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The explosive follow-up to one of the most loved PC games of all time - Command & Conquer Red Alert.
- The Soviets are exacting their revenge and invading the United States. Fight on the side of freedom or join the Soviet war machine.
- Integrate the power of top-secret technology into your strategy. Soviet Cloning Vats and Allied Chrono Devices are just a few of the many devastating weapons.
- Prism Tanks, Tesla Troopers, Terror Drones, Desolators, Psychic Mind Control, Giant Squid and Aircraft Carriers are just a small part of your arsenal.
- Enhanced veterancy turns newbie forces into battle hardened veterans - Unleash extra fire power and discover secret abilities.
- More ways to wage war than ever before! Play either side in the full solo play campaign or play as one of 9 nations in 8 modes of multiplay and skirmish mode.
- Take your campaign over land, sea and air to utilize over 80 units & structures to deliver your fury.
- Wreak havoc with a friend through the specially designed co-op campaign.
- Cinematic movies accentuate each hard-won battle and brief you for your next mission.
- Will you lead an American victory parade in the streets of New York or host a Soviet victory celebration in the White House?

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