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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jackal__

Updated: 10/25/09

                               Max Payne Walkthrough

                                  Author- Jackal
1- Introduction
2- Game
3- Walkthrough
Part I: The American Dream
Chapter One: Roscoe Street Station
Chapter Two: Live From The Crime Scene
Chapter Three: Playing It Bogart
Chapter Four: The Blood Veins Of New York
Chapter Five: Let The Gun Do The Talking
Chapter Six: Fear That Gives Men Wings
Chapter Seven: Police Brutality
Chapter Eight: Ragna Rock
Chapter Nine: An Empire Of Evil
Part II: A Cold Day In Hell
Chapter One: The Baseball Bat
Chapter Two: An Offer You Can't Refuse
Chapter Three: With Rats And Oily Water
Chapter Four: Put Out My Flames With Gasoline
Chapter Five: Angel Of Death
Part III: A Bit Closer To Heaven
Chapter One: Take Me To Cold Steel
Chapter Two: Hidden Truths
Chapter Three: The Deep Six
Chapter Four: Backstabbing Bastard
Chapter Five: In The Land Of The Blind
Chapter Six: Byzantine Power Game
Chapter Seven: Nothing To Lose
Chapter Eight: Pain And Suffering
4- Final Thoughts
5- Cheats and Hints
6- Legal Stuff and Credits

                            1- Introduction:

Max Payne, the perfect mix of action, story and writing ever rolled into a
video game…making it without question the greatest series I’ve ever played.
I’ve been a hardened Max Payne fan for quite some time now, one of the
originals since its release in 2001. First off let me say thanks for coming to
my walkthrough for Sam Lake and Remedy’s brilliant masterpiece Max Payne. My
name is Jackal and I will be you’re guide through this amazing action-packed,
emotionally-driven roller coaster ride known as Max Payne, and speaking from
Dead on Arrival experience you could have no better one. Max Payne is my
favorite gaming franchise no question but to pick a solidified game as my one
chosen favorite out of the series is just too difficult, it would be like
choosing your favorite child. I love each game in its own way, that’s why the
series as a whole is my favorite. Best I can describe is the first is more
action-packed shoot ‘em up revenge while the second leans more towards the
emotionally driven entanglement with the love/loss story. It’s not to say each
game doesn’t share both qualities but I find there’s more of the individual
traits found when comparing either game.

Anyways I’ve gone on enough I just wanted to give you an idea of how much I
value both games and the franchise, you’re in for a treat if you’ve never
played or heard of Max Payne before. Really the thing that separates the
franchise apart from anything else in the gaming world is the incredible story
it has; you’ll be sucked in from the first bullet I assure you. So buckle up
for a very intense, personal ride into Max’s life you’ll never forget. This
walkthrough was completed for the Xbox version on Hard-Boiled difficulty, to my
knowledge there is no major difference between this and the PC or PS2 version
so other consolers feel free to follow along. I will do my best to get you
through in one piece, Max Payne is your basic 3rd person shooter that’s pretty
easy to grasp so you should have no problems. One thing I’ll quickly tell you
about is a fun, action-movie-like innovation called Bullet Time. Bullet Time
will slow down the action to help you survive those frantic gun battles; it is
an invaluable tool to your success at the game. Now you may say “Hey, they just
stole that from the Matrix” well I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that Max
Payne was in development far before the Matrix movie was even released, so if I
wanted I could say they stole it from the game but I won’t lol. If you do need
further help and can’t find it from the walkthrough feel free to contact me at
gamefaqs, trust me you won’t find a better written walkthrough then this and to
the youngsters I use a bit of language so keep that in mind, sure my
walkthrough isn’t all flash like most but I take the time to write
provocatively keeping the reader involved making sure you understand the story
as it progresses, to me all flash and no substance doesn’t make a good
walkthrough. Slide that round into your Beretta and keep Bullet Time at the
ready because its time to step into Max’s tragic, Noir York world.

                            2- Game:


Max Payne is the story of NYPD Detective Max Payne, an every day Joe who lived
the American dream only to come home and have his life torn to shreds. With his
wife and baby girl brutally murdered in a conspiristic plot to hide secret
truths Max sets out on his quest to find who is responsible for the atrocities.
Eventually learning the Junkies who murdered his family were high on a
previously unknown designer drug called Valkyr he transfers to the DEA his life
in shambles in search of their killers, after three long years he finally gets
a break in the case and discovers Mob boss Jack Lupino in the Punchinello crime
family is trafficking the deadly drug V, Valkyr. With help of his good friend
Alex Balder he goes undercover infiltrating the worst Mafia family in New York.
Having been undercover for some time his only other contact in the DEA besides
Alex B.B. sets up a meeting between he and Alex. While meeting up with him Max
finds himself in the middle of a bank robbery placing him at the scene,
tragically in a cruel setup Alex is shot right in front of him and he’s framed
for his murder. With his cover blown and every cop and mobster in NYC hunting
him Max sets out on his journey to find the truth during the cities worst
winter storm in history.


Max Payne:
The protagonist in the game, Max is a cigarette smoking, coffee drinking, stark
demeanored, shoot ‘em up bad-ass dealt a very bad hand in life but a good poker
player can turn a bad hand into a winner. You will play as this man shooting
through Mafia Members, Killer Junkies, Underworld Thugs and God knows what
else. Max Payne was a Detective on the NYPD with the perfect life and happy
demeanor before this whole mess started; after his wife and baby girl were
murdered his whole life changed. He transferred to the DEA in search of their
killers. After three long years he catches a break in the case and goes
undercover, getting too close to the truth he was framed for murder. With the
memory of his loved ones driving him on Max will do whatever it takes to find
the truth.

Michelle Payne:
She is Max’s loving wife, working part time in the D.A. office she stumbled
upon something that may of led to her and their baby's death.

Alex Balder:
DEA Special Agent Alex Balder is Max's best friend and collaborative partner
while he is on the NYPD, after Max goes undercover he becomes his main contact.

Nicole Horne:
The cause of all of Max's misery, she is the president of Aesir Corporation and
the supplier of the designer drug Valkyr. She is a cold, ruthless businesswoman
at the top of the chain pulling all the strings to further her own goals and
the focal reason behind Max Payne's revenge.

The only person besides Alex who knows Max is undercover; he is Alex Balders
partner in the DEA. As you soon find out there’s more to him than meets the

Jim Bravura:
Deputy Chief of the NYPD, Bravura tracks Max through the worst winter storm in
New York's history, following empty shell casings and the dead bodies Max
leaves behind. He is determined to bring Max Payne into custody alive.

The Finito Brothers: Joey and Virgilio Finito
A couple of murdering mobsters Joey and Virgilio Finito work for Jack Lupino,
they run his sleazy hotel and do exactly what Lupino tells them to do. They
with the rest of Lupinos crew believe Max is simply one of them.

Angelo Punchinello:
The Head of the Punchinello crime family, you could say he's the boss, he run's
everything and everyone answers to him. Without question the Don's more than a
little suspicious in having a hand in Max Payne's demise, Punchinello is
married to Mona’s sister Lisa.

Candy Dawn:
A hooker staying in Jack Lupino’s hotel, she sells secret x-rated flicks of her
clients in action with her on the side to the highest bidder, the blackmail
would get her killed if her V fix for the day didn't do it first. She has
become recently involved with Chicago mobster hitman Rico Muerte.

Rico Muerte:
A low-level mobster with ties to the Chicago mafia Muertes revered in the
criminal underworld called in to handle high profile deals. The violent Muertes
come to New York to sort out family troubles and oversee the V-deal, what he
doesn't plan on is running into Max Payne but as you soon discover Muertes come
to town to do more than just sort out family troubles.

Alfred Woden:
This man is the key holding all the answers Max is looking for. Woden is the
only one that knows the truth about why Max's family was killed and who framed
him and shot his friend Alex. He is a leading member of a secret society
calling itself the Inner Circle and the one who sent the incriminating file of
Horne to the D.A. office that Michelle discovered.

Vinnie Gognitti:
Jack Lupino’s right-hand man and mob lieutenant is Vinnie Gognitti; he handles
all of Lupino’s business. Vinnie isn't your typical mobster, Gognitti’s more of
a whiner on the verge of breaking apart like an over-ramped energizer bunny,
enjoying taking his frustrations out on under-aged addicts and call girls. He
frequently finds himself at odds with the Russian mafias Vladimir Lem. After
Lupino’s fall into madness due to V he is all but officially taken control of
his racket.

Jack Lupino:
Capo in the Punchinello crime family Lupino is one of the major traffickers of
Valkyr and influential figure in the mob family but prolonged sampling of his
own product has twisted his view on reality. Jack Lupino has completely lost
his mind worshipping demons and believes himself to be the Wolf, a messenger
sent from Hell. Lupino is the first suspect on Max’s hit list as he begins his
descent into the criminal underworld but as he soon finds out things are not
what they appear to be.

Mona Sax:
Sax is a contract killer who is also Lisa Punchinello's twin sister, in the
game Mona is hired to clean up the Valkyr mess tying up Horne’s loose ends,
namely Angelo Punchinello who she has a deep hatred of. Mona knows more about
the situation than she leads on and holds vital information; she is Max’s ally
and somewhat love interest.

Frankie "The Bat" Niagara:
The hitman for Angelo Punchinello Frankie takes special pleasure in beating his
victims with a baseball bat, a pun towards his abnormal obsession with
cartoons, namely a comic strip called Captain Baseball Bat Boy. In his services
for the Punchinello crime family Niagara has amassed a staggering body count.

Vladimir Lem:
The head of the local Russian mob, Vladimir is the fly in Don Punchinello’s
soup. In a bitter war with the crime family, namely one of its agitants Vinnie
Gognitti Vlad finds himself with his back against the wall having lost all his
weapons cargo thanks to his defected lieutenant Boris Dime. Max and Vlad will
become allies of circumstance and good friends later on; Lem is one of those
old time bad guys believing in honor and morals…which almost makes him one of
the good guys, neither he nor Max is a saint.

Boris Dime:
Former lieutenant of Vladimir Lem in the Russian mob Dime has gone turncoat and
taken Vlad's cargo with him. Dime now works for the Punchinello crime family
and is the captain of the cargo ship Charon with all of Vlad’s former hardware.

The Trio: Joe "Dead Pants” Salem, Vince Mugnaio and Pilot Providence AKA "Big
The Trio has earned the reputation of being the most feared mobsters in all of
New York; they are the notorious henchmen of Don Punchinello tightening his
hold on organized crime. Punchinello likes to brag that anyone who gets out of
line would find themselves strong-armed by the Trio. They’re mad dogs with rap
sheets are as thick as phone books and would proudly hang the heads of their
enemies over the Don’s manor gates if the Capo had only let them.

Lisa Punchinello:
The wife of mafia Don Angelo Punchinello and Mona Sax's twin sister, Lisa is
the damsel in distress and Mona is the professional. She has earned the
reputation of being somewhat of a witch having been terribly abused by her


Lead Pipe: Melee Weapon

Baseball Bat: Melee Weapon

Beretta: Handguns
Clip capacity: 18
Max Ammo: 162
Rate of Fire: Fast

Dual Berettas: Handguns (Recommended)
Clip capacity: 36
Max Ammo: 162
Rate of Fire: Very Fast

Desert Eagle: Handguns
Clip capacity: 12
Max Ammo: 48
Rate of Fire: Fast

Sawed-Off Shotgun: Shotguns
Clip capacity: 2
Max Ammo: 80
Rate of Fire: Slow

Pump Action Shotgun: Shotguns (Recommended)
Clip capacity: 7
Max Ammo: 80
Rate of Fire: Moderate

Jackhammer: Shotguns (Recommended)
Clip capacity: 12
Max Ammo: 80
Rate of Fire: Fast

Ingram: Automatics
Clip capacity: 50
Max Ammo: 300
Rate of Fire: Fast

Dual Ingrams: Automatics (Recommended)
Clip capacity: 100
Max Ammo: 300
Rate of Fire: Very Fast

Colt Commando: Automatics (Recommended)
Clip capacity: 30
Max Ammo: 150
Rate of Fire: Very Fast

Molotov Cocktail: Thrown Weapon
Clip capacity: 1
Max Ammo: 10

Grenade: Thrown Weapon (Recommended)
Clip capacity: 1
Max Ammo: 10

M79: Grenade Launcher
Clip capacity: 1
Max Ammo: 10
Rate of Fire: Very Slow

Sniper Rifle
Clip capacity: 5
Max Ammo: 20
Rate of Fire: Slow


Y Button- Reload

X Button- Jump/Shootdodge (With Left Analog Stick)

A Button- Action/Sniper Zoom

B Button- Use Painkiller

White Button- Shootdodge Only

Black Button- Bullet Time Only

Right Trigger- Shoot/Melee

Left Trigger- Bullet Time Combo

D-Pad- Weapons Menu (Scroll and Select)

Right Analog Stick- Look/Aim

Left Analog Stick- Move/Crouch

Back Button- Takes you back to Main Menu (Click again to return to gameplay)

Start Button- Access Pause Menu

                            3- Walkthrough:

Part I: The American Dream

Objective- My loved ones were in danger. I had to save them.

If you are new to the game I would recommend you complete the Tutorial first.
As you finish watching the opening sequence you get a taste of what is to come
but first we need to roll back three years, back to the night the pain started.
Recalling the gruesome nightmare you begin in Max's old house across the river
on the Jersey side. Immediately as you advance inside you’ll see a V with a
syringe tattooed on the wall to the left, click on it for the cutscene. Make a
habit of clicking on these throughout the game, they’ll help you with vital
information and add to the depth of the story. After the scene ends go through
the open doorway, another dramatic scene warning you of the danger inside. Max
will draw his Beretta as he knows something’s wrong. The phone will start to
ring, answer it. Hmmm just what the hell is going on here? Once the scene ends
go look in the nearby closet for the Pump Action Shotgun, now make your way
into the living room. There’s signs of a struggle, you better head upstairs and
see if Michelle and the baby are alright. At the top of the stairs another
chilling cutscene runs, go into the bathroom and try to go through the door, it
will not allow you inside as you will hear the screams of a struggle and the
cries of emotion. If it isn’t too late already get in there and save Michelle!
Go back into the hallway with the other two doors, as you approach the forward
door a psychotic brandishing a gun will usher through; shoot him along with the
next one that emerges from the other door, the intruders appear to be V head
junkies. Entering the room a horrific scene plays, those sick bastards killed
Max’s baby girl… There’s nothing you can do except try and save Michelle, go
through the next door and grab the Baseball Bat near the shelf. As you enter
the next door another one of the junkies comes at you with a gun, dispose of
him and that will trigger the emotional ending cutscene, Max shares his final
heartbreaking moments with his wife crying out in agony. Everything truly
ripped apart in a New York minute.

Chapter One: Roscoe Street Station

Objective- I needed to find Alex.

Now that you have an idea of you’re current circumstance you will need to meet
up with Alex in a face-to-face setup by B.B., the only other person that knows
you’re undercover. You will emerge from the subway car into Roscoe Street
Station, the Bronx, coming to the locked gate to the right you’ll get a prompt
from Max telling you the obvious, something’s off here. With Alex nowhere to be
found you’ll have to look for him, head to the left through the ‘Personnel
Only’ door. As you enter you’ll notice bullet holes with stained blood on the
wall, there is a blood trail leading into the next room so follow it inside.
Upon entering you’ll spot the dead transit policeman on the floor, something’s
definitely going on here. You’ll now have access to your weapon as Max pulls
out his Beretta, on your way out of the room grab some ammo from the lockers
and your first painkiller from the cabinet. When you go back out the way you
came you will now see two guys standing on the subway platform, as you gather
from their banter there not here to just catch the next train. Wait until
they’re done talking then spring out and shoot both of them, you can use the
doorway as cover if need be and from here on out use Bullet Time if you need
to, just press the Left Trigger to activate. If you do so while running Max
will perform a diving attack, you can shootdodge this way in any direction,
keep in mind the hourglass below on your screen it will tell you how much
Bullet Time you have left, you can fill your meter back up by killing enemies.
Lastly be sure to take full use of the quick save feature in the games start
menu, use it before those tough gunfights. But enough distractions let’s get
back to the game, pick up the ammo and the Desert Eagle from the dead thugs and
head up the stairs, as you come to the top you’ll see two more armed gunmen
that have just killed another transit policeman, leap out and gun both of them
down with the Desert Eagle.

Head forward until you get to the end of the hallway and stop, to the left you
will here an enemies scratchy voice, he wants to know what's just happened,
answer him by coming out and shooting him in the chest. Now head down the
stairs to the right when you reach the bottom be careful as there’s another
enemy nearby, wait behind the bubble in the wall then lean out and shoot him,
get the Pump Action Shotgun from his dead body and go through the wooden
doorway that says ‘Maintenance’. After the load screen you find yourself in the
maintenance area, there is a door in front of you that you need to access to
get into the Subway Control Room but you don't have the code yet so head down
the stairs to the left. While venturing down stop at the edge of the stairs for
cover, there are three armed gunmen here so gently lean out and shoot the first
ahead of you, now stay put the other will come for you, as he gets close enough
jump out and shoot him head on with the Pump Action Shotgun, descend down the
rest of the steps and shoot the last enemy. It looks like Max has found himself
smack dab in the middle of a big time crime operation, apparently being handled
by the mob, coincidence? I think not. Head down the corridor and you will see a
camera above you, don't worry this isn't Splinter Cell or Hitman you’re fine.
To progress any further you’ll need to get the power to the rail back on but
there’s nothing you can do about it now so get yourself prepared and open the
nearby ‘Maintenance Only’ door, shoot the armed thug right away or he will kill
the transit policeman, you need him alive. After he thanks you he’ll tell you
his plan and you’ll both have to go back to the beginning to access the Subway
Control Room, be sure to grab the ammo and painkillers from the lockers before
you go.

Don’t worry there’s no more enemies nearby just run back with the policeman and
wait for him to catch up and open the door with the code. Sadly you’re good
timing is short lived as a mobster will blast him upon entry, don't bother
reloading your game there's no way you can save him, click the nearby panel
again to open the door. Head inside the room and you will see the next set of
sliding doors up ahead, be very careful here there are four mobsters inside
this room well armed. Move inside and blow the first guy away to the right, use
the control station in front of you as cover as you combat the next three guys,
they move around quite a bit so get good shots. Collect their guns and go
through the door in the far corner, you’ll see three power stations 2, 4 and 6,
power up the 2nd by clicking on it. To the right is a security station where you
can see out the view of the camera you passed, you’ll notice the power to the
rail is back on so make your way there again. Grab the four painkillers in the
medicine cabinet before you leave, arriving back at the train go through the
noisy metal door and click on the wheel to get it moving again. The train will
smash right through the wooden barricade, go through the train door and jump
down to the ground, three mob guys will appear up ahead of you, take them out
one-by-one or if you’re a good enough shot aim for the top of the white
explosive container, the blast will kill them all. Finally at the end of the
subway go left through the metal door to end the chapter.

Chapter Two: Live From The Crime Scene

Objective- I had to get out of this death trap situation.

You’re getting closer to something looking for Alex; to begin you’ll see an old
ticket booth ahead of you, from there go left. Coming to the right wait there,
two mobsters are headed towards you, jump out and waste them with your Pump
Action Shotgun, now go for the metal door but be careful as there’s a mobster
waiting for you on the other side, pop him and head down the stairs. As you
come down the steps you will see a mobster ahead of you with his gun primed and
ready, spring out and shoot him. Walk down the rest of the steps and jump into
the water, make your way down the sewer in the noisy water and eventually you
will come to a raised platform to your right, there’s three mob guys up here.
Wait until the first receives the phone call on his cell phone, they know
something’s up so now’s a better time than ever, run through the water firing
to the right taking out the first two mobsters on the platform, the last will
come shooting after you, dispose of him and jump up onto the raised platform.
As you make your way up the nearby stairs an explosion rattles the entire
subway system, you’ll find out soon enough what that was. The next set of
stairs will trigger a load screen, upon returning take a few steps forward then
wait at the top of the stairs, don’t go any further unless you don’t hear the
mobsters talking. They’ll get into a fight about a detonator; one of them will
shot the other over the argument, better one mobster than two eh? Saves you
some trouble, as he comes towards you nail him with the Pump Action Shotgun
burst, if you want you can switch up with the Sawed-Off Shotgun, I prefer the
Pump Action but you decide what's best for you.

You will come to a welded door that has a bomb attached to it but as Max
indicates it’s missing a detonator, there’s nothing you can do for now so just
head down the stairs to your left. When you reach the bottom stop as two more
mobsters are just ahead of you, wait until you’re ready then jump out and
surprise them, with the guards dead you will now see a blown open wall lighten
up by two big lights in the room, yeah that’s where that explosion you heard
came from. Head on through and you’ll emerge into a bank vault, so that’s
what's going on here, a bank robbery. You have little time for reflection
however as four mafia bank robbers are inside the vault to the right, pop the
first as he heads straight for you. The next three you can play run-and-gun
with using the vault door as cover, just lean out and cap them one at a time,
simple. Once they’re all taken care of collect their ammo and click on the
nearby panel to open the sliding door, you’ll be greeted by another bank robber
right in front of you as the door opens, shoot him immediately and head inside
there are three more mob bank robbers in the room spread out, use Bullet Time
if you have to, it’ll help. When you’re finished with the last guy the phone
will start to ring, answer it. Being placed at the scene is not good but you’ve
already foiled the robbery and the mobsters escape route, time to get the hell
out and find Alex before the cops arrive. Before you collect the painkillers by
the phone shoot that annoying alarm above you, Max will respond with a simple
"Thank you" lol, next open the nearby vaults by clicking on the computer panel
in front of you. One vault will reveal what the mafia bank robbers were after,
Aesir Corporation Bonds, the highly successful conglomerate drug company. The
other will contain a detonator to that welded door back in the subway; use the
computer panel to open the exit door to get you back to the subway.

On your way back while going up the stairs a wooden bench will slide in front
of you revealing three more mobster punks, be careful as one of them has a
Grenade, get cover and wait for it to explode or charge them capping each one,
finally go to the welded door and click on it. This will blow open the door and
your exit out of here, stepping through you’ll finally meet up with your
contact and good friend DEA Special Agent Alex Balder. After conferring it
appears that these are Lupino’s men, a Capo in the Punchinello crime family but
as you gather from the cutscene something very bad is about to happen,
tragically Alex is shot right in front of Max with the shooter escaping. As Max
narrates there’s nothing you can do, he’s dead, all you can do now is try and
get out alive. Off to the far right a mob guy will come into focus, use the
nearby wall as cover and gun him and his buddies down. Once they’re all dead if
need be there are some painkillers in the nearby ticket booth, move up past the
dead mobsters and stop along the near wall, one of the mobsters goes into a
panic not wanting to get caught, he’ll make a run for it towards you. When he
get's close enough spring out and shoot him then run into the open area because
immediately one of the mob guys will throw a Grenade, using Bullet Time should
take care of these guys easily enough, if you get shot there are some more
painkillers in the closest ticket booth, while you’re there click on the exit
gate lever and it will open giving you a way out of here ending the chapter
sending Max into the dark, cold night of Noir York.

Chapter Three: Playing It Bogart

Objective- My cover had been blown. I had to escape from the hotel.

Alex’s death may just push Max right over the edge but that would be exactly
what his enemies wanted, time for some payback… Max will follow his only lead,
Jack Lupino. You’ll try the hotel first, that’s where Lupino runs all his
sleazy business through a couple of murdering mobsters, the Finito Brothers. As
you begin you get the idea, your covers been blown and now the mobs got it in
for you knowing you’re a cop. The Finito Brothers will try and get the jump on
you first, quickly use the wall as cover and pop these two wise guys with your
Shotgun, just keep pumping them and eventually their dying squeals will tell
you they’ve had it. Don't get too relaxed as in a few seconds a couple of
mobsters will come knocking at the door wondering what's just happened, there
are three of them so get in position a good distance away from the door, when
they come through the right hand door nail each one as they step through. After
they’re all dead grab the painkiller from the nearby safe and click on the note
on the desk, well you get an idea of who you’re going to run into next. Gather
the ammunition and head out of the office and down the steps, you need to get
out of the hotel which won’t be easy as you’re on the top floor with the stairs
locked and the elevator broken, not to mention there’s a hotel full of mobster
thugs standing between you and getting the hell out of here. Downstairs the
bathroom to the left contains some painkillers if you need them, head into the
room clicking on the radio, what’s worse than your best friend being shot right
in front of you? How about being framed for his murder, Max just got his 15
minutes. Now you really need to find a way out of here as the police will be on
their way, don't bother going upstairs near the window as the doors locked,
shoot out the large window in front of you and proceed through it.

Move down the roof and you’ll hear a couple of mobsters talking, get ready
because they’re headed your way, shoot all three in a row as they come at you,
alternatively you can go through the door then shoot the explosive canisters in
the hallway but I wouldn’t recommend this approach. Head through the door and
get the load screen at the end of the hall. You’re now on the next floor, move
down the stairs through the dilapidated door and up ahead there’s a door open
on the left with a mob guy in the room, when you get to the door the mobster
will go for his gun in the closet, waste him before he can do that. Exit the
room and go down the corridor to your left, follow it until you reach Room 302,
it’s on the left and has a painkiller inside one of the drawers. Don't worry
about the mobster nearby that's watching TV he won't come after you unless you
alert him so go down the hallway and blow him away, he’s watching a Soap, this
will usher two more mobsters from the far double door, as they come down the
hall shoot them down, if you haven’t yet turn off or shoot the TV to end the
annoying Soap Opera ‘Lords and Ladies’ lol, there is also a bathroom to the
right go inside and grab the painkillers. In the stall will be you’re first
encounter with a V head junkie, basically if you leave him alone he won't hurt
you but if you want to be safe you can shoot him, be warned if you do, a bone-
chilling scream is what will result. Moving through the double doors in the
hallway be careful as you enter there are two mob guys in this area, the first
will come right for you as you open the door so use Bullet Time to kill him
then pop the other once he reveals himself. Up ahead the door has a padlock on
it, shoot it off and head on through, this next part is kinda difficult for the
inexperienced so be wary, make your way into the room and you’ll see two
mobsters arguing with a vending machine, shoot both at close range with the
Pump Action Shotgun or otherwise you can wait for them to pass and cap them
from behind, your call.

Quickly turn around right away as two more mobsters will emerge from two
different rooms, kill both of them, if you’re quick and get good shots this
should be a breeze but if you get hit just take a few painkillers. Go into the
room on the right and click on the nearby TV for the cutscene, I guess that
makes it official, Max is on the run from the police now but as you can tell
from his expression its all a load of crap. Something obviously stinks here,
Max was undercover yeah but somebody had to of deleted his identity as a police
officer and replaced it with that of a repeated felon…but who could’ve pulled
that of? Hmmm I smell a rat. Anyhow if you switch off the vibrating bed in the
next room you’ll get another nice prompt from Max, head out of the rooms down
the hallway turning right and go through the open doorway for the load screen.
To the left is some ammo along with a junkie in the corner, like I said before
if you want to be safe you can kill him but I would just leave him alone. Go
right through the door and immediately as you enter an ill-tempered mobster
will try and gun you down to the right, take him out along with his buddies
one-by-one. Collect their ammo along with a Grenade and Molotov Cocktail,
either is great for taking out multiply grouped enemies. To the left you will
discover Rico Muertes room, 313. But don't just rush inside as the door is
rigged to a Sawed-Off Shotgun, open it then quickly back away to the wall
quickly. This will trigger two more mobsters to come from a door back in the
circular hallway to the right so shoot them dead as they approach, its safe now
to head into Muertes room, click the letter on the desk. No sense in collecting
evidence at this point, grab the painkiller on the floor to the right and go
back into the hallway, turn right and into the bathroom, as you enter a mob
thug will emerge from one of the stalls, kill him and collect the painkiller
from the medicine cabinet.

You’ll probably have to pop the junkie here too as he’ll likely snap on you,
next just outside the bathroom you should notice a boarded off wooden door that
leads to one of the games Easter Eggs, use the Pump Action Shotgun to decimate
the door and step on through, there is a small balcony up ahead through the
window go through it and you will see a blood trail that leads to another
boarded off area, shot the wooden window and step through. Something weird
happened here as this mobster has a steak in his back and the words BUFI are
engraved in blood on the floor, guess it’s homaging that awful TV show years
ago. Collect all the items from the hidden room and go back the way you came,
on your way back you’ll notice the police arrive; you’ve really got to get out
of here now. Make your way back to the circular hallway and head through the
door the two mobsters emerged from, shoot the leaky gas tanker to descend to
the next floor. After the thugs are finished chatting jump down but don’t face
the wall as they’ll be coming from the opposite direction, shoot them both as
they come for you. Now head down the hallway but stop as you reach the circle,
there is another mobster waiting for you off to the left so jump out and shoot
him, head for Room 216. This is Candy Dawn’s room a hooker staying in Lupino’s
hotel, on the table is her diary click on it, she had a nice side selling
secret x-rated flicks of her clients, surprisingly this minor tidbit of
information will be a key component to subsequent developments later in the
story. The closet near the door is masking a hidden room, you get the idea now.
Step through the adjoining door and go down the hallway stopping to the left, a
few mobsters are headed your way, shoot them dead and head forward there is one
more mobster guarding the service elevator so kill him too, move into the
elevator and press the button to descend further into Lupino’s hotel.

Chapter Four: The Blood Veins Of New York

Objective- My cover had been blown. I had to escape from the hotel.

You’re not out yet, the service elevator will rumble down to the bowels of
Lupino’s hotel. You’ll exit into the laundry room, to the far left you’ll
overhear some mobsters talking about some job they pulled, equip a Molotov
Cocktail and toss it towards the table; it should kill all of them if thrown
correctly. Collect the ammo and painkillers then click on the TV for a
cutscene, looks like the snowstorms just getting warmed up. Head through the
door with the green light above it and as you enter three mobsters will emerge
from the door ahead of you, to make this easier shoot the white explosive
container on top of the boxes and it will take care of two of the three
mobsters, now just shoot the last one and go over to the door with the boxes in
front and shred them with your Pump Action Shotgun clearing a path. Look to
your immediate left as you open the door and pump the mobster full of gun
powder, you’ll find yourself inside the boiler room nearby you should see a
dead man tied to a chair with a Baseball Bat next to him; click the comic strip
on the floor for the cutscene. Prelude to a bad, bad man you will meet soon and
remember this area because you’ll see it again soon. Pick up the Baseball Bat
and the Shotgun ammo in the closet behind the furnace, all the nearby doors are
locked except for the staircase so climb up it. You’ll overhear some quant
mobster talk about vampire movies, when you think about it he makes a good
point lol. Move inside and gun down these two comedians, another will approach
from the far left, kill him too. There are some painkillers in the medicine
cabinet if you need them; collect the ammo and walk down the hallway going up
the stairs and through the door to the load screen. Beginning again you’ll
overhear a huge V deal going down in the nearby room; send Max in to bust up
the deal.

Entering there are four mobsters two sitting down and two standing up, kill the
first in front of you standing up then the next to the left, finally hit Bullet
Time and shoot the remaining two mobsters, wow with all that V and cash you
just broke up quite the party and Muertes nowhere to be found. If you go over
to the table and click on the briefcases it will reveal the Valkyr the crooks
wanted to sell and some dirty money. Now that you've stopped the V deal collect
the items from the table and the nearby closets, on your way out of the room
grab the key on the table to the Bar and I would recommend shooting the Valkyr
cylinders, wouldn't want any stragglers to sell it on the street or perhaps
some dirty cops getting a hold of it. Go down the hall and into the bathroom to
collect some painkillers then go for the Bar door in the corner, listen up here
because this is really you’re first big test of the game. Well, well its Rico
Muerte and that hooker you heard about Candy Dawn, time to teach these two a
lesson, personally I would let the girl go but she doesn’t really leave you
that option. Immediately dive to the left as the scene ends, use the doorway to
play run-and-gun to take down all three mobsters that come from the door inside
the Bar. After they’re dead equip the Molotov Cocktail, let's teach this bitch
a lesson, step into the room and toss it right at her behind the bar, she’ll
scream in horror as she's burned alive, her prostituting, blackmail days are
over. With Dawn out of the way head for the door in the left corner but don’t
open it yet, we’re going to play some run-and-gun with Muerte. Open the door up
but get cover by the wall as he’s got an Ingram that’ll tear you to pieces,
just keep coming out and popping him then going back in, eventually you’ll get
him. If you want you can try hurling a Molotov Cocktail at him, it’ll kill him
in one shot, as I said though he’ll chew you up but if you can pull it off and
have some painkillers feel free to try.

With Muerte dead you’ve thrown a big wrench into Punchinello’s plans, collect
your first automatic weapon the Ingram, lol and you’d think Muerte would take
the time and pull his freakin’ pants up, go for the door and get the load
screen. Before you move forward don’t let the peaceful reception area deceive
you two mobsters that know you’re coming start right after you, gun them both
down collecting the ammo and step into the room behind them. Click on the old
switchboard as you listen to the blood veins of New York, the high strung
Gognitti and his boys are going to know you’re coming now but first we need to
finish up and get out of here. Grab the painkillers and go up the stairs to the
left through the doors and into the Club, if you feel lucky click on the
machine to see if you win if not just keep moving. Stop at the wall and you’ll
notice a mobster with some definite anger issues blast the machine, as he heads
your way shoot him dead then quickly run up the stairs and kill the final
mobster at the roulette table, again if you feel lucky click on the roulette
wheel, if not go through the double doors to exit the Club. You’re almost out,
all you have to do is shoot out the glass ceiling and drop down but you should
know by now with Payne it’s never that easy as the mobsters have regrouped to
make a final stand. Two mobster thugs will come from the front door shoot both
of them quickly as one has an Ingram, the last two will come from the left out
of reception, kill these winos and proceed into the reception booth. Now you
cannot open the front doors manually so hit the switch inside the reception
booth and quickly make your way to the doors as it’s on a timer and will lock
again if you’re not fast enough. You’ve escaped, yeah that’s great but now

Chapter Five: Let The Gun Do The Talking

Objective- I needed to find a way to Lupino’s office on the top floor.

Turn around, walk away, blow town…for most that would be the smart play but you
should know by now that Max isn’t the type to run away from his problems, he’s
got absolutely nothing left to loose so why stop now? Max is still following
his best lead in Jack Lupino so you’ll try his Tenement Buildings next, a seedy
hangout for all kinds of sleaze. As you begin you get you’re first look at
Vladimir, the head of the Russian mob, he’ll flee the scene after the bomb goes
up but to your fortune another bomb explodes in the nearest slum building, the
goons inside were spooked, a lucky break and your best lead. You need to get up
to Lupino’s office on the top floor so make your way forward towards the Pawn
Shop, you’ll overhear two mobster punks looting the store so step inside
wasting both of them and collect any ammo inside, in one of the glass cases is
some Ingram ammo. Now head for the van past the far left wall in the street for
some ammo, don’t worry about the front doors of course they’re locked, click on
the newspaper case on the wall for the cutscene. Now you have an idea of the
severity of the whole thing, the whole damn city knows now. Go for the
downstairs leading into the building, there’s three mobsters here so take care
with your Dual Ingrams. Collect the ammo and move straight for the door in
front of you, ignore the dilapidated door to your immediate left as there’s
only two strung out junkies inside, just move down the hallway for the load
screen. The entire building is rigged with explosives, they’ve prepared
themselves pretty well so be extra careful, to advance forward get a safe
distance away and shoot the white explosive container, be sure to get cover as
soon as it lights up because it’ll blast off down the hallway and blow the door
open. Stay in cover after the explosion as a mob guy will come to investigate,
Bullet Time out and cap him. Grab the painkillers and again just ignore the
junkies off in the left corner, move on through the doorway to the right and
get cover immediately behind the near wall as a mobster emerges from the far
door unaware of your presence.

Spring out and shoot the first then retreat back behind the wall as another
will usher out eventually, waste him as well and move up the stairs to the
left. On your way up a mobster will open fire, just stay put until he comes to
you then finish him, collect the Ingram and head past the lockers into the
corridor where a payphone is ringing, pick it up. You get your first talk with
the mysterious Alfred Woden warning you the police have arrived with Deputy
Chief Jim Bravura, great now you really got to move it. Wait by the next
doorway to the left as two mob thugs are headed your way, jump out and dispose
of them, don’t worry about the explosions you’re okay just more mobsters trying
to impede your progress. You need a key to get past the staircase ahead so move
through the open doorway behind you and blast off the lock that’ll take you
back into the Pawn Shop you entered previously. Click the note on the counter,
so Gognitti and Vlad are at odds with each other and here you are right in the
middle of a mob war, that would explain the impressive pyrotechnics you saw
earlier. Grab the key on the shelf collecting all the items and return to the
door to use the staircase key, after the load screen go up one flight of stairs
then quickly retreat as a mobster will through a Grenade, head back up and when
he comes into view blow that gutless coward away, another will come right after
so shoot him too. Now before you head for the bathrooms in front of you there
is a mobster primed and ready with Dual Ingrams a staircase above so kill him
first, collect the ammo and painkillers and head on up the stairs to the 3rd
floor, after the explosion go out onto the walkway and have Max jump over the
gap, be sure to get a running start and hit ‘X’ at the very edge or you won’t
make it. Go for the door off to the right, be ready because there’s four
mobsters in this room relaxing, step in and shoot the first two in front of you
then the next to the left by the couch, the last will emerge from a nearby room
kill him too. Gather up all the ammo and single painkiller from that nearby
room and jump through the window to end the chapter.

Chapter Six: Fear That Gives Men Wings

Objective- I had to catch Vinnie Gognitti.

The stairs up to Lupino's office have been destroyed thanks to that bomb
earlier, all evidence suggests that Vinnie Gognitti is upstairs; you need to
get up there and find him but you’ll have to dangerously trace across rooftops.
Not a problem for the audacious Max Payne. Head down the fire escape and jump
down onto the dumpster, you’ll overhear two junkies talking about how damn cold
it is, it does look pretty chilly out doesn’t it. Go for the Laundromat door
nearby and venture down the hallway Max will prompt you that you need to find a
way past the door, you can try knocking Max will tease he even has a pizza for
the thugs but will be ushered away regardless. So now you’ll need to find
someone to get you passed the door, to do so search the nearby slum building.
Leave the Laundromat through the door behind you back out into the cold, head
inside the door with the light above it, this parts kinda tricky so listen up,
make your way inside and wait next to the stairs beside the junkies, when the
mobsters start coming down the steps casually lean out and ice each one as they
come towards you, the junkies beside you might flip out and start shooting you
over the gunfire but if you keep your cool and shoot them you should be fine.
Next head up the steps and once again wait by the junkies as this time the
mobsters know you’re here, when they come running down the stairs shoot each
one as he appears. Go upstairs into the one room to the right and you will
discover a mob guy that's going to help you get through that door, grab the
painkillers and ammo and make your way back to the laundry. You’re new mobster
buddy will eventually catch up with you and give the thugs inside the correct
password ‘John Woo’ famous action director and I’m sure inspirer of a lot of
the over-the-top action in Max Payne. Once the door opens however the jig is up
and they’ll open fire, to take care of these guys much easier equip a Grenade
and toss it inside to deal with these mobsters, the blast should kill them all.

Move in and collect the ammo, a shame you broke up their poker game lol, as you
proceed through the door on the left be ready as another mobster will try and
surprise you diving out into the open, kill him and if you didn’t get the guy
in the other room shoot him near the dryers. Grab the painkillers nearby next
to the cash register and move into the elevator for the load screen, if you
shoot the speaker above Max it will kill the elevator music and once more Max
will thank you. Arriving upstairs head down the hallway and through the door,
try the bathroom and it’ll be locked a mob thug will be inside, if he only knew
who was on the other side of the door. Once you hear the toilet flush he’ll
proceed out, kill him and click on the TV for a cutscene, so more of your
exploits made the news, I guess everyone now knows the score which might make a
little tougher for you. As Max said though there’s no going back now, nothings
going to stop him from finding the truth, grab the Ingram ammo and bust through
the window, hold your breath as you carefully walk along the pipes stopping in
the middle. Inside the room are a couple mobsters watching some eerie TV show
called ‘Address Unknown’, creepy stuff. You can vaguely see the first mobster
thug standing near the TV, cap him and shoot the rest as they emerge through
the window, jump inside and shoot or turn off the disturbing program and
collect the ammo then bust through the other window in the next room. Walk
across another set of pipes to the door and get the load screen, you’re very
close now to Lupino’s office, Gognitti’s bound to be in there.

Move to the right waiting there as two mobsters are a floor above you, once you
have a good angle aim and shoot them both, head to the right and wait by the
wall as two mobsters try to figure out the rigged explosive, as you can see
they don't lol. Go use the door near the dilapidated wall and it will fall
over, have Max jump over the wall and wait by the next doorway. With all that
noise you know a few mobsters are coming, as they run to investigate jump out
and cap each one, head up the broken down floor and onto the top floor. A
mobster will appear right away in front of you shoot him before he spots you,
move to the nearby door for the load screen. You’ve finally found Lupino’s
office but he isn’t here, as predicted the whiny Vinnie Gognitti is
instead…well maybe he can tell you where his boss Lupino is? Ignore Vinnie’s
whining in the next room and collect the painkillers on the stove and proceed
inside to greet Gognitti and his buddies. Once Vinnie bails after being shot
hit Bullet Time and take out his boys, with the Dual Ingrams it should be no
problem. Collect the ammo and click the letter on Vinnie’s desk, you get more
of an idea of who you’re going after, Jack Lupino has lost it. Proceed through
the left doorway and jump out the window below, Gognitti’s been hit and his
time is running short, you need to catch up and question him before he escapes
or worse bleeds to death. Follow the blood trail across the roof back into the
previous building over the pipes, there’s some Ingram ammo in the cabinet here
as well. Head up the stairs through the door and as you catch up with Gognitti
he nearly commits suicide by jumping for the train, fear indeed gives men
wings. To catch him you need to follow his lead by having Max jump for a train
of his own, get up to the blood spatter on the rooftop and jump from there,
just wait until a train comes and jump towards it as far as you can. You must
do this ‘before’ it gets to Max or you’ll fall to your death because of you’re
late drop.

Chapter Seven: Police Brutality

Objective- I had to catch Vinnie Gognitti.

The stubborn Gognitti isn’t making this easy, he survived the jump to the train
and you’ve hitched a ride after him, you can just imagine how cold it is on top
of that subway with the ice and snow ripping into Max…but no one ever said this
was going to be easy. Amazingly Vinnie jumps from the train and you’ll follow
his lead once again, you need to keep after him so follow his blood trail. To
start jump down off the roof and onto the nearby pipes, ignore the police they
can’t catch you just walk across and onto the adjoining rooftop, moving forward
two mobsters will come from the left, use Bullet Time and dispose of them. More
blood spatter on the ground, run across the rooftop and follow it jumping to
the next building, as you land two PO’ed mobsters will come running from the
building across from you above, shoot them down and continue on past the
rooftop. Continue following the blood trail to the door to get a load screen,
if you want you can shoot it out with the police chopper on the rooftop,
eventually it’ll retreat smoking from your gunfire but I would advise against
this, firing at a police helicopter isn’t exactly the best way to prove your
innocence lol, just get off the roof. Gognitti will send a few thugs your way,
pop them as they head up the stairs then kill any stragglers below, you should
notice Gognitti’s bloody handprint on the door of the Cold Steel office, hmmm
Cold Steel…a story for another time perhaps. Keep moving down the steps and
you’ll spot more of Vinnie’s blood staining the walls and floor, its getting
worse you’ve got to find him before he bleeds to death. Go down the hallway
through the door and wait by the wall, three mobsters remain here for you so
shoot the first behind the barricade to the right, that will usher the next
two. Shoot the first as he makes his way across the basketball court then pop
the next by the fence, collect the Ingram ammo and go through the fence door
for another load screen.

You’re still hot on Vinnie’s trail as he’ll ascend in the elevator box, move
forward but be ready as there's some close combat up ahead, shoot the first mob
guy as he runs towards you from the truck, next head up the nearby walkway and
wait at the top getting cover, lean out and kill the mobster above you. Now go
for the elevator Gognitti used, click on the button in the corner to usher
elevator then as you reach the top a mobster will be firing at you from the far
building, run to cover and duck by the protruding walkway, when you’re ready
spring out and shoot this mob jockey. You’ll spot more of Gognitti's blood,
follow it into the area to the left but be ready as they know you’re coming.
Spring out from behind the wall and shoot the first whose waiting, more will
come from behind the billboard and throw a Grenade but it shouldn't get
anywhere near you so you’re fine, shoot them both as they come to you. Walk
along the catwalk past the first billboard then wait behind the wall as there's
another mobster here, jump out and kill him grabbing the painkillers on the
ledge, making your way past the next two billboards you’ll come to a skylight
where down below another V deal is going down, shoot the explosive containers
to quickly dispatch both mob guys and jump down into the room. If you shoot the
box next to the gasoline containers a painkiller will be inside, as with before
I’d shoot the Valkyr poison and put a round into the cash for good measure,
screw Punchinello and his mobsters. Go for the door to the right and up the
stairs for another load screen, jump onto the fire escape and head down a floor
into the room, click on the TV for the cutscene. Yeah you’ve got nothing to
worry about, Bravura’s way out of Max’s league.

Ahead you will spot a dead mobster in the kitchen, guess he had a disagreement
with the paranoid Gognitti, as you collect the painkillers from the nearby
bathroom, you will overhear some mobsters that know you’re coming, wait until
he's done his diatribe then put him in his place capping him as you open the
door. Around the corner equip a Grenade and toss it towards the fleeing
mobsters and watch them fly through the air or you can just use Bullet Time to
kill these mobster punks, up to you. Go through both doors, one down the
hallway the other outside and back in, when you spot the mobster run towards
him and he will retreat back to the left and throw a Grenade but as long as you
keep moving you’re in no danger, pop him around the corner and go through the
door behind him. You see that Vinnie's run out of room, if you can get through
what’s left of Gognitti's mobsters here you can finally question him. Move
forward to the edge of the roof and start shooting whatever you see, there’s
about five or six mob guys running around below, waste them before they can
move up the staircase to the left, looking down those stairs a mobster will
appear here so shoot him down. Now if you want you can run down the steps and
take on the last few mobsters on the ground or be patient and gun them down
from the rooftop here, it's up to you. When the last of Gognitti’s men has been
killed move to the left where Gognitti will take you on in a gunfight…he’s a
lousy shot though just keep pumping him until he falls defeated to the ground.
It’s shakedown time. After Max gets what he wants out of Gognitti he’ll leave
him to his uncertain fate and head to Ragna Rock for Jack Lupino to end this…

Chapter Eight: Ragna Rock

Objective- I needed to face Jack Lupino and make him pay.

Entering Ragna Rock is like going into the belly of the beast, thanks to his
abuse of V Jack has completely lost his mind and has zero sense of reality
anymore…be that as it may if he thinks Max is going to take the fall for Alex’s
murder he’s crazier than he thinks. Psycho or not Payne is coming to square up
his rotten deal and get his long deserved payback. Be warned yourself however
it won’t be pretty inside, extremely violent, bloody and disturbing is the best
way I can describe it, just be ready for anything. Alright to start look in the
nearby booth in the far left corner for some Shotgun ammo, next go for the
booth opposite you on the right, the front doors of the theater are obviously
locked so hit the security lever and the entrance will be revealed. As the
passage opens one of Lupino's goons will come strolling over blissfully unaware
Max Payne is here to break up this party, shoot him and head into the room
taking out the next wino and click the book on the table for a cutscene. That’s
nothing compared to what’s ahead, things are going to get darker-and-darker as
you progress deeper into the club closer to Lupino, collect the painkillers and
ammo on the shelf and go through the door to the left. Kill the mobster as soon
as the door opens then quickly aim left and pop another mob thug; shoot the
next as he fires madly above you. There is one more mobster in here armed with
some Molotov Cocktails that are pretty deadly if accurate, he’s right above the
bar so aim high and take care of him immediately, do your best not to fry Max
while trying. Move through the double doors to the right of the weird dance
floor and continue forward but be ready as there’s two mobsters to the right
prepared, shoot these fools then the next mobster as he appears on the dance
floor in the overcoat, if need be use Bullet Time to dispose of him.

Look for the door to the left of the dance floor with the ‘Bar’ sign next to
it, inside three stone cold mobster killers await you, shoot them and collect
the painkiller on the shelf to the right then click on the books near the blood
stained wall for the cutscene, I think you’re starting to get the idea of what
to expect, go for the door to the left for the load screen. Head up the stairs
and wait at the top, some of Lupino's men are in here talking about their boss,
some freaky stuff…Jack Lupino is crazy all right. When they’re done chatting
bust in and cap all three mobsters at the table, a flood of Lupino’s men are
going to start coming from the back so get cover by the pillar to the left. As
they come in sight by the table lean out and kill each one, don’t go after them
or you’ll be full of holes just stay put and make sure you’ve gotten them all
before proceeding. Blow Lupino's Valkyr stash and collect the ammo from the
table and the dead mobsters, there are also some painkillers in the boxes on
the small table to the right, finally one of the boxes full of Valkyr is open,
blast the canisters inside if you want. Follow the maze like path through the
wine jugs until you reach the open area to the right, wait by the wall then
when ready move forward and blast the emerging mobster, if you use the Shotgun
he’ll fly back and fall down into a pit. Now on the stairs shoot the next mob
guy who's frenetically firing his Berettas, as you move up the stairs keep your
aim up because the mobsters present will fire at you, when they appear if
you’re able drop them. Once taken care of continue up the stairs watching for
the final mobster, he’s at the very top so kill him too. Head through the door
and you’ll find yourself back out into the freezing cold, move to the opening
nearby. Careful as you enter not only will you fall to your death but there’s
another mobster late in the game firing from the bottom, shoot him and make
your way very cautiously across the small beams to the next opening on the
left, guess what you’re back outside.

Navigate across the rooftops until you reach the door to the far right, this
shouldn't be too difficult just lead Max to the door for another load screen.
Make your way down the steps but watch as two mobsters will come running
upstairs, I would wait for them to come to you before killing them, go down the
rest of the steps and kill the next mobster at the bottom, click on switch for
the metal door to open. Shoot the mobster in the overcoat in front then the one
on the stairs to the left, if done correctly he should fall to his grim death
below, now wait on the catwalk near the steps, as each mobster punk makes his
way up to the top ice each one, there’s three of them. Head down the catwalk
and collect the painkillers from the medicine cabinet, go all the way down the
steps and if you want for a laugh jump up onto the drums and click on them, Max
will do a quick drum solo. Then if you tap the microphone on the left you’ll
get another witty prompt from Max, no I don’t picture him as the karaoke type
either lol. After the misguided fun is over head up the steps to the left
grabbing the painkiller, here you can activate the stage pyro if you please but
its real purpose is opening the back wall behind the stage. Once you’ve done
that kill the two mobsters who usher out then precede through the back wall and
up the stairs, here you will have to solve the backdrop puzzle. Click on the
first lever and the backdrop should slide to the right, then the second and it
will slide up finally click on the fourth lever and it will slide up solving
the backdrop puzzle. Now move past the backdrops and shoot the last mobster on
the stairs with the Grenade before he can use it, head all the way up the
stairs and take the catwalk to the hidden door where Lupino lurks up ahead, be
very careful walking across the wooden planks because if you wait too long it
will break and send you down several floors killing Max.

Chapter Nine: An Empire Of Evil

Objective- I needed to face Jack Lupino and make him pay.

This is it, welcome to the rotten core of the Big Apple, Lupino lurks somewhere
ahead like a spider at the center of his web. You’re going to help Max make
that crazy son of a bitch pay, click on the torn letter on the sofa first.
You’ll meet Punchinello’s goons in the Trio eventually but he should know by
now you can’t reason or intimidate a psycho, as Max will tell you though, you
can kill him… Next click on Lupino’s notes on the table, the hard proof of his
abuse of V and fall into madness, get the final cutscene at the pedestal. The
Wolf?! Yeah that’s right Lupino believes himself to be some kind of messenger
from Hell, Valkyr has turned these guys into freaking zombie demons from outer
space. It’s so true what Max narrates though, “Everything was subjective. There
where only personal apocalypses. Nothing is a cliché when it’s happening to
you” …Amen. You’ll have to deal with what’s left of Lupino’s goons first then
you can end his delusions of grandeur, or should I say narcotics. Head for the
opening in the left of the curtains and all the way up the staircase, on the
way you’ll hear Lupino in all his sick, demented glory. Click on the caged door
to enter, here we go… If Lupino is a Wolf then Max has got a silver bullet with
his name on it, firstly don’t go into the center just yet if you’ve heard an
echoed gong you’ve gone too far, grab the ammo and painkillers to the right on
the tables. If you’re well stocked then keep them in mind and go back to rearm
when necessary, Lupino's goons will drop down from the corner to the left and
on the far left passed the bowl of blood, during this massacre two separate
mobsters will appear above you to the right, you’ll have to shoot them from
your position, be wary as one of them will toss some Molotov Cocktails. Okay
once the hell starts get yourself behind the blood bowl in the center, from
here you’ll have a good position to pop both respawning areas of enemies.

The first will come from your immediate left behind the bowl; kill him along
with the following string of Lupino’s men coming from both indicated areas,
there’s about 10 or 11 of them altogether. After they’re all dead on the ground
rearm at the tables on the left this time and shoot down the two mobsters above
you. Before the curtain opens and Lupino reveals himself equip your Dual
Ingrams and get a good position by the bowl. I hope you’re ready for the main
event, because Lupino obviously is…Jesus he’s even tattooed his face. After his
bone-chilling speech take down his two bodyguards first before they chew you up
with their Ingrams then you can go for the main prize Jack one-on-one if you
please but personally I would take the time equipping my Pump Action Shotgun
and nail him with it. It takes a lot of his health and renders him unable to
throw his Molotov Cocktails because of the stiff jolt of the gun powder being
pumped into him, plus his death is a lot more dramatic. Just continue pounding
Lupino and eventually Max will put him out of his misery, so that’s it, just
like that it’s over, Max has his redemption and Valkyr’s flame has been
extinguished. Or has it? By now you should’ve known it would never be that
easy, in walks the striking Mona Sax sister of Lisa Punchinello and the femme
fatale has some critical news for you. Max knew before she even told him, Jack
was in no state to setup all this, the real bad guy here is Angelo
Punchinello…the Don of NYC’s worst crime family and husband of Mona’s sister.
Unfortunately the alliance is short lived however as Mona spikes his glass of
whiskey, you’ll be rendered unconscious and she leaves you where you fall.
Kinda stupid of Max to begin with but I guess it’s true what they say, a
beautiful woman gets you every time.

Part II: A Cold Day In Hell

Objective- Survive your nightmare.

Max has fallen into one of his recurring nightmares and you’ll have to get him
out alive, no guns or baddies to pop this time just a maze/puzzle to solve, be
warned though it gets quite disturbingly personal for Max, as I’ve said this
game is not for kids. You’ll find yourself at the front door of Max’s old
house, head forward and to the right down the long hallway when you reach the
end turn right, moving down another long hallway you will come to a crossroad
either left or right, go left down the hallway and you will come to another
crossroad, three ways to choose. Go left again, yet another fork in the road,
go left again and follow it straight-on until you reach your old living room, I
think you get the picture by now, Max is reliving the whole tragedy again in
his own twisted way. Plus hmmm someone's talking to you while you’re out
apparently tied to a chair, obviously the mob must’ve got a hold of you,
great…more to look forward to but back to the problem at hand. Click on the
nearby picture of Max and the recently departed Alex Balder, yeah the way
things have gone why should it be any easier for Max…isn’t that just like life
though eh, things go bad and it always seems to get worse before it gets
better, no such luck for Max he’s got to make his own. Anyhow click on the next
picture of the Payne family over the fireplace, just reinforces that no matter
how you try to forget the past and run from it…it’ll always come back on you.
Now go up the stairs and through the bathroom door, as you approach the door
connected to the bedroom a wooden barrier will seal off the door, got your
heart pumping didn’t it lol.

I guess self-consciously Max wouldn’t let himself off that easy, leave the
bathroom back into the hallway and walk through the door in front of you,
follow the path to the first blood trail, here’s where things get a little
complicated. You have to stay on the red blood trail or you’ll fall to your
grim, nightmarish death, so go easy and proceed carefully. If you do fall
you’ll be serenaded by the heart-stopping, squealing cry of Max’s dead baby
girl, his own personal hell indeed, well technically it’s from that Address
Unknown show you previewed earlier but you get the idea. Move forward and turn
right, by now whoever is talking to you will cue in again, just ignore him and
keep going. Follow the path then when you come to the second crossroad jump
left onto the next blood trail; follow that path until it ends and jump
forward. Follow the next blood trail and turn right, continue until you reach
the joining hallway, head down the hallway and you’ll emerge into the baby's
room, now you know whose blood it is, Jesus. Go through the door to the left
and follow the long hallway, when you get to the end the mystery man will start
in again, he’s referring to cartoons if you’re wondering. Click on Michelle's
diary for the final cutscene, looks like Michelle stumbled upon something that
may have had a hand in her and their baby’s murder…another piece of the puzzle
you’ll have to solve. As you attempt to go through the door to the left
Michelle will scream out in horror, again unfortunately too little, too late
and we end the start of a new revelation. Max will vent his own frustrations
crying out in anger then fire off a few shots, why you ask? Max blames himself
for what happened to his family, therefore self-consciously he holds himself
responsible for her murder…in a sort of alter ego of himself he thinks he
killed her but we’ll return to this later for now you’ve finally awoken in
probably the worst scenario you could think of.

Chapter One: The Baseball Bat

Objective- I had to find Niagara and teach him a lesson.

A day has passed and you wake as you summarized from the nightmare, tied to a
chair with someone standing over you, that someone is Frankie “The Bat”
Niagara, that very bad man I referred to before lol, Niagara has a sick
obsession of beating his victims with a Baseball Bat but I’m sure by his
throttling of Max you’ve already figured that out, his name a pun towards a
comic strip character Captain Baseball Bat Boy. Anyhow, he and his goons have
dragged you back to Lupino’s hotel, you got to admit Max has got some big balls
on him but I guess most of us would in his nothing to lose situation. After
Frankie’s finished cracking your skull he’ll stumble off to the Bar for a cold
one breaking the cardinal rule of kidnapping, never leave your hostage alone,
now’s your chance and Max will break free. So you’re next target is who you
should’ve gone after in the first place, Angelo Punchinello, the Don of the
mafia family, no easy task. If anything you’ve done Angie more of a service
taking out Lupino, he and his boys would’ve wound up doing it themselves, but
to the issue at hand, you’re in quite a shitty mess badly hurt with no
weapons…nothing but Niagara’s Bat. You need to deal with Frankie and his boys
before moving on, so lets do that. Begin by grabbing the much needed
painkillers in the closet behind the boiler, use one now but save the other for
later, now go open the door to your right, don't go through it yet just open it
and wait by the wall. Eventually Niagara's mobsters will stroll past you, let
the first set go by then as the second set move past run out and club them with
the Bat, you may need to do this a few time before getting it, trial and error
it isn’t exactly easy. Immediately pick up their weapons and shoot the
remaining mobsters, quickly grab what ammo you can because more will come from
around the corner just in front of you, use Bullet Time to waste these mobster
punks, and be sure you have enough ammo before you enter Bullet Time, that can
be a pain dying this way.

Pick your shots wisely because you don’t have a lot of ammo, once they’re all
down go down the hall to the room on the right collecting some much needed ammo
and painkillers, if you want you can try and sneak past them skipping using the
Bat altogether but I wouldn’t recommend it, its pretty risky but yeah it can be
done, just watch their patrols carefully. Now there is one more painkiller in
the room across from you with the warehouse door half open, move back into the
hallway on the left this time and there will be a door to the left with two
mobsters inside. Enter ready and ice each one, click on the comic strip for a
cutscene, so I guess now you get the whole Frankie comic strip name innuendo.
Collect the ammo and head for the elevator in the hallway to the left for the
load screen, be ready because when you reach the bottom and the doors open the
party will start immediately, shoot the two mobsters here then walk over to
another half opened warehouse door, quickly retreat though as a mobster will
throw a Grenade, after it explodes run past the door to the wall for cover. Use
the wall to run-and-gun down the mobsters to your right, if you got good enough
aim you could throw a Grenade but I recommend using the wall and waiting as
you’ll probably get chewed up with fire. Jump out and shoot the final mobster
in front of you collecting the ammo and painkillers from the medicine cabinet,
head through the open doorway on the left and you’ll be greeted by an Ingram
firing mob guy, take cover behind the boxes before you’re as dead as the rest
of the meat around you. When he comes back spring out and pop him. Leave the
meat plant jumping down off the steps, you’re back outside in the frostbiting
cold, go down the alley turning left and run down the street towards the front
of the hotel, things have gone from bad to worse as the poor boys in blue that
stayed behind to secure the crime scene are dead. Go through the doors inside
Lupino's hotel for the load screen, I guess there’s one upside- you, Frankie
and his boys got the place to yourself.

Go inside turn left and through the door that says ‘Lounge’ above it, looks
like Mona’s solo didn’t go so good and you hear more about the spook storied
Trio, seems inevitable that you’re going to butt heads. With the door open head
inside and give these goons a surprise of a lifetime, kill all three then click
on the radio for the cutscene. Reliable sources lol, yeah you hear a lot of
that on the news…that’s why you can never fully trust what you’re hearing but
from what you’ve gathered it seems the Don has not only framed Max but put a
hit on him, at this point pretty pointless. You’ll probably notice your
handiwork from last night at the hotel, nice touch wouldn’t you say, further
drives things home. Alright time to finish this and leave, go down the hallway
into the bathroom and waste the mobster on the toilet, poor bastard lol. Head
for the Bar and meet up with Frankie, yep this is the same spot you took out
Muerte and his hooker Candy Dawn…quite the ugly history indeed. After the scene
ends quickly shoot the mob guy in front of Frankie then retreat behind the ‘Do
Not Disturb’ sign, if you maneuver the camera you’ll notice another of
Frankie’s boys inside to the left taking cover, if you haven’t yet shoot off a
few rounds and he’ll come running to his death, he’s got a Sawed-Off Shotgun
that packs a wallop though so be careful. Now to deal with Punchinello’s errand
boy Niagara and his little buddy behind the counter, keep in mind first if you
kill the mobster behind the counter Frankie will come running with his Dual
Ingrams and he does some heavy damage so lets deal with Frankie first shall we.
Play run-and-gun with Frankie using the doorway as cover, plus wait until he
reloads then lean out and shoot him. Whatever you do don’t run into the Bar as
you will definitely be overwhelmed and killed, you’ll get hit a few times but
eventually Frankie will fall and his days of cartoons and comic strip heroes
are over. Finally simply toss a Grenade or Molotov Cocktail if you have them at
the final mobster ending the chapter, if not just run in and shoot him.

Chapter Two: An Offer You Can't Refuse

Objective- I needed to find the cargo ship Charon.

So you’ve again dealt with the problem at hand and Frankie’s history, what now?
Head for Punchinello’s, fat chance Max will need some heavy duty hardware to
deal with Angie and his poster boys in the Trio. Have no fear Vlad is here, you
might’ve remembered him from the Tenement Buildings car bomb with Gognitti,
he’s here to give you a hand but not a handout, first if you want his help
you’ll have to do him a little favor and take out Boris Dime his defected
former Lieutenant in the Russian mob. He’s got Vlad’s cargo now working for
Angie; you can kill two birds with one stone, get your guns and really screw up
Punchinello family business, sounds like a winner. Looks like you and Vlad just
became allies of circumstance, like Max says lets get this show on the road. To
start head forward into the booth, ice the mobster inside and open the gate
with the switch near the door, for a flashier kill feel free to use Bullet Time
dispatching him through the window of the booth. Alright head through the
opened gate into the Brooklyn Riverfront to begin you’re search for the ship;
kill the two mob guys that usher out as you enter. Collect the ammo and move to
the warehouse door to the far left past the stairs, you will hear the mobster
poet regaling his fellow Italians with delusions of grandeur, click on the
switch and pop both of them then the next on the catwalk above, get him quickly
because he’ll have a Grenade. Jump up onto the white crates in the corner and
collect the single painkiller, now leap your way up to the battered catwalk and
grab the painkiller and Ingram ammo. Jump back down via the white crates and
move through the door in the left corner, I specify because if you let Max fall
far enough you’ll take damage. As you head through the door you’ll see a
mobster shuffle up some steps with his back to you to the far right, shoot him
or wait until he's close to the explosive red barrel and blow him to hell,
immediately another will run at you from the truck with Dual Ingrams so be sure
you’re ready and dispose of him also.

Get some ammo from the truck and move to the next warehouse door on the left,
entering a mob guy will lay down some fire from the catwalk above, move forward
and dispatch him, go up the lift in front of you clicking the switch to get up
to the catwalk. Collect the painkillers in the medicine cabinet and hit the
lever at the end of the catwalk, as the crane lifts the white crate out of the
way two more mobsters will usher from the warehouse door, you can shoot them or
throw a Grenade, you’re choice. Go back down using the lift and on through the
now unblocked door to get your first load screen. You’re getting closer to the
docks, moving forward you’ll see a mobster on his patrol whistling to your
right, gun him down and wait by the nearby metal crate. Another mobster will
come into view blissfully unaware Max Payne has arrived, run forward, take him
out and collect the ammo to the right in the little outpost if need be, move on
to the yellow crane where three mobsters try to ambush you, drop the first two
by the crane then use Bullet Time on the final one in the distance. Grab some
ammo in another outpost behind the crane to the far left then jump up onto the
crane itself and hit the controls, it’ll lift the large metal crate blocking
your way up ahead, consequently a mobster will emerge above behind you so drop
down and kill him. Two more of these mobster thugs will approach from behind
the lifted crate, drop them into the cold snow and move on through past the
lifted metal crate, be warned don't go back after you’re past because the crate
comes back down and will crush you, I’ve had a few slow people who’ve made this
mistake lol. Run around the side and cap another mobster punk and you should
see a large machine for transporting crates, quickly run past to the opening on
the left waiting there for it to charge by. After it crashes head out and shoot
the two mobsters coming from the right collecting the painkiller if need be,
move on to the opened area in front for the load screen.

Go forward and duck behind the crate on the left as another one of those damn
machines is headed for you, this time there’s a mob guy firing from the top,
wait for a good shot and lean out to take care of him, might take a few tries
but you’ll get him. Two more mobsters will come to investigate waiting for any
signs of you up ahead, if they see you they’ll come running so spring out and
surprise them popping the first then the next will come running to his death.
This next part gets pretty chaotic and bloody so be prepared, before moving on
there’s a single painkiller in a box near where you started from the load
screen if need be, I’d grab it just in case. Now head forward to the left and
another goon will spring out, kill him then the next two that fall into line,
move past the three dead mobsters down the shipyard of crates and take out the
mob guy who warns to raise the bridge, the bridge gets raised so there’s
nothing you can do for now, keep moving down the path until you hear a
welcoming mobster. To the left is the crate door, open it and give him the
surprise of a lifetime, click on the letter for a cutscene. So the plot
thickens, Muerte came to town to do more than just sort out family troubles, he
had a contract to complete too bad for them he’s dead. You now have in your
possession the Sniper Rifle, a deadly weapon in the hands of an experienced
marksman…or a good shot of a gamer lol. Hit ‘A’ to enter the scope then
maneuver the crosshairs over your target and bye-bye, it drops anything in its
path, hold ‘A’ to zoom in for a better shot the longer you hold the closer
you’ll get. Alright now go down the rest of the path and wait by the crates as
a mobster will appear in the distance, with his back turned zoom your rifle in
and drop him with a well placed bullet to the back, oh and if you go to one
knee it’ll stable the weapon greatly to help with your shooting keep that in
mind in the future.

Another mob guy will appear right away so use the scope and shoot him dead,
head forward towards the gunned down mobsters and shoot the lock on the caged
door to retrieve the ammo and painkiller. Past the other side of the fence
you’ll spot a truck being held in place by a wheel-block, you might’ve noticed
the sign on the warehouse. Equip your Sniper rifle, zoom in and blast it to
pieces, the truck will bash down the bridge allowing you further access, head
back to the bridge but be wary as they’ll be plenty of mafia goons in your way.
First zoom in and snipe the one who emerges from behind the crates then
continue on back across to the bridge shooting another mob guy on the way. Now
things are going to get pretty crazy, lean out from the crates and fire a few
shots towards the lone mobster, he’ll start towards you insanely firing his
Dual Ingrams, keep waiting in cover then when he gets close enough spring out
and drop him. More mobsters ahead of you, is there no end to these guys! Use
the crates as cover from here and run-and-gun the rest, once they’re all down
move forward and cap the final thug by the bridge. Jesus, with all these dead
bodies (in Alex’s words) it looks like the damn city morgue, no matter, Max
would kill every two-bit mobster punk in NYC to find the truth. But this
bloodbath is over now so you can move across the bridge, be wary though because
as you cross a mob guy will run out of a room to the right, kill him and the
next who emerges from the warehouse door in the distance. Go inside the room
clicking on the nearby computer to discover a hidden room, click on the panel
near the wall and it will slide across allowing access, collect the ammo and
painkillers however venturing into here with usher the final mobster so wait by
the door after you’re finished and pop him as he runs inside. Move to the door
back outside on the far right where you killed the previous mobster to end this
cold and bloody chapter.

Chapter Three: With Rats And Oily Water

Objective- I had to win the ship back to Vladimir.

You’re close but not quite there yet, you’ve arrived at the warehouse docks and
it’s about to turn into a war zone, the cargo ship Charon awaits. Be ready as
you’ll have to be very quick with your decisions, as you begin there is a
mobster in plain view above standing on the large crates, shoot him and head
right then pop the next mob thug that ushers towards you. Grab some ammo from
the shelf in front of you at the far side of the room, go back to the previous
area and continue forward. Making your way through a mob guy will spring out
and shoot you from behind the shelf, kill him and collect the ammo on the
shelf. Into the next area a chicken shit mobster will toss a Grenade, get clear
avoiding the explosion and waste him going right, another Grenade will come
flying towards you so quickly duck back and wait for it to explode then run out
and kill these two mobster punks. As you head for the walkway another mobster
brandishing Dual Ingrams will unload on you but if you’re quick to the far
right you won't get hit, now head up the walkway and kill this asshole, with
him down another mobster will come from the door behind the crate in front of
you, if you can manage it kill him before he runs after you down the catwalk,
if not just wait until he reaches you then dispose of him. If you need it head
back down the catwalk and collect the ammo and painkiller from the shelves on
the left of the warehouse. Back on the catwalk follow it to an open red metal
crate to the left, if you want and are short on them jump down onto the crates
and into the open red metal crate for a painkiller and ammo, there’s more on
top of another red metal crate to the left, it's a risky jump because if you
fall it will probably kill you, be sure to quick save if you do attempt. Now
that were finished with this obstacle course head for the door at the end of
the catwalk, going through dispatch the mobster atop another one of those crate
transporting machines and once it reaches you jump onto it.

This will be your ride, there are four control panels on this thing, pretty
simple hit the one in the direction you wish to go and it’ll take you there.
Grab the Sniper Rifle ammo and lets get started, zoom in on your scope and
snipe the two mob guys in their separate guard towers ahead, aim carefully and
make sure you score with your shot as these guys will have Sniper Rifles too
and won't hesitate to use them against you. If need be click the front control
panel to get a closer shot he won't see you so don't worry, after you stop
click the left control panel and as it takes you left you’ll see three more
mobsters with Sniper Rifles in their respective towers, go to one knee and kill
the first in front of you to the left then swing a hard left and pop the next
mobster just behind you, finally zoom in and snipe the last one in the
distance. All the mobster snipers are taken care of so click the machine back
towards the tower behind you, jump and grab the ammo inside but quickly get
into your scope as more mobsters have arrived on the ground below. Zoom in and
snipe them dead, once you’ve collected everything get back on the machine and
go forward, use the control panel to get to the next guard tower in the
distance. Same drill as before jump inside and collect everything except this
time equip your Dual Ingrams and get out of the tower and blast the guys below,
it’s a lot easier this way. Click the machine back to the path between stacked
crates and hit the right control panel to move towards the final guard tower,
once there jump inside and snipe the two mobsters on the ground or use your
Ingrams, you’re call. Collect everything and jump off the machine to the roof
door in front for the load screen, the Charon is very close so get ready for
more bloodshed, its going to get ugly.

Run down the catwalk directly to your left to the ramp as all hell will break
loose and every mobster inside will start shooting at you, you may get hit a
few times but just keep moving until you reach the bottom then unload on these
bastards with your Dual Ingrams, after they’re all dead head up the next
catwalk following it to the room in front of you, be sure to kill the startling
mob punk coming from the door on the way, from your view outside you found
Vlad’s cargo ship the Charon. Drop the mobster on the deck and hit the switch
in the corner to open the caged door onwards, this will usher three more
stubborn mobsters from below. Moving forward wait for them to come to you and
take down each one, collect the ammo and painkillers past the caged door and go
through the door here and Max will have arrived at the port of the Charon.
Before joining the rats and oily water aboard the Charon get cover by the white
crate and pop the two mobsters here, the guns will be below in the ships hold
along with Boris Dime so let's go get Vlad's hardware. Get onboard and wait by
cover on the left while a mobster will come for you, shoot him dead and move
forward popping the next mobster atop the red crates who’s trying to warn Dime
that you’re here, I should mention there is a painkiller atop some white crates
on the ships bow. Now moving on cap the mobster on the deck who springs out
from behind the red crates, before you go for the ship's bridge throw a Grenade
towards the opened door and comically watch the mob guy fly through the air
from the blast, move up the stairs to the bridge and the phone will start to
ring, click on it for a cutscene.

Ahhh you finally meet the famed Angelo Punchinello, the Don of the crime
family, Max plays it cool and pisses him off, don’t worry you’ll be running
into Angie and his boys soon enough. Collect the painkillers in the medicine
cabinet and open the door to the left, shoot the mobster that’s pissing himself
warning Dime and head down the steps, Boris will be in the hold below with the
cargo. As you go down wait at the bottom of the first set of stairs and cap the
fool who comes running up the steps, move down the next set and wait by the
wall for the next clown to get into position, lean out and paint the wall with
his guts. Head forward waiting by the next wall as there’s two more mobsters
positioned below, to make this easier just toss a Grenade down the steps to
kill them instantly. Get ready and go through the door to the right to meet the
menacing Mr. Dime, he may get a round or two into you as you head in but it’s
unavoidable, dispatch the first two mobsters with Bullet Time and the next who
follows. It's just you and Dime now, use the crate in front of you as cover
ducking behind it, now if it hasn't exploded already shoot the Molotov
Cocktails behind Dime when he’s right next to them sending him to a fiery
grave, otherwise keep using your guns at a distance leaning out and unloading
on him when you can. You can try throwing a few Grenades if you’re desperate
either way Dime isn’t that tough, the Russian goon should fall like a domino.
Collect all the painkillers and ammo from the room and go for the door behind
the deceased Boris Dime, you’ll receive the very nice Colt Commando, an
excellent weapon but for now we’re going to stick with the Ingrams. Vlad will
come on the ship speaker congratulating Max; well yeah you just blew through an
entire mob army placing him near the top of the organized crime food chain. A
deals a deal though and now that you’ve got what you need its time for a face-
to-face with Angie.

Chapter Four: Put Out My Flames With Gasoline

Objective- I needed to find a way out.

After a quick chat Max has cut a deal with Punchinello…or so it would seem,
you’re to meet with Angie at his restaurant to discuss a compromise,
unfortunately you’ve walked straight into a deathtrap as the whole place is
rigged to blow. As you take a few steps forward you’ll know what I mean, the
Don wants Max gone in the worst way, burned alive. Before that happens you need
to get the hell out of there! Quickly run to the right and jump on top of the
table in the corner, use the next two tables jumping forward to the double
doors behind the bar, keep in mind these lit up areas won’t last long so you
need to be quick, no doddling, don’t look back or you’ll be consumed by the
flames. Once through the double doors the next area will explode in turn, head
through the next set of double doors and to the right a group of shelves will
fall into the blaze blocking your way. You’ve no choice but to jump into the
flames to the door in the corner, you’ll get burned a little but it's better
than ending up dead, be sure to quick save if you get burned too much, the
damage should only go up to Max's legs in the health bar. Past the door the
walls will be lit up by the inferno, just stay in the middle and you won't get
burned, head down the hallway to the left and the entire damn restaurant will
burst into flames, Punchinello must not care much for his joint, guess he’ll
just collect the insurance money lol. Be fleet of foot avoiding the flames from
both sides and walk down the middle of the room to the open area ahead. Keep
moving past the left around the corner, this part is a bit more tricky avoid as
much fire as you can and run to the booths at the back right, jump onto the
tables and to the left around the corner again up the stairs and get the load
screen, just use some painkillers if you got singed a little.

If you look up you can see the smoke billowing on the ceiling, if you’re not
burned alive you’ll suffocate from the smoke so you need to get moving again.
Going forward the restaurant will as expected come ablaze again, go through the
door to the right and a bunch of racks will fall over, the fire up ahead is
blocking your way so use the racks to avoid the inferno and jump past the
flames, after you’re done with the racks wait by the wall to the right as a
explosive container will torpedo into the wall, you can imagine if you’d been
standing there. Move left jumping past the shelves through the opening and go
through the double doors to the left running into you’re first mobster inside,
if your guns haven’t melted already shoot him dead lol. Punchinello must be
desperate alright to go to these lengths; he must hate Max with a passion…well
the feelings definitely mutual. Collect the ammunition and painkillers on the
counter, to the left of the kitchen is an open chute and down below is a couple
of mob thugs awaiting Max’s possible escape route, I think you get the idea of
what to do so toss a Grenade down the chute and it’ll deal with them without
wasting any bullets. Head down the steps to the open hatch in the corner, good
news is you’re out of the flames; bad news is there’s more than a few mobsters
below in the sewer waiting you’re arrival. Sticking with your Ingrams drop down
into the sewer and surprise the mobsters killing all three as they alternate
around. Move down the sewer walkway waiting just to the left before turning as
there’s a mobster looking for an ambush, dispose of him and continue down the
path to the right. Before moving around the corner out of here wait by the wall
again as there’s a mob guy in the sewage below, like before spring out and pop
him then kill the next thug whose waiting behind cover down the walkway to the
right. Just two mobsters left on your way out of this disco inferno so gun them
down and move up the stairs to get yourself out of this smelly dungeon, Casa di
Angelo’s up in flames and the cops and fire department are on their way so Vlad
will be waiting with the Mercedes revving to go, he’ll drop you off at the
Punchinello Manor where you can finally put an end to all this.

Chapter Five: Angel Of Death

Objective- I had to take care of the trio and get to their master.

So we’ve reached another possible climax to this whole ordeal, well as Max
phrased it “Punchinello wanted the Payne. He’d see the Pain”. The Don framed
him for Alex’s murder and had a possible hand in his family’s death, if he
thinks his army of mobster thugs and his poster boys in the Trio are going to
scare him off than I guess its true what they say, power makes you stupid. Max
is the angel of death, coming for him…but Angie knows this and will have his
boys ready, even then it’s not going to save his ass from Max Payne. Before
getting to Punchinello though you’ll have to deal with the Trio first, you’re
targets are Joe “Dead Pants” Salem, Vince Mugnaio and Pilot Providence AKA “Big
Brother”, some of the worst criminal scum you could ever meet but their fancy
names aren’t going to protect them. After you sneak your way in you’ll notice
two dead bodies down below, after looking in the room on the left Mona should
jog your memory, she was here to try and save her sister and escaped but if you
don’t do it for her you bet your ass she’ll be back to deal with Punchinello.
Kill the first mobster who shambles around the corner, I recommend shooting the
fuel canisters on the floor, another will investigate but retreats back into
the cellar, smart but dead anyhow move in and gun him down. Be wary as you
proceed into the room on the left as there’s a mob goon waiting inside by the
door, Bullet Time in blowing his ass away and grab the painkillers on the
barrel then head back out further into the cellar. Wait for the mobster to
retreat and warn his buddies, grab the ammo on the shelf by the boiler then get
a good position and Bullet Time into the cellar wasting these clowns, not even
the Trio’s going to save every mobster in Max’s way from getting payback
tonight. Head through the door to the right and up the stairs out of the
basement for the load screen, move into the kitchen and blow the mob guy away
as he tries to warn the first member of the Trio Pilot Providence, before going
after him click on the tarot cards on the counter for a cutscene. Hopefully
you’re not too late to save Mona’s sister Lisa, alright collect the painkillers
on the counter and go for the door, get ready for a gunfight. Pilots and his
boys have cover from behind the table so Bullet Time your way inside to the
right and waste all three with your Ingrams, Pilots days of organized crime are
over, one down, two to go.

Stay ready as two more mobsters will run in from the kitchen for backup, too
late boys, shoot them dead. Go into the kitchen past the door by the
refrigerator and immediately pop the awaiting mob guy to the left then quickly
aim up and cap the mobster on the next floor. Head through the door onwards,
see the shape by the plant it’s a hidden mobster trying to get the drop on you,
reduce the plant to confetti wasting his Italian ass and if you wish click on
the piano and the theme to the game will play…rather badly. Entering the next
set of doors two mobsters will lay down some fire from the bar, kill them
collecting the ammo and painkillers then move through the door on the right for
the load screen. Be ready as you begin again because they’ll be two mob thugs
near the stairs, dispose of them grabbing the painkiller in the drawer if need
be and head upstairs to the right, inside this room is Joe “Dead Pants” Salem,
I guess now its more like the Duo eh lol. Head inside using Bullet Time and
take care of the two mobsters around Salem first then move in and pump him with
your bullet hoses and watch him drop like the rest of all the other mafia
garbage that’s gotten in your way, two down, one to go. With Mr. Levi’s taken
care of you’re now on the third floor of the Manor, getting closer to Angie
who’s probably pissing himself right about now. Go back out across to the other
door of the floor and dispatch the mobster who retreats into the other room,
try to get him before he escapes through. Now go for the door he came from,
it's locked but Punchinello’s boys will get a an idea for once so get away from
the door, they’ll fire a Grenade from the M79 that’ll blow the door right off.
Alright now do not I repeat do not rush into the room, he’s got an M79 and
it’ll blow you to hell. Instead get across the floor where you can get a decent
shot into the room and equip your Sniper Rifle, zoom in and snipe the menacing
mobster and advance inside. Kill the next mob guy by the bed and collect the
two painkillers if need be, one’s by the bed the others just outside by the
blown off door, they’re both in drawers.

Max now has a new weapon the M79 Grenade Launcher, its perfect for precisely
aimed explosions and killing enemies in bunches but don’t get too close or
you’ll get caught in the blast. Go right through the door and waste the mob guy
in the bathroom, just wait here for now as a second will join you in a moment,
when he rushes in dispatch him and collect the painkillers from the medicine
cabinet then move inside the Don’s bedroom to a grim sight. Max is too late,
Lisa’s dead, her sick bastard of a husband tortured her to death, Mona’s not
going to be happy. Click on the bed for a cutscene, some bad memories Max
wishes he could bury forever, head further into the room and answer the phone.
The mystery man Alfred Woden will give Max another warning to get out now as a
chopper just landed on the Manor grounds, hmmm who could that be I wonder?…No
matter, you need to find Punchinello and finish this. First you’ll need to deal
with what’s left of his goons and the final member of the Trio, Mugnaio. Go
through the door and speak of the devil, kill the mobster in front then unload
on Mugnaio, try to finish him before he retreats into the far room as he’ll
have backup in there with him. Move inside the final room and dispose of
whoever’s left, Punchinello’s Trio is done for. Collect the ammo and head for
the door on the right into the Don’s office, time for a one-on-one with Angie.
Turns out someone was just pulling Punchinello’s strings, but whom? Before you
get a chance to settle your score with Angie some heavily armed suits bust in
the door, quickly take them down with your Ingrams or Colt Commando. If you
want try equipping your M79 before entering the office, it’ll be a one shot
kill on all three, Max didn’t pull the trigger but its still bitter justice,
the mafia Don is dead and his empire is in ruin. With Punchinello wasted you’re
done here, time to leave and figure out you’re next move. As you leave through
the second door however you’ll be trapped and for the first time outgunned with
no other option but surrendering but most importantly the real threat reveals

Part III: A Bit Closer To Heaven

Objective- Survive your nightmare.

There’s no time to digest anything as the mystery witch just gave Max an O.D.
of Valkyr, an almost certain death but if you can somehow survive your
nightmare then you can save Max before his heart explodes and he dies. You’ll
begin inside Punchinello’s Manor, take you’re wounded self past the office
through the open doors ahead to the left and you will find yourself in your old
house again, entering Max's nightmare takes a disturbing turn as Michelle will
call to you crying, you returned to where you left off with Max and his inner
demons and you’ll have to confront this alter ego that’s tormenting you, be
warned this nightmare is far worst than the last, might be too much for some.
Anyhow make your way around the corner and you’ll arrive in your old living
room, go up the steps like the previous nightmare and walk through the door in
front of you, follow the hallway reaching the baby’s room. After Max relives
the horrific scene again you’ll once more have to find your baby girl, go to
their bedroom for the load screen, you’ll notice your alter self inside the
room with Michelle, the overdose of Valkyr has made everything far worse.
You’ll start again in Punchinello's office, this time with fire on the walls
and a weird piece of paper on the desk, click on it for a cutscene, its amazing
just how Sam and Remedy keep you guessing lol, great stuff. Next pick up the
ringing phone, just crazy drug-induced babble so go for the door to the left,
yet again a tease as you’ll restart in the room. Once more click on the letter
in front of you on the desk and pick up the ringing phone, well just imagine it
you suddenly discover you’re whole life has been nothing but a graphic novel or
video game, that’s a pretty good description for anyone’s own personal hell.
However finally you’re coming to your senses, something inside of Max is trying
to snap him out of it, head for the door but this time you will respawn at the
door of Max's old house in Jersey.

Move ahead past the two doorways and go right into your house for the last time
then up the stairs and forward to the candled Valkyr-like doorway for a load
screen. Head down the nightmarish hallway and you’ll emerge into another blood
trail puzzle Max will have to solve, it’ll be a bit more complicated as there’s
levels this time around. Go forward onto the blood trail until you reach the
first spatter, jump down to the next spatter on the bottom right, maneuver the
camera to see if you can’t spot it. Just be careful as you drop down and jump
as Max is apparently stuck in Bullet Time in this nightmare, follow the blood
trail and upon reaching another spatter jump forward to the next following it
to the right, you will now see a different level of the blood trail below, jump
down onto it and try to aim Max for one of the spatters. Go for the one on the
right and follow its path to another blood spatter, jump for the next then
follow that to another, you will see two paths to choose from here; one will
lead Max to finding his baby girl. Jump for the one directly in front of you,
not the spatter on the left and it will lead to the fallen cradle surrounded by
candles, jump for it and the sequence will end, once again Michelle will cry
out in horror sending a shiver down your spine. You will be taken to the
bedroom which you’ve been denied entry to every time, inside you’ll confront
you’re altered self face-to-face. You’re evil self will start firing at you
right away so shoot off as many rounds as it takes and he’ll fall to the ground
dead, with his evil alter ego gone lets hope in some way Max has forgiven
himself for what happened. In any case the Valkyr induced nightmare is over
leaving dark stains on Max’s soul that would never come off.

Chapter One: Take Me To Cold Steel

Objective- I had to look for the mystery woman’s hideout.

You’ve awoken half dead and a whole other day has passed, once you’ve gotten
your bearings Max has one lead- “Take me to Cold Steel” so that’s exactly where
you’re headed, an industrial complex outside of the city, there you’ll try and
sort all this out, well hmmm you do remember chasing after Gognitti running
into a room marked ‘Cold Steel Office’…all this could very be connected as
Punchinello confessed. Shoot the skylight on the rooftop and drop down into the
facility, ahead you’ll have you’re first experience with laser wire, well
technically not wire it’s a hyper-sensitive beam but you get the idea, it’s
attached to heavy explosives so do not enter this room, you’re going to see a
lot of these from now on so pay attention. Pretty simple, you trip it and it
blows so shoot the device the beams wired to then it will explode clearing your
path, just be sure you’re not too close or you’ll sustain damage. After the
explosion enter through the door on the right, collect the Sniper Rifle,
painkiller and ammo on the shelf nearby, there’s a Grenade in one of the
closets too. Click on the radio for a cutscene, amazingly the storms gotten
even worse, alright this will be you’re first encounter with the mystery hag’s
mercenaries, go through the door behind the closed shudders nearby, below is
the first of two mercenaries, shoot them both while on the move making it
tougher for them to shoot you, well you should know that by now having made it
this far. Across the staircase is a Colt Commando and ammo on the shelf,
afterwards head down the steps and there will be a large metal crate that says
‘Cold Steel’ open it to find another merc waiting to get the drop on you, be
careful as you open, this guy packs quite a punch with the Shotgun.

Collect the ammo inside then move into the room across from you with the
window, while you’re collecting everything a mercenary will usher towards you,
shoot him through the window. To the left on the wall in the room you will see
the layout of Cold Steel Foundry, as you can see you’ve got a lot of ground to
cover. Now head to the factory door clicking on the panel for it to ascend, a
merc will see you coming so kill him then the next who emerges from the door,
as you can plainly see these mercs wear body armor so not all of your fire will
score home in the chest area, if you can manage it try aiming for the head for
quicker kills. Go through the next door to find more laser wire, step back
shooting the explosive it's attached to or throw a Grenade and exit the room,
going back a Grenade will fly through the hole in the door so quickly retreat
back into the previous room, wait here for now as the merc will come check on
his handiwork, pop him as he moves through the door. Head into the room on
through the factory door and all hell will break loose, shoot the two
mercenaries who come towards you then the next above, remember to wait for him
to come to you then waste him. Go up the ramp to get some painkillers from a
medicine cabinet, watch the burning hot lava pour into the vat, so hot you
wouldn’t even feel it if you fell in. Head back down the ramp for the factory
door in the corner, inside there is a number of crates blocking your path so if
you want so more painkillers and extra ammo do the following, to the left you
will see the lava pool, jump from rock-to-rock over the barricade and collect
the items on the shelf, to get out jump up on top of the crates but as you do
another mercenary will be waiting for you so blast him.

There’s more ammo on the shelf to the left if not move to the door on the right
in the corner for a load screen, ahead is some laser wire near the ground so
don't be stupid and get yourself killed, first grab the ammo in the closet to
the right then hop over the wire and go for the door. Two mercs will greet you
with heavy fire, waste the first on the walkway ahead then use the nearby metal
beam as cover to kill the next across the way, go for the walkway clicking on
the panel to get across, another merc will come for you as you cross from the
ramp in front, cap him then the other who fires from the door you came from,
move through the door on the upper level in the left corner and head down the
long bleak hallway. Nearing the corner a merc will pop out; shoot this masked
clown dead and the next around the corner, coming to the next corner of the
hallway shoot the final mercenary for the hat-trick in the hallway. Head on
through the next door going left and two more mercenaries will appear from
seemingly nowhere, shoot the first in front then the second on top of the
crate. Now go through the door with the wooden staircase and stop at the window
ahead, you’ll overhear some merc scum talking about their weapons, lol please,
put these guys out of their misery with a well tossed Grenade through the
window. Grab the ammo then click on the walkie-talkie for the cutscene, they’re
on to you and know they’ve got an intruder; Max is so close to the truth, too
close for the mercs. Operation Dead Eyes has been initiated; move down the hall
to end the chapter.

Chapter Two: Hidden Truths

Objective- I had to look for the mystery woman’s hideout.

Max is close to finding the real answers as to why his family was murdered; you
haven’t come this far just to die here with the hidden truths just around the
corner so let’s get moving. Get ready as you begin because two mercs will run
immediately after you, kill them collecting the items in the room and click the
folder on the table for a cutscene, a preview of things to come. Be prepared as
you go through the door there’s another mercenary scumbag waiting on the other
side, dispose of him and you’ll see a web of laser wire in the next room, shoot
the explosive its attached to then click on the wheel to turn the gas off and
extinguish the flame in your way, head through the door and move down the
catwalk keeping a close eye right across from you as a mercenary will come
running out, take him down before he reaches the door then pop the merc that
emerges below you. The room at the end is covered in laser wire so toss a
Grenade in the room and exit, after the huge explosion wait for the flames to
die out then go through the door and it will lead to the catwalk across from
you, inside the room past the next catwalk is another area laced with laser
wire, like before toss a Grenade inside and get clear. While you wait another
merc will come for you from the previous catwalk, he’ll probably catch you by
surprise so wait until he opens the door then let him have it with the Colt
Commando. Head inside the room and you will see more flames from the broken gas
pipes, wait until the first flame stops then pass it, do the same with the next
but be very careful not to get caught in the flame, it takes a lot of your
health. Past the flames another masked mercenary should be waiting for you by a
gate, shoot him and jump to where his corpse is. Blast the panel through the
gate collecting the ammo and painkillers then turn the wheel shutting off the
gas quieting the flames blocking your way, head to the door for a load screen.
A group of explosive barrels will erupt as you start again remodeling the
catwalk area, before you do anything equip the Sniper Rifle and aim for the
room with the window, zoom in and watch the bullet snipe the merc in slow-mo, I
haven’t acknowledged this feature yet but very cool.

Now be careful as you navigate the battered catwalk because if you fall it will
take a lot out of your health, a lot. Jump for the crates on the forklift to
safely get down then head for the walkway clicking on the panel to get across,
a mercenary will come from the left behind the crate so be ready and cap him,
collect the ammo in the metal crate and shoot the explosive barrels on the
forklift to the right in the corner to remove it from your path. Wait until the
flames stop burning then continue on through the doors, quickly dispatch the
merc on the catwalk above in front of you then jump up on the crates and onto
the top of the machine, now as you get a good shot topple the next merc on the
catwalk, this part is a little tricky and you may fall but that's what the
quick save feature is for. Run and jump onto the blown apart ramp from the
machine, when you land a merc will come running from the door with a Grenade so
dispose of him before he can use it, continue along the catwalk to the left
where the deceased merc is. There is a beam here follow it to the right
accessing the ammo and painkillers, as you attempt this another stubborn
mercenary will emerge from below but just keep moving until you reach the
shelf, peak down and shoot this nuisance then make your way back across the
beam through the door. Behind the gate to the left are two more mercenaries
ready to deal with you, kill them both moving into the room and collect all the
items, click on the screen to unlock the gate and you’ll notice Max point out
an elevator titled D-6 that has been unlocked as well, that’ll be where you’re
headed next. Quickly turn and aim towards the door popping the oncoming
mercenary then move through the opened gate, as you can tell from the diagram
on the wall to the right you’re almost out of the plant, go through the door
and across the catwalk as two mercs will run at you from the bottom, kill them
and head down the ramp. Next click on the green panel below the sign and the
crane will make a doorway for you through the locked factory door, get a good
position behind the vulnerable door and shoot out the broken pieces, be careful
as you do though mercs will instantly come from behind the rubble and fire at

If you wish toss a grenade inside to eliminate the total threat, move inside to
the next room on the left, behind the laser wire is the final mercenary so
shoot him until he falls dead, if you need ammo shoot out the laser wire and
collect, if not proceed to the door for the load screen. You’re getting closer
to the elevator but it's heavily guarded and the mercenaries know you’re
coming, get ready for some major action, first off you need to get out of this
hot area so shoot the explosives connected to the laser wire, use the Sniper
Rifle if need be. Now jump into the cart and if you’re sure the path is clear
of laser wire equip the M79 and hit the switch on the cart to advance, once you
get to the end two mercs will emerge from the factory door so blow them to hell
with your M79. Leave the cart going into the room but as you enter the next
factory door will ascend with two more freakin’ mercs coming for you, kill them
both and if it pleases you click on the green panel to close the fire doors
then go collect the sniper ammo. Grab all the items then head back into the
previous room and through the door. Two mercs will be to the left behind a
fallen shelf, shoot the first then the next as he rolls your way, move through
the door encountering the mercs guarding the elevator. Kill the first on the
walkway then the one past him in the distance; quickly go for cover behind the
large crate in the left corner as a mercenary is firing wildly from above,
they’re doing their damndest to keep you away from the elevator so whatever’s
down there has to be important. Back up slightly aiming up then nail him when
you line up your shot from behind the crate, go for the walkway clicking on the
panel, as you notice the small bridge has a malfunction, great, of all the
times to break down. You’ll have to run and jump across, you may fall a couple
times but keep at it and you’ll get it, you’re almost home free, go for the
factory door in front but as you do one last merc will throw a Grenade so run
towards him and gun him down before he does anymore damage. Click on the D-6
elevator switch and the alarm will sound, back up a little because there’s two
mercs on their way up in the elevator, keep that trigger finger steady and as
they eventually emerge waste both and move inside the D-6 elevator taking it
down to the bunker underneath the facility.

Chapter Three: The Deep Six

Objective- I had to find a sign of Ms. Valkyr and her plans.

After looking for the truth all this time this is what it comes down to, a
mysterious old army bunker underneath an industrial complex, fitting I guess,
hard truths never seem to be where you think they are. Max is prepared to do
whatever it takes to unravel all the mysteries, hope you feel the same way. You
arrive just in time to witness two suits blow away one of their own guys,
Operation Dead Eyes indeed. Once you’re discovered immediately get behind the
barrier to the left, equip your Pump Action Shotgun and use run-and-gun on the
two leaning out to pop each suit, after they’re down head forward into the
bunker. The killer suits have activated the self-destruct for the whole
compound so you’ll need to find what you’re looking for and get out quickly,
first off shoot that annoying alarm above you then click on the logo on the
floor for the cutscene. V for Valkyr, V for Valhalla, as you progress further
you’ll begin to understand, click on the green panel to go through Processing,
making your way through you’ll overhear a few mercs trying to get out while
they can, kill them all before they get that chance. If you want wait for them
to go for the door then shoot the white explosive container at your position
and it’ll blow them to hell. Looking around you should see more evidence of
Valkyr, the place seems like some kind of a laboratory for testing but what
does the mystery hag and her mercs have to do with it? Head into the Test
Facilities then to the right and click on the next green control panel getting
the load screen. Go right moving around the corner and click on the ‘Cell
Access’ screen nearby, you’ll need to find the code in order to get into Block
B so head back and go through the door that says ‘Laboratories’.

To the right is the code, 665, neighbor of the beast, on your way back there is
a locked door to the left with some painkillers in it, use the code and it’ll
open for you, now head for the panel entering the code and go into the
elevator. You will emerge in Block B, some kind of holding cells for their test
subjects, if you look just to your left in cell B1 you’ll notice that the test
subject looks awfully familiar to that of the psychotic junkies that murdered
your loved ones, Christ this is sadly starting to make sense. Up ahead in Cell
B7 a chemist will be locked up pleading for your help, guess he was who the
note referred to before, open the cell and after some persuasion he agrees to
help you get through the decontamination airlock further into the Deep Six.
You’ll now have to protect him so stay close and follow him into the elevator,
continue following him into another block and he’ll open the door, move ahead
of him around the corner to the right and dispatch the two mercenaries before
they harm the chemist. Just keep following him until you reach the
decontamination chamber, get inside and once he punches you through Max will
let him go but as you can unfortunately tell he's killed on his way out, after
you’re through you’ll get a load screen. Move forward a bit and stop out of
view of the window, you’ll see some mercs shoot a chemist trying to escape, let
them go and don’t engage them. After they’re gone go for the nearby door with
the green panel, there’s no way through here so go left and jump over the
counter to bypass the flames heading for the next elevator.

It’ll take you to a net of laser wire, you’re in the middle of something
alright, looks like they didn’t want anybody in here, toss a Grenade and stand
back as the room explodes, head inside avoiding the remaining laser wire and
you’ll come to a computer. Everything Max is looking for is just a click
away…and the final piece slides into place, the Valkyr test subjects were the V
head junkies that murdered Max’s family, the mystery witch is the cause of it
all, the mafia were just pawns in her power hungry game, she’s been pulling the
strings all along. All this bloodshed only to realize you weren’t even close to
the real threat, you’re damned alright. No time to fume though the dagger
healed woman has come and gone, you need to get out or they’ll remove your body
from the rubble, head for the storage door on the right to another elevator,
emerging go for the panel nearby to get back into the decontamination chamber
but as it opens an explosion causes the chamber to malfunction with the self-
destruct down to 30 seconds. Don’t panic, if you look outside the
decontamination window there’s some laser wire, shoot the explosive to blow
open the door, exit and get your ass moving! Head to the final elevator that
says ‘Surface Storage’, as the elevator takes you out do not stand on the metal
grid under your feet as it will eventually break off and if you’re standing on
it you’ll be going with it. You’ll get to the bottom in time escaping just as
the entire facility explodes, good news is you’re still alive, bad news every
lead has been destroyed and all the evidence with it.

Chapter Four: Backstabbing Bastard

Objective- I had to make B.B. pay for Alex’s death.

It’s been three rough nights of bloodshed, bullets and at the moment betrayal
but you’re not finished yet, not by a long shot. Max will try to get back on
the killer track with a lead from B.B., the only other person besides Alex who
knew you were undercover but the more you piece everything together it stinks
of an inside job…the bank robbery, the face-to-face setup by B.B., the apparent
government involvement. People in these dire situations that appear to be clean
and your friend are often nothing of the sort; you should’ve known better, B.B.
had been working for the mystery witch all along, he was the one who murdered
Alex in the subway and framed you for it. So the chapters aptly titled,
Backstabbing Bastard, couldn’t put it any better. B.B. will setup another one
of his quote unquote meetings in the Choir Communications garage, I guess by
now he expected Max to be dead or in jail so he and his goons will have to deal
with you themselves…well you could expect nothing less from a guy who shot his
own partner in the back of the head. After the quick talk B.B. knows he can’t
buy you off so he’ll make a break for it leaving his hired thugs to do the
dirty work, this time it isn’t just for you it’s for Alex, track B.B. through
the parking garage and give him the justice he deserves. B.B.’s on the move in
his car so get going after him, two of his thugs will run towards you right
away kill them both while moving forward until reaching the wall ahead to the
right, you should see two more thugs coming for you from a distance, drop them
into the icy snow while moving forward again or whip out your Sniper Rifle and
pop them from here, either ways good. Now near the opening to the garage are a
bunch of barrels, there is a secret room near here from the publishers so if
you want to discover just follow along if not skip ahead, first jump up onto
the barrel then to the next set and jump to the vent sticking out getting on
top of the roof, to the immediate right is the secret room so shoot the first
piece of metal and it will fall right off, now go to the metal grid standing on
it and you’ll fall through landing in the secret room.

There’s a dead mobster tied up and a Sniper Rifle with some ammo on the floor,
also the Rockstar Games logo is on the wall with a radio and ladder next to it,
click on the radio to hear a special message from Rockstar, sound like good
guys, trust me you have no idea how tediously long it takes to make a game,
especially one so well done like Max Payne, I have a lot of respect for the
guys in the industry who work hard to put everything together, after all Max
Payne was in the works since 1997. Anyhow back to business, after the message
is done exit through the door and head down into the parking garage, cap the
first thug who comes into view then the next as you descend further taking
cover by the boxes. Two more of B.B.’s goons will come into view so spring out
taking them down from a distance; collect the ammo and painkiller nearby. If
you have any Ingram ammo available I would equip your Dual Ingrams as you’re
definitely going to need them, head forward gunning down the two mobsters to
the right next to B.B.'s escaping car, and be careful of the machine gun fire
coming from his thug car as it packs a wallop, get cover and wait for it to
pass. Collect the painkillers in the far left corner of the garage and go down
to the next level of the parking garage getting a load screen. Be ready moving
forward as a thug will immediately come from the right, pop him and the two
others that follow up the ramp, use the wall as cover and Bullet Time to help,
shoot the final thug in the distance and collect the Ingram ammo on the boxes
in the corner, you’re going to need it ahead. Go down the ramp and reveal
yourself slightly as B.B.'s thug car will fire off a few rounds and keep going,
shoot the two thugs to the left and right quickly moving forward getting past
B.B.'s menacing car. Head around the corner and shoot the thug awaiting Max
dead, continue on with the next thug trying to surprise you to the right,
dispatch him as well, gather the ammo and painkillers from the van and head
down to the next level of the parking garage.

Two goons should surprise you from the right around the corner, use your Dual
Ingrams to spray these guys down, kill the next thug that appears at the
bottom. Take cover by the boxes as the gate up ahead is locked, you should see
the next thug behind the gate so shoot him then the padlock on the gate moving
forward, keep going and don’t stop as B.B.'s thug car will stop and unload on
you. Coming around the far corner another thug will appear right away so kill
him then the next behind the parked van; two more are waiting up ahead so shoot
these bastards down and head around the corner. Yet another thug will be
waiting for you tossing a Grenade, try to get him before he throws it if not
take cover and wait for the explosion then jump out and shoot him dead, as you
move around the corner another thug will emerge, blast him. Another will spring
from the nearby room so pop him like the others, B.B.’s got a lot of goons but
he can’t run forever, head inside the room collecting the ammo and click on the
radio for the cutscene, more of your exploits made the news…well seriously when
you think about it, this whole thing is one hell of a story except this time
you weren’t responsible. The mystery hag and her suits must’ve set the fire
after they left, if you recall the nightmare there was fire on the walls but I
guess Max is more so referring to the innuendo of surviving Punchinello’s
restaurant deathtrap. Anyhow collect the painkillers in the medicine cabinet in
the far left corner then head down to the next level of the garage for the load
screen. B.B.'s running out of places to hide and finding out the hard way what
every other two-bit dead mobster, crime boss and mercenary in NYC already
knows, it’s damn near impossible to kill Max Payne, there’s no stopping him so
B.B. might just have to try doing it himself. For now go forward and down the
ramp shooting the first two goons at the bottom, now take cover by the wall and
you’ll see B.B.'s thug car that’s giving him cover crash and kill two of his
own men.

Before moving on equip the Sniper Rifle then zoom in and snipe the thug firing
the Ingram in the distance, continue on capping the next two B.B. goons who
greet you just to the right, going around the far corner you will come to
another thug hiding to the left, waste him then get cover by the wall and pop
the next thug who approaches, finally equip your Sniper Rifle again and snipe
the last thug on the level in the distance. Hop over the van by the crash
collecting the items then head past the dead thug to the last level where the
showdown with B.B. awaits, getting to the bottom dispose of the first two thugs
then the next to the right, be wary on this level these guys are B.B.’s best
men. Move right witnessing B.B.'s car crash and he’ll get clear fleeing the
scene but his driver isn't so lucky, drop him and the next thug in the booth to
the right, collect all the ammo in the booth and your new weapon, the
Jackhammer, a personal favorite of mine. Guns excellent for killing in bunches
at close range, head around the destroyed car and you’ll run into B.B.'s final
three thugs, use your Dual Ingrams to mow down all three then creep around the
van spotting B.B. in the distance, once he sees you he will begin firing so
just keep laying fire down on him until he runs away. Very skilled shooters may
be able to kill him here as his back is turned retreating but I recommend
leaving him for the dramatic climax, the bribe taking, bent cop will even start
preaching to you, lol please. Now as you round the corner after him you’ll run
into a barricade and you can’t follow, you can either jump over it via the
boxes to the left or take my approach and head back the way you came and
confront B.B. by the crash. Equip the Jackhammer and drop this son of a bitch
with concentrated semi-automatic gun power, it’ll take more than a few rounds
but eventually B.B. will fall dead on the parking garage floor. Alex’s ghost
can rest in peace as he has his justice, his killer is dead. After the bloody
shootout the payphone will start to ring leading you towards the climax of Max

Chapter Five: In The Land Of The Blind

Objective- I had to escape Nicole Horne’s assassins.

The mystery man Alfred Woden will want to finally meet you, he and his comrades
in a secret society calling itself the Inner Circle will spill all the details
giving you the name of the mystery hag, Nicole Horne, the real enemy here.
Turns out she’s not only the president of Aesir Corporation but was the key
figurehead in Project Valhalla, once the project was cancelled as you obviously
know by now she simply refused to quit resulting in the evidence you’ve seen
all around you. Woden was the one who sent the Project Valhalla file to the DA
office that Michelle stumbled upon and tragically your family paid the price,
that ‘data leak’ Horne mentioned in the Deep Six. A cute way of saying that
Nicole Horne had your family brutally murdered to protect her drug money, Woden
and the Inner Circle would like to help but as he phrased it “Our hands are
tied” basically meaning they’ve been blackmailed into submission by Horne and
you’ll have to clean up their mess, well I guess technically your mess too
because if you do what they ask you can clear your name and they’ll make all
the charges go away. A lot to absorb I know, the whole thing is a tangled
criminal web of lies, drugs, money and evil deeds with Horne at the top
everyone in her pocket…before the meetings done however some killer suits will
bust in and break up the party killing all the members of the Inner Circle,
from one bad moment to the next. You’ll dive to safety out the window saving
yourself from the slaughter, now before you can go after Horne making her pay
for all the pain she’s caused and square up everything else you’ll need to
evade her assassins and get the hell out of here. Start out forward turning
left and collect the painkiller on the box in the corner, next shoot out the
explosive on the laser wire in your way, moving past one of Horne's mercs will
emerge instantly in front of you so shoot him dead, continue around the corner
and a few mercenaries will usher from down the stairs, blow them away with your

Collect the ammo on the shelf then head upstairs and through the door, walking
forward to the right above is a merc with a laser sight on his gun, if you wish
you can let him pass and you won’t have to deal with him but personally I would
recommend taking him out anyhow. Go forward then right into the surveillance
room and from outside you will hear two mercenaries, one will rush in so blow
him back with the Jackhammer then the next as he comes too. Click on the
surveillance screen to get the cutscene, so Woden’s still alive, coincidence? I
think not… "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king" very true as
Woden may be helping Max but he's still a man who wants power, head out the
door and as you go down the hall a merc will emerge from the door, waste him.
Go through the door to the left and kill the merc as soon as you spot him, he’s
got a Molotov Cocktail that’ll kill you instantly, move left and here's where
the party begins with the elevators and staircases. Kill the first merc on the
stairs then the next as he emerges from the elevator behind you, go up the
steps and waste the merc scum that runs down after you, the elevator doors will
open in front but get back immediately because two Grenades will come bouncing
down, after the explosion shoot him when he emerges. Collect the painkiller on
his body continuing over to the steps, another Grenade will come flying at you
so get back and wait for the merc to come check on his handiwork, kill him and
head up the steps to the door for the load screen. Head right first and collect
the painkillers and ammo if need be, advancing left you’ll come across some
more laser wire, jump over it and kill the mercenary that surprises from behind
the falling divider, shoot the next merc down dead by the radio clicking on it
for a cutscene. To be honest from Bravura's perspective I don’t really blame
him; imagine having to investigate all the road kill behind you for three
nights, Jesus gives a new meaning to the word detective lol. Eh but Max could
careless about Bravura’s whining so keep moving past the offices with more
laser wire to the left, now you can ignore this or blow it away and collect
some M79 ammo, it's your call.

Hop over the laser wire to the right and go through the door, head down the
hall and two more mercs will appear from seemingly nowhere, shoot both down and
continue to the door ahead of you to the left. Click the tape on the desk for a
cutscene; guess you understand now where the blackmail came from, Alfred Woden
and his kinky sex with Dawn…yeesh. Plus you might’ve noticed the expensive
paper acknowledgement, if you recall Rico Muerte received such a piece of
paper, looks like Horne didn’t appreciate the mayor’s pressure on her drug V.
Continue into the office ahead and click on the blueprints for another
cutscene, you’re going to have your work cut out for you getting into Horne’s
fortress, the Aesir Corporation HQ. Trust me, this is a cake walk compared to
the fight you’ll have in there, go into the next room collecting the painkiller
and ammunition in the cabinet to the left then go for the door getting a load
screen. Before doing anything take out the advancing merc coming for you then
go through the green panel door, stop here as a merc will come running up the
steps, pop him and blow the laser wire then head down to the door on the right.
Shoot the merc as he surprises you right away then quickly get to cover in the
corner because another mercenary below is firing an M79, wait for him to run
out of ammo then spring out and kill him from above. Go back out down the steps
going through the door to the right first, there’s a painkiller next to the
doors on the left and don't bother trying the front doors, they’re obviously
locked up tight. Head back to the door to the left waiting at the top of the
stairs as two mercs regale each other back-and-forth, wait for them both to go
down the stairs then toss a Grenade that’ll easily dispatch them. Jump over the
laser wire and go through the green panel door, the first killer suit you’ve
encountered since the massacre upstairs is here, kill him and shoot out the
explosive connected to the laser wire behind the box to the left. More laser
wire ahead, it's easier just to toss a few Grenades stand back and enjoy the
fireworks, reaching the next green door will end the chapter, you’re nearly

Chapter Six: Byzantine Power Game

Objective- I had to escape Nicole Horne’s assassins.

Once watching the opening cutscene I’ll steal a line from Max Payne 2, “The
trouble with wanting something is the fear of losing it, or never getting it.
The thought makes you weak.” But now after everything that’s happened for the
first time you have a glimmer of hope, you know the name of your enemy and
where to find her so let’s get Max out of here so you can go after his
retribution. Head left killing the two suits here then the next coming from the
right, before blowing the laser wire in front click the files on the desk for a
cutscene; humph you can just imagine the parts of history the Inner Circle had
their hands in. Now blow the laser wire and take cover by one of the pillars to
the left as there’s a number of mercs in front above you, equip your M79 and
fire a few Grenades into the area above, try to score them into the gaps and
even blast a few above their heads, it’ll do plenty of damage. Once the ways
clear jump up onto the downed file cabinets and use them as stairs leaping to
the walkway above, go down the hallway until it leads to the open doorway
dispatching the mercenary on your way there. As you climb up the steps to the
door another merc will attempt to throw a Grenade so shoot him before he gets
that chance and head up the steps going past the pop machine through the door
on the right. Moving into the library three mercs will rappel from the glass
ceiling, cut them down and go up the nearby staircase to the green panel door
in the corner for the load screen. Go forward a bit stopping as you hear a
clicking of the door, aim for the glass opening to the left and blast the two
mercs coming from the door, head into the Press Room quickly turning right as
two suits will stroll in, cap them both and collect the painkiller on his body
if need be, there is also a Sniper Rifle and ammo in the far corner.

Move through the double doors past the dead suits continuing forward following
the circular path running into another killer suit, shoot him but watch as the
next suit has a Sniper Rifle and one well placed bullet can kill you instantly,
get cover then move around the corner and dispose of him. Below you should see
a mercenary waiting for you, equip your Sniper Rifle and waste him before he
even knows what’s coming, go through the door nearby to continue. Descending
down the steps two mercs will rappel from the ceiling, like before cut them
down before they land inside then keep moving down the steps all the way
through until you reach the green panel door, collect the ammo and painkiller
to the left going through the door following it down the steps getting another
load screen. Wait by the Conference Room door nearby as the killer suits who
wasted the rest of the Inner Circle discuss their jobs, if they only
knew…Bullet Time into the room and blow these assclowns away, clicking the
laptop on the table Horne's picture will pop up, the power hungry bitch will
soon get hers. Shoot the laptop and move through the door for the climactic
fight with Horne’s goons, first cap the suit right in front then the next to
the far right with the Ingram, drop the final killer suit then if need be use
Bullet Time and lay to rest the final two mercenaries running towards Max
putting an end to this, collect all the ammo and the painkiller on the front
desk escaping through the double doors.

Chapter Seven: Nothing To Lose

Objective- I needed to find a way up to Horne’s penthouse suite.

So you’ve finally made it, the last stand. After the pure hell of three nights
laying waste to everything in your path Max has discovered the truth and knows
where to find Horne, the Aesir Corporation HQ building, you’ll take your time
cruising around the city building up the rage. Just imagine it, a clean cut
everyday American just doing his job, living his life looses his wife and baby
girl over drug money, Nicole Horne destroyed Max’s whole life and has a giant
bulls-eye on her but she’s counting on you to come to her wanting you dead just
the same. Enough goons and weaponry to start WW3 and here you are walking
straight into it…stupid, crazy, a death wish? Perhaps, but true vengeance knows
no stupidity only justice, it isn’t about an eye-for-an-eye, settling a score
or hurting her because she hurt you anymore, no, its about putting right,
what’s wrong. About a man with no options trying to fight his way out of an
impossible situation, someone who had the gall to stand up and do something
instead of just rolling over like most others would do, someone who stared into
the impossible and said fuck you, you damn right, his name is Max Payne.
Walking in from the bitter cold Max knows he’s already been fitted for his toe
tag but before checking out he’s going to make damn sure Horne gets what’s
coming to her, there is no fear, only vengeance. Switch to your Dual Ingrams
heading forward through the metal detector on the left, three mercs will greet
you from the side with some heavy firepower, spray them down together then go
to the far left against the wall. Reason being there are a few mercenaries far
ahead above you with M79's and they pack a heavy punch, so slowly make your way
along the wall equipping your Sniper Rifle, zoom in and pop each merc as you
spot him, there’s two on each level. If need be go to one knee to steady your
aim, after they’re all down its safe to move forward again so go to the door to
the right ahead taking care of the two killer suits that rush out, collect the
painkillers and ammo continuing through the door. On the steps you will see
some laser wire, blow the explosive and move a little up the steps, before
proceeding any further toss a Grenade into the opening to the right blowing the
next set of laser wire.

Now you can head up the steps but as you do two mercenaries will start shooting
from the top, cap the first near the steps then the next to the right, once
down go up the rest of the steps and get ready for some intense gunfights. Kill
the merc that starts firing in front of you then moving right another will
spring out so dispose of him too, use the Jackhammer here for the close range
fighting, it helps. Collect the painkillers to the far right in the medicine
cabinet near the windows, head back dispatching another merc scumbag near the
stairs then move past him through the door and waste the final mercenary near
his dead M79 buddies that you just killed previously. Go back to the steps
shooting out the laser wire and continue up following them around to the two
doors, a killer suit will usher from the right so kill him before he kills you.
If you go left you can grab some M79 ammo through the door otherwise keep right
and you’ll run into a mesh of laser wire trap, do not move forward or try to
shoot the beams, you have to guide Max through and if you trigger any of the
wire it’ll explode killing you instantly so be sure to quick save. To begin
when the first wire reaches the bottom jump over it quickly, you’ll want to
land between gaps each time, with the next wait until both wires connect at the
bottom then jump over it, may take a bit of trial and error before you get it.
For the third just step through as it ascends but be prepared a merc will
appear and probably take you by surprise, take him out and like before just
wait until both beams reach the bottom connected and jump over. Step past the
next laser wire then leap over the final beam getting through the laser wire
trap, head forward to the right and pop the merc that emerges continuing
forward dispatching the next too, collect the painkillers in the medicine
cabinet like before in the far corner and head back to the elevator. Two final
mercenaries will try to stop you from getting inside, shoot both of them for
their troubles and click on the green panel elevator for a cutscene, well, well
look who it is the femme fatale Mona Sax that left you for dead at Ragna Rock,
too bad about her sister though.

Turns out the hired professional is working for Horne but unlike everyone else
you dealt with she’s got a conscience and will side with Max, sadly she takes a
bullet in the head for her trouble leaving you to deal with Horne’s suits. Use
Bullet Time dodging to the left quickly as they’re right behind you, shoot the
first two in Bullet Time then mop up the last one, you’ll likely get hit pretty
bad here so if you haven’t already go grab the rest of the painkillers in the
far corner. Head back to the elevator for another cutscene, you’ll discover
Mona is in fact still alive, somehow she escaped even though she took a bullet
to the head, a testament to how tough she really is, the first load screen will
prompt. Look up right away because as you can tell there’s laser wire above you
and if triggered will kill you instantly; this isn't nearly as hard as it looks
though you just have to know what you’re doing. Shoot out the glass above the
elevator then as the first wire descends toward you aim for the square-like
explosive it's attached to and it’ll blow, don't let it get too close though as
it will harm you. There are five in all so just take your time aiming correctly
and you’ll be fine, when the elevator doors finally open wait inside as two
killer suits to the left finish their discussion, once finished put what he
said into practice leaping out of the elevator using Bullet Time and drop both
idiots. Quickly run for cover under the balcony, now when you’re ready aim up
and shoot the first suit on the balcony, do the same with the next then head
for the room to the right. Dispose of the suit inside and click on the computer
panel to get elevator access to the Mainframe, from there you can deactivate
the security locks and get to her Office. Get ready because as you head for the
door the killer suits and mercenaries have set a trap, kill the first suit in
front then use Bullet Time capping the final merc and suit to the right, you’ll
probably take some damage but there are painkillers back in the room. Move to
the elevator clicking on it to continue on, you’re nearing Horne's Penthouse
just one more thing to do, unlock the elevator.

As you descend Horne's private chopper will appear and start firing at you with
its heavy machine guns, do your best moving around inside the elevator to avoid
then once it stops shoot out the glass next to you on the left and drop down
into the next elevator, you may have to shoot the glass ceiling on the next
elevator to get in if not already shattered, press the button when you’re in
escaping Horne's helicopter for now. When you stop wait in the elevator for a
few seconds as the killer suits have another poignant discussion lol, once
finished jump out killing both suits to the left then quickly turn right and
shoot the assclown with the Ingram. Go around where you killed those last two
suits and shoot another suit with the Ingram then dispatch the last above you.
Get a fair distance away from the Mainframe equipping your M79, fire a few
rounds into it shutting down all the locks allowing final access to Horne's
Penthouse Suite but be ready while you’re firing because two mercs will usher
from the left, send them to hell with the M79. Once it's done move for the
elevator to the right killing one last merc grabbing his ammo and painkillers
then head inside and ride the elevator up to Horne's Penthouse Suite. Looking
outside the elevator window Max will narrate how bad the storm is getting, one
last cold, icy snow before the end. As you arrive be prepared keeping that
trigger finger ready, it’s heavily guarded ahead, exit the elevator shooting
the first suit on the stairs then use the pillar to the left for cover as
Horne's mercs come after you down the stairs, blast each one as they come then
head up the stairs. Hang a right as the shooting starts killing the mercenary
in the small hallway and go into the office dispatching the remaining two
mercs, click on Horne's personal computer for a cutscene, Max is fed up with
all this and rightfully so, time to find Horne and end this. You’ll notice too
he refers to the expensive paper, yep you remember the Woden extortion letter
and Muerte’s instructions at the docks, the hard evidence. Before moving on to
the elevator go back near the stairs and there is a door on the opposite side,
go through and you’ll spot one final killer suit standing guard, kill him
collecting his ammo but be quick as Horne's chopper is close by. Head into the
elevator up to Horne’s suite ending the chapter.

Chapter Eight: Pain And Suffering

Objective- I needed to catch Nicole Horne and end this.

All the pain and personal hell comes to its final end, Max can’t bring his
family back from the dead but he can make damn sure that Horne pays for all the
pain she’s caused him, get ready for you’re final stand. Time to end this, once
the bullet proof glass is raised move forward to the left avoiding the Grenade
then as the first suits come to you blow them away, wait and move around the
glass right and blast the next two. Collect their ammo and as the screen is
raised in front you’ll notice Horne’s pet guardian that menacing chopper is
back. Take cover behind the statue going to one knee as Horne chimes in on the
speaker trying to get inside your head, that bitch has got a lot of nerve, stay
behind the statue at all times during the shooting, the heavy barrage will last
a good minute or so just stay put. The helicopter will eventually depart
leaving the killer suits to clean up the mess, go over to the sealed red panel
doors to the left and be ready as two suits will come to see if your dead,
disappoint them both by gunning them down as they enter. Head for the elevator
to the left, wait here for it to open and pop the suit who emerges, collect the
ammo and painkiller he has then go through the door to Horne's Library, I know
it seems like there's no where else to go but to the left on the balcony
outside is a railing that will lead you to the next area but that damn chopper
is back and will come shooting at you. There's really nothing you can do from
being hit just be absolutely quick and get across as fast as you can, you may
or may not get hit it randomly depends each time, try quick saving if you get
nailed really good. At the end jump to the balcony left and head inside to the
door for the load screen, Horne will come on the speaker again trying to
demoralize you, she knows what’s coming and doesn’t like it so just ignore her.
The elevator to the left will open but it's just a diversion as a suit will
usher from down the steps, kill him collecting the ammo and painkiller on his
body. Be cautious as you head up the steps as a suit will toss a Grenade at
you, go back down waiting for the explosion then head up and stop at the top of
the second set of steps by the glass wall for cover.

Wait here as they have you pinned down, equip a Grenade and throw it into the
area ahead, it should take care of them so head up the steps and immediately
two killer suits will emerge from an elevator ahead, get good shots and mow
them down. Collect all the ammo and painkillers on the dead suits, if you
haven’t encountered him yet watch the door as a killer suit will jump inside,
cap him equipping your Dual Ingrams and wait by the door. Open the door and
blast the killer suits ahead behind cover and retreat back into the room, the
ones remaining with rush to the door so be ready and dispose of each suit as he
enters. Head inside and another suit will emerge from the sliding door to the
right so take him out and approach the other door on the left, be cautious
going in because two well armed killer suits are waiting for you. Bullet Time
inside and drop both of them, collect their ammo going through the single door
ahead of you, Horne will come on the speaker again, she’s getting nervous as
her killer suits are finding out the hard way that you can’t stop Max Payne.
Moving forward a suit will usher from the right through the door, shoot him
down continuing to the steps with one final suit left, kill him and head up to
Horne’s Penthouse. She’ll quickly withdraw leaving her killer suits to do the
dirty work, it’s a trap so follow my lead, pop the first to the immediate right
upon entering then shift your focus left killing the two suits ahead of you,
finally drop the one to the right firing wildly from cover. This will usher
inside the final suit so dispatch him leaving Horne’s army of goons dead and
buried, but she got away up to the roof, to follow hit the switch on the left
of the desk and head through the opening for a load screen. As you begin up the
stairs Horne will emerge at the top firing a few shots down at you then throw a
Grenade, ignore her clumsy attempt to kill you and keep moving up the stairs,
she’ll narrowly escape you’re gunfire fleeing to her beloved chopper.

There's no way to get at her now, you’ll have to bring down the chopper before
it leaves giving you about a minute, how the hell do I do that you ask? You’ll
notice the antenna waving in the wind back-and-forth, I think you realize what
Max has in mind, you need to shoot the guy wires holding it in place so
immediately equip your Sniper Rifle and aim right over to the first guy wire,
shoot it off and the antenna becomes unstable as Horne boards her chopper. Get
in cover to the left by the guy wire you just shot off and wait for what’s left
of Horne’s killer suits to rush you. Now you can either use one of your better
weapons and Bullet Time out killing them all or equip a Grenade, Molotov
Cocktail or your M79 and blow them to hell, your choice. Be careful as one of
them has an M79 and a Sniper Rifle, once they’re dead jump onto the railing
where you shot the first guy wire and aim to the right with the Sniper Rifle
blasting the last wire. The antenna is freed from the roof but you’ll need to
bring it down so aim towards the antenna and rip into it with whatever weapon
you desire, obviously I’d go with the Sniper Rifle as it’s what Max had
equipped when we started the whole thing. The antenna will topple over smashing
into Horne’s chopper causing a piece of the landing pad to break off utterly
crushing the chopper below obliterating Nicole Horne giving Max his final
revenge. Jesus Christ its over, its finally over, you did it, Nicole Horne is
dead and your family can now rest in peace but where does Max go from here?
This should jog your memory too, it’s where you began at the beginning of the
game, it was a hell of a journey wasn’t it. With everything finished you’ll
finally hand yourself over to the NYPD, Bravura will take you into custody and
as you’re loaded into a cop car you’ll see Woden in the crowd smiling. He’s
your trump card and will get you out of all this; Woden had the smile of a
winner…that makes two of you. Congratulations on beating Max Payne, I hope I
helped and you enjoyed my telling of Max’s story.

                            4- Final Thoughts

Masterful, a work of art, tour de force, a film noir epic, whatever you choose
to call it these words come to mind when I think about Max Payne and the legacy
it’s left in its wake. Just such a great game…full of action, drama, emotion,
intensity, really everything a game should aspire to. I fell in love with this
game back in 2001 when it was released for Xbox, at 16 I was more of an average
gamer that really had no idea what I was getting into when I rented it, just
looked like a really cool game. I was absolutely floored by it and knew right
away this wasn’t just another game to me; I got hooked and bought a copy
becoming a monster fan and eagerly awaited the sequel which was just as good as
its predecessor. In case you’re wondering Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne is
its sequel released back in 2003 so if you’re new to Payne then go try this
next, you won’t be sorry. I want to take the time to thank Sam Lake
(writer/creator) and Remedy for making such a masterpiece of gaming that
changed my life in more ways than one, it was truly remarkable and you guys
should be proud. Also Rockstar Games and 3D Realms for their support in porting
it to console and publishing getting it out there to the masses. And if you’re
curious like I was about the graphic novel sequences Remedy didn’t have much of
a budget for the game so a lot of the staff had to fill in and model rolls. For
instance, Sam Lake (Sami Järvi) in fact plays Max Payne in the game, just his
model though the amazing voiceover was done by actor James McCaffrey; he’s most
recognizable in the cable TV show Rescue Me as Tommy’s dead cousin Jimmy Keefe,
I tip my hat to him the game wouldn’t have been the same without you,
magnificent job. In 2008 a film adaption was made of Max Payne starring Mark
Wahlberg, unfortunately it didn’t even come close to capturing the masterful
drama and action of the game, suffice to say the film was horrendous.
Everything was off about it…the writing, directing, cast; it was God awful and
should’ve never been attempted with such poor tools and little knowledge.

For myself I just pretend now like the movie never existed and remember Max for
who he truly is not Hollywood’s lame ass interpretation, I knew the movie
wouldn’t top the game, for me nothing ever will but at the very least I was
hoping it would churn out a decent adaption like Hitman or Silent Hill but it
was a complete debacle and everyone involved in making that garbage should be
ashamed at what they did to Max Payne on screen. Anyhow I digress, I could
write an entire page on how pissed off and shitty the movie was, moving on I
understand that another game in the franchise is in development, aptly titled
Max Payne 3. It sounds interesting and while I will logically try it out I have
a bad feeling the game will go the way of the movie, reason being is Finnish
developer Remedy Entertainment isn’t doing it and Sam Lake is not attached to
write, its being handled by Rockstar Vancouver. There was something special
about the first two games that Remedy did no one else can duplicate, I don’t
think its going to be very good and Rockstars just capitalizing on the game’s
touted reputation to make money, it shouldn’t be made but I’ll reserve final
judgment when its released, right now it doesn’t look good. Finally while
reading this walkthrough you probably asked yourself on more than one occasion
what’s the big deal? Why does this guy care about Max Payne so much, it’s just
a game? That it is and unlike obsessed, unhealthy addicted fans (Star Wars,
Star Trek, Halo, etc…) I know the difference between fiction and reality but
that being said Max Payne is very much a human story that we all can relate to,
that’s what really drew me to the character, well that with his stark demeanor
and depressing outlook. Those were just bonuses, I’ve always been that way
though, drawn to darker characters, it sounds weird I know but his character
with the way he conducts himself greatly reflects my own, that’s were the
contrast is. To be able to not give up and find some form of justice in the
impossible is beyond inspirational and a hell of an example to us all, anyways
I’ve gone on long enough I think you get where I’m coming from, I did my best
to convey how I feel but some things are simply indescribable and are better
felt than explained. Max said that he was no hero in the game; well…he’ll
always be mine.

                            5- Cheats and Hints

The following cheats can be activated in game.

Weapon and Refill Codes:
At the Main Menu screen (the screen where you can select New Game, Resume Game,
etc…) hold down both the ‘Right and Left Analog Sticks’ and both the ‘Right and
Left Triggers’ at the same time. Then, while holding both indicated areas
firmly down press White, Black, Black, White, White, Black. This code will work
if you do it right. You may want to get a friends help while attempting as your
hands will be pretty well tied up. This will open an additional menu at the
bottom of the screen. Once you get into the Cheat Code screen, you can select
two things; All Weapons and Refills. An explanation for each is described in
the game when you highlight it in the menu. In order to use the cheats, you
must first start a game. Then, once your New Game has started press the ‘Back
Button’ on the controller to access the Main Menu. Then go into the cheat menu
and activate the codes by pressing the ‘A Button’ on the cheat you wish to

Infinite Painkillers:
To get infinite painkillers you have to press start during a game going to the
in-game menu then press White, White, Black, A, B, X, Y, Y ,Y, R, right by your
health bar it will then say 100+.

Chapter Skip:
During gameplay, press Start. Hold ‘Left Trigger’ and press Black four times, X
six times, Y three times and then Back. When you're at the Main Menu, go back
and a sound will confirm that you've completed the current chapter.

The following are hints.

Additional Difficulty Settings:
Complete the game on "Fugitive" difficulty to unlock the "Dead on Arrival" and
the "New York Minute" difficulty settings.

Secret Ending:
Complete the game on "Dead on Arrival" difficulty, using no codes and you will
be transferred to the "Final Battle". There you must fight several enemies in
permanent Bullet Time, if you can defeat them, a door will open revealing a
secret finale. Inside is a picture of Remedy’s development team (same picture
from the instruction manual) with Remedy’s logo and game content pictures.

Fight the Rats:
In Part I Chapter Two: Live From The Crime Scene at the very beginning, throw a
Grenade (you must use the "All Weapons" cheat to get one or kill the last
mobster in the level before he throws it and backtrack) in the hole in the
brick wall in front of you. Select ‘Show Objectives’, and a new objective will
appear: a war against rats. Continue the level and pass the sewer, then go up
the stairs. There you will find armed rats to battle.

Easter Eggs:
Both are covered from the walkthrough, the first in Part I Chapter Three:
Playing It Bogart and the second in Part III Chapter Four: Backstabbing

Tutorial Secret Room:
There’s a secret room in the tutorial, jump onto the hood of the van then up to
the fire escape above, it will lead to a window you must shoot through
accessing the secret room. Just some ammo and painkillers, nothing special.

                            6- Legal Stuff and Credits

Max Payne © 2001 Rockstar Games and the Rockstar Games logo are trademarks of
Take-Two Interactive, Inc. Max Payne, the Max Payne logo, 3D Realms
Entertainment, and the 3D Realms logo are trademarks of Apogee Software Ltd.
Remedy and the Remedy logo are trademarks of Remedy Entertainment, Ltd. Max
Payne completed by Remedy Entertainment, Ltd. and Apogee Software Ltd. All
Rights Reserved.

This walkthrough was created by Jackal. Under no circumstances may my hard work
be copied as someone else’s, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Jackal is my
internet alias; no one else may attempt to take credit for this walkthrough. I
have given gamefaqs.com permission to host my FAQ. If you have any questions or
concerns about the walkthrough feel free to contact me at gamefaqs.com. This
FAQ was originally completed in October 2005, revision on October 16, 2009.

Max Payne walkthrough by Jackal © All rights reserved.

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