1. Ron Surma Casting
  2. Chadwick Struck Casting Assistant
  3. John Price Lead Programmer
  4. Ion Hardie Level Designer
  5. Lars Brubaker Producer
  6. Devon Bowman Production Sound Mixer
  7. Ion Hardie Sound Effects Editor
  8. Joseph Ruskin Voice Actor - Admiral Nolotai, Vulcan Master N'Kal
  9. Carolyn Hennesy Voice Actor - Aloram Vas
  10. Michael Dorn Voice Actor - Ambassador Worf
  11. Devon Raymond Voice Actor - Brexen Ijoula
  12. Jerome Butler Voice Actor - Captain Marcus Refelian/Klingon Guard/Klingon Scientist
  13. Brent Spiner Voice Actor - Commander Data
  14. June Chadwick Voice Actor - Dr. Sheila Thatcher
  15. David Graf Voice Actor - Ensign Ty Mijoral
  16. Ravil Isaynov Voice Actor - Ivan Verov
  17. Henri Lubatti Voice Actor - Kolanis Mikala
  18. Renee Goldsberry Voice Actor - Matrina Sedik
  19. Jimmie F. Skaggs Voice Actor - Quint Freedman, Romulan Guard
  20. Eric Strickland Voice Actor - Sinjin Kirk, Federation Guard
  21. Iris Bahr Voice Actor - Sira D'Qua
  22. Scott Lawrence Voice Actor - Slovaak
  23. Lise Simms Voice Actor - T'Andorian
  24. Tim Lounibos Voice Actor - Vin Asunder
  25. Alexander Enberg Voice Actor - Vulcan Acoloye, Romulan Commander, Vulcan Guard
  26. Matt Prescott Morton Voice Actor - Wes Pulaski, Captain Jurai
  27. Beverly Leech Voice Actor - Yraxys
  28. Kim Rhodes Voice Actor - Yulana Oxila
  29. Jonathan Knight Voice Director
  30. Eric Dallaire Voice Producer
  31. Eric Dallaire Writer
  32. Ion Hardie Writer
  33. Zach Young Writer


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, Bubbagump, misschu, and odino.

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