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Reviewed: 04/16/02 | Updated: 04/16/02

A great WW2 shooter that has excellent multiplayer!

I first got this game for my birthday and after playing the excellent demo for this game I wanted this game ASAP. I finally went to Best Buy and got the last copy of Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Well onto the review on this superb game!!!!!

Graphics: 9.2/10 The graphics are great in this game only with very minor exceptions. The weapons in this game look excellent. Everything is done perfectly. The only thing I can say is that sometimes the characters faces are just a little bit blurry but that happens very rarely. Other than that the graphics are superb.

Gameplay: 10/10 Chances are you'll be playing far more Multiplayer than Single Player when you get this game.

Single Player: 8.2/10 The Single Player in the game is OK but it isn't that realistic. That doesn't bother me in any way since I like realistic and non-realistic games. The only thing non-realistic about the game is that undead people are rising from the dead and killing Nazis and you. In every few levels there is a boss... (Most are pretty hard if you don't have that much experience) Onto Multiplayer.

Multiplayer: 10/10 The Multiplayer in this game is's just more than superb! The multiplayer in this game is excellent and I am not kidding! This is where the game truly shines! You can either be an Ally or an Axis member (Axis are the Germans) and you must destroy or defend a certain object in each map. Most of the time the teams actually HAVE TO WORK AS A TEAM! Its not really one man for himself. You'll most likely need cover from somebody with a powerful weapon if you want to live through multiplayer. When you die there is a certain time until enemies respawn. When you are alive or dead you can also change your options when you respawn. For example you can change the weapon you use, the team you are on, etc. There are 4 classes in Multiplayer. One is Soldier, Second Is Engineer, Third is Medic and I forget the 4th one...

Sound: 8.5/10 The sound in this game is good but personally I think it could use a tad of improvement. The gun sounds aren't THAT great but they're still good. However I do believe the sub-machine gun sounds could be better. Plus sometimes in Single Player you can't make out what the character is saying but that might just be my Sound Card...

Buy/Play At A Friends House: You should get this game right now if you like First Person Shooters with excellent multiplayer. If you don't believe my opinion on this game check the other reviews on this site. They say you should buy it too. Anyway, you should get this game ASAP. You'll have a lot of fun with it. I promise.

Overall: 9.5/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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