloped object,
then jump to the nearby shelf and knock over the red book.

Go back down the stairs to the trough which is now empty, then walk to a hidden
passage at the end for some ammo, a health pack and a mana well.  Head back to
the room with the lever that you used on the trough, then take the door in the
back left corner to reach the next area.

Monastery Past - Interior

Enter the door in front of you and kill a pair of monks, then climb the stairs
on your left for a few items.  Enter the door on the other side of the room and
go right for an arcane whorl.  Turn around and head for the door up ahead to
reach the next area.

Monastery Past - Exterior

Enter the door and climb down the stairs for some ammo, then climb all the way
up the stairs before climbing a ladder and another set of stairs.  Work your
way around to another ladder, then climb up it and kill the monk before he uses
deadly magic on you.  Pick up the abbot key and work your way down the tower,
then return to the previous area.

Monastery Past - Interior

Go to the large room and head down the stairs in the middle, then pick up the
ammo and health pack before taking the door outside.  Kill the monk and go up
the stairs past the large tower, then head left towards a door.  Go right for a
moment as you kill a trio of guards and get a health pack, then go through the
nearby door that you just saw.

Enter the next room as you take some ammo and health packs, then enter the room
up ahead and unlock the door.  Climb the stairs beyond and equip your shotgun
and ectoplasm, then rush the monk in the next room and kill him before he can
use his magic on you.

Take the health pack and gold key up ahead and return to the previous room,
look at the monk's body and the window that's now open.  Use the monk's body as
a platform as you jump through the window, then go to the ledge on your left.
Follow it and jump up some stone steps, then follow the ledge to a section of

Follow the roof to the other side and pick up the health pack on your left,
then jump up some stone steps to reach a higher roof on your left.  Take a
running jump from the end of this roof to reach the next highest section, then
jump onto the small square platform near the amplifier.

This next jump is VERY annoying but basically you need to take a running jump
from your small platform to the amplifier.  If you keep trying you will
eventually make it to the amplifier, then you should look left at the nearby

Jump from the square platform beside it through the only open window, then drop
down the hole inside to reach the next area.

Monastery Past - Church

Kill a monk as you grab some nearby items, then go down the stairs ahead and
kill another monk at the bottom as you grab a health pack under the stairs.
Kill the trio of monks in the middle of the large room (including the stronger
magical monk), then climb the stairs on the right side of the room.  Kill the
monk up here and pull the lever, then return to the room below.

Now walk up the scythe nearby and take it to start a cutscene.

Monastery Present - Church

Read your journal entry on the scythe if you wish, then jump up the stone steps
to your left.  Now go down the nearby stairs to reach the next area.

Catacombs - Exit

Climb down the stairs up ahead and enter the door to your right by using your
gold key.

Catacombs - Lower Level

Once the flames go out head right until you reach a large room.  Walk around
the short wall to your right, and walk up the staircase that looks similar to
the one you just came down.  Hit the candles on the left wall to open a door
on the right wall, leading to a secret room with an Amplifier.

Go back downstairs and head through the large room.  Kill a number of howlers
as you grab a Health Pack and [Lost Trsanti Note].  Work your way to a room
with rats and keep going straight, around the rubble.  Walk down the flight
of stairs.

Catacombs - Well Room

This next area spawns Howlers, so use your Scythe and keep moving.  Follow the
hallway until you get to a pool of water, which has a Health Pack at the
bottom.  Then go up the nearby stairs.  Walk along the hallway, staying to the
right.  Don't walk on the lattices -- some are rotted and you may fall through,
dumping you back on the first floor.  Soon you'll see a door on the left wall.
Go in.

Kill two Howlers and jump up onto the platform.  You need to shoot six of the
stones on the walls to make the platform rise to the top of the well.  Shooting
the wrong stones will cause water to flood the chamber.  There are three walls
with stones.  For each wall, shoot the stones with symbols that match the
corresponding symbol on the platform.  The color of the stones doesn't matter,
nor does the order in which you shoot them.  Work your way up from the bottom.
Even if you simply shoot all matching symbols, you should reach the top before
the water drowns you.  If not, experiment to find the correct stones.

When you reach the top, grab the Amplifier and Mana Well, and quickly get back
on the platform before it lowers.

Go back down the stairs and follow the passage to the left.  Climb the flight
of stairs at the end of the hallway, and pull the lever on the left wall.

Catacombs - Lower Level

Go straight, back through the rat room, and meet up with Lizbeth.  Follow the
tunnel to the next area.

Catacombs - Cisterns

Climb the ladder and head left for an Amplifier, then return to the large room
and take the door on the other side for some Dynamite.  Climb down the stairs
and use the lever by the large door to open it.  Walk across the bridge.
You'll notice that the middle part is crumbling.  Use Dynamite to destroy this
section.  You can also time it to get rid of the pair of Skeletons following

Use the lever on the other side of the bridge to get into the next room, then
use your Scythe or Invoke on four more Skeletons.

Jump into the water and swim through the passage for an Arcane Whorl and a
journal entry [Cistern Entry], then return to the surface and climb out of the
water.  Walk up the stairs to your right, and pull the lever at the top.

Return to the bridge and carefully drop into the water below, if you hit brick
instead you die.  Climb out the water and head through the nearby doorway to
reach the next area.

Catacombs - Tunnels

Follow the passage as a gate traps you inside the room, then climb down the
stairs and kill a pair of Howlers as they get let inside.  Head through the
nearby passage to meet up with Lizbeth, then kill a pair of Howlers as you
follow the next passage.

Kill a group of Howlers and jump on the button in the middle of the room, then
climb down the stairs that appear and collect a health pack.  Go down the
passage and get ready for some Howlers, then find the nearest one and rush
through the gate as it opens to let him in.

Work your way around to some double doors as you kill the Howlers in your way,
then enter the doors to reach the next area.

Catacombs - Lair of Lizbeth

Proceed along the passage and meet up with Lizbeth once more, then approach her
as you fall through a pair of trap doors.  Kill the group of Howlers and work
your way through the passages until you reach a grating above you, then climb
the stairs once the grating slides open.

You hear some singing now so follow it, but equip the Scythe and Ectoplasm
while saving your game before you enter the wooden door.  Enter the next room
to start a cutscene, the boss battle begins afterwards.


Use the Scythe to quickly take out the annoying skeletons in the room, then
avoid Lizbeth's attacks while using Ectoplasm on her.  Once you damage her
enough she will glow white and get really angry, her attacks do a lot of damage
at this point so run away.

Dodge her jumping attacks and use Ectoplasm on her while you can, then when her
white glow fades she stands dazed for a brief moment.

At that moment run up to her and chop her head off with the Scythe to end the

A scroll will appear on the altar in the center of the battle area.  Before
taking it, though, search around to find an Amplifier and [Cliffside Entry].


                           (G-03) AMBROSE'S CHAPTER

Explore the area a little and take the haste spell, then watch the cutscene.
Afterwards you should enter the door in front of you for another cutscene.

Catacombs - Cliffs

Read the journal entry [Lizbeth's Death] if you wish, then turn left and walk
along the cliffside path.  Cast the haste spell and use it to jump across the
pair of gaps up ahead, then climb the wall where the vines are.

Carefully drop to the ledge on your left, then save your game because a VERY
annoying jump is coming up.  You use haste to jump across this gap, but there's
very little margin for error.

Once you successfully make the jump you should climb up some nearby vines to
reach the ledge above.  Enter the cave up ahead and kill some howlers and bats
as you follow the passage to the next area.

Monastery Present - Cove

Not much to do here, just drop down the cliff to reach the next area.

Manor - Gardens

Walk a few steps to meet with one of the servants, then head right to get some
health and ammo around the pool.  Leave the pool area and equip your shotgun,
then head right and attack some guards.

Pick up the ammo, the kitchen key and a journal entry [Ambrose Note] that talks
about the guards belonging to a group known as the Trsanti.

Walk down the steps at the far end of this area, which lead down to the green-
house.  However before that, take the left path to a small garden with a well
at the center of it.  Deep down the well there's an amplifier, so make sure to
collect it.  Approach the door, and a cutscene will start.  Go inside.  Use
your shotgun and phosphorus shells to quickly dispatch the attacking plants.
Kill the two plants by the statue to get a Mana Well.  Continue searching to
find another note [Aaron's Jaw].  This area spawns plants, so just grab the
phosphorus ammo lying around and get out of there.

Head back to the mansion, then use the key to get inside the door to your

Manor - North Wing Lower

Work your way through three of the rooms with plates and hide in the previous
rooms to avoid the plates as they fly at you, then meet with a servant who
talks about strange men outside.  Go through the door that he entered to reach
the next area.

Manor - Tower Run

Kill about five Trsanti out here as you work your way to the lower ground, then
grab the Amplifier and return to the previous area.

Manor - North Wing Lower

Enter the door up ahead and enter the first door on your left, then grab the
amplifier and avoid the knives as you return to the hall.  Enter the door to
your left followed by the door in the back right corner of the next room, then
enter the door in the room beyond to reach the next area.

Manor - North Wing Upper

Climb up the stairs and enter the door at the top, then turn right and go
through the first door.  Turn right again and go through the door to reach a
hall, then go to the end of the hall and open both doors to reach the next

Manor - East Wing Lower

After the cutscene follow the servant into the next area for another cutscene.

Manor - East Wing Upper

Check your new journal entry [Ambrose History] if you wish after the cutscene,
then enter the nearby double doors to reach a bedroom.  Take both journal
entries [Pirate's Info & Ambrose Journal] and a health pack, then kill the pair
of Trsanti that show up.

Back track through three doors until you reach the large room with the servant,
then enter the door at his end of the room.  Open the door beyond and enter it
to reach the next area.

Manor - East Wing Lower

Go down the stairs.  A flying eel, called a Flickering Stalker, will crash
through the window.  Kill it and take the door that's farthest from you.  Turn
left and head down the hall, then open the door when you come to it and kill a
pair of Trsanti on the other side.

Pick up their ammo and go through the next two sets of doors, then head down
the hall.  Kill a pair of Trsanti as you enter the door on your right to reach
the next area.

Manor - Central Lower

Walk down the hall and head left, then kill a trio of Trsanti. (The woman can
put up a shield to absorb your shots so try to shoot her before she can raise
it.  Or, use Dispel to drop her shield.)  Enter the room to your right, then
head right to another room and Scrye to hear an argument between Ambrose and
his father.

Check the journal entry [Ambrose Scrye Event] if you wish, then turn around and
head through the two sets of doors in front of you.  Turn left and kill a pair
of Trsanti, then continue down the hall until you reach the next area.

Manor - Entrance Hall

Follow the hall until the doors on your left burst open, then kill the pair of
Trsanti that come out to kill you.  Enter the room that they came from and turn
left, then go straight until you reach the outdoors.

Manor - Front Gate

Enter the wooden door up ahead on your left, then approach the next door as the
servant unlocks it for you.  Read the journal entry [Stones Location] if you
wish, then go through the door and the gate beyond to reach the next area.

Grounds - Dock

Kill a pair of howlers as you descend the stairs, then head for the light in
the distance.  Turn right and kill another pair of howlers, then pass the sheep
as you go down some stairs to your left.  Go right and follow the path along
the ledges until you see a boat, then continue towards the boat to reach the
next area.

Standing Stones

Grab the health packs up ahead, then switch to your amplifiers and approach the
standing stones.  Take the shield spell and switch to it, then use your
amplifiers to raise it to level five.  Put up a shield next and kill the strong
magical enemy nearby, then read the journal entry if you wish before heading
back to your boat.

Grounds - Dock

Put up a shield as you kill a number of Trsanti on your way up the stairs and
ramps, then enter the gate when you reach it.

Manor - Front Gate

Go through the two sets of doors to your left, then walk past the fountain and
approach the gate to your left.  After the servants opens the gate you can
check the journal entry [Lighthouse Keeper] if you wish, otherwise go through
the gate and head right to the next area.


Enter the lighthouse up ahead and grab the health pack, then climb the stairs
followed by a ladder to meet the Lighthouse Keeper.

After the cutscene you get the sea chest key, so work your way back down to the
bottom of the lighthouse and head outside.  Enter the building on your left and
get a health pack from the back room, then climb the ladder in the main room
for another health pack.

Open the sea chest for some silver bullets and the lighthouse gate key, then
exit the building.  Head right past Conner's tombstone and open the gate beyond
to reach the next area.

Coastal Ruins

Walk around the stone wall and put up a shield, then enter through the gap on
the other side as you kill a trio of Trsanti.  Walk up the stairs in the middle
of this section and drop in the hole, then read the journal entry [Trsanti
Confirmation] if you want before climbing down the nearby rope ladder.

Jump to another rope ladder and climb down, then jump to a third rope ladder as
you shoot a pair of Trsanti from above.  Collect the items here before heading
down the nearby passage to reach the next area.

Pirate's Cove - Pier

Jump across the floating planks of wood on your right, then cross the bridge
beyond as you kill a Trsanti.  At the end of the dock, jump in the water and
collect two Health Packs near an underwater torch.  Swim back to the ladder
at the end of the dock to climb out of the water.  Kill another Trsanti in
the next room, then get ready for some tricky moves.

Put up a shield and rush to the back of the next room, quickly turn around as
dynamite falls into the room.  Your shield should absorb the blast but put up a
new one if it shatters, then climb the rope ladder in the middle of the room.

Carefully transfer to the rope ladder on your left, then put up a shield and
climb to the ledge above.  Kill a pair of Trsanti and climb up the stairs in
the next room, then kill another Trsanti and grab a mana well from the room on
your right.

Turn around and head for another passage up ahead, then put up another shield
and kill a group of Trsanti.  Continue onward as you enter another passage,
then follow it to the next area.  [Before you go to the next area, there's
a secret room to the right before the passage.  Just scrye around and you'll
see a mark on the right side wall.  Push the wall/rock and kill a pair of
trsanti inside and then grab two health pack and an amplifier.

Pirate's Cove - Caverns

Shoot the pair of Trsanti beyond the passage up ahead, then collect the
equipment nearby.  Head for the tunnel up ahead to your left and kill the
Trsanti that comes out, then cast a fresh shield and run down the tunnel as
your shield absorbs a cannonball.

Kill the lone Trsanti here and collect the equipment around the room, then open
the chest in the corner for an amplifier.  Use the lever to open the cell, then
enter it for some health packs.  Finally leave this room past the cannon and
return to the previous large room.

Put up a shield and watch for falling dynamite as you head for the light to
your left, then enter the tunnel and use the lever to raise the cage as you
quickly get in it.

Kill a pair of Trsanti at the top, then enter the water beyond and swim left
through an underwater tunnel.  Come up for air at the first air pocket and grab
the items, then go back underwater and continue through the tunnel.

Climb up the ladder when you reach it, then head down the hall as you cross a
bridge and climb some stairs.  Shoot the Trsanti here and climb down the stairs
nearby, then collect the health pack behind you.  Enter the door to your left
and go through the door beyond to reach the next area.

Pirate's Cove - Barracks

Head down the hall until you see light, then put up a shield and run past the
molotovs that the Trsanti throw at you.  Quickly kill the three of them and
shoot the boxes of dynamite from a distance, then enter the room beyond for an
amplifier and a health pack.

Exit this small room and head for the door to your right, then use the lever
beside it and put up a shield.  Kill the trio of Trsanti in the room beyond
before climbing the wooden stairs, then enter the room up ahead and kill the
pair of Trsanti in the room to your left.

Pick up the health pack in here and pull the lever, then turn around and head
straight for some dynamite and a health pack.  Leave this little storage room
and head right to a hallway, then put up a shield and kill the pair of guards
in the area.

Enter the room with the lever on the side of the hall, then put up a shield and
pull the lever.  Quickly run past the traps as you grab the mana well on the
other side, then run back to the hall.

Turn left and go to the room at the end of the hall, then enter the nearby door
to reach the next area.

Pirate's Cove - Treasure Room

Enter the next room filled with dynamite and grab the health, then head for the
lone box near the gate.  Get a safe distance away from the box but not too far
back, then shoot it with the shotgun to blast open the gate.  Now quickly run
through the opening before you get caught in all the other dynamite exploding
or the room caving in.

Catch your breath as you watch the cutscene, then open a pair of chests for
some equipment.  Switch to your dynamite next and grab the Skull Storm spell
from the end of the room.

The room fills up with deadly gas at this point so quickly use some dynamite or
skull storm to blow up the wall in front of you, then rush through the passage
to reach the next area.

Manor - Front Gate

Read your journal entry on the Skull storm spell if you wish, then use your
amplifiers to get it to level five before entering the manor through the doors
ahead of you.

Manor - Entrance Hall

Go through the doors ahead, then take the doors to your left to meet up with a
maid.  She will inform you that Jeremiah is waiting for you in the great hall,
so head through the doors behind her to reach the next area.

Manor - West Wing

Take the blue double doors at the end of the hall, then shoot the pair of
Flickering Stalkers that crash through the window above.  Equip the shield
spell and your shotgun, then enter the nearby doors at the bottom of the stairs
to meet up with Jeremiah and watch a cutscene.


Once the battle begins you'll want to keep your distance as you use the shotgun
on Ambrose, keep a shield on you at all times.  Strafe when Ambrose does his
jumping attack, otherwise keep attacking him when you get the chance.

At one point a beast attacks Ambrose and leaves him momentarily distracted.
Take this chance to get close to him, then shoot at the Gel'ziabar Stone in his
axe.  This causes the Gel'ziabar Stone to fall out, then Ambrose shrinks to
normal size and stands dazed.  Quickly pick up the Gel'ziabar Stone, then
switch to your scythe and chop of Ambrose's head to end the battle.


                          (G-04) KEISINGER'S CHAPTER

Manor - Central Upper

After the cutscene you can check the journal entry [Jeremiah's Death] if you
wish.  Either way you well get another journal entry [Tower Entry] once you
start moving around.

Leave the room to meet up with one of the servants, he recommends that you
examine Jeremiah's room for clues.  Follow him to a pair of books on the
ground, then head left and walk through the pair of doorframes on your left.
Head right along this hallway until you see a spirit, then kill the flying
enemy that appears.  Continue along the hall as you kill another flying enemy
and enter the next area.

Manor - Entrance Hall

Enter the door straight ahead of you and follow the hallway beyond, then open
the door on your left before the double doors at the end of the hall.  Head to
the bed inside Jeremiah's room and use scrye to witness a long conversation
between Jeremiah and Aaron.

Grab the book from the bedside table and read the pair of journal entries
[Jeremiah's Journal / Jeremiah's Room] if you wish, then grab the study key
from the fireplace.  Collect some health from the bathroom and some ammo from
another small room in here, then return to the hallway and head back to the
previous area.

Manor - Central Upper

Head down the hallway and kill the flying enemy that appears, then continue
down this hallway to reach the study.

Pick up the ether traps, the widow's watch key and the journal entry [Joseph
Spell] by the fireplace.  Head for the small room beyond for some health, then
switch to your ether traps and attempt to leave the study.

A spirit will try to stop you and will begin attacking you as well.  Lure him
into an ether trap to get him off your back for now, then work your way back
down the hall.  Head right through the doorway before taking a door to your
left as you enter the next area.

Manor - North Wing Upper

Head down the stairs, then enter the pair of doors beyond and kill the flying
enemy that appears.  Open the door at the end of the hall and use another ether
trap to get rid of the spirit for now.  Grab the nearby health before opening
the next door and killing a flying enemy, then open the next door and kill the
flying enemy that comes out of the mirror.

Enter the room beside the mirror and proceed to the next room, then grab the
health before taking the door to your left.  Head down the hall and kill a
flying enemy, then enter the pair of doors at the end to reach the next area.

Manor - Widow's Watch

Kill the flying enemy up ahead and head down the stairs, then unlock the door
underneath them.  Kill the plant enemies in the room to your left, then collect
some items in the room beyond.  Return to the room before the plants and take
the other door, then enter the room beyond and kill a flying enemy.

Take the door past the stairs and collect the health from the table in the
middle of the room, then shoot the Flickering Stalker up ahead.  Exit through
the open window and fly to the roof above thanks to the magical field that
you're in.

Walk down the sloping roof to the right, and climb down the rope ladder to the
ground.  Collect a Health Pack, and in a corner behind a pair of bushes find
an Amplifier.  Climb back up to the roof.  You can also climb down to the
ground on the left side for another Health Pack and some ammo.

Enter the door on the roof deck and pick up the lightning rod on your right.
Return outside and place the rod in the hole up ahead.  Kill the pair of
Howlers.  [Haven't seen these guys for a while now huh?]  Once you get the
Lightning spell and return to the room where you got the lightning rod.

Climb down the stairs inside and use your Lightning spell on the metal door at
the bottom, then enter it to reach the next area.

Manor - Great Hall

You'll come to a room with a spiral staircase.  Before going down, go through
the door to your left, leading to a storage room.  There's an Amplifier on
top of the door leaning against the left wall.  To get it, jump onto the small
box in the right center of the room.  Keep jumping from box to box, working
your way around to the tall stack of boxes in the far left corner.  Activate
your Haste spell, jump onto the door, and grab the Amplifier.

Go back and head down the spiral staircase, then go through the door at the
bottom.  Load your revolver with silver bullets, then enter the door at the
end of the room.  Grab the ammo up ahead and kill the pair of flying enemies
that appears, then continue your path around the room and take the door up
ahead to the next area.

Manor - Tower Run

Shoot the Stalker before you do anything, then use your Lightning spell on
the rod in front of you.  This causes a ladder to rise so start climbing it,
then walk along the roof at the top of the ladder.  Kill the flying creature
near the tower up ahead, then ignore the bats as you shoot out the bright
window on the tower.

Walk up a ramp and enter the tower through the broken window, then kill the
enemies below you if you want the amplifier at the bottom.  The enemies here
[Sil Lith] look kind of like howlers, but they chant and fire beams at you
instead.  The beams make you act drunk or dizzy, then the enemies attack you
physically.  For some reason you can jump higher than normal in here and sort
of glide a little, either way it makes jumping pretty annoying.  Save after
every successful jump if you want to make things easier as you jump up the

Enter the purple field at the very top of the tower to float through a hole in
the ceiling and enter the next area.

Oneiros - Amphitheater

Read the new journal entry [Keisinger and Oneiros] if you wish, then enter the
open area ahead.  Kill as many enemies as you can before you get disoriented,
then use the Scythe to kill those that remain.  Once the effect wears off take
the door on the right side of the room, then follow the ledge right to a
floating platform.

Jump across the platform to reach the other side, then kill the flying enemy as
you collect an Amplifier and a journal entry [Sil Lith History].  Collect the
health vial up ahead before returning to the large room, then take the door on
the left side.  Jump across the platform on your right, then enter the blue
teleporter beyond to reach the next area.

Oneiros - Ruins

Jump the gap in front of you and drop to the lower floor up ahead, then chase
the Verago into the next room.  Scrye to see the blue teleporter, and enter
it to reach another section.

Jump across the floating platforms to reach an energy key.  Jump back across
the platforms and enter the blue field to your left.

Jump down to the floor ahead and turn left.  You'll see an Amplifier on a
floating platform.  Activate your Haste spell and jump through the particle
beam, which will give you an additional upward boost.  Grab the Amplifier
and use the same method to get back.

Go straight and jump across a gap to a doorway.  Turn left and then right
for a Health vial.  Use your Scythe or Ectoplasm spell to take out the Scarrows
that spawn.  Turn around, go through the door on the right, and down the stairs
where you can grab another vial.

Continue through the archway and go straight until you see a particle beam
rising from a pit.  As before, jump into the beam to reach two more vials
hidden up above.

Proceed to the next room, then kill the Sil Lith as you head to an outdoor area
beyond.  Jump the gap to your left, then turn right and enter the blue field to
return to the previous area.

Oneiros - Amphitheater

Go forward until you reach the large room, then enter the smaller room on your
left side.  Walk to the hole to the right of the gate to use the energy key,
then continue along the path and fall through the hole at the end to reach the
next area.

Oneiros - Abandoned Fortress

Use the haste spell and leap across the gap, then turn right and follow the
ledge around.  Once you find a pair of health vials a flying enemy attacks, so
kill him and go back along the ledge to the spot where you landed your jump.

Enter the building to your right and grab the health vial on your right, then
use Dispel to get rid of the barrier up ahead.

Switch to your Scythe and Ectoplasm spell, then search the rest of this floor
for health and ammo as you get rid of the annoying Scarrows.

Jump to the lower floor and kill a pair of Sil Lith.  There are two doors --
one leads to a narrow floating platform with an Amplifier at the right end.
Jump to the platform, and then to the Amplifier.  Don't worry; blocks will
appear underneath the Amplifier to catch you.  Jump back and go through the
other door.

Work your way down the stairs to your right.  Once you reach the bottom of the
stairs some platforms will appear, you'll likely get hit by a Sil Lith as well
so use Dispel to get back to normal.

Kill the Sil Lith from here with your revolver, then head left as you follow
the blocks that form at your feet.  They create a staircase to a lower level
fairly soon so follow that down, then walk to the edge of the blocks.  You
should see some blocks form just in front of you, jump to them and continue
straight.  Jump from the very edge of these blocks to another set in front of
you, then jump to yet another set of blocks up ahead.  Follow these blocks left
until they form a staircase, then head down it before jumping to the staircase

Climb the staircase and jump to the blue field on your right to reach the next

Oneiros - Keisinger's Stronghold

Walk up the ramp in front of you and kill the flying enemy on your right, then
enter the building up ahead and drop to the lower floor.  Turn left and enter
the field up ahead to warp to a different location.

Walk to the room behind you and head left up some stairs, then kill a trio of
Sil Lith as you grab a health vial.  Enter the door in this room to reach the
next area.

Oneiros - Keisinger's Studio

Open the door in front of you and read the new journal entry [Keisinger's
Presence] if you wish, then climb the nearby stairs.  Kill a pair of Sil Lith
and grab some health vials on the right side of the room, then enter the door
opposite them.

Walk down the stairs and step on the plate beyond to open the gate, then enter
the next room and go down the stairs up ahead.  Use the small wheel to the
right of the big wheel to release some water, then climb up the stairs and step
on a nearby plate to open another gate.

Go to the next room and drop into the water, then enter the pipe partway down
in the wall.  Follow the pipe left when it branches, then surface when you can.
Collect the sextant up ahead and return to the large room where you entered the

Approach the pedestal opposite the ladder to use the sextant, then enter the
water and swim up to the second floor.  Drop onto the metal platform and enter
the blue field to your left to reach the next area.

Oneiros - Keisinger's Stronghold

Switch to your revolver and load it with silver bullets, then use Dispel to
take out the barrier in front of you.  Quickly kill the large beast with your
revolver (should be quick with this ammo), then take the Mana Well up ahead and
some Health vials behind a pair of barriers.

Return to the main room and take the door on your right to reach a room with a
large pot.  Use Skull Storm or a Molotov to light the wood below the pot, then
grab the nearby health vial and turn the wheel on the wall.

As the water pours into the pot and creates steam return to the main room, then
climb the stairs before turning right and climbing more stairs.  Push the lever
in the room up ahead and watch as the steam enters this room from below and
causes the gate to open.  Grab the Energy Key and leave this room.  Run all the
way down the hallway and use your Energy Key to open the gate.  Start to climb
the stairs beyond as you enter the next area.

Oneiros - Keisinger's Studio

Continue up the stairs and open the door at the top, then open the giant casket
in the next room.  Follow the bloody footprints that appear until you reach a
blue field, then enter it to teleport to another location.

Open the door ahead of you and walk past the tower, then enter another door in
the wall before taking the blue field beyond to the next area.

Oneiros - Oracle

Walk along the path until lightning destroys a pillar to your left, then get a
Skull Storm spell ready and use it to kill the powerful Verago in the building
up ahead.  Rush in the building and hide inside for a moment as there are more
Verago outside firing skulls at you.

Enter the next room and kill another Verago with Skull Storm, then collect a
Health vial and a journal entry [Verago Background] while making sure that you
don't step on any of the grates.

Jump up a pair of platforms around the blood pool, then dive right in and swim
through to the other side as you collect an ancient artifact.  Approach the
statue up ahead and use Scrye, then shoot the statue in the heart until it
falls out.  Pick up the heart and swim up as the room fills with blood, then
collect a Health vial before swimming through a nearby gate.

Climb the stairs and shoot the Scarrow, then walk through the blood to your
right for an Amplifier.  Return to the previous room and enter the new large
bloody area, then swim to the top of it.  Walk to the end of the new room and
run across the bridge to avoid a Verago, then swim down the blood for a pair of
Health vials.

At the top of the blood are a number of Veragos and they can kill you very
quickly, so I find it best to prepare a Skull Storm and fire it in their
general direction to get their attention.  Once you do this quickly swim back
down to the bridge below and hide in the room up ahead, then pop out as you
kill the Verago one by one with Skull Storm.

Once they are all dead you can swim up the blood once more, then approach the
altar to use the human heart.  Ride the altar into the ground and pick up an
Arcane Whorl before taking the nearby blue field to the next area.

Oneiros - Keisinger's Studio

Exit through the door to your right, then climb the stairs on your right and
open the door on the top level.  DON'T enter the room yet, use your scrye spell
and make sure that the colour surrounding the pedestel matches the colour of
the pillar in the main room.  If they match you can safely enter the room and
put the ancient artifact on the pedestal, if you enter the wrong room by
mistake you will die.

Return to the main room and push the lever by the pillar, then watch as the
pillar rises.  Collect the power of flight from inside the pillar, then
practice using it around the room.  Fly to the blue field near the top of the
room and enter it to reach the next area.

Oneiros - Keisinger's Stronghold

Turn left and walk towards the bridge as lightning destroys most of it, then
use your new flight powers to get across instead of plunging to your death.
Once safely on the other side kill a Flickering Stalker and enter the blue
field up ahead to reach the next area.

Oneiros - Howling Well

Use Scrye to find a flying enemy, then kill him before he attacks you.  Fly up
a pair of platforms and shoot another flying enemy, then continue your flight
to the top platform.

Enter the door at the top and equip your health packs, then use them to get
yourself to full health.  Run into the purple field from the sides (since
there's less distance to travel) and grab the Arcane Whorl, then run out the
other side alive (use a health pack as you go if needed).

Climb up the stairs and head for the doorway on the other end of the room, then
fly up the shaft as you wait on a series of narrow ledges that border it.  Fly
up from the highest ledge to reach the blue field and the next area beyond.

Oneiros - Ziggurat

Work your way over the ruble to your left for some items, then kill the flying
enemy and return to the main section of the room.  Open the double doors ahead
and take them to an outdoor section, then charge a skull storm spell and use it
to kill a Verago as you climb the stairs/wall nearby.

Attack Keisinger up here with skull storm until he leaves another Verago for
you, then kill that enemy.  Head around the castle until it gets struck by
lightning and some debris falls down.

Jump onto the debris and fly up into the hole in the wall where the lighting
hit, you won't make it your first time but you should land partway up the wall
just below the hole.  Continue your flight until you reach the floor above the
hole, then start climbing the stairs.

Once you round your third corner a Verago appears, so use skull storm to take
him out quickly before continuing your climb.  Fly into the hole that gets made
up ahead by some lightning for a health vial, then continue your climb.  Ignore
the next hole that the lightning makes, then use health packs to get yourself
to full health.  Equip skull storm next and climb to the top of the building
for a cutscene and a boss battle.


This battle is actually fought in two stages, but the first stage is the harder
of the two.

For this battle, Otto will either fire blasts of lightning at you, or multiple
shots of skulls in a row.  Either way as long as you keep moving and strafing
he can't hit you easily.  It is possible to use the four pillars to block the
boss's shots but this is more trouble than it's worth as the pillars aren't
very thick.

Basically try your best to hit the boss with Skull Storm whenever you have a
clear shot.  Don't bother trying to hit him when he has his purple shield up
though.  Once you get enough hits in the boss will disappear in a shower of
green light.

You can end this stage of the battle really quickly if you charge Skull Storm
right after the cut scene and get a direct hit on the boss before he attacks
you, but the battle isn't terribly hard if you use the strategies outlined

Once this stage of the battle is over be sure to regain your lost health, then
drop down the hole in the middle of the area to start the next stage of the

Otto now circles the shaft while throwing dynamite at you, luckily there are
alcoves to hide in and the dynamite is both slow moving and easy to avoid.
Just keep your eye on the dynamite as you use Skull Storm on him.  Make sure
to use flight to ease your fall and move to the alcoves, after a couple of
fully charged skull storms the battle is over and you get to watch a cutscene.


Manor - Tower Run

After the cutscene you get a mana, use it with scrye if you need to as you work
your way to the bottom of the tower.  Once you hit the bottom enter the door to
reach the next area.

                             (G-05) AARON'S CHAPTER

Manor - Central Lower

Grab a pair of health packs and enter the hall to your right, then head for the
stairs to your right to meet Aaron's spirit.  Kill the pair of flying enemies
and use an Ether Trap on Aaron if you have one, then run up the stairs to the
next area.

Manor - Central Upper

Turn right and take the door up ahead, then take the door on your right to the
next area.

Manor - North Wing Upper

Head towards the stairs and kill the flying enemy that appears behind you, then
take the door below and run all the way until you reach the mirror that you
jumped through earlier in the game.  Enter the room left of it and take the
door inside, then turn right and talk to the butler ahead of you.

Once you have the Work Room key use it on the door in this room, then enter the
door beyond to reach the next area.

Manor - Inner Courtyard

Push the rightmost gargoyle statue off the ledge, then jump over to the ground
below.  Walk through the smashed area where the gargoyle landed as you enter an
underground passage.

Follow the passage and go left when given a choice for an Arcane Whorl, then
turn around and head straight to a set of three doors.  Collect ammo from the
left and right rooms, then enter the middle room.

If you look through the hole you should see Aaron chained up, then leave the
passage the same way you came in.

Back outdoors now head left through an open door (use Scrye to find it if you
have to), then collect the health packs inside and return outdoors.

Look right and climb a big piece of metal like it's a ladder, then turn right
and climb an actual ladder to a rooftop.  Look right and make notice of a blue
window, then use Haste to jump over to it.

Enter the open window here to reach Aaron's studio, then collect the Dynamite
and Molotovs up here.  Pick up the journal entry [Aaron's Journal] as you heal
yourself if needed, then equip Skull Storm and drop to the floor below.


After the cutscene look above and behind you to see the boss that you need to

The battle is very easy actually because fully charged Skull Storms will kill
the boss very quickly.  So do exactly that to end the battle, then pick up
Bethany's Gate Key below the large painting of Patrick.

Collect the Molotovs if you need them, then climb the ladder to the upper
floor.  Work your way around to the window that you entered through, it's
closed now but that doesn't matter.

Use Haste and take a running jump at the Mana Well on the giant picture of
Patrick.  Once you get the Mana Well you can exit through the door on the
lower level and return to the outdoors.

Work your way to the area below the section of roof where you jumped to the
blue window to find a path leading to a gate.  Head through the gate to leave
this area and enter the next.

Manor - Gardens

Turn left and follow the path past the pool to a set of doors, then use
Bethany's gate key as you pass through them to the next area.

Bethany's Cottage

Head down the hill and go right when the path forks, then kill a pair of plant
enemies.  Go right around the wall for a pair of health packs, then head back
to the fork in the path.  Continue straight instead of going back left, then
enter the building to your right through the front door.

Turn right and enter the room with the stove, then use Scrye and watch as
Bethany crouches in the corner of the room.  Use some dynamite in that spot and
get out of the way of the blast, then check the hole for Aaron's room key and
Aaron's jaw.

Check the new journal entry [The Jaw] if you wish, then kill the pair of
Howlers that appear.

Go up to the second floor of the cottage.  You can access the locked room by
going out onto the balcony, jumping onto the roof to your right, and climbing
through the open window.  Grab the Amplifier.  Leave via the door that the
generous Howler opens for you.

You can get some health and ammo in a small room around the back of the
building, otherwise kill a pair of giant flying enemies with Skull Storm as
you return to the Manor the same way that you came.

Manor - Gardens

Follow the path right and take the door on your right to the next area.

Manor - North Wing Lower

Equip a Shield as you enter the next room to meet up with Aaron's spirit again,
then run past the flying plates as you take the door up ahead to the next area.

Manor - North Wing Upper

Open the door at the top of the stairs, then turn right and go forward until
you reach the fireplace.  Now turn right and run down the hall until you see
the door to Aaron's room on your left.

Open the door and enter the room, then grab the health and Bethany's room key
ahead of you.  Go to the Molotovs in the corner of the room and wait, then stay
there as the doors burst open and try to suck you to another dimension.  Once
the doors close again you can safely pass through them to return to the

Once in the hallway turn left and run all the way to the next area.

Manor - Central Upper

Enter the doorway to your left, then turn left and approach the door to
Bethany's room.  Kill the flying enemy that appears, then enter Bethany's room
and load your Revolver with silver bullets.

Approach the mirror to find a journal entry [Bethany's Journal], then quickly
turn around and kill the teleporting staff creature with your Revolver.  Just
by the door where you came in there's a hole with a ladder, climb down it to
reach the next area.

Manor - Crypt

Ignore the rats up ahead as you enter the room that has Aaron chained up, then
heal yourself if needed and equip your Scythe and Skull Storm spell.


Walk up to Aaron to give him his jaw back and start the battle, then run away
from him as you use Skull Storm on him.  Once he falls down get in close and
slash him with the Scythe to cut off one of his arms.

From this point Aaron will stay in the middle of the room with a shield up.  He
throws his chain at you every so often but if you strafe around the room he
can't touch you.  Once you do this for a bit he will manage to get his chain
caught, when this happens quickly run up to him and chop off his head with the
Scythe to end the battle.


                            (G-06) BETHANY'S CHAPTER

Eternal Autumn - Forest

After the cutscene you end up in a forest area, head right for a journal entry
[Nightmare].  Kill the small enemy with your Scythe and continue up the hill,
then use your Revolver on the plant enemies up ahead.  Climb some more and use
your Scythe on the small enemies, then use your Revolver on the plant enemies

When you come to water, jump in, and go with the flow toward the left.  Jump
and fly just as you go over the waterfall, and land on the small island on top
of a second waterfall.  Grab the Amplifier, jump down, and climb back up the

Smash a jar near the water to get the Speargun weapon, then enter the log
beside it.  Kill some small enemies, plant enemies and a guard on the other
side, then continue your climb past some trees.

Run through the narrow passage and kill some guards on the other side, then
kill some plant enemies and continue climbing.  Use your Scythe on a group of
small enemies, then kill the plant enemy beyond as you climb to the next area.

Eternal Autumn - Chieftain

Kill a plant enemy and a guard up ahead as lightning destroys a tree, then
continue your climb as you kill another plant enemy.  Climb some more and kill
a pair of guards that come running before killing some plant enemies, then head
right along the edge of the cliff.

Kill a series of guards and some plant enemies until you hear some chanting,
then kill the pair of guards around the fire.  Shoot the nearby plant enemies
and a final guard that may try to sneak up on you from behind, then enter the
cave up ahead.

Eternal Autumn - Airie

Kill the guard in the room up ahead, then go right to the next room and kill
another guard.  Take the door to your left as you climb down a hill and kill a
pair of guards, then cross the nearby bridge and enter the room beyond as you
kill a third guard.

Head to the altar on the other side of the room, then run out of the room as
soon as you touch it.  Cross the bridge and climb the hill once more, then
continue straight until you reach a room of fire.

Go counter-clockwise around this room to reach a passage at the top, then kill
the bird that tries to attack you in the room up ahead.  Use your flight powers
to touch the only torch that isn't already on fire, then fly to the phoenix
weapon in the middle of the room while the flames are blown out of your way.

Enter the passage on the other side of the room and smash the pots for some
Phoenix eggs, then continue onward to the next area.

Eternal Autumn - Chase

Smash more pots with a ranged weapon as one of them explodes, then use flight
to carefully drop to the ground below.  Kill the guards as you head towards
water, then follow the path above instead.  Kill a number of guards along the
way, then use some ranged weapons to take out others that are farther away.

Once you've been as high as you can go take a peek over the next ledge, then
shoot the pair of guards by the fire below.  Carefully use flight to drop down
to the area below, then enter the cave to your left and kill a small enemy as
you enter the next area.

Eternal Autumn - Bridge

Shoot the pair of guards up ahead and kill the group that comes running across
the bridge, then cross the bridge yourself and kill more guards on the other
side.  Head right and enter the cave beyond to reach the next area.

Eternal Autumn - Lower Dwellings

Kill a pair of guards as you climb up some stairs, then turn right and climb up
more stairs.  Take the door on your right and smash the pots for an arcane
whorl, then return to the previous room.

Climb the stairs on the left side of the room and kill the lone guard at the
top, then head back down the stairs and kill any guards that meet you.  Take
the stairs in the middle of the room next as you kill a pair of guards, then
turn left at the top and head to the next area.

Eternal Autumn - Upper Dwellings

Kill the plant enemy up ahead and climb the wooden post, then kill the guards
at the fire pit up ahead.  Climb the stairs beyond and kill a group of small
enemies and a plant enemy at the top, then continue your climb and smash a jar
at the top for a Phoenix egg.

Climb up past some dead guards before fighting a pair of live ones, then
continue your climb past a leaky ceiling to reach the next area.

Eternal Autumn - Gauntlet

Kill the pair of guards up ahead and turn the pillar by pushing one of the
horizontal posts, then head to the next room as you kill some small enemies and
a guard.

Walk alongside a waterfall next as you kill a trio of guards by a fire, then
ignore the fire as you continue along beside the waterfall.  Kill about three
guards and watch out for a fourth that tries to sneak up behind you, then enter
a cave past the fire pit and kill another guard inside.

Keep going and look right for a set of stairs, then climb up them to reach the
next area.

Eternal Autumn - Ruins

Follow the path up ahead as you kill a pair of guards, then ignore the tower
and follow the fence on your right.  Kill a pair of guards and continue along
the path (keep left), then kill the guard in the nearby tower as you kill a
trio of guards up ahead.

Continue until you reach some dead guards, then use flight to reach the drum up
on the ledge to your left.  Fly to the ledge above you from here, then head
clockwise up to a set of doors at the top.

Shoot the guard in the tower, then use flight to enter the window of his tower.
Push the pillar inside, then work your way back to the double doors and enter
them to reach the next area.

Eternal Autumn - Arch

Walk forward and look right, kill the two plant enemies up high because they
can get really annoying otherwise.  Continue along the passage and kill the
guard in the next room, then exit the room as you approach some water.

Use flight to get across the two stones to your left, then fly from the second
one to reach the other side of the river.  Kill the guard up ahead near the
fire, then use skull storm to take out another guard and wizard beyond.
Continue along the path as you fight a pair of plant enemies and another
wizard, then enter the large wooden doors behind them to reach the next area.

Eternal Autumn - Arena

Open the door ahead but don't enter the next room yet, that room has 2 plant
enemies but they're hidden in the walls and you need dynamite to find them.
While this is going on they will be generating vines to attack you which makes
things very annoying.  One of the plants is to the right of the door where you
enter in the corner, then other is in the opposite corner [left of the door
that you need to open].  Toss dynamite in both corners to reveal the plants,
then kill them to get rid of the vines and open the next door.

Three guards will attack you as the doors open so make quick work of them
before entering the next room.  Head right to some stairs and climb them as you
fight another guard, then go left up more stairs and kill a pair of guards.

Use skull storm on a pair of magical enemies up ahead, then head past the
buildings.  Continue your climb as you kill another wizard, then equip skull
storm and your scythe as you enter the next area.


Run away to the lower level when the battle begins, then kill the pair of
wizards and the faster enemy that chases you.  Once you've done this Bethany
will summon one large flying enemy for you to battle at a time.

Fly back up to her platform and kill the large flying enemy, then chop off her
head as she tries to summon another one to end the battle.

After a lengthy cutscene you will start another boss battle, the last one of
the game.


Use a shield when the battle begins because it will help you a lot, then switch
to the Phoenix and fire (you can use Skull Storm if you have no phoenix eggs)
at the middle two of the boss's four large arms on its lower body.

This should cause both arms to hit the ground and become useless but if not
fire at them some more.  Make sure you've got something other than the Scythe
equipped as your weapon, then wait for the boss to open up its lower body.

Fire a single shot at the opening to close it up again otherwise you'll get
sucked into it and die.  The boss now lunges its head forward and opens it up,
fire a charged Skull Storm at it.

The boss then opens up its lower body and the pattern repeats like this until
one of you is dead.

If you stay in the area where you started the battle then you will remain
relatively unharmed, but always keep an eye on your shield and replace it when
it breaks.  Otherwise keep using Skull Storm on the boss's head until the
battle ends, then watch and enjoy the final cutscene.

                                  (H) SECRETS

Butterfly Minigame

Before you enter the room to meet Jeremiah for the first time, there's a door
up ahead that won't open.  Shoot at both marks/symbols up on the left and right
side of the door and it will open.

Inside, you'll play a minigame where you have to shoot butterflies.  This
minigame is quite HARD, and if you fail, the game will end and load back to the
part before you meet Aaron's ghost and this time you can't open the secret
door. (unless you load the savegame before you shot both marks on the door)

                                 (I) JOURNALS

Here I have reproduced the journal entries from the game in case people are
interested in them, they provide really neat background to the rest of the


A spell that allows me to see and bear past events from the geographic location
in which I happen to be standing.  It also casts an ethereal light on enemies
and darker areas, giving me the ability to see my foes, as well as find my way.
I must be careful in its use, as it has no offensive power and it seems to
drain my energies for short durations.

Learned men have stated that they believe that man has yet to unlock the full
potential of the mind.  While traveling to the Orient after the war, I met up
with a local seer who told me that I was one of the chosen few.  One of only a
handful of individuals that he had ever met that had this ability.  He called
it scrying, to be able to read portions of the past.  Most of the people who
possessed this power, he said, over the course of their lives eventually fell
into disability, mind-tired from the barrage of images and sounds that could be
heard from both the past and the present, the real and unreal.

I know I have the ability to scrye, because of the subtle words I hear calling
within me at times, begging me to look deeper into the past, deeper at what
actually isn't even in front of me.

But I am truly wondering if this is the gift I dreamed of or a sick curse
placed on me by an outside force.


My trusty revolver.  A six shot weapon of forged metal grace.  Durable, yet
lightweight, my military piece has seen many a country and spilled much blood
over the years.

Gel'ziabar Stone

The Gel'ziabar stone.  I have carried this artifact ever since the day Jeremiah
gave it to me following the battle with the Trsanti.

It seems to throw out a shockwave of considerable force, and ever since I
acquired the stone I have noticed strange sightings and visual anomalies.
However, the power of the stone has its dark side.  On occasion, a beast from
beyond this world has attacked me.  My only explanation for its appearance is
that I was using the stone's power for too long.  I have not seen the beast for
a while, of course, I have not needed the stone...


Each time my past fades from memory, fate has a terrible habit of reawakening
me.  Most often, the unpleasant name of Otto Keisinger is the vehicle of
remembrance, but not today.  My old friend and commanding officer in the Great
War, Jeremiah Covenant, has sent word.

It has been years since I have heard from him.  His letter came whilst I was
away, sitting unopened for nearly six months.  My joy at reading his name was
quickly replaced by sorrow, then by fear.  Jeremiah has fallen ill and requires
my assistance at his estate in Ireland.

I have not set foot on Irish soil since poor Gwendolyn's death, and I did not
think anything could make me return.  Could I have been responsible for her
death?  Being legally exiled from my homeland was painful, but nothing in
comparison to my memories.  How did she end up on the floor?  How could so much
blood come without a sound?  How was that knife in my hand and why was
Keisinger suddenly nowhere to be found?  But Jeremiah saved my life and I
cannot deny any request he would make.

The necessity of my presence is somewhat vague, as his letter at times was
incoherent.  He speaks of his sickness as a 'family illness' no medicine can

Regardless, I will go to my friend.  I have booked passage on a steam liner
leaving tomorrow, arriving in four days time.  I hope I am not recognized by
the authorities.

I hope I am not too late.

Jeremiah's Conversation

I have arrived in time... apparently just in time.  Completely bedridden,
Jeremiah is a shadow of his old self, appearing many pounds and a few shades

His explanation for calling to me is still unclear.  He speaks of strange
happenings around the estate, problems that he is unable to rectify in his
weakened state and has requested that I investigate.  I, of course, agreed.
Before I could ponder where to begin my exploration, the servant who showed me
to Jeremiah's room screamed from downstairs.  Often 'where to begin' is the
most difficult step...

Jeremiah's Disclosure

A piece to the puzzle.  The scream downstairs was the result of an attack by a
beast... something Jeremiah calls a Howler.  Similar to a dog, the animal was
pale in complexion, had claws as long as my arm and could leap several meters
from a dead stop.  I killed the fiend but before I could thoroughly inspect the
corpse, it vanished without a trace.

Upon questioning Jeremiah, I am a little more unnerved than I was after seeing
the Howler.  He told a story involving his brothers and sisters, an isle of
standing stones, and a sorcery book of his late father's.  Apparently the
Covenant children, led by Jeremiah, went to the island and read from this
strange book.  He maintains it was simply a prank to scare his kin...  He
believes something from within the ring of stones answered back, raging the
sea, angering the wind and shaking the earth.

Since that time, Jeremiah has been visited by terrible misfortune.  All of his
brothers and sisters have passed away.  I recall one late night in a foxhole;
Jeremiah showed me a picture of the youngest sister, Lizbeth.  No more than a
teenager, she was so striking I found it hard to concentrate on his
descriptions of the others.

Anyway, Jeremiah is not completely convinced they are indeed dead.  Well, to be
precise... he's not sure they have remained dead.  I suspect that these are
delusions brought on by his memory of that day at the stones, otherwise I can
only imagine this as a terrible prank played upon a dying man.  But if they are
only delusions, why not inform me of them when we first spoke?  Why would he
not write me of such in his letter?  Perhaps he did not think I would come.


The scroll Jeremiah gave me has revealed a powerful spell.  It seems that with
proper concentration and focus of my mana, I am able to release ethereal bolts
of ectoplasm from my hand.  Unreliable at far range, the mystical damage seems
quite effective in close quarters.

Lizbeth's Room

The butler said someone broke into Lizbeth's room.  Perhaps I should

Evaline's Death

I spoke with a maid about Lizbeth.  The siblings' mother, Evaline, apparently
died while giving birth to her and the housekeeper filled the void of her
maternal absence.

She said Lizbeth was a very beautiful girl with a short, violent fuse who
passed away from a wasting disease.  I take note of the irony of someone who
was so beautiful, dying of such a heinous disease that calls for the
destruction of their vanity.

The maid said that the groundskeeper believes to have seen Lizbeth alive.
Having seen Lizbeth with my own eyes I can only believe this maid's frightful

I'll go down to the kitchen and try to find my way out to the gardens anyway.

Lizbeth Poetry

On nights when I cannot sleep I look out from my bed to the monastery out my
window.  The reflections of the waters that separate us ripple across my
bedroom walls filling the room with waves of moonlight.  If it is quiet enough
and the wind is still, I can hear them chanting.  Their prayers roll across the
water and fall upon my ears like a lullaby rocking me to sleep.  It fills my
body with such a quiet peace.

And yet I cannot help but wonder how something that provides so much security
could at the same time haunt me.  At midnight the chanting stops.  The
brilliant lights of the monastery go black except for a tiny glow that emanates
from the entrance to the catacombs.  As I watch that single light I can see the
shadows of the monks at the entrance.  It is then that I feel a slow creeping
of dread rise from my stomach, as if the island somehow has a hold of me.

I have overheard bits and pieces of a story from hushed conversations about
monks who died a horrible death years ago among these grounds.  It is said
their tortured souls were put to rest within the catacombs and that their two
brothers have stood guard at the entrance each night since.  I cannot help but
wonder why.  What are they waiting for, or hoping to ward off?  Are they bound
to the island with the same unknown force as I?

The Lord works in such mysterious ways, but how can a just God allow his own
flock to die within sacred grounds?

Surely there is another force working among us, one capable of pure evil.  A
loving God could never allow such pain and agony.  Is it that force that eats
at me at night and leaves my dreams unsettled?  Are the waters enough to keep
me safe?  I wish just once I could lie in the grass outside the catacombs for a
night and put these haunted dreams to rest.  I must end these nightly visions
and seek the truth.


Joseph's Letter

It is truly a pity that my dear wife Evaline passed away birthing Lizbeth.  She
would have loved to see them all grow.  I cannot help but think that she would
have been able to tame this wild streak that they all have exhibited lately.  A
mother is a soothing influence.  I unfortunately cannot offer them this solace.
I wish I could understand what brought on this recent behavior.

I have received a letter today from Ambrose's boarding school.  He has been
expelled.  I don't know what to do with that boy.  With the behavior of the
other children so appalling, I have no choice but to bring them home.  Perhaps
I can find a tutor.  I hope being under my watchful eye will calm their

The last six weeks have been terrible.  The tutor was a complete disaster.  In
fact, the poor man just packed his bags and left in the night.  Any form of
discipline is hopeless with Ambrose and almost seems completely lost on the
others.  The only thing I have been able to do is play to their interests.  I
have noticed that each child has their own avid curiosity.  Strange to see it
manifest at such an early age, but who am I to discourage the one moment of
peace I can find with them?

I now understand why the children are behaving wildly.  Jeremiah came to me
frightened and crying.  Several years ago the children broke into my Library
and procured one of my research books without my knowledge.  But how was I to
know a twelve year old boy would take interest in those dusty tomes.

I do not know what passage they read but I suspect that it has led to the
current predicament concerning their behaviors and eccentricities.  Jeremiah
says they woke the spirits of the island.  Hopefully I can determine what the
children have done.  Perhaps there is a solution...

I have pored over the volumes of research and I am no closer to understanding
what Jeremiah and the children may have conjured.  None of the incantations in
the books could have caused this to happen.  Calling a Daemon or consulting
spirits should not have such a long lasting, disturbing effect.  I even
traveled to the stones.  Nothing there gave me clues to what has happened.
Perhaps if they had only told me at the time I would have more insight.  Now
any clues would be long gone.

I have determined the stones are some sort of Focus.  Perhaps there is a reason
so many people have been attracted and repulsed by this land.  It seems that my
own fascination with the standing stones has wrought its corruption upon my


Evaline's Letter

All is not well here at the Covenant Estate.  Joseph, my husband who once
charmed me with his good will and smile, now seems distant and reclusive.  I
realized that when we met there are those imperfections one must look past and
that your heart helps you to forgive.  However, Joseph's strange obsession
keeps him in the library at all hours of the night.

Seldom are we spending time together, and even more rarely does he want to
exercise his husbandly right towards me.  I'm beginning to feel inadequate,
especially when he talks of his desire for children prancing around the estate.
What am I to do?

I bide most of my time alone in the greenhouse, reminiscing of my sweet youth
and the rich and gallant Peter Roakana, who would wait patiently on me and
shower me with expensive gifts like my beloved pearl necklace.  Things could
have been different had I kept that social path.

Instead, I feel like I'm the fool for getting involved with Joseph Covenant.
His prime moments are being spent in his library with books twice as old as me.
Apparently my visage can't garner his attention.

What dear advice could you give me, dearest mother?  I'll be waiting for your

I hope that this letter finds you and Father well.  Tell Father not to worry
about his little Robin, that I've left the nest but shall never leave his

With love,


Garden Key

The door to the manor gardens is locked.  The cook says the maid is the only
one with the key and she is cleaning Keisinger's room in the East Wing.


While that name might not ring true for the servant, I'm deeply disturbed that
Otto Keisinger would even be here.  What the hell does that bastard want with
my friend and his family?  I can only be sure that when our paths cross, he
will get more than a stern word from me.  I only wonder how he plans to answer
my questions when my hands are gripped tightly around his throat?

Otto has done more to damage my reputation than I care to remember.  I have no
doubts that should he find out I've made it out to the Covenant estate, he'll
stop at nothing to foil my attempts at uncovering the mysteries that seem to be
plaguing this family... and my dear friend.

Moon Door Notes

Reddish leaves swirl in the wind like lost souls in search of rest.  Like an
open sketchbook focused on my dreams, this land is forever pictured as a
comforting Autumn dusk.  Replete with a golden sky, with crackling river water
and bubbling marshes that dot the land, it feels like a Romantic artist's

Upon further investigation I have sensed horrendous visions of a gnarled doom,
decorated as a picturesque facade in this endless autumn dusk.  Spiny trees
root deep into the foul earth, licking the ground dry of all that is good.

Carcasses populate the brush, their putrid remains swallowed whole by the land.
And corners of this malevolent area are teeming with vicious ungodly prey, all
whilst the grass stretches over this land twisting together like veins of
pulsating sinew, as if the ground were alive, keen of the inhabitants that
parade on its back.

Beady, black, soulless eyes flash across the air.  Tiny, quick winged bats
streak through the bright sky, flying razors waiting for the perfect moment to
descend.  As they swoop by I see sharp, bloodied teeth, a wicked demonic smile.
From the darting blurs I hear an ominous whistling that chills my soul.  They
own the skies here.

Wraithlike, hooded minions, overseers without heart or soul, patrol this land.
Slash-and-stitch techniques permeate their faces and arms, patched together
like cheap quilts, using the skin from the bodies of rank corpses.  They gather
and live like packs of rabid wolves, instigating fights for supremacy.  These
abominations thirst for my destruction.  They are mostly clustered around
footpaths that seem to traverse upward along a Cliffside, but alternate
groupings are planted among watering holes and the hollowed trees.

Further down the path it is as if the shadows are swallowing the surroundings
whole, without a penchant of logic or drop of meaning.  It is as if the only
reason for this actually lies in darkness itself.  Like royalty that rules the
black void, entombed in the night infinite.

It is she, the Eternal Mistress of Shadows.


Bethany Writings

Why do I waste my time with poseurs and fools?  I realize now that my
correspondence with these others has been a waste of my time.  Father had done
more research than I could truly appreciate until now.  Most of these other
"Magicians" are braggarts who act the part but rarely have an inkling of the

I have tried to contact the Golden Dawn but have been ignored and insulted
since I am not from the continent.  Aleister Crowley insists I become his
acolyte.  I suspect it is more of a harem.  His vanity is boorish and
fraudulent.  He is as confused as my brother.  Both are lost in vices.  While
Aaron numbs himself and seeks escape, the "Great Beast" actually believes it to
be revelation.

A few have been unresponsive or cryptic.  I suspect if I pursued them I might
glean some knowledge, however, I am beginning to realize that my research and
documentation are beginning to plateau.  What I have learned must be put into
practice.  Perhaps the nature of the knowledge I seek cannot be found within
this society.

Trial and error has slowed my learning due to the long recovery periods.  The
help probably suspects something is amiss since my health fluctuates
drastically from these rituals.  They wouldn't dare say anything, besides I can
always blame erratic fortitude upon my family legacy.  That should be enough to
excuse my bouts of weakness.  Besides, Aaron languishes in a stupor even now.


Aaron's Letter


I am warning you about Bethany.  She has become obsessed with father's books
since you left for the war.  She is increasingly paranoid and secretive.  She
locks herself in the sunroom or disappears on horseback.  I know she is
corresponding with a number of outsiders.  I fear she is making family business
known to these strangers.  I doubt we want her bringing unneeded attention to
the family.

You know she is the last person we want near those stones.  How could you have
left us?  I can feel the fingers of this curse reaching out to us.  Don't think
you can escape.  You know you have to come back.  Damn it Jeremiah!  You have
doomed us all and you are a coward for leaving us.  Can you hear the whispers,
Jeremiah?  Even another continent isn't far enough.  Remember, I tried to go as
well.  I still heard them, even in Asian dens and German gutters.  I figured it
out, it's inside...

It won't be long before you cross the threshold, Brother.


Playroom Diary

Lizbeth bit me today.  I cannot understand what has gotten into her lately.
She used to be such a graceful, proper little girl.  She even licked her lips
afterwards.  I believe I should leave this place...

Mary Turner

Keisinger's Note

The power really is here.  I can feel it grow as this family shrinks.  Ten
little... seven little... five little Indians.

So sad that I spilled Covenant blood prior to my arrival.  Ha!  It was a trifle
beneath me.  But arriving without cause nor invitation at the king's throne
would not do.  Insignificant fodder she was.

But Patrick Galloway.  How is it I did not foresee his arrival?  Still strange
to me that Jeremiah's affection for the Irishman did not waver with time, even
after the wonderful night at Cashel.

I await his arrival.

Otto Keisinger

Amplifier Stone

This strange crystalline stone seems to be a source of finite power that may be
used to increase the power and effectiveness of my spell casting.

I must keep my eyes peeled and ears open for its pinkish hue and low hum.

Ether Traps

According to legend, Ether Traps have the ability to tap into another ethereal
plane of existence.  And in doing so, the traps themselves become black holes
in which spirits can be whisked away and temporarily trapped in another

And while I'm certain that these magical weapons were not meant for our eyes, I
am always humbled when my course of studies proves truth to legend.

Oneiros History

Some connections are made to be discovered, while others should remain unseen.
Some lands are best never spoken, as their hell lies in between.

The words ring in the mind like a dream with irony not lost.  For Oneiros is
simply that, the dream city of forgotten souls.  Governed by none but watched
by many.  With a sky that bleeds crimson, it is the only uncharted realm this
scholar has witnessed.  For the single time I attempted to graph the land, it
seemed to belittle me by changing shape.

I will keep watch over this tower until the entrance can be sealed.

Otto Keisinger

Tibetan War Cannon

I have heard of this weapon only in story.  Created and forged of gold, it is a
mystical weapon of Tibetan folklore that was lost in a mountainous area during
a great battle.  They called it the War Cannon.  Rumor has it that the person
that holds this weapon must be pure of heart for it to function correctly.

I seem to be able to discharge some sort of cold sphere out of it.  I wonder if
it can slow down these bastard creatures...

Dispel Magic

I'm fairly certain this can stop or affect any and all magic I may encounter.
I might try this spell on an obstacle of smaller magnitude lest it fail in my
most dire time.

Lizbeth Sighting

I finally spoke with the servant the maid said had seen Lizbeth.  He is
convinced he saw her perched on a hill... watching him.  West of the manor, the
family mausoleum seems the first place to investigate.


This spell causes creatures I have just killed to be brought back to life, this
time to join my cause.

As disturbing as it is to call the dead back, I'm afraid that if the scroll
doesn't work correctly, I may be raising these devilish creatures only to have
to fight them all over again.  There is no accounting for what might happen
should I attempt to use it on a living organism...

Arcane Whorls

These strange tattoos seem to heighten my ability to channel magic.  They also
remind me of the tattoos the Trsanti Shaman had when we fought him in the war.
With these tattoos, I feel the mana surge into my being.  No doubt the more of
these I find, the better I can battle these abominations.


I can only hope that someone will find these scribblings of mine, someone who
can continue my quest for I may not be long for this Earth.  I seek a magical
talisman, an evil weapon known as the Scythe of the Celt.  I fear that this
weapon has fallen into the wrong hands, and so I have undertaken a quest to
find the Scythe... before it was taken from this ancient Monastery.

You see, hard as it may be to believe, there is a way to travel back to the
days when this Monastery was populated with the wise Monks who first found the
Scythe of the Celt.  These monks were versed in the ways of magic, and they had
a portal that would allow them travel across distant lands instantaneously.
Across distant times, as well.

I know not exactly where this portal is, but I do know that three items were
required to open it.  A golden medallion, in the shape of the sun.  A potion,
made up primarily of mercury.  And finally, an ancient scroll on which the
incantation to open the portal was written.  I myself have found this medallion
and hidden it nearby, but the other two components elude me yet.

And now, it appears I will never have a chance to find them.  I have broken my
leg, and I fear that these strange dog-beasts that roam this land can sense my
weakness.  They come closer with each passing of the sun.  I fear that they
will soon attack.

May faith be my armor,

Brother Jonathan McMuir


A double barrel shotgun of potent force.  It appears I may choose between
firing off individual or double shots, dependent on my taste for maximum
effectiveness in close quarter combat.

Mana Wells

These small, magical trinkets enable me to hold more of my mana and allow me to
fire my spells more often without fear of draining my magical energies so
quickly.  I need to keep my eyes out for more of these mana well containers, as
they'll no doubt help me with my spells...and my endeavors.

Blasting Notes

There appear to be hidden chambers beneath the monastery ruins.  There are
several large bricks blocking the way in, too large for me to dislodge.
Perhaps if I found some sort of explosive, I might be able to blast my way past

Monk's Diary

Late Harvest, day of our pertinence

In the year of our lord 1231 AD, a garrison of brothers was dispatched to this
outer island to establish a vigil over the Ring of Standing Stones on the Isle
of King's Head.  From our monastery we have kept watch over this site for well
over 200 years.  Without a doubt it is a focus of unnatural power, which must
be guarded with persistent vigilance.  For years we were content to stand
sentinel over this Megalithic site and we bore our burden with honor.

Now I must confess great concern over the direction the Abbot is guiding our
Brotherhood.  It has been a long time since we have had any communication with
Rome.  Fierce storms have isolated us on this island and swept away many brave
brothers who attempted to make the crossing to the mainland.  Isolated from our
superiors, the Abbot has undertaken an investigation into our predicament.
Convinced that we are bewitched by agents of the supernatural, it has been
decided by the Abbot that we will exhume the grave that lays betwixt the ring
of stones.  I fear what we may find.

Late Harvest, day of toil

It has grown bitterly cold since the day of the dig.  Snow frosts our fields
and the crops are ruined.  Those on the dig describe discovering the withered
body of a man clutching an ancient scythe.  Though it is sacrilege, the Abbot
ordered the men to retrieve the weapon for study.  The Abbot hopes that in
understanding the artifact we may shed light on the strange curse we are

Late Harvest, day of congress

One of the scribes, brother Abrus, was overtaken with bloodlust while studying
the scythe.  He struck down a number of our brothers.  If it hadn't been for
the timely intervention of the Abbot Constantine many more would have fallen.
The Abbot declared that the ill wrought weapon must be destroyed before its
wicked nature infects us all.

The ritual requires us to destroy the item and may be more dangerous than the
weapon itself.  We will walk the border of shadow to be freed of this cursed
weapon.  May we be protected from the fiends.  I pray we are released from this
curse or else may the Saints preserve us.

Brother William Tufnel


Standard dynamite.  I'm sure this can do damage to both the surroundings and
these vile creatures.

Abbot's Lament

May the heirs of the future forgive me.  Demons move among us and regrettably I
know I am responsible.  I have sacrificed the trust of my brothers in hopes of
ridding the world of a great evil.  The consequences are greater than the cost.
Even now I hear my brothers' screams of anguish but I cannot save them.  I
leave this testament to a future hope.  Perhaps an emissary will find this
incantation and undo that which has been done.

Find the elements of moon and sun and stand before the mirror of time.  Call
upon the lords of day and night and invoke the incantation that blurs the laws
of time.

Stop the demons from stealing the Scythe of the Celt.  In the wrong hands this
powerful artifact has the ability to unravel the soul.  The weapon is forged
from chaos and has been our undoing.

Saints preserve us...

Kellus Constantine

Ever vigilant Brotherhood of St George

Abbot Scrye

A man who could only have been the Monastery's Abbot was at one time in
possession of the key which opens a grand set of heavy double doors.

I am hoping that beyond these doors lies the lower catacombs... and perhaps
Lizbeth's lair.  When I make my journey to times long past, I will have to find
the abbot... or his chambers... and gain possession of this key.

History of Scythe

Bless me Father for I have sinned.

Temptation has overtaken me.  I must leave my brethren, yet I fear there may be
difficulties.  No one has ever left the monastery alive.  My fellow monks have
eyes of the eagle and ears of the hound.  Therefore, I must walk quietly under
the cloak of night.  Perhaps if they do not see nor hear me, I will pass

There is yet another reason for my leaving.  Weeks ago, we uncovered the Scythe
of the Celt out near the Standing Stones.  This evil artifact has now infected
us.  I have seen a change in my brothers and in myself.  Our minds are cursed,
we spend less time with our quills and more time with our weapons.

The Scythe is a very powerful weapon, very adept at killing, but there is a
price.  I pray that the ritual at the church can summon the forces necessary to
destroy the Scythe and return us to peace.  I will not be present for the
ritual, as I will use that time to slip away quietly into the wilderness.

Protect me, Father.

Brother Shanahan

Monk's Work

Monday - Transcribe

Tuesday - Transcribe

Wednesday - Transcribe

Thursday - Replace window in church tower

Friday - Transcribe

Saturday - Transcribe

Sunday - Rest


I find this Scythe of the Celt to be quite a disturbing force.  It's clear from
the history of this weapon that it is particularly effective in exterminating
the most heinous of entities.  At times it seemed to pull me in directions of
combat...almost as if it's seeking pain and destruction.

Wreaking havoc on my mana when in my hands for long duration, it seems to
replenish my health in particularly frenzied fighting.

I have learned to not fear many things in life, but there is something within
this weapon that stirs a horror within me I cannot explain.

Lost Trsanti Note

These dark, twisting tunnels offer me no hope.  I shiver with the cold the damp
air brings.  It's been several days now... several days since I fell in here,
down what I thought was an old dried up water well.  At the bottom of this
well, there was no mud, no caked dirt, but instead a strange chamber.

This chamber could only have been used to practice the dark arts, as nothing
else could explain the strange markings on the wall, the huge altar in the
center of the room... the strange creatures that roam these halls.

They could only be the product of some sort of ancient summoning ritual.  What
horrible death have I doomed myself to?

Balbee Kanstaruu

Cistern Entry

Dear Mother,

I have almost completed my internment here on the island.  I've spent the bulk
of the time making sure that the water supply to the Monastery proper is
sufficient.  It gets cold and lonely down here in the huge chambers that
contain the water storage cisterns, but I warm my heart with thoughts of you
and Papa back at home.  Pray for me that I might be allowed to remain here with
the Abbot, who has shown me salvation.  But also pray for some much-needed
rain, for our supplies of drinking water run short!

Yours truly,

Brother Nathaniel

Lizbeth's Mother

Whilst tracking Lizbeth I came upon the matriarch of the Covenants, Evaline.
Her corpse was standing at what seemed to be their dining room table, humming
echoes of a childhood lullaby.  As I touched her arm, her body fell limp into
her chair, lifeless.

As if sensing her mother, Lizbeth entered the room and scolded me, "the
interloper", for interfering.  I do not yet know the wickedness that has
befallen my poor friend's family, yet I feel it around every corner.

Cliffside Entry

Someone must stop them.  At first I thought these rituals were but an extension
of our Faith, a show of glory to our maker.  But to hear that fair maiden
screaming for mercy!  This cannot be what He would want of His followers.  I
fear that some of the brothers here have taken a disliking to me, as eyes are
averted and silence falls when I enter a room.

How could the abbot allow this to continue uncontested?  Does he even know?  So
much troubles me, yet I fear if I attempt to return to the Monastery to consult
him, I might be the next one these madmen sent on the journey to the

Ever faithful to the Order,

Brother Laursen


A spell with a superb effect.  When used, it gives me a limited burst of speed
and agility, like a big cat racing along the Serengeti.

I have found that this spell may prove critical for overcoming obstacles or
retreating from my foes.

Lizbeth's Death

I did what I had to.  I battled Lizbeth with all I had and narrowly escaped
with my life.  Even in death she haunted me.  As I carried her severed head to
the cliffs, she cursed at me still in demonic tongues and belittled her own
end.  She said I cannot stop what has already begun, that the family will be
reunited, that the king will arise once again.

I cannot accept that my efforts are fruitless

I must repay my life debt to Jeremiah.

I will do what I must.

Ambrose Note

My Trsanti brothers,

The stranger must be stopped.  Beware, he has skill.  Remember the advice from
the master in the East.

"Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to
defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to

When the stranger is dead, return to me in the Pirate's Cove.

- Ambrose -

Aaron's Jaw

I finally did it.  I silenced Aaron.  He will so longer belittle me or
interfere with my research.  This has released a great weight from my mind and
allows me to pursue my studies in the silence of our ancestral home.

As a memento I have taken my dear brother's jaw.  That source of constant
ridicule will never again taunt me... his sway over me is broken.
Unfortunately I do not think he felt a thing.  The fool was so deep in his
stupor he no doubt thoght me a dream.

It would seem that I am the last of the Covenants.  Since Aaron no longer
troubles me, or himself for that matter, I find myself all alone.  Jeremiah has
not been heard from since he left for the War.  It is better this way.  I will
now be able to complete what was started so many years ago on the Isle.  It
took well over twenty years for us to accept what we had done.  I will be the
one to finish the task and accept the legacy of this family.


Ambrose History

What I heard makes more sense now.  The man I heard Ambrose attack was his own
father... he actually murdered his own blood.

A butler filled me in on a piece of the morbid Covenant history.  The family,
townspeople, and local authorities were afraid of Ambrose even after he had

When he finally returned to the estate, the constables gave chase and Ambrose
was able to evade them by leaping from the cliffs to the ocean far below.

Their fear of him when alive was nothing compared to the sightings of Ambrose
following his deadly leap.

Back from the dead... it seems the black sheep has returned.

Pirate's Info

Some things never change.  One by one my kin are dying.  This pathetic excuse
for a world is coming to an end.  I write now only to pass the time, waiting
for the authorities to cease their search for my body.

Looking back, I smile at the voices in my head that always said to keep this
Pirate's Cove a secret.  Had I shared my hideout with my siblings, the police
would have shackled me up long ago.  Instead, I am the hot-tempered, black
sheep Covenant who leapt to his death to avoid capture.

Only my childhood companion Connor knew of this lair, and he, sadly, didn't
share my vision of things to come.  Funny, even I thought watching the life
pour from a friend would trigger some remorse or compassion within me.  But
such is not the case.

This place is more of a home to me than my father's manor ever was.  Long
before I took this cove as my own, generations of thieves and smugglers found
sanctuary here.  Feeling their presence and guiding whispers drove me to unite
with the Trsanti.  Even the weakest sheep serves a purpose.

Oh, the day comes close.

Ambrose Covenant

Ambrose Journal

11 May 1914

My father gave me this diary for my eighteenth birthday, just as he did for my
older siblings.  He thinks by forcing us into the same pathetic ritual he
undertook as a young man, we will magically turn into responsible adults.

15 June 1914

Father is forcing me to use my journal.  He watches now, across the library, as
I write.  "Self-reflection is the key to enlightenment," he says.  Rotten
tripe.  Soon I take leave to travel across Europe and the Middle East.

14 April 1922

I have found my true brothers... the Trsanti.  They are a barbaric race,
traveling the desert in search of battle.  They neither fight for independence
nor to subjugate.  They fight because they hate.  They have taught me how to
use primitive but powerful weaponry.  I return home soon, bringing my
knowledge, and some souvenirs with me.

3 May 1922

I need to know what father has been researching all these years.  The old man
has been negligent of everything else.  I must know why this is so.  I will
sneak out to the island of standing stones to discover his secret.  I will need
to be careful.  The grounds keepers are loyal and will snitch on me if they
have half the chance.

4 May 1922

I am sure I was spotted by one of father's servants last night.  I saw his
lantern as I pulled the skiff from the dock.  The island was a fools errand.
Old rocks and some barbaric chiseling were all.  It would have been worthless
if not for a twist of fortune.

Not wanting to be seen, I risked the reefs and moored up the coast.  There
amongst the cliffs I discovered a mysterious cove.  I am certain it is the
hideout my ancestors used so long ago.  I am excited to return and explore
these caves.  This secret will no doubt prove valuable to me.

21 June 1922

Today in the Billiard Room father confronted me about my late night excursions.
I did not realize that a stick could do such damage.  I watched as his blood
stained the floor and he begged me for mercy.  I told the servants that
father's heart gave out and he hit his head while falling.  My family is
shocked.  The funeral is tomorrow.

Father always said, "Self-reflection is the key to enlightenment."  Allow me to
reflect on this day.  How could I have saved my father from a slow, painful
death?  I could have hit him harder.

23 June 1922

The constable is looking for me.  He is suspicious.  This may be my last entry
in this journal, for I will not be caught alive.  Since father's death, all
fear has left me.  Although the life I know is coming to an end, I feel as if I
am about to begin anew.


Priest's Confessional

"Brother Tristram has been acting very peculiar of late.  He has not been seen
for weeks, but I remember the afternoon when he began acting strangely.  We had
journeyed over to the mainland in order to secure supplies for the coming
winter.  Upon our return, Tristram came to me with a strange black book he had
discovered while we were away.  It seemed harmless, just a dusty old book with
several strange runes etched across its bindings.  But I could sense the
unnatural power emanating from within.

I urged him to show his discovery to the abbot, but he was hesitant.  He said
he must return to the mainland, to the caves where he found the book.  He
beseeched me to leave the monastery with him, to embark on a quest to find more
relics of its power.  I declined, and have not seen him since.  Lust for power
is a most unfortunate vice."

The tale above is from a curious document that was given to me by one of the
old fishermen in town.  I wonder if the artifact they refer to is the infamous
"Black Book" which is only whispered of behind closed doors in these parts?
Supposedly, whoever was in possession of this book could gain mysterious
powers.  Rumor has it that the pirates were a blight on this region for so long
because they wielded the power of the Black Book.  Perhaps the book wasn't
legendary...  I wonder if it still exists today?

-- Father Patrick Killkenn

Ambrose Scrye Event

An echo.  Folks heard but not seen.  That's the only way I can describe it...
and yet that isn't accurate either.

I heard Ambrose, the family disgrace, arguing with someone and the distinct
crack of timber, like a billiards cue.  He was clearly striking someone and
referring to the family curse.

Whomever it was, I don't think he need worry about a curse anymore.

Stones Location

Spoke with the groundskeeper and asked him how I can get to the Isle of
Standing Stones.  He says there's a skiff along the rocks that can provide

He warned against idle paddling in these waters... but that's one piece of
advice I do not need.

Shield Spell

I can't quite explain the power I've seemed to absorb from this spell.  It
seems to be some protective entity that has the ability to shield me from
physical and magical attacks.  I'm not too fond of letting a spell do the work
of a trusty shotgun, but if anything, I am now more than ever convinced that
there are serious external and unnatural powers that can be harnessed on this

Things that most people would disregard or fear...

I am relieved, however, that I have stumbled across this before someone of a
darker nature might have turned it upon me.

Covenant Estate

The waters around the Standing Stones are too treacherous to navigate.  Perhaps
I should return to the Manor and try to find a coastal route to the Pirate's
Cove.  The groundskeepers may be able to give me a clue for my journey.

Lighthouse Keeper

A groundskeeper told me about an old man, the lighthouse keeper... said he
would be able to tell me the location of the cove.  Name is Sedgewick.

Sedgewick Info

In my search for Ambrose, I ventured out to the lighthouse and met Sedgewick,
the lighthouse keeper.

With the first words from his mouth, he confirmed my suspicions about Ambrose's
henchmen.  The Trsanti aiding Ambrose are descendants of the very cowards
Jeremiah and I fought in the Great War...and they have not changed their ways.
Sedgewick's son, Conner, was killed by these thieves.

Before Conner's death, he spoke of their hideout located not far up the coast,
concealed by the cliffs and hidden in a cove.  Sedgewick suggested I look for
an entrance on the surface, which can be unlocked with a key in his father's
chest.  He mentioned I could also find 'silver bullets' in his living quarters.

I certainly do not need any further incentive to kill as many Trsanti as I
see...  Ambrose or no Ambrose.

Trsanti Confirmation

Sedgewick was correct.  The Trsanti are here and from the looks of things, in
numbers.  Time to exact some revenge for Sedgewick and Jeremiah... and for

God be with me.

Skull Storm

This strange spell gives me the ability to hurl remnants of dead bodies, the
skulls of those already in the grave, at ungodly speed.  In all my travels, I
have never quite seen a weapon of this type.  The spell-caster who created this
mystical weapon was truly insane.

Jeremiah's Death

Jeremiah is gone.  My friend.  He saved my life and I could not save his.  I
returned from the Pirate's Cove and found him awaiting me in the great hall.
We spoke briefly, but I cannot recall what was said... the last words we shared
stolen like a dream.

His outcast of a brother, Ambrose, dropped from the rafters and took Jeremiah
hostage.  Ambrose demanded my Gel'ziabar stone in exchange for his brother...
but I should have known.  He smiled as I tossed the stone, the look in his eye
remorseless.  His axe glided thru Jeremiah's neck without breaking pace.
Jeremiah's mouth was still struggling to form words, though severed from his
writhing body.  I was frozen at the realization that his eyes could still spill
tears.  Then Ambrose changed.

The combination of my stone and his axe must have some mystical power as it
allowed him to distort into a monstrous version of himself.  He grew twice in
size... twice in strength.  We fought and had I not been blinded by rage,
Ambrose would have certainly disposed of me most quickly.

My rage was his fate however and I took momentarily solace at ending his life
in the same fashion as Jeremiah.  Physically shaking, I was struck by a beast
and knocked cold.  When I awoke, the solace I had felt was replaced by loss...
by my failure.

All I can do now is finish this... to let Jeremiah rest in peace.

Tower Entry

Something tells me Keisinger has something to do with this.  I must find my way
back to Oneiros.  I noticed odd purple clouds hovering around the strange tower
connected to the house after returning from Oneiros.  I need to find my way to
that tower and discover what mysteries is holds.  Now that Jeremiah is gone,
perhaps I will get some answers from Keisinger.

Jeremiah's Journal

This may be the last record of a once great family.  For nine generations, the
Covenants have occupied these grounds.  Yet I sense that we have never been
alone.  In the past months, I have witnessed the deaths of my siblings, and the
horrors of their resurrections.  It is worse than I ever could have imagined.

The Covenant name has been tainted by my siblings, yet I fear it is my doing.
As a youth, I yielded to temptation and brought them to the Standing Stones.  I
had thought Father's books on the occult were harmless entertainment, tricks
for my imagination.  Whatever we unleashed on that day has been with us since.
And as my sickness grows, my strength cedes.  To cure these cursed grounds, I
will need help.  I must find Patrick Galloway.

Patrick is a man capable of the extraordinary.

I have not spoken to Patrick in some time.  His last letter mentioned that in
his travels, he had discovered some good uses for magic and the occult.  I find
this ironic considering Patrick's pedantic tendencies.  But perhaps his newly
formed talents will serve him well when he arrives here at the manor.

I feel I must be honest with him when he arrives.  The tasks ahead of us are
daunting.  I am unsure that even Patrick, with his uncanny skill, can survive.


Jeremiah's Room

What madness is this?  Scrying inside Jeremiah's room, I overheard a past
conversation with Aaron ranting at my poor friend.  The lunatic is furious at
Jeremiah for something incomprehensible.

He spoke of a king being more a brother than he ever had, and demanded to know
where Bethany is.  What revenge is Aaron looking for against his own sister?

Joseph Spell

I have prepared the ritual.  I don't think I can go through with this.  I know
this spell could be a powerful means for me to protect this family but the risk
may be too great.  Perhaps I don't truly  believe in the power of the black
art.  Is it possible for these unnatural incantations to protect us from the
unassailable power of nature's raw energy?

If the times were not so desperate I could change my mind.  My fear that the
ritual may be discovered by the children seems unfounded.  The ascent to
Widow's Watch is dangerous and unlikely to be discovered, yet I must attempt it
once again...if only to see whether my naive tinkering with The Tower has had
any further ill effect.

I am sure that it was my wanton interference that attracted the attention of
these malevolent spirits.  I believe these magical devices called Ether Traps
should protect me if only I can trick the specters into them.

The more I explore the realms of magic, the more I have come to fear it.  May
our souls be protected.



A spell that harnesses the power of the heavens!  To be a conduit for this type
of energy is mind numbing.

I feel certain that it will provide a potent offensive force, especially when
used in concert with my other weaponry.

Keisinger and Oneiros

The manor's great tower held another portal to Oneiros.  Keisinger was either
unaware of this one or simply too arrogant to believe I pose a threat... most
likely the latter.  I will find him here in this Stygian landscape and we will
settle our affairs, once and for all.  The Covenant siblings I have dispatched
of necessity, of duty to Jeremiah, and of pity for their ravaged, broken souls.
But not so, Otto Keisinger.  I am not usually a man given to hatred, but I
could gut Otto Keisinger and feel no remorse.  I may just do that.

Sil Lith History

Labeling it a perspective shift does not portray what they do.  A warping of
the mind is as close a description as I dare, as the pain returns whenever I
recollect the event.

They appear harmless as a crow, and I suppose that alone represents a fraction
of their danger.  Strange, birdlike creatures that flutter about seemingly
innocent until confronted.

I fled the claws that swung at my back and for the briefest moment I thought I
had escaped.  As I turned to look, a glowing beam of light left its head and
struck mine in a single blink.  My eyes deserted me as distance came near and
solids stretched.  I vomited what little I had eaten since the day I first saw

I call them the Sil Lith Inhabitants.  And curiously, I feel as though they've
wanted me to know their name.  That they told me.


Keisinger's Presence

It is Keisinger... I know it.  I see his face in every direction I look and
hear his voice mocking me from afar.  I can smell him above and below... and I
feel him behind me.

His control over this ruined city must be exacting a toll on his powers.  That
may be the edge I need.

My hate runs deeper.

Verago Background

Great as I am, even I must admit to envying them.  The Verago, the faceless
cloaks that gracefully traverse the sky.

Though somewhat novice, their summoning power is commendable and apparently
their primary defense.  Their true strength seems to manifest when they are in
groups, as I've witnessed single Verago flee from what would seem to be even
tame, defenseless creatures.

Perhaps I most appreciate their fierceness.  Even when cornered by prey, they
simply refuse to submit and throw themselves at the enemy in what I can only
describe as a suicidal storm.

Perchance I give them too much credit and they are mere cowards?  What sport it
would be to find how many of these runners I could frighten into taking their
own life.

I now laugh as I ink these words, for I have already forgotten why someone like
myself would envy them.  The creatures of Oneiros seem to build upon their
magical power from the realm itself.  However I have found that magic can
combat magic and that the creatures of Oneiros seem to have a difficult time in
combating even the most elemental magical attacks.

These Verago, these cowards with a child's grasp of magic, are so weak when
alone they instinctively turn to suicide?  Ah, I've grown soft over the years.
I think I shall venture up the Oracle and see what attracts them there.

Otto Keisinger


It seems that I have been given the ability of limited flight.  When in
mystical realms, this spell allows my legs to carry me much higher than before.
I must be careful.  Like Icarus, I fear if I travel too high for too long I may
dash into the ground and injure myself...or worse.

Keisinger's Death

He's dead.  The face, the name, the past... all of him.  Otto Keisinger had
challenged, taunted, and finally attacked me on his own battlefield.  He has
embarrassed me for the last time.

We fought in the dream world of Oneiros, on a series of buttresses high atop a
tower in a floating city.  In our chess match, he was beaten at his own game
and I feel an uncomfortable sense of joy when I picture his body falling into
the abyss.

As I retraced my steps leaving the city, I came face-to-face with the birdlike
creatures I fought going in.  The 'Inhabitants' did not attack however; rather
they gave thanks for Keisinger's demise and supplied me with a Mana Well for my
efforts.  Though they didn't say, I can only assume Otto had tortured the
natives of this world as he did me on earth.

Aaron's Studio

A Clue?

I spoke with a butler about Aaron.  An artist, he said Aaron would spend long
hours in his private studio, located in the manor's inner-courtyard.

Aaron's Journal

Sleep has denied me.  I haven't rested in days as these visions haunt me.
Green shapeless thoughts.  A world of rats.  I wish to return to my German
boarding house and the sanctuary it provides.  I have seen the crown and it
burdens my brow.  Behind the canvas is another image.

Bethany, you witch, I know you're watching and plotting...do not covet my
thoughts.  They are mine and his and you'll never understand.  Quiet, this
isn't for her to hear.  My pen and brush confess too much.  These images must
get out of my head, I must sleep.

Perhaps I can visit Asia.  So far away.  It would be escape but it would be a

The Jaw

What is this?  Bethany has hidden a human jawbone beneath the floorboards.  I
seems unthinkable that a family could visit such atrocities upon each other,
but from what I have learned, I suspect that this is Aaron's.  It's no wonder
his ghost is so restless.  This grim trophy may be a key to quelling his

Bethany's Journal


An interesting letter arrived today.  It seems that my search for like minds
might have been halted prematurely.  He calls himself Otto Keisinger.
Curiously, I have never tried to contact him.  How he got my name, I have no
idea, but I must admit my curiousity is piqued.  I am going to have to be
careful with this one.  I can't let him know the extent of my knowledge.  He
might see me as a threat or even steal what will be rightfully mine.

If I can play to his ego and vanity (do all Magus have this flaw?) I will
quicken my learning.  He talks of "Oneiros."  I have found reference to an
ancient city among my father's books.  Supposedly it was destroyed in a magical
cataclysm.  He claims to have been there.  He may be another fool like Crowley,
but if not, I need his knowledge and help.  I am ready to make sacrifices for
such knowledge.  Perhaps with the right ruse that will not be necessary.


Damn this man, he teases me.  He placates me by teaching me parlor tricks.  I
have little patience for this, but if he were to know the extent of my
knowledge he would certainly end our correspondence.  He treats me like a toy
or child.

I want to complete this.  This house is becoming a trap.  I don't belong here
anymore.  I have to take the next step.  I must learn what Keisinger knows.
Where the hell are all these rats coming from!?!??!


I discovered that Otto lives in England.  Perhaps I will have to pay him a



I greet you Patrick, my brother's crusading hero.  I have brought you to my
realm of Eternal Autumn, where I rule with unquestioned authority.  I have
watched you.  One by one you have destroyed my sister and brothers.  You even
defeated that vile Keisinger.  I find it ironic that he who thought himself a
mighty enough magician to kill me, the betrothed of the greatest kings, was
bested by a pitiful mortal like yourself.  Now only you and I are left.  I do
not fear you, for I have more power than any of my siblings could ever have
dreamed of.

Come to me, if you dare, and die a mortal's death!


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