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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jedi Writer

Updated: 10/24/02


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A very short word from the author... 

Welcome. The Max Payne character thrives on speed and 
surprise. In fact, the game's success is built around his 
unique ability to dive in where angels fear to tread. But 
sometimes it pays to look before you leap and this is the 
purpose of my walkthrough -- a modestly cautious method for 
those who want a pause or two between adrenaline rushes.

Much has been written about the Max Payne story line, so 
I'm gonna jump straight to the walkthrough. Hope you enjoy 
reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Jedi Writer (aka Ed Hassler)
Copyright (c) 2002
All rights reserved.

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                        P A R T   I
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PART I: The American Dream 


"They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation 
mark to everything that led to this point. I released my 
finger from the trigger -- and then it was all over." 

Max stands in the front entry of his home in Jersey -- 
something is terribly wrong. Examine the graffiti on the 
wall of the entryway. Answer the phone in the hall, then 
turn around and open the cabinet with the louvered doors 
and pick up the shotgun. Go through the living room and 
head up the stairs, turn left, and run to the door straight 
ahead. Shoot the thug in the nursery then another behind 
him and look at the lifeless child. Collect the dual 
Berettas from the dead thug as you head through the open 
door into Max's reading room, then pick up the baseball bat 
in the corner by the window. Dive into the bedroom through 
the closed door and kill the remaining assassin. Max 
grieves his slain wife. 

Chapter One: Roscoe Street Station 

Max stands on a vacant subway platform looking for Alex. 
Head through the door to the left marked PERSONNEL ONLY. 
Search the lockers and cabinets for Beretta ammo and 
painkillers. Return to the subway platform and ambush the 
two goons ahead. Grab their Desert Eagles and go up the 
stairs through the now-open gates. 

Dive through the doorway at the top and cap the two thugs 
to the right. At the end of the passageway, dive to the 
left and kill a third behind the locked turnstile. Go down 
the stairs, turn left and as you approach the subway 
platform, a goon is coughing. He's around to the left in 
the passageway marked Transfer 2 -- eliminate him and get 
his pump shotgun. Examine the security panel to the right 
of the doors ahead marked Subway Control Room. 

As you approach the bottom of the stairs through the gate 
marked MAINTENANCE WORK to your left, three goons chat and 
detect your presence. If you run down, you'll have to deal 
with all of them at once. If you wait, one comes up to 
investigate and the others disappear through the open door 
to the right marked PERSONNEL ONLY. Decide on a strategy 
and go for it. Once they're down, search the lockers and 
cabinets in the Personnel room for supplies. The passageway 
at the end of the room and to the left (steam wafting 
through the wall grates) leads to a locked gate and two 
thugs chat on the abandoned train tracks beyond -- you'll 
have to shoot between the bars of the gate. They're 
standing near oxyacetylene welding tanks that explode when 
the valves are shot. Take them out now or later. 

Return to the subway platform and head toward the other 
end. Go through another door on the left marked PERSONNEL 
ONLY and cap the goon wielding the shotgun, but do NOT harm 
the guy cowering to the right -- he's a transit cop. Hear 
him out, then search the room (ignore his impatience) for 
more supplies before leading the way back upstairs. 

The transit cop unlocks the doors to the Subway Control 
Room and is gunned down by a thug. Activate the security 
panel, proceed through the lobby, and be prepared to battle 
four goons in the Control Room. Smoke the first as the 
sliding doors open, then dive straight ahead for cover 
behind the long curved console. Stay crouched and pick off 
the others one-by-one. Enter the next room through the open 
door on the right and check out the surveillance monitor 
where another dead transit cop was sitting. Press the 
yellow button marked LINE 2 on the tall control panel, then 
take a look at the monitor again. Before you leave, grab 
the painkillers from the first aid cabinet. 

Head back down the stairs and take the supplies from the 
small room opposite the train before you board. Activate 
the small "steering" wheel and crash the train through the 
barrier at the other end of the station, then exit through 
the front door between the two control consoles. Jump over 
the debris on the track and take out the goons by the 
familiar locked gate ahead. There's a total of four... 
unless you've already waxed one or two earlier from behind 
the locked gate. Step over a fifth corpse in the dark 
passageway and head though the door into the next 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

PART I: The American Dream 

Chapter Two: Live From The Crime Scene 

Max is in an old abandoned section of the NYC subway 
system. Kill the thugs just beyond the second turn in the 
passageway. Don't forget to smash the small crate (with the 
lead pipe if you're low on ammo) and get the shotgun 
shells. Open the rusty steel door and cap the goon on the 
left, then walk down the stairs ahead and peek around the 
corner at another. When he sees you he dashes down to the 
bottom of the stairs, so follow and make him wish he'd 
stayed home. 

Slog through the flooded train tunnel and listen to the 
three nervous goons chatting ahead on the platform to the 
right. Sneak up on them and dive back and forth until 
they're down. Take their weapons and the shotgun shells in 
the small crate to the right of the stairs, then head up 
the stairs as a distant explosion shakes the ground. The 
tiled waiting room at the top of the stairs is infested 
with rats: no need to kill them (this isn't Tomb Raider) 
and besides we're after bigger prey. 

As you climb the next set of stairs, four more thugs argue 
about a detonator. Head on up and crouch behind the stacked 
crates directly ahead for cover -- one-by-one they'll run 
around into your line of fire. (There's Desert Eagle ammo 
in the small crate to the right. By now, you're familiar 
with supply acquisition, so not another word about it 
unless it's in a not so obvious place.) Examine the rusty 
steel door and head down the stairs to another rat-infested 
waiting area. 

A hole blasted in the far wall leads to Roscoe Bank's Vault 
B and as you approach, four thugs discuss the robbery. 
Enter the vault and eliminate them through the door in the 
vault foyer by diving back and forth in front of the round 
vault door. Dive through the opening and finish off the 
last one. Press the access panel by the door to the right 
and take out four more goons in the same manner. Enter the 
vault control room, answer the phone on the counter of the 
central console, shoot the alarm horn on the ceiling, press 
the red button on the vault control monitor, and examine 
the Aesir documents in Vault C. Press the red button again 
and grab the detonator in Vault A, then let yourself out 
the way you came in. 

Head back through the gaping hole, across the rat-infested 
floor, and run up and dive toward three thugs at the top of 
the stairs. If you're quick, one of them doesn't get to lob 
a grenade. Activate the detonator on the rusty steel door 
and run for cover behind the crates as the explosion rips a 
hole in the wall leading back to the active subway. In the 
cut scene Max chats from behind a locked gate with Alex, 
whose words and life are cut short by an assassin's bullet. 
Don't grieve the loss of your friend too long: three of 
Jack Lupino's henchmen run down the stairs behind and to 
the right. It's amazing what a shotgun can do at close 
range. There's a first aid cabinet in the ticket booth if 
you need painkillers. 
Head up the short flight of stairs then up another and feed 
hot lead to a foursome of goons in another ticketing area. 
Pull the lever marked EXIT GATE CONTROL in the ticket booth 
and stroll up the stairs through the now-open gate and on 
out into the dark cold of the night and the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part I: The American Dream 

Chapter Three: Playing It Bogart 

Max strolls into Lupino's seedy hotel and stands face to 
face with the equally seedy Finito brothers -- get ready 
for a fight. A few moments after they're face down, three 
of their buddies announce themselves at the double doors. 
Position yourself in the near corner next to the sofa and 
smoke them as they enter one-at-a-time. Read the letter on 
the desk, check the drawers and the safe, then head on out 
into the hallway and down the stairs. Search the sleazy 
apartment -- no one's home. Listen to the radio and check 
out the vibrating bed. Nope, nothing under this one. 

Shatter the picture (some picture!) window by simply 
walking though it, step out onto the snowy terrace, turn 
left, and listen to three agitated thugs as you approach 
the second door. They'll be out in a moment. Crouch down 
and casually blast them one-by-one with the pump shotgun. 
Or, barge through the door and shoot the valve of one of 
the propane tanks. Either way, these guys are losers. 
(Note: For those of you who went into the game in developer 
mode and typed "god" in the console, there really isn't 
anything down there should you decide to leap off the sixth 
floor terrace to the street below. Also, there's no way to 
get back up. See the car at the end of the block? It's a 
phantom. That's because you're dead.) 

There's a small storage room at the end of the service 
hallway. Take the door to the right, go down the stairs, 
through the next door into the hotel hallway, and pay a 
visit to the occupant in room 301. Continue past the leaky 
ceiling, hang a left, and sneak up on the oaf watching the 
soap opera. When his world has turned, two more barge 
through the door at the end of the hallway -- end the days 
of their lives. Room 302 is empty except for painkillers. 
There's a junkie in the bathroom near the end of the 
hallway -- you decide. 

Open the double exit doors and cap the goon fumbling with 
his shotgun. Ditto for another who appears. Rooms 305 and 
306 are both empty but the vending machines work. Shoot the 
lock on the next exit door, cross the empty room, and wait 
for the four gabby morons as they stroll down the hallway 
past the open door. Take their Berettas then go into the 
open room on the right and watch the TV news. Examine the 
corpse on the vibrating bed in the next room. 

Continue down the hallway, turn right, and put the armed 
junkie out of his misery in the open room to the left. 
Nudge the door open the on the far side of the room, then 
take a few steps to the left, and crouch so you can see 
through the doorway of the small octagonal hall beyond. 
Wait for the goon to walk past and when you fire, three 
more come a-runnin'. It's truly amazing what that shotgun 
can do at close range. Grab the Molotov cocktail and go 
through the eight-sided hall and into the hallway on the 

When you open the door to 313, a rigged shotgun on a chair 
straight ahead goes off, so don't just stand there. Run 
into the room and avoid the blast or step to the left. If 
you take more than a few steps to the right, two oblivious 
thugs open the locked single door in the octagonal hall and 
stroll your way. Regardless of what steps you take, enter 
Muerte's room, read the letter on the desk, and have a look 
around. Continue to the end of the hallway, hook around to 
the left, and pop the junkie in the bathroom. When you step 
through the doorway, a goon in the last stall on the right 
flushes and comes out. 

Shoot the plywood-covered doorway opposite the bathroom, 
walk through the open window on the other side of the 
abandoned room, and follow the bloody tracks on the narrow 
ledge. Shoot the plywood-covered window and enter the next 
room. Ignore the guy on the floor with the knife in his 
back. Return to the hallway in front of Muerte's room and, 
if you haven't disturbed the two aforementioned thugs, do 
so now. Go through the now-open door, shoot the boiler in 
the small room beyond, and watch it explode and fall 
through the floor.

Jump down through the hole to the floor below and 
permanently shut the mouths of two goons in the hallway 
investigating the noise. A third is hiding behind a crate 
in the next hallway to the left. Euthanize the junkie in 
the room opposite the crate, then head across the hall to 
room 216. Read the hooker's diary, find the secret door to 
the room with the video camera, then leave through the next 
door. Head down the hallway and smoke the thug in the next 
hallway to the left. There's two more farther down around 
the corner to the right. When all is quiet on the 2nd 
floor, get in the elevator and ride down to the next 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part I: The American Dream 

Chapter Four: The Blood Veins of New York 

The old service elevator rumbles down to the bowels of Jack 
Lupino's hotel. Three goons sit drinking at a small table 
at the far left corner of the laundry area. Choose the 
manner and time of their death, catch the weather report on 
the TV, then check the cardboard boxes on the shelving for 
supplies. Open the door under the green light and two of 
their buddies barge through the door ahead across the room. 
Shoot them or the propane tanks on the crate to the left of 
their door or all of the above. (They may even blow 
themselves up. The possibilities are endless.) Check the 
small crates and the boxes on the shelves for supplies 
(yes, this is tedious, but the crates in front of the door 
on the right need to be smashed so you can open it). 

Open the door and wax the goon, left, in the hallway. If 
you wait, he'll run around and come through the door his 
buddies entered. Grab the baseball bat (handy for smashing 
those hard-to-reach boxes) in the boiler room and read the 
newspaper. Two goons gab in the kitchen as you walk up the 
steel stairs. Dive in guns blazing so they don't have time 
to scatter, then cap a third as he runs in from the open 
hallway ahead and to the left. Not much here except 

Head up the stairs, and as you go through the door into the 
hotel lobby, four goons chat in the room through the double 
doors to the left. Want the easy solution? Kick a door 
open, take a shot, then run back down the stairs and wait 
for them to follow one-by-one. Enter their room and grab 
the key on the small coffee table to the right, then open 
the two briefcases on the conference table. As always, 
check the cabinets for supplies. 

Continue to the other end of the wide hallway. (When you 
need painkillers they're in the bathroom straight ahead.) 
Head for the door to the right marked Bar. Rico Muerte and 
his slutty lady friend are engaged in, uh, conversation. 
Muerte is one tough dude with a fully automatic Ingram, so 
let him escape through the far door to the left of the bar. 
The easy way out of this mess is to concentrate on the 
other goon -- use the wall to the right of the door as 
cover and cap him. Three more will come running through the 
far door, so retreat to the lobby, stay close to the wall, 
and dive at them as they round the vending machine single 
file. Head back to the Bar and walk directly toward the 
dame -- the beer taps block her fire (and yours). Candy is 
one tough bitch with a Kevlar bra, so mix her a cocktail 
she won't forget. Sounds cruel, but as I said, she's one 
tough bitch. 

Go after Muerte. If you haven't used bullet-time yet, do so 
now. Dive (shoot-dodge) through the door then switch to 
bullet-time only and slowly circle around him firing 
continuously at his head (Desert Eagle works fine). You can 
do this without getting so much as a scratch. Muerte needs 
to go down here and now -- if he's allowed to retreat to 
the other end of the hallway, he regroups with two thugs 
and then you're in real trouble. Run down the hallway and 
take out the two thugs who appear, one through the far door 
on the left (he hides behind the check-in desk) and the 
other from the right. Seems like a piece of cake compared 
to their boss. 

Activate the antique switchboard in the back room, then 
hook around to the right in the reception area and head up 
the stairs. Run through the hallways, go through the doors 
marked CLUB, past the bathroom, then peek around the left 
corner and listen to the goon pissed off at the slot 
machine. Whack him as he approaches, then head up the short 
flight of stairs and whack the other. Play some roulette, 
have a soft drink, then head through the double doors onto 
the roof. 

Break one of the panes in the main lobby skylight, drop 
down to the crates below, and immediately take cover behind 
them as four thugs rush in though the doors. After the 
excitement is over, stroll back through the now-open gate 
and return to the check-in desk. Buzz yourself out by 
pressing the red button on the wall marked EXIT, then run 
through both sets of double doors in the main lobby and 
into the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part I: The American Dream 

Chapter Five: Let the Gun Do the Talking 

Max is on a street corner in Lupino's sleazy corner of the 
Bronx. Head for the pawnshop, kick open the door, step 
back, and wait for the two thugs to come out into the 
street. (You might have to go in after the one with the 
shotgun.) Break the display case in the other small room 
and grab the hocked Ingram. Return to the street, continue 
around the corner and read the newspaper headlines, grab a 
shotgun in the back of the parked van, then head down the 
concrete steps in the corner of the buildings. 

Kick open the door, fire a shot or two at the three thugs, 
then step out of the doorway and pick them off one-by-one. 
Go through the left door, down the short hallway, put the 
two Valkyr-crazed junkies out of their misery in the room 
on the left, then continue toward the locked door at the 
end of the hallway. As you round the corner toward the 
locked door, an explosion from behind blocks your escape 
route. Stand with your back to the fire and shoot one of 
the propane tanks, using the wall for cover. A thug 
immediately comes through the door. If the blast hasn't 
killed the other, do so. 

Continue into the dimly lit storage area and smoke the 
armed junkies at the other end, then come back and head 
through the other door into the well-lit storage room. 
Pause at the far door -- peek to the right and let the goon 
see you, then cap him as he tries to rush in. There's 
another crouched in the corner to the left, so dive in and 
make his day. As you start up the L-shaped brick stairway, 
an Ingram-toting thug runs down. 

Continue up the stairs and head across the boiler room and 
answer the phone in the hallway. At the end of the hallway, 
two goons chat in a large multi-balconied ballroom that's 
seen better days. What a dump! Shoot the goons through the 
doorway. (If you retreat, you may find them in a small 
storage room to the right.) As you step into the large 
room, an explosion collapses a section of the first balcony 
on the opposite side. You'll need a key for the double 
doors to the left, there's nothing in the room on the far 
right, so head into the small storage room and shoot the 
padlock on the next door. Ah, it's the cashier room of the 
pawnshop and inside is a key on the shelf and a letter on 
the counter. Get the key first, then read the letter and 
scram as the police raid the joint. Don't even think about 

Open the staircase door and rip the thug on his way down. 
As you round the first landing, listen for the telltale 
clink of a grenade and run down for cover. Continue up the 
stairs to the second floor and take out a shotgun-wielding 
goon and his grenade-tossing buddy before he has a chance 
to lob another. Careful -- there's a third packing dual 
Ingrams on the landing higher up. Get ammo and painkillers 
in the ladies room if you need them. What a dump! 

Head up to the third floor and an explosion collapses the 
stairway to the fourth. Run around the balcony, jump over 
the missing section, and as you step through the wide 
doorway into the hallway on the other side, another 
explosion collapses the section of the balcony behind you. 
Oops, looks like we're gonna be going through that next 
door into an apartment with four thugs. No need to rush in 
-- open the door and take out three from the hallway, then 
dive in and finish off the fourth in the kitchen to the 
right. And those Ingrams make it soooo easy. Leave through 
the kitchen window to the fire escape and the next 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part I: The American Dream 

Chapter Six: Fear That Gives Men Wings 

Directly from the previous chapter, Max finds himself on 
the fire escape landing. Jump to the stairs below, then 
jump to the dumpster from the lower landing and kill the 
armed junkies huddled by the incinerator barrel. Cross the 
alley and head through the door in the next building. You 
need to find a key to unlock the door marked Luigi's 
Laundry. Head out the other door, cross the next alley, and 
open another lighted door in yet another building. 

To the right of the dimly lit rat-infested ground floor 
hallway is a dark supply room. Ahead and to the right, 
three hallucinating junkies huddle in the corner. As you 
hook around to the left to go up the stairs, three thugs 
greet you by name. When the noise of your guns subsides, 
climb the stairs to the first floor landing, hook left, 
shoot the first junkie, then two more goons, then the other 
junkie. Head on up to the second floor and open the door on 
the right. Two more junkies are huddled by an incinerator 
barrel, but don't kill the one who seems cooperative. 

Lead the way back to Luigi's Laundry and let the junkie do 
the talking. When the door opens, he tips them off -- cap 
him in the back of the head, dive in, and do likewise to 
the two goons. A third appears from the doorway to the 
left. Laundry my ass -- that's a high-speed duplex color 
copier there in the corner printing counterfeit bills. Walk 
through the real laundry area, check behind the counter in 
the office, then get in the elevator and silence the 
speaker in the ceiling. 

Go to the end of the dilapidated hallway and open the door 
to the efficiency apartment. A thug's in the bathroom ahead 
-- he flushes and comes out. Watch the TV news, then jump 
through the window (it shatters) onto the low roof between 
the two taller buildings. Jump onto the pipes leading to 
the next building, walk over, then peek through the window 
and notice the goon to the left sitting watching the TV -- 
PBS this is not. When you can't stand it any more, inch 
over to the right pipe to get a clean shot, then shoot the 
goon in the head and crouch and cap two more as they rush 
in through the kitchen doorway in the far left corner. 
Don't forget the Ingram ammo in the cabinet, then jump 
through the kitchen window onto the next roof. 

Head across the pipes to yet another tenement, go through 
the door, and as you near the end of the hallway, an 
explosion rocks the stairway around to the right. When you 
step onto the landing, two thugs one floor up on the far 
balcony of the multi-balconied room ahead start firing. 
Hang a right on the balcony and run to the doorway at the 
other end. Two more thugs are trying to rig an explosion 
around to the left. Wait until they blow themselves up, 
then as you try the far door, a section of the wall 

Hop through the hole into the next hallway, and as you 
leave the small lounge area, get ready to meet four goons 
running down an inclined section of collapsed hallway 
ceiling straight ahead. Stay in the cover of the lounge 
area and whack 'em as they approach or spice things up and 
dance with them on the balcony. The fourth may remain at 
his position on the balcony above, so walk up the incline 
(it's very dark), turn around, and whack him where he 
stands. As you step out on the top balcony, another goon 
approaches from the open doorway on the far side. 

Run around the balcony, open the closed door, and listen to 
Vinnie Gognitti screaming at his boys. Before you head 
through the closed door on the left, grab the painkillers 
from the kitchen stove and the Ingram ammo (hint) in the 
far cabinet. In the cut scene, Max and Gognitti meet face 
to face, Max puts a slug in his stomach but he escapes. 
You'll be slugging it out with the three boys up close and 
personal. When the dust settles, read the letter on the 
desk and follow Gognitti out the window in the next room. 

Backtrack across the pipes to the previous tenement 
building, head through the now-open door in the apartment, 
turn right, and run up the stairs around to the left. The 
door to the right opens to a rooftop and Gognitti jumps 
down onto a passing train -- follow him into the next 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part I: The American Dream 

Chapter Seven: Police Brutality 

Max has jumped off the elevated train to a rooftop, hot on 
the heels of Vinnie Gognitti. Jump down to the pipes 
paralleling the building, then quickly cross over to the 
next rooftop and take cover behind the brick chimney to the 
right. Two goons approach from the lighted area beyond so 
meet them head-on as they round the corner. Head across the 
lower roof toward the Choir Communications billboard and 
jump over the alley to the next roof. Two thugs emerge from 
a door on the roof of the building across the street and 
shoot from the Aesir billboard. Crouch behind one of the 
small square vents (the closer the better) and take them 
out. Continue counterclockwise around the roof, ignore the 
police chopper, and go through door. 

As soon as you approach the stairwell, Gognitti rallies his 
troops on the ground floor and they start running up. Kill 
the one who makes it to the top, then take out two more on 
the 2nd floor. Easy. Run down to the first floor then 
through the door into the alley. Peek around the corner to 
the left and attract the attention of the goon with the 
dual Ingrams at the end of the alley, then duck back for 
cover and wait for another who comes running through the 
doorway of the fenced-in basketball court. Charge the first 
one head-on with your Desert Eagle, take his hardware, 
catch your breath, then dive to the right and cap a third 
who opens and waits at the recessed gate in the brick 
building. Don't miss the Ingram ammo behind the overturned 

Head through the gate and as you step into a small 
courtyard, Gognitti shoots from a construction lift and 
goes up to the top. As you run up the alley stairs, a thug 
approaches and jumps into the excavation ahead -- simply 
lob a Molotov cocktail if you like. Enter the construction 
site and check the excavation -- what's this, one of New 
York's finest face down in a box -- and the trailer for 
supplies. A sniper's across the street on the roof in front 
of the Choir Communications billboard, so don't get too 
close to the mesh fence. 

Press the button on the concrete column to call the lift, 
get in, and as you press the next button to go up, be 
prepared for a thug with an Ingram in the far right corner 
of the second story. As soon as the lift stops at the third 
story, run straight ahead for cover behind the unfinished 
concrete stairwell and crouch -- the sniper in front of the 
billboard is firing. If you capped the guy on the floor 
below as the lift ascended, great. If not, he's running up 
the stairwell so take him out from your crouched position 
as he rounds the corner. Then focus your attention and 
Desert Eagle on the guy across the street. Stay crouched, 
aim at him, then pop up and down until his head is in your 
sights. Cool. 

As you've probably noticed, Gognitti is leaving a trail of 
blood, so follow it up the plywood ramp to the roof beyond. 
Here's the layout. Peek around the brick corner to the 
right and notice a thug with a shotgun within arm's length. 
Behind him, out of sight, is another. A grenade-tossing 
third is waiting behind the wall to the left of the 
billboard. A fourth is up there too, but he doesn't come 
down to play. Do it any way you want. You can give the 
first thug the finger then run back to the unfinished 
concrete stairwell and whack them as they follow (their own 
grenade may kill them), play cat and mouse in the 
construction site, or run in with guns a-blazin'. Lot's of 
fun. When you're done, follow the ramp up to the billboard, 
go across the catwalk, and smoke a fifth waiting around the 
first corner to the left. 

Continue along the billboard catwalks until you come to a 
skylight where two goons are gloating over their loot in 
the storeroom below. Shoot through the glass at a propane 
tank, the goons, or both. If one happens to escape through 
the door to the right, he'll be at the top of the stairs 
ready to lob a grenade. Jump down being careful to land on 
one of the crates, then collect the goodies. Head up the 
stairs and exit to the roof through the door to the left. 
Turn left again and hop over to the fire escape of the 
tenement, go down to the apartment below, notice the corpse 
in the kitchen, and watch the news bulletin on the TV. 
Listen to the five thugs prepare for your entrance through 
the door at end of the hall. 

Kick open the door and kill the first one in the tenement 
hallway. There are two more waiting around to the left, and 
two more farther down to the right -- one of them throws a 
grenade, so scurry back to the cover of the first turn in 
the hallway. Then chase them and dive for cover in a short 
hallway halfway down on the left. If any escape, they'll go 
through the door at the end, cross a small roof, and head 
through a door and into the hallway of another tenement on 
the opposite side. No problem, that's where you're going 

Assuming the quintet is no longer breathing, head into the 
other building and notice the boarded up stairs to your 
left. Move ahead slowly, and about halfway down when you 
hear the clink of the grenade, run back for the cover of 
these stairs. Or, simply run down the hallway, turn left, 
ignore the grenade, and dive and whack the goon at the end 
of the hallway to the left guarding the exit. Open the door 
and watch Gognitti plead for help in the alley below. 

A foolish thug runs up the brick stairway ahead. Go out 
onto the small roof and peek down over the low brick wall. 
You've got the high ground, so finish off these bastards 
any way you choose. Hint: grenades and Molotov cocktails 
work splendidly. When Gognitti is down, listen as he 
demands his rights and pleads for his life. You're headed 
for the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part I: The American Dream 

Chapter Eight: Ragna Rock 

Max stands in the entrance to Jack Lupino's deserted gothic 
nightclub, Ragna Rock. Go into the ticket booth and pull 
the lever marked SECURITY. A hidden door behind you opens, 
and as you go up the short ramp, a goon fires and joins his 
buddy at the far end of the room to the left. They're 
rookies. Read the book on the table and take anything you 
might need from the shelves. 

The next door leads to the area behind the liquor bar of 
the disco. There's a thug directly ahead -- shoot him and 
immediately step back to avoid a grenade. Bump the door 
open again and use the left side of the doorway as cover to 
take out another dancing around on the floor at about 10 
o'clock. A third is up on far right end of the balcony 
across the floor, so run to the safety of other end of the 
bar. Hook left around the front of the bar and run for 
cover behind the last stone pillar -- a fourth on the 
balcony directly overhead tosses a Molotov cocktail which 
lands harmlessly on the floor in front of the table across 
the room. Dash for the doors behind the lighted platform 
and run through the second from the left into the small 
vestibule -- ignore the hail of Molotov cocktails and 
bullets, we'll deal with these guys later. 

Peek around to the right through the open door and notice 
two goons -- one in front of and one behind a beer bar 
beyond the small dark hallway. If you don't kill the one 
behind, he'll either run around the bar and rush you or run 
across the room and hide behind an identical bar on the 
opposite wall. In any event, a third goon down at the other 
end of the floor comes running. Peek around the corner of 
the small dark hallway until he gets within range, dive 
out, and smoke him. Live it up a little and take Max out to 
the pentagram on the dance floor -- forward, crouch, back, 
crouch, left, crouch, right, crouch -- Yeah, baby!... you 
get the idea. 

After working up a sweat, head through the archway by the 
"BAR=>" sign and get ready for three more thugs to the left 
in the next room. Bust through the door without knocking 
and dive straight ahead -- there's lots of stuff to provide 
cover. Read the books on the table in the far right corner. 
Press the button to open the gate and cap the joker who 
comes tumbling down the stairs to the right. 

The stone stairway leads to the disco balcony -- remember 
the two goons up there? They each have a buddy now. Let's 
play a little trick on them. Backtrack to the open door of 
the disco, crouch, and pop the unsuspecting one up on the 
right, then stay crouched and inch out onto the floor until 
the one on the other side is in your sights. Run back up 
the stone stairway, crouch, nudge open the left side of the 
double doors (the door keeps opening and closing), and inch 
to the right while drawing a bead on the third on the far 
balcony. Then open the door, turn left and dive for the 
fourth. If you need supplies, cross over to the far balcony 
on the steel girders. 

Head through the small gothic vestibule, through the next 
door into the gallery over the dance floor, and smoke two 
thugs in the darkness running towards you from the right. 
Mount the console and play with the Pyro Control (a little 
out of sync to my ears) and damn, there's no way to put on 
a different tune. The small private balcony in the far 
right corner has a cache of Ingram ammo if you need it; you 
can also examine the sound system up close -- eighteen inch 
JBLs all around, I think. If you fall off the railing, no 
big deal. 

OK, party's over, back to business. Leave through the far 
door and climb the open wooden stairs. In the large room 
through the door at the top, three of Lupino's henchmen are 
standing around a table discussing how to get rid of you. 
Two of them are those aggressive black overcoat types who 
will chase you all the way back to Ragna Rock's entrance 
(woohoo, what a chase!) and the third hides behind the 
table. Decide on a strategy and go for it. When all three 
are dead, three more sneak up from behind the wine cask 
racks at the other end of the room. Pour yourself a glass 
of Chateau Lafite Rothschild, then find the hallway in the 
far left corner and peek around to the right. 

At the end of the hallway is a large doorway and winding 
open wooden stairs. Cap the goon who appears in the doorway 
-- if you get him while he's standing there in the open, he 
falls backward and through a trapdoor rigged especially for 
you. A second goon is on the first landing and a third, a 
little higher up on the stairs, runs up to the second 
landing if he's allowed to escape. Go to the bottom of the 
stairs, look up and a little to the left, then pull the 
trigger a few times when you see his ugly face. There's a 
fourth up there too -- run up to the first landing, then 
walk up the stairs backward until you see his head. Run on 
up to the top, go through the door, and head out onto the 
roof in the freezing New York night. Remember the big room 
with the wine casks? And those flapping shutters (narrow 
doors, really) high up? One of them is to the right and 
that's where you're going. 

Be careful not to slip off the edge of the steep roof. On 
second thought, let's slip off and have some more fun. Save 
your game and assuming you entered in Developer Mode, type 
GOD in the console, then send Max hurtling off into the 
darkness. No, wait!... jump up on the railing and look down 
and send him hurtling off where you can see him splat on 
the sidewalk. Better still, hit the bullet-time key and 
watch it in slo-mo. Kewl. Limp around Ragna Rock 
(unfortunately the front door is locked, but you can shoot 
out the CLOSED sign), go up the short snowy steps on the 
other side, jump up on the wrought iron railing, and scoot 
to the street. Either end of the street is a dead end, but 
you can run all the way around the phantom buildings -- 
quite the set. You can even jump back over the fence from 
the top of one of the cars. Had enough? Head to the 
intersection, turn right, then another right behind the 
phantom building... 

Meanwhile, back at the narrow door, shoot the thug far 
below on the floor, then walk across the beams and head for 
another roof through the other door. Follow the roof to the 
tall lighted windows, walk the girders to the left to get 
to the snowy ledge, then head for the open door straight 
ahead. To the left is a winding steel and flagstone 
staircase with an unsuspecting thug on the landing. Two 
more run up directly into your line of fire. Head on down 
to the door. 

Inside and straight ahead, a long catwalk stretches high 
above Ragna Rock's live stage. One of those tough overcoat 
guys stands near the other end of the catwalk, and a 
generic goon is perched on the stairs down and immediately 
to the left. Select something suitable for the overcoat, 
press the button to open the door, dive in and whack him, 
then run a few more steps, turn around, and whack the goon 
coming up the stairs. Three more follow and it's like 
shooting fish in a barrel. Run down the steel steps to the 

Aah, drums! Pearl, Yamaha, Ludwig, Tama? Can't quite make 
out the name. Funny, they all sound like wood blocks. Hey, 
but the Hamer on the floor is plugged in. Check out the 
consoles on the platform at the other end of the stage -- 
the panel marked STAGE CONTROL lifts the backdrop with the 
band's name and two nervous stagehands come running through 
the opening. Mr. Shotgun will come after you if you happen 
to miss. Run up the incline surrounding the drums to the 
opening and step out on the catwalk. (Woooa, the backstage 
area is huge -- too bad we don't get to see the main 

This next scenario deserves special note. Ahead, spanning 
the backstage, is a series of large backdrops, four of 
which can be moved via the control console on the small 
platform up a short flight of stairs to the right. All the 
way to the left, beyond the backdrops, stands a lone thug 
with a grenade. You can get his attention by: a) going left 
and looking at him through the narrow opening through which 
you can easily shoot him, or b) activating levers 1, 2 and 
4 on the console (lever 3 is optional), going down to the 
floor, and making your way to the other side. Either way, 
he throws the grenade when he sees you and sprays wildly 
with his Ingram as he runs up the stairs in the far left 
corner, then crosses the high catwalk along the back wall. 
You can follow him up the stairs (you'll be going up there 
anyway) or shoot him from the floor. But here's the 
interesting part -- see the section of the catwalk with the 
single plank? It breaks and the screaming idiot falls to 
his death. If you position Max on the floor about ten feet 
to the right of the wall light (and don't mind taking a 
slug or two) he'll fall right on top of you. 

Run up the stairs, jump over the empty section of catwalk 
(or run over the single plank without stopping if you 
couldn't resist smoking him) and go through the door into -
- you guessed it -- the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part I: The American Dream 

Chapter Nine: An Empire of Evil 

Max finds himself in Jack Lupino's wacko room. (But we want 
to see the main arena and play with the sound system.) Read 
the torn-up letter from Punchinello on the sofa, Lupino's 
notes on the table, and his notebook on the pedestal. 
Ignore the dead bodies, climb the stairs, listen to 
Lupino's maniacal rant, find the door, push the button, go 
in the room, look at all the stuff on the tables, press 
F12, type GOD, hit Return, press F12 two more times, get 
out your baseball bat, and limp around smashing everyone's 
head in. (Or you could quit the game and go play Doom.) 

Can't reach the goons on the balconies? Shoot them with the 
weapon of your choice, but it MUST be done while standing 
in the pink birdbath in the middle of the room. No cheating 

Jack says, "I have tasted the flesh of fallen angels." Pull 
out the Louisville Slugger again and give him a taste of 
premium grade Northern White Ash. 

When they're all dead, breathe a sigh of relief and 
transport into Part 2, Chapter 3... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                        P A R T  II
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part II: A Cold Day in Hell 


The mickey in the drink has made Max delusional. You begin 
in the dark surrealistic closet of Max's tormented mind. 
Enter the hallway and take left turns only to reach Max's 
living room. Look at the pictures on the wall and over the 
mantle, make your way upstairs and go through the door to 
your immediate right, then down the wallpapered hallway. 

You're at a trail of blood. Remain on the path, otherwise 
Max falls into oblivion. Walk across the second broken 
trail to the left. At the next junction, there's a larger 
break straight ahead and an unbroken trail to he right -- 
jump straight ahead but be careful not to jump too far, the 
laws of physics have been suspended. The next junction is 
similar but with no break -- go straight ahead. The trail 
then splits into two parallel paths resembling the letter 
Y. Take the path on the right. 

Enter another green hallway and the baby's room beyond. 
Look at the baby. Go through the next door, into another 
hallway, and into Max's reading room. Read Michelle's diary 
on the table then exit through the door to Part 1 Chapter 

Chapter One: The Baseball Bat 

Max is tied to a chair in the boiler room in the basement 
of Lupino's hotel. Knock the padlock off the cabinet with 
the baseball bat and grab the painkillers. Your job is to 
get weapons and ammo. If you try to bludgeon a goon, or if 
even one of them sees you, they'll be all over you like a 
cheap suit. 

Open the door on the opposite wall and peek around to the 
left to the corridor ahead and listen to the goons talking. 
Watch three of them patrol from left to right 
(counterclockwise around the walls of a large storage 
area), first one and then a pair about twelve seconds 
later. As they pass from view, run out into the short 
hallway, peek around the corner to the right, and watch 
them disappear down the corridor to the left. Head to the 
next corner, peek around to the left and watch again. Hug 
the left wall and follow them when they're about halfway 
down. When they disappear around the next corner, peek into 
the partially open overhead door of the storage area -- 
when the goon guarding the door inside looks away 
momentarily, run to other end of the overhead door, then 
run across the corridor through the closed door into a 
small storage room. 

The door remains open and other patrolling goons may see 
you, so as quickly as you can, smash the two crates on the 
shelves ahead for ammo, then circle the room and grab 
weapons and some painkillers. If you aren't able to pick up 
everything within, say, fifteen seconds, run to the door 
and wait for them to pass. Max doesn't have to hide behind 
the door, just make sure no part of his body extends beyond 
the open doorway -- they'll stroll past and not see him. As 
soon as you can, peek to the left through the doorway and 
watch for another pair of goons. If you see one, simply 
retreat to the position described above and wait. The idea 
is to kill as many as possible at once -- this is simply a 
numbers strategy. (Don't worry about being seen by the 
guard across the corridor in the large storage area.) 

Once you launch the attack everything happens fast and 
there's little time to think. When you spot a pair coming 
down the corridor, back up and position yourself to throw a 
grenade (you have two) on the floor directly under the 
overhead door -- time it so the blast kills the patrolling 
goons as well as the guard, step to the left to avoid being 
shot by the guard before the grenade goes off, then line up 
the shot again and throw the other. Spin around and shoot 
the small upright propane tank behind you (Max's weapon 
defaults to the pump shotgun), move to the left for cover 
near the left wall (continue facing the door), and wait for 
the upright tank to ignite the tank lying on its side and 
rocket out the door. 

If you're lucky, the grenades and the scooting tank will 
kill most of the mobsters. Those who are still on they're 
feet will try to storm the room, so it's shoot-dodge all 
the way. Try to kill them in the doorway, grab some of 
their Ingrams, and at all costs avoid diving into the 
corridor -- a latecomer positions himself in the corridor 
(to the left) and waits with a sawed-off shotgun. When the 
dust settles, catch your breath, dive out, and finish him 
off. There should be nine corpses. 

Search the large storage room for goodies, then head out 
the rear door, turn right, and kick open the door near the 
end of the corridor. Wait for the two thugs to come out, 
then smoke them. Go into the room, read the newspaper on 
the floor, and pick up Beretta ammo on the floor along the 
left wall and in the small crate behind. Head back into the 
corridor, hang a left, and take the elevator up. 

As the door opens, shoot two goons to the left in the brick 
storage room before they have time to retreat to the 
shipping area. As you approach the open overhead door, a 
grenade explodes harmlessly ahead. There's a thug hiding 
behind the empty meat saw and two more around to the right 
behind boxes in the meat cutting room. To get their 
attention, run across and back in front of the open 
overhead door, then choose a place to nail them when they 
pursue. There's one more wielding dual Ingrams hiding at 
the other end of the meat locker. He'll stay put as you 
ambush him from the loading dock but chase you if you enter 
from the meat cutting room. After the last carcass has been 
tenderized, take the alley to the street, turn left and 
head for the familiar hotel. 

Walk in and listen to three goons gloat over Mona's fate as 
you approach the Lounge door. Dive in and kill two, or open 
the door and let them come to you. The third hides at the 
end of the conference table in the Cabinet room. Listen to 
the news bulletin on the radio, then catch the thug with 
his pants down in the bathroom at the end of the hallway. 
Here we go again -- into the Bar. Frank Niagara and the 
boys are having a beer. He's forgotten his baseball bat. 
Take them out from the cover of the wall by the doorway or 
retreat around the corner by the vending machine. Diving in 
for all four is not recommended. 

If you decide to remain by the door, easily shoot the thug 
who appears on the other side of the doorway, then be 
prepared to immediately take out another coming through the 
door wielding a shotgun. Fade back down the short steps and 
use your Desert Eagle to pop the head of the guy hiding 
behind the bar. If you wait by the vending machine, Frankie 
may eventually come after you. Either way, it's bullet-
time. When Niagara falls, quickly grab his Ingrams before 
the cut scene and the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part II: A Cold Day in Hell 

Chapter Two: An Offer You Can't Refuse 

Max teams up with Vladimir and begins searching for the 
Russian's cargo ship Charon on the Brooklyn riverfront. 
Kill the goon in the security shed and press the button to 
open the main gate. Around to the right, two more are 
guarding the truck loading docks. 

Press the button to open the overhead door to Warehouse 4. 
There's a thug up on the far catwalk and two more down on 
the floor straight ahead. The no-pain method is to raise 
the door a few times, wait until it starts closing, then 
run parallel to it while shooting the two on the floor (the 
guy on the catwalk tosses a grenade). Then run into the 
warehouse and take cover behind the stacked pallets in the 
center, jump up on the pallet behind the central pillar, 
and smoke the remaining thug. Jump from the pallets to the 
broken stairs in the corner and grab the goodies at the far 
end of the catwalk. Notice the painkillers atop the pallets 
across the room. 

Open the door to the right of the forklift and whack the 
goon outside on the ground, then sneak up on the other 
hiding in the back of the parked truck. See the red barrel 
across on the far loading dock? It's the exploding type -- 
take note. 

Open the overhead door to Warehouse 5 and run for the cover 
of the pallets inside and to the left. The thug on the 
catwalk on the far side fires his Ingram but he's too far 
away to do any damage -- he runs to the corner to the left 
and pulls out a grenade. The idea is to kill him after he 
puts the Ingram away but before he throws the grenade (we 
want one). Take the lift up and pull the lever on the 
yellow control box to move the pallet blocking the door 
below. As we watch in amazement, the overhead door opens 
and two goons enter -- shoot the one who's running, the 
other is hiding behind the stacked pallets. Run back along 
the catwalk until you see him. Take the lift down and exit 
though the now-accessible door onto another loading dock 
and shoot the fool whistling in the dark, walking away from 
you on the ground to the right. 

Get his shotgun and as you round the cargo container on 
your left, kill another thug ahead in the light. As you 
continue toward the crane, another comes a-runnin' followed 
by two of his buddies. Pop them as they approach single 
file or -- remember the red barrel by the exit door in 
Warehouse 5? -- run back inside, take cover behind the 
fallen stairs, and shoot the barrel as two come through the 
door. Return to the lighted area for the third, then grab 
the supplies in the tent to the right. 

Observe how you're going to get that red shipping container 
out of your path. Jump up on the crane, but before you 
enter the cab, turn around and notice the building behind 
you across the yard. When you pull the lever a sniper 
appears on the second story catwalk and positions himself 
to the right of the door. Also, two goons run out through 
the opening under the now-suspended container. Walk around 
on top of the crane to get an idea where Max needs to stand 
to avoid the fire of the sniper. Standing up here to kill 
the goons is a lot easier and you won't have to worry about 
getting shot in the back while wrestling with them on the 
ground. Taking out the sniper is optional -- you'll be 
visiting that building later. I'm just trying to spare Max 

Run under the container and... oops, we forgot to set the 
brake on the crane. Shoot the thug approaching in the alley 
between the containers, then hook around to the right and 
size up the situation. There's another container blocking 
the path and that yellow hoist is going to move it out of 
the way, but how do we get the damn thing going? As you 
approach, it roars to life and speeds forward, picks up the 
cargo, then roars back to the end of the long alley (Aisle 
3) and crashes. Seems the bored operator has been drinking, 
but he's of no concern to us. You have two choices: a) See 
the lighted doorway on the left beyond the hoist? You can 
run under the machine and take cover there (it's a small 
shed with supplies) and watch up close as it crashes, or b) 
Let it pass over you and while it's lifting the container, 
run back to the short alley from which you entered and 
watch up close as it hoists. Either way, two goons come 
gunning for you through the now-unblocked Aisle 3. 

When the night returns to the sound of foghorns and 
seagulls, there's a thug with a grenade in a short alley to 
the right beyond the stacked crates as you continue. 
Depending on how you play it, get either his grenade or 
Ingram. As you hook around to the right, another container 
hoist in the Aisle 2 roars to life -- don't worry, it's not 
going to run you over. Use the crates on either side of the 
alley for cover and take out the operator. When he's down, 
the cargo raises and two thugs run from a cross alley 
beyond to the left and position themselves underneath. The 
first attacks when he sees you and the other moves closer. 
As you pass under the hoist, two more come running out from 
the same short dark alley -- use the front of the hoist for 
cover. As you turn into the short alley, yet another fires 
with a sawed-off. 

Peek around to the left into Aisle 1 and two goons spot 
you. One attacks and his grenade-toting pal retreats into a 
short alley to the right with a raised automated bridge at 
the end. Let the grenade guy go for the moment, and wait 
for the other to come after you. As you continue down Aisle 
1, stop and listen to a thug mistaking Max for Rico Muerte 
-- the first gray shipping container on the left is being 
used as a shed and the unsuspecting thug will be out 
shortly. Take the -- YES! -- sniper rifle and read the 
letter on the table. 

As you round the next alley to the right, two goons patrol 
in front of a warehouse beyond a barge moored in a narrow 
canal -- however you decide to handle it, do NOT fall into 
the water: Max will drown instantly. Head toward the 
warehouse and shoot the padlock on the gate and grab the 
goodies inside. OK, now what? The overhead door won't open 
and we can't use the rowboat. See the semi trailer parked 
behind the fence and the CAUTION SIGNS	posted on the 
walls? Shoot the wheel block and watch the trailer roll and 
crash into the raised bridge. 

As you return across the barge, two thugs appear from the 
left in Aisle 1 (don't fall in the water while dodging 
them), then get ready for two more at the far end of Aisle 
1. Stay in the alley and get the first one's attention and 
wait for him to round the corner. Ditto for the second. Yet 
another is hiding in the alley leading to the bridge. 

When you step onto the collapsed half of the bridge, a goon 
opens the door just beyond the AUTOMATED BRIDGES sign to 
the right. Another may appear from the warehouse door at 
the end of the alley. Go through the near door into the 
office and look at the surveillance monitor to the right of 
the first aid cabinet. Press the button by the door and 
grab the supplies in the small storage room, then cap the 
thug entering the office as you leave. 

Finally, head for the distant door and the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part II: A Cold Day in Hell 

Chapter Three: With Rats and Oily Water 

Ahead in the warehouse are stacks of bundled cardboard 
cartons. Beyond, high atop a shipping container, is a 
sentry with his back to you and the moment you take a step 
he turns around and starts firing. Ignore him for the 
moment, dash around the right side of the bundled cartons, 
and dive to whack a goon who approaches from the corridor 
behind the cartons. (Don't dive down the corridor; 
otherwise the sentry will hit you.) Continue to the other 
side of the warehouse and grab all the supplies off the 

Now were gonna do some fancy shootin' with -- YES! -- the 
sniper rifle.* Peek through the narrow opening between the 
gray shipping container and the steel column at the thug 
down at the far end under the ramp to the catwalk. Step 
into the breach, zoom the scope to maximum, nudge to the 
right so that the muzzle of his weapon is hidden behind the 
edge of the crate, and squeeze the trigger. Woohoo! The 
sentry's next. Walk to the narrow opening between the 
stacked wooden crates and the red shipping containers and 
locate his head. When he sees you he'll start firing, but 
his gun is too low to cause any damage. Zoom the scope and 
if he crouches, wait until his head pops up again, then let 
him have it between the eyes. Whee! 

*Note: The sniper rifle is deadly accurate, but using the 
scope to shoot through very narrow slits can be tricky. If 
you don't hit the target with the first shot, notice the 
hole of the slug, make adjustments, then fire another 
round. Also, you'll find that the wavering of the scope's 
cross hairs is reduced when shooting from a crouched 

Go back and take a look at the corridor behind the bundled 
cartons. When you enter, two goons appear -- one behind the 
shelving ahead, then another on the cross catwalk above it. 
Choose a strategy -- rush in guns a-blazin' (the one on the 
catwalk throws a grenade, but it falls well behind you) or 
retreat and take them out individually. Snipe Mr. Catwalk 
from behind the pillar closest to the forklift, then move 
in with something more conventional for Mr. Shelving. 

As you pass the dark end of the red shipping container 
toward the open area under the long catwalk, dash back for 
cover when you hear the clink of a grenade. Head out into 
the open area and run around the stacked crates to the left 
and whack the thug behind the column ahead, then take cover 
from another who has run up onto the catwalk. 

Catch your breath and hook around to the left at the end of 
the building, find the shelves, and stock up on supplies. 
(The shelves are on the same wall as you entered the 
warehouse. Too bad there's no vending machine on this end.) 
Snipe the thug on the catwalk across the warehouse, but do 
it quickly -- he can hit you through the space between the 
shipping containers and the column. Crouch behind the 
container, zoom the scope, inch to the right, and let him 
have it before he sees you and starts firing. 

Head up the ramp to the catwalk, smoke the goon who comes 
out the door to the left of the obstructing crate, then 
make your way around the catwalk. The tallest red shipping 
container (the only one stacked three high) is open at both 
ends, so if you need shotguns or painkillers, you can reach 
it from the crates stacked four high. 

Proceed to the end of the catwalk, bump open the door, and 
step away. Outside, beyond a small platform high above the 
huge well-lit shipping yard, an enormous container lift on 
rails roars to life and lumbers toward the warehouse. When 
it stops, dive through the door, kill the operator and hop 
on. (Good -- more sniper ammo -- we'll be doing some 
serious sniping from up here.) Four levers mounted on 
consoles control the direction, so put it in gear and let's 
get this thing moving. 

When it stops at the rail intersection, shoot the guard in 
the tower far ahead and to the right of the tracks, then 
turn your attention and rifle to the other in the tower to 
the left (right of the crane). Rumble toward the crane and 
the waterfront, and when the lift stops, shoot both guards 
in the towers at either end of the rails. Send the lift 
toward the near tower by the warehouse you just vacated, 
and as you hop onto the tower, get ready to shoot three 
goons down on the rails between the two intersections. 
Before you move down to the far tower, collect the 
painkillers and sniper rifle -- if necessary, reload to 
make room for the new ammo. 

Same thing happens when you hop onto the far tower -- two 
goons fire from the intersection rails. They're close 
enough to do some damage, so go to work quickly. Grab the 
guard's stuff and move the lift around to the last 
accessible guard tower. Again, two more thugs run out and 
take up positions in front of and on either side of the 
container lying on the rails. Before you head through the 
door of the building, make sure you have all the sniper 
rifle ammo you can carry -- there should be five rounds in 
the clip plus fifteen more in your pocket. 

Put the rifle away and choose something suitable for medium 
range. Bust through the door into the warehouse, run down 
the catwalk to the left, drop down onto the crates at the 
end, then drop to the floor. There's no advantage up there 
-- Max is a sitting duck. Stay behind the crates and cap 
the first fool that attacks, then the second. Two more run 
out from left to right across the far catwalk, so run down 
your side of the building and wait for them to come down 
the ramp, then whack 'em one-at-a-time as they cross over. 
Help yourself to some refreshments in the corner. 

In the opposite corner is a fenced-off room with a locked 
gate. Sneak up on the goon inside and shoot him through the 
wire mesh, then run up the ramp behind you and down to the 
far end of the catwalk. As you approach the door, another 
runs out. Go into the small room and look out the window at 
the ship you've been searching for -- the Charon. Cap the 
unsuspecting thug on board directly ahead, then press the 
button by the door to unlock the gate, and get ready to for 
two more goons coming down the catwalk. Don't wait in the 
room -- as soon as the cut scene is over, bolt down the 
catwalk and dive at the first one, ditto for the second. 

Return to the fenced-off room, grab stuff you need, and get 
ready to set sail. Kick open the door and meet two thugs 
patrolling the dock to the left -- they'll chase you back 
through the warehouse if both see you. Regardless, one 
comes in. If you run out and smoke them where they stand, 
be careful not to slide off into the East River -- it's a 
long swim to Manhattan. 

Head up the gangplank and as you set foot in the ship, get 
ready for a thug making an appearance from behind the 
stacked red shipping containers to the left. (If you hadn't 
already killed the one by the door to the bridge, you could 
have climbed up the cables of the crane and taken him out 
from there.) A crazed thug fires ahead from the port side 
of the bridge deck as you step into the shadow of the 
containers and another appears from the corridor to the 
left as you round the corner. Grab the goodies on the crate 
on the starboard side, then head up the ramp to the bridge, 
wax the goon inside, and answer the phone. Or are you still 
itching to use that sniper rifle? If so, don't kill the 
goon on the bridge, just activate him first by walking up 
either ramp and noticing that he's there. Head back to the 
crane, face the stern, jump up and carefully climb the 
right cable (it's slippery) and check though the scope 
until you see his head and shoulders through the window. 

Back on the bridge, open the door and step aside and the 
sailor down below may blow himself up with a grenade -- 
shoot him if he doesn't, then jump down the stairs and 
shoot another to the left. There's a third on the landing 
below, then take out two more at the bottom with a grenade. 

When you open the door on the right, Boris Dime stands at 
the far end of the engine room. Spray him and the wall 
behind him with bullets to ignite the propane tanks, then 
toss a grenade just beyond the boiler to kill the three 
mates. Max is quite vulnerable standing in the doorway, so 
it's best to step sideways to the right, up the stairs, 
between shots. Boris lobs a Molotov cocktail and fires a 
sawed-off shotgun. When you kill the mates, he'll come 
after you -- shoot him repeatedly with the sniper rifle, no 
scope necessary. It takes about four well-placed slugs to 
bring him down. 

Getting low on painkillers? Wondering how far he'll chase 
you? To the bridge. Yes, you can take out Boris from the 
crane just like the others. Locate his head and put a few 
sniper rifle slugs through it. If he stands near the door 
so that his vision of the bow is blocked, you're home free. 
Again, be careful up there -- climb a single cable until 
you get near the top where the footing becomes more stable. 

When Boris is down, return to the engine room, head for the 
far right corner, and open the door -- Vladimir was telling 
the truth. Collect all the loot -- Colt Commandos complete 
your arsenal -- and return to the stairway and the next 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part II: A Cold Day in Hell 

Chapter Four: Put Out My Fires With Gasoline 

Max has been double-crossed -- Punchinello's restaurant is 
booby-trapped. Trip wires set off a series of explosions 
and the place is engulfed in flames. It's all or nothing. 
One wrong move, one hesitation and Max's goose is cooked. 
No shoot-dodge or bullet-time here, nothin' fancy. Stay 
focused, keep moving, run the shortest line between two 
points... and don't look back. 

You want to go through the barely visible double doors on 
the opposite wall of the luncheon room, beyond and to the 
right of the dimly lit lunch counter. Take a deep breath, 
then run to the right, turn left down the aisle between the 
booths, and head for the doors. 

Run through the kitchen aiming for another set of double 
doors on the left side of the opposite wall. 

Turn right in the storage room and head down the aisle 
between the first and second racks of shelving (the columns 
will be on your right) to the door on the far wall in the 
right corner. The room bursts into flames and the shelving 
begins to fall domino-style, but just concentrate on making 
it to the door. 

Burst through the door, turn right, and run down the middle 
of the burning hallway then left through the inferno into 
the first ornate dining area. Keep to the middle of the 
room and head toward the hallway on the opposite wall. 

Turn left in the hallway, then right into the second dining 
room hugging the wall on your left as an explosion rocks 
the foundation. Run straight ahead along the wall and 
execute a single well-timed jump over the low tables and 
continue to the staircase at the other end of the room. 

Take a left up the stairs, a right on the landing, another 
right up the rest of the stairs, run almost to the end of 
the hallway and barge through the door on the left, then 
head diagonally through the exploding office to another 
door in the far corner. 

Turn right and hug the right wall of a short tiled hallway 
as it ignites and tall pastry carts topple. As you approach 
the left turn into a pantry, avoid the extended part of the 
industrial-sized ductwork in the corner directly ahead as 
an exploding propane tank knocks over more pastry carts. 
Cut the corner with a diagonal jump to the left, then 
immediately jump over the flaming pastry carts to the 
double doors directly ahead on the near wall and burst into 
another kitchen. 

The good news is that the kitchen is not on fire. The bad 
news is that there's a goon at the other end. You can fry 
his butt two ways -- the usual, or dive left to the end of 
the island counter and shoot the valve of the propane tank 
lying on its side which explodes at the top of the 
stairwell where the goon is hiding. Then relax (no more 
fire), have a look around, and pick up supplies. 

See the dumbwaiter in the corner to the right of the 
stairwell? Two more goons are in the basement patiently 
waiting for their now deceased friend to finish tossing a 
salad. Make them a treat they won't forget and toss a 
grenade in the dumbwaiter. 

Head to the far right corner to the basement and jump 
through the trapdoor into the sewer. Three thugs are 
waiting on the catwalk to the left, with two more behind 
them. If you're not already wet, get down into the water 
and continue through the sewer and smoke two more at the 
next turn, then two more guarding the stairs. Go up the 
stairs and through the door to the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part II: A Cold Day in Hell 

Chapter Five: Angel of Death 

You're in Angelo Punchinello's manor at the top of the 
stairs leading to the cellar. Go down and through the door 
on the left and examine the body. Shoot the gas cans to 
dispatch the first thug coming though the other doorway. 
(Painkillers are in a box on the shelf opposite the 
doorway.) Then dive into the concrete passageway and take 
care of the other two. At the end of the corridor is a door 
to a small room containing a thug and more painkillers. 

As you enter the boiler room a thug sprays his Ingram and a 
braggart with a shotgun announces he's comin' to get ya! 
Make him real sorry. Beyond the boiler on the left, 
opposite the shelves, is a wine cellar with two goons on 
the left. Dive in sideways and cap 'em. Make for the stairs 
and through the door into the kitchen. 

A henchman announces your arrival and flees through the 
door. Pick up supplies, read Mrs. Punchinello's tarot 
cards, and follow him into the dining room. Pilate "Big 
Brother" Providence and two of his two bodyguards are 
waiting behind an overturned table. It's all shoot-dodge in 
here. Take out Providence, center, first. Gotta love that 
Colt Commando. Hearing the commotion, two more thugs run in 
from the kitchen. No sweat. 

Head back to the kitchen, side-dive through the other door 
into the Display room, and shoot the goon hiding behind a 
display case to the left. Someone up on the far balcony 
fires a single wild shot and flees. There's plenty of time 
to line up a move to drill the third guy on the balcony 
directly above the first goon. 

On to the Music room where a thug is hiding behind the 
large potted plant to the left, about the middle of the 
wall. Plant some large caliber lead in his heart so he 
doesn't damage the piano, then stroll over and play a few 
bars of the Max Payne theme. 

Here's the deal. One of the two goons hiding behind the bar 
in the far left corner of the next room tosses a grenade. 
If you open the double doors and quickly sidestep against 
the wall out of their view, the grenade goes off harmlessly 
in the Bar room. One of the goons then rushes through the 
door. If the other doesn't follow, he'll be in the far 
right corner. Either way it's any easy kill. 

The next set of double doors leads to the manor's ornate 
foyer and a thug is standing atop one of the massive fluted 
newel posts on the far side of the grand staircase's 
landing. Run in and duck for cover to the right. A second 
thug hiding on the other side of the staircase eventually 
ascends to take up a position on the balcony to the left of 
the first. You might be able to pop him on the way up, but 
he's quick and throws a grenade. Simply run a wide arc 
around the front of the stairs and duck out of sight under 
the far balcony. (Apparently the two have been drinking 
with their buddies in the previous room and can't hit the 
side of a barn.) Pick off the first baddie with a sideways 
dive toward the front of the room, then walk back directly 
under the second and terminate him with a backwards dive. 
Yes, gotta love that Colt Commando. 

Run up the stairs and head to the door directly over the 
one from which you entered the foyer. Inside is Joe 
"Deadpan" Salem and a couple of bodyguards spread out 
across the wall to the right. Try to get between them so 
they get caught in the crossfire. Leaving this room alive 
requires lots of fancy footwork and painkillers and many 
Max's died taking these guys out. Two down, one to go. 
There's another bottle of pills in the small table against 
the wall. 

As you open the door to exit this room, a thug runs back 
through the door on the opposite balcony announcing your 
presence. So let's give Max a break -- he's riddled with 
holes and groggy from the pills. The yonder door remains 
open long enough to cap the loudmouth with a few well-
placed rounds from the Colt Commando. One less goon to deal 
with up close. Run around the balconies to the locked door 
and eavesdrop on their plan: to end your career with an M-
79 grenade launcher. Take a few steps to the right to avoid 
the blast and then take your pick. You can dive into the 
room and nail the guy with the heavy artillery or -- and 
this is fun -- run back to Joe's door and casually take him 
out with the scoped sniper rifle. (He'll blast away when he 
sees you but his grenades keep hitting his balcony 
railing.) Either way, proceed into the room and blow the 
nose of the sissy hiding behind the bed to the left. 

Grab the M-79 and the ammo, dive into the bathroom, and 
give the wimp a blood bath. Before grabbing the painkillers 
from the first aid cabinet, waste the guy who rushes in 
from the opposite door. 

Go into the next room, examine the female body on the bed, 
then answer the phone. 

When you open the door to the right of the phone, you'll be 
greeted by Vince Mugnaio across on a balcony on the other 
side of the room. He's going to retreat through the door in 
the far right corner to join his two bodyguards. Divided 
they fall, so take out Vince now. A full clip from the Colt 
Commando or three rounds from the sniper rifle will do the 
trick. When he's down, head into the room and finish off 
the others. Both shotgun-toting goons are positioned at the 
right wall -- the first in the near corner, the other about 
two-thirds the way down. 

The Trio's boss, Punchinello, is in the next room unarmed 
and tries to bargain his way out of the predicament. Three 
men in black suits and Colt Commandos come rushing in -- 
Max has his hands full again. Forget about Punchinello. 
Concentrate on the men in black and when they're no longer 
moving, you'll move on to the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                        P A R T  III
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part III: A Bit Closer to Heaven 


With a Valkyr-soaked brain, Max floats through another 
drug-induced psychosis. 

On the Trail of Blood, jump down to the trail to the right, 
continue, and jump to the trail straight ahead -- there's 
nowhere else to go. The unbroken trail turns to the right -
- take it. The next junction consists of a broken trail 
straight ahead, one down to the left, and one directly 
below to the right. Angle to the right and walk off and 
land on the trail below. Remember, things are not as they 
appear -- Max will overshoot if he tries simply to walk off 
and land on the bloody splatter. Proceed and jump to the 
right -- there's nowhere else to go. At the next junction, 
jump straight ahead -- you can see the baby's crib to your 
right. Jump to the candlelit platform and walk to the crib. 

Max encounters the murderer of his wife and child in their 
bedroom. Shoot him in spite of what your eyes tell you. 

Chapter One: Take Me To Cold Steel 

Max finds himself on a small platform on the roof of the 
Cold Steel Mill. Smash the glass skylight and jump down 
onto the crates. From the safety of this room, shoot any of 
the three laser-triggered bombs and head into the room 
beyond. Grab the gear and listen to the weather forecast. 

The next door leads to a catwalk above a warehouse. Below 
on the floor, two masked goons are patrolling. Run to the 
right and shoot the first with the Beretta, then shoot the 
barrels as the second begins to run up the ramp. Finish him 
off with a shot or two. Before heading down to the floor, 
grab the Colt Commando and ammo from the rack at the far 
end of the catwalk. 

Head down the ramp and check for supplies in the Cold Steel 
shipping containers. A third goon is in the one opposite 
the office door. As you enter the office, your presence is 
announced on the intercom and yet another goon comes to 

Press the switch to open the overhead door in the corner 
diagonally from the ramp. Smoke the first thug as another 
rushes in behind him. 

Ignore the booby-trap in the small room beyond. Instead, 
head through the door at a forty-five degree angle, walk to 
the center of the room near the laser tripwire, and then 
back out as fast as you can (a backward roll helps). You'll 
know if you've walked in far enough if you hear a grenade 
clinking on the floor. After the explosion, cut down the 
masked goon who rushes out a few seconds later. 

Head on in, go through the door with the square opening, 
and get ready to battle three more guys in the smelting 
room through the far overhead door. Two are directly ahead 
on the control platform -- take out the first, then the 
second who will also lob a grenade. Rush up the ramp to the 
immediate left (the steel I-beams provide protection) and 
finish off the third up on the catwalk. Grab the 
painkillers from the first aid cabinet before heading back 
down, then take their stuff from the control platform and 
from a second one behind the molten crucible. 

Open the next overhead door and make your way to the other 
side of the room by walking the handrail and jumping the 
mounds of slag in the molten pit. Grab the supplies and as 
you jump on the first crate to return to the smelting room, 
the same overhead door opens revealing a masked goon. You 
can wait until the door goes down, climb over the crates, 
open the door again and waste him. Or if you want to be 
sporting about it, continue over the crates and give him a 
fair fight. 

Turn right and head over to the door opposite the second 
control platform. Toss a grenade (or shoot it out -- your 
choice) through the door and take out two thugs and a 
booby-trap. Grab the goods -- there's a shotgun in the 
cabinet in the supply crib. 

Get ready to go through the door on the left into a large 
room divided by molten sluices. There's a thug on a catwalk 
in the middle of the left wall and another thug who runs 
from left to right across the back wall of the room and 
throws a grenade, then hides behind crates. Run into the 
room and pause a moment while the thug with the grenade 
tries to get into position, then run and dive to the left 
about halfway across the floor and take out the thug on the 
catwalk. Retrace your steps to the near steel column, then 
run and shoot and dive for cover behind the crates against 
the right wall. If the thug doesn't go down on the first 
pass, line up just behind the steel column to the left for 
cover and dive and shoot again. If all goes well, he'll be 
dead and a stray bullet will not have hit the explosive 
barrel (comes in handy shortly) behind you. 

Head up the catwalk stairs, activate the retractable 
walkway to the other side, and as you step onto it a third 
thug appears through the door from the previous room. 
Detonate the barrel, continue across the catwalk and down 
the other side, and run toward the other side of the room. 
A fourth -- we'll call him Easy Pickins -- comes running 
down a long open ramp. Don't forget the ammo on the crate. 

Run up the ramp and across the expanded metal balcony, go 
through the far door into a long hallway, and a masked goon 
comes around the corner from the opposite end to greet you. 
Two of his buddies wait just around each corner. 

Proceed through the door into a long storage area, turn 
left, dive and take out a thug in front of the dim crates, 
then smoke the other (he doesn't know what hits him) who 
runs up and stands on the crates to the left. 

Head up the short flight of wooden stairs, through the 
door, down the hallway, and pause at the window opening on 
the left, just out of sight of the two thugs inside. When 
they're done talking, they'll come running out the door. 
Backward-dive and shoot the first; forward dive and shoot 
the second. Go into their room, take their stuff, and 
listen in on the walkie-talkie (let's hope their buddies 
weren't listening in on their conversation). Then make for 
the door at the end of the hallway and the end of the 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part III: A Bit Closer to Heaven 

Chapter Two: Hidden Truths 

Max is standing in a small supply room within the Cold 
Steel Mill. There's an office ahead and as soon as you move 
forward, a masked goon comes bursting through the other 
door to the left. Dive into the corner to the right of the 
office door, take out the first, then smoke the second in 
the office. Read the notes, grab the supplies, then dive 
through the other door and pump the third. If you're low on 
painkillers, there's more in the small crate. Shoot the 
booby-trap and uh-oh, the steam pipe is punctured. No 
problem -- turn the valve. 

Go through the next door onto a high catwalk and mow down a 
thug running on the catwalk across to the right. A bomb 
explodes below destroying a low bridge over the conveyors 
while another thug down on the floor comes running in from 
the right. Continue to the other end of the catwalk, go 
into the next room, toss a grenade (run back out onto the 
catwalk until after the explosion) to detonate the booby-
traps and barrels, then go back, pick up the fresh grenade, 
and bump open the door leading to the other catwalk then 
stand back. A third thug appears on the first catwalk where 
you entered the conveyor room. Run back to the previous 
door, dive through at an angle onto the catwalk, and pry 
the Colt from his lifeless fingers. 

Make your way across both catwalks to the last door, open 
it, stand back as far as you can and shoot the booby-trap. 
(Use a grenade if you're in the mood.) Oh no -- two more 
busted steam pipes and no valve. Time your move to get past 
the first steam jet. See the Ingram on the floor just 
beyond the second? If it looks too easy, you're right. Time 
a dive and take out the thug around the corner waiting for 
you to pick up the bait. Through the window bars, shoot the 
arcing switch in the small room to open the door, then hop 
over the railing and go in and shut off the steam. And how 
about that shelf full of goodies! "My health is good," Max 
must be thinking. "And I'm tired, really tired. I got all 
these extra painkillers so why don't I..." Don't even think 
it, Max. 

The now-accessible door is booby-trapped. Opening it sets 
off a chain of explosions on the upper floor of the large 
room beyond, so open it and step back. (Adventuresome? Rush 
in and dance around avoiding them -- the barrels go off in 
succession from far to near and blow gaping holes in the 
expanded metal floor.) When the dust settles, a masked goon 
starts shooting from a control room window diagonally 
across the large room. Hug the wall to the right and run, 
avoiding the holes, for the other side of the room. Walk 
over behind the cover of the red crates near the window, 
dive toward the railing, and smoke him. Use the crate on 
the forklift to get down to the main floor. 

Head for the stairs to the catwalk over the conveyors, 
extend the retractable bridge, then run across and dive and 
blast the goon emerging from the back of the shipping 
container to your left. Take his gear, shoot the barrels on 
the forklift, and kick open the newly accessible door. 

Startled, the goon in the next small room blows himself up 
while rigging a booby-trap. His buddy rushes in and bursts 
through the door straight into your line of fire. There's a 
first aid cabinet in there if you need anything.

Head on through and kick the door on the right. Another 
explosion rocks the foundation. Jeez, these guys are a 
bunch of idiots. Stay put and one of the idiots tries to 
bang his way through the door you're blocking. Fade 
backward and put him out of his misery. Now don't get too 
cocky. Inside and across the room is a guy up on a catwalk 
at two o'clock and he throws a grenade as soon as you walk 
in. Rush in and fire while running sideways to the right 
along the wire mesh conveyor cage. When he's down, hop up 
on the cage (or run down to the other end and climb up on 
the crates). When you jump to the damaged ramp and run up 
to the catwalk, another guy emerges from the door at the 
top. Not too difficult. Turn around and note the shelves in 
the far corner. The stack of crates to the right blocks the 
catwalk, so use the I-beams. After a few steps another 
hapless soul bursts in through the door below: he's no 
match for Max "Flying Wallenda" Payne. Get the goodies and 
head back to the door at the top of the broken ramp.

At the left end of the small room ahead, a pair of thugs 
start shooting from behind a wire mesh screen. Rush the 
door and dive behind the crates. Dive back and forth 
between the cover of the crates and the door or just lob a 
grenade over the crates. Walk through the next door into 
the control room (you've already killed the guy in here), 
take his supplies, and take a look at the surveillance 
monitor. Kill the unsuspecting fool about to storm the 
control room. 

Head out and around to the right, run through the door and 
to the railing of the balcony. Shoot the hooded thug below 
on the warehouse floor as he tries to run up the short 
flight of stairs to the control platform. Immediately dive 
to the right and shoot the second one in the middle of the 
floor. If he doesn't go down, try another pass. (Or, from 
the cover of the steel column, carom a grenade off the 
yellow crane girder.) 

Head down the ramp in the far left corner and collect 
goodies from the shipping container under the ramp. Move on 
to the control platform, check the cabinets and... what's 
Operate the crane and watch it smash the overhead door. 
Yup. Crouch on the single steel slab in the middle of the 
floor and shoot out a portion of the cracked overhead door. 
Keep shooting and nail the goon in the shipping room next 
to the pallet of yellow concrete bags. A second runs to the 
right of the opening, just out of sight. Dive through and 
make him wish he'd stayed home. 

Kick open the door behind the pallet, step back, and shoot 
the booby-trap. Side-dive through the door and mow down the 
thug to the left. Oh look at this -- a bounty of pills and 
guns... and not enough pockets. 

Walk over to the remaining door and kick it open. Whew! -- 
a bank of blast furnaces. The place isn't as dangerous as 
it appears. Step into the corner to the left and shoot the 
booby-trap. Here's the plan: hop into the rail cart and 
press the lever in the front. It starts to roll. As soon as 
it hits and clears the hot obstruction on the track, jump 
out the rear and go back to the corner to watch. As it 
reaches the other end, the overhead door down there opens 
and a pair of thugs -- idiots really -- start firing. The 
cart squashes the one in the middle of the tracks. When the 
overhead door closes, make your way on foot, avoiding the 
two hot spots on the track. Don't forget to shoot the other 
booby-trap and don't try to pick up the sniper rifle, at 
least not yet. 

Press the switch in the left corner to open the overhead 
door and wait for it to start closing before diving 
sideways to the right (the idea is to remain in the blast 
furnace room) to take out the second thug waiting directly 
beyond the switch. Open the overhead door again and run for 
cover behind the unused carts on the far wall. Crouch down 
facing the second overhead door that begins to open as soon 
as you set foot in here. Another cart filled with molten 
steel and a large hot ingot rolls in and crashes into your 
cart. After the explosion, move a couple of steps (still 
crouched) to your left and shoot the barrel behind the 
third thug. Three down, one to go. He's on the control 
platform to the right. When the second overhead door 
closes, walk over and press the button on the left (take 
care not to touch to flaming cart), dive in and finish him 
off. Simple. (By the way, had you not killed the second 
thug, judging by the position of the carcass there's a good 
possibility the second cart would have squashed him too. 
Idiots.) Collect the loot and pull the EMERGENCY SHUT OFF 
VALVE lever so you can go back into the blast furnace room 
and retrieve the sniper rifle. 

Dive through the remaining door in the cart collision room 
and cap the first masked goon hiding behind the toppled 
shelving. Another rushes in. Detonate the booby-traps and 
get ready for the next room. 

Another conveyor room. The bad news is it contains four 
thugs. The good news is that two of them are dead. (Have we 
been here before or are they really idiots?) Now you could 
shoot it out with them, but to leave without a scratch... 
Run through the door, head to the left, and dive for the 
cover of the crates in the corner. (It's OK to stand up as 
long as Max's nose is pressed up against the crates.) Inch 
to the right as far as possible without exposing yourself 
to the thug on the broken bridge over the conveyors. Step 
backward against the wall and drill the thug on the 
catwalk. Switch to the M79, dive sideways to the right, and 
plant a grenade on the second story rear wall that extends 
out behind and above the thug on the bridge -- there's a 
convenient vertical tie beam to aim for. (If you miss, 
you'll have the bridge stairs for cover.) Mount the stairs 
and line up a jump over the conveyors to the jutting 
stringer beam on the left. 

Open the overhead door and a masked thug ahead throws a 
grenade. Run to the cover of the wall to the left of the 
door, wait for the detonation, then dive in and waste him. 

Call the D-6 elevator and battle a couple of masked goons 
up close when the door opens. Or stroll back to the corner 
opposite the overhead door button and take 'em out with the 
M79. Get in the elevator and descend into the next 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part III: A Bit Closer to Heaven 

Chapter Three: The Deep Six 

The elevator disgorges Max in the bowels of the Cold Steel 
Mill -- the secret Valkyr manufacturing facility about to 
self-destruct. After their squabble, the boys in suits 
start firing through the glass doors of the elevator lock, 
so dodge back and forth between the cover of the crates. Go 
through the door marked PROCESSING, shoot the thug to the 
left who's back is turned, then shoot the valve of the 
horizontal propane bottle atop the red boxes to his left to 
finish off his two buddies as they try to flee. Marvel at 
the bubbling Valkyr vats, then exit through the door marked 
TEST FACILITIES. (Break those annoying sirens as you go.) 

Keep heading to the right through the security locks and 
find and examine the CELL ACCESS security panel, then 
double back and head through the doors marked LABORATORIES. 
Stop at the three active control panels, read the one 
marked 665 and now that you have the code number, double 
back and activate the CELL ACCESS panel -- the doors marked 
BLOCK-B open. Before you hop in the elevator and descend to 
the BLOCK-B detention cells, stock up on painkillers in the 
small storage room to the left of the dead lab technician. 

The only warm bodies down here are a drugged test subject 
in cell B1 and the scientist in B7 you heard about in the 
previous chapter. Free the impatient man of science (whom 
you need to get through the decontamination chamber lock) 
and hop into the BLOCK-A elevator with him. Let your 
conscience be your guide regarding the poor soul in B1. 

Your companion takes you up to the familiar previous floor. 
Be prepared to take down two masked goons who want to spoil 
the party. If they kill the scientist, the party's over. 
Follow him back through the LABORATORIES door to the three 
active panels. (Don't worry if he's lost you -- the guy is 
very impatient -- he'll be hard at work tapping on the 
keyboard of the Airlock Access panel.) Do as he says and 
get in the decontamination chamber. After he activates the 
door on the other side of the airlock, he flees and is 
gunned down -- not your fault.

As you step out into the next room with a small steam leak, 
notice the large glass window behind and to the left. When 
you approach, two thugs chase down another technician. 
There's nothing you can do to help and you'll get yourself 
killed if you stand there and watch. Run into the next room 
with the massive steam leak and head straight for the white 
cabinets. Hop up onto the counter and cross over out of 
harm's way. Head to the elevator door marked LABORATORIES 
2, get in, and press the button. 

The Laboratory is booby-trapped with a tangle of laser 
tripwires. Use several grenades or shoot them out 
individually. The only dangerous one is at the right of the 
elevator doors, but if you stand blocking the left door 
from closing then time a backward move into the elevator 
and shoot, you won't get hurt. Activate the computer 
monitor ahead and learn the terrible truth about Project 
Valhalla, then head for the elevator door marked STORAGE. 

After the ride down, enter the room where the two thugs 
executed the technician and use the control panel to 
activate another decontamination chamber. Get in and 
prepare for the dispassionate female voice to announce a 
thirty-second countdown. Step back into the corner of the 
chamber and shoot the booby-trap through the window. 
Proceed through the remaining door, head for the elevator 
marked SURFACE STORAGE, get in and press the button, and 
enjoy the ride topside to the next chapter... Oh, and one 
more thing -- don't stand on the grate. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part III: A Bit Closer to Heaven 

Chapter Four: Backstabbing Bastard 

Max finds himself on the roof of a five-level parking 
garage and a black van tries to run him over. He's been 
double-crossed by a former colleague named B.B (looks like 
the same guy who shot Alex at the beginning of this caper). 
Smoke the two goons as they come running or shoot the gray 
barrel by the dumpster as one of them passes. Two more 
thugs in overcoats approach from the opposite corner. Head 
in their direction toward the sign PARK and a goon appears 
at the bottom of the ramp. 

As you run down the ramp, another thug appears from the 
right. Take his dual Ingrams and dive for cover to the left 
of the crates. Eliminate two more goons in the parking area 
beyond the gate. As you step through the gate of Level 5 of 
the garage (moving clockwise), the black van screeches in 
the far corner and a thug rushes up. Use the cover of the 
concrete support columns to cap the other one standing 
behind the parked white sedan. As you near the PARK sign 
next to the car, shoot the goon running out from behind the 
yellow guardrail ahead and to the left, then dive sideways 
to the left and wax his pal along the right wall. 

Ahead is the ramp down to Level 4 and the idling van. 
Racing down with guns blazing is not advisable. A thug 
crouched behind the vehicle opens fire, the van backs up as 
gunmen inside let loose with automatic weapons, a hapless 
motorist coming from the other direction gets caught in the 
hail and crashes into the wall, and the van speeds off. So 
duck around the corner and watch. After the fiery 
explosion, shoot the lone thug running up the ramp. Grab 
the supplies on the crates behind the yellow guardrail, 
then head down the ramp and peek around the corner -- the 
black van again. 

When you step out, it speeds off to the right and two goons 
(the one on the right has a grenade) position themselves 
beyond the next gate on either side. Pick them off. When 
you venture into the Level 4 parking area, steer clear of 
the white sedan on the right. A barrage of gunfire from the 
van sends it into flames and another goon comes running 
from behind the far concrete column. No problem. A fourth 
goon is waiting to the left of the brown sedan. Take your 
pick. Grab the goodies from the back of the parked white 
van. As you approach the gates to the next ramp, a pair of 
thugs -- they seem to know who you are -- appear down and 
to the left. A bit more challenging. As you head down the 
ramp to Level 3, a thug steps out at the bottom. Thud. 

At the bottom, clockwise, a goon with a lot of firepower 
waits behind the locked gate and the black van at the far 
end screeches away. Do some fancy footwork, shoot the lock, 
briefly stick your head in the parking area, and the van 
peals off to the left in a hail of bullets. Was that a 
black Mercedes in front? The short route through this floor 
has been fenced off and beyond is a thug with a shotgun. 
Simply run sideways along the fence firing at him. (If you 
dive, the rounds hit the sawhorse.) Run around the other 
fence behind you and take the fallen goon's Ingrams and 
ammo -- you're gonna need it. Around the next corner is a 
thug with three more on the way. Dive toward the concrete 
column with Ingrams blazing, then use the column and the 
green van as cover to finish off the others. Look at them -
- they're all smoking. Haven't they heard about the Surgeon 
General's warning? 

But wait, there's more. The next corner reveals a thug by 
the parked SUV and another beyond, so don't head to the 
alcove for the first aid cabinet yet. Dive for the cover of 
the first concrete column and cap them both. Just when you 
think it's safe, three more goons come a-hollerin'. Shoot 
it out right then and there or run back around the corner 
and mow 'em down one at a time. If you need painkillers, 
you know where to find them. Continue clockwise, check out 
the supply closet, listen to the news bulletin on the 
radio, and grab more goodies. A goon at the top of the ramp 
leading down to Level 2 parking makes his move as you 
approach, and another at the bottom runs up to help. Help 
them both to an early retirement. 

Run down to the bottom of the ramp and watch the fireworks. 
Two thugs shoot from a distance as the black van, on fire, 
turns and runs over them, then crashes and overturns at the 
far end of the garage. Must've been that unintended 
acceleration thing. There are still a few live ones. As you 
head into the parking area, a goon by the burning van at 
the far end starts to shoot and another advances from the 
right. You pick the place and time -- they'll even follow 
you back up the ramp onto Level 3 parking. Around the 
corner a goon is hiding behind the white sedan parked on 
the right (they all look like '65 Chevy Novas from the 
front). Run to the cover of the column, sneak up to the 
next one, and waste him. Take a few more steps and two more 
will join the fray, one from the left near the lavender 
sedan and the other from the right. They too will follow -- 
how far is anyone's guess -- so choose your favorite 
tactic. If you run to the other white sedan and peek around 
the concrete column, you'll see another thug near the 
yellow guardrail opposite the entrance to the ramp down to 
Level 1 parking. He's been ordered to remain at his 
position, so we're gonna send a sniper rifle slug his way 

Run down to and around the back of the smoldering black 
van, open the back door of the silver van, and take 
whatever you need. Run straight past the near lavender 
sedan and buttonhook left around the back of the concrete 
column by the alcove. The goon at the far end sees you, but 
chances of him scoring a hit at that distance are slim. 
Load the sniper rifle, crouch and step into the narrow 
opening between the column and the wall, zoom the scope and 
let her rip. 

As you reach the bottom of the ramp to Level 1, catch a 
glimpse of the mysterious black car speeding off at the far 
end of the garage. Don't linger -- you've attracted the 
attention of three goons but only one follows. Take out the 
energetic one on the ramp, then return, crouch behind the 
stacked barrels, dive backward, and nail number two on the 
left before he knows what hit him. The third goon standing 
behind the concrete column beyond the portion of the closed 
gate seems oblivious. Run into the alcove behind the yellow 
guardrail, get out the sniper rifle (a well-placed shot 
with the Desert Eagle or Colt works) and pop him between 
the eyes. 

Before going through the gate, detonate the gray barrel in 
front of the brown sedan. The route beyond has been fenced, 
so you have only one way to go. Move out into the parking 
area and witness two vehicles crash head-on to the right. 
B.B. is comin' for ya. In the meantime, the gate closes 
behind you and a thug by the front of the lavender sedan 
tosses a grenade. Duck behind the column and stacked 
dumpsters, then immediately run out and cap him by diving 
for the back of the sedan -- you're gonna need the cover 
because another dude with some new heavy artillery appears 
from around the right corner. Dive over the trunk and waste 
him before he has a chance to pull the trigger, then take 
his Jackhammer. 

There it is! -- the garage door out of this hellhole, but 
damn, the attendant is nowhere to be seen and you don't 
have your credit cards. Make the best of it -- go in the 
office and get a can of soda. As you pass the burning 
vehicles and approach the brown sedan, a trio of goons 
arrives one after the other from around the left corner 
ahead. As soon as the first one appears, dive back and 
forth between the cover of the concrete column and the back 
of the green van. Take their stuff and as you walk past the 
front of the van, B.B. who is down at the far end by the 
white sedan flings a grenade that falls short, then starts 
shooting. Take cover by taking a few steps back. 

You can take B.B. out from here with three rounds from the 
M79 by standing in the parking space to the right of the 
brown sedan (the brown sedan is to your left, the green van 
is straight ahead and the concrete column is ahead and to 
your right). But it's risky -- you'll be firing grenades no 
more than a foot over the hood of the van and if one hits 
the hood, it's curtains. The sniper rifle also works from 
the same spot. If you line up the shot so that all you see 
is his head through the scope, he'll keep shooting but 
nothing hits you. Here's the dilemma: if you kill B.B. now, 
you won't get to hear him out. If you decide you want to 
hear what he has to say, run over to alcove, then head up 
along the wall. When you reach the crates, the bastard 
talks. Heard enough of his taunts? Run after him and keep 
your finger on the Jackhammer trigger. He'll throw a 
grenade or two, but they're easy to dodge. Want to hear 
more? Let him go and he'll eventually reappear behind you. 
A word of caution -- this kid is tough, he grew up in the 

Once he's down, the pay phone rings. Answer it and connect 
with the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part III: A Bit Closer to Heaven 

Chapter Five: In the Land of the Blind 

Max has narrowly escaped another double-cross and finds 
himself outside in the courtyard of Brooklyn's venerable 
Asgard Building. Head diagonally across the courtyard and 
go down the cellar steps. Shoot the laser booby-trap and 
prepare for a masked goon to enter from the right in front 
of the barred door. Take out two more goons as you make 
your way through the stone passageway, then head up the 
stairs, go through the door, and take a few steps to the 

Notice the laser scanning the chamber ahead. It's best to 
ignore the thug up on the balcony, so run straight ahead, 
go through the door on the right with the active keypad and 
enter the surveillance room. Take out the two goons who 
barge through the door on the left, then activate the main 
surveillance monitor and discover the truth about Alfred 
Woden. Continue out into the hallway and prepare for a thug 
at the other end. Enter the door of the lighted center 
hallway and dive under a Molotov cocktail being served your 
way, flame the baddie and then another who joins the party. 

Shaken but not stirred, proceed into the first floor 
elevator lobby and smoke the thug coming down the stairs on 
the right. Cap another at the second stair landing and 
prepare for a third who tosses a grenade from the elevator 
beyond (3). Head for the stairs to the third floor elevator 
lobby, avoid the grenade bouncing down as you approach, 
then eliminate the scumbag who follows. 

Head on up and go through the double doors to the left. Lob 
a grenade over the cubicle partition to the left to 
detonate the booby-trap. Beyond, a goon lurks behind the 
short partition and pushes it over as you approach. 
(There's a first aid cabinet to the right where you entered 
this room.) Listen to the radio report, shoot the booby-
traps to the left, and collect the M79 and ammo in the last 
cubicle. Head back, jump over the low booby-trap, and go 
through the door marked EXIT. Get the jump on a pair of 
thugs coming down the hall and head through the last door 
on the left. 

Watch the videotape in Woden's first office, read the Aesir 
blueprints and watch the TV report in the next, then take 
the ammo from the tall cabinet behind the desk in the last. 
As you open the door with the active keypad, a goon fires 
from across a balcony. (He'll chase Max all the way back 
into the cubicles, but pity he won't venture to the end of 
the corridor and trip the booby-trap.) Two more thugs are 
waiting on the balcony directly below. Return the 
hospitality and offer each of them the cocktail du Molotov, 
then open the door marked EXIT and offer hot lead to a 
third running up the stairs. 

Crouch by the railing overlooking the stairwell, shoot the 
booby-trap, remain crouched and wait for the next two 
unsuspecting slobs to run up the stairs. Run down and 
through the open door, hang a left at the end of the hall 
and get the Colt Commando by the bench in the balcony to 
the left. Return to the stair landing and open the far 

Around the corner to the left, two idiots somehow get 
themselves blown up. When you step onto the balcony, a 
third approaches from the far end. If you decide to dive 
in, stay against the wall -- a trigger-happy fourth is on 
the floor below. Crouch along the wall or run and take the 
Colt, then continue running counter-clockwise around the 
balcony (picking up two more Colts from the idiots) and out 
the same door. Head down the stairs and wax that guy on the 
main floor. Say, are those metal detectors over there by 
the exits? 

The opposite door with the active keypad leads to the 
basement stairs and two bored goons are down on the second 
landing discussing their favorite films. If you want to 
listen in, you can duke it out with them in the small room 
at the bottom of the stairs. Or, with a well-timed and 
well-placed grenade, you can take them out where they stand 
along with the booby-trap. The choices are almost infinite. 

Run through the basement door and dive for the cover of the 
crates on the left while firing at the killer suit down the 
passageway, then shoot-dodge back and forth until he's 
down. Shoot the booby-traps from a safe distance, then 
stand in the corner by the locked barred door and shoot the 
remaining ones. Head through the door on the left into the 
next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part III: A Bit Closer to Heaven 

Chapter Six: Byzantine Power Game 

Max learns more about Nicole Horne and finds himself on a 
small platform at one end of a cavernous file storage room 
beneath the Asgard Building. A lone killer suit approaches 
out of sight from the aisle to the right and two more, 
joined at the hip, from the left. Immediately move down the 
stairs to the cover of the right concrete column and 
surprise him when he gets near, then play peek-a-boo with 
the other two. Read the notes on the table, then trip the 
laser rigged booby-traps. Watch the left row of massive 
file cabinets topple domino-style, then take out two masked 
thugs who appear up on the right side of the catwalk. 

The door at the other end remains locked, so use the 
toppled file cabinets to get to the ramp leading to the 
catwalk. As you reach the top, another thug appears on the 
far side and runs around to meet you. Continue around and 
dive through the door to cap yet another waiting at the top 
of the stairs with a grenade. Before ascending the next 
stairs, get painkillers from the first aid cabinet to the 
right of the door marked EXIT. 

Go up the stairs, head for the library door beyond the 
vending machine, and prepare to battle at least three agile 
well-trained masked thugs. When you enter, two slide down 
ropes from the second story balcony and a third comes 
running down the aisle straight ahead. Depending how fast 
you take them all out, the one on the far rope runs around 
and arms up to three booby-traps -- the charge at the end 
destroys the stairs and one in the middle of the room 
knocks over a massive fluted pillar you can use as a ramp 
to reach the balcony. To get the action over quickly, 
immediately shoot the near thug as he descends the rope, 
dive and shoot the one on foot, then attack the third. Lots 
of possibilities here. 

When the dust settles, make your way to the balcony and go 
through the door over the one through which you entered the 
library. As you head down the hallway, two killer suits 
emerge one at a time from the far door on the left. Shoot 
them right through the glass. (There's painkillers and a 
sniper rifle at the end of the dim hallway.) 

Open the door to the press room and peek around the corner 
-- an unsuspecting killer suit emerges from the open double 
doors to the right and walks along the wall opposite the 
podium. Smoke him from a distance, ditto for his buddy who 
comes running out, and get the sniper rifle and ammo on the 
far chest of drawers. 

Go through the next set of double doors (opposite the 
vending machine) into the rotunda and an unsuspecting well-
dressed thug strolls toward you from the right. Surprise 
him then duck for cover behind the wide support wall -- his 
pal across the balcony starts firing with a sniper rifle. 
If you don't pursue, he'll come to you from the other 
direction. Get his rifle, grab the Colt Commando ammo in 
the far corner, continue clockwise around to the place 
where you entered, and a gunman on the balcony one floor 
below starts firing. Walk counterclockwise and stand behind 
the second fluted column, then inch your way a bit more 
until he sees you and begins firing again. Here's the cool 
part -- both he and Max are right handed, so while Max can 
get a bead on him with the sniper rifle, he's blasting away 
into the column he's standing behind. 

Head through the next door marked EXIT, then stop, turn to 
the right, and let your eyes adjust to the darkness of the 
staircase. The moment you enter, two masked goons break 
through the far left skylight and drop down one at a time 
on a single rope, firing. No problem -- dive down to the 
landing and shoot 'em in the ass as they descend. (Berettas 
work fine.) Continue down the stairs and go through the 
door with the active keypad (a locked gate is to your 

Midway down the hall and to the left is the balcony with 
the corpse you created a short time ago with the sniper 
rifle -- another thug waits to toss a couple of grenades. 
At the end of hall is a locked door and as you approach, a 
goon on the other side opens it -- he waits a few moments 
before coming through. Suggested strategy is as follows. 
Run down and give the finger to the guy across on the 
balcony so he hurls his grenades, then run back out of 
harm's way. After the blasts, dive back and forth along the 
railing as necessary to bring him down. Then venture to the 
other end of the hall, wait for the goon to come through 
the door, and waste him. (No need to go in -- it leads to 
the library.) 

Hang a left down the short hallway, open -- don't go 
through -- the EXIT door to the rotunda and quickly step to 
the right to avoid a hail of bullets. Step back and wait 
for the assailant to burst through the door. There are two 
more gunmen firing -- one across the balcony at 9 o'clock 
and the other one floor up at 12 o'clock. Let's give them a 
little surprise. 

Backtrack to the railing from which you flipped off the 
grenade-tossing thug and locate the guy one floor up across 
the rotunda -- he's too far away to do any damage. Take him 
out with the sniper rifle then head on up to his position, 
moving clockwise around the balcony, and spot the clueless 
goon partially hidden behind a column on the floor below 
(you'll be positioned almost on top of the guy who just 
went down). Stand, don't crouch, zoom in and send a slug 
though his shoulder into his spine. After Max's hectic 
airborne antics, there's nothing more satisfying than the 
patience and precision of the marksman. Don't forget the 
Colt Commando before you head back down to the middle 

Run around the balcony and grab all the guns and ammo, then 
proceed to the EXIT door and continue down the dark 
stairwell. At the bottom, listen in on the two killer 
suits' conversation through the open door of the boardroom. 
Their backs are turned to the doorway, so pop the first 
from the hallway, then dive in for the other. Smash the 
laptop and shoot the overhead projector before you go. 

When you head for the next door marked EXIT, which opens 
onto the rotunda's main floor, a suit orders his goon 
platoon to "Shoot to kill". Yeah, right, as if they were 
trying to stun you up until now. Prepare for a firefight -- 
you won't have the luxury of sniping them from a safe perch 
or even retreating through the door. Cock the Colt 
Commando. Ready, set, go! 

After the cut scene, run along the wall to your left just 
past the columns, dive and take out the suit, then scurry 
back for the cover of the massive dark support leg and the 
fluted column. Relax for a moment and peek around the 
column -- there's the silhouette of a thug on the other 
side of the rotunda, past the base of the fallen obelisk. 
Peek around the left side of the support -- there's another 
with Ingrams straight ahead in the shadows and he's as 
dangerous as a loose queen in a chess game. Take him out 
next by diving backward and shooting between the support 
legs. Once he's down, two masked goons swarm in from the 
lighted front door area. Dive left and take out the first, 
then dive ahead and to the right, for cover between the 
support legs, taking out the second. Spin around and dive 
sideways to the left and nail the guy who has run over here 
from behind the obelisk and wants to ambush you from 

Five carcasses in all. The sounds of the city streets are 
comforting. Take the main doors into the next chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part III: A Bit Closer to Heaven 

Chapter Seven: Nothing To Lose 

Frozen with cold revenge, Max stands in the lobby of the 
Aesir Building thinking of nothing but Nicole Horne. When 
you pass through a metal detector, three security guards 
rush in from the far left corridor. They're heavily armed 
and wearing flak jackets. Get out the M79, run through the 
right metal detector and straight ahead. Pulverize all 
three with one shot. 

The next part is tricky, but if you follow these 
directions, you'll do fine. Head over to the end of the 
bank of elevators, turn right, and stand facing the farther 
column. Be careful not to step out into the large area to 
your left. Peek around the column and survey the far wall -
- three guards with M79s are perched on high catwalks, one 
centered near the top of the wall and two below him. Study 
the wall and make a mental note of the position of the 
uppermost guard. Turn around and, keeping to the left of 
the benches, make your way to the wall at the end of the 
corridor -- stay out of the light. Load the sniper rifle 
and slip around the pilaster that separates the corridor 
from the larger area, crouch, and when you turn around, 
keep your eyes on the floor --that's right, don't look up 
and make eye contact. Stay crouched and as quickly as you 
can, swing the sniper rifle up, zoom the scope to maximum, 
and take down the top guard. He'll send one or two blasts 
your way, but the damage won't be anything a couple of 
bottles of painkillers won't fix. Relax -- as you can see 
through the scope, the girders block the view of the other 
two. Take them out also. 

As you approach the other end of the building, two killer 
suits emerge from a sliding door in the far right corner. 
Play it safe and run back behind the bank of elevators 
where you can smoke them one at a time. As always, search 
their carcasses for supplies. 

Go through the sliding door, turn right, and head for the 
non-functioning escalator. Shoot the booby-trap, then toss 
a grenade to the top landing to detonate two more. Run up 
the escalator, turn around, and wait for a guard to appear 
at the railing at the top. Another waits at the top of the 
second escalator, hidden by the column. Shoot the booby-
trap higher up. When you reach the top, there's a third 
guard near the opposite wall, then a fourth appears with a 

If you explore the open area ahead and beyond the bank of 
elevators (there's nothing down there but a nice view of 
the snowy street), you'll meet another guard as you return, 
but if you head directly for the next escalator he's 
nowhere to be seen. Strange. Instead of taking the next 
flight up, go through the sliding door leading to the lower 
catwalk where you sniped the two thugs earlier and wax the 
guard on a balcony to the left before he throws a grenade. 

Return and shoot the booby-traps on the escalator, then run 
up, hook around to the left, and waste the killer suit at 
the end of the hallway. (To the left is the sliding door to 
the upper catwalk -- help yourself if you need M79 ammo.) 
Go through the hallway to the right and... what the... a 
passageway rigged with moving lasers. As soon as you get 
past the third, a guard appears at the end. When you reach 
the end, another comes running from the right with a third 
not far behind. 

Head for the elevators beyond the corrugated partition, and 
before you press the button, switch to the M79 if you want 
the next encounter short, sweet and messy. (In the cut 
scene, Max chats with Mona Sax -- What a dame! What a name! 
-- but a trio of killer suits interrupts their 
conversation.) Spin around and disembowel all three. Call 
the elevator again. (Max has a revelation.) Get in and look 
up through the glass ceiling at the booby-trapped shaft. 
Shoot out the glass, press the button, then shoot each 
booby-trap as you ascend. 

When the elevator door opens, two suits, left, are talking 
about their favorite movie special effects, the slo-mo 
action scenes -- they call it "bullet-time." Overhead, also 
to the left, two more are keeping guard on a balcony. Well, 
we can take a hint. Switch back to the M79, step out of the 
elevator, put an end to their prattle, and dive for cover 
under the balcony or behind the pillar straight ahead -- 
your choice depending on how you want to prosecute this 
war. When everything's quiet, head for either sliding door 
at the opposite end of the room. The suit in the high tech 
control room is nearer the one on the left. Raid the first 
aid cabinet and walk over and activate the yellow button 
that gives you elevator access to the mainframe. Three more 
killer suits are waiting out in the other room. One more 
thing -- the wall between the sliding doors is made of 
glass. So... dive out the door farthest from the yellow 
button console and split their skulls with the Jackhammer. 

An elevator under the balcony is now open. Get in and press 
the button. The beautiful view of the city is cut short by 
a helicopter's machine gun. Stand back in the left corner 
so you don't get hit and when the lift's left glass wall is 
shattered by the chopper's fire, climb through the opening 
onto the top of the next elevator. The glass top breaks 
depositing you inside, and you can now press the button. 
But do it fast -- Nicole's thugs in the chopper want Max 

The door opens to a narrow corridor separating the 
mainframe computer floor from the bank of elevators. Two 
suits are chatting at the end to the left -- can you 
believe they're talking about their families? Rush them and 
immediately dive back to take out another who appears at 
the other end. Here's the plan. When two of the mainframe 
units (there are four in a circle) are destroyed, either by 
Max or the two suits firing from the other side of the 
floor (one is on the catwalk up and to the right and runs 
up and down the stairs at the far end), two security guards 
appear from the elevator. Keep the odds in your favor -- 
peek around the left end of the partition and watch the 
suits. When the coast is momentarily clear, step out and 
shoot the vertical lighted panel of the exposed mainframe. 
Repeat the procedure from the right end, then dive back 
into the corridor and take out the guards. Five down, two 
to go. 

Run to the cover of the farthest mainframe and notice the 
position of the guy on the catwalk. Get out the sniper 
rifle and when he disappears halfway down the stairs, take 
a step back and put one between his eyes (no scope) when he 
comes back into view. The last guy's heartbeats are 
numbered. When all four mainframe units are destroyed, Max 
gains access to the penthouse. The elevator opens by the 
two family-oriented thugs, so cap the guard inside, take 
his painkillers, then take the elevator. 

When the door opens, head to the right and when you step 
out into the large room, two guards and a killer suit come 
down the open stairway above you. Duke it out under the 
stairs and before you head on up, be sure to jump onto the 
cantilevered window and check out the view of the city. As 
you go up the stairs, three more guards swarm out from both 
sides. If you're tired of all the fast-paced action, simply 
jump off about halfway up and retreat to the cover of the 
pillar by the elevator. A round or two from the M79 should 
take them all out when they reach the bottom. Run up the 
stairs again, head to the right on the balcony, then turn 
left, go through the sliding door, and notice the suit in 
his private digs, all smug and oblivious. Make your way to 
Horne's private office and activate her computer, then call 
the elevator and ascend to the final chapter... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part III: A Bit Closer to Heaven 

Chapter Eight: Pain and Suffering 

For all his courage, skill, speed, luck and hell-bent 
determination, Max is now in a really tight spot -- he's in 
a corner, literally, in a room high in the Aesir Building. 
Everything happens fast, so don't lose your head. Pack the 
M79 and run along the wall to your left toward the steel 
rail wall (it has bulletproof glass) to avoid the grenade, 
then dive back to the right and smoke two killer suits as 
they attempt to run behind the sculpture. Switch to 
something more appropriate for close range and meet the 
other two as they run around the central pillar. Just when 
you think it's over, a blast door covering the entire outer 
window wall opens and the chopper starts tearing things up. 
Get directly behind the sculpture and crouch until the 
blast door closes. Finally, two more of Horne's gang come 
through the sliding doors farthest from the sculpture, but 
there's plenty of time to prepare for them. 

Head through the sliding doors and as you round the turn, a 
bell signals a thug about to get off the elevator to the 
left. When he's no longer breathing, go through the sliding 
door to the right, into the reading room (Is that a first 
edition Dickens up there in the bookcase?) and out on the 
snowy corner terrace. What a magnificent view! Beyond the 
railing to the left is narrow catwalk -- so what are you 
waiting for? Jump over the railing, dash to the other end 
of the building, and jump to the safety of another terrace 
and through the sliding door. Don't hesitate for a moment -
- the chopper is back. 

Hmm, what do we have here? Nicole's sculpture collection --
a couple of Moores, perhaps a Brancusi, definitely a 
Giacometti. As you approach the sliding door in the corner, 
listen for the telltale ring of the elevator bell as Horne 
speaks on the intercom -- a killer suit barges in shortly. 
Go through and as you head for the glass block stairway to 
the right, a goon announces your presence and sends a 
grenade clinking down the steps. After dodging the grenade, 
walk up to the second landing amid the automatic weapons 
fire and note the bullet holes in the wall -- they're just 
over Max's head. Stand on the landing and maneuver into 
position to see the flaming Ingrams of the goon crouching 
in the offset hallway, then throw a grenade. If you're 
lucky, it will also take out the other goon (you can see 
him too) on the other side and a bit farther back. Once 
they're down, the elevator rings and another killer suit 
throws a grenade. Oops, seems like he's blown up more of 
his buddies. Kill him when he comes down the stairs. 

Walk on up to the north lounge and open the sliding door to 
the right. Three suits will come out one-by-one; there's 
plenty of time to pop them all. Walk into the skylight 
lounge and note the sliding door on the left. Two heavily 
armed thugs have barricaded themselves behind chairs at the 
near end of the east lounge. Run around the skylight 
counterclockwise (ignore the room on the right) and run 
past the door to get a glimpse of them, then when the door 
closes, stand by the wall facing in their direction, step 
back to activate the door and carom a grenade off the glass 
block wall. Or dive in sideways if Max wants excitement. Go 
into to next room (south lounge?) and listen to Horne give 
her boys a pep talk. As you approach, a suit comes through 
the door to the right and another waits to the right of the 
stairs beyond. 

At the top of the stairs we hear Horne's voice again and a 
suit appears from around the corner to the right, then one 
from the left, then another and another from the long neo-
Gothic hall -- there's enough time between each one for Max 
to casually light a cigarette, that is, if he hadn't quit. 
Stroll to the other end of the fancy hall and press the red 
button on the corner edge of the desk. Go through the door 
that opens and head up the long flight of stairs. Enjoy the 
calm before the storm. About a third of the way up, Nicole 
Horne opens the door at the top, fires, and throws a 
grenade. Scurry down to avoid the blast. Don't waste ammo 
or energy, she's not gonna die here. 

As you go through the door at the top of the stairs, two 
things happen. First, you watch Max shoot at Horne on the 
roof as she dashes through a gate toward the helicopter 
trying to land in the howling winter night. Second, the do-
or-die countdown begins. After the first cut scene, Max has 
exactly one minute to get to work uninterrupted. In the 
next cut scene, the chopper lands and the bitch gets in. 
Max now has one minute and ten seconds more to finish the 
job, which includes neutralizing four determined goons with 
major artillery who swarm out through the large locked 
glass sliding doors around to the left. Once Horne is 
airborne, all Max's efforts are down the drain. I don't 
even want to talk about it. 

So here's the plan. As you noticed in the first cut scene, 
the swaying central tower on the roof has broken two of its 
four cable moorings. The two remaining will have to be 
shot, specifically the bolt that anchors them to the large 
steel booms at the corners of the building. When either 
cable is released, the goons swarm out. (As mentioned 
earlier, after one minute has elapsed, the second cut scene 
starts and then they'll be in your face regardless.) Use 
the whole first minute to relax, gather your nerve, and 
line up a shot with the M79. Turn around and jump up onto 
the low roof of the long structure behind you and stand at 
the edge, about halfway down. Aim for the middle of the 
sliding glass doors. As soon as the cut scene ends, the 
goons rush the door, so pull the trigger as it opens. The 
idea is to get them all at once; otherwise you've got 

Don't panic; there's plenty of time to spare. Jump down to 
the main roof and stand on the small platform in the corner 
by the steel boom. Load the sniper rifle and use the scope 
to sight the anchor bolt of the distant cable, then load 
the Colt Commando and fire at the anchor bolt of the near 
cable. One last thing -- simply fire away at the base of 
the central tower, then sit back and watch Nicole Horne get 
what she deserves. 

"They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation 
mark to everything that led to this point. I released my 
finger from the trigger -- and then it was all over." 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                        T H E   E N D

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