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FAQ/Walkthrough by TimmyVermicelli

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/19/07

   _       __           __    __        _____                 _           __ 
  | |     / /___  _____/ /___/ /____   / ___/_________ ______(_)__  _____/ /_
  | | /| / / __ \/ ___/ / __  / ___/   \__ \/ ___/ __ `/ ___/ / _ \/ ___/ __/
  | |/ |/ / /_/ / /  / / /_/ (__  )   ___/ / /__/ /_/ / /  / /  __(__  ) /_  
  |__/|__/\____/_/  /_/\__,_/____/   /____/\___/\__,_/_/  /_/\___/____/\__/  
           ____        ___              ________                        
          / __ \____  / (_)_______     / ____/ /_  ____ _________  _____
         / /_/ / __ \/ / / ___/ _ \   / /   / __ \/ __ `/ ___/ _ \/ ___/
        / ____/ /_/ / / / /__/  __/  / /___/ / / / /_/ (__  )  __(__  ) 
       /_/    \____/_/_/\___/\___/   \____/_/ /_/\__,_/____/\___/____/  

           W O R L D S   S C A R I E S T   P O L I C E   C H A S E S

                              FULL FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
                           FOR THE PLAYSTATION CONSOLE
                                 VERSION 1.2

+==(_   _)====================================================================+
+    | |                                                                      +
+    | |  A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                     +
+    | |                                                                      +

I.     Introduction

II.    Controls

III.   Gameplay Basics

IV.    Hints and Tips

V.     Weapons

VI.    Vehicles

VII.   Walkthrough

    Mission 1   -   Pursuit Course
    Mission 2   -   Basic Pursuit
    Mission 3   -   Advanced Pursuit
    Mission 4   -   Expert Pursuit
    Mission 5   -   DUI Dummy
    Mission 6   -   The Crazed Car Thief
    Mission 7   -   Gangbanger Deathmatch
    Mission 8   -   Bus Driver Gone Bad
    Mission 9   -   Drug Smuggling Scum
    Mission 10  -   Race Against Death
    Mission 11  -   Sentence of Fire
    Mission 12  -   Nosey News Van
    Mission 13  -   The Stool Pidgeon
    Mission 14  -   Tank Rush
    Mission 15  -   Nothing Is Ever Routine
    Mission 16  -   Jacked Up Jackbird
    Mission 17  -   Lou Ferris Returns
    Mission 18  -   Brazen Bank Bandits
    Mission 19  -   30 Minutes Or Less
    Mission 20  -   Final Showdown

VIII.  Commendations Guide

IX.    Extras

X.     Version History

XI.    Legal Information

XII.   Credits and Closing

+==( )========================================================================+
+  | |                                                                        +
+  | |  N T R O D U C T I O N                                                 +
+  | |                                                                        +

Hello and welcome to my walkthrough on 'World's Scariest Police Chases', a
game released in the PSone's twilight years (2001) that was, and still is,
one of the my favorite driving games. It possesses a whole host of features
which have stood the test of time superbly. The control system is simple to
learn, yet nigh-on impossible to master. The learning curve is steep though
balanced. And, uniquely, you play as someone stopping the crime, rather than
the perpetrator of the crime.

With a fulfillingly diverse set of missions, a Free Patrol mode you can
surrender hours to, and loads of different weapons and vehicles you'll drive
throughout the game, 'World's Scariest Police Chases' is one of the most
complete driving games to date.

Enjoy the guide, and if you have anything you want to submit to the guide or
if you have any general queries or anything to bring to my attention, contact
me using the e-mail address you can find in the 'Credits and Closing' section.

+==(  _`\=====================================================================+
+  | ( (_)                                                                    +
+  | |  _   O N T R O L S                                                     +
+  | (_( )                                                                    +

Basic Controls

X Button             -   Accelerate
Square Button        -   Brake / Reverse
Triangle Button      -   Toggle Siren
Circle Button        -   Handbrake

Left Analog Stick    -   Direction
Right Analog Stick   -   Swing Camera

L1 Button            -   Cycle Weapons (tap)
L2 Button            -   Look Left
R1 Button            -   Shoot (when weapon is selected)
R2 Button            -   Look Right

D-Pad                -   Direction

Start Button         -   Pause / Unpause

Advanced Controls

L2 + R2 Button       -   Look Behind

Up on D-Pad          -   Lock-On (when weapon is selected)

+==(  _`\=====================================================================+ 
+  | ( (_)                                                                    +
+  | |___  A M E P L A Y   B A S I C S                                        + 
+  | (_, )                                                                    +

World's Scariest Police Chases has an intuitive control system - you will
be racing around in many different cars that handle completely differently.
Cruisers and Sedans have a respectable top speed and handle well enough,
whereas SUV's are slower but handle significantly better.

You will be shooting in roughly half of the missions, and your weaponry
ranges from bog-standard pistols through to miltary rocket propelled grenade
launchers. Targeting is again easy to learn, but hard to completely master;
by the time you reach the end of the game however you'll be able to flick
your finger over the buttons and hit targets accurately and efficiently.

Missions vary greatly. For example, one of the missions sees you having to
lead a news van away from a transaction rendezvous point, then returning and
busting the crims. The mission before sees you pitted against the clock as
a temporary bomb disposal unit as a twisted madman tries to exact his view
of retribution on the city of Ashland.

There are some questionable physics in this game that you will get used to
as time goes on, but at the beginning be aware when you are faced with jumps
or driving over sidewalks. 

Jumps, for starters, are weird. Sometimes you'll not jump at all, resulting
in the car nose-diving into the ground (the result from jumping properly)
and you scoot forwards simultaneously, more often than not resulting in a
crash. Other times, when executing a seemingly perfect jump and landing
flat, you'll be drained of a ton of health, for no apparent reason.

As made famous by Driver, sidewalks are also perilous places to drive on.
A seemingly ingenious shortcut across a corner can turn a leisurely drive into
a very sore head quickly. There are some destructable objects littering the
sidewalks (trash cans and benches), but the posts, lamps, and barriers which
look completely destructable will stop your car dead in its tracks and bite a 
fair chunk from your health bar.

    _   _ 
+==( )=( )====================================================================+
+  | |_| |                                                                    +
+  |  _  |  I N T S   A N D   T I P S                                         +
+  | | | |                                                                    +

- Ammunition is like golddust in World's Scariest Police Chases, and as such
  you'll have to learn how to ration your shooting and aim well. 

- For starters, the term I use, "rationing shooting", basically means only
  shoot when you are totally confident you will hit. If you only have a few
  clips of ammo and plug away at an enemy on a hill, the bumping around will
  mean you will miss often. ONLY SHOOT ON LEVEL STRAIGHTS.

- Staying with weapons, the heavy handgun is the most vital weapon in your
  arsenal. It comes with a decent clip and stopping power from afar not very
  different from that of a shotgun.

- Make sure you take your time to learn each vehicle's handling and especially
  acceleration characteristics. If you make a collision or scale a hill at
  low speeds, the CPU is not afraid of burning away into the horizon.

- Watch out for the varying weather conditions. When it is raining, you'll
  find your car will be less responsive when turning and you'll need to slow
  considerably for each corner you take. If you don't, you'll find yourself
  thrown into a powerful and sometimes irretrievable skid.

- Ramming seems like an easy way to tally up the damage, but shooting is far
  more practical than headbutting the car's rear end constantly. Not only
  that, but many cars you'll face will limp away even once you have thumped
  him to the point of having you having no health left.

- There is another way of stopping criminals which is far more conservative
  but in many ways a lot less risky than emptying clip after clip into them.
  That is, just tailing them until them crash or give up. You can see how far
  along this by looking at the blue bar underneath the enemy's damage bar. It
  fills up slowly but surely until the criminal crashes or stops and gives up.

- There are many missions in the game that require the player not to shoot 
  and to either put the enemy out of commission via ramming, or to max out
  the blue bar. The reasons for this can be different, but the usual one is 
  that innocents are could be caught in the crossfire or are in the vehicles
  you are pursuing.

- Believe me, if there is something cops hate, it's innocents dying. All that
  paperwork... Don't even think about shooting a civilian. You are given two
  chances during each mission, and if you shoot two seperate civilian vehicles
  you'll have to restart the mission.

    _       _ 
+==( )=====( )================================================================+
+  | | ( ) | |                                                                +
+  | | | | | |  E A P O N S                                                   +
+  | (_/ \_) |                                                                +

This section puts the spotlight on the arsenal you'll fire throughout the 
game; it features a small factfile on each weapon including my opinion.


POWER:         Poor
ACCURACY:      Average
RATE OF FIRE:  Average
RANGE:         Good

A thoroughly average bog-standard pistol. You'll have it in almost every
(shooting permitted) mission. It has decent range and causes some damage due
to its rate of fire, so don't be afraid of whipping this out. There are
better guns, though.


POWER:         Good
ACCURACY:      Good
RANGE:         Average

Otherwise known as a Heavy Handgun, the Revolver is one vital piece of your
arsenal. It doesn't fire very quickly, but the huge amounts of damage it
causes makes up for this. It's really accurate too, so you shouldn't be 
wasting this.


POWER:         Extreme
ACCURACY:      Poor
RATE OF FIRE:  Terrible
RANGE:         Terrible

Shotguns in videogames have always been an acquired taste. In World's Scariest
Police Chases, they aren't up to much. You need to be almost touching the
target vehicle to cause Extreme damage, and the Rate of Fire is also 
predictably bad. Avoid using this unless absolutely desperate.


POWER:         Poor
ACCURACY:      Poor
RANGE:         Good

A poor representation of the Assault Rifle. It fires slower than it should 
(but still faster than every other weapon), isn't effective and spits bullets
everywhere, commonly resulting in a failed mission for hitting other 


POWER:         Extreme
ACCURACY:      Poor
RANGE:         Average

A very handy weapon, the RPG can take out armored targets in just a few 
rounds and has decent enough range. You only use it once (to take out a Tank)
so make the most of it. Watch you don't get caught in the blast!


POWER:         Extreme
ACCURACY:      Good
RANGE:         Good

An absolutely awesome weapon, this automatic cannon unleashes a volley of
incredibly powerful cannon fire at enemies to stop them dead. Unfortunately
the APC isn't fast enough to keep up with any target long enough...


POWER:         Extreme
ACCURACY:      Good
RATE OF FIRE:  Terrible
RANGE:         Average

The most damaging weapon in the game, the Tank Turret can take half a life
bar off with just one shell. There are too many downsides though - it takes
a ridiculous long time to reload, it can shoot far enough, and the Tank is
just too slow.

    _   _ 
+==( )=( )====================================================================+
+  | | | |                                                                    +
+  | | | |  E H I C L E S                                                     +
+  | \_/ |                                                                    +

The spotlight in World's Scariest Police Chases is most definitely on the 
vehicles. There are shedloads of cars, buses and vans to bomb around in, and
the devs behind the game have done a great job of including such variation
in the vehicles. 

This section puts a name to the multiple vehicles you'll be driving as well
as some stats and my opinion on the car.


SPEED:         Very Good
HANDLING:      Very Good
DURABILITY:    Average

Used for a good 50% of the missions, the basic Cruiser is good enough to
see out any mission it's pitted against. It handles and drives well, but 
doesn't take much beating. Due to this, ramming to take out a car isn't 


SPEED:         Good
HANDLING:      Average

Can take a lot more hits than the Cruiser and almost keeps up with one in
a straight line. It's one and only disappointment is the steering, which 
seems overly light and unresponsive. Other than that, it's a viable 
alternative to the Cruiser.


SPEED:         Good
HANDLING:      Very Good
DURABILITY:    Average

Fast and brilliant handling, the Brown Sedan is a good undercover vehicle.
Very stable round corners and slides very well, the Sedan is very reliable
down hills and twisty inclines / declines. It can take a little more 
punishment than the Cruiser, but not much.


SPEED:         Very Good
HANDLING:      Very Good

Faster than the Cruiser and better through the turns than the Sedan, the
Black Sports Car thunders round bends and leaves any pursuers in its wake.
However, every positive has a negative, and for this car it is its terrible
durability. A couple of crashes and this car has had it. 


SPEED:         Very Poor
HANDLING:      Poor
DURABILITY:    Very Good

Predictably for a ground assault vehicle, the APC is one of the hardest cars
to destroy in the game and can take a ridiculous beating. Unfortunately,
this armor means the APC is as slow as a week in the jail and turns like
a disinterested cow. The Automatic Cannon is inviting, though.


SPEED:         Average
HANDLING:      Poor

The Bus is useful for smashing through heavy traffic, but that's about it.
Steers laughably badly and, while the top speed is quicker than you may 
expect, the fact that the Police SUV can take more damage than it is literally


SPEED:         Very Good
HANDLING:      Very Good

Surprisingly nippy and very good around the turns, the Taxi is a very welcome
little package that has manoevrability and agility as well as some very
blurry straights. It doesn't take very many hits though, so be wary.


SPEED:         Very Poor
HANDLING:      Very Poor
DURABILITY:    Very Good

Built like a (ahem) Tank, the Tank will resist even rockets and explosions
to the best of its ability. It's virtually bulletproof, too. However, the
Tank's useless Turret, its ridiculously bad cornering and its being the
slowest vehicle in the game is too much of a barrier to overcome.


SPEED:         Average
HANDLING:      Very Poor

This van only serves to hinder your progress due to its compulsory use in one
of the missions. It steers like a horse on ice and even the Sports Car feels
heavier than it (odd...). It has a decent top speed and can take a few smacks.


SPEED:         Average
HANDLING:      Average

Almost a carbon copy of the Bomb Van but without the 'floaty light' handling,
the News Van is a good alternative to the SUV. Not entirely reliable and
very unpredictable over the hills though.


SPEED:         Good
HANDLING:      Poor

The Pizza Truck has a nippiness about it that makes it quick off the mark
and to a high top speed in seconds. It can take a beating as well, though
the floaty handling lets it down. It is outclassed by many other cars in
most aspects.


SPEED:         Good
HANDLING:      Average
DURABILITY:    Very Good

Takes a lot of hits, is faster than the Police SUV, handles well enough at
speed and has a funky siren. 'Nuff said.


SPEED:         Average
HANDLING:      Poor

A big, blue, boring van. Not worth the effort, to be honest. The van handles
badly, is ponderous and unable to use a siren, and just can't keep up with
the sedans and sports car that are everywhere on the streets of Ashland.

    _       _ 
+==( )=====( )================================================================+
+  | | ( ) | |                                                                +
+  | | | | | |  A L K T H R O U G H                                           +
+  | (_/ \_) |                                                                +


OBJECTIVE:     - Complete the course in the given time limit

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Prohibited

A very easy mission to get you used to the basic principles of driving in
World's Scariest Police Chases. You are driving the Police Cruiser, which
is a fair representation of an average car in the game.

The time limit is forgiving, and on my best run I had eleven seconds on the
clock at the end. Due to this, you don't need to push the car too hard and
instead just get used to finding the cars limit and how to throw it around
without losing control.

Try powersliding, as you'll be doing a lot of it during the main missions -
they are by far the quickest way to make a sharp or right-angled corner. You
can perform a powerslide by speeding up until just before the turn, braking
and turning, then letting of the brake to spin the back of the car round. 
The best place for practising this manoevre is the tight final hairpin.

To achieve the mission's commendation, just complete the course with eight
or more seconds on the clock and without hitting any obstacles. Take it easy
and you'll be fine.


OBJECTIVE:     - Ram the criminals' car until it is destroyed before it 
                 reaches the end of the road

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Prohibited

Not a difficult mission at all. The criminals' car is parked ahead, and
you have to knock him about until his car is destroyed. He isn't just 
driving about aimlessly here - he is making his way to the end of the road
and if you fail to put his car out of commission by then you will fail
the mission.

Your first chance for a quick win comes at the first T-junction. You can
anticipate what way he is going to go by checking which direction he veers.
If he veers left, he's going right, and vice versa. 

Whatever way he turns, smack into his blindside, preferably at the rear. If
you hit him well enough he'll spin out and hit the wall. Reverse and thump
him again and again. If he escapes, he'll head down the street. There are a
whole host of objects that you can push him into that will trap him. He
should be on his last legs by the time he reaches the grassy roundabout.

His objective is up the road ahead, so if you don't spin him out here you
have a long tit-for-tat drive ahead, and a two-mile long one at that. 

Try flicking on your sirens (Triangle) as you'll have to do it every mission
without fail. To achieve your commendation on this level you have to take
him out before he reaches the grassy roundabout, which is easy enough. One
thing to watch though, while the sedan is considerably weaker than the 
Cruiser, a few hard knocks can put the Cruiser out of commission, resulting
in a replay. Keep battling away and he'll go down.


OBJECTIVES:    - Disable the criminals car
               - Go back and collect the discarded evidence

CAR:           - Police SUV

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

A couple of things are introduced in this mission. For starters, you'll be
driving a Police SUV. This is marginally slower but takes more damage than
the Police Cruiser (see Vehicles section). Secondly, you will be introduced
to shooting from the car and, finally, you will have to back and retrieve
evidence, a common practice in the missions ahead.

This is the mission that provides a challenge. As you begin, flick on the
sirens and tap L1 twice to equip the Pistol. Now accelerate to the fleeing
car ahead. As it flies over a bump, Control will contact you permitting your
use of firearms.

Tap the Up button on the D-Pad and start unleashing lead upon the sports car
(R1 to fire). The off-road terrain is very bumpy and the SUV can bounce 
erratically, so don't get carried away. As you pass a farmhouse the suspects
will throw a suitcase out of the car. Ignore it for the time being.

There is a dead end ahead, but the suspects dive right onto some traintracks.
Dog their path, all the shooting at them. If you a natural at this game (and
if you want the commendation) you will take out the car around the bridge area.
You now have to collect the evidence.

The bridge is too narrow to turn around, so just reverse until you reach open
land again, then sharply flick the analog stick right or left to perform a
180. Speed back to the farmhouse and run over the suitcase to finish the
mission. To achieve the commendation collect the suitcase with around one
minute on the clock.


OBJECTIVES:    - Drive to the stop point
               - Do a Reverse 180
               - Shoot 4 out of 5 targets
               - Complete the course within the time limit

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

Your final training mission takes place under the cover of darkness, which
means you'll need to be extra wary to the cones and barriers that mark the
course. Hit just one of these and you'll have to replay the mission. You'll
have to perform some skilful manoevres here, so keep your wits about you.

Firstly, you'll have to drive to the stop point. Turn left when the course
snakes away and over the jump. Slow before hitting the jump, because if you
don't you'll go soaring into the cones. Take a sharp left again and sprint
towards the next bend. 

The stop point is just after this bend. Slam on the brakes before you reach
the end if you are going for the commendation. A timer will appear on screen,
when it times out, hit the brake button and reverse until the revs max out
(the car should start to shudder) then quickly perform a 180 and go down the
next route. 

Ready your weapon and slow down. Coast past the first target on your left and
shoot it down. The second target is on the corner here, so blow it away when
it pops up. Continue to the chicane and take out the next target. The fourth
target is on the next left bend, so shoot it out. The fifth and final target
follows quickly, so destroy it. 

Race around the next bend and stop inside the finish zone. You have graduated
from the Police Academy - congratulations.


OBJECTIVE:     - Bring the drunken driver to a halt without using firearms

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Prohibited

A simple enough mission to get you started. Control radios in to state that
a believed drunken driver is driving erratically. You have to stop him, but
the use of firearms are forbidden - there is a school nearby and it has just

A green arrow appears on your HUD above you. This provides the quickest route
to the objective location. The red arrow (which turns into a dot when you
initiate a confrontation of the driver) on your mini-map marks the location
as well. 

Switch on your sirens and accelerate towards the road ahead. Follow the arrow
as quickly as you can. The driver is lolling around an expensive state to
the north of the city, so fly there swiftly, and try to avoid any time-wasting
accidents along the way. The sirens should disperse the traffic, so plough
through the gaps created.

As you approach the estate the traffic will noticeably thicken. Take care not
to be involved in any halting accidents and eventually the black sports car
will come into view.

The car is veering carelessly across the road and driveways, knocking over
trash cans etc. and being a complete nuisance. The first thing you'll notice
is that the sports car takes a lot more damage than the cars you faced in
the Academy missions. Secondly, the Cruiser is weaker. This creates a problem.
While it is perfectly possible to take out the crim, it is surprisingly easy
to put your car out of commission in the process.

There is another strategy that, while it takes ages to complete the mission,
it is much safer. The HUD beneath the damage bar shows a blue bar. Simply
fill this to complete the mission. It takes a far amount of time to fill, 
but it's a walk in the park to achieve.

To achieve the commendation in the mission you'll have to take out the car
by ramming it. Also, when going for the commendation, you'll notice that
smashing into objects like trash cans and other vehicles racks up something
called "Property Damage". If this is too high, you won't receive your award.


OBJECTIVE:     - Stop the Car Thief

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Prohibited

Shooting is again not permitted on this mission, as a carjacker as taken
control of an innocent's car with the civilian still inside. A good part of
this chase takes place on off-road grassy terrain, so take that as a prompt
to get accustomed to the difference in driving off-road.

You start on the edge of the tunnel. Switch on the sirens and burn down the
tunnel, watching out for the dense traffic that seems to be everywhere. When
you come out into light again, don't follow the arrow, but take the left-hand
overpass into oncoming traffic. Take the left hand ramp and you'll go down
onto the freeway.

Bear in mind you are on the wrong side of the freeway so be prepared to dive 
out of the way of any vehicles that fly round the blind bend ahead, but
don't slow up, particularly if you are going for the commendation.

A little way ahead the brown sedan will appear on the horizon at speed, so
stop and turn, then speed away alongside the sedan. This car is a lot sturdier
than the sports car of the previous mission, which means it is almost 
impossible to knock his car out. Instead, fill up his blue bar again.

Stick close to him as he drives onto the off-ramp and back into the tunnel
you just drove through. The fleeing perp is a skilled driver, so you'll have
to drive well to keep up. As soon as you appear back at the start point
the target will veer left onto a dirt path, followed by a park.

Driving is completely different off-road. For starters, any vehicle is much
slower to respond to your moves, and you will need to be definite and 
accurate with your steering. Secondly, there are lots of hazards off-road,
such as ht multitude of trees, lamps, fountains and walls. 

Lastly, and most important, neither of these points seem to affect the driver
who just ploughs on, mis-judging the turns and smashing into things. He
may drive faster than you, but rest assured you'll find him tied up into the
next solid object or fountain. Keep him in your sights and the blue bar will
slowly but surely max out.

He reappears on tarmac and skids around a corner - its easy to lose him here.
Follow him quickly and his bar should fill very soon.

The commendation can be achieved by driving through the park carefully; there
are so many things that can be smashed into - make sure you hit nothing to
be sure of the award. 


OBJECTIVES:    - Get to the shootout before the time limit expires
               - Take out the fleeing assailant
               - Get back and collect the evidence

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

Your first taste of how mean the streets of Ashland can be. Officers under
attack request your backup. You have to get to the scene within a tight time
limit, destroy the fleeing perp's car, then get back and collect the evidence.

You start stopped dead on a junction. You won't make it to the shootout on
time if you use the next junction, so reverse and speed down the street. 
Turn onto the busy main road and gun it down the street, towards the tunnel.
The target street is narrow and hard to see in the darkness, but is located
directly before the road dips.

You'll appear in a small housing estate with lots of hangover flats. You can
reach this location with about 30 seconds left, if you're quick. Follow
the road around and you'll come to the location. The assailant is on the
horizon in a brown sedan - you'll see him speeding away down an alley to your
immediate left.

Give chase and tap L1 to bring out your weapon. Tap the Up button on the 
D-Pad to lock on and start firing. He'll go either left or right at the
next junction, but before he does so he'll throw a shotgun out of the car.
Keep on his tail.

He takes a seemingly random route each time, but start a far enough distance
away so you can anticipate his movements while shooting with the pistol.
He'll eventually go down, and you now have a timer, of which you need to
collect the weapon before it expires.

Thunder back to the estate, watching for the busy main road again, and run
over the weapon to complete this difficult mission.

To earn the commendation for this mission, complete it without causing too
much property damage (a little is nigh-on inevitable), with around half a 
minute or so on the final timer.


OBJECTIVE:     - Stop the bus before it reaches its destination

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Prohibited

A refreshingly original mission this one. It's not too hard and there really
is nothing like it in the game. A bus driver who has lost his job and his
family has hi-jacked a city bus with passengers. It is your job to stop him
without hurting anyone on board. 

For starters, shooting is completely prohibited on this mission (and you have
some impressive weaponry, shame). You start in a drive-thru lane of a 
burger bar as the bus trundles past. Turn on the siren and accelerate left
through the picket fence and out onto the road. 

The bus driver is heading for the bridge where, if you don't stop him 
beforehand, he'll go kamikaze and drive the bus through the barrier and
off the bridge, plunging the passenger into the drink. He'll take a left
hand turn onto a dual carriageway, so catch up with him. His blue bar should
still filling at this point.

The bus is far too strong to take out - you'll have to scare him. He drives
without regard for pretty much anything and will smash any civilian vehicle
out of the way if necessary. Unfortunately, he regularly pushes them into
your path, meaning collision will be difficult to avoid, particularly on
busy stretches of road or at high speed.

To combat this problem, stay right on the buses' tail, wherever he goes, 
follow. He'll plough things out of the way for you without you having to
dodge the remnants of the collision. 

Just follow the bus as it smashes everything up until the blue bar maxes
out, which should be a good mile or two from the bridge. To gain the 
commendation on this level you need a clean property damage slate and you'll
have to cause the bus little damage.


OBJECTIVES:    - Tail Leo Garcia
               - Apprehend Leo Garcia
               - Collect the evidence

CAR:           - Taxi

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

A change of car for this mission - it sees you undercover and driving a 
Taxi. The Taxi makes a pleasant change from the Cruiser, as its handling is
lighter, it is quicker off the mark and is a lot more stable. You have to
tail a drug dealer to the meeting place and then apprehend him.

Leo Garcia is driving a Black Sports Car and he drives past your location
ten or so seconds after the mission begins. The meter on the left hand side
of the HUD indicates the distance between you and the suspect. Reach either
extreme and you'll fail the mission, either by being seen or losing him.

He stops at a set of signals after the initial bend, so park up behind and
wait for the lights to go green. He'll speed off left onto the dual 
carriageway. Bear in mind the road is wet and it's night, so acceleration
is sluggish.

He'll drive to a villa estate before turning left then right and onto the
freeway slip road. He drastically speeds up here, and if you aren't ready he
can easily lose you in the powerful sports car. He travels over a bridge and
takes the first exit, to the Docklands.

Follow him round the Docklands until a movie takes over. He'll draw up beside
a parked limo and the deal will initiate. You will appear and park up across
the street. 

Your cover is blown immediately afterwards though, as the suspect begin 
shooting at the taxi. As soon as you gain control, put on your siren and
whip out the Revolver. Start plugging away and he'll go down by the time you
reach the freeway again.

A couple of things to watch in this firefight - there are so many civilians
around it's unbelievable. Shooting just one totally incinerates your chances
of gaining the coveted commendation, so watch yourself. Keep at him and don't
let up - he'll be destroyed eventually.

To complete the mission, simply turn back to the busy street and collect the
discarded evidence. Job well done, officer.


OBJECTIVES:    - Get to the crash site within the time limit
               - Escort the ambulance to the hospital within the time limit

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Prohibited

Another unique mission. Back in the squad car, you will be radioed from an
ambulance attending a crash. He needs you to escort him to the hospital 
before the victim dies. You are constantly up against the time limit here -
try to avoid any halting crashes.

The ambulance is located just over the bridge - the arrow uses the quickest
route possible, so follow it doggedly. You will receive constant radio
updates on the deteriorating condition of the victim, but ignore this and
continue to drive coolly and carefully. You can reach the ambulance with
a quarter minute to spare quite easily.

Upon reaching the crash, you'll receive another radio from the ambulance
parked beside the crash. It'll inform that there is only two hospitals in
Ashland that can provide the treatment the patient needs. The closest is
still miles away, on the SE corner.

Get moving! You'll immediately be hit with a 3min+ timer, which isn't huge.
Another proximity bar will appear on the top left of your HUD, this time it
registers the distance from the ambulance to you. As you speed up, it may
seem the ambulance is falling behind, but he'll keep around the green section.

Off the freeway, it becomes tougher as dozy drivers are out in force. In
their daft attempts to get out of the way of both of the vehicles' sirens,
they'll veer into oncoming traffic, causing lots of big crashes. Try to avoid
them, particularly on the narrow streets, or just smash them out of the way
as the ambulance might get stuck.

Continue to the hilly section (watch out, the ambulance drivers' hate the
hills and bounce into trees and other cars, so be patient). Approach the
hospital and another scene will take over, showing the ambulance parking up
outside the hospital. 

To achieve the commendation you will need a very low property damage score
and you'll have to have around 20secs+ on the clock at the end.


OBJECTIVE:     - Defuse the bombs before they explode

CAR:           - Bomb Van

SHOOTING:      - Prohibited

One of the hardest missions in the game by far. A crazy lunatic has planted
multiple bombs around the immediate area of Ashland, and it's up to you,
two regular beat cops, to take out the threat. And you have to do it in a
Bomb Van. How fun.

First off, the Bomb Van is one of the biggest steaming craps you'll ever have
the misfortune of driving in this game. It is really difficult to see over,
resulting in frequent accidents (making the commendation hard to achieve), and
the cornering is atrocious, with ridiculously unrealistic floaty handling
and total lack of traction. It only serves to make a difficult mission even

When you gain control, switch on your siren and accelerate out of the parking
lot on the road. Turn right and head straight through the alley. Keep on going
until you reach the Fire Station, which is just left at the first junction.
Start stopping from far away, as the truck takes a while to come to a full

When you have come to a stop beside the bomb, your partnering officer will
jump out and defuse it. When he gets back in, you'll be up against another
excruciating timer, so leg it back to the alley. When you reach the bottom 
of it you'll see a small road to your left. Slide right onto it and continue
off the road into the small market.

There's a bomb here, so stop beside it and let the other guy do the business.
Again, another time appears, and it is much harder from now on. Accelerate
hard towards the park, where you'll see the next bomb. There is a small detour
you'll have to make though, as the stairs on the most common side are smashed.
Take the alley to the east side and defuse the bomb.

Now onto the last bomb. You are only given the same amount of time as you
were for the last three, and this time the bomb is much further away. Get out
of the park quickly and back onto the seaside road. Follow it and cut across
the left corner on the junction you first come to. Accelerate hard and don't
stop for anything.

Slide left and you'll see the bomb ahead, beside the small stadium. You
don't have enough time to slow, so just go full pelt into the wall beside the 
bomb. You'll stop instantly, the dude will jump out and defuse the bomb, and
finally this rancid mission is over. 


OBJECTIVES:    - Lose the News Van
               - Apprehend the suspect

CAR:           - Brown Sedan

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

In this mission, you are your colleague are staking out a potential meeting
place when your operation is rudely interrupted - by a News Van! You have
to lead the News Van away from the scene then lose it, and get back to the
meet quickly. Then, take out the perp.

From the start, quickly drive left and start weaving in and out of the 
multiple obstacles. The News Van sticks like glue, but eventually he will be
led into the odd accident with another vehicle or lamppost. Try not to lead
the van too far away from the meet, otherwise you won't be able to get back
within the time limit.

Once you have received confirmation of losing the News Van, speed back to the
meet. When you approach the cul-de-sac a scene ensues, depicting a transaction
between another limo and a black sports car. As soon as you regain control,
accelerate hard and quickly pull up to the sports car. 

Equip a suitable weapon and start plugging away until the car goes down.
Watch out, the AI is smart and will take you on a mad dash through the
dual carriageways and freeways if you let the pursuit stretch far enough,
so try and take him out as quickly as possible.

To gain the commendation, lose the news van quickly and try not to cause too
much property damage (though the requesite for this seems to be lower than


OBJECTIVE:     - Escort the convict to the jail

CAR:           - Brown Sedan

SHOOTING:      - Prohibited

You start at the state courthouse, with a jailbird in the vehicle and in an
undercover sedan. You have to escort him to the jail. Of course, not 
everything goes to plan...

Turn round and exit the car park. Do not use your siren, or (naturally) you
will blow your cover. Follow the river edge road until it comes out at onto 
the freeway, immediately next to the bridge. Accelerate hard and, when you
start to scale the bridge, two black sports car will begin following you.

When you leave the highway, the cars will follow, erratically weaving in 
front of oncoming vehicles and the like. The partnering officer will comment
on the cars. Very soon afterwards, you will come under attack. They will only
be using basic pistols, but with two of them shooting the penalties add up
quicker than you might expect. 

Quickly speed off and begin weaving. Usually one car will crash fairly early 
on and will never really catch up, leaving one car performing all the chasing.
However, despite him crashing fairly frequently, he still sticks like glue.
It can be difficult and disorientating when he is trying to bring you down,
but just keep focused and you'll be fine.

Your objective is reaching the Headquarters, which is a fair bit away from
the freeway. Keep weaving and dodging and you should be fine.

To earn the commendation for this mission, try not to crash into anything
and keep the damage to the car as minimal as possible.


OBJECTIVE:     - Stop the Tank!

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

The first, and really only, mission where it is practical to use the rocket
launcher. This is a toughie. For a start, the Tank reacts to rockets like
cars do to bullets. You'll have to be on your toes to beat this one.

You cannot use the Rocket Launcher for a while yet, so instead use your
Assault Rifle, the only gun capable of causing harm to the Tank. Accelerate
hard towards its location and begin to fire on it. You won't cause very 
much damage, but every little helps. 

When the Tank approaches the Stadium, you will be given permission to use
the Rocket Launcher. Quickly equip it and start firing rocket death upon
the Tank. If you are too slow in destroying it, it will shoot at the
Stadium and the mission will be failed.

Be careful of your radius to the tank at all times - if you aren't careful
it will start firing on you, and boy; you won't be dished out damage like
this in the game. Try to prevent the Tank from firing at you by staying out
of its turret's range. Luckily, the range is quite short, but don't get

Also be careful of the damage the rockets do to your own vehicle, as they
can mount up quickly will being shot at. Ammo for the rocket launcher isn't
plentiful and as such every hit needs to count. Just keep plugging away
and, if the need arises, whip out the Assault Rifle and take it down with a
last couple of clips.

To gain the commendation, do not miss with any rockets and they will shoot
the property damage sky-high (naturally), and try not to let the Tank crush
sidewalk destructible objects, as this contributes towards your damage


OBJECTIVES:    - Apprehend the suspect
               - Escape the attack and retreat to the Headquarters

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

At the beginning of the mission, you'll be chasing a seemingly routine
traffic law-breaker in a flashy sports car. Soon though, everything goes
pear-shaped and you, the police officer, is on the run.

Hard, but nothing compared to the previous missions. Just continue down
the road until you come to an estate, and when you reach the furthest away
end the sports car will turn into what is apparently a dead end and an easy 

If only it was so easy being a cop. Instead, there are two black cars waiting
for your arrival, and give chase immediately upon your appearance, making the
pursuer the pursued. Quickly perform a 180 degree turn and go back the
way you came, as the sports cars chase.

Your target to reach is the Headquarters, so use the City Map to plan a 
route an make your way there. The green arrow uses the most obvious route
but, bearing in mind you'll be chased all the way, that isn't always the 
best. There are a few unregistered alleys and side streets that are littered
with indestructible objects that can throw the pursuers into anarchy.

You won't be able to completely destroy them though, as they stick to you
like jam to bread all the way to Headquarters. You may tire of weaving
and driving like a looney, but you have to persist, as every less shot to
the Cruiser means you'll last that bit longer.

When you arrive at the HQ, the mission is complete. To achieve the mission's
commendation, try not to cause too much property damage and don't trash your
Cruiser too much. 


OBJECTIVE:     - Stop the escapee

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

A much more direct approach to this mission will be paramount. The car you
will be pursuing will be driven well and you will be shot at, so hone your
skills in the Free Patrol mode if need be.

From the off you'll be in the chase so immediately equip your favorite gun
and start shooting at the jailbird. He is one of the best drivers the game
will throw at you, but your skills should be a match if you have legitimately
reached this stage in the game.

You will be constantly bombarded with pistol fire too, and the damage racks
up. As such, raising his blue bar is not an option and you'll have to take
him out with brute force (you can still achieve a commendation).

Just stay on his tail and keep pounding his car with fire until he falls.
To achieve a commendation on this mission just kill him quickly, with no
additional property damage, which isn't too demanding.


OBJECTIVES:    - Disarm the bomb
               - Apprehend Lou Ferris

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

This mission sees you pitted against the terrorist from Mission 11: "Sentence
of Fire", Lou Ferris, for the second time. This time though, he's changed his
game. He's informed you of three possible locations and given you a timer -
you have to find the right bomb and disarm it, or Ashland is destroyed.

Drive over to the marker on the radar to be informed of the bomb location.
They are marked with question mark icons on the map, as only one of the 
suspected bombs are real. The timer then appears - it's short, unforgiving,
and doesn't allow multiple trips. The bomb you go to has to be the bomb.

A cheap way round this seemingly difficult task - the bomb is always the one
marked to the rightmost of your map. Simply drive over there an stop beside
it, your co-driver will get out and disarm, and the first objective is

Lou Ferris will appear, and it's your job to arrest him. He won't go down
without a fight though, but you have a Revolver in this mission which you
can put to good use. Not a difficult mission, by any measure.


OBJECTIVES:    - Apprehend the suspects
               - Retrieve the evidence

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

This mission is all about fast driving and efficient gun-wielding. From the
off the two suspects try to escape in their vehicles (van and sports car).
You have to apprehend both before the city swallows them, and retrieve the

Be wary from the beginning, as there is a deployed spike stripe directly
in front of you, and hitting this means instant mission fail. Navigate round
it and chase the much faster sports car. The driver is fast and good at
shaking ordinary tails. You aren't ordinary, though. 

He weaves everywhere, in and out of traffic, around lampposts, through
parks and around benches and trash bins; you'll have to drive well to keep
up. The Revolver works wonders on the light and easily damaged sports car,
so just keep your distance, anticipate his moves, and fire accordingly.

After you have finally disposed of him, do a 180 and head back to the 
marker that locates the van. Watch you do not let him get to far away or
onto the freeway, or you won't bag the commendation. When you reach him, 
get in close with the shotgun as the Revolver doesn't do enough damage 
against the more durable van. 

As the van is less mobile than the car so you'll find it will take a more
direct route, making it easier to guess what he'll do next. He doesn't tend 
to dodge traffic, just smash it out of the way, so watch any off-spring
that is thrown into your path - you need a low property damage to get the

When the van finally goes down, head back to the bank at the start and
retrieve the evidence. It's a long drive most likely, but you don't have
all day so keep moving. Try not to get into any accidents along the way.
When you have the evidence, the mission is complete. Well done.


OBJECTIVE:     - Apprehend the suspect

CAR:           - Pizza Truck

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

In this mission, you are undercover once more as a pizza delivery boy, and
you are staking out a target. When he makes a move, you have to apprehend 

ARGH! This mission is incredibly irritating. For starters, the Pizza Truck
is a piece of junk, that takes next to no time. Secondly, the target is in an
armored vehicle. Thirdly, your only weapon is the Revolver, of which you 
don't have enough ammunition to shoot the target down.

To start, put up your siren and burn down the road after the crim. Equip the
Revolver and take aim. Begin shooting, but only when ABSOLUTELY SURE you
will hit, as there is not enough ammo here. The target drives like a maniac
to attempt to shake you, but you can stick close by not following his every
move, rather drive your way and just take the roads he uses.

When the Revolver runs out of ammunition, you'll have to knuckle down to 
some hard driving, and take out the target the old-fashioned way (by ramming 
into him until his car is destroyed). 

This is very difficult due to the Pizza Truck's disappointingly low durability
level considering its name, and the floaty handling. It's actually made even
worse by the driving antics of the getaway driver. You'll need to have nerves
of steel and driving skills of, well... a great driver to crack this standoff.
When the suspect goes down the mission is complete.


OBJECTIVE:     - Stop ???? (I do not wish to spoil the plot ending)

CAR:           - Police Cruiser

SHOOTING:      - Permitted

Luckily, after the sheer evil of the last mission, the final mission of the
game is a far more sedate and civilized car chase, and thus is far easier to
complete. Don't take it for granted just because the target is a limo that
the chase will be slow, or you'll be unpleasantly surprised.

To start, just bomb after the limo. You have to take it down, and the final
perpetrator will do anything and everything to evade the arm of the law. When
you are within range, whip out a Revolver and start firing. The limo is 
armored, as you'll soon realise, and you'll begin to be fired upon. 

Some expert driving manoevres are required here. The limo will snake around
with surprisingly agility, and with a relentless bombardment on your cruiser
you'll have to be on your toes to deal with it. Don't waste bullets while
on hills or turning, and instead engage the target on straights.

When firing, try to weave in and out of traffic (avoiding shooting them, of
course) to give the shooter a hard time, whilst unloading a few rounds of 
your own. 

Whatever you do, do not underestimate the shooter and you'll cruise through 
this final mission. Apprehend the suspect and you've completed the game.
Well done.

+==(  _`\=====================================================================+ 
+  | ( (_)                                                                    +
+  | |  _   O M M E N D A T I O N   G U I D E                                 +
+  | (_( )                                                                    +



Not a difficult commendation to gain at all. Even a newcomer to this game
should be able to get this medal. You musn't knock down a single cone and you
must complete the course with roughly 8+ seconds on the clock.


You'll have to take out the target very quickly by ramming him into a wall
etc. so he becomes lodged in it, then repeatedly ramming him. Make sure you
do not lose an excessive amount of health (simple) and try to take him down
within a minute to be guaranteed a commendation.


Two main factors in the race to achieve this medal - accuracy and time. The
accuracy threshold is surprisingly demanding (almost 100% of shots fired hit),
so luckily the demand for time is far greater.

You shouldn't have too much difficult here, just try to shoot when you are
directly behind the target and DON'T shoot at him whilst traversing inclines
or declines or you face a strong possibility of missing.


A little tougher, this. Speed around the course in double-quick time, and
begin to brake well before the yellow "STOP" sign. This way, you'll stop
almost exactly on the white line, cutting down the time by a few seconds.

Perform the 180 (without hitting any cones) and speed to the left. You have
to shoot every target here which isn't that difficult. You don't need to
bomb around here, so take your time to make sure every target falls. Then
just go for the goal.


You can smash the target to bits, but that won't get the commendation. You
have to fill up his blue bar until he gives up to earn the award. Make sure
you don't cause any property damage and you shouldn't have a problem.


Use the same method as in the previous to be awarded the medal in this mission.
Watch out you don't cause too much property damage though, as it is easy to
lose control and spin out into trees and benches in the park. 


This one rests on time and accuracy. Speed to the first location and use
the back alley beside the building to catch the gang members by surprise.
Now follow them and shoot at them.

Make sure you don't fire on inclines/declines again, and make sure any stray
bullets do not hit other vehicles, or you won't get the commendation.


Not difficult to gain the medal here. Hound the bus driver from the start,
and don't let him get away (which isn't at all hard, considering the size
and weight of the bus). Stay close to the bus but not so close as to hit the
bus, which racks up the property damage quicker than you'd think.

Remember that the bus constantly pushes car out of his path and, even if the
car is completely wrecked, you hitting will cause big property damage. To
avoid this, stay directly behind the bus at all times.


The first part of the mission can be played as haphazardly as you want, just
don't hit any vehicles and keep up with the suspect. When he opens fire 
upon your car, you need to whip out a gun as quickly as possible and begin

Watch out, it is very, very easy to catch the absurd amounts of traffic 
milling around in the crossfire, and with the shotgun (the weapon you should
be using), this causes huge damage at close range. 

Keep weaving around the civilians until you get in close, then fire on the
car. It doesn't take much for him to go down, and when he does, you simply
need to speed back to the evidence to complete the mission.


Speed to the ambulance's location - drive well and you can reach it with
at least 20 seconds on the clock. When you reach the location, you'll be
prompted to escort the ambulance to the south-west hospital - the furthest
away one. It doesn't matter how quickly you reach the marked hospital, as
you won't get the medal unless you take the ambulance to the other hospital.

Look on the map to find the other hospital and take the victim there quickly
without hitting anything to get the commendation.


Absolute murder. If you must gain the medal (it took me a week or so to crack
it) then you'll have to have a lot of luck with you and be an absolutely
awesome driver to net the award.

For a start, you'll have to reach the locations with around 10+ seconds left
on the clock each time. While this isn't too hard when taking out the first
three bombs, the last one is a right royal pain. I could only crack this
mission by variating the order in which I defused the bombs, namely taking
the stadium first, then the others in reverse order.

You'll also have to hit next to nothing as well, so watch out when driving
in the small park. Good luck.


This commendation isn't too hard to pick up. For starters, you'll have to
lose the News Van within, I would say, a minute or so. When you have, you
have to get back to the stakeout point with at least 30 seconds on the clock,
so don't lead the van to far away from the start. 

When the chase is on, keep your accuracy as high as possible. The award only
seems to register if you disable him within a minute or so, so be quick.


There isn't much you can do to improve your chances of gaining the medal
on this level. A few pointers are that you can't cause too much property
damage and you should try to avoid taking too much damage as well.


Stay out of the way of the two tanks turrets - one hit to your cruiser (or
APC) and you'll immediately lose your chance for the medal. A couple of
other pointers to remember - don't miss with the rocket launcher or APC
Auto Cannon or, naturally, you'll cause momentous amounts of property

Also, your accuracy is very important, and since you have a slow-firing
weapon, missing just once can drag your accuracy level down about 5%, so 
watch for that.


Difficult one, this. For starters, you can't take very damage (obviously
quite hard when you have two sports car trying to rip you to shreds). 
Secondly, there is also a crushing time limit to gain the commendation as

For once the property damage doesn't make much of a difference. Partay.


Property damage is back with a vengeance. Hitting just a few objects or one
vehicle and you can kiss the commendation goodbye. Not only do you have this
on your back, but the accuracy requesite is also high as well. Couple this
to the fact that you are up against a speedy car...

To start you'll have to be completely aware of the surrounding traffic
and obstacles and remain aware throughout the game. Luckily the draw distance
is decent for a fast racing game, so you shouldn't be taken very much by

Also, make sure you are completely stable whilst shooting, particularly
when using the Assault Rifle. One stray bullet hits a car and it is another
frustrating restart. Keep trying and eventually you'll crack it.


Simple. Your accuracy is really the only thing that could prove a hassle
here. Property Damage count is high, so you shouldn't have any worries there.

Just remember the vital rule - hitting a civilian with a bullet results in
no medal, so keep an eye out on where you are shooting at all times, without


Time is main opponent in this mission. To earn the commendation, your end
level time has to be below 4:02. This is very difficult. You have to
dispose of the sports car quickly (which isn't easy), get back to the van,
hope it doesn't take the harder route through the back alleys, then get
back to the evidence. 

Not much advice I can give here. Just remember - car damage and the like 
aren't important; time is paramount.


The hardest mission to complete, but not as hard as you might think to gain
an award on (I done it first time through without any intention of doing
so). The Pizza Truck is slow and unwieldy, which doesn't help, and you don't
have very much ammo for the Revolver.

Aim to get 100% accuracy, as the Revolver has a slow rate of fire which
means you shouldn't have any trouble with this. 95% or above seems to be
acceptable, however. 

When you have run out of bullets, your attention should turn to cutting 
corners. A good technique that is quite easy to learn is the well-known PIT
Manoevre. It is very useful in this mission as it spins the getaway driver
out, resulting in him frequently hitting an obstacle and slowing dramatically.

It is easiest to perform this manoevre on corner. To do it, you have to hit
is near or offside rear corner with enough pace to slide him round. It is
a reliable of cracking the commendation.


The limo is not your main problem in this frequently frustrating final 
mission. Oh no. Rather, it is the Police Cruiser that is providing some 
back-up. How is it providing back-up, you ask? By weaving around like a lunatic
while you are trying to shoot him. How fun.

You may be pushed to the point of taking the squad car out, but that will
lower your accuracy rate (vitally important) and your Property Damage meter
will take a massive hike, so, try to resist.

Be very careful of using the Launcher, as it can result in a restart if you
haven't got a good aim. A Revolver or Assault Rifle may take longer, but is
guaranteed to get you the commendation. Good luck, this isn't an easy one.

+==(  _`\=====================================================================+
+  | (_(_)                                                                    +
+  |  _)_   X T R A S                                                         +
+  | (_( )                                                                    +


A nice way to wind down, especially after a hard mission. This consists of
you picking a vehicle, then cruising the streets for criminals (they run
at the sight of your car). You can chase them, or just cruise about, letting
them get away. It's up to you.

Any awards you gain in commendations will be unlocked here only (that is
the vehicles, themes and gimmick cheats). You can activate them by going to
Options, then to Bonus Items.

The Locations are as follows, you can unlock them by driving to them in Free
Patrol Mode:

Industrial Area
China Town
Donut Plaza
Gas Station

You can also choose "Random", which lets the game decide which location to
start from.


The rewards for gaining commendations in the following missions are below.

Mission 1   :   Slow Motion Jumps
Mission 2   :   Rear wheel steering
Mission 3   :   Flower Power Theme
Mission 4   :   Shotgun
Mission 5   :   Halloween Theme
Mission 6   :   Revolver
Mission 7   :   Low gravity 
Mission 8   :   Bus
Mission 9   :   Taxi
Mission 10  :   Ambulance
Mission 11  :   Bomb Truck
Mission 12  :   News Van
Mission 13  :   Silly Speech
Mission 14  :   APC Auto Cannon
Mission 15  :   Assault Rifle
Mission 16  :   Aqua Theme
Mission 17  :   Rocket Launcher
Mission 18  :   Van
Mission 19  :   Pizza Truck
Mission 20  :   Tank


There are a few cheats in the game that you can use to bypass frustrating 
missions, unlock everything etc.

Left, Right, L1, R1, Circle, Square, R2, L2         :   Unlock all Weapons

Down, Up, L2, L1, X, Triangle, R2, L1               :   All Locations

Down, Up, Left, Right, X, Triangle, Circle, Square  :   Mission Select

    _   _ 
+==( )=( )====================================================================+
+  | | | |                                                                    +
+  | | | |  E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                                       +
+  | \_/ |                                                                    +

Version 0.9 - 28th Jul 2006 - First Complete Version. Some minor things
                               need to be changed. Unpublished.

Version 1.0 -  6th Aug 2006 - Submitted to GameFAQ's. Rectified all glaring
                              writing errors. First Full Version.

Version 1.1 - 16th Jan 2007 - Some grammatical errors rectified. Some spelling
                              mistakes corrected and some areas of 
                              walkthrough omitted due to inconsistencies.

Version 1.2 - 20th Jan 2007 - Posted on SuperCheats. Some re-formatting.

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This entire document is Copyright 2006 John Stubbs. All trademarks contained
within this document are property of their respective owners. No section of
this guide may be used without my permission. This includes, but is not
limited to posting the document on your website, making links to my guide,
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*Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright Notice*

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+  | |  _  R E D I T S   A N D   C L O S I N G                                +
+  | (_( )                                                                    +

I have very much enjoyed writing a guide for World's Scariest Police Chases,
a game that will always have a place in my heart - it was the last PSone
release I became truly addicted and devoted to.

I feel as if I have upturned every stone and completed every there is to
complete in the game in the way I was most comfortable with. I hope you find
it as informative as I intend it to be. 


A big thank you to the following sources and people for their contributions
to my guide:

- ASCII Art Generator (www.network-science.de/ascii)

- Crazyreyn for the superb FAQ'er Profile Website (www.homepages.tesco.net./

- Michael Sarich for the brilliant Copyright Notice

- All of the FAQ community, for support, advice, strategies and even
  consoling exactly when I needed it

- And finally GameFAQ's, for posting this guide on their site.


Thanks for reading.

                                                           (C) 2006 John Stubbs

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