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Rhino Walkthrough by breslin_

Version: 1 | Updated: 04/13/07

==                      Freelancer "Rhino" Walkthrough                       ==

2006-2007 Steve Breslin


You will be welcome to republish this howsoever you like, but please do not
alter the text in any way, and please let me know in advance. My contact
information is at the end of the file.

Gamefaqs is explicitly licensed to distribute this work. The very latest version
of this work can always be found at <http://www.gamefaqs.com>.


This Rhino Walkthrough is designed purely to stretch your limits as a pilot, by
setting a single goal: get to the end of the standard campaign flying only the
Rhino, which you can purchase on Pittsburgh after the first leg of Mission 1.

Be warned that this is a really difficult challenge, particularly the later
missions of course. -- It's for those who are already superb players and want to
perfect and prove their skills on an insanely difficult run. And even to those
brave souls, if you have not already done so, I recommend you complete the
somewhat easier challenge of beating the game in a Starflier, before venturing
too far into this territory.

While the Rhino is very slow to maneuver, and it's an uncomfortably big target,
its number of hard-points makes for a significant advantage -- but *what* to
equip is the pressing question, and it's the question with which we begin.

================================== Loadouts ===================================

Equipping the Rhino turns out to be a simpler art than it might first appear:
there are relatively few equippable guns, and two or three stand out as superior
to the others on multiple counts. This makes the logistics of loadout selection
unusually straightforward.

First we'll introduce the two main loadouts we'll use, then we'll discuss the
theory of this, and the axes upon which to balance your variations and

The two basic loadouts

Simplifying things a bit, we'll say there are two main types of missions: ones
which involve mostly dogfighting, and ones where shieldless stationary targets
are prominent.

You're dogfighting in Mission 1 all the way through the first half of Mission 7,
the middle of 10 (the battle before Bruchsal), and Mission 11. You're taking
down heavy targets in the second half of Mission 7 (engaging the Rheinland
Fleet), the first and last parts of Mission 10, and Missions 12 and 13.
(Missions 8 and 9 are border cases which we'll treat separately.)

In dogfighting missions or sub-missions, you need to worry about enemy shields
and making sure the projectile speed of your guns match (otherwise, one set will
normally miss when you're shooting a moving target). In "heavy target" missions,
you want to maximize damage and energy efficiency.

Basic dogfighting loadout:

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
2x Stunpulse Turret
2x Barrager Turret Mark I

Basic "heavy target" damage loadout:

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
4x Lavablade Turret Mark II

Explanation and variations

Missile management

You almost always want to put missiles in the three gun slots because you'll be
draining your gun battery very quickly anyway. Making it bottom out faster
typically doesn't really help, and missiles help a whole lot.

In most cases, you can make it through the current leg of the mission without
running out of missiles, even if you triple-up on Slingshots. Where you're
likely to run out, you can stretch your munitions by adding a Javelin to the

Generally it's better to conserve your missiles for hull shots, and use your
guns (particularly 'pulses) for the shield.


First, Rowlett's Revenge is the most damaging weapon available to the Rhino, and
it matches speed perfectly with the rest of the dogfighting loadout, so
obviously you'll always use this one.

The Barragers are the most damaging *and* most efficient of the hull-damage
dogfighting Turrets, so that's a no-brainer. -- Plus, the Stunpulse Turrets
match the Barragers (and the Revenge) perfectly, which means that the only real
question is how many of each to use.

Dogfighting means shielded targets. (The only dogfight against non-shielded
targets is the second half of Mission 12, which you can skip by flying directly
back to Toledo.)

If you're fighting shielded targets, it's far faster, and far more
energy-efficient, to mix your loadout with Stunpulses. Since the shield is
almost half the fight, and 'pulses drain the shield *far* faster and more
efficiently than any conventional weapon, this easily cuts the energy and time
cost in half.

Heavy targets

Aside from the Revenge, which is superior on all counts, the Lavablades are the
most efficient *and* the most damaging turret available to the Rhino. So picking
the right loadout for unshielded stationary targets is, once again, a
no-brainer, since the recommended loadout maximizes both efficiency and damage
output. The speed mismatch between the Revenge and the 'blades is irrelevant if
you're shooting stationary or near-stationary targets.

Borderline cases

There's a couple places, specifically Tekagi's Transport and Tekagi's Arch,
where you need both to dogfight and to take down hardened targets, and these
missions afford no opportunity to re-equip midway through. In both these cases,
the fighters can be taken down with two Slingshots and sometimes a little
cleanup, so this opens up the third gun slot, and we can get some mixed use from
the rest of the loadout. This "golden middle" is a rather ugly-looking
compromise, but it works extremely well in these borderline cases:

2x Slingshot
Advanced Scorpion
2x Stunpulse Turret
2x Lavablade Turret Mark II
Rowlett's Revenge

A couple notes on the Rhino's eccentricities

The Rhino's gun slots #5 and #6 are on the fragile wing/hump thingies along its
sides, and you're likely to lose any turrets mounted on them in later missions
when your wings get blown off by enemy fire. So you'll probably want to buy some
backups early on, while it's convenient to do so.

Slot #7 does fire forward, but not very well. It doesn't pivot past the center
mark smoothly without having to rotate, so if you go shooting from the left side
of the screen to the right side of the screen (a sort-of clockwise movement),
the turret will often feel the need to rotate all the way around
counter-clockwise. So always put something useful in slot #7, but don't put in
your strongest gun or something that you need to rely on all the time.

=                       Mission-by-Mission Walkthrough                        =


Sell off your nanobots, shield batteries, and your shield too if you're brave,
and fill up on Pharmaceuticals and Water, which sell for a profit on

Fly the first leg of the mission aggressively, and kill the three extra Rogues
in the convoy ambush after King gives the "re-enter formation" order (which nets
you a surprise bonus, the first of the game's two easter-eggs).

Sell all loot and buy a Rhino on Pittsburgh, and outfit it as well as you can.
My favorite loadout is...

2x Justice I
Stunpulse Turret
Starbeam Turret

... which you can barely afford (along with a decent number of missiles) if you
flew the first leg of the mission aggressively and got lucky with loot drops.

==== After Mission 1 ====

Get some cash together: visit the shipwreck Flint, located in the lower-right
part of sector 6C, and loot the silver DSE depot near Fort Bush. With that, you
should be able to afford the following equipment.

From Rochester, acquire:

the Heavy Thruster
Improved Countermeasures
9x Barrager Turret Mark I
one or two Javelin missile launchers

From Baltimore (or Newark, etc.), acquire:

9x Stunpulse Turret

From Battleship Missouri, acquire:

Advanced Sentry shield -- the best shield for Mission 2
9x Lavablade Turret Mark II

Mission 9 forwards, you'll be losing turrets during battle -- no two ways about
it. So get a few extra, and you won't feel so strong an urge to reload when you
drop one.

You might also want to acquire a Slingshot or two by killing and looting Police
around Manhattan or elsewhere. You need over about 55,000 "net worth" before
they'll drop this item. If you don't feel the urge, you can simply buy all three
of them after Mission 2.


Recommended equipment for this mission:

3x Javelin (mixing in any Slingshots you bothered to acquire)
2x Stunpulse Turret
3x Barrager Turret Mark I

This is an opportunity to practice your skills of pulse/missile technique, and
you might also practice reverse-thrust, and perhaps engine-kill rotation, though
the mission is quite easy no matter what techniques you employ -- you're going
to simply steamroll these guys.

==== Before Mission 3 ====

Get an Advanced Scorpion from the Xenos.

If you don't want to go through the whole reputation-fixing thing, you have
decent chances of looting one if you take a "hunt down the leader" mission out
of Pueblo. The leader ship always packs an Advanced Scorpion, and gun drops are
significantly more likely in random-generated missions than they are in purely
freelance hunting.

==== Getting the Revenge ====

What revenge? "Rowlett's Revenge" -- the best Class 3 turret in the game, and
the second of two easter eggs.

As Mission 3 is approaches, you'll be called to Manhattan. After you talk to the
bartender, and before you ender California, *save your game on West Point*.
(Don't rely on autosave: you only get one crack at this; loading from autosave
will put you after the fight, not before.)

Before you enter the jump-gate to California, select your Improved
Countermeasures in the right-hand HUD display, so they turn green like your
guns. Now they'll shoot out wildly when the Navy launches their missiles at you,
which is exactly what you need, as the three Navy vessels are fully loaded with
some killer Moonstalker missiles. You might also want to select your mines for
this operation.

Avenge Rowlett, and you'll get a prize: Rowlett's Revenge, a nice laser turret
(Class 3) -- the finest that the Rhino can equip. Very useful for finishing the
Rhino campaign, and an absolute must-have in terms of style.


Recommended equipment for this mission:

2x Slingshot
Advanced Scorpion
Rowlett's Revenge
2x Barrager Turret Mark I
2x Stunpulse Turret

When you reach California Minor, acquire triple Slingshot launchers. A single
will destroy the Outcasts in Barrera, and the pair is sufficient for speed kills
in the rest of Missions 3 and 4, but you'll need all three later.

When you get to Willard Research Station, buy the Guardian shield.

The Guardian shield is the only one you need throughout the rest of the
campaign. The better specs on the Guardian more than made up for the
weapon-matching characteristics of the Cuisse and Sconce: the 33% higher
capacity and 38% better regeneration more than overcomes the weapon matching
potential (which is around 25%).

You now have the ideal loadout, although a top performance probably means
looting the Outcast graveyard in Omicron Alpha for the Ripper mines. (The best
time to do this is just after you reach Kyushu.) This is strictly unnecessary,
though you might like to have the extra bump during the final leg of Mission 13,
which is quite difficult no matter how you slice it.

Before you leave Manhattan for Mission 4, buy a load of Luxury Consumer Goods,
which will get you a level when you reach Cambridge.

Mission 4

Recommended equipment for this mission:

2x Slingshot
Advanced Scorpion
Rowlett's Revenge
2x Stunpulse Turret
2x Barrager Turret Mark I

The mission is still relatively easy, but you might also want to equip the
Improved Countermeasure Dropper, and your mine-dropper of choice.

To pick up the next mission, just fly to Cambridge and sell your Luxury Consumer
Goods. Then you can go directly to the Bar to meet Juni. But before you start,
buy as many Diamonds as you can afford -- this will get you leveled when you
return to Leeds.

Mission 5

Recommended equipment for this mission:

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
Barrager Turret Mark I
3x Stunpulse Turret

The combat is fairly light in the first half of the mission, but the combat
turns up a bit after Baxter, so at that time make modifications to your loadout
as you see fit. You'll run out of Slingshots on the run back to Leeds unless
you're extremely precise with your missiles, so unless you never miss, I'd
probably recommend switching to...

2x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
Barrager Turret Mark I
3x Stunpulse Turret

Back on Leeds, sell your Cambridge Diamonds, and you can buy a load of Mining
Machinery to sell on the Hood.

Mission 6

Recommended equipment for this mission:

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
Barrager Turret Mark I
3x Stunpulse Turret
(Tadpole mine)

The first part of this mission (the race against Dexter Hovis) would be quite
difficult, except Hovis always screws up during the final stretch of the race.
You'll still need to fly it without making any major errors, but since you made
it this far you can probably handle a Rhino well enough to make it through.

You can sell the Mining Machinery and buy a partial load of Gold for selling on
Leeds, but you'll make more money if you leave some room to tractor loot from
the two Gunboats coming up.

The rest of the mission should be pretty straightforward. You'll want to reload
Slingshots when you reach Glorious, unless you're a sharpshooter.

When you land on Leeds, sell whatever cargo you got, and buy a full load of
Light Arms. This will make it easy to skip the remaining inter-mission
freelancing interludes.

Mission 7

Recommended equipment for this mission:

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
Barrager Turret Mark I
3x Stunpulse Turret
Tadpole mine

For all the action in the first leg of this mission, you can get to Shinkaku
doing very little work. One Rheinland fighter outside Leeds, two by Stokes, and
yes the blockade outside the jump gate, but you have Tobias and company to help.
-- And you need not fire even a single shot once you reach Tau-31.

On Shinkaku, buy the Advanced Thruster and Advanced Countermeasure Dropper, and
prepare your Rhino for its first proper encounter with the Rheinland fleet. The
battle primarily involves blasting stationary targets, so I'd recommend:

2x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
4x Lavablade Turret Mark II
Tadpole mine

You might also link your new Advanced Countermeasure Dropper to your main
weapons, this being the first battle of any significant difficulty.

The easiest approach to this battle is to fly into one of the Schiller's holes
(at the very front, or behind the bar along the middle of each side), and blast
it with your hull-damage weapons. Play somewhat defensively during cleanup, and
the battle should go your way.

Proceed to Kyushu as directed, and sell your full load of Light Arms,
immediately buying back 39 units of Light Arms. This will get you an instant
level, and you'll have enough Light Arms reserved, so you can get another speedy
level when you reach Kyoto.

Now would be the time to get the Ripper mine if you so choose. It would be
useful during Mission 13, but it's not strictly necessary.

Mission 8

This mission and the next are the only missions where hardened targets are mixed
with dogfighting in any significant way, which makes the fundamental theory of
loadout a difficult call. In another case, for instance, it's maybe a close
judgment call whether an additional Stunpulse is better or worse, but here it's
the whole question of what we're trying to accomplish. Destroy the platforms
quickly, or destroy the fighters more easily?

I'm inclined to try to meet all the needs, with a sort-of compromise (or "golden
middle") loadout, which becomes possible only because the fighters are weak
enough to be taken down with two Slingshots and some extra gunning for cleanup:

2x Slingshot
Advanced Scorpion
Rowlett's Revenge
2x Stunpulse Turret
2x Lavablade Turret Mark II

But if you think the Dragons are the harder part, and you want to take them down
decisively without leaving slivers, you might prefer the fighter-oriented

2x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
2x Stunpulse Turret
2x Barrager Turret Mark I
Tadpole mine

The platforms go down a little more slowly, but hey, that's the tradeoff.

Still another valid loadout would be...

2x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
4x Lavablade Turret Mark II

... if you want to take down the platforms as quickly as possible.

If you go with the fighter loadout, you might make maximum use of it by starting
with the fighters, turning to the platforms only after you've nailed a few enemy
Dragons. This lightens things up a bit, making it much easier to survive the
rest of this short mission.

On Kyoto, sell the rest of your Light Arms to gain the final level that you'll
need cash for.

Mission 9

Like the last one, we have to choose between a loadout that makes the dogfight
easier or a loadout that makes the hardened targets fall faster. Again I think
the dogfight is harder, but you don't need all three Slingshots to take down a
fighter, so I'll recommend two Slingshots and two Stunpulses, and the rest
geared for the generators. What with the Stunpulses taking up damage-potential
space, you'll have to take more passes at the shield generators, but that part
is probably easier.

So, my recommendation for this mission is again the "golden middle":

2x Slingshot
Advanced Scorpion
Rowlett's Revenge
2x Stunpulse Turret
2x Lavablade Turret Mark II

It's perfectly logical, however, to simply optimize for the dogfight:

2x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
2x Stunpulse Turret
2x Barrager Turret Mark I
Driller mine

Again, it's also logical to recommend playing very defensively during the
dogfight, and optimizing for the Arch, which would mean the following loadout:

2x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
4x Lavablade Turret Mark II
Driller mine

Either way you go, this is the first really difficult mission. Try to save your
shield batteries and nanobots in the initial dogfight, as you'll really want
them when you're dealing with the arch. Fly conservatively, and let your allies
work a little bit.

As you approach the arch, make sure your Advanced Countermeasure Dropper is
linked to your weapons.

Destroy each of the shield generators in circular runs, firing full damage guns
and missiles, then dropping a mine or two as you circle back towards the main
asteroid and cylinder, in which area you're mostly shielded from the
Battleship's nasty turrets. Select and dock on the arch as soon as the waypoint

In the final battle as you flee the system, I find it's *much* easier to take
out the fighters, then focus on the gunboats, not the other way round.

Mission 10

Here you have to make another choice. The Sigma-13 battle finishes as soon as
any one of three conditions is met: 1) all eight Valkyries are destroyed; 2) all
four Cruisers are destroyed; 3) two Battleships are destroyed. The battleships
take the longest time, so the safest choice is probably between the cruisers and
the fighters.

If you want to take the cruisers (or the battleships), equip the heavy-target

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
4x Lavablade Turret Mark II
Driller mine

If you're good at dogfighting, I would recommend:

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
Barrager Turret Mark I
3x Stunpulse Turret
Driller mine

Naturally, link your Countermeasures to the main guns before the battle begins.

If you're going for the cruisers, on approaching the fleet, aim for the leftmost
cruiser, flying towards it with all guns and missiles blazing, and then fly past
it, to take a chunk out of the cruiser behind it. Then fly well past, letting
the guns recharge, then take a run at the second one, flying past to hit the
first one again. (The idea here, about taking two at once, is that you're
cutting your "turn around" time in half.)

When the first pair have fallen, concentrate on the third and fourth cruisers,
one of which might even be destroyed by your allies. Another pattern might work
better for you, but that one seems to work pretty well. I've also had some luck
with circling a cruiser, and dropping Drillers all around it.

If you're going for the fighters, strip the shields with the 'pulses, as you
fire the Slingshot salvo, finally cleaning up with the hull guns. You'll find
they spawn in pairs, and can be taken down surprisingly quickly if you're good.
It's technically much harder to do this well, but it's much faster and probably
significantly safer once you get it down.

Either way, when you've done your job, you can go into cruise, and flee as soon
as you get the go-ahead from Hakkera.

On New Berlin, prepare your Rhino for the dogfight outside of Bruchsal:

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
2x Stunpulse Turret
2x Barrager Turret Mark I

On Bruchsal, prepare for the main heavy target at the experimental shipyard:

2x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
4x Lavablade Turret Mark II
Driller mine

Destroy the nearest experimental (Nomad) battleship, then go into cruise until
you get the waypoint. There's a weird dogleg in the exit from the shipyard, so
if you want to take the minefield in cruise, you'll have to be very sharp
indeed. Personally, I drop out of cruise as I enter the minefield.

Mission 11

This mission gets pretty tough, and the enemy shields are so strong that the
standard dogfighting kit is no longer practical. Something more radical is in

3x Slingshot
5x Stunpulse Turret

Yes, a loadout to die for -- and the initial ambush should go pretty easily. But
two words of advice for the Satellite battle: SUPPORTING ROLE. Let Juni and King
perform the initial approach, and remain on the periphery of the battle

When you do intercede, start firing off Slingshots at 1000-M or more, and strip
the shields with the pulses while the missiles are on the way. Turn away
immediately if your target starts "jousting" you -- and definitely avoid getting
into the thick: you're toast if the fighters triangulate you, and they'll go for
you unless one of your allies is directly between, so keep your owl's head on
(i.e., consider what's developing behind you).

After the fighters are down, you can stand at a safe distance, watching Juni and
King take down the satellite -- no need to waste munitions or risk damage.
There's still challenges to come.

The rest is the purest form of "Rhino style" dogfighting: strip the shields with
5 pulse turrets, and follow with multiple missile salvos. -- But if you get into
trouble during the part outside the Alaska gate, you have a couple options: 1)
drop out of cruise quite a distance from the battle, and watch it progress for a
while; and 2) go into cruise and circle the cruisers -- your allies can stand up
to the fighters.

Fleeing Alaska is relatively low-risk: just stay in cruise and the only
dangerous part is docking with the gate back to New York.

It's the same story fleeing from the Alaska gate back to the soon-to-appear
Osiris: stay in cruise, and the only risk is at the end when you need to dock.
If you're getting killed when you (automatically) drop out of cruise for the
second time (when the Osiris appears), try this: the first time you
(automatically) drop out of cruise (when you're 5-K distance from the Omaha), go
back into cruise as usual, but circle back towards the Alaska gate rather than
towards the Omaha. This will keep the fighters surrounding the Omaha off your
tail, so the second time you drop out of cruise, when the Osiris appears, it's
not so dangerous. Then just cruise to the Osiris and dock as usual.

Mission 12

The first half just involves stationary targets, and the second involves
straight dogfighting. Naturally, equip for one and you'll be at a disadvantage
for the other, but luckily, the second part of the mission is strictly optional
-- you can just fly back to Toledo. So we'll equip for maximum damage to the
stationary generators.

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
4x Lavablade Turret Mark II

I take the generators out by going in a circular pattern, slowing down on
approach to unload my gun battery and missiles, and dropping mines when I get
close enough.

Be sure your hull is not too badly damaged going into the lair: the radiation
towards the core is pretty aggressive.

The battle on the other side is pretty difficult, so you'll probably want to
just skip it by heading back to Toledo. As you approach you'll be given
permission to land.

If you're crazy enough to want to stick around, you could go into cruise
and try to stay well away, but perhaps the better way to respond to the
risk is to eliminate it swiftly: take out as many Nomads as you can, as
quickly as possible. As with the other difficult dogfights, you want to
avoid the center of combat. The greatest danger by far is the gunboats,
and your loadout is perfect for dealing with them. If you want to do
this part of the mission, you might want to replace one of the
Slingshots with a Javelin, so you'll have some missiles left over for
the big fight.

Mission 13

Recommended equipment for the beginning of the mission:

3x Slingshot
Rowlett's Revenge
4x Lavablade Turret Mark II

The first leg of this mission is a bit difficult. Just be sure to keep a
defensive posture, and let your allies do most of the work. The easiest way to
position yourself safely is to cruise in the general direction that the
Battleship will appear, then when your allies quit talking, cut your engines and
turn around (so you're coasting backwards at cruise speed). When Toledo starts
disappearing into the haze, you're in the right place. Just tap [W]
(accelerate), and wait for a moment for the Battleship to uncloak.

When the Battleship appears, head for and tuck inside the recessed area
immediately behind the largest part of the front half. From here, none of the
Battleship's guns can target you, and the Battleship itself shields you (mostly)
from the Nomad fighters. You can also adjust your position so that mines head
backwards when you release them, while you fire missiles forwards. You can just
stay here and keep firing, and the Battleship falls easily.

With the Battleship down for the count, just cruise around for a little bit
until you hear from Orillion, at which point you're free to land on Toledo.

You can then fly to the Osiris without re-equipping or anything -- you just
flee, so no fighting or anything.

When you get to the Osiris, equip for the final leg of the mission. You'll be
running out of everything, so you might as well bring 150 missiles to the fight:

Rowlett's Revenge
4x Lavablade Turret Mark II
Driller mine, or Rippers if you got them

Do not engage whatsoever in the battle outside the Nomad Gate. Your allies will
handle this perfectly well on their own, and you don't want to waste any
expendables or take any premature damage.

Once through the gate, steady yourself for the most difficult challenge in the
game. It takes some pretty outlandish tactics to pull it off, but if you can get
it, you know you've aced the game.

Head to the barrier, and make your run at the first generator. Start shooting
missiles as soon as you get close enough for them to hit when fired dumb (about
2-K distance), and go all guns as soon as you get within the Lavablades'
stabbing distance. Finally, drop mines as soon as you get close enough to turn.
Ok that was the easy part.

Turn and fly to the next generator and do the same thing, but this time when you
turn, turn upwards, and of course go to maximum thrust speed. At full speed,
kill your engines and rotate to point towards whatever Nomad fighters are in the
area. You'll be coasting away from the action at thrust speed, but pointed at
your pursuers, which causes them to drop back. This is the critical maneuver,
without which this mission is practically impossible to carry off. (Well, if you
got the Rippers you might be able to get by with more conventional tactics.)

Whenever you make another maneuver, do it in full thrust, then kill engines and
point at the Nomad Interceptors so they don't chase you too much. So, run at the
generator again, fire missiles, then guns, then mines, then turn upwards, go
full thrust, kill engines, and point towards the Nomad fighters.

If you're lucky, you'll live to make it through the barrier. So good luck!

Once you're through the barrier, cruise to the nearest Nomad Satellite, but not
to its center blue-ring part: around its pointy base is safer. Spend what
missiles you have left (if any) on this first one, and fire guns at it. Juni and
King will help with this one quite a bit, so it's probably smarter to save your
remaining mines for the second one.

The first satellite down, head for the final target, and fly around its blue
belt, following the path around its belt, dropping Drillers the whole time. Just
keep flying around it, letting your thruster recharge in the odd moment when
things stop shooting at you.

When that one goes down, just live one more second and you've made it.

Congratulations! You've just completed the hardest challenge possible in the
game. Welcome to the Rhino Tank Club!


Anyway, I hope you found this walkthrough enjoyable. Let me know if there's
anything significant that I have left out.


This trail was blazed by T-hawk back in 2003, on the forums of
<http://www.lancersreactor.com/> -- I just came later to perfect the strategy a
little bit, and mostly just to revise and document.

Thanks to John Harris for several corrections, suggestions and analysis.


steve <period> breslin                             Corrections and suggestions
<at> gmail <dot> com                               are warmly welcome.

Please put [freelancer walkthrough] at the beginning of the subject line, to
make sure I don't accidentally delete your mail. 

=== End ===

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