3D Graphic DesignerJohn Hugens
AudioKen Kato
Chief Of ProjectAnna Farr
Chief Of ProjectLaura Fryer
Chief TechnicienBrian Soderberg
Commercial DirectorJim Boster
ConceptionVictor Von Beck
ConceptionPaul Reed
ConfigurationPaul Gradohl
ConfigurationDan Hitchcock
ConfigurationHarold Ryan
DeveloperAndy Glaister
DeveloperChris Hadden
DeveloperNigel Keam
DeveloperMelody Letovkin
DeveloperKevin Loza
DeveloperTim Reichert
DeveloperRandy Shedden
Development IUBob Crocco
Development IUDar Foy
Development IUJesse Janosov
Development IUMike Lyons
Development IUDamien Neff
Development IUBrennar Priest
Director of CreationDave Mccoy
Director Of CreationJordan Weisman
Graphic DesignerJar Banchero
Graphic DesignerVictor Von Beck
Graphic DesignerVie Bonilla Carillo
Graphic DesignerStuart Compton
Graphic DesignerMark Forrer
Graphic DesignerEdison Girard
Graphic DesignerPhil Knowles
Graphic DesignerRon Lemens
Graphic DesignerScott Luse
Graphic DesignerTom Peters
Graphic DesignerRoss Philips
Graphic DesignerMark Selander
Graphic DesignerTom Sterberg
Graphic DesignerFrank Woll
Graphic DirectorDaniel Dociu
Graphic SupportHora Dociu
PhotographTamara Staples
PI TeamDerek Caroll
PI TeamJames D. Maliszewski
PI TeamVaughn Morrow
PI TeamTin O'brien
PI TeamEric Trautman
Responsability Of ConceptionJohn Howard
Responsibility Of ConceptionGraham Kays
Responsibility Of GraphicsDavid Kern
Responsibility Of GraphicsTodd Lubsen
ScenarioLane Reichert
SoftwareDavid Blevins
SoftwareBob Gutmann
SoftwareMark Heimen
Software ResponsibilityGary Hinger
Software SupportJohn Guyer
Sound ConceptorDavid Henry
Support ProductSteve Kastner
Theme Song ComposerStan LePard


Data and credits for this game contributed by JCDC and misschu.

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