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FAQ/Walkthrough by M.Lo

Updated: 08/07/2005


copyright 2005 Michael Lo

Ufo: Alien Aftermath is a real-time squad tactical game set 
on a vastly altered Earth.  The majority of the world's 
population had perished from a plague released by unknown 
ships orbiting the planet.  Strange, new creatures have 
emerged and now the remnants of the world's governments have 
formed a task force to take back the planet.

Back in the early '90s there was a turn-based strategy/tactical 
game called X-Com which had a secret gov't organization fighting 
an alien invasion and using the alien's own technology against 
them.  X-Com was a fantastic game with many tactical options 
and economic choices as well as skirmishes that occured from 
empty deserts to the alcove of a farmer's barn.  As such X-Com
deservedly gained a strong following.

After a number of lacklustre sequels many were hoping for a 
game that returned to the basis that made X-Com the winner 
it was.  While a number of games did have some of these elements, 
none had combined all the features and so many hardcore fans 
were bitterly disappointed.  

That's too bad as I find many of those games to be really good.  
And so I decided to make a faq/walkthru for Ufo: Alien Aftermath 
and Spellcross.

Some Pointers
-This is just my opinion but you can just stick with Alien laser guns
and sniper rifles until gyro-stabilized and collapsible weapons
(these provide tremendous firepower at long range, plus collapsible
weapons take almost no time at all to fire once they've been deployed).
are available.  With that I'd change over to these heavy weapons
as the basic weapons for the troops.  Round out your forces with
some rocket and grenade launchers (these can be really useful 
against enemies who are clustered close together and are in places
too tight to move out of the way).  My main tactic is let as many
enemies come to me as possible and then begin a hunt.  I try to
keep as many units together as possible so that they can concentrate
their fire on a target-even if an enemy has 90% resistance to whatever
attack, they'll quickly go down if all 7 members are shooting them
with full auto.

-For those new to these kinds of games, Ufo is a tough game and 
so don't be surprised if you end up having to restart a few times.  
The opening scenario is an easy tutorial that will teach you much 
of what you need in a mission.  There's only 2 enemies-a Danglefly 
and a Cudgel, for you to battle so you should be able to come out 
alive.  Besides the tutorial, the manual and in-game encyclopedia 
gives you plenty of useful information.

-All your characters are right-handed!  This is important as a 
character will not use any object that is in their left hand.  
I died a twice in the tutorial mission before figuring out what 
was happening.  So make sure to have items you need to use in 
your right hand.  The left hand is merely to hold objects
for a quick exchange.

-Interception is simple in this game, you will simply send out
a trio of fighters from the closest military base in an attempt
to shoot down enemy ships.  There's no money or resources used
whatsoever.  Researching new aircraft technology really improves
your chances of success but in the end it's all about sending
more jets as initial interceptors get shot down.  All downed
jets are replaced and damaged fighters are repaired.

-Friendly fire does not exist unless it's with a weapon that has 
an area of effect.  So don't worry about the possibility of 
accidentally shooting a comrade.  Shots from a friendly unit will 
just pass through a character.  

-There is no real economy, your equipment will come from capturing 
it from enemies and new bases or producing it yourself.  You do  
have an unlimited supply of Uzis, Pump-Action shotguns, Colt .45s, 
Light Armor, Light Helmets, Grenades, Flares and Medikits.  Since 
production doesn't cost any money or resources other than time, 
your workshops should never be idle especially when advanced 
equipment is available to you.

-You can only have one active group at a time and that group can 
have a maximum of 7 members.  The rest of your team is on standby 
as reinforcements and won't take part in any mission until assigned 
to the active group.  Since you only have one group to work with, 
missions that you don't have time to take can be delegated to 
Council of Earth troops.  CoE troops will also automatically tackle
missions that you left alone for too long.  Missions that are 
delegated will more likely succeed if they are in your zone of 
control, you've been succeeding in your own missions and if you 
have the Goodwill Campaign researched.  I've seen CoE troops succeed 
on difficult base defense and alien base missions while losing 
simple scouting assignments.  One last thing to keep in mind is 
that you will receive the equipment cache found in base set-up 
and alien base missions but you won't get any equipment off of 
dead/K.O'ed opponents during a delegated mission. 

-Try to carry a variety of weapons, a number of Transgenants 
and Reticulans are resistant to certain types of damage.  
Additionally most weapons have a number of drawbacks that 
offset some of their advantages (such as high damage but
extremely short range and low ammo capacity).

-If you can, try not to completely use up a clip of ammo!  Clips 
that have ammo remaining will automatically be refilled when
you return to the base.  Weapons that cannot be reloaded in
the field will also be recharged at the base, so don't worry
about emptying them.

-Don't worry too much about lost bases or unsuccessful missions.
It's more important to take as few casualties as possible.  In
fact losing a base is an opportunity for getting more equipment
and experience as the chance exists for you to capture the base 
again.  Before retreating make sure to revive anyone who's been
K.O'ed as unconscious soldiers will be left behind.  You will
still recover any equipment and defeated opponents prior to
abandoning a mission, so you will get something for your troubles.
Losing a soldier can be more of a problem than losing a mission.
The only exception is the Moon mission where it's do or die.

-If you feel confident, you can go directly to another mission
rather than wait for the flight back to your base.  However your
troops will not get any medical treatment and their equipment
will not be reloaded.  Sometimes a mission is too important
to entrust to CoE troops so you may have to chance more than one
mission in a row.  This diminishes significantly once you have
researched In-base Teleportation.

-Besides the Moon mission, the most important thing you can do
is get a sample of Biomass.  Without it, you cannot research
an Anti-Biomass base and so the Biomass will eventually consume
the whole world.  If you are lucky you will have a mission to
get a sample of Biomass or have a mission that takes place on
the Biomass itself.  If this does not happen, you might have to
try and shoot down a Ufo over a patch of Biomass to force a
mission on the Biomass.  If you still cannot get a sample of
Biomass, then you will have to restart the game as there's a
bug that prevents you from retrieving a sample.

-I'd strongly recommend against sending out a single soldier
without any nearby backup.  If you lose more than half your
maximum health, there's a good chance your character will
fall unconscious and enemy units will finish off any K.O'ed
characters they see.  In Ufo, you always take damage if you're
hit with a successful attack-armor removes a percentage of
damage rather than a static number.  So even pea-shooters   
will eventually kill you especially in large numbers.  Having
some friends around will at least give some extra targets for
enemies to choose and even the toughest, most heavily armored 
foe goes down fast if you gang-up on it. 

EQUIPMENT (Weapons, Armor and Other)

FN Browning Hi-Power

Widely used worldwide, the FN Browning is a heavy pistol firing
9mm ammunition.  Though it's considered a standard in close combat,
this pistol is somewhat limited by its capacity of 13 rounds.  It 
has good stopping power when used on unarmored targets, but the soft 
rounds used are largely ineffective against armor.

Weight		1.3 kg
Skill		Handguns

Ammunition	9mm Parabellum
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		17 m		14 m
Effective Range		8 m		6 m
Damage			48/1		144/3
Rate of Fire		53.3/1.1 rps	320.0/6.7rps
Damage			Soft
Capacity		13
Reload			0.80 s
Weight			0.2 kg

* I really don't use this gun much even in the beginning
stages of the game as you can get your hands on more 
effective weapons from the start.  The problem with this
weapon is that it has very poor range and many enemy units
are resistant to its type of bullets.  The ammo count is
rather poor too.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX .357

The Desert Eagle, an extremely heavy weapon, offers a degree of
stopping power few other pistols can match.  Often referred to as 
a "hand cannon," its extraordinary ability to inflict damage 
almost completely offsets its soft ammunition type, allowing it
to be used against more heavily armored targets.  In heavy combat,
however, its seven-round capacity and long reload time can become

Weight		2.0 kg
Skill		Handguns 

Ammunition	0.45 ACP
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		22 m		0 m
Effective Range		8 m		0 m
Damage			100/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		76.9/0.8 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		7
Reload			1.50 s
Weight  		0.2 kg

* I mostly use this for amusement purposes.  The damage per
bullet is very good, surpassing most rifles, and the type
of damage inflicted is more effective vs. most opponents than
most other pistol rounds.   Finally the range is quite good for 
a pistol.  However the severe lack of ammo capacity is a big 
strike against it especially in the early stages when magazines 
are scarce and the accuracy is a bit off too.

Glock Model 19

The Glock 19 pistol is very similar to the Browning, with comparable
range and stopping power.  The fact that it loses some accuracy due
to its lighter weight--because of the extensive use of plastic in
its construction--is generally considered offset by its larger
capacity of 19 rounds.

Weight 		0.6 kg
Skill		Handguns

Ammunition	9mm Parabellum
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		21 m		16 m
Effective Range		9 m 		5 m
Damage			48/1		144/3
Rate of Fire		53.3/1.1 rps	360.0/7.5 rps
Damage			Soft
Capacity		19
Reload			0.90 s
Weight			0.2 kg

* A pretty decent early gun especially if you're unlucky
enough not to have access to a rifle that isn't a shotgun.
The damage is typical of its class but it has a really
large magazine and the range is quite good.  The accuracy
of a burst fire is also quite low.

FN Five-seveN Tactical

The FN Five-seveN is a light, highly accurate pistol generally used
with armor-piercing rounds.  What it lacks in stopping power against
targets that are soft or close in, however, it makes up for with the
tactical advantage afforded by its 20-round capacity, greater effective
range, and AP rounds.  Though it is light in weight, it's extremely
sturdy, allowing for more accurate burst fire than other pistols.

Weight		0.6 kg
Skill		Handguns

Ammunition	5.7mm SS190
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		24 m		19 m
Effective Range		13 m		7 m
Damage			34/1		102/3
Rate of Fire		48.6/1.4 rps	340.0/10.0 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		20
Reload			0.70 s
Weight			0.2 kg

* This is a very nice pistol for the early stages.  It has
long range by pistol standards, its also more accurate
than any other regular pistol (its effective range is
high), carries a magazine that rivals that of a sub-machine 
gun, and its bullets are hard so most opponents have low 
resistance to it.  The damage is low but it's still quite
effective in the beginning.

Colt 0.45ACP Model 1911A1

This classic pistol remains one of the most popular weapons,
particularly for use as a military sidearm.  Its chief qualities
are incredibly robust construction and the superior stopping
power of the 0.45ACP bullet.

Weight		1.1 kg
Skill		Handguns

Ammunition	0.45 ACP
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		20 m		13 m
Effective Range		9 m		4 m
Damage			75/1		225/3
Rate of Fire		75.0/1.0 rps	375.0/5.0 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		7
Reload			1.10 s
Weight			1.1 kg

* Solid hitting power and a more effective damage type
vs. most opponents, plus you have an unlimited supply
of these weapons.  It makes for a decent early weapon
especially if you have no access to a rifle.  The Colt
suffers from a burst fire has really poor range and
the ammo capacity is very low though this is offset by
access to an unlimited supply of magazines.


Considered to be a modern German copy of the Browning 9mm
Parabellum, the P-USP is of more up-to-date construction,
which reduces its weight to 720g and gives it a 15-round
magazine capacity.

Weight		0.7 kg
Skill		Hanguns

Ammunition	9mm Parabellum
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		22 m		18 m
Effective Range		11 m		7 m
Damage			48/1		144/3
Rate of Fire		60.0/1.2 rps	360.0/7.5 rps
Damage			Soft
Capacity		15
Reload			0.80 s
Weight			0.2 kg

* This a decent pistol that is quite accurate and has
a sizeable clip.  The range on it is better than most
other regular pistols.  So a pretty good weapon to
get in the beginning stages.

Alien Laser Pistol

This weapon, used by the Reticulans, is of typical
biomechanical design.  It works much as any laser,
converting energy into collimated light, which is then
projected at the target.  These weapons have better
range, along with better midrange damage characteristics.
this gives them more uses in combat siutaions and better
performance against armored targets.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		28 m		22 m
Effective Range		16 m		10 m
Damage			35/1		35/1
Rate of Fire		70.0/2.0 rps	87.5/2.5 rps
Damage			Laser
Weight			0.7 kg
Skill			Handguns

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		12
Reload			4.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

Ammunition		Alien power cell
Capacity		24
Reload			4.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

* Its damage is really poor compared to most
other pistols.  However its range and accuracy are
really good by pistol standards plus its rate of fire
in aimed mode is very fast.  Since it uses lasers, quite 
a few opponents have less resistance to this kind
of damage.  But usually if you find an Alien Laser
Pistol, you'll have likely found the more powerful Alien 
Laser Gun or have a decent arsenal of ordinary rifles.

Advanced Alien Laser Pistol

This version of the Alien Laser Pistol uses enhanced 
energy cells, allowing it to stay in action for longer
periods without reloading.  In other respects it is
quite similar to its counterpart.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		30 m		25 m
Effective Range		20 m		14 m
Damage			50/1		50/1
Rate of Fire		100.0/2.0 rps	166.7/3.3 rps
Damage			Laser
Weight			0.7 kg
Skill			Handguns

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		25
Reload			3.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

Ammunition		Alien power cell
Capacity		50
Reload			3.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

* Definitely better than its predecessor in almost
every way but by the time you get one of these, 
you'll have access to superior weapons than this.

Laser Pistol

A version of the Alien Laser Pistol using a combination
of the techniques used in Human and Reticulan science,
this pistol performs to a similar degree.  However, it
is slightly heavier because of its less-refined human
manufacture, as opposed to Reticulan methods of

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		30 m		24 m
Effective Range		13 m		9 m
Damage			40/1		40/1
Rate of Fire		66.7/1.7 rps	133.3/3.3 rps
Damage			Laser
Weight			0.5 kg
Skill			Handguns

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		20
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

Ammunition		Hybrid power cell
Capacity		40
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

* While the damage inflicted is okay, the range is
really good and comparable to that of a rifle.
The accuracy isn't as good as that of an Alien Laser
Pistol but it's still quite fair and the rate of fire
in aimed mode is fast.  Makes for a decent alternative 
to the Alien Laser Pistol if you like using those weapons.  
Ammo isn't an issue here as the capacity is good even 
without using Power Cells and you can keep manufacturing 
more ammo.

Enhanced Laser Pistol

This version of the human Laser Pistol is a slightly
improved version of the older "standard issue" laser
pistol.  It has better range, does more damage and
consumes less power.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		35 m		31 m
Effective Range		15 m		12 m
Damage			60/1		60/1
Rate of Fire		100.0/1.7 rps	200.0/3.3 rps
Damage			Laser
Weight			0.6 kg
Skill			Handguns

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		1000
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

Ammunition		Hybrid power cell
Capacity		2000
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

* The damage for this weapon is good and the
range is excellent.  The only thing is that by the
time you can build these weapons, you'll already
have other guns that are superior to this one.

Alien Psi Stinger

The Psi Stinger seems to be a popular psi weapon 
among the aliens, though other models based on
this technology make it rather obsolete.  This 
light, hand-held weapon is used mostly for defense
purposes, since it's really effective only at
short distances, however it is capable of paralyzing
the target thus making it vulnerable to other, more
dangerous attacks.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		12 m		0 m
Effective Range		6 m		0 m
Damage			50/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		16.7/0.3 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Paralyze
Weight			1.0 kg
Skill			Psi Power

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		50
Reload			11.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* The abysmal range on these weapons make it a liability
in open combat and it has a slow rate of fire.  However they 
have a chance to paralyze your enemies.  That makes them
quite effective in boarding missions and whatnot.

Alien Psi Projector

The Alien Psi Projector is a relatively much more 
sophisticated weapon, and in the hands of aliens
it's a a fearsome thing.  It is designed to create
an invisible path for the transfer of psi energy
to the target: The person wielding the weapon can
take a complete control of the target's mind.  The
projector seems to work well at medium range, but
fortunately for us, it drains its energy quite quickly.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		30 m		0 m
Effective Range		22 m		0 m
Damage			30/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		12.0/0.4 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Paralyze
Weight			2.0 kg
Skill			Psi Power

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		10
Reload			12.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* One of the best weapons in the game, you can
mindcontrol an enemy from a good distance away.
When you do so, your soldier cannot take any
action and his/her portrait is replaced by that 
of the victim.  This is a nice primary weapon
and an excellent back-up for characters lugging
around heavy weapons with little ammo.

Alien Warp Pistol

This pistol seems to use warp technology at some
basic level.  The warp field has a larger spread 
that reduces both its range and strength, thereby
causing less damage to the target (for the same
amount of consumed energy).  However the pistol
can be very accurate at short distance.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		20 m		16 m
Effective Range		10 m		7 m
Damage			200/1		200/1
Rate of Fire		222.2/1.1 rps	400.0/2.0 rps
Damage			Warp
Weight			1.0 kg
Skill			Handguns

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		40
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* The most devastating pistol you can get your
hands on.  These are excellent weapons for close
and medium range combat and are a great sidearm 
for characters carrying bulky, heavy weaponry.  
While it can't be reloaded on the field, this 
offset by a large ammo capacity.  The only drawback
is that most enemies have at least some resistance
to this type of attack.

Pump Action

The standard in combat shotguns, the SPAS-12 is capable of
dealing horrific damage at close range.  Although weak
against armor, it is often capable of hitting several soft
targets with a single shot, so it continues to enjoy the
advantage in certain tactical situations.  However, low
ammunition capacity and lack of accuracy at long ranges 
limit is usefulness.

Weight		4.4 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	12 Gauge
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		11 m		0 m
Effective Range		5 m		0 m
Damage			600/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		272.7/0.5 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Soft
Capacity		6
Reload			4.50 s
Weight			0.4 kg

* In the beginning, this is a very useful weapon as 
it Causes tremendous damage and you get an unlimited
supply of them too.  The only enemies capable of 
attacking you from a distance are those carrying 
pistols, so it doesn't take much for you to rush up 
and unload some buckshot into them.  This gun will 
put down any early foe that gets too close to you.  
However you will quickly encounter enemies that far 
outrange the Pump Action and can inflict heavy damage 
with their shots.  After that the Pump Action is only
useful as a backup weapon for close quarters and it
becomes obsolete as better shotguns become available.
The Pump Action has the least damage and poor ammo 
capacity though that's offset by the damage of each 
shot, even opponents that are highly resistant to
soft slugs will be reeling from a shot of this gun.


Larger and heavier than the SPAS, the Neostead boasts
a 12-round capacity and a higher rate of fire than
most shotguns.  It is extremely heavy, but the extra
weight is offset by its enhanced utility as a tactical

Weight		5.5 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	12 Gauge
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		12 m		0 m
Effective Range		7 m		0 m
Damage			900/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		360.0/0.4 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Soft
Capacity		12
Reload			3.50 s
Weight			0.6 kg

* Quite a monster, this weapon is far superior to
your initial Pump Action.  While it has the typical
shotgun weakness of lousy range, few opponents can
take more than a couple hits from this gun and
it has a large enough enough ammo capacity to put
down a sizeable company of enemies.  It's rate of
fire is a bit poor though.


The CAW is a large, heavy, ugly weapon that, with its
burst capability, can inflict truly horrific damage.
Though it still carries many of the weaknesses common
to other shotguns--such as short range and heavy 
weight--its ability to tear apart numerous unarmored 
targets in an extremely short time makes it a tactical
asset not to be ignored.

Weight		5.5 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	12 Gauge
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		13 m		8 m
Effective Range		8 m		3 m
Damage			480/1		1440/3
Rate of Fire		240.0/0.5 rps	480.0/1.0 rps
Damage			Soft
Capacity		9
Reload			3.50 s
Weight			0.6 kg

* A potent weapon in close range with an aimed shot, 
this becomes utterly devastating when set on burst fire.
This can really rip up on enemies up close.  However
enemies with high resistance to soft slugs will take
significantly less damage as each individual shot is
weaker than other shotguns.  Also the ammo capacity
is quite low, so unless you have a large supply of
clips you'll want to hold back on the autofire.


Plasma Shotgun

This weapon was created through the modification of
designs for the Alien Plasma Pistol.  Instead of firing
one packet, however, the Plasma Shotgun fires out many
smaller packets in a conical pattern in front of the
shooter, much like a conventional shotgun.  Each of these
packets is relatively more damaging, especially against
armor, making the Plasma Shotgun much more effective than
a conventional shotgun.  This advantage is offset somewhat
by a long reload time.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		10 m		10 m
Effective Range		5 m		5 m
Damage			820/1		820/1
Rate of Fire		149.1/0.2 rps	149.1/0.2 rps
Damage			Plasma
Weight			4.5 kg
Skill			Rifles

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		4
Reload			12.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

Ammunition		Hybrid power cell
Capacity		8
Reload			12.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

* It's got the worst range out of any shotgun and it's
also really slow in firing rate but not only does it do 
tremendous damage, the damage done is plasma-based so 
many foes have little resistance to it.  Initially the 
ammo capacity seems awful but once you can produce 
Hybrid Power Cells, this gun should have ample shots 
for an opponent to face.

Enhanced Plasma Shotgun

This version of the Human Plasma Shotgun does more
damage and is marginally more accurate.  In other
respects it is quite similar to its counterpart.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		11 m		11 m
Effective Range		6 m		6 m
Damage			1140/1		1140/1
Rate of Fire		228.0/0.2 rps	228.0/0.2 rps
Damage			Plasma
Weight			4.5 kg
Skill			Rifles

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		5
Reload			12.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

Ammunition		Hybrid power cell
Capacity		10
Reload			12.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

* In my opinion, this is best shotgun in the game.
Even an HK CAWS on burst isn't as good as this
weapon.  The range is still a bit bad compared to 
other shotguns and the rate of fire hasn't improved 
but damage is ungodly and plasma-based, so it's not 
uncommon to see foes drop down from a single shot 
of this gun.  Ammo capacity can be pretty decent, 
because by the time this weapon is available for you 
to build you should have a large supply of Power 
Cells manufactured.

CZ Skorpion vz.83

The Scorpion is small enough and light enough to
be used with one hand, though that severely
dampens its accuracy.  Because it is so light, the
accuracy of burst fire is particularly weak, which
limits its long-range utility
Weight		1.3 kg
Skill		Handguns

Ammunition	9mm Parabellum
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		18 m		11 m
Effective Range		8 m		3 m
Damage			128/4		224/7
Rate of Fire		51.2/1.6 rps	224.0/7.0 rps
Damage			Soft
Capacity		20
Reload			2.00 s
Weight			0.5 kg

* The range on this gun is quite bad and it's very
inaccurate with burst fire.  The one good thing about
this gun is that the aimed damage is high but that's
only because it uses 4 bullets.  The ammo capacity
is also quite small by SMG standards.  It's not an
awful weapon but with the UZI being a better gun
for the most part, there's really no need to use
the Skorpion unless you're fond of it.



The UZI has both a higher rate of fire and a larger
magazine capacity than the Scorpion, allowing it do
greater damage at a slightly longer range.  Greater
weight makes for slightly better accuracy, but it's
still an inaccurate weapon that's most effective at
short range.

Weight		3.7 kg
Skill		Handguns

Ammunition	9mm Parabellum
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		21 m		17 m
Effective Range		7 m		5 m
Damage			64/1		224/7
Rate of Fire		21.3/0.7 rps	224.0/7.0 rps
Damage			Soft
Capacity		30
Reload			2.00 s
Weight			0.7 kg

* This is a vital weapon for me in the beginning.
It's the longest ranged weapon in your initial 
arsenal and it's good ammo capacity is important
when many of your recruits are often bad shots
plus you have an unlimited supply of these so
you can equip lots of magazines.  The damage is
okay though its quite low on aimed fire.  Since
almost every other SMG is superior to this one,
there's little need to carry an UZI once you have
a good arsenal.


The MP5 is understandably popular for use in urban
environments where armored opposition isn't expected.
While it lacks the high rate of fire boasted by its
less advanced counterparts, it makes up for it with
better midrange accuracy.  These advantages apply
to burst fire too, making the MP5 an excellent choice
for urban combat.

Weight		2.6 kg
Skill		Handguns

Ammunition	9mm Parabellum
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		26 m		20 m
Effective Range		10 m		6 m
Damage			80/2		240/6
Rate of Fire		32.0/0.8 rps	240.0/6.0 rps
Damage			Soft
Capacity		30
Reload			2.00 s
Weight			0.6 kg

* The range is good and so is the accuracy by SMG 
standards.  This is a pretty good gun even by the 
middle stages of the game.

FN P90

The FN P90 is an advanced personal defense weapon
with many of the benefits of an assault rifle in a
package more closely approximating the form value
of a PDW.  It's highly accurate over the medium
range, has a very high ammunition capacity and uses
AP rounds, making it most effective in midrange
situations.  While burst fire produces a slight loss
in accuracy, the weapon is too awkward for one-handed

Weight		2.5 kg
Skill		Handguns

Ammunition	5.7mm SS190
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		25 m		21 m
Effective Range		11 m		8 m
Damage			90/2		225/5
Rate of Fire		45.0/1.0 rps	250.0/5.6 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		50
Reload			2.50 s
Weight			0.8 kg

* Has less range and burst damage than the MP5 but 
is more accurate and hits harder with aimed shots.
Also it uses hard bullets that are far more effective
against a variety of foes than soft slugs.  The ammo
capacity of this gun is also huge.  This is an excellent
weapon for many situations.


Markedly similar to the P90, the GHK offers higher 
range but accuracy that's far inferior to its 
counterpart.  It is however, a pleasure to use 

Weight		1.2 kg
Skill		Handguns

Ammunition	4.7mm Caseless
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		25 m		21 m
Effective Range		11 m		9 m
Damage			100/2		250/5
Rate of Fire		58.8/1.2 rps	312.5/6.2 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		45
Reload			2.00 s
Weight			0.7 kg

* Even better than the FN P90, this gun shares 
the same range and is a bit more accurate
with burst fire.  It does somewhat more damage
and likewise uses hard bullets.  The only
inferiority is a slightly smaller magazine but
that's a trifle.  This is a great gun to have,
just ignore the blurb about using this gun 
one-handed, it's too large for that.


The AK 47, which is amazingly reliable and widespread, 
is certainly the weapon that most often comes to mind
at the mention of "assault rifle."  Somewhat lacking 
in accuracy and damage capability, it's still wildly
popular and very useful, especially for medium-range
engagements against lightly armored opposition. 

Weight		4.3 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	7.62mm NATO
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		31 m		17 m
Effective Range		19 m		6 m
Damage			73/1		219/3
Rate of Fire		40.6/0.6 rps	121.7/1.7 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		30
Reload			4.00 s
Weight			0.6 kg

* Even though it's range is less than other rifles,
it's still a decent weapon overall and can provide
you with some solid firepower at a distance plus
the hitting power is good enough for enemies to
feel the hurt especially at burst fire.  Most rifles
show up at roughly the same time, barring the Steyr
and the HK G11, so you might not need to use it much. 
Still no rifle is bad, and you'll need at least this
level of range when you first encounter Transgenants 
that can spit globs of acid.

The FN FAL assault rifle has been widely employed
in armies around the world.  However, its outstanding
long-range performance is counteracted somewhat by 
its poor burst-fire characteristics.  Although the 
ammunition it uses isn't specifically designed to pierce
armor, the great size and weight of the round makes it
more effective against armor than pistol ammunition.
This weapon is best used in battle over long distances.

Weight		5.0 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	7.62mm NATO
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		33 m		21 m
Effective Range		22 m		9 m
Damage			73/1		219/3
Rate of Fire		45.6/0.6 rps	136.9/1.9 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		30
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			0.5 kg 

* I kinda like this rifle.  The damage caused is solid
though not exceptional, however it's range is good
and it's quite accurate as well.  It can be dropped
in favour of other rifles when they're available but
this is a useful weapon especially early on.


The HK G3 was formerly the standard armament throughout the
German Army.  It's excellent for long-range engagements with
armored enemies, but its low ammunition capacity, low rate of
fire and poor burst characteristics make it less suitable for
close combat than certain smaller assault rifles.  It is quite
heavy and slow to aim.

Weight		4.5 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	7.62mm NATO
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		35 m		21 m
Effective Range		24 m		9 m
Damage			73/1		219/3
Rate of Fire		48.7/0.7 rps	136.9/1.9 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		20
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			0.5 kg

* Superior to the FN FAL in range but carries a smaller clip,
I prefer this to the former on account of the range.  It's a
good gun to have when you need an accurate shot in the distance
early on.  

Colt M4

The American replacement for the M16, the Colt M4 offers good
midrange accuracy and a high rate of fire, along with excellent
AP characteristics.  These advantages make it a good choice for
medium-to-long range engagements against armored targets.  Like
most rifles using 5.56mm ammunition, it has much better burst-fire
characteristics than weapons using 7.62mm shells, though it suffers
from slightly lower range and damage capability.

Weight		3.4 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	5.56mm NATO
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		33 m		19 m
Effective Range		22 m		8 m
Damage			56/1		168/3
Rate of Fire		37.3/0.7 rps	112.0/2.0 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		30
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			0.6 kg

* Good range and hard bullets help make up for rather mediocre
damage in both aimed and burst-fire mode.  It still hits hard
but not by most rifle standards.  It is a very light gun and
a good choice for characters who haven't yet developed much
carrying capacity.

HK G36

The G36 is the replacement for the venerable G3.  It has a better
rate of fire, it's more accurate, and it offers other features that
improves its damage capability over time, although it uses a smaller
and less damaging type of ammunition.  The G36 is most appropriate 
for medium-to-long range firefights against armored targets.

Weight		3.3 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	5.56mm NATO
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		35 m		24 m
Effective Range		23 m		11 m
Damage			56/1		224/4
Rate of Fire		46.7/0.6 rps	160.0/2.9 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		30
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			0.6 kg

* Hard bullets, very good range and potent burst-fire damage
makes this an excellent rifle.  It's very low weight is a 
further bonus.  This is a truly versatile weapon and probably
the best of the more common Human assault rifles.

Steyr Aug

The Aug's bull-pup design makes it somewhat odd-looking as a rifle
but its tactical advantages certainly outweigh any aesthetic concerns.
It offers a lower rate of fire than many comparable rifles using the
same ammunition, but its superior accuracy in burst fire gives it
many advantages in similar battle situations.

Weight		3.8 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	5.56mm NATO
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		45 m		30 m
Effective Range		30 m		14 m
Damage			60/1		240/4
Rate of Fire		42.9/0.7 rps	184.6/3.1 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		30
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			0.6 kg

* It often takes a long time before you see your first Steyr and
even then it'll be a rare find for quite awhile.  The Steyr has
ridiculously good range for an assault rifle and good damage
in either firing mode as well as packing hard bullets.  This is
a fantastic weapon to have and clearly superior to previous rifles
in many regards.  

HK G11 K5

The G11--lightest of the advanced rifles--uses caseless ammunition
to reduce weight and decrease recoil.  As a result, this assault
rifle is extremely accurate in both single and burst-fire modes.
However, since caseless ammunition was never very common before
the Invasion it's very rare and hard to find in most situations.

Weight		3.6 kg
Skill		Rifles

Ammunition	4.7mm Caseless
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		40 m		27 m
Effective Range		26 m		12 m
Damage			56/1		280/5
Rate of Fire		37.3/0.7 rps	233.3/4.2 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		45
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			0.7 kg

* Probably the best of the human assault rifles that isn't
based on hybrid technology.  It is weaker than the Steyr Aug
in some regards especially range but this a rifle that still
has fantastic range, potent damage in burst-fire plus a 
very large clip.  This is a rare weapon but it's an excellent 

Alien Laser Gun

The Alien Laser Gun is a small, lightweight biomechanical
weapon used to project a laser beam at the target.  Since
it weighs so little, it is a favoirite with lightly armed
Reticulans and as a weapon for human troops who aren't
primary fighters.  Because there's no recoil in its burst-fire
mode, it's much less easily disrupted when used as such.  
This means greater accuracy and effectiveness, albeit with a
longer reloading time.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		37 m		25 m
Effective Range		32 m		15 m
Damage			70/1		210/3
Rate of Fire		43.7/0.6 rps	131.2/1.9 rps
Damage			Laser
Weight			2.0 kg
Skill			Rifles

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		25
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

Ammunition		Alien power cell
Capacity		50
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

* For me this weapon is my mainstay.  It caused me to
get very lazy when it came to picking a weapon.  It has
great range and damage capability that's just a bit less
than the most 7.62mm rifles plus it's ridiculously light.  
Even though most opponents have at least some resistance
to lasers, the level of resistance isn't usually that
spectacular.  The biggest factor for me is how common
ammunition is for this gun.  At a time when many good
rifles have just a few clips available, your Alien Laser
Gun should have tons of ammo.

Advanced Alien Laser Gun

This is a version of the Alien Laser Gun with increased
range and accuracy and also damage.  However, also the
reload time is longer for this model.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		45 m		32 m
Effective Range		39 m		20 m
Damage			90/1		270/3
Rate of Fire		36.0/0.4 rps	168.7/1.9 rps
Damage			Laser
Weight			2.0 kg
Skill			Rifles

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		33
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

Ammunition		Alien power cell
Capacity		66
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

* Dramatic improvements to ammo capacity, range
and damage makes this a new main-stay weapon for
me once it becomes available for capture.  A truly
fine weapon and a great asset for your team.

Alien Psi Blaster

This bulky weapon projects a blast of psi power in a
given direction.  Though it isn't very precise, at 
limited distances the blast is very likely to hit the
target.  As usual for psi weapon, it has no exchangeable
battery and after some number of shots it must be 
recharged in a base.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		35 m		30 m
Effective Range		20 m		15 m
Damage			50/1		50/1
Rate of Fire		25.0/0.5 rps	33.3/0.7 rps
Damage			Exception
Weight			5.0 kg
Skill			Psi Power

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		50
Reload			12.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* The damage is pretty good but the kicker is that
most enemies have no resistance to the type of attack 
this weapon deals out.  It also has very good range and
a huge ammo capacity that offsets the inability to
recharge in the field.

Alien Warp Assault Rifle

This Alien Warp Rifle exhibits more advanced use of
space-time warp technology: The affected region is 
defined with much greater accuracy, reulting in 
precise aiming and lower energy consumption.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		31 m		25 m
Effective Range		19 m		13 m
Damage			200/1		600/3
Rate of Fire		80.0/0.4 rps	166.7/0.8 rps
Damage			Warp
Weight			3.0 kg
Skill			Rifles

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		40
Reload			10.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* Not quite as long-ranged as other rifles, this
weapon does tremendous damage especially with a
burst so even though Warp damage isn't very 
effective against most foes, the sheer level damage 
will simply cut through that and obliterate them.  
The ammo capacity is very large and usually offsets 
the inability to reload on the field.

Laser Rifle

Although this Laser Rifle is based on technology
gleaned from the Alien Laser Gun, it does not
match its model in any statistics, except for
weight.  Still, we do not have to rely on getting
Laser Guns from aliens anymore and we can produce
many copies of this rifle.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		45 m		31 m
Effective Range		30 m		15 m
Damage			40/1		200/5
Rate of Fire		20.0/0.5 rps	142.9/3.6 rps
Damage			Laser
Weight			2.8 kg
Skill			Rifles

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		20
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

Ammunition		Hybrid power cell
Capacity		40
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

* It's true that the damage is just mediocre but the
range on this gun is fantastic.  Ammunition isn't
much of a factor here as you can keep manufacturing it.
Heavier than the Alien Laser Gun, it is still a very
light weapon to carry.  In all though, I'd just make 
one of these so that research for the Enhanced Laser 
Rifle can be worked on.

Enhanced Laser Rifle

This is an enhanced version of the Human Laser
Rifle.  It is more accurate, however it also
drains more energy per shot than the basic model.
The damage is the same.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		52 m		36 m
Effective Range		40 m		20 m
Damage			60/1		300/5
Rate of Fire		35.3/0.6 rps	250.0/4.2 rps
Damage			Laser
Weight			3.0 kg
Skill			Rifles

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		20
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

Ammunition		Hybrid power cell
Capacity		40
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

* The range on this is gun is creeping up on
sniper rifle level.  The damage is quite good
on an aimed shot and deadly on burst-fire. 
This weapon is a truly big jump from the 
predecessor and it's a fantastic gun.  The
slight increase in weight compared to the
predecessor is a non-issue next to the 
improvements.  Unlike what is mentioned,
this gun has just as many shots as its

Plasma Rifle

The goal of reusing alien plama technology in
human weapons was successfully achieved, though
this gun still has the problem of high power
consumption.  However these Plasma Rifles are 
capable of inflicting stupendous amounts of damage.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		35 m		0 m
Effective Range		20 m		0 m
Damage			500/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		125.0/0.3 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Plasma
Weight			5.0 kg
Skill			Rifles

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		5
Reload			10.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

Ammunition		Hybrid power cell
Capacity		10
Reload			10.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

* A truly devastating weapon and with very good
range plus the damage is plasma-based.  Unfortunately
it is a slow gun and has no burst-fire mode.  The big
strike against it, is the abysmal number of shots
you can take with it.  This improves dramatically
with the use of Hybrid power cells but the number
is still very poor for a rifle.  I'd only make
a single of these so that research for the 
Enhanced Plasma Rifle can be worked on.

Enhanced Plasma Rifle

The enhanced version of the Human Plasma Gun
can still empty a standard power pack in four
shots, however it does even more damage to
the enemy.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		40 m		0 m
Effective Range		30 m		0 m
Damage			750/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		214.3/0.3 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Plasma
Weight			6.0 kg
Skill			Rifles

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		5
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

Ammunition		Hybrid power cell
Capacity		10
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.5 kg

* A huge improvement, this gun gains significantly
more range and leaps up the damage scale in a major
way.  A slight increase weight takes place as well
but this is just a tiny nitpick.  An excellent weapon
to have, once you have manufactured a large cache
of Hybrid power cells for it-the bit about drainging
the standard power pack in four shots is a mistake.

Remington Model 700

This highly popular sniper rifle weighs just five
kilograms, including the scope.  It features a 
four-round magazine and an integrated tripod.  A
slightly longer barrel gives it better accuracy
at longer distances.

Weight		4.0 kg
Skill		Marksmanship

Ammunition	7.62mm NATO
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		58 m		0 m
Effective Range		35 m		0 m
Damage			100/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		43.5/0.4 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		20
Reload			3.50 s
Weight			0.1 kg 

* There are no bad sniper rifles but while this
the lightest it is also the least effective
in terms of damage and range.  


Sniper rifles are the ultimate in long-range
engagement, combining high damage and penetration
with extreme long-range accuracy.  They're designed
for use under circumstances when there's something
out there that you really don't want to get close to.
The PSG1 is quicker to use than the other sniper 
rifles, but its effectiveness tends to fall off when
targets ar ebetter armored.  Ultimately, it's a
poor weapon for close combat due to its low rate of 
fire and long aiming time.

Weight		8.1 kg
Skill		Marksmanship

Ammunition	7.62mm NATO
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		63 m		0 m
Effective Range		39 m		0 m
Damage			120/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		48.0/0.4 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		30
Reload			2.50 s
Weight			0.1 kg 

* Far heavier than the Remington, it exceeds that
rifle in every other way.  The PSG1 is a great
early sniper rifle and can hold its own until you
find better. 

Accuracy International L115AE

The L115 is similar to the PSG1, with which it
shares ammunition type and many other characteristics.
However, it's distinguished by lighter weight and 
enhanced long-range accuracy, due to better sights
and higher-quality components than the PSG1.

Weight		6.0 kg
Skill		Marksmanship

Ammunition	7.62mm NATO
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		71 m		0 m
Effective Range		44 m		0 m
Damage			160/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		80.0/0.5 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		45
Reload			3.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg 

* This is truly a fantastic gun.  It has great damage
and astounding range.  The L115 also has the best
rate of fire amongst sniper rifles and has a riduculously
large clip for a single shot weapon so running out of 
ammo in a battle is almost unheard of.  

M82A1A Barrett

A monstrously large weapon, the Barret is the
quintesstial tool for putting large holes in
things from quite a ways off.  Hindered by its
rather long aiming time and considerable 
weight, it's nonetheless an excellent weapon
for engagin armored targets at very long range.
Its extremely poor aiming time makes it almost
useless at short range or against quick-moving

Weight		12.9 kg
Skill		Marksmanship

Ammunition	0.50 BMG
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		71 m		0 m
Effective Range		40 m		0 m
Damage			200/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		57.1/0.3 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		10
Reload			2.00 s
Weight			0.2 kg 

* Astounding range and heavy firepower are its biggest
assets.  Unfortunately it has a slow rate of fire and
it doesn't carry much ammunition so you'll have to
make your shots count.  Still with the power on this
weapon, it won't take many shots to down a foe and
don't forget its damage type is great against most

ZVI Falcon OP 96

Made in the Czech Republic, this is the weapon of
choice for anyone who would rather not get too
close to the opposition.  Reloading is frequent
and time-consuming with a two-round magazine, but
targets can be engaged at very long range and 
one-shot kills are the norm on anything smaller
than a blue whate.

Weight		13.4 kg
Skill		Marksmanship

Ammunition	0.50 BMG
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		75 m		0 m
Effective Range		50 m		0 m
Damage			250/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		71.4/0.3 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		2
Reload			2.50 s
Weight			0.1 kg  

* The longest ranged weapon in the game and has the
best damage amongst sniper rifles, this weapon is
hindered by a slow rate of fire.  The biggest problem
is that its clip only has a lousy 2 shots!  I would
hold off using one right away and wait until a large
stockpile of clips has been accumulated.  With that
the case, this is a great weapon to bring along and
its hard bullets can easily punch through most armor.  


Widely used by insurgents and terrorists before
the Invasion made such distinctions moot, the
RPG7 is a powerful weapon capable of being used
against both armored and soft targets.  Its
primary limitation is the size and bulkiness of
its ammunition, and its large possibility for
friendly fire and collateral damage.

Weight		4.0 kg
Skill		Launchers

Ammunition	RPG-7 Thermobaric HE
Max. Range		30 m		
Effective Range		25 m		
Damage			550		
Effect			3.00 m
Damage			Hard
Reload			4.00 s
Weight			1.8 kg 

* Devastating damage and it goes through most
armor really well.  The range is quite short
by rocket launcher standards, but overall a
great weapon to have.  The big drawback is how
cumbersome the ammo for this weapon is.  Also
no rocket launchers hit instantaneously.  Still
this weapon is great for clearing a corridor
of multiple foes.

OSAW (One Shot AW)

A pre-packaged, one-shot device generally employed
by armies of the West as a light anti-tank weapon
capable of penetrating the heaviest armor.  Though
it is considerably less accurate than the 
multipurpose SLAW, it's also much lighter.  The 
rearward flare of the rocket will injure squad
members foolish enough to stand behind it.

Weight		3.0 kg
Skill		Launchers

Ammunition	AW Rocket
Max. Range		34 m		
Effective Range		25 m		
Damage			750		
Effect			3.00 m
Damage			Soft
Reload			3.50 s
Weight			1.0 kg

* Tremendous damage and its very light.  Too bad
you cannot reload this weapon and many foes resist
its damage type quite well.  On the other hand,
this weapon is automatically reloaded at the base
and so you can keep on using this especially if
your stockpile of other rocket launcher ammo is low 

SLAW (Shoulder Launced AW)

An improved version of the LAW, the SLAW offers
improved accuracy and damage but at the cost of 
greater weight and bulkier ammunition.  It is
not recommended for close combat due to the 
danger inherent in missing one's target.

Weight		4.0 kg
Skill		Launchers

Ammunition	AW Rocket
Max. Range		38 m		
Effective Range		25 m		
Damage			800		
Effect			3.00 m
Damage			Soft
Reload			4.50 s
Weight			1.6 kg  

* Great range and even more damaging than the OSAW,
plus it can be reloaded.  The only real problem is
the amount of space the ammo takes up in your 

Alien Rocket Launcher

Alien launchers are simple biological mechanisms
for launching rounds of various types over very
long distances.  Actual range and damage potential
depends on the type of ammo used.

Weight		4.5 kg
Skill		Launchers

Ammunition	EMP Rocket
Max. Range		45 m		
Effective Range		27 m		
Damage			200		
Effect			6.00 m
Damage			Laser
Reload			3.00 s
Weight			0.9 kg 

Ammunition	Explosive Rocket
Max. Range		40 m		
Effective Range		27 m		
Damage			700		
Effect			4.00 m
Damage			Universal
Reload			4.50 s
Weight			1.0 kg 

Ammunition	Incendiary Rocket
Max. Range		40 m		
Effective Range		25 m		
Damage			600		
Effect			4.00 m
Damage			Burn
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			1.1 kg 

Ammunition	Psi Disruptor
Max. Range		45 m		
Effective Range		30 m		
Damage			300		
Effect			6.00 m
Damage			Heal
Reload			4.00 s
Weight			0.7 kg 

* A bit heavier than other types of rocket launchers, this
is more than countered the sheer variety of ammunition
available for this weapon.  While the damage and blast radius
vary greatly between rockets, all are highly effective and
the Alien Rocket Launcher has greater range than any other
regular rocket launcher.  This weapon is the height of
versatility.  Too bad the ammo for this weapon is still

M240 Flamethrower

The M240 is justifiablly feared as a weapon.  Devastating
to groups of soft or armored targets, the M240 shoots out
jets of napalm and sets them afire.  These jets stick to
and burn everything they touch.  The weapon deals out its
damage over time, but few beings will have the presence of
mind to do anything but try and put themselves out while
they are burning, lending it additional tactical utility.

Weight		12.0 kg
Skill		Launchers

Ammunition	Napalm-B
			Aimed		Burst		
Max. Range		7 m		5 m
Effective Range		5 m		3 m
Damage			3600		3600
Rate of Fire		1.7 rps		2.0 rps
Effect			2.00 m
Damage			Burn
Capacity		12
Reload			6.00 s
Weight			3.0 kg 

* There's no doubting the insane level of damage this
weapon can inflict and most enemies are quite vulnerable
to fire as well.  However this weapon is almost as much
of a danger to you, as even shotguns have better range
this weapon and it's quite easy to end up getting engulfed
in your own flames due to the radius of this weapon's fire.
Also this weapon doesn't hit instanteously so you can expect
to take at least one retaliatory shot.  So using this weapon 
is something of a calculated gamble.

Warp Demolition Device

Operating in much the same manner as the Warp Resonator,
the Warp Demolition Device is a much different instrument
designed for use in the short-range destruction of walls
and other obstacles.  Though it isn't considered a combat
weapon, in a pinch it can be turned on the enemy.  Like
the Warp Resonator, it cannot be recharged in the field.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		8 m		0 m
Effective Range		6 m		0 m
Damage			7500/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		4166.7/0.6 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Warp
Weight			12.0 kg
Skill			Launchers

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		10
Reload			8.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* Simply the most devastating weapon in the game, nothing
can withstand the sheer amount of damage this weapon deals.
Designed more for blasting away certain walls and obstacles,
little thought was given to the range of this weapon and so
it barely shoots further than a flamethrower.  Still anyone
on the receiving end of this, won't be standing ever again.

M79 Grenade Launcher

The M79 is a single-shot, shoulder-fired weapon,
designed to bridge the gap between the maximum
throwing distance of a hand grenade and the lowest
range of supporting mortars.  It's the lightest of
all grenade launchers, but this particular advantage
is paid for with lower damage potential

Weight		5.5 kg
Skill		Throwing

Ammunition	20mm Grenade
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		45 m		0 m
Effective Range		25 m		0 m
Damage			280/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		162.3/0.6 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Effect			4.00 m
Damage			Universal
Capacity		6
Reload			3.00 s
Weight			1.1 kg  

* Ignore what the manual says about grenade launchers,
they can't do indirect fire like a thrown grenade can.
The range is fantastic on this weapon and it does alot
of damage.  While the shot capacity isn't good, the
ammo used for this weapon doesn't take up much space.
The blast radius is quite large but remember that grenade
launchers don't land their shots instanteously.

Super Striker

This weapon--the basic hand-held grenade launcher--allows
for the close to medium-range engagement of groups of soft
and lightly armored targets.  It's especially effective in 
burst mode.  However, that advantage is offset by the
weight of the ammunition and the low rate of fire, as well
as the extra friendly-fire dangers involved when using
an explosive weapon at such short range.  The latter problem
is exacerbated by the SuperStrike's poor accuracy.

Weight		5.5 kg
Skill		Throwing

Ammunition	20mm Grenade
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		40 m		21 m
Effective Range		18 m		5 m
Damage			200/1		800/4
Rate of Fire		100.0/0.5 rps	800.0/4.0 rps
Effect			4.00m
Damage			Universal
Capacity		12
Reload			3.00 s
Weight			1.3 kg 

* The individual damage isn't that hot by grenade standards
but the burst-fire mode is great!  This weapon may have
shorter range than the M79 but it still has very long range.
The ammo capacity is very good for aimed fire but won't last
long if you keep going for bursts.

Alien Plasma Gun

Even though this weapon resembles an assault rifle, it 
actually functions as a grenade launcher, projecting balls
of plasma that explode on impact.  This weapon offers good
range and extremely high damage potential.  These benefits
are offset somewhat by its heaviness, long reload time
and low ammunition capacity, but the weapon is still
generally considered worth the effort due to its awesome
performance against armored targets.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		20 m		16 m
Effective Range		9 m		6 m
Damage			300/1		300/1
Rate of Fire		0.5 rps		0.8 rps
Effect			2.00 m
Damage			Plasma
Weight			15.0 kg
Skill			Throwing

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		4
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

Ammunition		Alien power cell
Capacity		8
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

* As mentioned, this is almost the alien equivalent of
a grenade launcher.  The biggest drawbacks of this weapon
is the relatively short range and it is certainly heavy
to carry.  Still the power of this gun is very good and
the blast radius is small enough that using it is rather
safe.  The plasma bolt of this particular weapon doesn't
hit instantly but it certainly moves much faster than
a rocket or grenade so enemies have a lot less chance of
dodging.  The ammo capacity is really low but you can
turn this around by using power cells.  A great weapon
to get your hands on and a pain to face.

Advanced Alien Plasma Gun

This is an enhanced version of the Alien Plasma Cannon.
It does even more damage and drains less power, in other
respects it is almost identical.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		30 m		21 m
Effective Range		15 m		8 m
Damage			450/1		450/1
Rate of Fire		0.5 rps		0.8 rps
Effect			2.00 m
Damage			Plasma
Weight			16.0 kg
Skill			Throwing

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		5
Reload			3.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

Ammunition		Alien power cell
Capacity		10
Reload			3.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

* Certainly a major improvement, the range and damage
goes up a large margin and even the ammo capacity has
some improvement.  An already great weapon becomes
even better.  The weight of this weapon shouldn't be
too much of a problem, by the time you get your hands
on one of these-your troops should be strong enough to
lug this around with ease.

Rocket Spitter

A human variant of the alien launcher, nicknamed the
Rocket Spitter, it can throw out different types of
missiles.  Though its reload time is inconveniently
long, in all other aspects it matches the biomechanical

Weight		15.5 kg
Skill		Throwing

Ammunition	Explosive Rocket
			Aimed		Burst		
Max. Range		50 m		31 m
Effective Range		25 m		10 m
Damage			700/1		700/1
Rate of Fire		233.3/0.3 rps	500.0/0.7		
Effect			4.00 m
Damage			Universal
Capacity		1
Reload			7.00 s
Weight			1.8 kg 

Ammunition	Incendiary Rocket
			Aimed		Burst	
Max. Range		42 m		26 m		
Effective Range		25 m		10 m
Damage			500/1		500/1
Rate of Fire		166.7/0.3 rps	357.1/0.7 rps		
Effect			4.00 m
Damage			Burn
Capacity		1
Reload			7.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg 

* Even though it fires rockets, the Rocket Spitter
gets treated as if it is a grenade launcher.  While
not as versatile as the Alien Rocket Launcher, this
weapon typically has greater range and damage plus
there's a burst-fire mode available for it.  The
ammo for it is quite small and doesn't take up much
room in your inventory though it's still a one-shot
weapon.  The big drawback is how heavy this weapon
is but you should have many characters capable of
using this with no loss of speed.  A very useful weapon
overall to have in a fight and capable of wiping out
closely-clustered foes with heavy damage from both
rocket types.

Gatling Gun

The Gatling gun in its modern gyro-stabilized form can
be used as a personal arm when attached to a heavy armor.
It takes some time before the rotary mechanism reaches
the full speed that allows the legendary cadence of this
weapon.  Gyro-stabilization gives it considerably greater
accuracy than previous models, but the final effect 
depends on the overall stiffness of the armored shooter.

Weight		35.0 kg
Skill		Marksmanship

Ammunition	0.50 BMG
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		0 m		70 m
Effective Range		0 m		23 m
Damage			0/0		1250/25
Rate of Fire		0.0/0.0 rps	1041.7/20.8 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		250
Reload			4.00 s
Weight			17.0 kg

* With a range that's on par with the better sniper rifles
and absolutely ridiculous levels of damage, this an utter
monster of a weapon!  No enemy can withstand the firepower
this gun kicks up.  Unfortunately it weighs a ton and a
its clip of ammo weighs more than most heavy weapons.  In
addition, you can only use this weapon with a soldier
suited up in Heavy Armor.  Still this is one of the best
weapons in the game.

Double-Barrel Machine Gun

This type of machine gun is able to fire extremely heavy
rounds over very long distances.  The relative slackness
of the weapon (due to the cooling process, which is
necessary but time-consuming) is somewhat improved by
the double-barrel design.

Weight		42.0 kg
Skill		Marksmanship

Ammunition	0.50 BMG
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		0 m		60 m
Effective Range		0 m		25 m
Damage			0/0		1300/10
Rate of Fire		0.0/0.0 rps	722.2/5.6 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		150
Reload			5.00 s
Weight			14.0 kg

* Essentially a Minigun with some altered stats, it
shares the same qualities-good and bad.  The range
is quite a ways shorter but it does a fair bit more
damage and it's certainly a lot more efficient with
its ammo use.  I'd pick this over the Minigun as you
get more shots and the range of this gun is still
tremendous.  Like the Minigun, it can only be used
by units in Heavy Armor.  This is certainly one of
the best weapons in the game.

Alien Microslug Accelerator

The Microslug Accelerator uses magnetic fields to
propel innumerable slivers of an alien alloy at high
speeds toward the target.  While the physical principles
involved are well understood, we haven't been able to
properly synthesize the alloy or duplicate the intricate
control machineries involved, so this devastating weapon
is currently beyond the reach of current manufacturing
techniques.  However, when one is found and the proper
ammunition is available, this weapon is unmatched.  It
inflicts incredible damage, and encountering one among
the opposition is the kind of thing that makes otherwise 
fearless soldiers toss and turn in their sleep.  The
operator can use it while standing or kneeling.

Weight		5.0 kg
Skill		Marksmanship

Ammunition	Microslug
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		35 m		25 m
Effective Range		22 m		12 m
Damage			200/10		600/30
Rate of Fire		100.0/5.0 rps	300.0/15.0 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		300
Reload			5.50 s
Weight			5.0 kg

* Lacking the raw power, armor penetration and range of similar 
weapons, this is nonetheless an extremely potent weapon with 
high damage potential and long range.  The biggest advantage of 
this weapon is that it's not limited to units in Heavy Armor and
it is extremely light though the individual clips weigh quite
alot.  You also have an Aimed-fire mode, so crack shots can
really benefit from this.

Warp Resonator

This biomechanical weapon uses forces not yet fully
understood to project localized fields of spatial
distortion essentially small ripples in space-time.
These ripples cause both micro- and macro-level
shear forces, tearing the target apart.  The Warp
Resonator, a heavy squad-support weapon is ideal for
destroying armored targets at long range.  Two crucial
weaknesses, however, are its weight and the general
inability of any warp weapon to be recharged in the

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		50 m		35 m
Effective Range		35 m		18 m
Damage			750/1		1500/2
Rate of Fire		250.0/0.3 rps	1000.0/1.3 rps
Damage			Warp
Weight			40.0 kg
Skill			Marksmanship

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		10
Reload			30.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* This is a fantastic weapon that does tremendous damage
and has really great range.  Unlike similar weapons, this
gun has an Aimed mode.  There are some significant drawbacks
such as it being less effective against a fair number of foes 
because it does Warp damage and it cannot be reloaded on the
field.  It also has the problem of only being for units in
Heavy Armor.  Users of this weapon should have an extra weapon
handy, perhaps even two of these guns.

Collapsible Machine Gun

This turret offers the greatest firepower of all
classical weapons available for use in missions.
It's collapsible so that a single soldier can carry
it on his back, but this burden makes him rather
slow and easy to target, and the deployment of the
turret takes a considerable amount of time.  However,
the cadence and range of the four-barrel turret are
unmatched among the classical guns.

Weight		65.0 kg
Skill		Launchers

Ammunition	0.50 BMG
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		0 m		63 m
Effective Range		0 m		24 m
Damage			0/0		1500/10
Rate of Fire		0.0/0.0 rps	1050.0/10.0 rps
Damage			Hard
Capacity		600
Reload			2.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* Fantastic range, damage that's just unholy and so much
ammo that even long battles barely diminish it-this is
one of the best weapons in the game.  Unfortunately it's
extremely heavy-2nd heaviest in the game, takes a long time 
to set up and can only be used by those in Heavy Armor.  
But once deployed, it and other collapsible weapons can 
fire with almost no delay, making this is one of my favourite 
weapons.  It can't be reloaded on the field but it has so 
many rounds that this is a non-factor.

Collapsible Rocket Launcher

Composed of the same basic structure as other collapsible
weapons, this turret--with its multiple rocket launchers--
presents absolutely horrific destructive power.  With a
single round the user can reduce an entire building to a
cloud of dust.  However, it will just as easily run out
of ammo, so any deployment of this weapon should be given
careful consideration.

Weight		70.0 kg
Skill		Launchers

Ammunition	Explosive Rocket
Max. Range		67 m		
Effective Range		32 m		
Damage			1500		
Effect			3.00 m
Damage			Universal
Capacity		24
Reload			2.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg 

* The damage is astonishing and it's range is approaching
that of the better sniper rifles however this is a weapon 
that has more troubles than usual even for a collapsible
gun.  It is the heaviest weapon in the game and few can
carry this without significant slow-down.  It's ammo supply
is small enough that it's quite easy to run out of rockets.
Since it uses rockets, it has the problems of not instantly
hitting a target so there's a good chance a foe can move
out of the way.  Finally it takes a long time to set-up,
can't be reloaded on the field and can only be used by units 
in Heavy Armor.  The blast radius of this weapon is useful but 
personally it's not enough of a draw to choose this weapon over 
other collapsible guns outside of style purposes.

Collapsible Railgun

This weapon is a supreme example of the human armanent
industry applying technology based on detailed studies
of alien weaponry, namely the Microslug Accelerator.
Since our engineers were able to reproduce the required
field, albeit using considerably larger accelerating coils,
the resulting weapon is o much greater scale than the
alien original.

Weight		60.0 kg
Skill		Launchers

Ammunition	Microslug
			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		50 m		0 m
Effective Range		20 m		0 m
Damage			900/30		0/0
Rate of Fire		1125.0/37.5 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Universal
Capacity		900
Reload			2.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* A nice alternative to the Collapsible Machinegun.  The
range is great but not spectacular.  The real draw of this
weapon is tremendous damage and it uses an Aimed mode so
crackshots can really benefit with this weapon.  Unfortunately
it goes through ammunition at an astonishing rate and is less
penetrating against most armor types compared to guns using
hard bullets.  It is also extremely heavy, takes a long time 
to set-up and can only be used by those in Heavy Armor.  Still 
I'm a big fan of this weapon

Collapsible Plasma Cannon

The discovery of this alien weapon puzzled our specialists for
a very long time.  Though this heavy cannon, which belongs to
the plasma-ejector category, appears very "alien" at the first
sight, the structure of its elements and the whole folding
mechanism show amazing similarities to human-made turrets.  The
most widely accepted explanation nowadays is that this weapon is
a recent product of alien engineering resulting from their 
fascination with the masterpieces of human weaponry.  The aliens
reproduce classical turrets with their own biotechnologies,
including some other unknown mechanism that allows making the
structure much lighter than the original.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		60 m		0 m
Effective Range		40 m		0 m
Damage			600/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		1200.0/2.0 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Plasma
Weight			35.0 kg
Skill			Launchers

Ammunition		Alien energy cell
Capacity		10
Reload			18.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

Ammunition		Alien power cell
Capacity		20
Reload			18.00 s
Weight			1.0 kg

* This is a mighty weapon indeed and competes well with the
Collapsible Machinegun.  Overall this may be the best weapon
in the game.  The damage is fantastic and while it may not
seem like much compared to othe Collapsible weapons, the fast
firing rate of this gun means instant death.  The range is of
course fantastic.  Other draws are that it while it's still
very heavy, it is far lighter than other weapons that can only
be mounted on Heavy Armor.  It is unique in that it can be 
reloaded in the field.  Mind you, using Power Cells-you'll
rarely go through a whole clip.  Of course it still has the
problems of long set-up (but because of its lighter weight,
most characters set-up far quicker than with other collapsible
weapons) and it can only be used with Heavy Armor.  Note that
Reticulans can use this weapon without Heavy Armor.  This
includes any Grays that have joined your forces. 

Psionic Crusher

This weapon, the only human application of alien psi
technology, affects targets within range with a blast 
of psipower that causes damage to all living targets
possessing higher neural systems.  Moreover, as a 
means of ultimate defense this rather primitive weapon
can also prove very useful in territories of increased
Biomass activity.

			Aimed		Burst
Max. Range		30 m		0 m
Effective Range		20 m		0 m
Damage			120/1		0/0
Rate of Fire		60.0/0.5 rps	0.0/0.0 rps
Damage			Exception
Weight			1.0 kg
Skill			Psi Power

Ammunition		Hybrid energy cell
Capacity		50
Reload			13.00 s
Weight			0.1 kg

* A really stupid looking weapon but very effective.
It's extremely light and so small that it can be used
in one hand.  It does far more damage than the Alien
Psi Blaster despite being alot smaller and the range
on this weapon is still good though not as long as
its alien counterpart.  It can't be reloaded on the
field but with a huge 50 shot capacity that's not
going to be a problem.  If only it had a different
graphic design (a featureless, grey coaster with a 
stubby flange coming from the bottom just doesn't cut 

Fragmentation Grenade

Fragmentation grenades deal area damage to targets
within a small radius of the impact point.  One should
take care with the timing lest they be thrown back.

Damage			550
Effect			5.00 m
Damage			Soft
Weight			0.7 kg
Skill			Throwing

* There's no denying the power and area of effect of
this weapon.  However be careful when using it.  Units
throwing one go through an elaborate animation sequence,
then it takes further time to arrive at a target and
detonate.  It'd be pretty easy to get attacked while
in midst of throwing one of these.  This warning applies
to all grenades.

Incendiary Grenade

This grenade splashes lit napalm on nearby enemies and
objects, causing a great deal of damage.

Damage			250
Effect			5.00 m
Damage			Burn
Weight			0.6 kg
Skill			Throwing

* Not as devastating as a regular fragger but it does
burn damage and it leaves a lingering field of flames
that keeps on damaging anyone inside. 

Acid Grenade

This grenade splashes strong acid on nearby enemies,
which is both painful and highly damaging.

Damage			300
Effect			5.00 m
Damage			Burn
Weight			0.5 kg
Skill			Throwing

* It does a fair amount more damage than the incendiary
and it leaves a lingering cloud of acid to burn anyone
still there.  However this cloud doesn't last nearly
as long as the flames from an incendiary.

Smoke Grenade

This grenade emits a thick cloud of smoke in the area
near where it falls, reducing the visibility in that area
and providing tactical cover where there might otherwise
be none.

Damage			0
Effect			5.00 m
Damage			Exception
Weight			0.3 kg
Skill			Throwing

* A purely defensive tool but really good in its role.
It lays down a thick layer of smoke so that you can run
past without anyone targetting you.


A flare is a useful tool especially when on night missions,
where the vision is impaired.  Equip it and use it just like
you would equip and use a hand grenade.

Damage			0
Effect			5.00 m
Damage			Exception
Weight			0.3 kg
Skill			Throwing

* Not very useful in my opinion, but for those who aren't
very good shooters or have bad observation-throwing one of
these in a dark place can help offset penalties for reduced


Our basic medikit is quite simple, though it takes time to
learn how to use it efficiently.

Max. Range		1 m
Effective Range		0 m
Damage			-100
Rate of Fire		0.2 rps
Damage			Heal
Capacity		10
Weight			5.0 kg
Skill			Medical

* This is a real life-saver and can bring someone who's almost
dead back to full health in the hands of an expert medic.  I
recommend that everyone carries at least one of these until
you can make a horde of Warp Medikits.

Warp Medikit

Can one truly imagine all the warp-field uses of the WMED?
This medikit allows you to heal persons you cannot get close
enough to, even from behind a wall.

Max. Range		5 m
Effective Range		5 m
Damage			-100
Rate of Fire		0.2 rps
Damage			Heal
Capacity		20
Weight			6.7 kg
Skill			Medical

* It's a fair bit heavier than a regular Medikit but it's
advantages more than offset this.  It can heal at a distance,
so no more having to run around so much.  I've never had the
opportunity to see if it does work from behind obstacles but
if it does even better.  Finally this tool has twice the
number of healing material than a regular Medikit.  As usual,
everyone in a party should carry at least one of these.


No protection at all can sometimes be an advantage, as in the
case of penetrating bullets and warp attacks.

Soft			0%
Universal		10%
Hard			20%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			70%
Exception		0%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		0%
Weight			0.0 kg

* Only Reticulans and certain Transgenants will have warp
weapons, and of these-they'll have backup from many units 
that use other types of attacks.  So there's no reason
to go with regular clothes.

Light Armor

This lightest of armor is only effective against soft 

Soft			35%
Universal		15%
Hard			20%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			55%
Exception		0%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		0%
Weight			5.0 kg

* This should be your minimal level of protection.
It offers great protection against warp attacks and
some decent protection against physical attacks,
especially soft projectiles.  However energy/acid
attacks will rip through this like so much paper.  
Carry this only when you have no other choice.

Enhanced Light Armor

Applying new materials, the light armor gained
resistance not only against bullets but was especially
effective against fire and acid.

Soft			50%
Universal		25%
Hard			0%
Burn			25%
Laser			25%
Plasma			20%
Warp			55%
Exception		0%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		10%
Weight			5.0 kg

* New materials use give some solid protection against
energy/acid attacks.  Protection against soft and
universal attacks also improve.  However this armor
is absolutetly useless against solid bullets.

Combat Armor

This standard combat armor also offers partial protection
from hard bullets, but only to the trunk portion of the
body.  However, it's twice as heavy as light armor.

Soft			55%
Universal		30%
Hard			10%
Burn			20%
Laser			20%
Plasma			10%
Warp			35%
Exception		0%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		0%
Weight			10.0 kg

* Good protection against most physical attacks and limited
protection against energy/acid and hard bullets.  It's fairly
heavy though.

Enhanced Combat Armor

An added layer of special ceramic fibers makes this armor
very resistant to plasma and acid attacks.

Soft			65%
Universal		40%
Hard			20%
Burn			40%
Laser			30%
Plasma			25%
Warp			40%
Exception		5%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		10%
Weight			10.0 kg

* Great protection against most physical attacks and fire/acid.
It's protection against other energy attacks and solid bullets
also improve.  It even grants a little protection against 
mental attacks.  This is the top armor that can be combined
with a helmet of some sort, so you can usually find a use for
this rather than letting it gather dust.

Heavy Armor

This armor, which is very heavy and bulky, gives the
greatest protection against penetrating projectiles, yet
it also allows you to use special gyro-stabilized weapons.
Further, it includes an advanced combat helmet for maximum
body protection.  The lack of mobility is compensated by a
special system of detectors

Soft			75%
Universal		60%
Hard			45%
Burn			55%
Laser			25%
Plasma			20%
Warp			25%
Exception		10%
Heal			20%
Paralyze		0%
Weight			20.0 kg

* It gives tremendous resistance to physical attacks, even
hard bullets are significantly reduced in power against this
armor plus it protects against certain mental attacks.  However 
it prevents you from crouching and runningplus it's very heavy.  
Also it hinders others who are trying to heal you and it's quite
ineffective against energy attacks that isn't fire/acid.  The 
big advantage to this armor is huge though, it lets you use the 
most devastating weapons available.

Enhanced Heavy Armor

A complex grid of heat-resistant and conductin materials
can very effectively distribute heat from flame, plasma
and other energy attacks, making this upgraded armor
partially reistant even to the beam of a laser weapon.

Soft			75%
Universal		65%
Hard			55%
Burn			60%
Laser			50%
Plasma			40%
Warp			30%
Exception		10%
Heal			20%
Paralyze		20%
Weight			20.0 kg

* While defence vs. physical attacks and paralysis have 
improved, this armor gains a lot more resistance against 
energy attacks.  Everything else about Heavy Armor still 
applies.  I love this armor and it's surprisingly quick 
to make so I had equipped every one of my troops with a 
set of these.  I only changed armors for troops who are
in missions that ask for more speed.  But that's simply 
because I'm the type who favors firepower over mobility, 
your mileage may vary.

Light Helmet

A simple helmet is always better than nothing.

Soft			10%
Universal		5%
Hard			0%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			0%
Exception		0%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		0%
Weight			1.0 kg

* It offers some additional protection against 
most physical attacks for very little weight.

Enhanced Light Helmet

New materials used for this helmet gives it
more resistance to soft bullets.

Soft			15%
Universal		5%
Hard			0%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			0%
Exception		0%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		5%
Weight			1.0 kg

* The only difference here is the improvement
to resistance against soft bullets and a little
protection against paralysis.

Combat Helmet

Our advanced helmet is ideal for team combat.
It also offers a night-vision system, though
it takes time to learn to use it efficiently.

Soft			20%
Universal		10%
Hard			5%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			0%
Exception		0%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		0%
Weight			2.0 kg

* This helmet gives additional protection against
physical attacks especially soft bullets.  It's
still a very light piece of equipment.

Enhanced Combat Helmet

Among the more resistant corpus are new detectors
that enhance the senses, for example spatial

Soft			30%
Universal		25%
Hard			20%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			0%
Exception		10%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		10%
Weight			2.0 kg

* A sizeable increase in physical protection as
well as some defense versus mental attacks are
the improvements made for this piece of armor.

Psionic Helmet

This helmet helps you concentrate the psi field in
your brain.  It should also protect the brain from
psionic attacks including attempts at mind control.
However, it has almost no effect against conventional

Soft			0%
Universal		0%
Hard			0%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			10%
Exception		50%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		50%
Weight			1.0 kg

* It's a big waste in my opinion, mental attacks
are pretty rare to begin with and this helmet offers
no protection against physical attacks.  What's more
psychic attacks that paralyze or mind control still
work their magic with a high success rate.

Enhanced Psionic Helmet

We developed an improved psi-shielding membrane
that reflects most of the external psi field but
lets your own psi energy get out so that you can
control your psi weapons more easily.

Soft			0%
Universal		0%
Hard			0%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			20%
Exception		90%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		90%
Weight			1.0 kg

* Supposedly fantastic protection from mental
attacks.  While the damage from these goes down
significantly, the special effects still kick
in without any reduction.  Since this helmet
still doesn't offer any physical protection,
I'd be leery of using this.  If you want mental
protection, you're much better off using Bio Armor
which gives tremendous protection against all kinds
of attack including mental.  If you need to protect
yourself against mind control, simply go in a group
and shoot enemies who are trying to control your
troops.  Mind control is only effective while the
controller is alive.  Paralysis isn't a real threat
unless the enemy has friends with them. 

Basic Alien Armor

Hybrid Armor is very similar to alien armor, 
providing many of the same features, although
it's modified for better suitability to human
use.  The systems have been extensively reworked
to accomodate the human body, senses and capabilities.

Soft			10%
Universal		5%
Hard			0%
Burn			10%
Laser			20%
Plasma			20%
Warp			25%
Exception		0%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		0%
Weight			3.0 kg

* It offers protection against a wide variety of
attacks.  However it has no effect against hard
bullets and its not very effective for the attacks
it does protect against.  The only real thing going
for it is the extreme light weight that all alien
armors have.  You should only make one of these so 
that it can be a stepping stone to making more 
advanced armor.

Sun Armor

The yellow version of the aliens' field technology,
called "Sun Armor," is most effective against
attacks that inflict damage via kinetic energy,
such as explosives, projectiles and melee attacks.
This armor also interferes with projected energy 
fields, meaning it protects the user against attacks
from warp weapons and, to a lesser degree, psi attacks.

Soft			60%
Universal		45%
Hard			30%
Burn			20%
Laser			25%
Plasma			30%
Warp			45%
Exception		25%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		20%
Weight			3.0 kg 

* Strong against all physical attacks and it offers some
okay protection against mental attacks and energy.  This
is far superior armor to the basic model.  Still if you
can wait it out, you can probably hold off production
of more than one of these for some even better armor.
You'll need one though in order to research Sky Armor.

Sky Armor

Armor with the blue protective field, called "Sky
Armor," has been designed to be particularly 
resistant to energy-based attacks: It grounds and
absorbs electricity, drains off the energy of plasma,
and saps the strength of laser beams.  The field also 
shields the user against certain psi attacks.

Soft			30%
Universal		20%
Hard			10%
Burn			40%
Laser			65%
Plasma			60%
Warp			35%
Exception		35%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		30%
Weight			3.0 kg

* It offers limited protection against physical attacks
and very good protection against most energy attacks
plus its a decent defense against mental attack.  This
is probably more useful than the Sun Armor as most of
the attacks you face will ranged energy/acid attacks,
with only certain gun-toting enemies offering much of 
a ranged physical threat.  Otherwise physical attacks 
are melee-based and you can simply deal with those by 
shooting would-be attackers before they close in. Still 
you can hold out for Bio Armor if you already encounter
enemies wearing this.

Bio Armor

This field technology, called "Bio Armor," combines
all of the best aspects of the Sky and Sun armors.
Additionally, it has the benefit of being strongly
resistant to psi attacks.  However, its additional
capabilities require a more powerful and complicated
shield generator, so it is much more difficult to

Soft			50%
Universal		45%
Hard			40%
Burn			55%
Laser			75%
Plasma			70%
Warp			55%
Exception		70%
Heal			0%
Paralyze		65%
Weight			3.0 kg

* My other favourite armor and by far the best of the
alien armors.  It offers tremendous protection against
mental and energy attacks plus strong defense against
physical attacks as well.  If you don't care about
toting miniature artillery pieces, then this armor is
top choice.  The biggest drawback to this armor is the
time it takes to make one but if you have time and
workshops to spare, by all means pump these out!


Alien Weapons
-It appears the technology that the aliens are using is heavily
basedo on biotechnology.  All of their weapons and items seem to
be grown, although it is as yet unknown whether or not they are
still alive when they are used.

* This is the opening research that allows you to research
specific alien weapons.  It also allows you to develop research
into new kinds of human equipment.  So this is a high priority
for research.

Laser Weapon Operation
-We managed to figure out how to use the alien laser weapon, but
we need further testing in order to figure out how it works.  We've
made a holster and added some labels that will make it useable for 
our troops.  You hold it like this and push this button to fire it.  
The power pack comes out like this.  The power packs are going to
be a problem, since we don't know how to make them yet, so we'll
have to rely on what we can find.

* You can now use Alien laser weapons.  This is a great item for
research as lasers are really good basic weapons that are good
for almost all occasions.
It needs Alien Laser Weapon.  Having Alien Weapons will speed up
research for this.

Plasma Weapon Operation
-It turns out this weapon indeed fires a plasma glob.  We might
be able to duplicate it, but that would require a lot more research.
Still, we can use the weapons we capture in the field.  We've rigged 
a shoulder holster for it, and this grip on the bottom converts the
controls to something the troops should be more used to.  It uses
what appears to be the Grays' standard power pack.

* Depending on what happens, plasma weapons might be the first 
heavy weapons-human or otherwise, you can get your hands on.  So
research of this is very important.
It needs Alien Plasma Weapon.  Having Alien Weapons speeds up
research for this

Warp Weapon Operation
-These weapons seem to manipulate space at a distance, producing
ripples in the fabric of space that rip things apart on a molecular
level.  We have no idea how it works, but we've made it so that it's
usable by humans.  Apparently the aliens can do some complicated math
in their heads because it was really a chore making this into something
the average soldier could work with.  We tried a couple of different
things, but we finally came up with something that's good and intuitive.
The sliding thumb switch on the top handle sets the range, and the little
extension here handles elevation automatically, so it's a point-and-shoot
deal.  These weapons--which we call warp--use a specific power pack,
unlike anything else in the alien arsenal.  It can't be taken out, so
you can't reload it in the field.  However, we are able to recharge them
back at the base.

* This lets you use warp weapons which have really high power.  
However by the time you get these, you'll have plenty of other
great weapons so it's not imperative that you quickly research
this.  Still it's good to have.
It needs Alien Warp Weapon.  Having Alien Weapons speeds up research

Alien Rocket Launcher Operation
-The alien projectile launchers use a variety of munitions, launching
them rapidly and accurately over long distances.  But rather than being
a tube to contain and guide self-propelled munitions, the launcher is
actually an organism with a nervous system and muscles.  
The target is indicated, and then the launcher "spits" out the projectile 
using a peristaltic mechanism similar to the human esophagus, providing 
additional aiming with the "lips" at the end of the barrel.

* Similar to the above case, by the time you encounter this-you 
should have a sizeable collection of powerful human rocket launchers
so this isn't an especially important piece of research but it's
still nice to have.
It needs Alien Rocket and Alien Rocket Launcher.  Alien Weapons
will speed up research of this

Psi Weapon Operation
-We suspect the aliens have psionic powers that allow them to affect the
minds of others at a distance, although field observations indicate that
they can't do this without an amplifier of some sort.  We consider these
abilities to be very dangerous, since the effects can range from confusion
to complete control of the target's mind.  
The actual effect depends on the type of weapon, and there is a distinct
possibility that some of these psi weapons will simply be unusable.  Still,
we might be able to use the simpler ones.
Psionic weapons do not use the standard Gray power pack and we are not sure 
what powers them.  We know however that it takes a lot of shooting before you
run out of power.

* This is vital as you will need this to keep the Biomass from 
It needs Alien Psi Weapon

Laser Principles
-The laser weapons used by the aliens are biomechanical artifacts.  They
work in much the same manner as any other laser, but they operate at 
significantly higher power levels than anything human culture had achieved
before Nightfall, at least in such a compact size.  This is due to a novel
medium for excitation and power cells that offer unprecedented densities.

* You can develop hybrid laser weapons from these.  However there's
not that much point as hybrid laser weapons occupy the same niche as
the alien variety and they're inferior except in range.
It needs Alien Weapons and Laser Weapon Operation

Plasma Principles
-The plasma weapons used by the aliens follow their chracteristic of using
biotechnology in unusual and surprising ways.  In this case the weapons use
powerful electromagnets, which are are controlled by what can only be
described as a nervous system, combined with their high-efficiency energy
systems to flash a small amount of matter into plasma and propel it at a 
target, resulting in huge amounts of damage from heat and expansion.

* You can develop hybrid plasma weapons.  Now this is a better deal
than the one involving laser weapons.  You can research a shotgun and
rifle that shoots plasma, two much different weapons from the Alien 
Plasma Gun.  Both of these are strong weapons but they go through
energy fast as is typical of all plasma weapons.
It needs Alien Weapons, Alien Interrogation and Plasma Weapon Operation

Warp Principles
-The aliens' warp weapons are some of the strangest in their arsenal.  
Instead of firing projectiles or beams of energy, warp weapons manipulate 
space-time at the quantum level.  This causes a highly localized distortion
in space that damages the target by tearing it apart, doing heavy 
micro- and macro-scale damage.  Warp weapons fatiuge metal at a high rate,
shake stone to pieces and shred living tissue.

* Considering that you can get the extremely useful Warp Medikit plus
the highly effective Warp Resonator and decent enough Warp Demolition
Device, this is a pretty worthwhile research to undertake.
It needs Alien Weapons, Alien Interrogation and Warp Weapon Operation

Psi Principles
-Our results in the area of psionic research aren't exactly spectacular.  We
aren't able to reproduce the finer effects of the alien weapons, like paralysis
or mind control.  However, we could probably construct a simple destructive
weapon that would deal psionic damage to any sentient being.

* This is vital as you need this to develop Biomass Repulsors.  Otherwise
you just get the Psionic Crusher with this.
It needs Psi Weapon Operation and Alien Psi Weapon

Enhanced Hybrid Weapons
-Enhancement research has produced several potential technologies 
that allow higher peak power output, better magnetic containment, 
higher power densities, or improved range and accuracy.  However, 
not all of these enhancements may apply to every hybrid weapon, 
so more development research will have to go into finding out how 
each weapon might be improved.

* This is an excellent subject to research as you can build superior 
hybrid weapons and enhanced Heavy Armor with this.  This is especially 
good if you like gyro-stabilized and collapsible weapons but really 
short on regular Heavy Armor.
It needs Reticulan Debriefing

Improved Armor
-We've figured out a way to combine ablative materials and new, more 
durable armor fabrics into a much better form of protection.  It offers 
better protection against alien weapons, and it's generally tougher.  
We can now apply this technology to light combat armor and make it 
available to the troops.

* Initially not a spectacular achievement but quite a few development
avenues originate from this including Enhanced Heavy Armor

Alien Armor Principles
-The armor that the aliens use is an organism, much like many of their 
technological items.  As well as being armor, it is a complete support 
environment for the aliens, giving them resistance to vacuum, varying
gravity and other inimical environments.  A full battle system, the
armor enhances strength and uses its nervous system to enhance the
senses of the alien that it contains, making them much tougher than an
unarmored alien, who has to contend with heavy gravity and low oxygen.
Moreover, the armor generates an energy field tha protects the wearer.
Reports indicate that these shields come invarious colors.  We speculate
that different shields may have different properties.  Or, it's possible
that color just denotes rank, if there is usch a thing among them.

* Unless you want to stick with Heavy Armor exclusively, the best
armor types are from the aliens.  So this is a vital piece of 
It needs a Suit of Basic Alien Armor

Energy Cell Principles
-Alien energy cells, unlike earthly batteries, don't rely on chemical
processes to store their energy.  Rather, they use techniques that hover
at the edges of both bio- and nanotechnology to store incredible amounts
of energy in a tiny space.  Using microscopic, magnetic armatures, these
cells are able to pack billions of nano-scale flywheels into specks of 
evacuated space, charging or drawing power from them all in parallel.  This
allows not only high power densities but incredibly high peak rates for
drainage and charge-up, which allows the alien energy weapons to function

* This is nice as it allows you to build Hybrid Energy Cells and from
there Hybrid Power Cells.
It needs either an Alien Engergy Cell or Alien Power Cell

UFO Detection
-Our radar systems were upgraded with the latest technology available on
earth in order to increase their range and sensitivity.  As a result, they
can now detect and track flying enemy craft (for the sake of tradition we
call them UFOs).  It also enables our fighters to intercept and engage
them.  This is a major breakthrough in our war, even though the range of 
the radar systems is still rather small.

* Before you get this research done, you cannot even make the attempt
to intercept alien crafts.  Research for this absolutely vital and
should be done as soon as you can.

Advanced UFO Detection
-Since alien craft have very low radar and thermal profiles, they're very
difficult to detect using normal means.  However, they do have other, more
detectable characteristics, if you know what you're looking for.  Having
studied the signatures of these craft, upgrades have been made to sensor 
systems that allow much more accurate detection of alien craft at much 
greater range.

* With more range of detection, it gives you more advanced heads-up as
to where a UFO is coming from.  A good bit of research but you can
hold off on it as you get more bases.
It needs UFO Detection and UFO Hull.  Having UFO Computers will speed up
research of this

UFO Access
-The aliens use telportation to enter their craft.  They have a device that
can open a telport near a craft--with the port appearing as an iridescent 
bubble--and then activate it, teleporting everybody and everything in the
bubble into the UFO.  All our troops are now equipped with this device,
so the teleportation bubble should appear whenever they approach a UFO.

* This is vital as you can then begin doing missions that can begin
entering UFOs for capture.
It needs UFO Detection and UFO Hull

In-base teleport
-We've tried to copy this teleportation device but have had only limited
success.  We can't produce a mobile teleportation unit, but we can build
stationary units on our bases.  This means that personnel can be instantly
transported between bases, but we'll still have to use the choppers for 

* A really useful piece of research, with this you can have your chopper
take the shortest possible routes to a mission and back.  Research of this
should be a pretty high priority.
It needs UFO Access

Aircraft Armament
-The alien UFOs are capable of some mid-air maneuvers that we could never
hope to do with our military aircraft.  But using the captured alien 
technology as an inspiration, we've managed to improve our own weapon
tracking systems and on-board computers.  This increases our chances in
dogfights and allows us to take on heavier enemy craft.
We have also analyzed the weaknesses of the UFO construction and the
ways we can take advantage of them.  As a result we were able to fit our
planes with some specific anti-UFO weaponry.

* All research involving aircraft is highly useful.  This makes it
more likely that you can shoot down an enemy ship especially the
larger ones.
It needs UFO Access, UFO Computers and UFO Engine

Aircraft Speed
-The alien craft engage their engines only in combat, relying on their
natural buoyancy for normal flights.  This must be because even their
advanced biotechnology hasn't produced anything to beat the jet 
propulsion engine.  Despite this, or maybe just because of it, their
engines feature many improvements we can copy and use to our benefit.
As a result, we were able to improve both the speed and acceleration 
of our aircraft in combat.

* This lets you close in on enemy ships faster
It needs UFO Access and UFO Engine

Aircraft Armor
-The aliens use an interesting technique for amrmoring their ships.
Since the hulls are grown one would expect the skin to be minimally
effective.  However, the alien's biotechnological skills are so 
advanced that they can create organisms that grow advanced composites
for skin.  In fact, these composites are so advanced that they have
no direct equivalent in human technology.  By reverse-engineering
these composites and learning how to manufacture them, we've been
able to increase the armor protection of our interceptor aircraft 
by a significant degree, thus ensuring much higher survivability
in combat.

* Improves your survivability so that's a major plus
It needs Reticulan Debriefing and Aircraft Speed

Aircraft Range
-The alien craft use a novel and interesting fuel formation, which
we've managed to adapt for use in our own aircraft.  This means lower
fuel consumption and increased interception range.

* It's pretty easy for aliens to escape by simply running away
long enough for your fighters to have to return to base.  As
such this improves greatly the likelihood of successfully 
intercepting a ship and starting a skirmish
It needs UFO Fuel

Aircraft Maneuverability
-Alien flight-control systems rely on neural connection with the
craft:  To them the aircraft is literally an extension of the pilot,
and indeed the pilot is the craft.  They can never leave it and
their craft is grown around them.  They die when the craft is 
destroyed, and vice versa.  While it was tempting, we didn't 
pursue this approach with human pilots.  Still we learned many
useful things about aircraft control, and we fitted our craft 
with systems that substantially increase their ability to maneuver
and engage in dogfights.

* Improves your planes' survivability.
It needs Aircraft Range and UFO Control System

Aircraft Repairs
-The recent advances in the studies of alien craft, and the
implementation of the best human logistics and management
systems, took up the slack and shortened the time needed to
repair and refit our aircraft.  This means that a base with
a damaged air wing should be back to full strength sooner.

* Perhaps the least important of the aircraft technologies.
Most planes are destroyed before they get a chance to fly
back to base.
It needs Aircraft Range

Transgenant Theory
-We've figured out what these things ar eand where they come
from.  They're not actually aliens at all, but earth creatures
that have somehow had their DNA manipulated by the spores 
released by the aliens.  While there are a lot of insertions 
into the structure of the DNA, these creatures still have 
enough of the original structure intact for us to piece 
together what they were.  For the most part they seem to be 
experiments and mistakes, dead ends along the path to some
higher goal.  Still they are deadly, even for failures, and
should not be underestimated.  What the end of the path is,
we don't know yet, but we could be seeing it before too long.

* This is necessary to help defend against the Biomass
and puts you on course for the final solution of the game.
It needs autopsies of Plecton, Cudgel, Danglefly, Chomper,
Morelman and Slimethrower.  All other autopsies help speed
up research

Biomass Analysis
-These results are truly frightening.  Some areas of earth
are breaking out into massive growths.  They absorb and 
process sunlight into energy much more quickly than any
known organism.  They grow so quickly and so differently
from earth plants that even the strongest herbicides have
no effect at all.  What's more, they don't seem to be 
biologically related to the aliens' standard technology.
We don't know how to fight this yet, so it seems best to 
avoid it, if possible, since the areas around these growths 
are populated by much larger numbers of transgenants.  It's
as if they are drawn to the stuff.  We call it the Biomass, 
since it seems it's determined to draw all of the biological
material on earth into it.

* Necessary for defending against the Biomass
It needs Sample of Biomass

Biomass Growth Theory
-Our research indicates that the strange liquid we found
in a captured UFO is indeed responsible for the Biomass
growths.  It can mutate an animal's nervous system into
a structure resembling a miniature Biomass node.  Larger
nervous systems mutate into larger nodes, and animals with
more complex brains mutate into stronger, healthier nodes.
These nodes grow like neurons, forming connections with
adjacent nodes and creating a densely branched structure
resembling a macroscopic neural system.  Transgenant
research has shown that Biomass transgenants perform
specialized functions that seem to be coordinated by the
Biomass itself.  This leads us to suspect that the Biomass
could be susceptible to psionic attacks, just as our brains
are susceptible to the psionic attacks of the Grays.
Another thing we learned is that if you destroy a node
much of the surrounding Biomass will die.  It will eventually
be replaced but destruction of nodes dramatically reduce
the local growth rate.

* Necessary for defending against the Biomass
It needs Biomass Analysis, Transgenant Theory and 
Biomass Node Material

Biomass Repulsors
-We've managed to build a device that will automatically
repulse the Biomass.  It's large and power hungry, however
and it tends to give everyone around it a heache as long 
as it's on.  We cannot take it into a mission, but we can 
fit it into a base.  For the reasons stated above, any
base equipped with one won't be able to have anything
else productive going on there.

* These are absolutely vital.  These bases are your
defense against the Biomass and stops the spread of
Biomass which would otherwise engulf your bases.
It needs Psi Principles and Biomass Growth Theory

Twilight and Fall
-From media records and satellite surveillance tapes, we 
were able to establish that the attacks took place 
simultanesouly, all over the glove, over the course of 
several days.  The planet was initially attacked using
some sort of biological again, which clouded the skies
and then coated the land.  As we can see, nothing much 
survived the incident.  Some installations were attacked
more conventionally, with weapons from space, but we
can't perceive any pattern in the attacks.

* Not really much but it's the first thing you can
research so why not?  Besides it gets you the Goodwill

Goodwill Campaign
-Our various efforts at propaganda have paid off.  Many of
the larger and more important groups of survivors have
provisionally accepted our leadership, and we should gain
at least some of their help if we come under attack.  It
should also take some pressure off of your company, as it
is now more likely that even the missions you do not partake
in will have a favorable outcome.

* This is great, even in the beginning when your troops
are still inexperienced weaklings-the CoE troops are
pretty effective when they have the benefit of this
research.  So you're more likely to win battles you don't
personally undertake.
It needs Twilight and Fall

Alien Autopsy
-The autopsy revealed some very interesting information.
They seem to come from a low-gravity world with a higher 
percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere, which is why
they move so slowly and carefully.  The structure of the
brain indicates that the average alien might be a bit 
smarter than the average human, and there are some 
interesting structures similar to some dormant ones in
the human brain, which might be able to tell use where
their psi powers originate and how to unlock our own.
All in all, they're not too different from humans, leanding
a lot of credence to theories of panspermia.

* It gets the ball rolling regarding research with the
aliens and so it is vital to research
It needs Alien Corpse

Alien Containment
-The aliens need more oxygen and lower gravity.  While we
can only simulate the latter with water, we can easily
give them the former in the special cells we build for them.
It's likely that they won't be particularly happy in these
containment cells, but we can probably keep them alive and
keep them from committing suicide, which is what matters now.

* This is vital as you cannot hold the aliens otherwise.
They simply die if you don't have this.
It needs Summary of Dreamland Files and Alien Corpse

Alien Interrogation
-We've completed our analysis and have come up with a grammar
and a limited dictionary, which we're expanding all the time.
The closest that you can get to their name for themselves in
English is "Reticulan."  Funny, isn't it?  We always thought
that the name was made up by UFO hams, coming from the name
of the constellation Reticulum.
So far we've only been able to interrogate low-ranking Reticulans,
but already we've gelaned improtant information about their
culture.  Their civiliazion is several thousands of years older
than our own.  They have been traveling in space for millennia,
and their technology is more or less based entirely on 
biotechnology.  They reproduce by parthenogenesis, which hints
that there might be a queen somewhere, calling the shots. 
Culturally, though not biologically, they have a swarm mentality,
with intense social stratification.  The group to which an
individual belongs is much, much more important than any particular
individual, and sacrifice is the highest virtue.  However, they
are rational, intelligent beings, and will not sacrifice themselves
needlessly.  Still, this makes them fearsome enemies because 
they're difficult to frighten and are masterful in terms of group

* A number of vital research subjects crop up after this.
It needs Alien Containment, Alien Autopsy and Live Reticulan

Summary of Dreamland Files
-Unfortunately, the base was badly damaged by one of the few
physical attacks the enemy made in the last days prior to the
Fall.  Most of the information and items here were destroyed.
However, from the wreckage and the few scraps we recovered it 
looks like the government was in contact with the aliens before
the attack.  All this stuff falls under the heading "Project
Dreamland."  Other documents we've found indicate that this
was only one of a series of secret bases.  If we can ferret out
the others, perhaps one will be intact and will be able to tell
use more.

* Very vital research occurs from this.
It needs Project Dreamland Files.  The Goodwill Campaign will
speed this up

Report on Dreamland Archives
-As the information from the first base indicated, the governments
had been in touch with aliens for decades.  Apparently they were
peaceful, and they were allowed to set up bases here on earth.  
There are records of these friendly aliens trying to warn the
governments about what was going to happen.  It could be that the
aliens that attacked were from a different faction within the
race, or that perhaps they were renegades.

* YOu will need this for later vital research.
It needs Summary of Dreamland Files and Project Dreamland Archives


Reticulan Debriefing
-We now have a lot more information about the Reticulans.  Their
"ambassadors" had been living here since the 1940s.  These were 
the true representatives of their society:  They were peaceful
and had a modus vivendi with the governments of earth.  They
were even sharing some of their technologies with us.
The other group of Reticulans--the ones who attacked earth--consists
of renegades who decided to take over some habitable, backwater
planet in order to conduct experiments.  Unfortunately for us, we
happened to be that backwater.  They destroyed the Qport, the
gateway that the aliens were using for faster-than-light travel
to our solar system.  Their hope is that they can finish the 
project before the other Reticulans are able to return in force,
which could take as much as twenty years, since they have to
crawl here at sub-light speeds.
The purpose of their experiment, although it must be dire to be
conducted in such secrecy and at such cost, is unclear at the
moment.  We think it must have something to do with the Biomass,
and we hope to have it figured out soon.

* This uncovers the real secrets and sets you up for the 
final stages.  So it's a must-have
It needs Report on Dreamland Archives, Alien Interrogation,
and a Reticulan Officer

Contact with Old Grays
-We managed to establish contact with the "Old Grays": the 
remnants of a small Reticulan community that lived on earth
prior to the Fall.  They confirmed what we already knew:  They
were staying here with tacit approval of the major earth
governments and were in fact doing business with them.  (Our 
major export commodity appears to be works of art, including
paintings and sculptures.)
They knew they were in trouble when the renegades came through
the Qport and blew it up behind them.  They tried to alert
their earthly hosts, but it was too little too late.  During
the Fall their installations were targeted with conventional
weapons.  As a result, only a handful survived.  The Old
Grays won't bring us any new technologies or weapons, but
they offer to fight with us side by side.  They may also 
prove invaluable in any further research efforts concerning
their kin.

* While this is one possible path to the last stage research 
it's otherwise unimportant as there are other branches you
can take.
It needs Reticulan Debriefing

Theory on the Purpose of the Biomass
-It all seems to be coming together now.  We've concluded
that the Reticulans are working on a truly frightening 
project.  The Biomass isn't simply an obstacle or an attempt
to alter the planet into something that's more comfortable
for the renegade Reticulans.  It is actually a living
computational structure; a planet-wide networking fabric
paired with ultra-powerful biological computers.  When 
completed it wil  be something far beyond anything that
has existed before.  The surface will be covered with
the brains of the most intelligent entity ever known.
Even the Reticulans aren't sure what such a being would
be capable of.  It would surely, however, be able to destroy
the incoming Gray warships with ease and go on to cause
untold destruction in the civilized universe at the command
of the Reticulans-if they are able to control it once its
birth is complete.

* Now you know what you face, so the solution is at hand.
It needs Reticulan Debriefing, Biomass Growth Theory and
either successful Contact with Greys or a Reticulan general

Reticulan Offer
-The full text of the transmission follows:
"To our noble and indomitable enemies: Greetings!  We are
impressed by your spirit and resourcefulness.  Now that
you know the true reason for our actions here, we trust
you will realize that, sadly, the sacrifice of your people
and planet was necessary in the name of something larger
and more magnificent.  We have an opportunity to create
a God and be the masters of that God.
We thereby offer you a chance to partake in this.  We
offer immediate cessation of all hostilites and a safe,
secure place where you can stay for the duration of the
planet's transformation.  We will attempt to save as many
of your fellow humans as we can, and we offer you a seat
on the Control Council.  We now have a deeper respect for
the human race, and we wish to offer you full partnership
in this glorious and unprecedented venture.  We want the
voice of humanity to be heard in the years to come, over
the long and difficult period of transition.  If you 
accept your offer, we can offer immortality for you
and your kind.  We will only make this offer once, so
please express your acceptance with haste."

* This gives you a chance to end the game early albeit
it's something of a hollow victory if you accept.
It needs Theory on the Purpose of the Biomass, successful
Contact with Greys will help speed up research of this 

Queen's Lair
-An analysis of historical traffic patterns indicates that
the aliens' main base is somewhere on the moon.  Our 
telescopes can't find anything on the side of the moon
facing us, so their base must be on the opposite side.
All that remains now is to build a ship that can get there,
search them out and eliminate them.

* Researching this allows you to get close to the way to
end the invasion.
It needs Theory on the Purpose of the Biomass, Reticulan
general and either the Reticulan Offer or successful
Contact with Greys

Spaceship "Retribution"
-It isn't pretty, nor is it elegant, but it'll get you to the
moon safely.

* This will enable you to undertake the Moon Misison when
you feel like flying up to the final battle.
It needs Queen's Lair and Interplanetary alien ship.  You
can also speed up research of this with the Reticulan Offer
and successful Contact with Greys.


Plecton Autopsy
-This transgenant, called a Plecton, is a particularly disgusting
example.  With a core of Biomass-like material and a shell made
from human corpses and body parts, these creatures stand nearly
ten feet tall and shamble slowly along on their makeshift limbs.
However, their core material is capable of shooting jets of 
powerful acid at targets a great distance away, making them much
more dangerous than their lack of speed would indicate.
These creatures lack armor and have few vital organs, meaning that
hard rounds are less effective against them than soft rounds.
Moreover, energy-based weapons are less effective than normal 
because the corpses aren't integrated into the body.  Damage to
the shell doesn't affect the the transgenant's health, only its
mobility.  However, they're vulnerable to fire-based weapons
and plasma, which can set afire the body within the shell.

Max. Range		42 m
Damage			300
Soft			10%
Universal		40%
Hard			70%
Burn			10%
Laser			40%
Plasma			10%
Warp			60%
Paralyze		50%

* Initially these guys are a real pain.  You don't have armor
that protects effectively against their acid and it does
tremendous damage plus fires at great range.  However their
resistances don't mean much as it takes little damage
to knock one of these out.  As such all you need is a weapon
that has enough range to effectively shoot at them and your

Cudgel Autopsy
-The Cudgels appear to be created from the horribly twisted
remains of men or women.  Their upper torsos are a bloated mass
of cancerous-looking tissue sprinkled with spider-like eyes
that give the Cudgel exceptional vision.  They are secretive
and prefer ambush to direct confrontation.  Because they're 
the same general size and shape as a human, they can use
weapons or attack with their fists.
In terms of defense, they're par with an unarmoured human,
save for the fact that their vital organs are sparse in the
mass of tissue on their upper torso, so hard rounds are much
less effective than usual.

Max. Range		1 m
Damage			100
Soft			0%
Universal		30%
Hard			60%
Burn			20%
Laser			30%
Plasma			20%
Warp			70%
Paralyze		50%

* Initially these guys are a joke as they're only armed with
pistols but they steadily climb the weapons chart until they
start carrying sniper rifles and high-end alien weapons.  The
only thing you don't see from these guys are non-alien heavy
weapons.  Still they'll never be too significant a threat as
they're never very tough and so downing one is quick work.
The most deadliest humanoid creature you'll face are the 
Reticulans themselves.  Do keep in mind that a Cudgel hits
with the force of a Desert Eagle.

Danglefly Autopsy
-The Danglefly is an odd creature, created through modification 
of the human genome.  The legs of this creature have been 
replaced with a large mass of muscle and two large wings, with
which it can fly or hover.  This allows it to move very quickly,
making it a difficult target.  Since the lower half (i.e. the
uppoer part of the original body) retains some of its human
features, it is able to use many human weapons.  Because these
creatures are human in makeup--for the most part, at least--their
weak spots are similar to ours.  However, they're particularly
susceptible to fire, plasma and explosives, since these attacks
do extra damage to their sensitive wings.

Max. Range		1 m
Damage			120
Soft			0%
Universal		20%
Hard			40%
Burn			0%
Laser			10%
Plasma			0%
Warp			50%
Paralyze		50%

* Even less of a threat than the Cudgel, they have few resistances
and while they can use weapons-they usually don't last long 
enough to get off a single shot.  They do grow as a threat as they
go through an arms race but still they're just too weak.  They do
hit pretty hard with their fists, so something to remember.

-The Chomper is derived from dogs and wolves, and overall he
seems to be an experiment gone wrong.  Although he posses massive
jaws and can easily attack the heads and necks of humans due to
his grossly elongated legs, he's slower than a wolf or similar
animal.  The Chomper has a pack mentality and therefore tends
to attack in large numbers.  That, combined with the creature's
enhanced sense of pack coordination, proves the chief threat.
Although similar to normal animals in their resistance, the
elongated bone structure makes them much more vulnerable to
warp weapons and explosives, which can easily break their legs
and render them helpless.

Max. Range		1 m
Damage			250
Soft			30%
Universal		30%
Hard			30%
Burn			20%
Laser			30%
Plasma			30%
Warp			0%
Paralyze		50%

* They've move pretty quickly and bite hard but they're a 
large target and rely on moving close to you.  So it's pretty 
easy to blow them away especially if you have warp weapons.

Flapper Autopsy
-The Flappers seem to be an experiment gone totall awry.  
Seemingly modified birds, they have no feathers, only
vestigial legs and grossly elongated wings that they
use for locomotion, much like seals.  For the most part,
they simply flop around on the ground and cry pitifully.
They're harmless but annoying, and can't attack at all,
though their squawking might bring other creatures to
investigate.  They're fragile and of course vulnerable to
all kinds of weapons.

Max. Range		0 m
Damage			0
Soft			0%
Universal		15%
Hard			30%
Burn			10%
Laser			10%
Plasma			10%
Warp			50%
Paralyze		50%

* They're completely harmless and are just there for
easy experience.  Think of them as a bonus.

Balloon Fish Autopsy
-The creatures called Balloon Fish are essentially gasbags,
floating along by means of internal sacs of pressurized
hydrogen protected by tough, transparent membranes.  They
propel themselves slowly through the air using their flukes.
Since their hydrogen bladders are nearly transparent and their
other surfaces are covered in biological solar panels (which
they use to convert water in the air to the hydrogen that
keeps them afloat) they are all but immune to laser fire.
Otherwise they're fragile, and a signle hit from almost any 
other weapon is enough to set the hydrogen in their bladder
afire, causing an explosion.  Their only method of attack
is to float near a target and explode, killing themselves
and damaging everything nearby.
Balloon Fish are virtually transparent and thus are completely
invulnerable to laser attacks

Max. Range		2 m
Damage			0
Soft			0%
Universal		0%
Hard			0%
Burn			0%
Laser			90%
Plasma			0%
Warp			70%
Paralyze		50%

* These are instantly fatal when they explode but they can
only do so when they're close to you.  Whenever you see one,
concentrate your fire on them, they're vulnerable to all
attacks excepts lasers and with their low health-even lasers
will quickly down these guys if you concentrate fire.  Easy
to pick off at a distance, you should either blast suspicious
doors with explosives or else have some troops deploy collapsible
weapons for some instaneous fire if you suspect a Balloon Fish
lurking around.

Sporeblower Autopsy
-The ball contains spores that appear similar to those that
caused the Twilight.  We suspect that the spores came first
and the container and its propulsion system were created
afterward.  The membrane encloses a hydrogen-rich atmosphere
suitable for propagation of the spores.  However, it seems
the spores actually generate the hydrogen.  The spores seem
to be self-organized: They respond to movement, and a 
perceived threat can cause increased spore activity, resulting
in an explosion.  The spores seem to survive this explosion
without any signs of damage.

Max. Range		2 m
Damage			0
Soft			0%
Universal		0%
Hard			0%
Burn			20%
Laser			50%
Plasma			00%
Warp			90%
Paralyze		50%

* Usually they generate a fatal cloud of spores however the
damage is dramatically less if you can quickly kill it as
the effects of its cloud isn't instaneous.  They resist
warp extremely well but they're highly vulnerable to most
attacks so just concentrate your fire on it.

Car Crab Autopsy
-The Car Crabs are giant arthropods with both internal
skeletons and vestigial exoskeletons that protect only 
their legs, along with minimal plating on their 
underbellies.  To protect their softer tops and sides,
they use cars in much the same way that hermit crabs
use shells, ripping out the interior and heavier parts
and using the cars as armor.
Although they aren't intelligent, they have some passive
form of psi power that allows them to create a 
low-resistance path through the air to a target.  This
allows them to hunt prey, including humans, by directing
at them what is essentially a bolt of lightning.  The
electrical energy is stored in a biological battery 
powered both by the energy they gain from eating their
prey and from meteorlogical lightning and other scavenged
sources of electricity.
Since the majority of the creature's bulk is hidden within
the car, it's resistant to soft rounds and lasers.  
However, explosives and warp weapons, which can damage
and distort the frame of the care, are particularly
damaging.  Psi weapons are effective, but plasma weapons
are weak: The creature will simply siphon off much of
the attack's energy into its own batteries.

Max. Range		42 m
Damage			0
Soft			60%
Universal		40%
Hard			20%
Burn			60%
Laser			50%
Plasma			80%
Warp			0%
Paralyze		60%

* I don't know why no damage rating is given for this.
These guys can absorb a ton of punishment but they don't
deal out that much.  Fighting them should be done with
armor-piercing bullets or warp weapons otherwise just
concentrate your fire on them.  They're such huge targets
that it's hard to miss.

Deathbellows Autopsy
-The Deathbellows is an example of a very strange
"forced" symbiosis or perhaps a symbiotic parasitism.
A swarm of very aggressive insects (probably a Twilight
mutation of some fly species) attacks the target animal
and invades it, eventually laying eggs within the 
victim's muscles.  The waste products of the larvae
initiate the host's transgeneration, resulting in
increased body mass.
Once the body becomes too heavy, the host becomes
immobilt.  It is probably at this stage that the
insects in the tissue reach their adult form and
start using the (still living) host as a hive and
breeding environment.
The insects are probably vulnerable only to flame or
plasma. (We've only studied the larve, since all the
adult insects escaped during transport of the specimen).
The host itself has no special protection, but the
mucous tissue has very little sensitivity to hard 
rounds or other penetrating attacks.

Max. Range		32 m
Damage			0
Soft			0%
Universal		10%
Hard			20%
Burn			25%
Laser			25%
Plasma			25%
Warp			60%
Paralyze		75%

* In my opinion, these are the most dangerous transgenants
of all.  Because they don't move and are often placed behind
walls or whatnot, it's really hard to detect these guys until
you're almost on top of them.  They shoot out a three shot 
burst of insect clouds that are almost instantly fatal and
these clouds will explode out in a radius.  Your best bet
is to run away before a cloud hits you and then either shoot
the Deathbellows from a long distance or else hurl grenades
from behind a wall.

Firetick Autopsy
-Fireticks are actually derived from common mites,
although they're larger by several orders of magnitude.
They carry extensive internal sacs of sticky, flammable
fluids, which are mixed and then sprayed out at very
high pressure.  A thin pair of conductive palps sitting
near this stream provides the spark of ignition.
Fireticks are very resistant to soft rounds, and their
very nature makes them almost immune to attacks of flame
or plasma.  Highly penetrable rounds, however, can ignite
the internal sacs of flammable fluid.

Max. Range		8 m
Damage			350
Soft			50%
Universal		40%
Hard			35%
Burn			90%
Laser			50%
Plasma			60%
Warp			0%
Paralyze		50%

* These guys inflict alot of damage but their attacks
have very short range and they're a really big target
so it's easy to destroy them especially with warp weapons.
The only real danger these guys pose is if they sneak up
on you in a tight alleyway or something.  Otherwise just
shoot them from a distance and you're fine.

Slimethrower Autopsy
-These creatures, commonly called Slimethrowers,
are derived from earthworms.  Internally, they're
quite simple, being little more than a tube of
muscle and a few oversized, simple organs.  They
suffer only minimal damage from warp weapons or hard
bullets.  They're also impervious to flame, given that
they're covered in thick, protective mucous.  However,
they're particularly vulnerable to plasma, soft
bullets and explosions, which are extremely damaging
to softer targets.

Max. Range		24 m
Damage			150
Soft			0%
Universal		40%
Hard			80%
Burn			50%
Laser			20%
Plasma			0%
Warp			75%
Paralyze		50%

* Initially these guys are fearsome to face, as you
lack the armor to withstand their acid and long-ranged
weapons to shoot them from a safe distance but once that
changes, these guys are a pushover to face.  Their
range isn't particularly long, so you can even go
after them with a pistol or shotgun.


Morelman Autopsy
-This creature is a transmuted humanoid corpse
carrying a hideous cocoon on its back.  The lower
portion of the cocoon extends through the chest 
cavity of the host body, which is controlled through
direct neural connection in the spines.  The pupa
is partially visible throug the transparent cocoon.
The Morelman is capable of using human weapons or
attacking physically through the host.  Morelmen
are just as vulnerable as normal humans to most
attacks, but lasers, hard bullets and plasma do
slightly less damage, as the host bodies are unable
to sense pain.

Max. Range		1 m
Damage			100
Soft			0%
Universal		0%
Hard			0%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			0%
Paralyze		50%

* An extremely weak opponent but they do get progressively
better as deadlier guns wind up in their hands.  Still just
about anything kills these guys fast so they're not a real
problem even if they do get alien weapons

Gobber Autopsy
-The Gobber is another of the parasitic creatures 
that the Biomass has produced.  Slightly larger 
than a human being, it carries at its core a human
body, which is surrounded bya body of translucent
organs and muscle.  The creature crawls along the
ground slowly and attacks by spitting acid at its
targets.  The structure is less cohesive and complex
than normal mammalian tissue, and therefore warp
weapons are particularly ineffective against it.  
Hard rounds and electricity are also less effective
than normal.  However, the tissue of the creature
is soft and highly flammable, making soft rounds,
flame, lasers and plasma the most effective means
of combat.

Max. Range		14 m
Damage			400
Soft			20%
Universal		40%
Hard			60%
Burn			0%
Laser			40%
Plasma			00%
Warp			75%
Paralyze		50%

* Their acid spit is devastating but it's at
a very short range and they're pretty easy to
detect because of their size.  So just shoot it
from out of a safe range.

Chrysalis Autopsy
-The Chrysalis is similar in appearance to the 
Gobber, suggesting that the two are closely
related.  The Chrysalis, however, uses psionic
power to move and attack.  Warp weapons are
particularly ineffective when fighting it, and
the creature's own psi abilities give it increased
resistance to psionic attacks.  Hard rounds and
electricity are also less effective than usual.
Its tissues are soft and highly flammable, though,
so soft rounds, flame, lasers and plasma are all
effective against it.

Max. Range		35 m
Damage			120
Soft			15%
Universal		35%
Hard			60%
Burn			0%
Laser			45%
Plasma			0%
Warp			75%
Paralyze		75%

* These guys pose a significant danger especially
if there are other monsters nearby.  You should 
send several units to rush and attack.  Even if
a single soldier is paralyzed, then the others
should be able to defeat the Chrysalis and provide
covering fie for the helpless soldier until they
recover.  Single these guys out as a priority to
kill as the paralysis inflicted is pretty long.

Scuttlebugs Autopsy
-These creatures, known as Scuttlebugs, are closely
linked to the Biomass.  In fact, they seem to live
only there, but in this environment they're generally
numerous.  The organized manner of attack they use
supports the hypothesis that an unknown communication
in Biomass links them to some higher organism.
Their small, crab-like bodies aren't very resistant,
but it's hard to hit them because they move so rapidly.
Since they tend to attack in large numbers, the use of
area-effect weapons is recommended.  This is the best
way to dispatch large numbers of them in a short time.

Max. Range		1 m
Damage			50
Soft			20%
Universal		30%
Hard			40%
Burn			0%
Laser			0%
Plasma			0%
Warp			50%
Paralyze		0%

* These guys are a joke.  They don't hit hard and
aren't tough at all.  They may come in sizable numbers
but by the time you first encounter them, you'll have
strong weapons that can easily destroy them despite
their quick speed.

-The Men-o-war are floating creatures that carry
within them a more purely biological equivalent of
the alien power cell.  They attack with electricity,
which they direct to the victim creating psionically
a low-resistance path through the air.  They're only
rarely found far from the Biomass, which provides them
with power and a guiding intelligence.  In fact, they
can easily be mistaken for protrusions of the Biomass,
so extreme caution is required.  The ability to control
electricity gives them ample protection against plasma
and electrical attacks, but they're generally susceptible
to attacks that do purely mechanical damage.

Max. Range		20 m
Damage			0
Soft			0%
Universal		25%
Hard			50%
Burn			10%
Laser			70%
Plasma			50%
Warp			70%
Paralyze		0%

* Another unit where the damage is not given.  These
guys are pretty resistant to an interesting variety
of attacks but their own attacks are low in range so
defeating them is pretty easy if you simply to shoot
them from long range.

Watcher Autopsy
-The Watchers are common outgrowths of the Biomass,
yet they're completely dependent on the Biomass base.
They have well-developed nervous systems, and field
reports indicate that they function as sensory organs
for the Biomass itself.  They can also paralyze you
and thus turn you into easy targets for other, more
mobile Biomass creatures.
Watchers are less vulnerable to warp attacks.  Soft
rounds, fire, plasma, and psionic weapons, however,
are effective against them.

Max. Range		45 m
Damage			80
Soft			0%
Universal		15%
Hard			30%
Burn			0%
Laser			30%
Plasma			0%
Warp			50%
Paralyze		0%

* Thse guys are a pain as they have really good senses
 and can spot you before you usually see them.  The
paralysis happens at near sniper range so you'll need
to have several units combine their fire on it while
a scout goes looking for enemies.

Jammer Autopsy
-Jammers are Biomass outgrowths that specialize in
surveillance and communication.  They guard the Biomass
by watching for intruders and alerting the network when
enemies approach.  The alarm signals are distributed 
through the networking fabric of the Biomass itself.
Moreover, they're undetectable, so it should be considered
a top priority to destroy these creatures on sight.  They
have some basic level of intelligence that allows them to
detecct intruders more reliably, but since they're totally
sessile, no high mental capacity is assumed,  However,
they seem to have highly developed psionic capabilities:
The antennae are able to produce a well-directed stream
of psionic power that can seriously injure an intruder.
Jammers, due to thier internal complexity, are somewhat
more fragile than other Biomass outgrowths.  Warp attacks
and psionic attacks are less effective against them.
They are, however, vulnerable to soft rounds, fire and

Max. Range		52 m
Damage			50
Soft			0%
Universal		15%
Hard			30%
Burn			0%
Laser			30%
Plasma			0%
Warp			50%
Paralyze		50%

* Not that much of a threat as the damage inflicted is
so low.  Just counter-attack any shots that this foe
does to you.

Muckstar Autopsy
-The tissue of a Muckstar differs from that of all other
Biomass outgrowths, and it seems to be repulsed from the
rest of the Biomass.  This intrinsic "abhorrence" causes
the Biomass base to shoot out tall spikes that hold the
star body aloft.  We suspect, however, that this repulsion
is psionic because the effect ceases when the Muckstar dies.
The tissue can gather a considerable electric charge and
maintain hgih potential with respect to the ground.  Because
the Biomass has a higher internal eletrical resistance than
a human body, discharges from the spikes are attracted to
human targets.
The Musckstar is damaged very little by attacks of fire or
plasma.  It's most vulnerable to soft rounds or explosives.

Max. Range		35 m
Damage			0
Soft			0%
Universal		20%
Hard			40%
Burn			0%
Laser			50%
Plasma			30%
Warp			50%
Paralyze		0%

* Again they forgot to give a damage rating.  The Muckstar
is just too flimsy to stick around long enough to deal
heavy damage to you.  It's also pretty slow


-The alien fighters are very small but fast and dangerous.
They don't carry heavy armaments but their agility and 
maneuverability make them formidable opponents.
A lone fighter is comparatively rare, since they prefer to
fly in wings of three.  But most commonly they can be seen
as a fighter cover for larger alien UFOs.  On such occasions
they use their favorite inverse-V formation.

* These guys are pretty effective at shooting down interceptors
even the upgraded ones, so most fights are dependent on luck as
many ships have these as escort

-Even though designated as "observers" we aren't wholly sure
of its purpose.  There appear to be two types of this UFO:
The very small one looks almost identical to the fighter type
but carries significantly less armament, while the larger one
is very similar to the small laboratory.  The most likely
hypothesis is that it carries out some sort of measurements
or observations that are reported back to alien bases.
It is commonly accompanied by a wing of three fighters.

* Really easy to shoot down but they're quick to run and with
a good headstart can often escape

-The analysis of the wrecks of this UFO suggests it's some
kind of laboratory.  Various scientific--or what we assume
to be scientific--instruments were found inside.  The 
laboratory UFO can be either small (very similar to the
larger observer) or larger, about the size of a small
transporter or planter (though distinct from them).
Laboratories are poorly armed and protected, and they always
fly under the cover of three fighters.

* Easily shot down provided their escort is destroyed

-The planters appear to be transporters but are fitted with
special tanks of a strange, green liquid.  There is a theory
that this liquid, obviously unrelated to the common alien 
biotechnologies, is essential for creating the Biomass nodes.
Regardless, the fact remains that these UFOs can plant the
nexus of Biomass.
Like transporters, planters come in two sizes--medium and
large--and like them the planters fly under the protection
of three fighters.

* Watch out for these guys!  They're pretty tough and so
long as they make it to their mission, they'll seed the
area with Biomass that will threaten the world.

-The alien bases look very similar to their UFOs, and it's
generally believed that they too, could fly and that they
arrived at their current positions in this manner.  However,
this must be an extremely rare occasion, as we have never 
spotted a base in flight.  It's also possible that all the
base UFOs landed immediately after the Fall and never took
off again.

* These are pretty tough ships even without the escort.
If you see them in flight, there's a good chance that a 
either a new base is being established or else they are
about to attack your base!

-This is the largest and most dangerous alien craft.  The
battleship is a huge, armed and armored flying monster,
very difficult to engage successfully.  On the other hand,
a battleship never engages ground targets (indeed, no UFOs
do) and the accepted wisdom is that it scouts the terrain
for an alien interception, trying to lure away and destroy 
our fighter cover.
Despite its size and strength, the battleship is always
accompanied by a wing of three alien fighters.

* Unless you're really lucky, you won't be able to defeat
them unless you send multiple fighter wings.  If you don't
shoot them down, chances are they'll go for a base attack.


Since events in Ufo are highly randomized, the walkthrough is going
to be rather generalized.  However certain events must be undertaken
to win the game.  Everyone has their own effective tactics so feel
free to ignore anything mentioned here.

Missions typically fall under a few categories:
-setting up a new base
-invading an alien base
-scouting enemy forces
-destroying Biomass growth or Biomass nodes
-preventing enemies from capturing a site
-defending your base
-capture an enemy
-rescue a fallen pilot
-expand your territory/destroy an infiltration

The terrain greatly affects what the mission site will be like.

-Urban surroundings are densely packed with walls, buildings and
abandoned vehicles making ambushes a common event.  However often
there's enough distance between you and a target (plenty of long, 
empty streets) that short-ranged weapons aren't very effective.  
Long and medium range weapons excel in an urban environment as
many of these also pack a significant punch.  Perhaps the most
important element is to bring a character with high observation
as he/she can nip a potential ambush in the bud.

-Biomass is loaded with pits and short hills that can provide some
degree of cover.  The most important thing about Biomass is that 
certain transgenants are unique to the Biomass environment.  Usually
there are Watchers and Jammers placed out of sight and even characters
with high observation have a hard time detecting them.  However since
do relatively little damage on their own, send just 1 or 2 soldiers
to act as spotters for the rest of your group.  Long-ranged weapons
are excellent here as the terrain is level enough to provide easy
detection of moving enemies. 

-Deserts and Polar wilderness are usually devoid of obstructions
and often quite plain.  As such you can quickly see incoming
enemies.  However some of these environments have huge rock
formations (usually a pair of them) that offer unscalable obstacles

-New base sites are usually set inside a city (only exception is
in polar regions).  You'll have to fight your way through to the
walled-off base (in polar areas, you simply have to find the opening
to the underground base usually after a few skirmishes).  The base
below has no lights activated, there are many corridors-some long
others short, and some very large rooms.  Having some shotguns or
other powerful close-ranged weapons is good but make sure to carry
some other weapons for longer range.  

-Occupied bases are identical to new base sites except that they
have lights on and will have previously empty rooms used for
warehousing and flight decks.  Missions here are for base defense
so you should probably gather your men to one easily defendable
area and let the enemies come to you.  The Reticulans are really
aggressive and not only will there be alot of them but they will
be well-armed (expect lots of Alien Plasma Guns at the very least).

-Alien bases have you first on top of the base trying to get to
the area that you can teleport into.  There'll be a fair number
of Reticulans near your starting position to fight off and they
will be coming from various positions to your front and rear.
After defeating them and going into the base, you'll notice that
it is very cramped with many shallow corridors and doors.  None
of the rooms are large.  Initially the Reticulans will come after
you but after you thin their numbers a bit you'll likely have
to search them out.  Shotguns are even more effective here than
in a regular base but you will still need weapons with decent
range.  Note that by the time you get your first Alien base
mission, the Reticulans will be well-armed and packing at least
a few Alien Plasma Guns.

-Alien ships will have you trying to enter an alien ship from
the outside.  So first you will be fighting Reticulans in whatever
environment you're at (note that some of the crash sites will form
a huge encircling wall of debris from the blast crater).  Inside
a ship, it's identical to an alien base though small ships will
be extremely cramped and you'll have a quick but intense firefight
in that case.  So sometimes the small ships are more dangerous to
invade than much larger ones.

-With most missions, the goal is to defeat enough enemies for
success (in fact if you defeat every opponent, you automatically
end a mission).  To capture a Transgenant, you'll need to knock
one's health bar into the red so it falls unconscious.  Then you
send someone with bare hands to carry it in their arms to a
designated transport spot.  Note that in some capture missions,
none of the Transgenant are small enough to carry-in that case
you'll just have to defeat everyone and make sure at least one
is just unconscious rather than dead.  Some capture missions
involve capturing Reticulans rather than Transgenants

-In preventing capture of an important site, you have to look
for what looks like a junk pile inside the objective yellow
square.  Use the objective arrow to locate it and then use
a weapon with area effect on it to destroy it.

-Scouting missions are easy.  All you need is to encounter
each type of enemy in the mission.

-Rescue missions require that you have enough room in your
Chinook for the rescued pilot so you can't take all 7 members
of a party.  Fight your way through to the objective yellow
square and you'll see the pilot who is unarmoured and always
carrying a Glock Model 19.  When someone enters the square
the pilot is now active and vulnerable so have your troops
cover him until he can run to the designated safe area.
Note that after the rescue mission it doesn't matter if
he gets killed if you take on another mission en route
to your base (yep until he returns to base, he's part of
your party). 

The Tutorial Mission
This is an optional mission but you might want to do it even
if you are an experienced player as this guarantees you at
least 2 soldiers (if they survive) and usually nets you enough
experience for them to go up a level.

You are introduced to Malcolm who has a Colt. 45 and a Pump Action
as well as a Medi-Kit.  Coming at him is an unarmed Danglefly.
So blow it away with your shotgun.  Now Malcolm should walk behind
the building near where the Danglefly was.  There you will see an
unconscious soldier named Brian, who has a pair of Grenades and
an UZI.  Have Malcolm heal Brian with the Medi-Kit and then have
the pair move forward slowly.  They will detect a Cudgel who's armed
with a measly Browning Hi-Power, but at this stage even that type of
gun is a threat to our heroes.  So pump the Cudgel full of lead and
take its gun and ammo (if you don't have them in your inventory, this
mission will not automatically collect them).  Next open the gate
to the base and walk into the designated area.

Ta-da you're finished your first mission and with luck you might
even have a new recruit or 2 to start.

Area 51
You start outside in a wooded area facing an open gate into
a military compound.  Get ready to fight as there'll be some
Reticulans in the woods and more will come from the compound.
If you get this mission early enough, the Reticulans won't be
very well armed.  Regardless, sniper rifles are very useful
here as you often encounter the enemy at a distance.

Once you fight your way inside the base, it's similar to a
base defense mission except there is a HUGE library area and
in one corner there is the computer you must recover.  I'd
recommend going into the library through the launch bay as
there's less opportunity to get ambushed than if you rushed
library from the other areas (there's a chance that is
will be your first encounter with Alien Plasma Guns, these
can really devastate a party especially in close quarters).  
Once you get the computer, be prepared to fight off remaining
aliens as they will try to head off your escape route.

Project Dreamland
When you find the ex-Soviet base that houses the info on
Project Dreamland, everything is identical to your encounter
with Area 51.  The main difference is that you will face 
more aliens and they will have better equipment (this will
likely be your first encounter with Warp weapons, Microslug
Accelerators and Bio-Armor).

Hopefully when you undertake this mission you will have
earned some Collapsible Machine Guns and perhaps even
had the opportunity to capture a Microslug Accelerator
to research some Collapsible Rail Guns.  When deployed,
these weapons will let you unleash ungodly firepower
with very little readying time so you can down hordes
of strongly-armored Reticulans.  After that it's an easy
stroll to walk out with the Dreamland files.

Rescue the Old Grays
This is perhaps done with all your troops equipped with
a Collapsible weapon of some kind.  You are only allowed 
to bring 5 party members as there are 2 Grays to rescue.
The mission site looks like somewhat reminiscent of a
Biomass environment but the Transgenants you face aren't
Biomass creatures.  You begin in the middle of a canal
and the map is quite small so you can expect to see
some action quickly.  Better deploy ASAP if you're using
Collapsible weapons.

Scattered throughout this map is an army of Balloon Fishes,
Fireticks, a couple of Chompers and a Cudgel who was 
carrying an Alien Rocket Launcher the time I did this 
mission.  Don't move from your spot and just keep letting
your enemies come at you so you can hose them down.
When no one is coming to get you, have the person with
the best Observation go scouting outside the canal.
On the banks are 4 Deathblowers, including one that is
near the spot where the 2 Grays are taking refuge in.
Have your scout act as a spotter for the rest of your
troops to destroy the Deathblowers from a safe distance.
When you succeed, it should be safe to lead the Grays out
if the enemy haven't already been completely wiped out.

When I got these Grays they were both Level 12 (Mr. Sipoz
and Mr. Qualveg).  The two are quite useful though they
have a number of drawbacks.  They CANNOT use human or hybrid
technology and they can't run or crouch either.  That said
their lab coats are a unique form of armor that gives them
the following stats:

Soft 			30%
Universal 		30%
Hard			30%
Burn			30%
Laser 			70%
Plasma			50%
Warp			35%
Exception		30%
Heal			0 %
Paralyze		40%
Weight 			1.0 kg

Which is some pretty impressive armor plus they can lug
around and use the mighty Collapsible Plasma Gun with ease.

Spaceship 'Retribution'
If you had either received the Reticulan Offer or else
rescued the Old Grays, than eventually this mission appears.
It's essentially an Alien Base mission but this time your
goal once you enter the base, is to find an object known
as the Alein Key.

I lucked out here as the Alein Key was next to my starting
point, in front of a couple of floating helixes.  There'll
be some Reticulans to fight through but ohterwise it's an
easy mission for an experienced team

Moon Mission
Once you have successfully completed the Spaceship 'Retribution'
research, you have the opportunity to go on the Moon Mission at
any time.  Note that this mission is final and there's no retreat.

You start next door to the Retribution on the Moon's surface.
It's very open, so you shouldn't have any problems seeing the
Reticulans who are coming for you.  By this time, the Reticulans
will have their best weapons out for you so you'd better do the
same.  As always I recommend Collapsible weapons and for this
mission-bring some weapons with area of effect .

Once inside the alien base, things are much like a regular Alien
Base mission.  However your objective is to destroy specific 
objects.  First a number of alien incubating machines have to
be blasted apart.  Eventually your remaining objectives are

Across a bridge is a room blocked off by a door.  Inside this
room is a trio of dormant aliens hooked up to each wall.  
However they are guarded by a pair of Reticulans and a fair
number of new type of Transgenant known as the Octopus.
These guys are purely hand-to-hand but they move extremely
quickly.  So before you open the door to this room, have
some your troops deploy Collapsible weapons in the area.
That way they can quickly fire on the Octopi before any
real harm is done.  With the guards defeated, destroy the
objectives then the game is won and the Earth is saved. 

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