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Guide and Walkthrough by SWCarter

Updated: 06/18/2004
FAQ of the Month Winner: October 2001 | Highest Rated Guide

                 Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
                           Guide and Walkthrough

                            By Steven W. Carter

                               Last Updated
                              June 18, 2004

* TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                        *

01.00 Introduction

02.00 Character Creation
  .01 Backgrounds
  .02 Races
  .03 Genders
  .04 Notes
  .05 Suggestions

03.00 Companions

04.00 Masters and Experts

05.00 Equipment
  .01 Necklaces
  .02 Rings
  .03 Found Schematics
  .04 Offerings
  .05 Weapons
  .06 Armor
  .07 Miscellaneous

06.00 Locations
  .01 Cities
  .02 Passes
  .03 Quest Areas
  .04 Other Areas

07.00 Ancient Gods / Altars Quest
  .01 The Gods
  .02 The Order

08.00 Fate Points

09.00 Gameplay Tips

10.00 Walkthrough
  .01 Crash Site
  .02 Shrouded Hills
  .03 Dernholm
  .04 Tarant
  .05 Tarant (Closed) Sewers
  .06 Elven Ruins
   07 Thieves Underground
  .08 Black Root
  .09 Liam’s Workshop
  .10 Black Mountain Mines
  .11 The Boil
  .12 Ashbury
  .13 Isle of Despair
  .14 Wheel Clan
  .15 Stillwater
  .16 Stonecutter Clan
  .17 Qintarra
  .18 Caladon
  .19 Caladon Thieves Underground
  .20 Tarant (2)
  .21 Pit of Fires
  .22 Caladon Sewers
  .23 Roseborough
  .24 T’sen-Ang
  .25 First Panarii Temple
  .26 Iron Clan
  .27 Acquiring a Ship
  .28 Thanatos
  .29 Gateway to the Wastes
  .30 Tulla
  .31 Vendigroth Ruins
  .32 The Void

11.00 Thanks

12.00 Revision History

13.00 Permissions and Updates

* 01.00 INTRODUCTION                                                       *

I’m intending this to be a one-stop source for all the Arcanum information 
you might need.  The first half of the document is for reference and general 
strategy information, and the second half is for the walkthrough.  I’m 
including information I’ve discovered on my own, as well as information 
gleaned from web sites and forums.  Everything in the document should be true 
for version

Since Arcanum is a complex and detailed game, there is a good chance I won’t 
find all the information there is to find.  If you’re looking for something 
not included here, you can also check places such as the Terra Arcanum web 


and Sierra’s official Arcanum web site


Good luck and happy hunting.

* 02.00 CHARACTER CREATION                                                 *

| 02.01 BACKGROUNDS                                                        |

Afraid of the Dark (halfling, human only)
     : +2 perception when in lighted areas; +2 strength, -2 dexterity,
       -2 intelligence, -2 willpower otherwise

Agoraphobic (dwarf, gnome, halfling, human only)
     : +2 intelligence when indoors; +2 strength, -2 dexterity, -2 willpower

Apprenticed to a Blacksmith (all)
     : +1 strength, +2 repair, -1 dexterity

Apprenticed to a Shopkeeper (all)
     : -1 dexterity, +3 to haggle

Army Training (not half-ogre)
     : +1 strength, +1 to melee and bow skills, -1 dexterity

Arsonist (gnome, half-orc, halfling, human)
     : +20 to explosives, -1 strength, -1 constitution

Bandit (human, half-elf, half-orc only)
     : +2 to firearms skill, quality revolver, 50 bullets, -1 charisma,
       -400 gold

Barbarian (not elf, half-ogre)
     : +2 strength, +1 constitution, +1 to melee, barbarian armor,
       -1 intelligence, -2 charisma, -2 to haggle, -300 gold

Beat with an Ugly Stick (all)
     : +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +1 to all combat skills, -6 beauty

Bookworm (not half-ogre, half-orc)
     : +1 intelligence, -1 perception

Born Under a Sign (all)
     : fewer but more impressive critical hits and failures

Bride of Frankenstein (half-orc, human female only)
     : +4 beauty, +4 constitution, +20% electrical resistance,
       +10 poison resistance, -4 dexterity, -10 fire resistance,
       dialogue penalty, -400 gold

Bully (not half-ogre or half-orc)
     : +1 strength, -1 intelligence

Charlatan’s Protégé (not half-orc, half-ogre)
     : +6 charisma, -2 strength, -2 constitution, -1 to all combat skills

Child of a Hero (all)
     : enchanted sword, recognized, penalty for evil deeds

Clanless Dwarf (dwarf only)
     : quality hammer, no bonus to tech skills

Dark Elf Follower (elf only)
     : +2 willpower, -2 charisma

Dark Sight (all)
     : reversed skill lighting penalties

Day Mage (not dwarf)
     : +20% magical aptitude during the day, -20% otherwise

Debutante (female only)
     : +3 beauty, +3 charisma, -1 strength, -1 dexterity, -2 to all combat

Disenfranchised Gnome (gnome only)
     : +1 strength, no bonus to haggle

Educator (all)
     : ability to teach followers, -1 follower

Elven Blood (half-ogre, halfling, human, gnome only)
     : +5% magical aptitude, -1 to technological skills

Escaped Lunatic (human only)
     : +25% resistances, -25 reaction, -400 gold

Extreme Personality (all)
     : stronger reactions to presence

Factory Escapee (half-orc only)
     : +1 strength, -350 gold

Feral Child (not dwarf, elf, halfling)
     : +3 dexterity, +1 to prowl and pick pocket, -6 intelligence, -1 to
       haggle and persuasion, -200 gold

Foppish Elf (elf only)
     : -1 dexterity, +1 perception

Frankenstein Monster (half-orc, human male only)
     : +4 strength, +4 constitution, +30% electrical resistance,
       +20 poison resistance, -6 dexterity, -20% fire resistance,
       dialogue penalty, -400 gold

Freed Bodyguard (half-ogre only)
     : -1 intelligence, +100 gold

Halfling Orphan (halfling only)
     : -1 intelligence, +2 to pick pocket

Hydrophobic (not elf, half-elf, half-ogre)
     : +2 to persuasion when not in water; +2 strength, -2 dexterity,
       -2 intelligence, -2 willpower otherwise

Hyperactive (all)
     : +1 speed, -1 charisma

Idiot Savant (not dwarf, elf, halfling, gnome)
     : +6 intelligence, +3 to gambling skill, -1 strength, -2 dexterity,
       -1 constitution, -2 willpower, dialogue penalty

Inheritance (all)
     : -1 willpower, +400 gold

Lady’s Man (male only)
     : +6 beauty, -2 strength, -2 dexterity, -2 constitution

Mad Doctor (all)
     : +2 intelligence, +2 perception, +20% electrical resistance,
       +20% poison resistance, +4 to heal, -1 beauty, -1 charisma,
       -2 dexterity, -3 constitution

Magic Allergy (not elf, half-elf)
     : +10% technical aptitude, inability to wear magical items

Miracle Operation (all)
     : +5 perception, +3 intelligence, +3 charisma, -5 constitution,
       -3 strength, -3 dexterity

Nature Mage (not dwarf)
     : +20% magical aptitude on a natural surface, -20% otherwise

Nietzsche Poster Child (all)
     : 10% bonus to experience, more critical failures

Night Mage (not dwarf)
     : +20% magical aptitude at night, -20% otherwise

Only Child (all)
     : +6 willpower, -4 charisma, -2 to haggle and persuasion

Professional Knife Tosser (all)
     : -1 perception, +3 to throwing skill

Raised by Elves (human only)
     : elven chain mail, -1 to technological skills

Raised by Monks (all)
     : +1 perception, -300 gold

Raised by Orcs (not dwarf, elf, half-elf)
     : +2 strength, +2 perception, +1 to all combat skills, -6 charisma

Raised by Snake Handlers (all)
     : +20% poison resistance, -1 beauty

Raised in the Pits (all)
     : +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +1 to all combat skills, -6 intelligence,
       -300 gold

Ran Away with the Circus (all)
     : +6 strength, -2 intelligence, -3 willpower, -1 perception

Rare Half-Ogre Birth (half-ogre only)
     : +2 intelligence, -1 strength, -1 constitution

Sent to Charm School (human female only)
     : +2 charisma, +1 beauty, -2 strength, -1 intelligence

Sheltered Childhood (not dwarf, half-ogre)
     : +2 intelligence, +2 willpower, +1 perception, -6 strength

Sickly (all)
     : +6 intelligence, -2 strength, -4 constitution, -1 dexterity

Sky Mage (not dwarf)
     : +20% magical aptitude when the sky is visible, -20% otherwise

Sold Your Soul (all)
     : +20% magical aptitude, -20 reaction, -20 alignment

Special Person (all)
     : -2 intelligence, reaction bonus for good deeds

Super Model (female only)
     : +6 beauty, -2 strength, -4 intelligence

Suppressed Orcish Looks (half-orc only)
     : +2 beauty, -2 charisma

Technophobia (half-elf, half-orc, halfling, human only)
     : +1 strength, +1 constitution, inability to pick up technological

Tomboy (female only)
     : +1 strength, -1 constitution

Tough Hide (half-ogre, half-orc only)
     : +10% damage resistance, -1 charisma

Troll Offspring (all)
     : +2 strength, +2 constitution, +1 dexterity, -4 beauty, -4 charisma

Wild Half-Ogre (half-ogre only)
     : +1 willpower, -1 charisma

| 02.02 RACES                                                              |

     : +1 strength, +1 constitution, +15% technological aptitude, +2 to
       technological skills, -1 charisma, -1 dexterity, spells twice as
       expensive to cast

     : +1 dexterity, +1 willpower, +1 beauty, +15% magical aptitude,
       -2 constitution, -1 strength, -2 to technological skills

     : +2 willpower, +2 to haggle, +10 to negative reactions,
       -2 constitution

     : +1 dexterity, +1 beauty, +5% magical aptitude, -1 constitution,
       -1 to technological skills

     : +1 strength, +1 constitution, +2 to melee and dodge, +10% poison
       resistance, -2 beauty, -2 charisma,

     : +4 strength, +10% damage resistance, -2 to prowl, -4 intelligence,
       -1 beauty

     : +2 dexterity, +2 to prowl, +1 to dodge, +5% critical hits,
       -3 strength

     : no modifiers

| 02.03 GENDERS                                                            |

     : +1 constitution, -1 strength

     : no modifiers

| 02.04 NOTES                                                              |

You’ll earn 64 character points during the course of the game (if you reach 
level 50).

If you can get your speed over 20, you’ll go first in every battle.

Lock picking and gambling are skills that aren’t very useful unless you put a 
lot of points into them.  Since money isn’t overly important in the game, I’d 
recommend you skip gambling entirely.

Disarm traps and spot traps are fairly useless skills.  The traps in the game 
just aren’t powerful enough to warrant spending character points to avoid 

Ditto for repair.  Repairing items is very cheap, and there are enough 
capable repairers in the game so you shouldn’t have a problem with your 

Every combat style other than melee requires ammunition, so it’s a good idea 
to have a melee weapon -- and some points in the skill -- as a backup option.

Technologists need to carry around a lot of doodads to make their skills 
work.  If you want the game to be simpler, then play a magician or a class 
(melee fighter, thief) that doesn’t require either aptitude.

It takes four points to improve a skill by a full rank, so if your chosen 
race and background don’t give you four points in a skill, you’ll still have 
to spend 5 character points on it to reach your maximum ability.  That is, 
backgrounds that add skill points are mostly worthless.

Also, try to avoid backgrounds that give you an object.  You’ll find much 
better objects as you progress in the game, and it’s better to get bonuses 
that will always help you, like increased stat points in the right places.

If you’re ugly but intelligent, you’ll still be able to talk to people and 
get (almost) all of the quests.  But if you’re stupid and pretty, you won’t.

Unlike the Fallout games, it makes almost no difference whether you’re male 
or female.

| 02.05 SUGGESTIONS                                                        |

Melee Fighter

Like the strategy tips at the back of the manual suggest, being a melee 
fighter is the easiest way to play through the game.  With full points in 
strength, dexterity, dodge, and melee -- call it 25 character points -- you 
can win any battle, and it doesn’t really matter what you do with the other 
40 character points.  So you can then go for a high aptitude rating, dump 
points into hit points and fatigue, or go for extra skills.

Some possibilities include:

The ugly fighter (half-orc, troll offspring)
     : You’ll only get one follower, but that’s all you’ll need.  (Virgil is
       a good choice because he heals.)  You’ll still get all the quests
       because your intelligence will make up for bad initial reactions.

The stupid fighter (half-ogre, raised in the pits)
     : This is something to try after you’ve played through the game once.
       The stupid conversation choices are much funnier than the regular
       ones, but you’ll lose out on many quests.

The well-rounded fighter (human or half-elf, hyperactive)
     : The extra speed will come in handy, and other backgrounds will cost
       you character points.


The important thing here is not to hedge.  Just be a magician, and don’t try 
to build up fighter skills as a backup.  You should max out your willpower 
and dexterity, and you should put points into constitution and intelligence, 
so that your magician is convenient to play as well as being powerful.  Learn 
all the spells in the force and conveyance colleges, and then pick out other 
spells that might be useful (like harm and major heal).

Note: The bonus to magical aptitude isn’t really important (you should get to 
100 anyway), and so elves and half-elves aren’t necessarily the best magician 

Some possibilities include:

The ugly magician (half-orc, only child)
     : You won’t have many followers, so you should delve into the summoning
       college and create your own.

The persuasive magician (human, bookworm)
     : If you can’t talk your way out of trouble, then your friends and
       spells should be able to do the job.


As with magicians, don’t try to make a combo class.  Get into being a thief 
and learn skills like backstab, prowl, pick pockets and pick locks, plus the 
old combat standbys dodge and melee.  Then try to find a good, fast weapon 
and rack up the bonus multipliers by hitting enemies from behind.

Some possibilities include:

The tech thief (dwarf, beat with an ugly stick)
     : You’ll need to build your own equipment -- especially with armor, so
       you can wear something good and still prowl.  Learn all the schematics
       from the smithy college, and also learn charged rings (to negate the
       dwarf dexterity penalty) from the electricity college.  You might also
       want to consider skipping backstab and making guns your primary

The aptitude-neutral thief (halfling, raised by monks)
     : Balance the tech skill of picking locks with a few select spells like
       strength of earth (to negate the halfling strength penalty) and major
       heal.  Then take advantage of the thieving bonuses on magical
       equipment while still being able to use choice tech items.

* 03.00 COMPANIONS                                                         *


Location: Tarant (Bates mansion)
Level   : 16
Training: None
Align   : Good

Level 50 stats:

26 st, 8 cn, 18 dx, 2 be, 6 in, 16 wp, 9 pe, 8 ch
5 dodge, 5 melee
270 hp, 136 fatigue


You can only add Chukka to your group after exploring the Black Mountain 
Mines for Bates.  You don’t have to be level 16 to get him, but there is some 
other requirement (and I have no idea what it is).

Chukka starts out with 22 strength, and he’s an excellent melee fighter.


Location: Black Root (Sour Barnacle)
Level   : 12
Training: None
Align   : Good

Level 50 stats:

20 st, 11 cn, 18 dx, 8 be, 17 in, 18 wp, 8 pe, 10 ch
5 dodge, 5 melee
5 air spells, 5 force spells, 4 necromantic white spells
164 hp, 144 fatigue


Dante learns spells from the necromantic white, force, and air magic 

Dante doesn’t like orcs, and I suspect he won’t join you if you’re a half-

Dog (Worthless Mutt)

Location: Ashbury (next to inn)
Level   : 12
Training: Melee (apprentice, expert, master)
Align   : None

Level 50 stats:

20 st, 8 cn, 18 dx, 8 be, 8 in, 16 wp, 8 pe, 8 ch
5 dodge, 5 melee
257 hp, 136 fatigue


You have to rescue Dog to get him into your party, but once he joins he won’t 
count against your follower limit.

Dog is an excellent melee fighter.  In fact, he’s so good that he might make 
combat boring if you have him.

If Dog is in your party, you won’t be able to ride on trains.

Franklin Payne

Location: Black Root
Level   : 35
Training: None
Align   :


Payne only shows up in Black Root after you’ve visted T’sen-Ang.  He knows 
the first schematic in each of the tech disciplines, but that probably won’t 
be very useful by the time you can get him.

Gar (Garfield Thelonius Remington III)

Location: Tarant (H.T. Parnell’s)
Level   : 10
Training: None
Align   : Good


You must have at least 2 ranks of persuasion to add Gar to your group.  (Talk 
to him about tea and then talk to Parnell.)

Gar is a good melee fighter, but he’s a little picky about body armor.

Geoffrey Tarellond-Ashe

Location: Ashbury (next to cemetery)
Level   : 12
Training: None
Align   : Evil

Level 50 stats:

7 st, 20 cn, 15 dx, 8 be, 20 in, 18 wp, 10 pe, 8 ch
3 dodge, 2 melee, 3 backstab
5 fire spells, 4 force spells, 5 necromantic black spells
132 hp, 162 fatigue


You need to be evil to get Geoffrey in your group.

Geoffrey learns spells from the fire, force, and necromantic black magic 

Jayna Stiles

Location: Dernholm
Level   : 6
Training: None
Align   : None

Level 50 stats:

8 st, 8 cn, 18 dx, 12 be, 18 in, 8 wp, 20 pe, 8 ch
4 gamble, 5 heal, 5 dodge, 5 melee
4 herbology schematics, 4 therapeutics schematics
140 hp, 128 fatigue


You need a positive technical aptitude to get Jayna to join you.  (5 isn’t 
enough but 11 is.)

Jayna creates mixtures from the herbology and therapeutics disciplines.


Location: Qintarra
Level   : 20
Training: None
Align   :

Level 50 stats:

19 st, 21 cn, 11 dx, 8 be, 20 in, 18 wp, 8 pe, 7 ch
2 heal, 2 dodge, 2 melee
5 fire spells, 5 force spells
158 hp, 164 fatigue


You must solve Wrath’s murder before adding Jormund to your party.

Jormund learns spells from the fire and force magic colleges, but he has the 
dwarven spell fatigue penalty, so he’s not a very useful party member.

Loghaire Thunder Stone

Location: Wheel Clan (in the Dredge)
Level   : 35
Training: None
Align   : Good

Level 50 stats:

20 st, 9 cn, 18 dx, 9 be, 8 in, 16 wp, 8 pe, 7 ch
5 dodge, 5 melee
252 hp, 138 fatigue


Getting Loghaire to join is sort of an involved process.  First, even before 
getting to Loghaire, you have to talk to his son Randver about the Stone and 
the Shape (which requires intelligence).  Then, knowing about that, you have 
to bring it up while talking to Loghaire to get him to come out of exile.  
Finally, you have to discover what happened to the Black Mountain Clan, and 
then Loghaire will join.


Location: Tarant (by P. Schuyler & Sons)
Level   : 8
Training: None
Align   : Good

Level 50 stats:

19 st, 20 cn, 15 dx, 8 be, 13 in, 8 wp, 8 pe, 7 ch
5 dodge, 5 melee
4 smithy schematics, 4 mechanical schematics
210 hp, 152 fatigue


Magnus builds items from the smithy and mechanical disciplines.  You must 
have a positive alignment and be at least level 7 to get him to join you.

Perriman Smythe

Location: Tarant (at the Willoughsby residence, after visiting Qintarra)
Level   : 25
Training: None
Align   :


Smythe learns spells from the fire, necromantic white, and phantasm magic 


Location: Qintarra
Level   : 32
Training: Bow (expert)
Align   : Good

Level 50 stats:

9 st, 17 cn, 18 dx, 10 be, 17 in, 18 wp, 12 pe, 8 ch
5 bow, 4 dodge, 1 melee
5 water spells, 5 necromantic white spells
140 hp, 155 fatigue


You have to discover what happened to the Black Mountain Clan before Raven 
will join your group.

Raven learns spells from the water and necromantic white magic colleges.


Location: Tarant (in Boil, after talking to Willoughsby)
Level   : 30
Training: None
Align   :


You need to talk to Edward Willoughsby and get him to describe his plans for 
the Boil before Sebastian will appear.  Then you’ll have to kill a gang 
leader to get him to join.
Sebastian learns schematics from the electricity and explosives disciplines.

Sogg Mead Mug

Location: Shrouded Hills
Level   : 2
Training: None
Align   : None

Level 50 stats:

24 st, 8 cn, 18 dx, 7 be, 3 in, 16 wp, 8 pe, 8 ch
5 dodge, 5 melee
266 hp, 136 fatigue


You must have at least 9 charisma to get Sogg in your group.  

Sogg is an excellent melee fighter.

Thorvald Two Stones

Location: Isle of Despair
Level   : 23
Training: None
Align   : None


You must have at least 3 ranks of persuasion to add Thorvald to your group.  
You must also be at least level 22.  Thorvald starts with 21 strength and is 
an excellent melee fighter.

When you reach the Wheel Clan, Thorvald will leave your group when you talk 
to the guards at the entrance.  You can get around this by telling Thorvald 
to wait when you approach the guards, and then have him join back in after 
you finish the conversation.

Tollo Underhill

Location: Dernholm (in the pit)
Level   : 30
Training: None
Align   : Evil


To get Tollo to join, you have to be evil, you have to rescue him from the 
Dernholm pit, and then you have to shame him into staying in your group.

Torian Kel

Location: Ancient Temple
Level   : 20
Training: None
Align   : Evil

Level 50 stats:

19 st, 8 cn, 18 dx, 9 be, 8 in, 16 wp, 8 pe, 8 ch
5 dodge, 5 melee
252 hp, 136 fatigue


You must be evil, and you must retrieve dragon’s blood for Kel before he’ll 
join you.

If you decide to fight (rather than talk) to get through the final conflict, 
Kel will leave your group.


Location: Crash Site
Level   : 1
Training: None
Align   : None

Level 50 stats:

9 st, 8 cn, 18 dx, 8 be, 18 in, 18 wp, 9 pe, 8 ch
3 pick locks, 5 heal, 5 dodge, 5 melee
5 necromantic white spells
182 hp, 138 fatigue


Virgil learns spells from the necromantic white college, plus he picks locks.  
As long as you don’t garner too high of a technological aptitude, Virgil is 
useful to have around (otherwise his healing spells will fizzle on you).  
Virgil is also the most interesting of the companions, and he’ll add the most 
dialogue as you explore the world.


Location: Dernholm (King’s Inn & Pub)
Level   : 15
Training: None
Align   : None

Level 50 stats:

9 st, 6 cn, 20 dx, 8 be, 15 in, 10 wp, 20 pe, 8 ch
4 gamble, 5 prowl, 5 firearms, 5 melee
4 gun smithy schematics, 4 chemistry schematics
154 hp, 126 fatigue


Vollinger learns schematics from the gun smithy and chemistry disciplines.  
However, he secretly works for the Molochean Hand, and he’ll attempt to 
betray you eventually.


Location: Bedokaan Village
Level   : 20
Training: Bow (expert), Melee (expert, master)
Align   : None

Level 50 stats:

20 st, 19 cn, 18 dx, 8 be, 8 in, 12 wp, 20 pe, 8 ch
5 bow, 3 dodge, 5 melee
2 earth spells, 3 fire spells, 2 nature spells
148 hp, 154 fatigue


You must solve the Bedokaan poacher problem peaceably in order to get 

Waromon doesn’t wear body armor or a shield, but his natural hide provides 
protection.  He also seems to avoid two-handed weapons.

Weldo Rubin

Location: Gateway to the Wastes
Level   : 25
Training: Pick locks (expert)
Align   :


If you’re low on persuasion, then you have to be polite to Weldo when you 
meet him (and not act surprised that a halfling can be an adventurer) to get 
him to join your group.

Z’an Al’urin

Location: T’sen-Ang
Level   : 29
Align   : Evil


Z’an learns spells from the earth, force, and temporal magic colleges.

* 04.00 MASTERS AND EXPERTS                                                *


Expert    : Mr. Black, Tarant
            Mr. Razzia, Caladon
Master    : Dr. Edmund Craig, Roseborough

There isn’t a quest to receive master training, but Craig will attack you 
after he’s trained you, and you’ll have to kill him.


Expert    : Elite Bow Captain, Dernholm
Master    : Kietzel Pierce, Black Root and then Caladon

When you find Pierce in Caladon, he’ll offer to train you as a bow master if 
you can retrieve a bow for him from the Ruins of Szabo.  He’ll mark the 
location on your map, and when you get there you’ll find some bludgeoners 
plus some skeleton bowmen to kill.  The only trick to the area involves some 
torches you’ll find.  Three times in the ruins you’ll come to the end of an 
area, and the only thing there will be a torch.  So just shoot the torch with 
your bow to move on.  In the last room, you’ll find three torches, and in 
that case you should shoot the one on the right.  Then just take the bow back 
to Pierce to receive your training.

Note: The bow is a Bow of Ecclesiastes, which has a long range but a slow 
speed.  If you want to keep the bow and still receive training, you can 
either steal the bow back from Pierce, or you can tell Pierce that you didn’t 
find it, and he’ll offer to train you for 2000 gold.

Disarm Traps

Expert    : Thrayne Iron Heart, Wheel Clan
            Adam Maxwell, Caladon
            Jason C. Guy, Roseborough
Master    : Daniel McPherson, Caladon

To get master training, you just have to prove yourself to McPherson.  To do 
that, accept the key that he gives you and then head down through the trap 
door in his house.  You’ll find yourself in a maze of sorts, and all you’ll 
have to do is walk through all of the tunnels and then go back up the ladder 
and talk to McPherson.  The traps in the maze aren’t any worse than the traps 
in the rest of the game, so you can simply bite the bullet and walk right 
through them if you have a competent healer with you.  Note: When McPherson 
trains you he’ll also give you trapmaker spectacles (+2 dexterity, +2 
perception) which are pretty nice.


Expert    : Herkemer Oggdoddler, Black Root
            Winde, Qintarra
Master    : Adkin Chambers, Stillwater

To receive master training, Chambers will require you to kill Sir Garrick 
Stout of Dernholm and return with his eyes.  However, Stout is the melee 
master, and for Chambers’ story to work best, you should do Stout’s quest 
even if you don’t plan on being a melee master yourself.  (See the melee 
section for information on Stout’s quest.)

Once you’ve killed Stout, you may or may not find his eyes on the corpse (it 
depends on if you talked to Chambers before killing him).  You’ll be able to 
receive master training from Chambers regardless.  Also, be sure to talk to 
Lady Druella to get the cure blindness potion, and then return to Chambers.  
Take the dialogue option about giving him the eyes, and then give him the 
potion.  You should become a dodge master, and Chambers and Druella should 
live happily ever after.  (You’ll be able to meet them later in Roseborough.)


Expert    : Doc Roberts, Shrouded Hills
            Herkemer Oggdoddler, Black Root
Master    : William Thorndop, Ashbury

When you talk to Thorndop, you should recognize him as the firearms master, 
but he won’t want to train you.  However, after you finish speaking with him 
a halfling (who looks like a dwarf) will run up to you and deliver a message.  
If you read the note and talk to Thorndop again, you’ll discover that the 
Willenbecker gang is after him and that they’ve kidnapped the halfling’s wife 
to lure him to the barn where they’re waiting.

Since Thorndop can’t do anything about the gang, offer to help out and then 
head east to the barn.  You’ll find seven gang members inside, ranging in 
level from 10 to 30.  The gang member to pay the most attention to is the 
half-ogre in the back.  He’s the one guarding / attacking the halfling wife, 
and so you need to distract him before he kills her.  Once the gang is dead, 
simply head back to Thorndop and convince him to train you.


Apprentice: Langley, Tarant (Bridesdale Inn)
Expert    : Bartenders
Master    : Gurin Rockharrow, Tarant (Wellington Gentlemen’s Club)

There isn’t a quest here.  Just talk to Rockharrow and then gamble with him.  
Once you’ve won about 20,000 gold (not counting your losses), Rockharrow will 
declare you to be a master.

Note: In earlier versions of the game, triggering the Matt de Cesare quest 
sometimes “scares” Rockharrow into not talking to you any more.  So if you’re 
playing without any patches, and if you want to get gambling mastery, deal 
with Rockharrow before dealing with de Cesare.


Expert    : Bartenders
Master    : J.M. Morat, Tarant (Grant’s Tavern)

There isn’t a quest here.  Just pay Morat 10,000 gold and he’ll train you to 
be master.  Plus he’ll give you his ring of influence (if you haven’t stolen 
it already).


Expert    : Gaylin, Shrouded Hills
            Perriman Smythe, Tarant
Master    : Fawn, Qintarra

There isn’t a quest here.  As long as you are good enough, Fawn will train 
you (and give you her amulet, if you haven’t stolen it already).  Note that 
you must have high intelligence to be trained, so if you’ve been using 
potions of intellect to learn heal, make sure you have one when you talk to 


Expert    : Herkemer Oggdoddler, Black Root
Master    : Sir Garrick Stout, Dernholm

The master quests for dodge and melee are related.  If you plan to do both, 
it’s best to talk to the dodge master (and accept his quest) before talking 
to the melee master.

Regardless, to receive master training you have to “rescue” Lady Druella from 
the Gyr Dolour.  (Stout will mark the location on your map.)  The Dolour can 
freeze opponents, but otherwise they’re easy to kill.  Once you’ve woken Lady 
Druella, talk to her and formulate a plan for killing Stout, and then kill 
Stout after receiving your training.  Then be sure to get the cure blindness 
potion from Lady Druella before leaving.


Expert    : Madam Lil, Tarant
Master    : Edward Willoughsby, Tarant

Willoughsby will only show up in Tarant after you’ve been to Qintarra.  When 
he does show up, you’ll find him in front of his house.

Willoughsby’s quest involves going to Caladon and convincing the king’s 
advisors that Caladon should join the Unified Kingdom.  He’ll give you a 
dossier describing the ten terms of agreement, and you should read the 
dossier so you know what to expect.  Then go to Caladon and talk to Renard in 
front of the Castle, and then go inside and stand in front of the podium.  
(Ignore the lobbyists.)

The king’s advisors will ask you about each of the ten terms of agreement 
from the dossier, and you’ll have to give answers that are good for Tarant.  
To get the best agreement, simply select the first dialogue option for each 
question.  If Caladon doesn’t agree using those choices, then take a more 
moderate approach.  As long as the agreement favors Tarant Willoughsby will 
train you, but if you get the best agreement you’ll also earn a reputation as 
an honorary ambassador for Tarant.

Pick Locks

Apprentice: Lloyd Gurloes, Shrouded Hills
Expert    : Garret Almstead, Black Root
            Adam Maxwell, Caladon
Master    : J.T. Morgan, Caladon (in prison)

To receive master training, first visit Mrs. R.L. Morgan in Roseborough.  If 
you’re skilled enough at lock picking, she’ll ask you to smuggle J.T.’s lock 
picks in to him at Caladon’s high security prison (which is part of police 
headquarters there).  You’ll have to pick some locks and possibly kill some 
guards, but when you get to J.T. and give him his picks, he’ll train you to 
be master.

Pick Pocket

Apprentice: Thieves (but only after discovering the Thieves Underground)
Expert    : Poone, Tarant
            Mr. Black, Tarant
Master    : Sammie White, Tarant (Kensington Park)

This is a master quest you might want to skip.  The master bonus is 
worthless, and doing the quest will lower the reaction rating of everyone in 
Tarant towards you.  But if you really want to do it...

Trade barbs with Sammie, and then keep talking to him until you can ask what 
he does for a living.  He’ll admit to being a pick pocket, and you should 
then be able to ask for master training.  Sammie will tell you that he 
doesn’t want money for training you.  Instead he’ll ask you to take off your 
body armor and run up and down Kensington Broadway.  So do that and watch all 
the people make fun of you (and earn the reputation of Pervert of Tarant), 
and then go back and talk to Sammie.  He’ll train you as master.


Expert    : Mr. Black, Tarant
            Mr. Razzia, Caladon
            Elite Bow Captain, Dernholm
Master    : Albert Leek, Caladon (Sobbing Onion)

The quest here is simply to find the master, Albert Leek, and to do that you 
have to follow the clues from three notes.  You’ll get the first note when 
you train to be an expert, and it should lead you to the Mushroom Inn, room 4 
(in Caladon).  There you should find a second note, and it will give you 
clues to look under the bed, put on the glasses you should find there, and 
then look at the portrait.  You’ll receive a new location on your map -- a 
Mysterious Location (1586W, 1816S) -- and there, if you travel northeast, 
you’ll find a hollow tree stump guarded by several brute fangs.  Brute fangs 
are nasty in groups, so be prepared before you go in.  In the stump you’ll 
find the third note, and it will tell you to read the note again by the 
fireplace in the Mushroom Inn.  So go back to the inn, read the note again, 
and learn that the master is named Albert Leek and can be found at the 
Sobbing Onion.

When you find Leek, he’ll introduce himself as “A.L.” but if you have a 
couple drinks with him, you’ll eventually recognize who he is, and he’ll give 
you training (plus a ring of silence).  Note that the drinking might lower 
your prowling skill enough that you’ll have to wait until you’re sober again 
to train.  Also note that it doesn’t appear as if you really have to get the 
notes.  Once you get expert training you can just walk right up to Leek to 
train with him.


Expert    : Mellin Bungerton, Tarant (Boil)
            Garret Almstead, Black Root
            Junk dealers
Master    : Hieronymous Maxim, Caladon

To get master training, you need to prove that Maxim’s heavier-than-air 
machines actually worked.  To do that, just give him the camera from the 
crash site.

Spot Traps

Expert    : Herkemer Oggdoddler, Black Root
            Vegard Molten Flow, Wheel Clan
Master    : Frederick T. Fitzgerald, Tarant

You’ll have to prove yourself to Fitzgerald by retrieving the Staff of K’an 
T’au from the Castle of S’nel N’fa.  The castle is full of traps, of course, 
but since you should be skilled at spotting traps (and probably disarming 
them as well), it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to work your way to the 
back of the castle, kill K’an T’au, and then get his staff from the chest in 
the room.  (The trap door there just leads out of the castle.)  Then just 
return to Fitzgerald to receive training.


Expert    : Lianna Pel Dar, Dernholm
            Theo Brightstart, Ashbury
Master    : Clarissa Shalmo, Black Root

Shalmo will ask you to retrieve Azram’s Star from K’na Tha, and this quest 
will go essentially the same as the bow master quest: you’ll have to kill 
things using ranged attacks, and you’ll have to shoot out torches when you 
run into a dead end.  If you don’t like trial and error, then the correct 
choices are: middle torch, right torch, unlit torch, left torch, left branch 
(of the purple intersection), middle torch, middle torch.  That will take you 
to the final area, where you’ll find Azram’s Star in an altar.  Then just 
shoot the nearby torch to be taken back to the world map.

Note that you can’t complete this quest using the aerial decapitator.  It 
doesn’t have enough range.  So if that’s your weapon of choice, be sure to 
bring along a boomerang or something to shoot out torches.  (You can find a 
boomerang in K’na Tha.)

* 05.00 EQUIPMENT                                                          *

This section includes statistics for interesting and useful items.  You can 
use it to see what might be available in the game, or to see what tech 
college might be best for you.  Most objects in the game load in random 
locations, but there are some trends: all schematics seem to load in 
appropriate shops, and all magic items seem to load at gypsies -- provided 
you’re patient and keep looking for them there.  Other items load in 
particular places or have an excellent chance to load in a particular place, 
and for those items I’ve listed a location as well as statistics.


*  The item is guaranteed to be at the location.
+  The item is sometimes at the location.
M  The item is magical.
T  The item is technical.
N  The item is neither magical nor technical.

| 05.01 NECKLACES                                                          |

Amulet of K’nan-el (M): (+4) constitution
     @ Worn by Fawn, Qintarra*

Amulet of N’Tala (M): (+1) strength, (+1) constitution, (+100%) healing rate
     @ Worn by Myrth, Stillwater*

Charming Medallion (M): MR (10)
     @ Worn by Ristezze, Shrouded Hills*

The Finger of Mannox (N): Bonus to crit hits, PR 20, +1 willpower, +2 melee
     @ Hadrian’s collection at the First Panarii Temple, Caladon*

Jewel of Hebe (N): +2 beauty, +1 charisma
     @ Panarii Temple, Tarant*

Lucky Medallion (N): +2 gambling
     @ Worn by Poone vagrant, Tarant*

Medallion of Beauty (M): (+2) beauty
     @ Tarant (Closed) Sewers+
       Worn by woman in King’s Inn & Pub, Dernholm*
       Worn by wandering woman, Black Root*
       Worn by woman at the Roseborough Inn, Roseborough*
       Inside the innkeepers’ chest at the Roseborough Inn, Roseborough*
       Ancient Maze+
       Lair of Bellerogrim+

Medallion of Silence (M): +2 prowling
     @ Elven Ruins*

Pelojian’s Amulet (N): +40 MR
     @ Tulla*

| 05.02 RINGS                                                              |

Arcane Ring (M): PR (20), FR (20), ER (20), MR (20)
     @ Worn by female innkeeper, Roseborough*

Charged Ring (T): +2 dexterity

Charmed Ring (M): PR 5, FR 5, ER 5, MR 5
     @ Sorcerous beast lair, Isle of Despair*

Fated Ring (M): +5 crit hit, +1 gambling
     @ Barach’s Magerium, Tarant+

Magick Ring (M): PR 10, FR 10, ER 10, MR 10
     @ Uncharted Cave*

Mystic Ring (M): PR (15), FR (15), ER (15), MR (15)

Ring of Concealment (N): +2 prowl
     @ Worn by Gildor Nightwalk, Stillwater*

Ring of Influence (M): (+3) beauty, (+3) charisma
     @ Worn by J.T. Morat, Tarant (Grant’s Tavern)*

Ring of Poison Resistance (M): AC (10), PR (20)
     @ Forbidden Pit*

Ring of Protection (M): AC (10)

Ring of Virility (N): +2 constitution
    @ Worn by Mr. Franklin, Tarant*

| 05.03 FOUND SCHEMATICS                                                   |

     @ 12 Trellis Way, Ashbury*

Blade Launcher: D30-60, FT 5-15, RNG 15, B 6, SP 1

Bronwyck’s Gun: D 1-4, FT 1-8, FD 1-25, RNG 10, F 2, SP 6
     @ Shades Beach, Isle of Despair*

Charged Accelerator Gun: D 1-15, FT 1-3, RNG 15, B 3, 8 SP

Charged Sword: D 3-12, FT 3-9, ED 1-20, SP 10

Compound Bow: D 5-18, FT 3-9, RNG 15, A 1, SP 6

Droch’s Warbringer: D 20-40, FT 1-10, ED 10-10, RNG 15, B 1, SP 8
     @ Vendigroth Ruins*

Electro-Armor (medium): AC 18, DR 45, FR 10, ER 65, NP -80

Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion
     @ Tarant (Closed) Sewers*

Envenomed Axe: D 1-12, FT 1-9, PD 20-40, 5 SP

Envenomed Sword: D 1-8, FT 1-4, PD 10-35, 8 SP

Flow Disruptor Shield: AC 30, MR 30

Goggled Helmet: AC 6, DR 9, +3 perception

Grenade Launcher: D 1-4, RNG 15, FD, 2-20, B 1, SP 1

Machined Plate Mail: AC 25, DR 45, PR 20, FR 20, ER -10, NP -90
     @ Grey King’s chest, Wheel Clan (the Dredge)*

Mechanized Gun: D 1-30, FT 1-5, RNG 15, B 6, SP 20

Miner’s Helmet: AC 15

     @ Stonecutter Clan (laboratory)*

Potion of Paralysis
     @ Half-ogre Island*

Pyrotechnic Axe: D 1-12, FT 1-9, FD 30-50, SP 5
     @ Tarant (Open) Sewers*

Pyrotechnic Bow: D 1-10, FT 2-5, RNG 20, FD 5-20, SP 8
     @ Black Mountain Mines forge*

     @ Shades Beach, Isle of Despair*

Rifled Cannon: D 10-30, FT 5-20, RNG 15, B 5, SP 2

Tesla Gun: ED 10-80, RNG 0, BA 4, SP 1

Telsa Rod: ED 10-40, RNG 0, BA 1, SP 5

Vendigrothian War Gauntlets: AC 15, D 15
     @ Vendigroth Ruins*

Vivifier: Permanent +1 to all attributes
     @ Vendigroth Ruins*

| 05.04 OFFERINGS                                                          |

Black Diamond
     @ Ancient Maze (on the ground)*
       Bangellian Deeps (on ground)*
       Caladon Castle (in upstairs guest room)*

Bone Dagger
     @ Carried by Krag Berserkers, Caladon (old sewers)*
       Carried by orc bandits (in random encounters)
       Carried by bone butchers, Caladon (catacombs)+

     @ Stonecutter Clan (on ground)*
       Next to Kaitan’s altar, Gorgoth Pass*

     @ Bedokaan Village (on ground north of pit)*
       Bedokaan Village (on ground north of Kan Kerai)*
       Bedokaan Village (on ground southeast of Kan Kerai)*

Lava Rock
     @ Black Mountain Mines (on ground)*

     @ Elven Trader, Ashbury (for sale)*

Olive Branch
     @ Wheel Clan garden*

Passion Root
     @ Near Qintarra (on ground)+
       Stillwater (next to Geshtianna’s altar)*
       Wheel Clan (in garden)*

Reaper’s Axe
     @ Gypsies (for sale)

| 05.05 WEAPONS                                                            |

Aerial Decapitator (N): D 20-40, RNG 8, SP 12
     @ Worn by Old Blind Master, Old Blind Master’s House*

Arcane Axe (M): D 3-14 (+20), FT 2-10 (+9)
     @ Worn by cursed paladin, Bangellian Deeps*

Arcane Bow (M): D 1-10 (+8), FT 2-5, RNG 20, SP 8

Arcane Dagger (M): D 1-6 (+12), FT 1-2 (+4), SP 17

Arcane Great Sword (M): D 4-16 (+16), FT 3-11 (+16), mana +20, SP 8
     @ The Bog*

Arcane Staff (M): D 1-8, FT 3-12 (+24), 80 mana, SP 8

Arcane Sword (M): D 1-8 (+16), FT 1-4 (+8), mana +16, SP 10
     @ Worn by Stringy Pete, Stringy Pete’s Cove*

Azram’s Star (M): D 1-10 (+20), FT 1-3, RNG 20, SP 16
     @ K’na Tha*

Balanced Sword (T): D 3-12, FT 3-9, SP 18
     @ Caladon armory (under guardhouse near Shoreline Park)*

Bow of Ecclesiastes (M): D 1-10, FT 2-5, TH (+30), RNG 15 (+50)
     @ Ruins of Szabo*

Charged Axe (T): D 1-12, FT 1-9, ED 20-30, SP 5
     @ Worn by Sebastian, Tarant Boil*

Clarington Rifle (T): D 1-15, FT 1-10, RNG 15, B 1, SP 8
     @ Worn by Albert, Tulla*
     @ Worn by Edward Willenbecker, Ashbury (firearms master quest)*

Elephant Gun (T): D 20-50, FT 1-15, RNG 15, B 2, SP 4
     @ Worn by Robert Milton, Poachers’ Camp (Bedokaan quest)*

Ellumyn’s Bow (M): D 10-20, (+50 crit hit vs. animals), RNG 20, SP 20
     @ Quest reward from Ellumyn, Qintarra*

Feather Weight Axe (T): D 1-16, FT 3-11, SP 12
     @ Wheel Clan smith (for sale)*

Hand Cannon (T): D 5-20, FT 1-10, RNG 12, B 1, SP 13
     @ Worn by Sammie White, Tarant*

Iron Clan Hammer (T): D 15-35, FT 1-8, TH 5, FD 1-5, SP 10, indestructible
     @ Iron Clan*

Kryggird’s Falchion (N): D 35-50, FT 10-20, TH 20, SP 15
     @ The Void*

Large Bore Vendigrothian Rifle (T): D 2-25, FT 1-7, RNG 15, B 1, SP 5
     @ Vendigroth Ruins*

Looking Glass Rifle (T): D 10-30, FT 1-15, TH 20, RNG 25, B 1, SP 1
     @ Carried by William Thorndop, Ashbury*

Mechanized Dagger (T): D 2-12, FT 1-6, SP 15
     @ Carried by Sammie White, Tarant*

Mechanized Gun (T): D 1-30, FT 1-5, RNG 15, B 6, SP 20
     @ Worn by one of Captain Wheeler’s men, Tarant (Donn Throgg quest)*

Power Axe (T): D 5-18, FT 3-11
     @ Worn by Orc Activist, Tarant (Donn Throgg quest)*
       Worn by Bludgeoner, Ruins of Szabo*

Repeater Rifle (T): D 5-12, FT 1-8, RNG 15, B 2, SP 19
     @ Worn by Hieronymous Maxim, Caladon*

Staff of Xoranth (M): D 1-4, FT 2-9, TH (25), SP 8 (+25)
     @ Carried by Jormund (quest reward)*

Sword of Air (M): D 5-20, FT 1-5, (weight 20), SP 12

Sword of Baltar (M): D 15-25, FT 5-15
     @ Worn by Lianna Pel Dar, Dernholm*

Staff of Xoranth (M): D 1-4, FT 2-9, TH (25), SP 38
     @ Quest reward from Jormund, Qintarra*

Torian Kel’s Ancestral Sword (M): D 10-25 (+10), FT 1-4, TH 10 (+21),
     SP 10 (+20)
     @ Worn by the Bane of Kree, the Void*

| 05.06 ARMOR                                                              |

Arcane Gauntlets (M): AC (5), DR 5 (+5)
     @ Carried by dead ogre, Caladon new sewers*

Arcane Helmet (M): AC 10 (+10), DR 12 (+8), PE -1
     @ Worn by Stringy Pete, Stringy Pete’s Cove*

Arcane Leather Armor (M): AC 9 (+20), DR 16 (+20), FR 5 (+20), PR (20)

Arcane Platemail (M): AC 15 (+10), DR 36 (+10), MR (10), FR 10 (+10), PR (10)

Arcane Robes (M): AC 3, DR 3, other resistances +50

Arcane Shield (M): AC 10 (+16), FR 2 (+16)
     @ Worn by Stringy Pete, Stringy Pete’s Cove*

Basic Mechanized Plate (T): AC 20, DR 30, FR 10, ER -20, NP -80
     @ 12 Trellis Way, Ashbury*

Caladon Crusading Chain (M): AC 14, DR 25, FR 5, ER -5, NP -25, +1 strength,
     +1 constitution, +1 dexterity, +1 beauty, bonus to reaction
     @ Caladon armory (under guardhouse near Shoreline Park)*

Charmed Helmet (M): AC 10 (+4), DR 12 (+2), PE -1

Creep Armor (M): AC 10, DR 5, FR 5, NP -10 (+15)

Dark Helm (M): AC 6, DR 9, PE -1, Magical Aptitude 20, Alignment -20
     @ On the Lord of the Damned, Haunted Castle, Tarant*

Dread Armor (M): AC 19 (+31), DR 5, FR (5), NP -20

Dwarven Chainmail (T): AC 14, DR 27, FR 10, ER -20, NP -20
     @ Wheel Clan smith (for sale)*

Dwarven Platemail (T): AC 17, DR 40, FR 15, ER -20, NP -80
     @ Wheel Clan smith (for sale)*

Elite Plate (T): AC 20, DR 40, FR 30, NP -35

Elven Boots (M): DR 5, NP (25)
     @ Gideon Laier, T’sen-Ang

Eye Gear (T): +2 perception
     @ Black Mountain Mines forge*

Feather-weight Chainmail (T): AC 13, DR 24, FR 5, ER -10, NP -25

Fleet Helm (N): AC 2, DR 10, NP 10
     @ worn by magical smith, Caladon*

Flow Disruptor Shield (T): AC 30, MR 30
     @ Worn by Sebastian, Tarant Boil*

Helmet of Strength (N): AC 2, DR 15, PE -1
     @ Worn by clerk, Tarant (Castleman’s General Store)*

Helmet of Vision (T): AC 3, DR 7

Iron Clan Armor (T): AC 45, DR 50, PR 30, FR 30, NP -20 (small size)
     @ Iron Clan*
Machined Plate Mail (T): AC 25, DR 45, PR 20, FR 20, ER -10, NP -90
     @ Worn by Albert, Tulla*
       Worn by Edward Willenbecker, Ashbury (firearms master quest)*

Mechanized Gauntlets (T): AC 5, DR 7, D 15
     @ Black Mountain Mines forge*
       Worn by Lianna Pel Dar, Dernholm*
       Worn by blacksmith, Ashbury (Ashbury Premium Armature)*

Miner’s Helmet (T): AC 15, provides light
     @ Vegard Molten Flow, Wheel Clan (quest reward)*

Regenerative Jacket (T): AC 10, DR 5, FR 5, NP -20, accelerates healing
     @ Worn by Sebastian, Tarant Boil*

Shield of Force (M): AC 30, ED 1-10 to attacker
     @ Worn by Gideon Laier, T’sen-Ang*

Tempered Shield (T): AC 30, DR 10
     @ Carried by Richard Leeks, Stillwater*

Trapmaker Spectacles (N): +2 dexterity, +2 perception
     @ Daniel McPherson, Caladon (master quest reward)*

Vendigrothian Padded Leather Gauntlets (T): AC 4, D 2
     @ Vendigroth Ruins*

| 05.07 MISCELLANEOUS                                                      |

Kathorn Crystal
     @ Black Mountain Mines throne room*
       Ancient Shipwreck (at night, on the skeletons)*

Lock Picks: +5% lock picking
     @ Character creation store*
       Wolf Cave*
       Junk dealers, general stores

Mithril Ore
     @ Wheel Clan smith (for sale)*
       Grey King’s chest, Wheel Clan (the Dredge)*
       Stonecutter Clan (storage room)*

* 06.00 LOCATIONS                                                          *

| 06.01 CITIES                                                             |

Ashbury (505W, 978S)
Black Root (1097W, 1442S)
Caladon (1605W, 1828S)
Dernholm (1236W, 1653S)
Qintarra (1545W, 658S)
Roseborough (1750W, 1516S)
Shrouded Hills (1409W, 1317S)
Stillwater (1189W, 755S)
Tarant (972W, 1029S)
Wheel Clan (953W, 668S)

| 06.02 PASSES                                                             |

Gorgoth Pass (1500W, 1443S)
Hardin’s Pass (1288W, 714S)
Gateway to the Wastes (466W, 742S)

| 06.03 QUEST AREAS                                                        |

Arbalah’s House (1451W, 1304S)
The Bangellian Deeps (1180W, 289S)
The Bedokaan Village (1180W, 315S)
The Black Mountain Mines (1308W, 955S)
Boat Landing on Thanatos (628W, 1594S)
Dungeon of the Dragon Pool (993W, 790S)
The Castle S’nel N’fa (1385W, 643S)
Elven Ruins (711W, 1023S)
Falcon’s Ache (1627W, 565S)
Half-ogre Island (923W, 1698S)
The House of Maximillian (320W, 838S)
Isle of Despair (323W, 877S)
K’na Tha (1435W, 616S)
Kree (636W, 1204S)
A Lair of Gyr Dolours (1182W, 1583S)
Lethe Wyvern Sighting (1580W, 1010S)
Liam’s Workshop (1179W, 1466S)
Mysterious Ruins of the Wastes (474W, 694S)
A Mysterious Location (1586W, 1816S)
Nasrudin’s Resting Place (722W, 1892S)
The Pit of Fires (1365W, 937S)
The Place of Lost Voices (1321W, 830S)
The Poacher’s Camp (1205W, 277S)
Razors Pointe (1505W, 1772S)
The Ruby Glade (794W, 211S)
Ruins of Szabo (1028W, 1325S)
Secret Entrance to the Iron Clan (1514W, 1185S)
Shades Beach (346W, 827S)
Simon Fahrkus’ Shack (1450W, 1325S)
Stonecutter Clan (1344W, 886S)
Stringy Pete’s Cove (682W, 1341S)
Stringy Pete’s Treasure (807W, 1341S)
Thieves’ Cave (1550W, 1536S)
T’sen-Ang (1506W, 297S)
Torin Quarry (1419W, 1101S)
Vendigroth Ruins (308W, 587S)
Vooriden (871W, 1193S)
The Williamson Homestead (509W, 1114S)
The Women’s Camp (268W, 824S)

| 06.04 OTHER AREAS                                                        |

Ancient Maze (1367W, 1585S)
Ancient Ruins (1755W, 1480S)
Ancient Shipwreck (499W, 892S)
Ancient Temple (776W, 920S)
The Bog (1075W, 515S)
Bolo’s Altar (1626W, 1636S)
Broken Cathedral (1627W, 1207S)
The Cold Place (1611W, 1415S)
Crash Site (1452W, 1292S)
Dark Elf Camp (345W, 650S)
The Fan Graveyard (1060W, 809S)
Forbidden Pit (831W, 1033S)
Kerlin’s Altar (882W, 423S)
The Lair of Bellerogrim (769W, 839S)
The Lair of Bogaroth (640W, 1765S)
Land Bridge (720W, 1886S)
Old Blind Master’s House (750W, 556S)
Old Lagoon (1695W, 1319S)
Secret Village (1320W, 181S)
Small Camp (1261W, 479S)
Small Pond (1595W, 882S)
Strange Ceremony (1373W, 706S)
Strange Pond (618W, 528S)
Torg’s Altar (1215W, 1139S)
Uncharted Cave (1048W, 695S)
Village of the Ashlag Tribe (744W, 1702S)
Vollinger’s Meeting Place (1230W, 982S)
Wolf Cave (1230W, 1530S)

* 07.00 ANCIENT GODS / ALTARS QUEST                                        *

The Ancient Gods quest is a way for you to improve your character -- perhaps 
drastically -- during the course of the game.  But it isn’t an official 
quest, and it won’t show up in your quest log.  It involves making offerings 
to the 12 ancient gods -- and doing so in the correct order.

If you talk to Aldous T. Buxington at the Tarant University, he’ll give you a 
book with information about the gods, and he’ll also point you to a mural 
showing the relationships between the gods.  The book and the mural provide 
all the information you need to complete the quest, but if you don’t want to 
puzzle it out on your own, then keep reading.  The next two sections include 
information about the gods and the correct ordering for the ultimate 

| 07.01 THE GODS                                                           |

The Noble Lesser Gods

Ter’el, Elven God of Wisdom
     Location: Falcon’s Ache
     Offering: Li’tani
     Blessing: +1 perception, +4 bow skill

Geshtianna, Human Goddess of Love
     Location: Stillwater
     Offering: Passion Root
     Blessing: +1 beauty

The Neutral Lesser Gods

Alberich, Dwarven God of Stone
     Location: Wheel Clan
     Offering: Lava Rock
     Blessing: +1 strength

Makaal, Bedokaan God of the Hunt
     Location: Bedokaan Village
     Offering: Heartstone
     Blessing: +1 dexterity

Bolo, Halfling God of Thieves
     Location: Bolo’s Altar
     Offering: Any Ring
     Blessing: +4 pick locks, +4 pick pockets

Kerlin, Gnome God of Gold
     Location: Kerlin’s Altar
     Offering: Mnura Coin
     Blessing: +4 haggle, +4 persuasion

The Darker Lesser Gods

Shakar, Orcish God of War
     Location: Kree
     Offering: Bone Weapon (bone dagger or reaper’s axe)
     Blessing: +4 dodge, +4 melee

Torg, Ogre God of Heart
     Location: Torg’s Altar
     Offering: Ruby
     Blessing: +1 constitution

Greater Gods

Halcyon, God of Truth
     Location: Vooriden
     Offering: Olive Tree Branch
     Blessing: +2 willpower, +2 perception, +4 spot traps, +4 heal 

Moorindal, God of Shadows
     Location: Ancient Temple
     Offering: Black Diamond
     Blessing: +8 backstab, +4 prowling, +4 melee

Kaitan, God of Balance
     Location: Gorgoth Pass
     Offering: Geode
     Blessing: +1 beauty, +1 charisma, +4 bow


     Location: Vendigroth Ruins
     Offering: Yourself (just walk onto the platform)
     Blessing: +100 hit points, +100 fatigue, +12 melee, +12 dodge,
               +12 pickpocket, +12 firearms, +12 persuasion, +4 dexterity,
               +30 damage resistance, +30 magic resistance

Note: Some skills might not appear as if they received the full benefit of 
the blessing.  This happens when the associated attribute value is lower than 
it should be for the skill level.

| 07.02 THE ORDER                                                          |

You can pick out any single lesser god and get its blessing by making the 
correct offering, but in order to accumulate blessings and eventually receive 
Velorien’s blessing, you need to make offerings in the following order:

First Circle

Ter’el, Makaal, Alberich, Geshtianna, and then Halcyon

Second Circle

Torg, Bolo, Kerlin, Shakar, and then Moorindal

Third Circle

Alberich, Makaal, Kerlin, Bolo, and then Kaitan

Final Blessing


Every time you get a blessing from a greater god, you’ll lose the blessings 
of the first four gods in the circle, and when you receive Velorien’s 
blessing, you’ll lose the blessings of the greater gods.  However, you can 
stop making offerings at any point and keep the blessings you have.  So you 
might want to stop before reaching Kaitan or Velorien so you can keep the 
strength and dexterity bonuses from Alberich and Makaal in the third circle.

* 08.00 FATE POINTS                                                        *

Fate points aren’t really critical to finishing the game, but they certainly 
are convenient.  If you have lots of followers, then the best place to use 
them is probably to force good reactions from your followers, so they don’t 
get mad at you and leave.  It’s also useful sometimes to use a fate point to 
guarantee a success at picking a pocket or picking a lock.

Listed below are some of the situations where you can get fate points:

-- Convincing the bridge thieves to leave (Shrouded Hills).
-- Killing the bridge thieves (Shrouded Hills).
-- Freeing Gar from H.T. Parnell’s (Tarant).
-- Exploring the tunnel under the Bates mansion (Tarant).
-- Killing Gilbert Bates (Tarant).
-- Delivering Gilbert Bates’ journal to Cedric Appleby (Tarant).
-- Convincing Loghaire to end his exile (Wheel Clan).
-- Killing the Stillwater Giant (Stillwater).
-- Discovering the journal on Half-ogre Island (Caladon).
-- Freeing the half-ogres (T’sen-Ang).
-- Discovering the journal of St. Mannox and relating its contents to
   Alexander (Caladon).
-- Curing Cynthia Wit of lycanthropy (Caladon).
-- Convincing Donn Throgg to work with Councilman Babcock (Tarant).
-- Convincing Donn Throgg to attack Captain Wheeler (Tarant).
-- Killing Donn Throgg (Tarant).  (This is worth 2 fate points.)
-- Repairing the Altar to Halcyon (Vooriden).
-- Solving Wrath’s “murder” (Qintarra).
-- Betraying the Bedokaan lizards to the poachers (Bedokaan Village).
-- Curing Adkin Chambers of blindness (Stillwater).
-- Killing everyone in Stillwater (Stillwater).
-- Assassinating King Farad for Heinrich Jenks (Caladon).  (You’ll get the 
fate point when you return to Jenks.)
-- Killing the Schuylers with Magnus (Tarant).  (You’ll need to first agree 
to make a deal with the Schuylers, then tell Magnus to think about it, and 
then attack.)
-- Stealing the idol at Kree without killing anybody (Kree).

* 09.00 GAMEPLAY TIPS                                                      *

You can put any objects you want into your hotkey slots, so it’s useful to 
keep some slots available for large inventory objects (like armor) so you can 
carry more items around.

Tarant makes a good hub for your adventures.  There is a gypsy there to 
identify your objects, and the junk dealer will buy most anything and is a 
capable repairer.

The best two things to buy at the character creation shop: lockpicks and a 
fine steel dagger.

Don’t use trash bins to store your objects.  They get emptied periodically.  
Do use trash bins to “throw away” objects you don’t want your party members 
to pick up.

The easiest way to hear all the rumors for a town is to talk to a bartender.  
You can get into a conversation loop and keep asking for rumors until there 
are no more to hear.

If you need to pick up a large object, but you don’t have enough room in your 
inventory and you can’t tell how big the object is (and therefore don’t know 
how much room to create), try to pick up the object, and when that fails, 
drop an object.  You’ll create a “junk pile” with the large object, and 
you’ll be able to see how big it is.

If you click on the sign or plaque identifying a building, the name of the 
building will appear on the area map.

If you wear heavy gloves, they’ll adversely affect your pick pocketing skill.

Save your game before entering bars.  Patrons will randomly bet you 500 gold 
on trivia questions, insult you, ignore you, or even attack you.

When traveling on the world map, you can set waypoints any place on the map, 
not just on known locations.

To identify an object using a scroll: select the scroll, move it to the hand 
icon on the right side of the inventory screen, and then select the item you 
want to identify.

At several points in the game, you’ll receive a note or a book, and a quest 
will only be triggered once you read the item.  So even if you’ve played 
through the game once, be sure to read everything that comes your way.

Non-obvious items you should hang onto: shovel, kathorn crystal, Molochean 
Hand amulet, mithril, scroll of shrink, offerings for the altars quest.

* 10.00 WALKTHROUGH                                                        *

This section contains a walkthrough for Arcanum.  The goal is to allow you to 
do as many quests as possible, and see as many things as possible, but stay 
on the side of good when there are conflicting options.  (I’ll touch on some 
evil activities, but the story doesn’t work as well when you take the evil 
path, and performing evil acts has overly negative consequences, like turning 
towns against you.)

For the most part I’m assuming characters have average intelligence and 
charisma, but don’t be surprised if your game doesn’t go exactly as I’ve 
described.  That’s part of the beauty of Arcanum, that no two games are 
exactly alike.
| 10.01 CRASH SITE                                                         |

Let VIRGIL join your group and then search the area around the wreck.  There 
are a few useful things you should find -- the matchbook and passport on 
PRESTON RADCLIFFE’s body, the camera on ISAAC ZAPRUDER’s body, and the note 
on WILHEMINA CARPENTER’s body -- plus some other gadgets that you can sell 
later.  You should also find the wreckage of one of the planes that shot down 
the zeppelin.  Note that an ogre was piloting the plane, and that the plane 
came from Maxim’s Machinery in Caladon.

     “Ah.  Something isn’t quite right about all this.” -- Virgil

Continue exploring and kill the wolves, boars and little warriors you run 
into.  If you’re confident you can take on the enemies yourself, tell Virgil 
to back off (F5) so you can get more experience.

On the northeastern edge of the area, on the far side of the lake, you should 
find a cave.  Inside the cave are some sewer rats that you should have no 
trouble killing, plus some more gadgets to pick up, plus a spirit to talk to.  
The spirit is CHARLES BREHGO, and he’ll tell you how an evil wizard named 
ARBALAH cursed him and his friend.  Agree to kill the wizard to break the 

Then exit the cave, finish exploring the crash site if you need to, and head 
southeast.  Eventually you’ll come to a shrine with an inscription on it.  
Conveniently, the inscription is the prophecy that Virgil couldn’t quite 
remember before: “And his spirit shall be reborn on wings of fire in hills 
shrouded in fog.”  After Virgil says his bit, save your game.

Once you walk a little past the shrine, you’ll be approached by a hooded man.  
The man is a bad guy, and if you let Virgil do the talking, he’ll scare the 
man away.  However, if you do the talking, you can provoke the man to fight 
and pick up some extra experience.  So try fighting first, and if that 
doesn’t work let Virgil talk.  If you kill the man, notice that he was 
wearing the same sort of amulet as the ogre pilot.  (It’s a Molochean Hand 

A little past the confrontation, you’ll finally be able to access the world 
map.  Virgil will tell you about it, and you can also tell by the blue globe 
that shows up on the upper left part of the interface (assuming you’re not in 
fullscreen mode).  Don’t go to Shrouded Hills yet; instead go to Arbalah’s 

Notice the two fresh graves outside the house, and then go in to talk to 
Arbalah.  (If it’s night you’ll have to wait for morning.)  Arbalah will give 
you a different story than Brehgo, that Brehgo and his partner SIMON FAHRKUS 
killed his family and stole his holy artifact.  Arbalah is the one telling 
the truth, so agree to help him get his artifact back, and then go back to 
talk to Brehgo.

Inform Brehgo that you talked to Arbalah, but then lie to him and say that 
Arbalah will lift the curse if he gives back the artifact.  Brehgo will take 
about two seconds to give up his partner and point out the location of his 
shack on your map.  So exit the cave and head for the shack, but don’t tell 
Brehgo you lied to him when you leave.

At the shack, you can kill Fahrkus, rob him, or lie to him to get the 
artifact.  It doesn’t matter which you do, but killing him gives the most 
experience, so try doing that first.  Then take the artifact back to Arbalah 
and receive a blessing (+5 reaction) in reward.

     “I do have something to give you, something of immeasurable value.  I
     bestow my blessing upon you.” -- Arbalah

Now, if you’re feeling particularly evil, you can kill Arbalah and then talk 
to Brehgo again to finish Brehgo’s quest.  You’ll get the reward for the 
quest, plus you’ll be able to keep Arbalah’s blessing.  Then proceed to 
Shrouded Hills.

| 10.02 SHROUDED HILLS                                                     |
     ______                                          ____
    |      |                                        |    |          _ North
    |      |          ____    ____                  |    |          /|
    |      |         |    |  |    |                 |____|         /
    |______|         |    |  |    |                        ____
      Mine           |____|  |____|                       |    |
                                                          |    | Herbalist
                                                          |    |
                                                          |    |
     ______                                               |____|
    |      |       ____          _
    |      |      |    |        |_|  ____    ____    ____     ________
    |______|      |    |            |    |  |    |  |    |   |        |
    Percival      |____|            |    |  |    |  |    |   |________|
     Toone                          |____|  |____|  |____|      Doc
                                     Shop   Smith  Ristezze
                               ____        ____              |      |
                              |    |      |    |             |      |
                              |    |      |    |      o      |      |
                              |____|      |____|             |______|
                              Jongle       Bank    ______     Temple
                               Dunne              |      |
                                                  |__    |
                                                     |   |
                                                     |   |


If it’s dark, sleep until morning so you can see the town better.  Then talk 
to SHERIFF OWENS.  He’ll give you a little background information on Shrouded 
Hills and the BESSIE TOONE mine, and then he’ll tell you that the only exit 
from the town, a bridge to the northeast, has been blocked by brigands.  
Agree to help him get rid of the brigands.

Then head north and talk to the gnome.  He’ll claim to be WILLIAM RADCLIFFE, 
but he’s lying.  So don’t give him the ring, and don’t worry if the encounter 
seems incomplete.  You’ll run into him again later.

Now head west and enter RISTEZZE’s shop.  Talk to Ristezze and show him the 
ring.  If you want to make some extra money, take the following dialogue 
options: ask who G.B. is, ask who else might know who the owner is, say it 
was given to you by a victim of a blimp crash, and then say you’re the only 
survivor.  Ristezze will give you 50 gold.  Also, you can sell the ring by 
asking how much it is worth, and Ristezze will give you 150 more gold.

     “Ristezze is a business man, but he has a heart as well.” -- Ristezze

Now you can ask Ristezze about P. Schuyler & Sons.  He’ll decide that he 
needs something back for the information, and he’ll ask for a camera or an 
item of Bessie Toone’s.  The camera is actually useful for something else 
later in the game, so hang onto it and get back to Ristezze when you find 
something of Bessie Toone’s.

Then wander around the town, talk to everybody, and sell the stuff you found 
at the crash site.  (The general store gives better prices than Ristezze, so 
start there.)  You’ll come across several quests:

-- DOC ROBERTS will ask you to help him defend the bank against the Bowen 
gang.  (The magical reward is a sword, the tech reward is a gun, and the 
indecisive reward is an axe.)

-- LLOYD GURLOES (the blacksmith) will ask you for pure ore.

-- GAYLIN (the herbalist) will ask you to find an elven amulet called N’Tala.

-- JONGLE DUNNE will ask you to destroy the town’s steam engine.

-- PERCIVAL TOONE (western house) will ask you to free his mother’s ghost.

-- JACOB BENS (in the inn) will ask you to rob the bank.

Accept all of the quests except for robbing the bank.  That’s the kind of 
quest that can get the whole town after you, even if you do it right.

     “There’s a conspiracy here at Shrouded Hills, a dark plan full of
     mystery and intrigue.” -- Jongle Dunne

There are also two things of interest at the inn.  SOGG MEAD MUG is there, 
and he’ll join your group if your charisma is over 8.  And ELDER JOACHIM’s 
room is at the back.  When you go there you’ll find two dead assassins and a 
note.  The note will tell you to look for a telegram when you get to Tarant.

The easiest place to go from here is the mine, so head west and find it at 
the western end of town.  Inside you’ll find some spiders and wolves to kill, 
a sprocket with “...groth” written on it (save it for later), plus maybe some 
pure ore if you’re lucky.  If you’re not lucky, you’ll either have to make 
some yourself (or have Magnus make it for you if he joins your group in 
Tarant), find it lying around somewhere, or get some in the mine (in Bessie’s 
room) after you put Bessie to rest.  The blacksmith will make a fine steel 
dagger for you when you give him the ore.

Also in the mine, on the western side, you’ll find Bessie Toone’s ghost.  If 
you click on her you’ll hear her mumble about “Sara, my dear Sarah” which is 
a clue about why she’s there.  Also in the room you should find a metal can, 
and inside you can pick up one of Bessie’s boots (for Ristezze).

So head back to town.  When you talk to Percival he’ll let you know that 
Sarah is his sister and that he doesn’t like her very much.  He’ll also let 
it slip that Sarah is living in Dernholm and that the new owners of the mine 
are living in Tarant.

Then talk to Ristezze and give him Bessie’s boot.  He’ll let you know that P. 
Schuyler & Sons is located at 44 Devonshire Way in Tarant, and he’ll mark 
Tarant on your map.  (The sheriff can also mark Tarant on your map, once you 
have a reason to go there.)  If you want, immediately buy back the boot for a 
few coins.  You’ll be able to sell it for a profit later.

Then save your game and talk to Doc Roberts next to the bank.  If it’s 
daylight then the robbery will start right away, and you’ll have to do some 
fighting.  Otherwise you’ll have to wait for morning.  Once you do get to 
defend the bank, you’ll find three robbers inside.  Sometimes Doc will help 
you in the battle and it will go easily, and sometimes he’ll get stuck at the 
door and you’ll have more work to do.  Depending upon how you’ve been 
developing your character, the battle still might be easy, but if you have 
problems, keep trying.  When the robbers are dead, loot their bodies for some 
good stuff, and be sure to talk to Doc to get your reward.  Depending on what 
you said to him before, you’ll receive an enchanted sword, a revolver, or an 

If you’re feeling evil, you can now help Jongle Dunne.  The steam engine is 
located in the temple, and you’ll find it “guarded” by a dwarf technologist 
named Hervor.  Move your mouse cursor over the engine, and you’ll find that 
part of it -- the control box -- highlights when the cursor is over it.  
That’s the part you need to destroy.  You can either attack it outright (go 
into combat mode and then alt-click on it) or you can use dynamite on it and 
then attack whatever is left (if anything).  You should kill Hervor while 
you’re there (he’ll probably attack you anyway) to prevent him from telling 
the sheriff about your deed.

Then go back to Dunne to collect your reward, and learn that he now wants you 
to pick up a secret ingredient from CHARLES DOLAN in Dernholm.  Go ahead and 
pick up the quest, if for no other reason than Dunne will mark Dernholm on 
your world map if you do so.

When you talk to the sheriff next, you’ll get a quest to fix the steam 
engine.  He’ll want a sprocket (the “...groth” sprocket) but don’t complete 
the quest yet.  Doing so will upset Dunne, and then you won’t be able to 
complete his second quest.

So instead head out of town to the northeast, wave to the gypsy on the way 
past (she can identify magic items for you when you find them), and then 
approach the bandits at the bridge, but save your game before talking to 
them.  You have a few options to get past them: you can pay a fee of 1000 
coins, you can talk your way past them if you have a rank of persuasion, or 
you can kill them.  (If you hadn’t agreed to help the sheriff to get rid of 
them, you could also have done a quest to get past them.)

     “Who am I?  WHO AM I?  I am Lukan!  Lukan the Witless!  Where I roam,
     the masses quabble in pertubisiveness and trepidunction!” -- Lukan the

The best solution is to persuade the bandits to leave.  So ask to cross the 
bridge, say the “persuade you” dialogue option, and then pretend to be with 
the Thieves Underground, but don’t mention leaders or handbooks.  If you do 
everything right, the bandits will even pay you 200 gold before departing.

But don’t let them leave.  Instead, immediately start combat mode and attack 
them.  There are two reasons for this: their equipment is useful (especially 
if you’re a half-ogre or have Sogg Mead Mug with you), and you can get a 
“bonus” fate point for killing them.  (You should already have received one 
for convincing them to leave.)

But killing the bandits can be difficult.  If you’re a melee fighter, you 
might be able to just wade in and kill them, but otherwise you’ll have to use 
some strategy -- or at least some heavy explosives.  Along the way you should 
have picked up some grenades (in Brehgo’s cave, for instance), and this is 
the perfect opportunity to use them.

So as soon as you start combat mode, immediately use an explosive grenade on 
Lukan and a stun grenade on one of the ogres.  If you’re standing close 
enough, you should always hit your targets, and with Lukan dead or badly 
wounded, and one of the ogres stunned for a couple rounds, you should be able 
to win the battle.  If not, make sure your group has the best equipment 
possible and try again until you succeed.  Then collect your reward from the 
sheriff, and head out of town.

When you get past the gate, you’ll meet up with the gnome “William Radcliffe” 
again.  This time you’ll have to fight him, but he should be easy to kill.  
Once he’s dead, loot his corpse and discover a note from “G.L.” directing him 
to kill Preston Radcliffe.  Then exit the area and head for Dernholm.

| 10.03 DERNHOLM                                                           |
    /|\  To pit         ____    |    |                              _ North
     |   entrance      |    |   |    |                              /|
     |                 |    |   |____|         ____                /
                       |____|                 |    |
                       Gladys                 |    |
                                   _______    |____|
              ____    ____        |    |  |           ____
             |    |  |    |       |    |  |          |    |
             |    |  |    |       |    |  |          |    | Garrick
             |    |  |____|       |____|__|          |____| Stout
             |____|  Lianna       Blacksmith
             Dolan   Pel Dar
                          ____   ____   ____         __________
            ___          |    | |    | |    |       |          |
           |   |    o    |    | |    | |    |       |          |   _
           |___|         |    | |    | |    |       |          |  / \
                         |____| |____| |____|       |          |  \_/
            ___          Sarah                      |          |  Pit
           |   |     ____      _____________        |          |
           |___|    |    |    |             |       |__________|
                    |    |    |             |          Palace
           ____     |    |    |             |
          |    |    |____|    |_____________|
          |    |     Shop        Pub / Inn
          |____|   ____     ______________________
          Jayna   |    |   |      |    | |    |   |
          Stiles  |    |   |      |    | |    |   |
                  |____|   |____  |____| |____|   |____________
                           |    | Archi                        |
                           |    |
                           |____|                  Docks


Explore the town and talk to the people you meet:

-- Sarah Toone will tell you how Percival sold the family mine, and how that 
drove Bessie to kill herself.  She’ll also tell you that the new owners of 
the mine are the Stanton Importers, and that they can be found at 25 Lion’s 
Head Circle in Tarant.  Agree to help Sarah get the mine back.

-- Dolan will give you the package for Dunne.

-- LIANNA PEL DAR will give you some background information on the city.  In 
particular, she’ll let it slip that King Praetor isn’t the rightful king.

-- SIR GARRICK STOUT will brush you off, but you’ll have more to do with him 

-- JAYNA STILES will join your group, provided you have enough technological 
aptitude.  (It has to be some value greater than 5.)

-- GLADYS will tell you how a valuable family ring was stolen many years ago, 
and she’ll suggest you talk to ARCHIBALD at the docks.  Archibald will yell 
at you and say he’ll never give the ring back.  Furthermore, he’ll threaten 
to send his son BERNARD after you.  Don’t kill him (although that’s one way 
to get the ring).  Instead, go southeast a bit and talk to Bernard.  He’ll 
tell you how Gladys sends somebody after Archibald every month or so.  Go 
back and talk to Arcihbald again and suggest that Gladys is attracted to him.  
He’ll then give you the ring, and you can return it to Gladys.

-- KING PRAETOR (in the palace) will ask you to collect taxes from Black 
Root.  This will mark Black Root on your world map.

     “Cursed technology has toppled my dear Cumbria from its former
     glory.” -- King Praetor

Once you’re done with Dernholm, travel back to Shrouded Hills.  Give Dunne 
his package to finish that quest, and then give the sprocket to the sheriff 
to fix the steam engine.  Then head off to Tarant.  (You’ll likely discover 
Torg’s Altar along the way, but ignore it for now.)

| 10.04 TARANT                                                             |

            uuuuuu      bbbbbbb      ffffffff   fff                 _ North
            uuuuuu      bbbbbbb      ffffffff   fff                 /|
                        bbbbbbb        +-------------+             /
            uuu   uuu   bbbbbbb        | +---+ +---+ |
            uuu   uuu     | |       fff| |ooo| |OOO| |
                          | |       fff| |ooo| |OOO| |
            zzz  dddd     | |       fff| |ooo| |jjj| |
            zzz  dddd     | |       fff| |ooo| |jjj| |44
         +----------------+ +----------+ +---+ +---+ +---+
       33| +--------------+ +--+ +-------+ +-----------+ |
       ZZ| |              | |  | |       | |           | |
       ZZ| |  mmmm+---+   | |  | +-------+ +---------+ | |
         | |  mmmm+-+ |   | |  | +-------+ +-------+ | | |
         | |  mmmmmm| |hhh| |  | |III AAA| |aaaaaaa| | | |
      www| |  mmmmmm| |hhh| |  | |III AAA| |aaaaaaa| | | |
      www| |  mmmmmm| |hhh| |  | |III AAA| |aaaaaaa| | | |
         | +--------+ +---+ |  | +--+    | |aa  aa | | | |
         | +------+ +-----+ |  +--+ |    | |    aa | | | |
         | |NNDDEE| |     | |     | |  55| |iii aaa| | | |
         | |NNDDEE| | +---+ +---+ | |    | |iii aaa| | | |
         | +------+ | | +-+ +-+ | | +----+ +-------+ | | |
         | +------+ | | |     | | +------+ +---------+ | |
      VVV| |      | | | |77   | |        | |           | |
      VVV| +------+ | | |     | | +------+ +-----------+ |
      VVV| +------+ | | +-+ +-+ | | +----+ +-----------+ |
      VVV| |ssssss| | +---+ +---+ | |pppp| |rr QQQQ YYY| |
       22| |ssssss| |     | |     | |pppp| |rr QQQQ YYY| |
         | +------+ +-----+ |  +--+ |pppp| |   QQQQ    | |     yy
         ++ +-------------+ |  | +--+    | |    +------+ |
       BBB| |FFF XXXXX sss| |  | |LLL RRR| |SSSS| +----+ +
       BBB| |FFF XXXXX sss| |  | |LLL RRR| |SSSS| |    | |  ZZZ
       BBB| |FFF XXXXX  tt| |  | |LLL RRR| |SSSS| |    | |  ZZZ  ZZ
          | |           tt| |  | |LLL    | |SSSS| |    | +---ZZ  ZZ
       ccc| |HHH MMM  gggg| |  | |LLL TTT| |    | |    +-----ZZ  /
       ccc| |HHH MMM  gggg| |  | |LLL TTT| |66  | |            ||
       ccc| +-------------+ +--+ +-------+ +----+ |            ||
          | +---+ +-------+ +--+ +----------------+            ee
       CCC| |WWW| |GGG  ss| |  | |jj                           ee
       CCC| |WWW| |GGG  ss| |  | |
       CCC| |WWW| |PPP sss| |  | |        Docks
       CCC| |WWW| |PPP sss| |  | |
       CCC| +---+ +-------+ |  | |
       CCC+---------------+ |  | |
                        11| |  | |
                          | +--+ |
                          | +----+
                         To the



a  Water and Power Plant              1  Rail Station A: W. Garillon Bridge
A  Appleby Residence                  2  Rail Station B: Vermillion Station
b  Bates Residence                    3  Rail Station C: Tarant University
B  Bridesdale Inn                     4  Rail Station D: Warehouse District
c  Wellington Gentleman’s Club        5  Rail Station E: Commercial District
C  Cemetery                           6  Rail Station F: Tarantian Docks
d  Dept. of Water, Hall of Records    7  Rail Station G: Kensington Park
D  Delores Beston, Seer
e  Entrance to Closed Sewers
E  Fitzgerald Residence
f  Factories
F  Franklin Residences
g  Grant’s Tavern                     Q  17 Quilton Bend
G  Garringsburg Residence             r  36 Low Dervish Road
h  H.T. Parnell’s                     R  11 Low Dervish Road (Thief Fence)
H  Halster Residence                  s  Miscellaneous Shops
i  Stanton Importers                  S  Simon Plough’s Warehouses
I  Panarii Temple                     t  Telegraph Office
j  Joseph the Stone Cutter            T  Toussaude’s House of Secrets
J  Junk Dealer                        u  University Buildings
L  Madam Lil’s                        V  Vermillion (Train) Station
m  Magic Shops                        w  Wellington Residence
M  Mooreland Residence                W  Willoughsby Residence
N  Newspaper Office                   X  P. Schuyler & Sons
o  32 Mulligan Bone Alley             y  Gypsy
O  57 Mulligan Bone Alley             Y  Mynor Residence
p  Poone’s Flophouse                  z  Zoological Society
P  Pettibone Residence                Z  Miscellaneous Buildings


You’ll find yourself on the edge of the Boil, a disreputable part of Tarant
-- and a part you’re not powerful enough to mess with yet.  So cross the 
bridge to the northeast and make your way to the main part of the city.

Tarant is a large city, but it is organized nicely, and so finding your way 
around shouldn’t be too bad.  A river cuts the city in half, and the “rich” 
side (with residences, shops, and the university) is to the north and west, 
while the “poor” side (with docks, warehouses, and factories) is to the east 
and south.

Explore the rich side first.  Here are some of the people and places you 
should see:

-- CASSANDRA PETTIBONE will be waiting at the corner of Lungsten and 
Kensington during daylight hours (she’ll be locked in her home at night).  
She’ll ask you to steal an elven funerary stone from the Elven Ruins, and 
she’ll mark the location on your map.  If you’re persuasive, you can get her 
to increase her payment to 300 gold.

-- There is a man loitering next to the Pettibone Residence.  If you found 
out about the Thieves Underground from Lukan in Shrouded Hills, you’ll be 
able to talk to the man.  He’ll tell you that THADDEUS MYNOR is the contact 
for the Underground in Tarant, and he’ll also suggest that you see him for 
some work.  (See section 10.08 for the Thieves Underground quests.)

-- EVELYN GARRINGSBURG will ask you to retrieve a stolen painting, but she 
won’t have any idea who took it.  However, she’ll tell you that her husband 
might have mentioned the painting while drunk, and the newspaper article will 
say that the husband frequents the Wellington Gentleman’s Club.

-- At the Wellington Gentleman’s Club, you can learn a few things.  If you 
talk to the doorman, he’ll give you a guest list for the night of the 
robbery, and you’ll find that everybody there was a member except for 
somebody named RORRY LIMES.  If you check at the Hall of Records, you’ll find 
that Limes owns a warehouse at 57 Mulligan Bone Alley.  Inside the club, 
you’ll meet a dark elf noble who will ask you to deliver a note to 36 Low 
Dervish Road.  You’re not supposed to look at the note, but if you do you’ll 
find it says “57 Mulligan Bone Alley,” and so there are two ways to find out 
the address.

Note: If you’re female, the doorman won’t let you into the club.  So you’ll 
have to find Wendell Wellington (near the university) and convince him to let 
you enter.  The only way to avoid his “fee” is to kill him or steal an 
invitation from him.  Since his ogre bodyguard is only level 1, it’s easy to 
kill him.  You can also steal the key to the club from the doorman, but he 
seems fairly alert, and so it’s easiest to deal with Wellington.

-- MATTHEW JAMESON will be standing at the corner of Devonshire and 
Kensington.  He’ll ask you to retrieve his wedding ring, which he lost in the 
sewers.  Go ahead and solve this quest right away.  The entrance to the 
sewers is right next to you (a manhole), and the ring can be found on the 
ground in a room with a few sewer rats in it (take the western tunnel at the 
first fork you come to).  If you don’t see the ring, check your companions to 
see if they picked it up.  You can also explore the rest of the sewers if you 
want, and pick up some extra loot and experience.

     “Looks like I won’t be sleeping on the porch.” -- Matthew Jameson

-- At the telegraph office you’ll be able to pick up another message for 
Virgil, provided you read the note at the Shrouded Hills inn.

-- DELORES BESTON will ask you to find her a new crystal ball, and she’ll 
suggest that you steal one from MADAM TOUSSAUDE (whose shop is on the poor 
side of town).

-- VICTOR WRIGHT (at the newspaper office) will offer to pay you 500 (or 800) 
gold for your story about the zeppelin crash.  Go ahead and do it.  Not only 
will you get the gold from Wright, but from now on random townsfolk will 
sometimes give you money when you talk to them.  Wright will also pay you 75 
gold to deliver a note to MRS. HALSTER.  Do that as well.  The Halster 
residence is only a couple of blocks away to the southwest.

-- There are a couple things you can do at H.T. PARNELL’s.  If you have at 
least two ranks of persuasion, you can talk to Gar about tea and coax him 
into showing his real intelligence.  If you then talk to Parnell, you can get 
him to release Gar from his contract by pretending to blackmail him.  Now Gar 
will join your group, but you can also release him to get a fate point (but 
note that Gar won’t ever rejoin you if you release him).  The second thing 
you can do at the museum is sell Parnell Bessie Toone’s boot for 250 gold.

-- At the university, you’ll find BENJAMIN GERSHWIN, phrenologist.  He’ll ask 
you to find the skulls of JIN and XIN, the Ren’ar Siamese twins, and he’ll 
tell you that they’re interred at the local cemetery.  But if you go there 
you’ll only find a matchbook (for the Wellington Gentleman’s Club) in their 
tomb.  You’ll also find ALDOUS BUXINGTON at the university.  He’ll give you 
some clues on the Ancient Gods Quest.  Lastly, you’ll find the university 
bookseller.  He’ll offer to sell you technical manuals, which will improve 
your technical expertise (by the same amount as your intelligence) while 
they’re in your inventory.

-- You can give the note you found at the zeppelin crash to JARED, a guard in 
front of the train station.  He’ll then ask you to talk to the local 
stonecutter (whose shop is on the poor side of town), so he can make 
arrangements for Wilhemina’s tombstone.

Also on the rich side of town you should find the P. Schuyler & Sons building 
with MAGNUS standing out front.  Magnus will give you some background on the 
establishment, and he’ll even join your group if you want him to.

     “Beyond the rumors of murder, mysticism, and foul play?  No, I think
     that just about covers what I know, my friend.” -- Magnus, on P.
     Schuyler & Sons

Once inside the shop, talk to JAMES KINGSFORD, the salesperson.  If you’re 
persuasive, you can pretend to be with the authorities, and he’ll give you 
the key to the basement.  Otherwise he’ll just give you the run-around when 
you talk to him, and you’ll either have to rob him or kill him to get the 

Then explore the areas under the shop.  You’ll find some zombies to kill and 
some loot to pick up, and eventually you’ll come to the Schuylers.  If you 
talk to them you’ll learn that they’re a family of necromancers and that they 
built their shop on top of some ancient dwarven ruins.  Plus, you’ll get to 
talk to dead Pelonious Schuyler, who will tell you that the ring was made for 
Gilbert Bates.

However, the Schuylers are just a little bit evil, so you might want to kill 
them instead.  In fact, if you have Magnus with you, you won’t have any 
choice.  He’ll decide that the dwarven zombies are really his kin, and he’ll 
demand revenge.  Fortunately, the Schuylers are spellcasters without powerful 
spells -- and two of them are only level 4 -- so they’ll die quickly.  Then 
you can pick up the key to their file cabinets (on Winston’s corpse) and find 
a telegram from Benjamin Bates commissioning the ring for his son, Gilbert.

     “Thank you, friend, for fighting by my side.” -- Magnus

Now you can explore the seedier side of Tarant.  Here are some of the people 
and places you should visit:

-- MADAM LIL will give you several quests.  The first will be to retrieve a 
necklace from the Mooreland residence.  Simply walk over there and talk to 
LAURA the maid.  She’ll want a reward for it, and you can pay her, threaten 
her, or persuade her to give up the necklace.  (If you persuade her to join 
Madame Lil’s, she’ll give you a “freebie” later as a reward.)  Note: The 
necklace is non-magical and gives +40 magic resistance.  That sounds pretty 
good, but you won’t face many spellcasters in the game, and all the necklace 
will usually do is cause heal spells to fail.  In any case, you can steal it 
back from Madam Lil later if you want.

For the second quest, Madam Lil will ask you to collect 400 gold from MR. 
LANGLEY at the Bridesdale Inn.  He won’t have the money on hand, so you’ll 
have to wait five days to get it.  Since time doesn’t matter in the game, 
just advance the clock five days and pick up what he owes.

For the third quest (male players only), Madam Lil will ask you to deliver a 
package to Mrs. Halster and tell her it’s from Mr. Halster.  (It seems Mr. 
Halster visits the brothel more often when he’s getting along with his wife.)

For the last quest, Madam Lil will ask you to find a Medallion of Beauty.  
Sometimes you can find one in the closed part of the city sewers, but 
sometimes you can’t.  If it’s not in the sewers, then you’ll have to pick it 
up in another city at some point (such as from the woman in the King’s Inn & 
Pub in Dernholm).

     “Come on, honey... let’s get hopping!” -- Bunny

-- At MADAME TOUSSAUDE’s, the madam will know why you’ve come, and she’ll ask 
you to choose a side between her and Delores Beston.  Pick Madam Toussaude’s 
side (she gives the better reward), and she’ll give you a crystal ball to 
give to Beston.  Do the delivery, watch the result, and then return to 
Toussaude to get a blessing of +1 charisma.

Note: Don’t do this quest before finishing the Garringsburg painting quest.  
If you do, Toussaude will only give you the location of the painting, which 
you can find by other means.

     “Delores Beston tried to run from her fate.  It’s as I always say,
     traveler -- the future is inevitable.” -- Madam Toussaude

-- SIMON PLOUGH will ask you to clear his warehouses of rats.  You’ll face 
lots of rats, but they shouldn’t pose much of a problem.  Clear the western 
(smaller) warehouse first because that’s where you’ll find the key to the 
other warehouse.  Once they’re clear, you can use the warehouses for your own 
storage.  They’re conveniently located between the junk dealer and the gypsy, 
and they’re right next to a stealrail station.

-- At 36 Low Dervish Road, you can deliver the note that the elf from the 
Wellington Gentleman’s Club gave you.  If you didn’t look at the note, you’ll 
receive 1000 experience for the job.  Otherwise you’ll have to fight the trio 
of bandits you’ll find there.  You can fight the bandits regardless and pick 
up some armor to sell, plus Rorry Limes’ passport.  (If you didn’t get the 
guest list from the Wellington Gentleman’s Club’s doorman, you can use the 
passport to get an address for Limes from the Hall of Records.)

-- At the Stanton Importers building you can either buy back the Bessie Toone 
mine, or you can trick STANTON into believing you’re with the Industrial 
Council and convince him to simply give you the mine.

-- CEDRIC APPLEBY will give you an alternate, evil method to learn about 
Gilbert Bates (instead of working with Bates).  He’ll ask you to destroy a 
prototype steam engine at the Bates factory to prove yourself, and then he’ll 
ask you to sneak into the Bates mansion and find some incriminating evidence.  
The evidence is Bates’ journal, located in his bedroom on the second floor.  
Reading the journal is essentially the same as talking to Bates.  However, 
the story flows better if you work with Bates instead, and, in terms of the 
walkthrough, that’s the method I’m going to assume you’re going to use.

-- At the Panarii temple, you can pick up a funny pamphlet.  You can also 
find the Jewel of Hebe, a quality neutral-aptitude necklace.

-- At 12 East End Avenue you’ll find JOSEPH the stonecutter, and you can tell 
him about Jared's wish for a tombstone.

-- At 57 Mulligan Bone Alley you’ll find a half-ogre guarding a closet.  The 
Garringsburg painting is in the closet, and you can either kill the half-ogre 
or steal the key from him to get it.  Then you just need to return the 
painting to the Garringsburgs to complete the quest.

-- On the “island” at the center of Tarant you’ll meet a man named THOM GRAK.  
He’ll ask if you know MATT DE CESARE.  Answer that you do (you should have 
met him at the Wellington Gentlemen’s Club) and agree to deliver a message to 
him.  When you get to the club, you’ll discover that the message was just a 
ruse to allow an assassin to follow you and find de Cesare.  De Cesare will 
kill the assassin and then go outside so you can talk privately.  When you 
join him, he’ll ask that you to find the skulls of the Ren’ar Siamese twins 
and suggest that they might be in a warehouse somewhere in town.

The correct warehouse is at 17 Quilton Bend (near Simon Plough’s warehouses).  
It has locked metal doors, and if you can’t pick them, then this is a good 
place to use dynamite (if you have it).  Plus, inside you’ll find a wererat 
and a half-ogre, and dynamiting the doors might kill them at the same time.  
If you have to kill them in normal battle, though, concentrate on the wererat 
first since it is the much more dangerous of the two.  (It will also have 
some gold on its corpse, so be sure to check it after it’s dead.)  You’ll 
find the skulls inside some locked barrels, and when you take them back to de 
Cesare (the phrenologist can wait), he’ll ask you to deliver them to ARTHUR 
TYRON, who was last known to be in Black Root.

     “Some years ago, bizarre breeding experiments were begun in secret
     which would eventually affect the balance of power here in Tarant.”
     -- Matt de Cesare

Note: In earlier versions of the game, the skulls were treated the same as 
pure ore, so don’t leave them in the inventory of a character who makes 
balanced swords (like Magnus).

Also, at some point when you’re in Tarant, newspaper vendors will announce 
the headline, “Anarchist Laborers Take Over Factory!”  When that happens you 
can go to the orc factory at 15 Ten Hands Alley and either try to save DONN 
THROGG, the half-orc activist, or get him killed.  If you want to save him, 
talk to COUNCILMAN BABCOCK (the gnome) outside the factory, and he’ll give 
you a key so you can go inside and convince Throgg to slip away at night.  If 
you want to kill Throgg, then talk to CAPTAIN WHEELER (the human wearing 
chainmail).  He’ll also give you a key, but this time you can go inside and 
convince Throgg to “surrender” to Wheeler.  Both solutions will net you 
10,900 experience, but the best thing to do (morals aside) is to get 
Wheeler’s men to fight the orcs so you can loot their bodies at the end.  
You’ll find things like a mechanized gun, a power axe, and lots of bullets.

     “Thank you for luring that bastard Donn Throgg out here for us!  You’ve
     done the city of Tarant a great service!” – Captain Wheeler

With most of the city quests complete, now is a good time to finally head 
over to the Bates mansion (on the northeastern edge of the city) and talk to 
Bates.  However, his door guard won’t let you just waltz in.  If you’re 
persuasive, you might be able to convince him that you’re an old friend.  Or, 
if Cedric Appleby asked you to destroy Bates’ steam engine, then you can rat 
him out to gain entry.  Otherwise, you’ll have to complete a quest to prevent 
the steam engine from being destroyed.

To complete the quest, go to the factory at 18 Ten Hands Alley.  The steam 
engine is in the back.  (It has a control box like the steam engine at 
Shrouded Hills.)  Stand by the door leading to the steam engine, and advance 
the time to midnight.  Three low-level bandits will teleport in, and you 
should be able to kill them pretty easily.

You’ll find Bates on the second floor of his mansion.  He won’t be able to 
tell you much, but you’ll learn three things: that the “gnome” who gave you 
the ring was really a dwarf named STENNAR ROCK CUTTER, that Bates earned his 
wealth by stealing steam engine technology from the Black Mountain Clan, and 
that the Black Mountain Clan disappeared some time ago.  Further, Bates will 
ask you to investigate the clan, and he’ll mark the location of their former 
home on your world map.

You should probably be around level 20 before you try exploring the clan 
home, and a good place to get the experience you need is in the closed Tarant 
sewers.  The entrance is southwest of the gypsy, across a land bridge and in 
a house surrounded by water.

| 10.05 TARANT (CLOSED) SEWERS                                             |
|   |___                                                               ____
| 3  _  |                                                             |    |
|___| | |                                                             |    |
     _| |   ____                                              _       |   _|
    |    |_|    |                                            | |_______| |_
    |     _     |                               _____________|  ____   ____|
    |____| |_   |                              |  ___________  |    | |     
             | |                              _| |           | |    | |
             | |_                            |  _|  ___      | |  __| |
            |   T|___                     ___| |___|   |_____| | |  __|
            |     _  |                   |  _______     _____  | | |___
            |____| | |_     ___          | |       |___|     | | |_   _|
                   |   |___|   |_________| |_________________| |   | |
                   |    ___     _____T__________ ____________ T|  _| |
                   |___|   |  T|____          _| |_          | | |   |___
 ___                       |    __  |        |    T|         | | |    _  |
|   |___          ___      |___|  | |        |_____|         | | |___| | |
| 2  _  |  ___   |  T|___         | |    _____       _____   | |       | |
|___| | |_|   |  | M  _  |  ___   | |   |  _  |    _|  _  |  | |       | |
      |___    |  |___| | |_|   |__| |___| | | |   |  _| | |  | |  _____| |_
          |_ _|        |___     __________| | |___|D|  _| |  | | |  _______|
           | |   ___       |___|            |__   __| |    |_| | | |  _____
           | |__|   |            ____________  | |    | D   _  | | | |    T| 
           |____    |           | T | |  ____| | |    |____| | | | |_|     |
 Legend:        |_ _|           |   |   |   T| | |_          |T| |___   E  |
                 | |      ___   | H   | |    | |_  |         |_|     |     |
 1 To docks      | |_____|   |  |___|_|__   _|   | |                 |_____|
 2 To Boil       |_______    |           | |     | |    ___
 3 To Boil               |_ _|           | |_____| |_  |T  |___
 4 To Power Plant         | |            |  _______  | | 4  _  |
   + Elemental Snakes     | |  __________| |       | | |___| | |
                          | | |  __________|       | |       | |
 D Slime Demons       _   | | | |__                | |_______| |__
 E Elemental Snakes  |1|  | | |__  |               |______________|
 H Thief Hideout     | |  | |    | |
 M Muck Walkers      | |__| |____| |
 T Treasure          |_____________|


There are several level 20+ creatures in the sewers, so you might have to 
avoid some places for now and then come back later.  Also, the thieves in the 
hideout are possibly part of a Thieves Underground quest (I’ve heard it but 
never experienced it myself), so you might want to avoid them until you do 
the quests.

When you’re ready to move on, exit the city and head east to the Elven Ruins.

| 10.06 ELVEN RUINS                                                        |

At the Elven Ruins, you’ll meet four dark elf nobles.  They won’t be thrilled 
to see you, and chances are you won’t be able to talk your way past them.  So 
talk to them (but don’t rat out Cassandra Pettibone or you’ll botch the 
quest) and then get ready to fight.

     “Explore?  Don’t you mean pillage and rape our ancient burial
     ground?” -- dark elf noble

After you kill the dark elves, you can raise PROFESSOR JAMES’ spirit to learn 
that the elves killed James and his workers without warning.

     “They appeared as if from nowhere and began hunting us like dogs...”
     -- Professor James

The excavation is pretty small, but you should find a few chests with magic 
items, plus the funerary stone (6x4).  Just grab it and then head back to 
Tarant to give it to Cassandra Pettibone.  On the way, you might want to stop 
by the Forbidden Pit (831W, 1033S) to kill three spiders and pick up a ring 
of poison resistance.

If you didn’t persuade Lukan to leave Shrouded Hills, then giving the 
funerary stone to Cassandra Pettibone will finally allow you to talk to the 
man loitering next to the Pettibone residence.  He’ll tell you that THADDEUS 
MYNOR is the contact for the Thieves Underground in Tarant and suggest that 
you pay him a visit.

There are several quests with the Thieves Underground, but if you’re not a 
thief (with about 3 ranks of pick pockets, pick locks, and prowling), you 
might want to skip them and head straight for Black Root.

| 10.07 TARANT THIEVES UNDERGROUND                                         |

When you meet with Thaddeus Mynor, he’ll want to know if you’re qualified for 
the Underground.  So he’ll ask you to steal the sewer map from the Department 
of Water.  There isn’t anything tricky to the quest; just pickpocket the 
clerk to get the key and then get the map from the nearby safe.  When you 
return the map to Mynor, he’ll give you 300 gold and let you know that you 
can fence items at 11 Low Dervish Road.

After you talk to the fence, MR. BLACK, go back to Mynor.  If you have a high 
enough level (20 is enough), he’ll offer you a new quest, to steal a golden 
idol from the barbarians at Kree, and he’ll mark Kree on your world map.  He 
might also mention that Cedric Appleby is looking for a thief to steal 
something from Gilbert Bates, but that’s just the evil method for finding out 
about the Black Mountain Clan.  (And, if you’ve already helped Gates, Appleby 
won’t talk to you any more anyway.)

Kree features a lot of level 25-30 barbarians, but they’re spaced out enough 
so that you should be able to attack them one or two at a time and kill them 
easily.  (You can also try prowling past them.)  Eventually, if you keep 
heading northeast, you’ll come to four barbarians standing around a fire, 
with an arcane chest next to them.  Inch towards them slowly, and then run 
away when any of them notice you.  Again, you should be able to pick them off 
one by one this way.  Beyond them you’ll find the altar with the idol in it, 
and northwest of that is the Shakar altar.  When you return the idol to 
Mynor, he’ll give you 1000 gold.

     “The price is always right when dealing with Thaddeus.” -- Thaddeus

To get more jobs from the Thieves Underground, you’ll have to find a thief in 
the street.  They look like regular citizens, but when you talk to them 
they’ll mention the Underground.  One such thief continuously circles the 
block around Mynor’s house (or loiters at Poone’s Flophouse), and he’s a good 
source for information.

Thief jobs are rumors rather than quests (and therefore show up in your rumor 
log rather than your quest log), and you can only have four outstanding jobs 
at any one time.  To complete a job, you have to acquire the object in 
question (and you don’t have to be subtle about getting it) and then give it 
to Mr. Black.  Some items, such as the Ring of Virility and Jewel of Hebe, 
you might want to keep rather than fence.

Here are the things to steal, their locations, and their rewards:

-- Cassie’s jewels; back room in Madam Lil’s; 400 gold, 1500 exp.  (Prowl 
around or kill Winno the maid.)

-- Dwarven Rubies; ship in port; 500 gold, 1200 exp.  (The rubies are in a 
barrel in front of the ship.)

-- Enchanted Looking Glass; Pettibone residence; 100 gold, 1000 exp.  (Prowl 
around or kill Cassandra Pettibone.  If you attack her, she’ll call the 

-- Essence of Will of the Wisp; H.T. Parnell’s; 200 gold, 1000 exp.

-- The Heron Device; Bates Warehouse; 500 gold, 1700 exp.  (The warehouse is 
at 46 Mulligan Bone Alley.  The patrolling guard has a key.  The device is in 
a crate in the back room.  Note: For some people the Heron Device is in the 
thief hideout in the closed sewers, but it’s never been there for me.)

-- Jewel of Hebe; Panarii temple; 500 gold, 1600 exp.  (Prowl around or kill 
the priest.)

-- Lucky Medallion; vagrant at Poone’s Flophouse; 150 gold, 1000 exp.  (The 
vagrant should be circling Madam Lil’s, stopping in at the flophouse every 
time he passes it.  He’s difficult to rob since he keeps moving, so you might 
want to just kill him to get the medallion.)

-- Music Box; Madam Lil; 150 gold, 1700 exp.

-- Napha Water; Halster residence; 150 gold, 1000 exp.

-- Potion of Darkest Power; Fitzgerald residence; 500 gold, 1700 exp.  (The 
potion is in the chest next to the bed.  But note that Fitzgerald is the spot 
traps master, so don’t kill him for the potion if you’re going to pursue that 

-- Rare Sword; Appleby residence; 500 gold, 1500 exp.  (You can bash in the 
safe and Appleby won’t notice.)

-- Ring of Virility; Franklin residence; 200 gold, 1700 exp.  (Mr. Franklin 
is wearing the ring.)

-- Schreck’s Multi-barreled Pistol Schematic; Bates Factory; 400 gold, 1500 
exp.  (The factory is at 18 Ten Hands Alley.  Break in using the back, 
eastern-most door.  The plans will then be in a cabinet in the room to the 
southwest.  Bash in or pick open the cabinet when the patrolling guards 
aren’t in the room.)

-- Vial of Lethe Wyvern Venom; Zoological Society; 200 gold, 1000 exp.  
(Prowl around or kill Tristan Fenwick.)

With Tarant effectively looted, head on to Black Root.

| 10.08 BLACK ROOT                                                         |

                                \_ \    Thief |                     _ North
                                  \ \_   Camp |                     /|
                                   \_/ _      \  _______________   /
                                      / \   /\ \/               \
                                       \_\_/  \                  |
                                         \____/                   \
                                          __          Train  ___   |
                                         /  \               |   |  |
                                        /    \_____         |___| /
                                       /           \_____   _____/
                      ___    _____    /  _____           | |
  ___    ___         |   |  |     |  |  / ___ \    ______| |_____
 |   |  |   |        |   |  |     |  | | |   | |  |  ___    ___  |_____  /\
 |___|  |___|        |___|  |_____|  |_| |___| |  | | S |  |   |  ___ U||  |
 Note   Hedge        Magic  Pub/Inn   __ Herbs |__| |   |  |___| |   | ||  |
        Wizard        _____    ___   |  \     ____  |___|   ___  |   | | \/
                     |     |  |   |  |   \___/    |  ___   | B | |   | |
                     |_____|  |   |  |            | | S |  |___| |___| |
                     Tailor   |___|  |            | |___|  |__|   ___  | /\
                              Smith  |            |____   _______|   | ||  |
Legend:                        ___    \                | |           |_||  |
                              | I |    \       ________| |__             \/
B  Sour Barnacle              |___|     \     / ___         \
G  Grunwalde                   ___       |   | |   |Ogg-     \
H  Halfling Wizard            | G |      |   | |___|doddler   |
I  Inventor                   |___|       \   \________   ___/
S  Shops                               __  \           | |      __
U  Ship Builder    _____              |__|  \__________| |_____/  \
                  |     |            ____                   _____  |
                  |     |           |    |                 |__   |  \
                  |_____|           |____|                 |__|  |   |
                   Payne            Cameron                |_____|   |
                                                            Mayor    |


Explore the town and talk to the people you meet:

-- In the pub you’ll meet two people of interest.  CLARISSA SHALMO will 
mention she’s looking for Azram’s Star.  KIETZEL PIERCE will ask you to track 
down one of his students, DUDLEY CROSSTON, and let him know that Pierce has 
moved on to Caladon.  (Crosston is in Dernholm.)

     “It is good to meet a fellow adventurer.  I fear we are becoming a
     rare breed.” -- Kietzel Pierce

-- In the inn, if you tell DANIEL HALLAWAY that his rooms are more than you 
can afford, he’ll give you a quest to retrieve his strongbox from the local 
blacksmith.  So head southeast to the blacksmith’s shop and talk to GARRET 
ALMSTEAD, the blacksmith.  Convince him that losing Hallaway would be bad for 
business, and he’ll give you the strongbox for 50 gold.

Note: When you talk to Almstead, if you ask him about being a half-orc and 
then tell him you’re sorry for his loss, he’ll give you a pair of dwarven 
gauntlets for free.

-- In one of the old shacks on the west side of town, you’ll find a note that 
reads, “The Crow is in danger. -- Tyron.”  It’s a clue in the Matt de Cesare 
/ skulls quest.  If you go back to Tarant to inform de Cesare that Tyron is 
no longer in Black Root, he’ll just tell you to keep looking.

-- LYDIA CAMERON will ask you to check on her son Liam at his workshop 
outside of town.  She’ll mark the location of the workshop on your map.

-- The mayor will let you know that Black Root has changed its allegiance to 
Tarant, and that they’re not planning to pay taxes to King Praetor.  Question 
him further, and he’ll give you a quest to retrieve his ceremonial dagger 
from a group of thieves camped out on the outskirts of town (northwest of the 
train station).  If you picked up the newspaper in Dernholm, you can use that 
to convince the mayor to give you the taxes, and bypass the dagger quest.

-- If you listen to HERKEMER OGGDODDLER tell his war stories, he’ll offer to 
train you to expert level in melee, dodge, firearms, and spot traps.

-- At the Sour Barnacle, talk to DANTE, the former head of the Church of 
Cumbria.  Listen to his problems and then, if you want him, offer to let him 
join your group so he can help with the taxes and thus get back into favor 
with King Praetor.

Now you can head out to the thief camp and talk to the thieves.  D’AK TAAN is 
the elf thief in back, and you’ll have several options to get the ceremonial 
dagger from him.  You can buy it for 300 coins, you can steal it from him, 
you can steal a statuette from the hedge wizard, you can buy poison from 
Grunwalde, or you can just kill the thieves.

If you’re trying to keep your character good, then the best option is to kill 
the thieves.  However, if you’re evil then doing one of the quests is best, 
because the quests will net you -20 alignment.  If you decide to rob the 
wizard, you won’t have to be subtle; you can just kill him and then bash in 
his chest to get the statuette.  If you decide to buy the poison, you’ll have 
to give Grunwalde the “infestation,” “rat problem,” and “big as orcs” answers 
before he’ll sell you what you want (for 100 coins).

Regardless, once you have the dagger, take it back to the mayor and point out 
that the Tarantian guards couldn’t protect him from petty thieves.  The mayor 
will decide that Cumbria has something to offer after all, and he’ll give you 
the taxes.

But before heading back to Dernholm, first explore the coastline east of the 
mayor’s compound.  You should find a halfling wizard.  He’ll offer to let you 
play an ancient game, and you should agree.  He’ll then ask you a riddle, and 
once you answer it correctly (clock), he’ll tell you that the next halfling 
can be found west of the thieves camp.  So trudge over to the new location, 
answer the second halfling’s riddle (spring), and then head north and answer 
the third and final riddle (fire).  You’ll receive 800 experience and a 
mysterious gem as a reward.  The gem will summon a level 50 halfling to help 
you out.

     “The wise man will spot what the dullard does not see.” -- halfling

Now head over to Dernholm and give the taxes to King Praetor.  If you have 
Dante with you, you’ll have to make a choice.  If you speak up for him, the 
king will take him back (but you won’t get a fate point or anything).  If you 
don’t speak up for him, he’ll stay in your party.  Also, if you tell the king 
the reward isn’t enough, he’ll give you 75 extra gold.

Then head over to Sarah Toone’s house to give her the deed to the mine.  
You’ll receive 4500 exp and a filament sword.  (You could also give the deed 
to Percival for 1700 experience and 500 gold.)  If you still haven’t 
completed the quest for the Shrouded Hills blacksmith, you can now go to the 
Toone mine and pick up some pure ore from the room where Bessie used to be.

Lastly, talk to all of the elite bow guards.  One of them should turn out to 
be Kietzel Pierce’s lost student, Dudley Crosston.  Crosston won’t be 
thrilled to see you, but that’s all you can do in that quest for now.

With all of the side quests taken care of, exit town and head north to Liam’s 
Workshop.  Along the way, you might want to stop at the Wolf Cave (1230W, 
1530S) to pick up some extra experience and a set of lock picks (plus some 
random magical equipment).

| 10.09 LIAM’S WORKSHOP                                                    |

You’ll start at the end of a dirt path.  Follow the path west and you’ll come 
upon Liam’s workshop.  Go inside and loot everything you can find.  You 
should pick up (among other things) Liam’s journal, a scroll of disperse 
magic, and a magic trap.  If you read the journal you’ll discover that Liam 
found a magic portal that was letting strange creatures into the forest, and 
that he thought the scroll of disperse magic or the magic trap could destroy 

So exit the workshop and follow the path as it heads south and then loops 
around to the west.  You’ll encounter some of the strange creatures Liam 
mentioned in his journal, and eventually you’ll come to Liam’s corpse.  Save 
your game here.

About two screens away to the west, you’ll find the portal.  To destroy it, 
put the magic trap or the scroll of disperse magic (depending on your 
aptitude) in one of your hotkey slots, and then, as soon as you see the 
portal, hit the hotkey and target the portal.  The portal will disappear and 
the creatures will die.

However, you don’t have to destroy the portal right away.  If you kill any of 
the creatures guarding the portal, the portal will replace them, and you can 
keep killing them for extra experience.  Eventually (or so I’ve heard) the 
portal will stop producing creatures, but you can still take the opportunity 
to get your character to level 20 (if it’s not already there).  Don’t use the 
portal to gain too much experience or else the rest of the game will get 

Once you’ve destroyed the portal, head back to Black Root to let Lydia 
Cameron know about her son.  Depending on your aptitude (or perhaps the 
method you used to destroy the portal), she’ll either give you a mage’s 
dagger or a chapeau of magnetic inversion.

Now you can head to the Black Mountain Mines.

| 10.10 BLACK MOUNTAIN MINES                                               |
Level 1           |2  3  4|                Legend
-------           |_ ___ _| 
                   | | | |                 1 Stairs from Level 1 to Level 2
               ____|X| | |____             2 Stairs from Level 1 to Level 2
         __   |  ____| |____  |   __       3 Stairs from Level 1 to Level 3
        | 1|__| |           | |__| 5|      4 Stairs from Level 1 to Level 4
        |   __  |           |  __   |      5 Stairs from Level 1 to Level 4
        |__|  | |   _____   | |  |__|
              | |__|     |__| |            F Forge
              |____       _X__|            G Ore Golem
                   |__ __|                 M Seething Mass
                     | |                   P Plant Room 
                     | |                   R Throne Room
                   __| |                   S Rock Sprite
            Start |____|                   T Treasure

         ___       _________    ______           _____
Level 2 | 1 |     |  __T__  |  |  __  |         |  2  |    _______
------- |_ _|     | |___  | |  | |  | |         |  MST|   |  ___  |
         | |      |___  | | |__| |  | |______   |__ __|   | |   | |
         | |____      |G| |___T__|  |  ____  |    | |     | |_  | |
         |____  |  ___| |_     _____| |_   | |  __| |     |   | | |
             _| | |  ____T|   |  _S_____|  |T| |  __|     |__ | | |
            |  _| | |         | |  ___     |_| | |          | | | |
            | |   | |         | | | MT|__   _  | |__________| | |T|
            | |___| |    _____|T| |____  | |T| |_   ____T_____| | |
            |__T____|   |  _____|      | |_| |___| |            | |
            _______     | |  ________  |_____   _  |            | |
           |  ___ G|____| | |  __T_  |       |_| | |  _____   __| |
           | |   |___   __| | |    | |___        | | |T F M| |  __|
           | |__     | |____| |_   |___  |_______| | |__ __|_| |
           |__GT|    |_________T|      |___________| |_________| 

Level 3         |  ___   _________  |
-------  __     | |___| |     __  | |__
        |  |   |         |   |  | |____ To Gudmund (and many traps!)
        |  |   |    R   T|   |  |
        |_ |   |_       _|   |_ |
         | |_____|     |______| |
         |______        T_______|
         _______|       |_______
        |  ______       ______  |
        | |      |     |      |T|
        | |  ____|     |____  | |
        | | |______   _____T| | |
        |T|  __    | |    __  | |
        | |_| T|   | |   |T |_| |
        |______|   | |   |______|
             __    | |    __
            |  |   | |   |  |
            |_ |   | |   | _|
             | |___| |___| |

               ___    ___    ___
Level 4       |   |  | T |  | T |
-------       | P |  |   |  |   |   ___
         ___  |_  |  |   |  |   |  | 5 |
        | 4 |___| |__| _ |__|_ _|__|_ _|
        |    ________     _________    |
        |___|   ___  | _ |  ___    |_ _|___
               |T  |_|   |_|  T|   |   |  T|
               |_ ___________ _|   |_ _____|
                | |_   _   _| |     | |____
                |   |_| |_|T  |    |   |  T|
                |__ _______ __|    |_______|
                  | |_   _| |
                  |   |_|   |


The Black Mountain Mines basically comprise a great big dungeon, and they’ll 
cause you three types of problems:

1. You’ll run into traps everywhere, so make sure you have a healer with you 
(or make sure you can spot and disarm traps).

2. You’ll find some high level creatures to kill: rock sprites (level 15), 
seething masses (20), ore golems (25), and granite rats (30).

3. Rock sprites, ore golems, and seething masses will damage most melee 
weapons when you hit them.  Ranged weapons and spells seem to work fine, but 
otherwise you’ll need to use a backup weapon that you don’t care about, or 
use gloves (war gauntlets are fine).  Also, seething masses will damage body 
armor when they hit you, so be sure to strip when you run into them.

All you have to do in the mines is kill stuff and work your way to GUDMUND 
ORE BENDER on Level 3.  Once you reach Gudmund, you’ll discover that the 
Black Mountain Clan was exiled to the Isle of Despair, and that LOGHAIRE of 
the Wheel Clan and elves were involved.

     “I spit on the judgment of the Wheel Clan.” -- Gudmund Ore Bender

Once you’ve talked to Gudmund, click on the Pillar of Truth for a more 
coherent explanation of what happened, and then, if you want, click on 
Gudmund again for even more clarification.  There isn’t anything else that 
you need to do in the mines, so you can just leave (a scroll of exiting is 
useful here).  But note that there are some useful things you can pick up 
while you’re here: herbology components in the Plant Room; mechanized 
gauntlets, eye gear and a pyrotechnic bow schematic at the Forge; and two 
kathorn crystals in the Throne Room.

Once you’re done with the mines, head back to Tarant and report to Gilbert 
Bates.  When you tell him that the Black Mountain Clan was exiled to the Isle 
of Despair, he’ll ask for you to go there and find them.  Further, he’ll 
offer the services of a captain in his employ, EDWARD TEACH, and suggest you 
seek him out in Ashbury.

If you have 3 ranks of persuasion, ask Bates what the Isle of Despair is, and 
then ask if his indebtedness will run to more than 300 gold this time.  He’ll 
give you 450 gold for expenses.  (Cheapskate.)

Also, after accepting Bates’ quest to go to the Isle of Despair, you can ask 
his bodyguard Chukka to go with you (sometimes).  If you’re a half-ogre it’s 
useful to have Chukka join (if only briefly) just to get his smoking jacket.

Before going to Ashbury, take some time to explore the Boil.

| 10.11 THE BOIL                                                           |
                  _             / ____   \___     |G|      ________
                 | \  _________/ |   _|  _   \    | |     /   ___  \_____
                  \ \/ __        |__|   | |   \___| |____/   |   |       \
                   \  |  |               __  ___ |   |  ___  |___|   ____ \
Legend              | |__|              |  ||   ||   | |   |       _|  P | |
                    | |  |_             |__||   ||   | |___|      | |    | |
G Garrillon Bridge  | |    |                |___||   |            | |____| |
M Damian Maug       | |    |                 Pub |   |                   | |
P Pollock           | |    |                             _        |      | |
W Warehouse         | |M   |                    _|   |  |_|       |______| |
                    | |   _|           ___     |     |______    ___       /
                    | |__|       __   |   |   _|_     ____  |  |   |  ___/
                    |     ___   |  |  |___|  |   |   |   _| |  |___| /
                     \   | W |  |__|         |___|   |__|   |  Treat/
                      \  |___| Larrs __________|__   _______|______/
                       \____________/             | |


     “That is the Boil in there.  You will never find a more wretched hive
     of scum and villainy.  You may enter at your own risk, but I wouldn’t
     recommend it.” -- Tarant Officer

There are two sides to the Boil.  The northwestern side mostly belongs to the 
Maug Clan, and the southeastern side completely belongs to the Pollock Gang.  
To start out, go into the northwestern side, kill the bandits that attack 
you, and then enter the (unnamed) pub.

You’ll find quite a few people inside.  If you talk to the halfling near the 
door, he’ll give you an introduction to MIRANDA TEARS (Pollock Gang), who is 
standing next to the bar.  If you talk to the half-orc sitting off to one 
side, he’ll introduce you to MUGGS (Maug Clan), who is standing in the 
corner.  If you want to join the Pollock Gang, talk to Tears; otherwise talk 
to Muggs.  It doesn’t make any real difference which side you join, but the 
Pollock Gang seems to be the “nicer” (and more difficult) of the two.

If you join the Pollock Gang, Tears will ask you to fetch some ale from 
Maug’s warehouse.  The warehouse is to the northwest, and you’ll find it 
guarded by two of Maug’s henchmen.  They should be easy to kill, and one 
should have the key to the warehouse.  Then just grab the ale from inside and 
deliver it to Tears.  She’ll tell you to talk to Pollock for your next job.

So go to the other side of the Boil and talk to POLLOCK.  He’ll ask you to 
kill his rival, DAMIAN MAUG, but he’ll give you some help.  If you say you’re 
a magic user he’ll give you scrolls of nightmare, shrink, and unlocking 
cantrip; and if you say you’re a tech user, he’ll give you an energizer 
potion, an exploding grenade, and a hand cannon.

Maug lives on the opposite side of the Boil, and to get to him you’ll have to 
kill several level 30 orc berserkers.  They’re fast, so don’t try the combat 
in real time.  The berserkers are also separated, so, like the barbarians of 
Kree, you can fight them one or two at a time, and they shouldn’t pose too 
much of a problem.  But if you do have trouble, stock up on some haste 
potions.  They can usually turn the tide in a tough battle.  When you do get 
to Maug, you’ll find that he’s level 40 -- but much easier to kill than the 
berserkers.  Once he’s dead, just go back to Pollock to collect your reward.

If you join the Maug Clan, Muggs will direct you to collect 200 gold from a 
man named LARRS (located to the northwest).  Larrs won’t have the money, so 
you can either kill him or pay the debt for him.  When you return to Muggs, 
he’ll invite you to talk to Damian Maug himself.  However, when you get to 
his residence, “the Bentley” (the big building to the northwest), MILO the 
doorman will require that you kill a half-orc named TREAT in order to gain 
admittance.  So head to the other side of the Boil and find Treat in a 
building to the south.  Treat will appear like a snake elemental, and after 
you kill him and return to Milo, you’ll find out he was really a shapeshifter 
and not a half-orc.

     “Why do you think I didn’t do the job myself?” -- Milo

Now you can go in to see Maug.  He’ll ask you to kill Pollock.  If you’re 
intelligent enough (or perhaps persuasive enough) you can ask for a weapon to 
use against Pollock, and Maug will give you a repeater rifle.  Now go back to 
the other side of the Boil.  It’s probably best to kill Pollock’s henchmen as 
you find them, so when you get to Pollock he won’t have any help.  Pollock is 
level 40, but he won’t have a weapon equipped, and he won’t pose the same 
sort of challenge as ore golems or seething masses.  Once he’s dead, head 
back to Maug to collect your reward.

You can also do a quest for the pub’s owner, CALEB MALLOY.  He’ll tell you 
that his whiskey shipments have been getting robbed, and he’ll ask you to go 
meet BIGGS on the Garrillon Bridge to pick up the latest batch.  When you 
make the pick-up, one of two things will happen.  If you joined the Pollock 
Gang, you’ll simply be attacked by some orcs.  Otherwise, MALEK NEBBS will 
let you know that you’ve interrupted a Maug operation, and he’ll ask you to 
hand over the whiskey.  Then you can fight him and get the standard reward 
for finishing the quest (500 gold and 3100 exp), or you can give him the 
whiskey.  If you choose the latter, you can let Malloy know who did it, or 
you can keep the information to yourself.  Either way Malloy will give you 
100 gold for your trouble -- and he’ll keep giving you 100 gold each time you 
talk to him, so you can gain as much money as you want.

Now you can head on out to Ashbury.  If you’re not a magic user, this is the 
perfect time to try out the train station in Tarant.

     “All aboard for Ashbury!  All aboard!” -- Train conductor

If you choose to walk, you might want to visit the Ancient Temple (776W, 
920S) along the way.  At the temple you can learn some background information 
about the Derian-Ka and the Molochean Hand, plus pick up some magic loot.  
The Lair of Bellerogrim (769W, 839S) is also a good place to visit.  Once you 
destroy some containers, you can go down a level and find the last testament 
of Kraka-tur (a creature exiled to the Void).

| 10.12 ASHBURY                                                            |
                          |  |   |                                  _ North
                   Train  |__|   |                                  /|
                                 |            _____                /
     __________________________   \          / ___ \
    |  ____                    |   |        | |   | |
    | |    |_                  |   |        | |   | | Haunted
    | |     _|                 |   |        | |___| | Castle
    | |   _|       Cemetery    |   |        | _____/
    | |__|                     |   |       / /
    | Chapel                   |   |      / /
    |            ______________|    \    | |
    |           |  __   __   __      \  / /              Legend
    |           | |10| |12| |14|      \/ /
    |           | |__| |__| |__|        /______          D  Dog
    |           |  __   __   __       ______   \         E  Elven Trader
    |           | |  | |  | |S |     | City |   \        P  Spectacles Shop
    |_____ _____| |__| |__| |__|     |_Hall_|    \       S  Shops
                                       |__|       \      T  Edward Teach
                                 ___          ___  \
                     ___   __   | S |   __   |   |  |    10 \
                    | S | |S |  |---|  |S |  |Inn|  |    12  | Trellis Way
                    |___| |__|  |___|  |__|  |___|  |    14 /
                                                 D  |
                   ___                    _______   |
                  |   |     ___     ___  |  |    |   \
                  |___|    /   \   |   | |P |    |_   |
     Pigs                 |     |  |___| |__|   |__|  |       _  /\
              ___          \     \  Pub     E         |______| ||T |
             |   |          |     \____________   ___________  ||  |
             |___|      ___  \                 | |           |_| \/
             Theo      |   |  |                | |
                       |___|  |                | | /\
          Rocks       Prison   \               | ||  |
                                |              |_||  |
                           __   |                  \/
                          |  |   \
                          |__|    \___
            Gypsy       Thorndop      \


As always, explore the town and talk to the people you meet.  You’ll find a 
few things of interest:

-- THEO BRIGHTSTART will have two quests for you, but they’re sort of 
annoying and unrewarding, so you might want to skip them.  First, he’ll ask 
you to kill some pigs that have been eating his crops, and he’ll offer you 50 
(or 75) coins for the job.  The pigs are to the west, but they’re good 
aligned creatures, and attacking them will annoy your good companions.  So be 
sure to have your good companions “wait here” so their reaction towards you 
doesn’t drop.

Second, Theo will ask you to move some boulders for him, and he’ll offer 50 
(or 100) coins for the job.  The boulders all weigh 4000-5000 stone, so you 
might have to drop / unequip some things before you can move them.  But the 
boulders are just objects, and the cart where you’re supposed to move them is 
just a container, so there isn’t anything complicated in the task.  If you 
can’t find all five boulders, be sure to check your companions.  Sometimes 
they’re strong enough to pick one up.

-- WILLIAM THORNDOP will tell you about the Halcyon Order.  He’ll also be 
carrying a looking glass rifle that you might want to steal.  (But he’s the 
firearms master, so don’t kill him for it.)

     “The Halcyon Order is a small movement and our belief system is
     simple.  We focus on the truth that all sentient beings were created
     to dwell together in peace and harmony.” -- William Thorndop

-- On the eastern side of the inn, you’ll find a gnome kicking a dog.  You 
can either pay the gnome or threaten him to drive him off, and the dog will 
then join your group.  Note: It’s not clear just when the gnome starts 
kicking the dog, so you might want to head to the scene as soon as you reach 
Ashbury if you want the dog in your group.

-- Outside City Hall, you’ll meet CHESTER MILLER, the mayor.  He’ll tell you 
that the town wants to build a monument to LORD BETTINGTON, “the greatest man 
ever to come out of Ashbury,” but that it can’t decide on anything about it.  
Agree to help him, but before going inside to the podium, check your 
intelligence.  This quest requires at least 10 intelligence (and perhaps some 
persuasion if it’s that low), so if you’re not smart enough, go to the elven 
trader outside the spectacles shop and buy some essence of intellect.

Then, when the citizens start asking you questions, give the responses that 
start with

     -- “It is right and fitting...”
     -- “Hierarchical design principles...”
     -- “An issue of municipal bonds...”
     -- “We will bid the project...”
     -- “Probably a metal statue...”
     -- “Take an inch...”

and the citzens will go away happy, and you’ll earn about 2000 exp when you 
talk to the mayor next.  Note that if you’re using essence of intellect, 
you’ll have to give your answers quickly so the potion doesn’t run out before 
the questions do.

     “You’re a loon!” -- Ashbury citizen, upon giving an incorrect answer

-- Outside 12 Trellis Way, you’ll meet THEODORE.  He’ll ask you to retrieve 
some mechanized plate from the house of an eccentric scientist who hasn’t 
been seen for two weeks.  Agree to do it.  Conveniently, the scientist lives 
at 12 Trellis Way, so just go inside.  You’ll find a mechanized arachnid plus 
an automaton to kill, and they’ll both damage weapons like the ore golems 
did.  If you have Dog with you, he’ll just rip them apart, but otherwise use 
backup weapons or gloves to kill them.  Then give the plate to Theodore to 
collect 200 (or 300) gold, plus 800 exp.  Of course, if you’re a tech user, 
you might just want to keep the plate or steal it back from Theodore after 
you deliver it to him.

-- Inside 14 Trellis Way, you’ll meet KENDRICK WALES, an author.  He’ll let 
you know that he’s written a new book, but he won’t tell you anything about 
it.  (Kendrick will be more important later in the game, so just remember 
where he is.)

     “I’m not one to sound my own virtues, but I must admit that it’s a
     masterpiece!  A true example of scholarly pursuit!” -- Kendrick Wales

-- At the cemetery gates, you’ll find GEOFFREY TARELLOND-ASHE.  He’ll give 
you some background information about why the zombies might be rising from 
their graves, and he’ll ask you to give him whatever object is causing the 
problem.  If you’re evil, he’ll even join your group to help.

Regardless, work your way to the cemetery chapel, killing whatever zombies 
get in your way.  (Or, if you need experience, just sit around and kill them 
for a while.)  Inside you’ll find two fire elementals guarding an inferno 
hammer (D 1-8, FT 1-10, FD 5-10) in the furnace, but unless you really want 
the hammer or are a glutton for punishment, just skip them.  Then head down 
into the catacombs, kill a bunch of zombies, putrid walkers, and gore guards, 
and pick up the gem in the burial room past the passage.  (You can also pick 
up the mace of the damned in one of the caskets.)  When you give the gem to 
Geoffrey, you’ll receive 500 gold and 1500 exp.

With Ashbury’s quests done, you can either head right out to the Isle of 
Despair (by talking to Edward Teach), or you can explore the Haunted Castle 
first.  The Haunted Castle isn’t involved in any quests, and it doesn’t 
provide any exciting equipment (unless you’re an evil mage), but you can get 
some decent experience there.  Plus, it’s atmospheric, and you’ve always 
wanted to meet the Lord of the Damned anyway, right?

Regardless, before you leave you might want to pick open the barrel next to 
Teach’s ship.  You’ll have to turn Teach around so he doesn’t notice you 
(stand on the opposite side and talk to him), but once you open it you’ll 
find a copy of “The Hand” by Frederick von Hapsgood.  It’s a book you might 
be able to use on the Isle of Despair.

| 10.13 ISLE OF DESPAIR                                                    |

                            F                                       _ North
               __________________                                   /|
            __/                  \_                                /
           /    _________________  \
          /  __/      _________  \  \_
         /  /     ___|  ____   |  \_  \
        |  /    _|     |  T |  |__  \  \
       /  /   _|       |    |     |  \  \     Legend
      |__|   |   ___   |____|  _  |_  \
       __    |  |   |     O   |_|   |_ \      C  Cynthia Boggs
      |  |   |  |___|    _  G    ___  | |     F  Footprints
      |  |   | ___     /   \    | J | | |     G  Gorrin
      |  |   ||   |   | Pit |   |___| | |     J  Jones the Collector
      |  |   ||___|    \ _ /     ___  | |     N  Norian
      |  |   |     ___          |   | | |     O  Ogdin
          \  |_   | N |        C|___| | |     T  Thorvald Two Stones
           \   |_ |___|   ___       __| |
            \_   |_______|___|_____|    |
              \          Gate          /
               \________      ________/
                        |    |
                 ______/      \__


To start off, save your game.  Once you leave the Isle of Despair, you won’t 
be able to come back, so just in case you mess something up, it’s better to 
be safe than sorry.

You’ll start out on the island next to Teach’s ship.  Follow the path to the 
west, and shortly you’ll arrive at an enclave.  Talk to the gate guard, and 
he’ll let you know that THORVALD TWO STONES is in charge of the enclave, and 
that he has a personal guard named OGDIN.

The guard might also tell you of a “sorcerous beast” that has been troubling 
the enclave.  (If he doesn’t offer you the quest, you can kill the beast and 
then come back to trigger it.)  Agree to kill the beast and then head west 
around the outer walls of the base.  If you stick to the coast you should 
find some shallows that allow you to cross the water.  From there, stay with 
the coast but head north and then east, and you should find some footprints.  
If you follow the footprints, you’ll arrive at the beast’s lair.  The beast 
is a level 29 “temporal crusher” and it can apparently freeze an opponent for 
a short amount of time.  So attacking it without followers might be 
difficult, but otherwise it should pose no problem.

After the beast is dead, explore its lair to find a junk pile with baneful 
gauntlets (bad) and a charmed ring (PR 5, FR 5, ER 5, MR 5) in it.  Then go 
back to the starting point of the footprints and travel east.  You’ll 
eventually come to a trail leading northeast.  If you follow the trail you’ll 
find a chest (hidden behind the trees) with 1837 gold in it.  Now head back 
to the enclave to receive your reward for killing the crusher: a serpentine 
necklace (poison heal rate x2, reaction -5), plus 1200 exp.  Finally, enter 
the enclave.
On the eastern side of the enclave you’ll meet CYNTHIA BOGGS.  She’ll tell 
you how she has been “abused and treated like common property,” and she’ll 
ask you to rescue her.  She’ll also tell you of a nomadic group of women who 
live on the island, who might take her in if she can escape from the enclave.  
Agree to help her, and she’ll mark the location of the women’s camp on your 
map.  If you’re male, she’ll also give you a white scarf.

In the building next to the one where Boggs is standing, you’ll meet JONES 
THE COLLECTOR.  He’ll ask you to pick up some technological items from Shades 
Beach, and he’ll offer a strange weapon as a reward.  When you agree to help, 
he’ll mark the location of the beach on your map.

In a building on the southern side, you’ll find Norian.  He’ll tell you that 
he makes potato moonshine, and he’ll ask you to deliver some to a man named 
MAXIMILLIAN, who lives outside the enclave.  If you agree to do the delivery 
for him, he’ll give you some moonshine and mark Maximillian’s location on 
your world map.

     “You never know what some of old Norian’s moonshine is worth.” -- Norian

Finally, you can talk to Ogdin in front of the large building to the north.  
He’ll let you know that Thorvald is the only dwarf on the island.  He’ll also 
tell you that the only way to meet Thorvald is to prove yourself “on the 
field of battle.”  If you’re persuasive or have a copy of “The Hand,” you can 
skip the combat and go right in, but otherwise you’ll have to talk to GORRIN 
and schedule a fight in the pits.

There are five battles in the pits:

1. Borag, a level 10 half-ogre
2. A level 12 human bandit
3. A level 11 elven thief
4. A level 14 human bandit
5. Three level 15 halflings (kill the spellcasters first because they can 
summon demons and fire elementals)

You only have to win the first battle to see Thorvald, but if you can win all 
five you’ll gain a reputation as “Champion of the Pit.”

Note: You’ll have to fight the battles alone, and to do so you’ll have to ask 
all of your party members to wait for you.  Since there are some bugs in the 
game with joining and rejoining (especially with Magnus), save your game 
before asking anybody to wait, and then make sure everybody will hook back up 
with you before continuing.  If you find that you’ll lose a party member by 
fighting in the pit, you can instead just fight your way to see Thorvald and 
kill him for the information you need.  It’s not pretty, but it works.

But supposing you gain access to Thorvald in the normal way, he’ll confirm 
that the Black Mountain Clan isn’t on the island, and he’ll suggest that you 
talk to the Wheel Clan about it.  Thorvald will then mark the location of the 
Wheel Clan on your map, and he’ll let you know that you’ll need special 
glasses in order to see the entrance to the clan’s home.

     “The whole clan gone?  My clan involving themselves with magicks?
     None of this makes sense!” -- Thorvald Two Stones

From here you can proceed in a variety of ways.  Thorvald has the glasses you 
need, and you can either convince him to join your party (which requires 3 
ranks of persuasion) or you can simply convince him to give you the glasses 
(which requires 9 intelligence or very low intelligence).  You can also kill 
him or rob him to get the glasses, or you can loot the chest in his room to 
get a schematic for the glasses.  Lastly, you can go to the spectacles shop 
in Ashbury and ask the proprietor there to make you a pair (ask about his 
wares).  But note that the schematic and the shop require kathorn crystals, 
so if you don’t have any, it’s probably best to get Thorvald’s glasses -- by 
whatever means necessary.

Whichever choice you make, go ahead and leave the enclave, and then start 
working on all the side quests you discovered earlier:

-- At Maximillian’s house, after dropping off the moonshine, you can talk to 
Maximillian and learn that he’s really the heir to the throne of Cumbria.  
He’ll then ask you to contact Lianna Pel Dar (in Dernholm) and let her know 
about his situation.

     “I can still hear her, you know... the stone walls of Dernholm, the
     rolling hills and vales, the trumpet blast of the Dragon Knights
     marching to battle.” -- Maximillian

-- At Shades Beach, you’ll find the wreckage of a strange craft guarded by 
some spiders.  The craft is a submarine (you’ll learn more about it later), 
and you should find six “ancient” technological items near it: two 
schematics, a filament, a pocket watch, a looking glass, and some gears.  
Jones will take any of the items other than the schematics.

-- At the women’s camp, you’ll find several women standing around a fire.  If 
you’re male, make sure you’re wearing the white scarf on your head before 
entering the area, or the women will attack you and you’ll botch the quest.  
When you talk to LORRIA, the leader of the group, you’ll find that the women 
are not interested in helping Boggs escape.  All they’ll do is provide you 
with a gun to give her.  You’ll have to help Boggs yourself.

     “Better to die fighting than to live a torturous life.” -- Lorria

So head back to the enclave, report to Norian and Jones to complete their 
quests, and then talk to Boggs.  If you just give her the gun and tell her to 
escape on her own, she'll start attacking the gate guards and get mowed down.  
(And, amusingly, if your companions are close enough, they’ll help kill her.)  
Instead, offer to help, but don’t leave through the front gate, or you’ll 
just have to attack the guards yourself.  There are numerous windows in the 
walls of the camp, and while they’re all locked, they’re all easy to pick.  
So just head east to the wall, open a window, and escape the camp that way.  
If a guard tells Boggs to stop following you, inform him that she’s your 
property now, and he’ll go away.  When you talk to Lorria again, Boggs will 
leave your group.  You won’t get any experience for completing the quest, but 
you can always keep the scarf or Boggs’ locket as a memento of your time 

Note: You can also take Boggs with you when you return to Ashbury.  I’ve 
heard people say you get a fate point for doing this, but I’ve never gotten 
one myself.

That’s it for the Isle of Despair, so head back to the mainland.  But before 
going to the Wheel Clan, you might want to stop at the Ancient Shipwreck 
(499W, 892S).  At night skeletons appear there, and they always seem to have 
kathorn crystals on them.  So if you need some, that’s a good place to look.  
Also, if you go to Tarant and report in to Bates, he’ll give you some gold.  
Lastly, on the way to the Wheel Clan, you’ll probably have a random encounter 
with Arronax (or it might happen at the Wheel Clan entrance itself).  He’ll 
just taunt you a little, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

     “I am returning.  It has already been set in motion, and there’s
     nothing you can do about it.  I am returning, and all will fall.”
     -- Arronax

| 10.14 WHEEL CLAN                                                         |
 Level 1        ____| |                                            _ North
 -------       |  __ 2| To Level 3                                 /|
              _| |_ |_|                                           /
            _|     |_    _
      _____|         |__| |
     |_____           __ 1| To Level 2
   Exit    |_       _|  |_|
             |_   _| _
               | |__| |
               |____ 3| To Mines

 Level 2                  |     | Altar to
 -------                  |_   _| Alberich
                           _| |_
                          |_   _|
                            | |          ___
               ___       ___| |___      |  4| To Mines
           To |6  |     |  _____  |     |  _|
      Level 3 |_  |     | |     | |     | |
                | |_____| |___  | |_____| |
                |___   _____  | |___   ___|
      ________      | |___  | |     | |
     |    __  |   __| |   | | |     | |
     |   |  | |  |  __|___| | |     | |           __
      | |   | |  | |        | |     | |   __    _|  |___
     |   |  | |__| |________| |_____| |__|  |__|    |   |
     |1  |  |  __   ________   _____   __    __     |   | Throne Room
     |   |  | |  | |        | |     | |  |__|  |_   |___|
      | |   | |  | |______  | |     | |          |__|
     |   |__| |  |__  |   | | |     | |
     |________|     | |___| | |     | |
                 ___| |_____| |  ___| |___
                |  _____   ___| |  _____  |
               _| |     | |     | |     | |
           To |7  |     | |_____| |     | |_
      Level 3 |___|     |___   ___|     |  5| To Dredge
                            | |         |___|
                           _| |_
                          |_   _|

                                         __   _____
 Level 3                          __    |  | |  |  |       Legend
 -------                         |  |   | V| _|E|  |__
                                 |  |___|__||___|__|  |    E  Erick Obsidian
                                 |__|_   ________  | T|    H  Herbalist
                                    __| |________| |__|    I  Inventor
                                   |  _____________|       S  Smith
     __       __   __       __     | |     ___             T  Thrayne Iron
    |__|_   _|__| |__|_   _|__|    | |    | 6 | To            Heart
    |  H | |  S | |  I | |    |    | |    |   | Level 2    V  Vegard Molten
    |__  | |    | |    | |    |    | |____|   |__             Flow
 __   _| | |   _| |_   | |   _|    |__   ______  |   __
|  |_|___|_|__|_____|_|__|__|_________| |______| |__|  |
|8  ______   _________   ____   ____________________  2| To Level 1
|__|     _| |   __    | |    | |_     ____________  |__|
 To     |  _| _|  |_ _| |    |_  |   |   |  |  |  |
 Mines  | |  |Garden|_  |      | |   |Inn|  |  |  |
        | |  |______| | |      | |___|   |__|__|__|
        | |___________| |      |___|_____|_____  7|
        |_______________|                      |__|

          __       _____               ___
 Mines   |3 |___  |___  |_______      |  4| To Level 2
 -----   |____  |     |  _____  |     |  _|
         To   | |  ___|T|  ___|T|     | |_
    Level 1  _|T| |  ___| |_   _|     |_  |
            |  _| | |       | |_________| |
            | |  _| |_____  |_________   _|
            | | |_______  |          _| |
            | |_______  | |___      |_  |      Legend
            |  ___   T| |___  |       | |
            |_|   | |       | |       | |_     A  Arvid Millstone
                __| |   ____| |____   |   |    D  Dread Crystal Spider
               |  __|  |  _______ T|  |D T|    T  Treasure
               | |     | |_      | |  |___|
              _| |___  |   |  ___| |
             |___   _| |A  | |  _  |___
                 | |   |   | | | |___  |
                 | |___|  T| | |__   | |_
                 |_________| |___T|  |  8| To Level 3

           __              ________    ____________
 Dredge   |5 |______      |  ____  |  |  T_____   _|       _
 ------   |_______  |     | |    |T|__| |      | |        | |___
           To  ___| |     | |__  |______|      | |        |  ___|
      Level 2 |  ___|     |__  |            _  | |        | |
              | |___        _|T|___________| | |T|________| |
           _  |  _  |      |_______________  | |______   ___|
          |T| |_| | |    _____________     | |______  | |_________
          | |_____| |   |  ____T____  |    |  ____  | |  _______  |
          |___   ___|   | |_____    | |____| |_   | | |_|    ___| |
              | |       |_____  |   |___   ____|  | |       |  _  |
              | |___________  | |  ___  | |       |T|       | | |K|
              |  _______   T| | |_|   | | |_______| |_____  | |
              |_|       | |   |  _  H | |  ___________   _| | |_____
           ___          | |   | | |___| | |           | |   |___   T|
          |  T|         | |   | |   ____| |       ____| |       | G |
          |   |  _______| |   | |  |  ____|      |  __  |       |___|
          |  _| |  _   _  |   | |  | |           | |  |T|
          | |___| | | | |_|   | |  |T|  ___      | |   ___
          |_______| | |_______| |  | |_|   |     | |__|T  |
                    |  _________|  |___  M |     |  __   L|
 Legend             |_|                |___|     |_|  |___|

 G  Grey King      L  To Loghaire
 H  Heirloom       M  Molten Giant
 K  Heirloom Key   T  Treasure


When you arrive at the home of the Wheel Clan, you’ll only see a blank rock 
wall.  To make the entrance appear, put on the kathorn spectacles and then 
step into the stone square on the ground.  Once you see the entrance, you 
won’t need the spectacles any more, and you can get rid of them.

Inside, take the middle staircase on the first level, and then keep moving 
northeast on the second level until you arrive at the throne room.  You’ll 
find a passage there in the northeastern wall (it might be hard to see), and 
when you pass through it you’ll find RANDVER THUNDER STONE, Loghaire’s son 
and the current King-in-Waiting.  Save your game here.

When you talk to Randver, you should learn that Loghaire hasn’t been the same 
since he sent the Black Mountain Clan into exile, and that he’s shut himself 
into an area of the mines called the Dredge.  At that point you should get a 
dialogue option that starts with “I’m confused....” and then, if your 
intelligence is high enough (10?), Randver should tell you about the Stone 
and the Shape.  During that conversation be sure to ask about Lorek and the 
Clan Wars.

     “As slate will flake and crack under the sculptor’s chisel, so will a
     dwarf who knows not his purpose, knows not his Shape.” –- Randver
     Thunder Stone

At the end of the conversation, one of two things should happen: either you 
should realize that Randver has a secret passage he uses to contact his 
father, or else Randver should give you permission to explore the Dredge so 
you can fight your way to see his father.  If neither of these happens, you 
might want to reload and try the conversation again.  Otherwise you’ll have 
to kill the dwarf guarding the stairs to the Dredge in order to get in.

The staircase to the Dredge is on the eastern side of the level, near the 
throne room.  But before going down there, explore the rest of the Wheel 
Clan’s home, especially level 3:

-- VEGARD MOLTEN FLOW will ask you to retrieve a family heirloom from the 

-- ERICK OBSIDIAN, the local historian, will tell you about an ancient race 
of dwarves called the Iron Clan.  He’ll give you a schematic for a key to the 
“Place of Iron” and ask you to give him the Durin Stone if you should somehow 
find the place and get inside.

-- THRAYNE IRON HEART will ask you to deliver a message to his brother ERLAND 
at the Stonecutter Clan.  He’ll then mark the location of the clan on your 
map.  (However, in some games Thrayne will never get up from his bed, and you 
won’t be able to do the quest.)

-- In the mines, ARVID MILLSTONE will tell you that something has been 
killing miners lately, and he’ll ask you to solve the problem.  You’ll find 
that the problem is a bunch of spiders.  (In fact, you might discover the 
spiders long before Millstone.)  Once you kill the spiders, return to 
Millstone to become a hero of the Wheel Clan.

     “Sometimes, when you dig this deep, you find things that weren’t ever
     supposed to be found.” -- Arvid Millstone.

-- In the garden you’ll find an olive tree, and on the ground next to it 
you’ll find some olive branches.

Even if you don’t have to go to the Dredge, you might want to anyway.  There 
are some nasty creatures down there -- ore golems, groups of brute fangs, and 
more -- but you’ll gain a lot of experience, you’ll be able to complete 
Vegard Molten Flow’s quest, and you’ll be able to find some mithril ore and a 
schematic for mechanized platemail (in the room with the Grey King).  
However, if you don’t find any mithril in the Dredge, or if you skip the 
Dredge, you can always buy some from the dwarven smith.

Note: If Randver told you about the secret entrance to the Dredge, then you 
won’t have permission to use the normal staircase.  However, you can still 
enter the Dredge by exiting Loghaire’s location to the southwest.

When you get to Loghaire, he’ll tell you that it was a delegation sent by the 
SILVER LADY (queen of the elves) who demanded that the Black Mountain Clan be 
exiled.  He’ll also tell you that the elves threatened war, which is why he 
complied.  During the conversation you should get a dialogue option with 
“That’s because your Stone is still true....” in it.  From there you can 
discuss the Shape and the Stone with Loghaire and eventually convince him to 
retake his throne.

Also, Loghaire should become suspicious of his encounter with the elves, and 
he should ask you to go to Qintarra to talk to them.  He won’t know where 
Qintarra is, but he’ll suggest you go to Stillwater to find out, and he’ll 
mark Stillwater on your map.  Lastly, he’ll give you a letter from the chief 
of the elven delegation, someone named M’IN GORAD.

If you went down to the Dredge, go ahead and give Vegard Molten Flow his 
heirloom -- a toy train -- and collect the reward: a miner’s helmet (AC 15) 
plus 6400 exp.

     “Were you expecting some ancient dwarven artifact, perhaps some lost
     piece of technology?  In this world of magick and myth, is it
     impossible that something as simple as a toy wagon might have value?”
     -- Vegard Molten Flow

You can’t complete either of the other Wheel Clan side quests for now, so 
head on over to Stillwater.  On the way, you might want to stop at the 
Uncharted Cave (1048W, 695S).  Inside you’ll find a nasty level 35 fire 
elemental plus a magick ring (PR 10, FR 10, ER 10, MR 10).

| 10.15 STILLWATER                                                         |
  Legend                      |C |    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
                              |__|    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  A  Adkin Chambers                   MMMMMMMMMMMMM           MMMMM
  B  Brigitte / Altar               MMMMMMMMMMMMM        __     MMM
  C  Cyrus’ House                 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM       |H |    MMM
  G  Gildor Nightwalk           MMMMMMMMMMMMMM          |__|    MMMM
  H  Stanley X. Hippington     MMMMMMMMMMMMM            MMM     MMMMMM
  M  Myrth                     MMMMMMMMMMMM           MMMMM     MMMMMMMM
  R  Richard Leeks         ___                      MMMMMMM     MMMMMMMMMM
  X  Giant Cave           |   |           ___     MMMMMMMMM      MMMMMMMMM
  Y  Marley     __       |  B  |         | M |   MMMMMMMMMM             MM
               |A |     |_______|  ___   |___|   MMMMMMMMMM              M
               |__|      |     |  |   |          MMMMMMMMMMM           X M
                         |     |  |___|   ___   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM     M
                         |_____|         | G |  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM    M
                   ____          ______  |___|  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
                  |    |        | R |  |        MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
                  |____|   o    |___|  |        MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
                   Pub              |__|      MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
               ____       _____             MMMMMMMMMMMMM
              |    |     |     |         MMMMMMMMMMMMMM
              |____|     |     |     MMMMMMMMMMMMMM
               Shop      |_____|   MMMMMMMMMMMMM
                           Inn        __
                                     |Y |   MMMM
                                     |__|   MMMM


Explore the town.  You’ll find several people who will offer you quests:

-- RICHARD LEEKS (the blacksmith) will ask you to check in on CYRUS the 
wizard.  He’ll also give you some background on the Stillwater Giant (whose 
statue is prominently displayed in the center of town).

     “If there’s anyone in this land who knows more about blacksmithing
     than I do, I’d be very surprised.” -- Richard Leeks

Cyrus’ house is on the northwestern edge of the town.  When you get there 
you’ll find that the house is empty, but you’ll see pools of blood and a set 
of large footprints leading north.  So follow the footprints for a while 
until you come to a cave.  When you go inside you’ll find Cyrus locked in a 
cage.  He’ll tell you that the ogre DROG BLACK TOOTH captured him -- and that 
the ogre will be back just as soon as he finds something to spice up the 
soup!  However, don’t let Cyrus out yet.  When you stop talking to him the 
ogre will appear at the entrance to the cave, and if you let Cyrus out he’ll 
immediately run in that direction and maybe get himself killed (thus botching 
the quest).  So instead go to the entrance yourself, kill Drog (who is 
weaponless and only level 30), and get the key from his corpse.  Now you can 
let Cyrus out and collect the reward from Leeks.

     “Thank the stars!  It was going to be wizard stew for old Drog if you
     hadn’t come along!” -- Cyrus

-- At the Bleeding Rose Inn, you can talk to the innkeeper and get a book 
from Joachim.  When you read the book, leave it open long enough for Virgil 
to start a conversation (provided you still have Virgil with you).

-- BRIGITTE (head priestess for the Cult of Geshtianna) will tell you that 
somebody has stolen the idol from Geshtianna’s altar.  Agree to help her, and 
then go to the local pub and listen to all of the rumors.  You’ll find out 
that MARLEY is suddenly much more popular than he used to be, so go over to 
his house (on the southeastern part of town).  If you’re persuasive, you can 
convince Marley to give up the idol (in exchange for a blessing).  Otherwise 
you’ll have to rob him or kill him for the key, and then get the idol from 
the large crate in the back of the house.  When you bring the idol back to 
Brigitte, you’ll receive a +1 beauty blessing -- plus other rewards, if you 
feel so inclined.

     “Perhaps you would spare me a moment to, uhm... instruct you in the
     ways of the goddess?” -- Brigitte

-- GILDOR NIGHTWALK will tell you a story and give you a book to set up the 
background for his quest -- to retrieve the Great Ruby of K’alru.  He’ll then 
mark the location of the ruby on your map.  (Nightwalk is also wearing a ring 
of concealment, but its “considerable” bonus to prowl is only +2.)

-- MYRTH will tell you the location of Qintarra, but first you’ll have to do 
two things: you’ll have to get him to give you a straight answer, and you’ll 
have to perform a quest for him (of course).  To get the straight answer, 
just give Myrth a taste of his own medicine.  When he asks if you mind him 
asking why you want to go to Qintarra, just say that you don’t mind, and then 
make him wait two times.  Then tell him, “I said I didn’t mind you asking, 
not that I’d tell you.”  He’ll enjoy that remark, and he’ll offer to let you 
know the location of Qintarra, provided you can bring him back the pelt of 
the Stillwater Giant.  He’ll also suggest you talk to STANLEY XAVIER 
HIPPINGTON, the local expert on the giant.  (If Myrth is antagonistic when 
you meet him, then take the dialogue option that starts with “Excuse ME, 
elf...” and then end the conversation and speak to him again.)

If you decide you don’t like Myrth very much, or if your character isn’t able 
to follow his word games, you can learn the location of Qintarra in another 
way.  Myrth is wearing an amulet named N’tala, which you might remember as 
the amulet Gaylin was looking for way back in Shrouded Hills.  If you get the 
amulet from Myrth (one way or the other) and give it to Gaylin, she’ll tell 
you where Qintarra is located.  Of course, the amulet is nice (+1 strength, 
+1 constitution, +100% healing rate), so you might want to get it just to get 

-- You’ll find Stanley Xavier Hippington (“renowned cryptozoologist”) in his 
house on the northeastern edge of town.  He’ll tell you that the Stillwater 
Giant is a shapeshifter and that, to conserve energy, it usually takes the 
form of a small, blue bunny.  He’ll also tell you that the giant conveniently 
lives in a cave nearby, and he’ll ask you to capture it.

So take the cage and scent Hippington gives you and travel north and then 
east to the creature’s lair.  Capturing the bunny / giant works just the same 
way as closing the portal near Liam’s workshop: put the cage in one of your 
hotkey slots, and then, as soon as you see the bunny, press the hotkey and 
select the bunny.  You don’t have to use the scent.  When you take the caged 
bunny back to Hippington, he’ll tell you that you need to get the giant 
legitimized, and that you should see Dr. Tristan Fenwick of the Tarant 
Zoological Society.

So once you’ve finished all the Stillwater side quests, journey back to 
Tarant and talk to Fenwick.  He probably won’t give you the response you were 
hoping for, but he’ll direct you to H.T. Parnell’s museum, where you can buy 
a (fake) Stillwater Giant pelt for 2000 gold.  Go ahead and buy it or steal 
it (Parnell is carrying the key to the case), and then trek all the way back 
to Stillwater.

     “Oh, I just love you practical jokers.  A blue rabbit!  Hah!  Nice
     paint work, though.” -- Dr. Tristan Fenwick

When you give the pelt to Myrth, you can either lie or tell the truth about 
how you got it (lying might take some persuasion), and he’ll mark Qintarra on 
your map.  He’ll also mark a pass through the Stonewall Range so you can walk 
there.  I don’t think there’s anything you can do with the bunny in the cage 
at this point, so feel free to stash it somewhere.  Maybe it would look good 
in Hippington’s house.

Before traveling to Qintarra, head on over to the Stonecutter Clan -- even if 
you didn’t accept Thrayne Iron Heart’s quest to talk to his brother.  You’ll 
find some interesting background information while you’re there.  The 
location of the clan is (1344W, 886S). 

Also, now that you’ve completed the Stillwater Giant quests, at some point 
when traveling near Stillwater you might have a “random” encounter with a 
blue bunny.  It will, of course, turn into the Stillwater Giant, and once you 
kill it you’ll get an authentic pelt.  You can then sell the pelt to H.T. 
Parnell for 2000 gold.  (And there’s a money cheat with the transaction.  
Offer the pelt to Parnell and then refuse his offer.  Talk to him again and 
ask to conclude the transaction.  At that point you can ask more questions 
and get the conclude transaction dialogue again, and you can repeat it as 
much as you want and gain as much gold as you want.)

| 10.16 STONECUTTER CLAN                                                   |
         ________   __
        |  X     |_|D |                  Legend
        | | |     _|__|
        | | |_   |                       D  Dwarves
        | |  _| |       ___________      L  Necromancer’s Lab
        | |_|    |     |  _______  |     S  Storage Room
        |  _     |  ___| |       | |
        | | |____| |  ___|      _| |_
        | |     ___|_|__       |  L  |
        | |    |  |S |  |      |_____|
        | |   _|__|__|__|_____
        | |__|   ______   |   |
        |____   |      |  |___|
             |  |______|  |   |
             |_____   ____|___|
                   | |
                   | |
                  _| |


When you enter the clan’s home, you’ll find zombies wandering all over the 
place.  Kill the zombies and eventually work your way to a locked room with 
some dwarves in it.  The “dwarf technologist” will turn out to be Erland Iron 
Heart, and he’ll tell you how he found an ancient necromancer’s laboratory 
and accidentally created the zombies.  Let Erland know his brother is looking 
for him, accept the key that he gives you, and then go in search of the lab.

The passageway to the lab is behind a locked storage room.  Erland’s key will 
unlock the doors.  When you get to the lab, you’ll find a level 30 
“Bludgeoner” that will look more formidable than it really is.  Once you’ve 
killed it and the putrid walkers with it, loot the table in the room to find 
a journal, a necromizer schematic, and a cursed ring and medallion.  The 
journal belonged to KERGHAN, the first necromancer, and you should read it to 
learn a little more about him, Nasrudin, and Arronax.

Now head on to Qintarra.  Unless you have the teleport spell, you’ll have to 
make your way through Hardin’s Pass.  There isn’t anything interesting to the 
pass; just make your way generally south and west until you get to the other 
side.  Now you’ll be able to travel on the western side of the Stonewall 
Range, and in the future you won’t have to stop at the pass to cross from one 
side of the mountains to the other.

| 10.17 QINTARRA                                                           |
        _/   T   \_                                                 _ North
       /    ___    \                            ___                 /|
      |    /   \    |                        __/   \__             /
      |   |     |   |                      _/ |  Q  | \_ 
      |    \___/    |                     |    \___/    |
       \_         _/                       \_  R      _/
         \__   __/                           \__   __/
            | |                                 | |
          __| |__           _______           __| |__           _______
        _/       \_       _/       \_       _/       \_       _/     I \_
       /    ___    \     /    ___  S \     /    ___    \     /    ___    \
      |    /   \    |___|    /   \    |___|    /   \    |___|    /   \    |
      |   |     |    ___    |  E  |    ___    |     |    ___    |     |   |
      |    \___/    |   |    \___/    |   |    \___/    |   |    \___/    |
       \_         _/     \_W        _/     \_         _/     \_U        _/
         \__   __/         \_______/         \__   __/         \_______/
            | |                                 | | 
          __| |__                             __| |__
        _/       \_                         _/ F     \_
       /    ___    \                       /    ___    \
      |    /   \    |                     |    /   \    |
      |   |     |   |                     |   |     |   |
      |    \___/    |                     |    \___/    |
       \_J        _/                       \_Y        _/
         \_______/                           \_______/



 E  Entrance / Exit    Q  Silver Lady    U  Ellumyn
 F  Fawn               R  Raven          W  Winde
 I  Ivory              S  Swyft          Y  Whysper
 J  Jormund            T  Wrath 


Enter the tree canopy to the north and talk to the guards next to the 
passage.  They should let you up into Qintarra.  Once you’re there, explore 
the area and talk to the people you meet:

-- WINDE (master of the hunt) will ask you to find a missing hunter.  He’ll 
mark a location on your map (the Bedokaan Village) where the hunter was last 
known to be.  When you get to the village, you’ll find the elf in a nearby 
pit, and he’ll tell you that he didn’t do anything to provoke the lizard 
people.  If you’re not very diplomatic, you can find vine ropes on most of 
the (red) lizard guards in the village.  Then, if you kill the (green) 
Bedokaan guard next to the pit, you can talk to the elf again to give him a 
rope, and then talk to him one last time so he leaves the village.

If you’re more persuasive, you can head northeast of the pit and talk to the 
(blue) lizard chief, KAN KERAI.  It’s possible to have a long conversation 
with him and convince him that not all warm-blooded creatures are the same 
and that the elves haven’t done anything to his people.  Then you can either 
go out and kill the poachers who caused the problems, or you can convince 
Kerai that the poachers are evil but humans in general aren’t.  If you’re 
persuasive enough to take the latter approach (it requires 3 ranks of 
persuasion) and, if you tell Kerai your story, he’ll offer you the services 
of WAROMON, who is standing at the altar dedicated to Makaal, southeast of 
the pit.  Then just talk to the elf (now outside the pit) so he leaves the 

     “All warm-bloods know not our ways, the cold-blood ways.” –- Kan Kerai

Note: While the Poachers’ Camp will always appear on the world map, the 
poachers themselves will only appear if you agree to kill them.  Since the 
poachers have an elephant gun and lots of bullets, you might want to take the 
more violent approach just to pick up better equipment.

-- JORMUND (a dwarven wizard) will tell you that he is under contract to 
serve an elven wizard named WRATH until either Wrath dies or Wrath lets him 
go free.  If you offer to talk to Wrath for him, Jormund will decline, but if 
you head northeast to talk to Wrath anyway, you’ll find that he has been 
murdered.  So play the detective and examine the corpse.  You’ll find a wine 
glass with a “strange, pungent odor” to it.

When you go back to Jormund, you’ll find that the elves have put him under 
arrest.  So talk to the elf guard, and then talk to Jormund again.  Jormund 
will claim he didn’t do it, and he’ll ask you to help him out.  Also, if you 
show him the wine glass, he’ll suggest that it might have been poisoned, and 
he’ll let you know that SHARPE is the local apothecary.  

When you go over to Sharpe’s shop, you’ll find that his wife IVORY is there 
instead.  However, don’t go in and talk to her yet.  Instead, wait until 
22:00 when she leaves for the night.  Then go in and either pick open or 
break open the vase.  Inside you’ll find a vial that once contained poison.

Then wait for morning and finally talk to Ivory.  Select the dialogue option 
about the vial, and eventually the two of you should come to the conclusion 
that Wrath was so bitter about Ivory loving Sharpe that he actually killed 
himself and tried to frame Sharpe for the deed.  (If you’re persuasive 
enough, you can talk to Ivory about the wine glass and then the vial, and the 
conversation will sound better.)

Now you can take the vial to the elf guarding Jormund and convince him that 
Wrath killed himself.  Jormund will then give you the Staff of Xoranth (a 
really fast two-handed weapon), and you’ll be able to add him to your group 
if you want.

     “We all know that elves do not have it in them to wantonly murder each
     other over things like jealousy.” -- Ivory

-- ELLUMYN will ask you to get some mithril for him.  (If you don’t have any 
on you, you can get some at the Wheel Clan or the Stonecutter Clan).  In 
return you’ll receive Ellumyn’s Bow (a faster version of the elven hunter’s 
bow) plus 1700 exp.

-- WHYSPER will give you a gem if you tell her your story.  (The gem will 
turn you invisible for several hours.)  Also, Whysper will ask you to find 
some essence of the Vol’ars Wisp.  Sometimes you can find such a wisp in 
random encounters near Qintarra, but otherwise you’ll have to wait until 
later in the game to find one.  Regardless, once you do have the essence and 
return it to Whysper, she'll give you a scroll of succour beast.

-- SWYFT will ask you to guide her to Tarant.  If you decide to do the quest, 
you should take her right away; otherwise she’ll complain and then (almost 
immediately) leave your group, botching the quest.

     “Oooh!  I get to go to Tarant!  I’m so excited!” -- Swyft

-- When you ask RAVEN for an audience with her mother, the Silver Lady, 
she’ll tell you that she’s too busy with other, more pressing matters, to 
deal with you.  If you offer to help, Raven will ask you to remove a group of 
humans from Falcon’s Ache.  But don’t rush off to complete the quest right 
away.  Instead, keep talking to Raven until you learn everything you can 
about the Ache.  In particular, you’ll find out that Falcon’s Ache is an 
elven holy place, and that if you spill blood there, the spirits will exact 
revenge.  Plus, Raven will mark the location of the Ache on your map.

So head on over to Falcon’s Ache.  When you get there, you’ll find some 
surveyors, headed by WILLIAM BENCH of the Torringsdale Lumber Company.  If 
you’re persuasive (2 ranks is enough), you’ll eventually get the dialogue 
option “I think I’ll be able to persuade you otherwise.”  And from there you 
can pretend to be a representative of Gilbert Bates and convince the 
surveyors to leave.  If you’re not persuasive, then you’ll have to be a 
little tricky.  Since the spirits of the Ache will punish anybody who spills 
blood there -- and not just you -- if you can get the surveyors to attack 
you, you’ll be able to get rid of them that way.  So move far away from the 
surveyors and tell your followers to wait.  Then walk over to Bench and 
insult him until he and his followers attack.  As soon as one of the 
surveyors hits you, the spirits will kill them all.

Now you can return to Raven and finally meet the Silver Lady.  Listen to 
everything she says, and then talk to Raven and listen to everything she says 
as well.  It’s ok if you don’t understand most of it.  All you need to take 
away is that M’in Gorad might be a Dark Elf, and that in order to find the 
home of the Dark Elves, you’ll have to track down a human named Dr. Renford 
A. Terwilliger, who was last known to be in Tarant.

     “It’s an interesting thing about prophecies, traveler.  They’re no
     clearer to one such as myself, living both in and out of the stream,
     than they are to you, walking on the shore.” -- The Silver Lady

So head on back to Tarant.  When you get there, go to the Department of 
Records and ask the clerk about Terwilliger.  She won’t find anything, so 
suggest she check back 50-100 years.  She’ll find an obituary for 
Terwilliger, and it will list him as the author of “T’sen-Ang: Horror Among 
the Dark Elves.”  You’ll then receive a quest to track down the book.

Note: If you discovered Terwilliger’s grave marker at the cemetery before 
going to the Hall of Records, you can immediately ask the clerk to find his 
obituary.  Also, if you killed or otherwise can’t deal with the records 
clerk, the obituary can be found in the rightmost filing cabinet in the 
locked room nearby.

     “Mr. Terwilliger’s publicist announced that the troubled author had
     recently been undergoing treatment to aid with ongoing delusions that
     someone was attempting to murder him for publishing his work.” -- from
     Terwilliger’s obituary in the Tarantian

Your next stop should be the university library.  They won’t have a copy of 
“Horror” but they will have a copy of a related book, “Curse of T’sen-Ang” by 
Kendrick Wales (who you might have met in Ashbury).  If you’re feeling 
generous, you can buy a lifetime membership to the library and get Wales’ 
book that way.  Otherwise you can rob or kill the librarian to get the book.

When you read “Curse” you’ll find that everybody involved in publishing or 
owning “Horror” has met an untimely end, but that one copy of the book still 
remains.  You’ll then receive a quest to find the owner of that last copy, 
VICTOR MISK of Caladon.

At this point Caladon should show up on your world map, and you should be 
able to ask ship captains to take you to there.  So do just that.

| 10.18 CALADON                                                            |
                             /  /            __|    |__   \  \      _ North
                            /  /            |          |   \  \     /|
                           /  / ____________|          |__  \  \_  /
                          |  | |_|     |_       _____     |  \_  \_  
                          |  | |       |_|     |     |    | __ \_  \_  Gypsy
   ___                    |  | |        _      |     |    ||  |  \_  \__
  |   |__                /  /  |       |_|     |_____|    ||M |    \__  \__ 
  |Maxim |             _/  /   |       |____   Temple   __||__|       \__  \_
  |______|           _/   /    | Cemetery   |   _   _  |        __  __   \_  
                    /  __/     |_          _|__|_| |_|_|       |Y ||A | __ \ 
 __                |  /        |_|___ ____|_|                  |__||__||C | |
|  |              /  /  ________              ___               __  __ |__| |
|__|             |  |  |3 |  |  |        __  | J |             |1 ||D |    /
                 |  |  |__|__|__| __   _|  | |___|             |__||__|   /
  __             |  |  _|       ||S | |Misk|   __                       _/
 |  |__      __  |  | |_|       ||__| |____|  |2 |                     / 
 |_ Wit|    |  | |  | |  _______| __   __  __ |__|       ____         | 
   |___|    |__| |  | |_|Inn|Pub||S | |S ||O |___       |    |        |
                 |__|   |___|___||__| |__||______|      |    |         \
                  _____   ___________________________   |____|          \
             __  |     | |                           |  Palace           |
            |  | |     | |  _                        |     ____  ____    |
        __  |  | |     | |_| | /\                   /     | P  ||N |T|   |
       |  | |__| |     |  _  ||  |                 | _    |____||__|_| _ |
       |__|      |     | | |_||  |                 ||_|         ____  |_||
                /     _| |___  \/                  | _     _   |    |  Z/
               |     |  ___  |                     ||_|G  / \  |Zoo |  /
               |     | | W | | /\                  |     |   | |____| /
        To  |  |     | |___| ||  |                 |Park |    \______/ 
 shipwreck  |  |     |_____  ||  |                  \___/
           \|/ |           |_| \/



 A  Adam Maxwell         O  Sobbing Onion       1 \
 C  Carrington’s house   P  Police HQ           2  |  Murders
 D  Daniel McPherson     S  Shops               3 /
 G  Guardhouse           T  Telegraph Office
 J  Jonathon Sanders     W  Warehouse
 M  Museum               Y  Arthur Tyron
 N  Newspaper Office     Z  Old Sewer Entrance


As always, explore the town and talk to the people you meet:

-- At 9 Gray Wolf Terrace, LILLIAN MISK will tell you a couple things: that 
her husband Victor died four days ago, and that, before he died, he hid his 
copy of the book “somewhere that only he and his old Dad would know.”  If you 
keep talking to her, she’ll also ask you to find out who let Kendrick Wales 
know that Victor had the book.

You can question the two servants -- WESLEY CARRINGTON the butler and BRINDA 
the maid -- but you won’t learn anything interesting from them.  However, you 
can pick up Carrington’s passport from the couch and learn that he lives at 
25 Dragon’s Turnabout.  Also, if you’re interested in finding the Iron Clan, 
you should grab the copy of “Durin’s Truth” sitting on display in the front 
room.  Lillian Misk is carrying the key to the case.

-- At the cemetery, you can dig up Victor Misk’s grave.  You’ll need a shovel 
to do it, and if you don’t have one, you can either steal one from BINGHAM 
SCHULEFEST (the dwarf in the graveyard), or you can hire him to dig up the 
grave for you (which results in you owning the shovel).  Inside the grave 
you’ll find a skull and a book “purchased at the Roseborough Gift Shop.”  If 
you ask Schulefest about the gift shop, he’ll mark Roseborough on your map.  
You can also ask Lillian Misk about the gift shop.

Note: If you have Virgil with you, he’ll leave the group and wander over to 
the eastern side of the graveyard to pay his respects at a grave marked for 
LAWRENCE BRUMMOND.  But when you talk to him, he’ll rejoin you.

-- At the Sobbing Onion, RYAN SANDERS will ask you to kill his father, 
JONATHON, for 1000 gold.  Jonathon is located at 5 Whytechurch Landing (just 
to the north).  It doesn’t seem to matter how persuasive you are; if you try 
to tell Jonathon his son wants to kill him, he’ll just attack you.  So take 
the initiative and attack him, and then, once he’s dead, loot the house and 
report back to Ryan for your reward.  You can gouge Ryan for an extra 1000 
gold, but then he’ll attack you, and some of the bar patrons won’t talk to 
you any more.

-- At 15 Old King’s Way (the large building on the western side of town), 
you’ll meet HIERONYMOUS MAXIM.  He’ll tell you how his workshop was destroyed 
and how ogres stole his heavier-than-air machines (which should sound 
familiar).  He’ll also tell you that the king’s advisors think his heavier-
than-air machines are a hoax and that he’s about to lose his funding.  If you 
give him the camera from the crash site (which contains a photo of his 
machines in action) he’ll give you a medical arachnid (plus schematic) and 
offer to build you a mechanized rifle if you can deliver him the necessary 
parts (a loading mechanism and a Clarington rifle).  You’ll also earn 9,900 

     “Those stupid, inbred, ignorant beasts!  They destroyed my
     masterpieces!” -- Hieronymous Maxim

-- At 25 Old King’s Way (the house with the rabbits in front), you’ll meet 
DAVID WIT and his daughter CYNTHIA.  They’ll tell you how something has been 
eating their rabbits at night during the last lunar cycle.  Agree to look 
into the matter for them, and then watch their house during the night.  
Without too much surprise, you’ll find that Cynthia is really a werewolf and 
that she’s the one who has been eating the rabbits.  Keep your followers back 
so they don’t attack her, and then once she’s killed a rabbit go talk to 
David again.  He’ll beg you not to kill his daughter (so don’t), and he’ll 
suggest you might find a cure for Cynthia at Tulla.

-- At 22 Dragon’s Turnabout, you’ll finally meet Arthur Tyron.  He’ll tell 
you how gnomes have been doing breeding experiments to create bodyguards, and 
that the skulls were from their first experiments with orcs and elves.  He’ll 
then ask you to go to “Half-ogre Island” to find evidence of the breeding 

     “They’ve enslaved women and are forcing them to breed with ogres, I
     tell you!” -- Arthur Tyron

So just ask a ship captain to take you to Half-ogre Island (or teleport 
there, if you can).  When you get there, follow the path to a large 
laboratory and find the safe inside.  The safe should contain a journal about 
the experiments plus a schematic for the potion of paralysis.  However, when 
you try to take the journal back to Tyron, you’ll find a gnome in his house 
instead.  The gnome will tell you about the gnomes and their experiments -- 
or maybe not -- and that’s basically where the quest ends.  You can sell the 
journal to the Tarantian, but if you go back later you’ll discover that the 
reporter you sold it to was a fake.  You can also go back to Tarant and sell 
the skulls to the phrenologist, but he’s a gnome and is involved in the plot 
as well.

     “What have I told you that is real?” -- unidentified gnome

-- At 25 Dragon’s Turnabout (Wesley Carrington’s house), you should find a 
note stating, “Dear Mr. Carrington: Enclosed is the payment we agreed upon.  
Elmer Burbottom.”  The note by itself isn’t enough to prove Carrington sold 
out the Misks, but it gives you a name to check out the next time you’re in 

-- At the palace, you can talk to PRINCE AUGUSTE FARAD.  At some point, if 
you visit Razors Pointe (1505W, 1772S), you’ll find a corpse carrying an 
amulet.  The amulet has the inscription, “To Aria, my love.  Prince Auguste 
Farad.”  If you tell the prince that Aria is dead, and if you give him the 
amulet, he’ll give you 1000 gold.

Note: Finding Aria is also a quest for King Praetor of Dernholm.  (She’s his 
daughter.)  You can complete the quest by talking to Praetor the next time 
you’re in Dernholm, and he’ll give you some gold as well.

-- At Shoreline Park, you can meet L.N. RENFORD (a gnome) and TARRY (a 
halfling).  If you talk to Renford he’ll tell you how Tarry sold their 
gardening tools for three magic beans.  If you’re feeling generous you can 
give Renford 1000 gold for the beans, but otherwise it’s better to steal 
them.  The beans are essentially potions of full heal / resurrect, but you’ll 
have to identify them to use them.

-- At Police Headquarters, CHIEF INSPECTOR HENDERSON will allow you to help 
investigate the Whytechurch murders, and he’ll suggest you take a look at the 
first two murder sites.  (If you don’t get a dialogue option about the 
murders, be sure you’ve read the newspaper lying in front of the Mushroom 
Inn.)  In the next room you can talk to RENEE who will tell you that the 
murderer was slender and might be an elf.

     “All I got workin for me are a group of slack jawed simians!”
     -- Chief Inspector Henderson

So head to either of the two murder sites.  They’re both the same, so it 
doesn’t matter which one you go to.  Inside you should notice a trap door 
that won’t budge when you try to open it.  Go back to police headquarters to 
let Henderson know what you’ve found.  He’ll send you off to a third murder 
site, and at this one you should find the name “L’anamelach” written in green 
blood.  (You could also get the name by conjuring the spirit of either of the 
first two victims.)  Henderson will let you know that L’anamelach is a demon 
name and suggest you get into contact with a demonologist.

     “When do I get the case where I have to go to some nice tropical island
     to solve it?” -- Chief Inspector Henderson

There’s a demonologist in Tarant.  If you talked to him earlier in the game, 
you can use the telegraph office to send him a telegram.  But since you need 
to go to Tarant anyway to look up Elmer Burbottom (plus do other things), you 
should skip it and just make the trip.

But before leaving, you might want to do the Thieves Underground quests in 
Caladon.  They’re much easier than the ones in Tarant, and you don’t have to 
be much of a thief to complete them.  (But you do have to be a member of the 
Thieves Underground to receive the quests, and you can only join in Tarant.)

| 10.19 CALADON THIEVES UNDERGROUND                                        |

The Thieves Underground quests in Caladon work just like the ones in Tarant, 
except the fence is located in the back room of the Sobbing Onion, and the 
thief who gives you the jobs is standing in front of the inn.

Here are the things to steal, their locations, and their rewards:

-- Caladon Crusading Chain; armory under guardhouse near Shoreline Park; 400 
gold, 2200 exp.  (The armor is pretty good for spellcasters, so you might 
want to keep it.)

-- Chest of Gold; shipwreck south of town; 700 gold, 1000 exp.  (You can also 
grab some poisoned platemail and a small steam engine while you’re there.)

-- Magic Necklace; Mushroom Inn room three; 250 gold, 1500 exp.  (When I 
identify the necklace, it comes up as a “dark helm” but it’s really a 
standard +40 MR amulet.)

-- Police file on Ryan Marshall; Police Headquarters; 300 gold, 3100 exp.

-- Sanders’ Pocketwatch; on Ryan Sanders at the Sobbing Onion; 300 gold, 1500 

-- Staff of Restoration; Sanders residence; 500 gold, 2800 exp.

-- Tarant Postal Bag; dock warehouse; 350 gold, 2000 exp.

You’ll also receive two jobs from ADAM MAXWELL at 24 Dragon’s Turnabout:

-- The book “Divinations and Magicks for the Adept Wizard”; in the Misk 
house; 250 (or 350) gold, 3100 exp.

-- The Necklace of Queen K’na S’ea; Caladon Museum; 550 (or 750) gold, 6400 
exp.  (The necklace is just a medallion of beauty in disguise.)

| 10.20 TARANT (2)                                                         |

To get back to Tarant, you can either take a ship or you can travel overland 
through the Gorgoth Pass (1500W, 1443S).  Since you need to explore the pass 
anyway to complete the Ancient Gods quest, you might as well take that route.  
The pass has lots of nasty equipment-damaging creatures in it, but just keep 
heading east and north, and eventually you’ll get to the other side.  The 
altar is on the northern edge of the pass, about 2/3 of the way across.

Back in Tarant, head over to the Hall of Records and discover that Elmer 
Burbottom lives in Ashbury at 14 Trellis Way.  (You can also ask about 
Lawrence Brummond and find out that he was brutally murdered and had a 
brother named Virgil.)  Then head north to the university and sell the skulls 
to the phrenologist.  Finally, visit Professor Eakins the demonologist (west 
of the phrenologist) and talk to him about L’anamelach.  He’ll give you some 
background information on the demon, and he’ll tell you how to kill it: 
retrieve the Sword of Xerxes from the Pit of Fires, and then use the sword 
against the demon.

     “Who in their right mind would try to take a demon into their body,
     thinking they could contain it?” -- Professor Eakins

You can also finally meet EDWARD WILLOUGHSBY while you’re in town.  If you 
approach his house, he’ll come out with his bodyguard and a wizard named 
PERRIMAN SMYTHE.  If you talk to Willoughsby, he’ll ask you to meet him at 
his office (in the Department of Water / Hall of Records building) in an 
hour.  If you talk to Smythe and tell him your story, he’ll offer to join 
you.  You can also ask him about his adventures with Willoughsby, and he’ll 
mention that CHADWICK MOORE has been pestering him to write a story about it.  
That’s interesting because one of the loading screens for the game shows a 
copy of Arcanum Tales with the story from Moore in it.  (That’s Smythe on the 

So go talk to Willoughsby (you don’t have to wait an hour).  There are two 
things he’ll do for you.  If you have enough persuasion to receive master 
training, he’ll give you a quest to go to Caladon and convince the king’s 
advisors there to have Caladon join Tarant and Ashbury in the Unified 
Kingdom.  He’ll also mention that he’s taking “personal measures” to clean up 
the Boil.  If you press him for details, he’ll suggest you talk to somebody 
named SEBASTIAN at Caleb Malloy’s pub.

When you leave Willoughsby’s office, you’ll be approached by HEINRICH JENKS.  
If you listen to him long enough he’ll ask you to kill King Farad of Caladon 
(as an evil option to Willoughsby’s quest).  However, doing Jenks’ quest will 
seriously mess up Caladon for you, so you should probably avoid it even 
though the payment is 20,000 gold.  Note: You can accept the quest and then 
tell Willoughsby about it, but nothing seems to come of it.

At the Boil, you can talk to Sebastian and find out just what Willoughsby 
meant by “personal measures.”  It seems he wants the leaders of the two rival 
gangs dead, and so Sebastian will ask you to kill whichever leader you didn’t 
kill before (or both, presumably, if you didn’t kill either).  This should be 
a pretty easy task, and when you return to Sebastian, he’ll offer to join 
your group.

Now make a quick trip to Ashbury to check out 14 Trellis Way.  You’ll arrive 
just as an elf assassin deals a mortal blow to Kendrick Wales (author of 
“Curse of T’sen-Ang”), but you’ll still have time to learn that Elmer 
Burbottom is Wales’ real name and that Wales paid Wesley Carrington for the 
information he got about “Horror Among the Dark Elves.”

Finally, make the trek to the Pit of Fires.

| 10.21 PIT OF FIRES                                                       |
  Legend                             |T    |___________________________
                                     |  E   _________________________  |
  E  Fire Elementals                 |_   _|                         | |
  G  Other Group (Remains)             | |                           | |
  M  Seething Masses     ______________| |____                       | |
  P  Pit of Lava        |  ______   ________  |                     _| |_
  T  Treasure           | |      | |        | |                ____|     |
                        | |      | |________| |               |  __   E G|
                        | |      |_____   ____|               | |  |_   _|
                        | |_           | |                    | |    | |
                        |_  |          | |____________________| |   _| |_
                          | |          |M _________   __________|  |    M|
                        __| |          |_|        _| |_            |  P  |
                       |____|                    |     |           |_____|
                     Exit                        |T M  |


The Pit of Fires is a small dungeon -- and you don’t even necessarily have to 
go inside.  If you have at least three ranks of persuasion, you can talk to 
the four adventurers waiting outside the entrance, exaggerate the powers of 
the demon, and convince them to go in and retrieve the Sword of Xerxes for 

     “Gads!  We must stop this beast now!  Damned be our measly fortunes!”
     -- Jyheired

Otherwise, if you decide to go inside, be prepared for fire elementals and 
seething masses.  That is, have extra weapons (and perhaps armor) for your 
followers, and stock up on some haste potions.  Most of the creatures in the 
area are spaced apart widely enough that you can fight them one or two at a 
time, and that’s the best way to approach them.  Also, be careful when you 
get to the Pit of Lava (where the Sword of Xerxes is kept).  Accessing the 
“container” causes fire damage.

When you’re ready to move on, head back to Caladon.

| 10.22 CALADON SEWERS                                                     |
      _____________   ___      ___
     |  _______    | |   |____| P |
     | |    _  |   | |    ____   T|    ___          Legend
    _| |___| |  | |  |   |    |___|   | P6|
   |_______  |  | |___| |             |   |         1  To guarded entrance
   ________| |  |_______|              | |   __     2  To warehouse
  |  _____   T|            ____________| |__|  |    3  To Shoreline Park
  | |__   |___|           |  __________   __  5|    4  To King’s Way
  |__  |                  | |          | |  |__|    5  To Dragon’s Turnabout
     | |                  | |          | |          6  To temple entrance
    |   |_________________| |          | |
    |    _________________  |          | |          O  Dead ogre
    |___|  _______________| |   __     | |          P  Passage
          |  _____________  |__|  |    | |          T  Treasure
          | |             |  __   |    | |          V  Vincent
          | |             | |  |__|    | |    ______________
          | |             | |          | |   |  __________  |
    ______| |____________|   |_________| |   | |   __     | |
   |  ___________4_______  O  _________  |  |T V| |1 |__  | |
   | |                   |   |         | |  |___| |___  | | |   Old
   | |                    | |          | |            | | | |  Sewers
   | |      New           | |     __   | |   __       | | | |_
   | |     Sewers         | |    |  |__| |__|  |      | | |  T|___
   | |                    | |    |T  __   __  T|   ___| | |_____  |
   | |                   _| |_   |__|  | |  |__|  |  ___|   ____| |
   | |                  |     |        | |        | |      |  ____|
  |2  |                 |    3|       |T  |       | |______| |____
  |___|                 |_____|       |___|       |_______________|


In Caladon, let Lillian Misk know that the butler did it, and she’ll tell you 
that he was recently found dead with a dagger in his heart -- another victim 
of the curse.  Then go over to police headquarters and tell Chief Inspector 
Henderson that you found the Blade of Xerxes.  He’ll give you permission to 
access the old sewers via the small building to the east.

The old sewers aren’t very big, and it shouldn’t take you long to find 
VINCENT, the possessed elf.  When you get to him, talk to him briefly and 
then attack him.  Make sure you’re the only one attacking him, and make sure 
you have the Blade of Xerxes equipped.  If you’ve done everything correctly, 
the demon won’t appear and you’ll receive a log entry (for finishing the 
quest) when Vincent dies.  Then you can go back to police headquarters, and 
Henderson will give you a 2000 gold reward for killing the murderer.

At this point you might also want to go to the new sewers.  You’ll find some 
fairly easy combat there, plus some arcane gauntlets and other (good) random 
magical equipment.  But ignore the passages for now.  When you’re ready to 
move on, head to Roseborough.

| 10.23 ROSEBOROUGH                                                        |
                                             |  | Blacksmith        _ North
                  __     ______              |  |                   /| 
                 |  |   |      |_     _____  |__|  ________        / 
                 |__|   |_     | |   |    _|      |_   |   |
                Craig     |_   |_|   |  _|          |  |   |
                            |__|     |_|            |__|___|
                                     Morgan   o
                                 _|_|__           ____    ____
                                |   |  |         |    |  |    |
                      Grave-    |   |__|         |__  |  |  __|
                        yard    |___|          Gift |_|  |_|
       __                                       Shoppe   __________
      /  \                                             _/
     |    | Ring of                     _____         /
      \__/  Brodgar                    |     |       |
                                       | Inn |       |
                                       |_____|       |
                              __                     |
                             |  |                   /
                             |  | Barracks         |
                             |__|   _______________|
     _______________________     __/


Roseborough is a small town without much to see or do.  It is the home of the 
Ring of Brodgar, which will become important later, but for now the only 
really important place is the town cemetery.  There you can dig up Phillip 
Misk’s grave to find a copy of “Horror Among the Dark Elves.”  When you read 
the book, you’ll discover the location of T’sen-Ang.

But, of course, there are also some side quests to the town, and you can find 
them all at the Roseborough Inn:

-- JASON C. GUY will tell you that the wards guarding the Ring of Brodgar are 
weakening.  He’ll also ask you to look for signs of ancient technology for 
him so he can prove his theory about magic and technology working in cycles.  
(You’ll find the technology he’s looking for in Vendigroth, but you don’t 
seem to get any experience or anything for letting Guy know about it.)

-- Next to Guy you can talk to TREVOR LYNWOOD, a journalist for the 
Tarantian.  He’ll tell you about his troubles with the Lethe Wyvern, and if 
you offer to take a picture of it for him, he’ll give you his camera and show 
you the place on your map where you can find the beast.

When you get to the location, finding the wyvern might be difficult because 
it moves around.  However, I’ve had some luck immediately moving my party 
east to an outcropping of rocks, and then moving them north.  The wyvern is 
usually in that area somewhere.  When you find it, operate the camera on it 
(you should hear a click), and then, if you want, go ahead and kill it.  It’s 
not too tough to kill.  Then be sure to find the bridge so you can cross over 
the river and more easily get to the Glimmering Forest.

     “I’ve seen it!  A truly horrible beast!  I caught the merest glimpse....
     but that was all it took!” -- Trevor Lynnwood

-- You can also talk to the innkeepers about the matchbook (from the crash 
site) if you still have it.  They’ll give you some information about 
Stennar’s activities as he passed through Roseborough.  They’ll also let you 
know that he was planning to see Mr. Razzia in Caladon about obtaining a 

     “I told him... that he was in luck!  The maiden voyage of the IFS
     Zephyr would be leaving from Caladon shortly.  It was surely to be the
     quickest way to Tarant.” -- innkeeper

-- Lastly, there is a quest involving FREDERIK.  If you listen to all of the 
rumors for Roseborough, you’ll hear that there is a thieves cave in the 
mountains nearby.  The cave is located at (1550W, 1536S), but the entrance is 
so small that only minute races and those affected by the shrink spell can 
get in.  In fact, if you’re a large race and if you don’t know the shrink 
spell, then you should probably skip the quest.  Scrolls of shrink aren’t 
very common, and you’ll need two to complete the quest.  But if you do get 
inside the cave, you’ll find four halfling thieves.  They’ll tell you about a 
job they did at the Roseborough Inn and how Frederik ratted them out to the 
local guards.  They’ll then ask you to plant some of the loot on Frederik so 
the guards will decide he did it instead.  So take the statue they give you 
and head back to the Roseborough Inn, plant the statue on Frederik, talk to 
the guard in the barracks, and then report back to the thieves to complete 
the quest.  You can also simply tell the guards where the halflings are and 
earn 150 gold.

Outside of the inn, there are also some training masters and a master-related 
quest in Roseborough.  EDMUND CRAIG is the backstab master, and he can be 
found in a small house on the northern side of town.  If you’re skilled 
enough at picking locks, MRS. R.L. MORGAN will tell you how her son J.T. has 
been locked up in Caladon’s prison, and she’ll ask you to free him.  J.T. 
MORGAN is the pick locks master, and if you get his lockpicks to him he’ll 
train you.  Lastly, if you successfully completed the dodge and melee master 
quests you’ll find Adkin Chambers and Lady Druella in a house on the eastern 
side of town.

When you’re ready to move on, head north to T’sen-Ang.  Along the way you 
might want to stop at the Old Lagoon (1695W, 1319S) because you can find some 
Volar Wisps there (and pick up their essence for Whysper).  You might also 
want to check out the Broken Cathedral (1627W, 1207S).  It has an arcane 
chest, and you can usually find good magical equipment inside.

| 10.24 T’SEN-ANG                                                          |
                                __/   \__                           _ North
                              _/ |  M  | \_                         /|
                             |    \___/    |                       /
                              \_         _/
                                \__   __/
                                   | |
               _______           __| |__           _______
             _/ O     \_       _/       \_       _/       \_
            /    ___    \     /    ___    \     /    ___    \
           |    /   \    |___|    /   \    |___|    /   \    |
           |   |     |    ___    |     |    ___    |  E  |   |
           |    \___/    |   |    \___/    |   |    \___/    |
            \_ T       _/     \_ Z       _/     \_         _/
              \_______/         \_______/         \__   __/
                                                     | |
 Legend                                            __| |__
                                                 _/       \_
 E  Entrance / Exit                             /    ___    \
 M  M’in Gorad                                 |    /   \    |
 O  Ogres                                      |   |     |   |
 T  T’val N’or                                 |    \___/    |
 Z  Z’an Al’urin                                \_         _/


To get inside T’sen-Ang without violence, you must show the door guard an 
amulet of the Molochean Hand.  If you don’t have an amulet, then you have a 
few options.  The best one is probably to check Bingham Schulefest (the 
dwarf) at the Caladon Cemetery.  He should be wearing one.  Otherwise, you 
can try going back to the crash site and checking the ogre pilot there, or 
you can check the assassin bodies at the Shrouded Hills inn, or you can check 
the assassin bodies at the Black Mountain Mines.  You can also just wander 
around on the world map and hope you run into assassins.

Once you get inside, there are only a few interesting encounters:

-- Z’AN AL’URIN will offer to join your group if you’re evil and tell her 
your name.

     “Blind devotion to a cause is the easiest path to take, and the most
     foolish.” -- Z’an Al’urin

-- You should also find a group of three ogres (MAUG, LUG, and THRALL) being 
taunted by a dark elf.  The wizard N’VAL N’OR is maintaining a spell over 
them to keep them docile, but if you kill the wizard, the ogres will run free 
and attack all of the dark elves in the city.  Note that they’ll also attack 
Z’an Al’urin, so if you want her to join your group at a later time, don’t do 
Maug’s quest.  You also probably shouldn’t do Maug’s quest until after you’ve 
spoken with M’in Gorad.

     “Maug kill all bad elf here.  Crunch each bone one by one.  Maug have
     fun!  Maug love tear dem in pieces!” -- Maug

-- You’ll find M’in Gorad alone in a room on the northernmost circle of the 
city.  If you’re persuasive, M’in Gorad will tell you that the Black Mountain 
Clan was banished to the Void so that they could construct a means for 
Arronax to break down the wards guarding Ring of Brodgar and return to the 
world.  (You might even be able to collect reward money for assassinating 
yourself.)  If you’re not persuasive, you’ll have to kill her and then read a 
note on her body to gain the same information.

Note: If you’re evil you can join M’in Gorad and the dark elves, but there 
are serious consequences.  Qintarra will turn against you, you won’t be able 
to go to Thanatos, and you won’t be able to complete any quests in Tulla 
(including the magic college mastery quests).

-- Once you leave M’in Gorad’s chambers, you’ll meet GIDEON LAIER, First 
Blade of the Molochean Hand (the “G.L.” from those assassin notes).  He’ll 
recognize who you are, and you can either convince him to leave you alone (by 
mentioning that he’s working for Arronax), or you can just fight him.  He’s 
carrying a shield of force, elven boots, and a dagger of speed, so you might 
want to kill him just for his loot.

If you have Virgil in your group, then the best course of action at this 
point is to kill all of the dark elves in the city.  The reason is because 
Virgil will want to leave your group when you leave the city, but if the dark 
elves are hostile to you, then the door guards outside will attack you as 
soon as you exit the city, and Virgil will only leave if you talk to him or 
go up and then back down the stairs.  (If the guards aren’t hostile, then 
Virgil will always talk to you and leave.)

In early versions of the game, Virgil’s departure changed him.  He lost his 
equipment, dropped to level 25, and became a pure spellcaster.  But in the 
latest version, Virgil doesn’t change at all, and so there’s no reason to let 
him leave unless you want to know more about his history and finally meet 
Elder Joachim.

If you have Vollinger with you, then he might take the opportunity to leave 
you as well.  He’ll mark Vollinger’s Meeting Place on your world map, and 
he’ll ask you to meet him there alone.  If you do so, he’ll reveal that he’s 
an assassin with the Molochean Hand, and he’ll attempt to kill you.

Regardless of what you do with Virgil and Vollinger, your next stop should be 
Qintarra.  There you can give Whysper her Volar Wisp essence, and you can 
talk to Raven and the Silver Lady.  The Silver Lady will tell you that “your 
answer lies with Nasrudin,” and Raven will suggest that you go to the First 
Panarii Temple in Caladon to learn more about him.  She’ll also offer to join 
your group.  So head south to Caladon.

| 10.25 FIRST PANARII TEMPLE                                               |

If you lost Virgil and want to get him back, your first stop in the city 
should be at the Sobbing Onion.  Go into the back room (where Mr. Razzia the 
thief fence is), and use the trapdoor to drop down into the basement.  You’ll 
hear a fight, but when you get to the scene of the commotion, you’ll find 
Virgil dead and four angry bandits ready to kill you as well.  Once you’ve 
dispatched the bandits, check the chests in the room and pick up the scroll 
of resurrection.  Use it on Virgil, and you’ll end up having a conversation 
with him and Elder Joachim.  You’ll learn that Virgil’s brother died because 
Virgil couldn’t pay his gambling debts, and that it was the four bandits in 
the room who did the deed.  Virgil will also offer to rejoin your group, so 
go ahead and bring him back.

     “Thank you.  Thank you for bringing me back.” -- Virgil

Now you can head over to the First Panarii Temple.  Inside, read the Archaeon 
(the book in the lobby) and then go into the next room and talk to Alexander, 
first acolyte of the temple.  He’ll give you background information on all 
sorts of things -- Nasrudin, Arronax, the Elven Council, St. Mannox, and more 
-- but the important topic is the Void.  When discussing the Void, tell 
Alexander that people can come back from it, and then tell him your story.  
He’ll be thrilled to recognize you as the Living One, and he’ll suggest that 
you also tell your story to GUNTHER WILLHELM the historian, but avoid telling 
it to HADRIAN the archeologist.  Further, if you ask him who else you can 
talk to concerning Panarii history, he’ll mention Hadrian and Gunther again, 
and he’ll open the doors to the interior of the temple.

     “This is an astronomical event!  The return of Nasrudin!  The final
     battle!  The end of all we know, and a new beginning!” -- Alexander

So go inside and talk to Hadrian and Gunther.  Hadrian will tell you that the 
remains of Nasrudin are in the catacombs, but that he’s never actually seen 
them himself.  Also, when you leave, he’ll mention that you can get into the 
catacombs through the sewers, and he’ll hint that he wouldn’t mind having a 
piece of Nasrudin’s skeleton, should you happen to find it.  (If you have 4 
ranks of persuasion, you can convince Hadrian that you’re an archeologist, 
too, and he’ll give you more explicit directions to the remains, and he’ll 
give you a password to get through one of the doors more easily.)

Gunther will tell you that he’s been finding discrepancies in the Archaeon, 
and, if you talk to him enough, you’ll discover that an elf named K’an Hua 
both discovered Nasrudin’s remains in the catacombs and witnessed Mannox’s 
ascension.  If you point out the “coincidence” to Gunther, you’ll be able to 
tell him your story, which you should do.

So exit the temple and go into the sewers.  There’s a sewer entrance right 
next to the temple entrance, but it looks like a grate rather than a manhole.  
If you use that sewer entrance, you’ll find a passage to the catacombs right 
away (on the northwestern wall).

The catacombs aren’t very big, and it won’t take you long to come to a door 
inscribed with “Knock no more times than three, if ye have not the key.”  
That’s the door that Hadrian might have given you the password for.  If you 
don’t know the password, you can do one of two things: you can just bash it 
down and then fight the storm soldiers that appear, or you can use the other 
passage in the sewers, which opens up into a part of the catacombs beyond the 

Once you get past the door, go up the stairs and find yourself next to 
Nasrudin’s sarcophagus.  Open the sarcophagus and get the skull from inside, 
and also look at the sarcophagus lid.  Then go back the way you came and talk 
to Hadrian.  When you give him the skull, he’ll announce that it belongs to a 
human rather than an elf, and when you mention that the skeleton was also 
missing a finger, he’ll decide that it was really Mannox buried in Nasrudin’s 

Next talk to Gunther and tell him what you’ve discovered.  He’ll let you know 
that the words on the sarcophagus lid mean something like “opposite” and 
“truth,” and he’ll tell you that he’s found another discrepancy, that 
Nasrudin probably lies on the island of Thanatos rather than Caladon.  He’ll 
also ask you to look into the mystery of Mannox, but his request won’t show 
up in your quest or rumor log.  (You can also talk to Alexander again before 
leaving the temple, but his conversation seems to be a backup in case you 
missed something with Gunther.)

To solve the mystery of Mannox, go back to Roseborough and examine the 
directions on the stone in front of the Roseborough Inn.  If you plot them 
out, they’ll send you east and then southeast.  Since one of the words on the 
sarcophagus was “opposite,” instead head west and then northwest along the 
coast (stay on the Roseborough map; don’t try to use the world map).  You 
should come to a wheel requiring a password, and when you click on it, it 
should open to the other word on the sarcophagus, “truth.”

Inside, you’ll find Mannox’s sword and journal.  The journal will let you 
know what really happened with Mannox and K’an Hua.  So go back to Caladon 
and talk to Alexander again, and give him his family sword.  He’ll take care 
of the problem in the church.  More importantly for your cause, you can now 
talk to Hadrian again, and he’ll let you have the three objects in his 

     “It seems that we, the Panarii, have an important responsibility.  Many
     of your troubles, Living One, were born because we allowed ourselves to
     be deceived for so many years.” -- Alexander

| 10.26 IRON CLAN                                                          |

You should now have everything you need to find the Iron Clan.  First, use 
the iron key schematic to combine mithril ore (from the Wheel Clan) and a 
heartstone (from the Bedokaan Village) to create the iron key.  When you look 
at your key log, it should be labeled as the “Key to the Iron Clan Chest.”  
That’s a pretty broad hint, so go to the Zoological Society in Tarant and 
unlock the chest there.  Inside you’ll find three iron drums and a map to 
“The Place of Lost Voices.”

So go to the Place, and you’ll find an ancient machine.  A part of the 
machine can be highlighted, and when you look at it the description will 
mention that it has empty slots.  So use the three iron drums on it (book, 
key, and then symbol), and the machine will tell you to “find the book of 
Durin’s Truth, for within its pages lies the key you seek.”  When you look at 
the book (from the Misk residence in Caladon), you’ll discover the entrance 
to the Iron Clan.

At the entrance you’ll find a pedestal and a vault door (both labeled as 
ancient iron devices).  Use the glass key (from Hadrian’s collection in 
Caladon) on the pedestal, and the vault door will open.  When you go through 
the door, you’ll find yourself in a large empty room, but in the room to the 
northeast you’ll be attacked by several automatons.  Since the automatons can 
be nasty, and since they can damage weapons, you might want to prepare before 
going in.  Once the automatons are dead, you’ll be able to open three pillar-
like containers, and inside you’ll find some Iron Clan armor, an Iron Clan 
hammer, and Durin’s Stone.  To finish the quest, give Durin’s Stone to Erick 
Obsidian at the Wheel Clan.

Note: If you have Magnus with you, then he’ll recognize the Iron Clan as his 
lost clan, and you’ll earn a fate point.  If Loghaire is with you as well, 
then he’ll put Magnus in charge of the clan.

| 10.27 ACQUIRING A SHIP                                                   |

Your next stop should be the island of Thanatos, but if you ask any of the 
regular ship captains to take you there, they’ll refuse.  And if you look for 
Edward Teach in Ashbury, he won’t be there.  So what do you do?  Well, you go 
to Black Root.  There you’ll find three options:

1. If you have 50,000 gold, you can buy a ship from the ship builder.  
(Hagglers can get the price down to 25,000 gold.)  But it doesn’t matter too 
much what the price is.  The ship builder will stick around after the sale, 
so you can kill him to get your money back if you want.

2. If you’re a master at gambling, you can gamble KILLIAN DRAKE to get Edward 
Teach his ship back.  Both Drake and Teach will be at the Sour Barnacle, and 
if you talk to Teach, he’ll describe the three options to you.

3. Lastly, you can do the Stringy Pete quests.  To trigger these, you can 
either talk to Teach or you can talk to Salty Seadrick (keep buying him 
drinks) and then steal his treasure map from him.

Even if you can buy or gamble for a ship, you might want to trigger the 
Stringy Pete quests anyway.  Stringy Pete and his companion skeletons are the 
most difficult battle in the game, so they’re fun to fight just to see how it 
goes.  Also, if you have ogres in your party, you might want to kill Killian 
Drake.  His ogre bodyguards wear large basic plate mail.

Now, supposing you need to deal with Stringy Pete, go to his cove at (682W, 
1341S) and walk south until you see a rowboat.  When you click on the boat 
you’ll arrive on a small island.  In the center of the island you’ll find 
Stringy Pete’s grave, and on the eastern side you’ll find a dock.  Stringy 
Pete should be on the dock.

When you talk to Pete, you’ll find out that he doesn’t enjoy being undead and 
he doesn’t like haunting the waters of Arcanum.  So he’ll agree to give you 
his ship if you can break the curse keeping him in the mortal plain.  To 
break the curse, you’ll have to complete three tasks: give Stringy Pete’s 
treasure to the Williamson family, restore the altar at Vooriden, and destroy 
the weapon known as the Bangellian Scourge by placing it in the Bangellian 
Furnace.  Pete will give you the locations of all of the tasks, and none of 
them should cause you problems.  (However, in early versions of the game 
there are some bugs with the quests, so watch out.)

     “If’n you do these things, I’ll give you my word as a pirate that I’ll
     give you my ship.” -- Stringy Pete

When you’re done, return to Pete and he’ll give you his ship.  Then, to make 
the ship work, just click on the helm (steering wheel) and you’ll get a list 
of places to go.  Since Thanatos is where you want to go, choose that as your 

| 10.28 THANATOS                                                           |
               Entrance| |                                          _ North
                _______| |______                                    /|
              _|     __    ___  |                                  / 
             |_     |_ |__|   | |           Legend
               |      |       | |
               |__    |       | |__         T  Treasure
                  |  _|       |___T|
                  | |
  Land Bridge     | |___
  Tree Canopy     |     |   ___   _
  -----------     |__   |__|  T| |T|
                     |   ____|   | |
                     |  |       _| |
                     |  |______|   |___
                     |    __           |
                     |___|  |   ___    |
                            |  |   |__T|
              ______________|  |__________
             |                            |___
             |     ____                       |
             |    |    |____    __            |
             |____|     ____|  |  |____       |
              Exit     |       |      _|      |
                  __   |       |     |_       |
                 |  |  |_______|       |      |
              o  |__|                  |__    |
                 Shack                    |__T|


Follow the path south to find a small campsite.  Examine the barrels until 
you find one you can open, and then get the book from it.  When you read the 
book, two new locations will show up on your map.  If you go to the Ashlag 
village, you’ll only find a couple of arcane chests and some lesser gowraths.  
So stop there briefly and then head to the land bridge.

When you get to the land bridge, follow the trail south until you come to an 
opening in the trees.  Inside the canopy you’ll find lots of creatures to 
kill and some chests to loot, but none of it will likely be useful, unless 
you really need the experience.  So head south and west at every opportunity, 
and keep your eyes peeled for the exit.  It can be hard to see, but it’s on 
one of the southern walls, in a “room” that hits the southern edge of the 
overhead map.

Outside the canopy you’ll find a shack.  When you go inside the shack you’ll 
discover that Nasrudin is still alive, and you’ll hear a funny conversation 
between him and Virgil if Virgil is still with you.  Nasrudin will then tell 
you that Arronax was his son, and he’ll fill you in on the story of Arronax’s 
banishment.  However, the conversation is a little bit buggy, and Nasrudin 
will skip the reason for Arronax’s banishment, that he destroyed the 
technological city of Vendigroth.

At this point, if you’re evil, Nasrudin will want proof of your sincerity, 
and he’ll send you off to kill the Bogaroth (the creature that destroyed the 
Ashlag Tribe).  The Bogaroth is only level 20, so it’ll probably take longer 
to make the round trip to its lair than it will to kill it.

Then, good or evil, Nasrudin will tell you that the people of Vendigroth 
devised a way to kill wizards once they retreat into their protective shells, 
and he’ll suggest that it’s the only way to kill Arronax in the Void.  So 
you’ll receive a new quest: to find the Vendigroth Device and then to return 
with it to the Ring of Brodgar so Nasrudin can banish you to the Void where, 
hopefully, you can use it to defeat Arronax.  Nasrudin will also mark a new 
location on your map, the Gateway to the (Vendigroth) Wastes.  That should be 
your next stop.

     “The world out there is not mine; it only serves to remind me of my
     failures.” -- Nasrudin

Note: Don’t kill Nasrudin.  Doing so will send you straight to the Void, and 
the game might be difficult to finish without the Vendigroth Device.

| 10.29 GATEWAY TO THE WASTES                                              |

When you get to the Gateway, you’ll meet Weldo Rubin, “renowned halfling 
adventurer.”  If you ask him about his travels, he’ll tell you about finding 
a strange device at some technological ruins, and he’ll also mention finding 
a city with “no obvious entrance.”

The city that Weldo found is Tulla, and that’s where you want to go.  To get 
there, you have a few options: if Weldo likes you, he might just mark the 
location on your map; otherwise you might be able to pay or coerce Weldo into 
giving you the location, and, if all else fails, you can do a quest.

Supposing you have to do the quest, Weldo will mark the location of the 
technological ruins on your map, and he’ll ask you to retrieve a sprocket 
from the place.  You’ll have to fight some level 7 lizards, but they 
shouldn’t pose much of a problem.  The sprocket (one of those “...groth” 
sprockets) should be in a junk pile against one of the walls, and when you 
take it to Weldo, he’ll mark Tulla on your map.

Note: If you’re polite when you meet Weldo (and don’t seem surprised that 
there are halfling adventurers), or if you have at least 4 ranks of 
persuasion, Weldo will offer to join you.  Otherwise he’ll tell you that he 
prefers to adventure alone.

| 10.30 TULLA                                                              |
 Legend                                      _____|  B2 |_________________
                                ____________|   ___       ___             |
 A  Starburst Symbol           |D2   B1  ____  |   |     |   |     D3     |
 A1 Divination                 |        |    | |   |   D4|___|            |
 A2 Meta                       |        |____| |___|        ___           |
 A3 Mental                     |     ___                   |   |      C2  |
 A4 Temporal                   |B3  |   |                B4|___|    ______|
 B  Spiral Symbol           ___| __ |___|                          |      |
 B1 Conveyance             |            |                        __|      |
 B2 Force               o  | o          |         A D           |     Main|
 B3 Morph               |  | | Gate                 o B         | Building|
 B4 Phantasm            o  | o          |         E C           |__       |
 C  Stick Figure Symbol    |___  __  ___|                          |      |
 C1 Necromantic White          |    |   |  Maze             ___    |______|
 C2 Necromantic Black          |A1  |___|  Arch          C4|   |          |
 C3 Summoning                  |          _________        |___|      A3  |
 C4 Nature                     |         |   Munk  |      ___             |
 D  Plus-in-Circle Symbol      |D1    C1 |____     |   A4|   |            |
 D1 Earth                      |____________  |____|     |___|     C3     |
 D2 Air                                     |_____   A2  _________________|
 D3 Water                                         |_____|
 D4 Fire
 E  Three-Pronged Symbol


Tulla is a city of mages.  When you get there you’ll find out that you’re 
expected, and the gate guard will let you enter.  Inside you’ll find that the 
city is pretty small, and that there isn’t too much to do.  In fact, there 
are only three quests in Tulla, two side quests and one (somewhat tedious) 
main quest.

Here are the two side quests:

-- HERZOD MUNK will ask you to take his phantasm final for him, which 
involves finding a way through Fa’al Kin’s maze.  Accept the coin Munk gives 
you, and then enter the archway to the west.  You’ll arrive in a room with 
two chests in it.  Loot the chests and then touch the stone in the middle of 
the room.  You’ll be teleported to another room with another stone in it.  
From here you have to keep wearing a piece of equipment from the chests and 
then touching a stone to move forward.  The “wearing order” is: none, ring, 
amulet, helmet, boots, gauntlets, dagger, all, none.  Be sure to pick up the 
chalice in the last room; you’ll almost be standing on it, so it might be 
difficult to spot.  Then just give the chalice to Munk to earn your reward.  
You might also want to unload the coin somewhere at this point so you don’t 
accidentally re-enter the maze.

     “How’s a fellow supposed to enjoy himself if his nose is always in the
     books?” -- Herzod Munk

-- In the main building you’ll meet the master of the water college, V’ED 
ECKES (on the eastern side).  He’ll ask you to retrieve a gem of water purity 
from a student waiting outside the gates.  (Notice the parallels between this 
quest and the original Fallout story.)  If you’re persuasive, you can 
convince the student, ALBERT, that he doesn’t belong in Tulla, and he’ll give 
you the gem peaceably.  Otherwise you’ll have to rob him or kill him for it.  
Since he’s wearing machined platemail, you might want to kill him regardless.  
But when you have the gem, take it back to Eckes for your reward.

     “We cannot have immature minds that have been influenced by the outside
     world living here.” -- V’ed Eckes

For the main quest, go to the main building and proceed northeast until you 
reach the stairs.  Go up the stairs and meet JORIAN at the end of the 
hallway.  He’ll tell you to examine the mural on the first floor, so go ahead 
and do that (it’s next to the pink portal).  In fact, you might want to take 
the time to sketch the mural, or at least note how the small symbols (which 
are magic college symbols) relate to the large symbols.  Then go back 
upstairs and talk to SIMEON TOR.

When you ask Tor about Vendigroth, he’ll tell you that only PELOJIAN, the 
founder of Tulla, can answer your question.  The problem is that Pelojian has 
been dead for over a thousand years, and so you’ll have to figure out some 
way to speak to his spirit, which appears at his pool in the town square 
every night at midnight.

Well, obviously, the solution has something to do with those large and small 
symbols from the mural.  If you walk around outside the main building, you’ll 
find four locked buildings with the large symbols on them, and you’ll find 16 
pressure plates scattered around with the small symbols on them.  What you 
need to do is open the doors of the locked buildings by successively standing 
on the correct pressure plates.

Here’s how to do it: Look at the mural of the building you want to open.  
Start with the small symbol at the 12:00 position and stand on it.  Then move 
clockwise and step on the next three symbols in order.  The last symbol 
should always be right in front of the building you want to open.

If you don’t want to deal with the mural, here is the solution (remembering 
that the small symbols represent magic colleges; check your character sheet 
and press the “magic” button if you don’t remember which symbols go to which 

-- Plus-in-a-circle building: earth, air, water, and then fire.
-- Spiral building: conveyance, force, morph, and then phantasm.
-- Stick figure building: necromantic white, necromantic black, summoning,
   and then nature.
-- Starburst building: divination, meta, mental, and then temporal.

If you can pick locks or cast the unlocking cantrip, then you don’t have to 
step on the pressure plates at all.  You can just use one of those alternate 
means to open the doors.

In each building you should find a canto, and in the plus-in-a-circle 
building you should also find Pelojian’s Amulet.  You have to wear the amulet 
to talk to Pelojian, but all the cantos do is tell you the correct order to 
step on the symbols surrounding the pool.  (So you don’t actually have to 
open the other buildings unless you really want to.)  For example, the 
starburst canto has the phrase “there is only one step which begins a 
journey” and so the starburst symbol goes first.  You could also just use 
trial and error to figure out the order: starburst, spiral, stick figure, 

So put on the amulet, step on the symbols surrounding the pool using the 
correct order (the three-pronged “magic” symbol goes last), and then talk to 
Pelojian.  You don’t have to wait for midnight.  Pelojian will give you some 
background information on Vendigroth and the Device, but mostly all he’ll do 
is mark Vendigroth on your map and warn you to be careful when you go there.

     “I was blessed with the gift of seeing the future, and I knew that
     someday you would need my help.” -- Pelojian

You can get the werewolf cure for Cynthia Wit while you’re here (from the 
morph master), but it’ll cost you 2000 (or 1000) gold unless you steal it or 
kill for it.  Also, if you’re a good thief or feeling particularly violent, 
you can get all sorts of good (arcane) loot from the mages.  But if you kill 
anybody in Tulla, the entire city will turn against you.
It’s also possible to become the master of a magical college while at Tulla, 
and, as a result, cast spells from that college at half the mana cost.  Just 
seek out the master mage associated with the college while you’re in the main 
building, and agree to take the test.  The test is different for each 
college, but they all involve killing creatures and solving puzzles, usually 
with spells from the college in question playing an integreal part.  Once 
you’ve completed the test, you’ll also receive a reputation as master of that 
college of magic.  You can only become a master of one college.

Note: The only complicated college test is that for conveyance.  In the first 
area you need to use the spatial distortion spell to reach the teleportation 
circle, and in the second area you need to push colored pillars into the 
corners of the area so the unmovable pillars between them are the combination 
of their colors.  That is, the order of the pillars should be: orange, red, 
magenta, dark blue, light blue, green, lime, yellow.

| 10.31 VENDIGROTH RUINS                                                   |

 Level 1                                  Level 2
 -------      _2_                         -------        ___
            _|__T|_                                     |   |
           |    K _|      _______                     __|   |___
           |     |       |  ___  |_                  |          |
           |_   _|       | |T__| | |                 |   ____   |
             | |_________| |_ T| | 1                 |  |  |T|  |
             |  _____   ___  |_| |_|      ___        |  |__|_|  |
             | |     | |   |_____|       |T__|       |          |____
             | |     | |_____            |   |       |_____________  |
    _________| |     | |  |T |           |_  |_      |_   _|       | |
   |____   ____|  ___| |  |__|           | |___|   3___| |_________| |
        | |      |T |  | T|              |     |  | |                |
      __| |      |__|  |__|              |__   |  |_|__   ___________|
     |   _|      |T |  |    _               |  |       | |  ___        _
     |__|        |__|  |___| |              |  |       | | |  T|  ____|K|
     ___             |_____  0              |  |_______| |_|___|_|      |
    |T|T|_                 |_|              |__                   ______|
    |_| | 1                                    |_______   _______|
    |___|_|                                            | |


 Level 3
     6____|  _|_  |____         _______                 4_
    |  T| | |__T|  __  |       | T |__T|               |  |_____
    |_  | | |__T|_|  | |       |___|K  |               |_____   |
      |_|_|     |    | |  _____|___|___|                     |  5
          |  ___|    | |_|     |___|___|                     |__|
          |_|        |___            |_
                    _____|             |
              ___  |   __              3                   _6_____
             |___|_|  |  |            _|                  |       |
             |___ ____|  |____   ____|                  __|  A   _|
             |_| |          __| |                      |        |
             |T__|         |T|  |___                   |        7
                           |_|  | | 4                  |__      |_
                           |__  |_|_|                     |_____  |
                              |_|                               |_|


 Level 4
     |T  |    | |     __5__                      _______ 
     |___|_   |_|    |T    |  ___               |     D |
           |  |T|    |_   _| |_  |              |       |     Legend
           |  | |      | |     | |              |_______|
      _____|__|_|______|_|_____|_|_______       |__   __|     0-8  Exits
     |               _     _________|_  8|         | |        A    Altar
     7______   _____| |   |___        |__|         | |        D    Device
            | |       |   |   |                    | |        K    Key
        ____| |       |___|___|                    | |        T    Treasure 
       |  ____|       |   |___                   __| |
      _| |_           |   | K |                 |8  _|
     |    T|          |___|_  |                 |__|
     |_____|                |_|


The Vendigroth Ruins are basically a great big dungeon.  Inside you’ll find 
lots of mechanical creatures to kill, plus a few technological goodies to 
snatch up.  The only thing you have to do inside the ruins is retrieve the 
Vendigroth Device, but there are a couple other useful things to do as well: 
1) you might want to stop at Velorien’s altar if you’ve been working on the 
Ancient Gods quest to receive the final blessing, and 2) you should find the 
schematic and components of the vivifier.  Buy tech manuals in Tarant if you 
have to, but once you create and use the vivifier you’ll gain +1 to all of 
your attributes, and it’s permanent.

Note: To pass from level to level, you need to go through vents, so pay 
attention to the walls of the levels.

After leaving the ruins, your next stop should be the Ring of Brodgar in 
Roseborough.  However, once you meet Nasrudin there and go to the Void, you 
won’t be able to return to the regular world.  So if there are any quests you 
want to finish or any map locations you want to visit, do that now before 
proceeding.  But note that you don’t need to be level 50 before going in.  
You’ll find plenty of things to kill in the Void, and you can gain about five 
levels there if you’re careful.

| 10.32 THE VOID                                                           |

    Level 1                            Level 2
    -------                            -------
        ____________________               ____________________
       |                    |             |                    |
        \ 1A                 \             \ 2A 1               \
         |          __        |             |                    |
         |         /  \       |             |                    |
          \       |    |       \             \                    \
           |       \__/         |             |                    |
           |                    |             |        _           |
            \                 2  \             \      |_|3          \
             |____________________|             |____________________|


 Prison Level       Platform Level            Portal Level
 ------------       --------------            ------------
     _____             /         \___          ____________________
    |  4  |           |    5         \_       |                    |
    |_   _|           |                \       \           P        \
      | |              \_               \       |      P       4     |
     _| |_               \_              |      |                    |
   _|     |_         _     \     _______ |       \   P     5A    P    \
  |         |       | |_    |   |       ||        |                    |
  |    A    |       |4A |___|   |       ||        |   P         P      |
  |_       _|       |P   ___    | Lair  ||         \     1   2          \
  __|_____|__       |___|   |   |_______||          |____________________|
 3___________|               \___________|


    Lair 1                                  Lair 2
    ------     _                            ------
             _| |_         _
            |    T|      _| |___
            |_   _|    _|     | |                   _________
              |_|    _|   _   | |_                 |T|  T    |
         _____| |___|    |_| _|_  |_           __  |_|_______|
        |   |     |         |   |   |         |  |_|   |     |
    Exit|   |     |         | 6 |   |         |6  _    |     |
        |___|_   _|_      _ |___|  _|         |__| |___|_____|
              |_|   |_   |_|  |  _|                |7  |     |
             _| |_    |_      | |                  |___|_____|
            |    T|     |_   _|_|
            |_   _|       |_|


 Lair 3
      _____   __________________
     |  7  | |          |  BMC  |          Legend
     |_   _| |_   _   __|_______|
       | |_____|_|_|_|_____|_|__           1    Teleporter to 1A
       |  _|____________|_______|          2    Teleporter to 2A
      _| |_   _| |_| |_____| |__           4    Teleporter to 4A
     |     | |          |T      |          5    Teleporter to 5A
     |_   _| |__________|_______|          367  Two-way exits
       | |  ______________   ___
       | | |   |          |_|   |          A    Arronax
       | | |K  |          |_    |          K    To Kerghan
       | | |___|__________| |  _|          P    Portal to Exiles
       | |__________________|_|_           T    Treasure


If Raven is in your group, getting to the Ring might cause a problem.  Raven 
sometimes leaves your group when she gets close to the Ring, and under some 
circumstances you won’t be able to convince her to rejoin (such as when 
you’re playing a half-elf).  However, as with Virgil at T’sen-Ang, there is a 
way to get around Raven leaving.

Actually, there are two ways: Instead of talking to Nasrudin, you can attack 
him.  If you can kill him without Raven getting too close to the Ring, you’ll 
be transported to the Void with your group intact.  The better way is to use 
the walk command (F1).  Approach the Ring from the east, and then tell Raven 
to walk as far away to the east as possible.  When she’s reached her 
destination, quickly move west and talk to Nasrudin.  If you can select your 
two dialogue options quickly enough, Nasrudin will transport you to the Void 
before Raven can leave.

     “May your gods accompany you to the other side and help you stop
     Arronax.” -- Nasrudin

The Void will start out very straightforward.  You’ll find lizards and arayas 
on the first two levels (creatures you might remember from Liam’s portal), 
and all you have to do is kill them and then move on.  (Be sure to get a void 
animal carcass from one of the dead lizards.)  Then go down the stairs to the 
prison level.

On the prison level, a door guard will stop you but then let you in to see 
Arronax when you ask.  Arronax will tell you that he has been trapped in his 
prison for the last 2000 years and that it must be Kerghan who is trying to 
return to Arcanum.  He’ll then ask you to release him, but he won’t have any 
idea how that might be done.  His only conjecture will be that something 
nearby must be maintaining the shell around him.  That something is actually 
the spirit snake patrolling outside his cell.  Once you kill the snake and 
the door guards Arronax will be free, and he’ll offer to join your group to 
help stop Kerghan.

     “I am not saying it will be easy to defeat Kerghan.  In fact, the
     attempt might be fatal.  Yet I believe it worth the risk.” -- Arronax

Then proceed to the pink portal behind Arronax and go through.  You’ll find 
yourself in a new area, and you’ll have to make a choice.  If you take the 
portal next to where you start out, you can visit more of the Void, do some 
more killing, and meet the other famous exiles from Arcanum’s history: 
Gorgoth, Kraka-tur, and the Bane of Kree.  All three will potentially join 
you to help fight against Kerghan, but you might have to meet their 
requirements: for Gorgoth you’ll have to give him food (the lizard carcass), 
and for Kraka-tur you’ll have to be evil (or charismatic) and give him back 
his last testament (from the Lair of Bellerogrim).

Even if you don’t want any of the trio to join you, you might want to visit 
their part of the Void anyway.  There are two good swords to find there: 
Torian Kel’s ancestral sword (used by the Bane of Kree) and Kryggird’s 
Falchion (in a cave along the southern face of the area past Gorgoth).  Both 
swords are likely better than the weapon you’re using now.

Once you finish visiting the exiles, get back to where you were and then head 
across the bridge and into Kerghan’s Lair.  There are three levels to the 
lair, and inside you’ll be able to meet what’s left of the Black Mountain 
Clan plus kill some more bad guys.  Eventually you’ll come to Kerghan.

When you talk to Kerghan you’ll learn that he finds life an abomination and 
that he plans to kill everything when he returns.  At this point you can join 
up with him, you can kill him, or you can talk him out of it.

If you decide to join Kerghan, then you’ll have to kill the other exiles in 
the Void, which should be pretty easy (most don’t even have weapons).  Then 
just return and talk to him and end the game.  Note: the Void Ring he gives 
you will cause teleporters to always take you to the Portal Level, so only 
wear the ring when you want to go to that location.

If you decide to kill Kerghan, then just attack him like normal until he has 
3-4% health left, and then use the Vendigroth Device on him when he retreats 
into his shell (although just continuing to whack him with a sword has worked 
for me, too).

If you decide to talk your way past Kerghan, then you need to have Arronax in 
your party.  Just nod along while Kerghan talks to you, but then select the 
dialogue option that starts with “An interesting point of view...” when it 
appears (almost immediately after the cut scene).  Then tell Kerghan his 
offer is tempting, and whisper to Arronax that you have a plan.  From there 
you just need to convince Kerghan that not all souls are the same, that not 
all souls are in pain.  Eventually he’ll let you use the Vendigroth Device on 
him, since it will prevent him from ever being resurrected and experiencing 
life again.  (But the final cut scene won’t start up right away, and you’ll 
still have to fight him for a bit.)

     “So many years I’ve raged against the living.  All those years, and the
     distortion was in my own soul.” -- Kerghan

* 10.00 THANKS                                                             *

Thanks to all of the people who have submitted information for this guide, 
plus all of the posters at Sierra’s official Arcanum forums.

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September 10, 2001

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September 13, 2001

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October 8, 2001

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fate points (8.00), and added some other minor things.

October 11, 2001

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the aerial decapitator (6.00), and some more information for the final battle 

October 14, 2001

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stats (5.00).

January 1, 2004

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at this guide and corrected a bunch of typos and added in some other minor 
things.  I’ll probably update again in about a month.

February 10, 2004

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