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Reviewed: 11/24/02 | Updated: 05/09/03

My First Ever FPS

Before I played Castle Wolfenstein, I hadn't really played any FPS games. I hadn't played many PC Games either, but I'd just got a brand new laptop, and so I thought that I'd get a couple. Anyway, a friend recommended Castle Wolfenstein with me, and so I bought it.


The game starts in WW2 Germany, in, surprisingly, Castle Wolfenstein. Your objective is to Escape from the Castle. Once you've escaped, you progress onto more and more missions. You are a special agent for the allies, and its your job to trace a Nazi called Deathshead and try and find out what it going on.


Armed only with a knife at the start of the game, you must find your own guns and ammo to be able to progress. The luger with 8 bullets you find when you start doesn't help when you must kill two guards with those 8 bullets. There is a large selection of guns, some better than others, and the objective is to get through the levels, killing everyone (if you don't want to get killed), but there are other objectives as well.

Some of the missions require you to get a gun and take out several people stealthily, while others are more of a Death Sprint variety, requiring you to kill everyone and get to the end.

The default controls are good, and very easy to use, although if you, like me, own a laptop, I'd SERIOUSLY advise you to buy a proper mouse, as that thing on your laptop which is meant to be a substitute will NOT help at all. And if you don't like the controls, they are fully customisable.

The game starts off fairly easily (except trying to take out 2 guards with 8 Luger bullets, despite the fact you can't aim on your first go), but it doesn't last long. Many times you'll get people jumping out from nowhere to try and get you, or people in high towers sniping at you. However, for the most part, there always seems to be a relative ease. However, this is on the easiest mode. Switch to a harder one, and watch yourself fall to the ground several times a minute.

When I first played the game I, foolishly, put it on hardest mode, and boasted to my friends, ''Watch me kill everyone''. I lasted just long enough to see the ''Mission Failed''. Subject to the ridicule of my friends, I switched modes down a bit, and found it more manageable.

There are a couple of annoyances in the gameplay, notably the heating of some guns, and the lack of ammo on others, which can get you frustrated, plus the fact that usually, the guards know where you are before you're in their vision range or line of sight. However, these are extremely minor things, which have no bearing on the actual gameplay, but they'll make you grit your teeth.

One thing I like about this game is how you can easily follow the story, but there aren't lots and lots of cutscenes.


For some of the levels, there is some quite creepy music. The Germans et al all have voices, and say different things (although their set phrasing is fairly limited), and all the guns make the right noises etc. The sound really, is fairly average. Its noting really striking, but its good enough not to spoil the game.


The visuals for this game are OK. That's it. Like sound, its noting special, but it doesn't ruin the game. Some of the faces look a bit weird, but that's neither here nor there.


Once you have completed the single player (which should take you a while anyway on hardest mode), then you may be stuck as to what to do. You could play it through again, as you undoubtedly have missed some things - try collecting all the treasures in the game. Also, if you get stuck on a level, then go back a few levels and play up to it again, as you can usually find a pretty neat tactic on a previous level that can help you.

However, despite all that, the Replayability would be little without:


Got an Internet or LAN connection? Good, because now you can play Wolfenstein Multiplayer. Nothing beat shooting up your friends in the Castle Wolfenstein levels. I haven't played this mode too much, as my LAN connection is wobbly, and I don't have Internet on my Laptop, but the couple of times I have played it, I found it to be very enjoyable.

To Rent/To Buy:

Can you rent out PC Games? Not that you'd want to rent Castle Wolfenstein. A definite Buy. This game is an excellent game, and one that should stay on your PC/Laptop forever.

Fantastic - 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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