1. Michael Dean Additional Character Modeling and Texturing
  2. Dominick Cecere Additional Monster Animations
  3. Bernadette Pryor Assistant Producer
  4. Jason Anderson Game design
  5. Leonard Boyarsky Game design
  6. David Bragg Game design
  7. Timothy Cain Game design
  8. Mark Harrison Game design
  9. Chris Jones Game design
  10. Michael McCarthy Game design
  11. Steve Moret Game design
  12. Yong Park Game design
  13. Jesse Reynolds Game design
  14. Sharon Shellman Game design
  15. Timothy Cain Lead Programming
  16. Timothy Cain Lead Programming
  17. Ben Houge Music Composition and Recording / Sound Effects
  18. Don Wilkins Senior Producer
  19. Kurt Dekker Sound Programming
  20. Jim Ward Voice Actor: Arronax / Gar / Joachim / Nasrudin
  21. Michael Gough Voice Actor: Franklin
  22. Richard Tatum Voice Actor: Geoffrey
  23. Nick Jameson Voice Actor: Gilbert Bates
  24. Kay Kuter Voice Actor: Kan Hua / Narrator
  25. Jeff Coopwood Voice Actor: Kerghan
  26. Barry Dennen Voice Actor: Loghaire
  27. Gisselle Loren Voice Actor: M'in Gorad
  28. Julian West Voice Actor: Magnus
  29. Tasia Valenza Voice Actor: Raven
  30. Diane Pershing Voice Actor: Silver Lady
  31. Dwight Schultz Voice Actor: Simeon Tor
  32. Mark Klastorin Voice Actor: Torian
  33. Rino Romano Voice Actor: Virgil
  34. Phillese Sampler Voice Actor: Z'an Al'urin
  35. Chad Moore Voice Directing and Casting
  36. Jeff Pobst Voice Directing and Casting
  37. Michael Klinger Voice Recording Engineer
  38. Mike Caviezal Voice Recording Specialist


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, bob742omb, donwilkins, Eduardomm1, Hardkoroff, misschu, and Sashanan.

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