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Allied Campaign Guide by ATolentino

Updated: 07/04/2001

Allied Campaign Guide
for COMMAND AND CONQUER : Red Alert 2 v1.006
by Avielh Aleczis M. Tolentino
version 20010705Ph

Note : This guide is based on a Hard setting. Some reactions by the
computer AI maybe different on other settings. East is toward the right
side (your right side) of the screen, west is to the left side. I use NW,
NE, SW, SE commonly representing northwest, northeast, southwest, southest
respectively. Throughout this guide I keep saying what keys I use to assign
certain units, this is only for advice/ to simplify explanations.

Allied Mission 1 : Lone Guardian
Par time : 6 mins.
Mission Objectives
1. Destroy Soviet Dreadnought fleet.
2. Make contact with Fort Bradley
3. Keep Tanya alive.

En Route
1. Use Tanya to blow up the Soviet ships, proceed to the Statue of Liberty
and help defend againts Soviet paratroopers.
2. Gather Tanya and the GI's (you can undeploy GIs by using "D" key).
Proceed west then generally northeast then southeast until you find Fort
Bradley. Tanya can regenerate HP so don't be reluctant to use her, she can
singlehandedly kill all opposing soviet conscripts, use her as point and
let the GIs follow when she has cleared the path. You can use "S" to make
Tanya stop when suddenly confronted. When you find Fort Bradley, deploy
the GIs on the ore just outside the base to defend your harvesters.

Contact Established
3. Build a Barracks, develop the good habit of numbering your facilities
early on. I use "2" for Barracks (ctrl-2 while selecting Barracks).
4. Build another refinery, at the same time build about 10-15 more GIs and
send them to the ore site to reinforce the GIs there. Don't forget to
deploy them.
5. Build 2 engineers, send one to repair the bridge on the southeast of
the base (enter the bridge hut). The other send with Tanya.

Covert Ops
6. Send in Tanya, kill everyone but leave the V3 Rocket Launchers for now,
proceed southwest through the other opening of the base. Go near the one
of the soviet barracks (not literally) (the lower one) and have her stand
there so she can kill concripts coming out while your engineer captures it.
7. Quickly build your own Conscripts continually and send them to destroy
the other enemy barracks while Tanya kills enemies coming out from there.
8. Build ever more Conscripts while sending Tanya to blow up the
Construction Yard and then the War Factories southwest.
8. Send Tanya to blow up every structure in the base while you send the
horde of Conscripts against their Sentry Guns.

Allied Mission 2 : Eagle Dawn
Par time : 15 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Capture the Soviet-controlled Airforce Academy Chapel.
2. Destroy all Soviet forces.
3. Keep Tanya alive.

Feet on the Ground
1. Don't move a muscle until rocketeer reinforcements are sent in, send
the rocketeers to destroy the passing patrol, especially the tank.
2. Get the bonus crate on the other side of the road, send Tanya to get it.
3. Send Tanya and the Rocketeers toward the Airforce academy, send the
Rocketeers first incase of a tank patrol. Halt near the base and send
Tanya alone via the small pond/lake.

Command and Control
4. Kill all the guard concripts and destroy the two Flak Cannons.
5. Send in the Rocketeers to destroy the Sentry Guns surrounding the base.
6. Engineers will be dropped at this time, though you can send your initial
engineers too. Capture all the structures in the base, if you run out of
engineers, build one.

Basic Defense Tactics
7. Build another Refinery, que 4 Havesters and at the same time build Pill
Boxes at the two main entrances, then build two Power Plants, one at each
entrance this is to gain more placements for Sentry Guns.
8. Build more Pill Boxes, especially at the Southeast entrance, about four
then six, put lots of them. At the same time build GIs about 7 for each of
the two entrances, deploy them there for backup. Gather all your
Rocketeers and number them (I use ctrl-6). Also, number your assets as
always, ctrl-1 for War Factory, ctrl-2 for barracks, ctrl-0 for all the
harvesters. I usually use ctrl-5 for my main assault force, in this case
that would be tanks.
9. You can search further northwest for more Ore.

Explore and Exploit
10. Build some tanks, more GIs, and quickly send them west along with your
Rocketeers. Destroy soviet harvesters there. They may send some tanks and
you may lose your ground but keep up the pressure until you control that
ore area. Deploy your GIs, Tanks and Rocketeers there, destroy any targets
of opportunity.
11. Build more rocketeers at the base, number them Ctrl-7, use this group
to defend againts attacks at the base and the eastern Ore area for now.
Ofcourse, continually reinforce your main force at the western side,
especially with Rocketeers.
12. Once everything quiets down, build a few Tanks and GIs and deploy them
at the western Ore area.
13. Build more Chrono Miners maybe four or five or more. Build one more
War Factory and two more Barracks.
14. Build more Tanks and Rocketeers, send them to the western area. As
soon as you feel you have enough (about 20 tanks, 20 Rocketeers). Number
all the tanks there (ctrl-5) and Rocketeers (ctrl-6) and send them south
to the last Ore Area near the Soviet base. Destroy all harvesters/units
there but also retreat to defend againts attacks north of you, position
your force about halfway between the two ore areas and destroy enemy
harvesters on either side.
15. There are some soviet trucks a good south of their base, destroy them
to get crates that yield money.

Last Ground
16. Capitalise on your advantage and quickly build more and more Tanks and
Rocketeers, use the Ctrl-Alt command to specify waypoints for unit
producing structures. Build some GI to help secure the area but don't use
them for assault.
17. When you want to finish it, number all your tanks and rocketeers (use
double "T"), gather them quickly and then move your force south of their
base, then southeast. Attack at the eastern side, quickly overrun them and
destroy their Construction Yard, then War Factory, then Barracks, then
kill everyone else.

Allied Mission 3 : Hail to the Chief
Par time : 20 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Destroy the Psychic Beacon.
(2. Don't Destroy the White House) 

Securing the Area
1. Move the GIs to garrison the buildings southeast of you and really
southeast of you (the buildings guarding both bridges towards your area. 
Have the Engineer repair the Jefferson Memorial, just north of your 
Construction Yard, take the crate with your IFVs.
2. Build a Power Plant, Barracks, 2 Refineries, build them crawling towards 
the 2 entrances east. Build lots of Pill Boxes at the same time at the 
entrances, about 8 each, build additional Power Plants/ Barracks when 
needed to expand building ground.
3. Build a War Factory, 4 more Chrono Miners, then build an Airforce 
Command, build about 7 Rocketeers, number them (ctrl-7).

Prepare to Strike
4. Start building Tanks and IFVs, about equal number. Build another War 
Factory when there is surplus cash.

Clear the Way
5. Send your Rocketeers east then north, destroy any soviet garrisoned
building along your way and other targets of opportunity.
6. Clear the area up to the NE portion of the map, there should be 3
garrisoned buildings along that way, the first one is just after the bridge
, 2 more on the northern portion, just east of the main soviet base.

Decisive Strike
7. When you have about 20 Tanks and IFVs, number them together (ctrl-5).
8. Move them out east then all the way north, then NW into the back of the 
soviet base. Destroy any soviet forces if necessary but concentrate on 
destroying the Psychic Beacon, attack it from the NE (all the way from the 
back of the soviet base). 

Allied Mission 4 : Last Chance
Par time : 18 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Force a shore landing and establish a base
2. Destroy the Psychic Amplifier before it comes online.

1. Select all the destroyers and send them to destroy the 2 Grand Cannons
west of your fleet. Have the hovercrafts follow behind just behind them.
2. Regroup your Destroyers and move them northwest, when you encounter a
sub, stop ("S") immediately and destroy it. Regroup, move northwest and
destroy another sub.
3. Head towards the soviet naval outpost (northwest), let the Destroyers
destroy the Sentry Gun then maybe the Flak Tank. Then regroup your
hovercrafts move them up the shore, nevermind the units there, move
quickly north/northwest to the open area just below the football field,
deploy the units immediately ("D"). Quickly select a GI, press "T" (select
same type) then "D" (deploy), find a Tank, "T", then Ctrl-5, then attack
the Flak Tanks, then find the soviet War Miner and destroy it before it
kills alot of your GIs, finally destroy the soviet tank southwest.

Cramming Defense
4. Quickly find your Construction Vehicle and deploy it, build a Power
Plant, a Barracks, then a Patriot Missile (place it near your deployed
GIs/redeploy your GIs near it) and QUICKLY build an Engineer.
5. Capture the Soviet Construction Yard and sell it, then build a Refinery.
6. You'll be attacked by now, defend using your GIs, redeploy them if
necessary, make sure they don't take out too much of you by sticking your
GIs together. Don't use your Tanks yet, retreat them to the shore.
7. Reinforcements will arrive (far east, loaded hovercrafts), order it to
come to the batttle field (where everyone is fighting) immediately. When
it lands, deploy the loaded units, select a GI and press "T" then "D",
select a Tank, press "T" twice, and Ctrl-5, and send them below, engage
the few units at undefended areas with them if necessary.
8. When things quiet down, send the tanks to destroy those V3 Rocket
Launchers. Capture a Power Plant if you can before they sell it, destroy
the rest of the structures with your tanks to gain experience.
9. Build another Patriot Missile so that you have one north and another
west, redeploy your GIs near them.
10. Group your Amphibious Transports (ctrl-6) and send them to a safe part
of the base.

Establish Base
11. Build another Refinery, then a War Factory, then build 4 more Chrono
Miners, as soon as you start to have extra money, build (few, maybe 2 or 3
for now) Pill Boxes to reinforce your defense. Use your tanks to destroy
the Sentry Gun east near the ore, and while you're there, destroy the
sandbags blocking the sea (especially northeastern direction).
12. Build 3 Airforce Command and start building Harriers, fill them with
Harriers (12).

First Look, First Kill
13. When in sufficient numbers, group your Harriers (ctrl-9).
14. Send all your hovercrafts east and enter the river, move northwest
quickly, ignore enemy subs, sentry guns, just move straight. Avoid
targeting the top of the bridge as destination, click on the river above
it, otherwise they will try to back up to climb it the long way around.
15. When you see the Psychic Amplifier (it's not far), press "9"
(Harriers) and send them to destroy it.

Allied Mission 5 : Dark Night
Par time : 20 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab.
2. Neutralize the 2 Soviet Nuclear Missile silos.
3. Keep Tanya alive.

Basic Rule
1. Let Tanya be point while the spies follow up behind her. Use "S" to stop
her when you encounter soviet forces, Tanya can kill them very quickly and
she regenerates HP. Be especially alert of dogs, they can kill her in one

Base 1
2. Move north to the base, shoot the barrels near the right (your right)
Tesla Coil. Move in kill responding units, blow up the two Tesla Reactors
on your left.
3. Move right and shoot the V3 ammunition piles until you have a straight
line towards the nearby Tesla Coil. Wait for Tanya to heal if necessary
then go and blow up the Tesla Coil.
4. Kill soviet units as always, then blow up the last Tesla Reactor just
5. Send one of the spy to infiltrate the soviet Battle Lab, ignore the
powered down Tesla Coils and move out north.

Base 2
6. When you cross the bridge leading towards the second base, turn left
sharply (not at the entrance, move along the wall), shoot the guard, shoot
the barrels near the walls.
7. Let Tanya enter the base, shoot units, shoot the barrels near the walls
surrounding the Nuclear Missile Silo, then the barrels near the Tesla Coil
on your north. Kill everyone, blow up the missile silo.
8. Move out Southwest, leaving the base, heading the narrow path, follow
it to the last base.

Base 3
9. Send Tanya to kill guards, shoot the barrels near the wall. Move in
closer until you get alerted about the nearby Tesla Coils.
10. Send a spy to enter the nearby Tesla Reactor to power down the base.
11. Move Tanya in, shoot guards when encountered, blow up those 3 Tesla
Coils, then move east and blow up the second nuke silo.

Allied Mission 6 : Operation Liberty
Par time : 45 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Reinforce and assume command of the Allied forces in the Pentagon.
2. Destroy all Soviet forces in Washington.

Reinforce the Pentagon
1. Don't take your eyes off the southeastern side of the Pentagon,
persistently repair those Prism Towers, Patriot Missile batteries, Pill
Boxes. Try to minimize damage, althought they'll probably take out some,
no matter what you do.
2. As soon as things quiet down a bit, look at the northwest entrance,
select the MCV, deploy it just a little southwest not too far from the
entrance, take half of the GIs and send them to the southeast front,
deploy them there or garrison parts of the Pentagon, send the other half
and garrison one of the buildings NW. Take the engineers and repair parts
of the Pentagon if necessary, again regularly repair damaged structures,
especially in the SE part.
3. Build a Barracks on the SW part of the Pentagon.
4. Build a Power Plant east of the Barracks, build 3-4 Pill Boxes on the
northwest entrance/ north of the MCV. Build another Power Plant east/
northeast of the last Power Plant, the purpose of these Plants is to gain
access to the ground for more defense structures. Build 2 to 3 Pill Boxes
on the southern part of the Pentagon, near the bottom of the map.
5. Build a 2 Refineries preferably on the western (safe) side, then one War
Factory. Build 4 Chrono Miners.
6. Build a Patriot Missile battery on the northern entrance near the Pill
Boxes, move the garrisoned GIs out of the civilian buildings and deploy
them behind the Pill Boxes there. Build another Patriot on the SE entrance
and build an Airforce command, then build some Harriers and some
Rocketeers. Use them to destroy V3 Rocket launchers and Terror Drones on
the north ore area. (I use ctrl-9 for Harriers, ctrl-7 for Rocketeers, I
usually use 7 for special forces, etc)
7. Build more Prism Towers, place them first on the northern entrance about
2 to 3, build a Power Plant/Barracks on the Northeast side and build some
Prism Towers there with Pill Boxes, Patriot batteries, and deploy some GIs
there too. Then build more on the main SE side about 5 to 8 Prism Towers,
put lots of Pill Boxes, some 4 to 5 Patriot batteries, build additional
Power Plants/Barracks to gain ground.
8. At the same time start building Grizzly Battle Tanks, Attack Dogs, about
4 IFVs with engineers. At least 20 tanks and 15 dogs. Group them all

Establish Northern Outpost
9. With your tanks, Attack Dogs, IFVs; move up north and secure the area
near the Hospital/bridge. Unload one of the IFVs and send the engineer to
capture the Hospital. Pressing "G" on IFs with enginneers will make them
automatically repair nearby damaged units.
10. Build a Barracks and a Patriot battery, then build Power Plants and
more Prism Towers, Patriot batteries, Pill Boxes, deploy GIs all around the
place.  Build a squad of Rocketeers at this base, to defend againts V3
launchers here.
11. Build a Refinery, preferably in your northern base, build 3 more Chrono
12. When everything seems secure, withdraw your main force (tanks, etc) a
little south at the ore area where they can move to either base quickly if
there is an emergency.

Spies (optional)
13. Build a Battle Lab, build some spies, some Rocketeers, a Nighthawk
helicopter or two.
14. Send 1 Rocketeer, from the northern base heading east. Repeat the
process until you find the 2 Soviet Refineries east of there.
15. See the second Refinery, the one further east ? Send some Rocketeers
to destroy the Sentry Guns, then send a Spy-loaded Nighthawk or two, wait
for the right timing, then infiltrate the Refinery for tons more cash.

Engineers (optional)
16. Send a Nighthawk with an Engineer and a GI to the Lincoln Memorial near
the Soviet Refineries area north of the map, repair it and take the Crate
for a cash bonus. You can also do the same with the Jefferson Memorial (NE
of southern soviet base) and the White House (NE of the northern soviet

Aerial Bombardment : Base 1
17. Build 3 more Airforce Command, place them near the first one if
possible. Fill them all with Harriers, 16 in total, qroup them all
18. Build some Rocketeers, send them (one or pairs) on suicide missions to
explore the map until you find the 2 Soviet Construction Yards, one in the
base east of the Pentagon just across the bridge, the other in the
northeasternmost area of the map.
19. With all your Harriers, destroy the Construction Yard east of the
Pentagon, ignore the Flak Cannons, infantry, vehicles, just destroy the
Construction Yard. Start building replacement Harriers on their way back.
As soon as the replacements arrive, regroup them and destroy the soviet
base's War Factory. Build replacements, regroup then attack the Barracks.
20. When the Construction Yard, War Factory, Barracks are destroyed, they
won't be able to produce any units, they'll sell everthing and send
everyone to attack your well-fortified base.

Aerial Bombardment : Base 2
21. When attacking the northeastern base's Construction Yard, order the
Harriers to move further west of it to avoid the Flaks going in, move your
screen to the Construction Yard and look at the Harriers position on the
radar screen.  When you see them directly west, click on the Construction
Yard to attack it.
22. Again, attack the War Factory and the Barracks. They'll sell everything
and attack your base.

Allied Mission 7 : Deep Sea
Par time : 50 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Destroy all Soviet Forces.

Lightning Speed
1. Concentrate now, the moment you gain control, quickly build a Power
Plant and a Prism Tower, now move the screen down a little to the tanks
and IFVs, press "P" (select all) and move them near the sea at the east,
now go up, select the Shipyard, press ctrl-3, then select both Carriers,
press ctrl-7, select the 3 Destroyers, press ctrl-5. Order them south where
the tanks are, look at the menu, put the Power Plant east of the War
Factory towards that area, go to vehicles menu, build more Destroyers,
waypoint them to the choke point (press 3 then ctrl-alt-click on area)
keep the Carriers a little back, order the Destroyers to attack the subs,
Carriers attack the Scorpions/Dreadnoughts, look at the menu, place the
Prism as near to the sea as you can, then build a Patriot Missile, look
northeast, get those Cruisers and order them towards the Prism Tower.
Concentrate on destroying the subs with your Destroyers, they're the only
one who can, the rest can take care of the others, as soon as the Patriots
are finished put them near the Prism, keep an eye on those two make sure to
repair them. Build 1 or 2 more Prism Tower for now, lots more Destroyers, 1
or 2 Patriot Batteries at that area.

Maintain Composure
2. Build a Power Plant, build 1 Chrono Miner, build Pill Boxes, put the
Plant east of your most northern Power Plant, place lots of Pill Boxes on
this area, build some 5 to 10 GIs and deploy them here too. Soviet
paratroopers including Tesla Troopers dropping NE at the ore area and
Hawaii will come here regularly, they will soon be accompanied by Rhino
tanks by way of the sea.
3. Build another Power Plant, put it towards the NW entrance, place some
Pill Boxes here along with some 4 GIs, some Conscripts will attack here by
sea evry now and then. Build another Chrono Miner.
4. Build about 15 more GIs deploy them all around your base especially
between the Construction Yard and Refinery, move the Tanks here too, the
Soviets will be dropping Engineers with Consripts here. Put some towards
the SE side too, make sure there are alot of GIs in the base, if they
capture your Construction Yard, its all over. Build another Chrono Miner.
5. Build 2 Patriot Missile batteries (for now), place this near the NW
area, soviet Dreadnoughts have a habit of shooting your Barracks (so you
can't make more Patriots, I assume), place one on the NE side, build
Rocketeers to defend againts them. Build a few Pill Boxes covering your
western and southern side. Build another Chrono Miner.
6. Build another Refinery, keep building more Destroyers, a few Cruisers.
Also build Prism Towers on the NE and NW, maybe 2 to 3 each. Build 1 Prism
and 2 Patriots on the western side.
7. Build a Battle Lab, put it far from your buildings, in my game, the
soviets target their nukes on my Battle Lab if I have one. Start building
Aircraft Carriers, you should have at least 6. Build a Repair Depot and
build an MCV if you can, put it far from your Construction Yard. If you
get nuked, remember to build GIs immediately (if you lost them at a vital
area) and deploy them around to stop any engineer drops, just incase.

Vital Strike
8. When you have 6 Carriers, organise your ships (ctrl-5:Destroyers,
ctrl-6:Cruisers, ctrl-7:Carriers) and move them out to sea. Start building
more Destroyers to defend the base.
9. Move them by steps, otherwise the Carriers and Cruisers might get left
far behind. Move them east of the soviet Nuclear Missile silo, destroy any
soviet forces you encounter.
10. When you are with striking distance, use your Destroyers to destroy
some Flak Cannons near the shore, select your Carriers and destroy the
Nuclear Missile silo. If you fail to destroy it in one run, press "S" and
wait, then attack it again so your planes will come together, not one at a
11. Control that area for now and destroy any targets of opportunity
including Flak Cannons, Barracks, Sentry Guns. Destroy that Silo again if
they rebuild it. Send reinforcements if neccessary.

Back to Base
12. Build lots of GIs and some Rocketeers, send them to defend your
harvesters at the far NE and eastern ore area.

Marines (optional)
13. Build more Rocketeers, a Nighthawk Transport with Engineer. Move this
group towards Hawaii, take the Hospital there, build a Barracks, build Pill
Boxes, a Patriot battery and build GIs from the barracks there, deploy them
around or garrison the surrounding buildings.
14. Build more Rocketeers, an Engineer, use the previous Nighthawk. Move
this group to the Tech Airport on the island north, take it, and defend it
as well. Use Paratroopers to reveal areas in the soviet base.

Spies (optional)
15. Build some Spies, a Nighthawk Transport. Copy disguise from any soviet
infantry in the island, load them in, send the helicopter north of the
(soviet) island, move a spy into the soviet Refinery.
16. Try to move the spies south and open the fog of war until you can see
the soviet Construction Yard.

Back to Business
17. Use some Harriers on suicide missions to explore the area south of the
Nuclear Silo until you can see and target the soviet Construction Yard (if
you still can't).
18. Destroy it with your carrier-based planes, then destroy the soviet War
Factory and Barracks if you still haven't.
21. Move around the island toward the western side, destroy enemy ships
encountered then destroy the Shipyards with your Destroyers.

Allied Mission 8 : Free Gateway
Par time : 45 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Destroy the Soviet Psychic Beacon.
2. Destroy all Soviet forces within St. Louis.
3. Don't get Tanya killed.

Piece of Cake
1. Move your squad a little SW, then move up the bridge NW, then head SW
all the way to the other end near the hospital. If you encounter any enemy
(including GIs), just press "S" then "D".
2. Send one Engineer to capture the Hospital, then garrison the building
just north of it.
3. Send Tanya to shoot the barrels NW of the garrisoned building, it'll
blow up that side of the wall, move Tanya in, blow up the 2 Tesla Reactors.
4. Move out of the base, move around toward the western side, blow up the
check point, blow up more Tesla Reactors, then the Tesla Coil.
5. Move back to the eastern side, blow up the Tesla Coils, Flak Cannons,
then send your last engineer to capture the Psychic Beacon.
6. When you capture it, it will be sold. Select the GIs and garrison them
too with the others. Move Tanya near the garrisoned building or to your
would-be base south.

Keep it Tight
7. Deploy your MCV just NW of the Arch, build a Power Plant then a
Barracks, both north of the Contruction Yard.
8. Build 2 Refineries, another Power Plant then a War Factory, then build
4 Chrono Miners and a Repair Depot. Build the structures close to each
other and encircling the Arch as to minimize exposure. At the same time,
start building Pill Boxes, put them facing north then later covering the
NE then the eastern side, then put a few on the western side too. Use your
tanks to protect the harvesters when they get attacked, lure the enemies
to the base, deploy a few GIs too behind the Pill Boxes for support.

Build Forward Base
9. Build a Barracks and a Pill Box, put the Barracks north of the Hospital,
put the Pill Box north of the Barracks, start building Pill Boxes and more
GIs there, Power Plants if necessary.
10. Build an Airforce Command here, then build a Patriot Missile battery,
then build some in your southern base, about 2 or 3 only. Then build 2 more
Patriots up north again.
11. Build at least 2 Prism Towers here, some Rocketeers and Harriers. Use
the Harriers and the Rocketeers to attack V3 launchers and other targets of
opportunity. Build Rocketeers too in the southern base to attack Terror

Prepare Forces
12. Build a Battle Lab and another War Factory, build about 12 Prism Tanks.

Steal Money (optional)
13. Build a Spy, copy disguise, steal from the soviet Refineries.

Outpost Refinery (optional)
14. Send an engineer down SW of the map and repair/capture the Refinery
there. There is an ore area just north of it.

Prism Attack
15. Select all your Prism Tanks, move them south of the soviet base and
shoot their Construction Yard over the wall.
16. Move a little east, shoot the Sentry Gun, then the Barracks.
17. Move inside, destroy the War Factory, then get out of there and head
for your northern base.
18. They'll sell everything and attack, though there will be some
Conscripts trapped inside a wall, go and kill them too.

Allied Mission 9 : Sun Temple
Par time : 20 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Destroy or capture any soviet attempts to replicate our Prism
2. Eradicate the soviet base defending their research site.

Basic Movie Scenario : Rescue POWs
1. Gather the Seals and move west towards the village, kill everyone and
rescue the POWs.
2. Let the tanks handle the Flak Tanks if any while the Seals take care of
the Tesla Troopers, Conscripts, dogs. Again use "S" command regularly. Move
the GIs towards two of the huts there, garrison them there.
3. A chopper will arrive with 5 Engineers, organise them, I use ctrl-5 for
Seals, ctrl-6 for the Grizzly Tanks, ctrl-8 for the Nighthawk loaded with

Tech Airport (optional) (I do not really recommend this, it complicate
4. Ungarrison your GIs and with all your units move west near the end of
the map then move north until you see the Tech Airport.
5. Capture it and deploy all your GIs here, now move back to the village,
make sure you have at all 4 Engineers alive.

Research Site
6. Move south until you see the the base entrance, now move a little to the
SE near the ocean/lake. If you did'nt take the Tech Airport, leave your
Engineer loaded Nighthawk near the garrisoned huts. Again use the Grizzlies
againts the Flak Tanks, SEAL againts infantry.

Cannon 1
7. Move the Seals in using a small path just SE of the Sentry Gun, kill any
8. Move the tanks in too, BE CAREFUL, blow up parts of the wall first
before slowly moving in, sometimes they move around the wall if you're not
9. Now send one seal west and blow up the Flak Cannon, ignore the Flak
Tanks and move back. If they follow use your tanks to attack them.
10. Send in your Nighthawk, unload the Engineers, take the Tesla Reactor
nearest you and another to take the Prism cannon.
11. When things quiet down, use the cannon to destroy the soviet Tesla
Reactor west of it, then the Barracks.

Cannon 2
12. With your Seals, move SE, shoot one of the barrels near the soviet
Tesla Reactor.
13. Move just behind the other Tesla Reactor, clear the path towards the
next Prism cannon but retreat whenever a War Miner approaches, DONT SHOOT
14. When the coast is clear, move an Engineer to capture it, at the same
time, capture the Tesla Reactor. Don't order the cannon to destroy the
nearby buildings yet.

Clear the Area
15. When all the War Miners destroyed, move a Seal to destroy the (powered
down) Tesla Coil west, then blow up the soviet Construction Yard, retreat
for cover whenever you see tanks heading for you.
16. When the coast is clear, destroy the War Factory. Again, retreat toward
one of your Prism cannons.
17. Now move southwest towards the 2 Tesla Reactors, blow up the first one,
then back off a little and shoot the barrels near the other.
18. Next, blow up the Flak Cannons and send the Nighthawk to kill Tesla
Troopers near the Tesla Coils north, then the Sentry Guns west, now use
your Seals/Prism cannons to destroy the rest of the buildings.

Allied Mission 10 : Mirage
Par time : 20 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Ensure the safety of Professor Einstein's laboratory.
2. Destroy all Soviet Forces

Brace Yourself
1. Deploy the MCV, build 2 Prism Towers, one the north side, one on the
east. Build a Refinery before you forget. Deploy the GIs, put the 4 GIs on
the SW just south of the Pillbox there.
2. Build 2 Patriot Missile batteries, one on the north, one on the east.
Move your Grizzly Tanks inside for protection, build one Harrier, number it
3. Soviet Rhino Tanks, V3 Launchers, Conscripts will attack from the N, NE,
E, and SE. Avoid building more defense structures, conserve your money,
concentrate on repairs, use your Harrier, the 2 Rocketeers or your tanks to
take out the V3 Launchers. Use your Harrier to explore the area, use your 3
Mirage Tanks to guard Einstein's laboratory.

Try to Beat the Par Time
4. Use the Harrier and to explore the area SE of your first base, find the
damaged Refinery. Send an Engineer and a Tank, repair it, use the tank to
get the crate for a free Chrono Miner, order the harvester to harvest gems.
5. Build a Battle Lab, sell the other Construction Yard when you run out of
money, build a Spy Satellite Uplink, build 1 Spy, use it to steal money.
6. Waypoint your War Factory, towards the other Mirage Tanks. Start
building 3 more Mirage Tanks, 2 IFVs (put your Engineers (one from the
start, one from the sold Construction Yard) in them), 3 Prism Tanks, move
the rest of you Grizzly Tanks with them.
7. Organize your force. ie ctrl-4 for IFVs, ctrl-5 for Grizzly and Mirage
Tanks, ctrl-6 for Prism Tanks.

7. Leave Einstein's Lab and move towards the eastern soviet base, intercept
any soviet force moving towards Einstein's lab. Keep your IFVs behind for
8. Use your Mirage Tanks (#5) to shoot any War Miners, move your long range
Prism Tanks (#6) to shoot the Sentry Gun, Tesla Coil then the Construction
Yard. Retreat them behind Mirage Tanks whenever a War Miner or lots of
infantry are approaching. Retreat them too for repairs, regulary. Again,
use "G" on IFVs (#4) to auto-repair.
9. Destroy the Barracks, War Factory and any buildings in the way. They'll
sell and attack, so make sure the Mirage/Grizzlies are in front by then,
use them (#5) to target the War Miners in particular.
10. When everything is destroyed, move north, do the same. Then east, same
thing, replace units when necessary, but if possible try not to have them
killed at all. Do this as quiuckly is you can if you want to beat the par

Allied Mission 11 : Fallout
Par time : 45 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Build a Chronosphere.
2. Neutralize the soviet nuclear threat on Cuba.

On Your Toes !! Full Scale Soviet Invasion !!!
1. Select your Dolphins, ctrl-6, force-attack on the civilian ship, then
kill the squid.
2. Select your 2 Destroyers, ctrl-5, move them down a little south, select
your Shipyard, ctrl-3, press ctrl-alt just a little south, look at menu,
build 7+ more destroyers.
3. Build a Shipyard and a Patriot Missile, look at the Refinery north, sell
it and the Pill Box, select the Chrono Miner, press "T" twice, ctrl-0,
order them to harvest the ore nearest your base, look at the Refinery west,
on the island, sell it too, sell the Prism Tower there too.
4. Look at your base, select 8 GIs, order them to garisson the civilian
building SE, select your Barracks, ctrl-2, ctrl-alt near the NE bridge,
build a SEAL, select the 4 GIs SW, deploy them around the bridge there.
5. Look at your Destroyers, make sure the Dolphins are behind the
Destroyers, if the Destroyers are being attacked by squids, attack it with
your Dolphins (#6) so it lets go, no need to force-attack.
6. Look at the SW bridge, Press #2 (Barracks), ctrl-alt near it (SW bridge)
, build another SEAL. Check your first SEAL NE, blow the (NW) bridge by
entering the repair hut, then blow the SW bridge too with the other SEAL.
7. Place the Shipyard on the southern shore, double click on it (primary
building), press shift-3, ctrl-3, put your Patriot south too, build a Power
Plant and another Patriot, move all your ships to the southern side, number
all your Destroyers (select one, "T" twice, ctrl-5), keep an eye out for
those squids, they'll come for sure. Start building AEGIS Cruisers ASAP
when your have enough Destroyers for their self-survival, build about 3 or
4 Cruisers for now, spread the Cruisers a little bit (east and west), then
continue building more Destroyers, then more Cruisers, spread the Cruisers,
esspecially to the east, remember to keep your Dolphins safe. You NEED those
Cruisers or those soviet Dreadnoughts will pound on your base.
8. Put the Patriot south, then put your Power Plant NE, near the bridge,
blow up that bridge with your SEAL whenever they rebuild it, build 2 Prism
Towers, place them both guarding the NE bridge, keep your SEAL there
always, press #2 (Barracks), ctrl-alt there, build 5 GIs as support.
9. Build 2 more Prism Towers, put one near the Construction Yard, the other
near the Refinery, build a few GIs for support for those Prisms too. Build
a Battle Lab, then a Power Plant.

Spies To Save The Day
10. Build a Spy Satellite Uplink, 2 Spies, 2 Nighthawk helicopters (other
for backup). Number them, I used ctrl-9 on (active) Nighthawk (active
meaning the one I'm currently using), ctrl-8 on active Spies.
11. Copy disguise, then load them both onto a Nighthawk, SAVE NOW.
12. Look at the soviet base, there are 2 Refineries, one east, one west,
both of them have a patrol that infrequently comes near them. You can
approach either for stealing cash, but I recommend going west when
infiltrating the Nuke Silos because sometimes, those Tesla troopers east
block the way. Also there is a pair of Sea Scorpions changing position
every now and then, they can shoot the Nighthawk so avoid them.
13. Take the (active) Nighthawk the west route, time it to avoid the
Scorpions, then the dogs, remember the Nighthawk can hover over water
unlike Harriers. Land it just north of the west soviet Refinery, send one
spy to steal cash, send the other near the Nuke Silos. When the nuke
countdown is almost over, use that Spy to reset it.
14. Repeat this process every now and then to gain cash and stop the nuke

15. With the new cash, build another Power Plant, a Chronosphere, 4 Prism
Tanks. Group the Prism Tanks (ctrl-5) and move them close to each other.
16. When the the chronosphere is ready, chronoshift the Prism Tanks a
little south between the 2 soviet Nuclear Plants, chronoshift them in
range of the barrels near the east Nuclear Plant.
17. Shoot the barrels then quickly move to the other Nuclear Plant and
destroy it too, don't bother about the Tesla Coil, just position them
carefully (a litle south) to avoid it.

Second Shot
18. Steal some more money if you need to.
19. Build 6 Prism Tanks, stick them together and group them, SAVE NOW.
20. Chronoshift them between the any of the 2 Nuclear Silos, but in an way
that minimizes damage but can reach both silos immediately, try to be as
far from Tesla Coils, they're powered down now but Tesla Troopers give
them some energy.
21. Chronoshift. Destroy one, then the other.

Strike Three
22. Build 6 Prism Tanks again.
23. Destroy the last one, preferably from outside the wall.

Allied Mission 12 : Chronostorm
Par time : 50 mins
Mission Objectives
1. Clear the area so Chrono Reinforcements can arrive.
2. Destroy Romanov's Elite Black Guard around the Kremlin.
(3. Don't Destroy the Kremlin.)

Summary :

Concentrate on controlling the south ore areas near your base. Build Prism
Towers there, ASAP, use the Oil Derrick to gain ground initially. Build
lots of Prism Towers there, while building lots of IFVs to attack those
Kirov Airships. Also build another Airforce Command so your construction
of Prism Towers is less likely to be hindered. This is the hardest part,
remember to put all your effort in controlling the ore areas quickly, the
soviets outnumber you overwhelmingly, but they'll starve just as easily.

Do the same thing on the eastern side. These 2 ore areas are the main
source of cash for the soviets, controlling them will significantly reduce
soviet attack strength.

When you control both ore areas unquestionably, build a Battle Lab, Spy
Satellite Uplink, Spies and steal cash from soviet Refineries.

Rebuild your structures persistently after nuclear attacks, they tend to
target War Factory/ Barracks/ Airforce Command (in my game anyway). But the
more dangerous threat are those Kirov Airships, keep an eye out for them
and attack them early when they are just grouping up, south of your base.

Build lots of Harriers and destroy the Nuclear Missile Silo, the Iron
Curtain, then destroy the soviet Construction Yards. Once this is done,
start building an Ore Purifier, Chronosphere, Weather Storm device.

Destroy the remaining War Factories and Barracks one by one, once all of
these are destroyed, the Soviets are no longer a threat. Destroy Romanov's
Elite Black Guard by whatever means you want.

Congratulations !!! The battle was long and hard but victory is now
yours !!

Copyright 2001 Avielh Aleczis M. Tolentino

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