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Reviewed: 04/12/03 | Updated: 04/12/03

Wolfenstein is almost as fun as Bozo Buckets!!! (That is a good thing)

Wolfenstein is back, and more fun than ever! You play as B.J. Blazkowicz, the year is 1943, and WWII is still in progress. Your mission is to investigate and put an end to the Nazi activity at the Castle Wolfenstein from the SS Paranormal Division. Why are they there? Because they are trying to raise the ultimate army, will they be stopped?

Single Player 8/10
Return to Castle Wolfenstein has seven missions in its single player mode and 26 levels total between the missions. There are 12 guns in this mode (some real and others fictional), a knife, dynamite, and two types of grenades. While not Wolfenstein's strongest point, single player is still good. The story may seem kind of realistic in the beginning, but don’t let that fool you, this game is pure fiction. As you progress through the game you will encounter zombies and other creatures out to stop you. There are also boss fights every few missions.

Multiplayer 10/10
Wolfenstein's Multiplayer mode is easy to learn, addictive, and fun. You get to play as either a Nazi or Ally. Each level contains a certain amount of tasks that must be completed for your team to win. The task range from destroying an anti aircraft gun to defending documents. The multiplayer mode has six guns; they are MP40, Thompson, Sten, Venom (a fictional Machine gun), Flamethrower, and the Panzerfaust (Rocket Launcher). There are four classes, which are: Lieutenant, Soldier, Medic, and Engineer. Lieutenants can call airstrikes, have binoculars, and can distribute ammo packs, however, the Lieutenants can only use the Sub-Machine guns, which there are 3 of. Medics get syringes to revive fallen teammates, health packs, but can only carry the MP40. Engineers get 8 grenades, dynamite, but can only use the MP40. Soldiers can carry any weapon, but do not get any special abilities like the other classes. When you play you will want to use teamwork, your team will need to have every class to be successful. If you need to blow up something, you will make an engineer do it, but you will have to cover him so he can plant the dynamite, then you would want to guard the dynamite so the opponent doesn’t disarm it. There are several levels, ranging from a beach to a depot. The size of each level depends, but most of them are huge. The maximum player limit on a server is 64 people, and quite a few servers are full with 64 players, too.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are excellent in Wolfenstein. The character models are nice and detailed quite well. While most objects are nicely designed, others may look good from distance, but may be kind of ugly close up, but a majority of the objects will look down right great. The guns are not the best and don’t perfectly resemble their real life counterparts, but some guns look good.

Sound 10/10
The sound is great in Wolfenstein, the sound your foot steps makes changes depending what you are walking on, your gun makes different sounds when you shoot different stuff, soldiers have conversations, and almost everything makes a different sound, even pushing a chair makes a sound. There is no background music, but there will be great musical scores at certain parts.

Final Opinion
With a fantastic single player mode, unmatched multiplayer mode, and more official multiplayer levels coming out, Wolfenstein is a must for your collection. The multiplayer mode is addicting and single player is fun, you must get this game, you don’t know what you will be missing if you do not buy it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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