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Strategy Guide by Alvin Go

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/14/2000

(Version A)
By Alvin Go "KGL4EVER!!!"
“For Mother Russia!!!” Soviet Conscript

Table of Contents:

A. Game Overview
B. RA1 and RA2 Comparisons
C. Rundown of the Two Forces
D. Country-specific Units/Structure
E. Tech Buildings
F. Super Weapons
G. Unit Descriptions 
H. System Requirements 
I. Storyline Cast
J. General Tactics


A. Game Overview

Red Alert 2 is by this time my favorite PC game. It is
the sequel to the hit game Red Alert. This version is
very much balanced and exciting compared to the
original. The graphics are amazing; the units and
structures are the best 2D graphics in the industry.
Real buildings, like the White House and the Pentagon
are captured with detail. You'll love a game with
units on fire running around before they eventually
die. (Haha!) 

The storyline is also amazingly plotted and thought
of. The cut scenes are so intriguing you'd think
you're watching a movie! This time, the setting of the
story is in the States wherein the Soviets are on the
offensive (very obvious in the new units...which I'll
discuss later) and the Allied forces are on the

Gone are the units/structures that are same for both
Soviets and Allies. Each side has a distinct advantage
and disadvantage. So, playing as the Allies and
playing as the Soviets will mean absolutely different
strategy and technique. Useless structures such as the
Ore Silo, Camouflaged Pillbox and the Kennel are
scrapped; useless units such as the Thief and Mobile
Gap Generator are removed. 

So, if you are to buy only one game every year, don't
hesitate to make Red Alert 2 your choice. You surely
wouldn't regret it; I assure you!


B. Red Alert and Red Alert 2 Comparisons and Unit

In this section, I will point out the many differences
of the two versions. This is for Red Alert veterans
who haven't bought the game yet for the fear of having
the same gameplay and tactics for both games.

In RA1, their is a separate tab for structures and
units. You CAN only produce one unit at a time. Not
anymore for RA2. Offensive and Defensive structures
have a different tab (4 tabs, together with infantry
and tanks/naval/aerial units) which makes offense and
defense structure-making more complicated. You can
create a War Factory and Pillbox at the same time, for


In RA 1, the Allies and Soviets both have the
following same units: Rifle Infantry, Engineer, Ore
Truck, and LST.

In RA2, except for the Engineer and LST (now called
Amphibious Transport), the modifications have been

Rifle Infantry:
Allies: GI : able to deploy and create sandbags around
him. When deployed, his weapon becomes longer-ranged
and can inflict more damage. Able to garrison
buildings. When deployed, it takes more firepower to
kill him. Worth twice the Soviet Conscript.
Soviet: Conscript : this is your standard Rifle
infantry. Cannot deploy. Worth half the Allied GI.
Able to garrison buildings.

Ore Truck
Allies: Chrono Miner: Now this is what you call
smoooth economy. Well, this is like the Ore Truck...
it goes to the Ore patch and here comes the different
part. When it finishes loading up ore, it will
chronoshift back to the nearest refinery. How'd you
like that?! When being harrassed by enemies, instead
of panicking, just manually have it chronoshifted back
to your base!
Soviet: War Miner: Back in the old RA1 days, we used
to have a couple of rifle infantries escort the ore
truck. With the War Miner, say no more. It has its own
weapon mounted on top of it! And its armor is VERY
heavy that it can take on damage before it gets
killed. And it can store more ore than the Chrono
Miner by the way. Its armor is so strong; two elite
prism tanks are no match for it! 

Additional notes:

Engineer: Both sides have engineer. But this guy is
already optimized. Meaning, it can repair bridges,
capture buildings INSTANTLY (you don't have to wait
for a building to be in the RED zone like before),
defuse Crazy Ivan's bombs, repair your buildings, and
capture TECH BUILDINGS (more on this later). So this
guy is really a major nuisance when your opponent is
having an Engineer rush!

Allied Spy: Nobody even bothers to make a Spy before.
Why? Because on RA1, the Spy does nothing but gives
you USELESS information such as what they're building,
how much money they have...etc. Not anymore on RA2.
Instead, it gives you USEFUL benefits when you
infiltrate an enemy building such as:
War Factory: All the vehicles that you produce will
have one stripe, meaning they become veterans (more on
this later).
Barracks: All the infantries that you train will be
veterans (more on this later).
Ore Refinery: All the cash in the Ore Refinery you
infiltrated will be added to your cash! So this means
that the thief in RA1 is now integrated in the new and
improved Allied Spy!
Power Plant/Tesla Reactor: Enemy power supply shuts
down for about a minute. Very useful when your
opponent is surrounded with Prism Towers and Tesla
Air Force Command Headquarters/Radar Tower: The shroud
will be reset 
for the enemy. Don't infiltrate this when you're
against the computer.  
Battle Lab: Special infantries become available to be
produced. These special infantries are combined
    Allied Battle Lab: Chrono Ivan, Chrono Commando
    Soviet Battle Lab: Yuri Prime, PSI Commando 
I’ve researched on this already. Okay, here it goes.
If you infiltrate an Allied Battle Lab, you are given
Chrono Commando if you have an Allied Barracks. If you
capture or own a Soviet Barracks, you can also create
Chrono Ivan. If you infiltrate a Soviet Battle lab,
you can create PSI Commando using the Allied Barracks
and Yuri Prime for Soviet Barracks.
Superweapons: The countdown will be reset (more on
Superweapons later). 
You can't infiltrate the Construction Yard like
before. As usual, Attack Dogs aren't fooled by the
Spy's appearance. And one more thing, before you set
off a spy, be sure to select first an enemy unit the
Spy will disguise himself as. This means that your spy
can disguise as any enemy unit.  

Allied Tanya: Tanya can now swim and detonate ships!
And Tanya isn't killed by a single Tesla shot anymore,
not anymore! She's stronger than ever and now
automatically targets enemy units that are within

Attack Dogs: Both sides now have Attack Dogs. They
only need barracks. No more Kennel (they suck anyway,
why would you create a separate structure for just
Attack Dogs???). Allied Attack Dogs are German
Shepherds; Soviet ones are Siberian Huskies. See? Even
in attack dogs, both sides' breed differ, even if it
does nothing to the game!

Allied IFV: No more APC for the Allies. Instead you
have an Infantry Fighting Vehicle. This IFV can only
hold one infantry (any) and whatever infantry you put
there, the weapon of the IFV will be that of the Unit
inside! (I will devote a section on IFV's later).

Soviet Flak Track: This is your regular APC, but is
now in the Soviet's side. It is their primary (and
Cheapest) Anti-air unit created by the War Factory.

Allied Rocketeer: This is the only "flying" infantry.
Weak weapons, but deadly during the early part of a
game esp. when your opponent doesn't have Anti-air
units. They can attack air, land and sea units and are
quite fast too.

Soviet Flak Trooper: This is almost equivalent to the
Allied Rocket Soldier in RA1. Weak against infantry,
terrific against Rocketeers and other Air units and
good at tanks and structures. 

Allied Nighthawk Transport: This is your Soviet
Chinook Transport from RA1, but is now in the Allied
side and with a matching weapon to boot!


In RA1, same structures for both sides include the
following: Power plant, advanced power plant, ore
refinery, ore silo, helipad, service depot, and Radar

In RA2, all are different (except for helipad and ore
silo which have been removed, and the service depot).

Power Plant
Allies: Power Plant: This is your only Allied
structure capable of producing power (200 power).
Soviet: Tesla Reactor: This is the standard Soviet
power-producing structure that makes less power (150
compared to Allies' 200). This can be charged by Tesla
Troopers (more on this later).

Advanced Power Plant
Allies: None!
Soviet: Nuclear Reactor: This baby produces a
humongous amount of power (I believe in the thousands,
2000 to be exact) that costs very very cheap...but...
you know there's a but. If and when this baby is
destroyed, it's equivalent to having a nuclear bomb
explode...right in your base... VERY DANGEROUS! You
take the risk. I'd advise not using this for it's
risky, but if you do, guard it well and don’t place it
near key structures. Wall it.

Radar Dome
Allies: Air Force Command Headquarters: Lengthy name
for a Radar Dome, huh. One, this is not a dome
anymore. It does provide you a radar, but with a
matching helipad...four helipads! You can make up to 4
Harriers per AFCH. Talk about economy!
Soviet: Radar Tower: Ho hum! Just plain
radar-activating structure. No more, no less.

Additional Notes:

Base Defenses:
In RA1, Soviets rule in base defense, having the Flame
Tower and the almighty Tesla Coil. That's an old
story. In RA2, Allies RULE in all kinds of BASE
Soviet's Flame Tower is now a simple Sentry Gun and
the old Tesla Coil is still around. Allied's Pillbox
is still around, but no more Camouflaged Pillbox and
Turrets. We now have the ALMIGHTY EPITOME of BASE
DEFENSES.... the PRISM TOWER! (Hear ye hear ye!) These
babies rock! (More on Prism technology of the Allies

Allies Spy Satellite Uplink: This is equivalent to the
GPS Satellite of the Allies in RA1; only that it is
now a structure of its own! This is what makes me want
to play Allies always! And to think the Soviet's SPY
Plane is no more, it's very hard to scout when you're
a Soviet!

Allies and Soviets Naval Structures are now same:
Naval Shipyard. But except for the Transport, all
other units created by the Naval Shipyards are
different. In fact, Naval war is so complicated in
RA2! You have dreadnoughts (sort of V3 Rocket Launcher
in the sea), Squids, dolphins, etc! Add a swimming
Tanya to the fray!


C. A Rundown of Allies and Soviets' Advantages and

1. Spy Satellite Uplink + Gap Generator: This baby
lets you see the whole map. Whereas the Soviets don't
have any structure to instantly scout the map, the
Allied can not only see the whole map, but conceal
their base using the Gap Generator! Talk about dirty

2. Chrono Miner: This baby is very great for having
cash quickly. They speed up your ore mining process in
a half! And with its instant chronoshift, you can
manually chronoshift it back to your base if your
opponents are attacking your miner!

3. Prism Tower + Prism Tank: These two babies are
great for defending your base from attacks. Prism
technology rules! By surrounding your base with Prism
tower, the Prism waves of the Prism towers will
combine to form one VERY powerful wave that usually
kills tanks in one hit! And it is even capable of
attacking multiple targets at once!

4. Stronger Infantry selections: The GI is much better
than the Conscript; Tanya is COOL! Rocketeers are
great early game attackers; and Chrono Legionnaires
are a pain in the *ss! But this is easily neutralized
by the Soviet's stronger Country-specific infantry
units, which will be discussed later, and the Cloning

5. IFV: These babies are very versatile and very quick
too! A separate section will be devoted to these
innovative vehicles later.

6. Anti-air Naval Vessels: When it comes to anti-air,
Allied naval units all the way! Aegis Cruisers rock!

7. Stronger superweapons: In RA1, Soviet's Iron
Curtain and Nuke Silo are too much for the Allied's
Chronoshphere. Not anymore. The Weather Control Device
not only evens it up, but makes Allied Superweapons
DEADLIER...by far. Again, there'll be a separate
discussion on Superweapons later.

8. Spy: The Spy has many distinct abilities and can
benefit you A LOT (especially having new technologies
like instant veteran rating, and power

Allied disadvantages are primarily Soviet advantages
(and vice versa), so I won't make a separate
Allied/Soviet disadvantages list anymore.

1. Terror Drones: These cool cats are one of my
favorite Soviet units! Poor armor, yet very very fast
(I use them for scouting), kills infantry with one
hit, and EATS up VEHICLES (including miners) from the
inside. This means, that once the TD is inside an
enemy tank, it will eat up the tank slowly until it
explodes. When it explodes, the TD will move to
another tank it can EAT up! The only way to remove it
is through the Service Depots. 

2. Generally stronger Tanks: The Rhino Heavy Tank is
much stronger than the Allied's Grizzly Tank.
Apocalypse is the reincarnation of RA1's Mammoth Tank.
V3 Rocket Launcher is now modified; its rockets are so
big and powerful, it can be shot down by Anti-Air (AA)
structures or units!!! Terror Drones are Soviet-only
too. Kirov Airship is also Soviet-only.

3. Kirov Airship: This baby reeks of AWESOMENESS! The
loading screen of RA2 even features these babies.
SLOW, too SLOW, but it has a STRONG armor and can take
massive damage before eventually being destroyed, of
which usually it has already destroyed a key building
or more! When a base has no AA defense, it will
practically RIP out the base with its LETHAL bombs
(unlimited...no reloading). When it reaches the ELITE
stage, it is more LETHAL (its bomb are nuclear!!!).
Once I decimated three AI bases using ONLY ONE (THE

4. Cloning Vats: This makes building infantry a
buy-one, take-one offer. Build one of this, and
whenever you make one infantry, a clone will emerge
from the Cloning Vats as well! You can also instantly
kill infantry units you own by ordering it to enter
the Cloning vats (I know, it's no use, but
nevertheless, amusing). 

5. Yuri: Although not very decisive, it can kill
infantry with its wave and can MIND CONTROL too! Very
COOL and more deadly with a Cloning Vats! 

6. Nuclear Reactor: At 1000 a pop and a enormous power
giver, this is quite cheap and useful. Only, guard
this carefully and don't ever put this in the "heart"
of your base or you'll face the consequences. Wall
this if possible.

7. Stronger country-specific units (see section

Generally, I think that Allies are much much powerful
than Soviets which I wonder why. In the storyline, the
Allies are supposed to be surprised by the Soviet
attacks. The Soviets are supposed to have prepared
their onslaught, but it seems that Allies are quite
stronger (especially with its new Prism technology and
improved Chronoshifting technology). Allies use
Information (Spy Satellite, Gap Generator) and General
Tactics (Spy, IFV, NH Transport) while Soviets use
Brute Force (Kirov Airship, Apocalypse). I think that
Westwood should have also improved the Tesla
technology and Invulnerability technology of the
Soviets (like having an Invulnerable
Infantry/Tank...and improved Tesla Coil).


D. Country-specific Units/Structure

Before, when we play skirmishes in RA1, we pick only
Allies or Soviets. But in RA2, we don't. We pick a
Country. And each country has an additional
unit/structure/ability, which can be built aside from
being Allied/Soviet. Here are the country-specific
Units/structure, with rating of 1 to 10, 10 being the
most useful.


1. America: Paratroopers (Airborne): This paradrop was
in the Soviet side in RA1. Now, it's the special
ability of America. There is another way of getting
paratroopers (more on this on Tech Buildings), but
Airborne is a total of 8 GI’s. 
Rating: 7

2. France: Grand Cannon Defensive Turret: This
humongous structure is very long-ranged and hits its
targets accurately and Powerfully.
Rating: 8 (excellent defense)

3. Great Britain: Sniper: This infantry unit is very
long ranged and can kill infantry with a snipe. This
unit, in groups, is good against Engineer and Tanya
Rating: 3 

4. Germany: Tank Destroyer: It can decimate tanks
easily. Very deadly on tanks! 2-3 hits and your tanks
are gone! But it is weak against infantry and
Rating: 7 (good against tank rushes and against people
who rely on tanks so much)

5. Korea: Black Eagle Jets: These are merely improved
Harriers and can do more damage and can take more
damage. In packs, they are quite deadly. Alone, it’s
almost useless.  
Rating: 6 


1. Russia: Tesla Tanks: Tesla Tanks were available in
Soviets in RA Counterstrike (I think...or was it
Aftermath? E-mail me somebody). But is now under
Russia only. These babies are quite deadly.
Rating: 7 (firepppppoooowwweeer!!!)

2. Libya: Demolition Truck: This is my favorite! Aside
from being quite cheap, just create three and order
them to rush into the base one by one...and when the
enemies destroy it...BANG! Nuclear explosion!
Rating: 10 (oh MAMA! I see fireworks!!!!)

3. Iraq: Desolator: This baby can kill infantry units
using its weapon. Very deadly because when it
toxicates the land, all infantry is "toxified" and
dies instantly! IFV anyone?
Rating: 9 (finish HIM!)

4. Cuba: Terrorist: Spy + Tanya. Disguise plus C4
bombs. What a deadly combination. 'Nuff said.
Rating: 9 (tsk tsk. dirty tactic!)

So you see, Soviets' country-specific units RULE!


E. Tech Buildings

Tech buildings are neutral buildings having special
purposes. You have to send an engineer to capture one
before you can use it. And when you do, you can build
structures around it! Very useful when planning to
create refineries or expanding your base!

AIRPORT: By capturing one, you can make paratroopers
like that of America only in a less number of units.
You get 6 GI's or 6 Conscripts per drop.
Rating: 7 (when you're not America) 

HOSPITAL: This is like the Medic (I miss him! Bring
him back!!!) in a structure form. A VERY USELESS
building. Capture one only when there is ore near it
so that you can build refineries. It’s also funny that
when an infantry is healed, the computer says, “Unit
repaired!” DUH!
Rating: 3

OUTPOST: This is a service depot with weapons mounted
on it. Again, it is quite useless, but the price of
the engineer is less than a service depot, only that
capturing an outpost doesn't give you the ability to
create MCV's. So this is it: USELESS (almost).
Rating: 5

OIL DERRICK: This provides you a steady flow of cash.
Who doesn't need cash? This is the most useful tech
building!! Capture it as soon as possible! It gives
you an instant 1000 bucks then gives you cash
Rating: 10



Superweapons play an impt. part in RA2. It is very
dangerous that whenever a superweapon is created,
everyone is alerted and a countdown appears on the
screen, and the shroud around it is cleared so that
everyone knows where it is located. Each has side has
two superweapons each. 


1. Chronosphere: This baby is back and IMPROVED! The
previous chronosphere pretty much has no use for it
can only transport one mechanical unit at a time. But
no more. Chronosphere of RA2 can chronoshift all units
in a certain area to anywhere. That's not all. You can
chronoshift ENEMY units!!! See a couple of enemy ore
miners? Just activate chronoshift and chronoshift them
to the WATER... and all chronoshifted units will sink
and DIE!!! How's that for a tactic???!!! 
Activate time: 6 minutes (e-mail me if this is wrong)

2. Weather Control Device: This is absolutely cool!
What this device does is control the weather and makes
lightning storm. Lightning storm literally ELIMINATES
all units and structures of a certain area of the map.
The screen will darken and clouds will appear. Then
lightning will destroy and kill everything it hits! No
structure and unit can possibly survive (except the CY
and some other heavily armored structures). Computers
always target the War Factory, by the way. Very
Activate time: 10 minutes


1. Iron Curtain: This is practically the same as the
old Iron Curtain. It renders a unit or structure
invulnerable for a period of time.
Activate time: 6 minutes

2. Nuke Silo: This is the improved Missile silo. It
can decimate a radius of area anywhere in the map.
Deadly, but not as deadly as the lightning storm.
Activate time: 10 minutes

So you see, Allied superweapons are generally stronger
compared to Soviets' superweapons. When you see a
countdown on superweapons, DON'T PANIC. Stay cool and
just try one of these tactics:

1. Nighthawk Transport + Tanya: Just use the
transport-to-transport Tanya near the Superweapon and
go on a suicide mission! If there are infantry around,
kill the infantry first. When there are defensive
structures like pillbox or tanks, target the
superweapon first. 

2. Tank Rush: Just grab a couple of tanks and go on a
suicide mission. Target the superweapon ONLY. Your
tanks will be destroyed, but so will the superweapon

3. Harrier Suicide Mission: Grab 12-15 Harriers and
target the Superweapon. Never mind the AA
units/structures. That's why this is a SUICIDE

4. Superweapon contra Superweapon: When you have a
superweapon of your own and you created it FIRST, then
you don't have to worry. Use your superweapon against
theirs. BUT, you have to caution on whether the
superweapon is Type 1 (chronosphere, iron curtain) or
type 2 (nuke silo, weather control). 
If you want to destroy a type 2 superweapon and you
have chronosphere, do one of the ff.:
     a. Chronoshift all enemy units defending it to
the water or somewhere very far. Then do the tank
     b. Chronoshift your units around it and destroy
If you want to destroy a type 2 superweapon with an
Iron curtain, do one of the ff:
    a. Send a Kirov Airship and Iron Curtain it when
near it. Do this only if you have time to spare. If
not, Kirov will be TOO SLOW.
    b. Iron Curtain an Apocalypse and have it attack.
    c. Just wait and Iron curtain Key structures when
your opponent activates it.
If you have weather control or nuke silo, just target
the superweapon and finish off with Harriers/Tank

Note: Don't be in a hurry to destroy a chronosphere or
iron curtain when you're against the computer, unless
circumstances dictate it. But it's better safe than

5. Naval rush: When the superweapon is near the water,
just send in a couple of naval units to attack it.

6. Demolition Truck: Just send two to three
one-by-one. Don't send them all at once!

7. V3 Rocket Launcher: Use a dozen or more, and target
the superweapon (when it is not "inside" the base).

8. Send in a SPY: It resets the timer. This solution
is temporary and won't work if your opponent has
attack dogs or has his superweapons walled. 

9. Just wait for the attack! There are several ways to
defend your base when against a computer. The computer
usually targets the war factory. SO just make your war
factory outside your base and place other key
structures AWAY from it. In the meantime, create
several tanks and set its rally point away from your

There are important notes to remember when creating

1. Don't execute a "superweapon rush". Meaning, don't
rush to make superweapons. Concentrate on basic
tactics and when you're stable enough, meaning you
have a decent base defense, steady flow of cash, and a
number of tanks/infantry to attack with, that's the
time for you to build superweapons. Don't hesitate to
make one if you're stable already...you might regret

2. Do not place your superweapon in the exterior part
of your base (meaning, near the entry ways). Don't
place it near key structures either. 

3. Do not place your superweapon near the water so
that you won't have to worry about naval rushes. 

4. Wall your superweapon; place 4 or more AA
structures and prism towers or tesla coils and pillbox
or sentry guns near it. Place tanks to defend it also.
Have an engineer inside the wall to instantly repair
it when necessary.

To defend against Superweapons, do the following:

1. Do not place key structures together. Key
structures include: Construction Yard, War Factory,
Battle Lab, Superweapons, Radar Tower/AFCH, Refinery,
and Barracks.

2. Do not consume your cash to the minimum. Have a
spare War factory and MCV that are FAR from each other
(don't place 2 war factories near each other, and each
should be isolated to be sure).

3. Create a MCV and HIDE it. You can place it in a
transport and move it somewhere else. 

4. Create a Gap generator. That way, your luck would
be 50/50 when your opponent will target a specific
area of your base.

5. Make sure your full base is fully repaired. 

6. Sell buildings when you're already sure where your
opponent targets its lightning storm/nuke silo. Do
this except for CONSTRUCTION YARDS.

7. Don't play with Superweapons on. Nah. This is just
a joke! Haha! I advise you to play with it on. It's
much more exciting.


have already been described in the sections above.
Those that haven’t will be put up here.)


IFV: This is a very complicated unit. The fact that
its use depends on the infantry inside it makes it
THAT complicated. It has A LOT OF FORMS. Here are its
1.	Rocket IFV: This is the standard IFV, or the IFV
without any infantry inside it. Its use is a mobile
Anti-air unit and is very good base defense. 
2.	Machine Gun IFV (GI, Conscript, Tanya): This IFV is
like the Ranger of the Allies in RA1. 
3.	Engineer IFV (Engineer): This IFV is like the
Mobile Repair Vehicle from Aftermath (or was it
Counterstrike? Check on this anybody!). It repairs
tanks but repairs it NOT very quickly but a good
investment nevertheless.
4.	Chrono Legionnaire IFV (Chrono Legionnaire): This
IFV possesses the weapon of the Chrono Legionnaire. It
zips units and structures away from time.
5.	Tesla Trooper IFV (Tesla Trooper): This IFV is like
the Tesla Tank. Only that it possesses less armor. 
6.	“Exploding” IFV (Chrono Ivan, Crazy Ivan,
Terrorist): This is like a demolition truck. Just
drive it through the opponent’s base and it’ll
7.	Flak Trooper IFV (Flak Trooper): This is like the
Flak Track. Similar weapon. Similar armor. 
8.	Yuri IFV (Yuri, Yuri Prime): This has the deploy
weapon of Yuri, killing infantry FAST.
9.	Sniper IFV (Sniper): Long-ranged weapon; kills
units with one hit.
10.	 Desolator IFV (Desolator): This unit can also
kill units with one hit.
If I missed out something, please e-mail me. Thanks.
I tried to put an attack dog in the IFV. Nothing
happens. I don’t know why. Well, I’m still researching
on that.

PRISM TANK: The Prism tank is your best friend when it
comes to DECIMATING an enemy base. Just bring along a
couple of these (do not try to attack using only one
or two, bring at least three or better yet, a dozen!)
and watch how they finish your job for you. They can
attack THROUGH walls and can hit multiple targets with
one blow. Although German Tank Destroyers can destroy
these units with one hit, these expensive tanks are
still one of the best. Remember, elite units are still
the best units around. Try and get the prism tanks
elite. You can do this by using them as base defense.

Commando and Chrono Legionnaire move around the same
way: they chronoshift. But the farther it is the
distance, the longer it takes for them to materialize.
While materializing, they are susceptible to enemy

CHRONO LEGIONNAIRE: This units are very effective
against isolated units because counter-attack is
impossible once it has started to fire. It simply
“erases” the unit out of time.

MIRAGE TANK: These babies are good at TOASTING some
infantry, but poor against tanks and structures. They
disguise themselves as a tree and are one of the
“dirty” tactics of the Allies. 

NIGHTHAWK TRANSPORT: This transport is invisible in
the enemy radar. It has a weapon mounted on it and is
susceptible to AA units and structures. 

DOLPHIN: It is the only unit that can force the Soviet
squid to release its captured sea vessel. 

1.	Chrono Commando: This is acquired by infiltrating
an Allied Battle Lab. It has the chrono technology and
can C4 enemy buildings.
2.	PSI Commando: This is acquired by infiltrating a
Soviet Battle Lab. It can mind control units and can
C4 Enemy buildings.
3.	Chrono Ivan: This unit has the chrono technology
and can put dynamites in units and structures. You
need a Soviet Barracks to get this unit. 
4.	Yuri Prime: This unit is typically the same as
Yuri: Mind control and P. Wave. But instead of
walking, it floats and is faster. To get this, you
need a Soviet Barracks. His range is also much much
much farther compared to Yuri, which makes him a very
dangerous threat. And I do mean DANGEROUS. So
dangerous that you can only make one each time, unless
you have a Cloning Vats.

APOCALYPSE TANK: This baby is like the Mammoth Tank
from RA1. It can hit air, land and sea units. This is
quite slow but can take so much damage before being

DREADNOUGHT: These have two missiles that are great
against buildings. But any AA can take those missiles

SQUID: This can grab a sea vessel and basically squish
squash it until it explodes. Any counter-attack is
feasible, unless you have some dolphins around. 



OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 (also known
as NT 5.0), Windows Millennium

CPU Speed: PII 266 or Higher

Memory: 64 MB

Video Card: 2 MB that supports 16bit color

CD-ROM Speed: 4X or Higher

Sound Card: Direct Sound compatible

Head to Head Multiplayer Games (Modem Game): Same as
above +56kbps modem

Internet Multiplayer games:
2-4: PII 450, 128 MB Ram, 56Kbps modem (This is the
recommended spec for 4 player games. However 2 player
games should run fine on P2 266 or higher.)




1.	Lieutenant Eva: She is the Allied Intel officer.
She has extensive knowledge of Soviet Tactics and
imminent Russian invasion. Her official job is to keep
the Allied army up-to-date with what the Soviet's are
bringing into the line of fire.
2.	Tanya: She acts as Allied Special Forces Commando.
She is a rock solid lady, loading with guns and C4
explosives. She is talented on the field but can be
known to have a rough time off the field too.
3.	President Duggan: He is the Commander-in-Chief of
the US Military. Getting this honor from the U.S
Government, Dugan doesn't take his job lightly. He
does whatever it takes to get people to recognize him,
especially the Soviets!
4.	General Carville: This Texan is the U.S Military's
highest-ranking officer. He has a sense of humor and
this has taken many years of experience from the front
lines of the battlefield.
5.	Albert Einstein: The only persona taken from real
life. His Prism and Chrono technology definitely helps
the Allies stomp the Soviets!


1.	Lieutenant Zofia: This Soviet Communications
officer is Premier Romanov's right hand woman. Her
aloof bearing hides an undying loyalty to the
Communist machine, which comes through in her cool,
professional methodical manner of overseeing the
invasion of the U.S
2.	Premier Romanov: Romanov is one angry man. Still
nursing his wounds over the original Soviet Unions,
Romanov has promised to make America pay for their
crimes they committed to Mother Russia. 
3.	Yuri: He's the Soviets Science Advisor and
Commander of the Psychic Corp. But he prefers to use
his power to take control of people's minds. 
4.	General Vladimir: Vladimir is the Commanding
General of the Soviet Invasion force. Luckily the
Soviet's aren't going to rip away the whole of America
as he pretty adapted to the U.S. food, women and
drink. But he would love to see the United States army
been torn away.


J. RA2 General Tactics and Tips/Hints

1.	If you have buildings around you, you can garrison
them. This is a new feature to RA2. You can put up to
10 GI’s or Conscripts depending on the size of the
building. They put sandbags around the building and
basically fire at anything that gets within their
range. This is useful for weakening enemy attack and
defending your base. If there is a building in the
only way between enemy and you, garrison it at once.
Once the enemy troops come by, the garrisoned soldiers
will fire at them. Make sure that the buildings are in
full health. You can use an engineer to repair badly
damaged buildings. Also, don’t worry about the
building exploding. When it reaches the red zone, the
soldiers will automatically move out of the building.
2.	Use the ranking system of RA2 to your advantage.
Your units will be awarded as Veteran, and then
upgraded as Elite when they kill or destroy a certain
number of units or structures. One-striped units are
Veterans; three-striped are Elite. There are increased
firepower, sight, range and many more when units are
veterans or elite. Elite units also have self-heal.
For a unit to be upgraded to veteran, it has to kill
units which is worth more than thrice he’s worth. For
example, a conscript, worth 100, needs to kill two
GI’s, worth 400, to be veteran, and needs to kill
another 2 GI’s to become elite. 
3.	When making buildings, make an Ore Refinery before
barracks. When you’re fighting a good opponent,
surround your base with defenses, both AA and normal
base defensive turrets. 
4.	Unlike in RA1 wherein you have to build several
walls to completely surround your base or structure,
in RA2, you only need a couple. To surround your
construction yard, you need only 4. Just place one in
one corner, then another in the opposite corner and
the green bars will denote that it will connect one
corner to another. Do the same for the other. Walls
are VERY important for it protects you against Tanks,
spies, engineers and other attacks. You are completely
immune from infantry when your buildings are walled,
but be careful for tanks can destroy walls. Prism
tanks don’t even need to destroy the walls to destroy
the building inside. 
5.	When placing a structure in walls, place at least 2
AA structures with it, also walled to protect it
against air units. 
6.	Whenever there is a large ore patch and many miners
mine there, DOMINATING the ore patch would be the best
way to win the game. To do this, you need Rhinos
and/or Grizzlies, preferable a dozen of them, to
attack all enemy miners. But be careful for when the
ore miner is attacked, the enemy base is alerted and
will probably try and defend the miner. Because of
this, you also need one-hit-killing-infantries like
the German Sniper, Tanya, Attack Dogs, or just a dozen
or so of Conscripts or GI’s. If the economy of the
enemy is down, then the enemy base will crumble very
7.	Whenever you attack, always go for the War Factory
first, and then go straight for the construction Yard.
If you succeed in destroying the two, then you’re
almost sure-win. 
8.	Create an Ore Refinery first before the Barracks.
Time is important especially in the beginning of the
game for if you’re base defense is not properly put
up; a tank rush will lose you the game.
9.	Crates are your friends. Don’t be afraid to get

	Here I will post my thoughts and suggestions AND also
your thoughts (e-mail me) on how Westwood could have
improved this game. To start off, here are mine:
1.	Improve the Tesla technology of the Soviets! Like
for example, have a Tesla Sub/Ship, or improve the
Tesla Coil such that its attacks can branch out or
something. And have the Tesla trooper be electrocuted
when killed!!!
2.	Bring the Chrono Tank back! And the M.A.D. Tank
3.	Bring the mechanic and medics back! 
4.	Have a speedy way of scouting for the Soviets!
5.	More superweapons! You guessed it! I love them!



The Allies have good defense structures and units. The
ideal way to build structures is this: place prism
towers surrounding your base, and not isolated.
Remember: prism towers’ light beams join to form one
big light beam that can destroy tanks in one blow. An
isolated prism tower is not useful. Also, do not rely
on prism towers too much also. Have a couple of
pillboxes JUST IN CASE your power goes offline.

Never ever forget to guard against air units,
especially when you’re against the Soviets. You’ll
regret it when a Kirov Airship comes along. 
When it does come along, INTERCEPT it at once! Do not
wait for it to near your base or else you will face
dire consequences! The best way to weaken them is with
Rocketeers. If the Airship is escorted by Flak
troopers or Flak Tracks or any other anti-air unit, do
not use Rocketeers at once, the escorts will only kill
them. Instead, send IFVs to attack the escorts to
distract them and then command the Rocketeers. Also,
start a mass production of patriot missiles and place
them in the exterior of your base first and work up to
the inside. But never concentrate on AA too much that
you forget to defend your base against land attacks.

Always, and I say always, wall key structures that are
not productive, i.e. construction yard, and battle
lab. This will protect them from engineers and spies.
But also place at least 2 patriot missiles surrounding
them and a few engineers (for emergencies).

Prism tanks are also good for defenses. Create a
Rhinos and place the prism tanks BEHIND them. The
Rhinos will take the damage, and the prism tanks will
DO the damage. This is useful to make your Prism tanks

Allies are so well equipped with information and dirty
tactics. Use them. The most effective way to make your
units stronger is to have a Spy infiltrate a War
Factory and a Barracks. Against a human player, it is
quite hard, but against the AI, it is much easier.
Making all units veteran is very effective in making
your units much more effective.

Another great unit in the Allied side is the Nighthawk
Transport. If you’re playing Skirmish and you know the
map well enough to know where the Oil Derricks are
located, then create engineers and load them up to the
transport and immediately capture one or more. This is
a great tactic to make your economy more stable.

Since Allies are lacking in brute force, don’t go head
to head with the Soviets in a land attack. Rhinos are
no match for Grizzlies. Prism Tanks are no match for
any tank and Mirage tanks suck against Grizzlies. The
greatest tank of them all, the Apocalypse, can easily
destroy your Rhinos.

So concentrate on where Allies have the edge: dirty
tactics. Examples of dirty tactics are Rocketeers.
Have them weaken an attack force such that when they
reach your base, they will be damaged heavily. Another
example is the Spy Satellite. If you see your enemy
are already lining up his units for an attack, prepare
your units for defense. If the units attacking are all
land units (no anti-air), immediately intercept them
half-way with air units. If the units attacking are
air units, INTERCEPT them at once with Rocketeers or
IFV’s. If you have some Aegis Cruiser, the better.
Another one is the Gap Generator. Create at least one
in the middle of your base to secure your “privacy”.

Allied naval units are strong anti-air but weaker when
it is sea-to-sea. Aegis Cruisers are the best anti-air
units. They can easily destroy air units. Aircraft
Carriers are also very strong but the hornets they
launch are easily destroyed by any anti-air and the
carrier itself is susceptible to Soviet Squids. So
always have your carriers escorted by some dolphins
and destroyers.

Use your harriers against isolated units or
structures, and if you want to destroy a structure,
don’t just send 3 to 4 harriers to damage it. Send at
least 8 so that it will totally DESTROY the structure.

If you’re playing France, place the Grand Cannons in
the exterior part of your base, never in the interior,
or else you will face dire consequences when it
misfires. Your units and structures will also take

If you’re playing Great Britain, have a few Snipers in
your base to defend your base against infantry, like
the Iraqi Desolator or against Tanya. Remember, Tanya
can swim so don’t forget to put some anti-infantry
even if that part of your base is surrounded with



M. Soviet Tactics

When you’re playing Soviets, remember these two words:
BRUTE FORCE. Soviets possess an array of heavily
armored units like Kirov Airship, Grizzlies,
Apocalypse, and even small Terror Drones. Head up
against the Allies head-to-head, and sure enough you
will win.

Just because your War Miner has weapon mounted with it
doesn’t mean that you don’t have to watch over it. War
Miners are defenseless against a horde of Tanks, and
unlike the Chrono Miner which can easily chronoshift
back to the base, War Miners are SLOOOOOOOW. And once
a Terror Drone enters it and your Service Depot is far
far away, say goodbye to your miner.

Terror Drones are one of the most effective units in
the Soviet side. If you see a horde of tanks somewhere
in the map, isolated, have a group of terror drones
try and attack them. Even just one Terror Drone can
easily destroy a dozen of tanks placed together when
you fail to notice it. It will easily jump from one
tank to another.

Soviets are effective anti air because of the Flak
technology: Flak trooper, flak track, flak cannon, and
sea scorpion. Flak troopers are one of the most
effective units that can attack naval, aerial and land
units, but are more effective against aerial and tank

Flak tracks are like APC’s. They are great for
infiltrating an enemy base with Engineers, Crazy
Ivans, and the most destructive, Terrorists. 

If you’re playing Libya, then the Demolition Truck
will serve you well. Have a series of Demolition
Trucks try and infiltrate an enemy base. The earlier
is the better, when any defense is feasible.



Version 1.01 (Version A): Corrected a lot of mistakes
and updated a hell lot.

Version 1.00 (Version K): This is the first version.
Everything is new. More to be added soon. 

Coming soon: More tactics, more information, more


There are many people I want to thank for this FAQ.
Some did not contribute directly, but they did

God: For the many blessings I receive.

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My Parents: For this computer…damn computer! 

Kate: For serving as my inspiration :)

Jericho: For introducing this game to me

RA2 sites, RA2 FAQs for serving as my guides

You: For reading this

GameFAQs.com: For placing this in their site

And also, a big thanks to all those who e-mailed me
regarding my errors. I will try and put your e-mails
all here, and all your suggestions in the next update.
Thanks and keep the feedback coming.



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