• Codes

    During gameplay press S to open the menu, then enter marvin to enable cheat mode. Then press F2 during game to open the console and enter any of these cheats:

    Display game versionversion
    Get artifact for questlichtbringer
    God modecheat god
    Hurt sharkhurtswampschark
    Load gameload game
    Load positionload position
    Restore healthcheat full
    Save gamesave
    Spawn iteminsert [item name]
    Take screenshotprint
    Teleport to castlegoto pos
    Teleport to waypointgoto waypoint
    Toggle cheatsautocomplement

    Contributed By: Starky27.

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  • Marvin Codes

    Press s and type in marvin, then hit s again and on the top left screen it will display the phrase, "Marvin-Mode". Congradulations you have just entered cheat mode.

    This really does work, but you have to type marvin really fast. The _ on the U.S. keyboard is
    The codes can all be entered in lower case.

    Troll Skininsert ItAt_Troll_01
    2 bloodhounds due south of Old Campgoto waypoint FP_ROAM_BLOODHOUND_PLATEAU_NEARCASTLERUIN6
    2 exiled diggers north of old campgoto waypoint oc_round_22_cf_2
    a character can grant you many increasesinsert ch
    adds 1000 ore and 20 skill points each viewinsert xp_map
    Amulet of Agilityinsert Gewandtheitsamulett
    Amulet of Dexterityinsert Gewandtheitsamulett2
    Amulet of Enlightenmentinsert Amulett_der_Erleuchtung
    Amulet of Flamesinsert Schutzamulett_Feuer
    Amulet of Life Forceinsert Lebensamulett
    Amulet of Magicinsert Amulett_der_Magie
    Amulet of Mightinsert Amulett_der_Macht
    Amulet of Oak Skininsert Schutzamulett_Geschosse
    Amulet of Ore Skininsert Schutzamulett_Total
    Amulet of Powerinsert Staerkeamulett
    Amulet of Purificationinsert Schutzamulett_Magie_Feuer
    Amulet of Spiritual Powerinsert Schutzamulett_Magie
    Amulet of Stone Skininsert Schutzamulett_Waffen_Geschosse
    Amulet of Strengthinsert Staerkeamulett2
    Ancient Ore Armorinsert ORE_ARMOR_M
    Another Look-outgoto waypoint occ_tower_platform
    Appleinsert ItFoApple
    Armor Amuletinsert Schutzamulett_Waffen
    Armor plate of minecrawler warriorinsert ItAt_Crawler_02
    Army of Darknessinsert ItArScrollArmyOfDarkness
    at the far south-centralgoto waypoint TOWERDUNGEON_TD
    attacking bandits lure you to the troll arenagoto waypoint BANDITCAMP_BAN
    Ball Lightninginsert ItArRuneThunderball
    Ball Lightninginsert ItArScrollThunderball
    Battle Staffinsert ItMw_2H_Staff_01
    Battle Swordinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_04
    Bikini Babeinsert BAB_ARMOR_BIKINI
    black goblins' caverngoto waypoint location_29_02
    Bloodfly Stinginsert ItAt_Bloodfly_02
    Bloodfly Stinginsert ItMw_1H_Mace_03
    Breadinsert ItFoLoaf
    Breath of Deathinsert ItArRuneBreathOfDeath
    Bugmeatinsert ItAt_Meatbug_01
    Castle ruingoto waypoint castle
    ceiling timbers in courtyard building old campgoto waypoint ItAt_Shadow_01
    Central place of the new campgoto waypoint nc_entrance_wp
    certain deathgoto waypoint FP_ORC_DANCE_A_4
    certain deathgoto waypoint FP_ORC_GUARD_B_01
    Chain Lightninginsert ItArRuneChainLightning
    Chain Lightninginsert ItArScrollChainLightning
    Character harms selfH
    Character moves forward and can fall into ground if facing it, useful for getting passed locked doorsK
    Character spins aroundZ
    Charminsert ItArRuneCharm
    Charminsert ItArScrollCharm
    Clawsinsert ItAt_Claws_01
    Clubinsert ItMw_1H_Mace_Light_01
    Clubinsert ItMw_1H_Club_01
    Controlinsert ItArRuneControl
    Controlinsert ItArScrollControl
    Cor Kalomgoto waypoint psi_labor_in
    Corristogoto waypoint occ_chapel_upstairs
    Crawler Plate Armorinsert CRW_ARMOR_H
    Crude Swordinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_01
    Cutterinsert ItMw_1H_Scythe_01
    Cycle through game sectionsF7
    Death to the Undeadinsert ItArRuneDestroyUndead
    Death to the Undeadinsert ItArScrollDestroyUndead
    Digger's Disciplineinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_Short_05
    Digger's Dressinsert SFB_ARMOR_L
    Digger's Trousersinsert VLK_ARMOR_M
    Entrance to the new camp goto waypoint nc_path50
    Entrance to the sect campgoto waypoint psi_start
    entrance to the sleepers` templegoto waypoint ow_sleeperentrance
    Entrance to Xardas` towergoto waypoint dt_maingate
    far SE near bottom of Harpy mountaingoto waypoint CAVEDOOR
    far sw undergroundgoto waypoint ORCCITY_ORC
    Farmer's Defenseinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_Short_02
    Fearinsert ItArScrollFear
    final areagoto waypoint SURGACE_2_ORCTEMPEL
    Fire Boltinsert ItArScrollFirebolt
    Fire Boltinsert ItArRuneFirebolt
    Fire Robeinsert KDF_ARMOR_L
    Fireballinsert ItArScrollFireball
    Fireballinsert ItArRuneFireball
    first focus stonegoto waypoint wp_circle_01
    Fist of Windinsert ItArRuneWindfist
    Fist of Windinsert ItArScrollWindfist
    focus location for Kalomgoto waypoint FOCUS_FOC
    forest due south of fog towergoto waypoint PIRATE_PIR
    Free minegoto waypoint fms_entrance
    Fully heal mana and healthF8
    game starting pointgoto waypoint start
    God's Hammerinsert ItmW_1h_WarHammer_03
    Gomezgoto waypoint occ_barons_dance
    Gomez' Armorinsert EBR_ARMOR_H
    Gomez's chambergoto waypoint OCC_BARONS_GREATHALL_BERATER
    Grapesinsert ItFo_wineberrys_01
    Grilled meatinsert ItFoMutton
    Guard's Armorinsert GRD_ARMOR_M
    Guard's Swordinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_03
    Guru's Robeinsert GUR_ARMOR_M
    Hand Axeinsert ItMw_1H_Hatchet_01
    harpy location in mountainsgoto waypoint ORCLOCATION_OL1
    Healinginsert ItArRuneHeal
    Healinginsert ItArScrollHeal
    Heart of a Fire Goleminsert ItAt_FireGolem_01
    Heart of a Stone Goleminsert ItAt_StoneGolem_01
    Heart of an Ice Goleminsert ItAt_IceGolem_01
    Heartbreakerinsert ItMw_1H_Mace_War_04
    Heavy Guard's Armorinsert GRD_ARMOR_H
    Heavy Mercenary's Armorinsert SLD_ARMOR_H
    Heavy Ore Baron's Armorinsert EBR_ARMOR_H2
    Heavy Rogue's Dressinsert ORG_ARMOR_H
    Heavy Templar's Armorinsert TPL_ARMOR_H
    herbsgoto waypoint ITFO_PLANTS_HERB_01
    High Robe of Fireinsert KDF_ARMOR_H
    High Robe of the Gurusinsert GUR_ARMOR_H
    High Robe of Waterinsert KDW_ARMOR_H
    Horn of a Shadowbeastinsert ItAt_Shadow_02
    Ice Blockinsert ItArRuneIceCube
    Ice Blockinsert ItArScrollIcecube
    Ice Boltinsert ItArRuneThunderbolt
    Ice Boltinsert ItArScrollThunderbolt
    Immobile cameraF5
    Improved ore Armorinsert ORE_ARMOR_H
    inside shack at meeting campfire in Old Campgoto waypoint DOOR_WOODEN
    Judge's Robeinsert LAW_ARMOR
    Judgment Staffinsert ItMw_2H_Staff_02
    Judgment Swordinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_02
    just west of old minegoto waypoint FP_ROAM_TROLL_OM4
    Keyinsert ItKeKey1
    keyinsert ItKeKey2
    keyinsert ItKeKey3
    keyinsert ItKeKey4
    Lee goto waypoint nc_small_cave_center
    Lightinsert ItArScrollLight
    Lightinsert ItArRuneLight
    Light Digger's Trousersinsert VLK_ARMOR_L
    Light Guard's Armorinsert GRD_ARMOR_L
    Light Guard's Swordinsert ItMw_1H_LightGuardsSword_03
    Light Mercenary's Armorinsert SLD_ARMOR_L
    Light Novice's Armorinsert NOV_ARMOR_M
    Light Rogue's Dressinsert ORG_ARMOR_L
    Light Templar's Armorinsert TPL_ARMOR_L
    Lighttowergoto waypoint fogtower_out
    Longswordinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_Long_01
    Look-outgoto waypoint castle_tower_top
    Lurker's Biteinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_Short_03
    Lurker's Clawsinsert ItAt_Lurker_01
    Lurker's Skininsert ItAt_Lurker_02
    Maceinsert ItMw_1H_Mace_01
    magicians towergoto waypoint mt_01
    Mandibles of a Crawlerinsert ItAt_Crawler_01
    Mercenary's Armorinsert SLD_ARMOR_M
    Mobile cameraF6
    Monastery ruingoto waypoint location_28_01
    more ricegoto waypoint FP_PICKRICE_SWAMP_03
    Morning Starinsert ItMw_1H_Mace_War_01
    Move camera back to playerF4
    mushrooms east central at Y'Berion' focus mapgoto waypoint ITFO_PLANTS_MUSHROOM_02
    Nail Clubinsert ItMw_1H_Nailmace_01
    near fog towergoto waypoint PIRDUNGEON_PDN
    near skull entrance to cavegoto waypoint ORCGRAVEY_OGR
    near the free minegoto waypoint FP_ROAM_OW_FM_KAP2_5
    Novice's Armorinsert NOV_ARMOR_H
    Novice's Loinclothinsert NOV_ARMOR_L
    Nude Babeinsert BAB_ARMOR_NUDE
    nw entrance old campgoto waypoint oc1
    old castlegoto waypoint location_19_03
    Old Minegoto waypoint ow_om_entrance01
    Orc bridgegoto waypoint ow_orcbridge
    orc graveyardgoto waypoint ow_path_198_orcgraveyard7
    Orc Hammerinsert ItmW_1h_WarHammer_01
    orc land sw of old campgoto waypoint FP_GUARD_ORC_20
    Orc teleport spellinsert ItArScrollTeleport4
    Ore pitgoto waypoint nc_pit_center
    other ricegoto waypoint FP_PICKRICE_SWAMP_04
    over the ore pit in the new colonygoto waypoint nc_path2_pit_01
    Pickaxeinsert ItMwPickaxe
    Picklockinsert ItKeLockpick
    Piece of an Ice Goleminsert ItAt_IceGolem_02
    Play in "windows" modeF3
    Pokerinsert ItMw_1H_Poker_01
    Priest's Staffinsert ItMw_2H_Staff_03
    Pyrokinesisinsert ItArRunePyrokinesis
    Pyrokinesisinsert ItArScrollPyrokinesis
    Rageinsert ItArScrollBerzerk
    Rain of Fireinsert ItArScrollFirerain
    Rain of Fireinsert ItArRuneFireRain
    Raw Meatinsert ItFoMuttonRaw
    ricegoto waypoint FP_PICKRICE_SWAMP_02
    ricegoto waypoint FP_PICKRICE_SWAMP_01
    Robe of Stateinsert EBR_ARMOR_M
    Robe of the Dark Artsinsert DMB_ARMOR_M
    Rogue's Dressinsert ORG_ARMOR_M
    Royal Guard Armorinsert GRD_ARMOR_I
    Rusty Swordinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_Old_01
    same final areagoto waypoint ENTRANCE_ORCTEMPLE_SURFACE
    Saturasgoto waypoint nc_kdw_cave_entrance
    se entrance old campgoto waypoint oc2
    Shadow's Armorinsert STT_ARMOR_H
    Shadow's Dressinsert STT_ARMOR_M
    Short Swordinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_Short_01
    Shrink Monsterinsert ItArScrollShrink
    Sickleinsert ItMw_1H_Sickle_01
    Sign of the Brotherhoodinsert ItMi_Amulet_Psi_01
    Skin of a Swampsharkinsert ItAt_Swampshark_01
    Skin of an Orc Doginsert ItAt_Wolf_02
    Skin of Shadowbeastinsert ItAt_Shadow_01
    Sleepinsert ItArRuneSleep
    Sleepinsert ItArScrollSleep
    Smith's Hammerinsert ItMw_1H_Sledgehammer_01
    south edge of swamp south of old campgoto waypoint fp_roam_ow_bloodfly_12_01
    south edge of swamp south of sect campgoto waypoint PSICAMP_PSI
    south of Cavalorngoto waypoint CAMP_CAM
    Steel Maceinsert ItMw_1H_Mace_War_02
    Steel Tongueinsert ItMw_1H_Mace_04
    Sting Maceinsert ItMw_1H_Mace_02
    Stone Crusherinsert ItMw_1H_Mace_War_03
    stonehengegoto waypoint STONEH_STO
    Storm Fistinsert ItArRuneStormfist
    Storm Fistinsert ItArScrollStormfist
    Storm of Fireinsert ItArScrollFirestorm
    Storm of Fireinsert ItArRuneFirestorm
    Summon Demoninsert ItArScrollSummonDemon
    Summon Goleminsert ItArScrollSummonGolem
    Summon Skeletonsinsert ItArScrollSummonSkeletons
    swamp rice south of sect campgoto waypoint FP_PICKRICE_SWAMP_05
    Teethinsert ItAt_Teeth_01
    Teeth of a Swampsharkinsert ItAt_Swampshark_02
    Telekinesisinsert ItArRuneTelekinesis
    Telekinesisinsert ItArScrollTelekinesis
    Teleport to the Magicians of Fireinsert ItArScrollTeleport1
    Teleport to the Magicians of Fireinsert ItArRuneTeleport1
    Teleport to the Magicians of Waterinsert ItArScrollTeleport2
    Teleport to the Magicians of Waterinsert ItArRuneTeleport2
    Teleport to the Necromancerinsert ItArRuneTeleport3
    Teleport to the Necromancerinsert ItArScrollTeleport3
    Teleport to the Swamp Campinsert ItArRuneTeleport5
    Teleport to the Swamp Campinsert ItArScrollTeleport5
    Templar's Armorinsert TPL_ARMOR_M
    Thorn of Woundsinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_Short_04
    Tongue of Fireinsert ItAt_Waran_01
    top of fog tower ne from old campgoto waypoint BEACH_BEA
    Transform into Bloodflyinsert ItArScrollTrfBloodfly
    Transform into Lizardinsert ItArScrollTrfWaran
    Transform into Lurkerinsert ItArScrollTrfLurker
    Transform into Meatbuginsert ItArScrollTrfMeatbug
    Transform into Minecrawlerinsert ItArScrollTrfCrawler
    Transform into Moleratinsert ItArScrollTrfMolerat
    Transform into Orc Doginsert ItArScrollTrfOrcdog
    Transform into Scavengerinsert ItArScrollTrfScavenger
    Transform into Shadowbeastinsert ItArScrollTrfShadowbeast
    Transform into Snapperinsert ItArScrollTrfSnapper
    Transform into Wolfinsert ItArScrollTrfWolf
    troll arena at far northgoto waypoint TROLLARENA_TA
    Troll Tuskinsert ItAt_Troll_02
    valley with trollgoto waypoint location_12_01
    War Hammerinsert ItmW_1h_WarHammer_02
    War Swordinsert ItMw_1H_Sword_05
    Water Robeinsert KDW_ARMOR_L
    Wave of Iceinsert ItArRuneIceWave
    Wave of Iceinsert ItArScrollIceWave
    Wingsinsert ItAt_Bloodfly_01
    Withered Axeinsert ItMw_1H_Axe_Old_01
    Wolfskininsert ItAt_Wolf_01
    Xardasgoto waypoint dt_library
    Y'Beriongoto waypoint psi_temple_rooms
    you'll probably die!goto waypoint OW_ORC_MAINGATE_01

    Contributed By: gabeo619, GeorgeKI, Keith_I2, and BioBrain.

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  • Fall glitch

    You can jump of any cliff or any ledge without taking any damage!
    Whenever you jump off a high cliff or whatever, hold left or right strafe, and you'll land safely no matter how far the fall is, taking no damage.

    Contributed By: Teknopez.

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