Review by Jobu Dudley

Reviewed: 02/16/03 | Updated: 02/16/03

Welcome to Castle Wolfenstein, may I take your order?

O.K., this has to be the greatest F.P.S. graphic game ever. In the earlier versions, some weapons would cause a strange message to appear on the screen...the weapon computer code for the game...but that is the only flaw. Well, the second. The biggest flaw, which is a small one, is the fact that in the cutscenes, the character's fingers are glued together. They must know Karate or something.

If you think Doom 64, or Quake is fun...wait until your try this Single Player game. Now think about it, your in a castle with weapons and fun could it be? Really fun! If you see a weapon, you can pick it up. You see a cup of beer, or wine, you can drink it and get energy. You see ammo, you can get that. Flak Jackets...anything you could think of. The controls are awesome too. The ''W, S, A, D, C'' buttons are a must for any F.P.S., and of course, there in this game. Now think about, imagine using F for forward, B for back, c or crouch, L for left, and R for right. it would be way to hard.

The Single Player music is absolutely terrifying! On the really creepy levels, there is a slow and melodic beat, it kind of feels like an old classic Vampire movie! The composer's who made music for this game, I give an A+! I'm not into classical music, unless Class Rock is considered Classical, but this stuff is actually good!

One game that has some German words in it! Great! Most of the game the Germans speak English, but otherwise they say things like ''Nein!'' and ''Yavoo'' and Schnell!''. (Which in case none of you know, is No, Yes sir, and hurry) The bullets sound great, it makes a noise when you switch your weapon, and your feet clink on the ground. The Silenced weapons of course are great. They make exact noises.

O.K., Nazis did try to take over the world, and they did try to resurrect demons, but nothing happened. This is a game! Just because this game doesn't follow exact history doesn't mean it isn't good! Oh, well! Let's get to the main point. Since you have armor on, I guess, you can get shot a lot, and the other soldiers take around 3 or 4 bullets to die. The Gameplay itself is fine, but the weapons made me mad. 3 guns in this game are fake! Why not just change them into 3 guns that were used in World War II, like the Browning Automatic Rifle? That kind've made me frown, but if that is the worst thing about this game, then this is an excellent game.

In the earlier versions, everything was perfect. In the new versions, everything is passed perfect. Just like most other F.P.S.'s, this game let's you use your own maps, create your own server, and etc. In the earlier versions, you couldn't pick up a Luger if you were an American, but in the new versions you can. Now, if you have 56k, I feel bad for you. The lag could really get to the point to wear you'll freak out and quit the game. But don't worry, the game isn't that bad. In the newer versions you can poison, throw knives, and etc., along with the classic revives, airstrikes, and ammo packs. I just wish you could throw back grenades.

OVERALL the best F.P.S. game ever. Only 2 minor flaws that haven't been sorted out, but that's fine. And on top of that, the game is excellent. Near perfect graphics, perfect Single Player, Past perfect Multi Player, good music, excellent sound, and the game is realistic.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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